The Big Show
by Serefina

Part 3

Turning side to side, Brianna checked her reflection. Although she was flattered by the attention Andreas and the fashion media had showered her with, and the offer of a contract to be his label's ‘face’, she had no desire to end up exposed naked in the street again, and these jeans had the potential to do just that. Turning again, she evaluated Andreas’ latest creation. They were called ‘V’-cut’s, after the way what normally would be called their waistband was shaped, and on Brianna’s naturally slender but shapely model’s figure, they were a very deep ‘V’.

This pair of jeans was just tight enough around her thighs to stay in place, and close fit enough to leave no misconceptions about the shape of her hips. Not that anyone in her social circle would have any misconceptions on that subject, not after her spectacular and very naked debut on the catwalk. Since that amazing and very scary day, Brianna’s phone had rung off the hook, with calls for interviews and magazine shoots. She’d even been assigned a personal agent by the management at Marcell-Weist, who were very happy to have a new star on their books. Being followed by the paparazzi had been a little frightening in the first week or so after the show, even finding one reporter trying to get a shot of her through her apartment window from the derelict warehouse that backed onto the alley between it and her apartment block, the same alley she’d hidden her naked body in, and then ridden the garbage truck through in the early morning hours after Andreas' show.

Putting her thumbs in the belt loops, Brianna wriggled her hips to make sure the extremely low cut jeans were properly seated on her hips. ‘Low cut, that’s an understatement,’ she thought. The waistband was high enough so that at the back it covered her ass far better than any hipsters she’d ever worn. It was the front that was risqué in these jeans. They were cut so low that Brianna would have to be very careful when moving around, the very top, where the single button that fastened them together was placed, nestled up against the rise where her pubic bone pushed the flesh out in to a subtly curved mound.

She’d even taken the time to carefully push a ruler down inside behind the button and found there was just under an inch of material between the top of the jeans and the top of her sex. Just for the hell of it, she put her hands above her head and arched her back, pointing her perky breasts towards the ceiling, and feeling her clitoral hood press in to the waistband, and perhaps just a little of it poke out in to the air.

“Maybe I should wear that high cut crop top that my tits hang out of, it’ll match these perfectly,” she sighed, straightening her lithe body and getting a surprise as her clitoral hood caught on the back of the button just enough to expose the sensitive little nub inside to the rough texture of the jeans.

“Ahh, ahhh,..” Brianna sighed, tensing her whole body until she could push the fingers of her right hand down inside the jeans to rescue her clit. It hadn’t hurt, but it was such a raw sensation that she had no desire to repeat it. “I would have to catch myself on the only strip of denim that’s not lined…” She’d noted the lining when she’d first pulled the jeans on, and then had to slide out off them to remove her g-string so it would not be visible.

“Who is it?” Brianna called to the knock on her bedroom door.

“We’re ready for you upstairs,” Andreas voice called, how do they look?”

“Come in and see” the model called to the designer, who opened the door just as Brianna closed the drawer that her crop-top had been in.

“Oh no you don’t” Andreas smiled, snatching the top away from her. “Not unless it’s one of mine” he smiled, turning the little garment inside out to check the label, “Hmm, looks like a knock off of one of last years,… You won’t need this” he finished, tossing the top on to her bed and grabbing Brianna’s hand, dragging her out of the bedroom and through the apartment before she could protest.

“Hey, I’m still topless here” she cried as he pulled her out in to the stairwell.

“You won’t need anything else for this shoot, we just want the jeans in the photo’s anyway.”

“Jeez, are you ever gonna shoot me fully dressed?”

“What, and ruin all the free publicity?”

“Aww, shit,” Brianna cried, finally breaking his grip and running back down the steps.


“Forgot to close the door” she said back to him, grabbing the spare key from its hiding place and locking the door before slipping the key into the coin pocket of the tight pants. “And you better remember your accent upstairs.”

“Ya, for the photographer.”

“You sure about the no make-up look?”

“Ya, you skin is perfect, we use you skin” Andreas said, slipping perfectly in to his fake accent.

“And there’s just the photographer and her assistants upstairs right? I mean, like why did you want to shoot on the roof on my building anyway?”

“Ya, just the photographer, and the location give ‘industrial’ background,” he answered, taking her hand again, not missing the way her perky, more than a B, little less than a C-cup breasts bounced as she climbed the stairs. “I see you wear my shoes. Did you take them home from the show? I no see them in the collection when we back at my studio.”

“They were all I had on to get from the theatre to home, Andy.”

“Say what?” he said, back into his Midwestern accent as he stopped on the stairs.

“I was still in the showers when the lights got turned out. The shoes were the only clothes I had access to, coz the guard left before giving me back the key to the locker I used. I was searching around in the dark and stumbled out through a fire door, which locked behind me before I could stop it. I had to make my way from there to here wearing nothing but these shoes!”

For a moment, Andreas was speechless. “So I’m keeping the damn shoes.”

“Wow,… You made it ok?” he asked, recovering from the surprise revelation.

“Except for hiding in a dumpster, and then riding down the alley on the back of a rubbish truck, getting chased naked up the outside stairs, yeah, I got home ok.”

“And you got your stuff back?”

“Yeah, the theatre manager put it in lost and found. I had to prove it was mine, and who I was, but that’s not so hard now.”

“Jeez Brianna, ya shoulda said something,” Andreas said before his worried look turned jovial. “We could have photographed you in alley. Industrial look, good for campaign,” he added, back in fashion designer mode.

“Grr, I aughta clobber you..”

Both looked up the stairwell as a young assistant called out “Andreas, Brianna, we need you, the light’s changing to what we need.”

With that they rushed up the last few flights, and out in to the late afternoon sun, Brianna pausing just long enough to admire the way it reflected off the San Francisco bay, and lit up the buildings that faced the waterfront.

“Quickly Brianna, Bikini Hour doesn’t last” the photographer called, referring to those few minutes when the sun was low enough in the sky to filter out a lot of the UV light and give the models that particular glow, and yet was still high enough to leave just enough light for the slow film that gave the best detail.

“She’s shooting film?” Brianna queried Andreas as an assistant quickly wrapped her in a towel and rubbed her down to make sure there was no sweat on her skin.

“Yes I am” she answered before the designer could say anything. “I love natural light and the way large format film responds to it.” She waved the large boxy camera in her hand, and pointed to where she wanted Brianna to stand.

“I trust Carmen, you trust her too, she make you look good for my adverts and posters,” Andreas added.

“Posters? I don’t recall anything about posters.”

“Really. Read you contract. You do posters for shops too, just like for magazines” the designer replied.

“Through the moves please darlin’” Carmen called out, lining up the camera on the young model. “No honey, drop your hands, we need your tits in shot.”

“What?” Brianna asked with a worried look on her face. She hadn't realised her topless torso would make it into the featured shots.

“Yes,yes, Brianna. We must make use of you publicity, you appearance in papers already. You already bankable as longs as you trade on the nude body. It what people see, it what they want. They accept you as ‘naked’ fashion model, we use that,” Andreas said in an offhand manner, as if it was natural for Brianna to be seen topless in fashion magazines all over the world.

‘Mom and Dad are gonna kill me’ she thought, giving the designer a whithering look. ‘Aww great, and my brothers have seen me naked by now...’

Carmen kept snapping away as Brianna pouted at Andreas, while two assistants focused the light off of large gold toned reflectors onto her, and a third kept handing Carmen a second camera when she called for another freshly reloaded one after each handful of photos.

Brianna tried not to look directly into the sun, instead focusing on the designer, one of the assistants or down the lens, and even the distant landmark bridge, anything to stop her being reminded she was standing topless on top of her apartment building and letting a woman she’d never met before take photos of her for international syndication.

The photographer kept calling out instructions to her, “Excellent work Brianna. Now, how about some stuff with you holding the jeans up like you’re pulling them on, say with the button open, say fairly side on. That’s great darling.”

Brianna had slipped straight in to model mode, not really thinking about what was happening, just doing what the photographer called for, so when the woman called for some shots with the jeans around the top of her thighs, and then halfway down, she just instinctively slid the pants down and posed, with the blank expression, then the pout, then the saucy look, the whole gamut of expressions.

“Dude. Check that out” the cub reporter said to his camera man from where they hovered above the late afternoon traffic in the BAY TV chopper, both eager for a distraction of being stuck with traffic reports.

“Wow. Hey, is that Brianna and Andreas? Yeah. Yeah, it is. Bill ya gotta get us closer” the cameraman said to the chopper pilot as he looked through the eye piece of the camera.

“What about the cross?” the reporter asked as the pilot saw the scene on top of the apartment and began to turn towards it, automatically radioing his change of location to air traffic control.

“Think Tim, what’ll hurt your career less, missing a traffic report, or missing an exclusive of the latest hot thing prancing around half naked on the roof of a building?” the cameraman asked.

“I see your point Jeff. How close can you get us, Bill?”

“Not much more light” Carmen said, noticing the dip in brightness but not the cause of it as the news chopper flew between the sun and their rooftop location. “Still enough for a few minutes more.”

“Okay Brianna, a few with the jeans round your ankles, then kick off the shoes, we’ll do some barefoot, and them some poses from behind with the jeans hanging over your shoulder,” she added to the young model, who was now lying on her back with her feet kicked up in the air, on top of an airconditioning duct.

“That’s great, un huh, un huh. Great work. Fresh camera Klaus.”

Carmen kept shooting as Brianna posed, and finally slipped the designer jeans off, and even a few half candids as Brianna sat on the duct and put her shoes back on, even though the jeans weren’t even in frame.

She took a few more shots as Brianna stood up and the posed with the jeans over her shoulder, then holding them out in front of her like she was about to try them on.

“What about some with the edge in frame?” Andreas asked, pointing to the edge of the building above the alley.

“Great idea Andreas. Come on over Brianna, that’s it, a few poses, different back ground, yeah good work” Carmen replied as she added more instructions, waving Andreas and her assistants away from the building edge so they wouldn’t be in the frame.

Carmen had to call out her instructions a little louder as the wind picked up near the edge, and the work of getting Brianna posed right had occupied everybody’s attention, so that the approach of the news chopper went unnoticed.

Inside the chopper, Tim was just beginning his live cross as Brianna carefully stepped up on to the edgework and provocatively dangled the jeans out over the edge, slowly doing it with less and less fingers as she followed Carmen’s instruction.

On the live News coverage, Tim popped up on the ‘Inside the Traffic Chopper’ camera that was fixed to the inside roof.

“Thanks Walter, yes traffic is a bit rough tonight, and it would be rougher if the drivers could see what we’ve spotted in a BAY TV Exclusive, on one of the roofs here in the old industrial heart of San Francisco, you can see hot designer Andreas and his sensational model Brianna shooting photos for their next campaign, and as you can see, Andreas is sticking with the high class nudity of his recent world wide label launch.”

Tim droned on about what Jeff was filming, and was being broadcast from the moment the producer had switched to the second camera feed, sending the image of Brianna’s naked body out to the public again.

On the roof top, the slender model was now hanging on to the jeans as loosely as she could, with them dangling and swaying in the wind as they hung from one extended index finger through a belt loop at the end of her out stretched arm, while her other hand covered her mouth. She stood in a ‘Bomber Girl’ pose, her knees together and bent, her body leaning slightly forward towards the camera, trying to hold still while Carmen snapped away.

The photographer accepted another fresh camera and took her first shot just a Bill the Chopper Pilot got a little too close to the action, being noticed by everyone except Brianna and Carmen until the down wash from the choppers blades blew along the alleyway and whipped the precious jeans out of Brianna’s grasp.

Instinct took over and Brianna snatched at her only item of clothing, leaning way out in to the open air as she did, startling Andreas who realised the naked model was already falling over the edge.

Carmen was still snapping away and following the action as she looked up from her camera in shock as Brianna disappeared from view just after the jeans did.

“Arrggghh!” the naked model cried as she panicked and flailed about, her eyes still on the jeans as she realised they were carrying away her apartment key. In many ways she was lucky that she did flail about.

“Oh ho and looks like we’ve gotten a little too close and our wash has caused a little more excitement than Brianna was ready for. She’s okay ladies and gentlemen, she caught hold of the fire escape and will be able to swing on to it and safety, even if that does leave her without the jeans she was modelling”

Brianna’s heart was beating fast enough for her to hear as she swung one handed from the fire escape railing and the chopper hovered in to her field of view. Her heart missed a few of those nervous pounding beats as she realised she was going to be naked all over the news again.

The instinct to get her body covered probably explains why she was concentrating more on the pair of jeans hanging from a TV aerial jutting out from the side of the building, then she was on pulling herself to safety.

Andreas was running down the fire escape steps to her when the model made her first grab for the pants, and for her only way back in to her apartment. Missing them, she swapped hands, holding on to the side of the fire escape with her left hand, facing herself out in to the open and silently thanking all those hours on the climbing wall that her trainer had insisted was good for both upper body strength and the shape of her ass. Carefully she swung herself so she could put one high heeled shoe’s toe on to the nearest window ledge, shifted her weight even further out away from safety and reached her free hand out for the jeans.

Missing them again, Brianna ignored Andreas call for her to forget the jeans and climb back inside, his accent absent, but his voice muffled by the rotor wash. Instead she risked her grip and shifted her right foot from the window to the base of the aerial, the steel shaft of the antenna slipping nicely in to the gap between the toe and the heel of the Designer's expensive shoes.

This left her with her legs wide apart, and being the good news camera man that he was, Jeff took the moment to zoom in to Brianna’s face, via her outstretched foot, leg, hips, gut, breasts and shoulders, giving the millions of viewers now tuned in a exceptional and unprecedented close up view of a beautiful naked woman in the news timeslot.

This time when Brianna reached for the jeans, she filled Jeff’s frame with her pretty face and almost C-cup breasts, the camera man thinking ‘Man, those nips are so hard you could open a beer can with them’.

Above Brianna, Carmen was still shooting, getting shots of the model fully outstretched, her fingers just beginning to grasp the jeans. “That’s a keeper” the photographer said to her assistant as Klaus fed her another freshly loaded camera.

The model grunted as she got a good hold of the jeans and flicked them at Andreas, who caught them just as he would a football floating above the touch line. Brianna grunted again as she pulled her foot clear of the aerial, her actions followed by the news camera man, who pulled back further to keep her in frame, listening as he did to Tim alter his commentary to match the shot as Brianna finally climbed in to the fire escape.

“Man does she look annoyed with Andreas” Tim said, as Brianna grabbed the jeans off him and stormed up the stairs to the roof.

As she did, she was fishing in the pocket for her apartment key, regaining it as she reached the top and climbed down on to the roof.

Turning to the News Chopper the naked model first gave them the ‘Bird’, then bowed deeply, before straightening, turning away from the news camera and tossing the jeans up in to the air over her shoulder and out in to the alleyway as she strode her naked body across the roof and down the stairs to her home.

“Well, that looks like the end of out little exclusive, look out for the photos soon I’d say, now back to the studio”

End of part 3