The Big Show
by Serefina

Part 2

Brianna was frozen, both from the sudden chill of the night air and the shock of finding herself outside naked but for the shoes she wore. For a few long moments she stood still, shivers beginning to shake her near-perfect figure as the cold set in, a complete contrast from the warm shower she'd been in just minutes before, and the warm glow of the adulation of the crowd that had attended Andrea's first major North American show.

Grabbing the fire-door's outside handle, she vainly tried to pull it back open, a rising panic setting in as it failed to open. "Right. 'Opens From Inside Only,'" she read to herself. "Try for the carpark."

Brianna had the long legs that only models ever seem to be blessed with, and she put them to good use jogging down the lane-way towards the alley at the rear of the old theatre. She hoped to find her way around to the carpark without having to resort to the main road the building fronted on. "I'm sure some one will help me," she muttered . She needed to be quick enough to catch someone, anyone, leaving from the show, and the movement, as graceful as she was, left her breasts jigging around in front, and her ass swaying behind.

Brianna had always been proud of her body; it set her apart from most models, she was no stick figure. At 5'10" flat footed, she was average height for the catwalk trade, but her firm, almost c-cup breasts, were a fair bit bigger then most of her rivals. That along with the supple curves of her back and ass had been the source of jealous comments about her weight at some of the shows she had worked.

Now however, that height would work against her if she needed to hide, as would the pale skin she had spent many hours caring for, getting only enough sun to give her a healthy colour, but no tan.

Reaching the side lane-way's end, she turned to the right just as the noise from the carpark roller door closing shuddered up and down the derelict back alley. In the distance, she could see the last of the cars turning on to the side street the alley ended in.

"Worse luck." Brianna stood puffing for a moment, before tossing her head around to look back down the alley, away from the side street and towards her apartment, "It's only a block and a half, I should make that ok."

For a moment longer she stood there exposed, thinking about the route that would take her home, before she noticed the glow of lights on the alley wall as a car swung off of a cross street and towards her position. Again panic crept up on her, but this time there was an obvious way out. She could hide behind one of the dumpsters that lined the alley. Two quick steps and she was beside the large green bin well before the driver of the car could have seen her, and then she was behind the bin, hidden from view. Seconds later the car passed, continuing down the alley, before slowing to turn out on to the side street.

"That's too close." Brianna had realised that although the people from the audience would have helped her, the general public might not; in fact she might be in serious trouble if caught out. Sticking her head out past the side of her hiding place, she checked for any other movement before stepping out, intending to keep to the shadows and make her way home.

At this time of night her district was fairly quiet, there still weren't all that many residents, and most of the people there in the day time were construction workers turning the old warehouses into apartments. She'd had her share of wolf-whistles from them, and normally loved the attention, but tonight was a different matter. Tonight all Brianna wanted was the safety and warmth of her own home.

Her skin was already covered in goose bumps from the cold, the small raised bumps miniatures of the hard nubs of flesh her nipples had become as the night air had stiffened them. The wind was especially cold when it whipped between her thighs, the pink flesh of her sex seeming to turn rosy with arousal, but really it was the rest of her that was getting paler from the cold, not her sex changing colour from stimulation.

Brianna had been counting cars passing along the street she would soon have to cross if she wanted to follow the alley all the way to her building. There had been more than she was yet ready to face, flashing past far too quickly for the occupants to ever notice a tall naked model in an alley. She'd also been searching the buildings either side for open windows or other signs of anyone who could see her. None so far, but she kept looking.

As she got closer to the cross street she began to take smaller, closer steps, slowing her pace as she nervously edged nearer to a much more public exposure. "There's just way too many cars, I'll have to hide and wait till it's quieter" she resolved, looking around to find some shelter from the bite of the wind. "Behind another bin?" Looking around, the name on one of the bin's caught her eye; it belonged to one of the sweatshops some brand-name stores used to make their clothes.

"I wonder?" A thought had struck Brianna, and if she was right, she might just have had some luck to find some where warm to hide until the traffic died down enough for her to race across the street un-noticed. Hefting the Dumpster's lid up, she stuck her nose inside first, the smell of dyes soothing to her frayed nerves. Under the dim light shining in from the streetlights, she could see the bin was a little over two thirds full of off-cuts from the clothes made by the sweatshop. "Oh yeah!, never have I been so happy to see brand name cloth."

A minute later she was burrowing into the soft contents of the bin, reveling in the warmth now that she was out of the wind. She pulled the lid closed over herself, You'd think some of the homeless around here would'a used this stuff for warmth."

The homeless did use her dumpster for warmth, but not on bin night.

Brianna hunkered down nervously when she heard voices pass by as she settled herself in to wait, glad when they passed by without slowing. Relaxing somewhat, she marveled at how comfy she was, and soon felt the tiredness that comes after any stressful event. Before she even realised what was happening Brianna was nodding off, drifting into sleep, cocooned in the soft material that sweaters, tracksuits and gym clothes were made from. As she slept, the city grew quieter, the last few cars for the night finding their way home, deserting the old district.

Brianna woke with a start, her heart jumping and beating loudly from a sudden noise on the dumpster lid above her. With the sound of scratching claws and a cats meow, she relaxed, still hearing her own heart pulsing in her ears, no sounds around her to compete.

Gingerly she pushed the lid upwards, much to the surprise and annoyance of the alley cat, who grizzled at her from on top, before leaping across on to the next bin. Peering out, Brianna was relieved to see no cars passing, and with a quick glance back down the way to make sure there was no-one else around, she eased her way up and out of the bin.

"Damn it's cold now!" Each outward breath left a little cloud behind, and her skin was already goosebumped by the time she hit the ground. The inside of the bin had been cozy, but the steel skin felt like ice as she slid down it.

"Must have slept awhile" she mused, seeing the first hint of dawn with the sky turning from black to the darkest of blues on the horizon. Already some of the stars were gone. They had been one of the reasons she'd taken her apartment, because she was close to the bay area she could be in the city and still see the stars at night, just like when she was a kid on her parents farm. The sound of her high heeled shoes clicking on the pavement was suprisingly loud in quiet of the early morning hours, as the leggy model stepped cautiously, but as quickly as possible, up to the corner of the alley and the cross street. Leaning forward so she could see out past the buildings without stepping into the street, she checked for cars, or any sign of movement, sighing and taking a step forward when she was sure there were none.

A quick double check and Brianna was off as fast as she could manage, her firm breasts jiggling continuously as she jogged over the street and into the alley on the other side. As she made it she could hear a distant roar of a diesel engine, and she turned around once just to make sure there was no one near-by. There was no sign of the noisy vehicle, so with a shrug, and a mind intent on getting out of the cold, she kept moving, hoping the exertion would counter the cold. 'Only half a block to go' she thought, already able to spot her building's fire escape, a plan already forming on how to get inside her apartment after climbing it.

She'd gone another twenty yards or so when she heard a long drawn out whistle above, and to her left. Looking up she stopped, struck still with fear as she saw three men finishing some sort of transaction on the fourth floor balcony of the building she was about to pass.

"Whoo-ee, will ya look at that. Home delivered pussy. Some places have got it all."

The three men seemed to move as one, ducking back inside the apartment, then out of its second window and onto the steel mesh of the fire escape there.

"Oh, fuck!" Brianna screamed, turning and beginning to run as fast as she could back the way she had came, figuring she was safer naked in a main street then an alley with these three men. She had a fair head start by the time they had scrambled to the ground, dropping the last few feet to land running, but her heels gave them a huge speed advantage, and they would quickly close on her.

Brianna fled straight out of the alley and across the street, her heart jumping as she ran even faster from a bus bearing down on her.

The driver panicked and slammed his foot hard down on the brakes, sliding the bus to a halt, the back end of the massive vehicle following the roads camber and sliding towards the kerb with smoke pouring off of the locked-up tyres.

Two of Brianna's chasers ran headlong in to the side of the bus as it slid to a halt, the third only just stopping himself in time. Their delay as they recovered gave the model time to cross the street and rush headlong up the other side of the alley.

When she registered the presence of lights coming the other way she slowed, hopping to a stop and preparing to run back the way she had came. Then she had a better idea as she heard the three men yelling at the bus driver. Grabbing the side of the dumpster she had slept in and hauling herself headlong inside, Brianna's feet disappeared just as the three men rounded the front of the bus, leaving them looking for her in an empty street and alley.

Quickly she burrowed under the layers of cloth, hoping to hide until they gave up looking. She could hear their voices as they discussed what they'd seen, and asked if each other had seen were she'd gone. Then there were noises as they checked behind and in some of the bins close to the end of the alley. Before long their voices were drowned out by the roar of the truck slowly coming down the alley towards her.

Brianna screamed again when her dumpster was knocked sideways, then started to rise upwards. "Oh, fuck. BIN DAY!"

Brianna wailed in fear as she was hefted up in to the air, her hiding place turning from safety to horror with the garbage truck's arrival. The truck's motor roared louder as it powered the hydraulic arms that lifted the dumpster she was taking refuge in. In that moment all the police shows she’d seen where the cops found a naked dead girl at a city dump rushed through her mind. That same instant the 'Flight or Fight' instinct that all humans have took over, and she was scrambling for her life even as she panicked.

She scrambled to the top of the material waste as the bin arced over the truck's side, shoved the lid of the bin open as hard as she could, and threw herself bodily on to the hard upper surface of the compactor. Scrambling to stop from falling in to the open top, as the bin continued along on it's path to dump the waste inside, she was momentarily covered in off-cuts before she hauled herself free, sliding onto the upper surface of the city vehicle. Brianna screamed and gripped on to the top of the truck as the driver shook the bin once, then twice, to make sure it was empty, and then it passed back down over the side of the truck and onto the pavement.

Sliding herself forward on the rough and cold upper surface of the compactor, she made sure she had a good grip as the truck lurched forward to the next bin. Her nose wrinkled from the stench of rotten foodstuffs as that bin's restaurant waste was dumped into the truck.

She was still hanging on as the truck collected the last bin, before pausing and then crossing the street to do the bins further down the alley. The truck collected another few bins before Brianna heard a grunt from inside the cabin, followed by a grinding from the gearbox before the truck moved again, this time much smoother, and a fair bit quicker.

'Truck must be full', Brianna thought, looking up from her hiding place as she heard a shout from one of her pursuers, now climbing their own fire escape as the truck passed by, and he spotted her on top of the truck, only feet away from them, but passing too fast to reach.

Her own building was not far ahead, and the naked woman feared she would be stuck on the truck until it stopped if she passed by her home. "This is nuts," she said to herself, struggling to her feet on the top of the moving vehicle. 'Just like on TV' she thought, thinking about stunts she'd seen. She gauged the trucks speed, counting the time between each fire escape she passed, as she eased her way across to the trucks side, where she would pass only a few feet from each of the steel structures.

Then her own was upon her and she leapt, arms stretched out for the railing of the lower level, just catching onto it as the truck continued off down the alley. For a few long moments Brianna swung back and forth from the steel rail, a naked parody of a gymnast in high heels, as she caught her breath. Hearing shouting behind her she looked back to see the three men running down the alley towards her. "Ah, damn, not again."

With a grunt she hauled herself upwards, thankful for the hours of gym-time each week. Another grunt left her lips as she banged first one breast, then the right side of her gut, and finally her hip, against the steel rails as she worked her way up on to the fire escape proper. The handrail was cold between her legs as she straddled it in an effort to get on to the first floor's platform. With a woman's logic, Brianna took a few seconds to slide her feet out of the heels, letting the men close in on her, so that she wouldn't damage the shoes on the grate work on the fire escape. Now her feet hurt as she ran up the cold metal ladders between floors, while those below her jumped for the ladder at the bottom.

She'd made in to the third floor by the time two of them boosted the third up to the ladder, dragging it down for all of them to reach. Now it was a race, who could climb floors faster? Brianna had spent hours on the stair-step machine, trying to cut down her fuller figure to that of the more slender models, until she realised it made her look disproportionate, and she chose to build muscle instead. Her height and long legs gave her the stance to fit a model, and the gym work and normal diet gave her strength under her supple curves. Now those curves were both cold and also sweat covered from the morning air and the exertion. She climbed rung after rung, slowly pulling away from the three men below.

Seeing the open window at the fifth floor landing, Brianna dove inside, taking the inside steps two at a time, her feet loud on the wooden floorboards. She slowed on the seventh floor landing. She looked down, seeing the three men scramble inside and look up to spot her.

She sped up the stairs again, now on home turf and heading for a goal. By the time she reached her own floor she had gained on them, and knew this was time she would need. When Brianna had first moved in she had gone looking for a place to hide a spare key, just in case she locked herself out. She had found the large round decorative ball on the tip of the stair's hand-rail could be unscrewed and that it was hollow inside. The perfect place to hide a key, unlike the top of a door frame or the underside of a door mat.

It took her a few moments to wind off the ball, all the time hearing the men thumping up the stairs, followed by the lights on the landings below them as other residents began to investigate the noise. Brianna tipped the ball over to get to her key, only to find two others taped in beside hers. 'Which one's mine?' she thought desperately, as the three men continued to get closer. Grabbing all three keys she dived for her door, trying the first key to no avail. She fumbled and dropped the other two keys leaving the first still in the lock. Scrambling around she grabbed the two on the floor, pulling the first from the door as she tried the next one.

Joy ran through her as it turned in her lock, and she shoved the door open, kicking the decorative ball and remaining two keys inside and across the floor of her apartment, pulling her key out and diving inside. With one final quick look she made sure she couldn't be seen before closing her door and locking it. Then she collapsed against its inner surface, panting hard from the exertion and panic of her escape, as the three men pounded past her door.

It was a long time before she could drag herself upright and cross the room to slump down on to her sofa. Brianna flicked on her TV from habit before she passed out, exhausted physically and mentally. When she woke to the Eight AM news the first thing she saw on the screen was her own naked figure on the catwalk the night before.

"At least I got to keep the shoes" she sighed.

End of part 2.