The Big Show
by Serefina

Part 1

Brianna couldn't believe this was happening to her.

First she'd had the call up to audition, and now she'd been chosen to model for Andreas, the latest Italian designer to hit it big in New York. "Damn lucky to get a call to his first West Coast show" she thought out loud, and silently wondered why he had come to San Francisco ahead of L.A.

She had been playing with her long brunette hair, trying to decide whether to cut it, when the call had come. The mid-afternoon call-up for the late evening show was a surprise, and she rushed to get out the door quickly enough to make the call up. All she'd had time to do was pull on some jeans and a shirt over the panties she'd been lounging around in, deciding to be daring and let the smooth shirt drape over her shapely breasts without a bra.

She had thought about driving to the old theatre the show was being held in, so she wouldn't have to walk home alone during the night, even though it was only a block and a half from her apartment. The theatre was on the edge of the old industrial area that was slowly becoming artist's apartments, low-cost housing and studios. Mostly at the moment, it was old empty buildings and the odd homeless occupant.

The closure of some of the streets around hers for the indy music and art festival her local council was holding that weekend, as their part of the fashion week celebrations, made the decision automatic - there was way too much traffic for her to get her car out, drive to the theatre, and park before the time of the call-up. She'd just have to walk home later, it wasn't all that far.

Brianna joined a group of young women waiting outside the theatre. "This is just so cool!" She commented to the tall blonde to her right, who smiled and nodded in agreement.

"We are so lucky, last two to make the cut," the blonde girl answered. "Hi, I'm Kimi."


"Have you heard anything about Andreas' new line?" Kimi asked, as both girls stepped forward, following their fellow models as the doors to the theatre finally swung open, and they could all get to meet the designer in person.

"Only rumours that he was planning something special for the parade. Something with Paints and..."

Brianna was cut off by a woman standing on the catwalk, as she called out to the twenty or so girls selected. "Okay everyone, your contracts and media releases are up here" she said, waving to the stacks of forms at the end of the catwalk. "Grab one of each, sign it and date it, don't forget to add your bank account and social security numbers to make sure we can pay you and the tax tomorrow. Sorry, we're not doing any cash in hand payments.

"Now, Andreas will be out in a minute, just let me check some final details. Is there anyone here under 18?" The organiser took a few seconds to scan the crowd, not seeing anyone raise a hand or say anything. "No one? Great. Andreas has given us a heap of rules to follow, one being no one under 18. Another is no obvious addicts, he hates cocaine chic."

Along with the other girls, Kimi and Brianna were listening as they each signed the forms. Like the rest they only quickly scanned the standard forms required for the job.

"The media releases are for mainstream TV as well as the usual fashion press, there's also a possibility that video and photo's from today's event may be used in future promotions, so if that’s a problem, opt out now while we've got a chance to call back some of the others who missed out."

The subtle hint her words were obvious to all the models - If you don't want to agree, there are plenty of others who will.

While the woman waited for any dissent, one of the curtains at the stage end of the catwalk ruffled and then Andreas walked through a gap and headed down the catwalk. Following the gaze of the girls who had noticed him, she turned to look, "Ahh, here's Andreas now, I'll let him fill you in on your walks and the show as a whole. I'll be back after I've seen to the TV crews. Here's Andreas," she added with a smile, before stepping down off the catwalk.

None of the girls could see she wore a very sly smile on her face as she headed out of the theatre, the door opening just before she reached it. Recognising the three young men and two women walking in she turned back to the models, "Andreas! the make-up and stylist people are here."

"Thank you, Petta" the designer called back, waving the new arrivals down to the stage area.

"So who is ready to make history?" Andreas asked the girls eagerly, enjoying the cheers and eager looks as they responded warmly to him.

"The show is going to be very edgy, experimental and adventurous. We'll be doing things that haven't ever been done at an event of this level. I secured tee-vee and many paparazzi for today, and if you all perform well, this will boost you careers as much as mine."

Brianna loved full European sound of Andreas' accent, her interest piqued as she was drawn in to the drama of being in a new star's show.

"All done?" he asked as the last of the girls added their forms to the completed pile on the catwalk. "Good, good, lets get to work then" he said, clapping his hands together.

"The show will begin with dresses, then pants and shirts, followed by my line of lingerie, and lastly, with the launch of the new line of shoes and boots. To add the spice and shock, each of you will parade only one piece at a time, and you will all be covered from scalp to toes in single matte colours of bodypaint, highlighting the contrast of blank skin with the vibrancy of the cloth."

Some of the girls wore puzzled looks on their faces, and there were murmurs through the group over the use of bodypaint and the meaning of 'one piece at a time'

"If you will all line up, it is time to choose you order, costume and colour."

There was a noisy scramble as the girls lined up beside the catwalk, and Andreas got off the stage, reaching for the first of two buckets.

"First you colours, then we do you number, which is also you costume."

Slowly Andreas walked down the line of girls, each dipping a hand on to the bucket and picking out a folded piece of paper. Inside each was written a colour. "Blue, lilac, orange, yellow" and others were read out loud by the designer as each girl opened their paper up.

Being the near the end of the line, there were not many slips left in the bucket when it reached Kimi, who got 'Ebony', and then Brianna, who had received 'Flesh-tone'

Once all the girls had a colour, Andreas picked up the second bucket full of paper slips, and started the process again. Slowly it dawned on some of the girls what the parade would look like, when they compared their slips to each other.

Some read Dress #4 or Shirt #2, other had Bra #3 and Panties #6.

"What else besides the panties do I wear?" one girl asked.

"The paint colour" Andreas replied.

"What, no top?" the stunned girl asked, listened to by all the girls intently.

"No. Just paint. You will be in yellow g-string panties with scarlet body paint.

The girl was still stunned as Andreas continued on, she would be topless and barefoot as she took to the catwalk.

Kimi got "Bridal Dress", pleasing Andreas with her combination of white dress, black paint and blonde hair.

Brianna was far from that fortunate.

'4 inch heels - red' was written on her slip.

Andreas smiled at her, "And we have our show-piece. Our main attraction. And what colour did you have?"

"Flesh-tone" Brianna answered, shaking slightly.

"Wonderful!" Andreas exclaimed, giving Brianna a big hug. "You will be as much a star as the clothes. We are assured of news cover now!"

Before she could respond, Andreas had moved to finish handing out the costume choices. "Now, if you would all go through to the change rooms, you can get a locker to leave you clothes in, and have a shower to freshen up before coming out to get painted," Andreas announced, waving to where the makeup and stylist were setting up near the stage door.

With some worried faces, the girls all headed out to the change room, some nervously discussing the show, and their reservations about appearing partly or mostly naked on stage. Most of the models had already had experiences of doing lingerie parades, or walks in sheer and revealing outfits, all but a pair of girls from Prague having never done anything remotely like this.

Those two were the loudest voices, clearly disappointed to be wearing the dress and shirt costumes assigned to each. Their comments were easy to hear over the top of the whispers about how many others would jump at the chance to be in what was sure to be the biggest show of the season.

Brianna sat on a bench in the change room, deciding if she could do the show. 'Naked in front of the cameras, I'm sure to be on the news' she thought. 'If I don't, my career could stall. I need the money for the apartment, and the car. It's only a minute or so, and not like being naked in public'. Steeling her resolve, she slipped off her shoes and stood to join Kimi, then stripping off her jeans and shirt, revealing her breasts to the smaller-figured blonde girl.

"God I wish I had tits like yours" Kimi sighed, pausing as she pulled her skirt off.

"I suppose I got lucky to have a good figure" Brianna responded, slipping her panties to the floor and revealing the smooth skin she'd hidden up to now.

"Wow. Shaved or waxed?" Kimi asked, pulling her chemise over her head, before tucking fingers in to her knickers and joining the rest of the now naked girls waiting for a shower.

"Electrolysis" Brianna answered, closing her locker and following Kimi. "What do we do with the keys?"

"There's a guard posted outside the door, you give it to him" Petta answered her, loud enough for everyone to hear. "The guard is there to give you time to dress before the paparazzi try to force their way in after the show."

"He's also responsible for your safety and the security of your belongings, so if there's any problems, go straight to him." Petta looked around the room, making sure all the models had heard her before turning to leave. "Make-up is waiting girls, don't be too long!"

Twenty minutes later, most of the girls were sitting in the front row of comfortable chairs, waiting to get their paint applied. Andreas and Petta had their heads together, deciding on the pattern the designer wanted the girls to walk in, and the positions for the lights and cameras.

Brianna was the last to come out, having had to wait for the shower to be free. The security guard gave her a friendly smile as she left her key with him, signing a sheet next to her locker number before he put the key in to a pouch at his waist as he explained that he didn't want to give the girls the wrong keys later.

Moments later she sat in a well padded theatre seat next to Kimi, chatting idly and enjoying the heat from the radiators put out to keep the naked girls comfortable and quickly dry the paint. Before long Brianna was as relaxed as the rest of the girls, watching Andreas and Petta explain the routines and the girls getting styled and painted. Depending on the colour, some girls were being sprayed, others where having their colour brushed or daubed on. Two of the young men quickly styled each girl's hair before they got to the man and pair of women doing the painting.

Brianna was almost ready to fall asleep in front of the heaters when she was called to be styled. Five minutes later her hair was ready, having been pulled back gently, almost in to a pony-tail, but with the tail held out in to a fan by a quick application of styling gel.

Once done, Brianna took the few steps to the make-up crew, and stood waiting as they finished the girl standing there.

"Ok, you're next,” one of the women said, positioning Brianna so they could work on her. "What colour are you?"

"Flesh-tone" Brianna answered nervously.

"Flesh? Okie. Hope you're not too uncomfortable, flesh is a hand applied colour, it doesn't spread well off of a brush, and it clogs the airguns because of the pigment size."

Brianna was a little shocked when the woman stuck her fingers in to the jar of paint, rubbing the colour across her hands and reached to work it on to Brianna's stomach, soon followed by her assistants working on the young model's back and legs.

Trying to stand still, Brianna did her best to ignore the pushing and pulling of their hands as they worked the paint over her, lifting her arms and spreading her legs as required. 'This is so humiliating' she thought, until she realised the other girls were like she was, half asleep, or too busy chatting to notice her embarrassment as one of the women spread paint over her pussy.

"Andreas!" A deep voice called from the theatre side entrance, drawing attention there.

"Ah. Nicholas, you have the camera crew ready to set up?"

"Yeah, where do you want 'em?" the smartly dressed man asked, holding the door open for the crew to lug in the television equipment.

"One there, another there, and the third handheld on this side of the walk" Andreas replied, pointing to two waiting platforms.

"Great. Hey, can we get some shots of the girls getting ready?" the TV man asked, having spotted Brianna, then looking around goggle-eyed at all the naked girls. "Andreas, what are you planning?"

"A little risqué exposé. Do you like?"

"Yeah sure" the TV man answered.

Brianna had recognised him as he walked down from the rest of the crew, he was Lyndon Donleigh, the host of Fashion TV's 'iNDePTH' show. Smiling at him as he approached where she stood, she thought about how much he could boost her career, if he liked what he saw. She would just have to act confident and aloof about being naked in front of him, rather then the nervousness she really felt.

"You want to shoot the girls being styled?" The designer asked.

"Yeah. Can we talk to 'em too? Get a few sound bites for the program?" Donleigh asked, smiling at Brianna.

Andreas shrugged. "If you wish. We have our times to meet Lyndon, the show start promptly at eight."

"Sure, sure, we'll be done quick." Turning to his crew he added, "Jack, you and Mike get the camera's set up on the platform. Andy and Craig, grab the interview kit and get down here." Two minutes later, as the make-up artists were doing her face, shoulders and breasts, Brianna fielded questions from the reporter.

"So how do you feel about being part of Andreas' first West Coast show, Brianna?"

"Good. It's a special show, and will no doubt get me more work, being as high profile as it is."

"Do you mind being naked as you prepare?"

"No more than anyone else. It's not like being naked outside, there's everyone else here for support. I mean, you guys in clothes are in the minority here."

"Sure, sure" he nodded. "What do you think of your costume? Can you tell us what to expect for the show?"

Brianna caught Andreas' wave and the look in his face told her to say nothing about what was to come. "I think you'll be in for a real surprise, Andreas has come up with a real visual treat, you'll just have to wait and see like everyone else."

"A little about yourself. How old are you and which agency are you from?"

"18, and Marcell-Weist."

"And where are you from?"

"Smithfield, Iowa."

"What do you think the folks back home will say about tonight's show?"

"They'll be a bit shocked, seeing the home-coming queen up on stage in all her glory, but a little shock now and then is needed, I think."

"Thanks, Brianna."

It was 7:30 by the time he finished talking to her, and she hurried backstage followed by the designer. She joined the rest of the girls who Petta had quietly herded out as the interview took place. The moment they left, the security guard signaled the doorman to let the guests into the theatre.

As they seated themselves, Andreas took a moment to get the right size shoes for Brianna, and thanked her for doing well in the interview. Leaning in close he whispered in an accent that sounded very much like her own, "Looks like I owe you one, Brianna."

Andreas shared a smile with her as she realised his accent meant he wasn't Italian, but probably a farm-boy who had made it out of her home state to bigger and better things.

"Everyone, places soon, listen for the music cues and Petta's voice to announce your costumes!" the designer shouted, before rushing around to make final adjustments.

Brianna's nerves became a little frayed by the time the music had begun and the first model strutted barefoot on to the stage in the first dress.

"No way to pull out now" she thought out loud, giving Kimi a big smile just before the blonde girl began her own walk.

Brianna could hear the applause as each costume made it's impact, softening slightly as the first topless girl stepped out on to the catwalk. The crowd settled as the girl strode indifferently along, hips and breasts swaying fluidly. The crowd realised her partial nudity was deliberate as she was followed by another, then a third topless girl.

Once the pants, shorts and skirts where done, the first girl clad in only a shirt stepped out, boldly walking down the stage, shocking the crowd as they realised she wore no panties or g-string. The crowd was responding positively as the outerwear finished and the lingerie started. Five more girls paraded in French-cut knickers, G's and panties before the first girl wearing only a bra made her way on to the stage.

"If she can, I can" Brianna thought, even though she was very nervous as she and the other four girls wearing boots and shoes got closer to the stage curtain.

Soon the bras and corsets were done, and Brianna could hear the hush as the crowd waited to see what would come next.

When the tall redhead in the mid-thigh bondage boots stepped out and paused provocatively, the crowd actually cheered her, and Andreas, for daring to parade a naked model. The cheers grew louder as each girl followed, first in nothing but pumps, then sandals, then low heels.

Finally Brianna was called, she'd been steeling herself for this moment, and although her stomach was turning over inside, outwardly she seemed confidant and nonchalant as she strode without pause on to the catwalk.

The spotlight shining on her blinded her for a second or two as she took her first steps down the runway. By the time she adjusted to them and saw the massive crowd applauding, she was already too far done to stop.

Inside she was shocked at the number of people staring at her naked body, and she had to admit, a little aroused. On the outside, she looked as if it was totally natural for her to be naked but for the shoes and light coat of skin coloured paint in front of hundreds of people and the gathered media. Any embarrassment she was feeling she used as the source of her nonchalance at her nudity.

By the time she reached the catwalks end, hundreds of flashes from cameras had almost blinded her again, and the roving camera was looking up at her, pointed nearly square on her pussy as the operator finished his pan up from her shoes.

Brianna stopped for a second or two to pose, hoping the flush of excitement wasn't showing on camera, before tossing her head around to the left, following it with her body as she headed back to the curtains.

Brianna panicked inside, 'I have to do this again' she thought as all the girls began to file out again, showing the whole collection in one hit, and reinforcing the amount spent on the show through the sheer number of models required.

Just as she reached the curtain, Kimi and Andreas stepped through, and Brianna found herself on the arm of the designer, appearing to escort him to the end of the catwalk with Kimi. She was a mess of nerves inside now, as more and more flashguns fired, the TV cameras doing close-ups and wide shots of the three as the rest of the models paused and then returned backstage. By the time Andreas waved off the cameras and turned the two girls around, the rest of the models had already left the stage.

Flashes kept firing, 'no doubt getting shots of my ass' Brianna thought as they walked back upstage, and finally through the curtains. "Whew. That's just nuts out there," she said with relief.

Turning to her Andreas said "Quickly, we must go talk to Lyndon together, we must maximise the impact while we can."

Kimi gave Brianna a warm smile, "You did great," but she turned and headed for the change room before Brianna could get her to come out to the waiting media with her.

The fan made from her long dark brown hair swung madly as she was rushed through to the side-door, and out on to the theatre floor to the waiting crowd of fans, both of the designer and the model, and the reporter and his cameraman.

Brianna was unnerved at the size of the waiting group, and did her best to remain calm in the face of them as she answered question after question. Was she embarrassed by her nudity, did she know about the designers plans at the call-up, would she be doing other naked shows?

Slowly the crowd thinned, and during one break Andreas spoke up loud, thanking them all for coming, and that the shows after party was to be held at a bar at the far end of the block the theatre was on, and they could all ask more questions there.

As the interview finished and the camera crews were leaving, Andreas was dragged along with the crowd and Brianna quickly ducked out, heading back through the stage door. By the time she got to the change room, all the other models had left, and the guard was busy showing them out, so she just headed in for a shower to wash the paint off. She'd get the locker key from him when he was done.

Slipping off the tall designer heels, Brianna thought 'I'm gonna have to buy some of these, they're really comfortable'. With no one else to worry about, she turned up the heat of the shower and took her time washing off the paint, making sure she got it all before working the gel out of her hair.

She had just turned off the water and was reaching for a towel, not finding any, when the lights went out.

"What the…" Stumbling around for a few minutes, Brianna wasn't able to find a towel, if fact, the only loose items she could find in the whole change room were the shoes she'd worn on stage. She slipped them on and began to try and find her way out.

"Crap, where's the damn light switch."

Brianna fumbled her way to the door, it felt as if it took an age to get there. She found the switch for the overhead lights, but nothing happened when she flicked it up and down. "Must have been turned off at the master power. Hope I haven't been left here by myself."

As if to confirm her worst thoughts, she could just hear the sounds of the doors to the theatre floor being shut.

"Oh crap!" With a sense of urgency, Brianna tried to rush from the change room in to the dark backstage area as fast as she could, calling "Hey! Anyone there! I'm still stuck here!"

There was no response, not even the slightest sound, as she fumbled her way through the stage area and out to the theatre floor. Twice she had walked straight in to walls in her rush, the first impact making her slow down, and the second with a brick wall leaving her felling sorry for herself, and a little bruised where her right breast had scraped the brick, digging its rough surface against her nipple.

"Fuck. They're all gone."

As confirmation, she heard the slam of the grated outer door to the Theatre being pulled closed. Brianna was locked in, still wearing nothing but the shoes from the show, and left behind. Looking around, she thought she saw a glow from behind one of the curtains to the side of the main floor. "Hey, is anyone there?" She called out, heading for the light, bumping into the odd soft chair as she moved. The darkness hid not only the chairs, but also the small step down towards the side curtain, and the unexpected drop of her foot sent her sprawling.


"Oh great,. Carpet burns to add to the bruise on my tit. I'm gonna look like hell tomorrow," she spat out, rolling off her gut and on to her side to sit up. Looking up, she could see the fold in the curtains now revealed where the light came from, it was one of the emergency exit signs.

"That might lead to the carpark," Brianna thought aloud. "Might catch someone there."

Getting up, she teetered gingerly over to the door, clasping the release handle and pushing. She had to get a better grip and push with her whole body to move the heavy old door, it's hinges protesting the first use it had had in many years.

The door swung slowly out, and Brianna pushed harder to move it. Her shoulder pressed hard on the steel surface and her whole body weight was against the door when the hinges finally released, and the door swung quickly outwards. The rapid shift in her balance and the doors sudden movement fairly catapulted Brianna through the doorway, and she stumbled and almost fell as she took three quick steps outside.

Recovering, she had just enough time to swing around to see the fire door closing automatically, hearing the dull thud it made echo around her. Looking to her side she realised she wasn't in the carpark, but the laneway that ran along the other side of the building, one end exposed to the main street the theatre fronted, the other ending in the alley that ran behind all the buildings in the street.

Taking a deep breath, the reality of her location and her nudity came crashing down on the pretty young model. "Aw, crap..."

End of part 1.