Adriana in Freefall
by Serefina

Adriana knew she had two problems. The first was the cause of the second, and from her current position there was nothing else she could do about it, she'd just have to grow out of it. If she didn't, today might lead to worse positions for her to be in, and she figured she could only go through this once.

"You really sure you can strap me in?" she asked Judit again.

"Da. Isn't dis fun?" Judit replyed giggling.

'Sure' Adriana thought, 'your bit's easier...'

In her mind, Adriana went through the drill again, wishing she'd never let herself in to a binding contract with the voyeuristic men waiting for the two young women. She and Judit had practiced their routine over and over until it became habitual, but doing it for real was still going to be the most dangerous thing either of them had ever done.

The men had filmed them practicing, more photos and video's for one of the internets more popular sites. The cameras had kept rolling when she and Judit had stripped naked, Adriana's slender figure contrasting to Judit's curves, pert breasts verses full, firm belly verses womanly shaping.

Adriana was a little taller than her partner, but that wasn't really what the websites customers were paying for, they just wanted to she naked girls doing outrageous dares. And this dare was the most outrageous anyone had ever suggested.

Adriana had even had to sign wavers protecting everyone around her from prosecution if anything went wrong, praying as she did that it would all go right. It was her inability to back down when challenged that had first taken her through the door to these guys' studio, and that was definitely her first problem. Only the caution that comes from experience would help with that, she was about to get a hell of a lot of experience in the next few minutes.

Once the two girls were naked, having even had to remove all their jewelry for safety, Adriana had help Judit into the harness that both of there lives would depend on. It was the harness to which a tandem parachute was mounted.

Judit's dare was simple, Skydive wearing nothing but a chute.

Adriana's big mouth, saying there was nothing daring about that, was the source of her own dare. She'd been challenged to dive out of the plane wearing nothing but a pair of safety goggles. No clothes, no jewelry, no harness and no chute.

"How am I supposed to do that?" she'd retorted to the customer who suggested the dare. "Another girl wears a tandem chute. You both dive out naked, freefall for as long as possible, then she straps you into the harness and pulls the ripcord. If you want a REAL challenge, instead of strapping in, just face the other girl and wrap your arms and legs around her!"

Adriana had been shocked at the audacity of the challenge, and had stunned the webmasters with her immediateresponse, "Okay, but only if you donate fifty dollars for every foot I freefall with out a chute, and ten for every foot once I'm strapped in, to greenpeace!"

"Done." Was Adriana's answer, and she was stuck in a pickle of her own making that led to her second problem - finding the guts to step out of and airplane without a parachute.

The cold air whipping past the open side of the jump plane had hardened her nipples and covered her in goosebumps, and Adriana knew that freefall would be even colder as she turned to face inwards. Sticking her cute bum out in the airstream, she looked straight at the video camera on Judit's helmet, and then the second one that the chase diver would film her and Judit with. She hoped he would be able to grab her if everything went tits-up.

She gave the cameras a smile and blew a kiss to anyone watching, then stepped back into the open space below her, pushing herself away from the plane as her instructors had taught. Normally she would have dived out forwards and tucked her legs and arms in until she was well clear of the plane, but today she arched her back and stretched her arms way out over her head, arcing over backwards as she fell. Her graceful pose was caught by both the cameras on the skydivers behind her, as well as the one on the ground, drawing 'oooohh's' and 'aaahhh's' from those watching below.

One quick glance told her that Judit had followed her straight out off the plane, and Adriana's heart slowed down slightly, she'd dreamed the night before of jumping out alone and trying to fly, only to wake in a cold sweat in her dark bedroom.

The chase diver was hot on Judit's heels, already getting a few naked close-ups.

For a few long seconds her body shook on it's own as the chill of fast moving air dropped her skin's temperature. Once she adapted, she altered her pose, kicking her calves up slightly and sweeping her arms back and out from her body, spreading her limbs to slow herself enough to bring her and Judit level. Once there, and with a shared nod, both girls pulled legs together and arms in to their side, accelerating themselves away from the cameraman as they began the sharp dive that was the first part of their routine.

Then Adriana began the series of poses she'd learnt in competition skydiving, Just as Judit began to circle and roll around her, matching her moves to that of the completely naked daredevil.

Adriana was through her routine quicker than ever, hitting each of the poses only just long enough to define them before starting the next. She was more worried about the ground then she was the precision of the display.

The very naked girl had left the plane behind at 3000 meters, giving her 55 seconds of life if she and Judit screwed up. That was nearly twenty seconds, and over $160,000 ago, as the two girls flew in towards each other.

Judit was ready to hook her friend into the harness, but ended up with a face full of Adriana's breasts as the slender woman changed her aproach, then flew past her life line.

"Adriana! Vot are you doing!?" Judit yelled as Adriana swept in close to her again.

"Change of plan! I'll grab hold of you when were at a 1000 meters, pull the Chute at 500 and I'll just hold on!"

"You're Fucking crazy!"

Adriana zoomed out and away one more time, she'd have to grab hold of her friend on the return pass, they were already too low for her to strap in.

One final roll and she reached for Judit, wrapping her legs around the bewildered woman's waist, locking her ankles together over the full curves of Judit's ass. Adriana slipped one arm under Judits, and the over over her opposite shoulder, taking a firm grip of the harness while looking to make sure she wasn't blocking the chute release, just a Judit ripped down on the cord that activated their lifeline.

The breath was knocked out of both girls, and Adriana screamed in panic as she was almost wrenched free of her savoir as the sudden 'Pop' of the Chute opening echoed across the airfield below them, closely followed by the sound of the chase diver's chute opening.

The two girls hauled on each other's body, dragging themselves in to an embrace closer than any of those they'd been asked to pose for on beds and tables. Together they huddled, crushing soft flesh between them as they slowed from nearly 55 meters per second to less than 3.

Together they swayed under the silk sail, letting it drift in the wind as the descended the last short distance.

Adriana was looking up at the sky when Judit decided to teach her friend a valuable lesson. Without warning, Judit unwrapped her arms from Adriana, harshly shoving the suddenly scared girl away from her, and using her strength advantage to force the slender woman to fall away from her, screaming as she panicked.

Adriana was still looking straight back up at Judit, still howling out her last breath as she hit.

"She's going to be pissed when she gets out of lake" Judit giggled, running to control her landing as she touched down on the grass and mud beside the lake not more than a second and a half later.