Kim’s New Life, finale by SensuousOne

Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne


Chapter 37 Caught by HR

When I entered her office Melissa told me, in a very stern tone, to shut the door and take a seat. Before I could ask any questions, she said, “Kim, normally the personal life of an employee is of no concern to this company.” I nodded my head in agreement and she continued. “However, you have to agree that when the employee is a high-level manager or officer, their personal life can affect the image of the whole company.”

My defensive nature engaged and I replied, “I totally agree, but what does this have to do with me?”

“I have recently heard some rumors about you that I find difficult to believe.”

“What kind of rumors, Mel?”

“That you are a… living with another woman.”

“That is correct. She is a very good friend. Many women have females as roommates. So what! That’s not against any company rules or law.” I said, forcefully.

“Well, in itself, that would be ok. After all, that kind of lifestyle is more acceptable than it was a decade or so ago.”

“And what do you mean by ‘that kind of lifestyle?’ I told you that she is a good friend. Just what are you trying to imply.” As she said, this questioning involved my personal life and even considering her statement about the ‘company’s image’, I didn’t think they had any business bringing it up. While her comments did worry me a little, I intended to stand my ground.

In a somewhat embarrassed tone she said, “What I understand is that your relationship is somewhat more than platonic.”

“Are implying that I am a lesbian?”

“That is what I my source has told me.”

I lost my cool, “Excuse me, but what the fuck if it is? There isn’t any ethical clause in my employment contract that forbids one from having a partner of the same sex.” I was getting more pissed. “And who the fuck is your source?”

“Please watch your language, young lady. I want this to be a manageable discussion, not a confrontation. Right now, my source is of no concern. To answer your other question, the powers that be would consider that having a lesbian as a high level manager would be an embarrassment to the company. Since you didn’t deny the charge, I take your answer to be that you are in fact one.”

“Right now, Melissa, I am not confirming or denying anything. I could sue you and the company just for bringing up the subject." Once again I reminded her in no uncertain terms that nothing in my contract or the company personnel manual forbade it.

“Well, actually, I didn’t want to add the second part, but your threat of a lawsuit wouldn’t be in your best interest. I don’t think you want to air your personal life in a courtroom.” I stared at her as she continued. “We know about the other part of your relationship with your female lover. Your contract does forbid immoral behavior that can be embarrassing to the company. That clause can have a broad meaning.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Come on, Kim.  I know that if you pulled up your skirt right now, I’d see an engraved ID tag that says you are the property, meaning slave, of someone named Kelly. I’m sure that would really pique the interest of the prudes on the board. It just so happens that I even know who Kelly is.”

“This is a bunch of bullshit. I don’t have to listen to any more.” I exclaimed as I stood up and turned to leave her office.

In a very terse tone she ordered me to back. “Sit down Kimmy! I think we can work things out here. It is in your best interest to hear me out. I think we can find a way to keep your secret in my office.” Something in the tone of her voice and her use of my slave name made me return to the chair.

“You need to know that I haven’t passed any of this information upstairs. I must admit that when I was first told about these things, I found it difficult to believe. After all, your commanding personality is one of the reasons we hired you. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became. As I said, I thought that you and I might be able to come to some agreement where we could keep your secret within the walls of my office.”

“What are you going to do, blackmail me?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t call it that. Let’s just consider my request as a quid pro quo.”

“And if I admit to your unfounded accusations, what would my ‘quid’ be?”

She stared at me for a long time then smiled. “As I said, I have become intrigued and would like to know more about that lifestyle. I want you to strip, show me your piercings then tell me what it’s like being a slave.”

“I can’t do that!”

“And why not?”

“First of all, I am not admitting anything.  Secondly, if I were truly a slave to someone, you should realize that I couldn’t comply with your request without first having the permission of my owner."

She picked up her phone and called her secretary. The short conversation only added to my confusion. “Send her in.” A few seconds her door opened. I turned to see Sandra walk into the room. “I didn’t want to do this, but I figured if you see my source you’d know my information is correct.”

“Sandra, how could you betray me like this?” I shouted.

“I’m sorry, Kim. I had no choice. She caught on to me, too. I had to give you up to save my own ass and my job.”

Melissa then called my bluff by picking up her cell phone and handing it to me. “Either you call your friend Kelly and get permission to do what I ask or start packing your desk.”

My gut feel was that Melissa was bullshitting with the threat of firing me. I could not imagine a modern day employer taking such a stand. They would have to show a history of job-related problems. I did realize that she could, over a short period of time, set me up with some trumped-up warnings, etc., but didn’t think she would. While I wondered if there really was a morals clause in my contract that I didn’t remember, I decided to shove the bluff right back in Melissa’s face and show her that I was proud of my relationship with Kelly. I dialed Kelly’s cell.

“Mistress, I have a little problem,” I said, looking directly at Melissa and grinning as I emphasized Kelly’s title.

I continued with a very detailed explanation of the situation including the dismissal threat. When I finished Kelly said, “Let me talk to the bitch.”

My grin widened when I handed the phone to Melissa and told her, “My Mistress wants to talk with you.”

A long conversation ensued. I only heard Melissa’s side, of course, during which she repeated what she had already said to me. She also explained the allusive “morals clause.” The rest of her side of the conversation consisted primarily of short replies, mostly yes and no. I just knew that Kelly was reaming her ass. I was a little surprised when she laughed and said, “I understand.” She then handed the phone back to me. “Your Mistress has something to say to you.” She also put emphasis on the word Mistress. At this point, I didn’t expect her to be the one who would be grinning, but she was.

To Kelly I said, “Yes, ma’am?”

“Pet, I want you to do whatever Melissa wants.”


“Did you not hear me?”

“Yes, ma’am, I heard you, but I do not understand why you said it.”

“Pet, I think what I said was pretty clear. Haven’t you learned, by now, that you do not have to understand my orders. You just have to trust me and obey them. Let me clarify what I said so there is no misunderstanding. You are to follow Melissa’s orders as though they were coming directly from me. If she told you to remove your clothes, then you will strip.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, somewhat brusquely, a tear forming in my eye. I stood, handed the phone back to a grinning Melissa, and reached for the top button of my jacket.

Chapter 38 Preparing for the Ceremony

“That won’t be necessary, Kimmy.”


“I know your Mistress just told you to strip as I requested, but she also told you to obey my orders, right?”

“Yes, ma’am, that is correct.”

“Well, I am ordering you to sit down and relax while I explain.” Turning to Sandra she said, “Would you like to sit, too, love?” Melissa extended her hand towards the chair beside me indicating where Sandra should sit.

“Yes, ma’am, I would.”

The tone in Sandra’s voice couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. “Oh, shit! You’re…”

Melissa laughed and completed my statement, “Sandra’s Mistress? Yes, Kimmy, I am Sandra’s Mistress. Kelly called me earlier this morning and said that she needed some assistance for this evening. I have made it a point not to mix our personal life (with a gesture towards Sandra, she indicated what she meant by ‘our’) with our business one. And for the record, you just saw for the first, and probably the last, time that Sandra will ever take as the role of my submissive within the walls of this company. You are the only employee that even knows we are an item. As you must realize, it is extremely necessary that we keep our personal life separate from the company’s so that no one will ever be able to bring up an issue of favoritism. I will do the same for you. After you walk out my door, I do not plan to discuss the society with you ever again while at work , and you will not bring it up with me. I made this meeting an exception to my rule since the assistance Kelly needs involves you, and I wanted to talk to you about it because time is of the essence. While I decided to have a little fun at your expense, I did clear everything with Kelly first. You did quite well, by the way. I would probably have been a little more combative.” I was still a little pissed, but at least her explanation made it a little more palatable.

Melissa continued, “First and foremost, from your conversations with Sandra you know that we were at Lisa’s Hideaway when you agreed to be Kelly’s slave. You also need to know that your selection as our new CIO had absolutely nothing to do with my involvement in the society. Denise’s change of status had been decided about the same time you started the new installation process, which, as you also know, is before you even met Kelly. Denise and I had already discussed you as her replacement. The only delay in approaching you was in getting the approval of the board. You need to know that, for selfish reasons, I told Kelly about the possibility of your new position. I wanted her help in case there was a possibility you wouldn’t want to accept it." OK, now it all started to make sense.

“And, in case you haven’t figured it all out, I am the Melissa you met while wearing the hood and cat suit. I’m the current president of the society. That being said, we have to discuss Kelly’s request. As I understand it, Kelly told you that Allyson and Sam would be taking you to your Collaring Ceremony tomorrow.”

“That’s right, ma’am,” I replied.

“Seriously, Kim, within these walls you and I have to be on the same level even though we may be discussing your submissive activities. Please call me Mel. Well, something came up that prevents Allyson and Sam from preparing you for your ceremony. Also, your ceremony was supposed to take place at Lisa’s, but that has been changed too. I can’t tell you what came up, just that it’s nothing serious. They will both be at the ceremony.” Despite her reassurances I worried about my friends. “So, I promised Kelly that I would attend to your preparations, which means that you will be going to our house tomorrow. Since you do not know where we live, Sandra will pick you up at Kelly’s. Is that satisfactory with you?”

“I’m sure it’s what Kelly told you on the phone and anything my Mistress wants is satisfactory with me,” I answered with a grin.

“Good answer! Welcome to Hunter and please complete your paperwork as soon as you can.” I returned to work wondering what in the world was going on. Sandra phoned me before we left work and said that she would pick me up at 8 AM sharp in the morning.

Kelly called just before I left work and instructed me to meet her at Lisa’s. When I arrived I was surprised that my collar was not on the table. Kelly looked at me, smiled, and said, “Kimberly, this is your last evening as a free woman. There will be no M/s relationship. We will have a nice dinner, see a good movie then go home and make love. In the morning you will begin ‘the first day of the rest of your life'.”

Kelly tiptoed out of the bedroom in the morning without waking me. She returned later with a lap tray and my breakfast. “Time to eat, love. Sandra will be here in an hour.” We talked as I devoured the food she placed in front of me. I had to admit that there were a few moments where I lost a little of the trust I was supposed to have. Kelly had understood and admitted that they really had known what my reaction and that she would not punish me. When I finished breakfast I asked what I was to wear. “The choice is yours for the last time, pet.” She watched as I put on a sweater, pleated skirt, white ankle socks, and penny loafers.

Sandra was prompt. As we walked to the car she told me how happy she was to be helping me get ready. However, she wouldn’t tell me what to expect, simply saying, “Mistress will explain.” During the ride I revealed that I really was scared shitless for a few minutes after entering Melissa’s office thinking that I really had been 'discovered'. I even started second guessing my decision to continue as Kelly’s slave, but only for a moment. Sandy told me that she, too, was surprised when Melissa called and explained what she wanted to do.

When we entered her house, Sandy advised me that her first instruction was to give me a shower so we went directly to their bedroom where we both stripped. Sandy then opened a drawer in the lingerie chest, and handed me a key that was inside. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she spread her legs and said, “I need your help in removing this.” I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. Her labia had been pierced on either side of her vagina. Small diameter eyelet tubes, like one might see in earlobes, had been inserted in the piercings. The yoke of a small brass padlock had been slipped through the two tubes. I realized that when this was locked in place, it became the ultimate chastity device.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “Doesn’t wearing it all day bother you?”

“Actually, I like it. Its presence is a constant reminder of my status as Melissa’s sub. It’s a real turn on when I am wearing a skirt without panties.”

“Should I be the one removing it?"

“Actually, I am not allowed to do it myself. I can have someone remove it, with Melissa’s express permission, when she is not present to do it herself. She instructed me to have you remove it when I was told to start your preparations for tonight.”

Once Sandy’s lock was removed, she removed my nipple rings and the attached chains. Then she took me to the bathroom where I was shaved again to insure there would be no stubble. I was surprised by the size of their shower. It was probably eight feet square, with a large overhead “European” style head. Sandy took her time washing my body, first with a pouf. Next, she stood behind me and washed my back using only her hands and liquid soap. It felt great having her slippery hands caress my skin, especially when she pressed herself against my back and reached around me to do my front. I moaned when she reached between my legs and slowly worked on my pussy lips, each receiving individual attention. Finally, she washed my hair. I wasn’t permitted to do anything.

She dried herself and me. I had to replace her lock, after which she led me to a massage table in another room. There she spent more than an hour working scented oil into every square inch of my skin from the neck down. My breasts and pussy received special attention, of course. She even apologized when she said that she was not permitted to let me orgasm. Overall, I felt like a queen and was reminded of the massage that Sam had given me. When I commented on her expertise, she said that Melissa had paid for her to attend massage therapy school. She gave Melissa massages several times a week.

Sandy left me alone for a few moments and returned holding something in her hand. “It has become a tradition in the Society for the preparation slave to give the newbie a small gift. This was the first birthday present Melissa ever gave me and is one of my favorite items of nipple jewelry. When I commented that I couldn’t possibly accept something that she must cherish a lot, she said, “You don’t understand. The gift must be a personal item that has sentimental value to the slave. The gift is meant to be something that binds the two of us. Besides, I really want you to have it.”

The jewelry consisted of two small circles shaped like handcuffs that were meant to be slipped over one’s nipples. These were connected by a chain shaped like the chain one would find on a pair of handcuffs or leg cuffs.

Once she worked them over my hard buds I was permitted to stand and look at my new jewelry in the mirror “They look beautiful, Sandy, but won’t they fall off when I am no longer excited like this.”

“Not to worry. I’m not finished," she replied, holding up two bar bells. I watched as she slipped them into holes I hadn’t noticed, in the sides of the handcuffs, and through my nipple piercings. The next thing I knew she was kissing me deeply and passionately. When we finally broke, she said, “I wish we could do more, but our Mistresses wouldn’t permit it.” Just then we heard the garage door opening. “Wow, our timing was perfect. There’s Melissa.”

Melissa said we would be having dinner at our destination, and suggested that we help her dress after her shower. Normally Sandy would bathe her as she did me, but Melissa told her to keep me company instead. She then called us to the bedroom when she was ready. We dressed her in lacy lingerie, lace top thigh highs, a white blouse, leather skirt, and suede booties. Sandy was ordered to dress next. I watched as she put on a Polo top, a short skirt and penny loafers. Still naked I followed her to their den where Melissa was waiting for us. Following her instructions, we both knelt in front of her.

“Kimmy,” she began, “part of your preparation is to inform you about some of the rules the members of the society have adopted. I am sure Kelly has discussed the society with you in detail so some of this may be repetitive. Most of what I say will be new, however, because it wasn’t necessary for you to know these details before you agreed to be Kelly’s permanent slave. The society was originally organized by a small group of us who were interested in BDSM. At the beginning, it was, more or less, a discussion and sharing group. As we matured we discovered, through the internet and otherwise, that, as a whole, people involved in the scene were representative of society. Some were pillars and some were, for lack of another word, ‘trash.” In case you don’t know it, some dominants have no consideration for their subs. They inflict pain for the sake of pain and even draw blood, or worse. We decided to limit the membership of our group and go to extremes to insure each and every Mistress will be kind and loving towards her sub. Each of us pledges to be extremely protective of those in our care, and to do nothing that would permanently harm them.

"I am sure you realize that no matter how careful we might be, there is always the possibility an undesirable person could become a member. This can be seen daily in the highest professions. Therefore, one of the things we do is assign someone to be a 'sister' to a new sub. This person is to be a contact whether her ‘sister’ just needs someone to talk to or needs help with a Mistress who might be losing control. Every member has pledged not to interfere with this right of a sub to contact her sister at any time. In fact, we encourage subs to contact her sister every day to simply say hello, if nothing else. If contact is not made for two consecutive days, the sister will inform her Mistress who then will visit the sub to insure everything is OK. She must physically see and talk to the sub. This may seem unnecessary, but the members unanimously reconfirm this protection point on a regular basis. We believe in it so much that we all encouraged each of our subs give her ‘sister’ a secret code word that she can use to indicate everything might not be OK. That way, if I were somehow controlling Sandy during her daily call, I would not know she is asking for help.

"Another requirement is to insure that you have not been coerced into remaining as Kelly’s sub. I need a positive affirmation from you without Kelly being present."

“I do want that, ma’am, and have made this decision on my own. In fact, I know of nothing else I want in my life right now.”

“Excellent, my dear. We can then leave as soon as Sandy finishes dressing you.”

Sandy left the room and soon returned with a bondage belt, cuffs, and a white, gossamer gown. The belt and cuffs were quickly locked in place. She then locked the wrist cuffs to a D-ring at the back of the belt. Finally she slipped the gown over my head. As it turned out, it was more of a cape than a gown because there were no sleeves in it. Once Sandy zipped the front, it covered me from neck to ankle. Well, ‘covered’ is a misnomer. By definition, gossamer is somewhat sheer. There was no doubt that I was naked beneath it. From a distance, though, I would look fully clothed. With all the preparations finally finished, we headed to the garage, when I realized that I was not wearing a collar. Well, I wasn’t wearing shoes either, but the collar was my status symbol. Sandy was wearing hers. Then I thought, “How could I forget? Only Kelly can put a collar on me.” I smiled.

Chapter 39 The Marking Ceremony

Sandy sat in the back seat with me. Melissa said that the drive would take about 20 minutes. We were going to the home of Vicki Shaw and her sub Dani. I knew the name sounded familiar and thought I had met them at Lisa’s Hideaway, but could not remember. They actually lived on a ranch. The house was obviously old, but well maintained. In addition to the house, a small barn sat to the left and back about 100 yards. We parked alongside the drive to the barn, in a line with other cars.

Sandy opened my door and the three of us started walking towards a group of people congregated behind the house. It was easy to tell that a barbeque was in progress. Suddenly I felt as though I were walking on air because I saw Kelly approaching us. My heart nearly skipped a beat. She looked resplendent in a short, red dress. Its neckline was cut to the waist in front. At the time, I didn’t know that the dress was also backless and she was wearing black lace, thong panties. Low heel booties seemed to complete her outfit. She hugged me as though we had been apart for days. It felt so good to be in her arms. She combined the hug with an open mouth kiss. I melted and swore I could feel my juices flowing.

“Did you fully understand Melissa’s explanation of Sandy’s role as your ‘sister,’ protector and confidant, Kimmy?

“I think so, ma’am, but I don’t need protection from you.”

“You are correct. Neither does Sandy need protection from Melissa, and Sam doesn’t need protection from Allyson. However, we established the rule for everyone and decided there would be no exceptions. What if I go too far some day?”

“I know that wouldn’t happen.”

“The society wants to assume the possibility for your safety, dear.”

“But why couldn’t Sam be my sister? I think I’d feel more comfortable talking to her if I am angry with you for some reason and having a down day because of it.”

“Allyson and I discussed that and decided that it should be someone who isn’t as personally close to me. Don’t worry, we decided that we will let you confide in Sam, too, but you must still maintain regular contact with Sandy.”

“I promise I will, Mistress.”

“Did you two discuss a code word?”

“Yes, Mistress, we did.”

“Did you confirm your desire to continue as my slave?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. It could not be otherwise. The transformation in my life since I met you has been nothing short of exceptional. I don’t want it any other way.”

When we reached the group, Kelly introduced me individually to each person. I discovered that a couple of dommes had two slaves. I also noticed that each time she introduced someone as a slave, that person was wearing a collar. Many were also in some form of bondage; connected wrist cuffs and/or ankle cuffs at a minimum. Considering everything, I found it strange that there was no nudity. I mentioned this to Kelly and she replied that it had become a tradition that everyone dress for Collaring Ceremonies.

Realizing that I wasn’t wearing mine, I said, “Mistress, please forgive me. I forgot to ask you for my collar.”

“I didn’t expect you to, pet. Your collaring is part of the ceremony. You cannot wear one until then.”

“Oh!” Then I asked, “Am I to be initiated again, Mistress?”

“No, pet, your initiation at Lisa’s was for your initial membership into the Society. Tonight you are pledging your life to me and receiving permanent membership in the Society.” I sighed somewhat from relief and somewhat from disappointment. Somehow deep down, I felt a need to show these others how much I loved my Mistress. Maybe she will spank me in front of them later as part of the ceremony.

Allyson and Sam finally arrived. A third person had come with them in their car. She was wearing a leather hood so I couldn’t see her face. Only her eyes were exposed. There were holes beneath her nose for breathing, and her mouth was covered with a gag. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was really a penis gag. A locked collar and lacings at the back held the hood in place. She also wore wrist cuffs connected by a short chain, was shoeless and wore a translucent dress. Allyson introduced her as a friend from out of town who had unexpectedly arrived for the weekend. They were late because they had to pick her up at the airport. As a friend who could be trusted, she was invited to the picnic, with the qualification that she had to accept a submissive role. Part of this role was that she wasn’t permitted to speak. Since she wasn’t properly trained, Sam decided that the gag would insure her silence. They didn’t say her name and in my proper slave manner, I didn’t ask.

I was a little surprised to see that Sam was dressed in a loose-fitting top and matching pants, both black and diaphanous, making her lack of undergarments quite apparent. When I remarked about her outfit, especially the pants, Sam said, “I made a major decision in my life yesterday; one that requires a special ceremony. Our mistresses thought it would be meaningful to hold it tonight along with yours collaring ceremony. That way we would both have a point of reference to celebrate. In addition, they thought it could bring the two of us closer together since they decided that I couldn’t be your ‘protective’ sister. I agree. This way we will be sisters in spirit.”

I was curious about what was to happen because she was hobbled by a short chain attached to her ankle cuffs. Additionally, her wrist cuffs were locked together. “But I thought you had already pledged your life to Allyson.”

“Oh, my ceremony is something different. I’m not permitted to tell you anything about it. They want it to be a surprise.”

After dinner (Kelly fed me, of course), Kelly approached our hostess and said, “Vicki, I haven’t seen your stables since you redecorated. Is there any possibility you can give us a tour?” Vicki agreed and I followed them to the barn. It was beautiful and extremely clean. While horses occupied the four stalls on our left, the odors were that of clean straw, not what I had expected. Three empty stalls were on our right. When we entered the tack room (the space where the fourth stall would have been), I immediately noticed that the equipment on one side of the room was distinctly different from the equipment on the other side. I mentioned this to Kelly and she congratulated me for being so observant. Kelly gave me her “mistress” grin, pointed to one side and said that equipment was for Vicki’s “real” horses.

After waiting for what I considered an appropriate amount of time for her to continue her explanation, I said, “And may I ask what the other equipment is for, Mistress.”

“Why, they are for Vicki’s human ponies, of course.”

“Human ponies!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, Vicki trains pony girls as a sideline. You’ve heard of pony girls, haven’t you, pet.”

“Well, yes, I’ve read stories talking about them since I’ve been with you, but I thought they were fictional fantasy.”

“Trust me, pet. They are very real. Nearly every slave in the society has spent at least a week here. Would you like me to send you here for a few days of training?”

“Only if it is what you wish, Mistress.”

“We shall see, then.” She smiled that knowing grin again; the one that gave me a shiver and made my clit twitch.

As we exited the tack room, Vicki said, “We’ll be using the dungeon for the marking ceremony in a little while, Kelly, so I’ll skip that part of the tour.” Kelly thanked Vicki and suggested we go for a walk so we could talk privately.

“Pet, when you agreed to be my slave, I asked you to sign a contract. As Melissa explained to you, the Society has adopted rules on how we Mistresses treat our slaves. Rather than extending your old contract, I have a new one for you to sign. It is based on the rules the Society has adopted. It simply redefines them and provides some detail on what we should expect from one another in our relationship. It also permits open discussion, without repercussion, should you question my authority over you, if you think it conflicts with the contract. We had originally agreed to renew the original one for one year if you agreed. If you don’t mind, I would prefer that we not put a time limit on this new one. Instead, we can say that you will serve at the discretion of your Mistress.”

“I hope that would be forever, Mistress.”

“As so do I, pet. I just like that wording better. It sounds more like a Mistress/slave contract. In addition, for your information, Society rules permit either of us to sever our contract at any time that we feel we have irreconcilable differences. The only difference is that I can do it at will. You must first discuss your situation with a committee of my peers. The talk is not to force you to stay, rather to insure that you really want to leave and are not simply angry with your Mistress at the moment. The contract is really a formality so we can sign it when we get home. You can even make modifications before you sign. Is that agreeable with you?”

“Yes, Mistress, it is.” We sealed our agreement with another deep, passionate kiss.

On our way back to the picnic area I felt as though I were walking on air. As soon as we arrived Vicki rang a bell to get everyone’s attention. “Mistresses and slaves of the Venus Coterie, Dani and I welcome you to our home. Tonight was originally scheduled simply as our annual members’ picnic. However, as you were all informed earlier this week, we have had the privilege of one of our members requesting that a Collaring Ceremony be held. I am pleased to announce that Kimmy has consented to continue as Kelly’s slave.” For some reason, I blushed at the applause.

Vicki continued, “Most of you know that Kelly and Allyson have been friends for a long time. They and their two slaves have spent a considerable amount of time together since Kelly took Kimmy under her wing. Sam was impressed at the fast growth in the intensity of the love between Kelly and Kimmy. When Kimmy agreed to renew her contract and her submissive relationship with Kelly, Sam decided that she wanted to do something special that she hopes will make tonight memorable for all four of them. Since the collaring ceremony is be a special night for Kelly and Kimmy, Allyson took her proposal to Kelly who quickly concurred. Tonight I am pleased to announce that Sam is prepared to honor her Mistress by accepting her mark with all of you as witnesses.” I had no idea what she meant, but I could sense a surge of excitement in the air. “The Marking Ceremony will be held first.”

Surprised by this, I looked around to find Sam but couldn’t see her. Kelly told me, “She is in the dungeon awaiting our arrival, pet.”

“Oh,” I replied, wondering what was to happen.

Kelly and I were the last to enter the dungeon through the door at the back of the barn. I thought they were all kidding when they used the term ‘dungeon’ but the room looked exactly like a medieval dungeon with grey stone walls and all the equipment one would ever want. Chains hung from the walls. I even noticed a rack along one side of the room. It was almost eerie. Suddenly I knew I wanted Kelly to bring me here someday. I was surprised when Allyson walked up beside us with her hooded friend. “You will take care of my friend while I attend to Sam, won’t you, Kelly?” I think it was prearranged.

Then I saw Sam on a raised platform at the far end of the room, still fully dressed and lying on her back on a wide, leather covered bench positioned at a steep angle. The lowest end of the bench rested on the platform while the other end was about four feet higher.

Seeing Kelly and I enter, Vicki stepped onto the platform beside Sam and encouraged the two of us to stand immediately in front of her. I resisted a little, but relented when Kelly said, “She is doing this for Allyson, pet, but, as Vicki said, because of our love. You owe it to her to be close for support.”

“Slave Sam,” Vicki said, “it is my understanding that you want to bear the mark of your Mistress. Is this correct?”

“Yes, ma’am, that is correct.”

“It is also my understanding that you agree to the form of mark your Mistress wishes to use and that you selected the portion of your anatomy that she will mark.”

“Yes, ma’am, that is also correct.”

“In addition you have requested a special second mark.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Please describe the mark that you have requested.”

“It is to be a tattoo on my pubis: a one-inch by two inch rectangle encasing the words “Slave sam, property of Mistress Allyson. A red heart will be at the end of these words.”

“Your desires shall be fulfilled.” Allyson stepped onto the stage, kissed Sam, and worked her pants down far enough to expose her pubic area. I hadn’t noticed the small table next to Sam. A woman walked forward and picked up some instruments from it. Kelly explained that her name was Gayle. She was a member of the society and owned a tattoo shop in town. We watched as Sam received her requested mark.

Once the tattoo was complete, Allyson helped Sam from the bench and ordered her to kneel. I was shocked when Allyson was handed a set of electric barber clippers which she immediately started to run over Sam’s head. Kelly explained that another of the Society traditions was that when a slave receives her permanent mark from her mistress, she must have all the hair removed from her body except for eyelashes and eyebrows. I was actually becoming turned on by the scene unfolding before me, especially when Allyson spread shaving cream over what little remained of Sam’s hair and proceeded to shave it off with a straight razor.

Once the remnants of the shaving cream were wiped from her head, Sam was permitted to stand. Following Allyson’s orders she moved to a St. Andrew’s cross that stood near the back of the platform and, facing the cross, and spread her arms and legs against its arms. Allyson and Vicki buckled straps around her calves, lower thighs and upper thighs. Another went around her waist and the center of the cross. Additional straps bound her arms near her shoulders, elbows and wrists. By the time they were finished, she literally could not move a muscle.

“Sam, are you ready to receive the mark your Mistress has chosen for you?”

“I am, ma’am.”

“So that there is no misunderstanding, you will verbally state this as a request to your Mistress.”

“Mistress Allyson, I wish to wear your mark. Please brand my ass with your initials.” I gasped when I heard this. Kelly put her arm around me and hugged me. I wondered if I would ever wear her mark and if it would be a brand.

At this point, Allyson had moved off the platform and was hidden from my view by some of the others. When she stepped on the platform again I could see she was holding something in the flame of a propane torch. I immediately recognized it as a small branding iron, already glowing white hot.

Allyson stepped onto the platform. “Do you wish to be gagged, my love.”

“No, ma’am. I do not.”

Vicki pulled the back of Sam’s pants down to expose her ass. Kelly explained that, for this ceremony, they did not want any other part of her body to be bared. Her white buttocks glowed in contrast to the black material surrounding them. I now understood the reason she was strapped so tightly to the pole. They did not want her moving when Allyson placed the iron against her skin. If she did, the iron might slip.

I watched incredulously as Allyson pressed the white hot iron against Sam’s flesh and distinctly heard the sound of bacon frying. Steam, or maybe it was smoke from burning flesh, rose in the air as a blood-curdling scream came from Sam’s throat. When Allyson removed the iron I sensed the odor of cooking meat.

I stared at the two-inch letters “AES” for a long time before noticing that Sam was hanging limply from the cross. She had fainted. Then I noticed that Vicki was administering smelling salts while Allyson spread ointment over her mark.

Vicki asked everyone to move to the garden for my Collaring Ceremony while Sam recovered. Kelly and I remained to help Vicki and Allyson release Sam from her bonds. Actually, my bonds prevented me from helping, so I simply watched, thinking how much I admired Sam’s courage. Allyson helped Sam remove her pants, but told her that she should continue wearing the top “so her mark would be more obvious.” She and Allyson kissed, hugged and thanked one another for giving and receiving the mark. Meanwhile, Vicki had placed a futon on the platform so Sam could lay down a few minutes while she recovered a little, on her stomach of course. Finally, Vicki announced that it was time for us to go. “Our guests are waiting, ladies.”

We were walking back through the barn when Kelly turned to me and said, “Pet, as part of your ceremony, I must first release you from your bonds. You will understand when the ceremony is performed.” Then of Sam, she asked, “Are you up to it yet, Sam.”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. I definitely am. I would have to be on my death bed to NOT assist Kimmy with her final preparations."

I went with Sam to the house while the other three headed for the garden. “Oh, gawd, Sam. I don’t believe you did that. How do you feel?”

“I don’t believe I did it either, Kim. Once it is healed, I know I will be glad I did it. I must admit that, right now, I am questioning my sanity. Maybe I should have accepted a pain blocker. I’ve actually been thinking about it for a long time; ever since I read about a similar scene in a novel. I actually suggested the brand to Allyson. As far as how I feel, right now the endorphins are winning. The pain is awful, but not as much as it will be in a few hours. Allyson did say I could get a shot for the pain later. Vicki is a nurse and can administer it. At the same time, my pussy is simply gushing.”

“What I don’t understand, Sam, is that my pussy is gushing, also. Just watching you get branded turned me on. Then I couldn’t resist rubbing my hand over the top of her bare head. “This turns me on, too. You look so damn sexy.” We stopped, stared into one another’s eyes before hugging and kissing.

Once inside the house, Sam took me to a large dressing room where she removed my clothing, my bonds, and the handcuffs adorning my nipples. “These have to come off, too, Kim,” she said indicating my clit ring and ID tag. “But Sam, I want to keep my ID tag. After all, I am pledging my life to her.”

“Sorry, Kimmy. Society rules apply.” I knew was to receive no additional explanation. Next, she picked up a pair of pliers, indicated that she wanted me to sit on a chair and spread my legs. It was easy to pick up the not so subtle change to my slave name. The tone in her voice even changed with the amplitude.

The instrument she held in her hand was what I would call 'reverse pliers'. They opened when the handles were squeezed. They were mostly used to open industrial size 'D' clips. Kelly used them to spread the large ring piercing my labium. It and the ID tag were removed. I was stripped of my 'O' ring, too. Even my minimal makeup was removed. Without it or any jewelry at all, I suddenly felt more naked than I had felt in a long time. It is a relative thing, you know.

Finally, Sam removed a white crepe dress from the closet and helped me put it on. Spaghetti straps that Sam tied in bows over my shoulders held it up. I was a little surprised at the loose bodice and the fact that it was ankle length. “OK! You’re ready, Kim. We can join the others in the garden.” She kissed me ‘for good luck'.

Chapter 40 Exchanging Vows

The 'garden' was actually a rose garden. A trellis stood at one end and chairs had been placed in rows for the society members. “It looks like a setting for a wedding,” I remarked to Sam as we approached the trellis.

“If you think about it, Kim, for a slave, her Collaring Ceremony is a marriage in a sense. It binds the submissive and her Mistress together as one. Only legal technicalities separate a real wedding and what you are doing.” I understood and had to agree.

Vicki, who was standing at the far end of the garden, began to speak when she saw us approaching. “Ladies, our newest member, Kimberly, has declared her intent to become the permanent slave of one of our founders, Kelly. Please welcome her.” Everyone stood to applaud while Sam and I walked through the trellis and down a red carpet that was laid along what was the center aisle.

Kelly was standing a little in front of Vicki and to her right. When we stopped, Kelly moved beside me and faced Vicki.

Vicki, who I assumed, correctly, was to perform the ceremony, spoke first. “Kimberly, as you know, your original slave contract with Kelly is still in force. Kelly asked you to renew your contract early so that your ceremony could be performed in conjunction with our annual picnic. Thank you for agreeing to do that. It is an honor that you agreed for all of us to be a part of your life-changing event. In order for the two of you to derive the maximum meaning from your ceremony, it is first necessary for Kelly to release you from your contract.”

Kelly turned towards me, took the contract we had signed, and held it out while Vicki touched a corner with a lighted match. Kelly dropped the burning paper just before the flames reached her fingers. “Kimberly, with these friends as witnesses, I hereby release you from your slave contract. As of this moment you are a free woman. You are no longer my slave.”

Vicki produced a blindfold and handed it to Sam. “Kimberly, if you wish to continue your relationship with Kelly, you must begin by wearing this blindfold,” Sam declared. I agreed and I did not question the reason as she placed it over my eyes and tied the strings behind my head.

I listened to Vicki’s voice as she started speaking, “As you all know from first-hand experience, the relationship between a Dominant and her slave is a very special union. As Kelly’s slave, Kimberly will be able to satisfy all of her submissive needs through unconditional obsequious service to Kelly. Through her collaring ceremony, she demonstrates to all of us her willingness to sacrifice herself and her freedom, both emotionally and physically, to Kelly, knowing that she will be fulfilled by Kelly’s love and reaction to these sacrifices. At the same time, Kelly is mindful of what Kim so voluntarily and unselfishly gives and is willing to endure.

"For the safety of both, our organization has set forth a framework of rules which govern their relationship. Within the guidelines of these rules, Kelly and Kimberly have agreed to sign a contract, to be witnessed by Allyson and Sam, spelling out in detail their understanding of how their relationship shall be lived as Mistress and slave. Our rules and their declaration will structure Kimberly’s life from this day forward. Kelly will be responsible for Kimberly’s continued acceptance of this structure and the changes that she knows Kimberly must accept in order to make the transition from her former life as a free woman to live within a new structured life as an owned slave. Kimberly does not enter into this agreement blindly since she has served Kelly for several weeks. Like all of us in the Society, Kelly and Kimberly are more than just a Dominant and her submissive. They love each other deeply and are committed to a mutual, caring relationship. As sisters in the society, we must remember that we are all responsible for their future welfare and success as Mistress and slave.

“Kimberly, as you dedicate your mind and your body to your Mistress and Her pleasure, through acceptance of Her collar, remember that to voluntarily give up one’s freedom for another's cause is also not a new and strange thing. It is a principle that has found its resonances and echoes throughout the ages of human history. However, unlike our current society’s paradigm of slavery, you are surrendering yourself not to some ideal or cause, nor for the sake of money or glory. You are surrendering yourself to the warm pleasure of a Mistress; a Mistress whose life will be lifted up to new heights through your submission; a Mistress whose love will quicken your devotion, which is already growing inside you like a seed. While your Mistress will attempt to accommodate them, your will and needs no longer matter. Your sole being and existence will now be dedicated exclusively to the needs and pleasure of your Mistress. Your needs will be, first and foremost, fulfilled through satisfying HER needs.

“Kelly, you know that Kimberly has not accepted her new role lightly. In giving herself to you as your slave, with full rights to possess her mind and body, she is trusting that you will love and care for her in ways you never imagined. Yes, as your slave she becomes your property to use as you wish. However, you must never forget that she is a special kind of chattel. A delicate living creature you must nurture, feed and water as you would a new plant. You must protect her from all harm to the best of your ability. Unlike the slaves in our country’s darkest times, while it appears to be a dichotomy, you must even be willing to sacrifice your life for her if that becomes necessary. She, by definition, must be willing to do the same for you. With proper care your slave will enthusiastically grow strong in her new role and make you proud. Remember that all the rights you will have over her, including the right to punish her for misdeeds or simply for your own pleasure, were voluntarily given to you by her. It is a gift you cannot accept lightly. I and your sisters in the Society admonish you to not abuse the rights she has given you so freely and so lovingly.”

Blindfolded, I did not see her nod to Sam. I was so entranced by listening to Vicki’s words that I jumped when I felt someone touch my shoulder. “Don’t worry, Kim, I am just going to remove your dress,” Sam said quietly. When she untied the shoulder straps, the dress simply fell and pooled around my ankles. At her whispered direction, I lifted my feet so Sam could pick it up.

“Kimberly,” Vicki continued, “after you were conceived you grew within your mother’s womb for nine months. During that time you were naked and your world was in complete darkness. Once again you are naked and your world is in complete darkness. What was the first thing you saw when you came naked from your mother’s womb?”

I hesitated a moment while thinking about how to answer. To prompt me to provide the proper response Sam whispered, “The answer is light,” into my ear.

“The first thing I saw was light, ma’am.”

“That is correct. A newborn infant’s eyes must first adjust before she can see anything clearly. However, she can discern light. What do you desire at this moment, Kimberly?”

Prompted by Sam again, I replied, “I desire light, ma’am.” With a nod from Vicki, Sam removed the blindfold. I was immediately forced to squint because of a spotlight shining onto my face.

“As was the situation then, your eyes must now adjust to the light before you can see anything. It took longer to have good vision when you were a child, but soon you were able to see your new mother clearly. In a much shorter period of time you now can look at Kelly who is to become your Mistress. The spotlight dimmed slowly then went out. I looked at Kelly and smiled.

Vicki continued, “Through the formative years of your life, your mother nurtured and raised you to the best of her ability. As an infant, your participation was totally involuntary. As you matured, I am sure that, like most of us, you rejected some of your training, accepting only what you felt you needed.

“Your mother freed you from the bondage of her womb when she expelled you from her body. Once again, this was involuntary on your part. Tonight you will experience a new birth into slavery. Your decision to reenter into the world as a slave and accept training from your Mistress is voluntary. Kelly has offered you the freedom that bondage has to offer by asking you to be her slave and wear her collar. You have accepted her offer with full knowledge of what that will entail. Like your mother, Kelly has voluntarily accepted the responsibility of nurturing and raising you to the best of her ability. This time, unlike with your mother, you will remain in bondage as Kelly’s slave.

“You both must now confirm your agreement before the assembled Society. Kimberly, is it your desire to give up your life as a free woman and dedicate your body and your life to Kelly as her slave?”

“That is my greatest desire, ma’am.”

“Have you been coerced, been offered any gift, monetarily or otherwise in return for doing this?”

“No, ma’am, I have not.”

“As naked as you were the day you entered this world, you shall now dedicate your life to Kelly who will continue your training in the ways of a slave, and as her partner in life. Are you willing to accept this voluntarily and without equivocation?”

“I am.”

“With the members of our Society as witnesses, please affirm your desire to be Kelly’s slave by repeating the following after me.” (With my heart beating rapidly, I repeated the words as Vicki read them, phrase by phrase):

“To the members of Venus Coterie Society, I solemnly affirm that I desire to be the slave of Mistress Kelly from this day forward. As such:

“I promise to obey my Mistress at all times and will wholeheartedly seek her pleasure and well-being above all other personal considerations. This will, henceforth, be my sole purpose in life.

“I hereby renounce all rights to my own pleasure, comfort, of gratification except as she may desire or permit.

“Furthermore, I renounce all rights to privacy or concealment from her.

“I will strive diligently to remold my body, my habits, and my attitudes in accordance with her desires. I will seek always to please her, and will gracefully accept criticism and punishment as a means for growth and not a threat of abandonment.

“I understand and agree that any failure by me to comply fully with her desires shall be regarded as sufficient cause for any punishment she deems appropriate, which I understand could be severe so long as she does not inflict permanent harm or injury to me.

”I also understand that at all times I am to be honest with my Mistress and communicate my feelings to her, even if I perceive that she may not approve. Therefore, I will answer truthfully and completely, to the best of my knowledge, any and all questions she may ask of me. I understand that no feeling I have can be wrong, and that they may indicate a situation which needs to be addressed. In this regard, I understand that she will not punish me for my honesty unless it is displayed in a disrespectful manner.

”Within the limits of my physical safety and my ability to earn a livelihood, I otherwise unconditionally accept that it is my Mistress’s prerogative to do anything she may choose with me, or to me, whether as punishment, for her amusement, or for any other purpose.

“I agree that my Mistress shall control all of my personal assets. All earnings shall be first used to pay my fair share of our daily living expenses. All remaining earnings may be used for my personal needs with the understanding that my Mistress must first approve all expenditures. Any excess will be invested for my benefit and returned to me if ever we sever this relationship as required by the rules of the Society.

”I understand that my Mistress has my ultimate physical, mental and spiritual well being in mind and I will strive to be worthy of her pride in all my endeavors.”

Vicki asked, “Kelly, in accepting Kimberly as your permanent slave, do you, before your peers, accept the affirmation she has just given and consent to obey the rules of the Society and your separate agreement with her?

“I do.”

“Do you solemnly promise to maintain a safe, sane and consensual relationship with your slave at all times?

"I do."

“Do you promise to protect her from all harm to the best of your ability?”

“I do.”

“Kimberly, please face Kelly, and repeat after me:"

”I, Kimberly, of my own free will and accord, do this day grant you, Kelly, full ownership and use of my body and mind without reservation or equivocation. I offer to you all that I am and all that I ever will be for you to hold and protect. Ever will I serve you in all things and in all ways. Please accept me as your slave."

“Kimberly, I accept you as my slave with all the rights and privileges you have given to me. You shall now be known by your slave name, kimmy.”

I watched as Sam held a white, silk pillow in front of Kelly. On it rested a padlock and new red collar on which the name, kimmy, was inlaid white.

“Kimmy, will you kneel at my feet and take this symbol of my ownership to wear as a sign to us and to whomever we meet on our journey as Mistress and slave?"

I knelt and, prompted by Vicki, said, “I kneel as a sign of my submission to you, Mistress Kelly, and ask for the privilege of wearing your collar as a symbol of your ownership. I solemnly swear to submit to your will, in mind, body and spirit, and will wear your collar proudly for all of my days."

Kelly buckled the collar around my neck and snapped the padlock in place. I know everyone heard the lock click shut. That omnipotent shudder ran up my spine.

Sam held another white silk pillow before me. On it a chain leash was coiled. Once again prompted by Vicki, I lifted the leash from the pillow, held it up towards Kelly and said, “Mistress, I offer this leash to you. Please connect it to your collar to be seen as a symbol of that which links us together. Use it to guide and lead me along my new journey though life. It is my greatest desire to belong to you and to willingly follow you wherever you choose to take me.”

Kelly then said, “Slave kimmy, I accept this leash as a symbol of the offering of yourself and give my promise to carefully guide you and lead you safely in my footsteps. You will belong to me from this day forward and I will do all within my power to protect you as you join me on my journey."

Kelly clipped the leash to the D-ring in the front of my collar and asked, “Slave kimmy, to whom do you now belong?”

“I now belong to you, Mistress.”

Prompted by no one, I leaned forward and kissed the toe of Kelly’s shoe. She immediately pulled up on the leash until I was standing before her.

Once more Sam held the pillow out. On it was the 'O' ring. Kelly slipped it on the third finger of my left hand and declared, “I, Mistress Kelly, take you kimmy, to be my slave until death do us part.”

I barely heard Vicki saying, “Members of the Venus Coterie, to you I present our newest Mistress and slave, Kelly and kimmy. Refreshments will be served in the parlor momentarily."

We remained so some final pictures could be taken. I had been oblivious to the woman photographer who had been taking pictures of the whole ceremony ever since Sam and I arrived at the garden. Kelly explained that she wanted an album for us to remember this event; “Similar to a wedding album,” I thought. I had even missed her taking pictures of Sam’s branding.

While we had our refreshments, which consisted of cake, ice cream and champagne, everyone in the Society approached us to pass on their congratulations. During a lull the conversations that followed, I said, “Mistress, may I ask a question?

“Kimmy, unless I have commanded you to silence, you never have to request permission to ask me a question. Just ask. If I do not desire to answer I will so inform you.”

“Do you plan to mark me like Allyson marked Sam, Mistress?

“Is that something you want, pet?”

“I’m not so sure. I love you, and would accept it if it were your desire, but watching her get branded was very scary.”

“Well, my mark could be a tattoo instead of a brand. The brand was something Allyson and Sam decided was right for them. I would always want that to be a mutual decision.”

“I appreciate that, Mistress, but what if the decision was yours alone? What would you choose?"

“I think I would brand you.” I must have looked quite concerned, because she added, “Don’t worry, though, pet. I would not agree to mark you in any manner before we’ve been together a reasonable length of time since you will carry it with you for the rest of your life no matter how I choose to mark you.”

“What if I really want some type of mark Mistress?”

“I might consider giving approval if it were something that was inconspicuous and that would not specifically identify you as a slave if you decide to leave me. I take it you have something in mind.”

I grinned and said, “Yes, ma’am, I actually do. Since I am an IT geek, I think the bar code would be OK, and a heart with the letter ‘K” is another possibility. The ‘K’ could be my initial as well as yours. Only the two of us and our friends would know it is yours. As far as being inconspicuous, maybe on the inside of my thigh next to your cunt would be a good place. No one is going to see it there anyway.”

“Hmmm. Your suggestion sounds wonderful. What if I give my approval for both; one on each thigh.”

“Oh, Mistress, would you?”

“Let’s ask Gayle if she can do it now. I’m sure Vicki can download your bar code from the internet.” I plastered her with kisses not caring that everyone was watching us.

Fifteen minutes later I was surprised to see a couple guests carry a doctor’s examination table into the room complete with stirrups. The back was raised at an angle so I could watch Gayle work. I received my tattoos in front of an audience, lying on my back, legs spread. The heart was put on my left thigh because Kelly wanted a Cupid’s arrow through it and wanted the arrow pointing towards “her” cunt. The barcode went on my right thigh. Afterwards Kelly replaced my slave jewelry. When she was finished, I commented, “Thank you Mistress. I feel whole again.”

Quite a bit of laughter ensued. Kelly then pulled the biggest surprise of the evening on me. “Kimmy,” she said, “It is traditional for a Mistress to give her slave something as a token gift at her collaring. Normally, one would think a gift such as this would be physical in nature; something with some small intrinsic value, that one could look at later to remember the occasion. My gift to you is different, pet. Except for the pictures, your collaring ceremony will forever be a part of your memory. My gift is similar. It is one that will not truly exist after you receive it. But I hope it will remain in your memory forever.”

As if on cue, Allyson, Sam and Allyson’s friend had joined us during this conversation. Truly, I had totally forgotten about her and have no idea where she had been all evening after Sam’s marking. I later learned that she had been with Mel and Sandra. Most of the time she was nearby, but I hadn’t noticed. Keyy said, “Allyson introduced this woman to you as her friend. In actuality, she has only been Allyson’s friend for a few hours. Allyson and Sam never met her before Allyson picked her up at the airport. Neither have I met her in person although I have talked to her on the phone several times. She and I had a long conversation about you a little over two weeks ago. Since then we have talked several times.”

I was speechless. I didn’t understand why this person was here. If none of them had met before today, she couldn’t be a member of the Society and shouldn’t be here. I had no idea why Kelly would have done this, so I politely asked her. “I will explain later if you wish, but I don’t think that will be necessary. For reasons you will understand in a moment, she has a strong interest in your submission and asked me for permission to visit you sometime. When I finalized the arrangements for our ceremony to be held tonight, I called her and said that I would like her to attend, if she wanted to. I stipulated a certain condition, however. She did not hesitate, even considering my condition, which was that she had to experience a small portion of the life you would be accepting tonight, by spending this weekend as a submissive and in bondage. As you can see, she accepted my offer.” Then she said, “You may now remove her hood.”

“Oh my gawd. Barb, it’s you!” I screamed when I finally finished unlacing the hood and pulled it off. “You’re here. I don’t believe it. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” I grabbed and hugged her even though her hair and face were soaked with perspiration.

She had had the dildo gag in her mouth so long, she had to work her jaw a moment before answering, “Well, Kimberly Ann, or maybe I should call you kimmy now, I didn’t tell you for two reasons. First of all, I promised Kelly that I wouldn’t. Secondly, I distinctly remember that when we were last together, you said that you would invite me to your collaring ceremony if Kelly permitted. One must assume that I am here with Kelly’s permission and since you didn’t invite me one can also assume that either you changed your mind or you forgot."

“Oh, shit, Barb, everything happened so fast this week since Mistress Kelly asked me to have the ceremony early. In the excitement of the moment, I did forget. Can you ever forgive me?”

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

After Allyson wiped her head with a towel and fluffed her hair, Kelly asked, “Would you like to kiss her, pet?”

“Oh, Mistress, may I.”

“Absolutely! You have my permission.”

I quickly kissed her lips and hugged her again. When I pulled back Kelly quipped, “Damn, pet, that didn’t look like much of a kiss. I hope you did better than that when you made love. Why don’t you give it another try?” I did and this time it was a slow, passionate, open mouth, tongue-involved kiss.

When we finally broke apart I said, “We have to talk, Mistress.”

Kelly interrupted and said, “Not right now, pet. I have a good idea what you want to discuss. We shouldn’t ignore the others.. Barb agreed to remain here until Tuesday. She will be staying with Allyson tonight. We should have lots of time talk tomorrow and Monday."

I was floating on a cloud the rest of the evening and honestly do not remember anything else that might have happened until we started home. I rode back to the house in Kelly’s car, still naked and at the end of her leash. When we arrived home we went straight to the bedroom. After I undressed Kelly she locked the bed chain to my collar, climbed into bed with me and turned out the light. I rested my head on her upper arm while she laid it over my shoulder cupping one breast while her other hand stroked my other breast. Even though we were exhausted, the excitement of the evening was keeping us awake. We laid there in silence, enjoying the warmth of one another’s company.

After long time I said, “Mistress, “Will I be able to go to Allyson’s to visit Barb tomorrow?”

“No. You are not permitted to go to Allyson’s tomorrow, pet.”

In a rejected tone, I exclaimed, “But Mistress, you said…”

“Are you arguing with me, Pet?”

“No, Mistress,” I whispered, dejected.

“That’s good because if you were, I’d have to cancel my agreement with Barb.”

“Which was what ma’am?”

“That, except for tonight when I want you to myself, she would spend her submissive time here with us.”

I turned and kissed her so much I almost slobbered over her. “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Mistress.”

“She is going to see you punished for forgetting, though.”

“What did I forget, Mistress?”

“…to invite her to your collaring ceremony.”

“Oh, right, ma’am.”

“But your Mistress didn’t forget.”

“Thank you, Mistress. Eventually I would have remembered; then I would have felt terrible.”

“And I wouldn’t get to know this other woman to whom you are attracted. That’s why you will be punished.”

“You won’t tell her the reason, though, will you, Mistress?”

“I think it is proper that she know the reason I am punishing you. Remember how Sam had to confess for calling you a bitch?”

“As always, you are correct, Mistress.”

“Just for information, you will be flying back with her on Tuesday so you can return with your car and the rest of your personal things.”

“I’ll have to arrange some time off, first, Mistress.”

“That has already been taken care of. Melissa said your employment agreement has a leave of absence built in for that purpose. She has already scheduled it. Oh, and Barb arranged to take next week off so she could drive back with you; if you want her to, that is.”

“Oh, yes, I want her to. Thank you again.” This time the kissing and thanks led to some serious lovemaking. Satiated and high with excitement once again, I relaxed in her embrace.

“You need to know that I have scheduled an appointment for you after your trip to get tubes like Sandy’s put into your labia. You will have three on each side, however, so I can put locks in them or laces as an alternative. You have another appointment to begin laser removal of your pubic hair.”

She couldn’t see my smile. “I love you, Mistress.”

“I love you, too, pet.”

We soon fell asleep in one another’s arms.

The End

Author's Note

First of all, I want to apologize for all the errors that I might have failed to correct. I am not a professional writer and this is my first attempt at a novel. I write in my spare time. Like most people, that time is limited.

I must admit that writing this story has been extremely enjoyable and an adventure for me. It is also a labor of love as I have never written more than short stories a few pages long. With respect to “Kim’s New Life,” I could literally keep writing forever, as Kim and Kelly should be expected to continuously experience new and wonderful things in their lives together as Mistress and slave. At this point in time, my word processor exceeds 200 pages of text; enough for a novel.

So, I have, regrettably, decided to end the story with Kim’s collaring. At the same time, I feel guilty for not continuing it. All that being said, I do reserve the right to, and probably will, add a continuation story in the future so we all can follow Kim’s and Kelly’s progress.

I must make a couple comments on the final part of this story.  In order to write the Collaring Ceremony, I searched the web for information and found examples of similar ceremonies, some of which appear to be real. I even found a fill-in-the-blank document that was an agreement to be signed by the participants. Nothing appeared to be copyrighted so I must confess to extracting and using selected parts of these ceremonies for Kim’s. I also paraphrased a few others. Much of Kim’s and Kelly’s “vows” were taken from the fill-in-the-blank document. The portion of the ceremony about birth and freedom (from the removal of Kim’s dress to the beginning of her “affirmation’) is wholly mine.

One additional comment needs to be made. Over the period of time this story has been developing on WoL, I have received comments from ONLY 4 readers. It is somewhat discouraging to this fledging author not to see comments (good or bad). I hoped that would receive more comments on why readers like or dislike what I write (constructive criticism is always welcome). To be more succinct, if you like a story you read, here or in another community, please encourage the author by saying something, even if only a couple words, like “Thank you for sharing your story.”

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