Kim’s New Life, part 8 by SensuousOne

Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 8

Chapter 30 Dinner and More

I wanted to do it myself, but did not resist when Anita reached up and unhooked the single clasp holding the cape around my neck. The instant Tom pulled it from my shoulders, my arms automatically started moving to cover my breasts and pubic region. I was able to resist the urge, realizing that it was not what Kelly wanted. I would have been punished had I succeeded, but that was not the reason my mind took over. She wanted me exposed and embarrassed and I had an obligation to honor and obey. Oh, hell, whom am I kidding? I wanted to expose myself. Kelly is right. I’m a slut. That fact didn’t keep me from the embarrassment, however. I am not sure I would ever lose that part of my personality.

As we walked the short distance to the open door, I noticed the main entrance of the restaurant about fifty feet to our right. Mentioning this to Kelly, I was reminded that Anita said we were going in their private entrance. Kelly commented, “I don’t think Victoria would be able to retain a five-star rating if she permitted naked women to parade through the main dining room.”

I was able to breathe a small sigh of relief, although maybe I should have been upset that the maitre d’ did not even seem to care about my lack of clothing. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that the blush from my embarrassment of being naked in front of a male, whom I had never seen before, extended down to my toes.

We followed Tom down a short hallway. “Do you want to do the photographs before or after dinner, Mistress Kelly?” I did a double take and looked at Kelly, thinking, “He knows!” Kelly simply grinned widely and replied, “If the photographer is ready, we should do the shoot first, Tom. I don’t want her to have to wait until after we eat.”

“I agree, ma’am. Please follow me.”

“Victoria’s is a popular place for wedding receptions, Kimmy,” Kelly explained. “They have a room set up specifically for taking photographs although I am sure they aren’t usually like the photographs that I have planned to have taken tonight.” I spent the next half hour posing for the photographer. Thank god she was a female. I didn’t mind except for the obviously obscene close-ups Kelly wanted of my cunt. For several shots, I had to hold my lips spread apart with my fingers. I was pleased that Kelly also wanted several taken of the two of us together even though she remained fully dressed. At the end of the session, Kelly explained that she wanted to start a photo album of me and of us together. It would be a memory book for her if I decided to end our relationship and for us if I agreed to continue.

Finally, Tom led us down the passage and opened another door. He smiled and looked at Kelly, “Room three as requested, Mistress Kelly.”

My second double-take came as I followed my Mistress into the room. It was fairly large; about ten by ten, I guessed. The shock was that the room only had three walls. What would normally be the fourth wall was totally made of glass and faced what must have been the main dining room. “Gads, there must be a hundred patrons out there,” I thought. Nevertheless, a low-level cacophony of noise invaded our “private” room that really wasn’t so private. I stopped dead in my tracks. “I simply can’t do this,” I said to myself.

“M…M…M…Mistress,” I declared.

“Come on, pet. You’ll be OK. You’re among friends. The rest of the customers don’t care if you are naked. In fact, they probably love it. If you’re wondering, Victoria’s is a high-class restaurant and the patrons simply do not stare,” she said with that omnipotent grin. I received a hard smack on my ass for resisting. Running her hand over the offended cheek, she then glanced back at Tom and asked, “Do you think heels benefit the muscle tone of my pet’s cheeks, Tom?”

“I’ve never seen her without heels, ma’am, but I must admit that from what I can tell, they definitely do,” he replied while closing the door.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a voice came from the corner of the room, “Good evening Mistress Kelly.” I turned to see another female wearing a white blouse, black skirt and heels standing near the corner of the room. I was so hypnotized by the view of the dining room before me that I had not noticed her standing there.

“Good evening Tanya. I am pleased that you were free to be our server tonight.”

“Actually, I was scheduled to be off tonight, but Victoria was able to move my schedule around to accommodate your request.” I was still stunned, wondering why the other patrons seemed to be ignoring the naked woman standing before them, regardless of what Kelly said, when she suggested that we sit down. Two chairs sat at the table that occupied the center of the room. I held Kelly’s chair for her then sat down opposite her. “Spread your legs a little wider, pet,” she ordered. “I just love these glass-top tables.” My mind being elsewhere, I hadn’t noticed that either. “I specifically requested that they not use a tablecloth tonight so that I could admire my cunt while we eat, so I need you to keep those legs spread wide.”

White linen napkins, folded to resemble birds, were sitting on the table. Tanya unfolded the one in front of Kelly and placed it over her lap. When she came around to do the same with mine, Kelly said, “Over the left leg only please, Tanya. I do not wish my view to be spoiled.”

“As you wish, Mistress Kelly."  My face suddenly felt warm again.

“May I get you anything to drink right now?”

“Yes, a bottle of your best Shiraz, please.”

“Yes, ma’am.  I will return shortly.”

It would be a barefaced lie to say I didn’t feel more conspicuous than I ever had in my life. I was totally on display while in a semi-daze trying to imagine what I looked like to my Mistress, bare breasted above the table and legs spread beneath, while, at the same time, attempting to ignore what our “other audience” must be seeing. Neither can I deny that I was getting wet from the excitement I felt from being exhibited in this manner.

Tanya reentered the room and gave Kelly an opportunity to sample the wine for bouquet and taste before filling our glasses. I hadn’t previously noticed that Tanya was not wearing a bra. The 'evidence', hard nipples trying to poke through the starched, cotton shirt, was subtle, but noticeable at this close proximity. She announced that she would return shortly with our salads. Kelly explained that regular patrons could pre-order meals to avoid having to wait to make that decision, and allow more time for enjoying the ambience. She had opted to do just that.

Kelly raised her glass and said, “To us, pet. Your new position has insured that we will be able to spend more time together. I like that. I look forward to renewing our contract.” I touched the rim of my glass to hers and we both took a sip of wine.

“Mistress, I just have to ask, I noticed that Tanya is not wearing a bra. Is she wearing panties?”

“Now how would I know that, pet? Maybe you should ask her yourself.” Then she smiled and added, “Probably not, though since she is one of us. That’s why I specifically requested her to serve tonight.”

“What about… Tom?”

“I can guarantee that he isn’t one of us, but it is possible that he is wearing panties!”

I laughed as I realized that I wasn’t even sure what I meant by the question or what she meant by the answer. I was still getting over the shock of being naked in front of a male. Then I looked back out at the rest of the patrons. Seeing the look of concern on my face, Kelly said, “You are so concerned about being naked in front of them, you haven’t figured it out yet, have you, pet?”

“What do you mean, Mistress?”

Just then the door opened and another woman, dressed in a beautifully tailored, white linen suit, entered our domain. "Victoria,” Kelly said, immediately standing. They hugged and kissed cheeks in the European fashion before Kelly added, “It’s so good to see you.” Following my Mistress’ lead, I stood also. Kelly then introduced “her very good friend” to me.

“I am so pleased to finally meet you, Kimmy. I was so sorry that I was not able to attend your initiation last week.” Carefully looking up and down my naked body, she commented, “You definitely are a beautiful woman. I can see why Kelly is so attracted to you.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

She and Kelly talked for a few moments before Victoria said she needed to get back to her other guests and departed.

“So, Victoria belongs to the Society also. Does every woman in town belong,” I chided.

“No, pet, but we do have quite a few members. This is a large town, after all. I just prefer to do my business with those who are members. Since you haven’t guessed, Tanya is submissive to Victoria. The other part of the secret is that Tom and Victoria are married.”

“Married? And he permits an M/s relationship between Victoria and Tanya?”

“He really doesn’t have much choice, pet. You see, he is also her submissive.”

“Wow! I’ve never met a male sub before. At least none that I know of. But then, I had never met a female submissive before last week and, as the saying goes, ‘and now I are one.’”

At that moment Tanya brought in our salads. “I’ll have the chef start your main courses now, Mistress Kelly, if that is OK with you.” Kelly confirmed that would be fine and Tanya left the room.

We ate in silence for a few moments until I remembered our previous conversation. “Mistress, you mentioned that I hadn’t figured something out yet. To what were you referring?” Damn there’s that grin again!

“I can tell that you have been doing your best to ignore our audience in the main dining room, and I love it. The truth is, pet, they can’t see you It’s really a one-way mirror.” I was so absorbed in my embarrassment that I missed the obvious. Kelly explained that there were five private dining rooms to insure the privacy of VIPs. We had the only one with a one-way mirrored wall. A gap between the top of the glass wall and the ceiling permitted sounds from the main dining room to flow into our private room.

Being with Kelly was so relaxing. When I finally relaxed over worry about my naked condition, I was able to enjoy our conversation and meal as though we were both fully dressed. I didn’t have a second thought when Tom came in to insure everything was to our satisfaction. In my opinion, the meal was absolutely decadent. I had been wined and dined by prospective customers and suppliers before, but never like this, AND never while nude.

Why was I not surprised when dessert arrived? It was one piece of cheesecake, covered in amaretto. Kelly indicated her wishes with a wiggle of her index finger. With Tanya watching from the corner of the room, I was proud to kneel before my Mistress, hands clasped behind my back while we shared the sweet, liquor-covered finale to our meal. As would become a custom with us, Kelly placed the last morsel in her mouth then fed it to me during a kiss.

“Will there be anything else, ma’am?” asked Tanya.

“Yes, Tanya. Anita should be waiting outside in the limo. Please ask her for my leash.”

While Tanya was gone, Kelly made a phone call on her cell. I only heard her end of the conversation. “Hi,... How’s it going?... Great! We should be there in about fifteen minutes.” Tanya had returned during this short conversation and handed the chain leash to Kelly. As soon as it was clipped to my vaginal ring Kelly handed the other end to Tanya who led me to the limo while my Mistress followed, ‘admiring my beautiful ass’ as she so succinctly put it.

I thought we were going home. Instead, I was surprised to see the sign for Lisa’s Hideaway as Anita pulled into the parking lot and stopped at the front door.

“M…M…M…Mistress!” I declared, “I can’t walk in like this,” I pleaded. I was not wearing the cape.

“Just when I think you are perfecting your obedience, pet, you let me down. Ok, for the sake of argument, just why can’t you go in there like that?”

“B…B…Because Lisa’s doesn’t have a private room like Victoria’s.”

“Considering I own Lisa’s, don’t you think I know that, slut?”

“Yes, ma’am, but…”

“Kimmy, I think I’ve already mentioned or alluded to the fact that after nine, nearly all the patrons are regular customers or friends. Most, if not all, have already seen you naked, and, I am sure, will appreciate seeing you in a ‘more formal’ outfit. We stopped here because I want to dance with you. So, get your ass moving before you earn additional punishment for being so damn obstinate.”

We entered with her left hand holding my right, fingers entwined The lead end of my leash, still clipped to my vaginal ring, was clasped in her right hand. As we transited the dining room, I felt like every eye in the place was on me. As my embarrassment subsided, I realized that I was only receiving casual, but interested glances. Two glasses of Shiraz were placed on the table soon after we sat down. I remained tethered to my mistress, the lead laying on her lap.

Kelly must have had someone prearrange music with the band for it was not long before the first set of slow songs started. One might think that we would have the floor all to ourselves while the other patrons watch the naked guest dance with her partner. That was not the case, however. The dance floor quickly filled with other couples. I could have been fully clothed. I was very relaxed by my nudity, even when Kelly slid her hand from my waist to my bare ass. She would have grasped my ass through a skirt, had I been wearing one. The only strange thing seemed to be the leash which she continued to hold in her right hand. The chain dangled between, and constantly bumped, our legs as we glided around the floor. I felt absolutely wonderful as I lay my head on her shoulder and lightly kissed her neck, whispering, “I love you, Mistress.”

“I love you, too, pet.”

Two bowls were on our table when we returned.  One was filled with strawberries and the other contained whipped cream. For the next fifteen minutes Kelly alternated feeding cream covered strawberries to me and to herself.

When the band started playing the next set, I expected Kelly to dance with me again, but was surprised when a woman approached us and said, “May I have the privilege of dancing with your pet, Kelly?”

More of a surprise was Kelly’s reply, “Of course you may, Jenny; and thank you for asking.” Kelly handed my leash to Jenny and I walked onto the dance floor with her. Half way through the song, Beverly cut in and my leash was transferred. This continued through all four songs of the set. I danced with eight different women. Contrary to what one would think, each of them treated me as though I was fully clothed. No one even put their hand on my ass. By the end of the set, I was not even thinking about my naked condition. At one point I even thought how wonderful it might be to be able to remain naked all the time, but knew that the authorities would frown on that.

When my leash was returned to her, Kelly indicated that it was time to leave. Ashley was waiting outside holding the door to the limo open for us. On the way home Kelly asked me how I felt about the evening. I was pleased to tell her that it was one of the most exciting evenings out I had ever experienced. When she asked if I wanted to do it again sometime (naked, of course), I had to give her an emphatic, “Yes!”

Kelly turned to me, grasped my hand in hers and said, “I am so pleased you have enjoyed it because I know you were apprehensive when we first left the house.”

“Apprehensive! I was scared shitless.”

“Well, we are definitely going to do it again, slut. I have decided that you are also an exhibitionist at heart. We will be going out often with you in some form of undress. We are also going to have a formal outfit tailored for you. It will be similar to mine, except that the skirt will be shorter. I will probably wear the pants that came with mine when you wear a skirt.”

“I want you to know that I have wanted to do this for a long time and you are the first with whom I knew it would not be a problem, making you the first with whom I have.” I felt privileged that I was the first and that she revealed this to me.” I am not sure you will consider what I now plan as being a perfect ending to a perfect evening, but my sadistic juices are flowing and when we get home I want to treat you to some sensuous pain.”

“You mean punish me? I don’t understand. What have I done wrong?”

“Oh, no, pet. You’ve been a perfect all evening. I said I want to treat you to sensuous pain. You’ve already proven to me that you react positively to pain when applied in a sensuous loving way. Would you like to deny that fact?”

“No, Mistress, you are correct, even though the idea initially scares me. May I ask if it will be a heavy or light session?”

“My darling slut, I am already so turned on by the mere idea, I intend to test your limits.”

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed, then quickly added, “Sorry, Mistress.”

“Not to worry pet.  That’s a natural reaction.”

Coincidentally, at that very moment, Anita stopped the limo in front of our house.

Chapter 31 True Sensuous Pain

In the foyer, Kelly removed the locks on the chains of my boots so I could remove them and the nylons. As instructed, I crawled, on hands and knees, directly to the master bathroom. Kelly followed holding my leash, still connected to my vaginal ring. She then watched, never releasing the leash, as I relieved my bladder. After this still embarrassing task, embarrassment compounded by the leash, she took her place on the throne. I knelt before her, watched the golden wine flow from her body, and substituted my tongue for toilet paper. Lapping up the remnant drops of liquid each time she finished was now a privilege.

Our next and final stop was the playroom where she introduced me to a new piece of furniture that had been delivered during my short absence. I was not sure what to make of it until Kelly told me that it was a chair. I could imagine it being a chair, but could not discern the functions of all the pieces. The main part, obviously the back, was an upright, square post about three and a half feet high. A flat board, the size of a book, attached to the post around sixteen inches from the floor, turned out to be the seat. Another board, about three feet long, attached to the top of the upright post, formed a T. Two more boards, approximately eighteen inches long, connected to the base of the main post, extended outwards from the base towards the front to form a V. I could see they helped stabilize the so-called chair. Attached to the outer ends of each of these were vertical posts about sixteen inches high. As I looked at the contraption, I simply could not figure out the purpose of these last two posts.

Following Kelly’s instructions I sat on the flat board and held my arms out while she buckled wrist cuffs on them. Ankle cuffs followed the wrist cuffs. I watched her remove a shoebox from the storage shelves. The opened box, placed on the floor on front of me, contained ropes and straps. She lifted my arms to the horizontal bar forming of the T, then slowly and methodically started to fasten them and my legs to the chair. When she finished, each arm was strapped at wrist, elbow, middle of upper arm, and near the shoulder. Each leg was tightly bound at ankle, calf, and knee to the sixteen-inch upright posts. While it seemed unnecessary, ropes were threaded through the rings of the wrist and ankle cuffs and tied to the respective posts.

The final item that Kelly removed from this box was a leather-covered ring that I guessed to be one and one half to two inches in diameter. Ordering me to open my mouth, she worked the ring inside just behind my teeth. I could no longer close my mouth. The ring held it wide open and “available.” Straps attached to the sides of this ring were buckled behind my head. When I thought about it for a second, I realized that I probably looked like one of those “blow up” rubber sex dolls. Kelly placed another shoebox, unopened, between my legs. “See if you are able to lift your butt off the seat, pet.” I thought that I had outfoxed Kelly when I was actually able to rise up a couple inches. I was the outsmarted one, however. Apparently, rather than being connected permanently to the post, two pegs, imbedded into the seat, held it in place. I learned this, of course, when Kelly reached beneath me and pulled the seat away. I now hung with my ass in mid-air albeit in a seated position.

Obediently obeying her next order, I pushed my tongue through the ring. Kelly opened the second box, revealing its contents: clothespins. I moaned loudly when she clamped the first two to the end of my oral muscle, preventing me from pulling it back into my mouth. Suddenly, I was left alone, still hanging, while Kelly walked away saying, “I’ll be back in a few, pet. Don’t go away.”  In my opinion, it was a feeble attempt at humor on her part. I could neither laugh nor smile in reply.

As soon as she returned, I knew that whatever she had planned would all be worth it. Her only clothing was a black leather bikini bottom and black, knee-high boots with stacked heels. Charms dangled from her nipple rings. One charm was the coiled whip that I had seen before, and the other was two women making love in the ‘69’ position.

By this time I was beginning to understand the consequences of not being supported by the seat. Simply hanging by my bound arms quickly put pressure on my shoulders. Initially, I relieved this pressure using the muscles of my upper body. However these muscles quickly tired and I then had to use the muscles of my legs to push my body upward. Since I could do each for only a short time, a vicious circle was created. In addition, my tongue was becoming somewhat numb because of the two clothespins clipped to its tip, although I could still feel some pain. I thought I could get her to remove the pins if I somehow could indicate my discomfort. Being unable to speak, I grunted my desire to her and wriggled the end of my tongue.

“Oooh! It seems as if my widdle pet wants her Mistress to free her tongue so she can speak,” she chided. “Is her Mistress correct?” I quickly nodded my head and grunted a feeble uh-huh. She continued, “Well, love, if you remember correctly, our purpose for being here is to satisfy your Mistress’ sadistic desires. She regrets to inform you that her pleasure has just started. ”I winced when she added two more pins to my tongue.

Even though I could not avoid it, I was somewhat embarrassed by the dribble of saliva that was now exiting the corners of my mouth and falling from my chin onto my chest. Kelly, knowing this would happen, had brought a warm, wet cloth, and used it to wipe away the evidence.

Quickly divested of my own hardware, except for the ID tag and new metal collar, I suddenly felt naked (pun intended). I watched intently as Kelly reached for the shoebox while commenting, “Tonight, my dear pet, we will do something I’ve started several times while en scene, but never finished.” Holding up one clothespin, she asked. “Would you like to know what that something is?” 'Of course I would. Why wouldn’t I; since I, obviously, am to be intimately involved?' I thought, before politely nodding.

“With your kind assistance, we are going to empty my box of clothespins.” I moaned through my improvised gag. “I am sure you also want to know how many pins are in the box.” I nodded vociferously. “I’m not really sure anymore, but will guess somewhere between fifty and seventy five. I will count them for you to be sure. And,” she continued, “I think there are a couple surprises awaiting you at the bottom of the box.”

Without another word, Kelly grasped the flesh of my arm, just above the elbow, between her thumb and index finger, pulled it out, opened the jaws of the first clothespin with her other hand and attached the pin to my captured flesh. I immediately knew I was in for a serious session of pain transference. It HURT! Oh, gawd, it hurt. She continued this tactic, slowly and methodically, until my arms were firmly in the grip of twelve nasty pins.

Totally in silence (hers, not mine), Kelly continued her quest, by forming a circle of sixteen clothespins around each of my breasts. I was astonished as I watched them form a ring of flesh about halfway between my nipples and ribcage. These pins hurt even more than the ones on my arms and I think the pain each one extracted was exponentially greater than the previous one. At least I felt that way. I could not help but moan as each jaw clamped over a small portion of my flesh.

I assumed my nipples were next, but she fooled me by moving to the insides of my thighs where she applied ten to each. Needless to say, but I will anyhow, the total pain was becoming quite critical and reaching what I thought to be my threshold. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I started to shake my head violently and yell at Kelly when she pulled on my left labium. Thankfully my vocal obscenities were obscured by my pinned tongue. I knew it was still a possibility she knew what I was saying, but I didn’t care. I wanted to hum my safety in the worst possible way, but somehow avoided it. No punishment could be worse than this. Or so I thought.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had no idea how many more clothespins were in that damn box. I quickly mentally calculated the damage so far and, at the same time, realized that I still had a lot of exposed flesh left to fulfill Kelly’s sadistic desires. The ten she placed on my cunt had brought the count to seventy-eight. I closed my eyes in despair when she reached into the box again.

When I opened them, she was holding one pin in each hand in front of my face. With a supercilious grin on her face she said, “I’ll bet you think you know where these are going, don’t you, pet?” I nodded and looked down at my unfettered nipples. Wrong! Before I knew what was happening I was wearing new ear decorations. The pain shot through my lobes. I suddenly wondered how women wear those clip-on style earrings. Hell, some still do!

When the next pin was clipped to my septum, I groaned loudly one more time and thought to myself, “Eighty-one is a nice number. That’s probably the last one.” My heart sank when Kelly reached down to the dreaded box again. I was close to humming my ‘safety.’

“I shouldn’t tell you this, pet, but there are only three left. While that might please you initially, I am telling you only because they will be the worst.” She held three large, plastic clothespins up for me to see. “The springs in these are much heavier than the wood ones, and the jaws are serrated.” Two of the pins were pink and one was blue. I was positive that I knew where they were going. My nipples were already engorged and waiting. Kelly didn’t let me down this time. She captured my left nipple in the jaws of one pink pin. The pain from all the previous pins was nothing in comparison. This time it was excruciating. Had I not been in bondage, I would have immediately sunk to the floor and curled into a fetal position. I screamed as much as I could and continued screaming when my other nipple was also clamped.

Delaying the inevitable, Kelly wiped her fingers along my dripping pussy. The viscous liquid felt good as she wiped her wet digits across my dry upper lip. While I wanted her to do it again, she continued to entertain herself by forming the fingers and thumb of her hand into a “V” which was pressed against my tunnel of love. An endorphin rush quickly enveloped me. In only seconds I knew that I wanted her to fuck me with her fist. With what little movement my bondage position permitted, I attempted to push down on her hand as she pushed up. She stopped after only a few strokes. I moaned. I could not believe that my mistress was continuing to me tease this way.

As she had teased many times in the past, Kelly brought me close to orgasm then stopped finger fucking my cunt. I was whimpering for her to give me that final push over the mountain when, without warning, she clamped the third plastic pin onto my blood engorged clit. The moaning turned into a guttural scream. I immediately forgot the pain in my nipples, breasts, arms and legs. When I finally opened my eyes, Kelly wiped the tears from my cheek and sucked the salty fluid from her fingers. “I bet my pet wants to cum: doesn’t she?” I nodded my head several times before she grinned and added, “Well, she will have to wait a while longer for that fulfillment. Her Mistress isn’t finished with her yet.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was entering what Kelly later described as sub-space. She said that many women could never find it; I was to be one of the lucky ones.

I watched intently as Kelly stood, pulled on the bows at the sides of her bikini bottoms, permitting the garment to fall to the floor, placed her hands on her hips and spread her legs. The first thing that caught my immediate attention was the jeweled pendant, attached to her clit ring and hanging between her legs. I explored her body, naked except for the boots. There was no question in my mind as to whether I had made the right decision when I accepted the invitation to be her slave. I knew she had truly discovered both the lesbian and masochist that resided within me. It only amazed me that she had known as soon as I sat at the table with her in Lisa’s Hideaway while I was totally oblivious to those needs and desires.

I adored and wanted her more than ever. When we first made love I sensed that I had been suppressing innate desires for my own sex. It took Kelly to bring it to the forefront. The masochist and submissive part of my personality were more deeply hidden, but, as you now know, she brought them out too. As I previously mentioned more than once, I think, I am also dominant by nature. I proved that trait by enjoying the experience of spanking Barb. I do not remember ever enjoying pain. But then, I have never experienced pain while being sexually turned on. Nor have I ever permitted myself to blindly be an obedient creature. Oh, I “obeyed” the instructions of my supervisors, but never hesitated to disagree when I felt they were incorrect. Endorphins aside, I desired the pain I now felt. I also knew I would absolutely obey any order from Kelly.

As if reading my mind, she whispered, “I love you too, pet,” while leaning forward to kiss my forehead. Her next move was to begin removing the pins from my tongue. I was surprised at this gesture, but appreciative even though the removal process hurt like hell.

“You may have your tongue back,” she said, smiling. I mumbled a ‘thank you’ after I pulled my sore oral muscle through the ring. “You probably wouldn’t be thanking me if you knew that the only reason I removed those first was so that I could hear your unmuffled screams as I removed the rest of them” The first sounds from my throat began when she knelt and started pulling at the pin clamped on my clit without opening the jaws. The serrated jaws of the plastic pin held tight. The more she pulled, the more my clit was stretched. The moans segued into a low scream. I felt that if she pulled hard enough, the pin would finally slip off, but was beginning to think she would pull my clit off first. Suddenly she opened the pin allowing my clit to snap back. Before the blood even had a chance to rush into my sexual organ, her fingers started to rub it. Pain turned to lightning and I started to climax.

Some say a woman can climax so violently that she passes out. That is pure fiction; nothing but fairy tales. I never have and don’t know anyone that has. I’m sure I never will. However, I cannot explain why I didn’t feel Kelly removing the rest of those pins. I only know that this climax was so intense that I screamed and then closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened them again and became aware of my surroundings, Kelly was still kneeling in front of me, grinning that knowing, supercilious grin that I have already started to love. My arms, breasts, legs and pussy were tingling. I looked down and only saw indentations in my skin where the pins had been attached.

“OK?” she asked. I could only nod. She smiled again. “The next time we do this, if I lose you, I’ll wait until you recover before removing the rest of the pins to maximize the experience.” I didn’t know if I was to thank her or not.

“I’m going to untie you now. You will be a little weak from being in that position for so long, so be sure to hold onto the crosspiece,” she instructed.

'Weak?' I thought. 'I am totally exhausted, especially after that climax.' I could do nothing but watch as she removed the straps binding my legs, then my arms. At that point, I was literally pushing my back against the post for support. Kelly, knowing my physical state, assisted me to stand then, much to my surprise, with one arm around my back and another under my legs, she literally picked me up in her arms. I put my arm around her back and rested my head on her shoulder while she carried me to the bedroom and lovingly laid me on her bed. Following her direction, I rolled onto my side. Lying down behind me, she held me in a spoon-hug for the longest time, one hand grasping my breast. Kelly was the first to break the silence. “How do you feel, pet?”

“Unbelievably wonderful, Mistress! I just don’t understand my reaction to all that pain.”

“We will talk about it all tomorrow. Right now your Mistress is extremely turned on by what we just did. Do you think you can find enough energy in that body to do something about it?” I removed Kelly’s boots and the charms she had added to her rings, and placed a pillow in the center of the bed to raise her hips. Kneeling between her legs, spread wide, I literally worshipped her with my sore tongue through two climaxes after which she locked my metal collar to the chain attached to the bed. We soon fell asleep, legs and arms entwined.

Chapter 32 New Experiences

Monday morning, after a shower with Kelly, I dressed according to her instructions once again. I probably am saying this too much, but it really was nice not to have to decide what to wear. My outfit for the day was another of the continuing surprises that Kelly had for me. She handed me white hip-hugger panties to wear along with black thigh highs, a green and black kilt skirt, a white, long-sleeve, form-fit silk shirt, and a gray blazer. Three-inch black pumps completed my outfit. “We need you to look exceptionally good for your first day on your new job,” she commented. Since I was essentially returning to the same company for which I had been consulting, I had nearly forgotten about the change in position.

Denise quickly approached me as soon as I entered the office. “Well, Kim, I understand you accepted our offer. May I be the first to welcome Hunter’s new CIO?”

“Oh, Denise, I just can’t believe you recommended me as your replacement and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Trust me. I cannot think of anyone more qualified; other than myself, that is.” We both laughed at her qualification.

“I was shocked when they told me. You never even gave me a hint.”

“I was asked not to, of course.”

“Well, at least I have two weeks before I ascend to the position.”

“Actually, you don’t. When I made my recommendation to the executive committee, I also recommended that you start immediately. It is best for everyone concerned. The word is already going around the department that I am leaving. They should not have to wonder who is in charge or what’s going to happen. The committee made their decision late Friday. Don’t worry, though, I will still be here all week to bring you up-to-date on everything. In the meantime, you have an appointment with our VP of Human Resources in ten minutes.”

When I entered the HR office complex, Ms. Griffiths’ secretary said, “Go right in, Kimberly, she is expecting you.

Ms. Griffiths immediately stood as I entered the office, walked around her desk, and extended her hand. She was a slim, tall blond, with liquid blue eyes and hair pulled back in a pony tail. Wearing a white shirt with cuff links, gray pants and black heels, she exuded the confidence and professionalism one would expect from someone in her position. I guessed that she was about five years older than I.

“Welcome to Hunter Industries, Kimberly. I cannot tell you how pleased we were when you accepted our offer.”

“I must admit that I was quite surprised that such an offer was extended, Ms. Griffiths, especially when I hadn’t applied for the position.”

“It is an unusual situation, Kimberly, but Denise was quite convincing when she recommended you. I must also say that you made a good impression on all the executives you’ve worked with here both before and after we made the decision to use your firm as consultants on our project. You may not realize it, but you were the principle reason we chose your company. In fact, you may not know it, but our acceptance was contingent on you being the on-site consultant.” I was flattered even though I did know that fact.

“You will need to complete a formal application for the record, of course. First, though, let’s discuss a few things about your new position and the benefits here at Hunter.” She pointed to a small sofa along the wall and said, “We may as well be comfortable while we talk. You’ll probably be more comfortable if you remove your jacket.”

“Ah… I’ll just keep it on if that’s OK with you, Ms. Griffiths.”

“Nonsense, Kimberly. From seeing you around the plant, I know you always dress to the ten’s. Actually, Kim, that is one of the many things about you that impressed me. I must tell you, though, that the outfits you have worn the past week are more stylish than what you had been wearing. Please don’t take me wrong. The suits you wore were OK, they were just, let’s say, a little severely tailored. While they provided a very professional image, I think they also would have separated you from your contemporaries. That was the only negative I saw in you. The way you have dressed over the past week has been much softer and makes you appear more approachable.

“Thank you, Ms. Griffiths. I accept that as a compliment.”

Please call me Mel. My name is really Melanie, but I prefer to use the diminutive of my name so that people don’t mistake me for the movie star.”

“I wish I had a problem like that,” I replied laughing. “I prefer Kim, but not for the same reason, of course.”

I started to unbutton my jacket, thinking she would accept that in lieu of removal, knowing that her opinion of me might be less when she saw that I was not wearing a bra. “You can use a hanger from my closet for your jacket,” she added, pointing towards a door.

“That’s OK. I’ll just leave it open like this.”

“I insist,” she replied. “You look too formal. I want you to be relaxed while we talk.” To emphasize her desire, she stepped behind me and started to pull the jacket off my shoulders. Knowing it would be disrespectful to resist at this point, I gave in to the inevitable. It only took a second for her to notice the lack of a bra strap across my back through the semi-sheer silk. “Oh! I think I see why you wanted to leave it on.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Griffiths.  I hadn’t planned on removing my jacket today.”

“No need to apologize, my dear. After all, I was the one who insisted; and it’s Mel in case you forgot already,” she said. I had assumed she’d let me put it back on, but she continued to hang the jacket in her closet, much to my embarrassment. “I, too, make sure no one will be able to notice when I don’t wear a bra to the office.” Seeing the surprised look on my face, she continued, “We’ll keep it a secret between us girls, OK?” I agreed with a simple nod.

During the ensuing conversation, I noticed her eyes straying, quite often, to the shadows of my aureoles beneath the blouse. Each time that I realized she was looking, I could sense my nipples hardening. However, she never made another comment about my “condition.” It was more than an hour later that she held my jacket for me as I put it back on. After I buttoned it she commented, “I must admit, Kim, that I am pleased to see that you are not as ‘prim and proper’ as we all thought. Promise me you won’t change just because I discovered your ‘secret.’ ”

“I promise,” I answered while thinking she would not be so lenient if she knew the rest of my secret.

“Please have your application back to me by tomorrow morning,” she said as she opened her office door for me, and then added, “By the way, I like your rings, too.” I blushed again while thanking her.

Upon returning home Monday night, I stripped in the foyer and donned the cuffs that were waiting on the table. Kelly made me stand in front of her and turn slowly so she could 'enjoy the view.' When I knelt before her again, I held the collar out and recited the required words. Collar locked in place, she commented how much she loved my naked body, along with it’s perfections and imperfections, the curve of my neck and breasts, my well-shaped ass, and how my nipples got hard when I became excited. She then said, “There have been some occasions where you have worn clothes when at home, pet. I have told you how I like it when you are naked. I just want you to know that, from this point forward, it will be extremely rare when I permit you to wear clothes within the confines of our house.” I quickly picked up on her use of the word “our” and liked it.

When I told her about Mel’s “discovery,” Kelly said that I should not worry. We then discussed Hunter’s dress code for executives, which was primarily informal. Kelly said that I would still be wearing skirts most of the time, without panties, of course, and indicated that she would permit me to wear a bra except when, like today, she could hide my “condition.” Occasionally she would even permit me to wear slacks or jeans.

Right now, my dear, we need to get something to eat because I have enrolled you in a class.”

“May I ask what kind of class, ma’am?”

“It’s a surprise. You’ll find our when we get there. Lisa’s is on the way. To save time I’ll call and have them get something ready for us. Your clothes are on the bed.”

I was somewhat surprised to find a new pair of jeans waiting for me, and more surprised to discover that they were extremely tight when I put them on. They fit like a second skin. A sleeveless T, white ankles socks and white sneakers completed my outfit. I blushed (will that never stop?) when Kelly complimented me by saying now nice my ass looked in the jeans.

We rode her Hog. Dinner at Lisa’s was a quick in-and-out. It is a good thing that Kelly called ahead. We left a little before six and arrived at our destination just in time to register for my class.

Her grin was huge when I read the sign on the door. It said, “Hog Heaven; Motorcycle training; beginning to advanced.”

She answered my question before I asked it. “Yes, pet, you are going to learn to ride a bike. Tonight they have three hours of classroom training. Tomorrow night you will actually ride. The beauty of this course is that it is state sanctioned. It is also something new that the legislature recently approved on a trial basis. If you pass the course, you do not have to go through the ‘learner permit’ phase. All you have to do is take your class certificate to the county and they will issue you a new license with a motorcycle endorsement."

“But, Mistress, I know how much your bike must have cost. I’d be afraid to ride it anywhere unless you were driving.”

“Who said you were going to be driving MY hog, anyhow? They supply the bikes you will use for training.” I didn’t comment on the obvious: what happens after I get my license? I simply stared at her in reply. “I’ll be back to pick you up at nine.”

The classroom training emphasized motorcycle safety more than the rules of the road, which is good. We had a short break every hour. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to that my collar didn’t seem to raise an eyebrow. After all, I was attending a “biker” class.

I was so excited about my class and the fact that I would soon be riding a bike by myself, I don’t think I stopped talking all the way home. I could tell that Kelly was pleased I had enjoyed the training so much. I was surprised when she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom rather than having me strip in the foyer.

Still fully dressed, Kelly sat on the edge of the bed and watched me remove my clothes. I realized I enjoyed having her watch me undress and hoped she would do it more, rather than having me do it alone in the foyer. When I was finally naked I knelt in front of her.

“Pet, there is something new that I want to do with you. Get your cuffs and lock them on for me.” I wasted no time complying with this order knowing that each time I closed a lock, she and I would somehow magically become closer. I was not just putting myself in bondage, I was literally binding myself to her because she held the keys to my release.

My next order was to lie on the bed with a pillow under my head and upper back. She tied my wrist cuffs to the head of the bed then buckled another set of cuffs around the middle of each of my thighs. My ankle cuffs were connected to the thigh cuffs using a quick-connect link. Finally she tied ropes to the thigh cuffs and attached the other ends of the ropes to the outside of the bed, spreading my legs wide.

Although I had no idea what Kelly had planned, there was no doubt that I was already in heat. I turned my head and smiled while watching her strip by the side of the bed. She climbed onto the bed, knelt between my legs, laid down on top of me and started to tongue fuck my mouth. “Gawd, I love this woman,” I thought while moaning in passion. She continued to kiss my lips, face and neck for the longest time before starting to move downward. Not being able to move, I just enjoyed the attention while she kissed and licked my body while intermittently sucking and nibbling at my nipples. I moaned when she licked the insides of my thighs. Eventually realizing that she was avoiding any contact with my cunt, I begged her for that intimacy.

“Oh, my pet wants me to lick my cunt, does she?”

“Oh, gawd, yes, Mistress! I need that so bad.”

“Well, my pet, your Mistress has other ideas. You will just have to wait for that pleasure.” I groaned in exasperation then jumped, as much as my bonds would permit when she suddenly slipped a finger into my hot tunnel.

“Do you know, pet, that there is one sensation a man gets that I can’t when fucking you?”

I thought this might be a redundant question, but decided to reply when she hesitated. “What might that be, Mistress?”

“I think I will wait to tell you because I know a way to remedy that situation and want to surprise you.” I sighed when she introduce a second digit into my cunt and started slowly finger fucking me. I was glad that my bonds prevented anything but minimal movement. It was my strongest desire to simply relax and let her do me. One would have to be in my position to realize how blissful I felt at that moment.

“Me thinks my pet is liking this,” Kelly commented when I moaned as she added a third finger to the slow, steady in and out movement. My cunt felt filled to capacity after a forth finger joined its companions. I knew a simple touch to my clit would cause me to a climax. I wanted to scream for her to send me over the top, yet I realized she had been silent all this time. I didn’t want to disturb her reverie or mine.

With closed eyes I was enjoying to the paradise my love, my Mistress, was sending me when I suddenly realized her thumb had joined her fingers and the pressure she was exerting on my cunt was increasing. “Oh, my gawd, Mistress, it won’t fit.”

“You worry too much, my pet. Your Mistress knows what she is doing. Just relax. I can tell you are enjoying this. You are so wet I won’t even have to add any artificial lubrication.” While continuing to piston her hand in and out of my cunt, she shifted her position slightly so that she was sitting cross-legged between my legs. She later told me that she had wanted to watch the expression on my face when I truly understood what was happening. “My hand is in to the knuckles now, pet. How do you feel?”

“I feel full, Mistress. It’s wonderful. Please don’t stop.”

“Oh, love, stopping is the last thing I will do. I’m in another inch.” Never in my wildest imagination did I think that anything as big as a fist would fit inside my pussy. I had heard of the term fisting, but didn’t think it was possible. I was learning something new.

“Ok, my little pet, my fist is in up to my wrist. Now I am going to really fuck you.” And she did.

For a long time the silence was only interrupted by the wet, squishing sound of her fist moving in and out of my cunt, until she said, “What I was alluding to earlier is that when I fuck you with my strap-on, I can climax with you but can’t feel you climax internally like a man can when his cock is inside you. This way I can feel every quiver and ripple that your body makes and will be able to feel the energy of your climax. Would you like to cum now, pet?”

“Only if my Mistress wishes me to cum, ma’am,” I replied with no conviction.

“Then you shall.” She leaned down, took my clit between her lips and sucked. I came, and came and came. When I opened my eyes again, my collar was chained to the bed, Kelly was holding me in a spoon hug with her hand grasping my naked breast. I turned over and passionately kissed her.

“Did my pet enjoy her first fist fuck?”

“More than I can tell you, Mistress. Thank you so much. May I have the privilege of pleasuring you now?”

“Regretfully no, pet. I took care of my own problem while you were out. We need to get to sleep. Tomorrow is a work day. Oh, and you are most welcome.”

End of Part 7

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