Kim’s New Life, part 7 by SensuousOne

Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 7

Chapter 26 Dinner and Dancing

“If I accept your offer, you’d really promise not to try to seduce me?” I asked with a smile.

“I cannot tell you how many times I almost asked you out even though company rules discourage fraternization. I now have an opportunity that I may not have again, Kim. I want to spend the evening with you. I don’t even want to know if you lean in that direction or not. I just want your company. While I have to be honest and say that sex would be nice, if promising I won’t seduce you makes a difference, you have my promise, albeit reluctantly. I still want you to dance with me, though.” I took a deep breath and replied, “Great! I accept your offer and promise. I will even dance with you. Where would you like to go?”

“How about TC’s Grill?”

“That’s a Cowboy club, right?”

“Cowgirls in our case, Kim. Dress accordingly. I’ll make reservations and pick you up around 6:30.”

I had about an hour’s work to complete before heading to my apartment to get ready for my “date.” I laid out the clothes Kelly had packed for my return trip then called her.

“Hi, pet. I didn’t expect to hear from you until morning. You must miss me.”

“I do miss you, Mistress, but I need to ask your permission to modify my clothing for tonight.”

“I thought I gave you freedom to make decisions without my permission.”

“Well, yes you did, ma’am. But that was after you told me what to wear tonight, so I assumed my clothing choices wasn’t included.”

“Now that I think about it, you are right. Had you not told me, I would not have remembered. Thank you for being so honest. OK, I am open to changes, but you need a good reason. Tell me why you want something different."

“It’s only a small change. Barb wants to go to a western theme club and asked me to dress appropriately. Well, the peasant blouse will be OK, but the knee socks and penny loafers don’t quite fit a western look."

“And what do you recommend in their place, dear?”

“Well, I was invited to the same club a couple years ago for a party, so I bought a pair of cowgirl boots and a white western hat. I’d like to wear them tonight."

“You have my permission for those items. You didn’t mention your skirt. I don’t think the one I selected fits a western theme either.”

“That’s the main problem, Mistress. The one I wore that night is a three-quarter length skirt.”

“You are correct. That length is definitely verboten for any slut of mine. Is there a western store in town?”

“Several, ma’am. Sorry, I should have thought of that.”

“Yes, it would have been good had you already suggested that as a solution to your Mistress rather than simply saying you have a problem. While I make the decisions for you, I don’t want to have to think for you, too. It would be nice for you to wear your western garb on the plane back tomorrow, too, pet, but with a different blouse. While you are at the store, buy a fitted, white shirt with long sleeves and cuffs."

“Thank you. Should I still wear the thong panties tonight, too, Mistress?”

“Don’t you think I want you to wear them since I packed them with the skirt and didn’t tell you not to wear them?”

“Forgive me for asking, Mistress.”

“You must not assume, but you do need to think a little before you speak.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Have you decided to seduce Barb?”

“I haven’t made up my mind yet, ma’am.”

“I put a chain in the small jewelry box. Attach it to your nipple rings. I’ll bet Barb will like that if you do.”

“I’m sure she will, Mistress.”

“Wear white socks with your boots, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Call me in the morning, pet.”

“May I call you before then, Mistress?”

She laughed and said, “Think you might need some prompting, pet?”

“It’s a possibility. I just think I’ll feel strange being with her, knowing I belong to you.”

“Tell me something Kim, and I want an honest answer. Now that you know the joy of making love to another woman, if I were not in the picture, would you go to bed with Barb if she did try to seduce you?

“Yes, ma’am, I probably would. She is a fantastic person and I’ve always liked her. In fact, I’d consider her my closest friend…up until I met you, of course, Mistress.”

“Then don’t worry about it. Just do it. You already have my permission and you know I won’t be angry or jealous. There is also no doubt in my mind that you will again be in my arms tomorrow even if we didn’t have a contract.”

“Thank you, Mistress. But you didn’t answer my question.”

“And that was…”

“May I call you before morning if I want to?”

“Yes you may, pet. You may always call me any hour of the day you desire. You do not need to ask for permission. Have a great evening. Just don’t disgrace your Mistress.”

“I promise I won’t, ma’am. Thank you.”

After returning with my new purchases, I bathed, shaved, and thwarted an urgent need to masturbate. I knew that was one thing that would not be permitted under Kelly’s carte blanche permission. After liberally dousing myself with my favorite body powder and dabbing matching perfume in appropriate places, I quickly dressed, putting on the white socks first. I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror, remembering Kelly’s comments about her fetish. Damn, a woman in nothing but white socks WAS sexier than a naked woman. Feeling silly, I put the boots on next and checked my image in the mirror again. I liked what I saw. I was amazed how I had come to admire my body. After the black thong, I put on a short, dark blue and white print full skirt. Since I rarely wore panties anymore, I was much more aware of the thin strip of cloth pressing between my cheeks. Only the western hat remained after I attached the chain and pulled on the peasant blouse, which I knew Kelly liked worn off-shoulders, and which, if I forgot to mention, was cropped to bare my abdomen. I went into my closet and carried my hat to the full-length mirror. Putting the hat on my head, I had to admit that the girl I saw reflected in the mirror looked quite good. Just then the doorbell rang. Barb was prompt.

“Holy shit, girl! You not only look ravishing, you are sexy. And I thought you looked good at work today. This tops anything I’ve seen you wear. You are showing more of your skin than I’ve ever seen before. Did you dress this way just for me?”

“Sort of,” I replied meekly.

“I already wish I hadn’t made that promise. I have GOT to know what provoked this change from the Kim I’ve known for so long. You do look fab, darling.”

“Barb, I promise I will tell you everything before the night is over.” I commented, and then added, “You don’t look so bad yourself. Those jeans look like they are painted on.”

She was wearing tight jeans, a white, western style, curve-hugging shirt, a black hat and black boots. I found it interesting that her hat was black and mine was white. Never had I looked at a woman with lust in my heart before Kelly. Hell, before Kelly, I never had looked at a woman from a sexual viewpoint.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. “Come on. Let’s get out of here before I break that promise right here in your apartment.” Then she added, “Ummmm, you smell fantastic, too,” she exclaimed as we headed to the parking lot holding hands and giggling like two teenagers.

I was a little surprised when she opened the car door for me to get in. Seeing my look, she said, “Well, I did say this would be a date, Kim. This is how I treat my dates.” I thanked her, wondering how many ‘dates’ she has had with other women.

We arrived a few minutes early. Our table was not ready so we walked over to the bar and ordered Margaritas. While waiting for them to be prepared, Barb took both my hands in hers and said, “I can’t believe I didn’t notice you were not wearing a bra until now. Maybe they weren’t as hard as they are now,” she teased. I blushed at her reference to my nipples. I must admit that I also noticed you weren’t wearing a bra when you removed your jacket at lunch. Is this also a part of your new look, Kim?”

“The hard nipples or being braless?” I quipped, knowing exactly what she meant.

“Your choice, dear.” I confirmed that until a week ago I had never gone outside the house without a bra. “Ah, are you missing anything else,” she inquired with a grin.

“I’m wearing panties, if that’s what you mean. Hope you aren’t disappointed?"

“Naw, just curious.” After another glance at my blouse, she asked, “Do I also see the outlines of rings?”

I blushed slightly and answered a simple, “Yes you do.”

“Damn, how did you extract that promise from me? You’d better be explaining a whole lot to your former boss before this night is over, girl.” I nodded assent. She then excused herself and headed to the lady’s room. When she returned I noticed the obvious: she had removed her bra. Caught staring at her hard nipples, hidden only by the thin material of the blouse, she exclaimed, “Well, hell, girl. I only wore it because of you. I never wear one outside the office.” Before I could inquire, she added, “Even though you weren’t wearing one at work, I thought you were a little more modest, so I figured I had better wear one tonight” and laughed. “Damn, I feel better already. Unlike you, I’m not wearing panties. There wasn’t any room between my body and the jeans.”

“Well, sorry, mine stays in place,” I bantered. Barb laughed again and I laughed with her. Even though we had been at many business dinners and functions together, I never realized that Barb had a comical side. I liked it! She was more fun to be with than I thought she would be, and suddenly wondered why we had never had dinner together, even in a professional setting.

A corner booth had been reserved for us. I slid in first. Instead of sitting across the table, she slid in beside me and grasped my hand. “This place gets a little noisy when the band starts, Kim. We won’t be able to hear one another if I sit across from you. I must admit, though, that it is also an excuse to sit closer to you. I think we have the best seat in the house. We’ll be able to relax and talk.”

We picked up the menus after the waitress recited the day’s specials. It suddenly hit me that it was a good thing that I didn’t have to call Kelly to ask what to eat. It would probably be a little difficult now. Even though I could choose for myself, I hoped she would approve of my next move. I placed my menu back on the table. “Barb, I’m so excited about everything that’s happened today, I don’t want to make another decision. Please order for me.”

“Now how can I do that, Kim? I don’t know what you like.”

“I give you my word that I will eat anything you order for me.” I was surprised that our conversation for the next half hour was very non-personal. Barb added more office rumors to our earlier discussion and I told her a little about life at Hunters. About half way through our meal the band started playing. The first set was a CW line dance. Barb grasped my hand and started sliding out of the booth. I resisted at first. “Come on, Kim. I promised you dinner and dancing. This is the dancing part. I intend to burn up the floor tonight with you since I won’t get you in bed."

I explained, to no avail, that I really wasn’t into line dancing and didn’t know the first thing about it. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and quickly got me to like it.

We switched between eating our dinner and dancing for the next hour. Dishes cleared, we ordered a second round of drinks just as the band started into a set of slow songs. Once again I was pulled to the floor. We started dancing at arms-length, hands on hips, until I decided that was silly. Knowing that I was wanted to abide by Kelly’s wishes I needed to feel the warmth and strength of Barb’s body and was sure she felt the same way. I slid my arm around Barb’s back, pulled her to me and laid my head on her shoulder, letting her lead.

“Now that’s more like it,” she whispered, resting her head against mine and pulling me even tighter. Her hand didn’t move from the back of my peasant blouse, though. I closed my eyes and drifted along with her. We danced that way through the rest of the set then returned to our table.

When our waitress asked if we cared for dessert, Barb turned to me and said, “I don’t want a whole one myself, Kim.  Would you share a cheesecake with me?”

My mind drifted back to the night I met Kelly and said, “Only if you are willing to feed it to me.”

With a huge grin on her face, she replied, “I might be able to handle that. In fact, it will be a pleasure. If I remember correctly, you once told me that you like your cheesecake drowning in amaretto.” While waiting for the dessert, we dashed onto the dance floor for the next set of slow songs. I think I held her even closer, if that is possible. Enjoying the feel of her hand, which was on my relatively bare back during the second song, I slowly slid my hand down onto the seat of her pants. “Hey, there, little girl,” she whispered, “Watch where that hand is drifting or I may not be able to keep my promise.”

I was, in fact, teasing her. I placed my hand back on her waist again and apologized. “I’m sorry, Barb. I need you to keep that promise.”

“Damn! A girl can only hope.” she whispered, again hugging me tight.

The cheesecake was waiting for us when we returned to the table. Barb cut a small piece with the fork and held it to my lips. Trying to be sensuous, I opened my mouth, thrust my tongue out and accepted the tiny morsel. She watched intensely as I drew it into my mouth, closed my eyes and moaned over the sumptuous taste. I then watched as she tried to simulate my antics. Looking at me with a silly grin, she commented, “Now let me get this straight. The deal was that I feed you, but you didn’t say that I had to use a fork. Correct?”

Not knowing what was on her mind, I concurred. I expected her to pick the cheesecake up in her fingers and feed me. Instead, she cut another piece with her fork and put it into her mouth. Then she put her hand behind my head and moved closer. When her lips touched mine, I automatically opened my mouth to accept the bite of cheesecake. Her tongue stayed in my mouth a little longer than necessary, maybe that was because I was sucking on it so hard. Ten more bites were fed to me in the same manner. I didn’t realize that we had been served that much dessert; or was Barb just cutting it into very small pieces. I didn’t really care. I only knew that my panties were getting very damp.

The band announced the last song of the current set. Barb said, “It’s getting a little late, Kim, but I’d like to dance one more set with you.”

“Please, Barb, I’d love it, too.”

Half way through the dance I kissed Barb’s neck, received a sensuous moan in return, and raised my head. Words were not needed. We locked lips for a few seconds then our tongues started a dance of their own with my hands on her ass and her hands returning the favor. I don’t know how long that kiss lasted, but we suddenly realized that the band was no longer playing.

Barb looked into my eyes and said, “I don’t know who is seducing whom here, but I don’t think I broke my promise.”

“You definitely did not break it, Barb.”

“Then I think we need to continue this party somewhere else. I have some great artwork at my house that I’d like to show you."

I laughed at the old cliché. “I think it would be wonderful, but I promised you that I would tell you about what changed me. I think I’d like to do that first, before we view your artwork, if you don’t mind.”

“Anything you want, Kim, if it means that I get to spend some more time with you.”

She started to slide into the booth, but I stopped her. “The park lake should be beautiful under tonight’s full moon. Why don’t we go down there and relax on one of the benches. That would be a perfect place to sit and talk. It’s private, yet out in the open.” She agreed. The drive was less than five minutes. We walked another five minutes, hand in hand until we found the perfect spot to watch the reflection of the moon across the lake. It was a perfectly romantic setting. I suddenly remembered watching the sunset with Kelly.

We held hands in silence sitting on the bench. I knew Barb was patiently waiting for me to start the conversation, so I did. “Barb, I want you to know that I changed my mind. I want to make love with you tonight.”

She squeezed my hand and replied, “I have wanted to hear that since I saw you walking into my office this morning.” I noticed that she continued looking across the lake, instead at me while saying this.

“The thing is,” I said, “I don’t want to go into this under any false pretenses.”

“I thought we came here to talk about how you changed into an extremely good looking, sensuous woman from a good looking, sensuous nerd."

I had to chuckle at her analogy. “Well, we did.”

“Then what the hell is this about false pretenses?”

“I hope you’ll understand, and won’t be mad at me when I tell you the whole story.”

“I think I have a good feeling what you are going to say next and think I will have to make that decision for myself, Kimberly. I also think I am going to be sorry that I posed the question in the first place.” The tone of her voice was suddenly very cold.

Chapter 27 Confessions

I turned sideways, grasped both her hands in mine, and forced her to turn so that she was facing me. Squeezing her hands tightly, I confessed. “I belong to someone, Barb.”

“Impossible!” was her immediate response. After a pause she added, “You only broke off with Jeff last weekend. You couldn’t have another boyfriend already. At least not one with whom you could be serious unless you were cheating on Jeff too.”

“No, it’s not about a boyfriend, Barb. I actually met someone…another woman…just last weekend…and…well, we have…become close.”

“I still say it’s impossible. I know you too well. You wouldn’t get serious about anyone in one week…Unless you are simply picking up whoever comes along to get back at Jeff. If that’s the case, I can help you there. I’m also available.

“Damn, we talked about this and I said I would tell you everything. I thought it would be easier to explain than this. It’s not a simple relationship, Barb. You missed the fact that I said I BELONG to another woman.

“I…I don’t understand. What do you mean by …belong?”

I knew her reactions were coming from emotions, not common sense, and knew I had to derail them quickly or a wonderful evening would quickly end. “You’re going to have a lot of questions about what I tell you, but I’ll probably cover most of them by the time I finish my story. Will you promise not to say anything until I finish? It will be so much easier for me that way.” Barb nodded assent, albeit reluctantly, as was obvious by the look on her face. Leaving out only a few details, such as my clothing requirements (or lack thereof), I explained how Kelly and I met quite by accident at the bar, how Kelly sensed that I had a submissive side and immediately started to dominate me, although I didn’t realize what was happening at the time. I told how I accepted her collar and went home with her. I also gave her some details about agreeing to the one-month submissive contract, but didn’t mention the word slave. I also explained how Kelly was making all my decisions outside of work. I even revealed that I now had a couple body piercings without specifically mentioning the vaginal piercing.

After nearly fifteen minutes, I said, “That’s about it, Barb, any questions?”

“Knowing you as well as I do, Kim, it’s difficult to believe that you are (a) a submissive, (b) signed a contract to be someone’s submissive for a month, and (c) that you pierced anything except your ears. I know you have a strong, if not dominating, personality. I’ve watched you in negotiations with clients and interactions with fellow workers. You only give an inch if it is in the best interests of everyone concerned. Rarely do you lose.”

“You are correct, Barb. I, too, find it difficult to believe everything that has happened. This last week has been like a whirlwind in my life. While I feel like I am living a dream, I am telling you the truth. It is real and, so far, I have enjoyed every minute of belonging to Kelly. I truly enjoy being with her. Kelly explained the dichotomy to me. I am so dominating while at work that I am willing, and probably even have a subconscious desire, to yield control to someone else when away from the job. The community has a saying that ‘In bondage there is freedom.’ I had heard it, but never understood it until now.”

“Well, I sure as hell don’t understand it.” Her tone was still curt and bitter.

I tried to explain, “Essentially, by giving myself, unconditionally to Kelly, by obeying any and all of her wishes and demands, I am forced to do things that I might subconsciously desire, even need, but would never consider doing voluntarily. It is utterly amazing how I feel when I walk into her house at the end of a work day. It’s like I don’t have a care in the world; like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I don’t need to make decisions because I am literally not permitted to make any.”

“For example?”

“There is no ‘for example.’ Kelly makes EVERY decision FOR me that isn’t directly related to my job. When you went to the restroom at lunch, I called her to ask what I should eat. Tonight has been an exception. She gave me freedom do be with you and do whatever I want. When I asked you to choose what I would eat for dinner tonight, I was using you as an extension of Kelly. I have not picked what I ate for nearly a week. If this confession bothers you, I apologize, but it was fun not making that decision.”

“But can you just walk away at any time? After all, that type of contract is not legally enforceable.”

“That’s true. I know it sounds crazy. One has to experience it to fully realize the implications. It’s really a matter of trust. I trust my Mistress to never exceed my limits and she trusts me to keep my word by unconditionally honoring the terms of the contract. It’s only for one month and I want to see if I can really do it.”

“Kim, knowing you as I do, I still find it hard to believe this story. I can picture you reading about this scene in a book and simply relating it to me.”

“Now why would I do that; and what about my ‘new look’ as you call it?”

“Maybe you are trying to find an easy way to justify the change. Maybe you really don’t want to make love to me and are saying you belong to this phantom mistress rather than tell the truth.”

“Oh, gawd, Barb, that’s definitely not the case. I’d never lie to you that way. I don’t need to ‘justify’ anything, as you put it. I don’t need to dream up some story. All I’d need to do is say that I wanted to change my image and you’d accept it. In addition, if I didn’t want to make love to you, I’d be honest and tell you. You know me well enough to realize that. The truth is I do want to make love to you, and I want to do it tonight.”

“Wouldn’t that be cheating on your mistress?” she said sarcastically.

“Not if she has given me permission.”

“You can’t be serious!”

“I am totally serious. That’s why I went to my office when you asked me to dinner tonight. I said I had to make some phone calls. Actually I had to call her to ask for permission to accept your offer. We even discussed the possibilities of you and me spending the night together. She asked if I wanted to. I told her I really liked you and I indicated that it might be a possibility. She gave me permission to do whatever I want tonight. I will, of course, be obligated to tell her everything in the morning, and I do mean everything. There simply is no jealousy with her.”

Breaking the long silence that followed, I touched my necklace and said, “This is a symbol of her ownership, Barb. She locked it on me before I left and I can’t take it off. She has the key to the lock.”

“Bullshit, Kim. Even though you are saying otherwise, I can only believe you made this all up, and cannot imagine why. You probably have the key in your apartment.”

I realized it would now be a challenge to get Barb into bed. She was getting pissed. I had worked with her long enough to recognize her obdurate stubborn streak. Once she became obstinate, she acted like a mule. I could only think of two simple ways to prove my story. Rising from the bench, I stood with my legs spread slightly and my knees nearly touching those of my friend.

“Barb, please put your hands on the back of my legs.” She complied with the request, albeit reluctantly. I then grasped her arms and started pulling them up. Sensing what I was doing, Barb resisted and exclaimed, “No, Kim, I really don’t want to do this anymore.”

I released my companion’s arms, put my hand under her chin and tilted her head up so she would be looking directly into my eyes. To my surprise, she didn’t remove her hands from the backs of my legs. “Look, Barb, I know you want me as much as I want you. If I prove my story, will you yield to your sensual desires…for me? Please?”

“OK, I’ll think about it!"

“Then grab my ass like I want you to."

Barb stared at me for the longest time then moved her hands. We both sighed as she touched my bare skin. A wide grin quickly covered Barb’s face. “You little slut, you said you were wearing panties.”

“Oh, but I am, doll. It’s a thong.”

A slight movement of Barb’s fingers confirmed Kim’s words. “Oh! I guess I am assuming too much.”

I leaned down, kissed her lightly and simply said, “I want you to take them off.” I could feel Barb’s fingers tremble slightly as she obediently grasped the waistband of the miniscule garment and pulled it down to my knees where gravity took over.

As soon as I was able to extract a foot from them, I spread my legs wider, reached back and pulled her hand to the front. Accepting my unspoken invitation, her hand slid onto my pussy. “Oh, my gawd,” she exclaimed, I didn’t know you were pierced there, too.”

Simultaneously, my lips touched hers again and her fingers grasped my ID tag.

“What’s this,” she asked, pulling back.

“My ID tag.”

“ID tag?”

“Yea, it’s like the dog tags military personnel wear, only mine is gold plated.”

“I feel letters engraved on it. What does it say?”

“It says that I am the property of Mistress Kelly.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Crazy as it sounds, Barb had become a challenge and I love challenges. I intended to seduce her one way or another. I really wanted to make love to and with her. “Damn, you’re even more fucking stubborn than I thought. If you take me home with you, I promise you can look at it and see that I am telling the truth,” I said.

“Ok, but I’m not promising anything else. You have ruined my desire to make love to you.”

I locked lips with her again. This time it was a deep, sensual kiss and long enough that Barb’s other hand joined the first in holding my ID tag. I straightened up and declared, “Well, what are we waiting for!”

About halfway to the car I remembered the panties. They were still lying on the ground in front of the bench. When I told Barb, she laughed and said, “Someone is going to have a great souvenir in the morning. We are not going back.”

The ride to her house was in silence. Once inside her front door, however, she turned on me, grabbing my wrists, raising them high above my head while pushing me hard against the door.

“You fucking bitch. Your silly story has made me hot. I don’t give a damn if you are making it up. I want you!” she exclaimed. I didn’t know what to say, and even if I did, the fact that she sealed my lips with hers didn’t give me a chance. She pressed her body tightly against mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth. That kiss seemed to last forever while she slowly wheeled my arms out to the side before pinning them behind my back. While not releasing her grip, she slowly repositioned her hands so that she was grasping both my wrists with one (I could easily have pulled my arms away, but decided not to resist). Her free hand moved down to the hem of my skirt, pulled it up and clasped my bare ass. I sighed at her touch.

Finally, when she relaxed and pulled her head back, I asked, “And why am I a bitch, you fucking cunt.”

A smile crossed her face. “Because you turned me on by that bullshit story and I’m still not sure you are going to make love to me. Come on, I brought you home. Now I want to see that so-called ID tag.”

“Can we just sit down and talk a few minutes first?"

“Just what I thought! You’re backing out already. OK! Have it your way.”

We went into her living room. She sat down on the first over-stuffed chair she passed. I sat on the sofa and said, “Please sit beside me. It will be much easier.” Once she had moved, I turned sideways, grasped her hands in mine and said, “Have you ever read the ‘Story of O?’ “

“So that’s where you got all these ideas for your cock-and-bull story.”

“No; and there is no cock involved in my story; it’s all pussy!” She started laughing. I knew that would thaw some of the ice that had formed. “Now will you please keep quiet while I explain; other than to answer my question, of course?”

“Yes, I read it during college.”

“Well, I read it too, but only last week and at the order of Mistress Kelly. I think it is much too intense, and I didn’t think I could do some of the things that Stephen required ‘O’ to do, but, at the same time, I was quite turned on by the basic story. I know I never could do any of those things with a guy, but I feel I can with a woman.

“You are right in saying that I have always been a dominating person. It was different with Kelly. Just being in her presence was mesmerizing. I cannot explain it, but I immediately yielded control to her. She recognized this and put me under her spell.” I held up my hand and showed her my ring. “This, Barbara dear, is the ring that Kelly gave me when I agreed to be her submissive for a month. I’ve been saying submissive, but I actually agreed to be her slave, just not in the context we usually use for slave. Recognize it?”

It took Barb a few moments before she said, “That’s the ring described in the story.”

“Correct. Barb, I am very serious. For the past week, outside of work, Kelly has totally dominated me. She even dictates what clothes I will wear 24 hours a day, even to work. I may ask to wear certain items of clothing, but the final choice is hers. At home she requires me to be naked or wear minimal clothing. I normally do not wear underwear, even at work. Mistress Kelly dictated the changes that you saw today, clothes, short hair and even glasses. I cannot believe how frumpy I dressed. I love my new look.

“As I mentioned earlier, I called her today and told her about you. I was surprised when she released me from her control for the evening so that I could make my own decisions about you and her. She released me because I told her I really like you. However, I must admit, my clothing was selected by her, with a couple permissive items to comply with tonight’s ‘cowgirl’ theme.

Barb’s next question surprised me. “Do you love her, Kim?”

“Yes, I am sure I do even though it’s only been a week. I have never felt this way about anyone, even Jeff, before. But then, how can one truly tell? She literally swept me off my feet. It could be infatuation, but I think it is love.”

“I just do not understand how you can say you love her, and I assume the feeling is mutual, yet you can be away from her and propose going to bed with me.”

“As I alluded to in the park, it is really a matter of trust. I told her about you and she has no problem if you and I sleep together tonight. Had I gone behind her back, however, it would be a different thing. I think she feels that if you and I have an affair, I will recognize my feelings for her to be either stronger or to be false. At least she alluded to that. She called it a litmus test.”

“So, as far as I am concerned, it would be fuck her and forget her,” Barb shot back.

“Not true. We may find that we are not compatible in that way. If so, I can’t see why we cannot continue to be good friends. However, if we enjoy one another in bed, knowing Kelly, I am sure it won’t be the last time. Why can’t we love more than one person? Any feelings you and I develop towards one another would not be at the same level as what I currently feel for Kelly, however. I am sure she will permit us to get together again, if you want, that is. She even alluded to that fact, provided I don’t misbehave. Does that make sense?”

“I think so. Now will you please shut up and show me that ID tag”

“Barb, if you really want to see it, you’ll have to undress me yourself.”

My skirt was lying on the floor beside us a few seconds later. Her first comment was, “Oh, shit, you’re even shaved.”

“Yes, my dear. Kelly did it. She said a woman’s pubic area looks better bald, and she doesn’t like to get pubic hair in her mouth. She also said it’s much more fun if someone else shaves you.”

Barb laughed at this comment then said, “Well, I like the look.”

I spread my legs wide so she could read the inscription on the gold tag. “I’ve never heard you called ‘Kimmy’ before.”

“Actually, I hate that name. And that is the reason Kelly selected it as my slave name.

She pulled on the tag and saw that ring couldn’t be opened.

“You really do belong to her, don’t you, Kim?”

“At least until the beginning of next month unless we decide to make our relationship permanent.”

“Do you think you will?”

“At this point, most definitely, Barb.”

“Somehow I envy you.”

“Why don’t you finish undressing me, Barb? I’d like that." She quickly removed my peasant blouse and then the boots. She commented that she loved the chain connecting my nipple rings and wondered how she missed it through my blouse.


“Yes, Barb.”

“You said that one of the first things your Kelly noticed was your white ankle socks.”

“Yes, she said that was one of her fetishes.”

“Well, somehow, a woman wearing nothing but socks turns me on, too. Can we leave them on, please?”

My answer was to pull her down and start kissing again. Minutes later I was holding her in my arms while she lay stretched out on the sofa suckling at my ringed nipples. Even though she remained fully dressed, we kissed and hugged for over an hour. I was absolutely shocked when she looked into my eyes with the most serious look on her face. “Kim, I have a confession to make.”

“Well, I guess this is the night for confessions. Your secrets are mine, doll. Spit it out.”

“I’m scared.”


“I said I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

“I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”

“You aren’t making sense, Barb.”

“I’ve never made love to another woman before, Kim. I don’t know what to do. You’re now so… well, experienced.”

I laughed, and then apologized. “I’m not laughing at you, Barb. Earlier you said you assume too much. You are right. Before meeting Kelly, I didn’t even know I was bi-sexual. However, you told me that you were bisexual. How can you say that if you’ve never tried it?”

“I didn’t think you had been with another woman either, so I wasn’t worried. I said it because I wanted to make love to you. Damn, Kim, I have to admit that I haven’t gone out with a guy for a long time. Look, I’ve wanted to, but just couldn’t get enough courage to ask anyone out. I’ve even bought lesbian magazines to read and surfed the web for pictures and movies. After I had known you for awhile, I just knew that I wanted my first experience to be with you, but was always afraid to approach you. I can’t say when it happened, but I somehow fell in love with you and kept it to my self to avoid a sexual harassment situation thinking you might rebuff me. Damn, now I’m the one who sounds silly. I’m so embarrassed. Please don’t hate me.”

I kissed her again her as a reply. “I don’t hate you, Barb. I must say I’m surprised, though. I never suspected that you had feelings towards me. Don’t worry, just do what comes naturally. I promise there is no wrong way. I didn’t know that, either, before Kelly.” I then bent down, pulled her blouse up and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth. While sucking and biting on the hard bud, I worked my hands between us to unbutton and unzip her jeans. She wriggled out of her blouse at the same time.

She became experienced in the ways of Sapphic love right there on her sofa. We kissed, licked and sucked until the wee hours of the morning. I even tongued her anus while in a ’69.’ She willingly returned this most intimate way to make love.

Our lovemaking eventually moved to her bed where I lost count of the number of times I climaxed before we fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Chapter 28 Returning to Kelly

I quietly slipped from the bed in the morning and looked at my new lover as she slept soundly on top of the blue silk sheet. She lay on her back, right leg pulled up at a forty-five degree angle, displaying her beautiful cunt to me. I swear there was a smile on her face. Still naked, I went to the den, pulled my cell phone out of my purse, and dialed Kelly. The first thing she said was, “Are you naked, pet?”

I glanced down, laughed, and said, “No, Mistress, I am not.”

“What? Do you think my rules do not apply when you are away from me?”

“I know they do, ma’am, but I am still at Barbara’s. You said I was free to decide for myself until I called you.”

“Did you not sleep with her last night?”

“Yes, I did, Mistress.”

“Then she knows what you look like naked. Being naked this morning should make no difference.”

“But Mistress, Barbara did not see me naked.”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN!” she screamed.

“I wore my white socks to bed last night and still have them on, ma’am.”

“Oh, you little fucking slut! You got me. You do know the consequences for teasing your Mistress, though, don’t you?”

I felt that thrill again. “Yes, Mistress. I’ll be looking forward to receiving every one of those consequences.”

“Don’t put anything else on until you’re ready to leave there, pet.”

“I won’t, Mistress, I promise.”

We talked for nearly an hour. I told her everything I could remember about my date with Barb. I even explained Barb’s ‘Doubting Thomas’ attitude about our M/s relationship. Eventually Kelly asked, “The big question is did your tryst with another woman change your feelings about your Mistress?”

“Oh, not all, ma’am. If nothing else, I love you even more.”

“I hope so!”

“What do you think about your new lover?”

“I adore her, Mistress. I hope you will someday grant me permission to see her again.”

“That will all depend on how good a slave you are when you return to me, pet. I do have a proposition for you, assuming you will renew your contract.” My excitement increased as she explained her idea. I was glad she gave me permission to make love with Barb if the opportunity arose today.

Just as I hung up, Barb walked into the den wearing her robe. “Who were you talking to, Kim?”

I laid the phone down and replied, “Mistress Kelly.”

“Yea, right! I still cannot believe the full extent of this relationship you have described. And just what did you talk about?”

“Mostly about you and me and last night.”

“You told her what we did?”

“Yep! Every sordid detail. I told you I would have to. There really are no secrets between us, Barb.”

I think she was a little upset that I would “kiss and tell” because she changed the subject, “While I like the view, you don’t have to run around naked, Kim. I have an extra robe that you can wear, if you want.”

“Actually, Barb I’m not permitted to wear anything except the socks until we are ready to leave.”

“Mistress’ orders,” she said grinning.


If she was angry, I think the anger quickly dissipated. “Wow, this is going to be a fun morning. I like your phantom Mistress more every minute. I’m pleased you are to remain naked. I just love your pierced nipples. Right now, I think we need to wash off the smell of sex. How about taking a shower with me? Then we’ll have some breakfast before you leave.”

When we got to the bathroom, I asked if she would shave me, explaining that I needed to keep myself smooth for Kelly. “You’d really let me shave you?” she replied. I nodded. “I was surprised when I saw you shaved your pubic hair and must admit that I like the look. Your neither lips are so…exposed…that way.”

I explained that it was another of Kelly’s “requirements” and that she, too, kept her pubic hair shaved. “Actually, one of my ‘slave’ duties is shaving her.”

“Maybe I’ll have to try it some day.”

“Truthfully, Barb, you’ll have to get rid of that muff before we make love again. Now I have tried both shaved and unshaved pussies, I have to agree with Kelly. Making love to a bald pussy is much better. It’s difficult to explain, but running your tongue over that smooth flesh is so much more enjoyable, and you don’t get hair caught in your teeth. She also taught me that it is better to have someone else shave you. If you do it yourself, you always miss a few stray hairs. I’m game if you want to do it now.”

“But you won’t be around to keep me shaved.”

“That’s your problem, doll. The first time is the most difficult, though.”

I placed a towel on the floor, laid on it and spread my legs. Barb quickly removed what little stubble I had; then we switched positions. I started by trimming her with scissors, carefully placing the cut hair in a pile on the towel. I explained that Kelly had put mine in a plastic bag to keep as a souvenir. She said that she would do the same in remembrance of our night of lovemaking. By the time I had finished, we were so turned on again that we made love again, but this time on the bathroom floor. The shower was next. We hugged, kissed and washed one another, taking so long we ran out of hot water. After drying off, she asked me to put the socks back on, and then joined me by putting on a pair herself. That’s how we prepared, and ate, breakfast. It was fun frolicking around her kitchen with both of us practically nude.

The time to leave arrived too quickly for both of us. As we prepared to dress, Barb said she could loan me a pair of her panties since I had left mine in the park. We laughed again about that, wondering who would find them. I passed on her offer, reminding that I rarely wore them anymore and said that Kelly hadn’t given me permission to wear any. This started a short discussion during which I again explained Kelly’s rules for my clothing in detail. She finally acquiesced her position, saying, “You really aren’t making any of this up, are you, Kim?”

“Every word has been the truth, Barb.”

“I wish I were that brave. I’ve thought about going out without underwear a few times when wearing a skirt but always chicken out at the last minute.”

“Bravery has nothing to do with it, Barb. As I told you last night, ‘In Bondage there is Freedom.” The only thing I have done voluntarily is sign that contract. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve resisted one of Kelly’s orders and how embarrassed I’ve been carrying some of them out.” We were talking while getting dressed. Barb had put on panties and was pulling her jeans on when I got an idea. “Why don’t you join me, Barb? Wear a dress or skirt without underwear today.”

“I can’t do that, Kim.”

“And why not? You didn’t wear panties last night.”

“I was really referring more to the bra. Lack of panties isn’t very noticeable. However, my 34Ds would be.” She put her hands under her petulant breasts and lifted them slightly. “These puppies definitely have more bounce to the ounce than yours do.”

I laughed at her referring to her breasts as puppies. “Hey, I showed you how much I liked those puppies last night. Besides you said that you rarely wear one outside the office.”

“Sorry. I lied about that, too. I was trying to impress you. Since the club was rather dark last night I didn’t think it would be too noticeable if I wasn’t wearing one. Besides, I wanted to be like you. I guess all my untruths are the reason I didn’t want to believe your story."

Then it hit me. I went into her closet, got a white, T-shirt dress that I had seen earlier and handed it to Barb. “OK, Barb. I’m tired of this Teddy-Bear bullshit. I know you’re as much of a slut as I am. Take off those clothes and put this on.”

If her stare were any intense, it would have burnt a hole right through me. I was beginning to think I had gone too far when she said, “And if I don’t?”

“I’ll spank your ass until you agree.”

“You wouldn’t dare! Besides, you said you were submissive.”

Knowing I had to push my luck to find out if I were right, I picked up her hairbrush and sat down in the chair next to her bed. “I said I have a submissive side. As you already noted, I am dominant in my professional life. And, as I explained, I just discovered that I also have a submissive side that I enjoy. You have just encountered my dominant persona. After last night, I thought we had something going, Barb. Don’t spoil it all now by being stubborn. Your comment just earned you a minimum of ten smacks with this brush whether you wear the dress or not. You can refuse, but you are taking a chance that you won’t see me ever again. Now drop those jeans and get your ass over my lap.” I was ecstatic when she actually obeyed my next order and dropped the panties too. With both garments around her knees, she lay over my lap. I put one arm around her waist and without any preparation, started laying the hairbrush on her ass.

She was screaming for me to stop by the fourth swat. Her white cheeks were starting to turn a deep red by the tenth. I rubbed my hand slowly over the wounded flesh. This was the first time I had ever spanked anyone and was surprised how hot her ass was, even though I knew mine was just as hot after the times Kelly had spanked me. I slipped my fingers between her legs to confirm my suspicions. Her pussy was very wet. That and the moan accompanying my exploration left no doubt that she had even enjoyed her punishment. I realized I was also turned on by being the spanker. I continued fingering her cunt, clit and even her anus until she climaxed.

I permitted her to stand once she had recovered from her orgasm. Her hands grasped her ass. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it,” she said with tears in her eyes.

I spread my legs and said, “Well now you know. Do you think you can find a way to thank me properly for the spanking and the orgasm?” Dropping to her knees she didn’t hesitate licking me to a wonderful climax. I, in turn, licked my sex fluids from her face then tongue fucked her mouth when she finished.

“Now, Barbara, are you going to wear what I tell you, or do you want more.”

“I’ll wear the dress.”

“Without underwear?”


I stood, kissed her and watched as she finished removing her clothes, then pulled the cotton dress over her head. Cotton socks and Mary-Janes followed. Looking into her full-length mirror she said, “Wow! It’s a good thing we aren’t going to the mall.” I just smiled. She then rubbed her ass through the dress and commented, “That really hurt, Kim.”

“But, all things considered, you liked it.”

She dropped her head a little and answered, “Yes, damn you!”

“I can honestly tell you that I’ve experienced worse. In fact, I get a spanking like that once a day.” She was quite surprised.

On the way to my apartment, Barb asked if the spankings I received had been for disobeying Kelly. I confessed that some were for simple disobedience, 'and more,' but explained that the daily spankings were administered simply because Kelly liked to spank me. We also discussed other types of ‘punishments.’ Her interest peaked, I think, when I explained the concept of sensuous pain and told her that what she experienced during the spanking was just that. It hurt at first, but once the endorphins kicked in, she was definitely turned on.

It was then that I revealed Kelly’s idea. “Barb,” I started, “I will have to come back in a couple weeks to close my apartment. I expect that Hunter will give me a week to move. How would you like to take some time off work to help me drive my car out? It will be much easier with two of us driving. Then you can stay with Kelly and me for a few days once we get there.” “Are you sure this would be OK with Kelly?”

“Absolutely! In fact, it was her idea, and I’d really like you to accept.”

“Why would she suspend your slave status just to let me visit?”

“I didn’t say that, Barb,” I said, smiling inwardly. “There would be no change in our relationship.”

“You mean…?”

“Yes. I would be required to carry out the terms of our contract even if you were there. Do you think you could handle that?”

“I definitely could, as long as you don’t mind.”

“The truth is, Barb, I’d love it if you were there. I truly love my new relationship with Kelly and want to share it with you. I want you to see how real it is. Let me sweeten the pot a little before you make a decision,” I said, already knowing her answer would be ‘yes.’

“Kelly said that if I decide to renew my contract for a year, the signing would be done at a special ceremony. She said I could invite you if you would like to attend, but you’d have to spend those couple days with us first.”

“Ok, Kim. You’ve convinced me. You are on!” I’d be happy to drive out with you and would love to attend this special ceremony. Just give me a couple days’ notice for the ceremony so I can arrange to take some vacation."

Stepping inside my apartment I immediately stripped, to Barb’s surprise. “This really is hard to believe, Kim, but I’m not complaining. In fact, I enjoy seeing you naked,” she commented. Kelly and I had discussed my clothing for the flight back. I had described some of the clothes remaining in my wardrobe to her and she told me to wear a specific shirtdress that was the only other dress I had with an above-the-knee length. We headed directly to the bedroom where I quickly packed a couple suitcases with more of my clothes that I felt Kelly might approve, then put on the powder blue shirtdress I had described to Kelly.

“You’re really going to wear that on the plane with nothing under it?”

“This, my white socks, my boots and nothing else were Mistress Kelly’s orders, my dear.”

“Wow! I’m impressed.”

I then packed another case with all my panties, panty hose and bras and handed it to Barb, explaining that Kelly ordered me to get rid of them. “You may have anything you can wear, Barb. Give the rest to charity or throw them away.”

“Well, we already know the bras won’t fit, right?” We both had a good laugh at that comment.

As we approached the entrance to the airport’s short-term parking lot, I commented, “You are going in with me, aren’t you?”

“Dressed like this? You jest, my dear. I plan to drop you off near the sky cap desk.”

“Nothing doing, Barb. I want you to walk me to the security gate.”

“And how are you going to make me do that?”

“I just won’t get out of the car. The police will make you move on.”

“We’ll just drive around in circles, then, Kim, until you miss your plane.”

“It sounds to me as if the irresistible force has met the immovable object.”

“Ok! Shit! You win!” Damn, she was easier than I thought.

Once we parked, I let her walk in front of me for a few steps, enjoying the view. While not overly obvious, if one paid attention, one would realize she was totally naked beneath the thin cotton. Just outside the security gate we stopped to say our good-bys. “Why are your nipples so hard, doll?” I asked.

Barb looked down and saw the protrusions I was admiring. She quickly raised her arms to shield her breasts from the public. “Be proud of them, Barb. Put your arms down, or I won’t kiss you good-by.” She lowered her arms. “Now promise me you won’t hide those beauts again.” She nodded and I gave her an extremely passionate kiss.

I had been away less than twenty-four hours yet was thrilled beyond imagination to see Kelly waiting for me outside the security gate. To say my heart skipped a beat might be pushing it, but not by much. I literally dropped my carry-on, jumped into her arms and kissed her.

“Don’t you think this public display is a little aggressive for a slave, pet?”

“Oh Mistress, I’m so sorry, it’s just that…”

“I’m just as happy to see you, too, pet,” she interrupted. “And don’t worry. I’m just teasing you. Thank you for showing everyone how much you love me. Let’s go home so we can finish what you just started.” We retrieved my additional suitcases from the carousel and headed for the car.

When Kelly opened the trunk so I could put my suitcases in, I immediately smiled upon seeing the collar lying in the center. “Want it now, pet?”

“Yes, ma’am! I’ve missed it.”

“You know what to do.” I started to kneel, but Kelly stopped me long enough to hand me a small towel to kneel on. She knew I was willing to kneel on the rough, dirty pavement. “Don’t expect this kind of treatment all the time, pet,” she said, grinning.

“Please grant me the privilege of wearing your collar, Mistress.” Two cars passed while she removed the temporary necklace and replaced it with the leather collar. I trembled with pride when I heard the padlock snap shut. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“You are most welcome, my pet.”

Kelly decided that we should eat at home, so we stopped at an oriental restaurant near our house for take-out.  Before exiting the car at the restaurant she ordered me to open the bottom four and the top two buttons of my dress. The bottom wasn’t bad, but the top was now open to the bottom of my bust-line. The open buttons caused a lot of leg to flash and exposed the insides of my breasts as we walked to the restaurant. I didn’t complain and didn’t care. It was what SHE wanted.

Kelly spotted a florist shop while we walked across the strip mall parking lot towards the restaurant. She stopped and said, “I think it would be a wonderful idea if you sent Barb a dozen roses to thank her for giving you such a good time, pet.” I agreed and she handed my credit card to me. “You go ahead and do that while I pick up our dinner.” I also arranged for a dozen roses to be sent to Kelly, hoping I would not get into trouble for not getting her approval first.

Back in the car, I was ordered to open the rest of the buttons. At least she didn’t make me pull the dress open. During the ride home I told her about my morning with Barb, including how I made her wear the T-shirt dress and how I spanked her. When she asked if I enjoyed being a Domme, I answered affirmatively. “I somehow thought you would,” she said.

Once home, my Mistress parked in the driveway rather than in the garage. I was so happy that it was nearly dark because a gust of wind exposed me to the world. I was lucky that I was carrying a suitcase in one hand and our dinner in the other. My automatic reaction would have been to grab at the dress and I don’t think Kelly would have approved of that.

Once in the foyer, Kelly took the bag containing our dinner and said, “Bring in your other suitcase, pet. Leave it here in the foyer and meet me in the den.” As soon as I returned, I quickly stripped off the dress and my boots, picked up the wrist and ankle cuffs that were lying on the table, and locked them on. The ankle cuffs went over my socks.

Kelly was waiting for me as promised. I knelt in position. “It is wonderful to have you home again pet. You may take your suitcases to the bedroom. Return quickly. We don’t want our dinner to get cold. As I ascended the stairs she added, “Bring the hairbrush back with you."

I knelt in front of her again with the hairbrush on top of my hands held stretched out, palms up. Kelly accepted the brush, saying, “I was going to give you a welcome home spanking with my hand, but have decided a little punishment is warranted.”

“May your slave ask why, Mistress?”

“Of course, pet. One should never be punished without knowing the reason. I was appalled that you didn’t leave one single button of your dress open when you were traveling. You forgot that you are my slut and, as such, are expected to dress like one. Now get your ass over my lap.” I chuckled to myself while getting into position. Had she not come up with this justification, She probably would have spanked me for making her sleep alone the previous night. To quote the old adage, “Any excuse will do!”

“Before I spank you, though, you should call Barb and let her know you arrived safely. I gave the number to Kelly. She dialed then handed me the phone. Barb would have been surprised had she known the position I was in while we talked. As I finished talking, Kelly indicated she wanted the phone. I only heard one side of the conversation.

Kelly introduced herself then listened. Finally, she said, “I know it’s difficult to understand her transition, Barb, but everything she told you is true. You will be able to see for yourself when you help her bring her car back.” More silence on our end. “I understand she spanked you this morning…. Well, I’m about to spank her right now. Would you like to listen?” Kelly laid the handset the sofa next to my head.

I received ten on each cheek.  With tears running down my face, I knelt again and thanked her properly, while Kelly held the phone so Barb could hear me. She then handed me the phone and said, “Tell Barb good-bye and say that you hope to see her soon, pet.”

Barb’s reply, while laughing, was that she still doubted much of my story and that she couldn’t wait to see how much of it was true.

Kelly ordered me to undress her, after which she locked my wrists behind my back. “Wait here, pet.  I will get our dinner.”

She returned with the bag of take-out containers and a large beach towel. The latter was spread out in front of the unlit fireplace. I sat on the towel and watched as my Mistress proceeded to light numerous candles around the room and several others that were sitting on the hearth. Finally, she turned the electric lights off and moved in sat down of me. My legs were spread slightly and she sat so that her legs were also spread and across mine. The containers of food were placed between our legs.

We ate in the subdued light, shadows moving slightly because of the flickering flames of the candles that danced off our naked bodies. Kelly alternately fed me then herself, using only the chopsticks she had picked up at the restaurant. The atmosphere around us was so sensuously charged we did not speak to one another throughout the meal. Instead, we exchanged looks and glances that said it all. Food was placed on fully extended tongues then slowly drawn back into mouths. At one point Kelly replaced the chopsticks with her fingers. I sucked the food from them with lust.

One can understand that it would have been impossible for all the food to enter our mouths. By the time the containers were empty, syrupy liquids along with morsels of fried rice and other oriental delights decorated our bodies. I was the first to break the silence.  “My Mistress is a very sloppy eater.”

Kelly smiled, shifted the containers to the mantle and replied, “That’s why she has a slave to clean up her messes.” She lay back on the towel and I shifted position to kneel beside her. It was somewhat difficult with my wrists still locked together behind my back, but I licked her body as clean as possible ending at her “V.” “Hmmm,” I commented, “I guess this is going to be a little more difficult than I thought. I’ll have to insure nothing got stuck in any of these hidden folds.” Minutes later Kelly climaxed.

“Since I am contractually obligated to see to the health and welfare of my slave, I guess I will have to clean her up because she cannot do it herself.” She helped me lay back then permitted me to savor the feel of her tongue as she returned the favor. My climax was even more intense than hers.

After a long shower, Kelly locked my collar back on then led me to bed where we made love softly and slowly. It was well after midnight when she announced, “I have a lot planned for tomorrow, pet. I could continue this all night, but we had better get some sleep.” With that she attached a long chain to the foot of the bed. I expected her to attach the loose end to my collar since I was not wearing any cuffs. Instead, she picked up a padlock and used it to attach the chain to my vaginal ring. I wondered if I would ever get to spend a night without being secured in some way. While wondering if I wanted it to be otherwise, I fell asleep in her arms.

Author’s note: Anyone familiar with body piercing knows that one should not aggravate the piercing until it is fully healed. Depending on the body part and size of the piercing, this could take up to six months or longer. I have taken some literary freedom in this story. I decided to “accelerate” the healing process so that Kelly can “use” Kim’s piercings as part of and during her “training.” For those who think this is “going against the grain of reality,” I simply ask your indulgence and forgiveness.

Chapter 29 Dressing for Dinner

In the morning we worked on our overall tans. Kelly removed my collar so I wouldn’t have a white stripe around my neck. About halfway through our session, I made tea for both of us and served it on the patio next to the pool. Around eleven she announced that we were going to Allyson’s to help her do some redecorating, and that is how we would spend most of the afternoon.

I dressed minimally for the short drive to Allyson’s: collar, cuffs, with a one foot long chain connecting my ankle cuffs, and a thigh length tee. The tee was not for my modesty. It was to hide me from Allyson’s neighbors. It came off as soon as I entered the house.

Sam and I prepared a light brunch and served our mistresses who were lounging, also naked, on the patio. We ate sitting on the deck beside them. After we cleaned the kitchen, I learned our real purpose there. Allyson was redecorating her bedroom and Kelly had volunteered my services to help paint. After the four of us removed the furniture from the room, Kelly released me from my bondage. “I don’t want to get paint all over the leather cuffs and collar, pet,” she explained. Then she announced, “Allyson and I are going shopping. We will be back at four."

With our mistresses gone, Sam and I got to work. We spread plastic over the carpet and masked glass, mirrors and other areas that were not to be painted. Initially Sam used her brush to edge and I applied paint with the roller. After an hour or so, we switched positions. When the last stroke of the roller was complete, we stood back and admired our work. Then we looked at one another and started laughing. The splatter of the roller had speckled us. At this point I felt quite giddy. Still holding the paint brush, I was unable resist the urge to dab the end of Sam’s nose. She, in turn, swiped her roller over my right breast. I then dipped the brush in the paint again and applied two strokes to her left breast. Mayhem followed. We chased one another around the room, swiping at whatever we could reach.

Luckily our mistresses returned in a timely manner. They walked into the bedroom and looked at two naked slaves with paint covering most of their bodies. What a sight we must have been. Kelly looked at Allyson and said, “Do you think punishment is warranted?” However, she was laughing so hard, the words were nearly unintelligible.

Allyson looked around the room and replied, “Actually, they accomplished their assigned tasks. All they have to do is clean up the room and we can move the furniture back in.” Covered with paint and still giggling, Sam and I removed the masking tape and plastic. In fifteen minutes the furniture had been returned to the room. Kelly then said we had to leave soon and suggested that Sam and I take a shower to wash away the results of our playtime. Luckily, the paint was water based. We frolicked in the shower for a long time, insuring that every speck of paint had been removed from one another. I am sure she was as turned on as I, but we both also knew that our Mistresses would not permit anything more than simple touching.

Back on the patio, Kelly informed me that we were going out for dinner and had to rush home to get ready. It was nearly dark, so I wore only the collar and tee for the short trip.

Kelly wanted a bath, so her slave happily received the assignment to shave and bathe her. The latter included a shampoo. Once I toweled her down and dried her hair, Kelly insisted that I also bathe, using her “dirty” bathwater, even though I had showered at Allyson’s. “After all,” she said grinning, we cannot waste water.” After I powdered her body, Kelly went into her closet and returned with two garment bags and a pair of thin-strap, high-heel sandals.

Kelly selected the color and I did her toenails and fingernails in a beautiful red. She put on a matching red lipstick and permitted me to outline it in black after she put on minimal eye shadow and black highlighting.

“You and I are going to a five-star restaurant tonight, pet. I felt that I wanted to dress for the occasion.”

“Will anyone else be there, Mistress?”

“There will be other patrons at the restaurant, but you and I will be dining alone. I wanted this to be something special, just for the two of us.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You are most welcome, pet.

“You will find my black corset and nylons in the bottom left drawer. You may start with them.” The top of the corset was a simple shelf bra, supporting her breasts, but leaving them fully exposed. I laced the garment up the back, pulled the nylons up over her legs and attached them to the garters of the corset. Finally, I slipped the thin strap sandals with three-inch heels over her feet. As usual, panties were not to be part of the clothing she would wear this night.

When I stepped back and looked at my Mistress, I saw nothing but a goddess. I was highly educated but did not feel that caring for her in this manner was demeaning in any way. In fact, I felt strangely proud pampering and dressing my Mistress and kneeling at her feet.

Next, directed by Kelly, I opened one of the garment bags and pulled out what was the woman’s equivalent of a tuxedo, with a skirt rather than pants. Seeing the expression on my face, Kelly said, “I told you I wanted to dress for the occasion tonight.”

“Mistress, may I ask what the occasion is?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh my, did I fail to tell you?”

“You would never do that, Mistress. Your slave must not have been paying attention when you did.”

“I imagine that requires some punishment then?”

“Yes, ma’am, it does.”

“I will think of a proper punishment for a slave who makes her mistress repeat herself and administer it when we get home. Nevertheless, tonight we are celebrating your new job.”

“Why, thank you, Mistress. I appreciate that.”

I finished dressing my Mistress. A pleated, white, long sleeved satin blouse was first. Gold studs and cuff links were required instead of the buttons one might otherwise expect. One side of a three-quarter length, dark gray silk skirt was split to just above the knee. Black satin stripes adorned both sides. A dark gray, silk vest was next, followed by a matching jacket with darker, satin lapels. My mistress was definitely resplendent in her formal attire.

My only make-up was to be natural lipstick. Only the shine of the gloss revealed that I was wearing any lipstick at all. The first part of my outfit for the evening was a pair of smoke-grey thigh highs. Once I had put them on, Kelly handed me a pair of high heel sandals similar to hers. The only difference between my shoes and hers was that hers buckled on while small padlocks adorned mine on the outside of the ankles. After dropping the key into the pocket of her vest, she surprised me by saying that was all I was going to wear. She then instructed me to walk across the room and back. As I walked away from her, Kelly commented, “My gawd, Kimmy! I should keep you in heels all the time. You cannot imagine what they do for your thighs and butt.” I actually blushed at her comment. On my return trip, she told me to get her a jewelry box that was on her dresser. Placing it on the bed, she said, “I do have a few additional items to adorn that beautiful body, slut. Spread your legs and put your hands behind your head."

The first item that she removed from the box was a circle of stainless steel. I guessed it to be about two inches high and three quarters of an inch thick. “I had this made specifically to your measurements, dear.” It was only when she got closer that I noticed it was actually two half circles, connected by a hidden hinge. “This will replace the leather collar when we need something for more formal occasions like tonight,” she commented as she placed it around my neck. The hinge (along with a small ring) was in the front. A small screw in the back connected the ends. Kelly explained that the screw required a special tool to remove and insured the collar would remain around my neck as long as my Mistress desired. I am here to tell you that the weight of the collar was noticeable. I sometimes forgot that I was wearing a leather collar. I would not forget that this one was gracing my neck.

Instructed to stand, I looked down and watched her remove my nipple rings. In their place, large silver starbursts were slipped over my nipples. Instead of the barbells that would normally be used to hold the starbursts in place, Kelly explained that she was going to use horseshoes. The bars of the horseshoes were, of course, inserted into the holes through my nipples. Two chains were connected to the ring at the front of my collar. When the other ends of these chains were connected to the two horseshoes, they formed loops down the insides of my breasts to approximately the bottom of my bust line then back up to the horseshoes. The wrist chain with the chain connected to my “O” ring followed. Finally, two one-inch long chains were also attached to the horseshoes. A charm dangled at the end of each chain. The charm on my left was a coiled whip while the one on my right was a hairbrush.

Looking into the mirror, I felt that the overall effect of the collar, chains, starbursts and charms was stunning. Kelly told me turn around so she could look at me. “I think one more item is needed." She pulled a silver, small-link chain from her dresser and padlocked it around my waist. A loose end about eight inches long hung down my left side just in front of the hip bone.

“Perfect!” she declared, then added, “I can see that we are going to have to get your navel pierced, though. There is so much we can do with a piercing strategically placed there.” Afterwards she said that she had thought about earrings, but changed her mind.

I watched closely as she opened the second garment bag, anxious to see what she would have me wear. Imagine my surprise when she pulled out a white cape and nothing else. I was absolutely speechless, especially when Kelly draped the cape over my shoulders and clipped it together at the neck. There were no other clips or buttons on the front of the cape. To ease my obvious fear, Kelly explained that there were small pockets inside the cape. If I slipped my hands inside the pockets, I would be able to hold the front of the cape closed.

“Mistress, I do not understand. You say we are going to a five-star restaurant. You are dressed for such a venue. I cannot imagine I could go there wearing nothing but this cape.”

“Oh ye of little faith! You have not been with your Mistress long enough yet. Do you really feel she will let you down?”

“No, Mistress. I am so sorry. I do trust you. It’s just that all of this is so new…so strange to me. I guess I simply cannot comprehend the obvious.”

“Come with me, pet, our ride should be waiting. I think you will love the new experiences that await you tonight.”

“Our ride” turned out to be a white stretch limo. A beautiful female, also dressed in formal attire, exited the driver’s seat as we approached and opened the door for us. “Good evening, Anita,” Kelly said, “Do you have any questions about tonight’s itinerary?”

“No, ma’am.”

Kelly indicated that I should enter the limo first. When she sat down across from me, she immediately commented that I was sitting on my cape. In my attempt to pull it from underneath me, the cape opened wide exposing me from the neck down. Kelly interfered with my attempt to pull it back around me with one simple word, “No.” Using hand signals, she then indicated that I should spread my legs. Even though she assured me that no one outside the limo could see us, I was extremely embarrassed. Since I was facing the front and the partition was clear glass, I wondered what our driver could see.

Our conversation, as we rode to our destination, was a second discussion about my date and evening with Barb. I became wet as all the pleasant memories returned. I wanted to question Kelly about what to expect this evening, but knew better. During lapses in conversation, my mind kept wandering to my state of undress as compared to Kelly’s formal attire. How could we possibly be going to a high-class restaurant?

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the buzzer for the intercom sounded. Kelly simply said, “Yes, Anita?”

“We will be at Victoria’s in about one minute, Kelly. I have phoned ahead and alerted the maitre d’. He will be waiting for us at the private entrance.”

“Thank you, Anita.”

The limo slowed to a stop. A few seconds after Anita opened our limo door, a door to the building also opened. A man dressed in black pants, white shirt, bow tie, black cut-off vest and cummerbund exited the building and greeted us. “Good evening, ladies. Welcome to Victoria’s La Trattoria.”

"Good evening to you too, Tom," Kelly replied.

I followed Kelly out of the limo and suddenly felt acutely conscious of my lack of clothing. That wasn’t bad enough. Extreme anxiety hit me right in the solar plexus when, at the door, Tom asked, “May I take your wrap, madam?”

I immediately said, “No!”

Kelly countermanded me. “Yes you may, Tom. Anita will unhook it for you, Pet.”

“Mistress,” I whispered with stress in my voice, “Please, not in front of him. I’m not wearing anything under it.”

“Relax, pet. I already know your state of dress. Besides, Tom has seen naked females before.”

“Yes, ma’am, but not this female,” I pleaded. Kelly laughed.

End of Part 7

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