Kim’s New Life, part 6 by SensuousOne

Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 6

Chapter 21 Company Approval

“As you know, Kim, you and I had numerous meetings over several months before the installation contract was signed. Your extensive knowledge of systems, networks and hardware impressed me so much that I insisted you had to lead the installation before I would sign the contract.” I couldn’t imagine what this had to do with my wardrobe, but I let her continue without comment. “I must tell you that, collectively, I feel your knowledge in these areas is greater than anyone I know in the field.” She then added, with a smile, “Other than my own, of course.” “I only had one worry. I thought the way you dressed was, well, shall I say, somewhat matronly. While you are young yourself, I though some of the employees here would be put off by your choice of clothing, even though your outfits were quite professional.

“I don’t know what happened to you over the weekend, but I was quite surprised when you arrived this morning.  I know it is politically incorrect to comment about one’s appearance in the workplace today, and comments alone can even lead to lawsuits, but I must to tell you that you look quite good today.”

I was floored. “Thank you, ma’am. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me like this. I must admit that I thought you were going to say I have dressed inappropriately. I guess I have had a difficult time accepting the fact that I need to change my old ways. I spent the weekend with a close friend and she insisted that I change my wardrobe. You just confirmed that she was correct in her assessment.”

“Trust me, Kim. This new look will get you a lot farther in your career, and faster, I might add. Regretfully, the workplace is, and always will be sexist oriented, whether you are looking from the view of a male or a female.  Some feminists might object to your ‘new look,’ but I can guarantee that, with your brains, you will be better off adding flair to your clothing. Woman-to-woman, I want to tell you that you should never return to your old styles.”

I smiled at this last remark.  “I don’t think that will be a problem, ma’am. I like the change and think it will be permanent.”

“I wish you would not call me ma’am, Kim. We aren’t that far apart in age. Please call me Denise.”

“Yes, ma’am, I will.” We both started laughing.

“Now I have one more thing to tell you.  The primary reason I wanted to meet with you today is to tell you that I will not be around to supervise the new installation. As you know, Hunter Distributions is a subsidiary of a much larger company. I have been promoted to be our parent company’s Vice President for Information Systems and CIO. This promotion actually happened before I signed the contract but they decided to withhold the announcement until they found a replacement for the position. During my discussions with the Board of Directors, I convinced them that you would be able to champion this installation without me.  My last day will be May 30. Because I sold your attributes so well, they haven’t even started a job search for my replacement so it is expected to take several months for the job search. In fact, they do not plan to announce my departure until the last minute. I have a feeling that you will be our de facto CIO for awhile.”

“I am shocked, but, at the same time, am honored that you, and they, have that much confidence in me, Denise.”

“You’ve already proven yourself.  There is no doubt in anyone’s minds.”

As I started to leave the room Denise said, “Oh, by the way, Kim, I love the glasses.”

The rest of the day progressed as scheduled, although I was a little self-conscious, wondering which woman in the audience might be Sandy’s Mistress. She hadn’t revealed herself by the end of the day, and I had met with nearly every group in the company.

My orders from Kelly were to call her cellphone before I left the building. She answered almost immediately, “I’ll probably be here another half-hour pet. You may go home and change. I slipped home at lunchtime and selected your clothes. Meet me at Lisa’s.”

My collar and a hand-written note were waiting on the table. “Strip and lock your collar on.  Fold your clothes neatly and carry them to the bedroom. Tonight’s clothes and additional instructions are on the bed. You may take a bath first if you desire but not a shower. Don’t get the collar wet.”

Once naked, I went directly to the bathroom. I am a clean freak and normally take at least two showers a day. I was pleased Kelly was giving me a chance to wash the remnants of the day from my body.  I laughed as I drew my bath. One thing I didn’t have to worry about was pinning my hair up to keep it from getting wet. My new Pixie cut took care of that problem.  Kelly hadn’t given me any time frame so I added some bath oils and relaxed with the warmth of the perfumed water surrounding me, thinking about the transformation my life had taken during the past seventy-two hours. I actually loved the change. Almost in a trance, my hands wandered to my cunt. I wanted to masturbate in the worst way, but knew Kelly would not approve. I could only hope she would allow me the privilege later, or even better, do it for me.

Finally, nearly waterlogged, I got out, dried off, and looked in the mirror at the “new me,” haircut, rings, ID tag, et al. I was never ashamed of my body, but always tried to hide it. Suddenly, I realized that I now preferred nudity to clothes.

The clothes laid out for me on the bed were minimal: A leather vest, mini skirt, flat sole ankle booties, and, to my surprise, a white thong panty. The latter was a string style and tied at the sides. I put them on first and used neat little bows to tie the sides together. The vest and skirt had features that were hidden to me until I picked them up: each was laced on both sides. The resulting gaps, about an inch wide, revealed bare skin, and the fact that I was nearly naked underneath, to even the most casual observer. In fact, one had to look hard to see the string of the thong through the side openings. It appeared as if I was not wearing panties. The front panels of the vest were also laced together, but with a larger gap. The biggest surprise was the two holes in the front of the vest. Understanding the obvious purpose of these holes, I pulled my rings through and the nipples followed. The holes were slightly smaller than the rings, which prevented them from puling back through easily. After I put on the boots and looked at myself in the mirror, only one word came to mind: “Hooker.” I couldn’t believe that Kelly expected me to walk out of the house looking like one. What if one of the neighbors sees me? Even worse, what if a police officer stops me? I had no choice. This is what Kelly told me to wear, and I will obey her. After all, I am her slut.

The note on the bed simply said that one more set of instructions awaited in the drawer of the hall table.  I went to the foyer, opened the drawer and started reading.  Are your nipples as hard as I expect them to be, pet? They were. You really are a slut, you know.  One of these days I will convince you. I chuckled to myself. Little did she realize that I was already convinced! Nevertheless, you are correct in your thoughts. I can’t let you go out of the house like that.  There are two rectangular leather patches in the drawer. They have Velcro along the edges. Attach them to the front of the vest to hide your nips until I want them exposed again. I’ll bet you were so worried about being seen that you missed the little Velcro strips on the vest.  Damn, she was right again. I quickly attached the patches before continuing to read the note.

You will also find two chains in the drawer.  The smallest one is a bracelet.  You will notice that a short chain is attached to its center.  This short chain should be on the top of your wrist when you lock the bracelet on with the small heart-shaped padlock. Clip the small chain to the ring on the top of your slave ring. The other chain has three bells and an engraved charm attached. The charm is a duplicate of the one hanging between your legs. It is an anklet and should be locked on with the other small padlock. Now come to me, my pet. I will be waiting for you at Lisa’s.  Stephanie is the maitre d’ tonight. She will lead you to me when you arrive.

I hadn’t taken the last comment on her note literally, until Stephanie removed a leash from the podium and clipped it to my collar. I assumed that I would get used to being on display as I followed Stephanie, at the end of the leash, across the room to my waiting Mistress. I felt as though every eye in the restaurant was following my every step and knew they could see the heated flush of embarrassment move over my face. As we walked across the floor, I saw that Allyson and Sam were at Kelly’s table. “Your pet has arrived, boss,” Stephanie announced.

Kelly turned her chair sideways, accepted the leash and used it to pull my head towards her. My legs weakened when our lips touched and her tongue penetrated my mouth.  Simultaneously, the tension on the chain relaxed and Kelly pulled her head back. “Kneel and rest, Kimmy. Well, what does my little pet think of the outfit her Mistress selected?”

“To be honest, Mistress, when I saw my image in the mirror, I thought I looked like a hooker.”

“Mission accomplished. I would love to take you out to stand on the corner. I am positive you would have a john make you an offer within a few minutes. You definitely appear as though you are ‘looking for cock.’ I’d love to see the look on the john’s face when you informed him that you are hooked on pussy.”

She laughed at the ‘you wouldn’t’ look on my face and said, “Don’t worry, pet. It’s a little too early in your training for that, however, someday… maybe sooner than you think …”

“Are you pleased with the panties I selected for you?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Thank you very much. This skirt is rather short. They do feel rather unusual, though, since I haven’t worn any for most of the last three days,” I laughed.

“Well, I thought you would be a little over-exposed without them,” she replied, grinning. Before I knew what was happening she pulled the pockets off of the front of the vest, exposing my ring-clad nipples.

“Mistress,” I whispered, “We’re in public. What…”

“Don’t worry, pet. I don’t think any of the other female patrons will complain.” She then removed a gold chain from her purse and attached the ends to my rings. “Perfect!” she said. “You may now sit at the table with us.” Instead of removing my leash, she simply laid the end in her lap as I took my place next to her.

Kelly ordered for me. We sipped on our wine waiting for the food to arrive. Conversation then, and during the meal, was what one would expect between four women dining together. Only the collars that Sam and I wore, my leash, and my clothing spoke of the difference between our table and the rest of the patrons in Lisa’s.

When we finished eating, Kelly surprised me somewhat by asking for the keys to the car which she immediately gave to Sam.  In answer to my silent, questioning look, she said, “I asked Allyson if Sam could drive it home for us pet. There is an hour or so of light left and I want to go for a spin on the bike.”

Quite embarrassed because she hadn’t replaced the patches over my nipples, I walked beside her as we crossed the parking lot to the Harley. When we were at the bike, she removed the leash and stored it in the saddlebags. To my surprise, she pulled out the dildo that she had showed me Friday evening. “I think it is time you ride my little friend for awhile, pet. Lose the thong.”

“Little friend!” I thought, as I watched her strap the fake cock to the rear of seat. “Gads, it must be at least three inches in diameter and six long.” At the same time my fingers searched for the bows at the side openings of my skirt. A few seconds later I was grasping the front of the garment and pulling it off my body. “Mistress, it will never fit. I’ve never had anything that big inside me.”

“You had better get used to it, pet. I’ll be putting larger objects than that between your legs before your training is over.” She then took my panties out of my hand and remarked, “Look. You are already dripping wet. You’ll have no problem.  Just stand on the foot rest and lower yourself over it.”

I had to move my hips up and down several times to get it fully into me even though I was well lubricated. Once my ass was resting comfortably on the seat, I felt like my pussy was stretched to the absolute limit it could bear; and she had said that she would be putting larger items in me. Kelly handed me a helmet and put hers on. I was shocked when I heard her voice clearly through small speakers imbedded in the helmet. “How do you feel, pet?"

“Quite stuffed, Mistress,” I laughed, and then asked, “When did you install the comm system?”

“Oh, I’ve always had it. I just chose not to use it on Friday. I wanted you to be contemplating the possibility of our relationship.”

She didn’t seem too worried about my exposed nipples, but I soon realized that they would, essentially, be hidden if I put my arms around Kelly to steady myself, and knew that is exactly what she expected. I definitely would be hugging her tighter tonight. I felt the vibration of the Harley through the dildo as soon as she hit the starter. I quickly knew the ride was going to be quite interesting when, about ten minutes outside of town, Kelly turned onto a bumpy dirt road and started up a slight incline. I gripped Kelly tighter as we bounced along. I, of course, was literally getting fucked. Unable to believe it was possible, I was nearing a crescendo when Kelly pulled off the road at the edge of a wooded area next to a large lake. The scene before us was beautiful. The sun, in it’s descent toward the horizon was reflecting off the water which, without wind, looked like a mirror. I suddenly wished I had a camera to capture the moment.

At that point I was quite reluctant to leave my huge friend, but Kelly insisted. She opened the saddlebag and removed my leash.  Clipping it to my collar, she commented, “I heard the sunset is expected to be fab tonight, pet.  This will be a beautiful spot where we can watch it together.” I wondered why she started to remove the chain connecting my nipple rings until she added an unexpected word, “Strip!”

I didn’t mention that my skirt had a zipper in the back to make dressing and undressing easy. It quickly lay around my ankles.  A few pulls at the laces of the vest, and it, too, fell to the ground. The booties followed and I stood before her naked and proud. She simply stared at me for the longest time before saying, “Gawd, Kimmy, I love you like this. I wish I could keep you naked 24/7.”  She moved closer and my legs automatically parted to accommodate the hand that slithered between them.  Her other hand went behind my neck and pushed my head to hers. Her tongue penetrated my lips while a finger simultaneously entered my cunt. I moaned and hugged her tight.

The passionate tongue and finger fucking seemed to last for hours until she pulled back and said, “Come, pet, we are going to miss the sunset.”  Following her instructions, I pulled a blanket from the saddlebag, followed at the end of her leash to the edge of the lake, and spread the blanket on the ground. She sat down and I stretched out, to lie in her arms while we watched the final movement of the sun below the edge of the earth. Even though she was still fully dressed and I was naked, the scene felt like the most natural thing to do in the world.

Chapter 22 Meeting a Stranger

It truly was a beautiful sunset. Yellow turned into hues of pink and red. The lake reflected the colors of the sky and the forest as the fiery globe disappeared beneath the horizon. As we quietly watched the scene unfold before us, my head rested in Kelly’s lap. I was fully aware of her hand cupping and, very slowly, massaging my breast. Only the sounds of the creatures of the night broke the silence of the moment. Everything seemed to be mimicking the feelings that I felt in my heart for Kelly and hoped were mutually felt in her heart. I had to be in the middle of a dream. How else could all of this possibly have happened in such a short period of time!

An eternity seemed to pass quickly as we drank in the solitude of the moment. It was dark, the moon our only source of light, when I felt Kelly start to move. Turing onto my back, I watched her finish unbuttoning her blouse before shrugging it from her shoulders. “Come to momma, my little baby.” No explanation was necessary. I raised my body enough to slip my right arm around her back as she simultaneously cradled my head in her left arm. My lips eagerly sought and found a hard nipple and I started to suckle.

Kelly lowered her head to kiss my cheek then whispered, “You know, love, I have read that many women can begin to produce milk when their breasts are sucked, even though they have never been pregnant. I hope that is true because I want us both to experience you drinking my milk.”  The intensity of my sucking increased as I too wanted her wish to come true. When Kelly’s right hand trailed from my breast to my waist and over my hip, I pulled my leg up and back, resting my foot flat on the blanket to give access to what I prayed was her final destination. This was actually an automatic reaction on my part, because I was so engrossed in nursing on her breast. However, I did produce a loud moan when her hand cupped my bare cunt. “Ummm, my pet likes this, doesn’t she?” In reply, I simply nodded, rolled her nub with my tongue and gently bit at it before moaning again, slightly louder, as a finger penetrated my tunnel of love. My free hand sought out her other nipple and teased it to a rock hard point.

By using her thumb on my clit and a second finger in my vagina, Kelly quickly brought me to the brink of an orgasm. I was so turned on that all I could do is moan and suck harder on her tit. I should be ashamed to admit it, but as I neared the top of the mountain, thoughts of everything except my impending climax left my mind. I did suck harder on Kelly’s tit, but only because of my own sexual passion. I put both hands around her back and pulled our bodies tighter together and I moved my hips to hump her hand. It didn’t matter that Kelly purposefully wanted to bring me to a climax. It was my duty as her sub to give my Mistress pleasure, not the other way around.  When I finally came, Kelly pulled my head up and kissed me with the deepest passion I had ever felt. She then held me tight until I returned to the modern world.

Looking into my eyes, with a smile she said, “I take it my pet enjoyed her climax.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Thank you so much. Now it is your slut’s turn to pleasure you.”

“Not right now, pet. It’s time to leave. You will have every opportunity in the world to take care of my problem when we get home. I do need to remind you, however, that you did climax without first asking permission.”

“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry, Mistress.”

“Not to worry. It’s just a small omission, which still requires some punishment. We’ll take care of that when we get home, too.”

We rose. I folded the blanket and we walked together to the bike, her left hand holding mine, my leash in her right. I thought I would be putting on the skirt and vest again, but Kelly had other ideas. Opening the saddlebag, she exchanged the blanket for a small zip bag and handed me what looked like a rolled piece of red fabric. “What is this, Mistress?”

“Your clothes to wear for the next leg of our trip, pet.  It is a Lycra body suit, also known as a ‘cat suit.’ ” I had never worn anything like it. The thin, stretch material fit like a second skin. As I pulled it on, I realized that every nook and cranny of my flesh would be highlighted. It even had fingerless coverings for my hands. I needed Kelly’s assistance to zip up the back. Covered from neck to toe, I no longer had to worry about nudity. A turtleneck top insured that not one speck of flesh showed below my head. I was glad that it was dark, but Kelly quickly dispelled that feeling. She turned on the headlight of the Harley and made me model my suit in the spotlight. All I could see was the curve of my breasts and hard nipples. It looked as if the Lycra had been spray painted on me.

My next surprise came when Kelly pulled a Lycra hood from the zip bag, unfolded it and slipped it over my head. The only openings in it were beneath my nostrils and around my mouth. After assisting me with the helmet, Kelly helped me ‘mount her steed’ where I was introduced to my next shock. How did I miss the split crotch of the cat suit?  Kelly parted the material and helped guide me as I again lowered my cunt onto the dildo again. She mounted the bike and I wrapped my arms around her waist as tight as possible as we zipped down the dirt road. Although I was now riding blind, we were able to converse through the helmets’ intercom system.

The ride was definitely something else. If you haven’t tried riding a motorcycle while blindfolded, I highly recommend doing so, but once only. My ride was even more fun, though, because I was again being fucked as I bounced up and down on my friend. I soon realized that it was taking longer to exit the bumpy dirt rode than when we arrived. When I mentioned this to Kelly, she confirmed that she was “taking the long way out. After hugging her waist tightly and moaning from my second climax on this leg of the trip, Kelly laughed and said, “I am pleased my slut is enjoying her ride. Don’t worry. We’ll be back on smooth pavement in a few moments.” Didn’t she realize that I wasn’t the least bit worried?

We traveled for a long time before stopping at what I hoped was our home. I sensed that I was wrong when I realized that Kelly hadn’t entered the garage. After helping me off the bike, Kelly grasped my arm and led me to our destination, cautioning me about obstacles along the way. I thought that we remained outside, but having no skin exposed, I was not sure. I was fairly positive that I heard a gate opening and closing, so I assumed we were in someone’s back yard.

“My pet, I am sure you guessed that we are not alone. I promised Mistress Melissa that I would bring you by for a few minutes this evening. Mistress Melissa is the current president of the society. She was impressed by your performance during your initiation. Say hello to her.”

It felt strange greeting someone who I could not see. Except for the fact that I was in a form of bondage, I realized it wasn’t any different for someone who was blind. I quickly had more respect for them.

In reply, Mistress Melissa said, “I am pleased to meet you in person, Kimmy. I didn’t get the pleasure of greeting you personally on Saturday. I had to leave before the end of your initiation. Your Mistress was sweet enough to bring you over tonight so I could, let’s say, get a closer look at our newest initiate. I almost hate to remove your beautiful cat suit. It is, after all, nothing more than a second skin. I must say that I approve of your Mistress’ choice. It hides none of your lovely attributes. I will have to get one for my slave. The only problem is I can’t sample the goods while you are wearing it.” Someone, I assumed Kelly, grasped the zipper at my neck and slid it down my back. Two sets of hands peeled the suit from my body.

Two sets of hands also buckled cuffs around my wrists and ankles. They then raised my arms and connected the cuffs about three feet apart to what I assumed was a bar above my head. I lost track of time as lips, tongues and fingers touched and probed my body and my most intimate spots. Somehow, I sensed that more than two people were working on me, but I could not be positive. Being touched like this creates strange sensations when one lacks the ability to see. No longer can you anticipate the next touch. It does make a difference. I was continually jumping because I did not expect the next contact.

Not one word was spoken until Kelly said, “My darling pet, we are going to stretch you a bit. Please lift your legs.” Even though it put a severe strain on my shoulders, I willingly complied with her order, wanting to impress Mistress Melissa with my obedience to my Mistress.

Hands grasped my ankles on either side. They raised my legs and spread them apart. Ropes or chains, I know not which, connected the ankle cuffs to my wrist cuffs, preventing me from returning my feet to the support of the floor and kept me in what I imagined was an obscene position. No more words were spoken while hands continued feeling and massaging my body, paying particular attention to my breasts, nipples and ass. Eventually someone probed my cunt. My response to these ministrations was, surprising to me, positive. I knew my pussy was wet. I nearly screamed when something very cold and long entered my cunt. Melissa, I assumed, actually fucked me with it. Damn, what an experience.

I found out that it was a Popsicle, when Melissa commented, “Kelly, I must admit that I have never had a better treat than a Popsicle that has been coated with pussy juice.” Even I, in my stretched position, had to chuckle.

They released my legs, removed the ankle cuffs, and started to put the cat suit back on me. Once it was pulled as high as possible, they released my arms and removed the wrist cuffs, and finished dressing me. Melissa suggested we enjoy a glass of wine before we left and Kelly agreed. My hood was to remain in place. Melissa explained that she wasn’t ready to reveal her identity to me yet. I couldn’t imagine why not. The conversation around the table was, well, what one would otherwise consider “normal.” I was correct in my assumption that a third person was present. I recognized her voice but couldn’t put a name to it.

As we prepared to leave, Melissa said, “Kelly, I would love the privilege of caning your pet’s ass, but I know you do not want that right now. Will you offer me the privilege at a later time?”

“Any time you want, Melissa. I would love to watch you cane her.” Personally, I couldn’t believe they were having this discussion and hoped it was a joke. I knew better than to ask, though. With that, I was released and we returned to the Hog. Melissa accompanied us and when she saw the dildo, she commented, “You still keep that thing in your saddlebags, Kelly?”

“Absolutely, Mel. I even use it myself on occasion. The thrill of riding down the road with “Buster” stuffed in your cunt and fucking you is simply indescribable. When are you going to agree to ride with me and test it out?”

“Keep tempting me and you might have a deal,” Mel laughed.

Fifteen minutes later we were entering our garage. Kelly led me to our bedroom and informed me that I would continue to wear my “outfit” to bed, hood included. I was finally granted the privilege of kneeling between the legs of my Mistress and using my tongue to bring her to a climax. That night I slept with my leg cuffs locked together. A chain extended from the lock to the foot of the bed.

In the morning, Kelly and I showered together. Remaining naked, I dressed my Mistress, prepared breakfast, and ate with her. After the kitchen was clean, I was given permission to dress for work. I had explained to Kelly that my work for the day consisted of a lot of hands-on training. Since it was preferable to remove my suit jacket when doing this, she consented to allow me to wear a bra, but I had to wear a spaghetti strap top. When she laid one of the soft cup bras on the bed, I mentioned that the straps would show and asked if I could wear one of my strapless bras. She replied by reminding me that all my bras had been cut up and I had to loosen up a bit. Bra straps were the style of the day. Even though I was the only one who knew I was sans panties, I was embarrassed. That feeling lessened as the day wore on. I was so busy, I occasionally even forgot that I wasn’t wearing any. I knew I would eventually become accustomed to my new styles.

My cuffs were waiting on the table when I arrived home along with a note telling me to expect Kelly at 6 pm and instructing me to prepare supper for the two of us. I stripped, locked the cuffs in place, picked up the collar and went to the kitchen. When she arrived, I immediately fell to my knees, presented the collar and waited for her to lock it on. We kissed. She pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down. My reaction to this was spontaneous. I automatically lay over her lap, presenting my ass for its arrival spanking. Tonight it was with her hand. Afterwards she warned that it would not always be this easy. She also liked to use a hairbrush or a paddle. During the meal, we discussed our day and revealed more of our personal lives to one another. I knew that most days after work would begin this way.

That evening, to continue my D/s training, she had me read “The story of O,” explaining that the book was considered one of the most well known books of the genre. She felt it would help define the aspect of complete surrender to a Mistress even though O had a male dom. O’s complete willingness to submit, without question, definitely fascinated me. I stopped a few times to have Kelly explain passages that I did not fully understand. I was glad that I could speed-read because I was able to finish it that evening.

When I finally closed the book, Kelly grasped my chin, looked deeply into my eyes, and said, “You might just become MY ‘O’ darling.” I realized the ring I as wearing on my finger was similar to the one described in the story. It was after midnight when we finished talking so we went directly to bed. I smiled when she connected my collar to the head of the bed with the chain again. This simple act reinforced the idea that I “belonged to her.” There was no longer any doubt in my mind that I wanted Kelly to “own” me. Too exhausted to do anything else we kissed and fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Chapter 23 A Little Humiliation

As promised a daily spanking upon arriving home each night would become part of our daily routine. In addition, Kelly continued to specify every article of clothing that I wore to work, being sure to loosen up my puritan leanings. Her unequivocal love made being obsequious to her easy. Each day came with a new surprise. However, I am getting somewhat ahead of my story.

Wednesday was a day of classroom training. I felt comfortable wearing a turtleneck sweater (with bra), pleated skirt, thigh highs and high heels. We had a special classroom set up with computers and training software, so everyone could do real-time, hands on, training using of their own company’s databases. It was a concept I had developed for our software. We converted one department at a time. Once the conversion was complete for that department, our software would automatically update the new database from the old on a real-time basis. Each night a mirror image would be made of the new database to be used for training purposes only. Once I completed formal training for a department, the classroom would be available 24/7 (when formal training was not scheduled) to any individual desiring to experiment with the new software. Since this mirror image was updated nightly with actual data, no one could screw it up. My modus operandi for the conversion was to most difficult (with respect to using the software) first then move to the least difficult. That way those needing the most training would have more time to work with it.

I had permission to silence my cell phone, but only to vibrate, when in meetings, of course, with explicit instructions to call Kelly as soon as I could if she had called during the meeting. I felt it vibrate during the first training session after lunch. She left a voice mail, “Hi Pet. If you can’t be home by five, please let me know. We’re going out to dinner and the restaurant is a fifty-minute drive. We have a six o’clock reservation.

My last training session was to end around four. Afterwards I had to meet with Diane, the CIO. I updated her daily and, after training sessions, we discussed who I felt would need more concentrated, one-on-one training. Being home on time would not be a problem.

When I entered her office, Diane complemented me on my choice of clothing again. “I apologize for always saying that, Kim, but it’s true. While your old styles were very professional, they really did look somewhat homely. You can’t believe how many times I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t want to take a chance. One just does not say things like that in today’s work environment. I promise this will be the last time I will say that.”

“I really appreciate the compliment, Diane. I must admit that I do feel better about myself now.” I wondered what she would think if she knew the whole truth. Initially I thought she might be Sandra’s Mistress, but, if she were, I think she would have revealed that fact by now.

Kelly was home and waiting in the den when I arrived. Only my collar was on the table. I stripped, crawled to her and presented the collar. She locked it on and kissed me. Without any additional direction, I lay over her lap and received my spanking with her open hand. “Your clothing and footwear for tonight is laid out on the bed, Pet. Dress quickly and return to me.” She was already dressed for the evening, wearing a black, long-sleeve, ruffle neckline, jersey Ann Taylor dress that ended at mid-thigh. Since I didn’t assist her in dressing, I wasn’t sure if she was wearing black thigh-highs or a garter belt and nylons. I knew she was sans bra, but panties were also questionable. Basic black pumps with 3-inch heels adorned her feet.

The dress awaiting me was stunning: A pale blue, short sleeve, cashmere sweater dress. It had a cowl neckline and a pleated skirt. The transition between the top and skirt was a three-inch wide faux belt around the midline of my hips. Instead of a buckle, buttons secured the two ends just in front of my pelvic bones, so, technically it wasn’t even a belt. It just looked like one. I glanced around to insure Kelly had not followed me and quickly checked the label. She had purchased it from Victoria’s Secret.

When I checked the rest of the clothes she had laid out, bikini panties, in a matching pale blue, surprised me the most. I donned the panties along with a black garter belt and a pair of black nylons before slipping the dress over my head. It felt wonderful against my skin. I checked my reflection in the full-length mirror. The top was molded to my upper body My nipples and their rings were prominently displayed. Finally, I pulled on the 4-inch spike heel, suede knee-high boots.

Kelly whistled when I walked into the den. “Damn, pet,” she exclaimed, “you clean up nice. You look even better in that dress than I thought you would.”

I did a pirouette for her and replied, “Why thank you, Mistress. You’re the one who is responsible for teaching this slut how to dress properly.” She simply smiled. “Is this dress one of yours?”

“No, pet, I bought it especially for you.”

“Why thank you, Mistress. I love it. What’s the occasion?”

“Nothing special, pet. I bought it just because I love you.” She stood, kissed me and said, “That’s enough chatter. Let’s get moving or we will be late.”

As we walked towards the door, I could not remain silent. “Mistress, I am not questioning you, but my collar doesn’t seem to go with this dress.”

“Oh, gawd, kimmy, I completely forgot. Thank you for reminding me. Don’t worry; I won’t punish you for bringing that to my attention. I’ll get a replacement.” She then ordered me to position. Her grin told me that there was more to this than was obvious.

She returned carrying a white leather collar that I estimated to be three inches wide and a couple chains with small links. I realized that the collar would be even more obvious than my regular collar to anyone around us. I instantly knew that, because of the width, I would be continuously aware of it’s presence throughout the evening. The always-present padlock snapped shut.

Holding up the chains, Kelly asked, “Can you guess what these are for, pet?”

There were two, which I guessed to be about six inches long, with a similar length pieces attached to the center of each, also about 6 inches long.

“Other than knowing you will be putting them on me, Mistress, I have no idea.” Kelly smiled, knelt down and wrapped one chain tightly around my ankle. The piece attached to the center was pulled under the arch of the boot. The three ends were connected by a small lock. The second chain set was similarly locked around my other boot. “There, my pet. You won’t be able to remove your boots without my assistance. Just for your information, the keys to the locks and the one on your collar will remain at home.”

The collar had a stainless ring in front and one on each side. Kelly clipped a leash to the front ring, picked up her purse, and handed me a clutch purse. “It contains all you will need tonight, pet; a driver’s license and your credit card.”

I followed her to the car at the end of the leash. She had said the restaurant that we would be going to was nearly an hour’s drive, so I knew it would not be Lisa's. Just outside the front door of the restaurant, Kelly removed the leash, much to my relief, but kept it in her hand, semi-coiled. The collar would remain locked in place.

I knew it was an upscale restaurant as soon as we entered. The employees wore white shirts and black skirts or black slacks. The table coverings and napkins were all linens, and fresh flowers decorated the tables. As we followed the matire‘d to our table, which was in a semi-secluded booth, Kelly whispered, “You don’t have to pull your dress up yet, pet.” The “yet” worried me. Then she indicated, by a nod, that I was to sit opposite her. I was somewhat surprised when she coiled the leash and laid it on the table next to her plate, causing me to wonder where this would lead.

Our server approached the table. “Good evening, ladies. My name is Amber and I will be taking care of you this evening. Would you like a drink or an appetizer to start?”

“Yes, please, we would like an order of calamari and two glasses of your best Shiraz,” Kelly replied. Then, to my surprise, she picked up my menu, handed it to Amber and said, “My pet won’t need a menu, Amber. I will be ordering for her.”

As if this were a daily occurrence, Amber took the menu and replied, “Yes, ma’am, I understand.” She then looked at me and smiled.

While waiting, we continued the casual conversation we had started during the drive, which primarily consisted of discussing our individual day at work. Amber returned, placed the wine and appetizer on the table, looked at Kelly and said, “May I ask a personal question?”

“Of course you may, Amber. You may ask anything you wish. To be honest, I would be disappointed if you didn’t.”

Amber turned to look at me and spoke, “Well, your collar is quite evident. I probably wouldn’t think much of it except for the leash lying on the table. What do they mean?”

“May I answer her, Kelly?”

“Yes you may, pet, but I think you should address me properly,” Kelly replied grinning.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I’m sorry for forgetting.” I started to blush as I provided the explanation that I knew Kelly desired. I touched the collar with my fingers. “You referred to this as my collar. Even though I am wearing it, the collar actually is the property of Mistress Kelly, ma’am. It is an outward symbol and a continuous reminder, to me and to anyone in the know, that I belong to her. She can attach the leash to this ring in the collar to literally lead me where she wants me to go. But more important, in a figurative sense, it is a sign of her control over my life and that I am to trust her that she will not lead me astray.”

“Ah…I’m not quite sure I understand,” Amber replied.”

'Oh, shit,' I thought, 'I'm going to have to explain my situation to her.'

“Ah…I have agreed that I will be a sort of slave for Mistress Kelly for one month, which means I will do anything she wants outside of my work.”

“Oh, wow,” was her only comment before turning to leave.

Kelly chuckled and said, “I think you got her attention, pet.”

When Amber returned with our main course, she commented to Kelly, “I am intrigued by your relationship. Do you mind telling me more?”

“Do you have a few minutes?”

“Yes, you are my only customers, right now.”

At Kelly’s direction, I provided additional details about our Mistress/slave relationship. When I finished Amber asked, “So you will obey any order from your Mistress.” I answered in the affirmative. She looked at Kelly and said, “While I’m intrigued, I find it hard to believe.” I didn’t realize it, but she was falling into Kelly’s plan to provide me with a small dose of public humiliation.”

“Would you like a little example, Amber?”

“Oh, heck, why not?” she replied.

“Well, she normally is without underwear. Tonight I permitted her to wear panties. Maybe I should not let her get used to wearing them.” Kelly then looked at me and said, “Take them off, pet.”

Understanding what she wanted, I still had to incredulously ask, “Here, ma’am?”

“Did I tell you to go somewhere else?”

“No, ma’am, you didn’t.”

I felt the heat of embarrassment start at my toes and move quickly upwards. I knew my face had to be bright red as, with only a small moment of hesitation, I raised my hips, hiked the dress up enough to slip my thumbs into the waistband of the panties and quickly pushed them off. I tried as hard as I could, but it was nearly impossible to discretely slip them down my legs and over my shoes.

I wadded them into a ball while still under the table and held it tightly in my lap.

Wordlessly Kelly extended her hand to me, palm up, and wiggled her fingers. My face became more flushed as I placed the offending piece of fabric on her hand. “I wonder why they are so damp.” She exclaimed. Then she asked, “Are you still sitting on your dress, pet?”

I answered, “Yes, ma’am,” while rising enough to pull the dress from under me. I knew I was now somewhat exposed.

“Nothing is permitted between her bare ass and her chair when she is not wearing panties, Amber. She will be receiving a spanking when we get home for forgetting that rule.”

“I’ll be damned,” Amber commented before adding, “There’s my vibrator. Your food is ready.” She quickly dashed away.

Amber had to take care of new customers after serving our meals and, thankfully (to me) didn’t get a chance to talk to us again. Kelly paid with her credit card. When Amber returned with the receipt, Kelly gave her my panties as a “memento” of the evening. Amber thanked her and said, “I must admit that this has been a different experience for me.”

I continued to wear the collar while we made love in bed that night. It was, of course, chained to the bed.

Thursday brought a new surprise. This surprise was not from Kelly, however, and had nothing to do with to our relationship; at least directly. The secretary of the president of my company called to advise me that he had asked that I meet with him the following afternoon. They had received a call from the VP of Human Resources at Hunter Industries and wanted to talk to me about it. She added that it was something he didn’t want to discuss over the phone. I had not planned a routine trip to my home office over the weekend, and asked if he would be willing to meet the following week. She explained that it would be in my best interest meet with him as soon as possible. I, of course became very worried that someone had reported my involvement with Kelly, or maybe it was my change in the clothing, even though Denise had given her approval. Of course, hers wasn’t an official approval. His secretary and I were friends so I told her about my “new look.” We discussed the situation and she said I shouldn’t worry even if what I suspected turned out to be the reason he wanted to talk.

I immediately called Kelly who said she would have to change some plans, but realized it was something I had to do. I arranged to fly home Friday morning and booked my return on the first flight on Saturday. Regretfully, this flight wasn’t until Saturday afternoon. Regardless, if he was going to fire me, I wanted to be back with Kelly as soon as possible. I would have returned Friday but there were no flights available.

She was at home when I arrived that evening. I stripped at the door and carried my collar to her. I thought she looked beautiful in the shirtdress she was wearing. Once my collar was locked on I was surprised to learn that she had already prepared dinner. I remained naked while we ate. I don’t think I will ever get used to being naked while she is dressed, but have come to like the idea. We discussed my concerns while we ate and she unsuccessfully attempted to assure me that my worrying was all for naught. After I washed the dishes (Kelly helped by drying them) we retired to the den to watch a chick flick, during which we hugged and kissed like two teenagers. To my chagrin she refused to let me undress her. Once in bed, however, we made love. I lost count of my climaxes (all permitted).

Chapter 24 Meeting with the Boss

Friday morning Kelly presented me with a necklace made of small, silver chain links. It was just long enough to fit around my neck and was locked on using a small heart padlock. Looking in the mirror we both agreed that it looked like a normal necklace and, since I could not remove it, it would be a constant reminder of my status. I was not provided with the key. Kelly dropped me off at the airport, kissed me goodbye and wished me good luck. I promised to call her as soon as I knew something.

In addition to my new necklace, the traveling outfit Kelly selected consisted of a sundress, garter belt, nylons, and heels. I knew I would be self-conscious about my condition, having never traveled without underwear. Had Kelly been flying with me, I would have been much more comfortable. However, that was not to be. She did not want to use a substitute to teach the classes she had scheduled on Friday. Because of today’s high security levels, she couldn’t even accompany me to the gate. I had to wait alone for over an hour.

My level of apprehension was high enough that I was concerned my necklace, new rings and ID tag might set off the metal detectors. Kelly teased, I think, by saying she’d love to watch the TSA employee who had to strip search me, after I was wanded, to insure I wasn’t hiding anything dangerous. When I pleaded with her to permit me to take them off long enough to go through security, she told me to stop whining or she would make me wear some additional metal to insure I would activate the metal detector. I’d just have to take the chance that I wouldn’t set the alarm off.

As it turned out, my fear was all for naught. I breezed through security. As I waited to board my plane, I became more comfortable about not wearing underwear even though the lack of a bra was obvious through the cotton material. “I shouldn’t care,” I thought. “After all, I am following my Mistresses desires and doing what I want.”

I stopped by my apartment for a short interval to shower and change into the power suit I packed in my carryon case: a grey, above-the-knee, pleated skirt, matching blazer, white lace-embroidered cami top, thigh highs and new black, three-inch heels. It was, of course, the work outfit Kelly had selected for the day. She had prescribed a black thong, but no bra.

Arriving at my home office late Friday morning, I went directly to the office of my immediate supervisor for a short debriefing. While this was standard procedure, I really wanted to see if she knew anything about the reason for my suddenly scheduled meeting with the president, which was not standard. Barbara looked up from her desk when I walked into her office, stared at me for several seconds and said, “May I help you?”

Realizing she didn’t even know it was me I laughed a little before replying, “Yes, I think you might be able to, after all, boss, you are my supervisor.” We always called one another by first names, but this time I added “boss” to see her reaction.

Suddenly the light went on in her head, “Oh, my gawd, Kim, I didn’t even recognize you. I can’t remember the last time I saw you in a skirt and you’ve cut your hair. What happened to the “conservative Kim” that used to work here?”

Barb had always worn short skirts, so I wasn’t worried that she would disapprove of the style, but wondered if she considered my change to be too drastic. “Oh, that Kim decided that she as too stuffy and needed an image change. You don’t like it?”

“Au contraire, I absolutely love it. You look fantastic. I just didn’t expect it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your knees,” she jibed. “And the heels are fab. What’s with the glasses, though?” I replied that I thought they would enhance my ‘new look.’ She asked me to take them off for a second then agreed with me. “You look great without them, but fantastic with them, too. I think you should wear them most of the time.”

“Do you think they make me look like a geek?”

“Kim, I would say that had you worn them with your other clothes, but not now. I can honestly say you do not look like a geek. Dressed like you are, your glasses make you look, well, sexy.”

I then asked about the afternoon meeting. “Yes, Kim, I do know what it is about, but I promised Mr. Fields I wouldn’t say anything.”

“Is it good or bad?”

“That depends on your perspective. Some people fear a promotion while others consider a layoff to be a challenge. Come on, Kim. We’ve worked together too long. You’re not going to trap me into revealing what he wants to tell you.” Damn! Using both promotion and layoff in her analogy definitely didn’t help. "Do you have anything pressing to take care of in your office before you see him?”

“No, I’ve been keeping my reports up to date through the net. I may have a few emails to answer, but that’s about all.”

“Great, then we can go to lunch.  It may be better if you meet with Mr. Fields after a glass of wine and on a full stomach.” I couldn’t decide if she was teasing me or not. She definitely didn’t calm my nerves.

I was pleased when Barb said she needed to use the restroom while we were waiting for our table. I had promised to call Kelly so she could tell me what to eat for lunch. “Good morning, Mistress.”

“Hi, pet. Where are you?”  I gave her the name of the restaurant and said I was dining with Barb, and explained our professional relationship.

“What time is your meeting with Mr. Fields?” Kelly asked. I told her and wondered how she knew his name, because I hadn’t mentioned it. I picked up a sample menu and read off several items that interested me.  “Do they have a spinach salad?” she asked.  I replied that they did. “Great. Order that with hot vinegar dressing.” “May I have something to drink, Mistress?”

“Do you mean an alcoholic beverage?”

“Yes, ma’am. Barb suggested I might need a glass of wine.”

“Then you may. In the future you must be more specific, or you’ll be drinking water.”

“Yes, ma’am, I understand. I apologize.”

“I think a Manhattan will be perfect, instead of wine. Only one, though.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Are you wearing the jacket to your suit?”

“Yes, ma’am, I am.”

“Take it off.”

“Ma’am?” I replied questioningly.

“Apparently my slut is getting hard of hearing in her old age. I said ‘Take it off.’ You will be much more comfortable. Don’t worry. You said Barb was your friend, too. Am I correct?”

“My Mistress is always correct. I will obey her.”

“Have a fun lunch, slut.”

“Thank you, ma’am. I will.”

I saw Barb returning and quickly said my “good-bys”

Lunch was non-professional. We were close friends in addition to our professional relationship. She quickly brought me up to date on office and community gossip. When I ordered my salad, Barbara remarked, “Gads, even the ‘junk food queen,’ has left us. And I don’t think you ever had a mixed drink at lunch before."

I gave her a wide smile. “You’d be surprise how much I’ve changed.”

“I see new changes all the time,” she replied while staring at my hard nipples. I was glad she didn’t add to that remark.

As planned, we arrived back at the office with a few minutes to spare before my one-thirty meeting. Before we parted, Barb said to stop by her office immediately after the meeting.

As one might expect, my apprehension increased tenfold as I approached the head office. Jenna, Mr. Fields secretary, said, “Go right in, Kimberly, he is waiting for you.” Then she added, “Love your outfit. You definitely look different, especially with the glasses. I must admit that I am glad Barb called and said you were on the way up. I might not have recognized you.” I thanked her and asked if she knew what the meeting was about. “I do, but, as I mentioned on the phone, I’m not at liberty to tell you.  Good luck.”

My stomach was doing flips as I walked through the door. Normally I was very comfortable when meeting with the president. I didn’t mention that Mr. Fields founded the company and, at only 35, was responsible for its expansion into a multi-million dollar corporation. I guess one could say that he is even responsible for my success. I consider him to be one of my mentors. Right now, however, I wondered if Barb’s suggestion about a full stomach was a good one.  I suddenly was fearful I might bring it all back up.

He stood when I entered his office. “Good afternoon, Kimberly.” I was directed to sit after returning his greeting and shaking hands. I surprised myself by considering my obedience to Kelly even though I was in the office of the head of my company.  I carefully pulled up my skirt in back as I sat down, doing my best to insure he wouldn’t notice. The leather seat felt great against the bare skin on my ass.

“Do you have any idea why I asked to meet with you?”

“No, sir, I really don’t,” I gulped. I couldn’t remember when I had been so nervous. Gads, I was calmer during my interviews with him.

“Well, I’m glad to know we can still keep a few secrets around here. I had a feeling someone at Hunter might have said something to you, though, since a phone call from them is the reason you are in my office right now.” Ready to upchuck, I simply nodded. He continued, “I guess I should begin by saying that I think you have been one of the hardest working employees I have ever had, and I truly hate to lose you.”

'Oh shit, here it comes,' I thought. There was no doubt that my relationship with Kelly had been reported to Hunter and they had complained. My personal life should be none of their fucking business and I quickly prepared myself to argue the point. I started to make a comment when he said, “Please, Kimberly, hear me out before you say anything.” His grin was a little too much for me, considering the fact that he was about to fire me.

Chapter 25 A Proposition

Mr. Fields walked around the desk and leaned back against it directly in front of me. “As I started to say, you have been one of the hardest working employees I have ever had and you have truly made a difference in our bottom line while you’ve been here. The call I received was to ask me to release you from your employment contract.”

I immediately started to interrupt, “But…”

With a stern look on his face, Mr. Fields held up his index finger. “I asked you to hear me out, Kimberly.” Still wanting to argue, but feeling rebuked, I realized that it was in my best interest to wait him out. After all, no matter what happened I would need a recommendation from him if I wanted a good job after this one.

“Did you know that they have promoted their CIO?”

“Yes sir. She informed me of that fact just this week.” I knew my voice was a little harsh, but couldn’t make it more cordial.

“Well, they have obviously seen the same qualities in you that I have. They want you as her replacement."

I’m not really sure I heard him. Still thinking he was giving me the boot, I said, “I can’t believe you are letting me go and are still able to grin like that.”

“Kimberly, you are not listening to me. I am not firing you. I am giving you the opportunity you deserve. Hunter wants you as their new CIO.”

Reality suddenly hit me. “Oh, shit! I’m sorry I sounded like that, “ then added, “But I enjoy working here and feel I have a good future working for and with you. I don’t have any desire to leave.”

“Kim, Hunter is offering to pay you fifty-percent over what we are giving you without even knowing what your salary is; and they have better benefits. Actually, I told them you were due for a significant raise and they even agreed to increase that by the fifty-percent. You have impressed them and they really do want you. I would be paying you a disservice if I did not recommend that you take the job.”

“Damn, you are making it difficult to say ‘no,’ but, on the other hand, I think the bonus I would receive here at the end of the year would exceed the fifty-percent. And I would be entering an unknown commodity from one in which I feel comfortable.”

“Actually, if you remember my exact words, I said I truly hate to lose you. After a lot of introspection and out of selfishness, I have decided that I am not going to release you from your employment contract.” I didn’t know whether I should love or hate him.

“Let me make a proposal. You can then make your final decision. You are solely responsible for landing the Hunter contract. They do not want anyone else to work on the installation. They feel that you can handle it in the context of your position as CIO. The biggest surprise, to me, is that they did not ask to reduce the contract price even though you would be their employee; if you accept their offer, that is. They know that the contract price already includes the cost of your time, travel and on-site expenses. They specifically said that they were still willing to pay the full contract price if you accepted the position. Hell, Kim, you negotiated the contract. You know that translates into pure profit for us. If I release you from your contract, we would not be paying your salary or your travel expenses. By the way, I appreciate the fact that you were able to reduce your expenses by finding a friend to live with. Not many employees would take that initiative."

“I must admit, Mr. Fields, that was almost an accident, but I couldn’t refuse my friends offer.” I’m glad he didn’t know the whole truth.

“Adding it all together,” he continued, “I feel we would reap a major windfall as a result of the cumulative effect of these savings. You should, of course, share in that windfall. My proposal is that we amend your contract to pay you a reduced salary of, let’s say twenty-five percent of current, but still base your year-end bonus on your current position and annual salary level. I know that moving from a known commodity to an unknown one, as you so succinctly put it, is taking a chance. You might not like being an employee at Hunter. For that reason, I will guarantee to rehire you for a minimum three-year employment contract if you want to return at any time in the future. The only thing I will require of you in return is that you promise to finish the installation on time, send us the usual weekly status reports, and fly back once a month for a formal meeting, until it is completed. In that context, and to prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest, you will have to be paid as an independent consultant, which means you will have to pay for your own medical insurance out of your earnings. We will increase your twenty-five percent to cover that for you, too. Social Security won’t be a problem this year because you will max that out with your salary here and at Hunter.”

I sat there and stared at him dumbfounded. Finally when I could find words, I said, “I’d be a fool not to accept, wouldn’t I, Mr. Fields? And the company would actually lose money if I said no. Correct?”

“Yes on both parts, Kimberly. And from now on, please call me Brian.”

“And you really mean that you’d give me a job at any time in the future.”

“Yes, for a minimum of three years even if you want to come back ten years from now. I’ll even put that promise in writing. As part of that I’ll even guarantee a minimum salary by year, with increases for inflation.”

Instinctively I jumped up and hugged him. “Thank you very much. I won’t let you down, Mr. Fields…I mean Brian.”

“I take that as a yes.”


“Besides you and me, only three people know the terms of our deal, Kim: my executive assistant and the VP of finance. Your supervisor knows about Hunter wanting to hire you away from us and the higher pay they are offering and that I will hire you back if you are unhappy there but nothing else. Please don’t reveal the terms, except the fact that you will be keeping us up-to-date on the installation as a consultant. In case you are concerned, I cleared your ‘consultant status’ with Hunter saying it would save me sending someone over to check on progress. I assured him everything would remain confidential."

We then called Hunter on his speakerphone and advised them of my acceptance. As we shook hands and I turned to leave his office, he called my name, “Kim!”

“Yes, sir?”

“Please don’t take offense. I know it is no longer correct to comment on the way someone dresses, but I just have to say I like your new look.”

“Thank you, Brian.”

Barb had a wide smile on her face when I walked into her office. “Well, Kim, did you accept Hunter’s offer?”

“No. I love it here too much. Working for you has been fantastic and rewarding. If I move, I may be stepping into a fire.”

“But I thought Brian was going to recommend that you accept and offer you a return guarantee.”

“He did.” “Then how could you be crazy enough refuse Hunter’s offer?”

“I didn’t, silly. I was teasing you.”

“You bitch. I was going to offer to take you out for dinner tonight to celebrate, but I think I just changed my mind.”

“I’m sorry, Barb. Don’t be mad at me. I’m so pleased; I just had to tease you.”

“Does that mean you accept my offer for dinner?”

“Ah, I might have a conflict,” I fibbed. Can I let you know shortly, after I go back to my office for a few minutes? I need to make a call first.”  I knew I had to have Kelly’s approval.

“Not a problem.” As I turned to leave, she stopped me. “Kim, I must be honest with you. I’m not asking you out as your boss. You no longer work for me. I’m sort of asking you for a date to celebrate your new status.”

“A date!” I exclaimed. “Are you gay? I distinctly remember you going to office functions with men.”

She walked around to the front of her desk and grasped my hand. I was surprised at the tingle I felt because of her touch. “If I said I was, would you think less of me?”

'I guess our friendship wasn’t as close as I thought. How could I not have known,' I thought to myself. Two weeks ago my answer probably would have been ‘yes,’ although I would have lied to her and said, ‘no.’ Instead, I now honestly told her, “Of course not, Barb. One’s sexual leanings do not change the person. You are my closest friend and always will be.”

“To be truthful, Kim, I am bisexual. However, I do prefer the company of another female to a male. I haven’t slept with a man in over two years. The men you saw me with were simply window dressing. They never got into my pants.”

“Damn! I never suspected. And what makes you think I prefer the company of a woman?”

“Actually, I don’t, Kim. That’s why I am being up-front with you. Had I suspected that you were bi- or lesbian, I would have simply asked you out and tried to seduce you, and probably before this, if the truth be known. Look, I’m not asking you to go to bed with me. I don’t even want to know if you are attracted to women. Tonight I simply want your companionship. I want to take you out to dinner, then, if you are willing, dancing; nothing more. Kim, to be honest, I have had feelings for you from the day you started working here, but avoided approaching you because of our professional relationship. However, since I am not officially your boss, that is no longer a problem. I hope you will grant me that privilege, even if it is just for this one night. I promise I won’t attempt to seduce you. I just want a friendly date; to have your company for an evening, especially since you are going to be moving out of town. I’m going to miss you being around here. Gawd, I don’t believe I just said all that. Please don’t be upset with me.”

“Trust me, Barb. I am not upset in the least. In fact, I’m flattered.” Then I knew I had to change the subject. “You’re not going to supervise me even though I’ll still be reporting back as a part of the contract?”

“Yep! I guess Brian left that announcement for me to make. He and I discussed your status in detail. You only have to make a written report on the installation progress a minimum of once a week. You will send it to me, but Brian will be your official contact. Once in a while he may want a phone report. Your name will not appear on the corporate ladder. I’m sure he mentioned that classifying you as a consultant will eliminate any internal conflicts here and at Hunter.” I confirmed her statement.

“Give me fifteen minutes to make a couple calls and I’ll be back.” When she offered her phone, I begged off saying the numbers were in my office.

My heart was racing when I got to my office and dialed Kelly. I explained the details of the job offer to her and told her how thrilled I was that I could be with her 24/7, if she wanted, that is. She replied that she definitely wanted me there and hoped that I’d still be willing to renew our own contract after the month. I was sure that I would but remained coy on the point.

I was shocked when she rebuked me. "I cannot believe you made this decision without checking with me first. You still belong me, you know."

I swallowed hard before answering. "Mistress, I apologize. I didn't think I needed to since this was a professional decision. To be honest, I was only thinking of myself when I accepted, but immediately thought you'd be pleased because I’ll be moving there."

"I am pleased, pet. More than you know. And you are correct. The job move was strictly a professional decision. However, I don't think you will mind if I still spank you when you get home.” We both knew I would be spanked in any case.  She didn't need a reason.

Then I had to drop the bomb.  “Mistress, I do have one problem.”

“And what might that be, my pet?” I told her about Barb asking me for a date, and related the entire conversation virtually word for word. “Why do you consider that a problem, Kimmy?”

“Because, as you just said, I belong to you, Mistress.”

“Pet, many may find this a dichotomy, but one side of me is very old-fashioned when it comes to sharing my lovers, while the other side is very free-thinking. I have already shared you. Did you think less of me, or love me less because of that?”

“Well, no, Mistress.”

“And would you be jealous if I made love to another woman with your knowledge?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Why not?”

“Because I know you love me and you just said you wouldn’t be doing it behind my back. Besides, as your slave, it is not my position to be jealous.”

“Slaves do get jealous, pet. It's just best, in most cases, that they not show their jealousy to their Mistress. Just so you know, some Mistress’ think they can do anything they want without informing their subs, but I will never do that. I hope I never give you an opportunity to be jealous.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Had you simply accepted Barb’s offer without asking me, though, I would be very upset. You should not consider it a problem, however. You have given me the choice of accepting or denying her request. Let me ask a question first. Would you like to go out with her?”

“Yes, we have been professional friends for several years. I think it would be the proper thing to do, but not as a date.”

“Professional relationship aside, do you think your friendship would have been closer if she hadn’t been your supervisor?”

“Maybe, but I can’t say it would have been anything but platonic. After all, you brought out the lesbian side of me. Had she tried to seduce me, I probably would have rejected her.”

Kelly laughed then said, “True.  Let me ask it a different way.  Considering what you now know about yourself, do you find her sexual attractive.”

“Yes I think I do.”  Then I remembered the feeling when Barb had grasped my hand and told Kelly about it.

“But she said she wouldn’t try to seduce you, correct?”

“That’s right, Mistress.”

“Then I want you to accept, and if the opportunity is there, I think you should seduce her!”

“Mistress! I couldn’t do that!”

“Of course you can, and you will, if I order you to.” There was silence on the line for a moment before she added, “From what you said, it sounds as if Barb really wants to make love to you.”

“That is the feeling I got, Mistress. All I would have to do is let her know that I don’t have a problem with it.”

“Seriously, pet, it could be a litmus test. I would like to test your love for me. You have my permission to spend the night with her. See if it changes your feelings for me. Then call me in the morning and let me know.”

“Are you making it an order then, Mistress?”

“No it I am not. The decision is yours to make.”

“Thank you, Mistress. I’ll think about it. Just in case I do, what shall I wear?”

“The outfit I packed for tonight will be a little too casual for this date.  Wear what I packed for your flight home. I’m sure she will like the short skirt and the way your midriff is bared with the cut-off peasant blouse. We can discuss your new traveling clothes in the morning. Just for the record, you do not have to ask permission for anything else until you call me in the morning.”

“Ah, then there could be one more small problem, Mistress.”

“And what might that be, my little one."

“I don’t think I will be able to explain my ID tag to her, and, as you know, I can’t remove it.”

“Oh, I think you are intelligent enough to find a way. Remember that honesty always helps, pet. Besides, don’t you think Barb deserves to know you belong to someone else?”

“You’re correct, ma’am. Otherwise, I would be simply leading her on. She needs to know it will be a ‘one night stand’ even though I despise that term.”

“Darling, it might not have to be a one night stand. I could permit you to get together with her in the future if you want, and if you are a good slave. You just have to provide all the facts to her.

“Thank you, Mistress. What did I do to deserve you?”

“You walked into Lisa’s wearing white ankle socks, slut” she chided and laughed. “Relax and enjoy your evening. Just don’t forget that I love you. You are free to do whatever comes naturally tonight. I will be anxiously awaiting your report in the morning.”

“I love you, too, Mistress. And thank you for being so understanding and for being such a wonderful Mistress. It pleases me that you trust me so much.”

I trembled as I walked back to Barbara’s office, wondering what my answer would be. Well, I knew I was going to accept her offer for a “date,” but didn’t know what I wanted to do beyond that. Even though Kelly had encouraged me, I still thought it didn’t seem right to make love to someone else. Moreover, I really wasn’t sure I wanted Barb to know about my relationship with Kelly, while, at the same time, thinking it would be interesting to make love to her. 'After all,' I thought, 'Kelly said she wasn’t ordering me to make love to Barb. She simply said she wanted me to.' But then, a Mistress' wish is a command, isn't it? Could I really make love to another woman? I took a deep breath and knocked on Barb’s door jam.

End of Part 6

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