Kim’s New Life, part 5 by SensuousOne

Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 5

Chapter 17 Introduction to the Playroom

Sam and I awakened first in the morning. Actually, Sam was first and carefully shook me. She indicated we should be quiet so as not to awaken Kelly as we slipped out of bed. Passing the clock, I noticed that it was a few minutes after 7 A.M. Once out of Kelly’s hearing range, Sam suggested that we should make breakfast for my Mistress and serve her in bed.

First, though, we had to use the bathroom for our morning absolutions. While I was still embarrassed, it didn’t seem to phase Sam one iota. I asked her about that. “You’ll get used to having company during your previously private moments, Kimmy. Allyson is with me quite often and I am never permitted to close the bathroom door.”

When I looked at myself in the mirror, my hand strayed down to my I.D. tag. Sam was watching me touch it and asked, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, actually I do.” Seeing it hanging between my legs and knowing what it represented was quite provocative to me.

“Strange as it may seem to many people, I’ve loved mine since the day Allyson put it on me.” Standing at my back, she put her arms around me and touched my nipple rings. “What do you think of these?”

“I’ve always turned my nose up when I heard anyone mention pierced nipples. It is difficult to believe, but they do add charm to my nipples and my breasts. They ache quite a bit this morning though.”

“That should be gone by in a couple days. Meanwhile, let me help you clean them and your pussy ring so the piercings don’t get infected.” There was no reason I would refuse her offer. First she wet a face cloth, moistened the hardened matter that had collected on the rings near the openings, then wiped them clean. “Now we can put some antiseptic on them.” She removed a green bottle from the cabinet and moistened a cotton ball with its contents. “This is Campho Phenique. It is a great antiseptic, but burns like hell. It’s what Kelly will want you to use.” Using the cotton ball, she moistened both ends of one ring then turned the ring so it moved through the pierced hole. She was right it did burn like hell. I almost screamed. After doing this several times with all three rings, she informed me that I should do this several times a day even after the seepage stops. I thanked her with a kiss.

We had a blast preparing breakfast while still naked and chained together. We ate ours at the table in the breakfast nook, knowing that would be OK with Kelly, considering what we had planned for her. It was pleasant talking to Sam about her life as Allyson’s slave, knowing mine would be quite similar. I also realized that the term “slave” was more figurative than real. I would be more like an indentured servant. While Sam did “serve” Allyson, when it came to things like housework and attending to her personal care, Allyson usually pitched in and helped, rather than make Sam do it all herself. She said that Kelly also helped when she came over to do housework for her. I was a slave in the sense that I gave ownership of my body to my Mistress, and had no decision power in what she did with or to me. I have already started liking the idea anyhow.

Back in Kelly’s bedroom, Sam and I awakened her, had her sit up in the bed, placed her breakfast on a bed tray and took turns feeding her. We all thoroughly enjoyed the moment. Kelly even commented how nice it was having two slaves to take care of her. “At least I get to keep one of you this time,” she commented. I leaned over and kissed her lips.

Kelly said that it was time she showed the “playroom” to me and had me put a pair of tight, boy-leg shorts on her. Otherwise, she was naked as we followed, with the leash again connected to the center of our chain.

I was somewhat shocked, and yet amazed, when we walked in the door to of the playroom. It looked like some of the rooms that she showed me in the B&D magazines. There were numerous pieces of equipment including a St. Andrew’s Cross, a bondage table (that turned out to also be a “rack”), a bondage chair, stocks, a carpenter’s horse that she called a pony, two floor-to-ceiling posts, eyebolts imbedded in the wall, and a couple ropes hanging from the ceiling that were connected to winches on the wall. One wall, that appeared to be all mirrors, turned out to be several floor-to-ceiling sliding doors faced with mirrors. She stored her bondage equipment and toys behind these doors in addition to her “library.” Not expecting anything like this, I was truly impressed.

We walked to the bondage chair, which looked more like a throne because the seat was covered in red leather. Commanded to “position” I knelt in front of her, hands clasped behind my back, while Sam continued to stand beside me.

“Pet, you and I will spend quite a few hours together in this room while you are mine. I need you to know, however, that most of the time you will be in bondage and experience light discipline; nothing like last night, unless you do something that deserves strict punishment. I find that highly unlikely, though. I love to play bondage games and I am sure you will like them too.

“Considering what I have already learned about you, I even think there will be times you will even ask me to bring you up here for a session. As I promised before, I will only bring you here if I decide that you really like it. I have no doubt that you will, however. The exception will be for discipline if you get out of line.

“This chair is my throne as long as it has this leather cushion on the seat. Without the cushion, it becomes a versatile bondage chair. I had it built especially for me. When we are here you will worship your Mistress while she sits on it. It can be used to put you into bondage at other times.” She showed me the attachments for the chair that could be used to put me in various forms of bondage. Again, I was impressed.

Kelly explained that she and Allyson had lived together while in college and had designed most of the items in the room for a little business they had. My eyebrows went up and she said she would tell me more about the business when the time is appropriate. Since she bought the house, they have used it quite often for parties with the Coterie, among other things. “Sam has spent a few hours here with Allyson and me. Right, Sam?”

“Yes, Miss Kelly, and I loved it every time,” Sam replied, grinning.

After our “tour” Kelly suggested that we move to the den. I shocked her when I commented, “Mistress, I know it isn’t proper for a slave to question her Mistress, but are you suggesting that we leave your playroom without testing anything?”

Kelly stopped, turned and turned to stare at me. “Is my slut saying what I think?”

“Yes, ma’am, I think she is,” I replied with a smile.

“Well, then, I don’t think we should disappoint her! Sam, would you like to be a part of this?”

“Yes, ma’am, it would be a privilege.”

“On the bottom, of course?”

“Absolutely, ma’am,” Sam replied, smiling.

Kelly slid a mirrored door aside, removed what appeared to be a leather sheath and handed it to Sam. “You can put this on her while I make a few preparations.”

Following Sam’s instructions, I clasped my hands behind my back, palm to palm. The sheath was slipped over my hands and arms. It was larger at the top than at the bottom and fit nearly to my shoulders. The portion over my hands was solid like a glove, but from the wrists up it was laced together. She buckled a strap around my wrists then started to pull the laces tight, from the bottom up. As she moved upwards, I realized that my elbows were being pulled closer together. Thankfully she stopped, but I could feel the intense pressure this created in my shoulders. “I could continue to pull the laces tighter, until your elbows touch, Kimmy, but this should do for your first round.”

“Thank you, Sam. I appreciate that.” Two straps hung from the underside of the sheath. The left strap was passed under my left arm, over the shoulder and buckled to the top right side of the sheath. The right strap went under my right arm, over that shoulder then was buckled to the left side of the sheath. This was to insure the sheath could not slide down.

As Sam prepared me in this manner, I watched Kelly pass a rope through a pulley then attach the pulley to an eyebolt in the ceiling. She did the latter by hanging the hook of the pulley over a nail in a long pole, then passing it over the eyebolt. Her actions were so smooth, there was no doubt in my mind that she had done it many times before. The two ends of the rope ended about three feet above the floor.

Kelly locked leather wrist cuffs on Sam, connected them behind her back and instructed us to move to a spot under the pulley, where she slipped one end of a double-headed dildo gag into my mouth and buckled one set of its straps behind my head. Sam’s mouth received the other dildo. Kelly buckled the other set of straps behind her head. We were literally nose to nose and staring into one another’s eyes. Sam’s eyes were literally smiling at me. “I have two versions of this gag, pet. The outer end of the other one is much longer and larger. I will let you guess what it is for when we use it.”

After tying one end of the hanging rope to the D-rings on Sam’s cuffs, Kelly moved behind me and threaded the other end through a D-ring in the end of my sheath. Slowly she pulled on the end of the rope to lift our arms up. This action automatically forced both of us to move our feet back so we could lean forward. Kelly continued until our hands were slightly higher than our heads and our upper bodies nearly parallel to the floor. Because of the dildo gags, we continued to look into one another’s eyes. Increasing my own bondage, Kelly locked my ankles into cuffs attached to the ends of a three-foot long spreader bar.

I jumped (as much as one could in my predicament) when Kelly’s fingers brushed my pussy, then relaxed as she continued to play. At the same time, my eyes danced with Sam’s. It is wild having someone do this to you while in a position where you cannot relay feelings other than with your eyes. Sam could partially see Kelly and knew what she was doing. That brought me to an even higher sexual plateau. I know that my eyes opened wider when Kelly slipped two fingers into my cunt. Sam’s eyes simply smiled at me, and continued to smile when a third, then a fourth finger entered me. I was beginning to hope she would push her whole hand into me, even though I knew it wouldn’t fit. I wanted to scream when she said, “I’ll just let you two hang around here a while. I have to make a couple phone calls,” and then disappeared.

When Kelly reentered the room, I listened intently as the mirrored doors opened and closed. Sam’s eyes would stare at me then occasionally dart to the side. I knew she was watching Kelly. Sam’s eyes smiled again just before Kelly appeared in my peripheral vision. She was wearing a strap-on. “Would my slut like to be fucked?” she asked. With the minimal movement I could make with my head, I nodded an emphatic “yes.” Moving behind me, she ran her finger over my quim again. The next time she touched me was not with her fingers. My cunt was being probed by the dildo. While I had guessed that the fake cock was only about two inches in diameter and eight inches long, it felt more like a baseball bat. I had used vibrators on myself before but never a dildo. And the vibrators definitely weren’t as large as the instrument that was attempting to gain entrance to my hot love tunnel. Had my mouth been empty, I am sure I would have gasped when Kelly started to push. She grasped my hips, pushed, retreated, and pushed again, several times. I tried to push back but couldn’t. Since a single rope connected both Sam and me, any movement on my part caused an opposite reaction on Sam’s arms and, therefore, made it difficult for me to move.

In a few strokes, Kelly hit bottom and I was ready for her to fuck me silly. This woman knew how to turn me on as no male ever had or could up to this point in my life. Using my hips for leverage, she started slamming her dick into me. To my dismay, she had already learned how to sense my reactions. As I closed in on my climax, she stopped fucking me and, while continuing to hold the dildo partially inside me, started probing my anus with her fingers. First one, then two fingers entered my neither hole. It wasn’t long before I felt something cold being applied and realized she was lubricating my anal canal. The reason was obvious. When she felt that my anal muscle was sufficiently relaxed, she added more lube and a third finger to stretch me just a little more. Both my orifices were empty for a few seconds before the head of her cock replaced her fingers and started to press on my anus.

The initial stretch was the worst part of the invasion. Once again, if my ability to scream had not been removed, I would have. I made the obvious noises, however. I am positive my eyes signaled my situation to Sam because her eyes were smiling at me. Still, an audible groan came from my throat as the head of the dildo broke through. Once in, Kelly plunged the full eight inches of her weapon into my ass and started fucking me. It was unbelievable. While not the same as being fucked vaginally, I wanted it. She had introduced me to another experience I would have rejected if it had been within my decision-making authority. She was right! In bondage there definitely was freedom.

Not only did I enjoy being fucked anally, I actually climaxed. It was unbelievable. Never would I have believed it possible. Of course, she had me well primed before entering my forbidden hole. The climax was intense. My legs turned to rubber and I started to collapse. While still imbedded on the fake cock, Kelly held me up by my hips until I recovered sufficiently that I was able to stand on my own legs. The spreader bar and ropes were removed permitting Sam and me to stand while our mutual gag was unbuckled. To my own surprise, the first thing I did was kiss Sam.

“Fantastic, wasn’t it?” she asked. I could only nod assent.

Sam and I agreed when Kelly suggested we all go for a swim. Kelly had an eight-foot high wall separating her from her neighbors, so clothing was optional in her pool. Well, for Sam and me, no clothing was the rule. I, in particular, was informed I would never wear a bathing suit. It really didn’t matter, because I found that it was more enjoyable to swim naked. The feeling of the water against of my skin was incredible. I knew I was going to be using this pool a lot in the future. The three of us had fun playing and swimming together. We splashed and teased like three twelve year old kids. After about an hour, we got out and coated one another with tanning lotion. Sam and I did one another and both of us worked on Kelly. We soaked up the sun’s rays for another hour.

Unlike many homeowners, Kelly had an outside shower on her patio. It was one of those large European showerheads. Mounted directly above us, it cascaded water down like a warm spring rain as we frolicked around soaping one another and washing off the lotion. I realized that the friendship we were creating was nothing short of extraordinaire. When we finally finished our reverie and were dry, Kelly grasped my hands in hers and pushed me against the side of the house. She intertwined her fingers in mine, lifted my arms above my head and pushed her naked body tight against me. With an extremely serious look on her face, asked, “Just what the fuck do you think you are doing, slut?”

"I’m sorry, Mistress, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“What I mean, bitch, is that you have caused me to do something that I have been able to avoid for a long time.”

When I answered, “You are confusing me, Mistress,” her serious look turned into a smile.

“Pet, I need you to know that in less than forty-eight hours I have truly fallen in love with you. It will take a team of wild horses to pull you away from me. Please do not forget these words when your month is up.” Her announcement was followed by a very passionate kiss. My toes curled and the butterflies filled my stomach again.

When the kiss finally ended, she announced that we had an appointment in less than an hour and needed to get ready. First, though, she asked Sam if she could stay to work on the project they had discussed. “Absolutely,” Sam replied. “Allyson said I could stay as long as you needed me today. It really shouldn’t take too long.”

“Thanks. If you finish before we return, you have permission to run home to your Mistress.”

Kelly and I went to the bedroom to dress. Attending to my slave duties, I helped her into a pair of tennis shoes, ankle socks, shorts, and a tank top. My outfit consisted of white tennis shoes, ankle socks, and the denim mini skirt we had purchased on Saturday. She then debated over which top I should wear. After having me try on a cami and a tube top, she selected the latter, announcing that it displayed “her” assets much better. She especially liked the way my nipple rings showed through the top.

She never ceased to arouse my curiosity and did just that when she asked me if I had a prescription for my corrective lenses. I replied that I always carried one with me in case I needed to get an emergency supply of contacts. Kelly had me give it to her.

“I made an assumption, pet, that I must now confirm. You can ride a bicycle, can’t you?

“Yes, ma’am, I can,” I replied gulping.

“Excellent, I love to ride and it is great exercise. Since I happen to have two bikes, you and I will be doing it a lot. We can start right now since our appointment is only a couple miles away.”

“Wearing a mini skirt and no panties?” I exclaimed.

“Of course, pet. Trust me. You’ll love the experience.”

Gawd, I cannot remember the last time I felt that self conscious. Yes, even more than in the hotel and mall. All I could think about during the whole ride was whether or not I was exposing anything as the wind whipped my skirt around. I must admit, though, that she was right. Sitting with my bare pussy on that banana seat and having the air flow under my skirt was exhilarating. About half way to our destination, Kelly asked if I liked it. When I jokingly replied that is was almost as good as swimming in the nude, said, “Just wait until I introduce you to nude horseback riding.” I wondered if she was kidding.

Our destination was a strip mall. We parked our bikes in front of a hairdresser and went inside. Two females and one male were working there. One of the females came over and gave Kelly a hug. “Thanks for taking us so soon, Tamara,” Kelly said.

“Not a problem, Kelly,” you actually helped me by filling an empty chair. One of my customers canceled her appointment just before you called. I’ll be finished with Marcie in about ten minutes.” Looking towards me, she commented, “And this must be Kim.” Kelly confirmed her statement and Tamera took me in her arms and hugged me, too. “Glad to meet you, Kim. Kelly told me you were new in town. I hope you will become one of my regular customers.” Without waiting for a reply, she returned to her client.

Kelly and I sat in the waiting area. “Is she…,” I began.

“A Venus Coterie member? No, she is just an old friend and an excellent hair stylist.” Then she added, “Otherwise she would have called you Kimmy.” I grinned.

Her comment to me should have been a clue, but I didn’t pick up on it. In spite of the comment about becoming a regular customer, I hadn’t realized that I was the one with the appointment until Tamera said, “OK, Kim. You’re next.”

“Do I need to remind you that you should agree with anything I say, slut?” Kelly whispered.

“No, ma’am, you don’t.”

“Do not embarrass your Mistress!” More butterflies started flying.

Chapter 18 Kim Becomes Kimmy

I stared at Kelly. “Well, what are you waiting for, pet. Get your butt over there,” she said softly. I realized I would have to be a little more careful when sitting because my ID tag was a little askew and got caught sideways when I plopped down in the chair, causing me to wince. Kelly knew what happened and just grinned.

“What can we do for you, Kim?” Tamera asked.

Since I had no idea what was going on, as Kelly had intended, she spoke for me, “Kim wants a new look. I recommended a pixie style with light blond highlights; maybe with a little curl. What do you think, Tam?”

She studied me for a few moments before saying, “You know, think your face is perfect for a pixie, and the coloring would enhance the look.”

“You’re the expert,” I said, reluctantly. “Since you think I will look good in that style, let’s do it.” She had no idea how obedient I was being and I’m sure she didn’t see the tear that formed in the corner of my eye. I was proud of my long hair and didn’t want to lose it. Kelly and I had even discussed how much I liked it. How could she do this to me? I could easily just say my safe word and walk out. Yet I did not make the slightest attempt to move. I remained…obedient; obedient to my Mistress. To do otherwise would be to embarrass her; and she had ordered me not to embarrass her. Invisible bonds forced me to silently accept the inevitable and remain in the chair. She owned me and I was proud to be hers.

“Kim, the shop participates in helping a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. The length of your hair qualifies for a donation. Would you be willing to let us do that?” Tamara asked. I quickly agreed. At least that would make my loss more palatable. Underneath I realized that I was actually a little pissed at Kelly. What a dichotomy.

When Tamara turned around to get everything ready, Kelly leaned down and whispered, “Do you realize that you are wrinkling your skirt, pet?” I lifted my butt enough to pull it out from under me. She threw me a kiss and sat in a chair along the opposite wall to watch. She made a gesture, understood only by me. I spread my legs just enough that she could see my bare pussy. She smiled.

Nearly an hour later, Tamara finished my makeover and turned my chair around so I could look into the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised with the end product. In fact, I actually liked it. Kelly paid, telling Tamera that it was her treat.

Once outside, Kelly said, “You were perfect in there, pet. So much so that I will forget that you forgot the rule about sitting on your skirt. Thank you.”

“You are most welcome, Mistress. Is it OK that I was initially pissed that you were forcing me to cut my long hair?”

“I would be disappointed if you weren’t pissed, pet. In fact, you can be pissed at your mistress any time as long as you don’t let it show and you still obey her,” she chuckled. “I must tell you though that you don’t know how lucky you are.”

“Why is that, Mistress?”

“One of the traditions of the society when a new submissive is initiated, is that her head must be completely shaved. They waived that tradition since our agreement is temporary. However, once you agree to a more permanent arrangement…”

“Are you teasing me, Mistress? You wouldn’t really do that to me, would you?” Her grin neither confirmed nor denied my fear.

“We do provide a wig that the new initiate can wear in public, but only when her Mistress considers it necessary.”

“Oh!” I wondered if my mistress would consider it necessary.

There was a national optical store in the same complex as the hairdresser. When Kelly said that I needed a set of glasses, I commented, “But, ma’am, I haven’t worn or owned a pair of glasses since I was a sophomore in high school.”

“Not even as a back-up?”

“I know it sounds crazy, but, not even as a backup, ma’am.”

Kelly looked at me and smiled. I think you got your original statement wrong, though, pet.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You said that you hadn’t worn glasses since high school. You meant that Kimberly hasn’t. You are wearing my collar, so while Kimmy has never worn glasses, that period of time has been very short. I think Kimmy might look very sexy when wearing glasses and want to see if I am correct.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said gulping, and dutifully followed her into the store.

We were immediately approached by a sales clerk. “Good afternoon. My name is Miriam. May I help you?” she asked.

Kelly took over. “Yes you may. My friend hasn’t worn glasses for years and would like to switch from her contacts for awhile.”

Looking at me Miriam asked, “Do you have any particular style in mind?”

I glanced at Kelly, who said, “I think you mentioned a pair with black rims and a pair of rimless, both in oval shapes, didn’t you, Kimmy?”

“That’s correct,” I said to Miriam.

She glanced from me to Kelly, back to me again, and said, “You’re in luck. We’re having a two-for-one sale today. You’ll get the least expensive pair for free. Come with me to the display area and you can try on a few pair.

When Miriam handed me the first pair, Kelly said, “Let me pick the best looking ones for you, Kimmy. You know I’ll be more objective than you will.” After I had tried on about a dozen pair Kelly selected the two she liked best and I gave the prescription to Miriam.

“If you want to shop somewhere else and come back later, they should be ready in about an hour.”

On the way out of the store I said to Kelly, “Couldn’t we just get plain glass lenses and I could wear them over my contacts, Mistress.”

“No way, pet. That would be cheating. Besides, now that I have seen how beautiful Kimmy looks in glasses, I think she will be wearing glasses for her Mistress quite often."

From there we rode our bikes to the indoor mall and went into a store named “Things Remembered.” Kelly introduced me to the manager, Nicole, who handed her a small, wrapped package. After a short, nondescript conversation, Kelly paid for her purchase and we left. Teasing her, I asked her if she knew someone in every business in town. Her reply was that she was sure there must be a couple stores where she didn’t.

On the way out of the mall, Kelly suddenly turned and dragged me into an upscale woman’s shop. “I want you to buy a new blouse to wear to work tomorrow, pet.” I watched as she selected a beautiful white silk blouse in my size. “This will be perfect,” she said, handing it to me. I looked at the price tag and almost choked. While I do not consider my clothes inexpensive, I had never paid one hundred and twenty dollars for a blouse. Kelly saw my reaction and said, “Don’t worry, Pet, you are definitely worth it.” She then removed my credit card from her purse and said, “You can pay for this one.”

I thanked her, knowing that I always wanted to splurge on myself, but was too fiscally conservative. “Yes, there is freedom in bondage,” I again chuckled to myself.

We picked up my new glasses on the way home.

There was a single-drawer console table and large mirror next to the closet in the foyer of Kelly’s house. When we walked inside I immediately saw that my collar and a padlock had been neatly placed on the top of the table. “Maybe that’s what she asked Sam to do,” I thought.

“OK, Kimmy. Go to the bedroom and remove your contacts.” When I returned she handed me the black rim glasses and told me to put them on. “Now, look at yourself in the mirror, Kimberly and tell me who you see.”

Her use of my given name threw me for a loop. I thought about the question for a long time. After serious introspection I sensed her intent and understood that I must verbalize the truth of the moment. “May I begin my answer with a negative, Kelly?”

“Yes, you may.”

“I do not see the woman you just addressed. To begin with, Kimberly is a very conservative person. As we have previously discussed, she would never wear glasses. Nor would she dress in revealing clothes like the person staring at me from the mirror. In addition, Kimberly’s hair has been long since the age of eight. She would never cut her hair that short." I pulled down my tube top to expose my nipple rings, and raised the front of my skirt. "She would definitely wear a bra and panties. She would not pierce her nipples or labia either, or permit an ID tag to be attached to her neither lips. The person in the mirror is, of course, a perfect image of the person standing on this side of the mirror. By logical deduction, I do not, therefore, see Kimberly. Neither do I see Kim, because Kim is simply a contraction of Kimberly. Kimberly and Kim is the same person. The only other person I can think of is the one who was reborn yesterday morning and renamed Kimmy by her Mistress. Ma’am to answer you question, the person I see in the mirror is definitely Kimmy, slave of Mistress Kelly.”

“Kimmy, as I said before, you are truly a jewel. I expected a simple answer and you dazzled me with something nearly poetic. But then I should not have expected less. The next question, of course, is, ‘Do you like the person you see in the mirror?’”

“Yes I no longer want to see Kimberly or Kim. I want to see Kimmy, because you own Kimmy and I want to be owned by you.”

Kelly opened the drawer and pulled out ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, and four padlocks. “Put these on, then, Kimmy.”

“Shall I remove my tennis shoes and socks, Mistress?”

“Not at this moment. We can deal with that later if I decide that’s what I want.”

“May I sit down to put them on, Mistress?”

“Yes, you may and thank you for asking both times.” She stood and watched as I obeyed her. It is difficult to describe the look on her face. It was as if she was proud of me, which made me feel good. As soon as I finished she handed me the collar and lock and told me to follow her. We went into the den where she sat on a chair and ordered me to “rest.”

“Pet, I have a set of rules that you must follow each time you arrive home. I say a set, but there are several, depending on circumstances.

“If we arrive together, like now, I will simply tell you how to prepare yourself. Usually we will not be together during the day. I imagine I will arrive home first and will be waiting for you. In any case, your collar and lock will always be on the table when you arrive home. In fact, it will be your duty to insure the collar and lock are on the table before you leave the house if you are not wearing them at the time. When you are prepared to present yourself to me, you will bring your collar to me, kneel, hold the collar out on your hands, palms turned up, and ask me to put it on you. Any questions?”

Instead of answering verbally, I rose to a kneeling position, and said, “Mistress, please honor me with the privilege of wearing your collar.” I could see that she was surprised, and pleased, by my unexpected move, and by the fact I referred to the collar as hers.”

She stood, walked behind me and buckled the collar around my neck. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I heard the padlock snap shut. Only then did I say, “Yes, ma’am, I do have one question.”


“You just alluded that I could be wearing your collar when I leave the house. In that case, I couldn’t ask you to put it on me.”

“That is an excellent point. Except when you are at work, you usually will be with me, Allyson and/or Sam, and will be given specific instructions to follow. In the rare case one of us isn’t with you, you will simply follow one of the alternate procedures I will mention in a moment.

“When you arrive home alone you will, while in the foyer, remove any clothing you are wearing, fold it neatly and place everything on the table. Check the drawer for cuffs. If you find any there, you will lock them on. If you find chains with the cuffs, lock them on too. If, for some reason, I want you to wear something special for me, that clothing will be on the table. You will, of course, put it on.

“If I am home, you will bring your collar to me, kneel, hold the collar in your hands, palms up, and ask me to put it on you exactly like you just did. If I am not at home, you will leave the collar on the table until I arrive, at which time you will get it and kneel. Until I arrive you are free to do whatever you wish, unless otherwise forbidden, which is standard anytime I am not here with you.

“Any other instructions will normally be written on a note that I will place on the table, so be sure you look for one. I will occasionally call you on your cell to give you other instructions. I do realize that there will be times you may not be able to answer, but if I do call and leave a message, you will get back to me as soon as possible. Is there anything you do not understand?”

“No, I understand completely, Mistress.”

“Excellent. It is nearly six. When we have time, I will expect you to prepare all of our meals unless I have elected to eat out which is the case right now, so let’s go out to eat.” She handed me a key and said, “In case you hadn’t noticed, all the locks are keyed alike. Just remove your ankle cuffs for now.”

The Harley was our transportation again. I can’t explain the reason, but the feeling of wearing a miniskirt and having this hog between my legs and under my naked ass was much more intense than it was on Friday. I was a little surprised when we pulled into Lisa’s parking lot again. I was even more surprised when she pulled a leash from the saddlebags and clipped it to my collar.

“You may walk beside me, pet.” She held the leash in her left hand and intertwined the fingers of her right hand with those of my left. I felt like I belonged to her, and I did.

Rebecca greeted us again as we entered. Both of us received hugs. To me she whispered, “You were wonderful last night, Kimmy.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I replied.

For the third night in a row we walked to the same table, even though Lisa’s was nearly full. Teasing, I commented, “Is this your own personal table, ma’am?”

Kelly smiled that knowing smile at me and said, “Yes, pet. You could say that. They only seat someone at this table if it is the only one left and I have not arrived.”

I was impressed. “You come here that much!” I exclaimed.

Instead of sitting down, she turned and led me towards the office. “We need to discuss something important, pet. I have already told you that there will be no secrets between us. However, I won’t tell you everything at once. Tonight I will add one more piece to the puzzle.”

When we entered the office, I thought about the fact that this is where my initiation had started twenty hours before and wondered what was in store for me now.

Kelly pulled the chair out from the desk and said, “Sit down, pet.” When I obeyed she told me to open the top left desk drawer. “In it you will find several sheets of letterhead stationary. Take one out and read it.” The first thing I notice was the name, “Lisa’s Hideaway, LLC,” beautifully engraved at the top center along with its address. The surprise was immediate. I saw Kelly’s and Allyson’s names and the titles “President and Vice-President,” directly beneath the name and address.

“You are officers of Lisa’s?” I exclaimed incredulously.

“Yes, my wonderful Slut. Not only are we officers, we are majority owners. If you remember, I told you Allyson was a business owner. She is also an Information Systems professor at the University. As I said, there is a lot I will tell you about myself, but I have only one deep dark secret left; one that I will reveal at the proper time and place.” Leaving me hanging with those words, she continued to explain her involvement in Lisa’s Hideaway. “Allyson and I are equal partners with a majority ownership. Sam owns five percent of the company. In addition, each employee is an owner. When hired, each new employee is required to invest a minimum of one thousand dollars. Because many of our employees are cash poor, Instead of an up front investment they can pay through payroll deductions of twenty dollars a week. After one year’s service, each employee is paid a quarterly stock bonus based on a percentage of profits. Because they own part of the company, employees treat the customers as they would guests in their own home. In fact, we use the term “guest” rather than customer.

“Is that why Cheryl called you ‘boss’ last night?”

“Yes, pet. For a moment I was afraid that she let the proverbial cat out of the bag, but, thankfully you missed that.”

As I looked at the stationery, I also became very aware of a small symbol before and after the line bearing their names. It was a circle with what appeared to be an inverted cross on the bottom. I had to ask. “Mistress, I noticed that the ID tags that Sam and I wear also bear this symbol. May I ask its meaning?”

“I’m going to have to be careful with you, slut. You are extremely observant. It’s the symbol for Venus and for the female sex. Soon after Allyson and I graduated from college, we purchased this place and named it Lisa’s. While both of us considered ourselves to be bisexual, we had many girlfriends who were gay and felt like there should be a place where they could gather and be themselves. From the start Lisa’s has been a lesbian bar. We do get heterosexual couples here who are tolerant of the lifestyle, but the majority of our patrons are female.

“Since Allyson and I were also into the B&D scene, we decided to start a group with similar leanings by selecting lesbian or bisexual female couples we met as customers and who were obviously into the scene. Initial meetings were in our home, but as we grew, Lisa’s became our monthly meeting house. As we continued to grow, we decided we didn’t want to get too big so we agreed to limit the group to fifty Dommes and their significant others. After a couple of meetings, everyone decided we needed a name. An ancient history scholar suggested that Venus, the goddess of love and female sexuality, be included in the name. Venus is associated more with male-female love and sexuality, but she is also the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is associated with Sappho through the latter’s poems. The majority decided the name Venus was preferable to either Aphrodite or Sappho. Someone else suggested adding Coterie since we were a group of like leanings. The name Venus Coterie was immediately adopted. Since that symbol is the symbol of Venus, we adopted it for our group and for Lisa’s stationery.

“A few months ago someone suggested that we add the pentacle to our symbols since the novel, “The DaVinci Code” provides a detailed narrative on Venus and indicates the pentacle is Her symbol. However, I couldn’t find proof of that in any research. Also, since it is linked too closely to Wicca and pagan rites, we decided not to use it even though most of us like the pentacle better and, as the book indicates, it is closely related to the natural order.”

“The ‘natural order’? I don’t understand, Mistress.”

“I actually have studied this, pet, so I feel I can speak to it honestly. In early civilization, the female was revered and held in high esteem by humankind. The female goddess reigned supreme. After all, man came from the womb of the female. A male was not considered to be ‘with god’ unless he had communed, sexually, with a woman. Sex was a religious rite. Along the way, the male subjugated the female, made her a second class citizen and made sex to be a sin. While “The DaVinci Code” is fiction, Dale Brown brings a lot of this history to light in his novel. It is interesting reading from that aspect.

“Is the Venus Coterie the other deep dark secret to which you alluded, Mistress?”

“Oh, my, no, pet, it isn’t. In fact, it’s not even close.” Then changing the subject she added, “I think we had better move to the dining room.”

Two glasses of wine were waiting for us when we returned to our table. My seat was immediately to Kelly’s right, not across the table as I might have expected. Kelly lifted hers and said, “A toast, my dear pet?” I touched the rim of my glass to hers. “To the Fates that brought us together; may they live long lives.” Without consulting, we intertwined our arms so that we were “connected” while sipping. As we stared into one another’s eyes and sipped our wine, the most wonderful feeling I have ever had surged through my body.

Chapter 19 An Evening with Mistress

I was beginning to like the fact that Kelly ordered for me. She told me that once she was satisfied that she knew my likes and dislikes, my opinion would no longer be solicited. She also warned me that she would sometimes order what I didn’t like. After a leisurely meal, we headed for home. As we pulled out of the parking lot, she placed her hand on my bare leg and said, “You’re going to think I am crazy, pet, but we are going shopping again. I want to buy more clothes for you. There is a T.J. Max just down the road. Mini skirts are in vogue right now and you look so damn good in the one you are wearing, we are getting more for you. Half an hour later I walked out of the store carrying a bag of six more minis and a couple more tops. One skirt came with a belt that had large chrome grommets along its length. Most of them barely covered my ass. Panties of any style would rarely protect that ass when I wore the skirts. The very idea now turned me on. She was turning me into an exhibitionist. On the other hand, it might be that I have always been one and only kept the desire repressed. Kelly was simply bringing these hidden attributes of my personality to the surface, and I liked it.

Once inside the house, Kelly ordered me to remove everything except my skirt. “I will be waiting for you in the den. Remain on all fours like a proper pet.” I approached her on hands and knees less than a minute later. “You may prepare a pot of tea, Kimmy.”

“Shall I bring one cup or two, Mistress?”

“Two, pet. Since you asked, you may join me. Had you not asked, I would be enjoying my tea alone.”

“Mistress, had I not asked, I would have only brought one cup. Your slave does not assume.” I received a kiss for my honesty.

I served the tea on a tray, placing it with the pot and two cups on the end table. I automatically knelt in front of her. She ordered me to rest. “Well, my little slut, tell me if you have enjoyed your time as a slave so far. I want you to be honest. There will be times I will not permit you to express you inner feelings, but when asked for them, I will always want complete honesty.”

“Thank you Mistress. I can say that the only part I did not enjoy was when you whipped me with the cane during the initiation. However, at the same time, I must admit that it was still a highly erotic experience. Never did I ever think I could be sexually aroused on by being spanked or whipped.”

“As I explained yesterday, pet, some people are not turned on by sensual pain. I could tell that you definitely would be. I have a feeling that, in a short amount of time, you will get aroused by the mere suggestion that you are about to be whipped or spanked.”

“Ah, Mistress, considering the fact that I already feel a tingle hearing you say it, I think you are correct. Of course, my Mistress is never wrong! ”

She grinned at my added comment. “That is excellent, because I do want to give you a daily spanking simply for my own pleasure. Never have I had the desire to do that to anyone. And I feel a tingle from just suggesting the possibility.” She then commented that the brewing tea might be ready. I took the hint, filled the two cups and handed her one, kept the other for myself and returned to my previously ordered position. While we held the cups tightly, as if warming our hands, Kelly asked, “Is there anything my pet would like her Mistress to do for her.”

“Yes, there is, ma’am, but I do not think it is something that is proper for a slave to request.”

“Pet, that decision is mine alone to make. As I have already told you, there will never be penalties if you answer my questions with honesty.”

I took a deep breath before continuing. “Mistress, would you please masturbate for me? Watching you will show me how you like to pleasure yourself and that will help me learn how to pleasure you better.”

Even considering her comment about honesty, I wasn’t sure how my request had been received. Kelly literally sat there staring at me for the longest time as if she were contemplating what to do to me. It was strange watching her roll the cup back and forth in her hands while occasionally stopping only to take a sip of tea. As for myself, I acted be as nonchalant as possible. I tried my best to appear like an obedient slave, watching my Mistress while sipping at my own cup of tea.

It seemed like an hour passed before she transferred the cup to her left hand, reached out with her right, and softly stroked my hair and the side of my face. Like the pet I had become, I leaned my head into her hand and purred like a kitten. The feeling of her love was intense as she commented, “I want you to know that I have never permitted anyone to watch while I masturbated, except when my Mistress forced me to do it for her. Your request was definitely honest and the absolute last thing I had expected. While you will not be punished, I will definitely extract some payment for the privilege you are about to receive. I do not know how the Fates brought us together, my darling, but, as I have already said, and will, most likely say again, I am glad they did. The Fates are, of course, female, so I am sure they knew that I needed you, and I think, that you needed me.” Kelly stood and said, “Rise, my slave, and undress your Mistress.”

My hands trembled as I obeyed. Once she was naked, I was ordered to kneel again. She sat, spread her legs, and said, “It will be much easier to fulfill your request if you remove my piercing. Move closer so your knees are touching the sofa.”  In two days, Kelly had become my queen. I truly belonged to her, as her subject, and considered it a privilege to be able to touch her most holy place. I knelt and carefully removed the horseshoe and pendant. When I finished she commanded me to rest.

Kelly then treated me to the most sensuous exhibition I had ever seen. I can barely describe it. The best I can do is say that she leaned back, moved her hips to the edge of the sofa, closed her eyes and started to play her body like a musical instrument. I was mesmerized watching her fingers move back and forth from cunt to clit to nipple. I could feel her rise up the ladder to the top of an erotic high. Fingers of one hand entered her vagina while the other hand squeezed her breasts and pulled on her nipples. She would then wet a nipple with the juices from her vagina and massage it in. While giving herself the ultimate pleasure, she was, at the same time, really teaching me how to please her as I had requested. What a wonderful gift I was receiving!  I watched her breathing become faster and shallower. The desire to start masturbating myself was nearly overwhelming, but to do that I would have to ask permission. Nothing would make me interrupt her now. Once the signs of her impending climax started to become more evident, I anxiously waited for the explosion.

Suddenly she stopped and opened her eyes. She leaned forward, removed my glasses and in a halting voice explained, “My dear slut, your Mistress may have demonstrated how she pleasures herself, but there is no way that she is going to complete that act with her fingers when she has your tongue at her disposal. Make yourself useful.”

Now, who in their right mind could resist an invitation like that, especially having just witnessed such a highly erotic masturbation exhibition?  I leaned forward and thrust my tongue into Kelly’s hot tunnel. A deep seated moan of “Yes!” came from her throat. Her legs wrapped around my back while she simultaneously grabbed my hair to reposition my mouth and tongue over her blood-engorged clit. It only took a few seconds before a violent climax shuddered through her body. Her legs tightened around me and her hands strengthened her grip on my head as if she were trying to reverse the sequence of birth. Barely able to breathe, I could still inhale the wonderful scent of her sexual essence. As the pressure welding my mouth to Kelly’s shrine eased, I was prepared to pleasure her more for as long as she desired. That was also my desire, but it was not to be.  Without relinquishing her grip on my head, she pulled me up and kissed my lips, wet with her juices, then hugged me tightly for the longest time.

“Well, pet,” she said, breaking the silent reverie, “I hope that satisfied your curiosity.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Thank you so very much for granting your slave such an honor.”

Kelly touched my nipple rings softly and said, “I know Sam cleaned these for you this morning and said that you should do it several times a day.” I nodded and she continued, “Well, I want you to know that, since I now own this body, I will be the only one who will clean them. Run upstairs and bring me the Campho Phoenique and some cotton balls.”

When I returned, the green bottle in hand, I noticed a rectangular strip of leather on Kelly’s lap.  Grommets lined the longer sides of the strip. A leather lace lay on the sofa beside her. I assumed these were bondage items, but had no idea how they could be used.

Ordered to kneel, facing away from my Mistress with my arms held behind my back and parallel to the floor. I waited patiently as she wrapped the leather around my forearms, and threaded the lace through the grommets, creating a tube that held my arms immobile. I then stood, facing her while she patiently cleaned the hardened body fluid from my three rings before rotating the antiseptic-coated metal through the pierced holes. I knew the pain would diminish somewhat each day as the healing process continued, but the intensity was still high. I closed my eyes to grin and bear the badges of my submission. “Since we have to work in the morning, maybe we should head for the bedroom.”

My facial expression indicated a look of disappointment, so Kelly asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go to bed with your Mistress?”

“No, Ma’am, it’s not that. It’s just …”

I hesitated to complete my sentence so long that Kelly admonished me.  “Damn it, Kimmy. Out with it!  You need to learn to always express your feelings and desires with me. Otherwise I will never get to know you properly. As I said earlier, I will never punish you for being honest; provided you are not insolent, of course. There will be times I will forbid you from doing so, but those times will be rare and will normally be only when we are fully en scene. There will be no doubt in your mind when you cannot speak freely.”

“But you said you would extract some payment for the privilege of watching you masturbate.”

Misunderstanding my intentions, she interrupted me and exclaimed, “And I also said that it would not be a punishment. I guess we need to define the word punishment.  I really use it in two contexts.  In one case, I like to say that I am punishing you when I am simply administering erotic pain such as through spanking or whipping. We both now know that you enjoy erotic pain. Therefore, I could not use that to discipline you for committing an infraction of the rules I lay out for you.  That form of punishment will be something you will not enjoy. For example, I know you are turned on even when severely caned, but if you have achieved a climax just before the punishment, the same severe caning will produce pure pain. Most of the time I will use the word ‘punish’ in both contexts, but I think you will always be able to recognize the difference. You will know by my demeanor and tone of voice if nothing else. ”

“I apologize, Mistress. I must have stated myself incorrectly. Otherwise you would not have misunderstood me. I was going to ask if you intended to extract that payment tonight.”

A wide grin crossed Kelly’s face. “Ah, does my slut mean she prefers not to wait?”

“Yes, ma’am, that is exactly what she means,” I replied with a smile.

Kelly rose, went to her desk, opened a bottom drawer, pulled out a rectangular box and returned to the sofa.  She opened the lid of the box and held it so I could see inside.  It was separated into two sections. In each section were folded slips of paper.  Those on the left side were pink and those on the right were white.  “The pink ones are discipline slips,” she explained, “and the white ones are for erotic punishment.” I will use this box quite often to provide some diversity in our games, and to insure I do not select a method of discipline based strictly on my emotional state. You will usually pull the slip from the box to determine your punishment.  Since you do not have use of your hands…” She pulled two white slips from the box and held one in each hand. “You may select by telling me to use the slip in my left hand or the one in my right.”

“But Mistress, that is making a decision.”

“Don’t get smart with me, slut,” she exclaimed with a grin, “Or you will be getting both.”

“Yes ma’am. In that case, I choose the left.”

Kelly read the slip and put it back in the box. “Come with me to the playroom, my little pet.” She connected my leash to the collar and I followed her upstairs.  Upon entry to the playroom, I lost the skirt. We then moved to the center of the room where she had me stand on two short 2”x4” boards placed about a foot apart. She locked a short bar to my ankle cuffs. I assumed this was to prevent me from slipping off the boards.

Two belts were buckled tightly around my body; one above my breasts and under my arms, and the other around my waist. Kelly threaded a rope through a ring attached to the front of the waist belt until the center of the rope was at the ring. I stood still while she passed the two ends between my legs, up under the back of the waist belt, under my arms and under the top belt. Finally, she tied the ends to a ring attached to a rope hanging from a pulley in the ceiling. The other end of this last rope was wrapped around a cleat attached to the wall in front of me.

I watched as Kelly removed it from the cleat and started pulling the rope toward her. This, in turn, removed all the slack in my rope. I was intrigued as she came back to me and adjusted the portion of the rope that now rested tight against my pussy. When she finished, the two segments of the rope passed on either side of my labia. She walked back to the wall and pulled the rope until it was so tight against my cunt that I had to rise up on my toes to reduce the pressure. I assumed that this might be a “no-no” but also hoped that I would not be in trouble unless she told me I couldn’t do it. To my surprise, she only pulled the rope as taut as possible. I was now in a Catch 22. By standing on tiptoes, I could only relieve some of the pressure of the ropes cutting into my vagina. Doing that quickly tired my toes and feet. If I relaxed the pressure on them, my total weight rested on the ropes between my legs. I now understood the reason she had passed the ropes under the two belts: this configuration kept me from falling forward.

Kelly walked around the room, moving things around for a couple minutes before returning to me and saying, “Well, is my pet enjoying her bondage?”

“Mistress, I don’t think enjoy is the adjective I would use right at the moment.”

The upward pressure of the rope was causing the flowers of my cunt and my clit to push together and downward.  Kelly pulled on my labia and ran her finger over my clit, eliciting an erotic gasp from my mouth. She smiled and said, “Your body says otherwise, dear. I think it is time for the next phase.” Before I realized what she was doing, she kicked the two by fours from beneath my feet. While the drop of an inch and a half doesn’t seem like much, my toes could barely touch the hard surface of the floor. I was literally hanging in space, my entire weight bearing down on the rope between my legs, increasing the pain level exponentially.  “I’ll be back in ten minutes, pet.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” was all I could think to say.  I had no way to tell time and those ten minutes seemed to be a lifetime. When she finally returned my mind was only concentrating on the pressure of the rope between my legs. Instead of releasing me, as I had hoped, she started sucking on my nipples. I know my moans of pleasure were music to her ears. I watched the top of her head as she started licking the sides of my breasts then slowly licked her way down my body. As I hoped, her goal was my goal. On her knees, she grasped my naked buttocks and pulled my clit to her mouth. The climax that followed was violent. I had never screamed as loud during a climax as I now did. I also attempted to rub my pubic area against her face as much as my bondage would permit. To my surprise, Kelly remained on her knees and sucked me to a second climax.

Kelly finally lowered me enough that I could put my feet on the floor. Holding the rope in her hands, she moved in front of me and grasped me in her arms. I collapsed against her like a wet dishrag when she finally let loose of the rope over my head.

When she was sure I would not fall, she removed the two belts. The rope actually remained imbedded in the folds of my cunt and she had to pull it loose. She hadn’t removed the sheath around my arms before she turned and walked away. I followed her to the bedroom, realizing I had actually enjoyed the pain/pleasure she created.

“I don’t know about you, but I need to pee before retiring, pet.”

“I do, too, ma’am.”

Ordered to go first, I was somewhat embarrassed when she wiped me with a piece of toilet paper afterwards, since I was unable to wipe myself. I was even more embarrassed when she ordered me to kneel in front of her and watch as she peed. I actually found the experience to be erotic, however. When she had finished, without thinking I asked, “Would you like your slave to wipe you, Mistress?”

“That will be one of your regular duties, pet, but since I don’t intend to remove your bindings, you will have to use something other than toilet paper.”

“Will that knowing grin ever cease?” I asked myself when I realized what she meant. Dutifully, but with some trepidation, I leaned forward and licked at the slightly salty remnants of her urine. I didn’t find it as repugnant as I though I would.

“That was nice. You do realize that your tongue will be my toilet paper from now on, don’t you, pet?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do.”

“You should consider your Mistress’ urine to be the wine of her body. Some day soon, when I think you are ready, I will give you the privilege of drinking her wine.” I was sure I could wait a long time to partake of that privilege.  At the same instant, I wondered what the experience would be like.

In the bedroom she removed my arm binding and, after giving me time to stretch, told me to lie on the bed where she locked an ankle cuff to a chain that was attached to an eyehook at the foot of the bed. While we both knew the chain was unnecessary, I accepted my night bondage as part of my training.  The chain was long enough to give me freedom to move off the bed, but I couldn’t really go anywhere. I wondered why she didn’t use a shorter one. My question was answered when she lay down beside me and started to kiss me. I realized the extra length would permit me to move about the bed while we made love, as we did for the next hour. After three orgasms each, we fell asleep.

In the morning, after performing our bathroom routines, including showering together, I dressed Kelly for the day. I also prepared breakfast, which we ate at the table. I remained naked until after the kitchen was clean. My clothes for work were already on the bed when Kelly said I needed to dress. To my chagrin I saw that a bra and panties were not included in her selection. I was pleased, however, that she had selected one of my suits with a jacket.

While she watched, I pulled on thigh highs and the white silk blouse we had purchased. My nipples and rings were quite evident beneath the material and I knew that I would be wearing the jacket all day. My surprise came when I pulled my skirt over my hips. It was one I brought with me, so I knew it should have ended just below my knees. Now it ended about three inches above them. “How…” I started to ask.

“That is what Sam did for me yesterday.  She is an accomplished seamstress. I asked her to shorten all your skirts while we were out so they would meet my criteria for your clothing. You do look sexier wearing shorter skirts.” Another part of Kimberly had disappeared.

Finally, Kelly handed me the new black pumps with four-inch heels. I immediately knew this would be a test for me. I had never worn heels higher than two-inches to work. I wondered how I would be able to wear these until evening.

My plan for the day was to hold detailed information sessions for small functional groups of employees to inform them how the new software system would affect their areas. I knew, beyond a doubt, that I was going to be self-conscious about my new look and my naked condition beneath it.

I assumed Kelly intended to drop me off and was surprised when she tossed me the keys to her car.  “I usually ride the Harley to school, pet. I don’t think it would look appropriate for you to be on the back of it when you arrive at work.”

She was right, of course, but I said, “But, Mistress, I’ve never driven an expensive car like that. What if something happens?” (In case I forgot to mention it, her car is a BMW Z4).

“I would consider that to be grounds for an extremely heavy discipline session for you,” she chuckled, then added, “maybe even in public at Lisa’s.”

The morning sessions went quite well, and since I involved myself intensely in my work, I quickly forgot about my 'condition'. The last lecture before lunch was given to the warehouse personnel. I had each person prepare name cards to be placed on the desk so I could learn their names and position. This gave me the advantage of not having them introduce themselves again when I started working on a one-to-one basis during the installation. At the end of the lecture, just before lunch, one of the supervisors approached me. “What can I do for you, Sandra?” I asked.

“I was just wondering if you’d mind having lunch with me,” she replied. “There are some things I’d like to discuss with you.”

Quite often, as I got involved in installations, I would have working lunches, but was usually free this early in the program.  I agreed.  The company had an excellent buffet line in their café.  We both selected Caesar salad.  While we were in line, Sandra asked if I had cut my hair over the weekend. I said that I had, wondering when she had seen me since I hadn’t gone through the warehouse yet. Sandra suggested a table across the room that was unoccupied and somewhat away from the other employees.

After we each had taken a bite of our salad, Sandra looked at me and said, “When you introduced yourself this morning, you said your name is Kimberly, but you preferred that we call you Kim.”  I nodded assent. “May I assume that Kimmy is your slave name, then?”

My eyes got as big as saucers and my mouth opened so quickly I am sure she heard my chin hit the table.

Chapter 20 Busted

I am sure my face turned white when Sandra revealed that she was aware of my relationship with Kelly. My initial response was, of course, emotional panic. I didn’t want anyone to know; especially here, where I was working. Kelly assured me that the secrecy of society was sacrosanct among the members.

“Ohmygawd! This can’t get out. I’ll lose my job! Ho…How….How…,” I stuttered. Sandra respectfully interrupted me by holding her hand up, smiled, and completed my sentence for me. “How did I know that you were Kelly’s slave?”  I nodded.  “I was at your initiation Saturday night. When I saw you then, I knew you looked familiar, but couldn’t place you. You hair is different today, so I wasn’t sure when I first saw you in the classroom. I became more positive as the morning progressed. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m glad that you ‘are one of us’ and wanted you to know that I am also a member of the Society.”

I was a little upset, more from embarrassment than anything else. “How many others around here know?” I asked.

Sandra understood the antagonistic tone of my question. “You needn’t be concerned, Kim. Your secret is safe.” Holding up her hand she displayed a ring like mine. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before as she added, “I guess you could say that we are sisters in the scene. I also wear an ID tag like yours. I, too, am submissive. Only the engraving is different. To answer your question, only one other person in the company knows and that is because she is a member of the Society and is my Mistress. I probably shouldn’t have told you, because you will now wonder about each person you see.”

“Just tell me who she is, then?”

“I can’t tell you. That is against the rules of the Society. Only the member is permitted to divulge her status, unless you see her at a get-together first, just like I saw you. I must tell you that I mentioned to Mistress that you looked familiar. She did not reveal that you were installing our new software, even though she knew. I found that when I was initiated I was so traumatized that I didn’t remember a single face that was there. I’m sure it was the same for you.”

I smiled and nodded to confirm her statement. “Kelly never mentioned any rules to me.”

“She probably doesn’t think there is a need to yet, but I know she will provide our secrecy rules to you soon. I’m sure there hasn’t been a reason for my mistress to reveal her identity to you, yet. I know she will introduce herself to you when the time is right. When I was positive you were the same person I watched being initiated, I knew I had to introduce myself as soon as possible since we will be working closely together the next few months. I didn’t think it would be proper for you to see me some night at Lisa’s without knowing.”

With a sigh of relief, I thanked her. I laughed when she commented, “I bet Kelly has found a way to insure you will be aware of your status all day, right?” When I nodded and whispered that I was not wearing underwear, she added, “I’m not wearing panties either. If I didn’t work in the warehouse, I’d be wearing a skirt. Mistress really doesn’t like me to wear pants, but they are a necessity most of the time in my job.

“Because I am a submissive and, for all intents and purposes, a slave, most of my friends are in the Society. We are all very close and will do anything for one another. I am sure it will be the same for you.”

I did find out she had belonged to her mistress for nearly ten years. As we parted, she promised we would get together again to talk, and added with a grin, “if our Mistresses will permit, of course.” We only had a few minutes to talk before one of Sandy’s coworkers joined us so the conversation had to change.

I had a meeting scheduled with the CIO after lunch.  We covered my schedule for the week, which was somewhat firm, and outlined a tentative schedule for the following two weeks. As we talked, I continually wondered if she was Sandy’s Mistress. I knew I would wonder the same about everyone I met in the company until she revealed herself, as Sandy had indicated. Near the end of the hour she said, “Kim, I normally don’t comment on an employee’s wardrobe, and it would be especially improper to comment on what a consultant wears, but in your case I feel it is necessary. Would you permit me to be a little personal?”

“Oh, shit!” I thought. “Here it comes. She is going to tell me that my short skirt is out of line.  Well, we have to work together for several months, so I had better let her get it out of her system. I only wondered what Kelly’s reaction will be.”

“Yes, ma’am, please go ahead.”  Her name was Debbie. She had been sitting behind her desk all the time we talked.  Now she stood, walked around her desk.  I could not help but notice her very expensive white shirt, gray slacks and black heels. The shirts crisp creases indicated she used a professional laundry and the diamond cuff links sparkled. She sat on the edge of the desk and said, “Please don’t be offended, and let me finish before you say anything.”

End of Part 5

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