Kim’s New Life, part 4 by SensuousOne

Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 4

Chapter 13 Dinner at the Abbey

Allyson laughed, “Actually, I think that is an excellent idea, Kelly. I never thought of Sam as a top, but it will definitely work.”

“Then, Kimmy, you shall treat Sam as you would your Mistress. However, when she is en scene as a submissive, she will be your equal,” Kelly commanded.

“I understand, ma’am.” I also realized that I now understood the phrase ‘en scene.’

“I am sure you feel you should get the same privilege with Sam, but you don’t. Maybe you will someday, when you are well trained, but that will not be for quite a while. Besides, if the two of you happened to be alone together, it would be confusing to know who was in charge.”

“Yes, I agree. Thank you ma’am.”

“While we are on the subject of rules, I do not plan to restrict your speech. I am explaining this to you now, because I want Allyson and Sam to follow this same rule. You are free to say and ask anything you desire at any time, except that you shall not interrupt me or anyone else while they are talking. This will assist you in learning more about being a submissive. There will be times, however that I will forbid talking. You will know when because I will give you an order of two simple words. “Silence and a slave name. For example, if I say, ‘Silence, slut,’ with one exception, you must not say anything, and I stress anything, unless you are answering a direct question from your Mistress. The one exception is that you may ask for permission to speak. However, you must wait until permission is granted before saying anything else. In other words, if I invoke this rule of silence on you and someone asks you a question, you will first ask me for permission to answer. This applies no matter where we are or who might hear you ask for permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do.” Just then Allyson took one of my nipples between her lips and started sucking. “Oh, gawd!” I exclaimed.

“Allyson, quit that right now and cover my slut’s tits or we will never make it to the restaurant.”

We all chuckled and headed for the door. When I mentioned that I forgot my purse, Kelly looked at me sternly and said, “Did I give you a purse after we dressed, slut?”

“No, ma’am, you didn’t.”

“Do you think your Mistress would have given you one if she thought you needed it?”

Feeling rebuked, I answered, “Yes, ma’am, she would have.” No additional commentary was necessary.

Allyson’s car was a red XK8 Jaguar Convertible and the top was down. I was impressed. Kelly and I sat in the back and held hands. “This is quite a car. May I ask what Allyson’s occupation is, ma’am? She obviously couldn’t buy this with the money she makes tending bar.” I whispered to Kelly.

“You’re right, pet. Working at Lisa’s is an avocation for her. She only works at there a couple nights a week when they need a substitute. Her primary job is managing her own business, but her degree is in Computer Science. She does consulting work in that area on the side. You two have a lot in common.” Needless to say, I was surprised.

The drive to the restaurant took about half an hour. I felt warm, comfortable and wanted when Kelly put her arm around me and pulled me close. I lay my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes to think about what the future might have in store for me. A little more than twenty four hours ago, I was a one-man woman without a man. Was I now a one-woman woman, owned and maybe in love? It couldn’t be possible.

I recognized the name of the restaurant, The Abbey, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. I had asked about local restaurants my first day with my new client and was told that it was the best restaurant in town. When I remarked that the gray stone building looked quite old, Kelly replied that I was quite observant. Built about one hundred fifty years ago, it was named, appropriately, because its previous residents were an order of Carmelite nuns that never ventured into the outside world. It had been empty for several years until the current owners purchased it and turned it into a high-class restaurant.

The interior was as elegant and grand as I felt: excellent décor, antique chandeliers, white linen table cloths, white linen napkins rolled in silver napkin rings, candles, servers in tuxedos, and more. My eyes couldn’t stop looking around. The prices matched the décor, of course, but I did not mind.

We were escorted to a small room containing one table that could seat six people. I noticed that similar rooms lined three sides of the main dining room. Ours was at the end opposite the entrance. I assumed the rooms had been either prayer rooms or even the living quarters of the nuns. None of the rooms had doors, but the separation from the main room provided a semi-private dining experience while permitting the guests a view of the main room. A curtain could be pulled over the opening if the patrons desired more privacy. Allyson and Sam elected to sit at the ends of the table while telling Kelly and I to take the two seats along the inside wall so we could all have a clear view of the dining room. I felt a little giddy and decided to play my role by holding Kelly’s chair as she sat down. She smiled and said, “Why thank you, pet. That was very considerate of you.”

“You’re most welcome, Mistress” then added, “I just assumed it is one of the many duties of a slave.” Kelly puckered her lips as if throwing me a kiss. As I sat, she told me to not wrinkle my skirt by sitting on it. At least I did not have to sit on my bare butt this time.

Allyson ordered a bottle of Martini and Rossi Asti Spumanti as we perused the menus. I recognized it as an excellent brand of sparkling wine and asked what the occasion was. “For the same reason we are dining in all this luxury tonight, Kimmy: to celebrate your capture,” she answered. I smiled. “I know that Asti Spumanti might not be expensive champagne, but it is one of my favorites, and I think quite apropos for the occasion.”

After a few moments Kelly said, “Well, pet, which dishes look good to you.” I named three or four that looked quite tasty. “You may put your menu down now,” she said.

When the server returned she ordered first then gave “her companion’s” order to him. He took the order in stride as though it was a normal occurrence for one woman to order for another. At least she had asked for some opinions first although she hadn’t asked which one I liked best. I didn’t miss the fact that Sam ordered for herself.

The Asti Spumanti arrived and a glass was poured for each of us. Allyson stood and proposed a toast. “Kelly and I have known one another since we met in college many years ago, the exact number of which shall remain unspoken. I think I can say, without a doubt, that she is my best friend, and I hope the feeling is mutual.” Kelly acknowledged this and Allyson continued, “She has always been a happy person, but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the joy in her voice that I heard when she called me this morning. Kelly, I hope you don’t mind that I am revealing this to our two slaves, since Kimmy is wearing your collar. Her exact words, Kimmy, were, ‘Oh, thank you for sending her over to me last night, Ally. She is absolutely perfect. I hope I get to keep her.’“

I was absolutely flabbergasted at this revelation. Kelly slid her hand over to grasp mine and squeezed.

Allyson raised her glass. “My toast is, ‘May you both have as wonderful a relationship, as friends and as Mistress and slave, as Sam and I have had.’” She held her glass to the middle of the table and exclaimed, “To you both. Be happy and enjoy one another to the fullest.” I had a tear in my eye as I looked at Kelly.

For the rest of the meal I learned additional facts about the three of them and their wonderful relationship. I also told Allyson and Sam about my background and many of my little secrets. Allyson was surprised to learn that my education was in IT and said that we would have to discuss our careers in detail someday. I did get the feeling that they were withholding some information from me. Facts I figured that I would learn when I had acquired ‘the need-to-know.’

Thinking about Allyson’s comment that she had known Kelly since college, I said, “Mistress Kelly told me that she subbed to someone during spring break in college. Were you…”

Allyson cut me off, “Yes, Kimmy, I was her Domme.” I knew that would help draw some loose ends together. At one point in our discussions, Allyson said, “You look nice in a dress, Kelly. I haven’t seen you wear one in quite a while.”

“You’ll probably be seeing me in skirts or dresses often now, except in class, that is.

“And may I ask why.” Because of the looks on their respective faces, I was sure that Allyson knew exactly why, but asked anyhow, either just to hear her say it, or so that I would hear the reason.

“As you know so well, Allyson, I get horny quite easily. I don’t want my slut to waste time removing slacks or jeans when she worships at her Mistress' Shrine.” I had never heard that term, but there was no question as to where her “shrine” resided and that I was ready to worship whenever and wherever she ordered me to do it.

At that point she placed her hand on my nylon covered knee and slid it up the inside of my leg and until it contacted bare flesh. I sighed and whispered, “Ummm, that feels good, Mistress.” A couple minutes later, she moved it up to touch my clit under the loose leg of the tap pants. I gasped from the pleasure.

“I’m glad Sam remembered the tap pants, pet. I like them and the loose leg lets me have relatively free access to my cunt.” I remarked that I would have gladly removed them if there had been any problem. I was “felt up” several more times during our meal. That was just enough to keep my internal temperature high. Being loved was a wonderful feeling.

Near the end of the meal, Kelly took my hand in hers again. Looking intently into my eyes she said, “Kimmy, I said that there would be times that I would be humiliating and embarrassing you in public. I would like to start tonight. Do you mind?”

“If I said that I did mind, would you still continue with whatever you have planned?”

“No I won’t.”

“Then I have to make a decision about whether I want to be humiliated or not.”

“That is correct, pet.”

I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed it softly. “Mistress, you know that my knowledge of D&S is extremely limited, but I am sure it is not a slave’s place to question her Mistress. I now feel I must, however. Please forgive me if I am out of line, but during our Q&A when you were trying to give me reasons that I should continue to wear your collar, I seem to remember that you said one of the benefits of submitting is that I would not have to make a decision outside of work. Yet this is the second time you have asked me to make a decision. I don’t understand.”

” I just think since this is your first day, it is a little early in your training for what I have in mind, and I feel it is best that you agree.”

“Mistress, according to our agreement, is your slave permitted to make decisions on her own or not.”

“Well, when you put it that way, no she isn’t.”

“Then your question is not your slave’s to answer. You must decide for her and she will have to accept and like whatever you decide. I am sure that my Mistress will recognize my limits and not exceed them. My answer to your question is that I accept whatever my Mistress desires for me.”

“Oh, gawd, Kimmy, you’re so precious. It is no wonder Kelly wants to keep you,” Allyson interjected.

Kelly stared into my eyes for a long time before asking, “You’ll make me proud of you, no matter what I tell you to do, won’t you, pet?”

“I’ll do my best, Mistress,” I replied while hoping that would be true, “and if I don’t, I expect to be punished.”

“Allyson, it’s getting a little close in here. I think we should partake of dessert at Lisa’s.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea, Kelly. Dinner is on me. You may buy dessert.”

“May I use the restroom before we go, Mistress Allyson?” asked Sam.

“Yes you may, dear.”

“May I go with her, Mistress Kelly?”

“Yes, but you may only accompany her there, pet.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

I walked with Sam to the restroom. Once there, knowing what I intended, she waited a few seconds and watched me open the door to a stall. “Ah, Kimmy, I don’t think I would do that if I were you.”

“You must think I’m going to masturbate or something. Well, I’m not. I’m just need to pee.”

“I know that, and so does Kelly. Please trust me. I’ve been doing this a long time now and I’ve learned to listen closely to what Allyson and Kelly say. You will too. You will also learn to be more specific in your requests.” She then explained, “I asked for permission to use the restroom. Allyson knows that means more than to wash my hands. You simply asked if you could come with me. In reply Kelly stated you could only accompany me. I think you missed the word ‘only’ when she used it. I didn’t. That means you cannot use the facilities. You cannot even wash your hands while you are here. I can almost guarantee she will question you when you return.”

“Oh, shit.”

“Can’t do that either, Kimmy,” she chuckled.

“What should I do then? I have to pee.”

“You should go back and clarify your request.”

“Ok, but I’ll wait for you to finish.”

“Bad decision, love. But it’s your bladder that needs emptied.”

When we returned I said to Kelly, “Mistress, when I got to the restroom, I realized that I had not specifically asked for permission to use the facilities.”

“And just how did you come to this conclusion, pet?”

“Truthfully, Mistress, Sam brought it to my attention.”

“And what did you do.”

“Nothing, Mistress. I simply waited for Sam to finish.”

“You can thank Sam for saving your ass.” I looked over at Sam and thanked her. “You can thank her properly later.”

“Mistress, may I use the restroom now?”

“No you may not, pet. You’re going to have to hold it. It’s time to leave. Allyson took care of the check while you two were absent”

There was a sign on the door to Lisa’s Hideaway. It said that because of a private party, no reservations would be scheduled after nine P.M. I commented on it and Allyson said, “Don’t worry, Kimmy, since Sam and I work here part time, we have an ‘in’ with the owner.” Little did I know the full extent of their “in.”

I don’t think I mentioned that Lisa’s was a small place. There were probably twelve to fifteen tables and booths plus the seats at the bar. It looked to be more than half full when we entered.

Kelly asked Rebecca, the hostess, how things were going. I thought the conversation that ensued was somewhat strange.

“Not bad, Kelly. We’ve been full nearly all evening.”

“Did you have to refuse many reservations tonight because of the party?”

“No. I think most of our regulars know that the first Saturday of the month is reserved for our private party.”

“How many are here?”

“Thirty-six made reservations for the party, including the four of you. All are here except six.”

“Thanks, Becca. Please let me know when all the non-members have departed.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kelly leaned over and whispered something into Rebecca’s ear. Rebecca then said, “Oh wow! Fantastic! I was hoping things would work out. I let everyone know that was a possibility. An initiation always makes the meeting more interesting, and we haven’t had one in a long time.”

We sat at the same table Kelly and I had occupied the previous night. Tonight it had a “Reserved” placard on it. Once again, I held her chair as she sat down. Before I sat, I requested permission to use the restroom.

“Permission denied, pet.”

“May I ask you a question, Mistress?”

“You may as long as it isn’t impertinent, pet.”

“Would you have permitted me to use the restroom at The Abbey had I asked properly the first time?

“No,” she answered smiling.

“Oh,” I replied. “And you probably let me go because you knew that Sam would not let me go since I didn’t have permission.”

“That is correct, pet.”

As our waitress approached the table, Kelly greeted her by name. Cheryl was wearing a costume just like Sam had worn the previous night. She stood beside Kelly and asked, “What can I get you tonight, boss?” I looked right at Kelly and she was shaking her head.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought she belonged to you,” Cheryl apologized, gesturing towards me.

“She does, Cheryl, but you know I don’t like that title. I prefer Mistress when I am with a sub.”

As an apology to the table, Cheryl chuckled and said, “That’s a bad habit of mine. I call all the Dommes ‘boss.’” Her flushed skin and face was an immediate indicator that her comment had, for some reason, embarrassed her.

In answer to Cheryl’s first question, Kelly said, “Kimmy and I are going to share a slice of cheesecake covered by a two shots of amaretto, but I’d like to have it served a little later, and we’ll only need one fork.” I smiled at this comment, remembering how she fed me the previous evening.

“Anything to drink?”

“Red wine for both of us and you can bring it now.” Allyson ordered the same for herself and Sam. I commented that they didn’t specify what kind of red wine they wanted.

“We come here so often, pet, that all the waitresses know our tastes and don’t have to ask.”

We probably had been talking for half an hour when Rebecca approached Kelly and said, “The last of the non-members have left, Kelly, and the front door is locked.”

“Great, Becca. Have everyone get ready for the meeting and initiation. Tell Cheryl that we are ready for the cheesecake.”

I’m not that naïve. I knew there was something strange going on, and that it somehow included me because of our discussion at The Abbey about humiliating and embarrassing me. She hadn't done anything towards that end, yet.

Chapter 14 Embarrassment and Humiliation

Cheryl sat the cheesecake, one fork, and another glass of wine on the table. Kelly turned her chair so she was facing in my direction. “Kneel, pet.”

I got in position and clasped my hands behind my back. “It’s time to expose your true colors, Kimmy,” Kelly commented as she removed the scarf from around my neck.

“Put your hands in front of you, palms together.” I looked down as she loosely wound the scarf around my wrists. “As you can see, the scarf is not tight so you can easily pull your hands out if you want to. It’s really a symbolic binding showing your willingness to be mine. You won’t try to get out of it, will you pet?”

“No, I won’t, Mistress.”

Kelly cut a portion of cheesecake and offered it to my lips. I opened my mouth, but she did not move the fork. Not until I stuck out my tongue to receive the morsel did she feed it to me. We each ate another piece then Kelly offered me a sip of wine from her glass. I knew enough not to turn my head to look around, but I had the distinct feeling that every eye in the restaurant was on me. Strangely, I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. To the contrary, I felt somewhat hedonistic to be doing this for Kelly. If this was embarrassing me, I liked it.

As she cut the next bite, I assumed it was my turn. I opened my mouth to accept it. “Oh, my little pet thinks she is going to get this piece. Well, shame on her for assuming.” Then directly to me she added, “I want you to stay that way until I feed you again.”

I felt somewhat silly kneeling there with my mouth wide open but that is exactly what she wanted. My Mistress then caught me off-guard with her next move. She made a big scene by putting the piece of cheesecake onto the end of her tongue, which was stuck out as far as it could go, then slowly drawing it back into her mouth. Once her lips were closed she loudly went “Ummmmmmm,” as an indication of how good it tasted. A smile accompanied this verbal gesture. Then she leaned forward, and shoved her tongue and the piece of cheesecake into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue as she completed her act with a passionate kiss.

We finished eating the cheesecake just as we started: one bite for me and one for her. When it was gone, Kelly surprised me again by placing the empty plate on the floor beside her foot. “We can’t let all that amaretto and crumbles of cheesecake go to waste. Clean your plate, pet.”

Knowing that I would attempt to use my hands to steady myself, she removed the scarf and directed me to clasp them behind my back again. An easy task quickly disappeared. It’s not terribly difficult to touch one’s nose to the floor while kneeling with hands clasped behind one’s back, but to hold your head a few inches above the floor and perform a task like licking a plate takes great agility and work. I was glad I exercised regularly to keep myself somewhat limber and in shape. The aerobics definitely helped my flexibility. It took a couple attempts but I finally spread my legs wide enough that I could stabilize my body while leaning forward.

I could hear sounds created by scraping chairs and movement of people and knew they were getting closer to for a better look. I was now fully on display. I also realized that my tits were hanging down, pushing at the front of my halter. While they might still be covered in front, they were very exposed on the sides. A narcissistic feeling surged through me and I decided that I was going to make Kelly proud of her pet. Since Kelly had ordered two shots of amaretto, there was an excessive amount of liquid, mixed with pieces of cheesecake still on the plate. It took some time, but I licked the plate just like a kitten and cleaned it completely before rising back to a kneeling position.

“Not bad, pet, but you missed a spot.”

I looked down at the plate but could not see anything. “I’m sorry, Mistress, but I do not see anything left on the plate.”

“If your Mistress says you missed a spot, then you missed a spot, slut.” She leaned down and pointed to an invisible piece of cheesecake. “It’s right there.”

Chagrined, I replied, “I apologize, Mistress. Your slave obviously was not looking hard enough.” I leaned down again and licked the area she had pointed out.

Since I had occasionally leaned a little too far forward, my nose, lips and chin were now coated with the amaretto. Back in a kneeling position I said, “Mistress, I fear your slave was a little sloppy in her eating habits. It appears as though her face is somewhat smeared. May she have a napkin to clean it?”

“Absolutely not, pet. I already said we cannot waste the amaretto.” My embarrassment changed to pleasure when she used her tongue to clean my face.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You are most welcome, pet. She pulled the scarf from my wrists. You may rest now.” I placed my hands on my legs palms up as I had been taught. Something caught my eye near Allyson and I turned my head slightly to see what it was.

Kelly barked at me. “Pet, when I am working you, you will look at me and nothing else. You will not move your eyes up, down, left or right. You will give me your undivided attention. I don’t care where we are or how many people are around us. You will stare directly into my eyes. Even if we are in the center of the Mall with a thousand people watching, you will act like the only person present is your Mistress. No one else is important at that moment in your life, therefore no one else exists. I know this rule is new to you, but you should have been able to assume it.”

“I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Just don’t let it happen again. Now tell me, what diverted your attention, anyhow?”

“Allyson, ma’am. She removed her jacket.”

“That probably would have grabbed my attention, too. Which do you like better, slut, the dress or her tits?”

“The dress, ma’am.”

“What? You don’t like Allyson’s tits? I’m sure she will be disappointed.”

“Oh, no, ma’am, I like her tits very much. It’s just that dress is one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.”

“Well right now I want to look at my tits. Drop your halter, pet.”


“I thought my order was clear. It’s really a simple task for a simple mind. Your halter is tied in a bow behind your neck. Untie it and leave it fall. I want to see my tits, and I am sure my friends do too.”

Somewhat unnerved by her tone and two straight rebukes, my hands shook as I loosened the bow behind my neck and kept the ends in my hands as I returned them to my thighs. Kelly leaned forward, placed her hands under my breasts and raised them slightly. “Who do these beautiful tits belong to, pet.”

“They are yours, Mistress.”

She pinched my nipples making me wince. “These are mine, too, correct.”

“My Mistress is never wrong.”

“Open your belt and remove the halter.” I folded the two pieces of material and laid them in her outstretched hand. “Now, buckle your belt again.” She waited for me to finish then said, “Go to the bar and order another glass of wine for your Mistress.”

“She said she was going to embarrass and humiliate me,” I thought as I walked across the floor, my breasts bouncing freely. “Well, she is doing a good job.” This time I wasn’t sure I liked it. My face felt like it was glowing bright red. Jennifer was already waiting with a glass of wine. She placed it on a tray and handed the tray to me. “Do you know how to serve your Mistress properly, Kimmy?”

“Gawd! How does she know my slave name?” I wondered. “Ah, no, ma’am, I probably don’t. Can you possibly advise me? Somehow I feel I should not screw this up.”

“You should kneel first then hold the tray out in front of you. When she accepts the wine, ask for permission to return the tray.”

“Thank you, Jennifer.”

“Just part of the famous service we provide here at Lisa’s, Kimmy. Good luck!”

I returned to Kelly and did what Jennifer recommended. Instead of giving me permission to return the tray, however, Kelly asked me if I still needed to pee.

“Yes, Mistress, I do.”

“Can you hold it?”

“Not much longer, Mistress.”

“Why haven’t you said something?”

“I did, Mistress, when we arrived here, but you wouldn’t give me permission. I assumed you wouldn’t want me bothering you about it. I also assumed that since you were aware of my need, you would advise me when you felt it was time. I’m sorry for not asking again, Mistress.”

“Don’t lament about it, pet. Your supposition was correct. That is why I just inquired about your status. My question was meant to determine your thought patterns within our Mistress/slave relationship. I must say that you do think submissively. I did assume if you were ready to pee your pants, you would have the common sense to inform me. Now, give me the tray and stand.”

I stood, spread my feet about a foot apart and clasped my hands behind my back. “Very good pet. Now, present!”

When I attained position she said, “See how nicely my tits are now offered to me when you stand like that.”

I glanced down and smiled. “Yes, ma’am I do.”

“OK, Pet, remove your skirt, fold it and place it on this tray.” I stared directly into her eyes as I undid the waistband of the skirt and pushed down. Thirty seconds later, it was on the tray.

“Excellent, pet. Now kneel.” Thankfully, she is letting me retain some of my modesty. I now understood why she initially said that she wanted me to wear panties. I must remember to thank Sam for suggesting the tap pants.

“You are now commanded to silence. It is very important that you not forget what that means. Would you like me to refresh your memory?”

“Yes, ma’am, that might be helpful, so your slave does not embarrass you.”

“When you are commanded to silence you are forbidden to speak unless you are answering a question posed to you by your Mistress and no one else. I didn’t mention this before, but you may talk when you are delivering a message from your Mistress to someone else. Just remember to deliver that specific message and say nothing else. There is a similar command you shall now learn. One word will be added to the command and that word is ‘total.’ When I command you to total silence, you are not even permitted to request permission to speak, however, you must still answer your Mistress’ questions and deliver her messages. Both commands remain in effect until I say the words ‘you are now permitted to speak again'. Be very careful and engage your brain before you open your mouth. Sometimes periods of silence are like the game of ‘Simon Says.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do.”

“I command you to total silence. What is your name?”

“Slut, pet, or anything else my Mistress wishes to call me.”

“Tell me the name of Allyson’s slave.” It was not a question. I remained silent.

“Tell Allyson that I think her dress is beautiful.”

”Miss Allyson, my Mistress said to tell you that she thinks your dress is beautiful.”

“Ok, I am satisfied you know how to conduct yourself properly in a mode of total silence. Return the tray to Jennifer and tell her that Mistress Kelly said that her slave needs to pee. You will then follow her directions without hesitation as though they were mine.”

Luckily I did engage my brain as she ordered because I almost automatically said, “Yes, Mistress.” Kelly smiled when I opened my mouth to respond then quickly remained silent.

Once again I was required to cross the floor in front of this group of women. I felt somewhat silly wearing nothing but the tap pants, garter belt, nylons and heels. The heat was rising to my face again reflecting my total embarrassment.

When I repeated Kelly’s statement, Jennifer looked at me and said, “Well, well, I heard a rumor that Kelly finally caught one. From what I’ve been seeing you must be the slave. Am I correct?” She already knew the answer because she had called me Kimmy. I figured she might be testing me. I wasn’t sure if I could make non-verbal replies like shaking my head, so, in addition to not speaking, I remained motionless. “Oh, shit, she’s commanded you to total silence. This should be fun.”

“Here’s the situation, Kimmy. You now belong to me until I return you to Kelly or she tells me to release you. It will be over soon, so don’t worry, dear.” Something immediately bothered me when she left for a couple minutes and returned with a low sided plastic tray filled with some granular substance and set it on the bar. I knew I was in trouble, but couldn’t put my finger on the reason. Then she said, “There should be a spittoon on the floor somewhere near you.“

I looked around and felt a little silly because I didn’t know what a spittoon was. I had heard the word used but had never seen one. Jennifer must have recognized my confusion because she said, “It’s the brass vase,” and laughed. “They are called spittoons because they used to be placed in bars and barbershops for callous men to spit into when they were chewing on a wad of tobacco. We keep them here because they are nice decorations and because they come in handy for other things.”

I watched closely as she took a small piece of note paper, ripped it in half and wrote the number one on the first piece and the number two on the other. She then folded the pieces, put them in a cup, shook the cup and dumped the two pieces onto the bar. “OK, here’s the deal, Kimmy. Using a simple lottery system, you get to select the receptacle you will use.” My eyes must have looked as big as golf balls because I suddenly knew what was going to happen. Jennifer ignored my sense of fright and continued, “You will point to one of these two receptacles to designate your choice for number one. The other will be number two. You will then pick up one of these pieces of paper. The number on that piece will determine the receptacle you shall use.”

I pointed to the spittoon and Jennifer loudly announced, “Ladies, the spittoon has been designated as door number one, so Tabby’s litter box will be door number two.” A loud roar came from behind me, as Jennifer whispered, “Tabby is our cat, but she won’t mind if you get to use her litter box.”

“Oh, damn,” I thought. “She just confirmed it.” I sensed all the blood in my body rushing to my head.

“Don’t worry, Kimmy. We’re all your friends.”

Jennifer turned and rang a brass bell hanging on the wall behind her. “Quiet everyone. Kimmy is about to learn which door she will open.” I picked up one piece of paper and handed it to Jennifer. “Oh, no, love. It’s your show; you get to open the door. My hands were shaking so much I almost dropped the slip as I unfolded the slip and handed it to Jennifer. “Ladies, I am pleased to announce that she picked number two. Kimmy has to pee. What do you say?” The room erupted into a cacophony of noise as my audience chanted various things, applauded, and stamped their feet. What I could hear the most above the roar was a continuous “Go! Go! Go! Go!” Even I had to smile.

I was confused about the next step, but Jennifer wasn’t. She rounded the bar and clipped a chain leash to my collar. “Kimmy, you’re not going to like this, but you can’t do this while wearing panties. Lay them on the tray with your skirt.”

I wanted to turn the clock back about twelve hours and change my mind. There was no way that the contract I signed would be considered legal. No one can own a slave in the United States. I can just go over to Kelly, tell her to go to hell and walk out. A tug on my leash literally pulled me out of my reverie. “Remove your panties, Kimmy, pick up the litter box, Kimmy, and come with me.” Now wearing only a garter belt, nylons, shoes and collar, and carrying the litter-filled container, I followed my guide to my destiny. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, they did. I thought we would be going to the restroom. Everyone would know what I was doing, but Jennifer would be the only one watching me. Gawd, talk about being naïve! Jennifer became my executioner when she stopped in the center of the dance floor and told me to set the litter box down.

I hadn’t realized it, but my audience was quickly getting closer. I didn’t really notice until they started to form a circle around us. “Kimmy, dear, your Mistress has given you permission to pee. Since you are her pet, it is appropriate that the door you selected led directly to the litter box. Now you shall pee like a pet.” I felt as if I were slowly sinking into a dark abyss.

Kelly’s voice brought me back to reality. “Squat over your litter box, my darling pet, and let it flow.”

Talk about humiliation. I thought that nothing could be worse than this. How the fuck could Kelly say she loved me then put me on display, essentially naked, in front of all these women and expect me to pee. At the same time, something inside me wanted to show her I could do it. What a paradoxical emotion. I put my feet outside the litter box, lowered my hips so that I was in a squatting position, put my hands over my knees with my legs spread wide leaned forward a little and tried to pee. It just wouldn’t come. I was too embarrassed.

Chapter 15 Initiation

Recognizing my problem, Kelly knelt beside me and whispered in a soft, low voice. “It’s OK, Kimmy. Just relax and you will be able to do it. In an attempt to “relax” me, she put her hand on my chest just under my tits and started rubbing in a circle down to my abdomen and back up again. Her other hand stroked my bare ass.

“Come on love,” Kelly coaxed. “Let it flow. Let us see you wet in your litter box like a good pet.” Her fingers touched my cunt and I moaned out load. “See, you are enjoying all of this even though you think you aren’t. Come on, pet, let loose. Let it flow.” She kept talking to me softly while stroking my back, breasts, abdomen and ass. Her attention was mesmerizing. I didn’t realize that she was taking my thoughts away from the humiliating fact that I was being watched by nearly forty women.

It worked. I heard a groan of relief that seemed to come from far, far away, but actually originated in my own throat, as a small dribble of warm liquid started to drop onto the cat litter. I knew because I had dropped my head to look between my legs. The dribble quickly changed to a steady stream, and then to a gusher of yellow urine.

Kelly continued to stroke me with words. “That’s it, my beautiful, wonderful pet. I knew you could do it. Pee for your Mistress. Let it all out and you will feel much better.” As my bladder emptied, the stream gradually subsided. Kelly slipped her hand between my legs and caught some of the urine. Just as I concluded the most embarrassing moment in my whole life, she presented the wet hand to my lips. With no hesitation her pet kitten’s tongue lapped at the warm, salty liquid as if it were nectar from the gods.

I felt emotionally exhausted and drained and didn’t want to move when I heard Kelly say, “Yes, Sam, please. Dry her off.” I remained perfectly still while Sam wiped the splatters of urine from the insides of my legs with a small towel. I nearly had an orgasm when she drew the towel over my cunt.

Kelly helped me to stand, took me into her arms, and kissed me lightly. I started to say something when she pressed her finger to my lips. “Shhhh!” she whispered, “You’re new at this pet, so I will help you through the first time, but don’t forget you have been commanded to total silence. If you say anything it will disrupt the seraphic state of mind that is required in order to enter the subspace we are seeking for you.” She kissed me again. This time was with much more passion. I trembled as I clung to her. She grasped my bare ass, pulling me tightly to her. I laid my head on her shoulder and enjoyed the feel of her stroking my back and my ass, not caring that we were being watched and that I was still naked. She whispered to me again, “Don’t worry, my pet. You are doing well. Just don’t forget that I love you, no matter what happens tonight.”

When the trembling subsided somewhat a few minutes later, she stepped back and said, “One thing that Tabby doesn’t have to do is empty her own litter box, but my pet has to. Tabby will want fresh litter. The dumpster is out the back door and across the alley, Kimmy. Sam will walk to the door with you, but you have to go outside by yourself.”

“No!” I thought, “She didn’t say I could put my clothes back on. How can she expect me to go outside while I’m nearly naked? She just wants to see if I will break silence and ask. I’ll wait her out.” Then I thought of something. I gestured by swiping my hands over the front of my body from my breasts to hips.

“Nice try, pet. Quit stalling. We don’t have time for you to put clothes on. Besides, it’s dark out there. No one will see you. Get your ass out moving and dump the tray. Do it NOW!”

“Gawd,” I thought, “One minute she is being loving and kind and the next she is being a real bitch. And I’m trying to do my best for her.” I picked up the tray and followed Sam to the door. I carefully looked around before I stepped out and realized it had started raining. I also saw that, while it might be night, a bright streetlight next to the dumpsters bathed the alley. It was a normal alley but right at that moment it to me it looked like it was a mile wide. I ran over to the dumpster as fast as I could in my heels, raised the heavy lid with one hand and poured the litter in.

To paraphrase an old adage, I was so concerned about being naked outside, I almost forgot to stop and smell the flowers. I was going to run back across the alley, but the warm summer rain felt so good on my body, I decided to take my time. I looked up into the sky and let the drops fall on my face. Holding the now empty tray in one hand, I spread my arms wide and started to turn around as if I were dancing. “This must be how a nudist feels,” I thought. It definitely felt good. A dreamlike, almost surreal feeling swept over me. I wondered if this was part of the ‘subspace’ Kelly had mentioned. I was quickly awakened from my revelry when I was highlighted by the lights of a car that had just turned into the alley. I made a mad dash past Sam and into the open doorway.

Sam and I both started laughing. “You really are one crazy bitch, Kimberly Ann.” I wondered how she knew my middle name. Grabbing my hand she said, “Come with me, dear. We have to get you ready.” ‘Ready for what?’ I wondered, but again, wasn’t permitted ask. She took me into what appeared to be an office where she used a towel to remove my wet experience from the rain. I lapped up the attention.

She built me up then knocked me down when she handed me a large bag. “Fill the box with some clean litter, take it back out to Jennifer then return to me.” I was in a daze crossing to the bar and back again. Every eye in the place followed me in both directions and everyone remained totally silent. The silence was nearly deafening.

When I was finally back in the office, Sam said, “I’m usually naked at home, so these clothes are a little confining when I’m working someone, which I don’t get to do very often since I belong to Allyson. Would you please help me remove the sweater and skirt, Kimmy?”

Of course I was more than pleased to assist her. In less than a minute she was standing before me in her collar, corset, nylons and heels. Once again I found myself looking at a woman with lust in my heart. Sam obviously felt the same because she put her hand behind my head and pulled my lips to hers. We pressed our bodies together and kissed with passion. Tongues invaded mouths and danced together. It just felt so good. When we broke, she said, “Don’t worry, Kelly won’t mind. As she indicated, there is absolutely no jealousy between the three of us, and I have her permission. I hope Allyson and I can give you good reason so that you will never be jealous of us where Kelly is concerned.”

I started to tell her that I already knew I wouldn’t, but as soon as I said, “Sa…” she silenced me. “Don’t say a word, pet. Any command of silence is universal until lifted. I just want you to know that I’ve wanted to kiss you like that all evening. And that is just a beginning.

“Come on, I have to get you prepared. Those women out there won’t wait all night. Stand and present.” I knew my obedience level was increasing when I automatically spread my legs and interlaced my fingers behind my neck. Sam opened a desk drawer, picked up a key, and removed the padlocks on my shoes. I wondered how it got in that desk. The strangeness of this day and evening was increasing by the minute. When the garter belt and nylons followed the removal of the shoes, I stood before Sam totally naked, except for the omnipotent collar. She opened another drawer and removed two sets of leather, fleece-lined cuffs. These were locked around my wrists and ankles. Finally she pulled my arms down from the ‘present’ position and locked the cuffs together in front.

I was ordered to stand at the end of the desk, the top of which was empty except for a large desk calendar. She told me to spread my legs apart and tied ropes to my ankle cuffs and to the legs of the desk. Next she had me lie face down on the desk with my arms stretched out above my head. At this point, my hips were at the edge of the desk and my chin near the center. She then tied one end of a rope to my wrists and the other end to the far side of the desk after pulling it taut, insuring I would not be able to rise. I tried to imagine what I must look like from behind.

I knew I was in the perfect position for a spanking or paddling. However, the surprise came when Sam knelt behind me and started licking my blood-engorged cunt. I cannot explain how good her tongue felt on my flesh. I moaned deeply when she started slipping her tongue in and out of my hot tunnel. Then came a feeling I had never experienced before she did it at Kelly’s. She started running her tongue over my anal flower. I swear there was a wire connected between it and my clit. What a sensation! In fact, I was disappointed when she stopped.

“I’d really like to fuck you with my tongue, Kimmy, but you heard Kelly distinctly say that she will be the first to penetrate you here.” She moved back down and concentrated on my cunt a few more seconds then moved to my clit. I nearly climaxed as soon as her oral muscle touched it, but once again I was disappointed. She stopped completely. I was soon looking her in the face.

“I’ll bet you are close, aren’t you Kimmy. Nodding won’t break silence.” I nodded hard.

She smiled and said, “Sorry, not yet,” and started releasing the ropes that bound me to the desk and removed the lock that held my wrist cuffs together. I was ordered to finish undressing her. Once nude, she pulled a white, gossamer, floor-length gown from the closet and put it on. I watched as she tied a black rope belt around her waist, leaving the long ends dangling to her knees. I realized that the belt was similar to the cincture one might see a priestess wear around her waist.

Not another word was spoken to me. She simply locked my wrist cuffs together, grasped my elbow, and led me back into the restaurant. Everyone had moved their chairs onto the dance floor and lined them up in a theater-style setting, facing the raised stage that the band had used. I glanced around but didn’t see Kelly. Somehow forgetting to tell me that I was going to be the center of attention again, Sam led me onto the stage, stopping about 6 feet in front of an empty chair. I was ordered to kneel facing the chair with my left side towards my audience. Sam moved beside the chair to my right and assumed a “stand” position beside it.

Kelly had been waiting near the far end of the stage. I saw her as soon as she started walking toward us. My eyes followed her until she stopped directly in front of me. “You don’t know how beautiful you look kneeling there, my darling pet. Right now you are the epitome of submissiveness. Are you turned on? You may move your head to reply to any question I ask.” I nodded.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t fib. Your hard nipples are hard, and not from being cold.

“Move closer to me. I want you close to my knees,” she ordered after sitting down on the chair. She leaned forward, grasped my chin in her hand and said, “At dinner tonight you heard me mention worshiping your Mistress’ Shrine. Do you think you know what this meant?” Again I nodded. “Then do whatever you feel would be necessary to worship my Shrine.” With shaking hands still bound, I started to open the buttons of her dress from the hem up to her waist. When I finished, I grasped the two sides, slid them off her legs, then slipped my arms between her legs and opened them wide by spreading my elbows. To my surprise and disappointment I found myself staring at a pair of white, nearly-transparent nylon panties. Actually they were a thong, but I couldn’t’ tell from my angle. She must have put them on while I was in the office with Sam. “Don’t look so dismayed, my lovely pet. You will get the opportunity tonight. However, there will be many times when you will have to earn the privilege of worshiping my Shrine. Since you are going to worship my Shrine in front of my friends, this is one of those times.

“You will now be spanked for my pleasure and for the pleasure of your audience. You will probably feel the need to cry out. That is permitted under the Command of Silence. Just do not speak, even to use your safe word.”

Considering what I just did and her statement about being proud of me, this seemed to be a contradictory situation. I guess I still had a lot to learn.

“Place yourself over my lap, with your ass facing out.”

“Will you need my services any more, Miss Kelly?”

“I definitely will, Sam. Regardless, you need to stay with Kimmy since I am designating you as her sponsor.”

“Her sponsor? Why thank you, ma’am.”

Kelly started by running her hand softly over my bare behind. Her attention made me purr like a little kitten. When I was fully relaxed, she quickly raised the hand and brought it down hard. I did yelp, more from the surprise, even though it did hurt.

“Your ass marks so well, my dear pet. The imprint of my hand is nearly perfect and is a nice color.

I received twenty-four more solid swats with her hand. She worked every square inch of my butt from the bottom curve, which I later learned was also called the sweet spot, up. Then she made it all better again by leaning down and kissing both cheeks when she was finished. After rubbing her hand over the injured surface again, she commented, “And you heat up well, too.

“The hairbrush now, please, Sam.”

My mistress didn’t hold back this time either. I was very glad that she had warmed me up with her hand. The crack of the brush on my bare flesh echoed through the room. To begin with, I did cry out on each one, glad that she said that wasn’t breaking silence. Oh, damn did that brush hurt. I don’t know how many times that it made contact with my butt, but Kelly quickly got into a rhythm moving from one cheek to the other, striking every couple seconds.

When tears started streaking my face, Sam knelt down and looked into my eyes. “Kimmy, I can honestly say that I know how much you are hurting. You don’t realize it now, but you might get to the point when you will look forward to being spanked. I know I do. Just hang in there. You’re a real trooper. If you need to cry, you are permitted to do that too.” The kiss she gave me did help a little as did her tongue flittering into my mouth. I was happy that Kelly didn’t order me to count and thank her for each stroke.

It finally ended. At least I hoped it had. Tears covered my face and dripped from my chin. “In case you didn’t count to yourself, or lost count, pet, you just received fifty smacks with the brush. I know you are quite tender and sore now. The red color over your ass has deepened and there will be a little bruising. Know that, except for when you are disobedient, that was the worst spanking you will ever receive from me. “Kneel.”

Once in the kneeling position, I had to kiss the back of the brush and thank Kelly for my spanking. Kelly stood, pulled the skirt of her dress behind her and said, “You may now remove my panties, pet, but only using your mouth” I was pleased that she had made the task easier for me. The thong she was wearing was tied with wide ribbons in bows at her sides. All I really needed to do was grasp a loose end of each bow with my teeth and pull. When the garment fell to the floor, I was instructed to pick it up in my mouth and give it to Sam.

Kelly sat in the ch

air before me and spread her legs. Finally, I was given a perfect view of her bare cunt, the pendant and the chain. I was truly disappointed once again when she stopped me just as I was about to lean forward. There was nothing I wanted to do more at that point in time than worship Her Shrine.

“Rest, my pet.” I couldn’t quite lay my hands on my spread legs and knew she would not mind that I wasn’t quite in the proper position. “Don’t look so sad. I haven’t really given you that command yet. I will in a moment. First I want to explain something.” I loved that grin. “I want to be sure you are always able to distinguish between the act of worshipping your Mistress’ shrine and making love to your Mistress. Making love, as the phrase indicates, is an intimate act between two people who care deeply for one another. For the two of us, it will always involve foreplay and will normally be a mutual act, meaning, both of us will usually achieve a climax.

“Worshiping your Mistress’ Shrine, on the other hand is an intimate act of veneration of your Mistress. One might say that it is a unilateral act in that your Mistress will be the only one that achieves climax. It is an action in which you give and she receives. To insure this distinction is always recognized, you will never reap the reward of sexual climax when you worship in this manner. The pleasure you will receive is that of knowing you have given pleasure to your Mistress. In addition, She will always sit or stand over you and you will always be on your knees, as one should be when one worships. This may not be the case with all Mistresses, but it is with yours.

“You may first kiss my boots, then you are ordered to worship me in the manner you so deeply desire,” Once I kissed her boots, she spread her legs to permit entrance to her Shrine. Listening to her and being able to perform this simple act of adoration increased the sexual plateau on which I was already riding. Maybe I was entering the subspace she was talking about, I still didn’t know. I didn’t even mind consummating this normally private act in front of an audience. In fact, deep down, I was pleased to show them my reverence towards Kelly. Oh, how I had changed in little more than twenty-four hours. The way I felt at the moment, I would have worshiped her on the stage at Radio City Music Hall before a full house, if that were legal. At this moment in time and space no one existed except my Mistress as far as I was concerned. It was as she had described. Kelly put her hand on the back of my head and asked, “What did I do to deserve you, pet? You make me so wet.” I felt the same as I started lapping at her juices.

I could feel her body begin to tense. Tightening the grip she had on my hair she moaned, “Oh, yes, this is the way it should always be.” Feeling wonderful that I was going to give her the climax she desired, she stopped me by pulling me up with my hair so she could kiss me.

“You can finish what you started later, my darling slut, but I must be strong and make you stop. We are both riding high and I, for one, need to stay there. If I climax, I may not be able to complete what I want, and need, to do to you now.

Sam pulled the chair back as Kelly stood. “You may now stand and remove your Mistress’ dress.” I worked on opening the buttons of her dress from the waist up. She turned and I pulled it off her shoulders. “Give it to Sam, and kneel,” she ordered as she faced me again. I looked up at her in admiration. The chains connecting her rings added to the radiance I saw. I was definitely a slave to this beautiful woman. She had quickly captivated then captured me, as no male had been able to do. She was not a model or anything like that, but then neither was I. Still, to me, at this moment, she was the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. I hoped she thinks the same of her slave. Again I wondered how I could have changed so much overnight. Maybe a submissive streak had always been inside me. She simply brought it to the surface.

“I will now give you an opportunity to use some of the intelligence I have given you credit for having. You will pay homage to your Mistress through what many consider the ultimate act of submission. Only you have to determine what that is. I must warn you, though; it won’t take an MIT graduate to figure out what it is. She turned, bent over, placed her hands on the seat of the chair and spread her legs slightly. Without hesitation I moved forward and kissed the puckered flower of her anus. As if it had a mind of its own, my tongue moved through my lips and delicately started to trail over and around the rosebud. “Oh, yes, baby! I knew you wouldn’t need much training,” Kelly moaned.

Her words were a catalyst. Since she had given no instructions, probably on purpose, I assumed I was free to do what I thought was proper to show complete and unequivocal dedication to my Mistress. I pushed my tongue forward and through the tight muscle. I was actually disappointed when she suddenly stood up, forcing me to break contact. Kneeling down she placed her hands on my cheeks and whispered, “I’ll give you many chances to finish that, too, you slut. We have other things to complete here first, though. Just know that you have made me very proud that you are mine.”

Chapter 16 Acceptance

Kelly ordered me to stand and present. “Follow Sam’s instructions as she prepares you for your flogging.”

“My Flogging? That’s what they did on sailing ships to punish sailors. Oh shit!” I thought.

Sam told me to keep my fingers locked behind my neck, and helped me move to a point near center stage. Once there she connected my wrist cuffs to the ends of a three foot long spreader bar that she laid over my shoulders. After telling me to remain in place, she went to the rear of the stage where, much to my surprise, she actuated a switch that turned on a motor in the ceiling. This lowered a chain to a point just above my head. She attached this chain to the center of the spreader bar then reversed the motor pulling the spreader bar up, and my arms with it. She didn’t stop the motor until I was standing on my toes. The coup de grace was next. She tied ropes to my ankle cuffs, threaded the ropes through eyebolts hidden just beneath the stage floor, also about three feet apart. When she pulled the ropes through the eyebolts, my feet followed, nearly all the way to the eyebolts. Once the ropes were tied off, I was barely able to touch the floor with my toes. I was literally suspended in the form of the letter X.

Kelly walked back onto the stage and stood in front of me. The first thing I noticed was that she was now wearing a white gossamer gown like Sam’s although her cincture was white instead of black. In her hand she held what looked like a bunch of strips of material attached to a short handle. “I am sure, my pet, that when I said I was going to flog you, I scared the wits out of you, because I don’t think you know what flogging is in B&D. Actually, it can be anything from a heavy to light whipping depending on the type of flogger that is used. I prefer using a flogger because I think the sensation is spread over one’s body and increases in intensity the longer one is whipped. It’s definitely not as painful as a single or multi-strand whip and doesn’t damage the skin or leave lasting marks. The flogger can be damaging when used incorrectly or in the hands of the wrong person, however. This particular flogger is light and soft. It is made from wide deerskin strips. As I use it on you, you skin will gradually heat up to a nice hot glow. I know of cases where subs actually passed out from a flogging and in other cases achieved climax. You will do neither tonight, but I do intend to take you deep into subspace. Since you are new to this I will admit to you that I have had extensive experience on both ends of the flogger, so, rest assured that I do know how to use it properly.

“You will receive a strike about once every two seconds. I promise that, at a minimum, nearly every part of your body, from knees to neck, will be covered. Sam and I will take turns because your session is going to be long. I, we, intend to build slowly in intensity, until I have decided you have reached your limit.”

The best way that I can describe the first blow was a light “thud.” The thuds continued as Kelly struck me in a steady rhythm. When she tired, she would switch off with Sam and visa versa. When it was Sam’s turn, the pleasant thing was that Kelly would stand in front of me and touch my (her) pussy and kiss my nipples. Several times Kelly used the flogger to work on my breasts and abdomen. When this happened, I welcomed the change and was happy to look at her smile as she wielded the instrument. I could feel the heat that was building up on my skin. When I looked down, I saw that my breasts were red as if sunburned. The sensory feelings increased tremendously as she took me more and more deeply into myself. I actually started to crave the feeling that she was forging within me. I realized that a strange sense of tranquility was settling over me when suddenly Sam attacked me from behind. They were whipping me simultaneously.

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggg!” I screamed from the initial surprise, rather than from any pain because Sam had swung her flogger upwards, between my legs, to contact with my pussy and pubic bone. Kelly immediately responded by bringing her flogger up between my legs from the front. I quickly realized they were going to alternate strokes from both sides. The fever pitch of my sexual being rose towards the top and I knew I was going to climax, but they suddenly stopped. I was so close I almost started begging Kelly to let me cum. Nothing else really mattered to me at this moment. I was almost angry when they didn’t continue. I knew I could climax if they would just keep whipping my cunt, and I truly wanted to cum that way.

Kelly knew exactly what I was thinking. She moved close to me and kissed my lips softly. “Does my baby want to cum?” she asked. I nodded violently. “Don’t worry, my pet, you will get your wish soon. There is one thing more that we must do first, though. “The cane, please, Sam.” What little they could, my shoulders sank in resignation with the knowledge about what was to happen. Sam’s welts were still vivid on her ass. I was about to bear the same marks. Had I not been bound in suspension, I know my body would have crashed into a pile on the floor.

Kelly held the next instrument to my lips. It was an exact duplicate of the one she used on Kelly. For all I knew, it could have been the same one. “Kiss it, pet.” I was sure I wouldn’t be able to bear it, especially if she used it on my already bruised ass. Yet, I knew that was the only place my body could take it.

Kelly stood behind me and touched my butt with the tip of the cane. Sam was in front of me and smiling. “She knows what is going to happen to me,” I thought. “How can she possibly smile like that?” In my mind I called her a bitch.

Kelly swung the cane through the air. I reacted to the “swoosh” sound by attempting to push my midsection forward while, at the same time, tightening my buttocks. The blow didn’t land. She swung her instrument several more times until I finally failed to react to the sound. She wanted me to be relaxed when it landed, and land it did.

I am sure that anyone driving down the street heard my scream. The line of fire that crossed the base of my buttocks was like nothing I had ever experienced before. “How could she do this to me? Damn her anyhow!” I thought, actually coming close to screaming it at her.

The searing pain of that initial strike slowly enveloped my genitals in an unbelievable sexual conflagration. I could not believe that I could experience continued arousal while enduring such pain. The dichotomy of the situation was not believable, yet I was living proof it did exist.

I had closed my eyes and was waiting for the next stroke when I felt someone grab the back of my legs and plant their lips on my cunt. Since Sam had been in front of me, I thought she would be the one I would see when I opened my eyes and looked down. Instead, I saw the top of Kelly’s head. She literally attacked the seat of my sex with her mouth and tongue. It only took a few seconds to take me over the top. As I climaxed, Sam added two well-placed strokes with the cane just above the one Kelly had inflicted. There is no doubt in my mind that those two blistering stripes increased the pleasure I received from the most intense climax of my entire life. I’ve heard that some women actually pass out from climaxes. I didn’t, but it was close.

When I finally returned to reality, two lips were sucking on my hard nipples. When they sensed movement in my body again, Kelly looked up. I returned her broad smile. I swear that I noticed an aching in my arm muscles. It had to have been caused by the tension created through hanging and the intense climax.

They finally started to release me. Sam bent down and loosened the rope connecting my left ankle cuff to the eyebolt in the floor. Kelly worked on the right rope. I thought that, when they finished, I would be lowered to the floor. ‘Twas not to be. Each threaded their rope through the eyebolt holding my wrists at the ends of the spreader bar, then pulled on their respective rope until my ankles were against my wrists. I was bent nearly in half, my legs spread wide. I could look down and see my bare cunt which was also facing our audience. My blood-filled pussy lips could not have been more exposed. I might have considered my previous naked state as being somewhat obscene since everyone else was dressed, but this position was REALLY obscene. I couldn’t imagine what Kelly intended to do with or to me.

Sam left the stage and returned carrying a tray on which lay a black leather swatch. On top of the swatch were several items that I couldn’t recognize from my viewing angle. Kelly picked up a foil packet, ripped it open, extracted a white patch and started wiping my nether lip with it. The alcohol stung like hell and I quickly knew what was about to happen.

I was fascinated, although with some trepidation, that I would be able to watch the proceedings because of my contorted position. Following the alcohol swab, she clamped a pair of forceps onto my left lip, about an inch below my clit. That hurt like hell, but I quickly forgot the pain when I saw Kelly pick up what appeared to be a large diameter, tapered needle. I had seen piercing needles before, but this one was huge. I think Kelly noticed my eyes open wide, so she explained, “Most piercings are done with small gage needles, pet. The one I am giving you will be three times as thick. It is nearly three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter. The benefit of one this size is that the ring I install cannot be easily removed. One must cut it off or use a special pair of pliers to spread it open. I know you would never try to remove it unless I permitted you to, but it’s the thought that counts. It also has substantial weight and, therefore, causes one to be more aware of its presence on a continual basis.

The forceps had numbed my flesh substantially so I hardly felt the sting of the needle as she pushed it through my labium. Kelly held the ring up for me to see. It WAS thick and about an inch in diameter. She spread the ring with pliers and used the end to finish pushing the piercing needle through my flesh. “If you decide to stay with me after your month is up, you will keep this. Otherwise we can remove it,” she said, holding up an ID tag like Sam’s so I could read the inscription: “slave kimmy. Property of Mistress Kelly.” I also noticed a symbol: a circle with a small upside-down cross on the bottom. I had noticed the same symbol on Sam’s ID tag, but I had not thought anything about it at the time. The ring was closed after the tag was slipped over it, making my enslavement “official.”

“What are the other two rings for, Sam?” Kelly asked.

“Well, Miss Kelly, I saw them in the storage cabinet and thought there was a possibility you might want them, and, truthfully, I didn’t want to have to go back and get them.”

“Hmmmm. I’ll have to think about that a little. In the meantime, let’s get my pet out of her current predicament.” Sam sat the tray down and they released my ankles, holding my legs while slowly lowering them so I wouldn’t injure myself. I appreciated the fact that I was now able to touch the floor with my toes again. In fact, there was sufficient contact that I could push up and down a little to relieve the slight ache in my muscles while I listened to them talk about me, once again as if I weren’t there.

“I do think that they would look much better with some decoration, Sam, but I won’t be able to play with them much until the piercings heal, which, as you know, will take several months.”

“Well, Miss Kelly, I’m afraid that this lowly slave can’t make that decision for you. I can only ask which would you prefer: enjoying the additional beauty of your slave that the rings would create, or having additional ways to satisfy your sadistic desires?”

“Since you put it that way, Sam, I am sure I would prefer the additional beauty.

Minutes later my nipples sported new rings. From my vantage point they looked wonderful. I couldn’t wait to see myself in a mirror.

Sam walked to the back of the stage and flipped the switch that lowered the spreader bar. As it moved down, Kelly kissed me again and said, “Thank you, pet, for being so wonderful. You are now the newest member of the Venus Coterie. What you just endured was your initiation. You are now released from Silence so you can meet the rest of the members that are here tonight. I promise I’ll explain everything to you later, so you don’t need to ask any specifics. Just be yourself and enjoy the camaraderie.”

Finally released from my bondage, Sam helped me don a white gown and tied a black cincture around my waist. Kelly then locked the end of a four-foot long chain to my collar. The other end was locked to Sam’s collar. A leash was clipped to the center of this chain and the two of us followed Kelly from the stage. As we stepped onto the dance floor everyone applauded and moved forward to “congratulate” me, their new member. Of course, I was a little embarrassed of the chained connecting me to Sam, but was soon able to forget that it existed. I was surprised that everyone now wore white gowns with either white or black rope belts. I didn’t know when they had changed, but later learned it was while Sam was preparing me in the office. It was easy to decide that those with white belts were dommes and the black belts were subs.

Sam, Kelly and I formed a reception line. As everyone passed by, Sam introduced me as “Kimmy, Mistress Kelly’s new slave.” She would then introduce them to me. Each member welcomed into the society with a kiss on the cheek then congratulated Kelly on her good luck.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Rachel. She was wearing a white belt. After kissing me she commented. “Kimmy, I must admit that when you first checked into the hotel, I just knew that neck was perfectly made for wearing a collar. To be honest, though, I figured you were the dominant type. I don’t know how I could have been so wrong.”

Surprisingly, the conversation following the reception line was similar to what one might expect at any party. I was the newcomer and everyone was interested in me, my background, etc. Cheryl and Jennifer carried trays of champagne around and at one point a toast was made to “their new member. Not one word was exchanged about BDSM or sex, or the fact that Sam and I remained chained together and at the end of Kelly’s leash. I felt they were genuinely interested in me as they integrated me into their group.

After a while, Kelly announced that it was time to leave. Allyson handed me a bag that she said contained all of our clothes. As Kelly tugged on the leash, I knew we would be wearing our gowns home. Since we weren’t separated, Sam held my hand as we sat together in the back seat of the car. Once we were out of the parking lot, Kelly turned around and said, “Any regrets, Pet.”

“No, Mistress, none at all.” I honestly meant that, too. “May I ask one question, though?”

“You said you’d explain everything, but I am curious about one aspect of this evening. I have been with you nearly every moment since we met last evening. How did you arrange it?”

She laughed and replied, “I have to give Allyson all the credit, dear. When I talked to her while you were still sleeping this morning, I said that I thought you would agree to be my slave until Monday. At that point I also mentioned that I thought you’d agree to remain my slave after that initial period. She suggested that since the Coterie was meeting tonight, I might want to have you initiated rather than wait another month. Thinking that might be too much, I said that I’d let her know. I had the same feeling that you had about a two-day trial period. I was a little afraid that the intensity might be too much and you would not want to stay with me. When you changed your initial trial period to a month, I knew I had to do it. If you remember, I made a quick phone call before we left to check you out of the hotel. You were the package I said we could unwrap. At that point Allyson set everything in motion to get the rings, your ID tag and let all the members know so they could dress appropriately. Normally the subs attend the meeting in some form of bondage. The dommes usually wear white gowns like tonight but many of the subs are nude or semi nude. When there is an initiation, everyone except the initiate is dressed. She then explained the basics of the initiation ritual which can change depending on the desires of the domme.

When we arrived at the house Kelly stopped the car in the drive. I was shocked to learn that I had to get out of the car and walk in while still chained to Sam. Even though the probability of being seen was remote at 1 AM, I was concerned. Obviously Kelly wasn’t. Doing it did give me a thrill, however. Once inside Kelly asked Allyson if Sam could spend the night. “Of course, she can, Kelly. Just send her home when you are finished with her in the morning.” I later learned that their house was only a block away. Allyson kissed each of us then, to me, said, “I am truly glad you are one of us, Kimmy. Thanks for walking into our lounge last night.” Her kiss to me included familiarization with her tongue. She also kissed Sam telling her that she would see her tomorrow. “You may stay as long as Kelly needs you, dear.”

“This has been a long day, girls,” Kelly said. I think we should go to bed. We can discuss anything you want in the tomorrow morning, pet.” Once there, she removed the chain, but only long enough to permit us to remove our gowns.

When she started to lock the chain on again, I announced that I had to use the bathroom. “I am sure Sam does, too, pet. You may go together.”

Using the toilet with someone else in the room was somewhat embarrassing to me. I don’t remember doing it since I was potty trained. Until today, that is. This time it was even more embarrassing than having Sam in the room when I emptied the enema from my bowels. The little wench actually kneeled down in front of me, told me to spread my legs so she could watch me pee. Then I had to do the same to her. Truthfully, it was a little sensuous, but I’ll never admit it.

While we were in the master (mistress) bath, Kelly used the downstairs one. After kissing one another good night, we all climbed into Kelly’s bed, totally exhausted. As they planned it, I ended up sandwiched between the two of them in a spoon. Sam was behind me, her arm over my side holding my breast while I did the same to Kelly. What a wonderful way to fall asleep.

End of part 4.

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