Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 3

Chapter 9 Moving Out

It was a few days later that Kelly revealed what had happened before she awakened me. After using the bathroom, she sat on the side of the bed, legs folded under her, while she watched me sleeping. She thought about everything that had transpired over the past fifteen or so hours. She really had noticed me, because of the white socks, when I walked into Lisa’s, but other than glancing over at me a couple times while I sat and chatted with Allyson, she didn’t think much more about me; until Allyson approached her, that is.

The conversation between them went something like this:

“Do you have a minute, Kel?” asked Allyson as she sat the Manhattan on the table.

“Sure, Ally. What’s up.”

“Her name is Kim,” Allyson said grinning.


Oh, come on now! You know very well who. I saw you admiring her as she came in. “The newbie at the bar.”

“Yea, I did see her come in, but I can’t say I’ve been admiring her. And why are you telling me this?”

“Well, OK, let’s just say that I saw you looking and think you might want to check her out.”

“Damn it anyhow, Ally, I told you to quit trying to fix me up with someone. The last two customers that you referred to me didn’t even pass my initial inspection. You know I don’t just date anyone.

“But, Kim is different.”

“And how might that be?”

“She just is. For as long as I have known you, you have jokingly said you should get yourself a full time sub. I know you’ve wanted one even more since you introduced me to Sam.”


“Look girl, we have been friends for a long time and know one another quite well. I’ve only talked with Kim a few minutes, and this is a gut feel, but I think she is perfect for you. She might even sub for you although I have no idea why I feel that way. She never indicated that she is even in the scene. In any case, at worst, you might gain a new friend.”

“I really don’t know if I’m ready for that, Ally.”

“Bull! You’ve been ready for a long time and are just afraid to act. Shit, if I didn’t have Sam, I’d try to latch onto her myself. Look, I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I am going to tell her you want to buy her a drink. Then I’ll bring her over. Let’s see what happens.”

“Ok. I guess a new friend might be nice,” she reluctantly conceded, just to get Allyson to shut up.

“Promise you’ll be nice to her or you’ll have me to answer to.”

Kelly laughed. “Ok! I promise. I’ll even act like I made the suggestion, but only if you promise to quit trying to fix me up with someone if it doesn’t work out.” Allyson agreed.

…And the rest is history.

* * *

So, while she was watching me in the morning, thinking how beautiful I looked naked, collared and chained to her bed (I was on my back, with one leg bent and to the side, exposing my newly shaved slit), she knew that Allyson was right. Although she had never been serious during the times she had discussed the possibility with Allyson, she realized that having a relationship similar to that between Allyson and Sam would be nice.

Something deep inside her said that I could possibly be the one. Finally deciding to take the plunge, she felt it would be best to ask me to consider subbing to her on a 24/7 basis, but only for a trial period. She knew she would have to make allowances for the probability that I would want to continue working at my current job, among other things. Still a little unsure if she really wanted to take on the responsibility of training a sub, she left me alone long enough to prepare the agreement. When she returned, numerous alternatives went through her mind until she decided on how she would approach me. When she leaned down to suck my nipple, she realized that her own cunt was wet from the anticipation.

“I’ve decided that you would show up your Mistress if she wears jeans, so wait here while I change.” I remained kneeling while she went into the closet to get her clothes and was surprised when she returned wearing a black camisole with spaghetti straps and a pair of knee high boots. Between these she was naked. “I like what I see, but I’m sure you don’t intend going out like that, Mistress” I exclaimed.

Laughing and holding her hand out, she said, “No, since I now have my own slave I thought I should use her to assist me with something before I finish dressing.” I looked at the two items of jewelry she dropped into my hand. “I want you to replace my clit ring with these. I could have put my skirt on first, but if I did that, you wouldn’t have been able to get a good view of how these look on me.”

I turned to kneel between her spread legs as she lay back on the edge of the bed, propped up on her elbows, patiently awaiting me to perform the requested task. I was nervous even though I had intimately made love to that part of her anatomy the previous night. The sun shining on her created an aura of beauty I didn’t expect. I wanted her again, but knew I must wait.

Her voice brought me out of my reverie, “Slut?”

I looked up at her smiling face, “Yes, Mistress?”

“If you don’t stop looking at my pussy that way, we’re going to end up making love again, and you will be late checking out. Please do what I asked so we can go.”

Making love to her last night was one thing. Performing this task as her slave was different. Somehow, it felt even more intimate than making love. My hands shook as I removed the captive ball ring from her clit. I then had to admit that I wasn’t sure what to do with the two items she had handed me. Kelly showed me how to unscrew the bar that connected the ends of the horseshoe. She then took the second piece, a small heart attached to one end of a two-inch long chain, and slipped the chain’s remaining loose end over the horseshoe. Following her directions, I placed the open ends of the horseshoe at the sides of her clit, slipped the connecting bar through one side of the horseshoe, through the piercing and finally screwed the bar into the other side of the horseshoe. When she stood, the heart dangled between her legs. What a wonderful sight.

“You may now kiss it Kimmy.” I leaned forward, kissed the front of her puckered nether lips and retreated.

Following another trip to her closet, she returned with a black leather mini skirt. I helped her pull it on. “Wearing this pendant is fantastic. I absolutely love the way it dangles and bounces against my legs when I walk.

“She is absolutely amazing,” I thought.

As we walked through the den she picked up the phone and made a quick call. “Hi, it’s me… I’ve got the package, and am sure there will not be a problem unwrapping it tonight, so you can go ahead with the plans we discussed… Love you, too. Bye.”

Stopping in the hallway on the way out of the house, she said, “I have something to accent your dress, Kimmy.” She opened the closet door and pulled out a wide-brimmed straw hat. Once I put it on, she said, “Yes, that is perfect. Damn, you are definitely one sexy slut.” I blushed at the comment.

We went to the hotel in Kelly’s car rather than on the motorcycle since we would be returning with my luggage. While getting into the car, Kelly said that I should not sit on my skirt. That was another rule. I was required to pull my skirt from under me when I sat down if I was sans panties or wearing a thong. I obeyed, of course, and enjoyed the feel of the leather seat against my bare ass. We were walking through the hotel parking lot when I suddenly realized that I was wearing the collar in public. “Ah, Mistress,” I said, “What about my collar?”

“What about it, slut?”

“I thought I wouldn’t be wearing it in public. Don’t you think it might…a…be a bit too obvious?”

“If I did, don’t you think I would have removed it?”

“Yes, ma’am, you would have. I apologize.”

“Don’t worry, pet. It looks very fashionable on you. Besides, we can use the side door.” Her answer didn’t make me less conscious of the collar’s presence. I knew my face was flushed as I walked through the passage way even if no one else was around. She increased my self conscious-state when she said, “I absolutely love the way you bounce when you walk, pet.” I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about until I glanced at her walking beside me and realized she was looking at my tits. I suddenly became more aware of my braless state. Grasping my hand in hers, she laughed and exclaimed, “You’re nipples are getting hard again, slut.”

My embarrassment increased in the elevator because an older couple followed us in. As we ascended, they started whispering to one another. I automatically thought they were whispering about me.

Once in the room, I opened my two empty suitcases, laid them on the bed and opened a dresser drawer. “Damn, Kimmy, I don’t know anyone who actually puts their clothes in the dressers and closets that hotels supply.”

“I only do it when I am spending more than two nights in my room. I had planned on being her for two weeks.” I replied.

“I guess that makes sense. Lay your things out on the bed first. I want to sort through them; clothes you wear for work first.

I didn’t understand why, but did as she asked. “Hmmm; only two pair of slacks, and mostly suits with jackets.”

“Yes, ma’am. I find that everyone, especially the men, pay more attention when I am professionally dressed. I also find that that means wearing skirts or dresses in most circumstances.” “Excellent! That fits my plans quite well. She held a skirt against my waist. “Ye, gads, it’s a little long. Do you have any that show your knees?” I don’t know why I felt ashamed when I shook my head. “Well, you can toss them in your suitcase for now. We can get some shorter ones for you later.

“Now lay out the casual clothes that you wear outside of work.” I had one pair of jeans, a pair of jeans shorts, a couple blouses, and a pair of sweats. Of course there were the clothes still at Kelly’s house, which were also casual. Dumbfounded, I watched as she removed a pair of scissors from her purse and cut off the legs of the jeans shorts at crotch level. The back was cut a little higher than the front and I knew the curve of my ass would be visible when I wore them. “There, those should be satisfactory for you to wear outside the house. I’m not sure about the jeans, but I’ll let you keep them for now. Since my decision will depend on how tight they are, knowing you they will probably go, although you will not wear them much if we do keep them. Pants block access to my cunt. I do like to see a female ass in sweats, but without panties, of course, and topless when in the house.”

“Ok, bedclothes next.” I laid out a pair of satin PJs. “Only one pair of pajamas for two weeks?” she exclaimed.

“Ah…, I usually sleep in the nude, but only when I am alone,” I confessed, again somewhat embarrassed.

“Now THAT surprises me, but I like it. I guess last night was an exception to your rule.”

“Yes, ma’am. But I think I was forced into that exception,” I replied, grinning

“And it will be a permanent exception from now on, right?”

“Yes, ma’am. My Mistress is always right.”

“If you usually sleep in the nude why do you even have them?”

“Well, I thought if I called for room service, I couldn’t answer the door in my altogether, and I don’t have a robe.”

“Good reason. You can keep them. They might come in handy for an idea I have. Besides, they might fit me. What about shoes?” A pair of tennis shoes followed three pair of high heels and two pair of low heel shoes. “Not bad, she commented. You may put all of them in your suitcases. When I finished that task, she said, “Now for the all-important lingerie.” I laid out a half dozen sets of nondescript panties, bras and pantyhose. “I should have known they would be plain. These are not quite what I expect a slut of mine to wear! I prefer sexy undergarments; when they’re permitted to wear any, that is,” she commented and laughed. She immediately picked up the scissors and cut all my underwear into pieces. That familiar shiver went up my spine again. “All this is going in the trash. We can make a stop on the way home and buy you some things that are more worthy of a slave of mine. There’s a great place in the mall near the university.” “Ah, Mistress, did you really have to cut up my bras and panties. I would have promised to only wear them to work.”

“That would have been unacceptable, slut. You need to listen to your Mistress more carefully. As I told you at the house, I will approve the clothes my slave wears to work. This includes everything from the inside out. Cutting these up insures that you will never wear them again.” Trashing my lingerie like that added realism to the agreement I had made. “You can trust me, pet, that after 30 days you won’t want to wear anything but sexy lingerie even if you don’t continue as my slave. The good feeling you get from wearing something sexy, even if hidden, just grows on you.”

The regular clerk, Rachel, was looking down at her computer when I approached the desk. We had chatted quite a bit during the short time I had stayed there and had developed what might be called “a working friendship.” I really liked her and I think she sensed my presence rather than seeing me approach the desk. I swear her mouth dropped open when she looked up and saw me. I flushed a little when she exclaimed, “Oh, wow, Kim, that dress looks fantastic on you. Actually, maybe I should I say that you make that dress look fantastic. I don’t think I’ve seen you in anything but power suits and jeans while you’ve been with us.” Then she whispered, “And just between us girls, it looks great without a bra,” before adding, “May I ask what the special occasion is?”

“Thanks, for the compliment, Rachel,” I stammered, embarrassed that she had commented on my braless condition so easily. “There isn’t any special occasion. I just thought I should wear something different today. Glad you like it.”

“Well, trust me. It is definitely something different. I can even see that you have legs. Forgive me for saying so, but you should wear shorter dresses more often. Your longer ones tend to hide them.”

“I guess you’re right. Maybe I should change my old image,” I commented, knowing that I would and the choice wasn’t mine to make.

“I definitely recommend it,” she replied. “I’d also recommend high heels to accentuate your legs even more.” I didn’t know if she was pushing our limited friendship too far with that comment.

Thankfully she changed the subject by saying, “So you’re checking out permanently?”

“Yes. I ran into a friend and she invited me to stay with her. Have to save money for the company whenever I can. You know how that is.”

“Do I ever! I’ll miss our little conversations, though.”

“Same here. Since I’ll still be in town, I’ll try to stop in to see you when I can.”

“I’d appreciate that.”

As I turned to leave she said, “By the way, I like the collar, too. Your neck looks like it was made for one.”

Embarrassed and flushing again, I somehow managed to thank her for the additional “compliment.” Just then Kelly, who had been standing out of Rachel’s sight, walked up beside me. “I’m glad you agree with my assessment about Kim’s neck, Rachel.” I’m sure my chin dropped to the floor.

“Oh, hi, Dr. Peters! I didn’t see you come in.” She had told me that she was a professor at the university, but I didn’t know that she held a doctorate degree.

“When did you start working here, Rachel? The last time we talked you were still doing telemarketing.”

“Last month, ma’am. As you know, I hated that job. The pay and benefits are much better here and I don’t have to rely simply on commissions. The hotel will even help me with my schooling. I’m still taking classes at night, by the way.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Oh, the reason you didn’t see us come in is because we used the side door.”

Then reality hit her, “Oh, wow, Kim! Is Dr. Peters the friend you’ll be staying with?”

“Yes, she is” I replied.

“That’s absolutely fantastic. Now I understand the collar...and the change in clothing.” I was too embarrassed to reply. “When did you two meet?”

I didn’t get a chance to answer. “Oh, she accidentally dropped into Lisa’s last night without realizing it was a lesbian bar and I sort of picked her up.” Kelly told her. “Speaking of Lisa’s, will you be there for the party tonight?”

“Do you think I’d be permitted to miss it?” Rachael answered with a laugh.

“No, I don’t think so. We’ll see you there.” Kelly simply grasped my arm, smiled, and said, “Don’t ask, and I’ll tell you no lies!” as she guided me towards the door. Our next stop was the mall. Kelly opened the glove box and removed two small red leather collars, which she explained were wrist cuffs. “Give me your hands, pet.” Without question, I obeyed and watched as she locked the cuffs on me. “Actually, I wanted to put these on before we went into the hotel, but decided against it since they know you and you might have to stay there again. While the collar exudes a fashion statement and isn’t as obvious, the wrist cuffs would have been a little more explicit. Had I known Rachel was on duty, I wouldn’t have worried and might have done things a little different, but I still wouldn’t have exposed your situation fully. I don’t see a problem in the mall, though.”

“Thank you for your consideration, ma’am.”

“I hope you haven’t maxed out your credit card, slut. I will be permitting you to use it here.”

“No, ma’am. I can proudly say that I don’t carry a balance. I pay it off each month.”

“Very good. I abhor credit card debt myself.”

Initially I was a little self-conscious as we started to walk side by side through the mall, while I was wearing both the cuffs and collar. Then, after a couple minutes I remembered Abby, the female technician on the new TV program NCIS. Quite often she wears a collar and even cuffs. Therefore, while it is not common, it is also not uncommon. Besides, it’s not illegal and if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to look. I did whisper to Kelly that being without panties almost felt natural. “Of course, pet. Why do you think they refer to being naked as ‘au natural?’ Panties are not natural.”

I was a little surprised when we walked into Victoria’s Secret. Not only did I consider that store a little upscale, I always thought it was pricey. Most of my lingerie came from stores like Target and JC Penny. Like Kelly said, it was certainly nondescript. White, cotton bikini panties were the closest things I own (there were still some at home) that might be considered sexy. Almost immediately a sales clerk approached and asked if she could help us. Kelly took the bull by the horns. “This is my friend Kimmy. We just cleaned out her lingerie drawer and she doesn’t have a single item to wear. We need a few things that will make her feel sexy.”

Gawd! Talk about being embarrassed!

Ch 10 Buying Clothes

“Do you have anything specific in mind?” The sales clerk looked directly at Kelly when she asked this question.

“Let’s start out with a couple thongs, maybe a couple string bikinis and something lacey,” Kelly replied. The sales clerk showed us numerous styles after asking for my size. I indicated those I liked, but, to my utter embarrassment, Kelly did the selecting by saying “yes” or “no” to each piece I chose. One thong and one string bikini that she approved were extremely sheer. A third pair of sting bikinis tied on the sides. She even picked a pair of satin boy-leg panties. Next we bought lacy bras, all front-closing, two tube tops and five camisole tops. Two of the camis were semi-sheer and one was a fishnet style. Just when I thought we were finished, Kelly said I needed some garter belts. She picked three, along with several pair of nylons and three pair of lace top thigh-highs. (I had never worn anything but panty hose in my life). Everything she picked for me was Victoria’s Secrets top-of-the-line-wear. I had never purchased lingerie that expensive, but loved being “forced” to spend money on myself.

Next we hit a Fredericks of Hollywood store that was nearby in the same mall. Kelly said we should look at their bras and recommended I buy one that had holes cut out to expose my nipples in addition to a shelf bra. Of course I again accepted the recommendation of my Mistress. As we left Kelly said that she loved the sexy clothing that Frederick’s sold and informed me that we would be returning for more, after I decided to become hers permanently. I wondered what she knew that I didn’t.

On the way to our next stop Kelly commented, “I wasn’t planning to do all this shopping, pet, but for some reason I just can’t quit. It is quite a turn-on purchasing things for my slave.” “Yea, especially when you aren’t spending your own money,” I laughed to myself.

We went into a store named “Foundations Unlimited.” The manager of the store, who happened to be a friend of Kelly’s, greeted us as we entered. “Kelly, good to see you again. It’s been a while.” After they hugged, she added, “And who might this beautiful creature be?”

“This is Kimmy, Margaret. To my delight she has accepted an offer to be my roommate for the next month.”

“Considering the collar, I assume being your “roommate” isn’t all that she has accepted? I received a call from Allyson earlier. Is Kimmy the…” She stopped when Kelly shook her head, making me wonder what was going on.

“Well, to what can I do for you today?”

“Kimmy needs one of your corsets.”

“I’ll need to take some measurements, of course. Let’s go back to the fitting room.”

I dutifully followed and was embarrassed when Margaret asked me to remove my dress. Hesitation got me a slap on the ass from Kelly. “Come on, pet. We don’t have all day. Margaret has seen naked women before.” Seconds later, I was standing before the two of them wearing nothing but my sandals. Margaret measured my bust line, ribcage, waist and hips. They discussed styles but I wasn’t part of the conversation. I didn’t realize there were so many options. What shocked me most was when Margaret asked if Kelly preferred a “waist nipper.” I had no idea what that was. “That would be fantastic. Why don’t we make a second one in that style?” Kelly responded.

“How much reduction would you like?”

“Oh, around five or six inches would be perfect,” I think.

Margaret disappeared, returning in a few minutes with a red, with black trim, Victorian style corset. It also had lace ruffles around the bottom. “I think we are lucky,” she said. “I happen to have this waste nipper in stock and think it will fit.” It turned out that she actually made corsets to measure in her store. Margaret explained that this one was made with steel stays and had six detachable garters. “You said you preferred an overbust style, Kelly, but I think you will really like this one. It has a shelf bra with a satin and lace top that can be folded down to expose her breasts. Would you like me to assist you in fitting it?”

“Absolutely, Margaret. I should be embarrassed to admit that I’ve never it before. You are the expert.” Margaret loosened the laces in the back of the garment enough that she could pull it up over my hips. While I held it in the front so it wouldn’t fall, she told Kelly to start tightening the two sets of laces, one from the top and one from the bottom. I followed Margaret’s advice, moved near the wall, grabbed a bar high above my head and sucked in my abdomen to assist in the process.

Margaret taught Kelly a few tricks on how to grasp the laces to pull them as tight as possible. Looking into a full-length mirror when they finished I could see that I my body was shaped with a proverbial “hourglass figure.” I couldn’t believe how much my waist had been reduced. Margaret asked me if I was experiencing any pain. I replied that the corset was uncomfortable and I was having a little problem breathing. She told me that was normal when one first starts wearing a corset and my body would quickly accommodate the reduction in my waist size and I would be OK. You can imagine my chagrin when Margaret said, “Well, Kelly. That’s about four of the six inches you want. After a few hours you should be able to lace it tighter.

I interrupted Kelly as she started to say, “Hmmm, in that case…”

“Mistress! You aren’t considering what I think you are! Are you?”

“Not this time, pet, but soon.” Margaret gave her a hook and explained how it could be used to pull the hook and eye closures together on the front of the corset so the lacing wouldn’t have to be undone.

Margaret said she would have the second corset (black with white lace trim) finished in about a week and asked if there was anything else she could do for us. “Yes, there just might be,” Kelly replied. When did you begin stocking shoes? I noticed your display on the way back.”

“Actually just a few months ago. They all have four to five inch heels. Are you interested.”

“Oh, most definitely!” Half an hour later, Kelly had selected four pair for me. Two pair were your basic black pumps. One had four-inch heels and the other five. Margaret said she thought about stocking six-inch heels, but they came with platform soles, and she decided against them, but could get them special order if Kelly wanted any. A third a pair were white open side pumps with a strap that buckled around the ankle with 4 inch heels and the fourth pair were open-toe T-strap sandals with four and a half inch heels. Since I literally wobbled as I attempted to walk when I tried them on, Kelly “suggested” that I wear the T-strap sandals as we continued to shop so I could “get used to them.

I paid for the corset and shoes. While the shoes were priced at what I would call reasonable, the corset was extremely expensive, in my opinion, but beautiful, so the price didn’t bother me. I actually hated to remove the corset, but neither of them thought it would look right with my dress, and I had to agree.

Next we went to a department store where she selected two pair of dress pants, one gray and one tan. I tried them on and she said, “I know there will be occasions when you will need to wear slacks to work. These fit much better across your ass, and, therefore, look nicer than the pair you brought with you.” Three fitted blouses and three skirts that she thought made me look sexier, but would be acceptable to wear for business, were next on the list. The hems on the skirts ended above the knee, a fashion statement I had never accepted for myself. Again, these were all top of the line clothes. When I indicated that I thought my own clothes looked OK, she replied that she wasn’t trying to say that my clothes were nondescript. It was just that these would fit my new image better. “I simply cannot have you going to work with those skirts you packed. As long as you are with me, your knees will never be covered when you wear a skirt or dress.”

We were not finished yet. I followed Kelly to another skirt rack where she selected a pleated, denim miniskirt, a white, pleated skirt and a short, blue and green plaid tartan skirt. “In case you are wondering about the length of these, pet, casual skirts and dresses will that you wear outside of work will not extend more than one inch below your fingertips when your hands are at your sides.”

I knew this meant that they would not provide much coverage and commented, “Wow, this is the first time I’ve been really glad that I have long arms.” She chuckled with me.

The next item she draped over my arm was a beautiful, very expensive, white, belted London Fog raincoat. I was surprised when she picked up a pack of soft cup bras. When I remarked that I thought I would be wearing the ones from Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks she replied that they were for when I was “dressing up.” These would be primarily for work. I realized that the thin material would not provide much cover or support and my breasts would surely bounce when I walked.

When she picked up three white tank tops and two Banlon shirts, I commented that they were a size too small. Kelly said she realized that fact and thought they would look great on me when I was not wearing a bra. When I thought we were finished, she selected several tunic style tops and said that she wanted me to try them on. She handed them to me and said she would wait outside the changing room while I tried one on. I shouldn’t have been surprised when she said, “Be sure to remove the dress, pet. I don’t want the colors to clash. I almost didn’t leave the changing room when I looked in the mirror and realized the tunic barely covered my ass and pubic area. I finally got up enough nerve and walked out. Kelly’s only comment was, “Yes, they will be perfect substitutes for a dress when we go out.” I knew I would have to be extremely careful. If I leaned forward at all, I would be exposing everything.

Then she really threw me for a loop when she instructed me to buy a pair of men’s brief style underwear. I was to ask a clerk for assistance. Specifically, I had to tell the clerk they were for me and that I didn’t know what to buy in men’s sizes. The clerk asked if I really wanted a pair from the men’s department, saying, “We have the same thing in women’s styles but without the fly.” I don’t know what came over me or if I even I thought about my reply when I blurted, “I understand that ma’am, however my Mistress specifically ordered me to buy a pair of male briefs. I think she wants me to have a pair with a fly and will be very upset if I buy anything else.” I swear the clerk’s eyes looked at my collar then moved down to the wrist cuffs before looking me directly in the eyes and simply grinned. Then she looked towards Kelly and asked, “Is she your mistress?” I replied that she was. “I’m jealous,” she commented before asking if I wanted BVDs or Jockeys. I indicated that I really didn’t care. She suggested Jockey’s, recommended a size and a three-pack, which I accepted. I turned to Kelly and asked, “May I have a pair of boxers, too, Mistress?” When she gave her approval, the clerk smiled and suggested a blue pair in silk. Kelly then said I should add a “wife-beater” undershirt. The clerk quickly added a three-pack to my collection. I’m sure that clerk had a few things to tell her friends that night.

A few more sexy dresses and outfits, “for casual wear,” were added to my purchases. We left the store with a sizeable dent in my credit card. Kelly’s slave was weighed down with all the bags of her new clothes as we traversed the mall and parking lot to her car. As soon as we dumped my purchases in the trunk, Kelly immediately turned and pounced on me. “Oh, damn, pet. I can’t believe you told that clerk that you were buying the briefs on the order of your Mistress. I swear I almost had an orgasm.”

Back at the house, Kelly had me model all our purchases. I had to agree that I did feel different when wearing sexy lingerie. She told me I would feel much different when wearing them under my prim and proper business attire although she hinted that, more often than not, I would be sans panties. “Trust me pet, you will feel wonderful knowing you are naked beneath them. As you said, you already think it feels more natural.”

She emptied one of her dresser drawers so I would have a place to put my new lingerie and ordered me to hang the rest of my clothes in her closet, except for the slacks I would be wearing to work. The latter were hung in the foyer closet. I asked why there and she replied, “Simply because I said so should be sufficient, but I will give you another reason. You normally won’t be wearing those pants in this house. When I do permit you to wear them to work, you will put them on just before leaving the house and will remove them as soon as you return home. By then it was lunch time. I put on a pair of white socks that Kelly tossed to me. “What else would you like me to wear, ma’am?” I asked. “You will need nothing else, pet. If I haven’t told you before, when in the house, you will be naked more often than not. However, you may turn around and put your hands behind your back for me.” A padlock soon connected the cuffs and I followed my Mistress to the kitchen. She refused to release my cuffs to let me eat. Instead she fed me off her plate just like she did with the cheesecake. I received perverse pleasure in eating from her fork while she was dressed and I was in bondage and naked.

I waited on the sofa while she went upstairs and returned with several books and a video that were in what she called ‘her upstairs library.’ Since I hadn’t seen any “library” I assumed it was in the one room I hadn’t been privileged to visit.

For the next hour or so she read passages and showed me pictures relating to both light and heavy bondage and discipline.

I asked if she would tell me when she intended to release my hands, commenting that my shoulders were starting to ache. She replied that she wanted me to know what being in extended bondage was like. “You need to understand, my little pet, that the way you are restrained is very light; probably the simplest form of bondage you will experience. Just imagine what it will be like when I put a strap around your elbows and pull them together or hogtie you for the day.” So, I spent most of the afternoon resting with my head on her shoulder and her arm around me. I must admit that being naked in this situation with her fully clothed was different.

The video was an eye-opener. We both felt that most of the pictures we had viewed in the books and magazines were posed. However, the video was definitely real. Kelly told me she purchased it, and a few more, over the Internet from a company in Las Vegas. While many BDSM videos, like the pictures we had seen, were made using actors or were of poor quality, those she purchased from Shadow Lane were real. They were also reasonably priced, again unlike many “fake” ones. The title of the particular one we watched was “Hard Discipline.” Its story line was the D/s relationship between two women and started with statements made by both. One woman, named Alexis Payne (probably a “stage name”), was a professional Domme. The other, Kiri Kelly, was a real life submissive. The latter explained that she had often subbed for Alexis Payne, was moving out of town and wanted one last session with her Mistress before she departed.

While the movie itself was probably scripted, the actions were authentic. I’ll give you a quick synopsis. Kiri entered the room where Alexis was seated. They talked a while, and then Kiri was ordered to strip. She was then spanked by hand and with a hairbrush. The resulting marks on her ass were bright red. Clips and pins were used on her body. They talked to one another during the session. Real tears were shed by Kiri. They occasionally kissed. Near the end, Kiri was tied, spread eagle, face down on a bed and was whipped with a riding crop. The welts that appeared across her ass were vivid. You could see that Kiri was turned on by the whipping (and other acts). Alexis eventually masturbated Kiri to a violent climax (although the actual sexual contact was not shown). Hopefully I remembered the scenes correctly.

The video lasted nearly ninety minutes. Totally engrossed in the interaction between the two women, I remained silent during the whole thing. While Kelly did comment on certain scenes and brought certain aspects to my attention, I merely nodded. When it ended, Kelly turned to me and asked, “Well, pet. What did you think?” “Mistress, I must be honest. I never would have believed that anyone could derive pleasure from being whipped like that… or from being spanked. Kiri definitely did.” Next Kelly read a couple pages of text she had downloaded. They were excerpts from a book written by someone named Sensuous Sadie. Kelly explained that Sensuous Sadie is a BDSM columnist and edits SCENESubmissions, an online newsletter focusing on BDSM and spirituality. Kelly also told me that Sensuous Sadie founded Rose & Thorn, Vermont's first BDSM group in 1999. The excerpts were from her book, “It's Not About the Whip: Love, Sex, and Spirituality in the BDSM Scene.”

I feel a need to quote some of it here, as a setting for my mental state:

“…my approach has been to build a community and provide a safe space to explore our sexual identities. For many of us, D/s is not just about the toys, but rather the emotional and spiritual transformation occurring within, where the mind and soul surrender. My approach is of an artist, more interested in the expression than in who made the paint. “The usual way to get to this place is through the body as a vehicle, using tactile sensation and sensual stimulation. It invokes a shift in perception, a shift from the daily world pronounced enough to enter the realm of Dom, or subspace. I wonder about approaching that door not through stimulating the body, but through the silken pathway of the soul. “That's the mystical I seek, where he and I meet through the translucent waves of voice, of touch, of scent, of magic.

”I don't care about floggers; which way they're made or how much they cost. I want to feel my blood rising to the surface with a tingle, rising to meet another stroke. I don't care about the fifteen ways to tie a person to the door. I want to feel not the pressure and pull of the rope against my skin, but rather the helplessness slipping between my legs, opening me wide so I am without barriers.

“I don't care about whether or not protocol tells me to gaze this way or that, to speak or not, to wear this color flag or another to announce my intentions. I care about hearing his whisper, close from the chattering crowd, close enough to hear his possession of my sexuality, my strength, my self.

“What I want to explore is not the "stuff" of BDSM, but the enchantment. The trembling feeling that wakes me far past midnight in a sheen of heat.

“But still I am dragged back to the practical. Novices write me for recommendations about what they should buy in the way of BDSM gadgets, and I send them a list; the usual suspects. “What I'd really like to give them is a list of mental, spiritual, and emotional qualities to bring to the table. I'd tell them to bring joy, creativity, and enthusiasm. Bring caring and patience and a commitment to communicating, even when it's a hassle. Bring not what you think a Dominant should be, but rather your own passion to dominate cleanly and without measure. Bring awareness of your self and a willingness to face your own fears. Bring yourself present, genuine and alive and here in this very moment…

“If you are a Dominant, how will you discover what makes your Submissive's world "go round?" What can you do to create a whole new awareness for your Submissive? How will you care for her or his emotional well being? How will you deal with the vulnerable place they will be in, not only during a scene, but even as early as the first time you meet and feel that little tingle? “How will you learn to read your Submissive's reactions, physical and non-physical so you can teasingly torment them into a state of mindless sensual bliss? How will you learn to play your Submissive's body like a fine violin, to compose a symphony of subspace?

“If you are a Submissive, your responsibilities are different; your questions different. How do you protect your inner self enough to negotiate fully with this person, while still opening up enough to let yourself be known? How do you learn to trust being vulnerable when so many Dominants don't have the emotional skills to cope with garden variety emotions, much less the profound ones of D/s play? …Are you caring for yourself enough, so your Dominant doesn't have to rescue you? Do you know who you are and what takes you to that magical place so you can communicate this to your partner? What is subspace really about for you?

“If our life journeys unfolded in a straight line, we would each have an unambiguous path ahead. “But D/s, like life, is a series of parallel paths instead. For me, its transcendent nature begs to be explored, not through apparatus, but through the hush of his breath on my neck, the linger of his hand in my hair, and the soft and steady resonance of his voice leading me to our destination.” (Excerpts Reprinted with permission from Sensuous Sadie ( )

She read each sentence to me slowly so I could fully absorb the meaning. I realized that these excerpts seemed to echo many of the things she had been telling me throughout the day. “I hope that brings things into context, pet. I really want to spend some time each day reading all of my books to you. You have entered a new lifestyle that can bring us both the utmost in pleasure.” Kelly’s hand trailed up my leg and touched my cunt causing me to moan from the pleasure. “Tisk! Tisk! My cunt is wet. The only thing we don’t know is which end of the whip is turning my slut on.” I was fascinated by the thought of being disciplined, and maybe even spanking someone else, but was still unwilling to admit it. When I remained quiet, she continued, “I think we need to find out. Don’t we, pet?”

When one’s Mistress asks a question, an answer is, of course, required. In an almost inaudible tone, I replied, “Yes, Mistress, we do.”

“Then I want you on your knees in front of me, slut.” This time, kneeling in front of Kelly with my hands locked behind my back felt different for some reason. I was ordered to spread my legs wider. When I obeyed she leaned forward, grasped both my nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and squeezed. I winced from the pain but, at the same time, realized that the sensation seemed to be transmitted directly to my clit as if there were a wire connecting them. While pulling on my nipples enough to force me to lean forward, Kelly leaned down, and French kissed me. Just then the doorbell rang.

Well, slut, do you feel you are ready for me to begin testing your limits?”

“I don’t think I will ever be really ready, Mistress. I only know that I want you to be the one doing the testing.”

“And you’re ready to obey me at all times, immediately and without hesitation.”

“Yes, Mistress, I am.”

“Then see who is ringing my doorbell.”

“Mistress, I can’t do that! I’m naked.”

Her smile told me I’d just fallen into her first trap. “That doesn’t appear to be immediately and without hesitation, slut. You’ve just earned your first punishment. Now get your ass over to that door and see who is there.”

Her tone was stern and more forceful than she had used since we met. The bell rang again. I jumped up and rushed to the door. I had to turn my back to twist the knob, but managed to crack the door open. Using the door as a shield, I peeked around it and saw Sam. She recognized me immediately, of course, and said, “Hi Kim.” Is Kelly home?”

I turned to Kelly, holding my shoulder against the door to keep it from opening any more, and said in a surprised tone, “It’s Sam,” and caught myself when I almost said Mistress, “ma’am.” “She is expected, pet. Please show her in. And quit hiding. My slave should be proud to have my friends see her naked body.”

“Hey, it’s good to see you again, Kim.” Sam walked past me without a glance, seemingly ignoring my nakedness. I saw that she was wearing tight shorts that left the bottom curve of her ass bare. Her T-shirt was cut off high enough to expose the bottom swell of her breasts and she was wearing white ankle socks with white tennis shoes. Tell-tell bumps were apparent through her T-shirt on either side of her nipples, making it obvious she was pierced and wearing bar bells. I was immediately anxious to see them. She also wore a ring in her navel which made me wonder what other parts of her body might be pierced. In her hand was a small suitcase, which she sat on the floor beside her as she flopped onto the chair next to the sofa. Ignoring her brief clothing, my attention was riveted to the white collar she wore.

“You may return to your previous position, pet.”

“I see Kim quickly fell under your influence, Kelly. I knew you’d be after her as soon as I saw the white socks,” Sam teased.

“We are aware that you know one of my weaknesses, Sam. But you fell quicker than she did. I think my new slave might be a little confused by your revelation. Why don’t you tell her how you were caught. By the way, it is Kimmy, not Kim as long as she is wearing my collar.”

“You may turn towards Sam when she is talking to you, pet.”

“I should have realized there would be a name change.” Then to me she said, “I was a student of your Mistress, Kimmy. She had me on my knees the very first time I was in her office. It was the first course of hers that I took. During the meeting of the second class, I noticed that she was watching me quite closely. As soon as she dismissed us, she said, ‘Miss Abernathy, I would like to talk with you in private. Please come with me.’ She actually said it as an order, not as a request, and in a somewhat stern manner, so I was a little worried.

“As soon as we entered her office, she closed her door and told me to sit down. She sat behind her desk and asked if I knew that I was the only one who participated in class during the first two meetings. I hadn’t, but when she brought it to my attention, I realized she was correct and started to apologize for dominating the class time. She immediately stopped me and said that she wasn’t rebuking me, stating that few students were prepared as well as I was for the first class and she couldn’t even remember any that were halfway prepared for the second class, even though she always handed out a syllabus the first day.

“It was the last class of the day for both of us and we talked for quite a long time. She kept pulling personal information out of me that I normally don’t share. By the end of an hour, she knew that I was bisexual, but preferred the company of women. I didn’t know it then, but she had also discerned that I was submissive. She explained to me that a friend had asked her to help find a female student who would be willing to be a live-in housekeeper in exchange for room and board and a small monetary stipend. Being a poor college student with a tuition-only scholarship, I indicated that I was definitely interested. She already knew this from looking at my record, but, of course I didn’t realize that she knew.”

Kelly interrupted her. “Sam, tell her how you were dressed for those first two classes.

“Oh, yea,” she laughed, “That probably is important. I wore pull-over tops, mini-skirts, and white ankle socks. I also wore white tennis shoes for the first class and loafers for the second.” I smiled at this revelation.

Kelly interrupted again. “In my own defense, I must say that it wasn’t just the skirts and white socks that got my attention, it was also her intelligence.” She then grasped my chin. “I had to talk to you a few minutes before discovering that part of YOUR personality, you little bitch.”

“Kelly explained that her friend was somewhat overbearing and expected perfection from her housekeepers. Most of the girls who worked for her couldn’t take her dominating personally and soon quit.” Sam continued. “I told her that didn’t bother me and said that I’d so almost anything for money. Kelly smiled and said, “What if she ordered you to do your housework while naked?”

“My answer was, ‘Ma’am, as I already indicated, I’d do almost anything for money, but I must add that it would have to be legal. To me free room and board is just the same as money. I’m sure you are exaggerating to make a point, but if your friend would ask me to work naked, then I’ll work naked.

“So, Kimmy, your Mistress indicated that I could meet her friend without any obligation before making a firm decision, but I needed to ‘prove my willingness’ to do what her friend might want. To make a long story short, I found out she might not be exaggerating. Before I knew what was happening, my bra and panties were in Kelly’s desk drawer and I was kneeling beside her desk. She then informed me that she wanted me to think about it until our next class. If I still wanted her to introduce me to her friend, she said that I should wear sheer panties to the class and should sit in the front row and flash myself to her. Being a cash-poor college student, (hell, I considered myself poorer than poor) there was absolutely no way that I was going to miss the opportunity she had offered. So, I wore a mini-skirt, made sure I was one of the first students in the room, sat down, opened my legs for her, then quickly shut them when I was sure she had noticed that I had not worn panties at all. She came over to me and whispered in my ear that I had disobeyed her by not wearing sheer panties. As punishment, I was to keep my legs spread for the whole period. That was a trip in itself. Needless to say, I was turned on by the whole scene. She was so positive I would accept her offer that, as soon as class was over, Kelly told me that her friend was waiting in the office. I met with them and quickly agreed wear Allyson’s collar to my new home. The rest is history. That was two years ago.

“This, I guess, brings us to today. My Mistress thought I should repay Kelly in some way for introducing us. I was a professional masseuse before I started college, so I now give Kelly a weekly massage and do her housekeeping on occasion, but I am paid for the latter. I have a feeling that income source has now ended.”

“Because I brought them together, Sam’s Mistress has given me permission to discipline her on occasion. Isn’t that right, Sam?”

“Yes, ma’am, it is,” Sam replied, adding, “In fact, Mistress sometimes sends me to Kelly when I need severe discipline and she feels guilty about applying it.”

“So now you know why she wasn’t too surprised to see you naked and wearing cuffs when she arrived, pet, especially after seeing you lose your underwear and accepting my collar last night.” “I take it your clothes for tonight are in the suitcase, Sam?”

“Yes, ma’am. After talking to you this morning Mistress Allyson suggested that she would meet us here about seven and we can all go to the restaurant in her car.” I quickly assumed this was the same Allyson who was the bartender; an interesting turn of events, but was willing to wait to satisfy my curiosity.

“OK. I’ll get us some wine, Sam, while you go upstairs and get your equipment. I don’t want Kimmy to see the playroom yet, so you can set up here in the den. Lose your shoes for me.” We sipped on the wine and talked for about fifteen minutes. Kelly held the glass for me while I sipped. During our conversation I asked Sam if she had to wear a collar all the time. I didn’t remember seeing it at Lisa’s. “Always when at home or where my status is known and sometimes in public,” she replied. “But I also wear something else anytime I am away from Mistress

Allyson to remind me of my slave status.” Since I couldn’t see anything, I asked her what that might be.

“Oh, I can’t tell you, but I have a feeling you might be seeing it later on.” Damn, I hated suspense. I also asked her if Sam was a slave name. She replied that it was and explained that she had told Allyson that Sam was her nickname as she grew up and that she always considered it to be male in connotation and therefore hated it. I laughed and told her that hating my youthful nickname was the reason that I had been recently renamed Kimmy. “Well, Kelly, why don’t we get started. Do you want to be first or last.”

“I’ll go first, Sam. I think Kimmy’s massage will take a little longer.”

“Knowing you, I’m positive of that.” More suspense.

Following Kelly’s directions, Sam brought a tall backless bar stool from the breakfast nook and placed it about two feet away from the side of the table, next to where Kelly’s head would be. “Ok, slut. You can sit on this and watch,” Kelly said, then helped me up. I watched her strip while Sam got two basins of warm water from the bathroom. Sam explained that she would give Kelly a sponge bath followed by a full body massage. “You will then get the same treatment plus a couple additional surprises I know your Mistress has planned for you.

“Watch closely, Kimmy, because I think your Mistress will probably have you give her massages between my visits. Isn’t that what a slave is for, Kelly?” “That and much more, Sam,” Kelly replied, chuckling.

I was fascinated while watching Sam work. Taking water from one basin, she moistened a section of Kelly’s back, and poured a little body shampoo on the same area. Using a net poof, she then scrubbed her skin while working the shampoo into a lather. Finally, she would wipe the lather off using a wet wash cloth thoroughly rinsed in the other basin. Once the lather was removed, I could see that Kelly’s skin on the washed area glowed pink.

Sam did not use a towel like a paid professional would use to cover private areas. So, much to my pleasure, Kelly’s naked body was fully exposed to both Sam and I. She was lying with her hands at her sides and her head turned towards me. I watched closely as Sam washed my Mistress’ ass. I had never lusted after a woman’s ass before, but Kelly’s now seemed to be the most beautiful one I had ever seen. It turned me on to watch Sam washing it, especially between her cheeks.

Kelly watched me intently as I admired her body and watched Sam work, but I was so engrossed I didn’t realize it until she said, “Do you like what you see, pet?”

I looked her in the eyes and smiled, “Oh, yes, Mistress, I definitely do.”

“Well, I placed that chair near my head on purpose. I would appreciate it if you turned this way a bit more while you admire your Mistress; and keep your legs spread. I want to admire my cunt.”

Ch 11 Massage and More

Sam finished washing Kelly’s back and asked her to turn over. I continued to be fascinated as Sam bathed her tits, the very ones I suckled the previous evening, before she moved down. Kelly spread her legs to give Sam better access when she finally reached her sex. I was captivated watching Sam pull Kelly’s labia out and delicately wash each one separately, then, using a straight razor, shave her pussy to remove any stubble. I’m sure Kelly had the smoothest and cleanest vagina in the country and hoped Sam would do the same kind of job on mine. I was already wet thinking about it.

Sam placed a fresh towel on the table and Kelly rolled onto on her stomach again. Using copious amounts of warm, scented oil, Sam started a deep muscle massage. Again, I loved watching her caress Kelly’s ass in particular, enjoying the way her fingers magically kneaded the luscious, curved globes.

My own clit twitched when Sam slowly drew her fingers up and down between Kelly’s cheeks. Since I was near Kelly’s head, I couldn’t see where she stopped, but I was positive her middle finger was positioned over Kelly’s anus. I knew I was correct when Kelly gasped just after Sam poured a liberal amount of massage oil down the crack and pushed on her finger. When Sam inserted a second finger, Kelly exclaimed, “Oh, gawd, YES, Sam. That feels so good.” Sam finger-fucked Kelly’s ass for a couple minutes then instructed her “client” to turn over.

Kelly’s face, shoulders and arms were massaged first, followed by her abdomen. Again, I watched attentively as she moved back up to Kelly’s breasts, squeezing and kneading each one separately using both hands. Then she slipped her pinky fingers through both rings and pulled her breasts up until Kelly moaned. Kelly looked up at Sam, smiled, raised her hand, slipped it under Sam’s T-shirt and massaged her breast. “You know I love that, Sam, but you had better be careful or you might get more than you bargained for.”

Sam smiled at her and teased, “Promises, promises, never any action!”

Kelly’s feet got Sam’s attention next. The massage slowly moved up to her hips. When Kelly spread her legs again, I knew it was good that my hands were still locked behind my back. Otherwise, I would have been giving both of them a show while I masturbated and that, of course, would get me into more trouble.

A slight pang of envy hit me when Sam leaned down and kissed Kelly’s clit. I wasn’t jealous, I just was wishing I were the one kissing it. At least Sam didn’t dwell there. She poured a generous supply of massage oil into her hand and applied it to Kelly’s pussy. As I watched, I thought about how nice it must be rubbing oil over a freshly shaved pussy and realized how much better it would be than doing the same to one that had not been shaved. Add another benefit to removing one’s pubic hair.

Kelly shut her eyes, put her hands behind her head and moved her feet to the edge of the table to get leverage so she could move her hips in an attempt to increase the pleasure Sam was giving her. I could tell she was approaching a climax as her breathing got more rapid, and was surprised when she suddenly dropped her hips to the table and exclaimed, “Please stop Sam.”

“You don’t want me to finish?”

“Oh, I definitely want to, but it’s not time yet.” She lay there a few moments then said, “I think you should prepare my slave for her bath and massage.”

“Shall I give her the full quart?”

“Absolutely, and you should use that amount in both the cleansing and in the rinse. Oh, I think it’s time to lose that T-shirt, Sam.” They explained that normally Sam would be naked during the massage (actually, she would strip immediately inside the door on arrival), but they had decided to do it differently this time since I was present.

“Come with me, Kimmy,” Sam said as Kelly helped me off the tall stool so I wouldn’t fall. I followed Sam into the bathroom, glancing sideways at the barbells penetrating her nipples, wondering what was in store for me now.

“Something tells me that you like my piercings, Kimmy.”

“I do. They make your nipples look sexy.”

“I can honestly say that I am glad Mistress Allyson made me get them pierced. You should, too. But then, I have a feeling that you are not going to have any more of a choice than I did.” I felt that shudder again.

Sam placed a folded towel on the floor next to the tub and told me to kneel next to it. Since my wrists were still cuffed behind me, Sam assisted me in leaning forward. When my forehead was resting comfortably on the towel, I was told to spread my legs. The position I was in was extremely embarrassing and positively lewd. My naïve mind could not imagine what Sam was going to do.

I was told to keep my forehead flat on the towel, so all I could do is listen to Sam flitter about the bathroom, opening and closing doors, running water and doing whatever else she was doing. Kelly walked in and said to Sam, “Isn’t she simply scrumptious, Sam?” as if I weren’t in the room.

“Oh, she’s absolutely perfect. You couldn’t have done better if you had picked her out of a catalog. She has such a beautiful ass, too, although it’s a little too white. I hope you plan to put some color on it.”

“I do, Sam. Which would you prefer, pink or red?

“Red would be nice, Kelly; maybe with some stripes, too?”

“Possibly, but first I need to see how the initial color application is received.”

“Damn,” I thought, “I have no idea what they are talking about. What is she planning on using to paint me, and why?”

A few seconds later, I felt something cold and wet touch my anus. I didn’t know if it was Kelly or Sam touching me there, but I automatically tightened my muscles. “Relax, Kimmy and it won’t hurt,” Sam commented.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Kelly replied, “Sam’s going to give you an enema, pet.”


“She needs to cleanse your colon, of course.” She hesitated a second before asking, “Have you ever had an enema?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Well, it will be another new experience. Get used to it, pet. Many more will follow this one. If you just relax those muscles and follow Sam’s instructions, everything will be ok. I promise.” Sam explained the procedure and said that I would receive a quart of cleansing solution. After expelling it, I would then get a clear rinse. I knew I would not be able to take that much fluid, but accepted the inevitable, and relaxed as the lubricated tube slipped through my sphincter.

The red rubber bottle holding my quart of cleansing liquid was attached to the curtain rod of the tub. I heard the click of the clip being released and immediately sensed the slightly warm liquid flowing into me. Ordered not to move until given permission, I felt my abdomen begin to distend as gravity emptied the bottle of liquid. I was actually surprised when Sam announced that the bottle was empty and that she was going to remove the tube. “We’ll leave the solution do it’s work for about five minutes, Kimmy. I’ll help you to the toilet when you are ready.” “I don’t think I can hold it that long, Sam. Please help me now.”

“Sure you can. Trust me. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end of enemas many times.” I was positive I was going to have an accident before the five minutes were up and was relieved when she finally announced the time had expired. I clenched my anal muscles and waddled to the toilet. It was then I realized my wrists were to remain locked behind my back and Sam wasn’t going to leave the room while the liquid drained from my bowels. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed when she wiped my ass with a clean washcloth after I was finished. I convinced myself that the number of embarrassing things I had experienced since walking into Lisa’s far outnumbered those I had encountered previously in my whole lifetime, but this was the absolute worst. We then repeated the whole scenario to “rinse me out.”

Finally, I followed Sam back to the den to receive my massage. Kelly was sitting on the bar stool waiting for us, wearing nothing but a miniscule, white towel, wrapped around her waist. I quickly understood why men like to see women topless. Sam assisted me to lie face down on the table. While she removed my socks, I started to wonder if I would ever get the use of my hands back. I shouldn’t have worried, though. Kelly removed the cuffs saying she wanted me to savor my first massage to the max. She even removed the collar to enable Sam to do a full body wash, telling me I could have it back as soon as Sam finished. Gawd, I suddenly felt naked without it (pun intended).

This time I was able to watch Kelly as she sat on the barstool. She even spread her legs to “give me a better view.” Do you like looking at your Mistresses’ pussy, pet?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. Thank you for the privilege.” I was learning. She really was beautiful there. I especially loved the heart pendant hanging from her clit.

The body wash and massage were pure luxury. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Kelly was making me feel like a “rich bitch.” Come to think of it, with my salary, I could soon become one.

Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive while she placed the straight razor on my abdomen and started to spread shaving cream over my pubic area. Even though I had watched her skillfully use the razor on Kelly, my fear of being cut was overwhelming. “Uh, Sam, Mistress Kelly just shaved me.”

“Today?” she asked.

“No, yesterday.”

“Out of curiosity, were you shaved before you met Kelly?” When I answered that I wasn’t, she looked at Kelly and said, “You moved faster than Mistress Allyson and I thought you would, Kelly.” Then she looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, this is just part of my service and it will keep you nice and smooth for tonight.” Her soothing didn’t assuage my fears one iota but I now wondered what was planned for the evening. I was positive that I was the only one who did not know.

As Sam massaged my ass, I remembered what she had done to Kelly and wondered what it would be like when she penetrated me THERE. My breathing rate increased when she trailed her fingers down my crack. I am no longer sure, but I think I raised my hips a little when she grazed my anus.

I was watching Kelly when Sam asked a simple question with one word, “Kelly?”

The answer of my mistress was actually disappointing, “No, Sam, she is a virgin there. I reserve the right to be the first one to penetrate her.” Another shiver moved up my spine. What did Kelly have in mind? Was she really going to fuck my ass with that huge dildo? “But you may kiss it if you want,” Kelly continued.

Sam’s “kiss” included a slow licking of my sensitive rosebud. The sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced. No human being, other than a doctor, had ever touched me there. I knew I wanted more. I raised and pushed my hips towards her tongue, but she suddenly quit and instructed me to turn over onto my back.

Since the body wash was finished, Kelly locked the collar around my neck again. My frontal massage was similar to Kelly’s. Sam did spend a lot more time working on my face with her fingertips and thumbs. Damn, it felt so good. I also enjoyed having her pay so much attention to my breasts. As she tenderly massaged them, I raised my hand toward her breast. “May I,” I asked.

“I think you need to ask your Mistress, Kimmy, not me. If my permission is required, she will inform you.” She understood the question in my eyes and continued, “You see, I am also a slave. Mistress Allyson and your Mistress have an understanding concerning what I must do and what I cannot do. She knows if I can refuse certain activities. You will learn the same for yourself, I am sure.”

I looked over at Kelly. May I, Mistress?”

“May you, what, slut?”

“May I touch Sam’s breast, ma’am?”

“Yes you may, my pet. As part of your training, I must inform you that you will always request permission of your Mistress first and be very specific in what you want.”

I understood her remark implicitly. “Ah, Mistress, may I please restate my request.”

“Yes you may, pet.”

“May I play with Sam’s breast?”

“You may, pet.”

“See how quickly my pet learns, Sam? I told you she was an uncut jewel.”

Both she and Sam laughed at this. I did enjoy feeling Sam’s breast, though. When I ran my fingers over the bar bells, Kelly asked if they fascinated me. I replied that they did and she said, “We will definitely have to decorate your nipples.”

Sam finally got to the part of the massage I was anticipating the most. Her oil covered fingers felt sensational as they moved ever so delicately over my smooth pussy. I raised my hips and was ready to go over the top when Kelly exclaimed, “That’s enough, Sam. It’s time for the next phase.” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely disheartened. I needed to cum and I needed to do it now. Kelly knew this and covered my lips with a finger just as I was about to beg. “Shh, pet. Do not say a word. I want your endorphins high for the pleasure you are about to receive.” Once again, I watched Kelly closely. Was I becoming enamored? Maybe! She placed a large zip bag on the stool, removed several straps and handed some to Sam. I had missed the line of slots along the edge of the table through which the straps were threaded. I somehow remained passive as they buckled these straps over my wrists and elbows. My ankles were pulled up and strapped to the side of the table so that my legs were spread wide. Next Kelly pulled a blindfold from the bag. It was leather and lined with thick fur. Kelly placed it over my eyes and buckled the strap at the back of my head, and said, “Pet, when one loses one or more of their senses, other senses usually intensify. You are now going to experience your first encounter with sensuous pain. I hope you enjoy it as much as we will.”

Suddenly, my hard nipples were consumed by two pair of lips. The sensation was amazing. Jolts of electricity went immediately to my clit. Fuck! I wanted more; and I got what I wanted. Whomever was munching on my left nipple (I assumed it was Kelly, since she was to my left when she placed the blindfold over my eyes), clamped down on my hard bud with her teeth. The person suckling my right nip followed suit as if they had planned this coordination in advance. I went ballistic. Kelly was right (again). Never had pain felt so damn good. Then they stopped biting and sucking.

A few seconds later, both nipples were being squeezed and rolled between fingers and thumbs. I screamed when something gripped my nipple with a force I had never felt before. I sucked in a gallon of air and slowly released it as the severe pain gradually lessened and turned to torment. A finger suddenly touched my open cunt causing me to jump. I could not anticipate what I could not see. “Ah, me thinks my pet enjoys having clothes pins attached to her nips, Sam. Let’s try some more and see what happens.”

They pinched the skin about two inches below my nipple, each on a different breast. What I now knew were clothespins replaced fingers. I clenched my teeth to keep from screaming, but gave myself away by sucking air through them as each additional pin bit into my skin. I managed to count as they followed the same routine seven more times, literally ringing my aureoles. The pain was not as severe as I would have imagined, but it was definitely there. In my blindness I tried to imagine, without much success, what I must look like with eighteen clothes pins attached to my breasts.

Kelly spoke again. I sensed that she had moved closer to my feet. “Look Sam, my pet is seeping more. Hot damn! She really is enjoying it. Let’s finish.”

”Oh, gawd, not there,” I exclaimed, as they each pinched my labia. I should have saved my breath. Again, clothespins replaced fingers. Four were attached on each side.

“May I, Kelly?”

“Absolutely, Sam, be my guest. Test the waters.”

One of them (I assumed Sam) pushed the clothespins against my legs spreading them apart. I screamed again, this time from passion, not pain, when my clitoris was engulfed between a pair of lips. I didn’t realize I was that fucking hot. Just as quickly the lips retreated. I screamed again. “Oh, fuck, don’t stop. Make me cum!”

“Tisk, Tisk!” Exclaimed Kelly, “Such language from I thought was a sweet young lady. Maybe I was correct about her being a slut.”

”Are you ordering us to do something, slut?”

“Oh, gawd, Mistress, no. Please, I am begging you to let me cum.”

“Much better, slut.”

My blindfold was removed. “You may now see your trophies, pet.” I raised my head and couldn’t believe how my tits looked. Because the ring of clothespins were causing the flesh to pull upward, they had created what looked like cups about half an inch deep. They would certainly hold liquid if any were poured in.

“Now comes the fun part, Kimmy.” Being a novice, there was no way I could know that the damn things would hurt more coming off then going on. Kelly explained that the pins would be removed one at a time. “Are you ready pet?” she asked as Sam placed her fingers at the end of one pin. Ol’ dumb Kimberly nodded her head and screamed for the next 60 seconds, which seemed a lifetime. When Sam finished removing the first nine pins (the one imprisoning my nip was last, of course), she leaned down and sucked on the nipple while Kelly started removing her round. Kelly sucked her nipple after removing that pin. I screamed and swooned at the same time, forgetting that eight pins still caressed other portions of my anatomy. Because I had shut my eyes, I missed Sam moving to the bottom of the table. The screams hit a crescendo as the blood rushed back into my labia when the pins vacated their position.

I was proud when both Kelly and Sam kissed me and said that I did well. “Just wait ‘till you experience the pins being removed by the tip of my whip, pet. “

“Oh, shit,” I thought.

“Well, Sam, it’s almost time to get dressed so I think I think you should put on your ring so we can get it over with, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Kelly.” I couldn’t help note the change in tone and form of address, and glanced from one of them to the other as Sam removed a ring from her purse and put it on her finger. I couldn’t help but notice its uniqueness. Nearly half an inch wide, it was made of smooth silver with a smaller ring attached to the top. I knew I would eventually learn the reason that Kelly suggested she put it on.

“I can see that, once again, my pet shows her astuteness, Sam. She noted your switch from the familiar. Shall I explain things to her?”

“Yes, I think she should know why I am being whipped, Miss Kelly.”

“Riding crop, quirt or cane, Sam; I will let you choose your instrument this time.”

Sam headed up the steps, and Kelly explained, “When I talked to Allyson this morning while you were still sleeping, she indicated that Sam had experienced a bout of jealousy after I left with you last night.”

“Jealousy, I don’t understand.”

“Actually it is totally out of character for her and difficult to explain. When I brought Sam and Allyson together, they agreed on a trial Dom/sub relationship similar to what we just signed. Theirs, however, was to last six months. They literally fell in love with one another and the relationship became permanent. Often we went out on dates as a threesome. There were times we spent nights together. We even disciplined Sam together. When Allyson would go out of town and couldn’t take Sam, I became a babysitter. To make a long story short, Sam also fell in love with me.”

“And Allyson doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, no, in fact, in her own way, Allyson loves me, too. It falls somewhere between friendship and being lovers. She knows that Sam’s love for her is greater than Sam’s love for me, and that’s all that is necessary.”

“Do you love them?”

“Yes, in the same way they love me, pet.”

“Oh,” I said, in a somewhat dejected manner.

“Kimmy, we just met. I am unlike anyone you have ever known and probably anyone you will ever know. We both used the phrase ‘I love you’ last evening, but it isn’t true romantic love; at least not yet. We haven’t known one another long enough. There is a distinct possibility that we may truly fall in love, and if that happens, you must realize that there are different levels of love. That is the problem with most relationships. They do not permit these different levels to exist and, eventually, jealousy breaks the relationship apart.”

“So you are going to whip her simply because she exhibited a little jealousy.”

“No, that’s not why she is getting whipped. Jealousy can be expected, and is acceptable, as long as one does not let it consume one’s self. I would prefer that she be the one to explain the full reason for her punishment. For now let’s just say that she engaged her mouth before putting her brain in gear.”

Sam returned and handed Kelly a two-foot long plastic rod, about a half inch in diameter. One end had a handle covered with woven black and red leather. “I am pleased you selected the cane, Sam.” To me Kelly explained, “This is the modern version of the English Cane, pet. It is sturdier than real bamboo, and doesn’t splinter or break. While the English cane creates a great deal of pain, it cannot compare to this little baby. By selecting it, Sam is showing us that she is very contrite and knows she deserves what she will receive.”

“Sam, I gave Kimmy some generalities, but you should provide the specific reason you are going to be caned.”

“Must I?”

“The vile words came from your mouth, Sam, and should be repeated by you alone. I definitely would not repeat them. Telling Kimmy is part of your punishment.”

“Oh, Kimmy I really am sorry. I said it in the heat of passion.”

“Sam, just tell her what you said or I will double the number your Mistress ordered.”

Ch 12 Sam’s Confession

Sam took a deep breath and said, “When Mistress Allyson and I arrived home last night she asked me what I thought of you, Kimmy. I exploded and said ‘That fucking bitch is going to take Kelly away from us.”

I opened my mouth to tell her what happened, but Sam stopped me. “I know what you’re going to say, Kimmy. Mistress Allyson already explained to Sam that she initiated the introduction. I was not rational and I don’t know why. The reason really doesn’t matter. I know that Miss Kelly would not leave us for anyone. We’re just too close; almost like sisters. For that reason alone, there was absolutely no cause for my outburst. I knew I was in trouble as soon as the words left my mouth. I don’t know what got into me. Typically, I’m not a jealous person. I just spoke without thinking, and deserve to be punished. Mistress Allyson, Miss Kelly and I have discussed the use of such words many times. We all feel that using ‘slut,’ ‘bitch.’ and ‘cunt’ in place of a slave name is OK as long as it isn’t used in a demeaning or derogatory way. Many Dominas do, but it is not right.”

“Enough rhetoric, Sam! Drop your shorts and get in position facing away from the sofa. Mistress Allyson sentenced you to five slow ones.”

“Kimmy, kneel in front of the sofa; hands behind your back.” In position, I was about six feet from Sam, my eyes level with her hips. I watched closely as Sam dropped her shorts, kicked them in front of her, laced her fingers behind her head and spread her legs. The first thing I noticed when my eyes drifted down was the small brass rectangle hanging between her legs.

“Ohmygawd!” I exclaimed. “Is that a padlock?”

“Yes it is slut. It’s the substitute collar that Sam was alluding to earlier. The yoke goes through two piercings in her labia, one on either side of her vagina. Its weight keeps her constantly aware of its presence and of her status, especially when it swings free under skirts.”

“Oh, wow! What a trip.”

“Since it excites you so much, maybe I’ll get you one someday.” There was that shudder again.

Then I realized that she was shaven, too, and asked her about it. I was surprised when she answered, “Well, not really, Kimmy. Mistress Allyson initially required me to be shaven, but later decided it would be much better if I had my pubic hair laser removed. I no longer have to bother with shaving and highly recommend it.”

Mistress Kelly broke into our conversation with, “Are you ready, Sam?”

“Yes, Miss Kelly.”

“You know the procedure.”

“Position!” I took this to be some type of a command because Sam leaned forward a little and thrust her butt back. Kelly then said, “Hold that, Sam. I need to give Kimmy a little demonstration.”

She moved beside me and said, “Hold your hand straight out, pet; palm up.” I gulped and obeyed. Kelly explained that, because of the plastic rod, this cane was a severe whipping instrument. “Since Sam selected it, you need to have an idea of what she is willing to receive as punishment for calling you a bitch in such a derogatory manner.” She held the rod about a foot above my hand. As soon as she started the downward motion, I jerked my hand away. Kelly stared at me then pushed the tip of the cane against my nipple. In a very terse voice she said, “Since I haven’t explained all the rules to you, slut, you just got away with one. When you are ordered to receive a punishment you do not even flinch. If you EVER pull away from me again, I will cane your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week. Now get that hand out there again.”

I was amazed at the tone of her voice. There was no doubt I had been rebuked. I quickly extended my hand. This time she held the whip about two feet above my hand. When it connected with my flesh, I screamed and immediately tucked my hand under my arm. “That hurt, Mistress.”

“It was meant to hurt, pet, but you can consider that a mere love tap compared to what Sam is going to receive.”

Kelly turned back to Sam, touched her ass with the cane to judge distance then pulled her arm back. The only sounds in the room during the next moment was the “swoosh” of the cane moving through the air and the loud “splat” as it connected with naked flesh.

I couldn’t believe it. I jumped more than Sam when the cane landed on her bare ass. She merely groaned and held her ground as the cane indented her flesh before bouncing back. I watched, almost mesmerized, a white stripe that immediately appeared across her cheeks started turning pink then red. I then heard her gasp, releasing the breath that she was holding and say, “One; thank you, Miss Kelly.”

“Please don’t hit her again, Mistress. She really didn’t mean what she said, and it doesn’t bother me.”

“The choice isn’t yours, Allyson assigned her punishment and she is the only one who can reduce it. Besides, Sam is a masochist and loves it; don’t you, Sam.”

“Yes, Miss Kelly.”

A second stripe was created on the otherwise white ass. It hurt me just to watch the second welt form as the first was beginning to change to an even deeper red. I had no doubt that the red would eventually become a dark red bruise. Sam took a deep breath and said, “Two! Thank you, Miss Kelly.”

I had to say something. “Mistress, don’t you think that is enough?”

There is an old adage… “If looks could kill…” that might be appropriate at this moment.

“Her Mistress said it would be five. Would you like to take her place for the other three, slut?”

“No, ma’am,” I gulped.

“Then remain silent. One more word and you shall get them in addition to Sam.”

I cringed with each of the remaining three strokes, and could not believe that Sam remained nearly silent, except for the low groan, the count and saying “Thank you.” Kelly then held the cane to Sam’s lips. She actually kissed it and thanked Kelly for her punishment. Kelly looked at me and said, “The least you could do, pet, is kiss her wounds.” Without hesitation, I moved to Sam and kissed each of the five stripes on both cheeks (making ten kisses in all), receiving a moan in return for each one. What shocked me is how the whip marks had already formed into welts. I was surprised that I was able to sense each ridge with my lips as I kissed them. Kelly slipped her fingers between Sam’s spread legs, inciting another moan, and showed me her wet fingers. “See how a masochist gets excited over a whipping, slut.” I needed no instructions when the wet digits were presented to me and enjoyed the taste of a new woman.

“Now let’s see how my own slut liked Sam’s punishment.” I was embarrassed at how wet I had become. This time Kelly sucked her fingers and I felt honored. “Would you like to taste your audience, too, Sam?” Kelly slipped her fingers into my wet pussy once again then presented them to Sam’s lips. Sam licked the digits first then sucked the remnants of my juices from them with passion. Kelly sat on the sofa and indicated that I should move to a spot in front of her. “You are due some punishment, Pet. I’d like to use the cane on you, but won’t for your first time. I’ll spank you instead.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Mistress.”

“You won’t thank me tomorrow when you taste the cane, and I promise you will just so you know what it is like. Get up here over my lap.” I noticed Sam remained in the position she attained for the caning as I hesitantly placed my hands on the floor to balance myself over Kelly’s lap.

“You may turn around and face her, Sam.” I saw that tears had streaked her face and realized what it must have taken to remain silent during the whipping. I wondered if I would be able to be that compliant.

Kelly rubbed her hand softly over my bare ass, and then ran her fingers down my crack and across my cunt. I gasped at the touch. I was hotter than I thought. I wasn’t even thinking about it when she raised her hand and brought it down over my right cheek with a loud splat. I cried out. “Oh, slut, you embarrass me. You saw how Sam remained quiet when I caned her. How could you make so much noise because of my hand?”

“I’m sorry Mistress. I didn’t expect it and was startled.”

“Well, pet. That one didn’t count. For the rest you will thank me in the same manner that Sam did.”

“How many do I get, ma’am.”

“You’ll know when I quit.”

“Shall I begin with number one or two, Mistress?”

“Good question. Normally if I assign a specific number and we need to start over, you will always go back to one. This time it doesn’t matter. The choice is yours.”

Ten more swats followed. I counted, beginning with two, and thanked Kelly for each one. The surprising thing is how much my ass hurt when she finished. I was amazed that Sam was able to endure the cane. The pain from it had to be tremendous. I wasn’t looking forward to “learning about it.” Kelly rubbed my flesh again and commented on how much warmer it was and how good it looked with some color added. I almost laughed when I recalled my thoughts about paint while they were discussing adding color to my ass while we were in the bathroom.

“Back on your knees, slut.”

I was looking directly at Sam’s hairless pubis and immediately had my question answered. She was wearing a clit ring which meant that at least three holes had penetrated her cunt. However, there was something I didn’t expect. A small object hung from the ring. It looked like a military ID tag but was gold instead of silver. I had not seen it from the rear because of the lock. I was close enough that I could read the engraving. The first line read, “slave sam.” The second line said, “Property of Mistress Allyson.”

“You may now pleasure her, slut. Clasp your hands behind your back and only use your tongue.” I tasted my second pussy in two days and the second in my lifetime. The flavor of Sam’s juices was different from Kelly’s, but still pleasant. Sam even spread her legs a little wider while keeping her fingers clasped behind her head. I actually savored her taste, sticking my tongue out as far as I could to lap up all of her copious juices. I found that I loved flicking her clit ring with my tongue, and even pulled on it by grasping it with my teeth. When Kelly saw this she commented that she was definitely going to get me one. Shudder! I wondered what else she planned to pierce.

When Kelly saw that Sam was nearing a climax she stopped me, to my disappointment. “Sorry, pet, but she isn’t permitted a climax without her Mistress’ permission and Allyson did not tell me that she could. Besides, it’s time to dress. Sam, bring your suitcase to the bedroom. After my slave dresses me, you two can assist one another.”

Naked and kneeling, we watched Kelly carefully select her clothes and lay them on the bed in the order I was to dress her. I was especially intrigued by the gold chain that seemed to have three ends. When she finished laying out the clothes, I was instructed to put the chain on her first. After I studied it for a moment, then picked it up and studied it some more, I had to admit that I had no idea what to do. Both Sam and Kelly knew that would be the case and had a good laugh at my expense. Kelly told me to connect the two shorter chains to her nipple rings. After that I should easily be able to discern what to do with the remaining loose end. I removed the balls from her nipple rings, slid the ends of the chain over the rings and replaced the balls. When I stepped back the chain looked like a large letter Y with the bottom leg hanging about six inches below the V of her legs. I quietly smiled, kneeled and connected the loose end to the D-ring in her clit. I loved the way the chain drooped in front then turned up between her legs to her clit. It was an extremely sensual look.

“Very good, slut.” Silly as it may seem, I felt proud. “My thigh-highs will be next.” They were tan in color. I thoroughly enjoyed touching her skin as I rolled them up her legs while remaining, properly, on my knees. As I smoothed out the second nylon she said, “Slut, you should be honored that your Mistress permits you to touch her skin without restriction. Many Dommes forbid skin-to-skin contact unless they have first given permission. And that is something for which permission cannot be requested. I enjoy your touch too much to restrict you. However, since you seem to enjoy it, forbidding such contact will be one method of punishment I will invoke on you if necessary, although, I am forced to admit, I’m not sure who it would affect more.

Knee high, low heel boots, that zippered on the inside, followed the nylons. As she stood before me, I marveled at her beauty, and realized that I was glad she asked me to be her slave. I also understood that the look in her eyes said she was proud of me. I kept my legs spread as she had instructed. “I want you to know that I enjoy the view of you kneeling before me naked like this, pet. I will definitely have to put some decorations on that body, though.”

I felt compelled to reply, “Yes, ma’am,” because I now wanted to wear some form of decoration for her.

She turned to the bed, picked up a necklace and handed it to me. It consisted of several small gold disks hanging from a gold chain. I noticed that each disk was engraved but did not have time to study the engravings, since my primary concern was putting it around her neck. Given permission to stand, I was instructed to do it from the front, which forced me to get rather close to her. My hands shook as I attempted to close the clasp. “Here, let me assist,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me to pull me tight against her nearly naked body. Then she kissed me until I had finished my assignment. That, of course made it more difficult, but I didn’t mind. When I stepped back she told me to take a close look at the necklace. Initially, all I saw were fancy designs, but, as I studied them, I could see a single letter hidden within the design on each one. The lightly engraved letters spelled the word Mistress. I smiled at her. She walked to her jewelry box and removed another necklace. This one also had disks attached but they were attached in a circular manner rather than streaming down from a chain in the center like hers. I was surprised when she put it around my neck. Without looking, I knew the engraved letters spelled ‘slave.’ “I have had this necklace for many years, pet, waiting for the proper person to wear it.” Realizing that she was telling me I was the first to wear it, my heart skipped a beat. “Thank you for the privilege, Mistress.”

The last item was her dress. Tan in color, it was a sleeveless, figure skimming, satin lined, suede dress with a wide collar and a V-neck. Mid-calf length, it buttoned up the front with small, cloth covered buttons. My fingers trembled again as I buttoned it for her. “Don’t worry about being nervous, pet. You’ll get used to dressing me.” She explained that she was originally going to wear a skirt and blouse, but canned that idea when she decided to wear the Y chain. “It hangs freely under this dress.”

“You’re next, Sam.” Following Kelly’s instructions, Sam opened her suitcase and placed the contents on the bed saying that Mistress Allyson had packed it and she had no idea what she was going to wear. Holding up a beautiful white leather corset she commented, “I am definitely going to need assistance with this, Miss Kelly.”

“You know the drill, Sam. Get in position. The doorway between Kelly’s bedroom and walk-in closet was higher than normal, as were all the ceilings. What I hadn’t noticed before was an exercise bar positioned near the top of the doorway. Sam stood in the doorway and grabbed the bar. To do this, she had to stand on her toes and stretch her body to the maximum. I immediately noticed that this pulled on her breasts and narrowed her waist. This must have been what I looked like at the foundation store. Kelly explained that, like mine, Sam’s corset was six inches smaller than Sam’s normal waist size. She had to stretch her body like this so that it could be laced easily. Kelly ordered me to put the corset around Sam and lace it as tight as possible. When I finished Sam released her grip on the bar and turned to face me. I adored her new hour-glass figure. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. Her corset had a shelf bra, like mine, but did not have any additional cover. I was getting a view of what I might look like when I wore mine.

Next, Kelly directed me to help Sam don white thigh-high nylons and white four-inch heels. Actually, I put them on her. Then I helped her pull on a white knit, turtleneck, sleeveless, shoulderless sweater. The turtleneck covered the white collar. Lastly, she stepped into a white knit skirt that I pulled up around her waist. Dressed all in white, she looked absolutely radiant.

It was finally my turn. Sam helped me this time as I put on a pair of black, lace, thigh-high nylons and a garter belt. Kelly said that even though the thigh-highs would stay up by themselves, she wanted me to wear the garter belt with them tonight. I knew I should not ask about her reasoning. I stood as Sam slipped a pair of black, pumps, with four-inch heels, on my feet. Kelly explained that they were special bondage shoes. Straps, attached to the back of the shoes, were wrapped around my ankles then secured with small padlocks on the inside. Unlike the ones we had bought at Fredericks, these could not be removed without the key.

Kelly then went to her closet and brought out a chiffon, mauve colored, halter dress that would be my only cover for the evening. I loved it, yet realized that it would be the most revealing article of clothing I will have ever worn; even more revealing than the one I had worn in the morning. Totally backless, the V of the halter ended at the waist of the dress. When I started to put it on, I realized that the halter top was actually a separate piece. A crushed velvet belt, also mauve in color, circled the waist of the skirt. The belt passed through hems sewn into the bottom edges of the halter. The skirt could be worn with a separate blouse if one desired. Sam helped me adjust the top to maximize the coverage of my breasts. When she stepped back Kelly commented, “Sam, I must say that dress looks much better on her than it does on me. She gets a lot more exposure.” I was then permitted to look at myself in the mirror. I gasped.

Exposure was the correct word. The material only covered about three quarters of my breasts; and my hard nipples appeared to be trying to push their way through the material. It was very obvious that I would have to keep my body erect at all times. If I leaned forward, the halter would blouse out revealing most of my breasts. From the correct angle, my nipples would probably even be visible. I turned and looked at the back and was surprised how sexy I looked in it. Even though all my current wardrobe of skirts and dresses were knee length or longer, I liked the look of this one, which ended about three inches above my knees.

“Do you like it, Pet?”

“Oh, Mistress, I adore it. Thank you for permitting me to wear it.”

“I really wanted to let you wear panties also, pet, but I prefer that you feel the straps of the garters flexing against your flesh as you walk. Panties would hold them tight against your skin.”

Sam spoke up, “Ah, Miss Kelly, may I interject something.”

“Absolutely, Sam.”

“I seem to remember you wearing a pair of red tap pants a couple months ago. They are loose around the legs and wouldn’t interfere with the garters.”

“You’re right, Sam. Thanks.” Kelly went to her lingerie drawer, pulled out the tap pants and handed them to Sam. “Here, you can have the privilege.”

Sam knelt in front of me and slipped the garment over my heels when I raised my feet. She then pulled them up over my hips. I loved the attention and was pleased that I would be wearing panties, although I didn’t understand Kelly’s desire to have me wear them when she had told me that she preferred the opposite.

“May I put on my makeup now, Mistress?” I asked.

“One of the first things I liked about you when Allyson brought you to me last night, pet, was the fact that you weren’t wearing much makeup. That is another thing I will control. From this point forward, lipstick is the only makeup that you may put on without first asking for my permission. And for your information, the only additional makeup I will normally permit will be a black eye liner and possibly light eye shadow.” She then turned to Sam. “You know where my lipsticks are. Please put a dark red on my pet and use a black pencil to outline it. Red will not be your regular color lipstick, pet. I will normally only permit light, flesh tones. You must request anything else.”

All I could say is, “Thank you, Mistress.” I knew she was taking care of me.

As we were ready to leave the bedroom, I said, “Mistress, do you really want me to go out with my collar on display. I’m not questioning you intentions if that’s what you want, but we seem to be dressed for an upscale place, and Sam’s collar is hidden.”

“Oh, damn, you’re right, pet. Thank you.” She opened one of her dresser drawers, pulled out a scarf and handed it to Sam who put the center of the scarf at the back of my collar, wrapped it around my neck once, tied it and draped the ends over my back. “Perfect,” Kelly said. “If anything, that makes you look even sexier.”

“Why, thank you, Mistress.”

Allyson rang the doorbell soon after we returned to the den. As Kelly’s slave, I was assigned the duty of opening the door, of course. “Well, hello there, Kimmy! Aren’t you the sexy looking one now!”

“Why thank you, ma’am,” I replied. “You look quite ravishing yourself.” She was wearing a black chiffon dress with a full skirt, and nylons. I was now in the mental state where I wondered if the latter were thigh highs or held up by a garter belt. The dress appeared to be one that would have spaghetti straps, but I couldn’t tell because she was wearing a suit jacket made of black velvet, over it.

She hugged me then said, “May I assume that you accepted Kelly’s invitation to wear her collar until Monday?”

“You know she was going to ask me, ma’am,” I replied incredulously.

“Of course! She told me on the phone this morning while you were sleeping. Kelly and I have no secrets between us.”

“Truthfully, I had to refuse her offer, ma’am.” The look on her face was priceless. “I think Mistress Kelly would prefer to explain. My use of the word Mistress really confused her, as I intended. When we walked into the den, Kelly and Sam stood. Allyson hugged Sam then hugged and kissed Kelly; quite passionately I might add. When they broke, Allyson asked Kelly, “I was just informed that Kimmy refused to be your slave until Monday, Kelly, What gives? Have you lost your touch?”

“The truth is, I own her for the next month.”

“A Month? On the phone you said…”

“I know, but the little slut said she felt the first few days would be pretty rough and that might dissuade her from continuing. She thought a month would give her more time to make an informed decision.”

“You’re even better than I thought you would be, Kimmy,” Allyson said while extending her hand towards my breast. “May I, Kelly?”

“Yes you may, Allyson. As always, what’s mine is yours.” Allyson slipped the cloth off of my left breast and cupped it in her hand, causing me to gasp from the sensation. She then grabbed me and hugged me tightly. “I think it’s just fantastic that you’ll be with us for a month, Kimmy. I know you are going to love the lifestyle.”

“Is that the dress you were telling me about, Ally?” Kelly interjected.

“Yes it is. I picked it up from the tailor this afternoon.”

“I haven’t even had the privilege of seeing her wear it,” Sam commented.

“Do we get to see it before we go out?” asked Kelly.

“Sam!” Sam stepped in front of Allyson and started to remove the jacket as soon as her Mistress spoke her name. I wondered how long it would take me to understand Kelly’s wishes that well. As she slipped the jacket off her mistress’ shoulders and Allyson turned around to face us, I’m sure my chin dropped to the floor. Like mine, her dress was backless. The bodice is what was amazing. It is somewhat difficult to describe. It was made from a single piece of material that curved slightly upward from just below the center of her breasts ending in two points at her nipples. The curve could be considered a neckline, but it hung low. Two small loops, sewn to the points at the end of the curve were attached to her nipple rings. In other words, the rings were holding up the front of the dress. Her nipples, nipple rings and the upper three quarters of her breasts were exposed. From her nipples, the material dropped down to the waist at her sides. I had to admit that it was extremely sexy. I was amazed at myself. I was looking at this woman with lust in my heart.

“Damn, Allyson, that is fantastic,” Kelly said. “I wish you could wear it to the restaurant just like that.”

“One of these days we’ll go somewhere that I can wear it without the jacket. I also have a knee length cape that goes with it, but it only covers the back.”

Allyson then turned to me. “By the way, Kimmy, you may call me Allyson, unless you are en scene.”

“En scene? I don’t understand.”

“You’ll know.”

“What should I call you when I am en scene, then?”

“Miss Allyson or ma’am will suffice.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I replied. We both laughed. Kelly then turned to me and said, “This is a good time for you to learn a couple new rules, pet.” I turned my head to look at her. “You may continue to look at Allyson as I talk, but listen closely. First, as you know, your body belongs exclusively to me. Normally no one is permitted to touch it without my permission.” She saw my quizzical look. “Allyson and I belong to a group of women who are dominant and meet occasionally for parties. Subs attend with them. In some circles, subs would be open game, but not in our group. Each of us have agreed that permission to touch or use a sub must be requested from the Domme, with the sub present, so there is no question what freedoms the Domme is granting. Allyson will always be an exception where you are concerned. We have been friends a long time and I trust her explicitly. She has unreserved privilege to use you or do anything to you in any way she wants at anytime. You will consider her to be my equal whether I am present or not.” I gasped again as Allyson pushed the other side of the halter off and pinched my nipple. Kelly continued talking, “In other words, if I am not home and Allyson comes over and orders you eat her pussy or go somewhere with her, you will obey her just as you would obey me. You will leave me a note if you will not be here, though, so I know where you are. She has given me the same rights and privileges with Sam. Are there any questions about this?” “No…arrgh…Mistress.” That didn’t come out quite right because Allyson pinched my nipples just as I answered.

Then she dropped a little surprise. “Allyson, since Sam occasionally likes to top, I would also like to extend these same privileges to her when she not en scene, if that is OK with you.”

End of part 3.

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