Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 2

Chapter 5 Getting to Know You

“I think it’s time to take the edge off things,” she commented after kissing me quickly. “First, though, I need to give you something to do while I continue playing with my cunt.” She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled one side open to bare her breast. I had felt it against my cheek earlier, but this is the first time I was able to see that it was actually conical with a hard nipple. Even her areolas were conical, unlike my flat ones. Their shape reminded me of Hershey Kisses except that Kelly’s nipple was much larger than the point of a Kiss. I knew just where both belonged. I loved the fact that I would be able to suck hers deep into my mouth. She actually apologized because they were only 34Bs.

“Get off it, Kelly. You have beautiful tits. I think mine are too big. You probably know this will be another new experience for me. I know I am going to enjoy it.”

“Just for the record, Kimberly, I have breasts. Sometimes I’ll call them tits, but that decision is mine to make.” She squeezed my breast. “This is definitely a tit. Do you understand the difference?”

“Yes, ma’am. You have breasts, I have tits on my chest and, I guess they belong to you.”

She laughed at my unexpected answer. “As I already indicated, you learn fast, pet.”

I worked my arm from under me so I could grasp her breast. It fit perfectly in my hands. Even though I wanted to try to suck the whole thing in my mouth, I took the nipple between my lips first. This brought a moan from her throat. I was pleased I was able to get this reaction from her.

“Just so you know, doll, they are extra sensitive. I can almost climax when they are being sucked,” she said.

“I hope you don’t mind, but right now, I want to be your little girl. I have a sudden urge to nurse.”

“I don’t mind at all. I just don’t think I’d be doing this to my little girl while she nursed,” she replied as her hand slipped back between my legs. I moaned and started sucking harder. Two middle fingers immediately started fucking my love tunnel while her index and little finger rested on my blood-filled labia. Because I was already hot, I quickly moved towards the goal we both desired. Her fingers massaged my G-spot as they moved in and out of my wet cunt. As the apex approached, my moans got louder and my lips worked faster on Kelly’s breast. I knew she was watching me closely even though my eyes were closed. Knowing I was near the top, she pressed the heel of her hand against my clit. Like a bitch in heat, I started humping it.

It was only a few more seconds before I violently climaxed. My legs clamped tight on her hand and my body shook. I stopped sucking to release the screams from my throat. Kelly’s simple actions had just taken me to another dimension of time and place. Never had masturbation or being fucked caused me to lose awareness of my being. She had started to construct my eventual orgasm when she told me to remove my bra, and her fingers created the final explosion.

I slowly and lovingly started to suckle her breast again as I gradually returned to earth, wondering, where would she take me next.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my action was, in fact, just like a baby nursing. Kelly felt this and said, “That’s right, my baby. Suck on mommy’s breast.” I glanced up at her and saw a big smile. “I hope you’re enjoying my breast as much as I’m enjoying your lips, dear.” I nodded without releasing her.

She gave me a couple more minutes before extracting her hand from between my legs. Holding her cum covered fingers near my face, she said, “Why don’t you clean up the mess you made on my hand.”

I grasped her hand with mine and started sucking at my juices. I even licked between her fingers to insure I got every tasty drop.

“You know, Kim, you are turning out to be a bigger slut than I thought you would be.” We both grinned.

Following her request, I sat on her lap, straddling her legs and facing her. She put her hands under my breasts, lifting and bouncing them as if testing them for size and weight. Because I was on her lap, my boobs were in front of her face. Her eyes literally twinkled as she looked at them. “You were wrong, dear. They are not too big. I love them. We are going to have a lot of fun with them, I promise. Men have a terrible saying concerning women’s tits: ‘Anything more than a mouthful is a waste.’ My answer to that is ‘They are full of shit.’ I am going to enjoy devouring every square inch of both of yours.”

I was disappointed that she only leaned forward and kissed each nipple once. I wanted more, but she created a pause in the action by saying, “Do you wonder why I told you not to remove your socks?”

“So I wouldn’t be totally naked?” I teased.

“Nope, I have fetish for white socks. I said I didn’t know what initially caught my attention when you walked into Lisa’s. Well, I am sure it was the socks and the fact that you were wearing them with a skirt. I do not have many weak points but seeing a female wearing a skirt or dress and white socks is definitely one of them. In fact, I want you to walk around the room right now so I can watch you.”

I strutted the way I thought a model would move down a walkway, surprised that doing this for her was turning me on again.

“Now, stand in front of me, grasp your hands behind your back and spread your legs.”

As was her desire, that position put me on display and thrust my tits out. Somehow, I felt this enhanced my nakedness. Once again, I flushed with embarrassment.

“I wish you could see yourself from my perspective, Kim. The candlelight twinkling off your body makes you look absolutely radiant. I just cannot believe you are all mine for the night. Run up to the bathroom for me. On the vanity is a mirrored tray with a small leather bag lying on it. Next to the tray is a blue, flowered overnight bag. Bring both bags to me.” As I walked away she commented, “You probably don’t realize it, but you have a beautiful ass, too, dear.”

Kelly did not take her eyes off me as I descended the stairs. It is difficult, if not impossible, to explain, but the way she looked at me made me feel like a goddess. She instructed me to place the two bags on the floor, next to the coffee table. At the same time, she picked up the remote and pushed a button. The violin concerto that was playing suddenly stopped. A few seconds later, a new CD started to play. I immediately recognized a song that I have heard on the “oldies” radio station many times: “You Light Up My Life.” I told Kelly that I recognized the song but said that the voice was not familiar.

She stood up and pulled me to the middle of the floor. “That’s probably because you never heard LeAnn Rimes sing it. The original was by Nancy Sinatra. I just thought the first three songs of this CD are quite apropos for the moment”

We started dancing. One of her hands was in the middle of my back pulling me tightly against her while the other squeezed my bare ass.


“Yes, Kim?”

“Why am I the still only one here without clothes.”

“I already told you. Because that’s the way I want it.”

“Oh.” Why did I feel that I would be hearing that answer a lot?

When the first song ended, Kelly stepped back and said, “You may remove my shirt now, love, if you want to.”

'Hell yes, I want to!' I thought. 'And that’s not the only thing I want to remove.'

She had controlled everything to this point, so I forced myself to be patient. I knew I would like whatever she had planned. I opened the last buttons in the front just as the second song came on. It was LeAnn’s rendition of Bette Midler’s “The Rose.” I removed her cufflinks, pushed the shirt off her shoulders, folded it neatly and laid it on the sofa. When we continued our dance, I swooned from the sensation of our hard nipples pressing against our bodies. I still wanted her totally naked, but was willing to wait forever if that’s what she wanted. Well, almost forever. It just felt so good to put my arms around her bare back. I pulled her tightly to me and, this time, she slid both of her hands down to squeeze my ass again.

At the end of “The Rose” Kelly pressed the pause button on the remote, walked to the coffee table, opened the leather bag, removed two silver captive ball rings and handed them to me. “Had I known that I would be meeting up with you tonight, love, I would have worn these to Lisa’s. I usually do wear them, except at work. Tonight I was in a rush and didn’t put them on. This is even better, though. Now you get the privilege of putting them on me.”

I did not quite understand. I thought the pendant earrings she was wearing were much nicer than plain captive ball rings, but I wanted to please her. If she wanted simple rings, that is what she would get.

I raised my hand to remove the pendant from her pierced right earlobe. She stopped me and said, “What are you doing, Kim?”

“There is only one set of holes in your ears. I can’t put these rings in unless I remove the pendants first.”

She grabbed my cheeks, chuckled, and kissed me hard on the lips. “Oh, Kim darling, I absolutely love your virgin mind. That little town where you grew up definitely kept you from becoming too worldly. I am surprised college didn’t open your eyes more. The rings are for my nipples.”

I flushed again, while replying, “Of course, how could I be so stupid? I know that women get their nipples pierced.”

“I still wonder if my pet has had any sexual experiences other than giving hand jobs to teenagers and fucking in the missionary position.” Her wide grin told me that she was teasing, but we both knew she was close to the truth.

My hands shook as I held her breast and pushed one ring through a pierced nipple then slipped the captive ball in place. One cannot imagine how sexually stimulating this simple act can be when doing it for someone else. Just about everything I had done since meeting this woman has been euphoric.

After inserting the second ring, I placed the tips of my index fingers through the two rings, lifted them and let them fall. “Damn, they look sexy,” I said.

“And that’s exactly why I wear them, dear. You’re going to love sucking my nipples even more now.” I had no doubt about that.

Kelly started the CD again. I had never heard a female sing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” LeAnn’s version was fantastic. Now that Kelly was wearing the rings, I was even more aware of her breasts pressing against me. I felt as if I were floating on air. I actually wished I could have a picture of the two of us together like this. I smiled as I wondered how erotic we must look: me wearing nothing but socks and Kelly naked from the waist up except for her rings.

Kelly led me back to the sofa, clicked the remote again, starting a CD of soft piano music, then sat down and said. “My feet are tired. I am sure they would appreciate a nice massage.”

I knelt and removed her shoes. They were low-heel booties. To my surprise, she was wearing white ankle socks. I was instructed to leave them on.

“You may finish undressing me while you’re at it, love.” I started to stand but she said, “No, stay there. I kind of like you on your knees. I’ll do the standing.”

I unbuckled her belt, undid the clasp and pulled the zipper down. As I slipped the pants over her hips, I realized that she was bare under them. “Oh, wow,” I exclaimed, “No panties!” I didn’t realize how wild it is to undress a woman and find she isn’t wearing panties. “Did you remove them when you came home for the collar?”

“No. Actually, I go without them a lot. I feel quite sexy when I am not wearing knickers.”

“Gawd, Kelly. You’re shaved, too. It’s so… so… sensuous. I love it! You are absolutely amazing.”

“I’m glad you approve, dear.” Her female musk penetrated my nostrils. It was heavenly. She sat down again while I folded her pants and added them to the pile of discarded clothing. Clasping her legs together, she asked, “Have you ever seen a shaved cunt before, Kim?” I shook my head.

“Ok, you can look closer, but don’t touch,” she said as she spread her legs for me. The first thing I noticed was the silver ring.

“You’re pierced there, too!” I screamed.

She slipped her pinkie finger into the ring and pulled it up. I watched her clit stretch. “Do you like what I’ve been hiding from you?”

“Oh, most definitely. I have heard about women being pierced there, but cannot imagine doing it to myself. Somehow being shaved makes it so much more obvious.”

“I think every woman should pierce her clit or labia,” she said. “I have a pendant, a horseshoe and barbells that I trade off with the ring. I neglect my nipples quite often, but always wear something in this piercing."

Once I was able to take my eyes off the ring, I stared at the absolute beauty of the soft, hairless, female flesh between her legs. Without hair, every part of her pubic area was on display. I had, on a few occasions, explored myself with a mirror and decided that the female genital area is much more beautiful and mysterious when compared to a male penis. In some ways, Kelly’s sex lips actually reminded me of the rosette pattern of some flowers and succulents. This view was one I never had the privilege of having, even though I have seen naked women before. I never imagined that my first introduction to another pussy would be of one that was shaved and fully aroused. Because of the candlelight that was being reflected off the juices that she was secreting, her labia literally sparkled.

She knew I would want to touch her there. That is why she forbade me from taking liberties. I wanted to know what a smooth pussy felt like. The lack of hair made it look so clean. There was definitely a sexy quality about it. Much sexier, I thought, than the pictures I had seen of ones covered with hair. I am sure every cunt is different (most look the same when covered with hair and viewed from the front), but I am willing to bet that each one is, in its own way, a thing of beauty. I know that the collective beauty of the one I was looking at was approaching perfection. I had never really considered going down on another woman before but this pussy was inviting me in. I wanted to touch her with my fingers, my lips and my tongue. I wanted to taste her juices and feast on their source.

Kelly interrupted my musing. “Ah, Kim, I do appreciate that gleam in your eye over my shaved pussy, but aren’t you forgetting your original assignment? My feet still ache.”

“Oh, damn. I’m sorry, Kelly. I forgot.”

“Don’t worry. I distracted you on purpose. Just get to work.” I loved the way she smiled at me. I was still in a kneeling position, so I sat back on my legs in order to be more comfortable. I started the massage by wrapping both hands around her right foot and rubbing the sole with my thumbs. Kelly responded almost immediately. “Umm. You do that very well, my dear. I will give you two hours to quit; well, maybe only an hour. I do have other plans for you.”

A minute later, she raised her left foot and rubbed her toe against my right nipple. I slapped the intruder lightly and said, “Cut it out, girl. How do you expect me to concentrate on your foot when you are doing that?”

“Damn, I thought you computer nerds could multi-task and do nearly anything without being distracted.” she teased.

“Ooh, that was low. Besides, I am not a nerd. They’re the programmers and hardware people,” I replied laughing.

“You know, Kim, I changed my mind. I’d prefer that you take my socks off.”

“Would you do a favor for me first?”

“That all depends on what you want, Kim,” she said with a grin.

I was a little embarrassed to explain. “Well, you mentioned that you have a sock fetish and then had me walk around for you. I think I actually feel sexier wearing nothing but my white socks than I would if I were completely naked. Maybe I have the same fetish,” I laughed. “Would you walk around the room so I can see how sexy you look?”

“I think I can do that for you, dear.” She leaned down, kissed me and then did her own strut. She was right. A girl wearing nothing but white socks is very sexy. I cannot believe I did not notice her physique before this, though. Maybe my mind was over- occupied. She was quite an impressive sight. Her upper body tapered to a narrow waist. What was very sexy to me was the way her conical breasts pointed straight out from her chest. Tight muscles in her arms and thighs indicated, to me, that she probably worked out every day. Her back and a firm, muscular ass emphasized that point to me. I can honestly that I was lusting over her body as she walked around the room I was a little disappointed once she sat down again. My hands shook as I removed the socks and admired her body some more. I do not know which of the Fates brought me together with this Venus, but I thank them all.

Kelly smiled at me, then turned and pulled another item from the leather bag. It was a toe ring. “Here, put this on my toe. I love it but usually don’t wear it with shoes.”

I spent about ten minutes massaging each foot and loved every minute. She continued teasing my nipples with the toes of her free foot, too, and I didn’t complain any more. When I finished, Kelly said, “You do that like an expert, Kim. Maybe I will keep you as my slave. Oh darn, that wouldn’t work, though. As my slave, you’d be required to wash my feet with your tongue, and that’s something you couldn’t possibly do, right?”

I stared at the beautiful smile on her face for several seconds, before lifting her foot again. “My Mistress’ smallest wish shall be Her slave’s command.”

If, twenty-four hours ago, anyone had told me that I would do something like this, I would have called them so many profane names that I would have embarrassed even myself. Yet here I was, naked, kneeling in front of a naked woman, enjoying myself by licking her feet. I started with long wet strokes the length of the sole. I decided to leave her toes to last and tongue-washed the tops of her feet up to her ankles.

Kelly complimented me when I ran my tongue between each of her toes. I loved the sensation this small act created on my tongue. Then I had a great idea. One by one, I sucked her toes into my mouth. I treated each one like a miniature cock and tried to make it cum. I paid special attention, for some unknown reason, to the toe with the ring. Task completed, I held her foot in my hand and said, “Does my Mistress feel that Her slave did a satisfactory job?”

“It was fantastic you slut. You learn fast for one so sexually naïve.”

“Does my Mistress wish for me to get a pan of water and actually wash her feet now?”

Spreading her legs wide, she asked, “Oh, I think we can withhold that service for another time. Is there anything else that you might want to use that tongue for, my dear slave?”

“Oh, yes, there is, Mistress, but may I first make a suggestion?”

“Quickly please. I need some relief.”

“As I was making love to your toes, I noticed that some of your polish is a little, shall I say, less than perfect. I am sure it is because you have been too busy to redo it. Since you have your slave kneeling before you, she would consider it a privilege if you would permit her to correct that problem.”

“You little bitch! You just want to make me wait to feel that mouth on my pussy. However, I cannot refuse such a wonderful offer. The polish and remover are in the bathroom cabinet. Get your ass moving, girl.”

It took more than half an hour to remove the old polish and carefully apply a new coat. As soon as I finished, she slid her butt to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs again. “OK, Kimberly, you did a good job as my slave. Now let’s see what you can do as a cunt-licker. I need you. Come to momma.”

“Kelly, I want to love you in the worst way, but I don’t know what to do and don’t want to do it wrong.”

“Don’t worry. There is not a wrong way. I need you now and I need you hard. It will come naturally. Just do what you would want me to do in the same situation. Since you are worried, however, let’s experiment just a little. Give me your hand.” Like a little kid, I was in awe as she helped me place my index finger and thumb at the base of her clit.

At her direction, I pushed down and watched her love bud pop out of its protective cover. With my other hand, I played with the ring, flicking and pulling on it.

“Now, love,” she explained, “since all I want right now is for you to make me cum, don’t do anything except lick my clit with your tongue. You will have an opportunity to practice making love to my pussy later.”

As soon as I started licking, she threw her legs over my shoulders and crossed her ankles, literally trapping me in place. Her hands grasped the back of my head and pulled my face tight into her pussy, making it impossible to move from her clit. I had wanted to explore and discover what she tasted like, but couldn’t. What I could do, however, is inhale the sweet scent of her heat.

“Oh, my gawd, YES! Make me cum you fucking slut.”

I was surprised how quickly she climaxed and was overjoyed that I was the one who caused it.

She released me from the prison between her legs, pulled my head up and kissed me. “Thank you, darling I needed that. There is one more thing we need to do before going up to my bed. Please wait for me here. I’ll be right back.”

She went to the downstairs bathroom and returned with two towels, throwing them on the sofa beside me. Then she went to the kitchen. I heard water running and watched as she returned and placed a large pan of water on the floor next to the coffee table. This raised my curiosity factor to a high level as she then turned the lights back on, cleared the coffee table, spread one of the towels over it and picked up the small blue bag I had brought from the bathroom.

Chapter 6 Becoming Hers

“Lie down on the towel and spread your legs, Kimberly.”

“May I ask why?”

“Because I’m going to get rid of that bush.” The idea thrilled me, but I still resisted and replied, “And what if I want to keep it?”

“You have to convince me you’re serious. You’re still wearing my collar and you already indicated that you liked my bare pussy. I want yours to be bare, too. Remember, my house, my rules. Men use a terrible name, in my opinion, to describe giving oral sex to a woman. They call it ‘muff diving.’ The muff is our pubic hair, of course. Most, not knowing any better still call it ‘muff diving’ even if the woman is shaved. “I prefer the texture of a smooth, bare pussy when I make love to one. I also hate getting hair in my mouth. If you don’t like it after I finish, I may permit you to let it grow again. If you really insist, I won’t shave you, but then you won’t receive the pleasure of having my tongue between your legs.”

“But it will itch!”

“Not if we keep it shaved. Now quit making excuses and lie down.” I liked the sound of the “we,” but still asked, “May I keep some; maybe on my abdomen?”

“Nope! I like to lick abdomens too,” she laughed. “It’s all or nothing and I get to make the choice.”

I relaxed, legs spread, as she moved a lamp closer to the table. She slipped a pillow under my head so I could watch as she slowly cut the hair as short as possible with scissors. Placing the clippings in a plastic zip bag, she explained that I could keep them as a souvenir. Next she dipped a washcloth in the pan of warm water before ringing it out and laying it over the remnants of my bush; “to soften the hairs,” she told me. Gel was dispensed from an aerosol can in a zigzag pattern over my pubic area and between my legs. Using her fingers, Kelly quickly whipped the gel into a beautiful layer of white shaving lather. I loved the attention I was getting.

As the razor slowly slipped through the white lather, revealing bare skin, I was amazed how sensuous it all was. Mentioning this to Kelly received the reply, “Trust me, love, it is much more fun when you are being shaved by someone else. I recommend that you never do it alone.”

That, of course made me wonder if she ever ‘did it’ alone. Finally she had me grasp my legs at the knees to spread them wider. I enjoyed the new sensations as she pulled my vaginal lips out to run the razor alongside them, insuring the removal of every single hair.

Using the washcloth again, Kelly wiped the remaining lather from my body then leaned down to give my hairless slit a quick kiss. “That’s all I get?” I teased.

“That’s it for now, my dear. However, my bed is upstairs. True love awaits you there.” We quickly blew the candles out and wasted no time getting to the bedroom, holding hands like two teenagers as we dashed up the stairs. A white canopy and a white, down quilt covered her king-size poster bed. I had always wanted a bed like this and had never had the privilege of sleeping in one. 'But then, maybe I won’t get any sleep in it tonight, either,' I thought, smiling. Kelly removed the quilt revealing a dark blue, satin sheet and pillow set. “Before I invite you onto my bed, pet, you need to see how beautiful your cunt looks without all that hair,”

She took my arm, led me to a portable, full length floor mirror and instructed me to sit on the floor in front of it, legs spread. When I did, I looked up at Kelly and said, “My gawd, I look like a little girl. I didn’t realize how beautiful it is, Kelly. Thank you.”

“A shaved cunt is what turned me into a bisexual, darling. Maybe I’ll tell you about it someday. Then she asked, “Do you masturbate.”

“Sometimes,” I blushed.

“There is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about masturbating. I do it all the time. Right now I want to watch you rediscover my cunt while you watch yourself do it in the mirror.”

I was still a little embarrassed, but turned on enough that I didn’t care. Using both hands I searched through all the nooks and crannies of ‘her’ cunt, seeing it in ways I never imagined. I even pulled back the hood of my engorged clit. “It looks like a miniature penis,” I said.

“Most people, including women, don’t know that the clit is the only male or female human organ intended specifically for sexual pleasure,” commented Kelly. She was right. I didn’t know that.

“After I oohed and aahed and made additional comments to her on my new discoveries, Kelly said “Well, slut, are you going to lust over my beautiful cunt all night or are you going to let me make love to it.”

I jumped on the bed, slid down and spread my legs. Kelly started by kissing the insides of my thighs. Just soft little pecks. What a wondrous feeling it was to feel her lips slowly moved over my flesh. Light licking followed the kisses. The sensations that shot through my body were marvelous…and she hadn’t even touched the seat of my desire yet. I know this comment is sounding a little overused already, but I could not believe it could feel this wonderful.

The moan that came from my lips, when her tongue touched the furnace between my legs for the first time, was extremely loud. I was ecstatic. “Oh, shit, Kelly! Yes, make love to me.”

“You are so wet, Kim. Guess I’d better take care of it before you drip onto my clean sheets.” Her tongue slithered in, around and through my inner and outer lips before slipping into my hot tunnel. She was right again. It wasn’t quite the same as a cock. In many ways, though, it was much better; definitely softer, and more…loving. I grasped the sheets in my fists as my desire built.

Then her tongue stroked my love bud. “Oh, my gawd,” I yelled. “That’s fantastic. Please don’t stop!” Kelly definitely knew what she was doing, though. She let me build close to the point of orgasm then moved down again. My grip tightened on the sheets.

“Kelly! Please make me cum! Please!”

Ignoring my pleading, she sucked my blood-engorged labia though her lips then licked again. I placed my feet flat on the bed and started moving my hips up and down, but she thwarted my efforts by putting her arms around the outside of my hips and laying her hands on my abdomen. Needless to say, I was going to climax on her schedule, not mine.

Slowly and purposefully, she worked her way up to my clit again and flicked it with the tip of her tongue. Oh, damn, what a sensation. A sensation that was quickly overpowered when she pursed her lips and started blowing a small stream of air over it. When she started to flick the tip of her tongue over my bud again , I tried to set up and pull her head to me. “Lay back down, girl or I’ll tie you to the bed so you can’t move.” I obeyed and grasped the sheets again.

Thankfully she pushed the hood back as she had taught me and started sucking my clit again. I climaxed. I came, and I came and I came! I don’t even remember Kelly moving over the bed, but when I opened my eyes again, her head was on my shoulder and her hand was softly caressing my breast.

Feeling me move, to put my arm around her, Kelly kissed my cheek. “I take it you enjoyed your first Sapphic experience, doll.”

“And just how did you come to that conclusion, Kelly?” I asked jokingly, then added, “Oh, shit!” as she started sucking my nipple again.

“I believe that answers your question, my slut.”

“Sure does,” I replied. “Don’t stop now.” She didn’t. I basked in additional pleasure as she licked and kissed her way around my chest then down to my abdomen where she spent several minutes running her tongue into my navel. As her loving lips kissed my pubic bone, she swung her body over mine positioning herself so that her sweet, wet pussy was directly over my face. I had had a close-up view of it in the den, but that was in candlelight. Now, in the brighter bedroom light, I was able to see its full allure.

The view quickly reaffirmed the opinion I had in the den. A woman’s pussy is a thing of beauty. The skin was so soft. The texture and form simply called me to action. I just could not understand why some men refused to go down on a woman. I had already tasted her and now I wanted more, much more. I knew that I did not have to worry about my performance, in spite of being inexperienced in making love to a woman. I now knew how wonderful it was. I had loved it more than I ever imagined I would. My heart confirmed that I could give the same pleasure to Kelly that she had just given me, and would hopefully soon be giving me again.

Kelly’s female musk was wonderful. I put my arms around the outside of her hips, grasped her buttocks, raised my head and kissed her. Wanting to avoid direct contact with her clit for a few minutes, I started running my tongue through her labia.

This time I noticed that the taste of Kelly’s juices was similar to mine, yet different. My desire to worship this woman’s most private place was solidified. I moved my head back and forth smearing her wetness over my cheeks. With my nose nearly buried in her vagina, I almost couldn’t breathe. The sensation was fantastic. Kelly thrust her tongue into my cunt and I returned the favor. Moans from her throat told me I was creating the effect I desired. Before long I realized we had unknowingly synchronized our actions. She was pushing her tongue in me as I was withdrawing mine. As we continued, we both started thrusting in at the same time. Suddenly we both started chuckling simultaneously. Try that with someone lying on top of you. Kelly stopped by taking my clit between her lips. Until then, I didn’t realize how close I was to climaxing.

Since my immediate desire was that we climax together, I sucked her clit between my lips and used my tongue to massage it and play with the ring. The ring was so sensuous I knew that I would eventually be wearing one. Her climax was nearly instantaneous and I went over with her.

Kelly turned to face me once again, but remained on top of me. Her face was as covered with my juices as mine was with hers. She grasped my hands and, fingers entwined, pulled them above my head. Without exchanging words, we licked our juices from one another then kissed for the longest time.

I could feel her nipple rings digging into my breasts and loved it. “Maybe I’ll have to get my nipples pierced, too,” I laughed to myself. My eyes were closed while I absorbed the fascination of Kelly kissing every square inch of my face. She kept me floating in magic. She even licked and kissed my eyelids. She knew just what to do to keep the chills running through my body.

Opening my eyes, I watched her face above mine. “Kelly?”

“Yes dear?”

“I can’t thank you enough for pushing me that extra bit. Without your insistence, I would have missed this fantastic experience.”

“I know how you can thank me, dear.”

“Just tell me how.”

“I’d rather show you,” she replied as she sat on my chest, her pussy poised above my mouth.

“Again? You’re insatiable!”

“You better believe it, my little slut. Now get that tongue and mouth working. I want one more good climax before we go to sleep.” She didn’t need to ask me twice. I liked this close-up view of her bare cunt. Her clit ring captivated me. It was the first thing I attacked with my tongue. As I progressed to tongue fucking her, Kelly grabbed my head firmly and tried to push her cunt all the way into my mouth.

After another violent climax, she slithered down my body, leaving a wet streak of her juices and licked my face clean again. “What are you doing, Kelly?” I asked when she started rubbing her pubis over mine.

“I just can’t get enough of you, Kim. There just isn’t enough time to do everything I want.”

“I can’t imagine what else we could do,” I teased.

“Oh there are many things that I want to show you. For example, I could get my strap-on and fuck you silly.”

“Now that sounds enticing. Do I get to fuck you with it, too?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Can we defer to morning so I am more alert?”

“Only if you let me fuck your ass, too.”

“I’ve never even had a finger there. I never dreamed I’d be giving that virginity up to anyone, especially a woman.”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’ “she exclaimed and thanked me with a yelp and a tonsil tickling tongue kiss.

“May I make a suggestion, Kim?”

“Of course.”

“It’s rather silly for you to pay for a hotel when you can stay with me. Why don’t you check out in the morning; at least until Monday?” I agreed with her idea. Without saying another word, she went to her closet and returned with a three-foot long chain. “I recommend you use the bathroom before we turn out the lights, Kim.”

There was no doubt in my mind that I should accept her recommendation. Two minutes later, I was sitting on the side of the bed watching her lock the chain to my collar. She had locked the other end to an eyebolt embedded in the frame of the bed while I was in the bathroom.

“I have several of these eyebolts in strategic places throughout the house,” she told me. “I think they will come in very handy this weekend.”

“I don’t understand why you are doing this,” I commented.

“So you won’t leave me during the night,” she replied.

“Kelly, there is no way I would leave you tonight.”

“Oh, I know you wouldn’t dear. You have to remember that much of the bondage scene is mostly symbolic. When I collared you, you agreed to do anything I ask and I promised to honor your desires if you say no. The chain insures you remain under my control while I sleep. However, all you have to do is tell me that you don’t want to be locked to my bed and I will happily remove it.”

I put my hand to my collar and ran my fingers lightly over the lock and chain.

“No, Kelly,” I whispered. “I am yours. Leave it on,” then remembered our earlier conversation and added, “Mistress.” I laid down on the bed while Kelly turned out the light. She climbed in beside me and pulled the top sheet and quilt over us.

We talked for quite a while there in the dark. I was a little surprised when she said, “You haven’t told me anything about your family, Kim.”

“My parents are both dead,” I said. “They were both killed by a drunken driver three years ago.”

“Do you miss them?”

Tremendously,” I replied.

“Do you have any siblings?”

“Yes, ma’am, I have one brother and one sister. Both are older and are married with children. They live in the East and I don’t get to see them much. I go back to see them once a year at the most. I do try to call them at least once a month, though. I love talking to the kids and being ‘Aunt Kim.’ ”

“Well, we won’t change that. What would your siblings think if they saw you right now?

“They would probably be shocked, but, truthfully, I could care less. Even though I was the youngest, I always got my own way. I’m sure they would not believe I have given myself to you.”

“If you stay with me, would you want them to know?”

“May I think about that, ma’am.”

“Of course, pet.”

I fell asleep with my head on her shoulder, my hand covering her breast. The last thing I remembered was Kelly softly stroking my hair with her hand. I suddenly realized that I had never slept in the nude before with someone else in the room, although I usually did when I was alone. Ok, that is my one vice. But wait a minute, I wasn’t nude: I was still wearing my socks.

Chapter 7 A Proposition

I awakened in the middle of the night, initially thinking I was in my hotel room. Moonlight reflecting off the naked body of a woman lying next to me (the sheet had slipped to her waist) along with the slight rattle of the chain attached to the bed reminded me where I really was. My hand moved cautiously to the collar locked around my neck and I smiled with trepidation. This wasn’t me. I am a controlling person. I have always been in charge. Yet, I had easily and quickly yielded to this stranger and permitted her to dominate me.

I watched her resting so quietly on her back and realized this might be where I wanted to be. I know I’ve already said ‘I never have’ an excessive amount of times already, but you’re going to hear it a lot more during this story because it’s true. Never before have I wanted to do anything sexually with a woman. The mere sight of her pierced nipples staring at the ceiling incited a desire in me to devour her. My own mind was confusing me. What will happen when I have to face her again in the morning? Just hours ago we were total strangers. She picked me up in a bar. Will she simply send me on my way? Did she ask me to check out of the hotel simply because she was caught up in the heat of passion? If she really wants me to stay, will I want to? Should I? The apprehension I felt about the decision I might make was real. Nevertheless, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The sun was streaming in the window when Kelly awakened me. What a wonderful way to wake up. She was sucking on my nipple. As soon as she felt me stirring, she raised her head. I told her, “Ummmm, that felt fantastic. Don’t stop now.”

As an answer she kissed me on the lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth and hastily retreated. “You are an insatiable slut, Kim. We will have lots of time to make love later. I assume you’d like a shower before we go check you out of the hotel. I’ve already had mine.”

I was disappointed at this revelation. I was hoping to shower with her. “You do want to continue to stay here with me the rest of the weekend, don’t you?” she continued.

I answered, “Yes,” and sat up while she removed the padlock that connected my collar to the chain, and finally removed the collar.

When I returned to the bedroom Kelly was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me. She was wearing a pair of jeans, and nothing else. I loved the look of the rings hanging from her nipples. She patted the bed beside her. “Sit down, Kim. We need to talk.

We turned to face one another, legs on the bed. She had a wonderful view of my shaved pussy. I wished I could see hers, too, but accepted her ringed nipples as a wonderful second choice. I definitely liked my view and assumed she liked hers.

“Kim, would you agree to wear my collar until Monday morning?”

“Why until Monday morning?”

“I have some things I’d like to do with you and it would be more fun if you agree to continue to wear it. If we then both like what is happening, I might offer to keep you for you a longer period. By Monday we both should be able to make an informed decision about continuing beyond that time.”

Almost unconsciously, I fingered the symbol of our game lying beside me on the bed. “If I say yes, you will continue to own me like last night, right?”

“Well, yes, but, you need to know that I will be taking my ownership a little deeper.”

“Deeper? What do you mean?”

“Let me ask you a question before I explain. Last night when you were doing my toenails, I referred to you as my slave. In return, you called me Mistress. Why did you do that?”

“Oh, gee,” I answered hesitating to think a moment, “ I’m really not sure. I just figured we were role playing and thought it would be fun to call you Mistress.”

“You called me Mistress after I chained you to the bed. We weren’t role-playing then. Why?”

“Somehow it just felt like it was the natural thing to do, being under your control and all that.”

“That was just the tip of the iceberg, but did you enjoy the idea of serving me and being under my control like that?”

“Yea, sort of, I guess. I do know that I was thrilled to be able to do your toenails.”

“I watched you very closely, Kim. I didn’t feel you were doing that as a friend. Subconsciously you wanted to do something FOR me. You seriously wanted to fulfill my needs; that is a large part of being a submissive. However, because you did it in a light and joking manner, you barely touched the edge of what those in the scene really do. At Lisa’s I told you that I have a dominant personality and alluded to a taste for bondage and discipline. Likewise, wearing my collar for an evening just touches the extreme outside border of the circle. I would like to move you towards the center of that circle and test your reactions.

“You need to know that I don’t just have a ‘taste’ for B&D. I have been actively involved in bondage and discipline, both as a top and as a bottom, and love both sides. I will admit to enjoying the top more, however. In my opinion, I think you would enjoy the scene if you experienced it. If you will agree to continue wearing my collar, I promise that I will introduce you to the freedom you can have in bondage and the joy of sensuous pain.”

“You tried to explain it last night, Kelly, but freedom in bondage still sounds like a dichotomy to me.”

“Well, in a way it is. I already explained that, quite often, people in the scene comment that ‘In bondage there is freedom,’ meaning that you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do because, in a sense, you are being forced, even though entering the bondage or submission arena, and even remaining in it, is normally consensual. I even have a book that you can read if you want to. It is appropriately named ‘Bound to be Free.’ ”

“That sort of makes sense, but you mentioned sensuous pain. How can pain possibly be sensual?”

“Many people are turned on when pain is administered and/or received in a loving, sexually charged atmosphere. It is impossible for one to really understand this except through real-life experience. You must also realize that there is pain and there is sensuous pain. An analogy would be comparing breaking an arm or accidentally cutting yourself to having your bare ass spanked. The first two are pure pain. The latter, most of the time, is sensuous. Some people do not experience this, but most do. Some people even love it. Some love it so much they react like Pavlov’s dog by getting wet at the mere suggestion of a firm spanking. Basically, ones body produces endorphins that enable it to withstand pain. These same endorphins can help one to attain an unusually high sexual plane. I have seen women climax when sensuous pain is administered.”

“Have you experienced sensuous pain, Kelly,” I interrupted.

“Yes, I have. That’s why I can speak candidly about it.”

“Did you administer or receive?”

“Both and I enjoyed it both ways, but as I said, I prefer being on the administering side, which is known as the top. I received my piercings when I was a bottom. I will admit that I was so turned on I nearly had an orgasm when the needles were pushed through my skin. I also remember several times when I was whipped that it felt like the atmosphere around me was filled with electricity.”

“Whipped? I thought you were kidding about spanking me. Do you intend to do whip me if I agree to continue wearing your collar?”

“The probability that I will whip you is extremely high, my dear. First, I do not think you could have a true experience if I didn’t. Additionally, I have to tell you that I enjoy testing a sub to see how far she can go. I am also turned on by the transfer of sensuous pain where both the top and bottom are turned on through the act. The important point for you is that if you say yes, you can be assured that I will test your limits. I do promise not to break your skin or leave any permanent marks. As I indicated, some people are not turned on by pain under any conditions. Others are not even turned on by bondage or discipline. If you consent, I will give you a ‘safe word’ that you can use if you really want to stop.”

“Why can’t I just ask you to stop?”

“Because I need to know that you really want me to stop. Let’s say that I am doing something that embarrasses you. Or maybe I am spanking you. You tell me to stop, but deep down you don’t know if you really want me to or not. Telling me to stop may simply be a reaction on your part. I won’t know the difference. But, if I do take you too far, and you use the safe word, there won’t be any question. At the same time, I will trust you to only use your safe word when you truly cannot take any more.”

“Ok, I understand.”

“There is one more thing I need you to know. I said that I have done both sides of the scene. I honestly feel that the best way to be a top is to be a bottom first. You definitely have a submissive streak within you, but I also think you are domineering at times. Are you assertive in your business relationships?”

“Oh, yes,” I grinned. “I am most of the time, in fact. When I want something done, I demand that it be performed exactly the way I say. It has to be that way with computer systems.”

“Yet you have enjoyed playing a submissive role with me.”

“Yes, I really did. I do have a question, though. You said you were pierced when you were a bottom. Doesn’t the word bottom mean submissive?”

"You are very observant. Yes it does. I was taught to top by being a submissive. Like I said, it’s the best way to learn. I had a friend who was also dominant. I pissed her off one day and she decided to get my overbearing personality under control. She bribed and cajoled me into letting her top me during spring break in college. She knew that I wouldn’t stay submissive, but that week was a blast for both of us. I might tell you all about it some day, when the time is right. We had so much fun that I agreed to bottom for her during the summer between semesters. After it was over, I knew what my avocation would be. I must admit that there are still times I want to bottom. I like to relinquish total control to someone else. But it is only for a short period, usually an evening, but no longer than a weekend.”

”Do you think you could be submissive to me sometime?”

“There is a possibility. Right now, let’s just say, ‘We shall see.’ Hell, girl, we don’t even know if we will continue our relationship beyond this weekend. In any case, the choice will be mine."

"OK, Kim, it is decision time.” I looked at her strangely and she continued. “Do you want to wear my collar until Monday?”

“May I ask a couple more questions first?”

“OK! we don’t need any confusion or doubt at this point. Ask anything you want.”

“Since this is new to me, I have no concept of what being your slave might entail. Neither can I conjure up any possible way that pain could be sensuous. One side of me thinks it will be fun; the other side is scared shitless. I am sure I will fuck up and you will have to punish me. I am positive I will not like that. Depending on what you want to do with or to me to teach me what the scene is all about, I want to be pessimistic and think that by Monday morning I might not want to continue, or that you might not want me anymore, simply as a negative reaction rather than from real desire. You already indicated the possibility is there. From experience I know that physical ‘training,’ and some mental training, is extremely difficult in the early stages. However, the longer it lasts, the easier it usually becomes. I am probably being very foolish in saying this, but I really don’t think forty-eight hours is enough time."

"I can agree with your reasoning. Let’s make it a week from Monday then.”

“I have a better idea. How about a month; if you can put up with me that long.”

Kelly stared into my eyes for the longest time. “You actually would agree to submit to me for a month?”

“Yes, by then I am sure I will have enough information to really make an informed decision on a continuance.”

“Collect your data, analyze it and make a decision. Spoken like a true computer geek. I’m definitely kewl with that, pet. In fact, that was my original plan, but I honestly didn’t think you’d go along with that much time. I know I have the capability of working with the most recalcitrant top for a month.”

“My major obstacle, Kelly, is that I have to consider my job before committing to that long. First of all, I couldn’t wear my collar to work, and I often have to work late. How can we work around that?”

“I promise not to interfere with your work schedule. Restricting your time at work would not be beneficial to your career and I would never hurt you in that way. Will it be a problem if you are not staying at the hotel?”

“Not at all. I can just tell my company I have a friend here and am staying with her. I did that once before while on a short assignment. I already receive a per-diem for food and incidentals. My company pays the hotel directly but I know they would increase my per-diem to help offset housing costs, which, of course, I would give to you as a rent payment.”

“Great! Then it’s decided. You will stay here. That way I will have even more physical control over you. And you can forget about the rent. I don’t want the hassle of providing receipts or paying taxes. I am sure you will gain some points with your company if your expenses are reduced. Besides, you will be performing housework in exchange for room and board.” Her grin said it all. I was to wait to find out what this last statement totally meant.

“With respect to the collar, you won’t actually wear it at work. I will insure that you will be constantly reminded of your status through other means and will require you to check in with me at regular intervals during the day by phone. I will decide our weekday evening activities on a day-to-day basis. If your day has been exhausting, I won’t require you to do anything that will be physically challenging.”

“How will you insure I will be constantly reminded of my status?”

“Now, I can’t tell you everything. Just believe that I will, and you will be the only one that will know.”

“OK, next problem: I have normally traveled back to my office every weekend when on a job, but that was when… well, he isn’t around anymore. Most of the time I can telecommute using my laptop although I’ll probably have to go back for an update meeting once every other week.”

“Your work will always come first. If you need to go back, I might even be able to go with you. I will leave that up to you. You may also have as much time as you need to fulfill your duties to your employer. The only thing I will require is that you keep me fully informed about the requirements of your job in advance as much as possible. Emergencies are acceptable, but there can be no other surprises. While you will belong to me on a full time basis, I guess you would really be a part time slave…”

“Slave?” I interjected. “I really thought you were teasing about that.”

“My dear, the dictionary defines slave as ‘One who is abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence.’ I already said that you will be doing housework in exchange for room and board. You will be my maid-in-waiting, AKA slave. You will definitely be subservient to me and my influence because I will control you as much as possible even, as I indicated, when you are working.”

“You brought it up again. Now you have to tell me.”

“You’re right, but I will only give you a couple examples. Among other things, I will approve what you wear and don’t wear to work. While I promise that you will be dressed in a professional manner, I reserve the right to determine what is respectable. I will be the one who selects or approves your outfit for the day. When I permit you to select your wardrobe, I reserve the right to make modifications once I see it. I promise not to compromise your position in any way, but you will be required to account for every minute you are away from my immediate control.

“I will also control you by changing your physical appearance from what it was yesterday to what I want it to be. I won’t tell you how I will do this but in a sense, I have already started by shaving your pubic hair. Some changes will be subtle while others will not be subtle. Some will be visible to others and some not visible. I am positive you will like them, so don’t worry. I selected you last night because of what I see you are, not what I want you to be, that is, other than my slave.

“When you are not working, I will expect you to be in my presence unless I permit otherwise. If, for some reason, I cannot be with you I may give you specific orders to go to a specific location to wait for me. I will decide what you eat and when you eat. I will even control when you pee and whether you pee. You will not even be permitted to touch your body in an intimate manner without my permission because it will belong to me.

“You would really whip me?”

“I’ve already answered that.”

“What if I am not bad?”

“Don’t misunderstand me. You will receive sensuous pain in the form of spanking and whipping, among other ways, simply because I want it, not just because you are being punished. In fact, rarely will you be physically punished for misbehaving, especially if I find that you enjoy physical pain. One does not normally punish a masochist through the administration of physical pain. Punishments may involve activities such as standing in the corner or denying you certain privileges. As I already indicated, I also promise that I will test your limits in everything I do. I am good and I know when to stop. I also promise that I will never exceed your limits once I determine what they are. You also need to know that there will be times that I will humiliate and embarrass you in front of others. Lastly, I promise that I will not do anything with or to you that I would not be willing to do myself. The truth is, in most cases, I will already have experienced what I will do to you.”

“How will I be humiliated and embarrassed?”

“I want you to be surprised so I don’t want spoil things by going into detail, but either could be caused because of what I might require of you or do to you when others are present, or even by the way I permit you to dress.”

“Oh, gawd. You mean others might see me as your slave.”

“Not might, pet; will; just like Sam and Allyson saw you submit last night.”

“I understand that, but could you please give me another example.”

“Ok, I’ll give you one. Let me warn you, though, if you continue to push like this once you agree I’ll punish you for being a pest. Let’s assume I intend to have some friends over for dinner. I might require you serve us naked or while you are wearing nothing but an apron and my collar. As my maid, you would not be permitted to join us at the table.”


“My turn for a question, Kim: May I assume you have to make a lot of decisions every day while at work?”

“Yes, tons of them.”

“Do you get tired of it?”

“Quite often.”

“I’ll bet that when you are away from work there are times you actually avoid making some personal decisions and wish you didn’t have to make others.”

“I’m sure that’s the case with most people who hold full time jobs.”

“I agree. Now consider this: As my slave, you won’t have to make any decisions outside of work because, as my slave, you will not be permitted to make any.”

“Now that sounds tempting.”

“Truthfully, I will even be making some work related decisions for you.” I raised my eyebrows at this remark, so she continued, “I’ll give you several examples. If there are alternative times available for you to fly back to your home office and return, you will be required to present them to me along with reasons you might desire one time over another. I will then select the flights you will take and my decision may not match your desires. If you are invited to happy hour or even to dinner by a group of your coworkers, here or at your home office, you will have to get permission from me before accepting. Notice I said group. There will be no dating. You will be permitted to dine with one or more company associates or the IT staff, but for business purposes only.

“One more examples should suffice. I expect you to maintain your 4 day schedule with your customer, using Friday and/or Saturday to telecommute from my home, if necessary, unless you are required to attend meetings or cannot telecommute for some reason. I am sure there will be times you will want to simply ‘check on things’ at your customer simply because you are still in town. Emergencies notwithstanding, you will have to give me the reasons you want to go in and accept my decision as final.”

I nodded my head to show I understood. “But what will our relationship be if I decide that I don’t want to be your slave?” I didn’t want to lose my new friend and knew that my final decision would be determined by her answer.

Chapter 8 The Decision

Kelly replied, “I would hope that we can remain close friends and you would come home with me often.”

“Would you still want to make love to me?”

“I would as long as you would want to make love to me. I said this before, Kim, but I really need you to understand that I do intend to test your limits, especially since you insist on a month’s trial, because once it is over, I am sure I will be asking you to continue to be my sub and I don’t want any misunderstanding on what that life will entail.”

I nodded to indicate I understood. Kelly asked, “Well, what do you want to do?”

“I am not as sure as you are that I will want to continue after a month. Do you really think we could remain friends and lovers if I didn’t?”

“Honestly, Kim, we would, most likely, remain as friends, but, after a month of being Dominant and submissive, I am not sure the 'lovers' part would be acceptable to either of us. I can only say that we might be able to give it a try. However, that’s too far in the future to discuss at this point.”

“Gawd, Kelly. I have never made what could be a life changing decision without contemplating it for days. Your analogy last night about hang gliding makes sense, but I must be honest and tell you that I don’t know if I’d jump off that cliff to hang glide even with an instructor. Deep down I am a real chicken. All that being said, now that we have found one another, I don’t want to lose you under any circumstances. At least that won’t happen. I never thought I would feel this way about another woman.

“As I said last night, I don’t know what you are doing to me. Even though we’d continue as friends if I say no, I have to agree with another comment that you made. If I don’t do it I will always wonder what it would have been like. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want to continue wearing your collar and it has to be for a month or I might quit early and not be able to learn about everything you have planned for me, and, being selfish, I don’t want to miss anything.” She laughed when I put emphasis on the last word.

“You are going to be surprised that you will have more to learn as my slave than you can imagine. It is not as simple as saying ‘yes, ma’am’ and following an order I might give you. There are numerous rules that I will teach you and will expect you to follow. In addition, there are positions in which I will expect you to place your body as signs of obedience to me and to others. For example, if I order ‘stand’ you will not simply stand up. You will be facing me with your feet about two feet apart, your body will be erect and you will clasp your hands behind your back, right on top of left. For the order ‘kneel,’ you will get on your knees and spread them about a foot apart, with toes touching. Once again, your body will be erect and you will clasp your hands behind your back, right on top of left. If I want you a little more relaxed while kneeling, I will then order you to ‘rest.’ To do this, you will simply lower your butt onto your legs. Then you will place your hands on top of your legs, palms up. If you are not in a kneeling position and I order you to rest, you will first kneel then attain the resting position. If I say ‘present’ while you are in any of these three positions, you will place your hands behind your neck, intertwine your fingers and thrust your chest out as if offering your tits to me.

“There are many more positions to learn. Do you think you can remember these.”


“Then kneel and ask me for my collar.”

In proper position I asked, “Will you grant to me the privilege of continuing to wear your collar for the next month, ma’am?”

“Will you agree to obey all my orders, without question and without hesitation?

“Yes, ma’am, I will.”

"And will you permit me to do whatever I desire to or with you, even if it causes pain or embarrassment, as long as I promise not to permanently harm or damage you?”

“Yes, ma’am, I will,” I replied, this time with a small hesitation.

“You may rest.” I sat back. Obeying her like this felt strange, but good.

Kelly opened a drawer on night stand, pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to me. “I want you to sign this formal contract consenting to be my slave so there will be no misunderstanding.” Basically, the contract said that I would be Kelly’s slave ‘for a trial period’ until Monday morning, May 4, at seven A.M. and detailed what she had verbally told me.

“You suggested making the ‘trial period’ a month. Since you are such a detail freak, one month from today would be a Tuesday. I’d like it to end on a Monday. Let’s agree to 30 days and change the date correspondingly.” I knew she was teasing about the detail part and laughed while quickly agreeing.

The contract also stipulated that we could extend it for a period of one year beginning at the end of the trial period. She had included spaces for signing the extension at the bottom. It also said that I would be her property while I am her slave and that she would care for me and keep me from harm as she would the rest of her personal property. As part of the contract extension I was required to give her my personal credit cards and checkbook for safe keeping. In this regard it stated that it would be her responsibility to insure I paid all my financial obligations on time. This concerned me and I questioned her on it. After explaining that she hadn’t planned to do this for the two-day trial period, she said, “Since we have changed the trial period to thirty days, your financial restrictions will have to begin immediately. Don’t misunderstand this provision, Kim. I don’t want signature authority over your accounts. I will allow for a small weekly allowance that I will permit you to spend any way you want. Other than that, I will be making every decision, in advance, for every expenditure that you make. You will be the only person that will have access to your money, though.”

I consented to this provision, albeit with some reluctance, realizing the extent that she would be restricting my independence by controlling my finances.

I looked at her and asked, “How many slaves have you had in the past, Kelly?”

“Truthfully, none; at least not for any extended period. I am a member of a small group that meets occasionally to engage in BDSM play. Through it I have had several women and a couple men submit to me, but usually only for an evening or a weekend. On two occasions I had someone sub for a week during Spring Break, like I did for my friend. However, I have never had someone sign an agreement to be my slave. You will be the first, pet. In fact, I got the idea to ask you to be my slave this morning while watching you sleep chained to my bed. It was only then that I downloaded this form off the Internet and modified it to fit my needs.”

“Off the internet?”

“You’d be surprised how much BDSM information you can get online. One can even register a slave via the Internet. Haven’t you ever surfed adult sites, either?”

“Only a couple times.”

“Well, I’ll just have to make that part of your training.”

“I simply must make something very clear, Kim. I mentioned a few minutes ago that I will control you even while at work. I hadn’t planned on doing this unless you agreed to stay past Monday but since your trial run will now last a month I want to accelerate my plans. Control at work will be mostly mental. As I mentioned, I will either select or approve what you wear each day. This includes underwear when I permit you to wear any. I indicated that I will also be changing your physical appearance, but I won’t tell you how just yet. I do not intend to try to change your personality, just your persona. The independent Kim, who walked into Lisa’s, will still exist. In fact, there will be times I will suspend your slave status so we can simply be friends and lovers for the evening or for the day if you agree to the year. What I intend to change is your outward appearance so that, when you look into a mirror you will see my slave, to whom I intend giving a distinct name, other than Kim or Kimberley. You will know that Kim is still inside that body, as I want her to be, but you will only see my obedient slave. Kim will only exist when I suspend her slave status and at work. Nevertheless, we will both love and admire Kim and my slave as one person.

With a trembling hand, I made the date change and signed the contract. I handed the paper back to her and happily noticed that her hand was shaking also. She slipped down on her knees in front of me. “Oh, Kim, you don’t know how much this means to me. I have been thinking about doing something like this for a long time, but never found someone to help me consummate my desires. The short-term sessions I mentioned were simply part of our group activities, but what you and I will do now is different. I hope you are as excited as I am.”

“Right now, I am not able to distinguish between being excited or scared shitless.”

She signed her portion of the contract and said, “I accept your submission and promise not to do anything that will permanently harm you physically or mentally, and to always protect you to the best of my ability, as I would any other chattel property I own. You may continue wearing my collar as my slave.”

“Thank you, Kelly.”

“From now on, as long as you wear my collar, or anything I declare as a substitute for aesthetics when we are in public, you are not permitted to call me Kelly. In public you will use ‘ma’am. In private you will use ma’am, Mistress or Mistress Kelly. There may be times I will tell you to use a particular name or title or may even permit you to call me Kelly. Only when you are not wearing my collar or a substitute will you call me Kelly without specific permission. Do you think you can remember this?

“Yes, Mistress, I can.”

Kelly then literally pounced on me, knocking me to the floor where we started hugging and kissing. After several minutes of passionate exchanges, she stopped, looked down at me, and said, “Damn, this is not any way for a mistress to act, is it?”

I looked at her grinning and replied, “Mistress, since I have no way of how a Mistress is supposed to act, I cannot honestly answer your question. I just hope you never stop being like this.”

“My pet, you are so diplomatic in the way you answer things. That should help keep you out of trouble as my slave.” She then made my heart skip a beat by saying, “Our association has been short, but I even think I love you.”

I looked at her in awe and replied, “I already know I love you, Mistress.”

She rose back to her knees, pulled me back to mine and said, “We really must get moving, but I need to cover a couple formalities. First of all, your safe word is watermelon. Just say it when you honestly and truly feel you cannot take any more. If I have gagged you, you may hum a song. Do you know the nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb?” I nodded. “That will do, then. When you use your safe word or song, I will normally stop to give you a chance to cool down and to discuss the situation. If I think it necessary, I might have to give you some other way to signal me, but humming usually works. I have one warning, though. If you use your safe word and I do not feel you are at your limit, I will immediately punish you and could even sever our Mistress/slave relationship. So be damn sure you cannot take any more. I will know the difference. Do you understand me?”

“Yes I do, Mistress.”

“There may also be times you need me to stop but you haven’t reached your limit. For example, if I put you in tight bondage and you get a muscle cramp, or I accidentally pinch your skin, I would need to release you. When this happens you may simply say ‘yellow.’ If you can’t talk, just make a lot of noise. I do not consider this the same as using a safe word. It is strictly a matter of safety.

“Now, as I mentioned, you need a slave name. You will no longer be Kim or Kimberly. How do you like the name Kimmy?

“Oh, I hate it. They used to call me that when I was growing up. I was going to tell you last night when you used that name, but, for some reason, I couldn’t.

“Excellent, than that will be your slave name.” I quickly hoped the disgusted look on my face didn’t earn me my first punishment. “A slave name will continually remind you of your status. When I use Kim or Kimberly, especially in a public setting, you will know you have been temporarily released from your submissive roll. The use of your slave name will automatically put you back into it.

“When we are in private, I will also call you my slut. I may even call you a bitch. Just know that I will always use these terms in a loving way. To use them in public would be demeaning and I would never do that.”

I swallowed hard. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“When you were little, did your parents use your middle name when you were testing their limits?”

I laughed and answered, “Yes, ma’am, they did that a lot.”

“I will be doing the same. If I ever call you Kimberly Ann, you will know that you are approaching my limits and continuing whatever you are doing will subject you to severe punishment.

“As I indicated, there will be quite a few rules that you will have to learn and follow as my slave. I will teach them to you as we progress. Once you know a rule, you will be punished for any infractions of that rule. To repeat myself, punishment will not necessarily be corporal. In fact, if you turn out to be the masochist I suspect you to be, most punishments will not be corporal. “

“Such as?”

“Oh, withholding of privileges like achieving an orgasm, or time out standing or kneeling in a corner.”


“In addition to what you may call me, you will always keep your knees spread apart a minimum of six inches, whether in private or in public. I know this is not proper etiquette for a woman, but I want to have access my cunt anytime I desire without having to tell you to spread your legs. You will do this even if you are not with me to constantly remind you to whom you belong and to reinforce the fact you should keep them apart when you are with me. Also, for the same purpose, you will rarely be permitted to wear anything that covers my cunt when we are together. Often it will be bare when we are apart, too.

“Kimmy, you need to know that I consider your submission to truly be a gift from you because you are putting yourself under my control and are showing that you trust me to the fullest. While there may be times you will think otherwise, please do not ever forget that you are a human being, and even though you will also be my chattel property. I will always respect you as a human being. You can respect yourself only if you remember this. In this way, I am different from many Doms who verbally berate their slaves into submission by making them feel worthless. Although you will be my sub 24/7, much of the time we will exist together as friends and lovers once I have determined your desires and limits. It’s been a long time since I felt this way about anyone.

“I’ll explain this more fully later. Right now we need to get some clothes on you so you can check out of the hotel.

Her nipple rings continued to fascinate me. “You look great like that, Kelly. Too bad you can’t leave the house that way.

“Thanks, I wish I could, too. But I might cause too much commotion, though. I guess I’ll wear a sweater. You definitely can’t go looking like that, either, pet. Would you prefer wearing the clothes you had on last night or do you want to check out my wardrobe for something different? We are about the same size, except on top, of course, but I have quite a few loose blouses that should fit you.”

“You mean I get a choice, even though I am wearing your collar?” I joked.

“Well, I was planning on removing it before we left, but you’re right. I should decide for you since it is still locked around your neck.” She hopped off the bed, went into her closet, and returned holding a yellow, satin dress dotted with white flowers. "You can wear this today.”

“Gee, don’t I get something more casual, like slacks or shorts? After all, it is Saturday.”

I was teasing and she knew it, so she threw the ball right back. “Hey, slut, you’re the one who brought up the collar. This is what I selected and this is what you will wear. I think it could be considered casual in some circles.”

“Do you mind loaning me a fresh pair of panties, Kelly?” I asked, “And I think my bra is still in your purse.”

Her grin gave me her answer even before she spoke the words. “You don’t need either, dear. A bra wouldn’t look right with this dress and I won’t let you wear panties with it. But I will loan you a clean pair of white socks, if you want.” We both smiled at that comment. “Actually, part of me wants you to wear socks which would look great with that dress, but the other side wants bare feet. What size shoes do you wear?”

“Seven, ma’am.”

“Fantastic. That answers the question. Our feet are the same size. I have a pair of thong sandals that you can try.” After a few seconds hesitation she added, “Bare feet in thong sandals are another fantasy of mine.” We both giggled. “Let’s see what you look like both ways and I’ll decide.”

When she handed me the dress I discovered I had been wrong. The material was pure silk, not satin. I could not believe how great it felt against my skin, knowing the sensual feeling would have been lessened considerably had I been wearing underwear. I silently thanked Kelly for not permitting any. The garment just seemed to whisper over my body as I moved. I also quickly realized it was a very expensive dress.

As soon as I slipped it on, I also understood why she said a bra wouldn’t look right with it. From the waist up it was essentially made of two panels (one in front and one in back) with thin spaghetti straps that tied in a bow over the shoulders to hold them up. The panels met at the waist on the sides, providing a nice view of bare skin from the underarm to the waist. In addition, the front panel was split in the center, connected only at the neck and the waist, permitting even more bare skin to be visible. A bra would definitely be visible and out of place. A tube top would be great, and less revealing, but I knew I wasn’t going to get one. String ties at the sides, where my bra line would normally be, provided some modicum of decency, but the gap in the front permitted maximum exposure of the sides of my breasts.

Kelly looked at me and said, “You look wonderful in it, Kim. The material caresses your breasts perfectly. I love the way it seems to mold to their shape.” To emphasize her remark, she traced the outline of the bottom of one breast with her finger. Then she rubbed my nipples through the material. “These look great, too, especially now that they are hard.” My face felt quite warm at that point.

I put on my socks and loafers and did a pirouette for Kelly. Then I tried on the sandals and turned around again for her. I also checked myself out in her mirror. We agreed that both types of footwear had some appeal. Kelly had the final say, of course: “I think bare legs look better with that skirt.” It ended at mid-thigh and was shorter than any dress or skirt I had ever worn. “Besides,” she continued,” I saw you last night in the socks and loafers. You will wear the sandals for me today, but we need to do something about those toes since they will be on display. It will only take a few more minutes.”

She went to her dresser and picked up a bottle of polish. Noticing its color was burgundy , I said, “I’ve never worn polish that dark before, Mistress.”

“Great, I am pleased that I am providing another first for you. The next time you will wear black” I enjoyed the attention and watched her as she sat on the floor, still naked above the waist, and applied polish to each of my toes.

Taking her lead from the previous evening, I played with her nipple and ring using my toes. After a few seconds she pushed my foot away. “Quit that, you little slut,” she teased. I raised my foot again and she slapped it away. “You’re going to get your ass spanked if you don’t quit.” She was smiling, so I think she was teasing, but, having never been spanked, the threat was enough to make me quit, while wondering if I will enjoy it when she finally does spank me.

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