Kim’s New Life
by SensuousOne

Part 1

Chapter1 The Introduction

My name is Kimberly Brooke. While I love my given name for its beauty and melodic charm, I usually go by the more familiar nickname Kim because everyone seems to defer to using it. I must admit that I do dislike Kimberly when used along with my middle name Ann. Mother always appended Ann when she was admonishing me. I imagine most mothers do that.

I am 22 years old and a college graduate with a Master’s degree in computer science. I grew up in a small town where absolutely everyone knows everyone else’s business. I am sure everyone reading this is familiar with a similar town. I also attended a small university in the Midwest. I guess I didn’t want to go to a school that was larger than the town in which I grew up. My parents were not poor, but neither were they rich, so I did not expect them to pay my college expenses. I worked a minimum of 20 hours a week to pay for expenses not covered by scholarships, although they did assist as much as they could. I am proud to say that I ended my education without any debt. While I do not consider myself to be a “geek,” I definitely am a bookworm and spent most of my college time studying; that is when I wasn’t working. Needless to say, my social life was rather limited. I don’t want to brag, but I did graduate Summa Cum Laude in 3 years and had my Master’s one year later.

While I do I consider myself to be someone who would win a beauty contest, I feel I am quite passable in the “looks” department. My 5’6” height might be considered a little above average and at 128 lbs I don’t carry any excessive amount of weight, I have 35-C breasts, a 25 inch waist, 36 inch hips and long legs. I gave up my virginity during my senior year in high school, and only slept with one guy in college. I guess I can say that I was rather naïve where sex is concerned.

I work for a company that produces integrated computer software for manufacturing companies. Specifically, I am deeply involved in the sales process then switch to being an on-site consultant during the installation process, once we win a contract. Specifically, I train the customer’s personnel to use the new system and assist in transferring massive amounts of data, insuring a seamless transition from the old to the new. Sole responsibility for correcting problems that always occur during this process belongs to me. Some companies want to pay less for the software package and attempt to do installations on their own. The most successful installations, however, belong to those companies that are willing to pay for my services, which are included in a higher priced package. They pay for the “job,” not by the hour, so I am on-site to assist as long as they require my services.

While I am paid six figures for what I do, I earn every penny of it. An installation usually takes four to six months, or more, depending on the size of the company and whether or not they have multiple sites. One required over 10 months from start to completion. Virtually every job requires that I travel to the site. During a normal week I arrive at the customer’s city late Sunday evening and leave late Thursday night or early Friday morning, depending on the schedule I set for the customer on any particular week. While there, I average ten to twelve hour days on the job. Although I keep in touch with my office using my laptop and the Internet in addition to the telephone, I still need to spend a few hours in the office on Friday and/or Saturday when I am home, although I usually stay at the customer’s site over the weekend when a job nears completion and time becomes critical. Murphy’s Law always applies.

Since I love the money, and I'm single, my work schedule does not bother me, although it severely limits my social life, just like studying and work did in college. Few guys are willing to put up with an absentee lover. I thought my latest was an exception, but he is the primary reason I am not flying home this weekend. You see, I started a new installation last week. I usually spend a full five days with the customer the first week, establishing schedules and preparing for the initial software installation so I can begin training sessions as quickly as possible. Well, on Thursday morning my new customer experienced a major server failure. I am not responsible for hardware problems, so when it was determined the server probably couldn’t be fixed before Monday morning, I was ecstatic. I would be able to leave early. That day was my boyfriend’s birthday. We had been a couple for nearly six months. During this time his apartment lease expired and I suggested he could move in with me since we usually were together on the weekend and I didn’t use it during the week.

I really wanted to celebrate with him, but the customer had to come first, so we had planned a Friday night dinner together. The server problem gave me an opportunity to spend some of his birthday with him. If nothing else, I would be able to give him a memorable birthday present in bed. I always fly on open tickets because of unexpected schedule changes and was able to book a late afternoon flight that would put me home around five.

Jeff had told me that he would be going out with a couple friends for a drink after work. Knowing he wouldn’t be home when I arrived, I decided to surprise him and parked the car where he wouldn’t see it when he came in. Since I had promised to call him around seven, I knew he would be home by then. When he walked in the door and turned on the light, he found me stretched out on the sofa wearing nothing but a red and black corset, black thong panties, black lace-top nylons, and black three-inch heels.

Anyone can imagine my thoughts when I saw some blond floozy hanging on his arm. Both were well on their way to being drunk. I am sure the folks in the next county heard me screaming at them. He tried to explain, saying she was just a friend and they weren’t going to do anything.  Well it was obvious they had already been doing something. Her hair was extremely disheveled and the only thing holding her blouse together over her bare tits was one button and her hand. I quickly realized that he had planned to talk to me while she was with him.

Naturally, I lost my cool and started yelling at him: “How could you? I thought you loved me; we’re through; etc., etc.” The more I yelled, the madder I got. My invitation for them to immediately get out of my apartment was thoroughly laced with every obscenity I had in my vocabulary and some I didn’t know that I knew.

The fucking bitch just stood there hanging onto his arm and giggling while she watched him plead with me. When he said that he didn’t have anywhere to stay, she ran her hand over his crotch and slurred, “Don’t worry, baby, if she doesn’t want this any more, I know how to put it to good use. You can stay at my place tonight.” That only exacerbated my fury. I created such a scene throwing his clothes and belongings into the hallway that some neighbors came out to see what was happening. I was so pissed, I didn’t even care that they saw me half naked. I slammed the door shut in their faces after advising him, in the same manner, that he would find the rest of his shit in the hallway in the morning. I then immediately ran to my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I awakened in the morning still wearing the sexy outfit I had put on for him. Out of anger I threw it in the bathroom trashcan. I was a wreck the rest of the weekend and never left the apartment. Luckily I am level headed enough that I was able to concentrate on my work rather than wallow in pity over this past week. I did, however, shed a few tears in the hotel room each evening when I normally I would have been calling him to exchange sweet nothings.

This brings me back to the present. Since we missed our scheduled actions the previous Thursday, I decided to use Friday as a makeup day. I prefer not to get behind, especially during the beginning of an installation. Lost time seems to accumulate too quickly when that happens. When I do work with a customer on Friday, though, I definitely don’t work late. Most times it messes up someone else’s weekend and they seem to hold it against me. Instead of going home, however, I decided to remain in town. On one hand, I didn’t want to face Jeff if he attempted to make amends; nor did I want to face the disappointment if he didn’t. I also knew the apartment would remind me of him. I guess I was just afraid of the consequences whatever they might be. I had planned on the possibility of doing this ahead of time, so I packed for two weeks and included casual clothes to wear over the weekend.

During a long, steamy shower, I decided to get a bite to eat then drown my sorrows. Over a bra and panties I wore a mid-thigh length pleated skirt and a peasant blouse that bared my abdomen slightly. White ankle socks and loafers completed my outfit. I guess one might say that I had that “50s Look,” which is what I liked. Since I didn’t want to mess with my hair, I pulled it back into a pony tail. I didn’t mention that I considered my hair to be one of my better attributes. It was auburn, straight, and fell to the center of my shoulder blades. I used only the most expensive shampoos and conditioners on it.

While my outfit was casual in nature, I normally would have gone even more casual by wearing jeans, but, for some reason decided against them. I guess a skirt made me feel “more like a woman” if that makes any sense. As I already said, I consider myself to be an average woman with a good figure, but definitely not a sexpot. But I must admit that I do have to occasionally fend off men who approach me in hotel bars that I often frequent when on the road. That was another thing that pissed me off about Jeff’s indiscretion. I had lots of opportunities to satisfy my sexual urges since meeting him, but always went to bed solo. I was barely out of town, or so he thought, when the bastard was bedding down some bimbo.

It was still early, just before five, but I didn’t want to sit in my hotel room pining. I had done that all week. Even though it was a little early for me to eat, I knew that if I went down to the hotel bar I wouldn’t eat at all and would end up wasted and awaken the following day with a terrible hangover. Tonight I simply wanted to go somewhere where I could eat, listen to some good music and not have to fend off attempted pickups since I also intended to be somewhat drunk, but functional, when I returned to my room. I explained this to the concierge (well, not the drunk part), stressing not wanting to thwart male advances. She recommended Lisa’s Hideaway as the perfect place for me, saying she went there herself when she wanted to get away from the male species (she was a “looker”), and it was only a short taxi ride away.

A combination restaurant and bar, the décor at Lisa’s was primarily red and black. The bar was along the left side of the room as you enter. Booths occupied the right wall. In between these were tables covered with white tablecloths. Red and black napkins along with lighted candles adorned each table and booth. Low level lighting allowed the room to be accented by the flickering flames of the candles and gave it a very intimate feeling. At the far end a few music instruments stood on a stage. A small dance floor was in front of the stage. I can’t explain why, but in addition to intimate, the atmosphere definitely felt sensual to me. That wasn’t what I was seeking at the moment, but I decided to stay because, all in all, it also felt comfortable.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a beautiful woman, dressed in a turtleneck sweater, short skirt and high heels. “Good afternoon. My name is Kayla. Do you have reservations?” I looked around, saw only a few other people and asked if reservations were required. “No, but on Friday’s we usually fill up quite fast after six. Would you like a table or a booth,” she asked. I considered the options for a moment and said, “You know, I think I’d just like to sit at the bar for awhile. Could you possibly hold a table for me?” Kayla laughed, explaining that they didn’t even take reservations. She just liked to ask that question to guests who appeared to be new. She did, however, promise to get me if it appeared that all the tables were about to be taken. I thanked her and said that I couldn’t ask for anything more.

The bartender, who introduced herself as “Allyson,” was extremely personable and dressed in a very sexy manner. A yellow string bikini top overwhelmed a short, flowery wrap-around skirt. Her hard nipples appeared as though they were trying to break through the two thin triangles of material. I am sure all the male patrons, and probably some of the females, must drool over her. Since I was the only person at the bar and had sat near the center, she spent most of her spare time chatting with me and was skilled enough to keep the conversation off a too-personal level. We exchanged first names and mostly discussed happenings of the day. When she wasn’t talking with me, and sometimes while she was, my mind was on Jeff and I was oblivious to anything going on around me. While I consider myself to be a great conversationalist, my part of the discussion was primarily replying to her statements and queries.

I virtually inhaled my first margarita and was on the second when Allyson disappeared from behind the bar for a few minutes. When she returned, she said, “Your next will be compliments of Kelly, if that’s OK with you.”

“And who might this Kelly be?”

She pointed out a table at the edge of the dance floor where a woman was sitting alone at a table for four. I glanced over and saw a Meg Ryan look-alike. Her dishwater blond hair was cut in a pixy style and I could see that she was wearing a long sleeve, white blouse. Because of the table, I couldn’t determine what else she was wearing. I only know that I love white blouses and regularly wear starched, long sleeve ones to work. “She’s a personal friend of mine, Kim, and a great person. She said to ask if you would like to join her.”

I raised my glass towards Kelly as a ‘thank you’ gesture then turned back to Allyson and said, “I don’t think I would be very good company right now.”

“Kim, I’ve been tending bar for several years now and can size up a person rather quickly. Just the tone of your voice tells me that you are really down in the dumps. Your comment just proved my assessment. You need someone to talk to, and I am going to be quite busy soon. Trust me, Kelly is extremely intelligent and is a lot of fun. I think you’ll enjoy her company.” The alcohol had started to loosen me up a little, so I said to myself, “Oh, hell, why not? Being with her might actually help keep the guys from bothering me.” Allyson mixed another margarita, picked up my unfinished drink and said, “Come on, I’ll break the ice and introduce you.”

Although she looked less like Meg Ryan than I first thought, I said to myself, “She really is a beauty,” as Kelly stood when we approached the table and I gazed into a pair of piercing cobalt eyes. I guessed that she looked to be about thirty years old (which I discovered later to be right-on). I don’t know why, but I mentally calculated the eight-year difference in our ages. To a twenty-two year old, she was already an “older woman.”

I suddenly liked the idea of spending some time with someone who wasn’t “my own age,” or maybe I should say “a little more mature.” The clothes she wore were very professional. In addition to the white blouse she was wearing gray gabardine slacks, which, while not extremely tight, somehow accentuated her flat abdomen. I caught myself wondering how the back of the slacks fit across her tush. I guess I did this because my boyfriend would occasionally remark how women’s pants fit in the back. She also wore black boots with a two-inch heel. I couldn’t determine the style of boot as they were partially covered by her slacks. I judged her height to be just over six feet (definitely taller than Meg Ryan), which made her about five-ten without the heels. Her short, curly blond hair really did remind me of a Meg Ryan style I remember in more than one of her movies. Checking her out a little more carefully, I could see that her shirt was tapered, form fitting and had extra-sharp creases ironed into it. I also found the French cuffs (with gold chain cuff links) interesting. Thinking, “This woman has class,” I suddenly felt I was glad I had decided not to wear my old faded jeans.

When Allyson completed the introductions, Kelly thrust her hand towards me and said, “Thanks for agreeing to join me, Kim. I was going to have dinner with a colleague this evening, but she called a few minutes ago and cancelled. I hate to dine alone. Considering the time of day, I assume you haven’t eaten yet; have you?” Had I known that she really hadn’t asked Allyson to have me join her, I would have been extremely surprised by her friendly greeting (more about this later).

Her hand was warm and soft and the handshake was quite firm. I like that in a woman. Too many do not like to grip a hand firmly. I, and many men I know, use that as an initial judge of character; more so for men than in women, however. “No, I haven’t,” I replied in answer to her question, then added, “But, I’d better warn you: as I told Allyson, I don’t think I will be good company.” “Allyson mentioned that you seemed a little depressed. Care to talk about it? I’m a good listener.”

“Not right at the moment,” I replied. My tone was probably a little curt, but I was thinking that it wasn’t any of her damn business anyhow. OK, so I was pissed at Jeff and took it out on her. Surprisingly she didn’t react the way I probably would have. “Not a problem. We have all evening; if you want, that is. Just remember, talking things out is usually good therapy, even if your listener is a stranger.”

Allyson pulled my chair out for me, the one immediately to Kelly’s right, before she turned and went back to her duties at the bar. As we started to sit I realized that I had not released Kelly’s hand (or was it that she hadn’t released mine). I relaxed my grip with a little embarrassment.

“I’m on my second drink, Kim and I think that’s your third. What do you say we get something to eat before we absorb too much alcohol on empty stomachs and fail to experience the maximum from our new friendship?” Her comment sounded a little strange, in that I would consider her to be an barely an acquaintance at this point. Nevertheless, I agreed simply because I knew I needed something to eat. As I mentioned, I had planned to get drunk but didn’t want to do it too quickly either.

When I agreed to her suggestion, Kelly signaled a waitress who was beside us in a jiffy. I quickly noticed her outfit was the same as Allyson’s, except that the top revealed more because her breasts were much larger.

“Good evening, Dr. Peters. What can I get you tonight?”

“Kim and I will have the fish and chips plate, please, Sam.” Surprised that she hadn’t ask what I wanted, I accepted her selection without comment. As an aside to me, she did add, “I assume you aren’t allergic to fish.” I shook my head in reply.

“Fish and chips it is then, ma’am. Will there be anything else?”

“Not at this moment, Sam. Allyson just refilled our drinks. Thanks.”

“So you’re a doctor. I’m impressed. I never would have guessed.”

“It’s probably not what you’re thinking, Kim. My degree is strictly an academic one. Actually I should say degrees. I hold Doctorate degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. I am a department head and a professor at the University. Usually I ask people not to call me Doctor. I don’t consider it a ‘right’ as do some academics. Sam is an exception. She is one of my former students. I’ve had her in three of my courses. She’s an excellent student, too. Her name is really Samantha, but I nicknamed her Sam the first time she attended my class and it has stuck with her. Initially she didn’t like it, but now she loves it.”

“I did notice that her nametag said ‘Sam.’ I’m still impressed and would never have guessed you held one Doctorate degree, let alone two. You look too young for that,” I said with a slight laugh even though I considered her to be “older” as I previously mentioned.

“I graduated early,” she replied, laughingly also. “Well, if we are to be friends, maybe we should know a little more about one another. Now that you know my profession, what is yours?”

We traded some limited personal information for the next half hour or so. I was surprised how easy she was to converse with and was actually enjoying her company. When our food arrived, Kelly ordered another round of drinks for both of us. The conversation, while we ate, seemed to get a little more personal with each exchange. Initially I held back, thinking I didn’t want to reveal too much to someone I had just met. That was until I realized there was something about this woman that I really liked. In fact, I have to admit that I was mesmerized by her. I don’t consider myself to be much of a conversationalist, but talking with her came easy. I felt comfortable just being with her. Intuitively I knew that she was someone I could trust and someone I would want as a friend if we ever met again. Looking back, I don’t remember ever coming to this conclusion so soon with anyone.

Finally she asked, “Are you ready to talk about it yet, Kim?”

“Talk about what?”

“Why you thought you wouldn’t be good company; which, I must tell you frankly, hasn’t been true so far.”

I was ready to tell her that I didn’t think it was any of her business then realized that I hadn’t thought about Jeff for most of the time we were talking. My comfort level had continued to increase so I decided to spill my feelings to her. Maybe talking about it would be good therapy. I ended up telling her more and more about Jeff and me, expressing great sorrow about our break-up. Uncontrollable tears ran down my cheek as I finally unloaded. She was a great listener, never interrupting once; not even when she pulled a tissue from her purse and handed it to me. When I finished my story she took my hand in hers. “Have you thought about him very much this week?”

“Yes, every damn night.”

“When you’re alone in your hotel room…”


“I imagine you cried over him since you are crying now.”

“Also every night,” I confessed.

“Thanks for sharing that with me, Kim. I understand, completely, what you’re going through. My first, and thankfully only, boyfriend pulled the same shit on me. Well, you’ve answered my other question.”

“What do you mean, your other question?”

“I was wondering if you were a full-fledged lesbian or just bisexual.”

Chapter 2 The Discussion

Her reply surprised me so much that my retort was a little terse. To say I almost came unglued would be an understatement. “What the hell do you mean by that comment? Just because I came to a bar alone doesn’t mean I am homosexual. Do I look like someone who likes to go to bed with women?”

“Whoa, Kim! I didn’t say that. Please don’t be offended. Since you have, or rather recently had, a serious relationship with your boyfriend, I know you couldn’t be a lesbian. That’s why I said you answered my question. I assumed you must be bisexual. ”

I think the alcohol was helping me to be more than a little pissed at her innuendos. “And why the hell would you assume that. You can’t think I made a pass at you. I am not a lesbian and am not bisexual either! I also resent you implying the possibility that I might be. Shit, all I did was accept your invitation to join you. Maybe I should be going back to my hotel.”

Kelly just stared at me for a long while before replying. “Come on, Kim. Slow down. Let’s start over. Why don’t you tell me why you picked this particular place then, Kim?”

I missed her emphasis on the words “this particular” and said that the hotel concierge recommended it. “O.K., exactly what kind of place did you ask her to recommend?” When I told her what I said to the concierge, she laughed. “Oh, shit! Now I understand. I hate to be the one to tell you, but she must have misunderstood your request.”

“Kelly, what are you talking about? You’re confusing the hell out of me; or maybe the alcohol is causing me to be confused.”

“Damn! Frankly, I must say that I am quite disappointed. I was ready for a great evening,” replied Kelly. “Look around you, Kim, and tell me what you see.”

The restaurant was almost full now, and several people were sitting at the bar. “OK, I see a bar, a bunch of tables, a dance floor and a room full of people. So what! I didn’t expect the place to be empty. I simply didn’t want guys trying to pick me up!” My tone was more indignant than I had intended, but I didn’t even think about apologizing.

“You’re missing my point. I can virtually guarantee that you won’t have any guys trying to pick you up here. How many guys do you see here?”

I looked around us again when suddenly it hit me. “Oh, shit. It’s a gay bar.”

“Now you’ve got it. Since you came here alone, I just assumed you were looking for…well, some female companionship. Allyson probably assumed the same thing. She should have looked a little deeper into your soul.”

I interrupted her by commenting, “Then you’re…”

“…I’m bisexual,” Kelly quickly said, finishing my sentence. “Personally, I dislike the word ‘gay.’ I prefer lesbian or bisexual. I already said that I once had a boyfriend. To be honest, I prefer women Kim, but I do like the company of a male once in a while.” She paused to see my reaction. “I hope I haven’t shocked or upset you.”

“No, not really. I do have a couple friends who are lesbian. I just didn’t expect you to be one… I mean...”

She laid her hand on mine again. Suddenly the contact felt different. My heart skipped a beat at her touch, but I didn’t know why. I realized that she was affecting me like no woman ever had.

“Don’t worry. I know what you meant. It’s like that old adage, ‘You can’t tell a book by its cover.’ I apologize for the misunderstanding. Just for the record, though, I am bisexual, as I said, not Lesbian. Some people do not differentiate between the two terms where women are concerned, but I do, although there is nothing wrong for one to be lesbian, in my opinion. I won’t be offended if you want to get out of here, but I would like very much if you would stay and talk. I would hope we can still become friends.”

I was enjoying her company and, as I indicated, felt comfortable being in Lisa’s, even though I’d never been in a gay bar before. If I left, I would just go back to the hotel and be alone. I definitely didn’t want that. I’d probably just cry myself to sleep. I finally admitted to myself that there really wasn’t any real reason to leave.

“Well, as you said, I won’t have worry about any guys trying to hit on me if I stay,” I laughed.

“And I promise I will protect you from the women,” she joked.

“Yea, but who is going to protect me from you,” I teased.

“Now, I can’t make any promises there,” was her reply. A shiver went up my spine as we stared at one another.

The silence was broken by Sam. “Another round of drinks, Dr. Peters?”

“Not at the moment, Sam. I don’t want to get my new friend too drunk…At least not yet,” she commented, smiling. Then to me she asked, “I don’t normally eat desert, but would you consider sharing a piece of cheesecake with me, Kim? I have a sudden urge for some, but could not eat a whole piece myself.”

“That’s wild. I absolutely love cheesecake. Would you consider drowning it with a shot of Amaretto?” I asked.


As our conversation continued, I shared even more of my private life and thoughts with Kelly, feeling more and more at ease with this beautiful, intelligent woman. The band started warming up at the same time our dessert arrived. I turned to look at the stage and saw that the band was made up of five women playing guitar, sax, drums, keyboard and bass. Three wore short skirts and two wore slacks. All wore black, turtle neck sweaters. I had been so engrossed in our conversation that I somehow had missed them going onto the stage.

Sam placed the one plate of cheesecake, dripping in amaretto, and two forks between us. Kelly casually handed one fork back to Sam. “I don’t think we will need this, Sam.” Wondering what was next, I watched closely as Kelly cut a piece of the cheesecake with the remaining fork. Although a little surprised when she held it up to my lips, I automatically opened my mouth to receive the tasty morsel. “Ummmmm,” I moaned, “Fantastico.” Kelly watched me slowly lick my lips before cutting a second piece for herself using the same fork.

I laughed as she mimicked my moan and lip licking. Watching her tongue slowly clean her lips was unbelievably erotic. Her eyes never left mine as I watched her. “You’re right, Kim. It is great with amaretto,” she commented before feeding me a second bite. I liked the attention.

The band started playing. The first song was mellow and slow. Holding another bite of cheesecake for me to taste, Kelly said, “Kim, I don’t want to insult you, and I’m not trying out a pick-up line, but I would consider it an honor if you would dance with me.”

Without hesitation I accepted her offer. The ‘gay’ issue didn’t enter my mind. In high school the girls always danced together while the boys stood against the wall shooting the bull. Butterflies churned in my stomach when she grasped my hand as we walked onto the dance floor. I liked the feel of my hand in hers. I quickly realized that it was a sensation I had never experienced. We started dancing, arm’s length apart. “You know, Kelly, now I do feel a little awkward.”

“I understand. It’s not a problem. I don’t mind sitting and talking.” She was still holding my hand as she turned to go back to the table.

I started laughing. “That’s not what I meant, silly. I meant dancing while attempting to remain so far apart; it reminds me of seeing two little kids trying to dance at a wedding.”

“But I don’t want you to get the wrong idea,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t,” I replied, as I put an arm around her back and pulled her tight against me.

I immediately noticed that she wasn’t wearing perfume, but smelled, well, clean and fresh. Permitting her to lead, my head drifted down to rest on her shoulder and my arm tightened around her. I was enjoying the closeness of another person and didn’t really care that it was someone of my own sex. I guess I simply needed the warm contact of another human being. It was almost like hugging ones mother when one is feeling down. We continued to dance through the whole set, all slow songs, shuffling our feet while barely moving from one spot. The band took their first break and we returned to the table where I, again, enjoyed more of the cheesecake, eating from Kelly’s fork while she fed me.

“Kim, may I ask you a very personal question?”


“Well, you seemed insulted earlier when I suggested you might be lesbian or bisexual, but I am curious. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman?”

While I thought about my answer she swiped her index finger across the amaretto remaining on the plate, slid the finger between her lips and slowly sucked the amber liquid from it. “Can’t let that go to waste, can we?” I shook my head and remained silent and in awe as the finger returned to the plate to acquire more of the liquor along with crumbs of the cheesecake. This time, however, the sweetness was presented to my lips. I sucked on the finger a lot longer than she had. My tongue enjoyed the intimate touch as it swirled around the stiff digit, removing its coating.

Once my mouth was empty, I answered her pointed question. “Yes, I guess I have thought about it. I have looked at some lesbian clips on the internet, and one of my boyfriends had some porn magazines that had lesbians in it.”

“Just thought about it, huh? Well, then, may I ask if you ever seriously wanted to discover what it would be like?”

Instead of answering, I just stared into the hypnotic glow of her deep blue eyes. She then saved me the embarrassment of having to answer the question, by saying, “Excuse me for a minute, I have to go to the loo. Promise me you won’t leave while I’m gone.”

“The loo?” I laughed. “Are you British?”

“No, I just like the word better than restroom. I also prefer knickers to panties in case you wondered,” she replied with a wide smile.

I assured her that I would be right there when she returned and watched her walk away. My previous question was answered. Her pants were tight in back, making the material hug her rounded ass while dipping somewhat into the cleft. “Damn,” I thought. “Jeff was right. That is sexy.” I loved the way the garment seemed to roll with the movement of her cheeks. What was she doing to me? I’ve never thought about a woman in a sexual way. Right now my thoughts were definitely sexual. Maybe it definitely was the alcohol working on me, but I didn’t try to fight the feeling.

Just about the time I was thinking that Kelly was taking an extraordinarily long time in the “loo,” Sam set two more drinks on the table and said, “Kelly ordered these and said to tell you that she had to run a quick errand and that she’s be back in less than ten minutes.”

“I thought she just went to the restroom.”

“I don’t know about that. Maybe she just changed her mind on the way.”

Kelly returned just as the band started to play its next set. I wanted to ask where she went but didn’t have a chance because she tossed her purse on the table, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. The band’s vocalist had a wonderful, sultry voice. She had announced that this set would be a selection of classical country songs. Once again I laid my head on my partner’s shoulder as we swayed to Patsy Kline’s “I Fall to Pieces.” Kelly put both hands around my waist and pulled me tightly to her. “I just love this song,” she whispered in my ear.

My only reply was an agreeable, ‘Ummmmm.” Our sway became somewhat sensual. My head was definitely beginning to spin.

The next tune was another Patsy Kline and one of my favorites, “Crazy.” The third song, “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” was somewhat apropos for me. Halfway through it Kelly lowered her head and kissed my neck. I couldn’t believe how soft and sensual it felt. Her lips stayed in contact with my skin for the longest time. I felt a strong desire to kiss her neck in return, but resisted. When the song ended, she stepped back, looked at me gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and said, “I can help you make it through the night if you want. All you need to do is say yes. Personally, I don’t think you should go back to your hotel room and be alone.”

Without waiting for or receiving an answer, Kelly led me back to our table, holding my hand. The words of the last song kept running through my mind. Under the situation they really could be prophetic. I was actually considering the possibility that Kelly was obviously suggesting. My heart was saying yes, but my mind was still holding me back.

As we sat, I noticed that the top three buttons of her blouse were undone, revealing the sides of her breasts. I was sure that only one had been open when we were first introduced. She didn’t release the grip on my hand. In fact, she placed her other hand on top, trapping my hand between hers. Trap really isn’t the proper word, because, at this point, I wasn’t trying to get away. Looking deeply into my eyes, almost as if she could see through me, Kelly spoke, “Kim, I need you to answer my question now.”

“What question was that, Kelly?”

“Have ever seriously wanted to find out what it is like to make love to another woman.”

“Yes,” I replied, meekly, and with eyes lowered.

Kelly placed her fingers under my chin, lifted my head and said, “I assume you never did find out. Is my assumption correct?”

“Yes it is,” I replied meekly.

“Would you like to tonight?”

“Oh, damn, Kelly. I really don’t know. I’m so mixed up I can’t think straight.”

“Kim, I want to be frank and honest with you. When I watched you walk in here I immediately knew that I had to have you. I cannot explain why since I’ve never tried to ‘pick up’ a stranger. Even though the desire was there, I had decided I’d wait until I saw you here again before making a move. When Allyson then came over and offered to introduce us I told her ‘no, even though I knew that somehow meeting you was meant to be. I am sure that I was afraid things wouldn’t work out the way I wanted. You can imagine how disappointed I was when you said that the only reason you came here was because you didn’t want some guy hitting on you. I was even more disappointed when I realized that you didn’t know this was a lesbian bar. You definitely weren’t expecting some female to hit on you instead,” she laughed. “One of the reasons I left for awhile was to clear my head and think about if and how I wanted to proceed. I decided the best scenario was to come clean.

“There is a saying that no one can make love to a woman better than another woman. In my experience, that is absolutely true. A woman knows which buttons to push and exactly how to push them. Men are fun, and I will admit that I do like the occasional feel of a warm dick in me, but I personally feel that making love with a woman is so much better. A woman is softer and, most of the time, she continues to think about her partner’s needs after having an orgasm while most men turn over and go to sleep. If you give me a chance, I know I can make you forget all about Jeff and what he did to you.” I started to speak but she placed a finger over my lips. “Shhhh. Let me finish before you say anything.

“I want to take you to places you never imagined you’d go. Kim, the best prescription one can receive after an experience like you had is to spend the evening making love. Think about what it might be like to suckle my breast while I hold your naked body in my arms. I offer you this and much more if you want. There is little doubt in my mind that, if you go back to your hotel room, all you will think about is him, and you’ll cry yourself to sleep. Of course, since I have just bared my soul, I would hope that you might also wonder what you missed by not going home with me. If you simply want to cry over spilled milk, I am even willing to take you home with me, or go to your hotel with you, and let you cry yourself to sleep on my shoulder, with absolutely no strings attached. I promise that I will not try to seduce you any more than I already have. I’ll even stay fully clothed if you prefer.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but she stopped me by pressing her fingers over my lips again. “I’m not finished. Please don’t say anything yet. You need to know everything before making a decision. First and foremost, Kim, I am a strong-willed woman and prefer taking the lead in a relationship whether it be a one-night stand or long-term. I need the one to be in control. One might say that I even enjoy dominating my partner.”

Chapter 3 The Acceptance

I couldn’t refrain myself, “Dominating… You mean, like, in bondage and discipline.” I had heard and read about the scene, but only had a cursory knowledge of its enigma.

“Well, I must admit that I do enjoy B&D, but that’s not really what I was referring to, and I wouldn’t get into that the first time we are together. Well, at least not the discipline part,” she laughed. “I meant that I have to control a relationship. I also like to turn my partners on by having them do things they wouldn’t normally do on their own.”

“Such as…”

“Oh, I can’t tell you,” she laughed, “That would spoil all the fun.” She touched my lips again, only using her index finger this time. “Suck my finger, Kim.”

I hesitated for only a second before accepting the digit into my mouth. As I twirled my tongue around it she added, “Suck it like you would a nice hard cock.” I closed my eyes and imagined that I was doing just that. When she extracted her finger from my mouth, I opened my eyes and watched her sensually slip it into her own mouth to suck on it. Finally, she said, “Did you find that sensual, dear?” I was forced to admit that I did.

Her eyes seemed to gloss over as she said, “Kim, please say you’ll give yourself to me tonight and agree to do whatever I ask. If you consent, I’ll take you home with me where I can show you how two women can make love and maybe introduce you to some things I think you will discover that you enjoy. If you don’t like the experience, at least you will know why. Who knows, though, maybe you’ll just have some amazing sexual adventures like you never imagined.”

Everything suddenly seemed to be on fast forward. I had to slow it down. “I don’t know, Kelly. The idea simply goes against my very being. First of all, my family is very religious and I was taught homosexuality is wrong. Even more important, I, too, am strong willed. I’ve always taken a leading role in everything I’ve done. We might clash in that department.”

“Just from our short relationship tonight, my intuition tells me that you have another side to your personality. One you don’t realize or understand. I think you will enjoy turning control over to someone else for once. Come on. Just try it. You have nothing to lose.”

Once again, we simply stared at one another. She waited patiently for my answer. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to agree to her proposition. Just listening to her explains the possibilities had turned me on. I was getting that feeling between my legs and realized my panties might be getting damp. The band was playing, but the silence between us was deafening. Kelly broke the stalemate, “Please say yes, Kim. I already said that I want you! I give you my word that I won’t make you do a single thing you really don’t want to do.”

“Damn! One side of my brain says ‘no,’ Kelly, and the other side is throwing out conflicting ‘yeses’ and ‘maybes’. I came here tonight to get something to eat, to get drunk, and to be alone. You are so right when you say that if I go back to my room all I’ll do is cry myself to sleep. I think you just pulled the rug from under my plans. The truth be known, I think I am just plain scared. Things are happening so fast my head is spinning. I feel as if I am stepping off a cliff into a large black chasm.”

“You are stepping off a cliff, Kim, but not into a chasm and not alone. It’s like hang gliding. If you’ve never done it before, you first train with an instructor. That instructor literally jumps off the cliff with you. You learn how to fly while you are strapped together. When your lesson is over, you land together. If you enjoyed the flight, you do it again. If you don’t, you walk away. The thing is you don’t know if you will enjoy it unless you first jump off the cliff. If you want to jump with me, I promise I’ll be there with you and promise that I’ll still be there in the morning. If you decide to walk away at any time, we can still be friends. Want to jump off that cliff?”

I knew I was on the rebound from a broken affair and wanted something different. This would definitely be something different; something that I have been taught to be forbidden and even “sinful.” This seemingly wonderful, beautiful woman was offering me an opportunity to experience what too many women would always be a fantasy. Deep down I knew I wanted to, if only just once. I knew that if I didn’t like it, I would never have to do it again. If I don’t accept her proposal now, I probably will never permit myself to discover what it might be like. Maybe I was afraid that I might enjoy it even more than I thought I would. I finally realized that I had to accept her offer.

My reply was nonverbal because I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. I simply nodded assent. Kelly smiled, leaned forward, kissed me and quickly pulled back. I felt as though a lightning bolt of electricity passed between our lips in that instant and surged through my body straight down to my clit. While she stared directly into my eyes, she raised her hand and lovingly ran her fingers over my neck. “Has anyone told you how beautiful your neck is, Kim?” Again unable to talk because of the sensuous nature of her touch, I shook my head. “It really is, you know; long and beautiful.” I held still as her two hands joined, forming a perfect circle around my neck. “It is perfect for wearing a collar; as if it were made for one.” Another jolt of electricity surged down my spine. “Have you ever worn a collar, Kim?” I shook my head.

She opened her purse and removed a red leather collar that appeared to be for a large dog. It had silver studs in the center along its length. “Would you wear this collar for me tonight?”

I was able to force a course and raspy, “Why?” from my throat.

“Well, as I said, your neck is made for wearing one. I think a collar would look wonderful on you. It would be a symbol that you agree to belong to me tonight. Staying with the analogy of hang gliding, wearing it would be a symbol of the harness that would bind us together for your first flight. Once I buckle you into it, you cannot escape me. You have no control over where we are going. You have to trust me to take you through the flight and return to a safe landing.”

That little jolt of electricity went through me again, this time without the accompanying kiss. Somehow I just could not yield completely yet. “But doesn’t a collar represent bondage?” I asked. “Yes, it does.”

“But you said no bondage and discipline the first time.” I was teasing her and she knew it.

“I did start out saying that, but then I qualified my statement by saying ‘at least not the discipline part,’ because I knew I wanted you to wear my collar. Remember, though, I also just promised I wouldn’t do anything you don’t really want, and I mean that. Even if you don’t want to wear my collar, I’m still willing to take you home to comfort you and even make love with you.”

As if in a trance, I felt enraptured in the presence of this woman. I knew I wanted her and would accept nearly anything she wanted to do. “Yes,” I said. “I will wear your collar.”

“Then you have to ask me for it.”

I swallowed hard before saying, “Kelly, would you please let me wear your collar?”

She stood, walked behind me and buckled the collar around my neck. I happened to glance towards the bar and saw that Allyson was watching us intently. She smiled and raised her thumb in a gesture of approval. I was suddenly embarrassed and started to second-guess my decision. What was I getting myself into? Doubt increased when Kelly took a small padlock from her purse and snapped it shut at the collar. A violent shudder went through my body at the sound of the lock closing. I realized I couldn’t remove the collar by myself.

“Umm, Kelly, what if I just changed my mind?”

“Well, my dear, at a minimum, you will definitely have to go home with me. I left the key to the lock there. Besides, you don’t really want to change you mind, do you?”

“No, not really,” I admitted as I raised my hand to touch the collar. Kelly watched me fervently as I ran my fingers over it.

“Like it?”

“Sort of, but it’s just a little scary since you locked it on.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Does it make you feel ‘owned.’ ”

“Yea, I guess it does,” I chuckled.

“Just know you are mine until I decide to remove it.”

“So, what do you want me to do first?” I teased.

“Get rid of the pony tail. Let your hair down.”

“I’ll look awful, Kelly. I put it into a pony tail just after my shower without drying it and don’t have a brush with me.”

“I don’t care. I want the softer look.” I pulled the band off and ran my fingers through my hair to fluff it a little.

“See, that wasn’t so bad,” she remarked.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“Remove your bra.”

I was stunned. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect her to say that. “You are kidding, aren’t you?” She shook her head. “Here?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, here. I want to watch you do it for me,” she answered.

“I can’t possibly do that here, Kelly. I have never been out of the house without a bra since I started wearing them. Besides, someone might see me do it, and it will be so obvious after I do. This thin blouse won’t hide much. The material is just going to cling to my breasts. Besides, I need the support.”

“Oh, come on, Kim. I doubt if you really need the support. Your other excuses are some of the reasons I want you to remove it. I want your assets to be on display for me and for the others here. Nobody here knows you, and doing it shows me that you really are willing to obey me.”

“I really can’t, Kelly, and you said I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.” I replied, this time with less conviction.

“Sure you can, and you will. You say you don’t want to, but that’s not really true. I submit that, deep down, you really want to take it off. You want to experience doing something you’ve never been brave enough to do before now. If for no other reason, you’ll remove it because that is what I want. Right now, you are simply resisting that impulse. No one will even notice you taking it off; well, almost no one. I have to be honest and tell you that Allyson is watching us. Even if anyone else does notice, I don’t care and you shouldn’t care since you’re wearing my collar. You are simply doing what I am ordering you to do. You just indicated that the collar is a form of bondage, Kim. A saying in the scene states that ‘In bondage there is freedom.’ Do you have any idea what that means?”

“Not really.”

“It means that while you are in bondage you can do things you always desired deep down, but would not otherwise do, because, for all intents and purposes, you are being ‘forced to do it against your will.’ “ Kelly smiled, then asked, “Speaking of your assets, I make you out to be a 36C. How close am I?”

“Close enough for government work,” I replied, grinning. I didn’t know what this woman was doing to me, but I did get a thrill from the anticipation of the simple act that I was about to perform for her. I also had just enough to drink to remove most of my inbred, small-town inhibitions. Without losing eye contact with Kelly, I worked my left bra strap off my shoulder and down far enough that I could pull my arm out of it. The right strap came next. Following a deep breath to relax myself, I slipped my hands up under my blouse, worked the bra down to my waist, pulled the clasp around so it was in front and unhooked it.

Kelly laid her hand on the table, palm up. Understanding this unspoken gesture, I folded the bra under the table, placed it on her hand and watched as she slipped the garment into her purse.

“You look beautiful that way, Kim; even nicer than I expected. You really should show them off more often. I love how hard your nipples are, too. That tells me you’re excited.” She then placed a hand under my right breast. “Just a little sag; you definitely do not need as much support as you seem to think. I love breasts that are slightly pendulant."

Never had a male complemented me like that, let alone a female. I enjoyed the feel of her hand moving over my breast and gasped as her finger traced a line over and around my nipple. While I could feel my face flushing, I’m sure it turned bright red when I looked over at the bar and saw that not only had Allyson been watching but Sam was too. Adding to my embarrassment, Kelly grasped the sleeves of my blouse and pulled them down to the middle of my arms saying, “I think peasant blouses are much sexier when worn off the shoulder.” This action bared more of my chest than I desired, which was, of course, Kelly’s intention. She was definitely getting what she wanted from me. Gawd, she was molding me like a ball of clay and I wasn’t putting up an ounce of resistance.

I immediately felt a need to attempt to change the subject. “I must be getting drunk, Kelly. I would have sworn that your purse was smaller than that when first I came over.” “Nope, not drunk, love; very observant. This one is larger than the one I had when I arrived.”


She cut me off. “The collar was back at my house and it wouldn’t fit in the small clutch I had, so I switched.” To answer my next obvious question she continued, “I only live a couple miles away. I went there when I told you I was going to the loo.” Not wanting to be any more confused, I decided not to ask anything else.

“It’s time to shed some more inhibitions, dear.” She placed her extended hand on the table again, palm up. “Let’s have the knickers.”

When one does something wrong, they often get defensive when caught, rather than admit their error. I gave the same kind of knee-jerk response to her request even though I realized I wanted to obey her. “What are you going to have me remove after my knickers, Kelly; my skirt or my blouse?” My tone was even a little terse.

She stared at me for the longest time. Now I was afraid that I had gone too far. If I were in her shoes, I would stop right now and simply tell me to go to hell then walk out. I was ready to apologize when she tersely said, “Kim, you need to know that impertinence is unacceptable to me. Under other circumstances, I would take you over my lap right here and spank your ass.” I shivered at that comment. “Since we just met, consider yourself lucky. You just got away with one. Anyway, to answer your question, I hadn’t planned on having you remove anything else. If you want to, however, I won’t object. Moreover, I don’t think anyone else here will either. Come on Kim, quit stalling. Just pull up the sides of your skirt, slip your thumbs into the waistband of your knickers and slip them off.” She then laughed and added, “I am assuming you are wearing some.”

I had to smile as I looked around carefully to insure no one was watching. Pleased that Allyson was occupied, I slipped my thumbs under my skirt. We both started laughing when I encountered some difficulty leaning down to push them off my legs and over my shoes. Again, I folded the garment before placing them on her open palm. I was surprised, yet thrilled, when she held them up to her nose. “You smell fantastic, Kim. I can’t wait to get closer to the real thing. Damn, you’re wet, too.”

“Do you always go around sniffing girl’s underwear,” I teased

“Only the ones I want to fuck,” she retorted. That definitely was an unexpected reply.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Sam asked, “Can I get you anything else, or will you be leaving soon?” She was right behind me and, realizing that I didn’t know how long she had been there or what she had seen of my last embarrassing act, I felt my face get hot again.

Kelly didn’t skip a beat as she calmly slipped the panties into her purse and replied, “No, Sam, nothing right now. I don’t want Kim to get too intoxicated. We’re going to dance to a couple more songs then go home.”

“Ah, considering the current situation, Dr. Peters, do you still want me to keep tomorrow’s appointment?”

“Absolutely, Sam. I would recommend that you plan on doubling your workload, though.”

I had no idea what their seemingly private exchange was about, but Sam appeared very happy about the outcome.

When Sam walked away I asked, “Did she see?”

“Yes, dear, and so did Allyson, even though you thought they weren’t watching. They both know you are naked underneath.” I quickly turned towards the bar. Allyson was looking at us with what I would vulgarly call a ‘shit-eating grin.’ “Don’t worry, though. They really are very dear friends of mine. They will never tell what they see or hear. Besides, it’s a lot more fun doing something like this when you realize someone else knows.”

“It’s humiliating,” I replied.

“Not really, Kim. What you are experiencing is embarrassment. Humiliation takes one much deeper. It is a level between being embarrassed and being degraded. While I think humiliation is a fun part of the scene and enjoy doing it, I deplore those who degrade their charges.” Her comment made me wonder where we were going with this and how far I would let it go.

“I was wondering why you decided to wear a long skirt tonight, Kim. Did you think it would help ward off the male species?”

“Truthfully, Kelly, I rarely wear skirts and every one I own is this long.”

“You’re shitting me! Why, for gawd’s sake?”

“I just don’t like to show off my legs, I guess.”

“Well, that is something that will definitely change.” I didn’t have much time to think about what she meant by that statement, because she immediately continued, “Right now I want to see more of them. Pull your skirt up.”

Once again we entered into a stare-down. Her piercing eyes won, of course, and I pulled the skirt up far enough to expose my knees only to hear her say, “Higher.” Inch by inch I hiked my skirt only to hear that word again, until half of my upper legs were bared. Finally, I breathed a sigh of relief when she said, “Much better.”

The electric shock hit me again after she slid her chair close enough that our legs were almost touching; and placed her hand on my knee. As if in a trance, couldn’t take my eyes away from her captivating face. When she started sliding her hand up my inner thigh I involuntarily squeezed my legs shut. “Spread them Kim,” she ordered. I obeyed. The higher her hand moved, the more I spread my legs without thinking about how I was displaying myself. I only knew I wanted her to touch me ‘THERE’.

Just then the band’s vocalist announced that she wanted to sing a couple of Celine Dion’s songs from her album “All the Way.” The band immediately segued into her beautiful and captivating “The Power of Love.” To my disappointment, Kelly ceased her exploration, and exclaimed, “Damn, Kim, you are going to be more fun than I had hoped.” With that she grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor saying, “Come on, doll. This is another one of my favorites. We can finish later.” I melted into her arms as she held me tight and we moved to the slow beat of the music. Her right hand moved down to rest on the back of my skirt. “Tell me, dear. How does it feel to be out in public sans underwear?”

"Definitely different; I really haven’t done anything like this before.”

“Does it turn you on a little?”

“Oh more than a little, especially after what you just did to me,” I replied as I kissed her neck.

“I’ll give you all night to stop that!”

We both commented that the next song, Celine’s rendition of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was very appropriate for the moment, and quite sultry, so we continued to dance. Just before the end of the song, Kelly grasped my hips, pulled them tightly to hers and tenderly kissed me. I moaned as her lips caressed mine. My knees actually shook. I felt all hot and bothered just like I did when I received my first kiss as a teenager. Just when I realized that I could enjoy kissing another woman, I felt her tongue push against my lips. I froze and pulled back. Her hand went behind my head and pulled it back to hers. Again, the kiss was soft and tender, but, to my surprise, she didn’t try to French me again.

“Come on, Kim. Now I’m all hot and bothered. Let’s get out of here before I end up making a scene right here in the middle of the dance floor.”

Sam had left the check on the table. Kelly took some cash from her purse and laid it on the tray. “What about my check?” I asked as she grabbed my hand to leave.

“Don’t worry. Sam put everything on my bill.”

“But I didn’t pay for the drink I had at the bar.”

“That was taken care of too. Now let’s get the hell out of here.”

The collar and my unfettered, bouncing tits made me feel extra conspicuous as we walked the length of the restaurant and out the door. I was glad the other patrons couldn’t see my lack of panties. Nevertheless, the whole scene was really turning me on. A modest breeze was blowing as we exited the building, causing my skirt to rise up ever so slightly. The coolness made me acutely aware of my naked condition under it.

I couldn’t know how many surprises were awaiting me because of meeting Kelly. The next one was just around the corner.

Chapter 4 You Are Mine

I was feeling more and more at ease with Kelly and automatically slipped my hand through her arm as we walked to her car. At least I thought a car would be our destination. Imagine my surprise when she stopped beside a motorcycle, looked at me, and said, “Here is your taxi, madam.”

“Oh, my gawd! This motorcycle isn’t really yours, is it? I exclaimed.

“You bet it is! Ever ride one?” I shook my head. “Just for information, though, it’s not just a motorcycle. It’s a Hog!”

“A hog? I don’t understand.” I replied quizzically.

“Yes, dear, it is a Hog. It is the ultimate motorcycle, in my opinion. Obviously my naive little friend doesn’t know that Harley Davidson Motorcycles are known as Hogs.” I had to admit my total ignorance of the subject.

Kelly opened a saddlebag, tossed me a helmet and said, “Put this on and climb aboard. I’ll give you a little ride around town before we go home.”

“But… I’m wearing a skirt.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just don’t sit on it, though. I want that bare butt on my leather seat. Just put your arms around me and hang on.” She laughed as I jumped and mewed when my flesh met the cold leather.

As we started down the street, I realized that the air currents were causing my dress to lift. I could feel the wind against my bare skin. I kept pulling one or the other of my arms back in an attempt to hold it down. Kelly turned her head and yelled, “You need to hold on tightly, Kim, to keep from falling off.” Her warning did not deter me. I guess I figured falling off was a lesser fate than exposing my naked ass. Suddenly she pulled to the side of the road, stopped, reached back into a saddlebag and removed something. When, at her insistence, I put my arms around her waist again, I felt her grab a wrist. Before I realized what was happening she had handcuffed my hands in front of her. “There,” she commented, “this isn’t the safest way to ride, but it’s a hell of a lot safer than having you fidget so much trying to protect your modesty. I moved a little tighter against her.

She actually drove around at a modest speed, showing me the sights of the town since I had not seen much of it yet. “Kelly?” I yelled after about half an hour.

“Yes, Kim.”

“I hate to be a pest, but I should have gone to the little girl’s room before we left Lisa’s. I didn’t because I thought we were going straight to your house. I think the vibration of your bike might have speeded things up a bit. Now I really need to go. Could you stop at a fast food restaurant or a service station, please?”

She did not reply, but soon turned into a deserted parking lot, parked the bike and opened one of the cuffs. We got off and she said, “OK, you can relieve yourself now.”

“Where, I don’t see a restroom?”

“You don’t need a restroom. Just go in the grass over there.”

“Ah, on second thought, I can probably hold it until we get to your house.”

“Nothing doing! I stopped here just for you and we’re not leaving until you finish pissing.”

“Oh, what the hell,” I muttered. “There’s no one else around. It’s a new adventure.” I turned and started walking towards the grassy area she had indicated.

She started laughing and said, “Come on back, Kim. I was just kidding. My house is just down the block on the other side. I’m just testing your limits.” After I expelled the breath I was holding, she added, “You should know that you will be trying it sometime, though.”

“You’re just teasing me, aren’t you?”

Her reply was a deep, passionate kiss and hug. Had she been a guy, I would have classified it as a true toe-curling kiss. Hell, it was a toe-curling kiss regardless of the sex of my paramour. I felt my clit twitch from the sensations that surged through my body.

When she broke the kiss, she removed the other handcuff and said, “We won’t need these again until we get home. I think you have the idea where I want your hands when on my bike.” I quickly put my arms around her to hold on as she gunned the Hog.

We entered her garage two minutes later. She literally pulled me into the house and pushed me against the wall next to the door. Intertwining her fingers in mine, she raised my arms above my head and pressed her body tightly against me. Her lips pressed hard against mine in another passionate kiss then retreated only to move down and begin sucking my hard nipple through the thin material of my blouse. There is no doubt in my mind that the sexual expletives that came from my mouth at that moment gave her impetus to continue for she quickly grasped the hem of the garment and pushed it up to my neck. I instinctively pulled her head tightly against me and moaned as she bit and sucked the distended bud.

In what seemed like one fluid motion, my newfound friend stood up, pressed her body against mine again, slipped her hands under my skirt, and grasped my naked ass to pull my hips up and against her. When her lips met mine, I moaned once more and wrapped a leg around the back of hers.

Suddenly her tongue attempted to penetrate my mouth again. With the back of my head against the wall, I could not retreat. In what was an automatic reaction my whole body stiffened and I locked my lips and teeth together while moving my head back and forth. Kelly pulled her head back and stared into my eyes. “What’s wrong, Kim. Haven’t you ever French kissed someone before?”

A tear formed as I explained, "A date in high school pushed a little too far during some passionate kissing in his car. He slipped his hand under my skirt and was trying to pull my panties down while things got a little hot. I knew that I had to stop or things would go farther than I wanted. When he started thrusting his tongue into my mouth, I started to fight him off. Nearly raping me, he actually ripped some of my clothes before coming to his senses. Since then, every attempt a guy has made to French me has reminded me of that event. I know that is silly, but I can’t seem to help it.” Then I said, “Maybe if I had yielded to that small act to Jeff, he wouldn’t have cheated on me.”

Kelly laid her hands on the side of my face and said, “Oh Kim, I’m so sorry. I know how it is to have gremlins in one’s life. Know that you are not silly for reacting that way. Look, I am not a guy and I do not have a dick between my legs. I’m not going to rape you either. As far as Jeff goes, it should not have mattered to him. A true lover would be patient and wait until you are ready. Just relax and let me show you how much pleasure it can be with a woman.”

I watched as the tip of her wet tongue barely exited her mouth and slowly moved over her lips several times until they glistened with her saliva. She then wet my lips in the same manner, but did not attempt to penetrate them. I didn’t resist her touch. In fact, I liked it. “Ok, Kim. It’s your turn. Wet my lips with your tongue.” My resistance lessened as I obeyed. “Now I want you to stick your tongue out as far as you can.” When I did, she captured the tip lightly between her lips for a second then pulled back, keeping her lips tight until they slipped free. She did this repeatedly, taking a little more of my tongue into her mouth each time, then pulling back, letting it slowly slide out between her lips. I raised my arms to hold her, but she pushed them back down to my side. I then realized that the only parts of our bodies that were still touching were her lips and my tongue and that is exactly what she wanted. During the next trip she sucked my tongue into her mouth until our lips touched but only for a second. Once again, she slowly pulled back while continuing to suck. It was if she was slowly fucking my tongue with her mouth.

After what seemed like a dozen times that her lips slipped off the tip of my tongue, she said, “It’s your turn again, Kim. Do you think you can do the same thing to me?” I could only nod. “Just use your lips to caress my tongue. Do not move your tongue while mine is your mouth.” I hadn’t even noticed that she had not moved her tongue against mine. “Now, did that bother you?” she asked after I finished.

Words would not come. I simply shook my head.

“Ok, remember how you sucked the cheesecake from my finger at Lisa’s?” I nodded. “Well, imagine my tongue is coated with cheesecake and amaretto. Clean it off.”

I did not hesitate any longer. She offered her oral muscle and, with lips locked, I sucked it into my mouth. I moaned as our tongues suddenly started a sensual dance that seemed to last forever. I felt the passion within me start to build to a crescendo, like a dam about to burst. I turned my head slightly and opened my mouth more to accommodate her plunging tongue that now seemed to be fucking my throat. Not quite understanding what was happening to me, I could not quite believe I was suddenly wondering what it would be like to have it between my legs. I threw my arms around her neck. This time she didn’t push them back down.

Kelly broke the embrace first. “Whoa, Pilgrim!” I laughed at her John Wayne imitation. It reminded me of Holly Hunter in the movie 'Always'. “Damn, girl, you are a quick learner and a fast mover. I know we’re going to enjoy one another. However, we are definitely moving a little faster than I want right now. We need to slow down before I attack you right here in the hall. However, I admit that wouldn’t be all bad either. I want you, too, but we are going to do it my way at my pace. Besides, I seem to remember you had a little problem earlier. Do you still have to go?”

“Oh, gawd, yes!”

“First thing first, though. I have waited long enough. I want to see the rest of you, doll. Strip!” I couldn’t believe what she was telling me to do. On one hand, I wanted to, yet my modesty held me back. I have never done anything like this before. I stared at her while her eyes stood firm, as if they alone were ordering me to remove my clothes. My resistance faded like a small sapling bending in the wind. I knew one thing: I unequivocally wanted to please this beautiful woman standing in front of me. She wanted me naked and, deep down, I wanted to her to be happy with me. My fingers trembled uncontrollably as I grasped the hem of my blouse and finished pulling it over my head. “Fold it neatly and place it on the floor beside you,” she ordered. I obeyed, thinking, as I bent down, what I must look like naked from the waist up. As though guided by some outside force, my thumbs slipped into the elastic waistband of my skirt. Kelly’s eyes smiled as she watched me push the last remnant of modesty down my legs. I let it drop to the floor, stepped out of it, folded it and placed it on top of the blouse. The loafers were next.

I raised my leg to remove a sock but she said, “No! Leave them on.” I didn’t argue, although I suddenly felt strange. Standing before her totally naked was one thing, but to be wearing nothing but socks…oh, yea, and her collar…that was something else. She extended her hand, pointed her finger towards the floor and moved it in a circle. I twirled around for her. “Oh, yes, I definitely like what I see. Nice butt! Thank you, Allyson.” I had hoped she would kiss me again, but, without another comment, she picked up my clothes, turned and started walking away. “The loo is just down the hall and to your right. I will put on some water for tea while you tinkle. I’ll be waiting for you in the kitchen when you finish.”

When I entered the kitchen, she had just finished putting tea bags in a pot. I couldn’t remember any time in my life when I felt as self-conscious as I did at that point. I thought Kelly would have removed her clothes, too. However, much to my surprise, she was still fully dressed. As I thought about it, I realized that I had never walked around naked in front of others. I had not been naked in front of another woman since high school gym class. Even when with Jeff I always undressed in the dark. I even kept a robe next to the bed and put it on as soon as I could. He and I never even showered together. Maybe that was another reason he cheated on me.

I was unsure about what I should do. My hands automatically moved to cover my breasts and pubic area when Kelly turned to look at me. The sparkling smile was still in her eyes. “Put your arms down, Kimberly. Don’t try to hide yourself from me.” Without hesitation, I obeyed. “Oh, my, yes!” she exclaimed. “What did I do to deserve you; and how am I going to repay Allyson for introducing us?”

I permitted a small, heavily embarrassed smile to cross my face. I wanted to say “Thank you,” but thought it would sound silly.

“Come to me,” she commanded. As I walked across the room, my fingers strayed to the strip of leather around my neck. “Is my collar bothering you? I can get the key and take it off if it is.”

“No, Kelly, it isn’t bothering me. I must admit that something happened to me when I heard the lock snap shut. I cannot explain it, but I felt as if my whole persona had been transformed. I walked into Lisa’s less than four hours ago wanting to be alone and drown my sorrows with alcohol. You swept me off my feet and had me do things I never imagined I would do. Gawd, I still cannot believe I removed my underwear there. I’m afraid that I might want to revert to my old self if you remove my collar.”

“Oh, I doubt that, but I’m pleased you still want to wear it. It really does look good around your neck and the symbolism is tremendous. Just for the record, though, it is my collar, not yours.” I wanted to kiss her again but was afraid to make the first move. So, I just stood in place watching her walk around the kitchen while she prepared a tray to carry to the den.


“Yes, Kim?”

“Are you going to join me?”

“What do you mean? We’re here together aren’t we?”

“That isn’t what I meant. It really is embarrassing being naked like this when you are still fully clothed.”

“If you are asking me to undress, too, the answer is ‘No, I’m not going to.’ I want you to feel embarrassed. I like you naked and I intend to stay fully clothed.”

“But why?”

“What’s that old saying about it’s my ball so we play by my rules.’ Well, it is my house and my rules! I want you to get used to being naked while in my house. No more questions.”


She did suggest that we sit at the breakfast table while we continued talking and learning more about one another. My embarrassment did not lessen. After the teakettle started to whistle, Kelly poured the boiling water into the teapot and said, “Let’s take a quick tour of the house while the tea brews. Then we can relax in the den where we will be more comfortable. I definitely want to continue this fantastic conversation.” She picked up the tray, handed it to me with instructions to place it on the coffee table as we passed through the den.

I could not believe I was walking naked beside her, holding her hand, as she showed me through her house. Back in the den, we walked around the room while she lit about a dozen candles and turned off the electric lights. Finally, she lighted the gas fireplace. The candlelight and the ambient light from the fireplace made the room quite romantic, of course. I was disappointed when she sat on the sofa then indicated that I should sit in an overstuffed chair across from her.

When I crossed my legs, I was immediately admonished. Once my feet were flat on the floor again, she said, “You’re going to get a muscle cramp from squeezing your legs together like that, Kim. Relax.” I moved my knees about one inch apart. “You can do better than that,” she commanded. This time I didn’t move. She stood, moved over to me, pushed my knees about a foot apart and said, “Keep them that way, Kimberly. A woman’s vagina is a thing of beauty. You should be proud of it and shouldn’t try to hide it; especially from me.” I felt the flush in my face as she sat down again, looked at me and said, “Thank you. The view is much better now.”

Kelly picked up a remote control and pushed a couple buttons. Music immediately invaded the room. It was soft “listening” music. “I hope you like classical,” she commented. “I find it to be rather intimate and soothing.” I indicated that I liked what was playing.

“You may serve the tea now, Kim. It should be ready.” I was extremely conscious of my slightly pendulant breasts when I leaned forward to place two cups on saucers then pour the tea. I took one cup to her and wasn’t sure what she meant when she said, “Thank you. I hope you will give me a chance to teach you the proper way to serve tea at another time, Kim.”

I sat down again in the chair holding my own cup, while trying to act natural. Kelly spoke first, “Kim, I want you to know that I do not pick up strangers in bars.”

“You indicated that at Lisa’s. I am definitely pleased to know you don’t. I want you to know that I have never permitted anyone to pick me up in a bar…until tonight, that is.” That cracked both of us up. I then added, “I guess we weren’t total strangers since Allyson did introduce us first.” We laughed again.

“Seriously though, Kim, we talked very little about ourselves at Lisa’s. I’d prefer to know a lot more personal information about you, and visa versa, if we’re going to sleep together.”

“Damn! Now I’m disappointed I didn’t realize you planned on sleeping,” I retorted with a slightly quivering voice. More laughter ensued. Then I added, “I agree. What would you like to know?”

“Everything!” We sipped our tea and exchanged years of personal stuff over the next hour. I told her more than I have ever shared with any one individual. Finally, she patted the sofa beside her and said, “Get your ass over here, Kim. I want to hold you.” When I sat next to her she said, “Put your legs up on the sofa and relax.” The candlelight suddenly became extremely romantic. I felt very comfortable being with her but could not get over the strange feeling of how unusual we must look with me being naked, except for socks and a collar, while she was fully clothed, although I no longer cared. I laid my head on her shoulder. She took my left hand in hers and put her right arm around my shoulder.

Ummmm. It feels good to be in your arms, Kelly. It feels so… well, perfect. I must admit I didn’t realize I could feel this way with another woman.”

“You aren’t cold, are you?”

“No. Actually, I’m just fine.”

“Good. I’m enjoying your nudity and didn’t want to cover you anyhow.”

We sat there unmoving for a long time just enjoying the music and one another’s softness and warmth. I literally gasped when her hand slid off my shoulder and delicately started to massage my breast. Every guy I ever knew would have been clawing at my tits by now. Her light touch was soft and blissful.

Finally, she released my hand and grasped my chin to turn my head so she could kiss me. It was a simple kiss, but quickly ended. “Turn around so I can hug and kiss you at the same time, doll.” I stretched out facing her then relaxed into her arms. Her left arm cradled my head and her right went around my back to pull me tightly against her. Our eyes closed as lips met softly then merged hard as lust took over. Taking the initiative, I pushed my tongue through her lips then put my hand at the back of her head to insure she could not pull away. In a reverse of roles, I literally attempted to fuck her oral cavity with my tongue. I would have thrust it down her throat if that were possible.

Soon her right hand slipped to my side. Without releasing our lip lock, I pulled my body back enough to give her additional access to what I hoped was her ultimate goal. I was not disappointed. The hand quickly moved up to my breast. What I did not expect was for her to begin delicately rolling my hard nipple between her thumb and index finger. Damn, did that feel good! I groaned deeply.

Even though I resisted, she managed to break her mouth away from mine. I didn’t really mind, however, because her mouth replaced her fingers on my nipple. The position of her head allowed me to start fucking her ear with my tongue. She bit my nipple. I moaned then exclaimed. “Oh my gawd, woman!” I moaned, “What are you doing to me?”

“Nothing compared to what I hope to do over the next few hours, dear,” she replied and resumed sucking. I felt as though a vacuum cleaner was pulling my tit into her mouth.

As she continued to suck, she worked her fingers to my other nipple and was soon rolling it between them. I continued to tongue fuck her ear and suck the lobe. I just knew that I was secreting juices between my legs. 'And this is only the beginning,' I thought.

Soon her hand left my chest and she raised her head. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself, dear.”

“More than you know. Please don’t stop now.” Her mouth found mine again and our tongues started a mating dance just as I felt her hand sliding up the back of my leg to my bare ass. “Ummmmmm.” I groaned before moving my hip back and forth to let her know I approved and wanted her to continue (as if she needed my approval).

She squeezed my buttocks, slid her fingers down my crack, and then moved her hand around to my abdomen. That is not where I wanted her hand right then and to tell her so, I raised my leg by putting my foot on the inside of my knee. “Ooh, my hot little wench wants me to play with my pussy, does she?”

“Oh, gawd, yes!”

“Then you have to ask me.”

“Touch me there, Kelly.”

“You have to say it the way I did, love.”

“Kelly, I need you. Please put your hand between my legs.”

“You can do better than that Kim. Ask me to play with my pussy.”

“Ok Kelly! Anything you want, just play with my pussy. Please.”

“Gee, you nearly got it right that time.”

“Please quit teasing, Kelly. I said what you wanted me to say. I need you to play with my pussy.”

“Not quite, dear. You are missing a very important point. That little furry piece of real estate between your legs belongs to me as long as you are wearing my collar. It is not Kimberly’s. It is Kelly’s. Actually, it is not Kelly’s pussy either. Kelly’s pussy is between her legs. What you have between your legs is a cunt.”

“OK, please play with my cunt then.” I could not remember ever using that word aloud.

See, you still missed my point. Who owns that cunt, Kimberly?”

“You do!”

“Now ask me correctly.”

Then it struck me. “Ok, Kelly, you win. For gawd’s sake, please play with YOUR cunt. Please!” I think I was screaming at this point.

I think I reached a state of ecstasy the second her fingers touched my nether lips. Her middle finger easily slid into my tunnel of love then retreated. “Damn, girl, you are dripping.” She held the wet digit up for me to see how wet it was.

“It’s entirely your fault, Kelly. Please don’t stop now.”

“In due time, my love. In due time. You cannot cum until I want you to and permit you to. Remember: My house, my rules.” I groaned with displeasure. I was tight as a bowstring and needed relief. Instead of pleasuring me, she moved her finger closer to my face. “Have you ever tasted your love juices?” I shook my head. “Damn, have you ever done anything besides have sex in the missionary position?” I giggled and said that yes, I had experimented a few times.

“Sure as hell doesn’t seem like it. Oh, well, I intend to change that. Open up for a new experience.” I obediently sucked my juices from her finger, and found I actually enjoyed the taste.

End of part 1.

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