The Bad Cop: A New Assignment
by Seahawk

The phone ringing next to my bed jolted me out of a sound sleep. I looked groggily at the clock on my nightstand. 6:23 am.

"Hello," I muttered into the phone.

"Hello, Laurie. Itís been awhile."

It took me a couple of seconds to connect the familiar voice with the face but when I finally did I bolted upright in my bed.


"You remember me," she laughed, "I thought you might."

I remembered her alright. Being forced by her to streak naked in front of 45,000 people at a Seattle Mariners game wasnít something that was going to slip from my memory any time soon. Summer had turned to fall and Iíd begun to have the faint hope that this dirty cop and her friends had decided to leave me alone. Obviously not. This was the phone call that Iíd been dreading for the past two months.

"What do you want, Megan? Are the Seahawks playing today or something?" I was only being half-sarcastic; I have to admit that the beginning of the Seahawksí season had made me more than a little nervous.

"No, nothing like that," she laughed. "Not today anyway. But I do have something fun planned for this morning though."

My stomach churned as I began to imagine what her idea of "something fun" might mean. Whatever it was I was pretty sure that it didnít include me wearing any clothes. "I have to work today," I told her halfheartedly knowing it wouldnít do any good.

"Call in sick," she said. "Do you know where Mistmoore Park is?"

"Yeah." It was a small park near where I grew up.

"Good. Meet me in the parking lot there by 8 oíclock. And donít be late."

The line clicked dead and I sat on the edge of the bed for several minutes allowing different emotions to wash over me: fear, anger, nervous anticipation, and, yes, arousal. Whatever Megan had planned for me today was going to be humiliating. I also knew that, whatever it was, I was going to do it.

I reluctantly got to my feet and headed for the shower.

Mistmoore Park

I arrived at the parking lot a few minutes early and saw no sign of Megan yet. I got out of the car and walked around a bit, checking things out. I was relieved to see no one was around at the moment. Mistmoore was a small neighborhood park and its only amenities were a few picnic tables and barbecue grills. This was a good place to eat lunch or lie in the sun reading a book but the cool fall air and early morning hour werenít conducive to either right now. If this was where Megan wanted me to get naked it was definitely a different atmosphere than the packed Mariners game.

I leaned back against my car and took several deep breaths to calm my nerves. The silence was broken by the crunching of car tires on gravel and I turned to see Meganís familiar black SUV pull into the lot. Any momentary calmness Iíd just gained was gone. I cursed myself inwardly again for about the thousandth time for allowing myself to fall under the control of this perverted bitch. The carís front doors opened on each side and I saw that she wasnít alone. Megan stepped out wearing a light sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and a big smile on her face.

"Hello, Laurie!" she said brightly. "Itís good to see you again." I didnít respond and eyed the man coming around the front of the SUV toward me. "You remember Dave donít you?" she asked. I nodded. Heíd been the other cop with Megan on the night I was originally pulled over for drunk driving and had also been with her at the Mariners game. I was pretty sure he was Meganís boyfriend, which made getting me naked in front of him seem kind of weird.

"Hey Laurie," Dave said, "howíve you been since the last time we saw you?"

"Iíve been better," I mumbled, and that was the truth. To say that my life had been nerve-wracking in the aftermath of the Marinerís game would be an understatement. Afterwards Iíd been mortified by what Iíd done and terrified that someone I knew might have seen me. Even worse I was afraid that my family might find out about it and Iíd have to explain it to them without mentioning Megan, who had threatened me with all kinds of things if I ever told anyone about her.

The morning after my nude run I had picked up both daily Seattle papers and nervously scanned the articles about the game. They each devoted a snarky paragraph to the female streaker who interrupted the game in the seventh inning but I was relieved to see no mention of my name. After that I got on the internet and checked out a popular Mariners fan forum and found a long thread devoted to my streak. I was in full blush as I read play-by-play descriptions of it as well as lots of comments about my body, most of them good ones thankfully. Apparently Bret Boone had hit the game winning homerun off of Pedro Martinez right after my naked run so there were lots of jokes about the "Rally Streaker" and how the Mariners should hire me as the team mascot. One of the guys there posted a link to pictures of me that were already floating around the internet and I was relieved to see that they were taken from fairly high up in the stands and didnít show my face very well. I knew there had to be better pictures out there though.

I was a bundle of nerves my first day back at work thinking that my co-workers might have either seen me nude or had heard about the streak, but none of them seemed to know anything about it. Neither did anyone in my family. After a week or two I began to relax a little although there was always an undercurrent of nervousness knowing that nude photos of me could show up at any time and also knowing that Megan could force me to do something like that again at anytime. And it looked like that time was now.

"Well," Megan said, "now that weíve got the teary reunion out of the way what do you say we get started? Laurie, give your car keys to Dave."

"Why?" I asked and immediately wished that I hadnít.

"Because I told you to. The next time you question one of my orders youíre going to regret it. Now give him the damn keys."

I pulled them out of my pocket and handed them to Dave who had something of a sympathetic look on his face. ĎIíll bet heís been on the receiving end of Meganís temper a few times himself,í I thought. He walked over and opened the trunk.

"Any guesses as to whatís going into the trunk, Laurie?" Megan asked. Her mood had suddenly brightened again.

"My clothes?"

"Ding! Correct answer! Youíve caught on quickly to the theme of our little game. Now go ahead and lose them."

I reluctantly began unbuttoning my shirt and, even though Iíd known this was coming, I still felt a sense of unreality about the whole situation. The worst part was not knowing what she had planned for me. I was pretty sure it wouldnít be just a naked run around a deserted park.

I pulled my shirt off and placed it into the trunk and began unbuttoning my pants. Iíd been smart enough to wear old clothes that I wouldnít mind losing since I had no idea when or if Iíd see them again. That still didnít make being separated from them in a public place any easier.

"The shoes too, Laurie. It all comes off." My shoes and socks went into the trunk and then my pants. I took a quick look around the park before unhooking my bra and slipping it off my breasts. I then slid my panties down my legs and stepped out of them and placed the last of my clothing into the trunk. Dave slammed the trunk shut and did a once over of my nude body. I instinctively began to cover up but a sharp look from Megan was all it took to convince me to drop my arms to my sides. The chill in the fall air raised goose bumps on my bare skin and my nipples were already hard, although Iím not sure that was entirely from the cool air. Megan reached into her car and pulled out a video camera.

"Looking good, girl," she said. "I like you at this weight. Make sure you donít gain or lose more than a pound or two." I took this as a warning and bit my lip bitterly. "I also see youíve shaved since the last time," she grinned looking down at the narrow strip of pubic hair between my legs. "New boyfriend or did you just want to look good for your next public appearance?" I hated to admit it to her but the thought of appearing nude in public again had made me more conscious of things like keeping trimmed and shaved.

Megan focused the video camera on me and filmed for about 30 seconds before ordering me to turn around. After several minutes of videoing me from various angles she placed the camera back into her car and spoke to Dave.

"Weíre in a hurry so youíd better get going," she told him. Dave nodded and jumped into my car, starting the engine.

"Iíll see you in a few," he said to Megan and then shot me a crooked grin. "You too, Laurie." I watched helplessly as he drove my car out of the parking lot with my clothes locked in the trunk. If I wasnít completely at the mercy of this crazy bitch before I was now.

"Whereís he going with my car, Megan?"

"Well thatís kind of a secret right now but youíll find out soon enough. We need to have a little talk first, though." She opened up the rear door of her car. "Hop in."

I crawled into the rear of the SUV and shut the door as Megan slid in on the other side next to me. She reached up and pressed the Play button on the DVD player hanging from the ceiling. "I want you to take a quick look at this before we get started." On the screen I saw what appeared to be a television broadcast of a major league baseball game and realized immediately that it was the Red Sox-Mariners game that Iíd streaked. I knew that the producers of the local broadcast had cut away from the field so that none of my streak had gone out on live TV so I was shocked to see myself running quite naked across the field with security and the cops in chase. This was no amateur video either -- this was broadcast quality.

"Where in the hell did you get this?" I asked.

"Oh, I know a guy who works on Mariners broadcasts. Unfortunately your naked romp didnít go out live but that doesnít mean that some of the game cameras werenít still taping you. Someone edited this together and itís become quite the hot property among techies at the TV station. Itís pretty good isnít it?" I hated the idea of this being passed around among strangers. I watched as the camera zoomed in close as I was being led by the cops naked and handcuffed through the outfield and was horrified to see that my orgasm had been caught in all its glory -- and in living color.

"Oh God, I canít believe people are watching this! Youíve got to make them destroy it!"

"Why in the world would I want to do that? This is must-see TV." She turned back to the nude image of me on the screen. "Now thatís what I call a wardrobe malfunction," she laughed.

"No, itís terrible. Youíve got to DO something," I pleaded.

"Well, Iíve got a few ideas about what do with it but destroying it isnít one of them. I was thinking more along the lines of sharing it with the world. I know a couple of websites where this would be VERY popular."

"No, please, you canít!" I blubbered, near tears now. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because itís fun," she said. "Because you secretly love this as much as I do but just wonít admit it to yourself. You might be able to convince me to hold off posting it for now though."


"Well if you do good today I might keep it under wraps."

"Iím going to do whatever you tell me to do. What choice do I have?"

"Well, thatís true, but youíre going to be under time constraints today. You not only need to do what I tell you but you need to complete your task on time. If you can do that Iíll consider holding off posting this on the internet for now. I wonít e-mail it to your mom either."

"What?! Youíre thinking about sending this to my mom? Why would you do that?"

"Sheís probably going to find out about your new hobby eventually anyway so maybe itís a good idea to get it over with now."

"But what in the hell would I tell her?"

"The truth, of course. Youíre so proud of losing all the weight that you just love showing off your new body to everyone and have become an exhibitionist."

"I canít tell her that. Sheíll think Iíve lost my mind."

"Tell her whatever you want then. You just canít tell her anything about me or the real reason youíre doing this. Ever." Megan gave me another one of her "donít screw with me" looks.

I was mortified by the thought of my mom seeing this video. I knew girls who had open relationships with their mom where they could talk about sex or anything else, but I wasnít one of them. Iíd had a hard enough time with her disapproval of me living with Mark so I couldnít imagine trying to talk to her about this, especially since I couldnít tell her the truth.

"No, please. Iíll do whatever you tell me today."

"Okay, hon. Thatís what I like to hear. I just thought you might need a little extra motivation when you find out what you have to do today. Hop out of the car and weíll get started."

I was a little surprised by this since I thought she planned on driving me somewhere, but I reluctantly opened the door and got out. Another quick glance around the park revealed that it was still empty. Megan slid out of the backseat and walked around the front of the car. After getting into the driverís seat she shut the door behind her and I heard the door locks click shut electronically, leaving me locked out. The driverís side window rolled down and Megan poked her head out.

"Iím afraid I couldnít find as large an audience for you today as the last time but maybe we can make up for it with a longer exposure. The goal today will be for you to retrieve your car keys so you can drive home. Do you know where East Park High School is?"

I gulped when I heard the name and nodded slowly. "Thatís where I went to high school."

"I know," she laughed. "So you shouldnít have any trouble finding it. Youíll find your car in the parking lot there."

I think my jaw hit the ground. That was at least a mile away through a residential area. Maybe more. "Y-you mean I have to walk there to get it?"

"Walk, run, hop, skip... whatever. You just have to do it naked. Youíre not allowed to accept clothing from anyone. Or a ride to the school either for that matter."

"So my keys will be in the car?"

"Well, thatís where things get really interesting. Your keys wonít be there."

"Where will they be?" I asked, not sure I wanted to hear the answer.

"Theyíll be inside the school."

The Long Walk

I stood in the silent park for a minute or so after Megan drove off feeling very naked, vulnerable and alone. The sun was still low in the sky and the park lay mostly in shadows with only a few patches of daylight breaking through. The silence was broken only by the chirping of the parkís songbirds. It might have been a relaxing atmosphere under other circumstances, but not today. Still, Iíd rather stay naked all day in this little park than do what Megan had planned for me. I understood now why she felt I might need extra motivation to complete my task. I didnít think it was possible but she had come up with something even more potentially humiliating than streaking a major league baseball game.

I shivered slightly from the chill air and crossed my arms across my body just below my breasts for warmth, being careful not to cover them in case Megan had someone spying on me. I began walking slowly out of the parking lot onto the park grass and the damp morning dew on my bare feet sent another shiver through my body. As I walked across the park I recalled the awful instructions Megan had given me for finding my keys in the school and wondered if I could possibly go through with it when the time came. I decided to put that part of the task out of my mind for now and just concentrate on getting to the school.

I was very familiar with this area so I knew that if I could get to a bike path along the river a few blocks south of here it would provide me with relative shelter from surrounding houses and streets. I might run into the occasional biker or jogger but that still sounded better than walking naked right through the middle of a residential area.

Unfortunately I didnít have unlimited time to complete this though, so I didnít know if I could afford to take such a roundabout route. I had to retrieve my keys by 10:00 a.m. or theyíd be removed from where they were hidden in the school and Iíd be stuck miles from my apartment without clothes or a car. I wouldn't even have my apartment key which was on the same key ring. If that wasnít bad enough, Megan would then post that awful video on the internet and send a copy to my Mom in an anonymous e-mail. That gave me only about 90 minutes to do this and I figured it would take me about a 30-minute walk at a steady pace just to get to the school. I had to leave myself as much time as possible for finding the keys and taking a detour to the bike path would add another 20 minutes at least. I didn't have time. I had no choice but to walk naked right through the middle of a residential area to get to the school.

After reaching the edge of the park I hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave the relative shelter of the trees. After looking both ways I reluctantly crossed the road to the sidewalk on the other side and then made a left turn at the corner onto the street that led toward the school. Ahead of me was block after block of suburban homes.

The air was considerably warmer now that I was out from the shade of the park and in the sun but it also made me feel a lot more exposed. Anyone who happened to look out of their windows right now would see me. Being nude in such a public place sharpened my focus intensely and I became acutely aware of my surroundings and the feelings in my body: the slight bounce of my breasts with each step; the feel of the sun and breeze on my bare skin; the rough scrape of the sidewalk beneath my feet. I knew from my previous experience that Iíd be in a heightened state of arousal until this was over. Whatever negative emotions that being forced into public nudity brought on I also knew it was a tremendous turn-on for me as well. Nothing had ever given me these intense feelings before, not even having sex. Maybe Megan was right about me. Maybe I did subconsciously want to be forced into doing this.

I was in a middle-class neighborhood so most of the people living here had already left for work by now and the kids were in school. That was some small comfort anyway; at least until I realized that the older kids would be in the very school I was heading for! I made it through the first block without being seen and had just crossed the street onto the next block when I heard a car in the distance behind me. I darted into the front yard of the closest house and crouched down behind a row of bushes until the car passed. I was about to come out again when I heard voices ahead of me. I peeked out and saw a guy talking to his wife as he walked to a truck parked in the driveway. They continued talking for a minute or so before the guy got into his truck and pulled out. After he drove off the woman picked up the morning paper and scanned through it as she stood in the front yard. "Címon," I said under my breath. "Go back inside." She dallied for another couple of minutes before wandering over to check the mailbox and finally walking back into the house. I was about to come out of hiding when the sound of another car coming down the street kept me laying low.

This isnít going to work, I thought. If I hide every time I see someone Iíll never make it in time. I had to keep moving and face the fact that people were going to see me. I wondered if Megan and Dave were watching me from somewhere. I was actually hoping that they were because I didnít like the thought of being out here on my own if someone tried to bother me.

As soon as the car passed out of sight I emerged from my hiding place and began setting a brisk pace trying to make up for lost time. The cool breeze felt like a thousand fingers caressing my bare skin and my arousal continued to grow. I was just hoping now it wouldnít go over the edge into orgasm like it had at the game, at least not while people were around. I was tempted to hide somewhere and bring myself off in order to relieve some of the pressure but I was afraid of losing any more time. I looked around and didnít see any cars or people and if there was anyone peeking out of their windows I couldnít see them. Did I dare do it out here in the open as I walked? Masturbating outside in the middle of a suburban neighborhood was something that wouldíve been inconceivable to me just a couple of months ago, but my life had taken such a surreal turn since meeting Megan that I was actually considering it. I slipped my hand down into the dampness between my legs and felt my body shutter. I quickly removed it and looked around nervously. Whew. Iím close.

I crossed to the next block and still didnít see anyone around so I let my hand slip down again between my legs. This time I didnít remove it. I tried to be as discreet as a naked woman on a public street could possibly be but as I walked my breathing grew deeper and I had to bite my lower lip to keep from moaning. Itís impossible to describe the intensity of the experience and it didnít take long before I reached the brink. As the wave pulsed through my body I stopped walking, closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and allowed a guttural cry to escape from my lips.

When I opened my eyes again I saw her. Across the street was an older woman on her knees pulling weeds in her front yard. I hadnít seen her there at all. She stared at me with a shocked look and I started running, my face burning with shame. Ahead of me a car rolled to a stop at the corner of the side street and the man inside it spotted me with a look of surprise, followed by a leer. I kept sprinting and turned left down the next block almost knocking over a woman walking her dog. "What the ...?"

"Iím sorry," I muttered as I kept running. The dog was still barking as I made a right turn in the direction of the school at the next corner.

In the Woods

I rubbed my sore feet as I sat concealed in a wooded area on a small hill overlooking my old high school. My poor feet just werenít conditioned for barefoot running on pavement and were all bruised and scraped and a blister was forming on the left one. Right now if I had my choice of any piece of clothing it would be my shoes and to hell with my modesty. I remembered seeing a documentary about some Kenyan runner who ran marathons in his bare feet and I wondered how he did it. The soles of his feet must have been tougher than old roots.

After being caught masturbating by the old woman I had run and run, making no effort at all to conceal myself. I got a variety of reactions from people along the way but fortunately no one had tried to interfere with me. I hadnít even stopped when I got to the busy four-lane street I needed to cross to reach the high school and bolted across it at the first break in traffic with car horns blaring in my ears. Iíd probably still be running if there was anywhere to run to where I could escape from this nightmare.

The good news was that all the running had helped make up for lost time and I had a few minutes to calm my shattered nerves and formulate a plan. The bad news was that the plan would have to involve going into the school naked to find my keys. The full parking lot below me put to rest the vague hope that maybe today was a teacherís planning day or something and the school would be mostly empty. I should have known better than to hope Megan would cut me any slack. I scanned the parking lot and finally spotted my car. It was parked just a few feet from the front entrance. Of course.

The clanging of the school bell startled me out of my thoughts. ĎGod, Iím jumpy. That must be the nine oíclock bell. Unless things have changed since I went to school here the next bell would ring at 9:07 signaling the start of the next class.í A couple of teachers came out one of the side doors and lit up cigarettes and I burrowed a little deeper into my hiding spot in case anyone looked this way.

As I tried to decide what to do I thought back to Meganís instructions for finding my keys. "Iíve placed a note on one of the hallway bulletin boards in the school with instructions on how to find them," she had told me.

"Which board?"

"Well thatís part of the fun. Youíll just have to keep looking until you find it."

"But there must be at least half a dozen hallway bulletin boards in there."

>"At least," she had laughed. "Maybe youíll get lucky and find it on the first try. Thatís why this game today will be so much fun. You might get through it relatively unseen if youíre lucky but it could go very wrong if you arenít."

ĎYeah, itíll be a boatload of fun alright you effing bitch.í I didnít say that to her out loud, of course. Sheíd have me doing naked cartwheels through the cafeteria at lunchtime if I had.

"Donít worry about the security guard," Megan had added. "I've made sure he wonít bother you. None of the teachers or staff knows anything about this though so Iíd recommend being as stealthy as possible if you donít want to give the whole school an anatomy lesson."

I tried once again to think of some kind of alternative to doing this but none came to mind. I had no car, no apartment key, and no clothes. I wasnít holding a lot of cards here. My parents lived a couple of miles away but theyíd be at work now and there was no way I was going to show up naked at their house anyway. I had high school friends who grew up around here but theyíd all left home by now and I didnít think showing up at their parentsí house sounded like a great idea. "Hi, Mrs. Thomas. Remember me? Iím Laurie, Shannonís friend from high school. Where are my clothes? Oh it was laundry day and I had nothing to wear. You know how it is."

A chill went up my spine as I realized that I was really going to go into my old high school naked. What choice did I have?

The one small advantage I had was that I knew my way around in there so at least I could try to come up with some kind of a plan. I scanned the building trying to decide where I would enter. Some entrances were better than others but they all had the same major drawback -- they all led into a building full of people. East Park isnít the biggest school in the area but itís plenty big enough when faced with the prospect of wandering the hallways naked during a school day. I knew the chances of getting in, finding the keys, and getting out without being caught were pretty slim.

The school was a two-story building with hallways going around the perimeter as well as a central corridor running down the middle of each floor. Just inside the front door was a lobby and the basketball gymnasium was on the opposite side of the building from where I was sitting. Most of the hallways in the school had bulletin boards on them and there were also boards in the front lobby and cafeteria. Meganís note could be just about anywhere in there.

It didnít take me long to figure out which entrance I was going to take. In the rear side of the building I saw the fire escape leading up to a second floor door that I knew led into a hallway in one of the quieter parts of the school. The second floor was nothing but classrooms and storage rooms while the first floor was where the library, cafeteria, teachersí lounge and staff offices were located. The odds of not running into someone in the hallways while classes were in session were much better on the second floor.

I was also hoping that Megan, thinking I would search the first floor hallways first, had put the note on the second floor. Maybe Iíll get lucky and find it quickly. Of course she might also have figured out that this fire escape was the best way into the school and put the note on the first floor on the opposite side of the school from it. It was probably useless playing mind games with that damn woman. I just had to go in there and hope for the best.

The 9:07 bell rang signaling the beginning of the next class and I saw that the people loitering outside had all entered the building again. I had fifty-three minutes to find my keys somewhere in there. I had to get moving.

Oh God, I didnít want to do this.

Back to School

As I stepped into the empty hallway I felt like Iíd just stepped into one of my old naked in school nightmares. How many times had I had that crazy dream back when I was in high school? God, if only there was only some way to wake up from this one.

Memories came flooding back as I looked down the familiar hallway of my old school. There was my old senior locker about a third of the way down the hall. About twenty feet away on the left was the door to Mr. Gableís classroom, my American history teacher. Was he still here, I wondered? He might be in there teaching right now for all I knew. I hadnít been back here since I graduated seven years ago and I had no idea how many people I knew were still here. My classmates were long gone, of course, but many of the same teachers and staff might still be here. What would they think if they saw me roaming the hallways naked?

Some of the negative memories also returned. Back in high school Iíd been a shy, chubby girl with only a few close friends. Iíd been terribly self-conscious about my body back then and the loose-fitting, formless clothes I wore to hide it hadnít prevented me from being the object of teasing. I couldnít wait to get away from this place after my graduation. Not all of the memories were bad, of course, but this was a place I just never thought Iíd return to. Who could have foreseen the bizarre turn of fate that would lead me back here to walk the halls naked? It was something I just never, ever could have imagined. Yet here I was.

On the wall to my left was a clock and I saw that it was already 9:28. It had taken me over 20 minutes to get into the building from my hiding place in the woods! Iíd almost walked right past a couple of teenage boys sitting in a car in the parking lot smoking cigarettes but fortunately I'd heard the music from their car stereo just before I passed them. It still cost me a couple of extra minutes making my way around them without being seen.

Then Iíd just missed being caught on the fire escape. I was about half way up it when the door below me opened and a teacher walked out. I curled up into a ball on the stairs and just prayed he wouldnít look up. He was having an argument on his cell phone with someone -- probably his wife - and it seemed like it went on forever. It probably really lasted only ten minutes or so but I was stuck in plain sight half way up the fire escape that whole time. I hadnít even made it into the school yet and my nerves were already fried. When he finally went back inside I quickly scampered up the rest of the stairs and entered the school.

Only 32 minutes left and I hadnít even begun looking for the note. Worse, I still had to retrieve the keys from who knows where once I did find it. I saw a bulletin board at the far end of the hallway and I began walking towards it, each step taking me deeper into the school and farther away from a quick exit.

My arousal had been kept mostly in check since my orgasm in front of the old woman but it was building again as I began experiencing my naked in school dream for real. I cursed my body again for being so damned susceptible to the humiliations Megan was forcing on me, but there was little I could do to suppress it. As I passed the first closed door I could hear a voice behind it and knew a class was in session in there. A chill went through me as it hit home just how close I was to utter humiliation.

It was then that I spotted the security cameras lining the hallway. Damn, those hadnít been there when I was in school. Theyíre probably all over the school now. I remembered Megan telling me the security guard wouldnít bother me and Iíll bet anything heís in a room somewhere right now watching my every step. In fact, Megan and Dave are probably with him. Megan gets too much of a kick watching me not to be spying on me from somewhere.

Something else struck me as I walked along: Megan was going to have a new blackmail tape to use against me! If she was able to get the security guard to cooperate in this then sheíd have no problem getting a copy of the security tape. How in the hell would I explain this to my friends and family? At least streaking a sporting event is a fairly common lark...but walking naked through your old high school? I mean, thatís just weird. Theyíd really think Iíve lost my marbles. It was too late to do anything about it now, though. With each step I felt Meganís control over me tightening.

I let out a nervous sigh of relief when I finally reached the bulletin board on the other end of the hall. ĎPlease let it be here!í I scanned through the various notes and flyers attached to the board announcing tutoring services, items for sale, and an upcoming school dance. Nothing. I looked through them again hoping Iíd somehow missed it. ĎItís not here. Dammit!í

"Hello." The voice behind me nearly caused me to jump through the ceiling. Iíd been so focused on the bulletin board that I hadnít been listening for anyone approaching. I whirled around and found a mousy looking teenage girl standing there staring at me. I resisted the urge to cover myself remembering Meganís instructions.

"Hi," I mumbled, not knowing what else to say.

"What are you doing?" the girl asked.

"Oh, I just lost a bet," I laughed nervously. "I have to find something in here."

"Find what? Your clothes?"

"My car keys. My, um, boyfriend is playing a prank on me."

The girlís face remained expressionless as she looked me up and down, her eyes pausing briefly on my hard nipples. She was maybe 15 or 16 and her straight brown hair hung limply down to her shoulders. I guessed she wasnít the frontrunner to become homecoming queen. She looked like the prototypical female nerd and I felt some empathy with her having been something of a nerd myself in high school.

"Which is it?" she asked, pushing her glasses up against the bridge of her nose with her forefinger.


"You said it was a bet and then you said it was a prank. Which is it?"

"Well, sort of both. Why arenít you in class anyway?"

"Iím in study hall and I have a pass to get a book from my locker."

I looked around to make sure our conversation wasnít drawing any attention and then leaned in close and spoke softly. "Hey, do you think you can help me? I really could use your help finding a note addressed to me on one of the bulletin boards."

She shook her head. "I have to get back to study hall or Iíll get in trouble."

"Iíll pay you," I said. She looked me over again as she shoved the glasses back against her nose.

"I donít see any pockets."

"I donít have it on me right now, but Iíll get it for you. I promise."

"How much?"

"Twenty dollars?"

"How about paying me twenty dollars not to report you?" she replied. Any empathy Iíd been feeling for the little nerd was rapidly draining away.

"Fifty dollars then."

"How do I know youíll pay me?"

"Youíll have to trust me," I said.

"Why should I trust a crazy naked girl walking around the school?"

I sighed. "One hundred dollars. I really need your help. I know I donít exactly have any collateral to put up here but please trust me that Iíll pay you."

She pushed her glasses up against her face once again as she pondered my offer. "What do you want me to do?"

"Thereís a note for me pinned on one of the bulletin boards in the school that tells me where my keys are. Iíll search the second floor if youíll go down and check the first floor for me. If you find it bring it to me."

"You have to pay me even if I donít find it."

"Iíll pay you half if you donít. The full amount if you do. I need to make sure youíre really looking for it."

"I have a camera phone in my locker. Iíll do it if you let me take pictures of you first. That way if you donít pay me Iíll put the pictures on my blog and tell everyone in school to look at them."

God, another little blackmailer. "Whatever," I said. "Just please hurry."

The girl disappeared around the corner as I stood nervously waiting for her return. I glanced again at the clock. 9:35. Just twenty-five minutes to go and I felt more naked and vulnerable than ever standing here. A couple more minutes passed and I was starting to get worried that she might be reporting me. I was ready to start moving when she emerged again around the corner. The girl pointed her camera phone at me and took several pictures. "Turn around," she said. Was there ever going to be an end to the indignities Iíd have to suffer? I turned around and she clicked off several more.

"Thatís enough," I told her, turning around again. "Iím in a hurry. Please go check the first floor bulletin boards for me." It occurred to me that Megan might not approve of this but she hadnít specifically prohibited me from getting help. Iíd have to risk it.

"How will I know the noteís for you?" she asked.

"My nameís Laurie Davis. My name should be on the note or some reference to keys. The name Megan might be on it, too."

"Whoís Megan?"

"The person leaving the note."

"Your boyfriendís name is Megan?"

"Um, no. Listen, forget what I said earlier about a boyfriend and a prank. Just help me out here."

"Will you be waiting here?" she asked.

"No, Iíll be checking the boards up here so look for me in one of the other second floor hallways. Whatís your name anyway?"

"Tamara," she replied.

"I really appreciate this Tamara. Please hurry though."

I followed Tamara down the hall until she made a right turn down the stairs and I turned left down the central corridor. This was going to be a riskier area since it was more heavily traveled and there were classrooms on each side of the hall. I made it about a third of the way down the hall before I came to an open door and heard the sound of voices coming from within. Not ten feet past the door was the bulletin board I was trying to reach, but there was no way to get to it without passing the open door! I considered waiting for Tamara to come back to help me but the clock was ticking. I finally decided to go back around to the other outside hallway and follow it around the perimeter of the building. I could reach this bulletin board from the opposite direction and, if I remembered correctly, there was another board I needed to check on that hallway anyway.

I retraced my steps and turned the corner and headed to the opposite side of the building from where I'd entered. I peeked around the corner to make sure the coast was clear and then began moving quickly down it. There was a bulletin board about half way down the hallway but it was lightly used so it didnít take long to determine that my note wasnít on it. I began walking again down the hall, my senses on full alert. After reaching the end I carefully turned the corner and then made another left turn down the central corridor. God, this was nerve wracking!

Fortunately all of the doors on this end of the hallway were closed so I had a straight path now to the board. I moved quickly, my breasts bouncing slightly with each step. This bulletin board was packed with notices pinned to it and I rifled through them as fast as I could. Nothing. I took a second look, and then a third. It wasnít here. I let out a deep sigh of frustration. It must be somewhere on the first floor. My hopes relied now on Tamara and I still wasnít at all sure I could trust her.

At that moment I heard female voices coming from behind me and I turned and looked back in the direction I had just come. The voices were coming from around the corner but I could tell they were heading this way. I looked around desperately for a place to hide but there was nothing. Down the hallway was a womanís bathroom I could duck into but that would mean passing the open doorway of the classroom. I was trapped!

As the voices neared the corner of my corridor I did the only thing I could do: I scampered quickly past the open classroom door providing a view of naked female flesh to anyone inside who happened to be looking my direction. Once past it I shoved open the door to the womenís restroom and entered the far stall, bolting it behind me. If anyone from the classroom had seen me or if the women had entered the hallway before Iíd made it into the restroom, theyíd have no problem finding me. I was cornered.

I heard the sound of footsteps approaching and the restroom door swung open. I quickly sat down and lifted my feet up and placed them against the stall door so they wouldnít be in view to anyone peering beneath the stall door. This wouldnít do me much good if someone knew I was in here but it was the only precaution I could take.

"I donít know what to do with her. Her behavior has been very strange," I heard a woman say. It was one of the voices Iíd heard in the hallways.

"Well, maybe we need to notify her parents," the other voice said. Were they talking about me? Had they somehow recognized me?

"Yeah, I think we need to call them in for a conference. Sheís been such a disruptive influence lately in class." It wasnít me they were talking about. They must not have seen me. I heard the stall door next to mine open as one of the women entered it. The other woman turned on a sink and washed up as the two continued talking about some problem student. The restroom door swung open again as another person entered.

"Hi, Karen," I heard another female voice say to the woman out by the sink. "Is anyone else in here with you?"

"Me," I heard the woman in the next stall call out.

"Whoís me?"


"Okay," the woman said. "I take it youíre dressed arenít you?"


"One of my students said he just saw a naked woman go past the classroom door."

"Yeah, Angela is butt naked alright," the woman out by the sink said. "I keep warning her about violating the schoolís dress code but she just wonít listen to me." They all laughed.

"Okay, Iím sure my student has an overactive imagination. Boys that age always have naked women on the brain."

"Boys at every age always have naked women on the brain." Another laugh.

They continued talking as I sat quietly and helplessly in my stall, the clock ticking away on any hope of finding my keys in time. Even if Tamara had found the note she wouldnít know where to find me now. The tears began welling up in my eyes as I thought about the consequences facing me in just a few more minutes. What was I going to do? How was I going to get home? What was I going to tell my mom when she got that awful video? Iíd gone through all of this for nothing! It was so unfair.

I finally heard the toilet in the next stall flush and Angela exited and began washing up at the sink, still talking to the other women. They dallied for another minute or so before the door swung open and the bathroom fell silent again. I had no idea what time it was but I couldnít have much time left. I decided I was going to get the hell out of here before the ten oíclock bell rang. Iíd just have to head back out to my hiding spot in the woods and try to sort out from there what I was going to do.

As I exited the stall I caught a glimpse of my nude body in the bathroom mirror and stared at it for a minute. It looked so familiar, yet so out of place in these surroundings. It struck me again just how strange all of this was, standing naked in my old school. When would I be able to put clothes on again? And how many more people would see my nude body before the day was over?

I opened the door slowly and peeked out into the hall in each direction making sure it was clear before I stepped out again and began walking. The open classroom door Iíd passed earlier was closed now. I guess the teacher wanted to make sure that her horny teenage student wouldnít be imagining any more naked women wandering the hallways.

I turned the corner and checked the clock on the wall. 9:52. Just eight minutes left. Thereís no way I could search the first floor and find my keys in that time. I wasnít even sure the note would still be there if Tamara had found it and then gone looking for me as I hid in the bathroom. I made another turn and began walking down the hallway that led back to the fire escape that Iíd climbed to enter the school. I was about half way down the hall when I heard my name called.


I turned and saw Tamara motioning at me to come to her. I walked quickly to her.

"Did you find it?"

"Yeah. Where have you been? I looked all over for you."

"I had to hide out from some teachers. Give it to me, Tamara, I donít have much time left."

"When will I get my money?"

"Iíll mail it out tomorrow. I promise."

"Give me your hand," she said. She took a pen out of her pocket and wrote her address on my palm, then handed me a small envelope with my name on it. I gave her a hug and her lips curled up in a faint smile -- the first expression Iíd seen on her face since I met her. She was a rather odd girl but I felt grateful to her, even though Iíd had to bribe her to help me.

"Where did you find it?" I asked as I tore open the envelope.

"It was on the bulletin board in the front lobby. I hope you find your keys." She turned and began walking away.

"Is there any way you can help me retrieve them?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Iím already going to be in trouble for being gone so long."

"Okay, thanks for your help," I said as she disappeared around the corner.

I pulled the note out of the envelope and began to read:


Youíll find your keys on the back wall of Room 101.


Room 101 was the first classroom past the front lobby where the note had been left. God, if Iíd just entered the school through the front door I could have completed this in a couple of minutes. Megan probably figured I wouldnít have the guts to do that. Sheíd been right.

I only had about five minutes left so sneaking around was no longer an option. The quickest way to Room 101 from here went right past the administrative offices, including the principalís office. I had one other option that would be less risky if I hurried. I started running down the hallway toward the exit where Iíd first entered the school. I hobbled down the fire escape stairs as fast as I could, my poor bruised feet screaming at me with each step, then began running for the front of the building. Ahead of me one of the schoolís janitors was picking up trash on the edge of the parking lot. There was no more time left for hiding so I gave him an eyeful as I ran past. As I turned the corner leading to the front entrance of the school I saw my car parked nearby. With any luck Iíd be driving away in it within the next couple of minutes.

I pulled open the front door and entered the lobby, nearly running into a woman exiting the school. When she saw me her eyes bugged out so far that she reminded me of a cartoon character. I recognized her as one of the schoolís secretaries and I just prayed to God that she didnít remember me. I walked briskly past her without saying a word and passed through another door that led into the heart of the building. On my left was Room 101. As I stepped up to the door and gripped the doorknob I could hear a muffled voice speaking. There was a class in session in there! Megan was going to make this humiliating for me right up to the bitter end.

I took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped inside.

Every head in the room turned in my direction as I stood in the doorway still breathing heavily from the run and with my skin flushed from the potent blend of nervousness, humiliation and arousal pulsing through my body. I felt a little faint and placed my hand against the doorframe to steady myself. I stood for several seconds trying to gather my composure when I saw the person standing at the head of the room: Megan! She had a feigned look of surprise on her face but I could see the delight in her eyes in seeing me there. Dave was sitting in one of the student desks holding the same video camera Megan had used earlier in the park. He pointed it in my direction.

ĎWhat in the hell are they doing in here? What are they up to now?í I took a couple of deep breaths and finally started walking toward the back of the room as I heard some disconnected words tumble from my mouth.

"I have to find something... a note told me... my keys... the back wall," I mumbled.

This came out sounding like total gibberish -- the ravings of a crazy woman, which Iím sure they all thought I was. I walked unsteadily down one of the rows and the giggling and laughter from the students burned my ears. I reached the back wall and began desperately looking for my keys but there was no sign of them. I ran my hands back and forth across the bare wall. Where were they? They were supposed to be here! Iíd beaten the ten oíclock deadline so they just had to be here! As I frantically continued searching the area for my keys I heard a voice that I hadnít heard in years. "Laurie Davis? Is that you?"

I turned back to the front of the room. "M-Mrs. Fitzpatrick?" Oh my God, it was my favorite teacher from high school! And she recognized me!

Thatís when it struck me that the keys werenít here; they were probably never here. Iíll bet they never left Daveís pocket. This had all been a ruse by Megan to lure me into this classroom and humiliate me! I wasnít going to be able to run out and drive away in my car after all. I was totally at Meganís mercy once again -- just a naked little puppet dancing on her strings.

As this realization hit me my head began spinning and I had to grab onto a nearby empty desk to keep from falling over. Megan and Dave were moving fast towards me now and each grasped one of my arms to keep me from falling. They assisted me as I walked on shaky legs back to the front of the room and they sat me down on the edge of the teacherís desk in full view of the class. Mrs. Fitzpatrick leaned down and looked in my eyes with alarm. "Are you okay, Laurie?"

I shook my head. "No, Iím not okay," I blubbered as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I shook my hair across my face as if that could somehow block this all out.

"Whatís wrong with her?" Mrs. Fitzpatrick asked Megan.

"Sheís obviously on drugs of some kind," Megan replied as she brushed the hair out of my face and peered into my eyes. "Heavy breathing, flushed skin, incoherent speech, irrational behavior. Sheís exhibiting all the signs." Megan turned to the teacher. "Do you know this girl?"

"Yes, she was once a student here. That was a few years back though. Sheís lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw her."

"Well, that could be another sign of drug abuse."

"She looks good though. I mean she was too heavy before and she doesnít look like one of those anorexic drug addicts."

"Not yet anyway. We may have caught her before it got to that."

"Are you going to arrest her?" Mrs. Fitzpatrick asked.

"No, but weíre going to have someone check her out. Weíll find out what sheís been taking and whether she needs psychological help or drug counseling."

Mrs. Fitzpatrick leaned in close again to talk to me. "Laurie, these are police officers. Theyíre going to help you."

I let out a short, bitter laugh through the tears when I heard that. If these two "helped" me much more I really would need psychological counseling.

"Can you walk, Laurie?" Megan asked.

I nodded my head. I just wanted to get the hell out of here. Megan and Dave helped me to my feet and I felt my hands being pulled behind my back and the cold metal handcuffs snapping onto my wrists.

"Is that really necessary?" the teacher asked.

"Iím afraid so," Megan replied. "We donít know what sheís on and drug abusers can often turn suddenly violent. Itís for her protection as well as ours."

Megan and Dave started walking me to the door and I saw the look of concern in Mrs. Fitzpatrickís face.

"Iíll be okay, Mrs. F," I said, "just please donít tell my parents about this."

"I wonít Laurie, if you promise to get help."

"I will."

Dave opened the door for me and Megan walked me out into the hallway. I was expecting them to take a right turn toward the nearby front door but instead they turned me to the left and we began walking deeper into the school.

"My carís out front," I muttered.

"Yes, but our car is parked out back," Megan replied with a barely disguised glee in her voice.

At that moment the ten oíclock bell began clanging.

Deja-vu All Over Again

It was dťjŗ vu all over again as I sat naked, handcuffed, and humiliated in the front seat of Meganís SUV just like after streaking the baseball game. I had the feeling that this might become a regular feature of our get-togethers. As Megan negotiated the car through the school parking lot the image of all those high school students pouring out into the hallway replayed itself again and again in my mind as if it was on a continuous loop. I think that moment will be burned into my brain forever. Those naked in school nightmares have nothing on the real thing.

After the bell rang I just kept my eyes glued on the floor in front of me and concentrated on putting one foot in front of another as I tried desperately to block out the stares, laughter, catcalls, and rude remarks. If I could have I would have floated out of my body and watched the proceedings as a neutral observer, but I remained stuck inside my very naked skin for the duration.

After finally exiting the building into the rear parking lot, Megan had told Dave to get my car and meet us back at the park before helping me into the front seat of her SUV. As we pulled out of the parking lot Megan couldnít contain herself any more. "God, that was beautiful!" she laughed. "Oh man, what a rush, huh? Whew, I could get addicted to this!"

I just sat there sullenly staring out the side window. I wasnít going to give her any more satisfaction than she was already getting out of this. She barely even noticed my silence as she kept rattling on excitedly about my "adventure."

"I was starting to get worried that you werenít going to make it in time, Laurie. It wouldíve been a lot easier for you if youíd just had the balls to walk in through the front door. Life rewards the bold, my friend. I just knew you wouldnít do that though. Let me guess, you snuck in using a second floor fire escape?" I turned and glared at her for a moment before returning to my view out the side window. "Hah, I knew it," she chortled.

She turned the corner and we began driving through the same residential neighborhood where Iíd been running naked only a little over an hour ago. It already seemed like ages ago. Megan kept on talking, undeterred by my lack of response.

"You know, I give these anti-drug lectures to high school classes every so often and Iíd been trying to think of a way to spice them up a bit. When I was asked to talk to a class in your old high school I just knew I had to get you involved in it. You were perfect, too! If those kids arenít scared away from drugs after your performance, they never will be," she laughed. "Iím so glad I brought Dave along to videotape that. Maybe I can use that in future lectures about the dangers of drug use."

Megan looked over in my direction hoping for some kind of response but I remained silent. "Oh címon, Laurie, what would you be doing today if I hadnít dragged you out of your boring little life? Sitting in a cubicle?"

"Itís MY life," I shot back angrily, breaking my silence. "You have NO right telling me how to live it."

"Laurie, youíre a bookkeeper for chrissakes. Hell, youíre not even a real accountant. At least CPAís make decent money."

"So what?"

"So youíre twenty-five years old and you have a boring job, no boyfriend, and no life. You act like youíre still that fat little girl that no one wants."

"What are you my shrink now? Dr. Fucking Megan?"

"You can think of me that way if you want. I do know you need to form a new self-image for yourself. You're a smart girl and you should have more in your life than you do right now. Youíre not that frumpy girl anymore, Laurie, and you donít even seem to know it. You have a very pretty, innocent, girl-next-door face on a killer bod. You turn heads even when youíre not naked. Do you even own any sexy clothes? Do you ever wear short skirts and low-cut blouses to work just to drive the men wild?"

I opened my mouth to respond but then closed it again. She was right. I didnít own any sexy clothes. The blue jeans and tank top I wore to my fateful birthday party was as daring as I ever got.

"How do you know so much about me anyway?† Have you been spying on me?"

"Not spying, but I have taken the time to discreetly find out more about you.† I was curious."

Megan turned the car into the parking lot of Mistmoore Park and killed the engine. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a key. "Turn around," she said. I felt the cuffs click open as she removed them and shoved them under the seat. I rubbed my wrists as I looked around the park. It was still deserted and Dave hadnít arrived yet with my car.

We sat there in silence for a few moments before she spoke again. "Listen, Laurie, I know I may have pushed you too far today. I never intended for you to be marched naked through the school while the students were in the hall. Itís just that you got there right before the bell and I couldnít resist. I shouldnít have done that." She almost sounded apologetic. "I want this to be fun for both of us."

I laughed bitterly. "Fun?"

"Yes. Fun and exciting and arousing. I know you get very turned on by doing this kind of thing."

"I canít help it. That doesnít mean I want to take part in this."

"I think you secretly do. Maybe you donít want to take it as far as we did today, but I think youíd miss it badly if we stopped completely."

"More psychobabble," I said, but I wasnít so sure she was wrong. I still remembered vividly those intense feelings of excitement and arousal as I walked nude through the neighborhood this morning. Iíd had those same feelings as I snuck naked around the empty school hallways. I think the danger of being caught turned me on even more than actually being seen. As hard as it had been to go through with this today I knew that Iíd replay it over and over again in my mind in the coming weeks and become aroused whenever I did. I had to admit that my life now had an intensity and excitement that had been lacking before I met Megan.

"Laurie, if I gave you the choice of me leaving you alone, would you take it?"

"Are you giving me that choice?" I asked.

"I donít know yet," she replied. "I just want to hear your answer."

A few minutes ago the answer would have been easy, but I knew there was a grain of truth in what Megan had been saying. I was afraid to take chances. I did still see myself still as that fat, frumpy, unwanted girl. Suddenly I wasnít so sure I wanted to return to my old boring life without the daily danger of getting a phone call from Megan. This was the first time in my life Iíd ever walked the tightrope without a net and I had to admit to myself that there was something intoxicating about it.

"I donít know," I heard myself say. "Is there any way we can make it not so... over the top? †I mean, jeez, naked in my old high school?" A fresh wave of arousal pulsed through me as I realized that I was giving implied consent to continuing these games. Was this really my secret fetish -- to be forced into public nudity and exhibitionism? Were my urges so strong that I would voluntarily allow this woman to dominate and control me to satisfy them because I knew I could never summon the courage to do these things on my own?

Megan smiled. "Today may have gone a little too far, but Iím not going to make it easy for you. Itís important that we keep exploring the edge of the cliff. Thatís where the excitement is."

I sat again in silence looking out at the quiet park. I donít know if Megan had been serious about letting me go but the moment had passed. We both knew I was still in the game.

"Laurie, Iím going to have a copy of the schoolís security video soon." I knew it! "They actually have a pretty good system," she continued. "It wonít be up to the quality of the Mariners video but itís not grainy black-and-white stuff either. Youíre always going to need a constant threat hanging over your head to force yourself to do these things and I think that video will do the trick nicely."

"What are you going to do with the Mariners video?" I asked.

"Iím going to post it on the internet since I donít need it anymore. I wonít send it to your mom, though, although I canít guarantee that she might not learn about it eventually. Youíll just have to hope that your friends and family donít surf those kinds of websites."

I thought about that awful video being posted on the internet and wondered how many new eyes would soon be seeing my nude body. This had all spun way beyond my control, if Iíd ever had any. There'd be no stopping this roller coaster now. There was nothing to do now but hang on tight.

Outside the window I saw my car roll into the parking lot with Dave behind the wheel.

"Iíll be in touch, Laurie."