The Bad Cop: Back to Work
by Seahawk

Part I

Iíd just settled in and was sipping on my morning coffee when a shadow crossed my desk. I looked up and saw Tess Henderson, the owner of the advertising agency I worked for, standing over me. "Hi Laurie. I was wondering if you had a couple of minutes for a chat in my office."

"Um, sure Mrs. Henderson." Butterflies were flapping around in my stomach as I left my cubicle and followed her to her office. Iíd been working as a bookkeeper at the agency for about six months and it was always office manager Ted Garnett who Iíd interacted with before concerning my job and duties. I doubt Tess Henderson had said a dozen words to me since I started working here. I couldnít help but wonder what this was all about.

She closed the office door behind us and motioned for me to sit down in a chair next to her desk. As I walked across the office I saw a picture of her on the wall that must have been taken years ago when she was a younger woman. She was a real beauty in those days, I thought to myself. She was still very attractive but now had the slightly plastic, artificial look that was common of women in their late 40ís who relied on the surgeonís knife to keep them looking young.

Tess Henderson had started this agency with her husband about twelve years ago and had reportedly taken him to the cleaners in a nasty divorce. She was the sole owner now and the agency had been thriving under her leadership. According to my co-workers, sheíd always been the brains of the marriage anyway so Mr. Hendersonís absence was no great loss.

I took a seat next to her desk. "Slide over here where you can see the computer," she said.† "I have something I want to show you." I complied as she turned the monitor slightly in my direction. What on earth this could be about, I wondered?

Mrs. Henderson clicked on an icon on the desktop and a media software program opened. She expanded it to cover the whole screen and then clicked the Play button. The image was black for several seconds before the all-too-familiar video began flickering across her computer screen. I think all the blood drained out of my face as I realized what I was seeing: the video of me streaking the Mariners game! I glanced nervously at her and saw that sheíd been watching my reaction.

"So that is you, isnít it?" she said. After seeing my reaction I knew there was no point in denying it so I just nodded. She turned back to the screen and watched as I scampered naked across the baseball field. "This is real then? You actually streaked a Mariners game?"

"Yes," I muttered miserably. "Can I ask where you got this?"

"A friend found it on the internet and e-mailed it to me. To say that I was surprised to see my shy, quiet little bookkeeper romping around a ballpark in all her glory is an understatement."

"Iím sorry," I mumbled, not knowing what else to say. Iíd been worrying about something like this ever since Megan posted this damn thing on the internet. Now it looked like I was going to have to find another job.

"Why did you do it?" she asked me.

I was about ready to tell her the lost bet story Iíd made up, but before I even opened my mouth I realized how phony it would sound. Iím a terrible liar and even that nerdish girl in the high school had easily seen through my story after catching me naked in the hallway. What I really wanted to do was tell my boss that I was under the control of a perverted psycho bitch cop who was blackmailing me into doing this stuff. I didnít dare, though. "I donít know," I finally answered. "I guess Iím just an exhibitionist."

She looked back at the screen just as the camera zoomed in on my orgasm. "Well you definitely look like you enjoyed it alright." I think I turned deep crimson at this. "Have you ever done anything else like this?" she asked.

I was tempted to say no but I figured that if she didnít fire me today she might eventually find out about the high school. Things couldnít get much worse at this point anyway so I decided to be as honest as I could.

"Yes, one other time."

"What did you do?"

"I streaked a school."

"A school? What kind of school?"

"East Park High School."

"You were naked in a high school? When was this? Back when you were a student there?"

I shook my head. "A couple of weeks ago."

Mrs. Hendersonís jaw nearly hit the desk. "How many people in the school saw you naked?"

"Pretty much everyone."

My boss leaned back in her chair and stared at me. "Well, youíre definitely full of surprises, Laurie. I donít know you well but I never would have guessed this about you. In fact youíre probably the last person in the office I would have suspected of doing this. Youíre always so quiet back there in your little corner."

"I guess you never know."

"Iím a pretty good judge of people and Iím not sure I believe you."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, I believe you did those things. What I donít believe is that you did them on your own. Who else was involved in this?"

"Listen, Mrs. Henderson..."

"Call me Tess."

"Okay, Tess. I know youíre going to fire me so why donít I just go and start cleaning out my desk."

"Who said I was going to fire you?"

"Youíre not?"

"I donít know yet. It depends on whether you tell me the truth or not."

"I have," I said.

"I donít think so. Not all of it anyway. Whoís putting you up to this?"

God, how I wanted to tell her - to tell anyone - what Megan was doing to me. But Megan had warned me over and over what the consequences would be if I ever told anyone and I didnít dare. "No one is putting me up to this," I said. "Iím doing it on my own."

"Laurie, I know when someone isnít being completely honest with me and youíre not. Thereís more to the story and I want to know it."

"I canít tell you."

"Why not?"

"Because Iíll get in trouble. I just canít."

"So there is someone forcing you to do this. Who is it? A boyfriend?"

I shook my head. "Iíve said more than I should."

"Listen, I might be able to help. If you donít tell me whatís really going on Iím afraid I will be forced to fire you."

"I donít think you can help," I told her.

"Donít underestimate me, Laurie."

Maybe she could help me, I thought. Sheís a rich woman with connections in this town so maybe she really could get me out of this mess. The conflicted feelings Iíd been having about all this surfaced once again. I remembered the conversation Iíd had with Megan in the park where she offered me a chance to get out. I still didnít know if sheíd really been serious but the fact that Iíd hesitated and didnít jump at the offer made me realize just how intense these newly discovered exhibitionist tendencies really were. Part of me wanted to keep doing these things while another part of me dreaded the thought of it.

As I sat in Tess Hendersonís office I knew that this might be an opportunity to escape from Meganís grip that might not come around again. I couldnít deny my strong exhibitionist tendencies anymore but maybe, just maybe, if I got away from Megan I could find a way to satisfy them under a more controlled setting.

Before I knew it I was spilling out the whole story to Tess. I told her about my birthday party and how I'd been pulled over afterwards for drunk driving. I told her about Megan's offer to let me off the hook and how that turned out to be a whole lot more than I'd bargained for. I told her about being forced to streak the Mariners game and then the high school. I told her about all the confusing feelings Iíd been having about all this. I even told her about being caught masturbating by the old woman. I told her everything.

After I finished talking Tess sat quietly for a few moments thinking about everything that Iíd told her. Then, without speaking, she got up and walked across the office and clicked the lock shut on the door and pulled the shades closed on the window overlooking the outer office.

Tess returned to her chair and leaned in close. "So how does it feel being controlled by someone like that? Being forced to do those kinds of humiliating things?"

"I hate it," I said.

"But donít you get turned on by it, too? I mean you had an orgasm at the game and another one on the walk to the school."

"I know. I canít help that. My body just reacts that way."

"But isnít it kind of exciting, too?"

"Yeah. Thatís whatís so weird about this. I hate being put into those situations but I also get very excited about it. I canít get it out of my mind for days afterwards and it gets me aroused whenever I think about it. Megan says Iím a submissive... someone who gets off on being dominated."

"Do you think sheís right?"

"I donít know. I guess so. I know a part of me hates this and a part of me canít wait to be forced into doing it again."

Tess sat quietly for a few moments as if thinking something over. She finally spoke again. "I have a confession to make, Laurie. A friend didnít e-mail that video to me; I found it myself on a voyeur website that I belong to. You see, I tend to have exhibitionist tendencies myself, although theyíre mostly unsatisfied Iím afraid." As she revealed this I suddenly had a bad feeling about having just told her everything.

"Iíve often fantasized about what youíre experiencing now - being forced to be naked in public places where no one else is nude," she continued. "Oh, Iíve been topless on beaches before but thatís not the same thing. I even hinted to my ex-husband a few times that I wouldnít be offended if he forced me to play games involving public nudity, but that man was always as thick as a brick and never responded."

I couldnít believe what she was telling me. Instead of wanting to help me it sounded like she was getting off on my situation. My unease about telling her about Megan began to grow.

"So anyway Iíve channeled my exhibitionist feelings into voyeurism these days," she said. "Iím fascinated by young, beautiful girls exhibiting their nude bodies in public places. I canít believe that Iíve found one in my own office doing just that."

She leaned in closer. "Tell me, Laurie, what would you do right now to save your job? Would you be willing to strip for me right here in this office?"

Oh my God, how did I manage to attract these perverted women who wanted to dominate and humiliate me? Did I put out some kind of scent or something? Did I have a "Please Get Me Naked" tattoo on my forehead? A few months ago I didnít even know that women with this type of fetish existed and now theyíre coming out of the woodwork to exploit my vulnerability and weakness!

I got up and started walking toward the door determined to clean out my desk and leave. The next words I heard stopped me in my tracks.

"Laurie, if you leave this office now Iíll tell Officer Megan everything. What do you think sheíll do to you for revealing her secret? Find some ultimate humiliation to put you through? Throw you in jail? Maybe both?" I took my hand off the doorknob.

"You donít know her last name," I responded lamely as I turned back to face her.

Tess laughed. "How many cops named Megan can there be in the Seattle area? If thereís only one itíll take me five minutes to find her. If thereís more than one it may take ten minutes."

"What do you want?"

"The same things you want, Laurie: excitement; danger; arousal; humiliation."

"Then why donít YOU strip for ME?"

"I donít think so. My office, my rules."

"I could sue you for sexual harassment."

"You could but I donít think you will. I can be every bit as dangerous as your friend Megan. Besides, I think you want this."

"I wish you people would QUIT fucking telling me what I want when you do this to me! Youíre doing this for your OWN perverted pleasure, not mine!"

Tess just smiled. "Youíre probably right, but that doesnít change anything. So whatís it going to be?"

I let out a frustrated sigh. "What exactly are you asking me to do?"

"I want you to take off your clothes, Laurie. Every stitch."

I couldnít believe this was happening to me again. Was I really going to submit to another dominating woman? Was I really going to allow myself to be used and abused like this? The familiar stirrings of sexual arousal started overtaking me and I knew the answer. I began unbuttoning my blouse.

"Put it on the desk please," Tess said. I removed my blouse and did as she ordered. "What are you experiencing, Laurie?" she asked.

"Iím nervous."

"Youíre a little frightened?"

"Yes," I said as I began sliding my skirt down my hips.

"Tell me why."

"I donít know what you have planned for me."

"Are you afraid I might touch you? Order you to have sex with me?"


"Donít be. Iím a voyeur, not a lesbian. I just want to watch."

"Watch what?" I placed the skirt on her desk and began peeling off my panty hose.

"I havenít decided yet. Are you afraid I might order you to walk out of the office naked?"


"How does that make you feel?"


"Does it also make you aroused?"

"Yes." I placed my panty hose and shoes on her desk.

"Are you getting wet?"

"Yes." I stood before her now in nothing but bra and panties.

"Take it all off, Laurie."

I unclasped my bra and placed it on the desk, then slid out of my panties and placed those on her desk as well. I stood before her naked now, shaking slightly. Tess opened a desk drawer and placed my clothes in it. Then she locked the drawer and put the key into her pocket.

"Iíve just locked up your clothes, Laurie. Youíre completely at my mercy now. How does that make you feel?"


"Is that why youíre shaking?"


"Turn around for me." I obeyed. "Face me again." I turned back to face her.

"I love your body. No wonder Megan chose you." Her eyes roamed over my body once again. "Laurie, I want to see you come."

"P-please Mrs. Henderson..."

"Call me Tess. Do it for me, Laurie."

I moved my left hand up to my right breast and began caressing my already hard right nipple. My right hand slid down my stomach and I gasped as it reached the moist area between my legs. I closed my eyes and tried to forget that my boss was sitting only a couple of feet away watching my every move. As I rubbed my clit I began to moan.

"Not too loud, Laurie. These walls arenít soundproof."

I bit down on my lip trying to stifle my sounds as the wave of arousal kept rising. It was all I could do to keep from rattling the windows when the wave finally crested several minutes later. When I opened my eyes again I saw that Tess had a hand inside her blouse caressing a breast while her other hand was out of sight beneath the desk. She smiled at me.

"How do you feel now, Laurie?"

"Embarrassed. Humiliated."

"Have you had enough yet."


"Would you like your clothes back?"


Tess reached into her pocket for the key and unlocked the drawer holding my clothes. She pulled out my blouse and handed it to me, then shut the drawer and locked it again. She smiled at my look of confusion.

"Iím afraid thatís it for now, Laurie. Iíd strongly suggest you put it on because Iíll be opening the door in about sixty seconds."

Part II

I pulled my blouse on and buttoned it to the top then tugged at the bottom of it. It was a black top with white vertical pinstripes that matched my skirt and was designed to hang down only to where the skirt began. No amount of pulling or tugging on it would result in either my ass or pussy being covered and I was totally exposed from the waist down. She couldnít really expect me to wear this out of here, could she?

"Stand over by the door so youíre hidden by it when it opens." I had no choice but to do as she ordered and Tess walked to the door and opened it, looking out into the office. "The coast is clear back to your desk, Laurie. Get going."

I couldnít believe what she was telling me. "Are you kidding me? You want me to go back to my desk like this?"

"No one will be able to see you from the waist down while you walk back there if youíre careful. Get going. Iím not paying you to stand around."

I looked at her with pleading eyes but I could see she was absolutely serious about this. She wanted me to walk out of here like this! I tugged at the bottom of my blouse again to no avail and peeked nervously around the corner of the door. Everyone was currently at their desks and the cubicle walls would at least partially screen me.

"How long will I have to stay like this?" I asked.

"Iím not sure," she said. "I just want to see you squirm for awhile." God, she was as bad as Megan. "Now hurry along, Laurie, while youíve got a good chance of getting back there unseen. That may change if you delay."

I hesitated for a moment before forcing myself to step out of her office. I made a left turn and stayed close to the wall as I began my walk toward my work area. There were twenty cubicles in the office but usually not more than about a dozen people in them at any one time since agency employees were often out of the office on sales calls or meetings with clients. The cubicle walls were about four feet high which meant it was possible to make my way around the perimeter of the office to my cubicle in the far rear corner without being seen from the waist down. My main risk of exposure came as I went by the pathways leading into the cubicle areas every six feet or so. If someone happened to be looking in my direction at that moment theyíd be able to tell I had nothing on from the waist down. As I walked I tried to look as if nothing was wrong.

"Hi, Laurie." I looked down over the cubicle wall I was passing and saw Danielle, one of the graphics artists for the firm, sitting at her desk. "Whatíre you up to?" she asked.

"H-Hi Danielle. What do you mean?"

"Nothing. I was just making conversation. You seem kind of nervous."

"Oh, I just had a meeting with Mrs. Henderson. Meetings with the boss always make me nervous."

"Yeah, I hear you. Everythingís alright I hope."

"Yeah, no problem. Iíll talk to you later, Danielle."

"Okay. Bye."

I continued walking around the perimeter of the room until I finally reached my cubicle. I quickly sat down in the office chair and rolled my legs beneath the cubicle desk as far as I could. My barely-touched coffee was still sitting next to the monitor. It was probably cold now, but that was okay - I wouldnít need any caffeine to get my blood pumping this morning. My heart was pounding like a bass drum.

I tugged at my blouse again but it didnít reach all the way down to the chair cushion, leaving exposed flesh that could be seen through the arm rests. If anyone came back here it would be hard to hide the fact that I was naked from the waist down. Fortunately I was stuck in a corner of the office that got little traffic and my job didnít really require me to interact much with others in the office. Thatís probably why they stuck the bookkeeperís cubicle in an out-of-the-way spot in the rear corner of the office.

The agency had an accounting firm handling major tasks like taxes and investments so I mainly concentrated on keeping track of things like daily receipts, office expenses, bank deposits, and expense account reports. It was all done electronically so there usually wasnít a reason for coworkers to come back here except to say hi. Thereíd been a lot of that when I first started working here but Iíll admit that Iíve been more reclusive since I became Meganís naked little showgirl. I was always terrified that my coworkers might find out about my extra-curricular activities and it made me reluctant to get too close to them. The number of visits to my desk had steadily decreased over time -- partly because of the distance I kept from coworkers and partly because business had picked up lately and everyone was pretty busy. I could often go for hours without talking to anyone or having anyone come back here and hopefully that would be the case today.

I was also lucky that the cubicles nearest mine werenít being used right now. One belonged to a woman who had quit a couple of weeks ago and hadnít been replaced yet, and the other was used by a sales rep who was rarely in the office. I might be able to get away with this for awhile but there was always a chance that someone would come back here and catch me like this. What would I tell them?

Just as I was thinking that over I saw Jeff Hanson's head over the top of my cubicle wall heading my way. I quickly swiveled the chair to the right and slid in as close to the desk as I could. I pretended to be concentrating on an accounting spreadsheet I had open on my monitor as he stopped at the left side of my cubicle and peered over the top of the wall at me.

"Heya, Laurie. Wassup?"

"Hi, Jeff," I said, keeping the back of the chair tilted toward him. It must have looked strange to be working on my computer from such an awkward angle.

"I saw you were in the boss ladyís office for quite awhile. What was that about?"

"Oh, nothing. We were just talking about getting the quarterly profit and loss statements ready."

"Ah, okay. That involves numbers and decimals and stuff, right? Thatís about all I know about accounting. I just saw that her office shades were closed and thought you might be in trouble or something."

"No, itís just that the glare from the sun was bothering us." Jeff turned to look out the office window and I realized that the sun was on the other side of the building this time of the morning. God, Iím such a lousy liar.

"Um, okay. Hey weíre going to Strivoliís for lunch. Are you interested?"

"Not today, Jeff. Thanks though."

"Okay," he said. "Are you mad at me or something? Youíre keeping your back to me and not even looking at me."

"No, Iím not mad, Jeff. Iím just kind of busy here. Iím really sorry."

"Alright. Iíll talk to you later I guess."

Jeff walked back toward his desk and I was alone again. God, that was close. It really must have seemed rude to keep my chair turned away from him, but what else could I do?

I tried to do some work in an effort to take my mind off my situation but it was a futile effort as I was unable to focus on anything but the fact that I was sitting half-naked in my office. I wasnít going to be very productive this morning but I doubt Tess was too concerned about that. Iíd always considered this office a sanctuary from Meganís control because I didnít think she would risk forcing me to do anything crazy here at work, but now it seemed that nowhere was safe. I could be forced to strip nearly anywhere now and my list of tormentors had just doubled!

How long would Tess leave me here like this? All day? What was I going to do when I had to go to the bathroom? I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat as the minutes ticked away until I finally saw Tess approaching my desk.

"How are we doing, Laurie?" she said with a smile.

"I donít know how WE are doing, but IíM doing lousy. I almost got caught by Jeff. He thinks Iím a jerk now for keeping my back turned to him. How long are you going to keep me half-naked like this?"

"Half-naked?† Not much longer. Iíve got to leave the office for a few minutes."

"Thank God," I said.

"So youíll need to give me your blouse."

Part III

Tess pulled a chair from the empty adjacent cubicle and sat next to me with an expectant look on her face. She leaned in close and spoke in a lowered voice, not wanting to draw attention from the rest of the office any more than I did. "Yep. Iíve got someone I need to meet in another part of the building for a few minutes."

My first thought was that she couldnít really mean this, but then I wondered why I would think that. Of course she meant it. People like Tess and Megan always mean it when theyíre telling me the humiliations theyíre about to put me through. They live for it.

I cursed myself for having told my boss about Megan. Iíd promised myself that I wouldnít tell anyone about her because of the trouble it might cause me and here Iíd gone and blurted out everything to the very first person who pressured me a little. I was as bad at keeping secrets as I was at telling lies.

"How long are you going to be gone?" I asked desperately.

"Hopefully it wonít be more than 30 minutes if the meeting goes well. If not..." Her voice trailed off as she shrugged her shoulders.

"And you expect me to just sit here naked all that time?"

"You donít have to sit, but your chances of not being seen will be a whole lot better if you donít go running around the office."

"Thereís no way that Iíll be able to hide the fact that Iím totally nude if someone comes back here."

"Iíve made sure everyone in the office is busy right now. Besides you donít get many visitors back here."

"Jeff was here just a few minutes ago! What if someone else comes back here?"

"Well then youíll have some Ďsplaininí to do, wonít you girl?"

"What in the hell am I supposed to tell them?"

"I have no idea what you could say," she laughed. "It would be awfully embarrassing, thatís for sure. You will be discreet about our little relationship though, right?"

"Why should I?"

"Because if youíre not Iíll be forced to tell Officer Megan about what youíve told me. Oh, and her last name is Danielson and her badge number is 34872. She wasnít hard to find." Tess leaned in closer. "I know this is kind of crazy, Laurie, but Iíve decided that if weíre going to play this game we might as well go all the way."

"Whatís this Ďweí bullshit?" I hissed at her. I was getting angry now at this latest blackmail attempt to force me into complying with outrageous demands. "Iím the only one playing the game. What risks are you taking?"

"I am taking risks here, Laurie. You donít think it would cause me problems to have a naked employee discovered in my office? I think Iíll be almost as nervous as you are while Iím out of the office. I just about had a panic attack when I saw Jeff heading back here."

I laughed bitterly. "Well you should try putting yourself in my position if you want to feel real panic. In fact, I wish you would."

"Donít tell me that you donít get a kick out of this, too. Youíre on full high beam right now." I glanced down and could see that my nipples were noticeably pressing out the fabric of my blouse.

"So what? Do you think getting sexually aroused makes up for all the humiliation? What about my reputation? Whatís my family going to think of me when they find out about this stuff? What are my coworkers going to think about me if they catch me naked? You people donít give a damn about that stuff as long as you can get your rocks off vicariously. Itís a real shame that you and Megan donít have the guts to live out your own fantasies and need me to do it for you."

An angry look flashed across Tessí face. "Laurie, you can have fun with this or you can fight it," she said in a firm voice. "Itís your choice. Iíd prefer that you had fun with it but either way this is going to happen. When I get back Iíll give you your clothes back and weíll discuss the future, but right now I want your blouse."

I glared at her, but I knew she had me in a box. The only other thing I could do is walk out of the building half-naked. I unbuttoned my blouse, pulled it off, and flung it onto the desk in front of her. Tess folded the garment and placed it into her briefcase, then pulled out a small digital camera. "Something to remember this by," she said as she snapped off several pictures of me sitting nude at my desk. She then replaced the camera in her briefcase and snapped it shut. "I wonít be gone that long," she said as she rose to her feet. Her mood suddenly brightened again as she looked down on my nude body. "God, this is exciting, isn't it?" she said like a giddy schoolgirl. "Iím so glad I found that video."

I watched helplessly as my boss walked away with the last of my clothing and disappeared through the exit into the hallway beyond. I found myself sitting very naked and very alone in my office in the middle of a work day.

Ten minutes had passed since Tess left the office with the last of my clothing and with each minute the intensity of being nude in my own office had only increased. One of the things that Iíd discovered about myself since being forced into this new life of exhibitionism was that it was often the anticipation of being caught that was an even bigger turn on for me than actually being seen.

Perhaps the most intense moments of my Mariners game streak had been when I was still fully clothed but was going mad with anticipation knowing the time was rapidly approaching when I'd have to remove all of my clothing right there in the crowded stands. It was my naked walk through the quiet residential neighborhood and sneaking through the empty hallways of the school that I remembered more vividly and intensely than all those eyes staring at my nude body after the bell rang. I guess itís the fear, excitement, and anticipation of knowing that, at any moment, I could be caught nude in a public place that was a bigger aphrodisiac for me than actually being seen. And right now that fear, excitement, and anticipation was driving me wild.

All my senses were at a heightened state, but since the cubicle walls limited my vision it was my sense of hearing that was the most acute. Sounds that I normally wouldnít have noticed before were amplified now: the whirring of the CPU fan; a cough from a nearby cubicle; the low murmur of a conversation between co-workers. Most of all, I listened for the sound of footsteps heading in my direction.

As I squirmed nervously in my chair I couldnít keep my fingers from roaming across my bare skin. I knew I could easily bring myself to another orgasm despite having just done so in Tessí office, but the memory of being caught by the old woman on the walk to the school discouraged that thought. As bad as being caught naked in my office would be, being caught naked and masturbating would be infinitely worse. As much as I wanted to bring myself off I had to settle for the occasional caress of a breast and the feel of my hand tracing a circular pattern across my inner thigh.

The clock on my computer screen seemed to tick away in slow motion but after twenty-five minutes I began thinking I might just make it through this without being humiliated after all. Tess could return at any time now but, if anything, this made me even more nervous. After having made it this long, being caught near the end of the ordeal would somehow seem even more unfair.

It was at that moment that I heard footsteps approaching. For a few seconds I hoped that it signaled Tessí return but then I realized that they were coming from my left rather than from the direction that Tess would have entered the office. I stretched my neck high enough to see a mop of brown hair over the top of the cubicle walls heading my direction. It was Jeff again!

I slid out of my seat and onto my knees, looking around desperately for a place to hide. There was only the space beneath my desk but that wouldn't keep me hidden. With nothing else to do, I quickly crawled on my hands and knees out of my cubicle and into the unoccupied adjacent cubicle on my right, hoping that Jeff wouldnít think of looking for me there. As I heard Jeff approach I remained motionless, still on my hands and knees with my butt pointing out toward the cubicle entrance. Not exactly a position I wanted to be caught in but I didnít dare move another inch.

"Laurie?" Jeff called out in a confused tone. Did he see me crawl into this cubicle or was he confused over the fact that I wasn't in my cubicle like he'd expected? Was he staring at me right now -- naked and on my hands and knees - over the top of the cubicle wall? I didnít dare look up to see. If he found me like this I think Iíd just die. Please, please go away, Jeff.

I held my breath until I finally heard the footsteps shuffle away. Thank God! Moments later I heard new footsteps approaching from the opposite direction and I remained frozen. Oh please, let this be Tess with my clothes! I nearly had a heart attack when I heard the male voice behind me.

"Laurie?" Another confused male voice called out my name, but this time it wasnít Jeffís. I looked back over my shoulder at the man standing behind me. It was sales rep Bill Teller and this was his cubicle. I remembered thinking earlier how fortunate it was that he was rarely in the office. Well, he was here now and I was giving him the view of a lifetime.

I wheeled around on the carpet to face him, one arm going up to cover my breasts while covering my pussy with the other hand. Bill was staring down at me with a look of surprise and wonderment on his face, as if he'd just found a diamond ring in his box of crackerjacks. "Damn, Iím going to have to start coming into the office more often," he said with a leer.

Another set of footsteps approached and I heard Jeffís voice again. "Hey Bill, you havenít seen Laurie have you?"

"Oh yeah, Iíve seen her," he smirked. "Iíve seen all of her, in fact."

Jeffís shocked face appeared above me. "Jesus, Laurie, what in the hell are you doing?"

Oh God, I couldnít believe this was happening to me again! What could I possibly say? I had no idea what to do or where to go, but I just knew I couldnít stay here. I got to my feet and bolted past the two men, tears streaming down my cheeks. Heads popped up above cubicle walls as I ran through the office toward the exit. I shoved the door open and ran through the hallway, past the elevator, and into the stairwell that descended nine stories to the buildingís exit.

Part IV

The tears flowed freely as I sat naked in the empty stairwell between the fifth and sixth floor of my office building. Thatís as far as I made it before I realized that I couldnít leave the building even if I wanted to -- I had no clothes and my car keys were still in my purse in the office! All of the emotions that Iíd been bottling up inside for so long came rushing to the surface and I cried like I hadnít cried in years. I didnít really care anymore if someone entered the stairwell and found me there. Everyone gets to see me naked anyway, so why not? I should just stop wearing clothes altogether. At least that would strip Megan and Tess of their power over me. They couldnít force me to take off what I wasnít wearing in the first place.

As I cried I thought about just how different my life had become. A year ago you could barely get me to the beach even in a one-piece bathing suit and now here I was naked in a 12-story office building. And until just a few months ago only one person had ever seen me naked as an adult. How many was it now? Tens of thousands? I didnít even want to think about how many people had seen that streaking video on the internet. If my boss found it, how long would it be before my family finds out about it?

I thought about my old life and wondered whether I would, if given the chance, go back to being that shy, self-conscious fatty if it meant that no one would ever want to force me to get naked in public. Even as crazy as my life is now I donít think Iíd want to trade it for my old life. But why couldnít there be some middle ground? Why did it have to be a choice between being fat and ignored or a slim, naked little puppet? Why couldnít I just be an attractive woman with a normal life instead of being preyed upon by perverts like Tess and Megan?

The sobs began to subside as I finally cried myself out. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and tried to clear my mind. There was nothing left for me now but to confront my situation and deal with it.

I just couldnít bear the thought of facing my coworkers again -- especially still in the nude! -- but my keys were in my purse and my purse was on my desk. I had no choice but to go back up there and get it. My mom had always told me that a person could only avoid unpleasant realities for so long before it was best to just face them head on. Somehow I doubt she ever imagined this particular unpleasant reality, though. At least maybe Tess would be back now with my clothes and I might be spared the humiliation of walking out of the building naked.

It took me a couple of minutes to work up the courage to get moving, but I finally convinced myself that this wasnít going to get any easier the longer I waited. I wiped the last of the tears from my eyes and began slowly climbing the stairs.

After reaching the ninth floor landing I pushed the door open slightly and poked my head into the corridor. The hallway leading back to the office entrance was empty and I stepped through the door and began walking quickly. I was determined now to get this over with as quickly as possible and I only paused momentarily to take a deep breath before I opened the door and stepped back into the advertising agency where I worked.

Everyone in the office was standing together talking -- undoubtedly about me -- and their heads swiveled in my direction as I entered. My face burned with embarrassment as I walked around the perimeter of the office to my cubicle. When I reached my desk the purse was nowhere to be found! I desperately searched through the drawers and beneath the desk but it was gone. Now what?

"Hey, Laurie." I tried to cover myself as best I could as I turned to see Jeff standing behind me.

"Whereís my purse, Jeff? Did you guys hide it? Ha ha, funny joke."

"We gave it to Mrs. Henderson. We didnít know if you were coming back or not."

"Is she back in her office?"

"Yeah, she told us to make sure you came to her office if you returned."

"I bet you guys all think Iím nuts, huh?"

"Weíre all supportive of you, Laurie. Mrs. Henderson told us you had some Ďissuesí that you needed to work out."

"Issues? What issues?" I asked. The only issues I needed to work out were named Tess and Megan.

"Youíd better go talk to Mrs. Henderson," Jeff said. "But you donít have to worry about being fired. I talked her out of it."

I laughed bitterly when I heard this. I'll bet that didnít take a lot of arm twisting, I thought. She probably wouldnít let me quit if I wanted to - and I do. Jeffís a nice guy though, and I didnít want to be any ruder to him than I already had today. "Thanks Jeff," I said. "I appreciate it."

I began walking toward Tessí office fully aware that all eyes were on me. It's impossible to describe just how bizarre and surreal it feels to be walking nude through your place of employment. The only thing weirder would be to be naked in school. But, oh wait, I'd been forced to do that too, hadn't I? What's next? Naked in church?

I knocked on Tess' office door and stuck my head inside. She was sitting behind her desk and waved me in. I shut the door behind me, walked across the office and stood in front of her desk glowering down at her. She just burst out laughing.

"God, that didnít go well, did it?" Tess said. "What happened?"

"What the hell do you think happened? Some psycho bitch left me naked out there!"

"Well this Ďpsycho bitchí didnít expect my little bookkeeper to end up on all fours in Bill Tellerís cubicle. You just made his life," she laughed.

"Iím glad you think this is so funny."

"Iím sorry. I didnít expect Bill in until later today or I wouldnít have left you there naked. Heíll probably be worthless to me now as a sales rep since I doubt Iíll ever get him out of his cubicle and into the field again. He wants me to make you work in the nude all the time."

"Youíd love to, I bet."

"Oh, I would, but thatís not going to happen. The legal issues alone would scuttle that idea, not to mention the loss of productivity in the office. I think weíll need to treat this as an aberration by a young woman with personal issues to deal with."

"What issues? What the hell did you tell everyone anyway?"

"Just that Iíd discovered your streaking video and confronted you about it. You thought you were probably going to be fired so you must have decided to indulge in another exhibitionist fantasy -- being naked at work -- before you left."

"You told them that? God, you made me sound like a total nut!"

"Well, donít worry. I let Jeff talk me out of firing you. Heís such an earnest young man."

"Iím going to quit anyway. Thereís no way in hell I can keep working here."

"Youíre not going anywhere, Laurie. Bookkeepers are a dime a dozen but youíve become much too valuable for me to let go."

"I thought you said you werenít going to be able to force me to get naked anymore?"

Tess shook her head. "Just here at work. I can think of lots of other places to show you off, though, and I want to keep you close where I can keep an eye on you."

"No way!" I said, determined to make stand. "One of you people controlling my life is enough. Iím not going to allow another one to do it."

"Have you forgotten about what will happen if I tell Megan that youíve told me everything?"

"Go ahead and tell her," I said. "I donít care anymore."

Without a word Tess pulled a slip of paper out of her desk drawer and started dialing a number. She turned on the speaker phone and I heard a phone ringing on the other end. Sheís bluffing, I thought. If she tells Megan she loses any control over me she thinks she has. A womanís voice came on the line. "Megan Danielson." I think all the blood drained out of my face as I heard Meganís familiar voice. I began desperately shaking my head at Tess and silently pleading to her with my eyes.

"Iím sorry, I think I dialed a wrong number," Tess said and clicked the line dead. She smiled at me for a few moments, then silently unlocked her desk drawer and placed my clothes on the desk.

"Take the rest of the week off, Laurie. Try and relax and get your head back together. Iíll expect you back to work first thing on Monday morning."