The Bad Cop
by Seahawk

I could feel my heart beating rapidly as I spotted the freeway exit Iíd been instructed to take. Friday afternoon traffic into Seattle had been even heavier than usual but Iíd left early knowing the potential consequences if I showed up at the meeting spot late. I silently cursed myself again for having gotten into this situation as I put on my turn signal. At the top of the exit ramp, instead of taking a left turn that crossed over the freeway and into suburbia I turned right onto a dead-end gravel road and drove a short distance to a heavily wooded dead end just out of sight of the freeway. I saw her standing by a black SUV parked there. I pulled in beside it, turned off the engine, and took a deep breath to calm my nerves as I got out.

"You made it, Laurie," she said with a broad smile. "I was worried you might get stuck in traffic." I managed a weak smile in return. The womanís name was Megan Danielson and despite the smile she had the intense, confident look of someone used to being in charge. I would have known instinctively that she was a woman not to be messed with even if I hadnít already known she was a cop. Unlike the first time Iíd met her though she was wearing street clothes rather than a uniform.

"Are you ready to do this?" she asked.

"I guess so," I replied.

"Good. Go ahead and get undressed."

"Now? Right here? I thought I wouldnít need to get naked until, you know, until it was time."

Megan shook her head. "Iíll be driving you to where weíre going. You wonít be needing your clothes for awhile."

"Yeah, but why canít I take them off when I get there?"

Megan spoke sharply now. "Listen you want to get this thing behind you donít you?" I nodded. "Then youíre going to have to do what I tell you to do for the next couple of hours. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I said quietly, biting my lip. This was already more than Iíd bargained for.

"Good," she said. "Now take off your clothes; every stitch. Put them in your car and lock it up. Be sure to stash the key somewhere where you can find it later." She looked down at my feet. "Youíll need your shoes."

I slowly began unbuttoning my blouse and thought back to that night a week ago that had gotten me into this mess.

Birthday Girl

The thumping bass of the live band reverberated through the walls of the ladiesí room as I stood in front of the large mirror. I could barely believe it was the same person that Iíd seen staring back at me from mirrors for most of my life.

"She has such a pretty face, if only she lost a few pounds." Those were words Iíd heard all of my life. Iíd been overweight ever since I can remember. Baby fat had turned into adolescent fat which turned into adult fat. "Itís just your metabolism" my mom told me and looking at her it sure seemed that being overweight was my genetic fate. Everyone in my family was big and I was no exception. Of course my momís cooking may have had something to do with it as well. There were always plenty of delicious carbohydrate rich pastas, soups, and breads at our dining table and my willpower rarely exceeded my desire to eat. Iíd always been self-conscious about my body and dreaded being seen in even a one-piece bathing suit on trips to the pool or the beach. Wearing a bikini was totally out of the question.

The one constant that Iíd always had in my life was Mark. Weíd known each other since grade school and began dating our sophomore year. Mark never seemed to be bothered at all about my weight and he made me feel comfortable when I was around him. He was one of those guys who stayed about ten pounds overweight no matter how much or how little he ate so he never bothered at all with diets. Me, I was always on some sort of diet or another. Iíd lose five or ten pounds only to gain them back seemingly overnight as soon as I deviated from them. He used to laugh at my constant dieting and told me heíd always love me no matter what I looked like.

After graduating from college we moved in together, much to the disapproval of my family. They wanted us to get married and, the truth be told, thatís what I wanted too. But Mark had said he wasnít ready for marriage yet and so I agreed to move in with him. At first I tried to continue my various attempts at dieting but Mark always had to have pizza, chips, beer, and other junk food around the house so I was fighting a losing battle. After awhile I gave up any pretenses of dieting and we settled into a comfortable existence together. Our nights usually involved watching DVDs, playing video games, or going out to party with friends. We continued to talk about marriage and I always assumed that my future would include Mark and a big loving family full of chubby little children.

But something happened on the journey to what I saw as my inevitable future... I kept gaining weight while Mark stayed the same. My extra twenty pounds turned to thirty, then forty, then fifty. Markís girth, by contrast, stayed the same no matter what he ate. By our third year living together all of my body shame had returned in full force and I could barely stand to look at myself in a mirror. The difference now though was that Mark no longer joked off my concerns. I once again began a series of diets but with Markís junk food constantly around the house it was a hopeless effort.

Then came the day when all my dreams of the future came crashing down. "Laurie, we need to talk," Mark had said and in my heart I knew what was coming. After stuttering for awhile about how much he cared for me I finally blurted out, "just say it, Mark."

"Okay. Um, Iíve met someone, Laurie." Even though Iíd suspected something was going on it still hit me like a body blow. "Itís not that I donít love you Laurie, but youíve, well, youíve just gotten too fat. I never thought it would bother me, but it does." Through the tears I slowly began packing up my belongings, determined not to spend another night in the house with the man I thought Iíd be spending the rest of my life with. As I walked out the door I knew that my best chance for love was gone.

The next month was a blur as a moved into a small apartment and lost myself in the only things left that comforted me... food and alcohol. I took a job doing bookkeeping for a painting contractor that allowed me to work from home. I spent my days with TV soap operas on in the background and my nights wallowing in food, booze, and self-pity.

Then one day I turned on Country Music Television for background music for a change of pace, even though I wasnít a big fan of country music. The videos were filled with beautiful women in tight jeans and I wondered what it would be like to be one of those women for even a day. For some reason the words Iíd heard so often, "she has a pretty face if sheíd only lose a few pounds" came into my head and I walked to a mirror. For the first time in a long time I really looked closely at my face and I realized that the pretty face was still there although it was connected to a body I hated. It struck me that I was still a young woman and I could become one of those slim, attractive women in tight jeans if I could only summon up the willpower to do it. For some reason that image, unlike the many other times Iíd wanted to lose weight, stuck in my mind and never left. For the first time in my life I was determined to be that woman and nothing would divert me from my goal.

The Girl In The Mirror

Nearly a year later I found myself in front of that bar bathroom mirror looking at the woman Iíd dreamed of becoming so long ago. I turned back and forth examining myself in the mirror and especially loved the view of my breasts in profile to my body. Although Iíd always had fairly good sized breasts Iíd never really thought of myself as having great boobs until I saw how they hung over a flat stomach. The difference was remarkable and Iíd made sure that they were accentuated tonight with a white tank top that displayed just enough cleavage to keep guys wishing they could see more. And those tight jeans Iíd seen on those country music women were now displaying my own firm ass. My straight black hair that Iíd always kept chopped short now spilled down over my shoulders. I could barely believe that was me staring back in the mirror.

The change in my body wasnít a miracle, just a lot of hard work. Iíd thrown out the fad diets and simply went back to the basics: I ate less and exercised more. It was as simple as that and slowly but surely the weight began coming off and the muscles started firming. The long hours in the gym had all been worth it as I took another turn in the mirror and laughed giddily. The door opened at that moment as two women entered the restroom and I blushed at being caught in such a narcissistic moment.

As I walked out of the restroom into the bar I could feel the eyes of the men nearby following me as I returned to the table to join my friends and co-workers. Iíd given up the lonely life of working at home several months before and with my newfound self-confidence had landed a much better job as an accountant at an advertising agency. "Happy Birthday, Laurie!" I heard my friends shout. I looked down at the tray of shots that had been placed on the table and rolled my eyes. "Just one," I said with a laugh and quickly downed it as a toast was made in honor of my 25th birthday.

Moments later I saw him walk in. It was Mark with the slut heíd left me for. I hadnít seen him since Iíd left him but it was no coincidence that I ran into him tonight. When my friends had asked me where I wanted to celebrate my birthday Iíd purposely chosen one of Markís favorite hangouts hoping he would show up. I have to admit that I was more than a little happy to see that the tramp he was with had packed on a few pounds herself since the last time Iíd seen her.

"Hey Laurie, letís dance," I heard Jeff, one of my co-workers, ask me. "Sure!" I grabbed Jeffís hand and made sure to drag him past the table Mark had taken nearby. As I walked by I saw him take a double take and thought his jaw was going to hit the table. I couldnít suppress a smile as I walked past. I could practically feel his eyes boring into my back as I walked onto the dance floor.

I made sure Jeff kept me out dancing long enough to work up enough of a sweat to make my tank top cling to my body and then walked past Mark again on my way back to the table. "Laurie!" he shouted at me over the music. I just smiled and flipped him the finger as I walked on past. Iíd made the point Iíd wanted to make. I had no desire to talk to him now or ever again.

I groaned as I saw another round of shots on the table but by this time I was feeling too good to stop partying.

This was my night.

Flashing Lights In The Mirror

I was still feeling sky high on the drive home when it all came crashing down. As I saw the flashing blue and red lights in my rearview mirror I thought back to all the rounds of beers and shots and knew I was totally screwed. My friends had tried to talk me out of driving home but Iíd assured them that I lived nearby and wouldnít have any trouble getting home. I put on my turn signal and pulled over to the side of the road as I began rehearsing what I was going to say, hoping I wouldnít slur my words.

As the officer walked up to my window I could see it was woman. So much for any thoughts of using charm and sex appeal to talk my way out of this. I rolled down the window and began my spiel. "Hello officer, is there a problem?" Pretty good I thought. Not slurring too badly.

"License and registration please," she said curtly. "Yes, maíam," I said and handed them to her. A quick glance at her nametag revealed her name: Officer Megan Danielson. She had an attractive face framed by short dark brown hair. Probably a dyke, I thought but then forced myself back to concentrating on what I would say next. A second police car with flashing lights pulled in front of me and I saw a male officer get out with a flashlight. Iím screwed, I thought to myself again.

"Can you step out of the car please," I heard the female officer say.

"Is there a problem?" I asked again.

"Yes, maíam you were weaving. Please step out." I opened the door and carefully got out trying mightily not to stagger or fall as I did.

"Have you been drinking tonight?"

I sighed knowing she could probably smell it on me. "Yes, Iíve had a couple of drinks. Itís my birthday tonight."

"Yes, I saw that from your driverís license. Weíre going to administer a roadside sobriety test. Do you understand what this means?"

I nodded and forced myself to focus.

"I want you to start out by reciting the alphabet for me."

I closed my eyes and began: "A-B-C-D-F-E-G-H-I-K-J-N-M-L-O-P...

"Thatís okay, Iíve heard enough. Weíre going to take you in for a breathalyzer test, maíam. Please turn around and place your hands behind your back."

Oh, God, I thought. Iím going to jail. I gasped as I felt the cold steel from the handcuffs placed on my wrists. "Is this really necessary?" I asked.

"Itís standard procedure," she replied as she led me to her car, opened up the rear door and placed me in the back seat. The door slammed shut and I watched her walk back to talk to the male officer standing in front of my car. The tears began streaming down my cheeks as my magical night had suddenly become a nightmare. After what seemed like forever the female officer finally returned to the car.† Instead of getting into the driverís seat though she opened up the rear door and slid in next to me in the back seat.

"We both know youíre not going to pass that breathalyzer test, donít we?" she said to me. I just nodded as the tears flowed again. Her voice softened. "Thanks for being honest with me. Since itís your birthday tonight I might be willing to offer you a deal." I looked up quickly, almost hoping beyond hope that I might be able to get out of this somehow. "Wh-what kind of deal?" I blubbered.

"There are two ways this can go, Laurie. Youíre done driving tonight but I can either drive you home or I can drive you down to the station. If we go to the station youíll be booked on a DUI and spend at least 24 hours in jail. Itíll cost you at least $4000 in lawyers and fines and youíll lose your license for a year." She let that sink in for a minute before continuing. "What Iím doing now can get me into trouble so you need to promise me that this conversation will remain confidential. If you tell anyone about this Iíll deny it and Iíll make your life a living hell. Do you understand?" I nodded, willing at this point to listen to just about anything that might get me out of this mess.

"Okay, this is the deal. Weíve got some friends coming into town next week from Boston. Theyíre police officers with the Boston PD. Weíre throwing them a party and, as a joke, we need someone to streak the party. If you agree to do it Iíll let you go."

I looked at her uncomprehendingly. "Streak?† You mean naked?" I asked.

She laughed. "Yes, naked. Thatís what streaking means. Donít worry, it wonít last long and you wonít be forced to screw anyone or anything like that. We just need a pretty girl to get naked for a couple of minutes. If youíre willing to do it Iíll drive you home now and youíll be off the hook. If not weíll head for the station and if you open your mouth about this youíll wish you hadnít."

Even with my new body I was mortified by the thought of being naked in front of a bunch of people. "C-can I think about this?"

"Sure," she replied. "For about 30 seconds. Then Iím going to get into the front seat and drive you down to the station to be booked."

I was stunned by the suggestion but the alternative seemed much worse. "Iíll just have to streak? I wonít have to do anything else?" She nodded.† "Okay," I heard myself say, a little shocked that Iíd just agreed to something like this.† But what choice did I have?† I couldnít afford a DUI and I had no idea how I could live without my car for a year.

The cop moved in close to me and stared into my eyes. "You need to understand, Laurie, that if you agree to do this you canít back out later. If you try youíll regret it, I can promise you that. Are you sure youíre willing to do this?"

I nodded.† "Yes, Iíll do it." Even in my inebriated state though I had the gnawing feeling that I was making a big mistake.

"Good girl. Now letís get you home. Make sure you have your schedule cleared for next Friday night and Iíll be in touch."

The Naked Ride

Less than a week later I found myself riding naked through rush hour traffic towards downtown Seattle. This wasnít part of the deal, I kept thinking to myself; I was just supposed to streak a party for a couple of minutes! I didnít say that out loud, of course... I was miles from my clothes now and completely at Megan's mercy.

I was seated in the back seat of the SUV and the rear windows were tinted so I guess I was thankful for that anyway. I could see Megan glancing back at me in the rearview mirror every so often and at first I kept my hands covering my breasts, but that didnít last long.

"One of the ground rules tonight Laurie is no covering up. Let anyone who wants to look get a good show. Put your arms down at your sides and leave them there." I complied of course. What else could I do? I was in no position to argue with someone who could potentially put me out naked by the side of the freeway if I pissed her off.

"Can I ask where weíre going?"

"Youíll see," she said with a smile and I canít say I was comforted by that. We picked up speed as we crossed Lake Washington on the I-90 bridge and downtown Seattle began looming closer. During the week Iíd nervously pictured myself running naked through some private home out by where I lived but now I was starting to wonder if this party was going to be in a bar or a hotel somewhere downtown. I could feel my anxiety rising at that prospect and with it came an unwanted wave of arousal at the feeling of being so utterly exposed and vulnerable. I looked down and could see my nipples hardening and saw Megan smiling in the mirror as she noticed too. "I think youíre going to enjoy this more than youíll admit," she said. I stifled the urge to cover my breasts and took a deep breath in an effort to calm myself.

My anxiety rose another notch as Megan took an exit ramp off the freeway and, after driving for about a mile, pulled into a bar parking lot. Visions of running nude through the bar flooded into my mind I began to squirm in my seat at the thought. "Is this it?" I asked. Megan turned and shook her head.

"Nope. Weíre just going to pick someone up. But maybe youíd like to streak the bar as a warm-up? It might make it a little easier when you have to do it later. What do you think?"

"No, thatís okay. Once is more than enough."

"Suit yourself," she replied as the front passenger side door opened and a man slid into the front seat with Megan. I immediately recognized him as the other cop from last week and he leaned over to kiss Megan. Maybe sheís not a lesbian after all, I thought. The guy turned around and looked me up and down. I felt the urge to cover myself but remembered Meganís warning. "Nice," he said.

"Eyes front sailor," Megan smirked and then turned to me. "This is Dave. I think you might remember him?" I nodded. "Good."

"So how are the Boston boys?" Megan asked Dave.

"Theyíre getting shitfaced, of course," he said and then turned and gave me a wink. "I think theyíll get a kick out of this though."

"Well just make sure they stay sober enough to enjoy it," Megan said. She looked at me in the rearview mirror as she put the car into gear again.†† "Not too much farther to go, dear."

The SUV pulled out of the parking lot and began moving again toward the city center.† The deeper we went into downtown Seattle the more unsettled I became. "Why is there so much traffic tonight?" I asked nervously.

"Thereís a Mariners game tonight," Dave answered. "Theyíre playing the Boston Red Sox. Should be a big crowd."

Up ahead in the distance I could see Seattleís two major sports stadiums side-by-side: Qwest Field, the home of the NFLís Seattle Seahawks, and Safeco Field, where the Seattle Mariners played major league baseball.† As we approached Safeco, Megan turned onto the street that ran past the entrance gates and then stopped in the heavy traffic in front of it. Dave opened the door and jumped out.

"Iíll go get the Boston boys settled in. Iíll see you soon."† He looked back at me.† "And weíll see you soon too, Laurie," he said with a grin as he slammed the door and headed towards one of the gates. By now, as you can guess, I was about ready to jump out of my very naked skin.

"Whatís going on, Megan?"

"Well, right now weíre going to find a parking spot."

"No, I mean where in the hell are you expecting me to streak?"

"Weíll talk about that in just a minute, dear. Be patient or Iíll let you out here to walk along side the car to our parking spot."

My panic was rising rapidly as Megan snaked her way through traffic and pulled into the entrance of a nearby parking lot. I tried to burrow down as deeply into the seat as I dared as she rolled down her window and handed a $10 bill to the parking lot attendant. Amazingly the guy didnít see me in the back seat as we pulled into the lot. Megan backed into a parking spot at the rear of the lot and turned off the engine. I watched as she climbed out the front door and then walked around and opened the rear door opposite mine and scooted in next to me.

"Okay, I think itís time to tell you the plan," she said.

"Megan, what are we doing here? Where in the hell are you expecting me to streak?"

"Where do you think?"


"No, silly. In the ballpark of course."

I couldnít believe what I was hearing. "You mean you guys have a private suite or something in there?"

"No, hon, weíre just poor cops. We canít afford luxury suites. Weíll be sitting in the stands."

By then my heart was beating so hard I thought it would explode from my chest. "Y-you expect me to streak in the stands?"

"No, dear. We expect you to streak on the field."

"What?!" I exploded. "I didnít agree to that! You said Iíd be streaking a private party for some cops, not in front of 30,000 people!"

"Actually theyíre expecting more than 45,000 tonight. And I never said anything about the party being private. Our friends from Boston are big Red Sox fans and weíll be partying with them in the stands. We thought weíd throw in a little surprise for them."

"No, fucking way! I didnít agree to anything like this!"

"YES YOU DID!" she screamed and I was taken back by her sudden anger. "And youíre NOT going to back out now. Trust me, girl, Iím the last person you want to fuck with!"

I could barely breathe. "No, Megan, please. I canít do this. This is too much. Take me in for drunk driving if you want but I just canít do this."

Meganís voice became measured and firm now. "I canít very well take you in now for drunk driving when youíre not drunk and not driving can I?† No, you agreed to do this and youíre damn sure going to do it. There are going to be a dozen cops sitting with me in the stands and by God Iíll make sure every one of them makes your life a living hell if you donít. Not only will I lock you out of this car naked right here and now but the next time you get pulled over you wonít be busted for just a DUI."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"What I mean is that I might just find some drugs in your car."

I gasped as the full impact of the situation I was in hit me. I really thought I was going to be ill and began to hyperventilate. Megan sat quietly for a minute waiting for me to calm down. Finally she spoke again in a softer voice. "Listen Laurie it wonít be that bad. Itíll be over in a minute or two and then Iíll never bother you again."

"But wonít I get arrested?"

"Of course. Thereís nothing we can do to prevent that, but itíll only be a slap on the wrist. Youíll probably just be charged with misdemeanor trespassing and indecent exposure. It wonít be more than a few hundred dollar fine and Iíll even pay that for you. If you do good I may even try to pull some strings and get the charges dropped. Iíve got a lot of friends in the DAís office. At worst youíre exchanging a DUI for a couple of minor charges."

"But itís going to be humiliating!"

"Yeah, it probably will be. But why not have fun with it? I can tell youíre a little turned on by the idea."

I leaned back against the door desperately thinking about how I could get out of this, but I knew I was trapped. That, of course, had been her plan all along. She had deliberately withheld the true nature of what Iíd be doing knowing I might prefer to be arrested for drunk driving instead. She then forced me to get naked for the trip into town leaving me with no easy way out without being humiliated anyway. If I refused now she could simply leave me stranded naked in downtown Seattle. Even if I managed to get out of here somehow I was still faced with the prospect of having a vengeful dirty cop out to get me. My head began spinning as I came to the realization that I might actually have to go through with what she wanted, as unimaginable as that seemed. I looked down at my nude body. "I... I canít just walk in there like this can I?"

Megan smiled, knowing she had won.† "Of course not."† She reached behind the seat and pulled out a small duffel bag removing a pair of cloth shorts and a Mariners t-shirt. "Put these on and weíll head for the game."

It was about three blocks to the stadium but I barely remembered making the walk. I think I was in a state of shock. If the crowd outside the ballpark was any indication the stadium was going to be packed. And they were all going to see me naked.

Into The Stadium

Megan handed me a ticket as we passed through the gate and headed up a nearby escalator. "Thatís a prime ticket, girl. Youíre going to be in the front row." I could tell the sadistic bitch was getting a big kick out of this. As we walked through the crowded concession area I could see the baseball diamond below us and almost felt sick again knowing I would soon be running naked on it. Megan pointed at the aisle I was to go down. "Your seat is in the front row right next to the field near the Red Sox dugout." She pulled me aside and lowered her voice to make sure no one around us could hear.

"Okay, hereís the plan, Laurie. Go down to your seat and enjoy the game for awhile. You wonít be doing your thing until after the crowd sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch. There are security people surrounding the field between innings so make sure you wait until after the action starts again. I want to make sure everyone is in their seats and looking at the field anyway," she laughed. "You can do it anytime during the bottom of the seventh but make sure youíre on the field naked before the final out."

She looked around again to make sure no one was listening in.†† "Once you start stripping youíll need to do it fast and get moving. You canít hesitate or youíll be caught.† And I donít want to see you running around the edge of the field either. It will be too hard for a lot of people in the stands to see you. I want you running straight out towards centerfield."

She looked down at my feet. "Iíve been going back and forth about whether to let you wear your shoes. Youíd be able to run better but I like the idea of you being totally naked. Leave the shoes behind, too."

I listened numbly not believing this was really happening to me. I began wishing that I was still that fat girl from a year ago. I seriously doubted that Megan or anyone else would have asked me to run around naked back then.

"And I donít want to see you trying to cover up either," she continued. "Give the crowd a good show. And if you get caught before you make it onto the field youíll still owe me a streak and Iíll make damn sure the next one is even worse. If you donít try at all... well, you know whatís going to happen."

"Now Iíll be sitting with my friends in the next section over. Itíll be close enough that Iíll be able to keep an eye on you so donít even think about trying to sneak out." She looked down on the field and then back at me. "Give me a good minute or two out there before youíre caught by security and weíll call it square. Any less than that and I may need to get you naked again somewhere else." With that she slapped me on the butt. "Donít let me down girl."


I settled into my seat just as the Mariners ran onto the field to begin the game. I was right in the front row next to the aisle about thirty feet or so from the third base bag. To my right I could see the Red Sox players milling in their dugout about twenty feet away and between the dugout and my seat was a spot reserved for professional photographers.† Four of them were there with expensive camera gear set up to photograph the game. Just fucking great, I thought.

Mark had been a big Mariners fan so Iíd been to the ballpark with him a few times before, but weíd always sat much higher in the stands in the nosebleed sections. It wouldíve been fun to sit this close to the field under different circumstances but tonight I knew I wouldnít be enjoying it. I looked up at the sky and saw that the retractable roof was open without a cloud in sight in the evening sky. No chance of a rainout, I thought miserably.

I heard the crowd cheer as pitcher Jamie Moyer threw a strike to start the game. The stadium was definitely packed. The Mariners were having a bad season but the Red Sox were a big enough draw to bring out a full house tonight. I began to look at the route Megan had ordered me to take and saw it would be easy to jump onto the field from where I was sitting. She had obviously planned this well. The hard part would be stripping off my clothes and getting started and I had no idea if Iíd really be able to go through with it when the time came. Iím not sure what I feared more, being able to do it or not being able to do it. I couldnít bear the thought of the consequences of either choice.

The crack of the bat interrupted my thoughts as I saw the ball being driven deep into left field and over the fence. There was a mixture of groans and cheers as a surprising number of Red Sox fans in the crowd stood to cheer as Manny Ramirez circled the bases. 1-0 Boston. I looked around to see if I could spot Megan and her buddies and found them about 30 rows back in the next section over. Next to Megan and Dave were a couple of guys in Red Sox jerseys. Must be the Boston boys, I thought. Enjoy the show you bastards. Megan spotted me looking her direction and gave me a wink.

The inning ended and I watched as the security people came out to ring the field. They werenít a terribly formidable looking bunch and included some middle-aged men and women. They were dressed in the same shirts as the ushers and it looked more like a formality than actual security meant to keep people off the field. The only exceptions were the two uniformed cops - one stationed in each dugout. The cop nearest to me took up a position in front of the Red Sox dugout about twenty feet away from where I was sitting and he didnít look like he would win any sprinting medals either. As Ichiro Suzuki stepped up to the plate to begin the bottom of the first inning the cop stepped back into the Boston dugout and began joking with the players. The security people all disappeared to positions well away from where I was sitting. By the looks of the "security" Iíd be halfway out to centerfield before anyone even reacted.

I knew now that there was really nothing to prevent me from taking off my clothes and running across the field if thatís what had to happen. As much as I wanted to just flip Megan off and leave the ballpark right now I knew in my gut that she wouldnít hesitate to follow through on her threats. For a moment I contemplated just going home, packing up my stuff and moving to someplace far away. But this was where all my friends and family were. This was my home. Iíd never wanted to live anywhere else. It was at this moment that I knew that I had to do it. I had to run naked on the field in front of 45,000 people. This realization sent a fresh wave of nervous energy through my body mixed with undeniable feelings of arousal. I could feel myself getting wet and out of the corner of my eye I caught the guy sitting next to me looking down at my breasts before quickly glancing away. I looked down and could see that my hard nipples were noticeably pushing out the thin cloth of the t-shirt Iíd been given to wear. I tried to relax but as each pitch led me closer to my destiny my feelings of anxiety and arousal only increased.

By the end of the third inning a new urge came over me -- the need to pee. I could feel eyes on me as I made my way up the aisle knowing I was still on high beam and obviously wearing nothing beneath this thin Mariners t-shirt. As I made my way through the concourse area toward the restroom the urge to sprint for the exit was almost irresistible, but somehow I managed to stay on course. After relieving myself I quickly washed my hands and splashed some water on my face in the vain hope it would help relax me. I could see the woman next to me looking disapprovingly at my outfit and for the first time I saw just how tightly the shorts and shirt clung to my body. I would have been embarrassed to death just wearing this to the game if I hadnít been so thankful to be wearing any clothes at all and so focused on the ultimate humiliation ahead of me. As I walked out of the restroom into the concourse Megan was waiting for me.

"Feeling better?" she asked. I nodded. "Good. I just wanted to make sure you didnít have any thoughts of bolting for the exit."

"I wasnít. I just had to go to the bathroom."

"Thatís fine. Now back to your seat. This should hold you until the seventh inning."

"Megan, isnít there anything else I can do besides this? Iím so scared and nervous I feel like Iím going to be sick."

"Nope. This is what youíre going to do." She looked down at my breasts. "It looks like youíre a lot more than just scared and nervous, girl. Youíre as horny as hell too arenít you?"

"I canít help this Megan. I hate it."

She laughed. "It looks like weíve found a submissive streak in you. Itís too bad Iíve promised to let you go after this. I could have some real fun with you."

"Megan you promised! If I do this youíve got to leave me alone."

"Oh, I will, as long as I donít catch you driving shitfaced again anyway. If that happens all bets are off. Now back to your seat. Donít disappoint me, little girl."

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I watched Raul Ibanez settle under the fly ball in left field to end the inning. The Mariners had tied the game 3-3 the previous inning but by that point I was pretty much oblivious to what was happening on the field. The top of the seventh had just ended and the mixture of panic, fear, anxiety and arousal pulsing through me was almost indescribable. Ever since Iíd made the decision earlier that I was going to have to do what Megan wanted Iíd felt like someone stranded on a boat that had reached the point of no return and was being swept helplessly downstream towards Niagara Falls.

The moment Iíd been dreading for the past couple of hours had arrived. Over the PA system the announcer said: "Ladies and gentleman please rise to your feet for the seventh inning stretch and join us in singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame!" I rose with the rest of the crowd but my legs felt as wobbly as a newborn calfís and I wondered for a moment if Iíd even be able to run when the time came. I looked back in the stands and saw Megan glaring at me with a "donít you dare fuck with me" look. As the song came to an end most of the crowd remained on their feet as "Louie, Louie" came blaring through the speakers. I slumped down onto my seat and used my toes to slide off first one shoe and then the other.† I looked around nervously as if this act would somehow give away what I was about to do. The rest of the crowd settled into their seats as security walked off of the field and the two cops wandered back into their respective dugouts.†† Ichiro was leading off the inning and he stepped up to the plate.

For the past couple of innings Iíd been contemplating on what order to strip off my clothes when this unthinkable moment arrived. Should I take my shirt off first and then the shorts or would it be less conspicuous to take my shorts off first? Iíd finally decided to start with the shorts but now that the time had come I felt paralyzed. I was unable to move as Ichiro swung at and missed the first pitch.† Strike one.

The idea of removing my clothes in this crowd seemed too much for my brain to wrap itself around. It was so contrary to my previous life as a shy, self-conscious fatty that there was no frame of reference to attach it to. It was as if Iíd been transported through time from a previous century and been told to drive the first car Iíd ever seen. The pitcher fired the second pitch and Ichiro watched it go by.† Strike two.

As I sat their immobilized I began to despair at the thought that I might have to incur Meganís wrath.†† At that moment Ichiro fouled the third pitch high up into the air and it drifted in the night sky toward my seat. The crowd around me rose to its feet at the chance to snag a foul ball and I quickly slid my shorts around my butt, down my legs and over my feet; then shoved them under the seat and pulled the t-shirt down as far as I could. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed but all eyes were riveted on the foul ball as the Red Sox third baseman drifted over to catch it only a few feet from where I was sitting.

One out, but now I was just a t-shirt away from being naked. The sensation of my bare ass on the hard plastic seat stirred another wave of arousal as I tugged the shirt down with both hands hoping no one would notice that I no longer had any shorts on. I watched as Randy Wynn, the next Marinersí batter, strolled up to the batterís box and promptly slapped the very first pitch at the second baseman who scooped it up and easily threw him out at first.

"That was too fast!" I wanted to scream. Two outs. Only one out left and if I didnít run out onto the field before the inning was over I knew Megan would use that as an excuse to continue harassing me. As Bret Boone stepped up to the plate I knew I couldnít wait any longer -- Boone could potentially go out on the very first pitch just like Wynn had done. I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer, then pulled the shirt over my head and let it drop to the ground. Heads swiveled in my direction and I could see the startled looks of those around me. I hesitated for a moment in my seat but I knew I couldnít delay.† I was committed now and had no choice but to get moving. I stood up, put my foot on the rail and jumped onto the field as naked as the day I was born.

The Streak

I stumbled briefly as I landed on the grass but gathered myself and began running past the third baseman towards centerfield. I couldnít believe I was doing this! I was really naked in front of 45,000 people! I heard the crowd roar and for a second I thought that Boone had hit the ball. I looked back quickly toward home plate and saw that the game had stopped and the players were all looking my direction. I was the reason for the crowdís reaction.

My breasts were bouncing uncomfortably as I ran and I held them briefly with my hands but then remembered Meganís warning not to cover myself and let them drop to my side again. I looked back over my shoulder and saw my jump on security wasn't as good as I'd hoped and the cop from the Red Sox dugout was already starting to close in on me. To my right I could see three more security people and the other uniformed cop running toward me from the first base side of the field. Since Iíd already humiliated myself beyond belief I decided that I was going to evade them as long as possible. I wasnít going to give Megan any excuses to continue harassing me.

Itís impossible to describe the feeling of suddenly being thrust out into the open as the nude object of attention of a stadium full of people. All of the nervousness and anxiety Iíd been experiencing leading up to this moment suddenly transformed into a surge of adrenaline. I guess itís probably like the rush a skydiver feels the first time he or she exits the relative safety of the airplane for a free fall through the atmosphere. Any worries about having the strength to run were unfounded as I sprinted easily through the outfield, the perfectly manicured grass providing a soft cushion for my bare feet.

I was approaching the Red Sox centerfielder now and he showed no sign of wanting to interfere with my progress as a grin spread across his face and his eyes pored over my body. By now I was sure my entire body was deep crimson with embarrassment and I managed a weak smile as I ran past. I hadnít really thought about what my path would be after reaching centerfield so now I was just winging it. It didnít look like Iíd be running unimpeded for much longer anyway. The security people coming from my right were closing in on me and I guessed that the cop behind me wasnít far back either. I could hear his heavy breathing behind me and felt a hand grasp my left shoulder just as the cop from the Mariners dugout closed in from my right and made a lunge towards me. Instinctively I cut to my right at that moment and heard the two cops go sprawling as they collided with each other. I then dodged the grasp of a security guard on my left as another one on my right dove at me and stumbled headfirst onto the ground. The crowd erupted in cheers as I burst into the open again like a broken field runner heading for a touchdown.

By now Iíd decided that Iíd put on more than enough of a show to please Megan. I wanted to get the hell out of here, but there was nowhere to go! The only obvious way off the field was to jump back over the short infield fence and run into the crowded stands, but that was the last place I wanted to be. I saw the answer as I sprinted back towards the infield -- the Mariners dugout. I knew these dugouts had doors that led back into the clubhouse beneath the stands and I decided that would be my goal. I had no illusions about evading security once there; I just wanted to get off of this field and out of sight.

I glanced quickly over my shoulder and saw I had enough of a spread on my pursuers to make it. The only thing between me and the dugout now were the Red Sox infielders and none of them showed any signs of wanting to stop me. I put my head down now in order to avoid the stare of all those eyes as I approached the stands again and watched as my bare feet pounded the turf in front of me. I stayed on the outfield grass just beyond the infield dirt as I passed by the first baseman. Only a few more seconds and Iíd be in the dugout and out of sight of the crowd. I was going to make it.

Just then I felt an arm reach across my stomach and grab my right hip, spinning me around. I stumbled backward for a couple of steps and then fell hard onto my butt in the grass between the first base line and the dugout. I sat there stunned for a moment and then looked up at the person who had prevented me from reaching my goal. It was the first base umpire. He jerked his thumb up into the air. "Youíre out!"

The Long Walk

As I sat in the grass gasping for breath the security guards ran up and surrounded me, breathing heavily from the chase. I caught one of the guys staring down between my legs at my pussy and I quickly slammed my knees together. I could see the perspiration on my bare skin glistening beneath the glare of the stadium lights. I was expecting someone to throw a jacket or something over me but then it occurred to me that none of them was wearing a jacket. It was too warm a night.

In the background I could see the two cops jogging towards me after having recovered from their centerfield collision and neither of them looking happy about having been made to look like Keystone Kops in front of this large crowd. The security guards parted to let them in and I saw the cop whoíd been stationed near my seat say something into the radio attached to his uniform collar, then motion with his head to one of the security people. "Get her on her feet," he said. A couple of hands grabbed my arms and hoisted me to my feet. "Turn around," he ordered. I turned away from him as told and gasped as he roughly pulled my arms behind my back.† For the second time in a week I felt cold metal handcuffs snap onto my wrists.

"At least you wonít need to frisk her," one of the security guards said and several others laughed.

"You guys get back to your posts and make sure no one else tries anything," the cop said. "The two of us will take her inside," he said, motioning to the other cop.

"Shouldnít we put something on her?" one of the female security guards said.

"Screw her," he growled. "If she wants to show off weíll let her show off."

The security guards began walking away leaving an unobstructed view now for those sitting in the stands just twenty feet away as I faced them handcuffed and nude. Cameras flashed as hoots and whistles rang in my ears. To my right the Mariners players were lining the edge of the dugout, obviously enjoying the show. If it was possible to die of shame I probably wouldíve keeled over right then and there.

Iíd been expecting the cops to take me through the dugout and into the clubhouse but instead they each grabbed an elbow, spun me to the left and started walking me out towards the outfield. In the distance I could see a section of the centerfield fence opening up exposing a corridor that led beneath the outfield stands. After thinking my nightmare was almost over I realized that it had just increased tenfold. They were planning on marching me nude and handcuffed through the outfield to this exit.

While Iíd been running my energy and attention had been diverted somewhat from my nudity and embarrassment by my focus on eluding my pursuers. Now as I walked through the outfield grass I was overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness, shame, and vulnerability. Worst of all, these feelings were causing an intense sexual arousal in me that began coursing through my body in waves. My breathing was getting heavier and it wasnít being caused now by exertion. I did all I could to suppress these feelings but they kept building until I knew there was no stopping what was about to happen. I closed my eyes and my head tilted back as my entire body began to shutter.† A loud guttural moan escaped from my lips.

My humiliation was now complete. Iíd just had the most intense orgasm of my life in front of 45,000 people.

Whatever adrenaline and energy Iíd felt before was now spent and my knees buckled beneath me. I would have fallen to the ground if the two cops hadnít been holding me up by my elbows.

"Jesus," I heard one of them say. "I think she just came."

"Yeah," the other one laughed. "Hard."

By now I just wanted to disappear from the face of the earth. I put my head down and shook my hair across my face in an attempt to gain the only small measure of modesty and anonymity I could manage at the moment. I barely noticed as I passed though the outfield fence and into the corridor beyond.

A Conspiracy Revealed

If Iíd thought my ordeal was going to be over once Iíd exited the field I was wrong. After being led to the stadiumís security office I was forced to stand nude and handcuffed while it seemed like every team and stadium employee in the building stopped by to get a look at the naked girl theyíd just hauled off the field. The two cops, obviously still pissed about having been made to look like fools in front of the large crowd, were in no mood to do me any favors and rebuffed any offers to cover me. It wasnít until the stadiumís chief of security finally arrived that he ordered someone to cover me up and a large Mariners beach towel was wrapped around me. I was plunked down in a chair in front of his desk still handcuffed while he kicked everyone but the two cops out of the office. The towel covered me from my breasts down to about mid-thigh and while sitting there being questioned I had to keep my legs closed to prevent giving him a Sharon Stone-like flash.

I knew better than to say anything about Megan so I made up a story about losing a bet. He obviously didnít believe my story but soon lost interest after seeing he wasnít going to get anything else out of me. I was taken to another office to have my picture taken and told I was permanently banned from the stadium. That was fine with me; I couldnít imagine wanting to show my face -- or anything else -- there ever again.

When they were finished with me the older of the two cops -- the guy Iíd nicknamed "Stache" in my head for the thick salt-and-pepper moustache he wore -- grabbed me by the arm and walked me out to the parking lot where his car was parked. After reaching the car he opened up the trunk and, without a word, pulled the Mariners towel off my body and threw it in the trunk. "My kid wants one of these," he said with a smirk and then opened the rear door and placed me into the backseat, still handcuffed and nude once again.

We pulled out of the parking lot into heavy traffic -- the game had apparently ended by then -- and he didnít appear to be in any hurry to get through it leaving his flashing lights turned off. As I watched the crowds along the sidewalk outside the stadium I blushed knowing that every one of those people had seen me naked. By now I figured this cop intended to take me into the station naked as well and I wondered if this terrible night would ever end.

As traffic ground to a stop I could see him eyeing me in the rearview mirror. "You were smart not to say anything about Megan," he said.

I sighed. "God, was every cop in the city in on this?"

He laughed and shook his head. "Naw, just a few of us. The other cop on the field didnít know anything about it. I was supposed to catch you in centerfield and hustle you out of the outfield exit. But then you had to make like Barry Sanders out there so by the time I caught up with you I figured youíd earned a nice leisurely little stroll across the field. By the sounds of things you enjoyed it, too. I havenít heard an orgasm like that in quite awhile."

"I bet you havenít," I shot back.

"Careful now, sweetheart. Youíre not in any position here to be a smart ass." He inched along in traffic for a few feet before it halted again. "You know I was in the bar that night. You donít remember seeing me, do you?"

"Which bar?"

"The bar where you were celebrating your birthday." I looked at his face again but it didnít ring a bell. "Thatís okay," he said. "It was pretty crowded. Thatís why I was there. We knew it was a target rich environment for finding drunk young hotties."

I tried to process what he was telling me. "You mean you were scouting for someone to trap into doing this?"

"Yep. Megan wanted a sweet, innocent looking girl-next-door type. I picked you out of the crowd right away. Of course I had a couple of other girls I was also keeping an eye on in case you didnít drink enough to fail a roadside sobriety test or if you took a taxi home. But you were my first choice and fortunately for us you obliged by jumping into your car when you left the bar. You were marked from the second you pulled out of the bar parking lot."

I silently cursed myself for having made such a dumb mistake that night. These cops were sleazebags for trapping me into doing this but I also had myself to blame for the consequences of my actions. The cop cranked the wheel to the right and pulled into what I recognized as the same parking lot that Megan had parked in earlier. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Youíll see."

"The last time I heard that I ended up naked in Safeco Field."

He smirked as he pulled up alongside Meganís SUV. Standing next to it was Megan.

The Drive Home

I found myself riding naked once again in Meganís car but this time sheíd placed me in the front seat, my hands still pinned behind my back by the handcuffs. We rode silently through the busy streets before picking up speed as we entered the I-90 freeway. I finally broke the silence.

"Are you taking me to the police station?"

Megan shook her head. "Iím taking you back to your car. I think youíve had enough excitement for one night, donít you?" A wave of relief washed over me. She turned to me as a broad smile spread across her face. "God, that was awesome, Laurie. You were great! Youíve got to tell me what it was like!"

"It was horrible," I said. "I hated it."

"Really?" she said with a crooked grin. "I heard you came like a racehorse out there."

"I couldnít help it. It was humiliating."

She laughed. "I was right wasnít I? You do have a submissive streak in you. You really got off on being forced to exhibit yourself like that. I bet you didnít know that about yourself, did you?"

"No, and I didnít want to know about that. I donít ever want to do anything like this ever again."

"Yeah?" she said. "I bet youíll replay tonight in your mind over and over again and get horny every time you do. At some point youíll want to experience those intense feelings again. In fact I can tell youíre getting excited right now just talking about it."

I wanted to tell Megan to go fuck herself but I knew she was right, at least about getting excited again. I knew my body was displaying the telltale signs of arousal.

She continued without waiting for me to respond. "You have such a sweet, innocent face I bet no one ever suspected this side of you before. And your body is just perfect for this kind of thing... firm where it should be firm and round and soft where it should be."

"I used to be fat," I blurted out, not knowing why I was sharing this with her.

"Really? I guess I can kind of tell. Itís not that you look fat now or anything. You look great. Itís just that you have curves, not like some of the scrawny, anorexic girls Iíve seen. God, I wish you could have seen how you bounced and jiggled out there on the field," she laughed.

Even though Iíd been nude in front of her for much of the day I was still embarrassed to hear her talking about my body like this.

"You know I found out something about myself tonight, too," she continued. "I had no idea how much I would get off on this. I was watching you closely during the game and I could see how nervous and excited and aroused you were becoming waiting for the big moment to arrive. You were squirming around in your seat like you had fire ants in your pants," she giggled. "It was making me nervous and excited, too. It was like I was living vicariously through you."

Hearing her talk like this was making me nervous. She sounded like someone whoíd found a new drug that she couldnít wait to try again.

"When you pulled off your shorts during that foul ball I knew you were going to go through with it. God, it just gave me this feeling of anticipation that I canít describe. But then I probably donít have to describe it to you," she laughed excitedly. "You're the one who actually experienced it. And then when you peeled off your shirt and jumped onto that field I thought I was going to come in my seat right then and there."

Meganís face was flushed with excitement and my heart sank. "Youíre not going to leave me alone are you?" I asked, suspecting I knew what the answer was going to be.

She shook her head. "Oh, Laurie, Iím so sorry about this but I just canít. I really had intended to let you go but I just canít. I didnít know I would feel like this."

I knew better by now than to argue with her and I sat staring out the window dejectedly as we continued to roll down the freeway. I sensed my life had just taken a turn and I was no longer in control of it. I hated the idea of being under the control of this crazy woman, but at the same time I could also feel my arousal building again at the thought of it. She was right about me, I guess. I did get off on this.

I could see my car as we pulled into the spot where Megan had picked me up what seemed like a lifetime ago. She parked behind it and shut off the engine but left the lights on illuminating my car. "I want to show you something before you go, Laurie." She walked around to my door and helped me out and then guided me, still naked and cuffed, to the passenger side door of my car. She reached down and pulled the keys out of the wheel well where sheíd seen me hide them earlier and unlocked the door. Reaching into the glove compartment she pulled out a baggie. I gasped as I saw what it was filled with.† Pot.

"This would have been discovered in your car if you hadnít gone through with this tonight, Laurie. Thereís enough here to earn you three-to-six months in jail."

She grabbed me by each of my shoulders and looked me in the eye. "I want you to know that my threats are both real and enforceable, Laurie. Iíve kept you out of jail twice now and I can just as easily put you in if you ever fail to obey me. Do you understand?"

I nodded miserably as a tear rolled down my cheek.

"And donít you dare think of trying to turn me in either. Iíve got connections in this city that go a lot higher than you can ever know."

She reached up and brushed the tear away. "It wonít be that bad, Laurie. In fact I think youíll find it very exciting. Weíve both discovered that we have something in us that the other can satisfy. You have this inner desire to be dominated and publicly humiliated, although you wonít admit that to yourself right now, and I have the need to force someone young and beautiful and innocent to submit to naked public humiliation. I want to feel what youíre feeling Laurie without actually having to go through with the experience myself."

"W-what would you expect me to do?"

"Donít worry, hon. Iím not going to pimp you out or turn you into a whore or anything. I have to deal with hookers all the time and that doesnít interest me. I just want you to experience more of what you experienced tonight. Iím not necessarily talking about streaking more sporting events, although that may happen. But you will be forced to expose that lovely body of yours in public whenever and wherever I tell you. It wonít happen often. I donít want either of us to become jaded. You may not hear from me again for a month or even six months. But I want you to know that I might contact you at any time and that you absolutely must obey me when I do. I want you waking up every morning knowing that today might be the day that youíll be forced to humiliate yourself in public again. Do you understand?"

I nodded and the tears flowed freely now.

"Do you agree to obey?"


"You understand the consequences if you don't?"


I could feel her lips press against mine and my body shuddered as her hands caressed my breasts.

"Good girl. Now letís get those cuffs off of you and send you on your way."