Karmic Balance
by Scarecrow

My name is Zeke, well not really it’s actually something that cannot be pronounced in English so Zeke will have to do. I am a demon and council member of the eighth sphere. There’s also Abbadon , Pan the swift, Mammon the unseen, and a bunch of others who all have some special duty in hell. What do I do? Well I am a Time Demon; basically I control how fast time travels in hell. Sometimes times I decide to make years go by like minutes and sometimes I like to stretch seconds out for a century, depends on what the big L wants me to do really. It was an okay job but I was getting a little bored and was up for a change in duties.

Finally I decided to go up the office of my supervisor, Minos, to see if there was anything else I could do. When you go to hell your fate is decided by this guy. He is responsible for punishment, traffic, paychecks, the schedule and in my case, job duties.  I knocked on the door and I heard his voice say, “Come in.” I opened the door and there my boss was sitting back in his leather seat smoking a cigar. “Ah Zeke, come in what can I do for you?” he asked me with a smile.

“Well I know you’re busy Minos, so I’ll keep it short,” I said, “I’m getting a little stir crazy being down here in the eighth sphere just controlling time.”

Minos’ smile quickly faded and he sat upright in his seat, giving me his full attention. “What do you want me to have you do instead? Push boulders up a hill? Whip people?” I could tell he wasn’t too happy with me.

“No, but there’s gotta be something else I can do. At least somewhere else. I’ve been down here in the eighth sphere for over two thousand years. I’m not asking for a raise I’m just asking for a change of scenery.”

Minos sat back in his chair again and smoked on his cigar. Then his eyes widened and he leaned forward again with a look of excitement in his eyes. “I know, how would you like to be working with the Karma department?”

The what? “Karma department sir?”

“Yeah, we take part in the negative side of Karma didn’t you know?”

“I thought we didn’t believe in Karma sir.”

“Well, Karma is just the name we gave it. Really, it’s just a fancy way of keeping a balance of making sure bad people that are still living are being kept in check; sort of a way to give them a second chance by humbling them. It’s called Karma because that’s what humans call it because they don’t see any of us doing anything. Are you interested?”

To be honest, this sounded a little weird to me. The whole time I’d been here I never heard of a Karma department and if I did join, what were they going to have a Time Demon do? What were they going to have me speed up time and make bad people late for their jobs?

“Uh, Minos, I’m a Time Demon, what use do you guys have for me in the Karma department?”

Minos shrugged and rested his feet on his desk, showing no concern for me at all. “I don’t know, you’ve been working in the eighth sphere for two thousand years, you’ve had to have picked up a few tricks. Look, all you are doing is knocking people down off of their high horses so they don’t get cocky.”

Seemed like an okay plan. “Okay, I’ll do it. But how do I know which people to get?”

Minos opened up his desk drawer and started filing through his papers. Quickly, he pulled out a white sheet of paper and scanned it before handing it to me. “This is the file on Cleary University in Philadelphia. It’s a pretty prestigious college for business students, law students, you know, a place to make powerful people who usually end up in our hands when they die. Anyway, being that it’s a University, a lot of the girls that go there get a bit too confident after they’ve been accepted. On that paper is a list of specific girls that need to be taken care of.”

I looked at the list; it wasn’t too long but for my first time it seemed like a lot.

“So what do you want me to do to them? Run ‘em over with a car, push them down the stairs?”

“No you idiot nothing like that.” Minos said getting frustrated, “Just humble them so they lose their cockiness. That’s all. Now get outta here and get to work.”

Before I could say anything else, a strong wind pushed me out of the room and the door to Minos’ office swung shut.

I took the gate to Philadelphia and was transported just outside of the campus grounds. I walked over to the parking lot and looked at myself in the window of a car. I was a man in his late twenties with a ponytail, wearing a brown plaid suit, god hell needed to do some research on style because even I knew this was ridiculous.

I looked down at the list and read the first name.

Offense: Losing her temper at mock trials and making one of the opposing team members cry. Has no remorse at all and is heavily convinced that she’s always right about her issues.

The photo was of a cute girl for someone who seemed like she deserved to be on the third sphere of hell. She had long blonde hair, a nice toned body and some decent sized breasts. Nothing too huge but she wasn’t a board either. She was also a lot taller than the normal girl, which kind of would make me want to date her if it wasn’t for the fact that I wasn’t human.

It took me about twenty minutes to find Sarah on campus and really that was by luck because classes were ending so there were tons of students walking to their next class. Sarah was walking along the park, not talking to anyone and without a smile on her face. She looked like she could lose her temper if she didn’t get her way. I decided to stay back behind the pillar of the hallway and waited for Sarah to walk by. Just as she was walking past me I realized, I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do. While I was trying to think of something, Sarah had already passed me. I quickly tried running after her and as she was walking by a picnic table with a group of girls, one of the girls stood up and stood in Sarah’s way.

“You have a lot of nerve, screaming at my partner at mock trial the other day.” The girl said.

Sarah’s eyes flared at the girl and she stepped forward in the girl’s face making her step back. “Well I’m sorry if you two dykes want to get married but I think that is sick and that’s what that bitch gets for saying that I was against gay marriage because I was homophobic!”

Geez, she really could lose her temper. She almost had that girl crying. Before the fight escalated into a physical fight, I snapped my fingers and all was quiet because I had stopped time.

I walked up to the frozen Sarah to get a closer look at her. She was quite the fancy dresser. She wore this sleeveless v-neck dress shirt that cut pretty low and she wore black dress pants. I figured if this girl thought that being right was the only thing important, I’d make her think twice when I got the idea to tamper with her clothing. I don’t care how right you are in an argument, but if you’re standing in front of me in your underwear, you’ve lost all status and should crawl into a hole.

I grew out the claw of my pointer finger and ran it from top to bottom of Sarah’s shirt exposing a nice white satin bra. Next I cut the fabric of her shirt from her shoulders and then from the sides so when I unfroze time it would fall off. Next I unbuckled her belt and then unzipped the front of her dress pants. The belt was pretty heavy, but Sarah had some nice hips holding those pants up still so I lowered her pants further so the weight of the belt would pull them the rest of the way down. Satisfied with my karmic balance, I walked back to my original spot and snapped my fingers to resume time.

I don’t know what Sarah’s next sentence was because it stopped midway when her shirt fell off from the front of the back and when her pants dropped down to her ankles exposing her silky white bikini panties. The other girl brought her hand to her mouth in surprise and then started laughing as Sarah stopped and looked down in horror at her exposure.

“Wow Sarah, for a snooty bitch, I expected you to be a thong wearer,” she said.

Sarah screamed and tried covering her bra and her panties, which isn’t what I would’ve done because that attracted a lot of attention from other people. Everybody around her started gasping in amazement while other people were running up to see what the big fuss was about. Sarah looked around at the growing crowd and tried to run but tripped from the pants around her ankles, as she fell in the air I snapped my fingers and froze time again. I walked up to Sarah and pulled the back of her bra and hooked it around the edge of a picnic table. I figured it couldn’t hurt to take things a step further as I snapped my fingers again.

There was a loud ripping sound and now Sarah’s bra was dangling from the corner of the picnic table and Sarah remained on her stomach knowing that she’d just lost her bra. The guys around me starting hooting and hollering as Sarah put her arm around her chest and slowly got up. The girl she was arguing with was almost in tears from laughter, so was Sarah, but I don’t think she was laughing. Then some guy pushed his way through the crowd and put his varsity jacket around her, I guess it was her boyfriend. Sarah and her boyfriend walked off while the crowd that had formed around her still hooted at her. Not too bad for my first time I thought.

I walked away from the crowd and looked at the list again crossing out Sarah’s profile. This was interesting; instead of one girl that was next on the list, it was actually three girls who were bracketed together.

Offense: Captain of the volleyball team. Very competitive and yells at anybody on the team when they mess up. Very sore loser.

Offense: Another volleyball team member. Hangs out in the locker room and listens for girls who badmouth Mandy and then rats them out causing more trouble. Since she’s a tall girl, she’s also not afraid of intimidating girls either with her size.

Name: ANDREA BURNS (I get it, Mandy, Sandy and Andy real cute)
Offense: Not on the volleyball team just one of Mandy’s friends. She is friendly to the other girls on the volleyball team but when she’s with the other two, says some pretty nasty things behind their backs. She’s also responsible for spreading rumors about one girl that caused the girl’s boyfriend to break up with her.

This was going to be good, three for the price of one. I figured that since two of the girls were on the volleyball team, they’d be at the gym practicing so that’s where I walked. Sure enough, there the three girls were with the other volleyball members. Sandy and Mandy were in these really tight shorts with their t-shirts tied like the other girls. Andy was standing next to Mandy wearing black dress pants and a long sleeve dress shirt. Mandy was standing on the side watching Sandy warm the team up. One of the girls on the other side of the net bumped the ball up to the other side. Sandy watched the ball fly in the air and with great strength in her long legs, jumped up in the air and spiked the ball sending it down so fast that two of the other team members on the other net stepped out of the way.

“Guys, you’re not in high school gym class, hit the ball it’s not going to hurt you,” Mandy said.

Andy laughed at Mandy’s joke while Sandy shot this evil look to the girls who ducked out of the way as if they were expected to stop the ball. Sandy served the ball to the other team and once again, one of the girls bumped it up and sent it to Sandy’s side. Sandy jumped up in the air with determination to send it flying at another girl’s head when I snapped my fingers to put a stop to this. I walked up to the volleyball court to get a closer look at the girls and to decide what I was going to do. I figured stripping them was a nice way of humbling someone so I stuck to that formula.

I walked up to Sandy first. She was in midair so pulling her shorts down was easy. I was amazed at how firm her butt was. Maybe it was because she was wearing a nice purple thong but man, I had never seen a butt that firm. (I had seen a lot because in hell you’re naked a lot of the time.) I finished up on Sandy and took her shirt off exposing some full C size breasts that were going to be bouncing freely since she had no bra on. Satisfied with Sandy, I decided to turn my attention to Andy and Mandy.

I walked up to Mandy first and took off her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, must have been a sports thing. Her breasts weren’t nearly as full as Sandy’s but they weren’t a bad size. I took her shirt with Sandy’s clothes and then removed Mandy’s shorts. Now, if I had a penis, which demons don’t, I definitely would have crossed my legs at the nice number Mandy wore. She had on a hot pink thong that was tied in the back by a single ring. I was going to have some fun with that. Next I stripped Andy of her clothes and put them in the pile with the others. Man she didn’t have a bra on either, what was with these girls? Andy was wearing something interesting too. She had on a black thong that was held together by two metal buckles along the sides. I took a moment to look at both Mandy’s and Andy’s underwear and devised a plan. I unbuckled the sides of Andy’s underwear and ran them through the back of Mandy’s underwear. I didn’t really want to move them from their original position, but this was going to be worth it. Andy was now standing back to back with Mandy, who was still facing the volleyball court. I took the bundle of clothes from the three girls and I threw them behind the bleachers where I remained hidden. Once I was comfortable, I snapped my fingers again and let time resume.

Sandy spiked the ball that was in the air but she didn’t send it flying at all because she lost strength in her arm when she felt a breeze hit her body. As Sandy landed on the ground her breasts bounced a little causing the jaws on the girls of the opposite side of the net to drop.

Sandy looked down and screamed before covering her chest and crossing her legs. It was kind of funny, with her legs crossed; Sandy was about the same height of the other girls. While Sandy alternated from covering her crotch to her ass, Mandy walked towards Sandy to help her then she stopped as she felt a tug from behind. Andy also felt a tug and tried turning around but every time she did she felt a tug from what felt like her underwear. Both girls looked down and saw that they were in the same state as their friend Sandy and both screamed covering their chests. It was a classic cartoon, wherever Mandy ran, Andy ran in the opposite direction and the elastic from both girls’ underwear pulled them together. This time, Mandy and Andy both planted their feet firmly as they tried to get away stretching out each others underwear pretty hard until there was a loud rip that sent both girls forward landing on their faces. Boy I was surprised, Mandy had brown hair but um, her other hair was black. I guess she dyed it then. Having now been fully exposed, Mandy screamed even louder and started running toward the locker room, hand between her legs. Andy followed Mandy close behind with her hands on her chest and Mandy’s underwear dangling from hers.

All three girls ran to the locker room to get their dress clothes. At this point, the other girls on the volleyball team were laughing their asses off because this was the first time they had seen the three girls in fear and embarrassment instead of their normal anger. I slowly followed the group of girls to the locker room. I waited a couple seconds after they all went in so they wouldn’t notice me. When I walked inside, the volleyball team was standing outside of the bathroom stalls and I could see three pairs of crossed legs hidden behind three stalls.

“Which fucking one of you did this to us?” Andy shouted from behind the stall.

“Whoever took our clothes from our lockers better give them back or you’re off the team!” said Mandy.

Sandy followed that by saying, “I’m going to kick all of your asses when I get out of here!”

Did I mention that I froze time again and took their clothes out of their lockers too? Boy they were all still angry so I figured I needed to humble the three girls some more. I froze time again and opened the stalls. All three girls were still covering themselves, despite being behind the stalls. I tried removing the panties off of Sandy and Andy, but it was damn near impossible since their legs were crossed so I just lengthened my claws and cut them off from the sides. I threw their underwear in the garbage and then I moved the girls into the showers and turned the showers on. I stepped back hidden behind a locker and then resumed time once again. The volleyball team had a look of confusion when they saw that the stalls the girls were hiding behind were open and that no one was there. Then a chorus of three screams attracted their attention to the showers where the three girls were standing naked in the shower. The water hadn’t had any time to warm up and it was freezing cold, causing the Mandy, Sandy and Andy’s nipples to become very erect.

The volleyball team started laughing hysterically and some of the girls even pulled out their cell phones and started taking pictures. Once the three girls saw the flashes going off they tried covering themselves again. Sandy and Andy must have thought they still had their underwear because they only covered their chests. They must have felt the water hitting them from below because they looked down and realized they were completely naked like Mandy and freaked out some more. I guess when you’re embarrassed you’re in a state of panic and make decisions you probably wouldn’t make if you were thinking rationally. To try and cover themselves up, Sandy and Andy both placed their hands over Mandy’s body to cover her while she placed one hand over Sandy’s crotch and one hand over Andy’s crotch to cover them. Three girls being in a shower naked together already seemed as if it was something out of a porno movie, but now that they were touching each other, it looked as if the three girls were coming out of the closet. I left the locker room while the volleyball team was still taking pictures, knowing that there was no way those girls would ever treat people like they way they did because I’m pretty sure those pictures would be used as blackmail against them.

As I walked out of the locker room I pulled out the list Minos gave me and crossed off the three girls’ names and looked down at the next one.

Offense: This College Senior has been doing theatre all her life at the University. As a freshman she was ignored and was not given any roles for her first two years and was stuck doing costumes and makeup. Jessica was very angry about this and swore she’d never do that to other people. When she finally did start getting roles, her peers told her she was great and that boosted Jessica’s confidence a little too much. Jessica gets all the lead roles now and despite her own experiences, ignores lower classman and coldly gives them harsh critique in their acting skills in workshops.

Boy, if this girl didn’t clean up her act, she was going to end up where all the other hypocrites go in hell, which is not a pretty sight at all. I walked over to the theatre of the University knowing that Jessica would be there. I walked inside and saw a sign that said DRESS REHEARSAL PLEASE BE QUIET. I quietly opened the door and slowly crept in; hiding behind one of the seats. The play must have been a musical because the orchestra was in the pit and Jessica was on-stage singing in an 18th century dress with one of those ridiculous wigs that they used to wear. As the song was going on, I snuck backstage to get closer. To my luck, no one else was backstage. I snapped my fingers and froze time, silencing the music. I walked on-stage and realized why no one was backstage – the entire cast and crew were sitting in the audience, obviously waiting for their time to go on, this was good because Jessica would have an audience.

I started by unzipping the back of Jessica’s dress and since the thing was so heavy it quickly fell down to Jessica’ s feet. Boy, Jessica was a real method actor because she wasn’t wearing a bra so her full breasts were being exposed and she was wearing 18th century undergarments, which were just long white pajamas basically, man I hadn’t seen anybody wear those in ages. I figured Jessica looked ridiculous, but not enough so I went backstage to the shop and got some glue. I walked back to Jessica and removed her wig. I squeezed some glue in the wig and in Jessica’s black hair as well and then placed the wig back on. Once that was done I took the dress with me offstage and unfroze time.

The music resumed and Jessica kept singing but then the music stopped as soon as Jessica sung off key and screamed. Everyone in the audience was laughing in surprise because I don’t think they expected Jessica to go so far as to wear everything 18th century. Jessica covered her breasts and covered as much as she could of her underwear and made a face of pure hatred.

“Goddammit costumes, I told you guys to pin my dress up more!” she shouted.

Man, I wanted to get on with the next girl but now I had to do something else to Jessica. I froze time again and pulled out my cell phone and dialed Minos’ number.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey boss it’s Zeke, I was wondering if you could send me up a metal chastity belt?”

“What the hell for?” Minos asked a little confused.

“Well I’m taking care of one of the girls on the list and I think this is appropriate.”

“All right I’ll send one up, by the way, you’re doing a great job. The girls you’ve taken care of already are thinking twice before opening their mouths.”

Minos hung up and as soon as I put my phone away, a flame burst in my hand and I now had my chastity belt in my hands. I walked over to Jessica and removed her 18th century undergarments and placed the chastity belt on her. Since thongs were the style these days, the chastity department had designed these special metal thongs with locks on them, which I thought was nice. I put her other pair of underwear back on but I pulled off the lining on the waist off so it would immediately fall as soon as I snapped my fingers. I walked back offstage and unfroze time to watch my finished product.

As soon as I snapped my fingers, Jessica’s underwear dropped down and Jessica’s jaw dropped as she tried to cross her legs and cover her crotch. Jessica’s shock changed to puzzlement when she felt metal. She looked down and screamed even louder when she realized what she was wearing. “I don’t know which one of you did this but I swear to god I’ll get you kicked off the show!” she shouted.

Jessica headed offstage and went to grab her wig to throw it off and screamed in pain when it would not budge. Jessica uncovered her chest as she tried frantically to use both hands to pull the wig off but with no success. The audience and the orchestra were laughing at Jessica who really did look like an heiress in the 18th century, just one without any clothes. I left Jessica in her state of undress as I exited backstage and crossed her off the list.

The next girl on the list made me think things were going to be a bit different for her.

Offense: On the fencing squad. Can get very competitive and holds grudges with people who almost show her up in fencing. When she squares off with them, she actually tries to hurt them by playing very aggressively.

I had an idea already planned out. First I made my way back to the gym where the mats had been laid out for fencing practice. I looked off to the side and it seemed that some of the teachers were interviewing some of the girls from the volleyball team. I could have made an easy guess about what they were asking them. Stephanie was standing off to the side watching two other fencers square off. When they were finished, it was Stephanie’s turn. She put her mask on and squared off with another girl. When the coach called for the girls to start Stephanie quickly lunged at the other girl who wasn’t expecting her to be so aggressive. The girl was losing balance and when Stephanie made another aggressive lunge at her, the girl fell down and twisted her ankle. The coach rushed to the girl’s aid while Stephanie stood back and took her mask off. A couple of the girl’s friends rushed to her aid and helped their friend up.

“You two girls help me take her to the nurse’s office. McBale is in charge everybody continue sparring.” The coach said.

The coach led the three girls towards the doors and as they were leaving I noticed a pretty nasty look of satisfaction that Stephanie had as she watched that girl. Before I could do anything, one guy stood up and got in Stephanie’s face. “That was bullshit Stephanie and you know it!” he said.

“It was a fucking accident Jeff, and besides, mind your business.”

“Oh yeah accident, I told you we were over with!”

“That’s fine I just can’t believe you left me for her.”

“That’s fucking it!” Jeff took a step away and put his mask on which got a few oohs and ahhs from the crowd. “Okay, you want to hurt someone? Hurt me.”

Stephanie smiled at the challenge and put her mask on as well and got into her stance. She took the cover off of her sword and threw it to the side. “Then let’s cut the bullshit and really hurt each other,” she said.

Jeff took his cover off and then got into his fighting stance. The two opponents squared off but just before they did anything I froze time. I walked up to Jeff’s body and carried it off behind the bleachers. I stripped Jeff down to his boxers and put on his fencing gear and mask. It’s not that I doubted Jeff’s fencing abilities, it’s just that I had a job to do and I figured just beating Stephanie at her own game wouldn’t be enough to put her in her place. I grabbed the volleyball nets that were stashed in the back and tied Jeff up and then I stuffed a sock in his mouth to make sure he wouldn’t cause any attention.

I walked back to where Jeff originally stood and snapped my fingers unfreezing time. Stephanie started circling and I knew I had to act fast because she looked ready to hurt me. With my hand around the sword, I quickly brought my pointer finger against my thumb and rubbed them slowly together. All of the sudden, Stephanie started moving extremely slower than normal, which is what I wanted. What was great about this was, nobody could tell that time had slowed down, all it would look like is as if I was super fast.

I watched Stephanie slowly circle me and then at a normal pace I walked behind her. Stephanie still faced in the direction where I originally stood before standing in a normal stance out of confusion, and then she slowly turned to where I currently was. Everybody in the crowd did the same thing and I could see their look of amazement as they stared at me wondering why I was so fast. Now was the time to get to work. I started by walking close to Stephanie and with slow precision slashed the buttons off of her vest. Stephanie looked as if she was going to lunge at me just as hard as she did to the other girl but before she could, she dropped her sword and stepped back as her buttons slowly flew into the air in slow motion. Stephanie’s vest flew open exposing her red and green plaid bra. I stood back folding my arms and heard everybody in the crowd laugh in slow motion. I allowed Stephanie to cover herself and then she quickly bent down to pick up her sword and lunged at me again. I gave her five seconds as she lunged at me before sidestepping her. Still in the lunging position, I slashed the rest of her vest until it slid completely off of her torso. Stephanie stopped again as she watched her vest fall to the ground. Stephanie let out a low deep roar and charged at me again.

This time, I ran at her and slashed at one side of the hip of her pants. I then ran around her in a circle slashing the back, the other side and the front of her pants before running back to where I was standing. Stephanie was charging at me but immediately slowed down as she felt the clothing around her legs slowly come apart until it was nothing but pieces on the floor. Stephanie dropped her sword this time as her hands flew in the air out of shock as she stood there now in her matching red and green plaid bra and panties. I couldn’t help but laugh, she looked like a Christmas present. Stephanie’s arms slowly covered her chest and panties as she crossed her legs. With her legs crossed, her ass stuck out so I decided to do the finished touches. I rubbed my fingers some more to slow time down even more. I then walked behind Stephanie and with my claws I cut along the backside of her underwear until there was very little of it covering her backside. Then I grabbed the back of her panties and lifted them up making it look like a thong. Nobody could tell what I was doing because to them, I was just a white blur. To finish things off, I took my sword and made a small “Z” on her exposed butt cheek. Satisfied with my work I walked back to where I’d originally stood and snapped my fingers to bring things up to speed.
Stephanie was still covering herself but then she yelped as the pain from the cut I gave her came. She put her hands on her behind but when she felt the flesh of her own ass instead of what she expected to be silk, she screamed even louder. Everybody watching was on the floor laughing.

“You have been stripped by Zorro!” one of the girls shouted.

“That was awesome Jeff!” another guy shouted.

Just then the coach returned and his face grew beat red (almost as red as Stephanie’s) when he saw Stephanie in her state of undress.

“What the hell is this?” he shouted.

I took that as my cue to leave so I snapped my fingers to freeze time and put Jeff’s clothes back on him and positioned him to where I was so he could be my scapegoat.

“It was Jeff’s fault. I… I…he was so fast…” Stephanie stuttered, pointing at Jeff while covering herself with her other hand.

Poor Jeff looked around, confused with everything and took his mask off.

“No I didn’t! I don’t know how but I was tied up and naked behind the bleachers!” he said.

“The only person that’s naked right now is Stephanie now you got some explaining to do,” said the coach with his arms folded.

As much as I wanted to hear Jeff smooth talk his way out of this, I had one more girl on the list before I could collect my paycheck.

I walked out of the gym and looked down at the list to see who my final client was and what a beauty. She had auburn hair and was about 5’ 7”. She was quite slender with medium sized breasts. I looked down at the name before I fell too much in love with her, after all, this girl was beautiful, but didn’t act beautiful.

Offense: Katie was asked out by a student who she was not physically attracted to. But that’s not what she told him. Instead she told him that she had just broken up with someone, a lie, and that she wasn’t ready to date again, also another lie. A day after, she finally asked out another student whom she was physically attracted to and whenever the other student tried to talk to her, she ignored him.

Interesting case, but not enough details like the other ones to tell me where I could find her. I started walking around the main campus looking amidst the hundreds of students for Katie but with no luck. As I was walking all of the sudden a flyer was in my hand that another girl had put there. I looked down and it was a picture of Katie and another student. What luck, the flyer said that there was going to be a debate today between Katie and the other student for President. Poor Katie, I’m not much on politics but I knew that not a lot of people were going to vote for someone who was about to lose her clothes in public.

I walked over to the open football field where almost the entire campus body was gathering. Katie and the other student were already in the middle of the debate. As I pushed my way to the front, I overheard one student ask them about the dress code. Katie’s opponent was the first to answer.

“I feel that with the harsh times that the economy is in, we have better things to do than worry about the dress code right now. Especially since I’ve heard nobody complaining about having to wear dress clothes on campus.”

The student turned to Katie who smiled and then made her reply. “If I’m elected, I will do everything in my power to allow casual clothes to be worn on campus.”

The audience applauded while I snapped my fingers so I could get to the stage quicker. After bumping past the forest of frozen bodies, I hopped up on stage and made my way towards Katie.

I took off her jacket and threw it offstage and then slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Once I got the shirt off I threw the jacket and the shirt offstage and stood to admire her black mesh bra with little hearts on them. You could almost see her nipples poking through. After admiring her upper torso, I slowly unzipped the back of Katie’s skirt and could see the matching mesh thong with hearts on them. Once I removed the skirt I could also see that Katie had on a black garter belt hooked to her stockings. I tossed her skirt offstage and walked to the back of the crowd and snapped my fingers.

Katie was still smiling and the left side of the audience didn’t notice anything, but the far right of the audience gasped when they saw what Katie was wearing. Katie’s smile went away as she looked at the audience, and then down at her body before she screamed. The other side of the audience finally noticed that Katie was in her underwear and EVERYBODY started taking pictures. Before they could take more, Katie crouched behind her podium. Son of a bitch, now I had to walk all the way up there again.

All of the sudden, the podium disappeared and now Katie was crouched down in her underwear. Katie realized the podium was gone and tried crossing her legs and covering her chest. Soon after, Katie’s garter belt disappeared, and then both her stockings. Every time a bit of clothing disappeared, Katie would cover the area that was now unclothed and the audience just gasped even more. It’s a good thing they didn’t look to the back because they would have wondered what some dork with a ponytail was doing standing by a podium with a garter belt and stockings sitting on it. Soon after, Katie’s bra was the next to go. Katie wondered why she felt her soft skin instead of soft mesh and when she realized what was gone, she covered her chest with both arms. The audience, and the other student on-stage were all laughing as Katie tried covering her lower torso with her legs while covering her chest; it was almost like a dance. As Katie kept crossing one leg over the other, she finally felt a cool breeze hit her behind and her lower groin area. I expected Katie to cover her now naked crotch too, instead she just froze in the stance she was in and didn’t move. Once I noticed that her lip was quivering, I knew that whatever over-confidence this girl had was now long gone.

I walked away from the still laughing audience and pulled out my cell phone and dialed Minos’ office again.

“Hello?” Minos answered.

“Hey Boss it’s me Zeke. Just called to have you guys send me home because I’m finished.”

“Great job Zeke, the boss is really happy. How’d you like the change of routine?”

“Oh I think I could get used to this.” I said smiling.

“Good because we just fired somebody so we are short-handed. You might be doing this for another couple hundred years,” Minos said as if it was a bad thing.

I laughed and said, “Minos, I’m wishing I did this earlier.”

I hung up my cell phone and stood still as I was engulfed in flames to be taken back to hell. Hey Karma may be a bitch, but so were they.