Private Internment
by Saturday Writer


Making a decision

I slid the vehicle over into the automatic lane and tried to relax.  In the back seat Martha and Linda were sitting quietly, looking out the side windows. Some color had returned to their faces and their expressions were ones of both concern and relief.  Concern over their future and relief from the fact that the last two weeks were finally over and they were out of the legal system.  They are both former coworkers that I had known for a number of years.  I had just bought them.  None of us had said much since we had left the Justice Hall and we were now trying hard to avoid eye contact.  On the seat next to me was all the documentation the clerk had given me.  Documents that contained their life history and a description of the responsibilities that came with participation in the Private Internment system.  Next to the documents were the two large electronic controls that had become key to making the whole program work.  A lot had happened in the last two weeks and I needed a few minutes to just sit back and think about things.

Saturday morning, a little more than two weeks ago, I got up and sat in front of the video feed with my coffee.  I had made the west wall of my living room into a video display, run by my home system.  The six foot tall head of the anchorman filled the wall.  It was a computer simulation of an actor popular 50 years ago and was one of the most downloaded newsreaders. I had set the parameters of the news feed to start with local news.  Almost immediately there was a report that included the names of two women I knew fairly well from work.  They had gone out together to a nightspot, had way too much to drink, and made the fatal error of taking the vehicle’s control out of automatic.  Fatal for a family of three, not themselves.  They made it through the accident unscathed.

For quite some time, causing a death while under the influence of alcohol or drugs has been a class C crime.  They would go immediately into the Private Internment system where they would spend the rest of their lives.

I felt awful for them since I had worked with them for some time.  We had worked side-by-side on several large projects and I knew them to be very nice.

Even though I felt incredibly guilty doing it, I started to think about being the person who bought their contract.

The Private Internment system began as a way to privatize the huge, and expensive, prison population.  It soon became a way to get cheap labor into private hands so companies could acquire workers for jobs that were either dangerous or dirty.  The initial programs often failed because, well, because the participants were criminals.  And the first were prisoners that were either violent by nature or had other types of severe emotional problems.  After a few managers were killed the program stalled for a while.  The big neuro-electronic boom that started in 2070 breathed new life into the program when they developed the implants.

The first implants had been for “behavior control”, a nice way of saying that they administered shocks.  Satellite tracking was added to that.  Soon they could affect mood, sleep, behavior, and so forth.  They could induce create mental states that would keep the workers happy and nonviolent. The more expensive ones could receive audio signals like tones or spoken words.  Managers could broadcast instructions to large groups of workers in a factory directly to the implants.

Civil rights groups were aghast at the use of the implants but conceded that Private Internment was better than the hellholes the prisons had become, even if it meant that the participants were not free to exercise some of their free will.  Besides, most of these prisoners were not exactly people that made voters sympathetic to them.

I have to admit that I was very against this when it started.  Now that I’ve just become part of the system I can’t really be too critical.

Social workers monitored the participants for the first few years to make sure no one was actually abused or worked too hard but eventually there were far too many people to monitor and everyone just lost interest.  Urban crime had reduced the average mid-21st century city into a collection of walled-up enclaves and most people had been pretty happy to get rid of the individuals causing the problems.  The government had the philosophy -  out of sight out of mind.

Anyway, due to an early investment in artificial intelligence software used by the oil companies to find the few remaining oil reserves that aren’t pumped dry, I had the money to buy the contracts for both Martha and Linda.  Since I was officially a company, which I had started to manage those investments, I was able to be in the auction for the contracts.  I bid high to make sure that I would be the one selected.

Honesty is the best policy

The vehicle knew the way home and eventually slowed down and turned into the garage next to my house.  With only a few words spoken between us I escorted the two women out of the car, into the house, and had them sit at the kitchen table.  I gave them both something cold to drink and sat across from them.

My intentions were not very altruistic.  If I had them under my control I could pretty much have sex whenever I wanted it, right?  Of course.  What guy in his right mind would not take advantage of a situation like this?  I had no desire at all to do harm to either of them; I liked them a lot.  I really wanted them both to be OK.  On the other hand I did sort of have a desire to see what I could get away with before they just simply refused.  Let’s just say my feelings were conflicted at that moment.

My plan was this:  Small Steps.

Get them to accept one thing at a time, don’t be hostile, give them time but keep pushing.

I made some small talk at first but quickly down to more serious conversation.  I said that I wasn’t taking them out of the criminal justice system.  This was the criminal justice system in a different form.  I was the criminal justice system to them since I now had the certificates, signed documents, and approvals, all of which I spread out on the table and let them read.  I also showed them the record of the bidding on their contracts.  The second highest bid was a pharmaceutical company that would have used them as human test subjects for experimental drugs.  They read that with their mouths open and were saying “Oh God” a lot.

I said that if they didn’t feel that they could be here, with me having this sort of power over them, I still had seven days to return them and get my money back.  Since they had just seen who the second highest bid had come from there were “No!” responses from both of them, followed by tears.

“OK, OK, you’re safe,” I said and did my best to reassure them.

That was a good start.  Small step number 1.  They accepted this so far and knew that it could be a whole lot worse.

When they seemed calmer I pressed on. I showed them something from the documents I had been reading in the car.  In a section about the purposes and goals of Private Internment I found something that made it clear that rehabilitation was not the purpose.  Punishment was the purpose.  I emphasized the word “punishment” and had a very serious expression when I read the paragraph.

“What does that mean?  What are you going to do?” they asked.  I said I didn’t know, I was just making sure they understood that I wasn’t bringing them here as guests.  They were still in trouble, but I had been able to save them from the worst of it.

Then when they were still a little shaken by the direction the conversation had taken, I got right to the point.

“Look, I’ll have to be direct and honest about this.  What I was thinking about when I did this was the sexual possibilities. I always liked you.  Even though I’m glad I could prevent you from being some guinea pig for untested drugs, sex was a large part of what I was thinking about.  I’m sorry if that upsets you but it’s the truth.”  A pause, and then, “And I’ll be honest again, it’s a power trip.  I expect you to do what I tell you.”

“Well, OK, I’ve said it.  What do you think?”

With what sounded like a little bit of anger, Martha said, “What do you mean?  What do you want?”

“Nothing dangerous, or violent.  But I’ll be honest with you again; I’ll be the one to decide if something is appropriate or not.”

“And if we don’t?”

“Then I bring you back now.  This is a decision that you have to make. And you have to make it now.”

They both were looking at me like they couldn’t believe I would make this demand on them.

Linda said “No way, I’m not going to accept this.”

I stood up, walked to the door, and waited.  “Alright, there’s still time before the clerk’s office closes.”

Martha put her hand on Linda’s arm to get her attention and they turned toward each other, with voices down, to discuss it.  I could hear Martha say “are you crazy” as she showed Linda the list of other bidders for their contract.

They turned, shook their heads in disbelief, and said “OK”.  Their tone of voice was not exactly what I would call enthusiastic but I guess they figured this was something they could figure out how to deal with, and it did at least sound better than the alternative.

Frankly, I had not really expected them to concede this so easily and had thought I was taking a huge chance by bringing it up the way I did, right at the beginning.  Maybe I was being naïve.  I would have to work on that.

Home sweet home

“Well I guess I better show you were you are going to be staying.  Um, keep in mind what I said about not exactly being guests here.  There are certain rules I’m supposed to follow about housing and security.”  I lied about that, but it seemed like good preparation for the next few minutes.

I walked them from the kitchen, down the main hallway, down the stairs, to the two new living quarters.  I had a contractor build in my finished basement after deciding to do this.  They were the size of bedrooms in a tiny apartment, sparsely furnished, and with one important and obvious feature – one wall was floor to ceiling golden bars and open to the hallway.  There was a heavy door made from similar metal bars off to one side.  As a kind of joke I had a plaque on the wall opposite the cell with “Detention Center” in big letters at the top and my name in smaller letters underneath.  On the bars of the cell was another plaque bolted in place with “Prisoner” at the top and Martha’s Private Internment number below that.

At the Justice Center the two women looked as though they were in shock. They had been literally shaking. When I arrived to take them away they probably thought that normality had returned to their lives.  In spite of my description a few minutes ago of what I expected, they had seemed pretty calm compared to this morning.

But when they saw where they were going to be living, bars and all, they looked at me with a “you have to be kidding” expression, and were anything but calm.  I am normally a quiet person but I raised my voice and did my best to be authoritative.   To my relief Martha went through the door of her cell and plopped herself on the bed like a child trying to be petulant.  Since she is in her thirties it just looked a little funny and I tried not to laugh.

I walked Linda some distance down the long hall to the other side of the cellar, to her own cell.  On the way she said, “What are you really going to do to us?”   She seemed to be getting more upset by the second.  I was very reassuring to her and said she was going to be fine. I also that I was very serious about what I had said upstairs.  But I was certainly not going to beat them up, work them to death at factory jobs, or anything so dramatic.  I also got a little flippant, raised my eyebrows, and said, “Besides, you aren’t exactly a virgin are you?”   To say that my response was unsatisfying to her would be an understatement but she went right into the cell when we got there.

Yes.  Another step accomplished.

Slight Modifications

I went upstairs and to the car to get the packages with the remaining documents and electronics.  In the living room I sat down and looked at all the stuff for a few minutes.  I picked up the electronic control and was surprised how large the things were.  Did they really need to be this big?  But on examination I could see why they were.  They were specialized computer pads.  A lot of the surface contained a vid screen.  I turned them on and hit the button called “track” and saw on the screens the display of greenish yellow dots labeled with their PI numbers. There were other numbers on the screen that didn’t mean much to me.

Then I stared reading the manuals.  Man!  These things can do everything.  Ten punishment buttons. I would have to read appendix D later to see what that actually meant.  I could put them to sleep by pressing a button.  That sounded like it could be a little dangerous if it was used at the wrong time.  There was control to create an endorphin state, which sounded a lot like being on drugs.  Probably to calm rioting workers.  There were ten buttons across the top that caused them to hear one of ten distinct audio tones.  Probably used to call workers back from break or announce the end of the workday or something.  Thinking about how I could use these features had me daydreaming for 10 minutes.  There was a small hole for a microphone, which I could speak into and they would hear it, by inducing the sound signals directly to the audio nerves.  There was emergency control under a small panel that disabled them physically.  That sounded awfully serious. I made a mental note to read the chapter that described this function before trying it out.

Since a lot of the early prisoners had convictions of sexually related crimes, and because a numb worker is a more productive worker, the default condition was to make the person’s genitals unresponsive. It required an override from the control device to remove that.  Hmmmm. At first that seemed to be the opposite of what I would want.  But, on the other hand, it did get me thinking some wicked thoughts.  If they could do that, then…

I called my friend who develops firmware for custom chips that are used in the neuro-electronics industry. I explained some vague ideas to him and offered what I thought was a pretty generous amount of money if he would come over and hack into the control device.  He was here and gone in just a few hours with rather a large payment.

Martha and Linda had been in their rooms, well OK – cells, for most of the morning. This whole thing had happened too fast for me to work out any sort of plan as to what I was going to actually do with them.

It was time to find out.

Martha is first

I went downstairs, took a left, then down the hall leading to Martha’s room.  She heard me coming and was standing by the bars waiting for me.  I opened the door and told her that we needed to talk and would be going upstairs.  As she followed behind me, I turned and smiled, to put her at ease. I was still feeling some sympathy for her and didn’t want her to panic.  Her reaction, judging from her facial expression and body language, was hostility.  I guess at that point my attitude became “This is happening whether she likes it or not and she’s just going to have to get used to it”.  Her own actions got her into this.

We went to the room at the side of the house that I kept as a quiet library, with shelves of twentieth century paper books.  I sat in the stuffed leather chair and told her to pull up the footstool in front of me and have a seat.  She sat there in her prison clothes with her legs held together out of nervousness and her arms in her lap.  Both she and Linda were in their early thirties and not too bad looking.  Martha had short dark hair with a few light brown streaks, decent build, and large tits that she tried to hide by wearing loose clothing.  Linda also had a fairly decent figure and had really nice long darkish blonde hair. Both had had good jobs and always dressed well.  They had always come across as friendly and hard working.

I talked with Martha a few minutes about how I was sorry that this whole thing had happened to her. I felt I need to get control of this quickly, though, and changed the subject. I said that although she was in my home, she was still a class C felon and would live her life under my control for a very long time.  Or, if not me, then some drug company or maybe an ore processing plant in Bolivia.  So, in addition to being subject to the rules of the criminal justice system, in a general sense, she was also subject to whatever rules I felt necessary.

I went on…

“Because I am officially your warden… blah blah blah… and because we need to establish habits and discipline… blah blah blah… you should call me sir.”

She looked at me with a nervous smirk and said something like “in your dreams”.

I pressed the button on the control device that was punishment button.

She jumped like she was stung on the ass by a bee.

She looked at me with an expression of astonishment, and a lot of concern.  She said, “look… this isn’t right…”

I had been almost as startled as she was when she had jumped, but I pressed the first punishment button again anyway.

“Wait!”   Her faced was flushed and she was starting to get teary eyed.

I told her that, considering her situation, none of this would really be negotiable

“OK… Sir,” she said, with a very sarcastic emphasis on the “Sir”.

I pressed the button again.  She jumped and was silent.  I told her that could have an attitude and cause trouble if she wanted but she would be punished every time she did.

“All right, Sir,” she said.  She said and looked down. She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds but opened them and looked at me.  “I thought you weren’t going to do anything bad to us.  Didn’t you say that?  Sir?”

That last Sir was sarcastic again but I let it go.

“Look, I’m not going to harm you.  I’m really not. But you’ve already forgotten that section in the document about this being punishment. Like I said, you aren’t my guest here; you’re still part of the criminal justice system.”

She was sitting quietly, not openly rebelling, so I decided to take a huge risk, considering how soon it was. I reached under the table that was next to the chair and brought up an expensive looking wood case with a brass latch.  I told her yet again that this was a prison-like situation she was in and there were security requirements.  I opened the box and took out a slim steel collar and matching cuffs.  I gave them to her and told her to put them on.  I casually let her see my finger was still on the button of the control device.

She was pretty much on the verge of telling me to go to hell, and shaking her head, as if to say “this is insane,” but she put them on.

‘Yes!  Game over. I win.’  Well, OK, not exactly but it wasn’t just a small step.  This was a big one.

I was getting quite an erection.  I told her to stay seated, turn to her right, and put her hands behind her.  I leaned over and used a locking clasp to lock her cuffs together.  I sat back in the chair and looked at her for a minute.  She made a lot of disgusted and annoyed faces but she stayed seated.

“You meant what you said before about this not getting violent or anything, right?  Sir.”  She said the “Sir” like it was a swear word, but I didn’t really care.  It was only important now that she said it.

I told her to come kneel in front of me.

She was not liking any of this but was too afraid to do anything but what I was telling her.   When she was right up against the front of the chair I sat forward and felt her hair with both hands.  It was as soft as it looked.  I played with her hair for a long time.  I was surprised to see this calmed her.  I guess she thought this was the sex that I had said I wanted and, while the collar and cuffs were kinky, I didn’t seem to be doing anything that would hurt her.

I brought my hands down to her face and held her head in my hands.  I looked at her closely for a minute or two and stroked her cheek.  I noticed that she had tiny freckles across the bridge of her nose and the top of her cheeks.  I played with her ears, played with her hair some more, and brought my hands down the sides of her neck.  She reacted like she was turned on but I wasn’t convinced.  I suspected she was acting, hoping to get this over with so she could go back to her cell.  My hands went down to the buttons of her prison shirt and undid them.  Slowly. I was really getting into this.  Now she was starting to show signs of being excited herself.

I opened her shirt and stared at her tits for a few seconds, then said “these are mine now,” and smiled.  I put a hand under each one and bounced them up and down a few times.  Instead of pulling away or protesting she just looked embarrassed.  I couldn’t believe she was just accepting it.  I found the bra clasp, unhooked it, and brought those wonderful tits out of hiding.   I can’t say how long I played with them but it seemed like a long time.  They felt warm, soft, and squeezable.  When I focused my attention on the nipples and started pinching them she woke up from her dream and began protesting.

“First of all you forgot what I said about calling me sir when you talk to me.  Secondly I’m not doing anything that bad, am I?  You did agree that I would get sex when and how I wanted, right?  I’m not causing you any harm.  If this is just going to be trouble for me all the time I can bring the two of you back now.  Make up your mind”

“OK… sir,” she said in an even voice.

Excellent, this was going much better than I had imagined.  I still couldn’t believe that she wasn’t fighting or being hysterical.  I decided to try out the firmware hacks I had installed and see how she reacted to that.  I might as well go for broke and find out now if I would have to bring her back.

I turned a little knob that had been added to the bottom right side of the device and watched her.  At first there was nothing, but then she got a look on her face that can’t be described and started moving her hips forward and back.   She closed her eyes.  I let it go on for twenty or thirty seconds and sweat was starting to form on her forehead.  Forward, back.  Forward, back.  She was breathing through her mouth and seemed to have forgotten that I was even there.

I advanced the knob a little more and she was moving faster – forward back forward back.  My friend had done his modifications well.  He had found the signal that stimulated the nerves going directly to the clitoris.

I pressed the little red button next to the knob.  She doubled over and started moving up and down.  She was breathing so heavily I thought she was going to pass out, and I almost stopped it.  But I couldn’t.  Not yet.  The sight of her coming like this hypnotized me.  Every time she threw herself forward again with an orgasmic “awwww” I could see her hands held behind her with the locked cuffs and I nearly came myself.  I was definitely going to send my friend a bonus for the work he did.

I took my finger off of the button and pulled her up.  She was sweating and breathing heavy and her hair had a musky erotic smell that I loved.  When her breathing relaxed a little I smiled and said, “now it’s my turn”.

I took out my erection and guided her head down toward it.  She balked at first with a tired expression but I said, “do this and I’ll put you back downstairs so you can rest”.

She did it.  Incredible.

She did it as fast as she could, thinking, I suppose, that the sooner she could get it over with the sooner she would be back downstairs.  I didn’t complain.  I was in no mood for subtle, slow, erotic, oral sex.  I was perfectly happy with it hard and fast.

Her mouth was warm and soft, and it definitely did not seem the first time she had ever done this.  It was over quickly and she had done it much better than I thought she would.  She kept sucking until I said “enough”.   She leaned back and swallowed a couple of times.  She didn’t look like she enjoyed doing it but who cares. The important thing was that she was doing it.  No complaints.  No resistance.  She was doing what I wanted her to do.

Before I brought her back to her room downstairs and got Linda, I decided to try one more thing.  I pressed the button with the label “tone 1” and asked if she could hear that.

She said she could.  I undid the clasp that held her hands locked behind her back, but left the clasp attached to one of the cuffs so she could reattach it herself.  I told her that the next time she heard that sound she was to put her hands behind her back, and re-attach the clasp that would lock the cuffs. Then wait by the door of the cell.

She gave me an awful look, like “this is going too far” and was silent.

I said “And you say what?”

“Yes sir.”

Linda is second

When I brought Martha downstairs I had her walk in front of me because I liked the sight of her wearing the collar and cuffs.  I liked the way her rear end bounced when she walked.  I like the way she paused, uncertain what to do, when we got to a doorway or hall.  I liked the way she went right in when we got to the cell.  I locked her in the room and went down the hall to the other side of the basement to get Linda.  I found her lying on the bed.  I told her to get up and come with me.

Her attitude was one of careful attention.  I think she was looking for any clue from my actions or words that would tell her what this was all about, or what would be happening to her.  As we went upstairs to the library, I was careful to smile and to not come across as too threatening.  I was going more for authoritative. So I said something about how they were fortunate to be with me rather than with the pharmaceutical company.  I said I didn’t think that my own demands were all that bad, considering.

I said that I guess you just never know how weird things can turn out, and how, “I certainly never imagined that I would be buying you one day.”

“What’s going to happen?  Are you just going to keep us here?  This has happened too fast and I feel sick.  What happened to all of my things?   Can I go back to my apartment to get my stuff?”   She ran all of these comments and questions together into a jumble of words and didn’t wait for an answer to one question before she was asking something else.

I explained again that I originally did this because I felt sorry for them but as I had told them it would be impossible for me not to take advantage of the situation sexually.  I said that since we had known each other for years she should know that I wasn’t dangerous.   She mostly just stared at me and it was difficult to read her emotions.

When we got to the library I had her sit on the footstool. As before, I took out the wooden box and handed her the collar and cuffs.  I told her to put them on.  She kept saying what sounded like “O God O God O God” under her breath.  But she put them on.

I think that it was at this point that my uncertainty disappeared and was replaced with a desire to just go for it.  If one of the women freaked out I could back off.

I told Linda, who was sitting there staring at me, that I always loved her long hair. I smiled and told her to come and sit on the floor in front of me, with her back up against the chair.  She gave me a weird look but slowly did it.  I took her hair and brought it back behind her into a sort of ponytail using my left hand to keep it together and running the fingers of my right hand through the whole length of it. Man, it felt great.  My grip on her hair was firm and I didn’t give her much of a chance to move her head.  She had to sit there with her head held back a little while I did whatever I wanted with her hair.  I leaned forward and put my right hand under her chin so I could lift her head back more.  I could look down on her face from the top and see that her cheeks were flushed and red.  I moved her head back even more and kissed her on the forehead.

I wanted to see her reaction to the punishment button but she was not doing anything that justified it.

I told her to stand up and face me.  She did.  I told her to call me sir.  She did.  Since I had not locked her hands behind her I told to remove her shirt.  She did.  I told her to remove her bra.  She did.  I told her to pull down her pants and throw them over to the side.  She closed her eyes and just stood there.

I pressed the button immediately and she yelped.  I shook my finger at her and said that disobedience would be punished.  She still just stood there so I pressed the button again.  She let out a yelp again, and angrily bent over to yank her pants down.  I told her to come back in front of me and kneel down.  I had her turn slightly so I could clasp her hands behind her back and as I did so her long hair fell across her shoulder and over the side of her face.

With one hand I gathered her hair behind her, holding on to it like I did before, and with the other hand felt down her stomach, her sides, her tits, and occasionally moving her face towards me so I could kiss her.  Her lips were warm and soft and she didn’t stop me from doing any of this, though she did look like she was always just about to panic.

I said, “Did you know that prisoners are under electronic control?  You must since you had to go through the operation that put in the implant.  But I’ll bet you don’t know the type of control this device actually gives me.  You might be surprised.”

Still holding her by the hair with one hand I picked up the control device with the other and went right for the small knob on the side.  Her eyes and mouth both opened wide and the rest of her body seemed to take on the same flushed shade of pink that her face had.  Because of the hold I had on her hair she couldn’t move much. But the noises she made! The movements that she was able to make had an incredibly urgent quality.  I know that I let it go on for too long but I couldn’t resist.  It was like there was something really touching her clitoris that she was trying to respond to with thrusts.  As with Martha, this was hypnotic, and now I was starting to sweat myself.  I eventually hit the small button next to the dial and she exploded.

She was so exhausted by the experience and I was so in thrall by what I had seen that I spent the next few minutes just sort of holding her, brushing the wet hair out of her face, and asking her if she was OK.  When she calmed down I held her a little more and again decided to press ahead with the authority thing.  I told her that I loved the way she looked and that she was not to wear clothes any more – at least not unless I told her to.  I also tried the button that generated the tone. When she said she could hear it I told her the same thing I had told Martha – lock your hands behind you and wait by the door. I reminded her again that disobedience is always going to be immediately punished, etc, etc.

I walked her back to her cell naked, with her hands still locked behind her.  When we got to the cell I unclasped her hands and told her to give me the remaining clothes that were in the cell.

I was so happy with this idea that I walked over to Martha’s cell and told her to remove her clothing and give it all to me through the bars.  She said “No way,” but I told her that I was never going to get into an argument about something that I wanted and pressed the punishment button.  As she was undressing there were tears on her cheeks, but she did it and handed me the clothing.  “It’s cold,” she said.  I told her I would turn up the heat.  “No more clothing unless I give permission,” I said.

I went upstairs, got a juice from the kitchen, and sat on couch in the living room.  I leafed through the documents that came with the women.  I was amazed at how detailed the information was.  Their entire life history was in front of me.  Every school grade, the result from every doctor’s visit, every job evaluation, and most surprising of all, their entire sexual history was here.  The government must have used the implant to put the women into a state where they would answer these types of questions.  The descriptions were so complete and fascinating that I spent the next hour or so reading. The fascination was not that they had wild sex lives.  They hadn’t.  It was that I now had this information in front of me.  They were mine.  Their sexual history was mine to read and enjoy.  It was all part of the package.

I would soon have to bring my new prisoners something to eat but for now I needed to relax.

Martha again, once more before bed

I got the control devices from the library and sat down on the couch again. Turning on the tracking, I could see Linda’s indicator was stationary but Martha’s was moving back and forth.  She must have been pacing in her cell.  I would have to figure out how to plot the layout of the house on the display so I could know exactly where in the house they were.

I read the chapter in the device’s manual that described the tracking feature and found a way to coordinate the tracking with the other controls.  I could feed their position to other controls, for example, the punishment control.  Good grief, I could see immediately how this would be very useful.

I went to the kitchen, found a couple of instant meals, and zapped them in the power-cell oven. Putting them in a box with some cold drinks I carried the lot downstairs and went first to Martha.  When she heard me coming she turned around quickly to face the hallway that ran in front of the bars.  Her large tits moved, jiggled, and swayed as they came around. It was great.  I said something about having to keep this cell clean and made a sweeping motion with my hand to indicate certain areas of the room, expecting her to turn to look at what I was pointing at.  She didn’t disappoint me at all.  Her turning caused her tits to move again in terrifically erotic and entertaining way. I could watch them do that for hours.

When I handed her the food she didn’t so much take the meal as grab it.  I guess she didn’t have any breakfast.  It’s incredible the way that sex and power go together.  The fact that she depended on me now for food was turning me on.  I stood there for a few minutes and watched her sit at the small table and start to eat.  She looked over at me a few times to see what I was up to but it didn’t stop her from eating.  I backed up a little and looked at the woman I now owned, the room I was keeping her in, and the bars that held her ready for me whenever I wanted her.

I went down the hallway to Linda to give her the meal.  She wasn’t as animated as Martha had been.  She looked like she was having a hard time staying awake.   All the events of the last two weeks, not to mention the orgasm, must now be taking their toll.  I handed her the food and went upstairs to have my own dinner.

The weather outside had been clear and nice.  It was now just before dark.  As I ate, I watched the sunset turn the surrounding homes a golden yellow.  I turned on the lights and the enabled the video wall.  When I called in the contractor to build the rooms downstairs I had them add a small in-wall camera just across the hall from the rooms.  It was hidden in the plaque, in the first letter of my name. Just a little private joke. I switched the video wall to the signal being fed from Linda’s room.  The quality of the video was excellent.  I could see her lying on the bed, apparently asleep.  I switched to the camera from Martha’s room and could see her lying on her side on the bed.  She had her hand between her legs.  It looked like she was discovering that control device prevented any sensation there.  She looked like she was getting more and more annoyed and agitated and finally turned over on to her other side and gave up.  Man!  Could this possibly get any more entertaining?

I made a quick re-route of the video to my wireless center so I could see the camera feed on the screens of the two control devices.  I turned on the Martha’s device and the screen showed Martha tossing and turning on the bed.

Before turning out the lights for the night I needed a little relief of my own.  I pressed the first tone button on Martha’s control device and could see her jerk a little, sit up, and look around like she expected to see me there.  She looked down at the cuff that had the partially locked clasp and sat on the side of her bed.  She leaned over and held her head in her hands as if to say “why me?”  She slowly got up, put her hands behind her, fumbled with the clasp until she had it locked, and then went over to the door.  She stood there trying to look through the bars, to see if she could see me coming.

I took the device with me as I went downstairs and down the hall to Martha.  She backed away from the door as I opened it and followed me over to the small couch-like seat that was against the far wall.  I had her kneel in front of me and tried to be as reassuring and positive as I could.

“You’re going to be OK.  This will all work out. You need to trust me,” and so forth.

I played with her body like it was my personal property.  After a few minutes, I turned the stimulation knob to the lowest setting that I could; just enough to give her a little buzz but nothing too intense.  She watched what I was doing and knew what I was up to, but her reaction was subdued. She fidgeted, but maintained control.  Good. She knew what I wanted so when I moved her head gently down toward me and gave her the “suck” command she went right to it.  Quickly, as before, hoping to get it over with so I would leave, turn off the stimulation, and she could go to sleep.  She was good at it and I enjoyed it immensely.  When she was finished I got a small hand towel and wiped the wetness from her face.  I held her face for a few minutes and told her she looked good and that I did really appreciate what she was doing.  I said that I would try not to make her time here too awful.  I released her hands, told her she was great, and went upstairs.

What an incredible first day.  I went to the bedroom and got ready for the night.  Before I turned out the lights and went to sleep I checked out the video feed from the cameras and watched my prisoners sleeping.  I turned out the lights in the cells and went to sleep with a smile on my face.


Linda gets inspected and put to use

I woke up feeling great.  As soon as I remembered the women downstairs I got an erection.  Well, it would just have to wait a little.  I jumped out of bed, took a long hot shower and had something to eat.  I remembered that I had to feed my prisoners so I wandered around the kitchen trying to figure out what to give them.  I could see that I would need to be a little more organized about this.  There were a lot of details I hadn’t thought to work out.

I put together some breakfast for them and brought it downstairs.  They were both awake and took the food when I handed it to them.  Neither of them wanted to make eye contact and they were pretty quiet.  I didn’t press the matter and went right back upstairs.

I turned on Linda’s control device and used the camera to take a quick look at her in her cell.  She was sitting on the chair by the table playing with the remains of her breakfast. I pressed the button that sent voice audio to the implant and said that she should step into the shower and get cleaned up.  She spent a good thirty seconds looking around to find where the sound was coming from.  She couldn’t understand the implants were doing it.  When I saw her give up her search for a hidden speaker and get into the shower I switched to Martha’s control device and did the same.  She had the same reaction.  Startled and confused.  But I watched as she also stepped into the shower.

I took it easy for 20 minutes and watched the news. Because of my investments, the same investments that allowed me to buy the two former coworkers, I did not have to work.  However, managing those investments took a lot of my time.  Things were different now.  I could make my new purchases a full time hobby. Indeed! I called a financial advisor I had some prior experience with and made the necessary arrangements for him to manage my investments.

I checked the cameras and saw both women were drying off.  I pressed the first tone button on Linda’s control and watched as she tried to lock her hands behind her.  It took a lot of awkward failed attempts and I was cracking up watching her, laughing out loud as she spun around trying to get the clasp of one cuff to lock onto the other.  Finally she got it to lock and went over to stand by the door.

Before going down to pick her up I made a quick stop in the library to pick up another item from the box by the chair.  It was a six-foot cord with a small locking hook on one side and a hand loop on the other.  I went to get her and as she came through the door in the bars I reached over to the collar and slipped the hook at the end of the cord through a small extrusion at the front.  Now having her on a leash I turned and led, actually more like pulled her upstairs to the library.

I had her sit on the footstool again and told her that her experience here would be divided into two parts: the personal and the official.  The personal part was the sex.  That would be my payment for saving her from a life of as a medical test subject.

The official part was that I was expected to fulfill the justice system’s requirement of discipline, order, and so on.  I reached over to the table and got a copy of the page in the manual that describes how the contract holders had to maintain discipline, hygiene, nutrition, and a list of other things.  The last of the section describes punishments.  It was pretty grim stuff.

She read it and looked at me, let out a deep breath, and looked back at me to see if I was having her read this as preparation for something awful.  I said that I didn’t have anything particular in mind but I just wanted her to realize that this was real and it was serious.  She nodded.

“You did read the whole thing, right?” I asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Well just to make sure, why don’t you read it out loud” I said as I held it in front of her.  She read it.  I was riding the wave.  I now had power over this woman that I had worked next to for years.  She was sitting in front of me, naked, and doing whatever I told her to do.

I told her to go the middle of the room and stand at attention. She went to the middle of the room but didn’t stand at attention. I pressed the punishment button.  She let out an “Ow” and stood up as straight as she could.  A tear was starting to come down the side of each eye and she wouldn’t look at me.  It said a lot about my own state of mind that this didn’t bother me.  If anything it just got me more turned on.  Every time I used the punishment button I would start to get erect.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what that said about me.

I walked around her like I was inspecting her.  Really I was just checking her out.  It was a lot of fun being the “guard” rather than the “warden”.  I told her to keep her head up, and look straight ahead.

I had the page from the manual, and was reading aloud as I scanned through it “…in order to ensure the prisoners proper personal hygiene.  Hmmmm. OK.  I can see the importance of that.”

I stood next to her.

Since you aren’t wearing clothes I want you to be thorough when you clean yourself; both in the morning when you take a shower and after using the toilet.  I don’t want a mess when you sit on something.   Second, I expect you to keep your hair looking nice, underarms shaved, and your vagina clean.”  When I said the word “vagina” she twitched a little.  “Third, I will expect you to brush your teeth immediately after eating.” “And fourth, I may have daily inspections.”  I laughed when I said that and she twitched a little a second time.

I stood in front of her and had her open her mouth. Wide.

I took my time running my finger along her teeth and making a lot of “mmmm” sounds like I was evaluating her hygiene practices.  She had her eyes averted and wouldn’t look at me while I was in front of her.  I had her close her mouth and I “inspected” various other parts of her body.

The whole time I was doing this I had the end of the leash in my other hand and was absent-mindedly jiggling it so it bounced lightly against her.

Along the far wall of the library there is a raised section that goes up about two feet from the floor and extends out from the wall maybe six feet or so. I brought her to it and had her lie on the raised section with her legs over the edge. I told her to spread her legs wide. I said I wanted to examine the parts that were unavailable when she was standing.

I knelt down in front of her and ran my fingers along the outside of her vagina.  It felt warm and a little damp. I used both hands to pull apart the lips like I was looking for something. I ran fingers along the sides of the inner lips, then inside her vagina, and finally up to the top, briefly going up and over her clitoris. I told her that I wasn’t pleased with the way she kept herself clean and that she needed to do a much better job of it. She gave me a disgusted look but stayed in that position.

I told her to stay exactly like she was and that I would be right back. I hurried into the kitchen to find the energy-cell hair clipper and a towel. When I returned I had her raise her hips, and slipped the towel under her butt. I told her that pubic hair was a health hazard and it had to go. I brought the buzzing clipper around quickly to shave the hair. Whenever I was just above her clitoris I stayed at that one spot a ridiculously long time. I could tell that the cuffs and the clasp that help them together were digging into her back because she was trying to get into a better position. That, and the buzzing of the clipper, had her made her so agitated that I gave her a hard slap on the inside of one of her legs to make her settle down.  It made a loud “smack” sound and she jerked her head up from surprise. I could see red finger imprints forming on her leg.

When I had finished her little haircut I folded the towel over to trap the hair that had fallen and used it to wipe away any hair that remained. I told her to keep her legs apart and took a moment to appreciate my work. It did look very nice all cleaned up like that. It also brought me to the point where I needed to take a moment for something else.

“OK, bring your ass down just over the edge and keep your legs apart. I knelt in front of her, took out an erection that felt like it was made from titanium, and entered her very easily. She was very wet. Unlike yesterday I was successful in making this last.  She was meeting every thrust of mine with a matching one. Was she actually getting into this?  Well, maybe nature was taking over and her body was just reacting on its own, but I was certainly into it and I finished happy, tired, and sweating.

I went over to the chair and plopped down.  “Man, it’s only nine o’clock and I already need a nap.”  I told her to come back over to the chair and sit on the floor in front of me.  I didn’t want her to get her wetness on the footstool.  That footstool was Spanish leather and had cost me a fortune.

“OK”, I said, “I can see now that the, um, personal side of this is going to play even more of a role than I expected.  This is just too good.  And I just had a great idea what to do with two more of these audio tones. You do remember that you agreed that I would have sex with you whenever I wanted right?  That was part of the agreement.  I can still bring the two of you back now if you want.”

She said she didn’t want that. One more small step.

I pressed the second and third audio tone buttons. Could she hear them?  She nodded that she could.

Great.  When you hear this one,” I said as I pressed the second one again, “I want you to come over to me, kneel down and start sucking.  Do you understand?”

She nodded but didn’t look pleased about it.

“What do you say?” I reminded her once again.  I was getting tired of doing that so I put my finger on the punishment button in a way that she could not possibly misinterpret.

“Yes sir.”

I pressed the third tone button and said, “And when you hear this tone you lie down.  If your hands are free then put them behind your head. Then spread your legs. I also expect you to make it as pleasant for me as possible. I don’t want attitude.  Right?”

“Yes sir,” she said.

I used the towel to clean her up a little and with the leash walked her downstairs.  Before leaving her in the cell I could not resist resting for a moment on the small couch with her sitting in front of me so I could play with her long blonde hair again.  That long hair was going to be my Achilles heel.

Martha gets a little burned

I walked to Martha’s cell and found her sitting on the small couch staring into space with a blank look on her face.  When she saw me she stood and waited.  I locked her hands behind her, attached the leash to her collar, and started to bring her upstairs.  She was pulling and resisting the whole time, and when we got to the stairs she didn’t want to go any further.

I used the second punishment button. She jumped, yelped, and bent over all at the same time.  I said again that any disobedience would be punished, and had my finger on the button, ready to push it again.

She followed the rest of the way without trouble but when I brought her into the library and sat her down on the footstool she went on about how unfair this all was and how I didn’t have any right to do this sort of thing.  I think that the leash had gotten her a little pissed of.  She used the word “sick” a couple of times.  That really hurt my feelings. I let her talk a few minutes and then did a similar kind of read-out-loud that I had done with Linda.  This time I had her read the parts about this being punishment not rehabilitation, and the part about how I was allowed, no, encouraged, to use my own discretion in handling any “situation” that came up.  It was clear from the tone of the paragraph that once criminals were out of the government’s justice system the government didn’t want to deal with any of those “situations” later. That was up to the person holding the contract.  It was terribly obvious that the government just wanted problems to go away.

I said, “Well, this seems like one of those situations, doesn’t it. You may see this as just someone you know being unfair to you but this is official confinement. And I’m in charge.”

I did the hygiene inspection.  She was giving me a dirty look the whole time but she didn’t cause any trouble.

“Now, about that situation that you created downstairs.  I guess I have to deal with it.”  I said.

I had her go over to the same rise in the floor that I put to use a few minutes ago and had her lie face down with her legs up against the vertical rise. I dashed out of the room and went through my rooms looking for something appropriate for the “situation”.  I found something I could use in the kitchen. It was a spatula-like thing that I had bought during my “other people can cook and dammit so can I” phase which lasted maybe a month.  The thin metal implement was springy and didn’t weigh enough to do any harm to her.  I hurried back to her and knelt down just in back of her and to the side.

“As much as I hate doing this,” I lied, “you need to be punished so that there won’t be any ‘situations’ in the future.”

I gave her a spank on the rear.  It was way too light.  I was holding back too much.  I forced myself to get bolder and gave her a series of hard spanks that made a most satisfying whacking sound.  I could get to enjoy this.  I paused to consider my handiwork and watch her bottom get red.  I gave her a second brief set of spanks, which made her head jerk up.  She must have thought that it was over the first time.

“OK, OK, I’m sorry,” she yelled.  “I’m not going to cause any more trouble.”

I asked her if she was prepared to accept that all of this was real and that she had to deal with it.

“OK,” she said.

“Sir,” I prompted followed by another hard spank.

“SIR.”   Excellent.

I brought her back to the chair and ran through the exercise with the two tones. Tone 2.  Tone 3.

“You clear on all that?” I asked.

“Yes sir. Two is suck and three is fuck.”

I could not have put it better myself.

I do some mapping, go shopping, and watch some exercise

Before bringing Martha downstairs I brought her around the house and had her stand still while I used her tracking screen to map her location in the rooms and hallways.  She probably thought I was crazy.  Stand here. Stand there. Go stand by that doorway.  Still, it worked great and in 30 minutes I had an electronic map of my house.  I copied the map to Linda’s device and programmed both of them to shock the hell out either one that went out of the house.  I didn’t know what these levels really corresponded to, and didn’t want to actually harm them, so I set it to 6.  A 6 seemed like a good compromise.  I really needed to get some time to read the manual.

Then I explained what I was doing to Martha and that if she tried to leave there would be pain.  A lot of it.

Finally, I had her lie down and got rid of that unhealthy pubic hair with the clipper.  When I was cleaning her up my fingers may possibly have moved up, over, and around her clitoris.  They may have lingered longer than they should have just over her clitoris. But it surely wasn’t intentional.

After returning Martha to her cell I went to Linda’s cell and explained the tracking thing to her.  I’m not sure if she quite understood exactly the point I was making but she would learn quickly if she tried to leave.

Then to the garage and into the car.  It had nearly a full charge but I would need all of it.  The web had ruined most traditional businesses and if I wanted to pick up the stuff I needed I would have to drive for some distance.

I went first to the grocery and grabbed up anything that looked like an instant meal.  Or an instant breakfast, as the case may be.  Then off to find a department store where I picked up various soaps, hair care products, and, um, feminine stuff.  I hoped I was buying the right things.  Then I went to one of the last remaining home supply stores in the area.  I had to go far out of the “safe zone.”  I picked up cord, rope, locking fixtures, and anything else that might remotely be useful in some kinky sort of way.  I didn’t have a plan so I just bought a lot of stuff and hoped that some of it would be useful.

My final stop was at a business that used to be known as a tattoo parlor back when they used needles.  Now that lasers were involved it was more high-class.  I made arrangements for the gentleman I spoke to, to arrive promptly at six, and give him my address.  I told him to bring his best equipment.

When I got home the car was at a ten percent charge.  It would take a full day to charge it back to full.  I carried the stuff into the kitchen and spread it out.  I took two of the plastic bags from the grocery and filled them with soaps and other things, and carried the instant meals to a side closet just off the kitchen that was now mercifully empty.   It was just big enough for all the food.  I grabbed the bags and brought the supplies to the women and told them to place the stuff out of the way.

Back upstairs, I heated two meals, and delivered them. Finally I could sit and think of what to do next

I took a leisurely lunch and watched a little video.

I turned on Linda’s control device and set it to the camera feed.  She had eaten and was now sitting on the side of the bed.  When I pressed the tone 1 button, she jumped up and tried to latch her cuffs together.  She had as much trouble this time as she did last time.  And I thought it was just as funny.

I went down to get her, again with the leash.  I like that thing.

We went back to the library.  I told her to kneel down maybe six feet or so in front of the chair.

“Stay there,” I said.  I unattached the leash and went quickly downstairs for Martha. Martha’s rear end still seemed pretty red.  I brought her back, on the leash, and had her kneel next to Linda.  When they looked at each other, naked, on their knees, with their hands locked behind them, there were a lot of intense looks directed at the other, of the “are you OK?” kind.  But they didn’t say anything.

“All right,” I said, “if I am going to eventually be able to let you leave your cells and move around a little, I need more direct control over your behavior.  As I said before, you aren’t in any danger or anything.  I know you would rather be anywhere else but here, and don’t like any of this, but you have to accept the reality of your situation.  Right?”

Nods and “yea’s.”  I pressed the punishment button.  They both squealed.  I could see attitude in Martha’s eyes and hoped that this wasn’t going to be an ongoing problem. When Linda immediately said “yes sir” in response to the punishment and showed every sign of meaning it, Martha glanced to her and said it too.  Very sincerely I thought.  Bringing them together was a good idea.

I had them put their hands behind their backs and spread their legs.

I pressed tone 4.  “When you hear this, you take this position right away.”

I had them stand, with their hands behind their heads, and spread their legs.

I pressed tone 5.  “And when you hear this tone, you take this position.”


“Yes sir,” from each of them.

It was difficult for them to just follow my orders like this; I could tell from their breathing and flushed faces.  But they would be breathing heavier in a few minutes.  For the first time I actually had a little plan for my entertainment and carrying it out was encouraging what now seemed like a permanent erection.

I had them stay like that for a good two or three minutes while I just looked at them.

“Let’s see if you remember?”

I pressed 4 and they went down to their knees and put their hands behind their backs.  I waited a few seconds and pressed 5.  Up they went with hands behind their heads and their legs apart.  No complaining.  They were getting deeper into this by the hour.

“Great.  But a little slow.  You have to put some effort into this. You don’t want to spend the rest of your lives in the cells, do you?”

A sort of groaning “no sir” was the response.

I pressed 4, 5, 4, 5.   They went down, up , down, up.  Incredible.  Martha’s tits were bouncing around whenever she went from one position to another and she was trying to prevent it by moving in a contorted way.  I told them to kneel and stand in proper movements and give up on trying to maintain their dignity.  This was an exercise in discipline I reminded them and would not look favorably on whoever screwed it up.

4,5,4,5,4,5,4,5 over and over.  When I took a pause in the action they were both breathing heavily and looked like they were both about to cry.  I waited until their breathing slowed down and did it again.  Up, down, up, down, up, down, over and over.  Martha was starting to get red areas around her tits from the stress on them, and Linda’s hair was now wet and sticking to her face.

I did another group to see if they would continue to respond and they did.  But they were obviously getting worn out and I could see that their knees were getting red and rough from having to kneel on the carpet so I stopped.

I had them walk over to just in front of me and pressed 4.  They both went to their knees.  Good grief what an erection I had.  Their knees weren’t the only things that would get worn out if I didn’t find some balance to this.

I explained patiently again that I could now track them and it would show up on the screen of their control device.  I showed them the screen on each of their control devices and said, “See here you are right here”.   The little green dot didn’t mean anything in a real sense.  It could have been off by a mile and they wouldn’t have known it.  But psychologically it had the desired effect.   The screen was telling them, “See – this is technology. I know where you are at all times.  Don’t try anything funny.”

I told Linda to go back to her cell and close the door.  I would be tracking her and would know if she didn’t do exactly as I said.  If I suspected she was “getting lost” I would press one of the more severe punishment buttons.  I asked her if she understood and she said she did.

“Go,” I said and she nearly ran out of the room.  The tracking really worked, I could see her go the entire route. When she got close to the cell I switched to the camera so I could see her pull the door closed.

Martha was watching me do this and said, “God, that thing really works doesn’t it?”

“Of course, this isn’t a game.”  Well, maybe for me it was, I thought.

“Now.  About you.” I said and just kind of left it at that for a few seconds.  I looked at her like I was thinking what to do with her.   “Our mutual friend is doing well.  I think I can work out something with her. She might have a life that gives her a fair amount of peace and quiet.  Maybe I can give her more space or let her use the upstairs sometimes to relax and watch vids.  You on the other hand worry me.”

“I’m not going to cause trouble. I just want this to go well.”

I pressed the punishment button and she jumped.  She looked at me with an expression of confusion.  She just said she wasn’t going to cause trouble.  What the hell did I want now?

“Sir,” I said trying to prompt her.


She let out a breath and her shoulders slumped.  I could see her thoughts on her face “I… have… got… to… remember… that.”

I leaned down to re-latch her hands together and said, “Let’s see how good your memory is.”  I pressed 2.

She leaned forward with her mouth open and I had myself out and at attention.  She took me in her mouth and was less hurried this time.  Her tits were hitting the sides of my legs as they went from side to side and her short dark hair swayed around her face.  I reached out to run my hands over her hair and just enjoyed all the sensations.  Her sweaty smell from the discipline exercise was a good addition to the experience. The sight of her hands locked behind her was exciting. I came in a more relaxed way than before and watched her as she leaned back and swallowed.

“If you keep that up, you’re going to do great too.” I said, in between breaths.

The expression on her face was hard to read but I didn’t care.  I reached forward to clean off her chin a little and undid the clasps on the cuffs.

“OK, back to your cell.  I’ll be watching your progress on the screen.”

She got up and left the room.  As she was going through the door she looked back.  I smiled.


I spent the rest of the afternoon reading the manuals. It was a quiet afternoon for my new prisoners as well.  They spent most of the time lying on their beds.

Five o’clock I brought them an early meal, then had my own supper.  I made a point of giving them the simplest instant meal I could find and having the best home cooked meal I could make for myself.  I was getting into this as a power trip and discovered that even the simplest things could get me turned on if approached with the right attitude

About 5:30 I got busy.  I paired up the control devices with my home control computer so I could use the women’s controls for other things as well.  Turning on lights and things like that.

I first held Martha’s control and switched to the camera feed. I could see her sitting by the small table with her arms folded.  I pressed the audio button 1 and she jumped a little.  She went to stand by the door and I could see her re-latch her cuffs together behind her.  She had her head down and shook it a little as if to say “hasn’t today been difficult enough.”

I pressed the voice button and said, “When the door opens, come immediately up to the Library.  I’ll be watching you on the tracking screen.”

I used the connection between the device and my home control system to engage the emergency door release on Martha’s door, which was there to swing it open in case of fire.  I went immediately to the video and could see the door open and Martha start on her way.

I waited until Martha was in the Library and pressed 4.  She paused trying to remember what that one was for, but soon went down on her knees.

I went through the same exercise with Linda.  She was a little better this time with the cuff latch but it was still fun to watch.

When I had them both together I said, “I know this has been exhausting for you.  It has been for me too actually.  But there is one last thing I need to do.”

I brought them into the bedroom and unlocked their cuffs.

As soon as they saw where they were going they gave me quite a look.   When I had them lie next to each other I saw Martha give me a more sarcastic look, as if to say “you really think you are going to do both of us here, now, after what you have already had?”

I explained that this had nothing to do with sex.  I told them to take a very comfortable position and that I wanted them to relax because they were going to have a nap.

I waited a few seconds and pressed the “Sleep” button.  Almost immediately both women turned their heads to the side and went to sleep.   I stood there for a long time just looking at them thinking “they’re mine”.   I stood there until I heard the door chime.

It was the gentleman I had made spoken to earlier in the day.  He had arrived with his equipment in a large metal travel case that looked pretty heavy.  I explained the situation to him, more or less.  I guess in his business he’d seen pretty much everything because he just nodded his head and didn’t seem surprised or anything.  He just wanted to get to work and collect the fee.

I bought him to the bedroom, showed him the sleeping women, and stood back to watch the process.  He put a thin layer of black mylar material on each woman’s forearm and placed a bendable but thick plate over that.   The plate was connected to the metal case by a cable. He folded out a keyboard and display and typed in what I told him.  When he engaged the equipment there was a noise while it fulfilled its purpose but that was it.  Sort of anticlimactic.

When he was finished he packed up and I paid him and sent him on his way, with a big tip.

I went back to the bedroom and sat next to the women.  On their arms was now a medium sized and very noticeable tattoo that had “Property of:” followed by my name.  Under that was their Personal Internment number.

I woke them up.  It took a few seconds but they shook off the sleep and looked around.  Immediately they both gave an “ouww” sound and started rubbing their arms.  I leaned against the side of the doorway as casually as I could and watched them sit up and try to find the source of the pain.  I think astonishment would describe their expressions pretty well.

I said I was concerned they would try to do something stupid, like try to leave, so it was necessary to mark them.

“But this is a tattoo!  This isn’t going to come off, it’s permanent!” Linda cried.

“Well, yea.  That’s the point.  Do you really not understand that this is permanent?  You are going to be here permanently.  I thought you understood that.”

At that point I could sense things change with them.  They were no longer trying to just get through the moment and hope that they could make sense of things later. I think they saw that the annoying speeches I had been given them about this being real wasn’t just nonsense.

Or maybe I was reading too much into their expressions.  In any case, I sent them back to their cells.  I could see on each of their video feeds that they made it quickly back to their cells and closed the doors.  They sat of their beds rubbing their arms and staring at the tattoos.

I took a hot shower and went to bed.  I could smell a faint reminder of the women on the bed sheets and thought of tomorrow as I fell asleep.  Life was great… in small steps.


Taking it easy, part 1

On waking, I decided that I needed some time to consolidate my progress.  A little gentle pressure would work well today.

I had my own breakfast and brought something a little better than usual for the women to eat.  Around eight o’clock a delivery truck arrived and rang the door chime.  They were delivering what was left of the women’s personal belongings.  Most of their physical belongings were sold at a government auction, except for clothes and very personal items like souvenirs and family items.  The money from that, and whatever money the women had in their bank accounts, investments, or retirement accounts, was used to pay for the trial and the two weeks they spent incarcerated.

Fortunately, both women were well educated and had very good jobs.  The money that remained went to me and it was a large amount.  I was pleased to see the check when I opened the envelope.

I made a quick call to the local wine store and had them immediately deliver a bottle of very good wine. Then I opened the crates and began examining what was left of the women’s former lives.

I kept an eye on them using the video and when the morning routine had settled down I went downstairs, going first to Martha.  I told her that today would be a little more relaxed and that I wanted her to take it easy for the morning.  I handed her a couple of books from the library.

Then I went to Linda’s cell, told her that today would be a little quieter, and brought her upstairs to the living room.

The side of the house that contains the library and kitchen faces the street and is not only noisy but the view consists only of other houses.  The opposite side of the house, though, has a very long and narrow living room that runs the entire length of the house.  That side faces a low valley with the city far to the left and the ocean far to the right.  Most of the land in the valley is undeveloped because of environmental restrictions so the view is wonderful.  Windows run from the ceiling to about knee high, all along the living room’s outer wall.  The inner wall has a collection of paintings and other art I have picked up on my vacations.  Also along the inner wall, opposite the windows, are long leather couches.

I bought Linda into the room, with her hands locked behind her, and put her on her knees in front of me.  In my free hand I had the wine and glass.  I poured the wine and took a small amount to get the taste and aroma.

“The remainder of your personal belongings arrived this morning.”  I said casually.

“The remainder?  What do you mean?”

“Well, most of what you had was sold.  The government auctioned off your property and took your savings to pay for your trial.  They sent me the rest.  I didn’t know that I would be receiving it so it came as a surprise. In fact the wine I’m drinking was paid for with some of your money.  Well, my money now, actually”

I raised the glass and said, “Thank you, it’s very good”

“You must have saved every cent you made. There was a lot left over for me. In fact it reduced your cost to the point where I could sell you now and make a good profit.”   The expression on her face was awful and I thought she was going to cry.  “Which of course I have absolutely no intention of doing!  You don’t think I would give all this up do you?”

I continued, “There weren’t many personal items.  Some clothes and that sort of thing.  There were two hand-blown glass flower vases that I really liked a lot.  I have them on a shelf at the far end of the library.”

“I inherited those from my grandmother.”

“Well, if you don’t cause any problems I’ll let you see them from time to time.”

She didn’t say anything but just stared at the floor.  I could see some definite personality differences between the two women.  Martha was the firecracker – quick to get angry, and just as quick to get it out of her system and move on.  I would have to work on keeping her under control.  Linda was more the slow burning fuse.  She didn’t show her emotions and I knew I would have to work at keeping her from feeling too isolated.

I turned her around and had her sit on the floor, up close and against the seat.  I wanted more of that hair.

I used her control device to tie in to the home system and started some soft music on the sound system.  I took another drink of the wine and used both hands to bring her hair together and behind her.  I spent a long time just playing with it.  I wound strands of her hair around my fingers.  I would hold it into a ponytail and sort of flip it back and forth absent-mindedly.  I spread her hair out over my lap and for a moment contemplated what it would feel like if I wound it around my penis and used it to pleasure myself, but decided against it.  I didn’t want to get her too grossed out today.  This was supposed to be relaxing.  On the other hand that sure would have relaxed me.

I brought her hair together and held it with one hand, close to her head, like I had done the first day.  I ran my fingers through the long ponytail and it still felt great.  Soft and silky.  I moved my hand holding her hair from side to side a little just to see her have to move her head to match the movement.  She didn’t resist.

After a while I had her come up and lie next to me with her head on my right leg.  I continued playing with her hair with my left hand and had my right hand on her cheek.  I talked to her and told her the story of how I designed and built the house.  I described a couple of my vacations.  It was actually very relaxing and I was enjoying it.   Still, whenever I would touch her in a way that got some sort of response from her, my penis would quickly come to attention and nearly poke her in her ear.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer I sighed and said “I think that I will take my dessert before lunch,” and pressed the number 2 button.

She remembered what that meant and pulled herself up from the couch and came around in front of me.  She kneeled down, leaned forward to take me in her mouth, and started sucking. But she just wasn’t that good at it.  I guided her along as she went.  Faster, slower, take more of it, or less.  She did whatever I said and I made a kind of game of it.

Faster.  Slower.  Faster.  Slower.  It made me think of yesterday when I was making the two of them stand and kneel repeatedly and that was pretty much all it took to get me to come.

She didn’t seem to know what to do with it and I told her to swallow.  She made a face but did it.  “Don’t worry,” I said, “I’ll see that you get plenty of practice,” and laughed.

I had her sit back and wait for me while I went to the kitchen and made some lunch.  It was only about eleven o’clock but I was hungry.  I brought back a plate of various things and set it beside me.  I motioned for her to come up close.

As I ate I held out pieces of what I was eating so that she could share in the meal.  No instant meal today.

When we were done eating I unlocked her hands, kissed her, told her I was through with her for the day, and sent her back to her cell.

Taking it easy, part 2

I bundled some things together from one of the crates and brought them into the living room.  Then I went back to the kitchen and got more food, brought it back, and placed the tray down next to the bundle.

I turned on Martha’s video and pressed the button that would have her lock her hands behind her back.  I summoned her to the living room.  She knew the location from when I used her to map the house.  She arrived quickly, which pleased me, and I told her to kneel in front of her.  She automatically started to lean forward, expecting that was what I wanted, but I told her I just wanted to spend some relaxing time together.  I brought the tray over and fed her lunch.

I enjoyed watching her take the food into her mouth from my fingers.  As I fed her I drank more of the wine and mentioned the delivery of the personal items and money, as I had done with Linda.  I told her I had used some of her money to buy the wine and that it was good.  I told her that I enjoyed going through her things, which now of course belonged to me.  I couldn’t help but taunt her a little.  She reacts so well.  And react she did; her eyes got wide and angry.  I loved it.

When I had finished with the feeding, I put the tray to one side and brought over the package.

I removed a large bundle of sexy undergarments in a variety of pastel colors.  I grinned widely as I held them, and said, “Now this is very nice indeed.  I like them a lot.  I want to see what you look like in them.”

I unlocked her cuffs and had her back up a few feet.  I pressed the 5 button and she immediately sprang to her feet and put her hands behind her head.  That also pleased me.  She was doing much better. This was going well.

I went through the bundle one-by-one, and gave the items to her to put on.  As soon as she had it on I would press the 5 button again and up went the hands and out went the legs.  I had her turn around and I would decide how much I liked it. As she turned around, I could see her new tattoo proclaiming her to be my property.  I enjoyed that a lot too.

Those items that I really liked went in a pile to the right.  Those I didn’t like went to the left.  The ones I wasn’t sure about went behind her.  I told her I would throw out the things that I didn’t like and have her wear the things that I did like whenever it pleased me.  I said that I would have to have her tell me about the times she had worn these in the past.

Toward the end I had her put on a very low cut soft violet colored bra that showed most of the top of her tits and had the very front part open so that her nipples stuck out.  Even though there wasn’t a lot of fabric there was a lot of support and her tits were pushed up and out.  Her nipples were erect now and pointing directly at me in a way that was distracting.  I had her put on a pair of similarly colored panties that had the bottom cut out.

“Wow, you look wonderful.  I had no idea you were the sort that bought things like this.”

When she looked at me and saw me smiling she gave her tits a shake from side to side.  With her hands still behind her head the effect was fantastic.  I was floored.  She was really turned on by this.

I had her continue wearing what she had on, and locked her hands again behind her.  Then I had her come over and lie next to me like I had done with Linda.  I told her about the house, and some of the events of my life.  As I did that I was stroking her cheek and fiddling with her nipples.

Eventually it was late afternoon.  I went to the kitchen and got a little more to eat for both of us and I fed her again.

She seemed to be in a much better mood than yesterday so I decided to keep her with me for a while longer.

Taking it easy, part 3

I had her wait in the living room and let her listen to the music that was playing.  I fixed Linda her evening meal and brought it to her along with a treat for dessert.  I asked how she was doing and told her to get a good night sleep.

I dashed upstairs with an idea and found some of the things that I had purchased from the home improvement center the other day.  I quickly went to the bedroom and screwed in a bunch of fixtures around the bed (which, frankly, was killing me since the base of the bed was made from expensive Brazilian wood and I was destroying it.  The things I do for sex!) and attached cords to them.  At the other end were latches that could slide along the cord, allowing them to be adjusted.  I threw everything under the bed so it wasn’t obvious and went back to get Martha.  I brought her into the bedroom and she was actually smiling.

I had her remove what she was wearing and pressed the number 5 button. She jumped on the bed and lied down with her legs apart, waiting for me.  I told her to get comfortable and pressed the “sleep” button on her control device.  While she was asleep I brought her hands above her and use the cords to keep them in position.  Then her legs got spread widely, cuffs put on her ankles, and the cords attached.  I put a pillow under her head to prop up her head slightly.

I woke her up and when she started looking around I said “Surprise!” and laughed.

She wasn’t smiling any more and looked a little scared, but as soon as I started getting undressed she relaxed again.  There wasn’t anything in her sexual history which indicated she liked this sort of activity, but maybe that document had missed a few things.

I kissed her for a long time and she kissed back.  I pulled back a little and moved my hand over every part of her body that I could reach.  I found the surface of her stomach to be an unexpected erogenous zone.  Whenever I rubbed her stomach she closed her eyes and breathed a little deeper.  I took a long time touching and enjoying her.  She was definitely enjoying the attention.

I told her that I very much liked the idea of having her here like this and that her body was great.  “Especially since I own it,” I said.  I put my hand down to tweak the fold of skin above her vagina and said, “this for example, mine.”  I pushed my finger in her an inch or two and said “mine.”   I bought my hand up to her nipples and pulled on one of them so it extended out a few inches and said “and this too, mine.”   I went down again, found her clitoris, and moved my finger around it, very close but not actually touching the top.  “Even this is mine now.”

“I’ll tell you what really turns me on though:  the control this gives me over you,” I said as I reached over her to get the control device.  Her mood started to change but I quickly spun the custom-installed dial a little, and she reacted to it at once.  She wasn’t a moaner.  She showed her reactions by pulling on all the cords that held her in place.  When I moved my hand down to her vagina she pushed hard against it.

I simply couldn’t resist taunting her again and said “You know you can’t come unless I press this button, right.  If you’ve tried to give yourself an orgasm any time in the last week then you probably do.”

I didn’t say I had seen her playing with herself, unsuccessfully, on the video feed.

When I said that she made a face.  Part angry and part excited, I would guess.  And she let out a sound like “aarrrrrrr,” and started pressing against my hand again.

I was very turned on myself and entered her.  When I did, it was all I could do to meet her thrusting.  I soon came, and when I was almost done I pressed the little red button and she came so hard that her head was hitting the pillow with a “thump thump thump” noise and I thought she was going to pass out.

I very quickly released all the controls and stayed in her until she calmed down, if for no other reason than to hold her down so she couldn’t hurt herself.

After quite a while of kissing her around her face and neck I told her that I had to put her back.  She was nearly asleep, in spite of the fact that the cords were still holding her in place. I got her free and walked her back to her cell and went back upstairs.

Well that was quite an experience.

I thought back over today and it occurred to me that although the women were not bad looking they could be much better with some muscle tone.

Also, now that we have had our day of bonding I need to get strict again.  The motto for tomorrow would be “discipline”.  Hopefully they wouldn’t hate me too much at the end of the day.  I kept telling myself “small steps” over and over.

‘Hmmm, what to do,’ I thought as I fell asleep.


Getting strict – part 1

I got up early.  I had my own breakfast but decided not to bring the women anything.  Instead I went downstairs with a plan in mind.  Directly across from the foot of the cellar stairs is a double width sliding door that slides back into hidden holes in the doorframe.  The doorway opens into a room that has served as my exercise room, although I have to admit it hasn’t seen much activity lately.

I originally tried to make it as pleasant of a place as possible.  There is no harsh lighting, only soft track lighting along the top of each wall.  Each of the side walls has a very large vid screen that I can use to display photos or video.  The one on the right wall has a video loop of a sunrise I took one morning from my living room window, and the one on the left wall and a video loop of a sunset I took when I was visiting the desert in one of the Southwestern states.

I pulled two treadmills together, side-by-side. Then I moved a bench with stuffed cushions to the back wall.  I brought down what was left of the wine from yesterday.  Even though it was still early in the morning a little wine after breakfast wouldn’t hurt would it?

I went upstairs and poked around in a small room that I used as a sort of workroom.  The footstool in the library that I had been so concerned about the other day was something I made myself from ridiculously expensive leather that I had brought back from a trip.  I still had some of that leather on a shelf.  I cut a one-inch by two-foot strip and folded it back on itself to make it about a foot long.  I glued the folded leather together with furniture glue.  I jammed it in my back pocket and went to the hall closet.   I carried the containers of personal belongings downstairs and into the exercise room.

I sat on the bench and used the voice feature of the control devices to tell the women that when their door opened they were to come to the bottom of the stairs.  I opened their doors and waited.  They both arrived at the same time and I escorted them into the exercise room.

“Well, yesterday was great.  You are both wonderful and having you here is exciting and I love it.”  I paused for a while.  “But I really need to get back to establishing discipline”.  The women both gave me a look that said, “Oh no, what’s coming now.  This can’t be anything good.”

“In the short term I will probably make you absolutely miserable, and you’ll hate me, but in the long run it will be easier for you.”

I almost threw in “I’m just doing this for your own good,” but didn’t think I could say it with a straight face.

“I’ve already told you that your personal hygiene was going to be crucial to this.  Or at least to my own enjoyment of it.” I said and laughed.  I don’t think they got the joke.  “From now on I’m having regular inspections. You are going to get up every morning and immediately take a shower.  You’ll brush your teeth after eating.  You’ll keep your cells spotless and organized.  After using the toilet you will clean yourself the way you normally would and then use a wet washcloth to scrub yourself clean.  And I mean scrub. Um, I guess that’s it for now.  And if you don’t do something you get punished.  Understand?”  The said they did.

“And since I’m on the subject of punishment, I think I’m relying too much on these controls to do things that I should do in a more personal way.  So, if I punish you, your punishment will be a little more old fashioned.  Probably spanking at first.  We’ll see how it goes.  But most important is that you are going to accept whatever punishment I want to give you.  So far, when I tell you to do something I can see you pausing to think about it, or trying to resist until you see me start to punish you.  That is absolutely unacceptable. If you don’t accept the punishment, or resist, or delay, then I’ll go right back to the control devices.  And I don’t think that you’ll like it. I’ve turned up the intensity higher than it was before.   This isn’t something that is negotiable.  Accept your initial punishment or get an even worse punishment.”

I had their complete attention.  Not happy at all.  But they were attentive.

“Also, even though the sex is great and you really are both very attractive, you need exercise.  Maybe a lot of it. You both obviously have spent a lot of time working behind desks.”

They were both standing there staring at me.

“OK, we are going to learn a new position.  Get down on your hands and knees.  Good, now drop further to your elbows and rest your forearms on the ground in front of you.”  When they did that their new tattoos were very visible.  What a great idea that was.  “Great.  Head down, rear end up, and spread your legs.”  I waited until they got all this right and pressed the tone button 6.

“When you hear this tone you’re going to take this position.  And I want your behinds in the air.”

I pressed various combinations of 4, 5, and 6 to see them stand, kneel, and do the knee-and-elbow thing repeatedly.  I wanted this to be an automatic response.

“OK, great.  Reach behind you and use your hands to spread your cheeks.”  They definitely didn’t like the way this was sounding but they did it.

I walked in back of them like I was inspecting them carefully.  “Ugh, The two of you both need improvement. I want your asses and vaginas both perfectly clean and spotless.  All the time.  I think that I need to start this off with a strong reminder.”

I pressed the 6 button again and their arms went back out in front of them.

I took the leather strap I created upstairs, out of my pocket.  The leather was smooth as butter and almost too flexible.  I was great for furniture but I wasn’t sure that it would as good for this purpose.

I knelt next to Linda and gave her a swat across the behind.  I don’t think it was hard enough to hurt all that badly but it made a heck of a “smack” sound that made both women jump.  There were four more, which were equally as loud.   I thought it was extremely significant that neither of them protested or tried to move away.  I went to Martha and gave her five swats as well.  I went back to the comfortable bench to sit down, and admire the redness in the women’s cheeks.

“Stand up and turn around.”  They did.  They both had tears in their eyes, but I couldn’t let that hold things up.

“I can see your pubic hair is starting to grow back already.  I’m going to put power-cell shavers in your cells and I want you to remove whatever hair is there every morning. The area around your vagina is going to be perfectly hairless, got it?”

“Come over here.” I motioned for them to come over much closer to the bench.  I had them do the stand, kneel, bend over thing again until they were sweating.  Man I loved doing that.   They quickly got red in the face and were breathing heavy.  I shook my head and said, “You really are out shape.  That was awful.”

I brought them over to the treadmills. I gave Linda an elastic band to tie her hair back into a ponytail. Today was all about discipline, I reminded them, and once I told them to do something they were going to get punished if they didn’t.

I walked back to the bench, picked up the glass of wine, and used the home control system, via the women’s devices that I had next to me, to start the treadmills into action.  Linda wasn’t expecting it and stumbled a little but recovered and soon both women were walking at a brisk pace.  I drank my wine, watched their bottoms bounce, and occasionally played with the treadmill’s speed control.  I kept the speed relatively slow so they wouldn’t get tired too quickly.  I wanted to go through their personal effects.

I opened the crates and started looking at the stuff in them.  I pulled out a lot of clothes, which would probably get thrown away, but it was fun to go through them. I examined a lot of pictures of the women with guys I didn’t recognize.  There were some souvenirs.   There were some letters that had been saved.  Those would make interesting reading, so I put them aside.  Some of the things had obviously been gifts.  I found both women’s computer tablets.  They should also be pretty interesting to examine, so they went in the ‘keep’ pile.

I kept the few things that I liked and put them aside.  I decided I would clear off a shelf in the library, next to the vases, and make a display area for them.  It would be a little shrine to my power over them.  I really was having way too much fun with this.

Getting strict – part 2

I let them walk for twenty minutes at a time, stopping to let them rest and drink water.  Lots of water.  Eventually, Linda turned around and said, “Can I please stop, I have to go to the bathroom?”

I walked over, stopped the treadmills, and had her come to me.  I pressed the 6 button on Linda’s control and she went down into the knees-and-elbows position with her head down.  Her body was glistening with sweat and she was breathing heavy from the exercise.

“What did you forget to say?”


I gave her five more swats on the bottom.   I had her stand up, and brought her over to the small bathroom set into the back wall of the exercise room.  I stood in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, watching and listening to her pee.

Her face was almost as red as her bottom.   When she finished I made a point of reminding her about the cleaning routine and made sure she used the washcloth to scrub herself clean.

I told Martha that she was next and for her to do the same.

Then back to the treadmill.

I let it go on for a while and walked over to the women.  I stood to t e side.  I moved around to the front.  I leaned against the wall with my arms folded just watching them and making sure I was in their line of sight so they could see me watching them.  They looked exhausted.

I stopped the treadmills at 5 miles, and had them stand in front of me.  I pressed the 5 button and they went to attention with their arms behind their heads.  It took awhile for their breathing to return to normal and the whole time I was waiting, Martha’s tits were going up, down, up, down.

I said “I didn’t give you any breakfast this morning.  I’m sending you back now to scrub, clean, and organize your cells.  I’ll be back at some point after lunch to take a look at what you’ve done.  If I’m not satisfied, then not only do you get a spanking, but you won’t get any lunch either.  Understand?”

“Yes sir” from both.

I sent them back and watched their progress on the screens.  When they got back to their cells they both collapsed onto their small couch-seats on the far wall, and almost melted into the cushions.  I thought, “You had better not get too comfortable.  I meant what I said.”

Intermission - A visitor

When I went upstairs to think about lunch there was a message on the home video system from a former girlfriend.  We had been together three years and parted amiably.  In fact, I had my taxes done through her tax preparation business.  Her business was what actually caused us to separate.  She said that it was taking a hundred percent of her time and it wasn’t fair to me for her to keep the relationship going.

Her name was Elaina and her background was mostly Russian.  Her half-closed eyes were a running joke between us.  I always joked about her “sleepy Russian bedroom eyes.”

When I transferred day-to-day control of my assets to the financial advisor a couple of days ago, she received various sorts of mail and documents pertaining to my tax liability.   She was calling about that and was curious if there was anything wrong, or if I was going away.

I immediately returned the call.  Her face filled my wall-sized video display.  She had medium length light brown hair and a somewhat narrow face with high cheekbones that gave a sort of aristocratic look.  I had such fond memories of our time together; she was one of the nicest women I had ever met.  We chatted a few minutes, and then I invited her to come right over and bring the documents that she said I needed to sign.

While she was on her way over I dashed around the house to see if I left any telltale stuff lying around that would make her ask questions.

When she arrived I gave her a hug and brought her into the living room.  We sat close to each other as we went over the documents.  I signed what I had to, and then we sat back and started just talking about ourselves, catching up.

She looked great and I enjoyed being with her immensely.  But I kept thinking about the two exhausted women in my cellar who should now be desperately cleaning their cells, and themselves, for my inspection later.

This created such a sexual tension and excitement in me that Elaina picked up on it.  She obviously thought that my attention was focused on her and that she was being irresistible.  Well, she was irresistible, but the fact that we were sitting right above two women I had just bought, and had sexual control over, had a hold of my libido and wouldn’t let go.

We started kissing and making out.  Doing this right above my ‘other women’ was turning me on so much I almost jumped on top of her right there.

Happily, my arousal was having an effect on her too and after ten minutes of fondling on the couch she said the cliché’d line “why don’t we go in the other room?”

Good grief, this was almost too much for me.  I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bedroom, but just before we went through the door I thought of the, um, special stuff that I had attached to the bed.  I said that I needed a minute to straighten up.  She said she was just going to make a stop at the bathroom and would “right back!!”

I just threw everything that looked weird under the bed and welcomed her back with kisses and groping hands.

We were on the bed in seconds, fucking like rabbits.

The passion I was showing must have really taken her by surprise because before she left she said that we should see each other once in a while when we could make the time.  I said that would be absolutely fantastic and waved as she left.

I went, actually more like crawled, to the kitchen and made myself something to eat.  It was around 11:30 and I decided to lie down and take a nap.

Getting strict – part 3

An hour or so later I got up and took a shower.  I checked on the women’s video feed and saw both of them still walking around their cells trying to straighten up whatever they missed.  I strolled down to Linda first.  When she saw me she went over and stood to one side so I could see her handiwork.  I went around and looked for anything that I could find that would let be give another spanking but I didn’t find a thing.  I smiled, told her she did a fantastic job, and that she must have spent the entire time she was in the cell cleaning.  She said “yes sir” in a way that told me how worn out she was.

I walked over to Martha’s cell and did a similar inspection, finding similar results.  I was a little disappointed.  How could I get tough if they weren’t doing anything wrong?

I had told both of them that not only were they not going to get punished but that I would make them some real food.  Nothing instant today.  When they showed good behavior they would get rewarded.

I went upstairs and made large full meals for them.  It smelled really good as I was carrying it down and couldn’t resist sampling it.   I expected them to grab at it but both of them were too tired.  They did starting eating as soon as I put it down, though.

I told them not to go to sleep or anything, the day wasn’t over yet.  Then I went upstairs to kill some time watching vids.

Later, an hour or so before dark, I had a snack, and checked in on my prisoners.  They were both off the beds, but the way they were sitting in their couches made me think I had to go down there soon or they would pass out.

I used the voice feature of their controllers to tell them that when the door opened they should both go back to the exercise room.  I could see on the video that their shoulders slumped and they both made pained expressions.

I hurried down to meet them as they arrived and had them stand in front of me as I sat on the bench.  I pressed the 4 button and they groaned and took a long time to get down on their knees.  Linda said “Please… sir… I don’t know if I can do any more of this now.  My legs are so sore they shake when I try to walk.”

That seemed reasonable so I had them lie down and do sit-ups.  To my count.  1,2,3…  I kept the pace as fast as I could without having them start crying.

When I got tired of that I had them on their hands and knees doing a kind of modified push up.  To my count.

When they couldn’t take any more of that I told them it was over.  I said that I was purposely making things difficult for them because if they were going to make it through this, they needed some serious behavioral changes.  I said that I meant what I had stated earlier in the day - from now on I wouldn’t accept any more trouble from them.

I wanted to end the day with one last bit of fun.

I sent Linda back to her cell and could hear the door close.  I took Martha back to her cell and told her to lie back on the bed, with her hands behind her head, and with her legs over the edge, and to keep them far apart.  I kneeled in front of her and ran my fingers around the inside of the upper folds of skin on her vagina.  When I found her clitoris I played with it like it was my own personal little toy.  She couldn’t come unless I pressed that magic button on the control device so I had her squirming and pushing and letting out the most pitiful sighs and groans.  I let her come and her body jerked a few times and that was it.  I think she was just too tired to respond any more.  I told her she could finally go to bed now and left.

I walked down the hall to Linda and found her nearly asleep.  I told her to get into the same position and started playing with her clitoris the same way.  The sounds she made were anything but groans though.  I could hear the “owww” and “ahhh” noises echoing down the hallway.  What must Martha think I’m doing to her poor friend?  When I let her come she hardly moved.  Her head came up and her face took on an intense but far-away look, and then it was over.

When I returned upstairs, and thought back over the events of the day, I thought that things went well.  They weren’t happy but they always did what I told them.  This was going so well it almost scared me.


Repetition, and a surprise

After what was now the usual morning ritual of them showering and me bringing them their breakfast, I had them back into the exercise room.

There was a lot of groaning when I brought them there again, and more than a little relief on their faces when I didn’t immediately start them out with some kind of exercise.

I had them in position 4, on their knees.

I said, “OK, this is going great.  You survived yesterday’s workout.  I want something from you now that is purely self-indulgent on my part.  It will make me happy.  You want to make me happy right?”

“Yes sir” from both of them.

“I’m going to add another tone.  You are going to learn to say what I want you to say, sort of a little speech, when I press this button.”  I pressed the tone 7 button.  “Your can hear that?”   They said they could.

“Great. Let’s start easy.  When you hear that tone I want you to say ‘I belong to’ followed by my name.”

I pressed button 7 and they said it together.  I loved hearing them say my name.  I pressed it again and again.

“Add to that ‘My body belongs to’ followed by my name.”  They gave me a mocking expression on their face when they said, but they said it.

“You’re doing great.  Now let’s add ‘I do whatever I’m told’.”    I pressed the button a number of times and they recited the three sentences every time.

I thought for a minute and added “And to that add ‘I am for the personal sexual use of’ followed by my name.”  When they got to that line it was said with a very sarcastic tone in their voice, but I could live with a little sarcasm temporarily so long as they learned and repeated it.

I had them recite over and over.  I loved every minute of it.  To break things up a little I combined it with the 3 positions.  They did what ever the tones commanded them.  I have to admit that when I had them in the raised butt position, what I began to think of as the punishment position, and they got to the line about being them being for my own personal sexual use, I had to laugh out loud.  It was so cool.

I kept this up for long time.  I wanted the little speech so burned into their minds that when they went to sleep they would be saying it in their dreams.

I had to admit, though, the whole thing was starting to look pretty bizarre.  Two women, being commanded by something in their heads that only they could hear, kneeling, standing, and getting into this “punishment” position, and reciting those same lines over and over.  If there had been someone watching, and they didn’t know I was inducing the tones through the implants, they would have thought that the women were insane.

I moved them over onto the treadmills.  They hated getting up onto them.  I started the treadmills moving and stood to one side to watch.  I could see them wince from the pain of having to get their stiff muscles working again.

After a few minutes I started with the reciting again.  Because they were walking as they said it, the words took on the same rhythm as their steps.  It was like a cadence that they were keeping time to.   All the better to memorize it I thought.

The treadmill lasted maybe half an hour.  After that were the sit-ups and modified push-ups.  The whole time I had them reciting their new speech.  During the push-ups they were facing me so I got another opportunity to enjoy the tattoos on their arms.  I pressed the 7 button so often my finger was sore.

I let them sit on the floor and rest comfortably for some time.  Every five minutes, or so, I would press button 7 again.  I never got tired of it.

I had put them through so much this week.  They were going through the motions now in an almost mindless way.  I needed them to purposefully commit themselves to me.

“That drug company that wanted to buy your contract called me last night.  They seem pretty desperate to get subjects for some tests they are running.  The trial period is still not up yet and I can return you if you think this is something that you can’t deal with.  It’s up to you.”

I started to panic a little when Linda started crying and Martha looked like she was going to be sick.  After a long time Linda said “I’ll stay.”  I let pass the lack of “sir.”  When Martha heard her say that she agreed.

Emotions then spilled out of Linda.  I think she had been saving this up since she arrived. “Where the hell is this going?” and “This just keeps getting worse, what are you going to do with us?” and a lot of questions wanting to know how bad things were going to get in the future.

I said that I would be totally honest with them:  it was about sex and power.  I was going to take advantage of them.  Having this sort of power over them turned me on.  And I would probably continue to want more.  I really have started thinking of them as my property.  On the other hand, I meant what I said about not causing them any harm and that I would take care of them.  I liked them a lot even if it didn’t seem so today.  I had always liked them.

I had no idea what to expect from them after this and their response surprised me – they seemed relieved.  Both of them.  I don’t know what exactly they thought this was leading up to, but my answer calmed them down.

Martha looked at me, “Can I say something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Well, I would be willing to try to make this more, ah, agreeable, you know, with sex, if it wasn’t so hard and frightening.  The exercise yesterday… I thought I was going to die.  And all this tone stuff… it’s like you think we’re just puppets or something.” “I’ve spent the last week terrified. I really don’t know how I can go through this if I always think that something worse is going to happen the next day.”

“I so wish this had never happened,” said Linda, “and I would rather be at home, and at work, and just having my old life back, but if I have to be here then what she said is true for me too.  I’ll try to make this work somehow, even though it truly is weird, if I can just stop being so afraid.”  They both looked a little nauseous.

“I’m also really afraid what’s going to happen to me a year from now.  Five years, or ten years from now.  If you get tired of the sex, then are going to get rid of us?  I don’t want to have to go through all this and still end up being bought by a company and dying in some awful place.”

“Look, you are very safe.  You’ll be safe for the rest of your lives.  I’m not going to let anyone else get to you.  But, you understand this doesn’t really change what I said.  I mean I really expect you to do whatever I want.  And you’ll still be punished if you don’t.  And I intend to be completely selfish about having my own desires satisfied.  And, ah, like I said, the power of this is exciting, so things like the tones are not going to go away.”   Linda took a deep breath.  Martha was mostly staring at me.

This was most unexpected.  They seemed to be agreeing to what I wanted.  Completely.  Maybe they didn’t really understand.  “I’ll spank you whenever I feel like it.  And make up whatever stupid rules I want.  And I fully intend to let myself enjoy the power this gives me over you. You’re OK with this??”

“No.  But I can deal with it,” Linda replied.  Martha nodded.

“So, um, I agree to take care of you for the rest of you lives, and see that no harm comes to you, and, um, stop scaring you so much and you’ll be my personal playthings?”  I had a look of quizzical disbelief on my face.  I didn’t really believe they would agree to this sort of thing without a lot more coercion.

Martha blushed “If I can, just once, get a good night’s sleep, and feel that things are not falling apart around me.  And if you don’t get into anything violent or disgusting…” and in a sarcastic tone said, “I could probably live with being ‘for your personal sexual use’.” 

“Good grief, how can I possibly say no to that?  I just want to make sure you understand, I’m going to hold you to all this.  There is no complaining later.”   They looked at me and said nothing.

I sat there stunned and happy.

Taking advantage - part 1

It was almost noon and I was sitting in the living room staring out the window.  What these women had said threw me completely off balance.  Not that I’m complaining.  It was just that I had assumed it would be a continuous struggle, and they were almost handing me exactly what I wanted.

I brought the Martha and Linda their lunch and came back to the living room.  They had both looked at me warily and I think that they expected me to say something.  At the time I couldn’t really think what to say.

I had the women’s control devices with me so I switched into video mode to watch them for a few minutes. They were both sitting quietly.  I pressed Linda’s button 1 and she jumped up and struggled to lock her hands behind her.  I had her come to the living room.  She was there quickly, and as she entered she looked at me expectantly.  When she was in front of me I told her that I wasn’t really sure what to say.  It seemed like things had changed a lot but I wanted to know if she wanted to say anything more.

She shrugged her shoulders and had a sort of helpless look on her face like she didn’t really know what to say either.  “Look at it from my perspective.  There’s no way out of this.  I sure as hell don’t want to be used in some medical experiment.  I’m just trying to get the best future I can.  And besides, I think you were serious about taking care of us.  You were, right?”

I said of course I was.

“I won’t pretend to like this.  I’m stillpretty scared that you’re going to want way more from me than I can deal with.”

I must have smiled when she said that because she looked at me odd.  “What?” I asked.

“I don’t know, you just had a look on your face.  Do you want something right now?”

I was a little embarrassed but told her what I had thinking about when I had her here last, with her hair in my lap, and what I wanted to use it for.

She made a “yuck” face, and said with a smirk “I guess I can’t say no can I.”   She turned around and sat with her back to me.

I brought her hair into my lap like I did last time.  She was moving around to get into a better position. She tilted her head back, and said, “Is this OK?”

“God, is it ever.”

I got my penis out and had it wrapped in her blonde hair so fast I laughed out loud.  “I really can not believe this,” I said.

I moved myself through her hair as slowly as I could, trying to experience the cool softness of it, but gave up, and went right for the climax.  Her openness to my idea was astonishing. Of course I’ll take care of her if this is what I get in return!  I just held myself in her hair until I calmed down.

I sort of straightened out her hair the best I could.

When I was back to breathing normally I said, “You know, it occurs to me that you are already taking a lot of liberties.  You have completely forgotten to call me sir when you talk to me.”

“Sorry sir”

“Um, that’s not good enough.”

I pressed the 6 button and she went into the punishment position. Her hands were still locked behind her so she couldn’t extend her arms in front of her.  That was ok with me.  I liked seeing her this way.  I gave her five light swats on the rear.  Instead of getting back onto the couch I stayed next to her and started moving my hand over the area I had just spanked.  It looked and felt hot, but the leather didn’t really leave marks.  I think the choice of that leather was good; it was soft enough not to hurt too badly.  I brought my hand under and played with her vagina slowly and for a long time.  I would only touch her clitoris for brief moments and then move away.  It took a while, but I had her to point of an orgasm more than once but wouldn’t let her have it.  She fidgeted and made noises whenever it seemed like I was going to stop.  I brought my fingers up a little and circled her anus.  “You have been keeping yourself clean like I wanted,” I said.

My fingers went around and around her opening.  I think this was the first time she had experienced anyone playing with her there and she tried to pull away a little.  I gave her another swat and told her to stay still.  With my left hand I reached over to the couch to get her control device.  I adjusted the stimulation dial a little at a time, with my other hand always touching and probing a little into her anus.  I waited until she started making the kinds of noises she had made the other night before I let her come.  When she came she became almost rigid for a while, just like last time, and then just collapsed.

I went to the couch and brought her in front of me again, held her, and pulled the hair out of her face.

She looked at me and said, “This… is… so… fucking… weird.”   “Sir.”

I sent her back to her cell with unlatched cuffs, told her to take a shower and that I would be down later with something for her to eat.

Taking advantage - part 2

I immediately had Martha come to the living room. I unlocked her hands and had her sit in front of me, casually.  I asked her if she had anything to say, as I did with Linda.  Her response was mostly the same – making the best of a bad situation.

“Was it that bad the other night when I had you in bed?” I asked.

She had fire in her eyes but didn’t say anything about that.  She did say, though, that she was still afraid of what would happen if I got tired of her.  She had heard stories of people going in to this Private Internment program and disappearing soon after.  She had a distant relative whose drug-related crimes had got him into exactly that position.

“You are with me for the rest of your life.  Like it or not.  If I get tired of you maybe that would be a good thing.  You could finally get some peace and quiet.”

She said she was OK with ‘the sex thing’ but a lot of the other stuff she didn’t like.  She was acting a little snarky, and I thought maybe she was taking too much for granted.  My reply was basically “Too bad.”

“In fact,” I said, “I am going to make you miserable with the whole ‘obedience and punishment’ matter until you accept it.  No way out.  You even agreed to it not more a couple hours ago.”

he was right in the middle of a “Yes, sir, but…” when I pressed the 5 button and she had to get up and stand in front of me with her arms in back of her head.”

I told her that she had not spread her legs enough and pressed the 1 punishment button.  She squealed and said “I’m sorry sir!”

I had her shake her tits back and forth.  I loved it.  Then I told her to stay in the same basic position but lean forward and shake them again.  It was even better.  I had her do that four or five times, and then straighten up.

“So you’re ‘OK with the sex thing’ are you?  That covers a lot of ground.  It’s up to me now what you experience, you know.” I said taunting her.

I sat there with her control device in my hands moving the stimulation dial up, then down, then up, then down.  I would turn it off for a while, and then back on again.  She struggled to maintain her composure, and would not look at me.

“Please, sir,” she said.

I pressed the 7 button again to hear her go through the little speech again.  I decided that I wasn’t going to let her come and turned down the knob.

I let her stand there for a minute and told her to come kneel in front of me.  I reattached the lock on her cuffs.  I played with her tits for a while, lifting them up a little and letting them drop, so I could watch them bounce.  I ran my hand through her hair and said, “Hair is sort of a special turn on for me,” and laughed at the private joke.

“I think that I’ll let your hair get a lot longer.  I’ll expect you to take good care of it.”

I ran my hands down her sides.  I said “Maybe I should put you on a diet too.  I’ll see if I what the market has for diet meals.”

I played with the knob some more while she was in front of me.  At one point I had the knob up a ways and took her by the back of the neck and forced a long kiss.  I could feel her try to kiss, breath through her nose, and attempt to ignore the buzzing that was torturing her clitoris.”

I turned leaned back and turned down the knob.

“The ‘sex thing’ can be as easy or difficult as anything else.  It all depends on what I want to do with it.  Right?”

“Yes sir”

“I’m not going to let you come.  I know it’s mean, but I believe you thought I conceded more than I did during our conversation downstairs.  Like I said a few minutes ago, you are indeed going to be with me for the rest of your life.  Which makes it all the more important to work out the obedience side of things.  Don’t you think?”

“Yes sir”

I released her hands again and sent her downstairs.

Shortly afterwards, I brought the women their meals and came upstairs to watch a movie on the vid.

Today was truly a pleasant surprise.


After the movie, I got thinking about the situation, and tried to put myself in their positions.

I went downstairs and had a talk with each of them.  I said that this was a bizarre relationship that we had, but still a relationship. I would sometimes be spending time with them, in a casual way, with no demands on them, because I really liked them and wanted to just have them around me.  I was OK with giving them some time to themselves and providing something in their cells for music or video.  Eventually they could come upstairs and have more freedom.  But when I did want more they had to adapt or be punished.  No matter what it was.  I would decide if it was appropriate or not.  I was going to insist on total control. Nothing dangerous or impossible, more like living with a control freak.  An extreme control freak.

This seemed to settle the matter.  Less than a week from start to finish.  Now it was just a matter of enjoying my new lifestyle.


Settling In - part 1

Before I went to bed, I took the vid camera that I usually had with me on vacation and mounted it on the back wall of the exercise room.  It connected to other computers or other equipment with a wireless link and I could get a connection with the home system, no problem.  I was able to feed that video, on another channel, to their control devices.

I wanted to establish routine.  I had the home system give a wake-up call to their cells at seven o’clock.  This would be their new daily time to rise.  Before they could get into the shower I used the voice feature of their control devices to tell them I wanted them in the exercise room, and opened the doors.  They dragged themselves down the hallway, probably realizing that this was going to be an every-day thing now.  I was really getting to like this voice feature.  It was like magic.  I could be sitting in my living room, enjoying the view and having my morning coffee, and be giving them instructions no matter where they were.

I told them I wanted 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I told them about the video camera (I don’t think they knew yet about the cameras in front of their cells) and that I would be checking on them.  I could see them look around to find the camera.  Martha even waved.  They got up on the treadmills and I started them in motion.  I kept it reasonably easy.

When twenty minutes was up I had them go to the center of the room and do the sit-ups and the modified push-ups.  I could see the two of them saying things but could not quite hear what was being said.  I would have to do a better job with the audio.

Then, back to the cells and a shower.  I used the voice feature again to tell them I was still very serious about keeping their cells and themselves clean, and that I would do an inspection when I brought them their breakfasts.

I was getting a little tired of having to run downstairs all the time to bring them their meals.  I made a call to the same contractor that had built the cells and asked if he could an emergency job.  I mentioned a large amount of money and he said he would be over soon.

I went quickly downstairs, told the women that something had come up and they wouldn’t be getting breakfast just yet.  I would make it up to them with a better lunch.  They weren’t too happy.  I had them come upstairs into the bedroom and lie down as they had before.  They looked worried so I explained that nothing was going to happen to them, I just needed them out of the way for a while so I could have someone come over and do a little work downstairs.  Then I hit the sleep button and they were out like a light.

The contractor arrived soon after.  He made a couple of holes in the floor where necessary, put supports in place, and spayed instant-wood around the supports.  He added a few openings at the appropriate places, installed sliding doors, and within a couple of hours I had two dumb-waiters that I could use to send food downstairs into the cells.  Unfortunately, because of where the cells were located, the dumb-waiters were some distance from the kitchen, and separated from each other, so I still had some walking to do, but it was a big improvement.

I woke the women and brought them downstairs again, groggy but OK.  They had had to sleep for longer than I expected and it was now about eleven o’clock.  I hoped they wouldn’t have trouble getting to sleep tonight.  They immediately saw the new column in their cells rising up into the floor above them.  I explained what it was for and said to expect something to eat soon.  I went upstairs, made them what I thought was a pretty decent meal to make up for the lack of breakfast, and sent it down.  When the tray got to the bottom a little “ding” noise went off, that would announce the arrival of their food.

I could watch them, on their video feeds, opening the sliding doors and taking out the food.

This was good.  Not only did it save me a lot of work, but also reinforced my control over them in a subtle way.  Now I didn’t have to bring them food all the time like I was a waiter.

I wandered around my house for a while feeling a little lost.  It was becoming difficult for me to not have one of the women I owned with me.  A little after noon I went to the living room and summoned both of them upstairs.

I had them sit on the floor in front of me and warned them that all the previous rules applied.  There would be spankings, or worse, if they forgot the “sir” when they were speaking, and so on.  I think that Martha was self-conscious after the diet remark I made yesterday and I could see her try to sit in a way that emphasized the good parts of her figure (she looked fine, I had just been teasing her).  I guess I was pleased that she was making the effort.  She cared what I thought about her.  That was encouraging.

I had them talk about their accident and their experience later in the trial.  I didn’t really want them forgetting why they were here and this would give them a chance to get it out of their systems.  The descriptions of the accident were pretty grim and it sounded like the two weeks they spent with the Criminal Justice system went by like it was all a terrible dream.  I think they welcomed the chance to finally talk about it.

I said that I saw them talking in the exercise room and asked them what they were saying.  The said that it wasn’t much, just that they couldn’t believe what a nightmare the last few weeks had been, and how weird this had turned out.  They both looked at me when they said that, wondering if I took offence at the word “weird” but I said I agreed with them.

We spent a lot of time making small talk.

Eventually I said that our situation was the ultimate male fantasy and smiled.  I had them both come over to the couch and sit up close on either side of me.  I stroked their hair and faces like they were pets.  Both of them responded to it OK.  I put my hands on the backs of their necks and felt the softness of their skin, I had them turn around and kneel facing me.  I tweaked and pulled on their nipples.  They both looked embarrassed, and would glance at each other and make a sort of pained giggle, but made no effort at all to pull away.  I fondled their tits for a few minutes, bringing my hands around them enjoying the softness, the heat I could feel from their skin, and the way they moved.  I sat back and just looked at them a while, giving them commands – “lift your head” or “turn to the side.”

I said that I didn’t get a chance to do my inspection and had them move away from the couch and face the windows.  I pressed the 6 button and they went into the bent-over punishment position.  I told them to reach behind them and “spread it.”  I kneeled down between them and put my hand between their outstretched cheeks.  I moved my fingers around the puckered part of their openings, going around in little circles.  I would stop and pinch the skin lightly, causing some “ooff” noises to come from them.  When I tried pushing a finger in a little, there were protests.

I took the spanking leather out of pocket and said, “First, as the speech I had you memorize so clearly states, your bodies belong to me.  Secondly, you also keep forgetting to say ‘sir’.”

I gave them both a quick 5 swats and went right back to playing with them.  I pushed in no more than enough to separate the skin and got grunts and whining noises from them, but they didn’t resist.   I thought that was good enough for now and went back to the couch.  I had them stay in that position and told them that I enjoyed seeing them like that.  I had them turn facing me and I pressed the button again and they went down with outstretched arms.  I asked them what they thought of the tattoos.  They were both honest and said that they hated them and it had freaked them out when it happened.  I said I appreciated their honesty, but that I loved the tattoos, and that seeing them turned me on.

Linda said, “What doesn’t turn you on?  Sir.”

I thought that was hilarious and laughed.  “When it comes to the two of you, not much.” I said.  I was honest with them again and told them what a power-trip it had been receiving their personal items and going through them.

Martha got very serious and said that it was a shock to her how the life she had before just disappeared in two weeks.  Everything was gone – freedom, possessions, money.  Everything.  Even contact with friends.

“I just… I don’t really know how to be like this. Everything now depends on you,” she said, looking at me.

I nodded sympathetically and didn’t tell her how much that also turned me on.

Settling In - part 2

We sat there for a while not saying much.  I had them sit over against the wall under the windows and we listened to music.  I loved just watching them.  Whenever I caught a glimpse of the tattoos I thought that it had been such a great idea, regardless of what they thought of it.

I felt like coming.  I played a little mental game, looking back and forth between them, and thinking that if I chose that one I could do this thing with her; or if I picked the other I could do this other thing with her.  I settled on Martha.

I told them that after the evening meal I might let them come up to the main room where the large video screen was and we could watch a movie.  They were enthusiastic about getting out of the cells and having some kind of normal experience.  I sent Linda back to her room and told her not to “get lost” on the way with yet another reminder about the tracking.  I let Martha watch me follow Linda’s progress until she was in her cell.

When I didn’t send Martha immediately back to her cell she looked at me, raised an eyebrow, and said “I guess I’m ‘for your personal sexual use’ again.  Sir.”

I motioned her forward, locked her hands behind her, and pulled her up very close.  I kissed her.  She smelled very good and when she kissed back I could feel strands of her hair touching my face.  I backed away a little and told her to “say the speech” without me pressing the button, which she did.  I reached behind her and held on to her butt while I kissed around the collar she was wearing.  It occurred to me that I had not got much use out of the collars lately and would have to do something about that tonight.

I held her tits from underneath and moved them from side to side.  I said that doing that gave me an idea, although it was what I had planned on doing when I chose her.  I took out my erection and told her to bend down a little.  I buried myself between the tits and told her how warm and great that felt.  She was not sure exactly what to do and started moving up and down while I held her tits in place, looking at me to see if that was what I wanted.  It felt better than I expected but what really had me was seeing her doing something a little odd, without me telling her to do it, in order to please me.  She was actively trying to please me.

I came and I didn’t let go until I was completely done.  She just kept moving until she felt me let go.  It was a bit of a mess but I didn’t clean her off right away.  I let her know that I thought her reaction to my desire made me happy and they would definitely be getting the movie night I mentioned.

I didn’t have anything on hand to clean her up with so I brought her into the nearest bathroom and took my time getting her back to normal.  I told her I was really starting to think of her tits as mine, and liked handling them. In response, she shook them a little and said, “Well, please take good care of them.  They’ve been with me for a long time.”  “Sir.”

I sent her back downstairs and reminded her, as with Linda, about “getting lost.”

Settling In – part 3

After sending down their meals, I brought my own food to the living room and watched the sun go down over the valley.

I checked on the video feeds to make sure they were finished and pressed the button that would send them to their doors with locked hands.  I didn’t open the doors as usual this time.  I went to the library and got the leashes, then headed downstairs to fetch my movie companions.

I stopped first at Martha’s cell, brought her out, and attached the leash.  We walked down to Linda’s cell and I did the same with her.  On the way upstairs I had them walk in front of me, with me holding the leashes in my hands.  I think that they were purposely walking in a way that made their rear ends bounce.  As we went up the stairs Linda asked what movie it would be and I told her.  They didn’t seem to be disappointed in my choice.

I brought them to the main room and, putting down the leashes temporarily, piled some cushions against the front of the couch that faced the wall-screen.  Picking up the video remote, I put myself down in the middle and had them lie down on either side of me.  I released their hands and told them I would like it if they cuddled up next to me and held my arms while we watched the movie.  I was living a fantasy.  Actually, I don’t think any of my fantasies had ever been this good.


Getting a little tough again

In the morning, I let the women out of their cells again for the treadmill exercise.  While they were doing that I strolled downstairs and sat behind them and watched.  In truth, I was concerned about this getting too friendly and wanted to keep my prisoners a little off balance.

After the twenty minutes was up I turned the treadmills off.  When turned around and saw me there they were taken aback and came to me.   I told them that while this was turning into something, I hoped, gave them the kind of security they had talked about a couple of days ago, I wanted to maintain control and that I did warn them that I would be making them miserable sometimes.

I told them that I know they didn’t like the tone commands but that I did, and proceeded to go through the positions.  With the speech thrown in occasionally for the fun of it.  I kept them moving up and down at what I thought was a reasonable pace.  I could see that this was bringing back the pain in their legs so I switched to the sit-ups.  I had that go on until they were having trouble with it.  Then finally the modified push-ups.

After letting them rest a while, I told them I wanted to just indulge myself.  They were going to have to suffer through this.  Sorry, but that was the way it was.

I told them I felt like playing with their vaginas and had them lay in front of me and take spread eagle position and to stay like that.  I got down between Martha’s legs and did whatever I felt like doing with her vagina.  I pulled the lips out, moved them to the sides, and gave them little pinches.  I liked the way the crease of her legs felt and would often go out there to rub the back of my hand against them, and down to her upper thighs.  I ran my hand over where her pubic hair would have been and told her that she was doing a good job of keeping the hair removed.

Inevitably, I started playing with her clitoris.  I was very gentle about it, sometimes barely touching it.  But I did it for a long time and it was driving her totally crazy.  Finally I said that I didn’t really think I should let either of them come right now and stopped playing with it.

I moved over to Linda, who having heard what Martha went through and that I wasn’t going to let them come, immediately started whimpering.  She had a more difficult time of it.  I wasn’t getting the kind of noise from her that I enjoyed, and I suspect that having Martha right next to her was a little humiliating.  When I got tired of playing with her I stopped and went back to the bench.

I played stupid little word games where I would tell them to say things.  Usually it was something crudely sexual of course.  Like how desperately they had wanted me when we were working together.  Or how they couldn’t sleep just thinking of the next time I would fuck them.  They got into it and would act it out.

I had them take dumb but difficult poses.  “On your hands and knees.  Stick your right leg out straight.  Keep your head up, look at the ceiling.”  They did all of this but I could see some real anger at having to go through it.  By the end of that they were fuming.

I pressed the 6 button putting them into the punishment position.  I said that they were showing too much “attitude” and I was going to punish them.  Just because I could.

So far I had kept any spanking to 5 swats.  This time I kept the swats pretty light but let them go on.  I started with Linda this time.  Ten. Twenty.  Thirty.  Then Martha.  Their behinds were both bright pink.

I waited a few minutes to let them simmer and then sent them to the cells, saying that they should take a shower and that I would be soon sending down breakfast.

They had angry faces as they walked away, and I could feel some of that good-will I had perhaps evaporated, but I did warn them that I was going to be self centered about this, and this was what I wanted.  There would be more quiet days to make up for it.

I went upstairs to fix the breakfasts, which were more like brunches now, and sent them down.

Soon after they ate I went down to Linda’s cell and had her kneel in front of me with her hands locked.  I played with different parts of her body.  Not so much in a sexual way, but more like I was just getting familiar with a new possession.

I ran my fingers around her ears, or along her cheekbone.  I spent a lot of time fooling with her hair.  I spent just as much time tugging on her nipples, pulling them out a ways and letting them snap back.  This sort of thing went on for a good forty-five minutes.  The first ten minutes she did a lot of fidgeting and wouldn’t look at me because of what happened before breakfast, but after a while she just gave up and resigned herself that she was stuck there until I decided to stop.

When I got tired of that I went to Martha and did exactly the same thing. I had had a solid hour and a half of touching, poking, prodding, fondling, tweaking, rubbing, and just enjoying their bodies.  Which left me pretty keyed up, but I was trying to pace myself with the sexual activity.  I didn’t want to burn out.

Well, maybe.  The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.

Intermission – a second visit

No sooner than I had gone upstairs and taken a quick shower, than the house control system gave a little alarm.  I checked what the deal was and saw that someone had driven up the driveway and was coming toward the house.  It was Elaina.

In a panic I did the house search for any evidence that would give away my new lifestyle and answered the chime at the door.

She said that she was just in the area and thought she would stop in.

I brought her into the library and fixed an early lunch (it was almost eleven) for us.  We sat by the library window and talked.  We made some small talk at first.  She was looking around and noticed the two new hand blown glass vases.  When she asked me about them, and the other new things on the shelves, I almost choked on the food.  I said I found them in an antique store in a nearby city.  She said my new possessions were very nice.  I said I agreed with her, my new possessions were indeed very nice, and I intended to take good care of them.  In fact, I said, I had just been giving my new possessions an examination shortly before she had arrived.  I found them to be even more valuable than what I had paid for them.  I was sure that they would give me many hours of pleasure.  She was starting to look at me a little strange so I stopped with the possession comments.

She told me about her tax business, which had become very successful, and how she was now making the kind of profit from it that let her move from her apartment.  She had bought a fairly traditional house in the area just between the city and the valley.  I knew that zone to be very safe, having passed the guard booths often.  This put her only 20 minutes from where I lived.  She wasn’t in a relationship, and when we had our little encounter the other day it made her feel she should stop working the long hours and get back into some kind of social life.  She looked at me directly when she said that, and I suspected I was the more or less the social life she was talking about.

I quickly said that I was in a stage of my life, that, ah… um… I needed to just relax and not get too involved.  I told her that she was my only real love (which wasn’t entirely true), smart, and kind, and I found her incredibly attractive (quite true), but I needed some time for myself to figure out what I wanted to do next.  I said it was a shame that we seemed to be on “different schedules” and that I wished she had become “available” sooner.

She looked a little disappointed but not heartbroken, which of course disappointed me, and then she said that, “we could still see each other, maybe.”

Well, of course that soon led to the bedroom.  When we were together we knew each other well enough that lovemaking had been slow and sweet.  We knew what to do and when to do it.  Toward the end of the relationship it had become even too comfortable.  Right now though, whatever we did I couldn’t help but remember what I was doing only a couple of hours with two female bodies that I literally owned.  Which made me take a much more, um, aggressive approach.

Linda’s cell was, I think, almost directly below us.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the last week, my new lifestyle, and the fact that both of my women were down there right now waiting for me whenever I wanted them.  I was on fire, and technique be damned, I was letting my lust take control.  I was having some very wicked fantasies about having a normal relationship with Elaina upstairs and my “other” lifestyle downstairs.  We fucked with the excitement of the first time we were together.

Afterwards, I lay there on my back staring at ceiling.  ‘What the hell am I thinking?  Can I really do this?  What if she finds out?  Am I insane?’

It was a sign of my poor state of mind that I was really considering getting something going with Elaina.  Maybe I could convince her that we could have our time together at her house.

We cuddled together and I couldn’t help but think of last night with “my women” on either side of me.

When I started having fantasies about having my tattoo on Elaina’s arm I knew that I needed to calm down.

We got dressed and sat in the living room for a while, talking, and looking out the window to see if we could her house in the distance.  We stood there for a few moments kissing and making moon-eyes at each other, and then she was gone.  Back to her work.

Maybe this is all getting to be too much.

Brief rewards all round

Basking in the glow of my experience with Elaina, I took yet another quick shower, and went downstairs.

I went first to Martha, who went back to the angry look when she saw me opening the door.

I sat on the small couch and brought her in front of me again.

“I pissed you off this morning didn’t I?”

“Yes sir.”

“Some of that didn’t really make sense did it?”

“No sir.”

“But you did it anyway, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“That was actually the point of the whole thing.  I need to reassure myself that I still have the power over you that turns me on so much.”

“Yes sir”

“You trust me, right?  At least, more than you did when you got here?   You know I wouldn’t let things get out of control, right?”

“Yes sir”

“Then I should reward you.  What would you like?  Would you like me to let you have the orgasm I wouldn’t let you have earlier?”

“Another day of peace and quiet would be nice,” she said.  “And let me come,” she said looking happier, “Sir.”

I leaned back, lengthwise, on the couch and had her rest herself on top of me with her hands and legs on either side.  I told her to kiss me.  If she kept kissing me, passionately, I would let her come.  But if she stopped then so would I.  She put some effort into it.  I waited for a few minutes before using the dial because I was enjoying it so much.  When I used the dial to stimulate her, it was all she could do to keep her mouth on mine. I could feel the heat from her face.  And her breath on my face.  And lots of squirming around. I decided I would maybe do this a lot more.

I let her come.  Her pelvis ground into me. I had her lie on me for a minute or two with my arms around her.

Then, off to Linda’s cell.

I did the same thing and loved the feel of being covered by all the hair around my face when she was kissing me.  Kissing did not exactly stop her from making what were now her trademark noises and it added to the pleasure.  When she came, it was again like she was having a seizure, followed by the total collapse.  I held her a while and then went back upstairs.

Meals for me and my women.

Followed by down-time in front of the vid, watching early twenty first century sitcoms.

Another great day.


Experiments –the concept

I got up early and brought my coffee into the living room to watch the light from the sunrise move its way down the tall buildings of the city.  If I looked far to the right I could see little sparkles of light on the ocean.

At seven the women were awakened by the alarm, and sent them off to their morning exercise.  It was such a nice way to start the morning.  I had my feet up, enjoying the view, sometimes watching my women on the screens, and occasionally giving orders and correcting posture.  They were over the initial pain of starting an exercise regimen so I increased the treadmill to 25 minutes and upped the repetitions for the other exercises.  There was grumbling but no outward complaints.

After the morning meal I brought them both to me, still using the living room, and had them sit on the floor again.  I told them that since yesterday was another difficult day for them, today would be something more fun.

I told them that the theme was, and always would always be, my love of the control, but this time I wanted them to choose something themselves.  I am going to indulge myself again today but let you choose what sort of power-trip it will be for me.  I reminded them yet again that I had no intention of harming them and that they could put some reasonable amount of trust in my actions.  The worst that you will always have to suffer through, I said, was my annoying, self-centered, love of having them under my power.  Which would normally be a relationship-killer, but this was no ordinary relationship, was it?

I said that I would send them back downstairs and let them think about it for a few minutes and then be down to see what they came up with.

I visited Linda first.  I put her kneeling in front of me, as I sat on the small couch.  She started by saying that the tone thing made her feel like a puppet on a string.  If we were going to be doing this for the rest of our lives, wouldn’t it be good to have experiences that were more personal in nature.

I said that the direction she was heading in didn’t sound like it was really following the theme of the day – letting me indulge my power-trip fantasies.

She said that I had not had her in a bed yet, and if I did she would be like a sex slave, doing whatever I wanted.

I said that I could have that anyway, if I wanted to.  What makes this special?

Well, she said, she would really, really, try to please me, rather than just go through the motions.

Ok!  That was pretty good.  I said that I would make it a little more interesting.  If I thought that she did a good job I would let her come and spend a little more time with her afterwards, just being close.  If I thought that she wasn’t trying hard enough I would send her back to her cell with a spanking and no orgasm.

It seemed to me that she was looking for ways to get me to bond with her.   That was OK with me.  I did worry about her feeling too isolated.  Plus, of course, it obviously sounded fun.

Off to Martha’s cell.

Her answer was a little hard to figure out at first.

She started out with what was, I thought, an amazing confession.  When I had started using the tones to have her lock her hands behind her back and come upstairs, she was scared, but also very turned on by it.  Responding to my voice, which just appeared out of nowhere, was frightening.  And it was exciting.  Walking, through the door of her cell, with her hands locked, and heading into something unknown was frightening.  And it was a turn-on.  When I had her tied to my bed she was scared.  And it was exciting.  My having control over her orgasms was very frightening, and very frustrating, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She then tried to make a point that sounded a lot like what Linda had been saying.  If this was going to be a permanent arrangement then she was hoping that I work on the “trust thing” more.  And she went back to the idea she had made a couple of days ago that she wanted a sense that the future was going to be OK.

I said that I didn’t have any idea where she was going with this.

“Well, ah, I was just thinking that, ah, you could, like, sort of experiment with, your control over me, sort of, and, I could see if, you know, I can trust you.”  “Sir,” she said, red-faced and looking everywhere but directly at me.

I said I had no freaking idea what she was talking about.

“Well, ah, you could, I don’t know, tie me up or something.  I don’t mean, like all the time or anything, but today.  I mean, you seem to like my body right?  Even though I need to go on a diet.”  “Sir.”

Ah.  I think I get it.

I said that that sounded great.  And the diet thing was just me teasing her.

I went upstairs and made a directory check on the web and found a store in the city that would have what I wanted.  Not too much, just a couple of things that would make this morning work.   I offered a 100 dollar tip if they could deliver within the hour and they said that wouldn’t be a problem.

The ties that bind

I waited for the small package and went to closet to collect a few more things, then walked into the living room, sat comfortably, and summoned Martha upstairs to me.

She looked nervous as she came through the door.  She walked directly to me, kneeled in front of me, and said, “I’m all yours.”  “Sir.”

I took a small paddle out of the package I had sitting next to me and showed it to her.  “This will work better than the leather thing I’ve been using.”

She made a sort of “mmph” sound, and her moved her eyebrows down in a way that would normally mean concern but her face was flushed.

“See, it even has your name stamped on it.  It’s just for you.  I’ll tell you something else – you bought it.  I used the bankcard that is tied to the money I received from your retirement account.  I love using your money for my own fun.”

Now her face was flushed and she was taking deeper breaths.

I set the paddle aside and took out the soft violet colored bra and panties that I had liked so much and handed them to her.

“Put these on.  Slowly.”

She stood up and put them on, slowly.

“Great. Come back here.”

She kneeled down again and I couldn’t help take a moment to play with the nipples that were sticking out the little holes in the front of the bra.  Then I had her turn slightly so I could lock her hands behind her.  When she turned back to me I already had the next item out of the package – a very lightweight and thin blindfold kind of thing that was held in place by small elastic cords on the ends, which would slip over her ears.  It was only an inch and a half by six inches; just enough to cover her eyes.  The material was exceptionally thin and lightweight so that it would conform to the contours of her face easily.  I reached up, slipped the ends over her ears, and got it into position.

I told her that she was right about me liking her body.  I said that I also discovered last night that I really liked the way she kissed.  I lifted her chin with my fingers and kissed her.  She tried to kiss back but I had already pulled back and her lips were kissing air.  I thought that was cute, so I did it again and wasn’t disappointed when she did the same thing.

“As nice as you kiss,” I said, “I think you need more practice.”

I put my hand against her cheek and brought it down in front of her mouth and had her kiss my hand.  I put the paddle in front of her mouth and told her to kiss it.  I told her that she didn’t kiss it with enough passion.  “You want the paddle to be your friend, don’t you?  It may be called on to punish you this morning.”  She put a lot more effort into it.

I had her move back a few feet, removed my slip-on shoes I was wearing, and told her to kiss my feet.  Since she couldn’t see, and didn’t know where my feet were, she leaned over and spent a while just moving her head around, hoping to make contact with something.  I made no effort at all to help.  If I wanted something to feed my power-trip this was it.

Finally she found my right foot and kissed the top of it.  I said, “I didn’t say you could stop kissing it.  And if that’s all the passion you can come up with then the paddle was probably a smart purchase.”  She went to work kissing every part of my foot she could find, with loud squishy noises, including the tops of each toe.  When she started making her way up my ankle I told her to do the other foot.  She had to go through another little search before she found that one, and immediately did the same for that foot.

I told her to stop and come back in front of me.  She made her way over on her knees and stopped when she bumped up against the front of the couch.  I ran the fingers of my left hand through the back of her short hair and tightened my fingers so I could get a good grip and pulled her head back slightly so her face was directly in front of my own.  I told her to recite the first line of the speech.

“I belong to …”

I had decided that I wasn’t going to come with her and to save that for later with Linda (pacing! pacing!).  It seemed like an impossible task right now.

I told her to say the second line.

“My body belongs to …”

While she was saying that I was tugging on one of her nipples with my right hand.

I told her to say the third line.

“I will do whatever I’m told.”

I put the paddle in front of her mouth again and told her to kiss it.  She did.  Much better this time too.

And finally the fourth line.

“I am for the personal sexual use of …”

I told her I really liked that line a lot.  “Beg me to use you sexually,” I said

She started saying, “Please use me, sir,” over and over.

I said that I thought that was awful.  It wasn’t imaginative at all.  She needed practice in begging.  I had her back up and I pressed the 6 button that would put her into the “punishment” position.  Grabbing the paddle I went behind her and told her that I was going to spank her until she begged me not to in a way that satisfied me.

I gave her a swat with the paddle that was hard enough to sting.  She repeated, “Please don’t spank me sir” a lot.  I said that was pathetic and that her bottom was really going to be sore if she didn’t come up with something that I liked more than that.

“Oww.  Please don’t spank me sir.  Oww.  I’ll do anything you want sir.  Oww.  I’ll be good sir.  I’ll try harder, sir.”   She was trying everything that she could think of and I was loving it.

I stopped and I told her that was pretty good.  “Let’s get back to you begging me to use you sexually.”  I started up again with the swats.

“Oww.  Please use me.  My body is yours sir. Oww.  I can do something with my boobs to please you sir.  Oww.  Let me suck you. Sir.  Oww.  Play with my body, it’s yours sir.”   Wow, can it get any better than this.  I told her that wasn’t bad but if we did this again she would have to do better and that she should think about what she would say next time.

I said I liked playing with her body.  I liked it a lot.  I released her hands and pressed the 5 button.  She went over onto her back with her hands behind her head and her legs out.  She assumed I wanted to fuck her but I went between her legs and played with her vagina the way I had yesterday morning, like it was a toy.  I pulled, rubbed, pinched, and caressed it.  When her hands briefly came out from behind her head, I gave the lips a few light slaps with the paddle and told her that if she moved from that position again her “pussy would use up one of it’s nine lives,” and laughed at my own joke.

I told her that the begging thing was a real turn on for me.  I said that I was going to slowly turn up the stimulation knob and would let her come when I was pleased with the way that she was begging.

That got an “Oh God,” from her.  I started moving the knob very slowly.  She squirmed and her head came up an inch or two and down again.

“Please let me come sir.  I’ll do anything sir.  I’ll do anything.  Aww.  Please.  Aghh.  Use me.  Rrrrrr.  You own me.  Argh.  Something!  Ooff.  Anything.  Caaa.”  When what she was saying became unintelligible I pressed the button that would let her come.  Man did she ever.  Her hands went out from behind her head in an uncontrolled way, waving around, and the lower part of her body was doing thrusts against something that wasn’t there.

“Wow that was intense.” I said, and managed to get her on her feet and over to the couch, where we laid together, side by side, in a way that would let me hold her.  I still could not resist playing with those nipples sticking out from her bra.  I asked her if she thought I had gone too far.  She shook her head no.

I left for a minute to go the closet.  I returned with some screw-in eyelet things that I had picked up at the home supply center nearly a week ago now.  I put them into the doorframe of the entryway to the living room.

I went to Martha and helped her stand up.  I guided her over to the doorframe, still blindfolded, and used her wrist cuffs to tie her arms pointing up and out.  I did something similar to her ankle cuffs so that her she was now in a spread-eagle position in my doorway.  If I had to leave for some reason I would have to crawl between her legs.  Not that that would be a bad thing.

I told her that I liked that way her body looked so much that I wanted to look at it now.  Until I got tired of doing it.  At my leisure.  While I was comfortable.  I walked back to the couch and plopped down so I could enjoy the view.  I made a point of making some rustling noises so she could hear me getting comfortable.  I remarked on how much I liked this part of her body, or that part.  I said that her legs had some nice muscle tone now that I had her on the treadmill.  I said she would look even better when her hair got longer.  I said that I was pleased with how she was keeping her pubic hair removed.  I went on and on like that.

After twenty minutes I got a little bored so I brought the paddle over and had her hold it in her mouth.

I told her how excited she made me when she was begging and that how incredible it would be if she did that in the future without me making her. I was still sort of thinking about the “small steps” idea and wanted to see how much she would do on her own.

When it started to get close to lunch time I decided that enough was enough and let her free.  But not before standing in front of her, taking the paddle, and making her kiss me.  I said that I wouldn’t let her go until I felt some real passion from her kisses.

Linda doesn’t let me down

I sent down Martha’s lunch in the dumbwaiter.  Then I went back to the kitchen and put various kinds of food on a silver tray and brought it into the living room.  I summoned Linda up from the cell, and waiting until she walked in, with her hands locked behind her.  I put her on her knees in front of me.   I was in a rut; I had to think of some new positions.

I fed her from the tray, learning what see liked and didn’t like.  I would put something large in front of her mouth, let her take a bite, and then finish it myself.  She began to anticipate when I was going to give her something and have her mouth already open for it.  It made her look like a bird being fed by its mother, but of course I didn’t say that.

Partway through the meal she glanced at the tray, looked back to me, and then brought her eyes back to it in recognition.  It was a small sterling silver tray I found in her crate of personal belongings.

I teased her, “Oh, do you like that?  It’s new.  It’s become one of my favorite possessions.”

She looked angry.

When we finished eating I put the tray carefully aside, and brought her up close to me.  I held her head in my hands.  “I am so delighted that you belong to me.  And this afternoon seems like such a great idea.  I can’t really think of anyone that I’ve worked with, at least not in the last few years, that I would want more to be my sex slave.”  Linda didn’t seem the type that would take teasing well but I gave it a shot.

She gave me a sort of “Oh yeah, same to you” look and pursed her mouth.  At least she didn’t look angry any more.

“So you think you are going to dazzle me in the bed, uh?”

“You’re going to tell me what to do!  Right?  I don’t know what you want.  I just said I would really try.  Sir.”

“It sounds like you are trying to back out of it.  I should just give you a spanking and send you back.”

“Noooo.  I don’t know what you want.  Sir.”

“I’m not sure why exactly, but begging seems to be on my mind.  Beg to be my sex slave.

Her face, neck, and chest were pink with embarrassment.

“Please let me be your sex slave sir.”  I could barely hear her.  She looked down as soon as she said it.

I brought out a paddle with her name stamped on it and showed it to her. As with Martha, I told her how I had bought it with the bankcard tied to the money that used to be in her retirement account, and how much I enjoyed using her money for my own fun.  “This is what I’ll use if your promises don’t live up to expectations.”

I said that she had committed herself to something and that she should try harder to convince me of her sincerity.

As she told me how she would be my “bed slave,” and do anything I wanted and how she was mine to command, she would pause and kiss my hands, my knees, anything close enough to reach.   It seemed a little theatrical, like something she had seen in a vid, but I was convinced she meant it.

I think that she was starting to fear this was going to be harder than she originally expected.

I undid her hands.  I told her how much I liked her body and great she looked.  I had her raise her arms so I could run my hands up and down her sides, and up her arms.  I had her turn around so I could slip my hands under her butt cheeks and bounce them.  I had her turn around again with her arms still raised, and I reached around to bring my hands from the small of her back up to her shoulders.  I said that her entire body felt soft, warm, and smooth.

I had her put her hands down.  She put her hands on my knees and moved them down my legs.  She brought the arm with the tattoo up and sort of waved the tattoo at me, knowing that I liked it.

“I’m your prop-er-ty now.  What are you going to do-about-it?  Sir,” she said in a sing-song sort of rhythm.  Which would have sounded dumb if she was younger, but coming from someone in her thirties it was very sexy.

The look on her face was genuinely seductive and sexy.  I think the little begging exercise, and my touching had her in the mood.  For what I still wasn’t sure, but it was time to find out.

I took her hand and almost dragged her to the bed.  As I was getting my clothes off she jumped on the bed and watched me.  I got next to her.  She leaned over, put her mouth on mine, and we kissed for quite a while.  Women’s mouths are so damned soft and warm.  Is there anything better?  I would have liked that to continue longer, but she backed off and started running her hand across my chest and stomach. She leaned over and kissed around my chest a few times.

She looked up and said, “What do you want me to do?  Sir”

I told her, “Think of the golden rule.  What would you like?”

She looked down and started sucking one my nipples.  It caught me by surprise; no woman had done that before.  Maybe I’ve lived a sheltered life.  But I liked it.  A lot.  I told her to do the other one.  And then back to the first.

I told her to close her eyes and use her hands on me.  She moved her hands around and across my body, my arms, and legs.  She came back along side of me with her eyes still closed and felt my cheeks and we started kissing again.

I told her to straddle me with her arms and legs on either side of me, but hold herself off of my body.  I had her lean down and continue to kiss while I gently pulled on her nipples.  I reminded her how much I loved her hair and had her raise her head and let her hair fall over my face and shoulders.

She was trying her damndest to be sexy and she was doing a very good job of it.

I said I couldn’t wait any longer and to lean back and put me inside her.

She moved back further than I expected and said “I have a better idea.”

She wrapped as much hair as should could around my penis, took it all in her hands, moved it around, up, back, down, forward, around some more.  The sight of her bent over and doing this had me coming immediately.  She kept it going until I said I couldn’t take any more and she moved back along side me.

When I was back to a reasonable state I had to fight off the after-sleepiness so I could hold her.

Good Grief.  I could have this every night if I wanted it. What did I do to deserve all of this?  Was I a saint in a former life or something?

After fifteen or twenty minutes of cuddling I said that she fulfilled her promise and I owed her an orgasm.  I got out of bed and came back a minute later with the blindfold and the other set of ankle cuffs.  I told her to put her hands above her and spread her legs.  I had the blindfold on and her arms and legs attached to the cord from under bed in a matter of a few seconds.  I expected her to be wary or nervous but she did exactly what I told her to do and still seemed aroused.

I got between her legs and had my hands moving over, in, and around her vagina.  I said that using the control device, which I now had beside me, was becoming a sort of obsession with me. I said I found it to be exciting, and that I definitely didn’t think of her as a puppet on a string when I used it, as she had said before. (Was that true?)  I told her that using the stimulation would always be something I would want to do.  But right now she deserved something a little extra.

I said that she was lucky.  A lot of women have a clitoris that is hard to reach, but hers was closer to the front, and very “available” to me for whatever I wanted to do with it.  I turned the stimulation knob just high enough to get her to react.  When she started to squirm and pull on the cords a little from the itchy buzz she was now feeling, I pushed my tongue in to get to her clitoris.  I went around and around in circles for a long time, enjoying the way she tasted, until I got to the top of it.  Then it was back and forth.  Fast, slow, fast, slow, until she was making “ooww” sounds that I thought the neighbors might hear.  At that point I pressed the button that would let her come.

When I had released her from the cords and I was holding her again she asked me if she had done OK.  I said that I thought she would need lots and lots of practice.  It was a little painful to send her back to her cell but I did.  No overnights.  Not yet.


I need more power, Scottie

The more the women conceded, the more I wanted.  This was becoming an obsession.

When I woke up I went through the now familiar ‘coffee in the living room while supervising the women’s exercise’ routine.  When I had them back in their cells my mind started to wander a little.  I got thinking about the controls.

The clitoral stimulation had me mesmerized.  I called my friend that did the modification asked him how he was able to do it so quickly.  He said there wasn’t really that much to it but didn’t want to say anything about it at the time in fear that I would want to pay him less.  He said that the reason erogenous zones worked the way they did was the large number of nerve endings at that location.  The nerves fed into nerve bundles that “everyone” in the business knew about and there was no real mystery to it.  There were implants similar to the ones the women had, that were sold to people with sexual dysfunctions, so the technology of it was well known.

I had him at my house within the hour, with the controls open on the kitchen table, to make further modifications.  In spite of what he had said on the phone, I paid him exceptionally well when he left.

I brought the box from the library into the living room and put the blindfolds, leashes, and paddles in it.  I sat there for a moment thinking again.  The thing that had gotten me the most excited in the past few days was the begging game I did with the women.  I wanted more of that.

I opened their doors and summoned them to the living room. They automatically got on their knees and waited, which impressed me more than I can say.  I pointed over to the box.  I said that from now on if I said “leashes” like it was a command they were to go over to the box, get out a leash, and put it on.  If I said “blindfold” they were to get a blindfold, carry it back to wherever they were when I said it and put it on.  If I said “paddle” as a command they were to go get a paddle and bring it back to me in their mouths.

Whenever I introduced something new there were always groans and dirty looks.  This was no exception.

“Leash,” I said.

They got up, walked to the box, took out a leash, and attached it.  Then they walked back to where they were, with the leashes hanging from their necks.

“Wow, this is fun.  Paddles.”

With some resentment, they got up, trailing their leashes, and brought me the paddles in their mouths. They looked relieved when I set the paddles down at a distance from me on the couch.

“Blindfolds!” I said happily.

They got the blindfolds, came back, and put them on.  Excellent.

“OK, this might be a little confusing at first, since I haven’t used this outside of your cells, but just go with it.”

I pressed the 1 button.  They didn’t have any trouble remembering what that meant, but the blindfolds made the process of latching their hands behind them difficult at first.  But they did it.  So now I had two naked women in front of me with leashes, blindfolds, and their hands locked behind them.

I got up, took the leashes, and brought them over slowly to the couch, on their knees.  There was some complaining that rug had hurt their knees.  Their complaints sounded reasonable so I said I wouldn’t do that much again.

I had them right up against the front of the couch, each one close against my legs.  I reached out and tugged on nipples for the fun of it.  I took the leashes and held on to them, one in each hand.  I explained that the “begging thing” I had each do had got me very turned on and I wanted more of it.  More groans.

I said that, “In fact, it turns me on so much, I’m going to use up two more of these tones on it.”  More groans and unhappy looking mouths.

I pressed the 8 button and told them that when they heard that “I want sincere and passionate begging for me to make you come.”  Still more groans and a little “Oh God” under Martha’s breath.

I pressed the 9 button and told them that when they heard that “I want you to beg to suck me.”

I told them that I didn’t want just “please, please, please” over and over.  It had to be convincing.  And I said that I remember too well how I had to use “encouragement.”   That was OK for now but not for the future.

I said that I didn’t think it would necessary to “train them” with the paddles.  I had better ways.  That got their attention.

“OK then, let’s try it out,” I said with a smile, as I pressed 8.

There were some “Please let me come sir” and “I’ll do whatever you want if you let me come sir” kinds of statements from both, but they were embarrassed and really didn’t want to be doing this.  Especially since I had them together.

“Man, that was terrible,” I complained.  I had the controls sitting on my legs so I lightly moved the second dial on each one.  Both women gave an “arrghh” and clenched their butt cheeks together.  The circle of skin around their anus was now feeling an itchy, buzzy, pins-and-needles sensation.

The begging got a little better for few seconds but they ran out of things to say again.  I increased it a little, then pulled the knob out a quarter inch, which created a sort of modulated effect.  The itchy buzzing got more intense, less intense, more intense, less intense.  Turning the knob now would change the frequency of the effect.

Now I heard something more like “Please let me come -  Acckk – my body is yours sir – Acckk -  use me for something sir – Accckkk, - I want to come - Acckk” with each of the exclamations in time with the ‘more intense’.

“Don’t you think you should get more sincere?  That’s the only way you’re going to get any relief.”

I waited for an improvement, but when it didn’t arrive, I turned the knob.  The modulation got faster.

“I – Acckk - want – Ackk – to – Akkk – come – Acckk – please – Acck – sir.”

I pushed the knob in and turned it down to stop the stimulation.  They were panting.  “What the hell was that?” Martha said.  “I mean, what was that SIR?”

I didn’t say anything, waited a few seconds, and then used the third knob.  The same sensations were now going directly to their nipples.  They both bent over a little doing the “Arrgghh” thing again.

I waited five or ten seconds and said, “Don’t you think it’s time to get back to the begging?”

“I really do want to come sir.  Owwww.  I need to come, please. Owwww.  This is too much! Owww.”

I let that go for a while, sitting there fascinated by the whole experience, and then decided to “go for broke” as I turned the anal and clitoral knobs.  Linda and Martha both had their mouths open, speechless, and were leaning forward, almost onto the couch.  I pressed the magic little orgasm button and they lunged forward and made grunts I can’t describe.

I was scared by the intensity and I immediately turned everything off.  I rubbed their backs and asked them if they were OK.  I unlocked their hands and removed the blindfolds.  They looked at me with an expression that worried me. I apologized.

“Holy Shit!”  “What the hell was that?”  “This is getting too much for me!”

When they calmed down, I said that I wasn’t familiar with the controls and would be much more careful in the future.

I had them sit down on the floor and rest.  I apologized again.  I said that I had made a big point out of the fact that I would never get too carried away, but I had.  I knew that I needed to get some perspective again.

Of course, I couldn’t just let well enough alone.  I said that if I were a lot more careful, these new controls would make things even more interesting.

Martha dropped her head and shook it from side to side.  Linda stared at me.

They recover and I benefit greatly

After I brought them lunch, I got them talking about it again.

I looked to both of them and asked them, “Was it really as bad as that?”

Linda gave me a “wellll…”

I said, “Wellll… what?”

If you were a lot more careful, and If you don’t get carried away, and If you remember we’re fucking people, then I, ah, could see how, ah, that might be, ah, interesting. Under the right fucking circumstances.  If you’re more careful. Sir”

Martha laughed at my shocked expression when Linda swore.

This was actually a better reply than I expected so I apologized again.  I said that the only way that I would be able to use these controls intelligently was if I got more experience.

“You’re hopeless.” Linda said.  I ignored the lack of a ‘sir’ and shrugged.

I locked their hand behind them again, took off the leashes, and brought them into the main room.  They sat by my feet as we watched some vid shows.  When they had to use the bathroom I would bring them there, stand watching, and then make sure they cleaned themselves the way I wanted.  Not a lot of protests.  They were already getting used to the lack of privacy and my control over them.  I had them there until the evening meal so I prepared the silver tray with food and fed them by hand again. I was really starting to like that a lot. We watched a movie until nearly bedtime.

I said that we had not really finished this morning.  There was still the 9 button, and I didn’t have the chance to come today.  That would make me cranky and irritable tomorrow.  They wouldn’t want that, right?

I turned off the vid and told them that I was going to press the 9 button, and stimulate them, carefully.

Whoever did the best job of begging to suck would get to come, after me of course.  The one who lost wouldn’t.

Before they had the chance to protest I pressed the button.

Each glanced at the other and started begging for me to choose them.  When I asked my self a few days ago if it could not possible get any better – I had no idea!  Better isn’t the word for it.  Competition between them to get me to choose which of them would be sucking me to an orgasm.  And I hadn’t even started with the stimulation yet!

I had the controls on either side of me, one for each hand.  I carefully turned the three knobs up.  They were kissing my legs, knees, and feet.  They were describing what they would do with their tongues.  When one of them would say something the other would try to say something better.

I couldn’t choose.  But I had to.  So I said “Linda” and got her between my legs quickly.  I was a little uncomfortable with Martha watching this so I told her to put her head down.  She rested her forehead on the couch and was moving her hips.

I let both of the devices continue to stimulate.  Linda moved her head up and down fast and hard, with hair flying everywhere.  I came fast and hard as well.  As soon as I was out of her mouth I pressed both of their red buttons and they climaxed at the same time.  The sight of that was a wonderful and glorious finish to the day.

Martha actually said thanks when we were sitting together afterward.  I said that there was no way I could have chosen between them.  I said that was incredible, they were incredible, and I was getting obsessed by them.  I said that not a minute goes by I wasn’t thinking of them.  Which was true.

I think that I had got them past their panic of this morning and now all was well with world.

I sent them back to their cells. I really needed some sleep.

DAY 10

I love work. I could watch it for hours

Another morning, another exercise routine monitored and supervised by me.  I told them to stand up straighter when they were on the treadmill.  I didn’t make things too hard though because I needed them to have some energy.  The house hasn’t been getting cleaned since they showed up.  The PI program lets me work them, so why not let them do the cleaning.  When they were back in their cells I sent some food down and dashed off in my car.  I had some shopping to do.

I went to the sex shop that had delivered the few items the other day and looked around.  I ordered some custom stuff that they did while I waited.  During the wait I walked around selecting things, thinking that even if I didn’t have a use for them now I might at some point.  Then it was off to WalSearsGet to get some cleaning supplies.  Then to the market for a lot of food I could heat up later in the day.

It only took an hour and half to do the shopping.  When I got home I threw the food into the power-cell cooler and spread out the cleaning stuff on the kitchen table.

I had the women come upstairs to the living room.  When they came into the room they went to their spots right before me and kneeled down.  That pleased me a lot.  It was becoming automatic with them.  I would try to reinforce that.  I said that the house was a mess and they were going to clean it.

Martha complained that she thought I wanted them for sex and that I wasn’t going to work them.  This wasn’t fair.  They weren’t slaves.  I didn’t say what I thought about that last comment.

What I did say was, “You know, you have a point.  I need to get more experience with those stimulation controls.  I still don’t know what their effects are.  I should probably spend the day trying different combinations of intensities and modulations and see what the results were on the women.”

Martha said that, now that she thought about, cleaning wasn’t actually that much work and the house did need a cleaning.

I said that if I was going to let them be moving around the house I needed to know where they where all the time.  Sure, I could use the tracking, but I had a more fun low-tech way of accomplishing that.  I opened a small package I had sitting next to me and took out 4 tiny bells.  Each bell had a loop of string on the top that could be tightened on a nipple.  I told them to come over close, and attached a bell on each nipple.  I carefully tightened the loops so it wouldn’t cut off circulation or anything, and sat back to admire the look of them.

They said that the bells felt “pinchy” and that they made their nipples “tingley,” which didn’t sound all the bad to me.  They started shaking their tits to make tinkling noises.  A lot of shaking and a lot of tinkling noise.  I liked seeing them shake their tits but I was beginning to think that I had made a mistake buying them.

I opened the second, larger, package I had and took out new collars and cuffs.  They were made from exceptionally thin and lightweight metal with a thin layer of soft material on the inside to make them comfortable.  The cuffs looked more like very wide bracelets.  The Collars had the wearers name on one side and “Return to:” with my name.  I thought that part was funny and when I saw them wearing the collars, I had to laugh.  They didn’t appreciate the joke but they did say that the new accessories were more comfortable than the old ones.  I put the old stuff in a bag and put it away.

I told them I had used more of their money for the items, but not to worry, at the rate that I was spending it, the money would last for years.  They had obviously gone without a lot of things to build up their retirement accounts and I really did appreciate that.

I separated the two women and had them begin.  But not before warning them that I expected continuous work.  I would decide when the breaks were.  If I caught them goofing off or getting distracted I would use the punishment button to give them a good zap.

I settled down within range of both, with a cool drink and the computer tablets I salvaged from their personal belongings.  I think they must have saved every mail that they had ever sent or received.  It was way too much to go through if I started at the beginning and worked my way along, so I started doing keyword searches.  Being male, I of course started with every word I could think of that had anything to do with sex or dating.  Whenever I found something juicy I would ask them about it.  “Martha, who is Mark, and what is this ‘special favor’ you said you would do for him?”  “Linda, exactly what happened at that party when you were in Mexico.  Why was Danni never to mention it ever again to anyone?”

I didn’t get many answers to the questions and I didn’t really expect any.  I just loved tormenting them with the fact that their lives were open to me.  And the more they felt I owned them in some general sense, the more automatically they did what I told them to do.

The bells were turned out to be good idea.  I could tell how hard the women were working by how much noise the little bells made.

I only had to use the punishment button once.  I was watching Martha clean some windows.  I told her to do one window again because it was still streaked.  She said it was “good enough.”  I pressed the button, she said “Ow,” and did the window again.

I kept them at it until lunch.  The house was spotless, including the bathrooms, and the women were running out of things to clean.  I removed the bells and had them put them into the box.  I said that if I said “bells” as a command they would come get them and put them on.  Then we went to the kitchen, heated the food I bought, and we had a little food orgy, trying different things and having a pretty good time.

After lunch I sent them to their cells.  Watching them work so hard made me tired and I needed a nap.

Practice makes perfect

Around two o’clock I had them come to the Library.  I was sitting in my comfortable leather chair waiting for them and having an after lunch glass of wine.  They took their places in front of me on their knees.  Excellent.

I said that “After expansion, comes consolidation and repetition.”    They had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

“Well, in the last couple of days I’ve added new things to your repertoire and now we need to review and practice what you’ve learned.  I want all your responses to be automatic.  I need to keep you in good working condition so you can always be ready to please me whenever I want you to.”

They both gave me a “Are you ever full of yourself” look but happily they remained silent.

I ran through all the buttons so far.  I had them locking their hands behind them a number of times so they could practice with the new bracelets/cuffs.  We did the up-down-up-down thing a lot even though they knew those tones down perfectly.  I just liked seeing them do it.  Then it was the knees-elbows punishment position so I could do an inspection, which I wanted them to get used to.  I had a lot of fun with the 2 and 3 buttons.

I would chose one of them, press her 2 button, and she would come right to me, kneel down in front of me, open her mouth, and start sucking.  I didn’t really want to come yet so I would stop after a moment, tell her to go back, and then have the other one practice.  This was so much fun I kept it going, pressing 2,2,2,2,2.  And of course, eventually, I couldn’t stand it any more and didn’t stop Linda, who was the lucky woman this time, from finishing it.  She was getting better.  Practice really does make perfect.  It took awhile though. I was staring to get worn out.

I had them practice with the “fuck” button, getting onto their backs, with their hands behind them, and their legs spread.  I was very critical.  Their legs weren’t far enough apart.  They weren’t doing it fast enough.  I always found something.  I had them getting up and jumping down until I was satisfied with their performance.

We went through the speech button a lot too.  I told them that I didn’t want them to just recite like it was some meaningless jumble of words.  I wanted them to mean it.  I said they would have to repeat it until they got it right.  Which they did eventually.

The new begging buttons, though, was what I was looking forward to, so I saved that for near the end.  And my patience was rewarded with some wonderful entertainment.  They were great.

Actually the begging itself wasn’t all the great yet, but the women were still embarrassed at doing it and struggling to come up with things to say that would satisfy me, so that I would let them stop.  It was erotic, cute, and fun watching them do it.  On the other hand, I wanted them to be motivated, so I would stop them if they weren’t trying and give them a few spanks.  I didn’t want to use the stimulation knobs.  I wanted that to be a separate activity.

I said that the little threat I made this morning to get them to do the cleaning made some sense.  I needed to know what these controls were doing.  They looked as though they didn’t like the sound of this.

I said I was going to pick a knob and turn it a little and I wanted them to tell me exactly what it felt like.  Truth was, I just felt like tormenting them again with the stimulation and this let me rationalize it.  Oh well.

I started with the nipple stimulation.  I turned it up a little and they tried hard to put it into words.  I would leave it going while I asked them to explain further, or in greater detail.  Then I would turn it up a little more and go through the same process.  Each time I would turn it up they would lean forward a little more, and drop their heads and make a grimace, or make a “rrrrrrrrr” sound.   This was much better than spending the afternoon watching vid shows.

I stopped that one and started with the anal one.  Clenched cheeks again while they tried to describe this particular feeling.  When I increased this knob, instead of leaning forward, they would lean a little further back.

I said I wasn’t too clear about the modulation effect and that they needed to explain what that one felt like.  I fiddled with that knob.   I had them going from “ungh… ungh… ungh” to “ng… ng... ng… ng… ng… ng.” and back again.

I stopped that one and went to the more familiar clitoris knob.  I said that even though I’ve used that one before it never had this modulation effect.  We had to try that out.  I was getting some pleading looks from the sweating and panting women.  Can’t stop now though.  This is the best part.

I got their clitoris’ buzzing away and then added the modulation effect.  I could get them pushing and thrusting faster, slower, faster, slower.   I asked them to describe it, but by that time they weren’t even listening to me.

I pressed their orgasm buttons to let them come and enjoyed the show.

I said that went well.  Neither of them got furious like they did yesterday, peeved maybe, but not furious.  Either they were getting used to dealing with things they didn’t like, or they were starting to take pleasure in the helplessness of it.  I couldn’t tell which.

I let them catch their breath and sent Linda back to her cell.

Martha knew what that meant.  She started over to me with an expression of “let’s get this over with.”

I knew this was probably a mistake.  I had been overdoing it.  I really was getting burned out.  But it was like an addiction.  With sex so available how could I not do it?   Especially when it was combined with so much power.

I said – not so fast.  I pressed the 8 button and had her do the “please let me suck you” begging for a while.  She wanted to go back to her cell to rest, so she was making a good effort to give me what I wanted.  When it pleased me, I pressed the 2 button and she opened her mouth, started sucking, and did that well too.  She moved her head in a way that made her hair flop from side to side, and I could feel some definite tongue work that was new.

When that was over she also went back to her cell.

I sent light meals down, which they probably wouldn’t eat after all we had for lunch.

Then I went to bed early.  Maybe I should start taking vitamins.

DAY 11

Downtime.  Day of rest.  Relax and read

As I was watching the women finish up the morning exercise I decided that I could use a rest and the women could use a little more bonding.  I had them come up to the living room separately and, as I had done the last time, asked them to lie next to me with their heads resting in my lap.

I asked about their lives, making sure I said “former lives,” and discovered their preferences in music and food.  I learned about hobbies they had tried, successfully or not.  They told me why they had chosen the type of profession had had, and if they had enjoyed doing that work as much as they had expected.  I found about their friends: who was reliable and who couldn’t be trusted.

This took most of the morning.  When they were both back in their cells I sent down lunch.  Eating my own lunch was boring so I started reading the electronic version of the manuals for the control devices.  The electronic version was much more complete than the thin paper document I had been using.  I couldn’t believe the number of features that these devices were supposed to have.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand most of what I was reading.

So I called my friend the firmware guy.  I told him I had been reading the manual and saw that the implants have a medical monitoring chip that can relay, back to the control device, what looked like a large number of measurements.  Things like heart rate, respiratory rate, blood enzyme levels, and even the auditory nerve connection that created the tones and sent me voice to them.  It was meant as a way of monitoring the prisoner’s health, and as a kind of diagnostic for the implants themselves.  I had no idea what this could do for me but I was curious.

He said that he didn’t know anything about it much either, but he knew that the web had bits of AI code that could be put onto the control devices, to analyze and summarize the data.

“Huh?” I said.

What that meant was that I could have readouts on the screen that would tell me something meaningful about the women.

How healthy they were, or whatever.  I thought that sounded intriguing.  I asked him to get as many of these AI code bits that he could and get back to me.

It was only thirty minutes later that I had loaded a handful of these programs onto the control devices.  The range of information was surprising.  I could monitor the women when they were exercising and see if they were just breezing through it or if they were exerting themselves.  I could tell if they were asleep or awake.  If it was a good time to feed them based on blood sugar levels.   And so on.

One could take the auditory nerve signals and convert to them to sound.  I could listen in on whatever the women heard.  That was cool.  I had to try that out soon.

The best one, by far, let me see graphically what their arousal level was, based on a summary of 7 physical readings.  I could see how turned on they were by looking at the bar graph on their screen.  I would definitely have to try that out.

Information is good

I immediately went back to the living room, got comfortable, and told the women I wanted them to have a little more exercise on the treadmill, mostly so I could have them together alone.  I wanted to hear what they would say to each other.

I popped in a couple of ear-buds that picked up the wireless signals of the devices, sat back, opened their doors to send them into the exercise room, and waited.

I could hear distant, but clear, sounds.  The sound of the doors opening for example.  After a couple of minutes I could hear them complaining about how they never knew what was coming next, and wouldn’t it be great to have some predictability to the day.  The way they were talking didn’t sound like embittered and angry prisoners, though, more like employees talking about their boss.   The degree that they accepted this as a lifestyle now was astounding.

A few minutes later I could hear the talk turn to a more serious discussion about yesterday and the stimulation controls I had.  The “puppet” analogy came up again and that worried me.  The more control I had over them, the more anxious I got about having them feel they were safe.  Maybe I was worried about rebellion, or maybe I was starting to care about them more that I realized.

The new monitoring stuff I had would give me the way to have some fun and smooth over a little of their nervousness they had with the stimulation controls.

I quickly told them, that was enough for the exercise, and go back to your cells.

I waited long enough for them to cool off and summoned Martha to the bedroom.

She entered with a moderately happy expression.  It was the first time I had her go right to the bedroom.  It probably seemed like it would be better than some of the other things I have been having her do.

I gave her the command “blindfold” and she went right away to get it.  Before she put it on I had her lie down with her arms and legs out.  I told her I was going to use the cords but not to worry.

I said that just as I had tried to learn more about her experiences this morning, I wanted to learn more about her body now.  This was going to be easy-going and probably very nice for her.  After securing her, and making sure the blindfold was on right, I propped-up the control device on the back of a chair.  It was directly in back of the bed so I could see the screen.  I enabled the AI code that would show me her arousal levels.

I spent the next hour and a half learning what I could about her reactions to different things.  Did she get turned on more by soft kissing or hard and passionate kissing.  By how much?  What if I touched here?  Or there?  What if I massaged her stomach?

When I got close to her vagina the readings went up.  I should hope so.  But it was fun to see the readings change as my hand moved around to different areas.

I was the most surprised how much the readings indicated arousal when I did something like pinch, or snap, or flip my fingers on some part of her to give her a little sting.  Little vaginal lip pinches were a big hit judging from the readouts.  Nipple pinches were not so well received.  When I had my hand on her cheek I forcefully moved her head over to face me, using my hand to hold her in that position.  High readings on that.

The clearest result was that she was turned on by variety and surprise.  If I moved over her body, stopping here and there, and never doing one thing for too long, I could keep the readings high.

When I said that I was done she seemed to be annoyed.  She had expected a better ending I guess.

After she went back to her cell it occurred to me that if she knew what I had been doing, she would think the “puppet” comment would apply even more now.  No way was I going to tell them about this.

Linda next.

She was extremely apprehensive when I started using the cords.  She hadn’t been tied up like Martha had. I told her the same thing I told Martha, that I just wanted to get familiar with her body and not to worry.

Going through the same process with Linda was a different experience.  Surprises were bad.  Moving my hand over her body slowly, and repeating it, got great readings.  Mouth on body, almost no matter where it was, also seemed popular.

My original estimation of their temperament, Martha being the firecracker and Linda the slow burning fuse, seemed to hold true with arousal as well.

Linda also was a little annoyed, and possibly confused, when I just let up and told her to go back to the cell.

My day of rest was productive.  I learned a lot.

Day 12

Day of Reckoning

After awakening, I took a walk down to the exercise room and sat on the bench in the back.  I opened the cell doors and announced the exercise time as usual.  When the women came into the room they nearly went right by me.  I had to say something to get their attention and have them come to me.  I told them that today was going to be both a turning point in this relationship, and very difficult.

Since today was Friday it would be the last workday that I could return them   They both started to protest but I cut them off.

I told them I had learned that the pharmaceutical company had found the test subjects they had needed.  If they went back into the bidding it would be a gamble, but maybe things would work out.

If they stayed, they would commit to being more than just prisoners I had control over.  I wanted it all.  This had become a very personal thing for me, and not just easy sex, the way it had started.  Yesterday made me think that I didn’t want to do this unless I had them completely.  I was obsessed with having them and didn’t want to go half way.

I would put them to work as my personal servants if I wanted to.  So far, I had access to their bodies because of the legal power that the PI system gave me, but they now would have to think of their bodies as being really mine.  It was a change in attitude I wanted.  I wanted them to commit to it.  I would determine completely what their day-to-day life would be like.  They could never refuse anything I wanted.  And it would be up to me to decide if I was pushing them too hard, or expecting more than they could deliver.

One the other hand, if they stayed, tomorrow would begin a plan I had to turn this into something a little more resembling a lifestyle for all of us.  They would have greater freedom of movement in the house and, I hoped, more of a more regular routine.  I said I was hoping to improve the personal connection that I had with them, and give us something that could be improved over time.

For a few minutes they talked a lot but didn’t really say anything.  They working out their thoughts as they went along the conclusion was:  they still didn’t like the alternative, even though I made all this difficult it was bearable, and they would stay.  They hinted that some of it had even been a bit of a thrill.

They wanted more of a promise from me that this wasn’t heading in a direction that was violent or dangerous or would be involving someone from the outside, and that I still intended to take care of them for life, which I was happy to give them.

OK then, they said, it was settled.  They were completely mine.  Tomorrow would begin our new lives.

Since this was me, though, I couldn’t help but want to use the situation to have some excitement.  I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I was incorrigible.

I said “OK, you said that you would actually think of your bodies as belonging to me.  A change in attitude.  I’m going to put that to the test for the rest of the day.  You can change your mind at any time and tell me to bring you back.  Think of it as a way for me to see if you are serious.  I pretty much told them outright that today was going to be difficult.”

Into the toy box

I marched them upstairs to the living room, and put them in front of the couch.

I had purchased a number of things from that sex shop the other day, which I didn’t know what to do with at the time.  They were sitting in a bag next to me now and I intended to at try them out.  I took two pairs of what appeared to be string bikini bottoms out of the package.  They had no front to them so they were mostly just elastic strings that went around the legs and up the butt.   I handed them to the women and told them to put them on.

I had them turn around and pressed the 6 button to send them down on knees and elbows, with their butts in the air.  Well, I’ve been called an asshole often enough, but I never really thought I would own a couple of them.  I took my time and played with their tight little anal playthings, pressing, rubbing, poking, and pulling the string on the non-garment back to let it snap against it.

I said, “I have something that I believe would be appropriate for the circumstances.”

I pulled the bag over, rummaged through it, and came up with two small ceramic things that looked like small barbells, except that the round part on one end was smaller than the round part on the other end.  I looked through the bag for a tube of some jelly stuff, which had a picture of a couple doing something.  It was difficult to tell what exactly, because the tube was so small.  I think they had each lost something and were trying to find it under the other person.  Or something like that.

I squeezed out some of the stuff in the tube onto the smaller of the round parts.  Holding one of these in each hand and kneeling closely between the women I reached out and ran the smaller round part around their openings.  I held them directly on the puckered holes and lightly tapped on the top with my fingers.  Each tap got a little noise from the women.  When I didn’t feel like waiting any longer I pushed them in up to the large round part at the other end, and pulled the string from the garment over it to hold it in place.  That got some definite “Ungh” sounds.  I sort of got the impression this was a little painful from the way they squirmed.

I went back to the couch and wiped the gunk from the tube off of my fingers.

I gave the command “blindfolds.”

They stood up very slowly.  And they did it with very poor posture.  I said that I wouldn’t accept such terrible posture and to stand up straight.  The looks on their faces told me that I was right about this probably being painful.

They did a sort of duck-walk over to the box and back again, holding the blindfolds.

They put the blindfolds on.  I pressed the 1 button so that they would lock their hands behind them.

I found some springy clip like things that apparently went around nipples and could be tightened by a piece that slid up and down on the clips.  That looked interesting.  I had the women move over closer to me on their knees.  Every knee-step forward brought grunts from them because of those great little barbell things.  I put on the slip-on clips.

Well, now what.  Those things must be useful for something.  I had a funny idea and ran to the kitchen to get some string.  I came back with four equal lengths of string, around three or four feet each.  I tied one end of each string to a clip.  Now I could sit back on the couch and pull on the strings, watching the tit that was attached to it pull out and bounce back.

I made the two left ones bounce.  Or the two right ones.  Or Martha’s followed by Linda’s.  I felt like a church bell ringer for some weird sex cult.

I had another great idea and untied each of the “left” strings.  I ran the strings from the right tit up through the eyelet of the collar and down to the left tit, where I tied it off.  I made sure that the string pulled them up before tying it though.  Now I had two sets of tits that were permanently at attention.

They both complained that the clips were too tight.  I said that I didn’t want complaining when I was having so much fun.  I went into the bag again and found these elastic loops with a wide part.  The wide part had a piece of rubber attached to it and was supposed to go in the mouth.  I went over to the women and told them to open their mouths.  I popped the rubber parts in and brought the elastic around.  There were wonderful sounds of “mmmph, mmmph.”

I sat back and admired the women for a good five minutes.  There was a lot of mmmph’ing and clenching of butt cheeks.

Now what?

The knobs of course. I knew I had to start with the anal one.  The intensity was kept low and steady.  Then I played with the modulation to get them doing pleasing little up and down movements.  Very sexually suggestive I thought

The nipple knob was next.  I wondered how different this would feel with the nipple stretched out like that.  I kept the intensity on those low as well.  I tried to match the modulation with the anal one.

Finally the clitoris.  When the itchy buzz of the stimulation hit their clitorises the noises they were making through those mouthpieces sounded urgent.  But since I had kept the intensities low I figured I could go a few minutes.

When I let them come I was a little concerned that the anal things would pop out but they didn’t.  My women didn’t disappoint me and had what looked like strong orgasms.

I had them bend over so I could remove the barbells (which I carefully set aside to be cleaned) and removed the clips on their nipples.  I had to stop and ponder if I really wanted to remove the mouthpieces but figured I probably should.  I wanted to check up on them.

I asked them if they wanted me to bring them back.  Martha said, “Yes!”  When I asked if she was serious she gave a more subdued “no” answer, and took a deep breath.

I said that the day wasn’t over yet.

I had a day of celibacy yesterday so I was feeling ready to go.

I stood them up and taking each by an arm, walked them carefully out of the room and over to the bedroom.  They were still walking a little funny so I went slowly.  The two women were put on their knees in front of me as I sat on the side of the bed.

“I am really in the mood to fuck.”  I am going to do the 9 button in a second and I want some serious begging.  The one I don’t choose gets a hard spanking.

I pressed the 9 button.  At first nothing happened.  I think they were still trying to cope with what happened five minutes ago.  Then a lot of great begging when they thought about that fact they could be a few minutes away from a hard spanking.

I chose Martha.  Definitely better begging.  I hated to spank Linda, since she seemed more, I don’t know, sensitive.  But I had to follow through with what I had said.  I had her lean over and I used my hand to do the spanking.  It was hard enough that my hand stung and I could see handprints on her cheeks.

Then I brought her around to the head of the bed and had her kneel there so I could look at her if I wanted.  I got Martha on the bed and attached the cords to keep her in a spread-eagle position.  Everything I learned yesterday in that touching session was ignored, and it was basic fast fucking.  The only time she seemed to react badly was when I got a little demanding with her sore nipples.

When I was done I lied on top of Martha for a minutes or two.  She was comfortable.  When I was ready for something else I brought them back to the living room.

“Well.  If the bondage thing didn’t shake your decision to stay then what about providing mindless, embarrassing, entertainment for me.

I put the little bells on their sore nipples and had each woman shake them to see if I could get rhythms to songs.  That didn’t work so well, so I held the tits and shook them myself, with much better results.

I had the excellent idea of changing the speech to add words to each of the sentences, to indicate acquiescence.

“I willingly belong to …”

“I freely give my body to ….”

“I eagerly do whatever I’m told…”

“I want to be for the personal sexual use of …”

I listened to that for a while.

I brought them into the kitchen for lunch, still blindfolded and with their hands behind them.  Or at least my lunch, anyway.  They knelt by my side so I could put bits of bread into their open mouths.  The smell of my hot food made their stomachs growl.

The afternoon slowed to a crawl as I ran out of ways to torment them.  When I asked them for a final answer they said they would be taking their chances with me.  Which sounded less than enthusiastic, but they did say that they had never had so many orgasms in a two-week period, and, well, that was something to be positive about.  And the orgasms were never this intense.  In fact, the orgasms were pretty incredible.

We cuddled on the bed, me in the middle, until after dark.  I gave them some idea of what I was planning for them in the future and sent them back to the cells.

End of Part 1