Crowded House
by Sarah

Chapter 4

Over the next few weeks my relationship with Louise grew stronger emotionally, and although we didn’t admit it, we were in love with each other. At weekends when Jake came home I would be pushed out of things, and used purely for their amusement and subjected to verbal and physical abuse. During the week when Jake wasn’t around, we would spend all day enjoying each other’s company and although Louise still enjoyed hurting me, it seemed far more enjoyable than when my husband was around.

She confided in me that she got jealous of Jake when he had sex with me, and so decided that in future I would go away some weekends. This was when I started to be loaned out to Rosalind.

I was reluctant to go at first but Louise reassured me that Ros would treat me well, and if I didn’t go I’d have to spend the weekend chained up in the garage. Just before five in the afternoon one snowy Friday, I stood in the hall waiting for Ros to arrive. I had a toilet and make-up bag with me, plus a plastic carrier bag with spare shoes and Louise’s belt in. Louise had bought me a very expensive short black leather coat with a wraparound belt and had removed all the buttons, so the belt was the only thing keeping the coat fastened, and naturally I was nude underneath.

Ros arrived in a four-wheel drive, which was just as well because the snow was getting deeper. It was an American Jeep Grand Cherokee with dark tinted windows. She exchanged pleasantries with Louise in the hall and came through to the living room to warm up by the fire. I stayed standing in the hall, and despite my efforts to look good she had totally ignored me!

Ten minutes later they joined me in the hall and I pick up my small bags to follow Ros out to the car. She looked me up and down and checked the contents of the bags. She undid my coat and opened it to look at my nakedness.

"You won’t need the coat, take it off!"

I looked imploringly at Louise, who nodded for me to do as instructed. I removed the coat and hung it up on the pegs in the hall.

Ros followed me out to the car, it was dark outside already and I stood shivering until she unlocked it and let me sit in the back. Louise smiled and waved as the big Jeep pulled away and I felt like a child being sent to stay with a maiden aunt for the school holidays.

The journey was mostly in silence, and I had to sit in the middle of the rear bench seat with my legs apart so that Ros could see me in the rear view mirror. She had the heating on full and I soon warmed up and felt comfortable on the leather seat.

Ros lived some distance away, and the heavy traffic and snow made progress very slow indeed. Eventually we were out into the countryside and the narrow lanes were virtually traffic free and she was able to guide the big car skillfully through the packed snow.

Eventually we arrived at a set of tall wrought iron gates flanked by two thick stone pillars. It was snowing heavily again by now, and I was told to get out and open the gates.

I struggled with the big rusty catch to begin with but eventually it opened and I pushed each gate backwards to let the car through. I closed them afterwards and Ros wound down her window.

"You can walk up the drive!"

By the time I’d reached the front door to Ros’ house, she’d already parked the car and gone inside. I stood on the doorstep for several minutes before a very pretty dark haired woman in her forties opened the heavy steel studded oak door. Like me she was naked, except for shoes, and I was quickly ushered into the large wood paneled hall.

She introduced herself to me as Carol and took me through to the rear of the house into the kitchen. We sat and chatted over hot chocolate drinks, and I learned that she was Ros’ new full time submissive.

Ros had seen her in a supermarket a few times, and made contact after Carol had knocked some packets of soup off a shelf. She was kneeling on the floor to pick up the packets and noticed Ros’ heavily black booted feet in front of her. She looked up and met Ros’ gaze. Ros leaned over and whispered to her, "You’re a clumsy little bitch aren’t you? You need a firm hand my girl!" and with that walked off with her shopping trolley.

Carol had been stunned at first, but later when she was loading her shopping into the car she spotted Ros again in the car park. Ros smiled at her and came over, and casually invited herself to Carol’s house for a coffee. Carol said she’d felt mesmerized by Ros and had agreed immediately! She was divorced and she’d recently been made redundant at work, so would be glad of the company!

After coffee and polite chit-chat Ros just came right out and told Carol that she wanted to spank her an ordered her to take all her clothes off. Carol did as she was told without question, and Ros put her over her need and gave her several slaps with her hand. Afterwards Carol wanted a little more and she obliged willingly, and continued until Carol’s bottom was bright red and Ros’ hand became sore.

After that they saw each other on a regular basis, and the spanking soon progressed to use of the belt and crop. By now Carol was infatuated with the older woman, and was delighted when she was eventually asked to move in. She let her own house out through an agency, and arrived at Ros’ three weeks before in just the clothes she stood up in, which were soon removed and burnt by Ros.

I felt slightly jealous of her. At the time I would not have swapped Louise as my Mistress for Ros, but now that I’m "single" again I would jump at the chance to serve Ros. She was so very different from Louise, so clinical in her treatment of me, and very strict indeed! She had the ability to throw a glance or a look that cut you down like a sharp knife, and made you feel small and useless. On the few occasions that she smiled it felt like the sun bursting through the clouds, cascading light and warmth wherever it touched.

As Carol and I chatted I was really hoping that Ros would come into the kitchen and tell me off before dragging me off somewhere to be punished. As it was, Ros didn’t make an appearance until very late, and took us both outside to Carol’s brick shed sleeping quarters and locked us in for the night.

My time with Louise had been an education, and I was happy for it to continue forever. For the first time in years I was enjoying life again, and being her slave was better than winning the lottery! We clicked like soul mates, and she knew exactly when I needed to be punished and how hard to do it.

She continued to bring friends around to the house but now, one at a time. This was more enjoyable for me because I could get to know the person better, and they seemed to behave themselves properly. It was mostly younger women, one or two very young indeed, but occasionally a male friend would show up and I would entertain him as instructed. I never had sex with any of them, but I’d enjoy their touching, and watching me as Louise treated me like a dog, it was a buzz I’d never had before.

Louise fell pregnant to Jake around two months after she’d moved in. They discussed the prospect of having children very happily, and I felt more than a little left out. Jake had never expressed any interest in being a father to a child with me, and here he was excited and optimistic about the future with Louise and their baby!

When Louise was heavily pregnant Jake had been fucking me exclusively, usually after a liberal dose of punishment from Louise. He’d made no secret that he didn’t fancy Louise in her current state, and I was hoping that I too would fall pregnant so that we could have a family between us.

I continued to make love to Louise in Jake’s absence and her pregnancy had the opposite effect on me, I found it very sexy indeed. When she had been suffering pain in her breasts from producing too much milk, I suckled her to draw some of it out, and it became a regular treat for the both of us, and Louise even had me wrapped in a towel like a diaper so she could practice changing them on me.

One Sunday I was called into the living room and told to sit down. They informed me that I would have to leave the house for good. Louise explained to me that having me in the way when they were trying to bring up a child was not a good idea, so I just had to go.

I felt so upset that I wanted to leave there and then, but they persuaded me to stay one more week. Jake had re-mortgaged the house so that he could pay me my share of the property’s value, plus half of our savings and a bit more for good measure so that I could buy a car. I wanted to give it all to Louise and leave the house with nothing, preferably in the nude, I felt heartbroken. I wanted Louise and me to bring up her baby and kick Jake out, but that wasn’t going to happen because he wanted to divorce me and marry her!

Before turning to Ros to be my temporary Mistress, I bought a small house for cash and after renting a flat for a few weeks until I could move in, I was reasonably happy. I arrived with the few belongings I had. Jake had given me the pick of the furniture from our house, but all I took was my personal effects, including the belt Louise had given me, the single bed I’d been using, and a framed photograph of Louise. She’d been to a studio in town and had a few done in her pregnant state naked, and I chose one of them for myself which she’d autographed and written the message "I will always love you Sarah!"

The house I’d bought was an end terrace Victorian villa, with two bedrooms, polished wooden floors, open fireplaces and large sash windows. The garden was quite large and private, with a high fence at the side and bottom surrounded by a meadow and woodland.

I had plenty of money to buy new furniture with, but apart from essentials like a cooker, fridge, washing machine, and a kitchen table and chairs I was happy to leave the rooms empty, and I even left the windows

My wardrobe comprised the few whore’s dresses that Louise had bought me, plus the leather coat, and a pair of jeans and a few tee-shirts I’d bought prior to moving out of Jake and Louise’s. I slept in the smaller back bedroom in the single bed, trying to recreate my room at the other house, leaving the large master bedroom free in the hope that Louise would one day come back into my life.

Every day I continued the rigorous cleaning routine that Louise had instilled into me, in the nude of course, and in the evenings I cried myself to sleep calling out her name. Apart from food shopping, it was a few weeks before I ventured into the outside world again properly and put on some clothes.

I hadn’t heard from Jake or Louise in all that time, and she was sure to have had the baby by now. Not a single phone call or letter, and I just wanted to know that everything had gone okay with the birth and find out whether it was a boy or girl.

On my first trip out I decided to pay Ros a visit because I was by now very sex-starved, and when you’re a submissive, sexual fulfillment can take many forms. What I really wanted was a good hard whipping, plenty of humiliation, preferably in front of others, but most of all to be restrained and my every part explored by Ros and her toys! I sound like a dirty-minded sick bitch, but it’s how I like it and I count myself very fortunate now to know enough women who can satisfy my needs to the full. At the time it was just Louise and Ros, and so I had no real choice but to go cap in hand to Ros.

She was pleased to see me and I was excited about seeing her and Carol again. I was only inside the house for a few minutes before a look in Ros’ eye had me hurriedly removing my clothing, which Carol picked up and took away.

The arrangement was only temporary as I was distracting her from Carol, who needed constant supervision and instruction. Ros suggested that I be auctioned off at a party so that a dedicated domme could buy me and take me away with her. I’d never heard of such a thing, but the prospect excited me. Ros told me that she’d "arrange something" but any money collected would go to her and I would only get 1%. She also advised me that if no-one wanted me on a full time basis she would be happy to loan me out to dommes or couples on a more temporary arrangement.

She had several people in mind including a farmer and his wife who sometimes wanted a sub to help out on the farm. They were in their thirties like me, and I would be expected to work hard cleaning out the pig-sties, mucking out the horses and being a general farmhand.