Crowded House
by Sarah

Chapter 2

After an hour or so of trying to keep warm I heard a click in the lock, and the door opened. Louise was standing there on the landing and she beckoned me out of the room. Gratefully I followed her into her room, my old room, and into bed.

We made love, me clinging to her for warmth initially, and although I didn’t particularly enjoy it because I wasn’t really in a mood for sex, it felt comforting to share her bed and receive some much needed affection. Just as I was drifting off into a contented sleep, I felt the need to go to the bathroom and subconsciously I thought I’d already got out of bed and paid a visit but the ache was still in my bladder.

Eventually I forced myself out of the warm bed and this woke Louise, as I disentangled myself from her arms.

“Where are you going?” she demanded irritably.

“I need a pee,” I replied, making a move towards the bedroom door.

“You never asked my permission!” she snapped, sitting up in bed and switching the lamp on.

“I’m sorry, you were asleep!”

“You should have woke me up; now go and stand over in the corner by the window!”

I felt so foolish and just wanted to go to the bathroom as I was now quite desperate.

“I will when I come back but I’m bursting!” I protested.

Within milliseconds a naked Louise was out of the bed and before I could even link I received a slap across my face.

“Don’t you dare answer me back!” she seethed, and I started to cry.

She grabbed my arm and almost dragged me out of the bedroom and downstairs. I thought I was in for another spanking which at any other time I would have been overjoyed, but at the moment I just wanted a pee.

She dragged me through the kitchen and unlocked the back door. We were both in the garden now, the weather was absolutely freezing and a heavy frost had settled on the roof of the shed. The security light came on and we both stood naked on the patio bathed in its light.

“Squat and piss!” Louise ordered, and I was so grateful I did as she was told immediately.  The relief far outweighed the discomfort, the cold and the humiliation as she stood over me and watched.

A puddle of steaming urine had spread across the flagstones of the patio by the time I’d finished, and as I stood up Louise went back into the house. Not knowing whether to follow her or not, I stayed where I was shivering with cold.

A couple of minutes later Louise returned, only this time she was wearing a long thick fake fur coat and shoes, and on her hands, red woollen gloves. She carried a mop bucket and a scrubbing brush and placed them on the patio.

Without needing a verbal instruction I knew what was expected of me and I went down on my hands and knees and started to clean the puddle I’d created.

“The whole patio needs scrubbing you fat bitch,” she said, smiling down at me.

I picked up the bucket and moved to the far corner of the patio. The area was twenty feet by fifteen, so I was in for a long cleaning session.

Louise disappeared back into the house and from the corner of my eye I could see her watching me from the kitchen window, sipping a mug of tea or coffee and smoking a cigarette.

By the time I’d done half of the slabs I was shaking uncontrollably with the cold. It must have been well below freezing because the water in the birdbath had turned into a solid block of ice, and the water I’d been using had also frozen into thin sheets.

Louise came out again to inspect my work. I knew she was standing over me, but I didn’t want to look up at her in case I received another task or punishment for my insolence.

She walked in front of me and stared closely at the scrubbed parts of the patio. I noticed then that she was carrying a thin crop, the tip of which she played with between her thumb and forefinger, flexing it teasingly.

“There’s birdshit here you’ve missed!” She sounded as if I’d committed some heinous crime.

I quickly crawled over to where she was pointing with the crop and vigorously scrubbed at the offending mark.

“How many more marks have you missed you lazy fucking bitch,” she said softly, and the sound of the expletive from such a beautiful mouth seemed alien to her somehow, and I found it quite sexy.

I didn’t see her raise the crop, just a brief swish as she brought it down hard on to my bottom. It stung like someone throwing a netball hard into a fleshy thigh at school. It hurt, and I bit my lip and continued to scrub at the patio. The second strike was even more painful and I wanted so much to cry out and rub at my bottom to take the sting away.

“Finish off and hurry up about it!” she disappeared into the house again.

It was another good while before I felt confident that I’d completed the task. Although bathed in high intensity light, there were still dark patches around the edge of the patio and I had to check and double check that they were spotless.

Louise was still watching from the kitchen window as I stood up and straightened. My feet wee like blocks of ice and my knees sore from kneeling on the cold hard flagstones.

She came outside again and instructed me to empty the bucket down an outside drain and put it back in the kitchen. The warmth of the kitchen hit me like a blast furnace, and I didn’t want to go outside again. Reluctantly I did, standing head bowed on the patio as Louise finished her rigorous inspection of the patio.

“You’ll have to do it again later, it’s not quite clean enough,” she stated matter-of-factly. “I’ll have a proper look in the daylight but next time you’d better put some elbow grease into the task. You’re a lazy fucking cunt!”

I stood in silence as she came behind me and repeated the insult. “You’re a lazy fucking cunt. What are you?”

I repeated the insult out loud, “I’m a lazy fucking cunt Mistress!”

I felt her warm gloved hand on the back of my neck pushing me forward so that I bent over slightly.

“I’m going to punish you for being a lazy fucking cunt, so I want you to thank me.”

I was scared at the prospect of receiving more sharp stinging strokes but I knew I wanted her to hit me again. I was so besotted with Louise that if she’d wanted to kill me I’d have let her.

“Thank you Mistress,” I mumbled “Thank you for punishing me for being a lazy fucking cunt.”

Whack! The crop came without warning and made contact with my freezing bottom. A second quickly followed, then another. I counted seven strokes in quick succession before she stopped.

She straightened me up and stood in front of me smiling. She gently pt her hands on my shoulders and drew me toward her and we kissed, a lover’s kiss, so passionate that I felt a tingle run down my spine.

“Three more and that’ll do for tonight!” she smiled at me as I dutifully bent over again, offering my buttocks for further strikes with the crop.

The last three strokes were very hard indeed, and I almost screamed out. Afterwards I was sobbing gently and my eyes were wet with tears as she led me back into the house and sat me down by the dying embers of the living room fire. She stoked the fire and put two large logs in the centre and I watched as the comforting flames started to lick around the base of the wood.

Louise went into the kitchen and I could hear her clinking mugs and spoons, and if she was making tea I wondered if I would be allowed a cup. She came into the living room carrying a tray and two mugs of steaming tea and placed them on the coffee table. She’d removed her coat and gloves and stood before me naked, her young body firm and athletic, the muscles in her thighs were quite pronounced for a woman, and even her stomach showed evidence of heavy workouts in the gym with weights.

We sat together in silence sipping the welcoming tea and I sensed that Louise was feeling slightly embarrassed for what she’d done to me. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

I smiled and said with the utmost sincerity, “Thank you Mistress for putting me outside. I am a lazy bitch and I deserved everything you gave me.”

I was beginning to get the hang of being submissive and enjoying it. After warming up and enjoying the tea and the sight of Louise’s nudity I was feeling very aroused indeed. I wanted her to punish me again. Like the day before with her hand cupped over my pubis and her other hand slapping my bottom hard and long. I’d never encountered such feelings of pure ecstasy in my life and I desperately wanted to relive the feeling.

Louise snapped out of her silence and drew me to her and stroked my lifeless bleached hair.

“We’ll go to bed soon, you can share mine and we’ll have a lie-in, but tonight you’ll be back in your cold empty room so you’d better get used to it!”

“Thank you Mistress,” I replied, feeling happy at the prospect of sleeping with her. I wasn’t too overjoyed over the prospect of being in the empty room again, but if she wanted it then I was willing to comply. She then dropped a bombshell that sent tingling needles shuddering down my back.

“I have some friends coming tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll expect you to have the house spotless and of course you can serve them drinks!”

“Yes Mistress, but what am I going to wear? I have nothing.”

Louise smiled and a wicked glint flashed across her eyes and it seemed to breathe new life into the fire as the flames suddenly flared up as they devoured the remainder of the logs.  “I was going to pop into town and get you a few things later today, a few nice dresses, and I’ve seen a beautiful leather coat, a short one that would look very good on you. And underwear of course.”

I was overjoyed like a child at Christmas and felt like kissing her; then the body blow happened.

Louise sipped her tea. “But I really can’t be bothered. It’s cold and wet and the traffic’s a nightmare, so you’ll just have to serve them in the nude. I want them to see you, touch you, and who knows, perhaps even see you being whipped as well!”

I was shocked at the thought of baring all in front of strangers, but another side of me felt a strange feeling of pure delight at the prospect. It’s hard to explain but anything Louise had planned for me was fine, as long as she was there to see it.

It was six am by the time we crawled gratefully into her bed again and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, her lips barely touching one of my nipples as she nuzzled into me like an infant.

By midnight that evening I’d cleaned the house from top to bottom yet again, and we were sitting outside in the freezing cold night air drinking wine. Louise had imposed a smoking ban on herself inside the house, and I didn’t smoke, so I dutifully sat with her on the wooden patio chairs while she smoked and sipped at her wine. She was wrapped up again in warm clothes, her fake fur coat, woollen gloves and a matching red woollen hat, while I was naked as usual except for a pair of scuffed old high heels.

She kept taking one glove off and touching me on various parts of my body, and the feeling of her warm hand on my cold thigh or breast felt nice. She hadn’t used the belt or the crop on me all day and I was feeling a little disappointed because I had a deep longing for her to hurt me. She must have had psychic powers because at that very moment she said softly, “I’ve skipped your punishments for today. I thought a public display in front of my friends would be better for you. I think you’ll enjoy it and I’m sure they will too! It’s nice to see a whipping!”

“Thank you Mistress,” I replied, trying to keep the nervousness out of my voice, my mind trying to imagine what was going to happen to me the next day. I felt very sexy at that moment and hoped that she’d le me sleep with her again that night but again she seemed to know my every thought.

“You can sleep in your room tonight, but as you’ve been a good girl I’ll let you have sheets and a duvet. We can’t have a fat old slapper like you dying of hypothermia can we?”

“Thank you Mistress,” I replied, pleased at the prospect of curling up in a warm bed.

“I’m off for a bath so you can stay out here until I’ve finished. I’m locking the kitchen door so don’t bother trying to sneak in. If you’re very good you can bathe in my bath water when I’ve finished.” Louise stood up and left me sitting shivering.

It was a good forty-five minutes later when the kitchen door was unlocked and I gratefully scampered in like a naughty puppy left outside to teach it a lesson.

I followed Louise upstairs and into the bathroom, where as promised the bath was full of her bath water, smelling of Badedas. Before being allowed to climb in, Louise dropped her towel and stepped into the bath herself. I was pleased that we would be sharing the bath, but she had other plans. She squatted slightly and held the side of the bath and I saw a trickle of urine then a flow as she peed into the bath water. Gingerly she stepped out again and I was allowed to climb in.

She could have defecated into the water for all I cared, I was just so happy to feel the warmth of the water gently soothe my cold aching body.

The next day at three o’clock the front door bell rang as I was nervously checking that everything was neat and tidy. I was correctly made up as instructed. Louise wanted me to look like a whore and so I had bright red nail varnish on, red lipstick, blue eye shadow, and my hair brushed out and held back on one side with a comb grip. I also wore jewellery; a string of cheap imitation pearls, large earrings, plastic bangles, and an ankle bracelet in sterling silver. 

Louise beckoned me to answer the door while she popped upstairs to fetch her cigarettes. She stood on the top step looking down at me and made a gesture for me to open the door.

I opened it slowly and saw a man of around thirty holding a bottle of wine. Behind him were two young women, no more than nineteen years old, and just getting out of the car an older women in her fifties, smartly dressed in a dark grey trouser suit.

I hid behind the open door as they trouped into the hall, and I felt so awful when I closed the door and turned to face them. They looked at my nudity with surprise initially, and I politely ushered them into the living room and they sat down in silence.

The youngest looking of the two girls, who I later found out was called Michelle, smiled at me and said, “When to we get to spank you? Such a fat fucking arse I can’t wait!”

My polite smile vanished and I was lost for words. The older woman, Rosalind grabbed at my bottom and squeezed it hard. “No, spanking won’t do at all. I think this one likes to be whipped!”

Her hand then passed between my legs and I let her probe me with her forefinger, much to the delight of the others.

“Tight little pussy for an old slag; no children I take it?”

“No children,” I smiled and stood there and let her explore deeper.

Louise walked into the room smiling and welcoming her guests. She gently led me away from Rosalind’s probing and with a sharp slap on my bottom, sent me into the kitchen to fetch the wine and tray of glasses I’d prepared.

I came back into the room carrying the tray of drinks, teetering on my highly polished black patent leather high heels. As instructed I’d filled the wine glasses to the brim and I was determined not to spill a drop, but as I was bending over to place the tray on to the coffee table Louise nudged me and two of the glasses spilled wine into the tray.

“You clumsy fucking whore!” Louise snapped. “Get it cleaned up you useless cunt!”

I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the kitchen roll and cleaned up the mess on the tray and wiped the bottom of each glass before handing them to each guest.

“I’d give her a good whipping Louise, buck her ideas up a bit!” Michelle suggested, virtually snatching her glass of wine from me.

“Let’s hear the cunt scream,” her friend Josie chirped.

The man, who’d been silent up until then made a grab for me and pulled me down on to his lap. I could feel his erection digging into my bottom, and he cupped my breasts in his hands and squeezed them as if he were testing the freshness of grapefruits at the market, and bouncing me up and down in hi lap.

“I know you said no fucking Louise, but please, just this once. I’d like to slip it into her bottom and plunge it home, oh, yes! Then you can whip the bitch!”

Louise came to my rescue; taking my hand and helping me escape his clutches. “No Howard, she’s a married woman, and I don’t think her husband would like you fucking her bottom, that’s his domain!  If you’re really good I’ll let you get your cock out and she can suck you off!”

Howard seemed pleased with the compromise, but I was not, but I had no time to worry about it because Louise made me bend over one of the straight backed chairs and stood in front of me playing with the belt she’d given me earlier in the week.

When she moved silently behind me I was looking ahead at the four grinning faces of the guests. Michelle was already excited and her friend had her hand inside Michelle’s panties as they watched greedily waiting for Louise to begin. The older woman Rosalind was also excited and a look of pure evil lust had taken over her eyes. Howard stood up and excused himself and left the room.

Louise waited patiently for his return, and everyone looked in surprise as Howard returned completely naked.

“I want to play with my cock as she’s being whipped. I hope that’s okay Louise.”

I heard Louise chuckle, “Of course, but when you come Howard do it in the slut’s face and not all over my carpets!”

The other women laughed, and Rosalind reached over and started tugging at Howard’s cock. He leaned back in the armchair, hands behind his head and let her continue.

The first stroke was a practice swing, and the noise seemed to echo in the room and grab the attention of Louise’s friends. The second was harder and I felt the searing sing as the tip of the belt caught the outside of my thigh. It felt good, but my face was contorted as I still wanted to rub the sting away.

Howard was enjoying it as Rosalind pulled away at his erection harder and harder, faster and faster. Michelle was almost in fits of climax and her wetness was visible through the thin white panties, almost being pulled down to her knees by Josie’s eager hand.    

Louise stopped suddenly and stood in front of me. She offered me the tip of the belt and held it to my lips as I kissed it and thanked her. From behind the settee she produced the crop she’d used on me previously and showed it to the others.

“You want to hear the fucking whore scream, this will do the trick!”

At the sound of her words Howard almost came as Rosalind tugged away at him.

Louise stood behind me again and I felt her mouth as she placed a kiss on my bottom.

The first strike was hard and I let out a cry of pain, tears flooded my eyes when the second came. I chewed at my bottom lip as the onslaught continued, and my bottom felt numb with the pain. Howard started jerking as he was about to come and Rosalind manoeuvred him from his chair and I opened my mouth to let his cock in. He spurted and wriggled and spurted again and again and I felt the hot salty goo trickle over my tongue, as Louise continued to whip me.

A few more seconds and it was over and Louise helped me up from the chair and let me slip on to the floor. By now I was crying, loud sobs and tears hitting the floor like raindrops through a leaking roof. I heard Michelle reach her climax, and room the corner of my eye I could see that both Rosalind and Josie had their fingers inside her.

She pulled at her tee shirt and Rosalind hoisted it over her head to reveal her small suntanned breasts. Rosalind took one of her nipples in her mouth and continued to bring the girl off, while Josie kneaded her other breast with her spare hand and frigged her with four fingers.

After a glass of water and a kind word from Louise I was helped to my feet. I thought that the ordeal was over, but I was completely wrong. Louise drew my hands behind my back and I felt the coldness of steel as she handcuffed my wrists.

I was pulled to the floor on my back and Louise opened my legs wide. Michelle was slumped on the settee still exhausted, and Howard was still limp and sitting in his chair sipping his wine. Josie and Rosalind came over to me and started to explore me.

After an intimate inspection my legs were raised high and forced back so that my bottom was again revealed. Louise produced a cucumber from the kitchen and lovingly and teasingly smeared it was a lubrication jelly, an action that sent Howard’s floppy cock into erection once more.

She handed it to Rosalind who gently tried the tip into my anus, pushing slightly to work the lubricant into my passage. She pushed a little harder and I gasped as I felt the first inch or so penetrate me. My gasp was not to Josie’s liking and she rewarded me with a hard slap on my bottom.

“Shut the fuck up,” she snarled and gave me another on the tender flesh of my inner thigh.

I could feel Rosalind apply more pressure now and at least five or six inches of the cucumber found its way inside me, and the cold jelly lined the inside of my bottom. Expertly she eased the cucumber out slightly, then back in. This time it went deeper, and I heard them whisper as Rosalind let Josie take over. Josie obviously didn’t have the same skills as Rosalind and immediately tried to ram the thing up to the hilt, and I let out a cry of pain. Rosalind, annoyed with Josie’s impatience, took over again and teased it back until only an inch or two was inside me. She tried again slowly and then back and forth in a slow rhythm. I was just getting used to the sensation when I looked up and saw Howard and Louise smiling down at me. Howard by now was fully erect and he knelt down on the carpet, his thighs either side of my head. Louise smiled at me and winked and Howard lowered his cock into my mouth.

I took it hungrily, and the motion of me sucking his cock was in unison with Rosalind’s penetration of my bottom. I was feeling good, and Josie had started to penetrate my vagina with another cucumber, only this time her clumsiness didn’t feel so painful. I looked at Louise who was enjoying the spectacle, and I felt proud to be doing this for her.

After a while, I don’t know how long I’d been subjected to this, I started to come. My hips bucked involuntarily and I let out a low moan of absolute delight. Howard’s cock left my mouth as I writhed on the floor, the action of the anal and vaginal penetration became harder and deeper and fantastic. Suddenly it all stopped, and the cucumbers were withdrawn.

“You never asked permission to come,” snapped Louise and I was turned quickly over on to my side by Rosalind, as Louise slapped at my bottom repeatedly with her hand.      

“You insolent bitch!” Rosalind hissed into my ear and she too slapped at me. I looked up and saw that Josie was sucking Howard’s cock as he witnessed the punishment. Slap after slap rained down on me, each woman trying to out do each other in the severity of each slap.

Eventually it stopped and I was dragged out of the room by Rosalind and Howard, and thrown outside in the cold dusk of the evening. I cried until the tears had dried up and the harsh elements started to punish me themselves with a biting cold wind, and freezing drizzle.

What seemed like hours I lay there on the patio, my body aching inside and out and I was thirsty, my throat felt parched. I heard the engine of a car outside start up and this was followed by the front door closing, and shortly afterwards the kitchen door opening.

Louise came outside to me an unlocked the handcuffs. She helped me to my feet and put her arm around my waist and led me into the warm kitchen.

I was hoping that everyone had gone, but I was dismayed to see Rosalind still in the living room sipping a fresh glass of white wine.

Louise sat me by the fire and again, and covered me with a woollen blanket and handed me a mug of tea. She kissed me on the head and told me to relax; I would not be hurt again that night.

I watched as silently Louise stood in the middle of the floor in front of Rosalind and stripped. Rosalind stared smiling as garment by garment was removed until Louise stood naked before her.  Rosalind put her glass on the table and stood up, and held Louise’s arm and led her over to the upright chair where I had earlier been punished.

I watched in shock as Louise bent over the chair. Rosalind was flexing the crop in her hands and I heard the sound as the first strike made contact with Louise’s bottom. The second was louder and stronger, and the third followed swiftly. I shut my eyes and tried to block out what I was witnessing. I counted twenty strokes before the sounds stopped, and I opened my eyes again to see Louise bent over sobbing, her bottom a crisscross of bloody welts from the crop.

Rosalind helped Louise to her feet and led her over to me and she sat on the settee next to me, her eyes wet from crying but not uttering a single cry or moan. Rosalind leaned forwards and kissed me warmly on the mouth, my cheap whore’s lipstick mingling with her more sophisticated pale shade, staining her mouth. She kissed Louise more passionately, then picked up her coat and left the room. 

The front door clicked shut, and she was gone, leaving Louise and myself in silence listening to the crackling of the logs on the fire.

“I was too hard on you Sarah!” she explained. “I shouldn’t have invited them round. Ros is okay but the others were just bastards!”

I wanted to say that it didn’t matter, but it did. I trusted Louise implicitly, and she’d let me down badly. The evening had been over the top and lust had taken over.

“It was Ros who suggested I put things right, so that’s why I let her whip me,” she explained tearfully. “It was to show you how sorry I was!”

Witnessing Louise getting whipped has given me no pleasure at all, but I was touched that she’d sacrificed herself on my behalf.

“At least you didn’t let that Howard fuck my bottom,” I quipped, and she smiled.            

We slept in each other’s arms again that night, sharing a single blanket on the floor in front of the fire. I was physically in pain and exhausted, and I had planned to leave as soon as possible. I had no clothes and nowhere to go, but I would have rather walked the streets naked and penniless than put up with the likes of Howard, Josie, Michelle and the perverted Rosalind again.