Crowded House
by Sarah

Married life after almost ten years had reached an all time low for me, so much so that I found myself sitting in front of the television watching any old rubbish because I had lost the motivation to do anything else. My social life was non-existent, and because I didnít venture out much it wasnít long before I lost touch with most of my friends. I hadnít worked since being made redundant, and I was not exactly a career woman anyway, so I was happy to keep house and wait for my man to come home.

My husband Jake had been working away regularly for many months, arriving home on a Friday too tired from his journey to take me out, or even have a decent conversation with me. He was seven years older, and although I had never seriously suspected him of seeing anyone else, I sometimes wondered what he got up too staying at various hotels around the country, and sometimes even abroad.

He was good looking, very lithe and slim and although he wasnít a chat-up merchant in the normal sense, he always had this distant faraway look in his eyes that was a bit of turn on. Female friends and guests often ambushed him when we went to parties, but he was polite in conversation with them but most of the time he looked bored out of his mind.

A friend of mineís husband worked away a lot too, but he used to take her with him sometimes to the more interesting locations like London and mainland Europe. She even boasted to me about going to Amsterdam with him and when they took a late evening stroll through the red light district, she picked out a woman for him as a joke. The joke sort of backfired on her a little when the woman suggested that they both have her at the same time, and whether it was the wine at dinner that decided it she doesnít know, but the next day the woman came to their hotel room and spent a good part of the afternoon in bed with them both. My friend had always wanted to experiment with another woman, and having such an open relationship with her husband, the opportunity had unexpectedly arisen and she had seized it.

She described the experience to me quite unashamedly, and I felt a tingle of excitement as she went into great graphic detail. Iíd never felt anything sexually stimulating at the thought of sex with another woman, but I remember a similar desire Iíd had when I was fifteen.

We had a PT mistress at school who was a very attractive but stern faced woman in her late thirties. I often found myself staying behind in the changing rooms after games when everyone else had gone home so that I could take my time in the empty communal shower and wander around naked hoping that sheíd come out of her office and see me nude. It wasnít so much that I fancied her or anything as simple as that, but she was a rather a strict teacher and I used to get a buzz when sheíd shout at me on the sports field for being too slow or lazy during hockey. I wanted her to see me nude hoping that sheíd give me a telling off, or even give me a slap because that is what I really wanted, and I used to fantasise about being put over her knee. Unfortunately corporal punishment was no longer allowed at school, so it remained a fantasy.† On the two or three occasions she did see me nude she would look at me rather non-plussed, and say something like "You still here Sarah? Youíd better hurry up and get dressed, the caretaker will be in soon to lock the swimming pool doors!"†

I still remember her to this day, and because of her rather pale complexion, red hair and gorgeous eyes I am reminded of her everytime I see a picture or film of Nicole Kidman, almost identical. Consequently I have become a Nicole fan and just a flash of those eyes sends a tingle down my spine that borders on ecstasy. The PT mistress must be in her early sixties by now, so I prefer to remember her as she was back in 1980.

It was a wet and cold Friday evening in November when Jake brought Louise home. I hadnít bothered cooking because I never knew when heíd arrive home, so we usually just got a takeaway delivered. He burst in through the front door laughing and soaking wet, and followed by a giggling female in her early twenties.

At first I assumed it was one of his colleagues from work, but they stood in front of me in the hall dripping wet and grinning like naughty children.

"Sarah, this is Louise sheíll be staying with us!"

Again, I just assumed that he meant overnight because of the horrid weather, but the cheeky madam just ignored my outstretched hand and walked into the living room, pulling her coat off and dumping it on the floor, and running her hands through her long wet red mane. Jake, who was usually very tidy, did exactly the same and sat next to her on the larger settee by the roaring coal fire, and asked me to make them both tea.

Feeling like a complete fool I just went out into the kitchen to make some tea, hoping that Jake would follow me in and offer me at least some explanation as to why Louise was in our home.

I dutifully returned with a tray of tea and biscuits and sat down on the small settee opposite theirs. After some small talk about their journey and the state of the roads, Louise wanted to use the bathroom so thankfully left us alone for a few minutes.

I didnít have to probe him with questions, he just came right out with it!

"Louise and I are seeing each other Sarah, and please donít get upset, it happened and I like her a lot. She was evicted from her flat this afternoon† so Iíve got her stuff in the car !"

I wanted to say "What the fuck are you talking about?" but nothing came out. I let him continue.

"Now we can separate and go our own ways and argue about the house and the ornaments or you can just accept it and we can all live together here! Weíll sleep in the spare room if you like, not a problem, but I canít lie to you. It happened, I think I love her, but I also love you Sarah, and the last thing I want is to split up with you!"

I managed to croak a reply, "How long have you been with her?"

"A few months now. Iíd leave work on a Friday early and miss the rush hour and go to her place, then come here later in the evening! Whenever I told you I was watching the football in the pub on a Sunday afternoon I was with Louise! Sorry"

I felt numb and sipped at my tea, staring into the mug, totally stunned. Louise came back in the room smiling, "Have you said anything Jake?" she smiled at me.

I felt like punching her in the face, but she smiled at me so sweetly and innocently I just couldnít move. After Jake had nodded to her she was all over him like a rash and held is hand as she spoke to me in the most patronising way you could imagine.

"We didnít plan any of this Sarah, itís just what happens sometimes, Iím sure weíll all get along OK."

I stood up and walked out of the room and went straight to bed. I cried myself to sleep and felt like the loneliest person in the world.

The next morning I woke very early thinking that Iíd had a bad dream, but when I reached over to Jake I found that the other side of the bed hadnít been slept in. I padded along the landing to the bathroom and stopped in my tracks outside the largest of the three spare bedrooms. I heard a moan from behind the door, which was slightly ajar, and just to confirm that I hadnít been dreaming I opened it slowly and peered in.

The room was cold because we kept the radiators set low in the spare rooms, but they were both on top of the double bed naked. Jake was lying on his back making the groaning sounds as Louise sat astride him, gently raising and lowering herself. It was only five in the morning and they were at it like rabbits, I couldnít remember the last time Iíd been woken up by Jakeís cock!

I watched them for a few minutes and felt tears well up in my eyes. She was very pretty, and her small naked frame was almost magazine model perfect. I felt sick and rushed to the bathroom. After a cold face wash and a brush of my teeth I just wanted to get out of the house as quickly as possible, and flung open the bathroom door. Standing in front of me on the landing was a smiling and naked Louise. I tried to push past her but she grabbed my arm and let me gently down stairs.

I sat in the kitchen in my warm winter old grannyís nightie with my head in my hands, as Louise made me tea. She thought we ought to have a chat together to straighten things out. I looked up as she handed me the tea and she stood in front of me unashamedly nude and smiled.

I sipped and listened to her, noticing for the first time that she was completely shaved. Iíd got into the habit a few months before after Jake had mentioned it, and heíd done himself.

After a while she had convinced me that Jake belonged to both of us, and she so desperately wanted to be my friend. She apologised for basically shattering my world, but later, on reflection I didnít have much of a world to shatter anyway.† She said she felt so guilty and started to cry and sobbed deeply and childlike, and I felt so sorry for her I found myself putting my arms around her. I didnít know then what a con artist she really was, but as I held her, her face brushed against my cheek and I caught the faint odour of perfume on her, which smelled so lovely that I practically crushed her face into mine.

After her tears had dried up I tried to cheer her up and found myself starting to like her. The next cup of tea was taken in the living room and she sat opposite me legs slightly apart and told me all about herself. I was beginning to take to her a lot, and it wasnít long before we were laughing together. I also felt a strange tingle that Iíd not felt since the days in the school changing rooms, and it wasnít from seeing her exposed in front of me, it was the tiniest sparkle in her green eyes which sent electric shocks up and down my spine.

I was so engrossed in talking with her Iíd forgotten about Jake, and when he wandered into the living room looking bleary eyed and forlorn in his bathrobe, I felt that he was intruding on us and wanted him to go back to bed.

Later that morning I helped Louise get all her things from the car, and carry it up to the spare room. Seeing the sparse room and inadequate wardrobe space I obligingly told her that she and Jake could have the master bedroom. My clothing was in wardrobes in one of the other bedrooms anyway, so she happily agreed and we moved her stuff yet again.

I lay awake that night in the cold spare room listening in the dark. I could hear Jake and Louise fucking, and it went on, and on and on. I was jealous of course, but strangely, I was jealous of Jake not Louise. I wanted to see her naked again, and felt myself exploring myself as I imagined her in bed with me. Jake didnít even get a look in during that fantasy.

It wasnít until Jake had gone back to his work on the following Monday that my fantasy about Louise almost became a reality. I had slept in deliberately, so that I didnít have to witness the lovey-dovey farewell between them on the doorstep.† At ten I had a shower and put on a clean white silk dressing gown and went downstairs to make a coffee.

Louise was in the kitchen, fully clothed this time, writing at the table. I made myself coffee, and sheíd asked for tomato juice so I carried the carton from the fridge and a glass and sat at the table with her. I was silent as she seemed to be engrossed in writing in her hard backed notebook, and her face was stern and unsmiling.

I reached to pick the carton of tomato juice to pour into her glass, and I donít know how but I caught the top of the carton and knocked it over on the table. The juice ran all over her book and across the table on to the floor.

"Iím sorry"† I shrieked standing up quickly to get a dish cloth.

"You stupid cunt!" Louise shouted as she stood up carrying her notebook to the sink. "Never mind that, get me some fucking kitchen roll!"

I dropped the dish cloth on the table and went to the cupboard to get the kitchen roll, which she snatched out of my hand and frantically tore off strips to soak up the juice from her book.

"Iím really sorry Louise!" I said, and picked up the cloth again feeling really awful about my clumsiness. I went to kneel on the floor where a large puddle of tomato juice had formed on the laminated flooring.

"Youíll get it all over your dressing gown!" she screamed. "Take it off you silly cow!"

I undid the belt and Louise virtually hauled it from my shoulders, and I went down naked on my knees to mop up the mess, masking several trips to the sink to wring out the cloth and rinse it.

As I was tackling the last drop of juice, I heard Louise crying.

"Itís ruined, the pages are stuck together, you stupid bitch!"

I felt awful and kept quiet as I wiped the floor. The slap was unexpected, and I was stunned. It was quickly followed by another, even harder, and I rolled on to my side to look back at her. She reached down and grabbed my by the hair and practically dragged me across the kitchen floor and into the living room.

I was much bigger than Louise but she was very strong, and pulled me up to my feet still shouting at me and slapping at my thighs and buttocks.

"That was my fuckingí diary you useless cunt, itís fucking ruined!" she seethed and pushed me down over the arm of the settee, cupping her left hand inbetween my legs beneath my tummy and using her right hand to spank my bottom. She slapped harder and harder, faster and faster, and I couldnít even cry out. I donít know how long she kept it up but it felt like hours. Eventually she sank to the floor still sobbing, as I lay still face down into one of the cushions, my bottom still raised expecting another.

My bottom was numb, my brain felt even more numb, as I lay motionless and totally drained after I had experienced the longest series of orgasms Iíd ever had in my life! I wanted her to continue, but I couldnít even move let alone speak.

After a few minutes she ordered me to "Clean this fucking pigsty up!" before leaving the room and running upstairs.

I recovered enough to gat myself a cold drink and moved stiffly around the kitchen. I walked to the hall so that I could inspect my bottom in the full length mirror, and the bright red cheeks glowed back at me. I found myself admiring them and the memory of the experience made the pit of my stomach contract tightly with pleasure.

I did as ordered and cleaned the rest of the mess in the kitchen. The floor was sticky and discoloured and so I get a mop bucket of hot water and floor cleaner and went down on my knees again to clean the floor. I stopped and stood up, deciding to do it properly and fetched the dustpan and brush. I swept the whole floor from corner to corner, then started with the wet cloth and mop bucket. I was still naked and somehow it felt good, because Louise had ordered me to do it I wanted to do it properly.

After the kitchen floor I washed up and cleaned the worktops and table, before starting on the living room with the duster and spray polish.

It was after two before I saw Louise again. She shouted for me from the top of the stairs and I dutifully ran up, now wearing my dressing gown, to see what she wanted. I followed her into the spare room where I kept my clothes and she smiled as I stared in disbelief at the scene. All of my clothes had been taken from the wardrobes and drawers and were strewn all over the floor. She had three suitcases open on the floor at her feet.†

"Pack this lot into those suitcases bitch!"


I thought she was throwing me out and in a daze I just did as I was told and put everything as neatly as possible into the large suitcases. Iíd finished cramming everything into the last case and was fastening it when she stopped me.

"And the fucking dressing gown!"

I stood and looked around for a dressing gown, my old blue one perhaps, was it hanging on the hook on the back of the door? I felt her hands on my shoulders pulling at the one I was wearing. She yanked at it so hard that the wrap-around belt undid itself and the silk garment slid from my back and she screwed it up like newspaper and threw it into the last suitcase.

Expecting to be thrown out of the house naked I mentally noted which coat I was going to grab from the hooks in the hall as I struggled down the stairs with the last heavy suitcase.† But rather than go to the front door she made me carry them out through the kitchen door and into the side door of the garage. It was freezing wet and cold outside, and I was nude and in full view of my neighbourís kitchen window, but hopefully the house was empty.

Inside the garage I stacked the suitcases flat on top of one another, while a silent Louise watched.

Back inside the kitchen she tutted as she saw my wet dirty footprints on the kitchen floor. I suggested that I go to the bathroom to wash and dry them, but she wouldnít hear of it. Instead she ordered me to I fill the washing up bowl with water and stand on the doorstep outside with my feet in the bowl to wash them. She tossed me a hand towel to dry them, and it was several minutes of checking that they were clean and bone dry before she let me back in the house.

After Iíd emptied and washed the bowl she tutted at me again, and pointed to the previous footmarks on the floor. I filled the mop bucket and got down on my knees to wash the marks clean. I thought Iíd finished, but Iíd missed one or two by the door. As I stood up to empty the bucket into the sink, Louise slapped the side of my thigh and pointed at the marks.

She was silent as she watched me, sitting at the kitchen table. I felt my hips and bottom sway as I mopped the remainder of the marks from the floor in a relaxed motion. I could feel those sparkling green eyes of hers burning into me from behind. God, I felt good. I wanted her to slap me again, I wanted to come like before again and again!

After what Iíd experienced with her that morning I felt that she could do as she pleased with me! I was a 33 year old bleached blonde housewife, with flabby thighs and a fat bottom, and I felt like a whore, Louiseís whore. The fact that all my clothes were now packed away in the garage didnít bother me at all. I wanted her to look at me, I wanted her to be able to get at any part of me, but most of all I wanted to feel her hand hard against my fat fucking arse. I could wait no longer.

"Iím sorry about the book, but was it really that important?" I knew what was saying and it was the spark that ignited the powder. I could taste the sugar of her violent mood as she stood up and stared down at me in disbelief.

"Important!" I was expecting a full on assault, but she sat down again, smiling. "Yes, but these things happen."

"The bitch, she knows!" I thought to myself. She knew I wanted her to slap me again, and deliberately let me squirm in anticipation.

I tried again. "What am I going to do for clothes Louise, I canít hop out to the garage everytime I want clean knickers!"

"No you wonít have to do that" she smiled so sweetly I was smitten. "I like to see you as you are so I donít want you wearing anything! Apart from shoes of course. Iíll let you wear some nice ankle boots, or maybe some black high heels!"

"What about going out!" I protested.

"No you donít need to go out. If you do you can wear a coat! If we have visitors then I would prefer them to see you nude!"

I felt a shudder of fear when she said it, then she helped me to my feet and kissed me gently on the mouth. "We donít need anyone else Sarah, we have each other, and Jake of course!"

Iíd never kissed a woman before, but this wasnít a kiss in the ordinary way, this was pure lust and passion as she dragged me back on to the floor and sunk her tongue around mine. She pulled her tee-shirt off and quickly undid her faded jeans and we grabbed at each other hungrily, moving across the hard kitchen floor and on to the soft carpet in the living room. I lay on my back as Sarah probed deep inside me with her tongue, and it felt so good. It had been months since Jake had ventured down there, but this was different, so disgustingly beautiful and a sensation Iíd never had before.

After exploring each other intimately we lay in each others arms for at least an hour afterwards, on the rug in front of the cold fireplace, neither of us had the slightest inclination to move or even think. The beeping of the telephone broke the perfect silence, and reluctantly I crawled across the floor to answer it. It was Jake, and after a brief chat Louise grabbed the receiver from me and took over. As she spoke to him about how well we were getting on with each other, she sat on one of the hard back chairs and opened her legs, beckoning me to kneel down. I knew what she wanted and obliged eagerly, and she let out an occasional gasp as I hit the button with the tip of my tongue. She was smiling as she chatted with Jake, and put the receiver to my ear so I could hear him talking as I was pleasuring her.

After sheíd finished taking and hung up I carried on for a few minutes, but she pushed me away and stood up.

"Come on thereís work to do girl!" and clapped her hands as if summoning a skivvy.

She told me to fetch a screwdriver and I dutifully followed her upstairs to my new room. By five that evening Iíd finished dismantling all the flat pack wardrobes, and along with the smaller furniture in the bedroom, I had carted it all into the garage, along with the carpet, underlay, curtains, bedside lamp and ceiling light shade.† It had been raining all afternoon so as a concession to getting my feet dirty again, sheíd let me wear a pair of slip on high heels, which I left on the step each time I came into the house.

I didnít question why sheíd made me strip the room bare of everything apart from the single iron bed, I just did as she asked.† The last trip was a carrier bag full of my shoes. Trainers, deck shoes, flat soled walking boots all went into the garage, and all that remained were three pairs of high heels, a pair of ankle boots in black suede, and some knee length high heeled boots in red leather Iíd bought in a sale and never worn.

Iíd just got back into the house when the front door bell rang, and Louise skipped quickly to answer it. I stood in the kitchen nervously, not knowing what to do should someone be invited in. Through the open kitchen door I heard the up and over garage door being raised and the sound of someone loading stuff into a van. A few minutes later the door closed again, and I could hear the engine of the van being started and it drove off the driveway.

Louise smiled at the look on my face as she came into the kitchen.

"Itís all gone now!"

I looked at her puzzled.

"That was the cat charity man, he came to collect all your clothing and furniture and it will all be in the charity shop on the High Street tomorrow!"

I felt stunned. I thought it was a temporary thing the removal of my clothes etc, but no, theyíd all been taken away. She led me into the hall and pointed to the coat hooks.

"I gave him your coats as well, Iíll get you a nice one next time I go shopping!"

She sent me upstairs to shower and stay in my room while she prepared something to eat.† After a hot shower I sat in my bare room on the bed wrapped in a bath towel, just waiting.††

She must have read me like a book, and within two minutes she opened the door and demanded the towel to go back in the bathroom. I was locked in the room and told in no uncertain terms to leave the light switched on.

It was after nine by the time I was released and ordered back downstairs. Iíd tried to sleep but it was very cold , and she hadnít yet given me any sheets or a duvet. I was tired and hungry and looking forward to a decent meal.†††††

Sheís already eaten and the kitchen was in a filthy state. I heated up a ready-meal in the microwave and sat at the kitchen table in silence and devoured it. Afterwards I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen while Louise stood over me, sniping at everything she didnít feel I was doing properly, and criticising me for being slow.

I then had to clean out the coal fire and take the ashes outside, and fetch coal and logs in. It must have been freezing point outside and the earlier rain had turned to sleet. After lighting the fire I sat on the settee exhausted and Louise poured me a glass of wine.

"Have you enjoyed it today?" she smiled, standing in front of me sucking on a cigarette.

"Yes, Louise" I smiled happily.

"Er, I donít think you should address me by me first name Sarah!"

I looked at her puzzled, "Why not?"

"Iíd prefer if you called me Mistress!" her eyes flashed at me like the devil had got inside her head, and I felt scared.

†She started to undo her wide black leather belt from her jeans and pulled it out of the loops and handed it to me.

"This is for you Sarah. Now kiss the tip very gently!"

I did as requested, and she smiled.

"You will sleep with this belt between your legs every night Sarah. It will be your best friend, and Iíll be using it on you from now on. The more you screw up the more strokes youíll receive with it. Now come on, get to your room!"

I jumped up and walked out into the hall with the belt, Louise following close behind me. I ran upstairs to my room and stopped to face her.

"Can I get my duvet and sheets?"

She smiled at me in the doorway and beckoned me over to her. She held me lovingly in her arms and kissed me so tenderly I felt like a lovesick schoolgirl.

"You silly girl. Of course you canít have sheets and a duvet, you forgot to call me Mistress!" and pushed me back into the room, slammed the door shut and locked it from the outside.