by Sara Kingdom

Laura has to work alone in the office on a hot Sunday morning. She still manages to have some fun.


Laura drove her yellow Beetle along the familiar road to her office. It was a beautiful, warm summer day but she was annoyed. This was Sunday and she had to go to work to finish a report.

"This is a day for the beach," she said aloud. "If only I had finished that report on Friday. I'm paying for it now."

Laura's financial report had to be on the Old Man's desk by 9 am on Monday. Without it, she may as well kiss her job goodbye, and she certainly couldn't afford to do that. She hadn't managed to finish the report on Friday and knew she would have to come in over the weekend..

Late on that Friday afternoon she had gone to see John, the security officer, in his little room behind the main reception desk.

"I'd like a card to get in at the weekend please, John."

The officer smiled at her. He was about fifty and had a reputation for being lecherous. He was always staring at all the pretty girls in the office and Laura was one of his favourites. She was quite small and had a lovely face and slim figure, with beautiful long brown hair, usually in a ponytail, and a sexy little slim body. As he always did, he looked at the 24 year old girl and tried to imagine her in the nude.

"That's fine, young miss," he said as he opened his register. "Just sign here and I'll give you your entry card. Are you coming in tomorrow ?"

"No, I can't make it tomorrow. I'll have to come in on Sunday morning."

"Too bad," said the man. "There's some security work being done this evening and all day tomorrow. I've got to be here for that. I've got permission to do something about all the thefts that have happened here lately. If you were coming in tomorrow, I would have been able to keep you company." As he spoke, he looked down at her lovely body and legs. Laura wished she had worn a longer skirt.

Ignoring the man's gaze, Laura signed her name. She saw from the register that nobody else had requested entry that weekend. At least she would have some peace to finish the report.

Laura looked up again and saw the man staring at her breasts. She pretended not to notice and smiled. "That's a pity, John. I guess I'll be all alone on Sunday." She was really glad. She would have hated being in the office with him. "And I'll regret it. The weather forecast says Sunday is going to be a real scorcher."

The man handed Laura her card and also gave her a key. "You'll need the key as well. Nobody else will be in on Sunday. The door will also be locked and the card won't be enough to get in. Don't forget to bring it back on Monday. I don't want to have to come and get it from you."

As Laura walked from the room, she could sense the man's gaze following her cute little bottom.

As Laura drove in that Sunday morning, she laughed to herself. Just her luck to be working on a day like this. If only that report had been finished on Friday.

She was dressed casually in a yellow T-shirt with jeans and white trainers. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore sunglasses as she drove.

The office Laura worked in was in a wooded area on the outskirts of town. As she approached the modern two-storey office building, she could see that the car park was empty. She drove straight up to the main entrance and stopped in the Old Man's reserved parking place.

She took off her sunglasses and got out of the car. She was struck by how quiet it was here today, miles from anywhere, hidden in the woods and well away from the main road.

The main entrance was a revolving door, but this was all locked up. To get in outside office hours, a side-door was used. Laura used the key she had been given and then inserted the security card. The door opened and she stepped inside. She turned and used the key to lock the door from inside. She left the key in the lock. Better to leave it there in case she lost it.

Walking into the building, Laura noticed how quiet it was on the inside too. There were no voices, telephones or other background noise. At least there would be no interruptions today. The report would only take an hour or so to complete. Maybe she could still get to the beach after all.

Laura walked through the deserted main reception area. "No leering security men today," she said out loud. "Nobody trying to undress me with his eyes."

She reached her office and sat down at her desk, switched on her PC and logged in as normal. Her e-mail inbox came up and, like any normal working day, she scanned the list of messages, looking for anything important. There didn't seem to be anything worth bothering about on a Sunday. There was something about a staff party, a newsletter and yet another message to do with office security. They could all wait. Without opening any of the messages she closed the e-mail software down.

Laura quickly set about her work, opening her report document and starting to type where she had left off. She normally shared the room with another five people, always very noisy, and there were always numerous interruptions. Today was different. Laura was able to get on with her work and she made good progress very quickly.

It really was warm in the office today. The sun shone brightly through the large windows. She regretted wearing jeans, perhaps a pair of shorts would have been better on a warm day like this.

Before long, Laura began to find it difficult to concentrate, her jeans feeling sticky and much too tight to be comfortable. She stopped typing.

"I really wish I hadn't put these on today."

A thought struck her. Why not take the jeans off ? Nobody else was in the building. She had locked the door from the inside and left the key in the lock. Nobody could get in now, not that anyone else would be coming here today anyway. Why not ? She could work without her jeans on. Nobody would see her.

Laura reached down and undid the laces on her trainers. She took them off and put them on the floor beside her desk.

"Well, here goes." Laura opened her belt, undid the button, lowered the zip, then slipped the jeans down over her thighs. As she removed them, she revealed a pair of brief white panties. She folded the jeans and put them on top of the filing cabinet next to her.

Laura instantly felt more comfortable and sat down again to continue working. Working flat out, it didn't take long for her to finish typing and she sent the important document to print.

As she waited, she thought how funny it was to be in the office wearing only a T-shirt and panties. "If only the guys could see me now."

A mischievous thought came to her. Nobody else was here. Why not take the rest off ? She smiled to herself. Why not ?

Quickly, she pulled the T-shirt over her head and threw it over to land on top of her jeans. Now dressed only in bra and panties, and sitting at her desk, the young girl felt very naughty indeed.

"Hello, fellow workers. I've decided that today is going to be a nude day in the office."

She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, removed it, and hung it around the monitor of her PC.

"And I'm not going to stop there, guys !" Laura slipped off her panties and laid them on top of her keyboard.

Giggling, the naked Laura collected the printed report and took it back to her desk. She sat down and read through it, made some minor corrections on the PC, and set it to print again. That was it ! The report was finished. All she had to do now was to take it upstairs and leave it on the Old Man's desk. Then she could get out of here.

She read through it again and, completely happy that she was finished, laid it down and collected her clothes. She picked up her panties and made ready to slip them on.

Another wicked smile appeared on the young woman's face. Why did she have to get dressed now ? It was so cool and relaxing being naked in the office and nobody else was here to see her. Why not deliver the report in the nude. Who would know ?

She laid her panties back down on the desk. She just had to do it ! This was so exciting ! She picked up the report and walked naked out of her office.

In the corridor she suddenly thought about being caught and stopped, covering her breasts with her arms.

"Don't be silly, girl," she reassured herself. "You're the only person in the building today. Nobody can see you. Go and deliver the report !"

She walked confidently, enjoying the freedom of being undressed, through the main reception area and started climbing the stairs.

She went up to the upper floor. This was where all the important people worked, the Old Man and all his senior managers with their secretaries. What would they say if they saw one of their junior employees wandering around in the nude ?

Laura tentatively opened the door leading to the Old Man's secretary's office and looked inside. The room was small, with only the secretary's desk guarding the door of the Finance Director. She stepped inside and immediately noticed that the carpet was much thicker than in her part of the building. It felt warm and comforting as her bare feet sank into the rich material.

"What a waste," she said. "All that money for an expensive carpet, and I bet nobody else has ever been in here without shoes."

She padded towards the Old Man's door, enjoying the feel of the soft carpet. Before she reached the door, she turned to the secretary's empty desk.

"I'm Laura from Accounts. I have an important report for Mister Carson. I have been asked to deliver it for him."

Imitating the middle aged secretary, Laura stuck her nose in the air and spoke in a high, snooty voice. "Then please hurry, young lady. Mister Carson is a very busy man. He doesn't have time to waste on silly young girls, especially if they are stark naked. "

Pretending to press the secretary's intercom, she continued. "Mister Carson ? I have a young lady to see you. I'm afraid she is in the nude. Shall I send her away ?"

Laura paused for a moment, pretending to listen the man's response. "Thank you Mister Carson. You may enter the room, young lady. Please be quick about it and try not to shake your tits at him while you're in there."

Giggling, Laura slowly opened the door. As she entered, she put on a serious face, before confidently striding in.

She marched across the large office to stand in front of the huge desk. To her right, the large window gave the manager a scenic view overlooking a small pond, surrounded by trees.

She spoke solemnly towards the empty desk. "My name is Laura. I am naked and I am here to deliver the financial report you required urgently."

Stepping forward, she placed the report on the desk. She waited as she imagined the man studying the information.

Laura spoke in a low voice, in the manner she imagined that the Old Man would speak. "Thank you very much, young lady. And thank you for coming in today to finish the report. I wish others would follow your example and show such commitment to this company. "

"Thank you, sir. I also came here so that you could see my tits." She grasped both her nipples with her fingers and pulled her breasts up and down. "And this is my cute little bottom." She turned around and slapped her right buttock. "And I also wanted to show you that I keep my bush nice and trimmed." She faced the desk again and pointed down at her pussy.

She paused and pretended to be the man looking at her up and down.

"Yes, very hygienic. I must congratulate you on your appearance. You are very well presented indeed."

"Unfortunately, young lady, I must also say that I am disappointed with your disregard for our strict dress code. What kind of image do you think this will give our customers ? What if I had a client with me ? What would he say if he saw you walking around stark naked, exposing yourself like that ? Mmm ?"

"I'm dreadfully sorry, sir." Laura replied in her own voice. "It won't happen again. Please don't fire me."

"But I can't turn a blind eye to your nakedness," she continued in a deep voice. "What kind of example would that set to others in the building ? This is an office, not a nudist camp. What if all the pretty young girls went around here uncovered ? Where would we be then ?"

Laura bowed her head apologetically.

"Lie on top of the desk. I have to take action immediately."

Laura giggled. "Of course, sir."

She lay down on her back on the desk and looked at the ceiling. She closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the feel of the cool, hard surface on her back.

"Not that way, you silly little girl. Lie on your front so that I can see your little backside. I just don't know where we get the staff from these days."

Laura turned over and lay on her front, resting her chin on her folded arms.

"Is this OK, sir ?"

"Stick your behind more up in the air. That's it."

Laura pleaded with the imaginary man. "Oh, please don't hurt me, sir "

"I'm sorry, young lady. This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you. I have to make an example of you. I will not tolerate nudity in this office."

Laura yelped in mock pain as she imagined her bottom being slapped ten times very hard.

"Oh please sir ! I won't do it again ! I'll never let anyone see me nude again ! Oh please !"

"OK, young lady. Let that be a lesson to you. Run along now."

Laura giggled and sat up on the desk. "Thank you, sir."

She climbed off the desk and sat down in Mister Carson's large, soft chair.

This was just lovely, she thought to herself, being able to be here when it was so peaceful and quiet. Walking around starkers was just so liberating. Why had she never tried this kind of thing before ?

She sat back in the comfortable chair and closed her eyes. "I wish I could work in the nude all the time. If I ever get to be the big boss I'll make it compulsory for everyone."

She sat there quietly for a few minutes. "This is so serene. I wish I could stay in here forever, but I guess I'd better get going."

Reluctantly Laura stood up, straightened the chair, and walked out of the room.

"Thank you, Miss Simpson. " she said, as she walked past the secretary's desk. "I must be off. I have to deliver Mister Carson's message about the company's dress code."

"I should think so too ! Get out of here, hussy ! "

Laura giggled and stepped back into the corridor. This was great fun. Where could she go now ?

Opposite the Old Man's office was the Conference Room. Laura had never been inside before.

"Well, if I'm ever going to see inside this place, now is the time."

Laura tried the door. It was open and Laura made her way in.

The Conference Room was very large with a long wooden table set in the centre. There were 16 chairs around it.

Laura sat down at the head of the table and spoke seriously. "Good morning gentlemen. I'm here today to brief you on the latest financial figures. I hope to demonstrate that we are in a sound position and that we are making progress towards achieving our strategic goals. But before that I'd like to show you something more interesting."

She rose and stepped up on to the chair and then the table. She stood there, imagining the group of men looking up at her.

She started to walk forward very slowly, stepping one foot in front of the other like an Olympic gymnast on the beam, and made her way to the other end of the table. She spun around and walked back to the top of the table. She turned again and faced her audience.

"Gentlemen, as you can see, I have come to this meeting in the nude. You may think of me as a mild-mannered finance person, but the guys in the office have voted me Miss Nude Accountant ! My prize is to be allowed to work naked every day for the next year."

She lay down on the table. She laughed and laughed at what she was doing. This was great fun !

After a few minutes, Laura got up. In her serious voice she said. "I must go now. I must display myself to the rest of the work force. A naked girl's work is never done !"

She walked out of the conference room giggling. Where could she go now ?

Further down the corridor, Laura looked at the symbol of the man on the door. She couldn't go in there, could she ?

"Why not ? It's not as if I'll catch anybody else with their pants down."

She pushed open the door of the Mens room and went in. It was dark and Laura fumbled about trying to locate the switch. She found it and went through another door.

It was similar to the Ladies room she had used so often before, except that there were three urinals up against the wall next to the three cubicles. She walked in and saw her reflection, from the thighs up, in the mirrors above the wash-hand basins.

"Hi, you're looking good." she said to herself. "If only the guys could see me here like this."

She looked around wondering what she could get up to.

She stood to attention and saluted at the mirror. "Good morning, gentlemen. I'm your new naked attendant. I'm here to help you in any way you want. If you're having a hard day, perhaps I can relieve your stress for you. Perhaps I can unzip you and hold you while you have a pee. You won't have to wash your hands if I do that. I'm also an expert with toilet paper if you need me to use that on you." She saluted again at her reflection and burst out laughing.

"I'm definitely going crazy. Talking to myself is bad enough, but where is all this nonsense coming from ?"

She ran the cold tap for a few seconds and splashed some water on her face. Walking around the building like this was a real turn-on. She patted her face with a paper towel and left the room, careful to make sure she switched the light off.

Laura walked down the corridor, looking into the empty offices, imagining all the clothed people working away.

Through one of the open doors she noticed a large photocopier. She walked in to take a closer look.

"A colour copier ! How come we only get to use the black and white ones downstairs ? Now I know where to come if I need a colour copy. It's a pity I don't have anything with me. I'd like to try this out."

She looked down at her naked body and smiled.

"Well, maybe there is something I can copy." She switched the machine on and waited as it warmed up.

Laura lifted the lid and leaned over, lowering herself until her nipples barely touched the glass. When she felt she was in a good position, she pressed the COPY button.

After a couple of seconds, the scanning light raced across and captured her image. She heard the copy land in the tray below her.

She stepped back and looked down. Nervously, Laura reached for the copy and looked at it. She let out a shriek of delight. The image was perfect. Two beautiful naked breasts in full colour !

"Wow ! You do have a nice pair of tits, if I may say so myself." said Laura to herself. "I wonder if I can copy anything else."

She climbed up on to a chair and lay down on her front on top of the copier. She moved slowly and carefully, trying to make sure the copier stayed steady. She positioned herself so that her pussy was in the centre of the scanning area. Again she reached over and pressed the button and another copy was produced.

Quickly, she climbed down from the copier and grabbed the printed page. "Yes !" she cried. Now she had a perfect picture of her lower body from just above her navel down to her thighs. She could see her trimmed, light brown pubic hair in perfect colour and detail.

"One more thing to copy," she said and climbed back on top of the copier. This time she sat on top of the glass. Again she pressed the button and jumped off the machine.

Laura was delighted with another perfect colour copy of her most intimate parts, showing clearly her pussy lips and backside. Laughing to herself, she rolled up the three copies. "I'd better not leave these lying around. Someone might recognize me." She tucked the copies under her arm and switched the copier off.

With her copies, Laura walked happily back up the corridor to the stairs and made her way back down to the reception area.

"What can I do here ?" she asked herself.

Laura walked behind the reception desk and stood there, smiling as the pretty receptionists did when greeting visitors.

"Good morning, sir, " she said. "I would like to welcome you to our offices today. Who are you here to see ? Oh, Mister Carson. That's fine. He's been expecting you. Please sign in and I'll take you up to his office."

Laura smiled sweetly, waiting for the man to sign the register.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You may be wondering why I'm standing here in the nude. It's our new company policy to make our visitors welcome. Please feel my tits if it will help you to relax. Would you like me to play with myself while you wait ?"

Laura giggled again and looked around the reception area. Behind her was the door to the security officer's small office.

"Well, why don't I report to our very own inspector of young girls ?"

She walked over to the door and tried the handle. It was locked.

"That's funny. Why is the door locked ? All he's got in there is a desk. Oh well, never mind."

She knocked on the door.

"John ? This is Laura from Accounts. You know, the one you're always staring at. Well, I've decided to give you what you want. I've undressed so that you can have a good look at my cute little body. I've even made some photocopies for you to put on your wall. Why don't you come out and examine me ?"

For one awful moment she thought that the door would open and that the security officer would catch her. Of course, there was nothing but silence.

"Too bad. This could have been your lucky day, John."

The naked young girl made her way back to her own office.

Smiling happily, Laura got dressed and made ready to leave. She had enjoyed her morning more than she could have imagined. Maybe she could do this again sometime.


Following her normal routine, Laura got to the office early and sat down at her desk. Again her first task was to check her e-mails and she saw the same unopened messages that had been there the day before. This time she opened the e-mail about office security and started to read it.

To all,

I am obliged to inform you that, as a result of the recent thefts in the building, the management have decided to pilot a scheme of new security measures.

This weekend a number of small high-resolution colour CCTV cameras will be installed around in the building. They will be placed in all offices and corridors so that video and sound can be recorded and stored for reference. It is hoped that this material will assist in any future investigations. I have been given the task of monitoring the new system.

It is believed that these measures will act as a deterrent and prevent any more of the regrettable thefts which have taken place recently.

I thank for your cooperation.


John T Leonard

Security Officer

As she read the message in horror, a new e-mail arrived. It was another one from the security officer with the subject "Nice show, Laura !" Trembling, she opened the message and started to read it.

Hi there, Sweetie.

You sure are one sexy little thing aren't you ?

Thanks for the little show you put on yesterday. That was a hell of a surprise I got this morning when I started to look through the recordings from yesterday.

I've only looked at the tapes briefly. I intend to study them very closely later on to see exactly what you got up to. That's one pile of tapes I will never erase ! I'm hard just thinking about them.

Don't worry. I haven't told anyone else ..... yet.

Didn't you see the e-mail I sent everybody on Friday warning about the cameras ? I guess not. What a shame.

I've got a great idea. Why not stay late tonight and come to my office when everyone else has gone ? We can have a little talk about things and decide what we are going to do. Maybe you can come naked. I know you like that.

Don't stand me up now, honey !

Your friend John

Security Officer


Why not bring your photocopies with you ? I'd like a closer look.