by Sara Kingdom

TV news girl Sophie is asked to interview a reclusive rock star.


Sophie lay back in her bath, eyes closed, luxuriating with the warm water up to her chin.

She heard the telephone ringing in the other room. Her answer machine switched on and she waited to hear the caller's message.

She heard the voice of her boss at the television channel. "Hi, Sophie. Frank here. Something big has just come up and we need you to do a report. I'm sorry, I know this is your day off, but this is huge and you are the only person who can do it. This could be a really big break for you. Please give me a call at home when you can. Please Sophie. Bye."

The message ended and Sophie sighed.

Sophie took her time and finished her bath. She dried herself and walked through to her living room still undressed. She picked up the telephone, dialled Frank's number and waited.

"Hello. Frank Docherty speaking."

"Hello Frank, Sophie here. What's all the panic about ?"

Sophie's boss replied excitedly. "Sophie ! This is the big one. You remember Billy Dark ? Well, his people have contacted us today to ask us to set up his first interview in over twenty five years. They say he wants you to interview him and it's got to be today. This could be the biggest story our channel has ever had, and it's going to be an exclusive. "

Sophie was puzzled. "Billy Dark ? Who's he ?"

Frank replied in disbelief. "Who's he ? Don't you remember him in the early seventies. He was massive, bigger than everybody else in rock music. He toured the world constantly. He was almost as big as The Beatles. You've got to remember him, Sophie."

Sophie smiled. "Frank, I'm only twenty six years old. I don't even remember the early seventies."

Frank calmed down slightly. "What ? Oh, of course. I'd forgotten that you would be too young to remember him. Surely you must have heard of him though."

"Sorry, Frank. I'm not a big fan of rock music anyway. I guess you'll have to get somebody else to interview him."

"Sophie ! This is the biggest story for years. We can't miss out on this. If you don't do it they may go to another channel. He's been a recluse for twenty five years ever since a fan tried to kill him. A lot of people thought he had died. He hasn't worked or spoken to anyone in all that time. Now he wants to speak to you."

"Me? Why me ?"

"I don't know. Maybe he saw one of you reports on TV and liked the look of you. It doesn't really matter. This will be a huge break for you, Sophie. The interview will get worldwide coverage. You've always wanted to move to a bigger stage. This could be your big chance."

Sophie thought for a moment. This did sound like a great opportunity. She did want to move on from being a news reporter for a minor television channel. This could give her valuable exposure and lead to bigger things.

"But you said he wanted to be interviewed today. How can I do that if I don't even know who he is ?"

"Don't worry, Sophie. I've had the guys at the office working on a brief. It's already been e-mailed to you. It even has a list of questions. All you have to do is go and talk to him. Dave Waters will go with you to shoot the interview."

"Dave Waters ? But he's producer of Terry King's Challenge show. He's not a cameraman. Why not take our own crew ?"

"Billy knows Dave from years ago. He directed a documentary on one of Billy's tours. That's another reason he chose our channel. Billy wants to be interviewed by you and filmed by Dave. Nobody else is to be involved. It'll be at a secret location later today."

Sophie was intrigued by the whole thing. "OK. OK. Send me the details. When and where will the interview take place."

"At 7 o' clock, that's in just over three hours. I'll get Dave to pick you up about six. He knows the location. That gives you two hours to look at our notes and get yourself ready. Please do your best, Sophie. This is important to us all."

"OK, Frank. Bye." She put down the phone.

Sophie walked naked into her little spare room office. She switched on the PC and checked her e-mails. She picked out the one about Billy Dark and printed it.

A few minutes later Sophie settled down on her sofa to read about twenty pages of information about Billy Dark.

"He certainly was big in the seventies. Funny I've never even heard of him."

For an hour Sophie digested the information, methodically taking notes and getting a clear picture of the man in her head. By the end she had a pretty good knowledge of his past and knew all the questions she would ask him.

Confident about her subject, Sophie went to get herself ready. She chose a pink blouse to wear with a dark grey suit. She decided that a few open buttons wouldn't do her any harm and might help get her noticed by her new audience. Looking at her slim body in the full length mirror, Sophie thought that the outfit worked quite well, giving the impression of her as a serious journalist, but also showing off her figure to full effect. She tied her long blonde hair in a ponytail, allowing her lovely face and blue eyes to be shown off to full effect.

Satisfied, Sophie settled down to wait for her cameraman to arrive.


Sophie got into Dave's car and smiled at him.

"Hi Dave. This is a bit of a surprise."

Dave was about fifty with greying hair and glasses. He wore his usual blue baseball cap, and as always, was scruffy, dressed in sweat shirt and jeans.

"Hello Sophie. Yes. I only heard this morning about Billy wanting to be interviewed. I should be working on Terry's show tonight, but this is far more important."

"What have the viewers been challenging Terry to do this week, Dave ? Any politicians being put in their place by him this week? What about TV people, anybody I know being humiliated ?"

"You know all the challenges are secret until the show. You'll have to watch to find out."

He reached down and lifted up a piece of black cloth.

"What's that, Dave ?"

"I'm sorry, Sophie. I've been asked to make sure you don't know where we go to. I need to blindfold you."

He folded the cloth into a long strip. Sophie didn't like the idea at all.

"I guess he won't let me go to do the interview if I don't wear this. Is that right ?"

"I'm afraid so, Sophie. Don't be worried. It's not a long journey. We'll be there in no time."

Reluctantly Sophie leaned across for Dave to blindfold her. "I guess I've no choice. Don't make it too tight, Dave."

Dave finished securing the blindfold and Sophie relaxed into her seat.


"You can take the blindfold off now, Sophie. We're on a private road leading to Billy's place. I think it's safe for you to see where we are now."

Relieved, Sophie removed the blindfold and blinked, trying to get used to the light. It was now evening, but the summer sun still shone brightly.

The car was being driven along a very narrow, tree lined road. Sophie looked for some clues about her whereabouts. She just had no idea. After an hour's drive they could be just about anywhere in Southern England.

The road began to widen and they approached a small castle. Dave stopped the car outside the main entrance.

Sophie was impressed. "Wow, this is where he lives ! He lives in a castle ! "

"He certainly does," replied Dave. "He's not short of a bob or two."

They got out of the car and climbed the steps leading up to the main entrance.

A tall, elegantly dressed woman of about thirty approached them.

"Hello, Miss Skinner. I'm Michelle, Mister Dark's P.A. I'm so glad you could come. He's been looking forward to meeting you. He's a big fan of yours."

Sophie shook the woman's hand. "Hi. Thanks. I'd like to say I'm a big fan of Billy's, but all his work is a bit before my time. I can only remember him a little."

"Of course," the young woman smiled. "He's been out of circulation for quite a while. That's why we wanted this interview. We hope to be able to launch his career again. He's been back in the studio for the last few months."

Sophie turned to look at Dave. He was already filming. "You've met Dave, I presume."

"Yes, we met earlier today. Mister Dark and Mister Waters go back a long way. "

The woman led them around the side of the castle. Sophie thought they were going to enter by a back entrance, but Michelle kept walking away from the building.

"Where are we going, Dave ?" Sophie whispered.

"He's in a walled garden at the side. Apparently he spends most if his time there."

Michelle stopped at a gate in a high wall. She turned to speak to Sophie.

"Mister Dark is in his garden. I'll just go inside and make sure he's ready. I won't be long." She turned and entered, closing the iron gate behind her.

"Dave, this is really weird. You mean he spends most of his time in a garden ?"

"I think so. It seems strange to me too. He was a really normal guy in the old days."

They waited for Michelle to return. Dave continued to film Sophie as she glanced through her notes.

Michelle came out of the garden. She looked worried.

"I'm afraid there's a bit of a problem. He's really nervous tonight. He's worried about letting you in."

Sophie glanced nervously at the camera and then looked back at Michelle. "What's the problem ?"

"He's always worried about someone trying to harm him. He always thinks people are going to pull a gun out or set a bomb off or something. That's why he's been a bit of a recluse for such a long time now."

Sophie was worried now. Was the interview going to be cancelled ? "But he asked for me to come here, and he asked for Dave to film the interview. Why is it a problem now we're here ?"

Michelle shook her head. "I'm really sorry. He's just got a little edgy tonight. It looks like we can't do the interview. I'm really sorry. He does want to go ahead with it but you won't want to do it the way he wants to."

"What do you mean ? What does he want to do ?"

Michelle frowned. "He wants to be sure you do not have any weapons on you. He won't let you go in unless he can see for himself that you can't harm him."

Sophie was puzzled. "What do you mean. Does he want us to be searched ?"

"Well, not exactly. I'm afraid you can't go inside unless you are naked. I'm sorry. He's insisting on it."

Sophie laughed. "What ?" She looked at Dave. He was laughing too. "You mean we're supposed to strip off and go in there in the nude ? He's got to be joking."

"That's not exactly what he means. He's quite happy for Dave to go in as he is. He's known him for so long. It's just you he wants to undress."

Sophie turned to look at Dave. He was grinning widely as he filmed her shocked expression.

Sophie couldn't believe it. This was her big chance to make a name for herself and she was being hindered by this eccentric old rocker's fears.

Michelle was apologetic. "I am really sorry. Maybe we can arrange something another time."

Sophie wasn't going to give up so quickly. "But this is my big chance to do a worldwide story. This is important to me, but there's no way I'm going to go nude on television. Are you sure he won't change his mind ?"

Michelle shook her head again. "I'm sorry. He's very stubborn. Once he's made his mind up that's it."

Sophie looked at the woman and then looked at her cameraman. Dave was still filming away. "I need to think about this. Just give me a minute. "

She walked away trying to decide what to do. She couldn't do the interview nude. She'd never even sunbathed topless before, so how could she appear starkers on television ? But she also knew that the opportunity was to good to give up on..

Dave spoke up. "Can I make a suggestion, Sophie ?" She turned to look at him. He was still filming. "Maybe there's a way we can do this."

"Go on," Sophie urged him.

"Well, we want this interview to be broadcast all over the world. The only way we can do it is for you to go in there naked. That would mean it couldn't really be shown as widely as we want it to. I could try to keep you out of shot, but then the interview wouldn't really promote you if I did that. It would be better to get you and Billy together on screen as much as possible."

"So what's your idea ?" Sophie asked.

"Maybe it would work if we just shot the interview as if you were not naked. We can make something of the fact that you're having to strip off. That would be fantastic publicity. The whole world would be interested in it ...."

Sophie cut in. "But it couldn't be shown everywhere ! And yours truly is definitely not going to be put on display."

Dave continued. "But we could edit the footage so that, even though everybody can clearly see that you're naked, nobody actually gets to see all of you."

"Go on."

"We can pixelize the picture to cover you up a little, or maybe put little black strips over your private parts. We can do that ourselves and only give the edited version over to the channel. Nobody will see you nude ..... except for me, Michelle and Billy that is."

Sophie listened to his proposal. It made a lot of sense. The interview could be even bigger than she had thought before. The publicity for her would be enormous if she had to do it in the nude, yet nobody watching would get to see her undressed. Only Dave, Michelle and that weird rock star would get to do that.

"Do you really expect me to parade naked in front of you and your camera ?

"It's only a suggestion, Sophie. I don't want us to miss out on this opportunity."

Sophie thought about the prospect of going ahead with his idea. Only those present would get to see her in the nude, but nobody else would.

"What about the editing. How do we do that ? What happens to the original version. I'm not having nude tapes of me being passed around the office."

"We can go in and edit it ourselves, only the two of us. We can make a new tape to give to the channel. You can destroy the original one if you like."

Sophie thought it over. She really did not want to miss out on this interview.

"OK. I don't seem to have much choice. I can't let this opportunity go, but I don't want anyone to see this. If I do this, only the two of us edit the footage, right ? Nobody sees the full version, only with me covered. I want the original tape destroyed."

"You got it, Sophie."

"And I want to keep your camera and tapes until we can both do the editing. Is that agreeable ?"

"Sure, you can take all my equipment home tonight. I'm not doing anything tomorrow. Maybe we can work on it then. I'm sure the channel will want to see the tape as soon as possible."

Sophie nodded her head. "That sounds OK. Tomorrow is fine with me too."

Michelle spoke up. "You mean you're going to do it ? That's wonderful."

"Yes, I'll do it, but I must be crazy."

Dave came up with another suggestion. "If you're going ahead with this, why not talk to the camera as you are undressing. You could explain what you are doing. That would give us great footage for the interview."

"And do a little striptease for you as well," Sophie said. She thought about it for a moment and agreed with him. "I guess you're right. That would be something they would have to show before the actual interview."

Sophie tried to compose herself. "OK. Let's do this. Let's be professional and get the job done. Just give me a few seconds, Dave."

Sophie closed her eyes and tried to relax. She tried to put all her negative thoughts out of her head. She couldn't believe what she was going to put herself through, but she just had to do it. She knew she had to be positive, to get across her bubbly personality as much as possible, sell herself to the worldwide audience.

"OK. I'm ready. Show time !"

Dave grinned as he looked at Sophie through the viewfinder. "I never dreamed I'd get to see you naked, Sophie. Wait till all the guys find out I got to film you starkers."

"Don't push it, Dave. Do you want me to talk to the camera or not."

"Sorry. Go ahead." Dave waited patiently for the show to begin.

Sophie composed herself. "One, two, three .....OK"

She smiled at the camera. "I'm here at Billy Dark's secret hideaway castle somewhere in the South of England. I'm just about to go into his garden and do his first interview in over twenty years, since he was almost murdered by one of his fans. "

Sophie looked down and kicked off her shoes then started to unbutton her jacket. She glanced briefly back towards the camera and smiled nervously. Looking around, she took her jacket off and laid it down on grass next to her.

"Security is very tight here. Billy is terrified of someone trying to take his life again and only a very few select people are even allowed to see him. I've been given special permission to do this interview, but I've got to pass his stringent security measures. "

Sophie undid the button on her trousers and lowered the zip. She pulled them down and stepped out of them. She laid them down on top of her jacket.

"To reassure the great man, I have to demonstrate that I am not armed in any way."

The young, beautiful journalist started to unbutton her pink blouse.

"In order to be allowed inside to do the interview, he insists that I must undress." She took off the blouse and laid it down on top of her other clothes. She stood there in her white bra and panties.

"To be exact, he has given strict instructions that I must be stark naked. If not, I will not be allowed to see him."

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "Oh well, here goes. " She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her white, lacy bra. She slowly took it off, covering herself until the last moment, then tossed it aside. She faced the camera.

"Oh, I'm sorry about the editing, " she said as she pointed at her breasts. "I don't want everybody to see me in the nude so I've arranged for something to cover me up a little."

Smiling, she gave her perfect breasts a small wiggle from side to side. Dave could not believe what he was seeing.

"A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do." Sophie quickly stripped off her white panties and threw them aside.

To Dave's amazement and delight, the lovely young girl twirled around and displayed herself for him and his camera.

Sophie faced him and stood there grinning, with her hands on her hips. "Well, I guess I've passed the entrance exam. Let's go and do the interview."

She turned around and marched towards the gate. Dave waited and filmed her walking away with Michelle. "Wow, I can't believe this," he whispered to himself.

He followed her as she entered the garden, making sure he kept her lovely bottom in shot all the way.

The first thing Sophie noticed was how overgrown it was. It was like a jungle and she couldn't see more than a few yards ahead with all the plants and trees around her. She followed Michelle closely, aware of Dave and his camera following behind.

Michelle led the naked girl and her cameraman through the forest of plants for about fifty yards before they reached a small clearing of grass surrounding a small pond. Two chairs were set up for the interview. A tripod awaited Dave's camera.

"This is where he wants to meet you. I'll leave you here and he'll show himself when he's ready." Michelle smiled and went back the way they had come.

Sophie looked around. It was just like being in the countryside. It was a warm evening and she was almost glad that she was naked. Dave was clearly sweating as he set the camera up on the tripod.

"Maybe you should take something off, Dave. You can't be comfortable in this heat."

Dave smiled, still keeping her gorgeous body in shot as he fixed the camera in place. "No thanks, Sophie. I'm just fine like this."

Sophie heard a noise behind her. She turned to see a man coming out of the bushes. He was in his fifties with long black hair and a beard. He wore only a pair of shorts and a bandana.

"Eve, I presume," said the man.

Sophie held out her hand to the man and smiled. "Sophie actually. You must be Billy."

"I must be. I'm sorry about the clothes thing. You can't be too careful." He looked over at Dave. "Hi Dave."

The rock star gestured for Sophie to sit down. They sat down and started the interview. Sophie took the opportunity to cross her legs and give her some cover from the gaze of the two men.

Sophie found it easy to chat with Billy. They talked about his early career and how famous he had been. Billy talked about the attempt on his life and how he had withdrawn from public life for so long. He was easy to interview, always coming out with a funny line or making a joke about Sophie's nakedness. He talked enthusiastically about his new work.

After they had talked for about half an hour, Billy came up with an idea. "Let's have a game of table tennis."

"What ?"

"I've got a table over behind those bushes. Come on." Billy stood up and walked away. Sophie laughed and went with him. Dave grabbed the camera and followed.

A table tennis table, with bats and a ball, stood on the grass. Billy picked up a bat and threw it to Sophie, who caught it. He hit the ball over the net and Sophie was just able to knock it back.

They hit the ball back and forward, not bothering to keep score. Sophie hadn't played for years and Billy didn't seem to be much good, but they both had a good laugh trying to play. Dave did his best to capture the action, concentrating mainly on Sophie's breasts.

Michelle appeared and announced that it was time for Billy to attend a meeting with his manager. Billy shook hands with Sophie and Dave.

"Great meeting you. I hope we can meet in the flesh again, Sophie."


The phone rang just as Sophie was getting ready to take a shower.


"Hi,Sophie. This is Frank. I'm just calling to let you know I thought the interview was great. You did a great job. I didn't think they would get you to strip off but I'm so glad they did."

"What ? How do you know about that ?"

"Oh, I've just watched the whole thing down at the studio and now I've got my own copy to keep. Wow, I'll probably watch your little show a thousand times."

"But you can't have. I've got Dave's camera and tapes here with me tonight. We're going to edit the interview tomorrow."

"Sorry, Sophie. The whole thing was a set up. There were cameras all around that place. All the pictures from Dave's camera and the others were beamed direct to us at the channel."

Sophie couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You're joking. Dave put you up to this, didn't he ?"

Frank laughed. "Sorry, sweetie. You've been had. All this was arranged to get you to strip off for the cameras. You certainly went for it. There's no such person as Billy Dark. Didn't you recognize who it was ?"

Sophie was horrified. What on earth had she done ?

Frank continued. "It's nearly 10 o' clock. Maybe you should switch on the TV. Terry King's show is starting. I hear he's done one of his famous challenges tonight. He was challenged to get someone to strip off and play nude table tennis. What a guy. Don't miss the show now, Sophie." He hung up.

Sophie slowly reached for the remote and switched on the TV. Terry's show was just starting.

"..... and you all know Sophie Skinner don't you ? Well, I was challenged to play a little trick on our gorgeous little news girl, and we're going to show it tonight. Here's a little preview."

Sophie looked on in horror as she saw herself on the screen taking off her blouse. She heard herself say "To be exact, he has given strict instructions that I must be stark naked. If not, I will not be allowed to see him."

Terry King's smiling face appeared again as the audience went wild. He spoke over the noise. "And we'll see all of what happened later on, including the game of nude table tennis I played with her. Don't miss this one. You've just got enough time to go and get a blank video for Sophie's little nude show."