by Sara Kingdom

Part Two

Rachel is displayed to potential customers.


An audience of over one hundred men sat in the large lecture theatre. There were men of all ages, some dressed smartly in suits and others more casually. A middle aged man dressed in a white coat faced them.

"I'm so glad , gentlemen, that you could find the time to come here this evening. As you know, I am Doctor Keir, and I am in charge of the University Body Donation Program. As a result of the interest you all have shown in our web-site, we have set up this little demonstration evening to allow you, as representatives of your companies and educational establishments, to see what we have to offer."

The Doctor ambled around the small wooden stage as he spoke.

"In the past three months, since I took over, we have taken a more proactive approach to recruiting our donors. A new recruitment campaign has been hugely successful. We have been fortunate to have accepted over one hundred new donors to the Program. These are people who have selflessly agreed to donate their bodies for the furtherance of scientific research and education. Many have been attracted by the desire to stop experimentation on animals."

On a large white screen, at the back of the stage, a slideshow of photographs was being projected. A sequence of the faces of attractive young women was being shown to the men as they listened to the Doctor.

"Applications have come from people of all types and backgrounds. However, we have a strict system of quality control which eliminates most of our applicants as unsuitable. It is our policy only to accept female donors and you will see from our brochure, and the photographs behind me, that all those accepted are between 18 and 35 years of age. All are fit, healthy, beautiful and entirely suitable for any experimentation to which their bodies may be subjected."

He paused for a moment and looked up at the large photographs being shown on the screen.

"Our legal people have also been working hard on our behalf. Their superbly crafted Body Donation agreement has given us the legal right to take immediate ownership of our donors' bodies. We can now offer you something which has never been possible before, the opportunity to use young, healthy and living human subjects for all your scientific and educational projects. "

"Only a few of the young donors you see here have been fully inducted to the Program. Financial considerations mean that we can only maintain a small number of girls in our cages here. The rest are still living normally and carrying on in their day to day occupations as students, teachers, lawyers and the like. Their bodies will be called upon soon when we can accommodate them and make full use of their kind contribution."

"We currently have four girls with us. They have been in intensive obedience training here for just over a month now and are now ready to begin their careers as lab rats. That's where you come in. "

"It is our intention to bring in new funding by allowing you to lease our girls for your use. We would be delighted to hear about the projects which would benefit from our new assets. We may even decide to reduce or waive our fee if we feel that your project has outstanding scientific merit."

He stopped and signalled to one of his assistants near the door.

"Before I go any further, I think it would be an opportune moment to introduce you to our current crop of four little ladies and let you have a good look at them."

The main lights dimmed and spotlights lit up the small stage. The door of the lecture room was opened by another young assistant. He waited as four beautiful young women, in single file, entered and made their way on to the small stage. They were dressed in all white with tight T-shirts and short tennis skirts and shoes. Each had their hands cuffed behind them and they wore a narrow black collar around the neck.

Rachel Lake was the second of the four girls. It was now a month since she had signed up to the Body Donation Program. As she entered , she saw with horror that the theatre was filled with men.

The girls took their places on four marks on the small stage and turned to face the audience. They all stood up straight.

Rachel tried not to look directly at any of the men. She could see that the men were smiling, clearly enjoying seeing the predicament of four helpless girls. She was frightened. She wondered what was going to happen .

"Thank you," said the Doctor. "These ladies are an example to us all. They have kindly volunteered to make a donation to our program in order to assist in education and research. Their bodies are now the property of the University and we must now decide how to make best use of them. I hope that you gentlemen have some interesting projects in mind and that we can come to a suitable arrangement."

He walked along in front of the girls and studied them.

"I'm sure our guests would be interested in finding out a little more about you. I would like each of you to introduce yourself." He approached the girl on the extreme left. "Starting with you., sweetheart."

The girl was of medium height, slim with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She spoke loudly and clearly. "Hello, my name is Hazel. I am 26 years old. Before becoming a donor I was a High School teacher. I taught English to children between the ages of 12 and 18. I enjoyed playing tennis and going for walks in the country."

The Doctor patted her head. "Good girl," he said, and walked to the next girl. "Number 2, let's hear who you are."

The second girl was taller than the first girl and had long, straight dark hair and brown eyes. "Hello, my name is Rachel. I am 28 years old. Before joining the Program I was a Human Resources Manager in a large company. "

As she spoke, Rachel looked around at the men seated in front of her. To her horror, she recognised two of them. In the front row sat two of her company's office juniors, Alan and Rob, both nineteen years old. She looked quickly away from their smiling faces.

"My hobbies were eating out and cycling." Her old life seemed so far way now.

"Thank you Rachel. I'm sure your company is proud of you." He softly stroked her hair as he spoke. "I believe some of your old colleagues have come along tonight to see how you are doing. Maybe they can think of a use for you."

The Doctor approached the third girl. She had long red hair and green eyes. She was of medium height, slim and very attractive. "And what about you, Red ?"

"Hello, my name is Claire. I am 22 years old. Before being accepted as a donor I was a student. I studied law and psychology. In my spare time I enjoyed reading romantic novels."

"That's lovely," said the Doctor. He stroked her face gently with one finger.

He strode over to the last girl. "And last but not least, we have a real little cutie. Please tell us about yourself, number 4."

The final girl had short, black hair and was the smallest of the four at only about five feet tall. She was very slim and petite and looked stunning with her lightly tanned skin. "Hello, my name is Gail and I am 25 years old. Before donating to the program I worked in a bank. My hobbies were music and going out."

"Thank you, Gail. I'm sure the gentlemen appreciate you taking the trouble to introduce yourself. " He patted her gently on the bottom and walked back to the centre of the stage.

"Now that we are acquainted with our little test subjects, I'm sure you would all like to see how obedient they are and how helpful they will be to you with any assignments they are given. "

He looked over to one of his young white-coated assistants. "Please remove the handcuffs. I don't want our visitors to think that our girls need to be restrained in any way. "

The young assistant walked behind the girls and removed their handcuffs one by one. The girls put their arms by their sides and stood to attention.

"In order to demonstrate their usefulness, I will ask them to perform some simple tasks. You will be able to see that they are obedient and very well trained. The collars the girls are wearing can deliver electric shocks of varying degrees by using this small remote. " He held up a small control unit. "During training the girls have learned that failure to obey can be very painful indeed. They will now follow all instructions without hesitation."

"OK ladies !" He spoke sharply. "I want you all to remove your shoes."

The four young women bent down and undid the laces of their tennis shoes. They then slipped them off and stood up straight again. The young assistant collected the shoes.

"Very good. I would now like you all to remove those cute little skirts. Let our guests see a little more of you."

The girls undid the skirts and took them off to reveal brief white panties. They held the skirts up for the assistant to collect them.

The Doctor looked around at the eager faces of the assembled men then looked back at the girls and smiled. "Now, I would like you to remove those tight shirts and let our guests get a good view of your lovely little breasts."

As one, the hapless girls lifted the white shirts over their heads and removed them. They stood there, displaying their breasts, dressed only in white panties. The assistant collected the shirts and the girls again stood to attention.

Rachel could see the men smiling, clearly enjoying the show. She was aware of the men looking at each of the girls in turn, evaluating and comparing them, choosing their favourite.

"As you can see, gentlemen, all of our girls are completely natural. None of them have tattoos or body-piercings. They have no breast implants or any other artificial cosmetic enhancement. " He walked up to Gail and squeezed her left breast as he spoke. "We don't want anything to get in the way of your work."

Gail's face reddened as the Doctor stroked her breast and tweaked her nipple.

The Doctor turned again to the men. "OK guys, I'm sure you want to have a better look at the bodies you may be renting from us. Girls, remove your panties !"

Without hesitation, Rachel and her three fellow donors pulled down their panties and stepped out of them. They were again collected by the assistant. Now all four stood there stark naked. The men in the audience looked on in delight.

Rachel tensed as the Doctor knelt down in front of her and began to lightly stroke her pubic hair. "All of our girls have full pubic hair. This allows for any eventuality. The bush may be useful to you and you may want to keep it but, under the terms of our lease, you will be allowed to trim or shave this area if your work deems this necessary. "

He stood up and pointed to her head. "You may also shave the head if this will help. "

Rachel relaxed slightly as the man walked away from her.

"Now, why don't we have a look at the girls from all sides ? Girls, please turn to your right and face the window."

The four young women turned to their right.

"And now turn again to your right and face the back of the stage."

The girls turned and Rachel could see the slideshow on the screen above her. She saw a sequence of pictures of fully naked women. They were all young and attractive. As the photographs changed, she recognised one of the other girls on the stage with her.

"I would like you all now to stand with your legs apart, maybe about three feet if you can manage that. That's very good. Now bend over and touch the floor with your fingers."

The girls reached forward, displaying their rear ends to the men.

"Isn't that beautiful ?" The doctor looked over at the appreciative faces in the audience.

"OK. Now stand up straight again. And do another turn to your right and face the door."

The girls obeyed and turned to their right.

"And now turn back to the front and face our guests."

All four girls returned to their original position. The men continued to examine the girls, looking them up and down, judging their naked bodies.

"Rachel, please come to the front of the stage so that you can help me demonstrate further."

A nervous Rachel slowly stepped forward and stood beside the doctor. She was close now to the front row of the audience.

"Good girl. Now I'd like two volunteers to join me up here and give Rachel a closer look. I don't want you all to just rely on my sales pitch. It would be useful to get an independent opinion of how suitable our girls are."

Many of the men eagerly raised their hands or shouted out.

The doctor pointed to two young men in the front row. "How about you two guys ? Would you like to check her out for us ?"

Rachel was shocked to see that he was talking to her two former work mates. She watched as they made their way along the front row and walked towards her.

"OK guys. I know you two know Rachel from her previous life. Who could be more qualified to assess her for her new role ? Go ahead and give her a good examination. Don't be shy."

Grinning widely, the two young men moved up close to Rachel. She stood still and straight as they started to look closely at her body. She felt their breath on her face as they got close. She closed her eyes. She couldn't believe this was happening.

Rob spoke softly. "Hello Rachel. Great to see you again." He laughed.

"Yeah, this is like a dream seeing you like this," said Alan. "All those times in the office, watching you strut up and down, imagining you naked, teasing us. Now you're here showing everything off for us."

Rob whispered. "I've wanted you for a long time, all the guys in the office have, but you've always been out of our reach."

The doctor spoke. "Come on guys , give her body a good going over. Our guests would like to hear your opinion. Stroke her hair."

The two young men looked at each other, hardly able to believe their good fortune. Slowly they began to stroke her hair.

"Feel around the face and neck. Have a look in her mouth. Check her teeth. Rachel, open your mouth."

Rachel felt two pairs of hands probing her face and neck. Fingers were pushed into her mouth and they touched her teeth and tongue.

"OK. Work your way down. Feel her shoulders and arms. What do you think?"

The two young men nodded as they stroked Rachel's lovely skin. "Perfect." said Rob quietly.

"Keep going guys. Knead those breasts. Make sure they are natural."

For at least two minutes, Rachel felt her breasts being squeezed and pulled. Already aroused, her nipples were erect. The men eagerly caressed and tweaked them.

"Stand with your feet apart, Rachel. That's good. Let your young friends have a good feel between your legs. Stroke her little pussy, guys. Get stuck in."

Rob and Alan continued to work their way down her body and came to her most intimate parts. They pulled at her dark pubic hair, stroked her around the vagina and probed and pushed her lips with their fingers. Rachel became more and more moist as the two young men continued with their caresses.

To her horror, Rachel felt herself starting to come. She wanted desperately not to, but she could not stop herself as the men continued relentlessly, moving and pushing with their fingers more and more quickly.

As she orgasmed, she let out a moan and her legs quivered.

When it was over, Rachel opened her eyes. The two men now stood looking into her face.

The doctor smiled. "OK guys, that was great, I think we've all see how responsive she is. Rachel, please thank our young friends for assisting in our little demonstration. You should be grateful to them for their help."

The humiliated Rachel looked at her former colleagues and spoke quietly. "Thank you."

"Come on, Rachel ! You can do better than that. " the doctor prompted.

Rachel spoke a little louder. "Thank you for examining me. I am most grateful." She bowed her head slightly.

"Thanks for coming, Rachel," joked Alan. "Wait till we tell the guys what you're really like."

The doctor showed the happy young men back to their seats.

He addressed the audience again. "As you can see the girls have learned to obey all of my orders without hesitation. They know that failure to obey a command will result in a painful shock being delivered through the collar. The device is capable of inflicting anything from a slight tickle to extreme pain. However, now that these girls are fully trained, the use of the device is needed very rarely. Only an occasional reminder may be required."

"They are now ready to be leased to your establishments and used for experimentation and educational purposes. We are hopeful that you will want to use our girls. Your custom will give us the resources to allow us to call in more of our donors and expand our training facilities."

The Doctor smiled. "If you recognise any of the girls in the brochure, I would be obliged if you do not make any attempt to warn them that their services are soon to be called on." The men laughed.

"Before I talk in more detail about our leasing arrangements, I think we should let our little ladies go for their exercise period. Bill, please take our young ladies down to the gym for their evening session. "

The young man moved towards the pile of clothes at the side of the stage.

The doctor held up his hand. "Don't bother with that. There won't be too many students around tonight. Just take them over to the gym as they are. Give them another good hard workout in the nude. We need them to be fully fit for any of their future assignments."

The young assistant opened the door and directed the girls outside.

Doctor Keir began to clap his hands. "As they leave, please show your appreciation to our donors for their invaluable contribution to scientific research."

The audience applauded enthusiastically as the naked girls were led out into the corridor.

End of part two