by Sara Kingdom

Part One

Rachel does her bit to help stop animal experiments.


Rachel was taking a deserved Friday afternoon off from the stresses of the office. Dressed in a smart, grey business suit she was a delightful sight. Tall and slim with long dark, straight hair, she was admired by men in the mall as she elegantly strode past.

She came across an animal rights display while out shopping in the mall. She was given literature about cruelty being inflicted on animals in the name of scientific research. A lifelong animal lover, Rachel had been shocked at some of the photographs she saw. She immediately reached for some money and put it into the donations box.

"Thank you very much." said one of the girls behind the table. "There is something else you could do to help us if you want.

"What can I do ?" replied Rachel.

"Why not agree to carry one of these ?" The girl held up a small plastic card and Rachel took it from her. On it were the words HUMANE RESEARCH DONOR CARD. Underneath this was a short statement of agreement that the body of the card holder may be used for education or scientific research in place of the use of animals.

"All you have to do is sign up with us and carry that card with you. If we get enough people on board we can stop animals being used in research. All the tests those scientists need to do can be done on human tissue which is probably much more useful anyway."

"And they would stop testing things on animals ?" asked Rachel.

"Hopefully." the girl smiled. "A lot of people carry kidney donor cards and the like. Why not help the animals too ? I've got mine." The girl proudly took a card from her pocket and held it up.

"That's a great idea. What do I have to do." Rachel was excited at being able to do something positive for the animals.

"Just read these papers and enter your details and signature at the bottom. You can keep that card you have there. Just keep it on your person at all times. Then all you have to do is go up to the University labs so that they can check that you are suitable. That's it really. Then you'll be a donor."

Rachel took the papers from the girl. There were three pages detailing the agreement with a form at the end for personal details. She quickly filled in her details and signed the document.

"When can I go to the University ? Will they contact me ?"

The girl took the papers. "No, just pop up any time and ask for Doctor Keir. He'll complete your registration. That's his name on the card."

"I'm off for the rest of the day. Maybe I can pop up this afternoon."

The girl smiled. "I'm sure that would be OK. Thank you for joining up. We really are very grateful for this."

Rachel slipped the card into her purse. "It's no problem and thank YOU very much."

Rachel smiled to herself as she walked away. It really made her feel good that she could do her own bit in stopping all this cruelty to animals.


Rachel sat with Doctor Keir in his office in the University.

"So all we have to do now is a quick examination and you will be officially accepted as a donor."

Rachel was unsure. "What kind of examination ?"

"Don't worry. It's just a formality. I have to make sure you are suitable. We don't want anyone with a history of drugs or ill-health. Just a quick, basic medical check and your registration will be complete."

Rachel was still unsure. "What do I have to do ?" Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"You don't have to do anything difficult, Miss Lake. Just do as I say. I know what I am doing. I am a Doctor after all. It shouldn't take more than about fifteen minutes. I am in a hurry to leave this evening anyway."

Rachel didn't want to be examined but she didn't want to back out. She really wanted to help the animals. "If I don't agree to let you examine me, will that mean I won't be accepted as a donor ?"

The Doctor smiled. "That's right. Actually you already have agreed to this when you signed up earlier. I am within my rights to insist that you cooperate. I can call a couple of assistants to help me if you do not do as I say. Those two men you saw when you came in would be delighted to help me."

Rachel was shocked. "That can't be right."

"I'm afraid it is. You should always read the small print on any contract you sign."

Rachel sat quietly. How could this be happening ? Now she was being forced to let this Doctor examine her.

"It's up to you, Miss Lake. Let me examine you or I will call my assistants to give me a hand. They are not the gentlest of men. It would be much easier for both of us if you let me look at you now. It will be over in no time."

Rachel was hesitant. She remembered two janitors who had been in the office when she had arrived. "I guess I don't really have much choice. I wish I hadn't come here today."

"Come, come now Miss Lake", said the Doctor. "Your donation is much appreciated. The examination is a small price to pay for helping the animals, isn't it ?"

"OK." said Rachel. "Let's get this over with. What do I have to do ?"

"Just go and stand over there in front of the white screen."

Rachel looked across and saw a digital camera on a tripod facing a large white screen. Next to this was a small desk with a PC. A small black cross of sticky tape lay on the floor about two feet from the screen.

"Stand on the cross and face the camera."

Rachel walked over and stood on the cross. She turned to face the camera and then watched as the Doctor approached and stood behind the camera. He began to adjust the controls and look at he PC screen.

"We need some pictures of you for our records. Stand to attention with your arms at your side. Please stand straight and look directly at me. "

Rachel stood up straight. The Doctor continued to concentrate on the camera.

"Good. Now turn 90 degrees to your right."

Rachel turned to face the window. Now the camera had a view of her left profile.

"Stand up straight again."

Rachel stared at the window as the Doctor took the next picture.

"Now turn another 90 degrees to your right and face the screen"

Rachel turned again. She stood to attention without being told.

"OK. Another 90 degree turn please."

Rachel turn and faced the door. Again she stood to attention.

The Doctor spoke. "OK. That's those shots done. Face the front again."

Rachel turned to face the camera again.

The Doctor walked over to a device between Rachel and the door. "I need to measure your height now. Please take off your shoes and come over here. Put the shoes in this plastic crate." He lifted up a small, grey plastic crate and put it on top of his desk.

Rachel stepped out of her shoes and bent down to pick them up. She carried them to the desk and put them into the grey, plastic crate. She noticed a white label on the side of the crate.




"Hurry up !" the Doctor spoke sharply. "I haven't got all day. I like to get home early on a Friday evening."

Rachel walked over to the man who stood next to the wall. On it was marked height measurements up to seven feet.

"Stand up straight with your back against the wall".

Rachel did as she was told and the man used a pencil to make a mark on the wall level with the top of her head.

"Step away now. Go and sit down on the chair next to my desk"

The Doctor looked at the height measurement and then walked over to his desk and sat down. He wrote on an A4 sheet of paper.

"Now I need to have a little listen to your heart and examine your arms. Take off your jacket and blouse and put them in the crate."

Rachel paused, not sure if she should continue.

"What are you waiting for ? Are you wearing a bra ?"


"Then there should be no problem. Take off your jacket and blouse. I am a Doctor you know. Perhaps you would like me to call my assistants."

Rachel stood up and slipped her jacket off. She folded it and placed it over her shoes. She slowly started to undo the buttons of her white blouse, working down from the top.

"Please hurry, Miss Lake. I don't want to be here all night."

Rachel finished unbuttoning the blouse and slipped it from her shoulders. She revealed a white, lacy bra. She folded the blouse and placed it on top of her jacket. She now stood in her white bra with her grey suit trousers and bare feet.

"Please sit down."

The Doctor approached her with a stethoscope. "Just keep breathing as normal." He listened as she slowly inhaled and exhaled. "Now breathe in deeply and hold." Rachel held her breath for a few seconds before the Doctor said "... and out." He took the stethoscope off and put it in his desk drawer.

He then turned his attention to Rachel's arms. He stroked each one in turn looking for any marks or tattoos.

"Everything seems to be in order. Now stand up and remove your trousers. I need to take a look at your legs."

Rachel stood up. She undid her belt and unzipped the trousers. She slowly lowered them and stepped out the right and then left leg. She started to fold them.

"Please give them to me."

Rachel handed the trousers to the Doctor. He took them and put them into the crate. Rachel stood in only her bra and panties. He crouched down in front of her and ran his hands up and down her left leg. He briefly touched her panties before moving his hands down to her ankle. He repeated this examination on her right leg. He then went behind her and examined both her legs again.

"Very satisfactory," he said. "I'm so glad that you seem to have no tattoos or piercing. I'm afraid that we would have had to reject your donation if you had."

He stood up and walked over to the camera.

"I think now would be an opportune movement to take another set of pictures. Please come over and stand on the black cross again."

In only her white bra and panties, Rachel walked over to the white screen and stood on the cross, facing the Doctor and his camera. She stood to attention without being prompted.

The Doctor studied the camera again before asking Rachel to turn to her right. He again took pictures of her from the front, left side, back and right side.

" I see you are wearing some jewellery. Please remove your watch, rings and necklace" he said.

Rachel reached behind her neck and undid the clasp of her necklace. The Doctor held his hand out and Rachel placed it into his hand. She then took off her watch and the two rings she was wearing and again the Doctor took them. He walked over to the crate on the desk and laid them on top of her trousers.

"Now I need to weigh you. Remove the rest of your clothing and step on the scales."

Rachel was shocked. "W..w..what ?" she stammered.

"I'm in no mood to argue with you Miss Lake. Take your bra and panties off so that I can complete your examination. " He looked at his watch. "I need to be out of here in fifteen minutes. If I haven't finished with you I'll have to get my assistants to come in and finish you for me. I'm sure they'd like that."

Rachel walked over to the scales and stood on them.

"I can't take a proper reading with you wearing clothes Miss Lake."

Rachel slowly reached behind her and fumbled as she tried to undo the clasp of her white, lacy bra. She lowered the strap on her right shoulder then the left.

"Hurry please !"

Rachel lowered her bra slowly. Before she could lower it to reveal her breasts, the Doctor grabbed it and walked over to the crate. Rachel folded her arms in front of her. The Doctor unceremoniously tossed the bra into the crate. He turned and walked back.

"The panties please !"

Rachel lowered her arms and reached down to her panties. The Doctor looked her up an down as she slowly lowered the panties and stepped out of them. She held them out and the Doctor took them. He crumpled them up in his hand and tossed them the six feet towards the crate. They landed perfectly in the crate on top of the bra. He turned to look at her.

Rachel stood there naked. Her right hand covered her pubic hair and her left hand covered her right breast with her arm trying to cover her other breast.

The Doctor ignored her and went to read the electronic display on the side of the scales. He looked at the reading and walked over to the desk. He wrote on the paper.

He returned to Rachel. "Well, we're getting there now." He looked up and down at Rachel as she tried to cover herself. "Please step off the scales now," he said.

Still trying to keep covered, Rachel stepped off the scales.

"Please put your hands on top of your head so that I can complete the examination."

Rachel slowly raised her arms and placed them on her head.

"Stand up straight with your legs about twelve inches apart. That's good."

The Doctor moved closer. He walked around her looking her over. "Good, good." he said.

He moved around in front of her and cupped her left breast with his right hand. He then used is left hand to knead the breast and stroke her nipple. He did this slowly for at least a minute before moving right breast and repeating the process. He then ran his hands down her front, caressing her waist, stomach and hips before running his right hand between her legs. He briefly touched her pussy before standing up and moving behind her. He squeezed her buttocks with both hands and pulled then apart for a few seconds.

He walked back in front of her and looked at her face. "Good ! Everything seems to be satisfactory. You have no tattoos, piercing or evidence of needle punctures. I think we can accept your donation. We are most grateful"

"Please move back to the cross and I will complete your pictures."

Rachel lowered her hands and walked over to face the camera. This time the Doctor said "OK" and Rachel turned to her right. Another "OK" and Rachel faced the screen. Yet another and Rachel faced the door."

"That's it !" the Doctor said. "That completes your examination. I am happy to accept your donation on behalf of the University. Please go and sit down and I will complete the formalities."

He walked over and wrote a few things on the piece of paper. He ticked a few boxes before signing and dating the document. He placed the paper in a file and put it into his drawer.

Rachel watched as he went to the crate and put a lid on top. "Can I get my clothes back now ?"

The Doctor ignored her question. "Your donation has been accepted. You are now officially the property of the University."

He picked up his telephone and dialled an internal number. "Hello. Fred ? I've finished processing another new lab rat. Can you and Jeff come and collect it ?" He laughed at something the other person said. "Yes, it is the cutie you saw earlier. Have you anything better to do this weekend ?" He smiled and put the receiver down.

"The guys will be here in a moment to take you down to the cages in the lab. I'm afraid it will be a few days before we sit down and decide what the best use of your body will be. It won't be until Monday that Admin can post the pictures on our web-site and then we'll have to wait to see if there is any interest from other establishments. If we get a good offer for you we may decide to sell you. I'm interested in using you here but extra funding is always welcome. Whatever happens your donation is very much appreciated. "

Rachel stood up to remonstrate with the Doctor but the door burst open and the two janitors came in and marched quickly over to Rachel. One of the men pulled her arms behind her and handcuffed her wrists. The other picked up the crate from the desk.

"Let me go ! What are you doing ? LET ME GO !"

The two men marched the protesting Rachel out of the door. The Doctor put his jacket on and followed them out.

The End of part 1