The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Fifteen

I told Desiree that I was going to Heavenly Island shortly and asked if she wanted to go also. She hesitated for a few seconds before deciding that Tonya and Kathy would be able to finish the manual for the Russian families without her. We walked back to the house to get a few clothes, just in case and returned to the yacht.

I studied the controls for several minutes before I even thought about turning anything on. There were switches and controls of every type and description. I saw a controller that had a label of “Thrusters” under it with an arrow pointing left and right; there were also arrows above the controller. My best guess was that the top controller was for the front thrusters and the lower controller operated the rear thrusters. There was only one way to find out – try one of them because there was no way I was going to be able to push this big thing away from the dock by hand; this boat had to weigh close to fifty tons.

Since the yacht was tied up to the dock on the left side and facing the shore it was going to be necessary to move it away from the dock at least twenty feet to clear the ‘T’ on the end of dock.

I moved the top thruster controller slightly to the right; nothing happened. I moved it a little farther, still nothing. Oops, maybe if I turned on the switches to the electric drive something might happen. I put the controller back in the original position, turned on the electric switches and then moved the controller a little to the right. I noticed a very slight hum and the bowline to the dock became taut. I quickly put the controller back in the center.

Well, it seemed that it was now or never; I went onto the dock and walked to the bowline and lifted it over the post that secured it then ran, yes, ran to the back of the boat and released that rope also then ran to the gangplank and back on deck pulling the gangplank on board behind me.

Now it was time to run to the flying bridge and get the boat away from the dock before the wind did something unforeseen.

I moved both thruster controls a little to the right and the boat slowly moved away from the dock. When it was a good thirty feet away from the dock I shut the rear thruster off and increased the front thruster a little and slowly turned the boat around.

Now this was more like it; I turned the thruster off and eased the main electric controls forward to about one-quarter speed. I leaned back in the big comfortable captain’s chair and steered straight out to the open sea for half a mile before turning toward Heavenly Island.

I eased the electric controls forward until the instruments indicated that I was beginning to use power from the batteries as well as the solar panels so I eased up a little. The speedometer was registering twenty knots; a quick calculation of 20 X 1.151 revealed that I was traveling at a little over twenty-three miles per hour.

This yacht seemed bigger to me all the time; at nearly eighty feet long with a twenty-foot beam it was very close to the dimensions of the wooden World War Two PT Boats built by Higgins Industries in New Orleans.

There were many differences in the actual specifications: the hull, to all outward appearances was much the same as the PT boats but was constructed of a carbon fiber material several times stronger than wood and much lighter also. The engines were a pair of three-thousand horse power diesel engines compared to three fifteen-hundred horse power Packard V-12 gasoline engines. There wasn’t anything like the solar drive available for the original PT Boats.

Since I had plenty of time to get to Heavenly Island I slowed to ten knots and began to look for some kind of operating manual; I found a whole cabinet full of them. I picked out the ones I thought would be the most useful: autopilot, radar and satellite positioning system.

Within twenty minutes I had it all working and set to take me to the industrial docks by nine thirty. There wasn’t anything showing on the radar that would interfere with the setting so I went below to look at the cabins. I discovered there was one cabin on the main deck plus a much larger main room for gatherings. The lower deck contained three cabins about ten by eighteen feet and several that were much smaller as well as a full galley. I began to think about this: where were the engines, generators, batteries and electric motors; I would have to find a diagram of the boat.

Desiree was nowhere to be seen and I began to worry that she may have fallen overboard; I finally found her relaxing in a deck chair at the rear of the boat. Apparently the gentle breeze and sunshine had put her to sleep so I quietly ran a fingertip around each of her pretty nipples and then pinched them just a little bit to get her attention. She pushed her breasts up against hands and covered my hands with hers just as her eyes popped open.

I took one of her hands and helped her out of the deck chair, put an arm around her waist and slowlywalked with her to the main cabin. Apparently she hadn’t bothered to explore the various decks in the boat; she gasped as the big four-poster bed came into view.

Some of the experiments during the play times we had enjoyed in the last few days were going to pay off. As I lay her back on that big bed and gently patted her pussy lips she had her first true orgasm of the day. I quickly made a pot of coffee, finally no more time lost waiting on that dead dog slow coffee maker in the apartment.

Her orgasm had peaked and was now slowly subsiding as I poured a cup of coffee. She was laying across the bed as spread eagled and free as possible, with a sight like that in front of me a cup of coffee didn’t stand a chance. The little man was making his intentions known in no uncertain terms but he would have to wait a few more minutes.

I positioned myself between her legs, pinched both nipples as I ran my tongue up and down between her wet lips. She absolutely exploded wrapping her legs around my head. I managed to wiggle a little bit and sucked her clitty between my lips and tickled the tip with my overworked tongue. With just a couple minutes of this treatment she was almost unconscious.

Before any of the sensations could be lost I managed to get her legs spread enough to enter her; being very careful not to damage any of my new decorations. I hate to admit it but the little man went off on my second stroke. Just for a moment a terrible thought crossed my mind; perhaps there were too many decorations? Naw! Never! It couldn’t be that.

We stayed connected for several minutes as she slowly recovered enough for the little man to again come to attention. Nope, the extra decorations hadn’t been the problem; I had just waited too long.

Now it was relax and cuddle time as she slowly began to move. I got a damp cloth and a towel from the head and did a bang up job of cleaning all the pleasure spots, which brought on a couple more minor climaxes.

Something in the control panel began to beep; I glanced up at the instruments and saw that the boat had slowed to two knots and we were about a half mile from the dock; it looked like I’d gotten all that programming right.

I found another manual that had several mechanical drawings of the boat; the batteries were in the front of the ship, the diesel engines and generators were in the center of the ship and the electric motors in the rear with fuel and water tanks filling the spaces in between. Okay, but all three mechanical areas needed fresh air and ventilation plus some type of cooling was required for the diesels and, I suspected cooling was also needed for the electric motors.

I found the air intake; a screened duct over the rear of the flying bridge that was six feet wide and two feet high; more than adequate to supply air to the diesels and ventilation to the batteries as well as the electric motors.

Now there is fresh air in but where does the stale air go out? I checked several more diagrams before I discovered the big, oversized mast was more that it seemed to be; It extended some twenty feet above the flying bridge with a crows nest around it and continued up another ten feet as a much smaller flag pole. From the flying bridge up to the crows nest it was three feet in diameter and used to carry the stale air and diesel exhaust up and out well above the boat; nice design.

Cooling for the diesel engines was handled with an arrangement that used seawater from inlets in the bottom of the hull to cool the radiators. The radiators were completely submerged in the seawater, as well as the aftercooler needed to cool the intake air after it had been compressed by the turbochargers. All of this hardware was stainless steel to prevent corrosion and was in a separate compartment from the engines that was equipped with computer controlled water tight doors and shut off valves in the event of a serious water leak.

I hadn’t expected a welcoming committee; I was almost a half hour earlier than Jim had requested but nonetheless there they were, Jim, Paul and, if my memory was still working properly, the collage kid that had sat in at the management meeting, all of them cheering and clapping apparently because I had managed to dock that monstrous boat without knocking the pier down.

I shut the auto pilot off and turned directly toward the dock, pulled the cord for the air horn a couple times to let everyone know we were coming in. By now my confidence was much better and I slowed to one knot just five hundred feet from the dock, used the side thrusters to slide sideways and reversed the electric motors. The boat gently touched the dock as I shut everything off and ran to put the gangplank in place and drop the mooring ropes over the posts. As far as I could tell it was a perfect docking; I even had the Port side against the dock.

I took Desiree’s hand and we stepped onto the dock as I waved at those clowns; it was time to find out what Jim thought was so important. We greeted each other and went to the cafeteria for some much needed coffee and a few other things such as chocolate donuts.

Jim was more than willing to talk; there had been repeated requests for a maintenance facility to perform needed services and repairs to all of the various types of water craft used locally in the Islands as well as several requests from future guests with reservations that would be arriving with their yachts. There also was a demand for a secure storage location for boats.

Jim suggested that the building we were sitting in would work fine; just raise the roof a few feet, build a dry dock, set up a couple high capacity cranes and we would be all set. He also said we needed to have a general purpose dock area; the only facility available for tourists who came on their own yachts was in the area that was reserved for indoctrination and testing of new applicants and first time tourists.

He sure made it sound easy and I agreed that some type of maintenance facility was needed but I wasn’t sure it should be here, “Why does it have to be on this Island?”

“I don’t think we want a lot of tourists wondering around on Majestic Island; we’ll get enough of that without purposely encouraging it and we surely don’t want them on Innovation Island either with all the Russians, the oil drilling and the jail.”

Good points, “So you can just move these factories inland a couple miles?”

“Sure, there are a lot of acres there that will never be utilized for the tourist trade; they didn’t come to a tropical island to watch the grass grow.”

“Let’s do it then.”

“Good, the new buildings are ready for the move.”

I turned to Paul, “And I’ll bet you have something you want to talk about also.”

“Sure do; do you remember when you asked for a meeting with all the post grad law students?  Don Rogers here,” as he motioned toward the collage kid, “has set it up and they are waiting for you in the conference room in the Westward Hotel right now.”

Damn that was quick, “Then I guess we better get headed that way.”

Paul used one of the little solar powered cars so I could finally get a chance to ride in one of them. It was as smooth as a freshly spanked female butt and silent as a ghost as well; none of the gear and motor whine normally associated with electric vehicles such as golf carts and lift trucks.

We arrived at the Westward Hotel at exactly ten and Don led the way to the conference room and I was somewhat surprised to see nearly fifty collage kids sitting there waiting for me. Okay, so these ‘kids’ were in their early to mid twenties from my vantage point they were still kids.

Paul and I followed Don to the front of the room while Desiree found a seat at the rear where she could still hear what was going in order to take notes.

I took a good look at the group in front of me and did a head count; twenty-three female and twenty-five male. I turned to Paul, “Do you see anything unusual here?”

He looked over the group and shrugged his shoulders, “They look fine to me.”

I just grinned, “I’ll bet you a big steak dinner that a majority of the females will end up as prosecutors.”

He just looked at me, “What in the world would give you that idea?”

I just chuckled, “I’ll tell you after we have determined the outcome.” I put three notebooks on the table: one at each end of the table and one in the middle.

Don introduced us and joined the audience.

I stood up and gave a general greeting, “Welcome to the one and only opportunity you will ever probably ever see in your lifetime to get in on the ground floor and help develop a complete legal system. As you know we are operating under the French system at the present time but over the next few months this will be changed to be more like the American system most of you are familiar with. There will be some differences of course; there will not be years of appeals in the new system, one appeal and it will be settled.”

“Other areas will totally disappear such as “Indecent Exposure”. This got a good laugh as the kids were all wearing their birthday suits. “There will not be a death penalty; we will simply revoke any rights they may have to be here and send them back where they came from and let the legal system there do whatever they feel is appropriate. I think we will probably identify them in some noticeable manner though such as a tattoo or perhaps an implanted chip.”

“Today I wish to see if any of you are interested in the positions of prosecuting attorney and defense attorney; all those who are seriously interested in becoming a prosecutor please sign the book at the left end of the table.

“All those that would prefer to be a defense attorney please sign the book at the other end of the table. Those of you who feel you would rather be in private practice can sign the book in the center.”

It took about ten minutes for everyone to sign the notebooks; I smiled just a little, of the twenty-three females fifteen sign up to be prosecuting attorneys and three wanted to be in private practice. I noticed Paul was counting also and heard him say, “Damn,” in a whisper.

I continued, “There are many other positions open also such as those needed to defend these Islands from all the international bullshit that is flying around these days; the first time Greenpeace tries to come into our territorial waters you can count on a big fuss, the bounty on sharks, barracuda and stingrays is permanent regardless of their position on the subject. The same thing will happen with any other organization that wants to tell us how to operate our Islands. We will drop all treaties that we can’t completely agree with also.”

My part of the show was over so I turned the floor over to Paul who would cover the finer points of all of this including which positions would be salaried and which would be on a case-by-case basis.

I moved to the rear of the room with Desiree and relaxed a little as I looked around for a coffee pot. Nope, no coffee but there was a pop machine, which wasn’t any help as I had no money.

I decided to talk a little walk through the hotel and see just what it would look like to a tourist. The general décor seemed to be on a rugged, outdoor theme: lots of big rough-hewn beams and supports showing, all well varnished. This theme seemed to be repeated in all open areas.

I ran across a little gal that was tending to the linen changes and room clean up and asked her if I could see the inside of a few of the unoccupied rooms; she shook her head. I nodded my head and picked up the key card she had left on her cart and walked to the next room and opened the door. She followed me and was yelling something in some language I didn’t understand so I just ignored her for the moment.

The room was empty at the moment but it was obviously being used by a couple of the students: it was a mess. When I stepped back into the hall the girl was gone. I moved on to another room, which was also a mess; another room and another mess. It looked to me like the kids were taking advantage of the situation.

When I stepped back into the hall the girl was coming toward me with Raul Smith right behind her. When he saw me he grabbed the girl by the shoulder and they both stopped and stood dead still.

I said, “Hi,” And walked toward them and shook hands with Raul. “Looks to me like the kids are taking advantage of your good nature and working this little gal to death at the same time.”

He looked surprised, “She is not doing a good job?”

“She is doing a fine job but the kids are leaving a mess for her to clean up every day and that needs to stop. From now on the clean linen will be left outside the room doors and they will make the bed themselves. Nothing should be left on the floor, no clothes, no shoes, nothing so that a vacuum can be run more efficiently. Can you have a notice of the changes printed up and posted to every occupied room by sundown?”

He smiled, “Yes, it will be done.” He turned to the girl and spoke to her for a couple minutes as she kept glancing at me. When he was through talking to her she came over to me and tried to kiss my hand as she was saying something in that weird language. I pulled my hand away and hugged her and she smiled from ear to ear.

Raul told me he was planning on firing her because she was taking so long but he didn’t realize how much she was doing. I told him one of the first rules of a good manager is to be sure of your facts before you disrupt someone’s life without a just cause.

Anyway, the separate rooms were much more conventionally decorated.

I found my way to the ‘Playroom’ that was on the top floor in this hotel for some reason. It was decorated as a medieval dungeon and looked very real. Further exploration determined there were also several playrooms in the basement.

Enough exploring, there had to be a cafeteria someplace in this building and I was going to find it come hell or high water. I did; finally a cup of coffee!

Paul and Desiree knew right where to find me when the meeting broke up. It was nearly noon and the cafeteria was all set up for lunch and I decided that the three of us would be the first in line today.

When we returned to the table the first thing Paul asked was, “How did you know the girls were going to be interested in the prosecutor role?”

“Just a general observation, they were all grouped at the front of the room; evidence of aggressive tendencies.”

“I’ll have to remember that.”

“So how did the meeting go?”

“Very well actually, I think we are well on our way to establishing an exemplary justice system that could set the standards used in many newly forming governments. We will be able to establish a strictly legal system without the usual political perks and considerations that somehow always tend to favor some end other than the straight forward approach that is needed.”

“That is what I want; no favoritism, also there will not be forever appeals such as those in the States that take twenty years to settle and just run up the cost to everyone. I hope we will be able to avoid any kind of taxes other than perhaps an import or export levy of a minor nature.”

Paul nodded, “That is one of the goals; make life as simple as possible for the permanent residents. Most of this is already set to take place on the day we take possession of the Islands. Many of the French laws will be voided and we will start with a clean slate.”

Paul returned Desiree and me to the dock using what would become the main street for the tourist. There were dozens of little private shops lining the street; all of them were very neat and clean.

At the dock, I wasn’t at all surprised to see the factories being dismantled and the equipment being moved to the new buildings in the center of the island. There was even a dragline crane beginning to dig the pit needed for the drydock as a crew was building a temporary barrier to keep the water out until the concrete was poured.

Jim walked over to us and I asked him if the housing was ready for all the students staying at the Westward Hotel.

“Just about, a couple more days will finish it. I plan on being able to move them over the weekend. Oh, and by the way the cafeteria in the Majestic Hotel will be shut down for a few days next week while it is being converted to a restaurant for Jacob.”

I had been expecting that for some time, “Has he decided on a manager yet?”

“I think so, he has been in there a couple times and he like the way Sue handles everything. He intends to offer the position to her.”

I waved ‘Goodbye’ to everyone and got back on that big boat and tried to make it look like I knew what I was doing as I eased away from the dock and turned to head for open water; I think I carried it off pretty well too.

The trip back to Majestic Island was much quicker that the trip to Heavenly Island; there was absolutely no reason to have all this power at my fingertips if it wasn’t going to be used. Yep, I fired up those God awful big diesels and as soon as they reached normal operating temperature I pushed the throttles wide open as well as applying full power from the solar panels and the batteries also; the instant surge almost knocked me out of my chair.

That big boat actually climbed up on top of the water just the same as a much smaller boat would. The power usage dropped considerably and the speed continued to increase. When the speed reached sixty knots I took the batteries off line and the speed stabilized at sixty knots; we were flying. The boat handled very well is small turns; I wasn’t brave enough to try a hard turn at this kind of speed, at least not yet.

When I shut the diesels down it took a mile or more for the boat to slow to a more normal twenty knots.

When I docked at my new home I intentionally put it in a position so that it was headed out to sea and far enough toward the shore so that the side thrusters would not be needed to get away from the dock the next time I used it.

I drove to the hotel to see how Tonya and Kathy we doing on the operations manual. It was complete and ready for distribution. I called Boris and Klaus and suggested that we needed to get this information to the Russians as soon as possible and asked that Boris call all of the Russian crew foremen and have them and their wives meet us at the battery factory.

I also suggested that if they would go to the marina I would pick them up with my little boat; they agreed so I drove back to my new home which I had decided to name “The Southern Manner”, got the boat away from the dock in record time and covered the couple of miles to the marina quickly.

Since no one on this island was aware of my new toy they just stood there and watched as I pulled across the end of the dock. I blew that ridiculously noisy horn to get their attention and waved for them to get onboard.

As soon as Klaus got on he said, “I like it; I want one like it only bigger.”

I laughed at him, “They only come I one size but I will be glad to get you one painted pink so you will be able to tell which one is yours.”

“I don’t want a pink boat!”

Boris laughed also, “I would love to have one just like this no matter what color.”

I nodded, “You will need one with all the traveling you are going to be doing between the islands.”

Boris nodded, “But I would like something faster to cut the travel time.”

I just grinned at that.

As soon as we were clear of all the little local boats I asked if anyone was in a hurry, Boris said, “Yes, this ten knot pace makes me nervous.”

I fired up the big diesels for the second time; they were still warm from the trip from Heavenly Island so they were ready to go online right away. I looked around the flying bridge to see if everyone would be able to get a good hold on something solid before I opened the throttles.

“Everyone grab something to hang on to; I’m going to speed up and you will feel a forward surge.”

Boris laughed, “Yeah, sure, big surge from a boat this size.” And he stood in the center of the floor with his feet spread, but in the wrong directions.

Sometimes I just can’t help myself; I absolutely have to be a smart-ass, I guess it makes up for some of the guff I take. I used one hand to turn the solar power and batteries full on and with the other hand I pushed the diesel throttles wide open also.

The boat jumped and I swear it felt like it jumped clear out of the water. Boris fell over backwards and landed flat on his ass. I couldn’t help but laugh; so did everyone else except, of course, Boris.

Boris slowly got right side up and moved up where he could see the speed indicator. By this time it was indicating fifty knots and still climbing as the boat got on top of the water.

I took the batteries off line and set the throttles to a nice sixty knots. Boris watched all of this and finally asked, “How fast will this boat go?”

I laughed, “I don’t know, I have only had it a little past sixty knots so far but I suspect there is a lot more available.”

“I want one of these, I must have one of these, I don’t care what color it is!”

“And you shall have one of these as part of your equipment to do your job. You need a boat big enough to be usable even in rough seas.”

We were soon at the dock and Boris was impressed with the side thrusters also.

We walked into the factory and a dozen couples were waiting for us in the warehouse area. Boris quickly explained the purpose of the meeting and went through the manuals. When he had finished one of the foremen asked and Klaus translated to me, “How do we handle the people that have lost their glasses?”

I told Klaus we would supply them with glasses, he grinned at me, “That is an expression that is often used but it really means, ‘I can’t read’.”

In answer to the foreman’s question Boris suggested that each foreman go over the manual with all of his people page by page, reading it to them as necessary.

Oops, we needed the adult classes badly; reading and writing were going to be at the top of the study list as well as math. It looked like Tonya and Desiree we going to become teachers very soon; adult classes were going to start Monday. The schedule called for three classes a day, each school day was eight hours long including breaks and lunch time; working second or third shift would not be a excuse for skipping school. The only acceptable excuse would be if they were dead.

It seemed that the supply line for the batteries was working now; there were fifty men working in the assembly area and the new batteries were being loaded directly onto a barge that was tied up to the dock.

Great, we now had batteries and the solar shop was shut down for the move to the new location; I could just imagine all the overtime that was going to come into play next week as they tried to catch up.

As we left Innovation Island I did a slow cruise past the oil wells – as far as I could tell everything was going well. The breakwater was complete extending fifty feet above the water level and sealed with a massive gate not only to keep the wave action from damaging the drilling equipment but to also contain any spillage that might occur.

The oil storage tanks were under construction; they wouldn’t be needed until we hit oil which would take some time as it was expected that the drilling would have to go several miles deep. 

I continued to cruise around the island just to see what was going on. Everything seemed quiet until I came up to the beach on the east side of the island; it was full of people. It looked like everyone on the island was there.

Jim had arranged for trash containers to be placed there but for some reason there was trash lying everywhere on that beach and the containers appeared to be empty. I made a mental note to get that situation corrected ASAP; there was no good reason for all of that mess. Obviously education was needed in many areas. I discussed the trash problem with Boris and he said he would get it corrected.

The rest of that side of the island looked as it would have a hundred years ago – completely wild and untouched.

I set the speed at twenty knots, a little less than the solar panels were producing so that the batteries would be recharged at the same time.

As we passed the Majestic Hotel the sun was low enough in the west to present a fantastic view as the building reflected the light as if it was the source of the warm glow.

The bonfires had already been lit and were burning brightly and there were several people around each one; the music could even be heard faintly as it drifted across the water. It was an absolutely beautiful setting that gave me a great feeling of accomplishment to have been a small part of establishing this ideal situation from a fantasy; it made it all seem worthwhile somehow.

I decided to go to my own pier to park the boat and drive back to the hotel and have dinner at the cafeteria. As usual Sue was working late, I asked her, “Why so many hours?”

She looked a little upset, “They are going to shut the cafeteria down next week and convert it into a high class restaurant called ‘Jacobs’ or something like that and I will be out of a job. I’m just trying to get enough hours in to cover the pay I will miss.”

I hugged her, “You will not be out of a job. Hasn’t Jacob talked to you yet?”

“I’ve never even seen him.”

“You will, in fact you will be the general manager for him; he has two other restaurants on Heavenly Island to worry about. He needs someone like you that really cares about doing the job right.”

She relaxed against me, “Oh, thank you. I was worried half to death.”

I grinned, “Now be sure not to tell him that you know about his plans and be really hard-nosed when it comes to the pay rate; it should be a good salary rather than hourly. Don’t let him bully you; tell him you also have an offer from Jacques Restaurant and you may need to make a decision.”

As we sat down at the table in the private room Desiree looked at me kind of funny, “I don’t remember you ever saying you talked to Jacob.”

I laughed, “I didn’t; I got the information from Jim but I’ve had a few dealings with Jacob before in the City. He can be persuaded if you know which buttons to push.”

Just as we began to eat something new and different happened; someone actually knocked on the door to the private room. Sue cracked the door and said a gentleman had asked to see me. I had a mouth full of steak so I just waved to her that it was okay. She swung the door open and who should appear but Jacob. He walked in the room as if he owned the place and sat down.

He thanked Sue for showing him to the room then turned to me, “I’m sure you are aware that this is going to become one of my restaurants.”

I nodded and swallowed, “Yes, I’m aware of it. Do you have good manager in mind?”

“Yes, I think Sue would do a fine job as she is a hard worker.”

“She sure is. I hope you aren’t going to try to get her to work for you for pennies.”

He presented a look of total shock, “I pay my people very well.”

I laughed, “Yes you do if they scream loud enough.”

“I intend to offer her one thousand dollars a week salary.”

“Jacob, you are a cheapskate. I pay her that for just handling the first shift.”

He grimaced, “Then I will offer her fifteen hundred dollars a week.”

I laughed, “You tightwad, she is worth at least a couple thousand a week and you know it. She is a pretty girl, very polite and hard working; a rare combination.”

“Oh, alright, you drive a hard bargain but if I go bankrupt it will be your fault.”

That was too easy, “Would you like to make her the offer now?”

He was wringing his hands, “I guess so. I will need her input during the remodeling also; she was a manager at one of the few five star restaurants in New York City before she relocated here and will be able to help with the arrangement of various areas so her pay will start as soon the cafeteria is shut down.”

I dropped my fork and went to get Sue. Since I was walking at a rather fast pace she looked at me with apprehension. “Well Sue, you have now seen Jacob.”

“Oh my God, did I do something wrong?”

“Not that I noticed, he wants to make you a job offer so let’s go get it over with. This time just accept and say, “Thank You”.

She looked at me questioningly, “You mean already settled.”

I smiled. “I did a little arm twisting on your behalf.”

She followed me back to the private room and stood patiently for Jacob to say something. When he didn’t she asked if he wanted to see her.

“Yes I do, I wish for you to be the manager of my restaurant at a salary of two thousand dollar a week starting as soon as the renovations begin.”

Sue seamed to get weak in the knees but managed to accept the offer. Jacob smiled and patted her on the shoulder; this was the first time I had ever seen him touch a female, “We will discuss you duties when you get off work, I will wait here until then.”

Jacob walked back to the serving line with Sue and loaded a tray before returning to the private room.

Within ten minutes Sue returned with a tray and said she was off duty now.

I motioned to Desiree, Boris, Tonya, Kathy and Klaus that we needed to leave them alone to work out the details between them.

We walked down to the beach area to watch the last few minutes of a fantastic sunset. As we relaxed, I did a quick head count; over a hundred people were enjoying the setting, some just sitting, a few dancing to the ever present music, some necking and a few doing more intimate things. To each his/her own thing.

I managed to get Boris’ attention away from watching the young kids dancing and playing to ask if he was aware of any members of the Russian crews who were really proficient in English. He thought for a few minutes before nodding, “Yes, there are a few, but they may also be a problem.”

Interesting, “What type of problem would you expect from them.”

“There are five actually that were all involved with the KGB at entrance level positions and were sent to the oil fields to work as common laborers for various reasons; I am not sure of all the reasons though.”

This sounded like something Jeff needed to check, “Could there be a possibility they were assigned to the oil fields to watch you and the other managers?”

“It would be possible but not very efficient; Most of my time was spent in areas away from the actual wells. You would not believe how many meetings I attended just to keep the ignorant politicians happy.”

I laughed at that, “I know exactly what you mean; I think it’s a world wide problem.” I outlined what I felt was going to be needed at the school; my original thoughts of eight-hour class sessions were a little too much and didn’t leave any time for the men to be with their families. Four-hour class sessions, only on workdays, sounded a lot better and would provide a reasonable amount of time for family activities.

Boris agreed but didn’t think the men would object to the eight-hour class days considering they had worked sixteen-hour shifts on the oil wells.

We moved on to discussing the classes for the kids. I suggested that the three Rs were at the top of the list but there would also be a considerable amount of time spent on social studies. Boris agreed; Geography, History, Biology and other subjects would have to wait until they were proficient in English at which point some of the collage kids could become instructors.

It soon became evident to me that the ferry boats were not going to be adequate to the task of moving instructors between the Islands as often as needed; they were never designed for rough water operations so the patrol boats would have to take on this additional task.

More and more people were gathering around the bonfires as the sun disappeared completely. The sunlight was soon replaced by the soft glow of the moon.

A group of several people left the hotel and ambled towards the first bonfire. As they drew closer I recognized Clyde and Betty Parker as well as Jack Reilly and several others I didn’t know. When Clyde saw me he changed direction a little and headed my way and all the others followed his lead.

He introduced the first couple that was with him as Albert and Judy Graves who had transferred to the Islands from their crew in the City; Albert was a chef and Judy handled housekeeping. The second couple was Nelson and Carol Watson also from the City crew.

After the introductions Clyde said they would be my house staff. I explained that the house was still under construction and they would have to use a couple of the bedrooms in the basement for the time being until the second and third floors were completed.

In the meantime Jack had managed to pull a lounge up beside me and was waiting to say something. I turned to him and asked how the dismantling of the China Clipper was progressing.

He grinned, “The last parts of it were loaded on a barge this morning and are on the way to ARM right now. I will be leaving in the morning to make sure those youngsters in Georgia get it right when they make the needed updates and put it back together. Randal Roads, you remember Randal, the CEO of ARM; is tickled to death right now. Somehow the word got out that he is working on an updated version of the original “Flying Clipper” and he has about fifty solid orders for more of them from other various nostalgic tour companies.

Well at least one major project that was beyond our capabilities on the Islands was now in good hands and we should hopefully see some flying boats in a short time with that many orders in the bank.

The group that had gathered around Klaus, Boris and me now numbered over two dozen and it was beginning to feel a little too crowded. I asked my new household staff if they would like to see the house and they quickly agreed. I inadvertently mentioned that the playroom was completed so Klaus suggest we all go to the play room; now that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but…

As Desiree and I led the new couples to my old van I saw Klaus commandeer a bus and get ready to follow me; it looked like a hundred people tried to get on that old bus.

A quick tour of the first floor was soon completed and Klaus, as usual, was in a hurry to see the playroom. As he ambled through all the shiny new equipment I noticed several of the newer people seemed a little dubious and overwhelmed by it all.

Since Klaus, Ron, Paul, and several other people that had been to the first play party at the old farm house in Hopeful with the mock trial and the contest for best decorations and tattoos I suggested that Paul take charge and do about the same thing here to let the newer players discover that this really wasn’t a torture chamber but a fun place.

I arranged for my newly acquired house staff to make up some quick sandwiches and other snacks for the group in the playroom before I took Desiree by the hand and led her up toward the kitchen.

Sue and one of her new restaurant employees were already in the kitchen helping to get everything organized; from all the touchy feely going on it looked like she had found a new playmate, at least for the evening.

I noticed a full coffee pot and decided to take a break for a couple minutes. Okay, so a flight of stairs can make me breathe a little faster but I don’t want to hear about it.

I no sooner got my coffee cup filled and returned to the kitchen table when Jerry walked in with a blonde woman and he was looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. I did a double take and then did it again; that woman he was with had to be Betty; the Betty that he had been treating for months. She looked great; I’ll bet she didn’t weigh over 135 pounds now, a big improvement for sure.

As she got a cup of coffee Jerry whispered to me that he was on the way back to the Majestic Hotel where he had a reservation for a private playroom and he was going to have her meet her husband, Russell, for the first time since the treatments had started. Of course Jerry had arranged for Jean to be there as an instructor and just in case of a problem.

I congratulated Jerry and wished him the best of results from all his hard work.

Jonathan and Maryland Berkley ambled into the kitchen as late arrivals; they had missed the bus while watching some of the college kids play by the bonfires.

Sue and her new friend, Ted, each poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. Sue was having a problem sitting still and kept changing her position every few minutes. She soon confirmed my suspicions that walking up the stairs from the playroom had triggered some very interesting sensations in a very private place.

I really wasn’t interested in a big play party so I suggested that if we were very careful we might be able to break away from the crowd and get out to the yacht for a little more privacy.

All three girls were easily aroused; Maryland and Desiree by nothing more that a moderate spanking or a few pity pats between the legs. As for Sue, her new decorations seemed to keep her on edge most of the time.

I walked to the front door of the house where I had a somewhat clear view of the dock and yacht. Everyone must have been in the playroom, as I didn’t see anyone outside.

I quickly told the other two couples to hurry and we made a run for the boat. Luckily a few lights had been left on in the cabins so a little additional lighting would not attract any attention at this point.

We made a quick tour of the cabins just to be sure everyone was familiar with the layout of the areas. I got a pot of coffee going in the main lounge, raided the fridge in the galley for a few snacks and we just sat back and relaxed for a while.

We chatted about a little bit of everything until I was able to get somewhat of a feeling for Ted’s preferences and to make sure Sue was in agreement with them. Actually his idea of play was pretty tame by most standards so I didn’t see any reason to delay further.

We moved to the master cabin and I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for Sue to come over to me, “I want to see how many of these decorations you can handle without choking.”

She giggled, “Now that is a real challenge but I may surprise you.” She knelt down and kissed the very tip of the little man before she began to run her tongue all around the head. Slowly, a little at a time she began to take more and more of it in her mouth.

Soon I could feel the two amphallangs begin to click on her teeth. She had to stop for a couple minutes to adjust to that new feeling before she continued to work the little man a little further in.

She withdrew almost completely and then returned to the same level of penetration several times and I had about decided she had gone as far as she could. She hesitated just slightly on a deep penetration and with a sudden effort managed to swallow the whole thing; even the dydoes and held that position for a full minute.

The feelings were unbelievable as this was the first time that had ever been done. I had to hold her head still to prevent a gusher and just lay there enjoying the new sensations.

Although she was hesitant about it Maryland was finally teased into giving Ted an unexpected blowjob. He kind of spoiled the fun when he came almost immediately but he continued to accept her attentions as if that was normal for him. To Maryland’s credit she never missed a drop and soon had him asking her to stop. She was much more experienced than I had expected.

Desiree was the last of the girls to become involved and it was obvious she really wasn’t all that interested in this type of action but Jonathan was a good natured guy and was able to tease her into, “Just kiss the tip for me,” type of thing that then became, “Just lick around the head a little bit.” After a few minutes of this she finally got in the mood and did a very presentable job that had Jonathan moaning and complimenting her for a job well done.

Ted was the first one to sit up and he gave Maryland a big hug for a job well done. The other girls took that as a signal for them to stop also but Sue decided that it was just time to move to the next man. She patted Desiree on the butt and told her to move over to Ted and she would work on Jonathan for a few minutes, which meant that Maryland would be visiting me.

After watching Maryland work on Ted I wondered what she would do about all of my decorations. To my surprise she didn’t hesitate but she wasn’t able to do the kind of total job that Sue had done but she seemed to enjoy just teasing the head with her tongue around all the shiny little balls.

By now the girls were so horny it was almost comical to watch them trying to get a little stimulation for themselves. It was definitely time to do the girls.

Since Maryland was already with me I had her lay across that big four-poster bed with Sue next to her and then Desiree; three pretty unmarked butts in a row and just waiting for attention. I was aware of how sensitive Maryland and Desiree were in that area but I couldn’t remember how Sue reacted to a good paddy whacking. In the present situation Jonathan would have that job (or delight or fun, what ever you want to call it) of discovering her sensitivity.

I removed three nice little soft leather straps about a foot long and two inches wide with six-inch handles from the nightstand beside the bed; just right for a light spanking with maybe just a little sting.

Ted, Jonathan and I made a big deal out of discussing how to protect those pretty buns from serious bruising and bleeding just to see what the girls would do. Maryland covered her ears while Sue giggled and Desiree just gasped.

I produced a large bottle of hand lotion and each of us spent much more time than was needed massaging those bouncy buns. Of course we all managed to get some of the lotion to run down that nice crack so that we would have a reason to massage that puckered portal also. There sure was a lot of buns twisting and turning on that bed.

Without warning I used one of the paddles to lightly smack Maryland on her left ass cheek; she screamed like I had hit her with a blacksnake whip and then turned bright pink with embarrassment when she realized she wasn’t hurt. She giggled with the second stroke, and all the rest of the total of ten. By that time she was having minor orgasms with each stroke and her ass was coming up in anticipation to meet the paddle.

Jonathan began a series of strokes on Sue’s plump behind but he soon discovered it took a little more energy to get her attention but she was soon rising to meet the paddle also.

In the mean time I had Maryland turn over and began to do a more than adequate job of applying lotion to her breasts; she soon was lost in a major orgasm.

Ted was feeling a little left out of the fun so he gave Desiree’s caboose a quick lotion massage and began to apply a few very light swats to those sweet buns. He was caught totally by surprised when she had a major orgasm after only a half dozen really soft strokes.

Ted dropped the paddle and looked at me with panic in his eyes as if he had committed a terrible crime. I couldn’t help it – I had to laugh. “Now you know where one of her hot spots is located.” Jonathan was also laughing as he was turning Sue over for a little titty massage.

Ted looked a little confused but returned a sheepish grin and decided to apply a little more lotion to the afflicted area, which only served to deepen her orgasm.

Since Desiree was going to be out of action for a while I decided she might as well have some company. I had seen how sensitive Maryland was in past playtimes so I gave her several soft slaps with my hand directly on her plump pussy lips and she went into as deep an orgasm as Desiree.

That made two down; one to go.

Enjoyable as it was, Jonathan finally decided that massaging and lightly slapping Sue’s titties wasn’t going to get her to an orgasm any time soon so he decided to explore a different means of stimulation; he ran his hand over her wet pussy lips inadvertently rubbing against her exposed and pierced clit. Her legs instantly slapped together as she rolled into a fetal position and screamed as her orgasm finally arrived.

I made a fresh pot of coffee; it was going to be a few minutes before the girls would be conscious enough to actively continue. As for me and the other two guys; we needed a little time to cool off also if this party was going to last much longer.

With fresh coffee and a pack of smokes the three of us left the cabin and went to the fantail, being careful to stay out of sight of anyone from the house area. Halfway through the second smoke Desiree made an appearance closely followed by Maryland and Sue. They all looked like they needed a shower.

Bad news; the showers on the boat were not large enough for a group shower. The three girls used the shower in the main cabin, which was the largest, while we used the shower designed for the three extra cabins. It took about a half hour but everyone was squeaky clean and a quick check indicated there wasn’t a single mark showing on any of those nice bouncy buns.

We went back to the main cabin and the big four-poster bed. Somehow everyone ended up with the gal that they had come with.

Desiree and I lay down across the bed and began some gentle, teasing sixty-nine type action. Jonathan thought that looked like fun and soon had Maryland moaning and sighing. Ted hardly touched Sue’s pierced clitty with his tongue before she was lost in paradise.

Soon I had Desiree sitting across my hips as she slowly worked all my decorations into the best positions. She finally managed full penetration and fell forward on my chest as I pinched her nipples and she also reached an orgasm just seconds before I did.

Ted continued to attack Sue in her most vulnerable spot as she repeatedly tried to push him away from her clitty but he managed to keep it firmly clamped between his lips. He finally relented, spread her legs wide and entered her with one well-directed stroke. She wrapped her legs around his waist and refused to release him as she screamed her delight.

Jonathan had Maryland lying on her stomach as he entered her from the rear. He reached around her and pinched her nipples as she screamed time and time again with each passing orgasm.

I rolled Desiree off of me and cuddled up to her, said, “Good Night” and went to sleep.