The Islands
By Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Fourteen

I caught a ride back to the warehouse and watched the activities there for almost an hour, as it became a big empty space. For some reason a dishwasher, a clothes washer and dryer were set in the middle of the floor, a table was set up and several smaller items were placed on it.

Soon I heard the foghorns on the ferries as they approached the island so I walked down to the dock to watch the arrival. The site was almost comical; people leaning over the side railings of the ferry as they tried to get a better view of the island.

sides of the dock and a man stepped off of one and a woman off of the other. I was too far away for a good identification but I was betting the man was Boris; I wasn’t sure about the woman.

The two of them talked for a minute or so before giving the signal to let the passengers onto the dock. The man was shouting into a bullhorn in Russian; yep, it was Boris.

The group was divided up with the women and children in one line and the men in another. It looked like every one of them was carrying at least two big bundles of belongings; I was pleased to see Jim’s men helping the women carry theirs.

Now that they were close I could see that the woman was Tonya and that she seemed to be well liked by the women; there were a few wolf whistles from the men also.

I watched as the dual lines went by as I contemplated the amount of determination these people had displayed: to leave everything they had known all their lives and go to a foreign country where they didn’t even know the language and all of it on nothing but promises of a better life for their families.

I was still deep in thought when someone slapped me on the shoulder; I turned to see Klaus and Kathy. Klaus commented, “Kind of a ragged looking bunch, don’t you think?”

“Yes but determined and that makes all the difference.”

In the warehouse the women were gathered in the center of the room with Tonya as they looked at the machines that were there. The kids, roughly fifteen and under, were sitting on the floor along the wall. The men were gathered along the opposite wall with Boris.

I walked over to Boris and gave him the outline that I felt needed to be followed in this first orientation. He read over it quickly and nodded.

I ambled over to the women’s group but couldn’t understand a thing Tonya was saying but Klaus came along and he translated as well as he could; at the moment she was explaining the maximum load for the clothes washer. It looked like she was going to cover the dishwasher and clothes drier also as well as all the smaller items on the table such as a thermostat, a toaster, an electric skillet and so on.

Klaus was still translating when Tonya said, “If you brought any electrical appliances with you please deposit them in the dumpster outside the back door as they will not work here; the voltage is different as well as the A/C cycle.”

There was a minor outcry as several radios and a small TV set were removed from the bundles. I walked up to Tonya and whispered to her that there were new radios and TV sets already in the houses; when she made that announcement there was a flood of radios and little TVs going to the trash.

I heard another foghorn and walked back to the dock to see what it was; the tugboat with four barges, loaded with big semi rigs, was coming up to the dock.

As the first rig was leaving the dock I flagged him down and asked what he was hauling.

“Can rubbers,” was his straight faced reply, “Hop in you can help unload.”

Sometimes I’m not too fast on the uptake but I didn’t want to sound so dumb that I didn’t know what can rubbers were so I got in the truck; I was thinking of the rubber gaskets that had been used when I was a little kid when home canning was done.  As we approached the first house he said, “Time for you to get in the trailer, tie the side door open and then throw one small package and one large package out as we pass each house.”

When I got in the trailer I found out the big packages were boxes of paper towels and the smaller packages were toilet tissue. Very funny; the toilet tissue is used to rub your ‘Can’ therefore; can rubbers. Ha, Ha. At least the stuff wasn’t heavy and the trailer was soon empty and the count was just right for all the houses.

Back at the dock the driver thanked me for the help, “It would have taken me most of the day to get that done by myself.”

“You mean Jim sent you here without a lumper?”

“He was short-handed due to all the men he had sent here.”

“I can fix that, I’ll be right back.” I went to the warehouse and started asking the men if they could drive a truck, when I had ten drivers I gathered up a couple dozen more men for lumpers and went back to the docks.

The original drive said, “How did you manage that? I couldn’t get one helper and here you come with thirty.”

I laughed, “It’s just my winning personality. I’ll let you decide how to arrange them but I suspect there are a lot of items that can’t just be thrown out on the ground which will require two lumpers per rig; one to get it to the door and the other to lower it to the ground.”

He nodded and began assigning drivers and helpers to the long line of trucks.

I returned to the warehouse just as the orientation was completed. Boris, Tonya, Klaus and I discussed what would be the best was to move them to the houses. We decided to split them into four groups of fifty families each and each of us head up a group.

Since the other three spoke Russian I had to ask if any of the group spoke English, there were three responses; I chose the one with the least accent and we began to walk to the houses.

On the way I explained that the houses were fully equipped and were presently being stocked with groceries and other supplies. My translator passed the information on and there was a shouted question from the rear; “Is there any meat?”

“I answered yes, steaks, ground beef, ham, chicken, sausage and turkey.” A cheer ran through the group as the word was passed from front to rear.

We arrived at the first house, I turned to the first couple in line and pointed at the house, “This is you home now, I hope you like it.”

He looked at the house then at me, “You make big joke? This is not a house for a peasant family.”

I smiled, “You’re right it isn’t a house for a peasant family, it is the home of an employee of the Shangri-La Islands, welcome home.”

I put a hand on his shoulder and half pushed and half guided him toward the house, his wife and two preteen boys followed.

One of Jim’s men was busily putting canned goods in the pantry. The wife watched as he emptied two large boxes and then broke into tears. The translator reported that she had said she had never seen so many cans of food at one time before.

I heard an air horn and the man ran out the front door and soon returned with a load of frozen meat, which he put directly in the freezer. He turned to me, “About all that is left right now are the cleaning supplies and such.”

I walked the couple through the house quickly; I had forty-nine more to do; and went back to the group. At the next house I told the translator to do a quick walk through with the couple as I moved on to the next house. I motioned for my second choice translator to come to the front and go with me as we led the third couple into their new home.

At the next house my original translator had caught up so I asked him to pick out someone that would be able to walk the people through the new homes. He picked out two, a man and a woman.

I now had four people helping and the group was able to move along at a slow walking pace, the helpers had to run a little bit to catch up at times. Even so it took two hours to get to house number forty-nine and the group was now down to two men; luckily one of them was a translator.

I asked if they wanted individual houses or would they prefer to stay together; they both said they had families that would be joining them as soon as possible, so each of them had a house all to themselves.

I sat down on the curb to wait for a truck to come by; there were still a couple trucks delivering additional groceries to families with kids as well as additional bedroom furnishings when needed for the larger families.

When I returned to the battery factory Jerry and Jean were waiting for me; Jerry seemed excited but all he would say was, “We made some progress today,” and wouldn’t say anything more specific with Jean standing there with us.

Boris entered the factory shoving a man in front of him. I noticed blood on Boris’ shirt and face, I ask what happened.

“He shook the man in front of him and he moaned loudly, “This sorry excuse for a man was second in line when he started a fight to be first. When I tried to break it up he hit me so I hit him.”

I would agree that Boris had hit him from the frothy blood he was coughing up and the breathing problem he was experiencing; Boris had hit him in the ribs and broke a few of them puncturing a lung was my best guess.

I directed one of the factory workers to use the one and only solar powered car to take him to the dispensary and let them decide if they needed to bring in a surgeon or move him to a hospital on one of the other two islands.

Klaus, Kathy and Tonya arrive together as the little car was leaving. Tonya saw the blood on Boris’ shirt and ran to him and asked if he was hurt. He smiled, “Just a little bloody nose but the other guy is going to the hospital and then, hopefully, to jail.”

Since the distribution was all but complete I decided it was time to head back to Majestic Island. Jean decided to wait for the last ferry that was waiting to return the four hundred men Jim had sent; she explained that the speedboat scared her; Jerry decided to take the ferry also.

When we approached the speedboat Boris wanted to drive on the basis that he would be commuting to the island daily to oversee the drilling operations. I agreed knowing full well that the water was not going to be this smooth all the time.

I noticed there were still several semi rigs on the last barge and walked over to a driver and asked what was on them. “Stock items for the stores in the little mall and the grocery store.” It was going to be interesting to see which items would be chosen first.

Boris managed to get both engines fired up and we were soon flying over the water at nearly sixty miles per hour. In a half hour we were docking in front of the Majestic Hotel; the new balconies and portico were very evident from this perspective and look great. The additional floors somehow made the building look much larger also.

I went straight to the cafeteria; it was two in the afternoon and I hadn’t had breakfast yet, in fact I was way behind in coffee consumption also. The two couples were right on my heels as we entered.

The noon rush hour was over and the tables were nearly deserted. The choices were rather restricted, Sue apologized explaining they were in the process of changing to the evening menu and offered to cook anything we wanted. I asked for a double cheeseburger and fries, Klaus and Kathy ordered the same thing while Tonya requested a grilled cheese sandwich and Boris spread a hamburger bun open on his plate and loaded it with the last of the Texas style B-B-Q, adding some baked beans and dill pickle spears.

I shocked everyone by getting a coke rather than a cup of coffee; for some reason coffee just doesn’t make it with a cheeseburger, probably a taste preference from my teen years.

We went to the private room and discussed how well the program had worked. Everyone had a similar story about tearful acceptance and amazement with the amount of meat supplied. There hadn’t been any complaints at all except that it was taking too long.

As soon as I finished eating I said, “Goodbye,” and went to the apartment to rest up from a very tiring day. I took a quick shower and stretched out on the bed.

Desiree woke me, called me, “Sleepy head,” and made a pot of coffee. I managed to get as far as sitting on the side of the bed and wondering what time it was when she brought me a cup of coffee. By the time the cup was empty I had determined it was eight in the evening and decided it really was worthwhile to finish getting out of bed.

Desiree wanted to go out to the beach for a while as she had been inside all day helping the staff in any way she could and Boris had been with me and was probably asleep now.

There were three bonfires going and probably a hundred people already there. I was surprised to see Paul’s big yacht at the pier; I looked around for him and Tammy, locating them with a group just outside the glow from the first bonfire. As I approached them I recognized every one in the group; Ron and Susan, Pierre and Florence, Jonathon and Marylyn as well as Boris, Tonya, Klaus and Kathy.

Ron was the first to say something about my new decorations but Jonathon had to get in on it too and they razzed me for a while in good-natured fun. Boris and Klaus were too busy talking about oil wells to pay any attention.

When Paul stopped laughing he said, “I heard a rumor that the population of the islands increased today.”

“Yes it did, by about seven hundred people.”

“How did things go the houses, were they satisfied with them?”

“They were overjoyed but it is going to take some time to get them completely familiar with all of the gadgets. Can you believe some of them had never seen a thermostat before?”

He thought for a couple minutes, “This sounds like a good job for Tonya and Desiree; putting together a complete manual for the home in Russian. You know; how much soap to put in the clothes washer and other simple things that we take for granted every day.”

Good idea although Desiree made a face when she heard it, Tonya wasn’t listening so I didn’t get a dirty look from her.

I mention the incident Boris had and asked what the penalty was for hitting a superior, he said, “The same as it would be for hitting anyone else; jail time that is mostly up to the judge.”

This brought up another serious question for me; who would be the judge and who would appoint him. I thought about this for several minutes; I didn’t want a judge that had won the position in a general election nor did I want to arbitrarily appoint someone as a judge. I felt this needed to be a decision that was made by several people that had a serious interest in the islands.

I mentioned this to Paul and he agreed and suggested that all the people working in the upper management of the islands should be involved.

I borrowed Paul’s cell phone and began making calls to set up a meeting for eight o’clock in the morning. The date for the final change of ownership of the Islands was only a couple weeks away; we needed to be ready to take over completely rather than depending on Pierre to handle all the legal stuff.

We stayed on the beach until almost ten before returning to the apartment and a little extracurricular activity; Desiree was ready also, dropping to her knees to kiss my well-decorated cock as soon as we were through the door. Much as she loved the new jewelry she was still experiencing a problem with any deep penetrations but little by little she was able to engulf more and more of the little man.

Soon I had to stop her to prevent a premature explosion and moved her onto the bed lying on her back with her legs wide spread. I gathered a few items from a cabinet and got ready to begin.

I ran the tip of a feather around her nipples as she giggled and squirmed; next was her belly button, which really got a reaction. When she had regained some of her composure I tickled the hood over her clitty and her legs slapped together instantly.

I used my open hand to gently slap her as near her hood as possible with her legs held tightly together. With the first little slap and her legs flew open, a second slap was directly on the target and the legs closed again as she had a minor orgasm.

I picked up the leather strap I had used previously on her nice bouncy ass and waited until she settled down some. I gently slapped it against the outer side of her right breast; she sighed. I did it again, a little harder, another sigh but her legs were still clamped tightly together; she was close to another orgasm.

The next stroke was a little stronger and she moaned as she rubbed her legs together. I switched to her left breast for the next three strokes, which I delivered in increasing intensity and about five seconds apart. She exploded into a giant orgasm that lasted for over ten minutes.

I had a cup of coffee and contemplated this new area of sensitivity as I waited for her to open her eyes.

As she began to move and her legs started to separate I got on my knees between them and teased the tip of her clitty with a finger. She tried to close her legs but I was in the way and continued the teasing for a couple minutes.

When she was nearing another orgasm I bent over and pulled that sensitive little bud between my lips and continued to tease it with my tongue. I also reached up and pinched her nipples hard. She again experienced a monster orgasm as I changed positions enough to enter her now sopping wet love hole.

She was doing enough moving for both of us so I just entered her and waited as she twisted and turned during her orgasmic spasms. Soon the little man was on the verge of a major ejaculation so I pinched her nipples again as I drove deep inside of her. Her movements increased for a few seconds, just enough to cause my climax, before she went into sub space.

I lay down beside her for a few minutes to relax before getting up and doing the normal clean up, then pulled her close to me and went to sleep instantly.

I awoke with sunlight coming in the windows, checked the clock on the nightstand: seven already. I patted Desiree on the butt and told her to get up; we were going to the cafeteria for coffee this morning.

She sat up and yawned, “Why this morning?”

I grinned, “I have something for you to do today, grab your notebook and a pen.”

She stood up and walked to the bathroom; I love to watch those bouncy checks. I followed her in and we took a shower together which didn’t last nearly long enough. As we were leaving the bathroom she glanced in the full length mirror and said, “Oh, my.”

I stopped to see what the matter was but nothing seemed to out of the ordinary. She put her hands over her breasts and said, “There are pink marks all over them.”

Okay, so I noticed them earlier but didn’t see any reason to make a fuss; there wasn’t any bruising and the pink would fade out before the day was over.

Somehow she felt differently about them, “I can’t let anyone see me like this.”

“Sure you can, just follow me to the cafeteria. Oh, alright, go put some of your face powder on them if it will make you feel better.”

She rushed back to the dressing table and soon there was powder flying in all directions.

I got a cup of coffee and looked all the way down the serving line for donuts but never saw any. At the end of the line Sue was running the checkout so I asked if there were any donuts, she reached down to the shelf under the computer and recovered a saucer with two chocolate donuts on it; I pecked her on the check and patted her on the butt for good measure.

I also ask if she could put a big coffee pot and about fifty cups in the main conference room in the basement and she agreed.

We went to the private room to finish waking up and actually had it all to ourselves for almost five minutes before Klaus, Boris, Tonya and Kathy came in. When all the coffee cups were empty we made our way to the conference room.

The room was much bigger than I had remembered it to be but better too big than too small. There were about twenty people there waiting for something to happen, most of them from the other two islands. In the next ten minutes twenty-two more people arrived and it was time to start.

I stood up in front of the group and asked all of them to move into the first few rows of seats because I wasn’t going to yell loud enough for them to hear if they stayed in the rear.

I had each person stand and identify themselves and their area of activity. There were a few surprises though; some of the small shop proprietors from Heavenly Island seemed to feel they were upper management as well as a couple of the pilots and the tug boat captain. I told them they were welcome to stay and they could even enter the discussions but would not have a vote in the outcome. The one really nice surprise was that the students had sent a representative also.

The first item discussed was the legal system. The end result was that there would be four judges appointed by the board. Any appeals would be heard by a three-judge panel, which would not include the original judge and would be final. Civil court actions would be handled in the same manner with the exception that the loosing party would pay all the legal costs for both parties thus limiting frivolous lawsuits.

The security and/or police force was discussed at length and the final decision was that the hotel, casinos, restaurants and shops would provide their own in-house security. The police would follow up on anything of a serious nature. The police would also be in charge of traffic and crowd control as well as disaster relief in the event a major storm came through. They would have high speed patrol boats on the water at all times, weather permitting, and intercept any craft in the territorial waters of the Island that did not have the proper transponder codes as all craft were fitted with them while I was in the City.

By this time it was noon and I dismissed the group feeling we had accomplished a great deal.

As everyone was leaving I caught the eye of the student rep and took him aside, “Son, are there any graduate law students in your group?”

“Yes Sir, there are several.”

I smiled, “Good, talk to them and let me know when I can see all of them at the same time.” He agreed to call me.

Tonya and Desiree decided to just pick up some sandwiches in the cafeteria and go to Tonya’s office to work on the manual for the Russian families, which left me at loose ends.

I walked with them to the cafeteria, loaded a tray with whatever looked good and went to the private room to relax a little. As usual someone else entered the room a few minutes later; it was Jerry this time and he was still excited about the progress that had been made with Betty. I told him to sit down and eat, we could talk later.

As I lay my fork on the plate and reached for my coffee he said, “It’s amazing the changes that there have been in her attitude. She is acting almost civil; most of the nasty language is gone too.”

I just nodded, “Does she know what caused this?”

“No, I haven’t told her yet and have blocked her memory for the time being. I think the next session I won’t hypnotize her and see what effect that has.”

“I would suggest that you wait a couple weeks before you do; give her time to think about her feelings for a while.”

He agreed and said he was going to see her tomorrow.

I left the cafeteria with Jerry and walked with him to the elevator, when he got off I continued on to the top floor. I wanted to see how the construction of the new office area was coming along.

When the elevator doors opened it looked like a beehive; men going in all directions and there was enough noise from all of the various tools being used that it sounded like heavy street repair with jack hammers and such. The area near the elevator was still wide open but the area at the other end of the building was nearing completion. Some of the walls were in place, the drywall was taped and bedded and ready for paint. Other area just had bare studs standing and waiting for drywall.

As I ambled through and around all the workers toward the more or less finished areas I located several offices that were totally complete; they were painted, tile on the floor and even had the lighting imbedded in the ceiling tiles. They actually looked pretty good.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Get out of here and stop bothering the men.”

I turned around ready to give some one an ear full to find Jim grinning at me, he laughed and said, “Gotcha!”

I looked around the office I was standing in and asked whose office this was going to be as it was really five separate rooms.

All he said was, “Bill.” I guess that figured, he was in for a lot more activity that he expected and would likely need all of it within a couple months.

Just out of curiosity I asked where my office would be located, “Across the hall from the elevator on the seventh floor.”

Okay, close to the elevator, I liked that but why the seventh floor?

“Just so that Bill will have to get off his ass to come see you.”

Now the final question, “When will my office be ready?”

“Why don’t we go see how it is doing?”

We took the new elevator, the one that only stopped on the seventh and eighth floors; I hadn’t realized that the elevator was on the east side of the hallway which meant the windows in my office would provide a full view of the cove and marina, nice.

When we stepped out of the elevator there was a beautifully carved oak door across the hall. Jim walked to it, pulled a ring of keys out of his pocket and sorted through them for a few seconds then unlocked the door.

I entered what seemed to be a reception area that was about fifteen by twenty feet with nice upholstered chairs sitting along two walls. A third wall was used for a desk and all of the other equipment an office needs.

The floor was all naturally finished teak wood, there were several enlarged photos of various scenes of the Island also. I stepped through another doorway that led down a short hall that had several rooms opening on to it and ended at another doorway.

I checked the door at the end of the hallway to discover it was a conference room that looked big enough to be an aircraft hanger; actually it was about forty by thirty feet with an oval shaped conference table of solid mahogany and protected with a sheet of tempered glass with twenty-three matching chairs and a fancy high backed chair at one end. The floor was the same teak that had been in the reception area and hallway. The window treatments were in a rich wood tone that matched the floor and blended well with the beige colored walls. The ceiling was actual drywall rather than the suspended type of grid normally found in office buildings with a light tastefully positioned over each chair location.

The wall displayed oil paintings of the various aircraft the Island owned as well as the tugboat pushing a string of barges. The room was elegant.

There was doorway behind the high backed chair, which I suspected led to my office so I opened it; yep, it was my office. The desk was arranged just as I like it; so that no one would be able to get behind me; that is; it was basically set in the corner of the room with a couple two drawer file cabinets at the end set against the outside wall and a cadenza behind it. The desk was actually the size of a table tennis table and constructed of solid mahogany with a tempered glass cover.

The floor in this office was carpeted with a plush deep pile carpet of a wood tone color that matched all the teak floors but with an area of ceramic tile where the desk chair was. Four upholstered chairs sat in front of the desk as well as a couple couches. There were oil paintings on the walls of the three Islands.

The wall behind the desk was covered with sculptured mahogany panels that ran from the top of the cadenza to the ceiling. Jim pushed a button under the center part of the desk and the panels all swung open like cabinet doors to reveal a full bank of video screens. He said they were tied in to every surveillance camera in the Islands.

I continued to look around; all the needed equipment was there; copy machine, fax machine and scanner. I had insisted on individual components rather than a combination fax, scanner and copier; it just makes more sense to be able to replace one component when it fails rather than a complete system. There was even a coffee maker and a cabinet full of coffee, creamer and sugar.

I congratulated Jim on a job well done but was afraid to ask how much it had cost. He smiled and said, “Come on, we are going to take a little trip.”

I followed him to his van and he drove north along the coast to the location of my new house. As we made a final turn in the road it came into view; an exact duplicate of the Manner back in the City. Even the tree placement was much the same except they were palm trees here. The house was orientated so that the morning sun would fill the bedrooms with sunlight and the evening sun would provide beautiful sunsets from the front.

As we entered the first thing I noticed was the lack of carpeting in the entrance foyer and down all the hallways; I asked Jim about this and he laughed at me and pointed toward the beach that was a couple hundred feet away, “There is too much sand around here for a lot of carpeting.”

Okay, so sand in the carpet would definitely shorten the useful life of the carpet but walking around barefooted on ceramic tile would definitely shorten my temper.

As we walked down the hallway toward the master bedroom I noticed the walls looked different and stopped to take a closer look. Yep, they were different, the walls were covered with two inch thick planks that were sculptured with pictures of fishing boats and sail boats and landscapes of the three islands; it was beautifully done.

We continued to look around and I was delighted to find the master bedroom and my office were carpeted; I decided I could live with that.

The organ sitting in my office was entirely different than the one I had in my office in the city; Jim said he had searched everywhere but could not find a duplicate, not even from the original manufacturer.

All of the electronics in the office were the same except they had been expanded to cover all cameras the same as my office in the Majestic Hotel.

We went to the second floor just for the hell of it to find just what I had expected; the construction was still in progress. Everything was framed but the drywall had not been hung yet. The third floor was still wide-open space.

We walked down to the beach and the new ‘T’ shaped dock had been installed with a small building that extended several feet out over the water with an open porch for fishing or just relaxing. I liked it.

As we drove away I thought Jim had gone the wrong direction but he was just driving by the new house being built for Klaus. I looked much the same as his house in the City except that local stone was used instead of brick on the lower floors.

On the way back to the hotel Jim described the surveillance system that had been installed on all three islands. “There are very few areas of the Islands that aren’t covered by at least one camera. The control room will be manned 24/7 as soon as the tourists start to come here. The hotels have their own systems that cover the grounds and hallways and a control room set up in the Shangri-la hotel that can be accessed by the Island system also if needed. Everything will be recorded on DVDs and retained as long as needed.”

He continued, “All local boats and planes are now equipped with the new transponders so that we can spot an ‘Outsider’ instantly and intercept it. The twenty new patrol boats are being modified for service and will be powered by diesel and solar with a top speed of over sixty knots. Bill has some rapid fire machine guns ordered for them also.”

Sounded good to me. Anything on the water could be handled but he hadn’t said anything about aircraft; I would look into that at the first opportunity. Then there was the matter of manning the patrol boats and the other police positions that would be needed. I was thinking in terms of a hundred-man force.

When we pulled up to the Majestic hotel the first thing I did was call Robert and ask if he had any good men who would be interested in transferring to the Islands as Police Chief. He replied, “I’ll meet you in the cafeteria in ten minutes.”

I checked the apartment but Desiree wasn’t there and she hadn’t left a note either; she was probably still working on the manual for the Russians with Tonya.

I went to the cafeteria, loaded a tray and went to the not so private room to discover Klaus and Boris were already there having a discussion in what sounded like German to me. I sat at the other end of the table; I wasn’t sure they even noticed I was there.

I began to eat slowly and unwind a little but Robert soon arrived with Susan right behind him. As soon as they sat down Robert began to talk; I had a mouth full of food so I held up my hand until I could swallow, “Just eat now while it is still hot, we can talk later.” Susan giggled which caused her pretty pierced nipples to jiggle: nice.

I finished first and leaned back to enjoy a cup of coffee but it was not to be; Robert began again, “I know of one man who would like to transfer here.”

I nodded, “Do you feel he would be able to handle a Police Force of a hundred men?”

“Yes, I’m sure of it.”

He was really high on this guy whoever he was, “Okay, give your superman a call and have him fly here ASAP.”

“That won’t be necessary, I’m already here.”

Susan was nodding her agreement; I almost choked on my coffee and both of them were laughing at me; so were Klaus and Boris; of course they would be watching me at a time like that.

I set my coffee cup down, coughed a couple times and asked, “Who would you recommend as your replacement in the City?”

“I think Mac can handle it.”

I couldn’t have picked anyone that I felt would be better qualified for the jobs, both here and in the City.

From this point on we discussed how many men would be needed in the various job assignments. Time was getting short; the tourists would start arriving in a couple weeks and the last report indicated over a thousand reservations had been taken so far.

The discussion turned to the need for a Fire Chief; Robert recommended Ralph Alden, The City Fire Chief. I had to agree he was well qualified with years of big city experience that would be very useful if there should ever be a serious fire in one of the hotels.

Just as I was getting ready to leave Desiree, Tonya and Kathy came into the room, they all looked worn out to me. Tonya and Desiree had spent the entire day translating all the owner’s manuals for all the appliances in the new houses on Innovation Island while Kathy had printed the labels for all the tabs need in two hundred fifty loose leaf note books. Everything was covered from the electric can openers to the dishwasher.

I poured another cup of coffee and just leaned back and listened to the other conversations; Robert wanted his cottage to be on the north end of Majestic Island and Boris had decided he would like to be there also. Paul had already put in a request for the same location. As for me, I wanted to be at least five hundred feet away from the nearest house; I guess some type of restriction would have to be put in place. From this point on the girls were talking about what they wanted their new homes to be; Desiree said she wanted a big house so she could have friends over; was she ever in for a surprise.

Finally everyone was ready to leave the cafeteria; Desiree and I went to the apartment and I began throwing things in a suitcase. She looked at me like I was crazy.

“What are you doing?” She wanted to know.

“This is moving day for us.”

“Moving to where?”

“We are moving to the new house.”

She looked at me like I was crazy, “Oh,” then grabbed another suitcase and started to fill it.

I cleared all the confidential information off of the computer, picked up the two suitcases and headed out the door with Desiree close behind. I pulled my old van up to the front entrance of the hotel, threw the suitcases in the back and drove away from the hotel.

Desiree said she would miss the beach in the evening with the bonfires and dancing; I didn’t say anything.

As we drove I told her to watch for a new house; she pointed out several and I managed to find something wrong with each, wrong color, not big enough, too far from the water, etc. She finally caught on that I was teasing her and stopped saying anything for a couple minutes.

As I drove slowly around the last turn in the road the house came in view; Desiree just gasped, “That house is beautiful.”

As I turned in the wide driveway I said, “Why don’t we stop and see if anyone is home?”

As I stopped under the portico and removed the suitcases I said, “Yep, someone is home.”

She looked all around and didn’t see anyone, “There isn’t anyone here.”

“Oh, yes there is, we are here. Welcome to your new home.” I thought she was going to pass out and quickly dropped the suitcases to hold her up.

I led her directly to the master bedroom that was as big as the entire apartment had been; set the suitcases down and we entered the bath area. I set the shower at a comfortable water temperature and we stepped in to the spraying water.

We washed each other for several minutes before she realized the full impact of the move; she kept asking if this was really her new home.

I asked her to sit down on the ledge in the shower so that I could shampoo her hair but she dropped to her knees and began to kiss the little man; I washed her hair as quickly as possible to prevent an eruption.

We stepped out of the shower and I showed her how to use the air blowers that were imbedded in the wall; no towels needed; just a nice flow of warm air as well as a separate hair drier.

When we were dry I led her to the big king sized four poster bed, folded the bed spread out of the way and had her lay on her back as I secured her ankles and wrists to the four posts so that she was nicely spread eagled. I really didn’t have a game plan in mind; I was just going to do whatever worked best.

I opened the drawer in the nightstand to see what kind of toys Jim had provided. There were several feathers and a bunch of rubber bands as well as a small flogger with six-inch falls and a blindfold. This seemed to be more than adequate for the time being.

I put the blindfold on her and started with the feather; just a very light touch to her armpit drew a response. I moved the feather to the base of her right breast and circled it in smaller and smaller circles until the circle was so small I was only teasing the tip of her nipple. She was giggling and screaming at the same time as she twisted and turned trying to get away from that torturous weapon.

I let her rest for a few minutes as I slipped into my office to make a pot of coffee. Yep, there were coffee, filters, creamer, sugar and coffee cups in the cabinet above the coffee maker; Jim was a master at little details.

I quietly returned to the bedroom, set my coffee cup on the nightstand and began to circle the base of her left breast with the feather. She jumped and squealed at the first touch; I had caught her by surprise, which multiplied the effect. I traced smaller and smaller circles again with the same results; giggles and screams, while she was hardly able to breathe. I decided to let her recover for a few minutes before my next dastardly attack.

I sat down in the chair next to the nightstand and finished my cup of coffee as she slowly recovered.

It was time for the next round. I plunged the tip of the feather directly into her belly button; this time she must have heard me moving into position as she didn’t scream until I wiggled the feather a little bit. I traced a line from her belly button down over her hood and outer pussy lips which produced a really decent set of wiggles from her as well as a pleading voice that asked me to stop, not much of a chance of that happening though.

I continued tracing with the feather down the inside of her left thigh and then back up again, across her pussy lips, down and back up on her right inner thigh and finished with another pass over her outer lips. She was almost frantic by this time so I pulled her hood away from her clitty and ran the feather over that little bud also which created her first orgasm for the night.

I refilled my coffee cup, sat down in the chair to watch as her orgasm peaked and began to slowly fade.

As her breathing returned to normal I picked up the little flogger and contemplated where to begin; breasts looked like as good a place as any.

I trailed the falls on that little flogger lightly across her nipples a few times and watched as they became erect.

I applied the first five medium strokes to the bottom of her left breast and then, just because she was expecting the same treatment on the other breast I applied the next five to the top. I continued to use this type of pattern; outside of the left breast and then the bottom of the right breast.

By the time twenty strokes had been applied she was breathing hard and emitting small squeals and a few moans.

I continued with five strokes to the inside of the left breast; then five strokes to the outside of the right breast. Her moans were now approaching soft screams.

I let her regain a little bit of her composure as I filled my coffee cup and set it on the nightstand before continuing with five stroked to the top of the left breast followed by five more to the inner side of her right breast. She was now reacting to each and every stroke as she began to twist and turn tugging on the restraints as her orgasm approached.

I paused for a couple minutes and took a drink of my coffee until she was again lying quietly and her breathing was almost back to normal before finishing this part of the program.

I decided that a little variation was needed here also; I applied one hard stroke to each nipple in turn until a total of ten had been applied and her orgasm had taken over as she screamed and twisted every way imaginable.

I sat down to wait for the orgasm to begin to fade before picking up one of the rubber bands and snapping it directly on each nipple; she screamed with the first snap to the left nipple and went into subspace when I snapped the right nipple.

It was time for another cup of coffee while I thought about how to revive her without creating a problem. Ten minutes later she still hadn’t recovered so I got a wet washcloth and wrapped it around several ice cubes from my office refrigerator. I applied that wet and very cold washcloth directly to her clitty; the reaction was unbelievable.

She was instantly awake and went directly into another orgasm which lasted for almost five minutes.

I don’t think she was totally aware of her surrounding but she did rise up as far as possible when I gently ran a finger over her nipples.

I picked up the flogger and gently let the falls trail over her engorged pussy lips a couple times before I began to apply medium stokes to her inner thighs; five to each and then repeated them again until she was nearing another orgasm.

I let her relax for a couple minutes before applying a hard stroke directly on her puffy pussy lips, which created a minor orgasm that only lasted a couple minutes. When her orgasm subsided I did it again, several times over a period of twenty minutes.

Finally the little man decided for me that it was time to get down to the serious business of entertaining him; as if all of this had only got him in the mood.

I hopped up on the bed, no, I climbed up on the bed; my days of hopping around like a rabbit were long gone; and sucked her clitty between by lips and flicked it with my tongue until she came again but this time I continued to tease that little bud just enough to keep her orgasm alive for fifteen minutes or so.

Finally I felt it was time for some serious action before the little man bored a hole in the mattress. I knelt between her wide spread legs and began to penetrate her being careful to work all the jewelry past her opening before making a deep thrust.

She screamed as her orgasm reached a new height and pressed against me as much as possible. I continued to make long slow strokes for a couple minutes before she screamed and went back into sub space; this triggered my own orgasm and I thrust hard against her as my eruption began.

I got a warm, wet washcloth and a towel and wiped up as many of the juices as possible and dried her as well as I could before releasing the restraints; I left the cuffs and blindfold in place just to remind her what had taken place when she awoke in the morning.

I used the washcloth to clean the little man then hung the towel over him and went back to the bathroom; yes he does stay up that strong!

I went back to bed, pulled her close and was out of it in less than a minute.

I woke up to bright sunlight flooding the room and it took a couple minutes to remember that I wasn’t in my home in the City. Desiree was still asleep and it didn’t look as if she had moved all night.

I went to my office and made a pot of coffee, took a quick shower; set the computer up with my new codes and checked the e-mail. There was only one message worth reading; Jim wanted me to meet him on Heavenly Island at ten. I checked the clock on the nightstand, it was eight now which didn’t leave much time.

I carried a cup off coffee into the bedroom for Desiree and softly patted her on the shoulder as I checked for any bruise marks. Nope, just a few pink stripes that had already began to fade and would probably be gone by noon.

As she slowly woke up I removed the blindfold and sat on the edge of the bed and I tried to hand her the cup of coffee but she said, “Just sit it on the nightstand, I have to pee.” It seems to me all women are built with a bladder about the size of a dollhouse teacup; one ounce capacity.

She went to the bathroom and a couple minutes later I heard the shower running so I decided to step outside and look around some. It was going to be a beautiful day by all indications, bright sunshine a slight breeze and the water as smooth as glass.

I discovered there were several trucks parked behind the garage and a crew of about twenty men reviewing the job schedule for the day; I waved to them and continued walking the five hundred feet or so to the dock. As I passed a pretty clump of palm trees my view of the dock area became complete including a boat, no, make that a yacht tied up to the dock. There hadn’t been a yacht tied to that dock last night.

As I got closer I was able to read the name on the bow: DESIREE ONE.

I remembered talking to Jim about getting a boat of some kind so that I wouldn’t need to go to the marina every time I needed water transportation – but I hadn’t had anything like this in mind. It appeared that this yacht used the same hull as the patrol boats, which meant that it was not only big but fast.

I walked out on the dock for a closer look. Yep, it had the same solar panels on the top of the cabin and the fuel tank filler was in the same position as the patrol boats. I stepped on board to look around; everything I saw was first class in every respect.

I found my way to the flying bridge and discovered the keys were in the switches; one set of switches for the two diesel engines and a second set of switches for the electric drive and more instruments than a 747.

I saw Desiree come out of the front door and look around; I pushed a button on the control panel that was labeled, “Horn” – what a terrible noise that made and she jumped a foot high.

I had to laugh even though I hadn’t intended to scare her. I opened a side window and motioned for her come on board.

When she had found her way to the flying bridge I asked her if she noticed the name on the nose of the boat, she shook her head; I asked her to go take a look at it. She came back to the flying bridge all out of breath from running, “Did you pick the name?”


he gave me a big ol’ sloppy kiss.