The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Thirteen

I felt I had been away from the city too long and decided to spend a few days there just to see how everything was going. Desiree decided that as Borisí secretary she should remain on the island. Jeff and Barbara also decided to return so we caught a flight directly to the City on the 737. There were several other people hitching a ride so that we were unable to have a serious conversation.

I surprised Sandy at her office with my arrival and she seemed somewhat flustered. When I suggested we go to lunch she hesitated just enough to indicate there was some kind of problem. It took several minutes of idle chat before she disclosed that Ray Stevens, the construction foreman, had moved into the house with her.

I told her I was glad she had found a close friend which seemed to put her mind at ease; we had a nice lunch at Jacobís.

She expressed her gratitude that Bill would be taking over the Island purchasing and asked how long she was going to be in charge of the City purchases. I told her, "As long as you want to be," which seemed to please her.

I walked over to the police station to chat with Ron Fullerton, who was the acting Police Chief while Robert was in the Islands. He offered to give me the grand tour and we drove around the area for a couple hours.

The progress was amazing; the migrants were no longer migrants; they had become an active part of the population. The new schools had been completed and staffed. The Adult Education program was also in place and going forward. Several small businesses had been established by members of the group.

Ron said there had only been a couple incidents that required his attention in that area and they were really minor; some graffiti on a new building. The young perpetrators were soon identified by Ricardo Gomez and sentenced to paint the entire building while wearing T shirts that identified them as VANDALS. It hadnít happened again.

Most of the heavy construction had been completed but there were still a considerable number of houses being built as the population continued to grow.

I asked Ron to drop me off at my house so that I could get my van. Apparently no one was monitoring the surveillance system as I was able to enter the house unchallenged. While I was there I checked my hidden office and as I expected, the surveillance tape and the amount of dust on everything indicated that no one had entered the room while I had been in the Islands.

I drove to Project Central and went to Joanís office to discuss the possibility of her visiting the Islands for a few days to help Tonya get set up and operational.

She was delighted, "I would love to get away for a while." She hesitated then asked, "Would it be possible for Carl to come also?"

I immediately agreed, I needed him in the Islands anyway to determine what crops could be best utilized in the Islands; this was an area that had been neglected so far.

I made the rounds of all the offices in the building and ended up in Jeffís Life Style Shop.

He said, "Iíve been expecting you," as he motioned for me to join him in his office, he poured two cups of coffee adding cream and sugar to mine.

As he set the coffee cups on the desk he said, "Iíll bet you want to talk about Tonya."

I nodded, "You bet, she is the first person to know about my activities outside of the original inner circle that was involved in it. Iím not sure I like that."

He laughed, "Your identity is still safe, she was recruited right after the Chernobyl incident; she lost a lot of friends there. The think tank she was associated with completed an investigation and determined the Mafia had gained control of the facility and had refused to make the expensive modifications and repairs that were needed."

"She was able to identify most of the culprits for us over a period of several years and most of them have been Ďneutralizedí.

"Does Ďneutralizedí mean Ďeliminatedí?" He didnít answer but changed the subject.

"The oil drilling rigs are being loaded on barges in Houston today and will arrive in the Islands by the first of the week. Jim tells me it will take about two weeks to get them set up so we need to concentrate on getting the drilling crews out of France and relocated on Innovation Island."

I decided I really didnít want to know what had happened to the Russians.

"How are you progressing with that project?"

"I think we are on track. The wells there are progressing slowly due to sabotage that is being blamed on the Arabs. When the time is right more sabotage will shut the operation down completely for a few weeks and the crews will be told they will be returned to Russia until the repairs can be completed; the French labor unions wonít let the Russians repair the rigs, only operate them. We will send a plane to pick them up for their trip home which will be diverted to the islands."

"What plane are you going to use?"

"The 747 you bought; it is at Aircraft Maintenance and Repair right now being prepped for identification as a Russian aircraft."

This sounded like it might work but I was curious why entire drilling crews were ready to defect.

"The crews are housed in substandard barracks and totally segregated from the French population; they are treated as prisoners and the pay is a fraction of what the French are receiving for repairing the rigs. In other words they are most unhappy. Of course the promise of pay rates beyond their wildest dreams helped as well as the signing bonuses."

"Signing bonuses?"

"Sure, it ties them to the Islands for five years."

It was now a little past six in the evening; I didnít feel like having a big meal so I drove over to Hamburger Heaven for a cheeseburger before returning to The Manor.

This time I was confronted by a big burly looking guy when I entered the front door, "How did you get that door open?"

Dumb question, "I entered the proper number sequence on the key pad, turned the door handle and pushed."

He looked stunned for a moment before he was able to comprehend what I had said, "Are you trying to be a smarty pants?"

I took a step forward, "Nope, I just answered your question."

He put a hand up in front of me that would make contact with my chest if I took another step, "I think you should leave."†

This guy was beginning to seriously irritate me. Why do the irritating ones always seem to be twice my size; this one was big enough to go bear hunting with a stick.

I started to take the next step and he leaned forward slightly in anticipation of contact. I quickly grabbed his index finger and bent it back over the top of his wrist. He screamed and dropped to his knees.

I released his finger and walked down the hall and slipped into my office through the concealed door while he was still looking at his damaged digit. Whew, I got away with one of the oldest tricks in the book.

I booted the computer to life, uncovered the surveillance screens to see what was going on in the hallway.

The big guy was still on his knees in the entranceway when Art came running into view. Art asked what happened and the big guy stuttered and stammered a reasonable explanation until it came to Art asking, "Where did he go?"

The big guy looked confused but pointed down the dead end hallway toward my office.†

Art walked down the hallway and checked to see if the doors to the three bedrooms located there were closed and locked. He shook his head as he went back to the entranceway to ask the big guy again, "Are you sure he went that way?"

He nodded, "Yeah and he is real mean."

The big guy was standing now and he was a full head taller than Art and Art is a six- footer.

I watched as Art removed his cell phone from the pouch on his waist belt and dialed a number into it as he walked down the hall to the general location of the hidden door. I closed the panels over the surveillance screens as I waited for my phone to ring; it did.

I pressed the release button for the door and let him in to my office for the first time.

Art stood in the doorway and looked around the room before he saw me sitting behind my desk. I said, "Come on in." As he stepped forward I pushed the ĎCloseí button for the door.

"This is some setup you have here, even a coffee pot and a bathroom," he commented.

"It serves my purposes very nicely but it sure does need some attention, dust everywhere."

He smiled, "If you are going to be here for a few days I will see that it is cleaned. What happened with that boy in the hallway?"

"He tried to shove me out the front door."

"I wish you had let me know you were in the City so that I could have told Brian you were coming."

"I suppose I should have but I didnít expect to be challenged entering my own home."

"He is a little slow, big as a horse but has an IQ in the 60s and will always think like he is six years old. Some years ago he fell into a swimming pool hitting his head and knocking himself out. It was several minutes before anyone noticed, he nearly drowned and the lack of oxygen resulted in brain damage. He is a good worker and does much of the grounds tending."

"I really feel bad about hurting him; I wasnít aware of his condition. How did he qualify for membership?"

"He didnít but his parents did -- he is harmless actually."

I changed the subject, "Is there any coffee in the kitchen?"

"Sure, letís go."

As we entered the hallway I saw Brian still standing near the entranceway looking at his hand. Art said, "I think I should run him over to the dispensary."

As we got closer Brian put his hands behind him and backed up against the wall; I wasnít going to be able to touch his hand.

I told Art that I didnít think the finger was broken; I didnít hear or feel it snap, I was sure it was just dislocated. I suggested that he give it a hard tug and see if it popped back in place.

Art asked to see the finger, when Brian held his hand out for art to inspect it. Art gave the misplaced finger a quick pull. Brian yelled but the damaged digit was back in place.

Brian looked at it and smiled. It was going to be sore for a couple weeks but otherwise, no damage.

In the kitchen Art poured a couple cups of coffee and a glass of chocolate milk for Brian. I apologized to Brian for hurting him; I really did feel bad about that.

Art was full of questions about the Islands and I answered all of them as fast as I could. When he learned that a copy of this house was under construction on Majestic Island he mentioned he would like to move there someday.

Ray and Sandy walked into the kitchen and they formally greeted me, too formally. As Sandy got some coffee Ray sat down nervously rubbing his hands.

Sandy sat down beside Ray and studied her cup of coffee for a couple minutes before speaking, "I appreciate everything you have done for me during the last couple years. You have been wonderful."

"Thank you, you deserved it." Yep, I knew something was up; "But?"

She hesitated again so Ray spoke up, "We intend to get married."

I jumped up, well actually I stood up quickly; I havenít jumped in years, stuck out my hand to him and said, "Congratulations!"

He looked stunned as he took my hand, Sandy gasped; I guess they expected me to be upset. Sandy was a fun gal to be with but there were never any serious emotional ties and if she wanted to go in a different direction I wouldnít object. Best wishes and all of that.

As my reaction registered with them their smiles and became much more congenial. They hadnít set a date yet but were thinking about getting hitched on New Yearís Day.

I suggested that they continue to live in the house for the time being as I preferred for someone to be here rather than to have it sit empty. I would use one of the other bedrooms on the ground floor.

I excused myself and went back to my office to check for e-mail; there was a bunch of it. I deleted the trash, answered all the others by midnight and went to bed.

The sun was well up in the eastern sky by the time I was able to get my eyes open. A quick shower and I went to my office to make a pot of coffee. I passed Lisa in the hallway pushing a cart, much like the ones seen in hotels, that was loaded with fresh linens and cleaning supplies. I showed her the door in the master bedroom that opened into my office and asked her to dust and tidy it up. I left the door slightly ajar and told her not to close it until she was done because it would lock automatically.

I decided to leave her to the task and walked to the kitchen hoping to find a full coffee pot there. Yep, there was coffee in the pot; I poured a cup and looked around for the cream and sugar but didnít see it. I had started going through the kitchen opening cabinet doors and looking in drawers when June walked in.

She saw what I was doing and said, "Oops," as she rushed to the dishwasher and removed the two containers and filled them for me. As I sat down at the table she set a saucer with a roll on it in front of me. I thanked her and sipped the coffee as I tried to decide what to do today.

The only things I hadnít seen yesterday were the solar panels and the tomato crop so I thought that would be a good place to visit as the modifications should be further advanced than on the Islands because they didnít have the four or five day lag that the barge shipping required.

I made a couple phone calls and drove to the tomato fields. There were several different crews working in different parts of solar panel array. I expected to see a lot of excavation as the old cables were replaced with heavier ones but it wasnít happening.

The solar panel supports were being modified and reinforced to support transformers that raised the voltage. The foreman told me that the existing cable would still be able to handle the load at the higher voltage.

I soon tired of watching what amounted to nothing more than assembly work and drove to the supermarket to pick up a couple items. Bob and Brenda were both there and wanted to know all about the Islands. We chatted for almost an hour before I was able to get away.

I stopped by Jeffís store also and noticed that he was there by himself; no more watch dogs apparently. I purchased a few minor items as we discussed the coming movement of the drilling crews before I had to leave for an appointment.

My next stop was the dispensary. It was time to do something I had been considering for some time; get a piercing or two. The intern from one of the Dallas hospitals, Rick James that I had spoken to on the phone was on duty and said Frank had been training him for months; I sure hoped he had paid attention.

I handed him the jewelry I had purchased from Jeff and explained what I wanted. He nodded as he put the three barbells in the autoclave. I got up on the table and waited for the shot of Novocain I had requested; to hell with the ĎNo pain No Gainí crap.

Even that small needle felt like it was as big as a harpoon but by the time the autoclave had shut off I couldnít feel anything in the target area.†

Rick shoved a ten gauge needle through the head of my cock followed by an eight gauge stretcher with the barbell attached. I now had an amphallang that was positioned so that the shiny balls circled the head at an angle. The placement was perfect and all I had felt was a little pressure.

Rick then used a fourteen gauge needle to pierce for the first dydoe and followed that needle with a twelve gauge stretcher; two down and one to go. A second dydoe one half inch from the first one was installed.

Rick stepped back and said, "All done," as he unpackaged a condom. I used a mirror to inspect the results; a little blood was showing but the placements were perfect. He slipped the condom in place and I got off the table. Since I had an old piercing he bypassed the soaking and care instructions; I invited him to lunch and we drove to Jacobís.

It was a shame Jacob was still in the Islands; he would have appreciated my new decorations however Brenda and Connie noticed it as we walked to a table and gave me a thumbs up.

The meal was uneventful and I dropped Rick off at the dispensary on the way back to the house.

No one confronted me when I entered this time, in fact I didnít see anyone as I made my way to the office. June had done a nice job; the room was spotless.

I fired up the computer and began to work on the files I had been neglecting. Although Joan and now Tonya also were charged with the control I want to know what was going on too.

I looked up the phone listings for all the various departments; there didnít seem to be a complete listing though; only one number per department. There had always been several numbers for some of them such as ĎShipping and Receivingí or ĎCustomer Serviceí as well as the main number.

I called the number for Purchasing and got a recording that gave me four choices of which number to push next in both English and Spanish. I tried the Accounting number next, same thing. I tried the listed number for the Dispensary also; same thing there too.

I checked the directory listing against the list of numbers I used and found them to be totally different; my personal list of numbers were all direct lines to each person or the main desk in each department.

I had no idea how long this aggravating and impersonal system had been in place but it was going to be gone very soon; if I wanted to talk to a machine I could just sit at my desk and yell at the computer. Talk about a hot button; this was it.

I sent an e-mail to every department head instructing them to remove that program and stated, "I expect every phone in every department throughout the City to be answered by a live person during normal business hours. Live people will answer the phones in the Police Department, Fire Department, Hospital and Dispensary at all times; 24/7."

I soon got a call from Roy Brown, a member of the City Council, "The City Council voted to use that system several months ago as a cost cutting effort."

"Reducing cost is always a good thought but do it some other way. I want live people answering the phones."

He started to reply, "But the Council approved it and Ö" I cut him off.

"The council can unapprove it also or face a proposition about it in the upcoming election in November." He hung up; I hate politics.

I poured a fresh cup of coffee and began to check the P & Lís for every department as well as all Project-owned businesses.

It took nearly eight hours to determine that the totals from the various departments and businesses didnít match the numbers from the accounting office.

I sent an e-mail to Joan, removed the condom from my now tender equipment to discover the bleeding had stopped. A long overdue whiz and still no blood; I did the required soaking and went to bed.

The city council decided they didnít want the feedback from a referendum and voted to do away with that irritating phone system.

What was intended to be a two or three day trip back to the City ended up taking almost four weeks of sixteen hour days at my computer but it was worth it. I stayed in my office, had meals sent in and avoided as much contact with other people as possible; I didnít answer e-mail or even voice mails. This also eliminated any play time which gave my new decorations time to heal.

Many errors were found and corrected and to my surprise the bottom line improved considerably. Klaus was still working the currency exchange thing and was way ahead of the game also.

I caught an early morning flight from the City to the Islands that took six hours due to strong headwinds; with flights this long I decided that food service was need.

Desiree met me at the airfield with my old van; she ran to me with tears in her eyes. I hugged her and gave her a big smooch. I drove directly to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and something to eat.

I asked Sue, who was operating the checkout, how her new piercings were doing, she smiled, "The glue came off a couple weeks ago and they are fine. I get a lot more exercise now though."

Now that was a new answer to an old question, "The piercings are causing that? I have got to hear this one."

She laughed, "My apartment is on the third floor and now the stairs are much more fun than the elevator." I had to laugh too.

She pointed at my new decorations, "I see youíve made a couple changes also."

I nodded, "I didnít have time to play while I was in the City and thought it was a good time to have it done."

Desiree gasped, obviously she hadnít noticed. She stepped around me to take a look and nearly dropped her tray, "Ok my goodness," plus a couple words in what sounded like French.

I nodded at Sue and walked to the private room to find it was already occupied by Jim, Boris and Klaus. They were deep in a conversation about, guess what, yep, oil wells.

Desiree and I sat down as I listened to the discussion. The rigs were all in place and within a couple days of completion. Jeff was making the final arrangements to get the crews out of France and on the job.

I didnít enter into the conversation but continued to eat; it had been a long time since Iíd had a sandwich at eight last night.

When there was a lull in the discussion I began to ask questions; where do we stand on the battery factory and the housing for the drill crews?

Before I could complete my list Jim spoke up, "The factory is in operation but due to the learning curve production is still slow. They are producing ten large batteries for the grid backup system per day which will be used to improve the capacity here in the Islands because the city has the power company for backup and can wait until production increases. They are also producing forty batteries per day for the little electric cars."

He continued, "The housing is ready except for furniture selection and I think it would be best to let the new occupants make those choices if possible."

I nodded my agreement, "Has there been any progress in providing better housing for the Islands operations offices?

He smiled, "I guess you came into this building from the rear. The front portico and all the balconies are now in place. Additional floors have also been constructed to provide office space. This building is now eight stories high. At this point in the construction we need to decide if the offices will occupy the top two floors or the lower two floors. It can go either way at this point."

A quick discussion followed and it was decided to put the offices in the upper floors and provided a direct elevator to the area.

I had several more questions but they concerned the legal aspects of the Islands and this group wouldnít know about them so I asked about my house.

"It is up and the exterior is completed. The interior of the ground floor is mostly complete but the playroom equipment and much of the furniture hasnít arrived yet. It would be a little noisy from the continuing construction but you could move there now, your office is mostly operational also."

Jim stood up, "Time to get back to work. Oh, by the way, Jerry wants to see you."

Boris and Klaus decided they wanted to inspect the drilling rigs, again so they left also.

As soon as we were alone Desiree looked at me and asked, "What have you done to that poor thing."

"I made it pretty, just for you."

She made a face, "I liked it the way it was. How long will it be before it can be put to use?"

I smiled, "It can be used right now so why donít we go up to the apartment and see how you like it?"

She nodded and blushed a little bit.

We were walking hand in hand though the cafeteria towards the entrance when I heard a voice say, "Have fun." I looked around and saw Sue waving at us with a big smile on her face.

I opened the apartment door and let her enter first. I walked up behind her, wrapped my arms around her stomach and nuzzled the back of her neck as she giggled.

The little man was against her butt crack and quickly began to come to life; it had been over two years since I had neglected him for such a long period of time.

I shut my cell phone off, dropped it on the table and we moved to the bed and I sat down on the edge as she dropped to her knees to inspect the new additions. She looked at it closely before kissing the tip and running her tongue all around the shiny new balls. Slowly she wrapped her lips around the head and I could feel her tongue as it continued to explore.

Slowly she moved her lips further and further down the shaft as she tested the effect the additional hardware was going to have on her gag reflex. She had to stop a couple inches sooner than before but continued to try and little by little she managed to handle it all with only a few serious interruptions.

I was discovering all the sensations the new ornaments could provide and was reassured that their installation had been the right thing to do.†

I had to stop her wonderful administrations before it was too late; she was going to receive a considerable amount of attention before we left this room.

Since spanking worked so well with her I instructed her lay on her stomach with her legs wide spread. Since I had neglected her for a month I didnít think the addition stimulation of a strap would be need; my hand should be able to do the job.

I applied five medium swats to each cheek then checked between her legs for moisture; Yep, it was moist alright and it was dripping wet. I applied an ample amount of lotion to her now pink globes and began to rub them gentle. She was moaning softly while I massaged her ass cheeks as her arousal continue to build.

I gently slapped her pussy lips several times making sure to also make contact with her clitty. She exploded and trapped my hand between her thighs as her legs snapped together. I was still able to wiggle a couple fingers and teased her clit until she screamed with her release of tensions.

I was able to keep her orgasm going for a full ten minutes before she was no longer capable of responding.

The little man was throbbing with the sight of a pretty pair of cheeks bouncing and dancing and wanted some of that action. He was going to have to wait; I wasnít done yet.

I wanted a cup of coffee but dreaded the long wait for the coffee make to do its job but there didnít seem to be a second choice. I went to the kitchen area and discovered there was a brand new coffee maker sitting there, a really fast coffee maker. I almost ran back to the bed to kiss her but she wouldnít have noticed and I was past due for some java. I had a full cup in my hand is just over two minutes.

I sat on the side of the bed to wait for her to become somewhat coherent and savored my first cup of fast coffee which, by the way, was pretty darn good too. I was working on the third cup when she looked around to see where I was.

She smiled, "That was something else. Now itís your turn."

I laughed, "Not yet, as a ĎThank Youí for the new coffee maker I owe you a few more," and I trailed a finger over her ribs.

She giggled and turned over to stop the tickling, "I donít know if I can handle another one of those."

I traced a circle around one of her pretty nipples, "Why donít we find out?"

She was now lying on her back so I spread her legs and moved between them; I now had a really close up view of some very interesting equipment. As she bent her knees upward slightly I put my arms under her thighs and around her hips so that I could reach her clitty and nipples. I gently pulled her hood away back a little bit and saw her clitty was still throbbing. A little tongue action was called for.

I captured her clit between my lips and stoked it with my tongue. She moaned and rose up for more solid contact but I continued to just tease that little bud. Her reaction was almost instantaneous as she had a small climax followed by another and another. I reached up to her nipple and slowly began to pinch them, gently at first and added a little more pressure with each climax until she had a full blown orgasm again.

This time I let her orgasm peak and slowly fade without further stimulation so that she would be fully conscious when it subsided. I finished my cup of coffee and had to put up with the little man throbbing in anticipation of the next action.

When she was ready I lay down beside her on my back and asked her to straddle me. In this position the entrance of the new hardware would be controlled by her actions. The little one quarter inch balls on the amphallang did total up to one half inch of additional width. The balls on the dydoes added some also.

She positioned her self to be penetrated and slowly began to descend. When the tip touched her waiting lips she closed her eyes and moaned softly. She continued her descent slowly giving her opening time to adjust to the hardware. There was a point where the resistance was becoming almost painful for me as the still fresh dydoe piercings began to seek entrance.

Desiree also noticed the resistance and wiggled her butt around in a circle to provide the opportunity for them to slip past the entrance at a slight angle and one at a time; it worked, the dydoes were now on the fun side of the opening. I realized I was feeling some new and pleasant sensations from them. Desireeís moans indicated she was feeling something also.

There was just a fraction of an inch between the dydoe balls and the ones on the amphallang so more resistance was encountered. Again she moved her ass but this time it was from side to side. Just as I was about to decide to wait a few more days for complete entry the little man popped through the portal.

As soon as she realized the entrance had been accomplished she slowly descended until she was actually sitting on my fully imbed cock. Her eyes popped open as all those little shiny balls went to work.

She raised and lowered herself half a dozen times with a gasp each time she became fully impaled. I began to tease her clitty with a finger until she had another orgasm and dropped on me.

I waited for this orgasm to peak and fade also before placing my hands on her lower ribs and holding her about four inches from me so that I could thrust up into her and have the shiny little ball work their wonders.

She soon was in orgasmic bliss as the top ball of the apadravya had the usual effect of rubbing her G spot. The four balls on the dydoes were rubbing the same area and magnifying the effect. Iím not sure what effect the amphallang balls were having but the total of eight little shiny balls all working together was more than she could tolerate; she totally passed out and collapsed on my chest just as the little man exploded with what felt like a gallon of fluid.

We lay in that position for several minutes as her breathing slowly returned to normal. I wondered why I had waited so long to get the piercings I had thought about for a couple years, there really wasnít a good reason; just procrastination.

I rolled her to my side and went to the bathroom for a little clean up and to check that no damage had been done; everything looked fine. I returned to the bed with a damp washcloth and a towel to do a little clean up of the mess the little man had made.

There was a lot more of a mess than I expected; a big wet spot a foot across. I would have liked to take credit for all of that, Me Super Stud, but it was obvious she had ejaculated also.

I poured another cup of coffee and set down in a chair at the table to relax; relax bull, I needed to rest. I checked the time; we had been playing for well over an hour.

I turned my cell phone on to check for messages; there were six of them all from Jerry in the last hour. He was just going to have to be patient a little longer, whatever was bothering him, and I suspected it was Betty, would have to wait.

As soon as Desiree began to move a little I poured her a cup of coffee and set it on the nightstand. She rolled over and looked around the room for a moment before sitting up on the side of the bed and reached for the coffee cup.

A couple sips of coffee and she stood up on shaky legs and shuffled toward the bathroom. I laughed at her, she suck her tongue out at me. When she returned her hair was combed and she was walking much better.

She sat down at the table beside me, "Whatever else you may do, donít ever remove those new piercings."

We chatted about a little of this and that for several minutes as she brought me up to date on the Island news.

My cell phone came to life, big surprise, Jerry was calling again; I answered it this time.

He said he had to see me right away. I gave Desiree a peck on the cheek and made my way to Jerryís apartment on the third floor.

This was the first time I had been in his apartment; it was a mess with stacks of papers covering almost all of the horizontal surfaces. There were even a couple stacks of papers on the floor beside his desk. I asked how he was able to find anything in that hodgepodge.

He looked surprised, "File cabinets are in very short supply so I just stack them up in alphabetical order. There are twenty two stacks in all; X, Y and Z were combined."

Okay, now it made sense but there wasnít any good reason for the shortage of file cabinets; I made a note to ask Bill about it.

I opened the discussion by asking about Bettyís condition; she was much the same except she would now admit that some of her childhood abuses were somewhat pleasurable but wouldnít say which ones. The Detention Center had been completed while I was in the City and she had been relocated there.

Jerry looked thoughtful. "I think another session with Jean is needed but I didnít want to do it without you being there. Will you be free in the morning to accompany me and Jean to the Detention Center?"

I didnít have any solid plans for the next morning so I agreed.

Jerry changed the subject to the employment of college kids during the school year. "I have a little over two hundred of them housed in the Westward Hotel. I had to make some serious concessions to the colleges to get it done."

"What kind of concessions?"

"First, that we would guarantee the payment of their tuition for the full year even if they dropped out."

I nodded, not a major cost factor.

"Second, a computer system was set up to record all pertinent lectures that would play back for the student on a demand basis. Classroom discussions were set up to be interactive."

Now that sounded expensive, for testing purposes it would require an additional computer for each student not to mention the additional wiring that was needed where ever it was set up and it would require a big room for two hundred plus people. "Where is all of this equipment installed?"

"In the main dining room since it is large enough to seat almost a thousand people; the tables and chairs were already in place."

"What else did you agree too?"

†"The Dean of each of the colleges, or someone he appoints would be flown here once a week to conduct testing of the studentís progress."

"Once a week testing is a little much isnít it? Have the Deans been cleared?"

"Yes it is unusual but they all insisted on it even though I got the impression they were looking for a week end in the tropics more than the testing. All but one of them has been cleared; I will have to work on an alternative there. There are at least three professors that are cleared at each of the colleges also."

"Has any student testing been completed yet?"

"Yes, for the past two weeks. The studentsí schedules are arranged to provide a required four hours a day in supervised study, no goofing off or interruptions during that time. All students have improved their grade level so far which means that more students will be available for the program soon. The colleges love the idea of collecting full tuitions without the hassles associated with housing, part time jobs and such; a couple of them were at capacity and this program is like a gift from heaven to them."

Jerry went into a detailed description of the scheduling for almost an hour before I was able to escape.

It was getting close to dinner time so I went to the apartment but Desiree wasnít there. I made a fresh pot of coffee; love that two minute machine, and called Tonya to discuss the cost Jerry had committed me to.

She sounded nervous about it; Jerry had split the cost of the computer equipment and had placed two separate orders just a day apart to keep it under the limits she could approve. She hadnít been sure how to handle it and Joan had told her to use her own judgment as it was well under her approval level. She also disclosed that Klaus had ordered a coupe Ferry Boats the day after Iíd left for the City.

Jerry had spent almost three million dollars so far; over two thirds of it was one time set up costs such as wiring, programming and the travel expenses to get the students to the Islands.

I went to the cafeteria, loaded a tray, said hi to Sue and entered the private room to discover Klaus and Boris there, each of them on their cell phones. I soon determined it was a conference call to Jeff; the 747 had landed in Paris several hours ago. I tapped into the call also.

Jeff explained that he was also on a scrabbled line to the pilot also. After refueling the pilot reported instrument problems to the control tower and was directed to the maintenance hanger for repairs. Actually the instruments were fine; it was just a ploy to get the plane in the proper position for loading.

The maintenance hanger was close to the walk way leading to the parking area and there were hundreds of people going and coming all the time so the Russian drilling crews and their families were able to get to the plane without attracting attention.

The maintenance people said it would be twelve hours before they could repair the instruments so there had been ample time for loading. The actual loading took a little over three hours and the pilot report to the control tower that repairs had been complete and he was ready for take off.

With a full fuel load, almost seven hundred people on board, including women and children, how Jeff had managed that I will never know, and the cargo hold crammed full it took most of the runway to get in the air, even with the triple flaps. The plane was configured for five hundred passengers so there were many kids sitting on laps and probably many adults sitting on the floor; not the safest was to travel but no one was left behind.

At this point I knew it would be some time before there would be any further updates so I terminated the connection and called Jim just to be sure he was aware of the mass confusion that was likely to take place in the morning. He said he had four hundred men ready to help; half of them here and the other half on Innovation Island.

I asked about the capacity of the cafeteria at the battery factory and was informed that the seating capacity was one hundred but there were also picnic tables outside of the building that would accommodate another hundred plus a lot of open space where they could sit on the ground.

I suggested that box lunches should be prepared for their arrival at the airfield and given to them in an empty hanger before they were moved to the new ferry boats that were being used to move workers between the islands.

Boris and Klaus stayed connected and waited for almost a half hour before we heard Jeff say; "Transponder off and under a U.S. military C-130; they will arrive at the Islands in about fourteen hours. Bye."

Boris shut his cell phone off, "What did he mean that the transponder was off; that is illegal."

I laughed, "It is also illegal to harbor runaway drilling engineers; at least itís illegal as far as the Russians are concerned. Actually, it is done as a means of making the plane disappear electronically; flying under another aircraft removes it from the radar screen also. If I know Jeff the transponder will be activated in a few hours with the code for the C-130 and the C-130 will be using the code for the 747."

I turned to Klaus, "The hotel here on this island canít handle that many people, Jim is making arrangements for box lunches at the airfield and them move them to the boats and transport all of them to Innovation Island as soon as possible."

I thought about going to the beach but decided to return to the apartment and write out the orientation script for Boris so that he could present it to the Russians in their native language. Basically it proposed many of the same things that had been offered to the migrant workers in the City.

One of the big problems I expected would be getting them away from vodka but it would be a requirement; no hard liquor, a couple beers or a bottle of wine was okay now and then but even that would be monitored by the only outlet that sold it.

By the time I had finished it was ten and Desiree hadnít returned so I called Jerry and advised him that we would be leaving at six in the morning. I set the alarm for five thirty and went to bed.

I was awake before the alarm went of, made a pot of coffee and left a note for Desiree who was still sound asleep. I put on a shirt, shorts and sandals and by five forty five I was knocking on Jerryís door.

Jean met us at the Marina and we took the dual engined speed boat since the water was smooth as glass. We arrived well before seven and walk the short distance to the Detention Center. Jerry asked for a few minutes to get her ready so I walked around and inspected the facility for a few minutes and chatted with the single uniformed guard that was posted. One detainee; one guard, not very efficient but when there is only one detainee what can you do?

†Jerry returned after thirty minute and said she had been moved from her cell to a larger room and was ready. Jean and I followed him down a long hallway to the room and found Betty standing in the middle of it in the same position as the last time I had seen her.

I was somewhat surprised by her appearance; she looked like she had lost about twenty pounds in the last month. What ever weight loss program Jerry was using was working wonders for her.

Apparently she had sensed someone in the room and began a tirade of vindictive abuse aimed at no one in particular; Jerry spoke the control word into his cell phone and it stopped and he quickly left the room.

Jean quickly removed her blouse, shorts and sandals then selected a wide leather strap from the half dozen instruments she had brought with her. We had a whispered conversation about the best way to proceed and decided that a warm up with the leather strap would work nicely.

Jean moved to the left of her and started with a rather light stroke to the center of Bettyís right ass cheek which wrapped around to the outside and was followed with strokes above and below the first until five had been applied without any overlap.†

Betty had gasped with the first stroke but was silent after that.

After moving to the right side Jean applied five strokes to the left cheek in the same order which did produce a few low moans.

Without changing position she applied a diagonal stroke to the right cheek with the tip of the strap making contact deep in the ass crack. Betty jumped and twisted some but was silent. Four more similar strokes were applied and the right side of her crack was well covered. With three steps Jean changed sides and proceeded to apply the same five strokes to the right cheek. This produced a couple squeals from Betty.

Jean dropped the leather strap and picked up a flogger with twelve inch falls and began to swirl it as she had done before. Soon it was making contact with the bottom of Bettyís ass cheeks right at the junction of thigh and ass. A light stroke was landing about every second and after a couple minute Betty was moaning constantly.

Jean stopped to rest her arm and move in front of Betty cupping her pussy with her hand. She removed her hand and shook the moistures from it, "Almost there."

She took careful aim and the flogger flew upward directly onto the sopping wet lips; Betty screamed. Jean waited a full minute and applied another stroke to the exact same area; a much longer scream. She waited another minute and applied two strokes to the wet pussy very quickly. Betty began to scream with the first stroke of the two but the scream stopped short as she passed out with the second stroke.

Jean said, "Done," put on her clothes and picked up her instruments. I opened the door to find Jerry pacing up and down the hall. He rushed to us and glanced into the room, "Did she pass out again?"

Jean nodded, "She is in sub space." Jerry released her and Jean carried her back to her cell.

When they returned I asked if they wished to stay to see the Russians arrive; Jerry declined, "I need to stay with Betty for a few hours."

Jean said she wasnít going to drive that monster boat by herself so it looked like we were all staying.

It was still early, just a little past eight, so we ambled over to the cafeteria at the battery factory for something to eat.

The place was like a beehive; people going in all directions getting ready to feed the Russians. There wasnít a lack of food but a real shortage of people to serve it; it took ten minutes to do what should have taken only a couple minutes.

We moved outside to a picnic table and relaxed as we ate.

There didnít seem to be a lot of activity in the factory; very little noise and nobody outside the building; I decided to see what was going on there.

I walked in a convenient door to see an assembly line with about ten people working; I walked past them to a second assembly line with even less people. I continued to just walk around looking at anything of interest and soon discovered why there were only a few people working; a lack of supplies.† Amazingly no one had questioned me so far and I didnít see anyone who looked as if they were in charge.

I heard what sounded like a vehicle running on the other side of a big overhead door so I opened the door to see what was going on there. Now I got some attention; a fellow in a hard hat came running over to see who I was.

Luckily he recognized me and offered to show me around. The noisy vehicle I had heard was a lift truck the size of a bulldozer, it was designed to move skids of heavy batteries, that was being used to move huge piles of mattresses onto a bunch of flat bed semi-trailers that were being taken to the new housing; Jim had said there wasnít going to be enough time for each individual to choose furniture; just set the houses up in a normal configuration, they could trade among themselves later.

As I looked around that monstrous warehouse I was able to locate everything that would be needed to completely furnish a three bedroom home.

There didnít seem to be any attempt to coordination the way the trailers were loaded; just whatever was close by was loaded. I asked about this and was delight with the answer; the two hundred people Jim had sent here were at the houses working in groups of four setting up beds, hanging drapes, filing cabinets with dishes and silverware, plugging in minor appliances such as toaster, can openers and coffee pots. When the trucks went down the streets they just took what ever they needed to finish the job.

Fifty houses had been completely furnished except for filling the pantries and freezers since early this morning, another fifty were about half way ready.

Since I hadnít seen the houses I hitched a ride on the back of a trailer for the half mile trip. The houses looked good, all brick with tile roofs and enough difference in design and layout that they didnít look like the cookies cutter houses so often seen in subdivisions.

Palm trees had been replanted and the lawns were a pretty green. I entered the front door and had a nice view of a well appointed living room. I ambled through the house, two full baths with showers, and a king sized bed in the master bedroom, a set of twin beds that could be configured as bunk beds, all the dressers and night stand that would be expected, even clothes hangers in the closets.

A pantry full of extra linens, towels and wash clothes was discovered. The kitchen was fully equipped with a side by side refrigerator freezer that dispensed cold water and ice through the door, a dish washer, free standing range and stainless steel sink. The utility room contained a washer and dryer as well as a foldaway-type ironing board and even the iron was there also.

The family room was well furnished with a big screen TV and a computer as well a couple of recliners and a couch; book shelves covered one wall of the room.

The third bedroom was empty and could be used in any manner they wanted; additional kidís room or maybe a study room for the adult classes. The two car garage was also empty and would most likely be used for kidís bicycles and such even though there were cabinets on one wall.

All in all they were damned nice houses; there shouldnít be any complaints, at least not in this area. I checked several more houses as I waited for the truck to come back by so I could hitch a ride back to the warehouse.