The Islands
By Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Twelve 

Desiree was lying on her stomach, still fast asleep when I managed to get my eyes open enough to function. The clock on the nightstand indicated that it was coffee time; I considered making a pot but gave that idea up even before I managed to get to the bathroom. I would just have to handle the three S’s with out my morning coffee. Bummer!

Somehow I managed to get through the morning routine without waking Desiree and headed for the cafeteria. A cup of coffee and a couple donuts brightened the prospects of the day considerably.

Sue was there as usual but moving much slower than her than normal hustling pace; I asked how she was getting along with her new piercing, “The piercing is very tender which I expected. The problem is with the stuff Frank used to seal the hood incision; it’s rubbing against my clitty just enough so that when I walk it causes some arousal which results in more contact as my clit becomes erect. It’s very distracting.”

I laughed a little, “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

She grinned, “Yeah, but it would be nice to be able to do my job without the constant distraction.”

I had seen enough of Frank’s twisted sense of humor to suspect he had placed the glue in a position to do exactly what it was doing. I told her about the girl I had seen at Jacob’s back in the City that had put a piece of tissue paper between her vertical hood piercing and her clitty to control that type of reaction.

“I’ll try anything that will relieve the sensitivity until that glue comes off; Frank said it might be a month or longer.”

Sue abruptly turned and slowly walked toward the rear of the kitchen where the restrooms were located. I took my coffee and donuts and headed toward the private room, thankfully it was empty this morning. It seemed every department head as well a most of my friends, in most cases they were the same, knew where to find me early in the mornings so for the last few days I had resorted to carrying a small notebook with me to be sure of discussing the topics that I felt were the most pressing. As I went through my notes it seemed that every project needed some degree of discussion.

I actually had a full fifteen minutes to consider what I wanted to discuss before Clyde and Betty Parker walked in; they were on my list but no ways near the top of my priorities. After a warm greeting I asked what they though of the Islands so far.

“Very pretty,” was Clyde’s reply, “But there seems to be a considerable number of construction workers being utilized as groundskeepers which is not cost effective. The janitorial services in this hotel are rather fragmented also. You need a completely implemented program to really do the job properly.”

He was right of course; no one was assigned to handle the groundskeeping or the janitorial services that were needed. All the collage kids had returned to the States so Jim had filled the gap, sort of, and was using anyone that was free to do whatever was needed. “We are a little short handed in that area right now.”

“I can fix that; I have a waiting list of qualified people a mile long that can be here in a couple days.”

Okay, that would work as long as it didn’t pull qualified people away from important positions in the City. “How many on your list are currently working in the City?”

“There are a dozen people that are qualified as supervisors but I don’t have openings for them; however most are part-time members that live away from the City but wish to become full-timers. There are some really good people on that list.”

“Wonderful, but be aware that some of the departments here will probably try to steal them from you.”

“I know, that has happened before but I have a good training program in place and advance people as fast as possible.”

“We have room for as many people as you can bring even if they don’t want to work for your company. Do you have enough equipment to get the job done?”

“We will need more equipment from what I have seen so far but I don’t know what will be needed on the other two islands.”

“I will arrange for you have a full tour of all three islands as soon as possible, in the meantime start getting ready to start moving people here as soon as possible. While you are on Heavenly Island you need to meet Raul Smith. He is in charge of all the hotels there and he needs a full staff for each hotel.”

We continued to chat for a few minutes before Jerry and Bill arrived. I asked Clyde to give Bill a preliminary list of the supplies and equipment he anticipated needing after he had completed the tour.

I promised to call as soon as a tour was arranged and turned my attention to Bill as Clyde and Betty left.

Bill looked about half-irritated, “Why would he give me the list; that needs to go to Sandy at Central Purchasing back in the City?”

“I know, but I would like for you to permanently relocate here to the Islands and handle all the Island purchases. There are opportunities to make purchase from here that can’t be handled from the States.”

He was speechless for a full minute, “I was going to ask you if I could do that; Cora has fallen in love with this place.”

“Consider it done then. I will have Jim set up an office for you at the airfield for now. You can transfer all the Island purchases from Central Purchasing to your office as soon as you are ready. Jim can also give you all the information needed to lease a cottage if that is what you decide to do.”

He nodded his agreement as he turned to leave, “Thank you, Boss; I have to give the good news to Cora.”

As he went out the door I yelled at him, “Don’t call me boss.” He laughed a just kept on walking.

As Bill was leaving the Cafeteria Jim and Jerry were just joining the serving line. I saw Bill say something to Jim as he went past him. Jim just shook his head.

I had a couple minutes free before Jim and Jerry would get here so I called the Marina; requested the twin engine speed boat with a driver and set up the tour for Clyde and Betty. I also notified Raul to expect them in an hour or so.

Jim entered the room with a smile on his face, “So that big bruiser is going to move here?”

“It looks that way.”

“Good I haven’t been able to get a good argument out of him for months; he keeps hanging up on me. I’ll have an office ready for him by noon.”

Jerry was looking as if the world had fallen on him so I just said, “Hi,” to him and continued with Jim.

When I informed Jim of Clyde and Betty’s intentions of taking over all the grounds tending duties and much if not all of the janitorial services as well he was overjoyed to have some help. I asked him if he had enough work to keep all of his crews busy.

“It’s a little slack right now while I’m waiting for all the equipment for the battery factory but I can switch them to the housing and detention center projects on Innovation Island.”

“I am currently in the process of upgrading all the underground cables to handle the addition amperage that the modified panels are going to be producing. A barge of the needed chemicals for the upgrade of the panels is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The backup system on Heavenly Island is marginal at best for night time activities so that will also be correct as soon as the battery factory is operational.”

Sounded good to me, “Do you have a tentative schedule for the battery factory’s completion?”

“Not really, the foundations are completed for the building and the walls are going up as we speak but the manufacturing equipment is on back order.”

“Let Bill know about that; he has a way of getting around back orders by informing the supplier that if he can’t deliver we will build our own equipment and he will miss a good sized cash sale that includes a sizable advance payment; it works just about every time.”

Jim’s cell phone rang and when he answered it I could hear someone shouting on the other end. Jim held it a foot away from his ear and started grinning. All he said was, “Okay,” And hung up.

He stood up, “That was Bill telling me to quit wasting time with you and get his office ready. Everything is back to normal.”

As Jim walked away Jerry said, “I have a problem.”

I laughed, “Don’t we all; let’s discuss my problem first. We are going to be very short on people to staff the hotel when we open for business. Can we set up an ‘On Job Training’ program here for some of the college students?”

“How many do you think will be needed?”

“At least a couple hundred to start, probably five times that many later.”

He thought for a moment, “You are talking about setting up a complete collage branch.”

“I guess so, but it seems to me that is what is needed.”

“I will discuss it with the Board of Regents in Oklahoma – it would multiply their capacity. Where would you put all of the students?”

“Dormitories would be built as needed but right now they could take over one of the hotels on the west side of Heavenly Island.”

“I will see what I can do.” He hesitated before continuing, “Now as to my problem; Russell’s wife Betty is not progressing as expected. Although she has lost a few pounds she still continues with her antagonistic attitude as well as other unacceptable characteristics. Unless she is hypnotized it is nearly impossible to even talk to her.”

Why in the world would he be talking to me about this? I didn’t have any kind of background that would be at all helpful. “I’m not sure what to say; does she give you any indication of what she needs when she is hypnotized?”

"All she wants are good whippings to atone for all of her past discretions. It’s not logical at all as it was actually childhood abuse and molestation.”

“I understand but perhaps that would help.”

“But it is unethical to do that.”

“The ethics here in the Islands are completely different from the States as I have mentioned before. You are free to handle the situation in any manner that appears will have a positive effect. Remember she is actually a legal prisoner because of her actions.”

“I can’t do it, I can’t whip her.”

“Then find someone who will. There must be hundreds of people right here in the Islands who would be glad to do the job for you.”

He thought for several minutes before speaking again, “She must never know who it was though.”

“Have whomever you happen to choose to administer the whipping wear a mask or even be fully clothed if there are any identifying characteristics. You also have the simplest option of blindfolding Betty.”

"Okay, I will get it arranged and see how well it works out but I can’t watch such a thing.”

“Good, Let me know when it will take place so that I can be sure there aren’t physical injuries.”

“I will set it up for a half hour from now; let’s say ten o’clock.”

I agreed and he seemed relieved.

I returned to the now empty serving line for another cup of coffee and another donut.

Sue was back in attendance and moving much more freely now. She grinned, “It’s working.”

I returned to the room, made a few entries in the little note book and relaxed for a few minutes.

I ambled up to the apartment that was being used to confine Betty. Jerry was talking to a big woman in the hallway outside the room when I arrived. The woman wasn’t overweight just big, about six feet tall with muscles that belong on a weight lifter. She was carrying several different floggers and straps.

Jerry was going over just how much of a whipping was to be applied and it seemed to me that he was restricting the action to the point of it becoming useless.

I finally spoke up, “Since I will be observing why not let me decide how far it needs to go?”

Jerry sighed with relief, “Good, but please don’t let her be injured.”

“I won’t but I can guarantee she will be wearing a few stripes for a couple days.” I had already decided how far to go; until she started to act decently.

I explained a few hand signals to the big woman, Jean, before we entered the room. Jerry said she was still hypnotized at the moment.

Betty was standing in the center of the room. Her hands were raised above her head; her feet were secured and widely spread to bullrings set in the floor. She had padded stainless snap-on stainless steal cuffs circling her wrists and ankles that were semi-permanent rather than the belt type cuffs in normally use. She was blindfolded by a leather hood that also covered her ears; she would be unable to hear any normal conversations.

She stood totally still without making a sound which was completely out of character for her. Jerry said one word into a small transmitter he held in his hand, Ragamuffin.”

She came to life screaming and swearing like a drunken sailor. Jerry left and slammed the door shut. Apparently Betty was able to sense the vibrations from the slamming door and thought she was alone as her wild temper tantrum came to an end as soon as the door closed. She began tugging and pulling on her restraints testing their limits. At one point she lifted herself completely off of the floor.

Using hand signals just in case she could hear I instructed Jean to apply five medium strokes to her left ass cheek. Jean took a position to Betty’s right side and slightly behind her. She chose a medium flogger about two feet long. She quietly laid the other implements on the floor out of the way.

She swung the flogger several times to get the feel of it; Betty didn’t give any indication that she was able to hear the swishing sound that it made as it passed through the air.

The first stroke landed squarely in the center of her left ass cheek and wrapped around to the out side of her cheek; this gal was good with a flogger.

Betty was caught off guard; she jumped and gasped but didn’t scream until she was able to take a deep breath. Then she screamed, much longer and louder than that stoke deserved. When she started swearing Jean applies a second stroke slightly above the first. No scream this time just a string of nasty names for whoever was whipping her.

Jean just smiled as she applied the third stroke; again slightly above the previous one.

Betty’s vindictive comments continued as Jean waited a full minute before the next stroke which contacted that oversized ass just below the marks from the first stroke.

The fifth stroke was applied immediately with out any pause and made contact at the crease between the upper leg and the ass cheek.

Betty screamed again but it was still from anger rather than the sting.

I stepped forward to examine the affected area. There were many thin stripes across that ample ass but none of them overlapped. A nice bright pink color was developing.

I gave Jean a ‘Thumbs Up’ and signaled for her to do the right ass cheek next. I also indicated that there shouldn’t be any pauses, five strokes quickly.

She moved to Betty’s left side and the first stroke was applied at the top of the ass cheek, the second impacted the crease between upper leg and ass. The next three strokes filled the space between the first two.

Jean stepped back as I examined the results; both cheeks were now a glowing pink with many horizontal strips; the placement was absolutely perfect.

Betty’s attitude had gotten even worse; in fact she was now promising to mutilate whoever it was that was whipping her. The sting in her ass had to be the center of her attention now but she had stopped screaming and was yelling curses and threats. I think Jerry would have said, “Her anger was being vented,” or something like that. My thoughts were that she was just pissed to the max.

By now I was sure she was unable to hear anything so Jean and I had a softly whispered discussion in a far corner of the room. She thought the next set of strokes should be from a leather strap that was two inches wide so that all areas of that flabby ass would be properly covered. This gal seemed to be highly experienced so I agreed and suggested the same pattern of strokes; five on the left cheek and then five on the right cheek.

The first stroke was at the top of the left cheek and the other four that followed were applied in order; each below the previous stoke without a pause. A quick move to the other side and the pattern was repeated on the right cheek. All ten strokes were delivered in less than a minute.

Betty screamed with the second stroke and began to twist and turn in a useless effort to avoid further contact. When I examined the results there were several places where the strokes had overlapped due to her movements.

Apparently the leather strap was creating a lot more sensation than had been accomplished with the flogger; Betty was breathing hard but the swearing and threats had stopped.

Now Jean suggested five vertical strokes to each cheek, alternating between the left and right cheeks with a pause between strokes; sounded good to me.

Jean applied the first stroke to the right cheek at a slight angle as deeply as possible in the ass crack without touching the left cheek. The reaction was instantaneous from this untouched area; a scream of surprise and a mighty effort to pull away as she twisted and tugged on the restraints.

Jean waited until the movement stopped before applying a duplicate stroke to the left cheek. The reaction was even greater this time.

We waited a couple minutes for the movement to stop before Jean applied a vertical stroke to the center of the right cheek; there was a reaction to this stroke also but the movement stopped much sooner and a stroke to the left cheek was applied.

Finally Betty said something in a normal but strained voice, “How long are you going to beat me, until I’m dead?”

I felt this was progress, she was thinking about herself rather than retaliation. I nodded for Jean to continue.

The rest of this set of strokes was applied with no sound and very little movement from Betty.

Next Jean picked up another flogger; this one was much smaller than the one she started with but built a little differently. The falls were a foot long, the same as the handle. She demonstrated how it could be used by swirling the falls in a circle; a light stroke could be delivered about every second.

She began to swirl the falls in a horizontal spin and move closer to Betty’s big ass. As she approached the tips of the falls began to make contact with the top of Betty’s left ass cheek and covered the area with many light strokes for a couple minutes before moving to the right cheek.

Betty didn’t react right away but began to twist and turn after a few seconds and her reactions increased as the light strokes continued. As she moved about the contact would change; some strokes became lighter as she would move away and stronger as she would move closer to the swirling falls.

Jean made minor adjustment in an effort to make all the strokes consistent but never slowed down. When she felt she had spent enough time flogging the tops of the ass cheeks she proceeded to move her attack to the out side of the right cheek and then the ass crack side of the left ass cheek.

Soon she changed the direction of the swirling falls to be able to make proper contact with the outside of the left cheek. A minute or so later the inner side of the right cheek was receiving her attention.

Betty was now dancing as much as her restraints would allow and breathing hard as Jean paused for a couple minutes to rest her arm.

I examined the marks; it looked like there would be some minor bruising where some of the strokes from the leather strap had overlapped due to her movements but nothing even close to a serious injury. I stepped back and waited for Jean to continue with what I felt would be the final set of strokes.

Jean began to swirl the falls in a vertical circle and moved closer to Betty’s ass. The fall began to make contact with the bottom side of those droopy ass cheeks.

Apparently this was a tender spot as she squealed and jumped.

Jean continued, working across the bottom of both cheeks for a full two minutes. Finally she looked at me and said softly, “Watch this.”

She directed the swirling falls directly at the lower end of Betty’s ass crack and began to work towards the top of it. When the contact was about half was to the top of the crack Betty screamed but it was a different scream some how. Jean continued in that area for a few seconds before stopping. She looked at me, “Done,” was all she said as she picked up all of her instruments and walked to the door.

I looked at Betty; she was hanging limply in the restraints, breathing hard but not making any noises.

When we left the room we found Jerry nervously pacing up and down the hall. He rushed to us, “What happened? Is she alright?”

I started to say I thought she had passed out but Jean interrupted me, “She is just fine, she had a major orgasm and is in sub space right now.”

Jerry looked through the open doorway at Betty then back at Jean and shook his head. “I didn’t expect this; can you help me get her on the bed?”

As soon as Jerry released her ankles Jean picked her up and held her, all two hundred plus pounds of her, while her wrists were also released. Jean gently placed her on the bed as Jerry attached the ankle chain and began to remove the hood.

Both of them returned to the hall and Jerry thanked Jean over and over again. She just smiled, “Glad I could help. Call me if you need anything more,” and walked toward the elevator.

I patted Jerry on the shoulder, “Its way past time for some coffee.” Actually it was lunchtime.

As we waited for the elevator to return he said, “I really didn’t know what her reaction would be. I thought I had considered all the possibilities but somehow I never considered this.”

“Do you feel this helped her?”

“Oh yes, tremendously but I think many more sessions will be needed before she will recover from the memories of her abuses as a child. She has given me an area to focus on that she has adamantly refused to discuss. It will take time but I feel she is on the way to recovery now.”

The cafeteria was just beginning to fill up and it only took a couple minutes to get a tray and go to the private room. I tore a page out of my little notebook and scribbled a quick ‘Do Not Disturb’ message on it and stuck it to the door with a little dab of butter from my tray, hoping it would stay long enough for Jerry and me to discuss Betty’s reaction a little more.

I was curious what subject she had refused to discuss; I didn’t have to ask as Jerry opened the discussion. “She would never discuss her reactions to the abusive activities that had been forced upon her, only that they had happened and described them in detail but never her reactions.”

“Were you able to determine why she was acting that way?”

“Yes, she was ashamed of what she had been forced to do and refused to comment further than a description of the activities. She never said if she had enjoyed any of it at any time.”

“I’m surprised she could have a reasonably normal relationship with Russell under those circumstances.”

“She didn’t, during my interview with Russell he disclosed that she would avoid any sexual contact as much as possible, thus the phony fainting spells and such any time something came up she didn’t want to do. The marriage was essentially over several years ago; they became roommates with twin beds.”

Jerry was in deep though for several minutes before he said, “The fact that she reached an orgasm from a whipping indicates to me that she did experience some pleasurable sensations from some of the abuse but feels so guilty she has blocked it out. Russell said she never had an orgasm as long as they were married but he never tried anything like a whipping when I interviewed him so the stimulation she had become accustomed to was not in the relationship and poor Russell didn’t have any means of discovering what was missing. The whipping today was enough to override a little of her guilt.”

It sounded logical to me, “So more whippings will be needed to continue to remove her guilt feelings?”

“I’m sure of that and hopefully she will develop a sense that her Uncle was the cause of her problems and direct her anger in that direction rather than at the whole world in general.”

Just as he finished his diagnosis Klaus, Kathy, Boris and Desiree burst into the room; I guess the butter had melted and dropped my little note. As they arranged themselves around the table I noticed that Klaus and Boris were not discussing the oil wells for the first time in weeks, in fact they were not talking at all but seemed to be deep in thought. Kathy and Desiree were chatting quietly; Jerry and I were finally eating our now semi-warm meals.

Boris, who was fully dressed, was the first to break the silence, “She will be here in less than an hour; I am in terrible trouble.”

Klaus tried to cheer him up. “You don’t know that for sure, just be yourself and see what happens.”

“She will kill me, I just know it.”

Curiosity got the best of Jerry about ten seconds before I was going to ask who this terrible ‘She’ was that Boris was dreading. Klaus was helpful enough to explain that Boris’s wife, Tonya, was on a plane scheduled to land in less than an hour. It would be the first time they had been together in months.

A faint smile played across Jerry’s face as he continued eating without making any comment; he just nodded.

I got a fresh cup of coffee and relaxed a little bit as everyone else finished their meal.

Boris said it was time to face the music and I offered to drive him to the airfield to pick up his wife; he readily agreed as he had a major problem keeping a vehicle on the right side of the road. He had nearly hit a construction truck directly between the headlights with my old van during his one and only driving experience here in the islands.

The plane was making a final approach as I drove to the main hanger that also contained the offices. As the plane touched down Bill came out of the hanger followed by four burly men pushing baggage carts. He walked over to the van, “I don’t think there are a dozen usable file cabinets on this whole damned Island. I had some sent here from Hopeful.” I just agreed with him; this was the Bill I was used to.

I didn’t recognize any of the people that left the plane however Boris said, “There she is,” and walked to the group to welcome her.

She was a strikingly pretty woman, tall, slim and well dressed with long blonde hair; nothing like the commonly seen peasant women so often show on TV and in the magazines.

Boris brought her to the van and introduced her to me; she didn’t even blink when she realized I was nude. She had a slight accent that seemed to me to be more French than Russian.

A couple suitcases were loaded in the van as I watched Bill and his crew began to remove large boxes from the cargo hold; there must have been about forty of them. That should keep him busy for a couple days.

I took the long way back to the hotel to give Boris and his wife time to chat a little before being confronted with the realities of the island. We passed by a couple beaches; there were a few people there but too far away to really be that noticeable.

Boris asked if she had eaten; she said, “No, they didn’t serve meals on the plane.”

As I drove up to the main entrance the open beach came into view and she comment, “This is beautiful.”

Boris and I each carried a suitcase up to the apartment and then proceeded to the cafeteria. Of course there were dozens of people there virtually all of them nude; again Tonya didn’t give any indication that there was anything unusual about it.

I chatted with Sue a little bit as I waited for Tonya to finish making her food choices and was pleased to hear her tell Boris that the selection was at least double anything commonly found in Russia.

Of course I got a cup of coffee and suggested that they could use the private room and I would attend to other matters. Tonya said, “Please stay, I have many questions.”

Sue was due to take a break and asked if she could join us; Tonya was delighted. She removed her apron, got a cup of coffee and walked with us to the room.

Apparently Tonya had been well advised of the dress code as Sue’s piercings only drew a slight glance. I’m not sure she noticed my piercing at all.

Tonya’s first question concerned how the food was paid for and Sue described the system and explained the lack of money usage; No pockets to carry it in.

Her next question was a little different; “How long does it take to get accustomed to being nude?” Sue and I laughed, Boris got embarrassed.

I replied, “It takes about ten minutes, actually people that are dressed attract much more attention than the naked ones.”

She smiled, “I guess I will be able to determine that for myself very shortly.” She continued to ask question after question and quickly moved from minor social inquiries to more substantial areas of interest that seemed to center on the financial structure of the Islands.

I dodged as many of her questions as possible and tried to misdirect her on a few of the answers but she was persistent enough to realize what I was doing. She finally asked me point blank, “Where did all this money come from?”

My standard answer; “From the stock market,” was not accepted.

She shook her head, “It would take many, many years to amass the wealth I have seen displayed here even if all decisions were correct and every trade produced a profit.”

She stopped for a moment, “The last couple of years have been a nightmare for investors all over the world. Many financial institutions were destroyed and many more seriously damaged but you were able to reap unbelievable profits during that time, very interesting. I must learn more about you trading methods.”

I smiled at her; she was getting too close to the truth so I gave her the names of a few stocks that I expected to show modest growth in the near future and excused myself with the statement, “I have to go now; other matters require my attention. Perhaps we can meet for dinner at seven?”

Boris nodded and Sue stood up to leave also as her break had been over for some time. I went directly to my apartment and booted the computer to life; I wanted to know where Tonya was getting her information.

I found her file and quickly read it; that gal was a fully qualified collage professor in economics and had been a member of an elite Russian think tank until she had ‘disappeared’ recently. It was altogether possible she knew or at least suspected a lot more about the financial condition of the Islands than she was disclosing; we were going to have a serious discussion at the first opportunity.

I called Jeff to see if he had any further information on Tonya; his information indicated she was not on the ‘Good Guy List’ anymore and possibly was on the wanted list as a defector.

I really didn’t have any plans for the rest of the afternoon so I laid down on the bed for a short nap. The nap was suddenly forgotten when there was a determined knock on the apartment door.

I opened the door to see Boris and Tonya standing there; both were now nude. I saw Tonya’s hands flutter as she overcame the natural tendency to try to cover up. I invited them in and offered to make a pot of coffee. Boris said, “Make it very strong.”

We engaged in small talk for a while as that unwilling coffee maker slowly dribbled a strongly brewed liquid into the pot. Tonya became more at ease as we talked but Boris was fidgeting.

Finally I was able to fill three coffee cups and set them on the table as I ask what they wanted to see me about.

Boris just pointed at his wife and hung his head. Tonya looked me straight in the eye, “I believe you had a part in the financial collapse that took place a year or so ago.”

Yep, she had figured it out up to a point. “How did you come to that conclusion?”

“Mostly the timing and the amounts that must have been involved however there has been a suspicion of stock manipulation for some time,” was her quick reply.

I decided to play dumb, “I had heard something about that on the TV news shows at the time but no one seemed to be able to determine exactly what had taken place except that there was a lot of political fallout.”

“Yes, there was a considerable amount of fallout and it is still happening in some areas. There have been hundreds of deaths, all listed as “Suicide” and thousands of people still missing. The common consensus is that a loosely organized world wide group all activated their programs at the same time. The market was hit from a hundred directions by a well coordinated attack.”

Now I could tell a little bit of the truth, “I have never been involved with any other group, just this one that was established to build a fun place for people to live and relax.”

“I’m not sure you are telling me the whole truth.”

I changed the subject, “My information indicates that both you and Boris are wanted fugitives in Russia.”

“Yes, that is true. We will never return to that corrupt country for any reason.”

I smiled, “How do you feel about all the dead and missing politicians and gangsters?”

“Good riddance but there are many more that managed to cover their butts.” I called Jeff and asked him to come to my apartment ASAP; he was there in five minutes.

I introduced him to Tonya and explained what she had determined had happened.

He just nodded, “First of all she can be trusted implicitly. Second she unknowingly helped set up that big stock sting that you pulled off by supplying little bits of pertinent information to the CIA.”

Tonya gasped, “You did that by yourself?”

I laughed, “Yep, just me and my computer.”

“The group at the Institute in Moscow thought Klaus Wilhelm Gerber was the key player, we didn’t know you existed.”

Jeff filled her in on all the details as I listened; when it was told directly I found it hard to believe I had really created all that much confusion and was still able to stay hidden.

Tonya laughed, “You did a good job. We were never able to follow the money far enough to lead anywhere. Speaking of money, Boris and I have a rather sizable account in a French bank but are unable to access it without being identified, can you help with that?”

“Sure, give me the account numbers and I will move it out of that bank and scramble it enough so that it will never be traced. It will be available to you within forty-eight hours.”

She clapped her hands like a little girl, “Wonderful!”

Jeff continued, “You are both safe here for the time being but sooner or later someone will recognize you so be on your guard and keep us informed so that we can protect you.”

Jeff stood up to leave as he pointed at me, “You need to find something for that gal to do; she is a real asset.”

I was thinking the same thing and said so as he left the apartment. I was also going to have a serious discussion with him for withholding information from me.

I turned to Tonya, “What type of job would you like?”

“Something in the accounting field if possible.”

“Okay, you are now the comptroller for the three islands. I will have Joan Batson, the comptroller of the City, come here to get you set up and running. Offices will be provided at the airfield until more suitable quarters can be located. You and Boris are welcome to stay here in the hotel or you may wish to move to a private cottage.”

“Does that mean I will be responsible for disbursement of funds?”

“Yes but with some restrictions; amounts over two million dollars must be approved by Joan. Amounts over five million dollars must be approved by me or Klaus.”

Bill was going to be upset again when he learned he must work with a woman but there had to be some controls on him also.

I poured another cup of coffee as Boris and Tonya left the apartment. It was too late now to take a nap so I went to the computer and transferred the funds out of the French bank and commingled it with several other accounts before consolidating it in an account I set up in Argentina for the time being; Boris and Tonya could move it where ever they wanted in a couple days.

Time for dinner. The cafeteria was filling up as I entered but the line was moving quickly for a change. I went to the private room and began to enjoy a solitary meal as I went over all that had taken place.

As I was enjoying a piece of apple pie Desiree entered, said, “Hi,” and sat down opposite me at the table.

I asked how her day had gone and she explained that she had been helping a group of girls clean up the playroom. She chatted about how much trash had been just thrown on the floor or left on the tables.

She didn’t mention anything about the play session last night so I felt reasonably sure that she had found it enjoyable also.

Clyde and Betty Parker had finished the tour and soon entered the room. Clyde commented, “Those are some fancy hotels on that other island.”

I nodded my agreement as I finished the last of the pie. “How many people will be required to keep them clean?”

“At full occupancy; about fifty each,” he replied.

"Can you enlist that many people in the next month or so?”

“Yes, I can have fifty here within a couple days.”

“Do it. They can work on the grounds until the hotels open for business. Be sure to give Bill a list of what equipment you will need.”

I noticed that several more people from the City had entered the serving line and undoubtedly would be coming to this room also.

Yep, Robert and Susan soon arrived closely followed by Jonathan and Marylyn as well as Boris and Tonya. Klaus and Kathy were the last to arrive.

Desiree didn’t notice Tonya as her back was toward the door but Tonya recognized Desiree and hugged her in greeting.

Robert wanted to talk about the security program but I told him to postpone it until tomorrow; I had covered enough territory for one day. By the time everyone had finished eating the sun was getting very low on the horizon.

We moved out to the beach just as the bonfires were being lit. More people were gathering and of course the every present boom box was going strong. A few couples were dancing but most were just lounging around and chatting.

Boris and Klaus were talking about the oil wells, again. Kathy was chatting with Tonya about how easy it was to get used to being clothes free. It seemed as though Susan and Marylyn had formed a friendship also.

When the music changed to a slow song the dancing couples began to pull each other closer; soon two of the couples moved to a grassy area and sexual play began in earnest.

I noticed Tonya watching those two couples giggling and laughing as they teased and pleased each other in many different combinations. She turned to Kathy, “Does this type of rotation happen frequently?”

Kathy replied, “All the time,” and laughed.

Tonya turned her attention back to the two couples as they switched partners again. “I have heard of such activities but I have never seen it actually take place. Such freedom from restrictions must be exhilarating.”

I thought back to much earlier in the day when Boris’ concern for his wife’s reactions had brought a smile to Jerry’s face. I though it had been because a big bear of a man like Boris was concerned about being confronted. Now I realized the smile was an acknowledgement that Tonya’s psychological profile indicated that she was going to fit into our group amazingly well.

Robert accused Susan of neglecting him and she was soon kissing the head of his pierced cock. Klaus pick up the theme and Kathy was soon busy also. Desiree was a little hesitant when I motioned for her to come to me, probably because Tonya was there and they had known each other for many years but Tonya said, “Go to him,” as she also stood up and move between Boris’ legs. She hesitated momentarily to comment that the other girls had nice decorated penises to kiss before she began to lick and kiss the tip in front of her.

I saw a shiver run through Boris as he thought about what she had said.

Desiree was taking a real interest in her assigned task and I soon had to hold her head still for a couple minutes. I suggested that she could sit on my lap, with all that such a move would imply; again she hesitated.

Dumb me; she was self-conscious with Tonya there but had gone further than ever before with others around. I asked if she would rather go to the apartment to continue and she readily agreed.

I made some lame excuse about a busy day; everyone laughed knowing full well what was going to happen, Desiree blushed, I gave a thumbs up sign and we walked back to the hotel hand in hand. As soon as we enter the apartment she said, “Now I will gladly sit on your lap.”

I looked down at the little man or rather where he had been but since he was now hiding under my stomach he was out of sight. I told her she was going to have to start all over again.

She giggled and dropped to her knees; the little man returned to full attention in seconds.

I asked how her back door was doing; she looked puzzled for a few seconds before she realized what I was referring to. She stood up and wiggled her butt, “It is fine.”

I led her to the bed and told her I was going to give her a spanking; she jumped on the bed, rolled over on her stomach and said, “Okay.”

I put ankle cuffs on her and instructed her to stack up three pillows and lay over them so that her ass would be well elevated. I then secured her ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. She was now so well spread that her brown eye was in plain sight.

I asked her if I needed to secure her wrist also as it was going to be a good spanking.

“No, I will be good and keep my hands out of the way.”

I gathered up a few items that I would need and laid them on the nightstand. I sat on the side of the bed, applied a generous amount of lotion to her ass cheeks and massaged those twin globes for a few minutes with a good solid slap applied now and then. I made sure to let some of the lotion run down the crack between her ass cheeks and all around the rear opening.

I started to do a serious hand spanking; a couple hard slaps to each cheek followed by a little more massage. As I progressed there were more slaps and less massage until she was beginning to softly moan.

I added a little more lotion and massaged her buns as I watched them slowly begin to show some pink.

Time for the next item; a leather strap that was two inches wide and very supple that was designed to sting but not bruise. The first stroke made her squeal, the second was followed by silence but the third again produced a squeal as did the fourth and fifth to her left cheek.

I changed position and applied five to the other cheek before I reached between her legs to find her dripping wet. I teased her clit for a few moments and brought her close to an orgasm before continuing with her spanking.

She was now aroused enough that she was raising her ass up for each stroke. Another five to each cheek and she was moaning from her arousal.

Using the extra lotion pooled in her ass crack as a lubricant I inserted a finger in her rear opening as I teased her clitty with my other hand. After a few seconds with one finger imbedded in her I added a second finger as she exploded with her first orgasm of the evening.

I held the two fingers in place as she heaved and twisted while her orgasm peaked and then slowly passed.

As soon as she relaxed I withdrew and applied five more strokes to each cheek, increasing the force with each stroke. I massaged her cheeks with one hand as I again inserted two fingers in her brown spot without effort. I positioned a third finger for entry as I stopped massaging her ass and teased her clitty until she again reached an orgasm.

As her orgasm reached its peak I inserted the third finger also. Her puckered portal was now stretched to a little more than an inch. I continued to apply a little pressure and was able to achieve entrance a little past the second knuckle.

I let her relax and again applied five hard strokes to each cheek after which just a touch to her clit set her off. I picked up a butt plug with a one and a half inch diameter and pressed it against her rear passage as her orgasm peaked. With moderate pressure the plug slid into place and served to prolong her orgasm for several minutes longer.

By the time her orgasm was fading the little man was getting impatient from the sight of those nice buns bouncing and quivering so invitingly. Did I ever mention that I like butts, especially when they are a nice pink?

I climbed up on the bed between her widely spread legs and quickly entered her waiting opening. It was a snug fit with that butt plug in place. The snugness had the effect of increasing the sensations for her as it forced the ball on my apadravya barbell to press much harder against her G spot.

A dozen slow strokes and her orgasm continued to build and produce repeated vaginal contractions as she moaned and screamed her total involvement until she passed out.

One last thrust and I too reached the heights of a well deserved orgasm. I held my position until the throbbing had subsided before withdrawing and retrieving a damp wash cloth to clean the two of us up a little bit; a shower could wait until morning.

I released her ankles and rolled her off of the stack of pillows. I got in bed beside her, pulled her close and went to sleep.