The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Ten

The room was flooded with sunlight when I awoke. Sandy was still asleep beside me and it didnít look as though she had moved all night. I stumbled over to that God awful slow coffee maker, managed to get it started and slipped into the shower.

I guess I had made too much noise making coffee as Sandy soon joined me. We washed each other and I examined her for bruises, although there were still visible marks in all the right places there was only one bruise on her butt where a stroke had overlapped somehow.

We dried off and I called Klaus to join us for breakfast; from the way he sounded I think I woke him up and I had to grin about it. He handed the phone to Kathy and she said they would come to my apartment in a few minutes. I poured a cup of coffee for Sandy and myself and we sat down at the table to wait.

I remembered that I had removed Sandyís nipple stretchers and decided to put them back in place. By the time the stretchers were properly positioned Klaus and Kathy arrived.

I was not at all surprised to see that Kathy had several nice pink marks on her titties as well as her butt. Of course she also had a butt plug firmly in place.

We casually strolled to the cafeteria and decided on pancakes and eggs for breakfast. As Sue entered the needed information in the computer I noticed her glancing at Sandyís nice pink striped breasts and saw her trying to hide a smile.

We moved to a table at the rear of the room so that I could see who was coming and going just in case someone I wanted to talk to came in. The girls were sitting with their backs to the room and didnít notice when Sybille and Desiree entered and to my surprise they were both nude. They filled their trays and walked toward us.

This was going to be interesting; Desiree had not been exposed to the visual results of a good play session yet as the atmosphere of the hurricane party was still very much in effect. Sybille sat down beside Sandy and Desiree walked around the table, placed her tray in front of the chair beside me and sat down. When she looked up at Sandy she almost screamed and turned white as a ghost.

I waited to see what she was going to say but she just sat there and stared at Sandyís pink titties, then at Kathyís breasts and back to Sandy again. It only took a second for Sybille to pick up on what was causing Desiree such distress. She giggled, "It looks like someone, actually several someones had a little fun last night."

Sandy grinned and said, "I sure did." Kathy joined in, "Yep, me too." Desiree just stared at them.

Sandy reached across the table and took her hand, "Donít be upset, I enjoyed every minute of it." Kathy nodded her agreement.

The meal was concluded in almost total silence except for Klaus and me discussing business. The girls ate in silence for a change.

We left the cafeteria and went by the apartment so that Sandy could get dressed in a pair of slacks and a loose fitting blouse that would fit over her stretched nipples for the flight to Hopeful. Sybille and Desiree decided to ride along to the airfield to say a personal, "Goodbye, have a safe trip and hurry back" to Sandy.

There was a 737 sitting near the hanger and about fifty people standing around waiting to get on board; mostly collage kids going back for the fall semester.

Sandy and I said our goodbyes and she hugged the other girls and gave Klaus a kiss on the cheek before walking up the stairs into the plane.

We sat in the van and watched as the plane took off before we returned to the hotel.

Klaus said he needed to make a few phone calls so he and Kathy returned to their apartment. I decided another cup of coffee was need and headed for the cafeteria and to my surprise Sybille and Desiree came with me.

I went to the private room as I had a few calls to make also and they both tagged along. Sybille was bright and bubbly while Desiree seemed lost in thought. I was pretty sure what those thoughts were and was glad Sybille was there.

We had no sooner sat down at the table before Desiree exclaimed, "How could you be so cruel to Sandy?"

Sybille giggled and Desiree just stared at her as if she was crazy.

Sybille stated, "He was doing exactly what she wanted him to do."

Desiree shook her head, "No one would want that."

Sybille giggled again, "Sure they would, in fact I like it too. Believe me, Sandy enjoyed it. Most of the people here enjoy it. Remember all the weird questions that were on the application you filled out? Well, this type of activity was the reason for them."

Desiree was shaking her head, "I just canít believe that. I thought it was because of the lack of clothing."

I finally had to say something, "Jerry is much better qualified for this type of discussion than I am but I will give it a try anyway. All activities here are consensual, that is every participant agrees with the activities at hand. I suspect this is a considerably different viewpoint than you were taught as a child but it is true. I also suspect that you were taught that sex was a wifeís duty and should not be at all pleasurable."

She was nodding in agreement. I was cheating a little bit since I had read Jerryís report but this would help me get my point across.

I continued, "People are all different; that is they respond differently to different types of stimulations. Now, Sandyís response to a titty spanking is felt between her legs."

Desiree stated, "That canít be true."

Sybille giggled again; she was enjoying this, "Yes it is true, I really enjoy a good titty spanking; it makes my clitty throb."

Desiree was shaking her head, "This is unbelievable and all the sexual activity at the beach in front of everyone was just..."

Sybille finished the sentence, "Wonderful."

I thought back to Desireeís application and test results which showed her first sexual encounter at age sixteen so I asked her about it.

"He was a friend from school and I let him do some exploring. When my father found out he beat me so badly that I missed a week of school. I never talked to that boy again."

I really didnít want to open a Pandoraís Box but I felt that it was necessary to ask, "Did you enjoy sex with your husband?"

Her eyes filled with tears, "He was so kind and gentle and enjoyed it so much that I was glad to be with him."

Hmm, an evasive answer, "But did you receive any enjoyment from it?"

"I was satisfied that he was pleased."

Evasive again, a direct question was needed here, "Desiree, did you experience an orgasm with your husband?"

"My mother told me that orgasms were just an old wives tale and never happened to good girls."

Sybille giggled some more, "Then Iím a very bad girl."

I tried to keep a straight face but couldnít, even Desiree had to grin a little bit.

I continued by explaining that the female anatomy was designed to provide many exquisite sensations and would become more and more sensitive with continuing experiences.

The discussion was interrupted by Jack and the team from ARM. Jack sat down beside Sybille, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, "This place must be Shangri-La with all the pretty girls I see."†Sybille giggled and Desiree blushed nicely.

Now that was something to think about, a name for the island group. I liked it; a reference to the mythical vacation spot of former United States president FDR. Now all that was needed was a name for each of the islands.

The girls soon left and I asked if a plan had been devised on just how to dismantle the old Hawaii Clipper.

"Yep," Jack quickly answered, "We are going to completely dismantle that old lady piece by piece. Iíve talked to Jim and heís going to provide a crew of ten men to help us starting this morning."

John Bates added, "As quickly as the parts are returned to the States the process of duplication and restoration can begin. Randall will stay here to assist Jack with the supervision of the crew. Derrick, Jerome and I will be leaving tomorrow."

I asked John if it would be possible to park some of the aircraft we had acquired at his facility if we permitted them to perform all the needed maintenance and reconditioning on them. He readily agreed which was a great relief as I didnít want to get into setting up facilities for that right now. The minor repairs could be handled at the airfield in Hopeful and here on the island but the periodic inspections required were another matter.

They finished eating and quickly left to meet with their crew and begin the process of dismantling the old plane.

I called Klaus; now that I was alone I felt we needed to talk about several subjects. He agreed to meet me in the private room here in the cafeteria. When he arrived I filled him in on the solar panel demonstration. He was silent but had a broad grin on his face; I was willing to bet that weíd end up owning the electric company that supplies several counties around Hopeful.

We discussed the possibility of full sized cars and trucks that could be powered by a special transparent coating on the roof. This led to the need for batteries. Klaus quickly said a factory could be built on the south island to supply the anticipated worldwide demand that was foreseen as that Island was destined to be mostly commercial and was only loosely associated with the other two islands. A second factory in Hopeful would supply the local needs there as well as the rest of the U. S.

Klaus gave me a quick recap of the trip he made to the south island with Boris. Theyíd discovered that there was an underwater shelf extending almost a half mile out from the southern end of the island that would be perfect for off shore drilling. He suggested that a dam could be built around a small area and the foundations for the drill rig put in place without the need of underwater activities.

Boris had stated that the volcanic rock would be easy to drill through but wasnít sure what might be under it. He was sure there would be oil if the wells were deep enough.

This brought us to the situation with Borisís wife waiting in London for permission to go to Hopeful for evaluation and testing. Klaus wanted to fly her in directly to Dallas but I suggested that she be flown to Miami and it would be easy to move her, unnoticed, to one of our planes that often refueled there on the way to and from the islands. We agreed on this procedure as the testing and evaluation center on the north island was now operational.

Klaus immediately called Boris to give him the news; he was delighted. Arrangements were made for a recognition code for her when she transferred to our private plane.†

The last item on my list was a name for the islands; I told Klaus what Jack had commented and it sounded good to him also. He even suggested the airline should be named Shangri-La Airlines, Direct Route to Heaven. That sounded fine to me; we now had a name for the northern island, Heavenly Island.

We discussed the center island and several names we mentioned including, Home Island, Bay Island or just leave it alone as Center Island. We finally decided to call it Majestic Island due to the spectacular view that was seen when arriving in the bay during the afternoon and evening with the white hotel reflecting the sunlight. While we were naming thing we decided it was the Majestic Hotel also.

We decided the southern island would be called Innovation Island because of the type of industries that were planned for it. Of course the Fat Farm would be there as well as the Detention Center for any major law breakers.

By now it was lunch time and the cafeteria was filling up. I got a quick sandwich and a cup of coffee before returning to the private room to make a few phone calls while Klaus went to find Kathy; she had left her phone in the apartment.

Bill was the first one on my mental list. I told him Sandy was on the way to replace him for a couple weeks and I was looking forward to seeing him here in the islands by the end of the week.

I also told him to expect a call from Mark Epson to order the ingredients for his solar panel spray.† I casually dropped a comment about building a battery factory and asked that he locate the needed equipment. I hung up before he finished telling me we didnít need a battery factory.

I called Jeff and detailed what I felt would be a fairly safe means of transporting Borisí wife to the islands. I suggested he supply her with an escort and a set of papers that would hide her true identity, have her moved to Paris via the Chunnel and fly from there to Miami. I asked that he coordinate the whole thing due to his high degree of success in such matters. It never hurt to grease the wheels now and then besides I figured there would be enough intrigue when it was time to move the drilling crews out of France.

Just as I put the phone down Jim walked into the room carrying his dinner tray and a small cell phone and with a headset microphone and earpiece in place. He was talking to someone as he set the tray on the table. The last thing I heard him say was, "Iíll get back to you as soon as I find out anything."

He looked at me with a slight grin showing, "You sure know how to get him going."

I had no idea who the ĎHimí was he was referring to, "What did I do now?"

"That was Bill, it seems Mark called him and ordered thousands of gallons of chemicals then you told him to find a battery factory. He was just telling me he was going to come down here to the Islands and have a serious discussion with you."

Yep, Bill was due for a vacation.

I went over the experiment with the solar panels with Jim and then he understood the reason for the chemical order but didnít connect it to the battery factory situation. I explained, "Solar powered vehicles need batteries just as much as the power grids. Since there is going to be a major demand in a few months I want to be able to supply them as they are needed." I explained the factory would be near the oil wells and that a major docking facility would be needed also.

He nodded, "You sure make my job interesting." He continued, "The major construction projects on the Northern Island are all wrapping up and the last hotel will be completed in a couple weeks. You should be open for business by the end of September."

I took a couple minutes and explained the new names that had been selected. He nodded and continued, "The foundations are going in as we speak on Innovation Island. They will be completed within the time frame you wanted."

I dipped a finger in my coffee and traced a circle on the table, "We also will need a couple hundred three and four bedroom homes. I think they should be arranged in a circle about a mile across with center area used for recreation such as a golf course, soccer field, swimming pool and anything else you can think of for family activities. We will also need schools, a shopping center, a dispensary and restaurants."

He nodded, "Good, Iím going to have a lot of men available soon."

We also discussed widening the roads for full sized vehicles on all the islands and boring a tunnel from the Majestic Hotel to the freight docks.

Our discussion lasted until almost six in the afternoon. I went out to the beach just to walk around a little and think about anything that I had missed in the discussion. There were a few people getting the bonfire laid out and ready for later in the evening as well as making sure all the trash containers were empty.

As I ambled along the beach my thoughts turned to Sybille and Desiree for some reason. They were an unlikely pair; the totally uninhibited teenager and the Ďforty somethingí widow that had never had a climax in her life. This was something for Jerry to work on.

I returned to the apartment, lay down on the bed to think about all the developments that were underway but dozed off instead.

I began to wake up from a dream where I was being molested by a couple girls; nice dream. I soon realized my subconscious was playing tricks on me and converting real time events to fit into a dream scenario; something similar to an alarm clock going off and the sound being worked into a dream as the buzzer at the end of a school class.††

There really was something molesting me. I peeked out of one eye to see what it was and discovered there was a hand wrapped around my cock and it was turning and twisting it every which way. With my one barely open eye worked my sight up the arm to a shoulder and a pair or pierced nipples. I looked a little higher and saw two pair of eyes that were staring at my crotch and I recognized both of them.

I quickly grabbed the arm that was attached to the hand on my cock and pulled. Sybille landed on her stomach across me. I proceeded to administer a well deserved hand spanking as she screamed and giggled.

Desiree put her hands over her mouth in surprise, turned to run and fell into the chair Russell had been using with her butt in the air also; nice sight but too far away from me to spank.

After ten good swats I let Sybille up but promised her a trip to the playroom right after dinner. She stuck her tongue out at me as she rubbed her now rosy red butt with both hands.

I turned my attention to Desiree who had managed to get turned around and was now sitting in the chair. I motioned for her to come over to me and lay across my stomach in the same position Sybille had been in. She reluctantly complied but moved as slowly as possible to delay the coming action.

When she was in position I applied one really good swat to each ass cheek then waited for the color to develop on her light and only slightly tanned skin. I was rewarded with the appearance of two perfect hand prints. I added two more hand prints before I let her up. She hadnít made a sound but was soon rubbing her buns also.

She looked at me with tear-filled eyes, "You spanked me as if I was a small child."††

"Yep, I sure did."

Sybille giggled, "My clitty is throbbing."

Desiree looked annoyed, "That is ridiculous, a beating couldnít possibly affect me like..." She hesitated as I watched her press her thighs together, "Oh my, oh my, oh my."

I took each of them by the hand, "Letís go to dinner."

Sybille, still giggling, "Can we eat real fast so we can go to the playroom sooner?" She released my hand and was skipping and dancing down the hallway ahead of Desiree and me giving us a very good view of her nice pink buns. Desiree was trying to walk very sedately as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred but there was a little extra wiggle in her walk that wasnít there before.

Sybille rushed to the serving line as soon as we entered the cafeteria; I told Desiree to follow her and I would be last and handle the accounting stuff for all of us at the end of the line. Actually that was only part of the reason; I wanted to see how well the hand prints were showing up. They looked great to me, almost as if they had been painted on her.†

We located a table near the rear of the room and I sat down with my back to the wall so that I had a view of the entire room, the girls sat across from me.

Sybille began to eat while I sat back and surveyed the room for a couple minutes before starting. It was a little past eight oíclock and the room was less than half full. I saw a few people I recognized but I didnít see anyone I needed to talk to.

I told Sybille she might as well slow down and enjoy the meal because that was what I was going to do. I ate at a leisurely pace and noticed Desiree glancing at me every few seconds as if she wanted to say something; I acted as if I didnít notice and waited for her to decide what to do.

We had finished eating and I was sipping my last cup of coffee when she finally spoke, "How did you know?"

I smiled a little, "Actually that is an almost universal reaction but just a few enlightened people ever make the connection and use it to its full advantage." She looked embarrassed but didnít say anything more about it.

I couldnít stall any longer and finally had to stand up to leave, Sybille was way ahead of me and halfway to the exit doorway. I took Desireeís hand and quietly asked her if she would like to go to the playroom also. She didnít answer until we were in the hallway, "Yes, but only as a spectator if you donít mind."

I nodded and we continued to the elevator and went up to the roof; actually we went up to what used to be the roof. The continuing construction had closed the third floor area in and they were now completing work on the forth floor.

When I opened the door I stared in amazement; Jim had duplicated the playroom I had back in Hopeful right down to all the same equipment and the room lay out.

There were perhaps a dozen people scattered around in the room, most of them playing in one manner or another. I led Desiree to the lounge area as Sybille ran all over the place before returning to exclaim, "I love it!"

I retrieved a full set of ankle and wrist cuffs as well as a couple spreader bars and held them up for Sybille to see; she rushed over and held out her hands as I strapped the wrist cuffs in place. She sat down in a chair and held up one ankle at a time to also be cuffed.

I place a two-foot spreader bar between her wrists and carried the three foot bar with me as I led her to a cable that was descending from the ceiling. I hooked the cable to the eye in the center of the short spreader bar and used the electronic controls to raise her hands a few inches above her head.

Next I secured the longer bar between her ankles then raised her wrists until she could just touch the floor with her heels. She was now ready for some fun.

I rolled a small table to a convenient location nearby and selected a light flogger that would produce a lot of sting but no serious marks or bruises to start the fun. I applied five strokes to her back right across her shoulders then moved to the other side and applied five more.

She was moaning softly by the time the tenth stoke was applied and beginning to twist around some. I picked up a set of adjustable nipple clamps and as I pulled on each of her pierced nipples in turn I put the clamps on her now well stretched nipples behind the piercings. She gasped as I released them and permitted the springs to clamp down solidly enough to stay in place. I placed a small four-ounce weight on the chain between the clamps that would remind her to stand still as I continued to flog her.

I applied another two sets of five strokes to her back just below the second set. She accepted them well with only low moans and a couple minor screams that sounded more like a mouse than a girl.

I gave her a break for about ten minutes and returned to the lounge area to get a coke and see how Desire was taking all of this. She was watching some of the other people there when I walked up behind her.

She was so engrossed in the activities that she didnít even notice me and jumped when I pulled the chair beside her away from the table.

I asked what she thought of the playroom, "I have never even heard about anything like this in this day and time. At first it looked like a scene out of the dark ages during the Inquisition."

I laughed, "There are a couple major differences though, no blood on the floor and no one is shrieking in pain."

She nodded, "I find my reaction to all of this rather unsettling." Nice, maybe she was finally going to open up a little bit; she continued, "I am intrigued but also revolted."

Well, this was a start, "What intrigues you?"

"How anyone could wish to be whipped like this."

"There can be several reasons for it; the most common is an ability to convert the discomfort into sexual arousal. Another common reason is a feeling of inferiority that can only be relieved in this way. There are a few that use it to atone for sins both real and imaginary."

"What revolts you about it?"

"For some unimaginable reason I keep feeling as if I am the one being flogged and I can almost feel the stokes falling on me. That thought has made me wet ĎDown Thereí."

This was more than I had expected, she was all but asking for a flogging. I patted her hand and said, "Weíll talk some more in a few minutes but right now Sybille needs some more attention."

I returned to Sybille and quickly removed the nipple clamps. She moaned and twisted some from the sensation of the blood returning to them.

I applied two more sets of strokes to her back and was now at her waistline. I waited a couple minutes and applied two more sets. She was almost in sub space and was only reacting with light moans and a slight forward sway with each stroke.

I picked up the nipple clamps and applied then to her pussy lips, complete with the weight. She pulled back a little as the first clamp took hold but didnít move when the second one was applied. I raised the weight a couple inches then let it drop to be sure the clamps were tight enough to stay in place; they were as she reported with a deep moan.

I returned to the lounge area to find Desiree still engrossed with the activities. After a couple minutes I asked her if she would like to try one of the devices.

She blushed clear down to her breasts as she nodded, "But please donít hurt me."

I led her to a padded table and instructed her to lie down on her back as I then secured her wrists to the top corners of the table and her ankles to the bottom corners. The table was designed to separate and raise her legs; I spread them slightly.

I moved up beside her and explained the color code; Green means everything is Okay; Yellow means still okay but getting a little too heavy. With red, everything stops completely. She nodded that she understood.

I moved another small table near her and selected several items that I felt would be useful. The first item I picked up was a large feather. Desiree was watching me and had a questioning look on her face. Before she could ask what I was going to do I touched the tip of the feather to her armpit and slowly traced a line downward over her ribs and the side of her stomach to her hip. She tried desperately to get away from that feather; she squealed and squirmed, twisting and turning as much as the restraints would allow.

I stood back and watched as she slowly settled down before repeating the same action on her other side which produced the same results. This gal was so ticklish it was unreal.

I gave her another couple minutes to relax before attacking another favorite spot; her belly button. I stuck the tip of the feather in that shallow hole and she actually screamed. Her frantic movements only served to increase the contact as she ran out of breath.

I returned to Sybille to find her slowly swaying and moaning softly as she experienced one orgasm after another from the sensations created by the claps on her lower lips and the tug of the swinging weight. She didnít even notice that I had returned.

I picked up a strap from the table and quickly applied ten strokes to her left ass cheek then move to the other side and applied ten strokes to her right ass cheek. With each stroke the little weight would swing and she would moan a little louder than before. When the last stroke was applied she was screaming and began twisting and turning frantically as a really major orgasm began. Her movements suddenly stopped as she slumped in her restraints; she was deep in sub space, it would be some time before she recovered.

I returned to the lounge area to discover Boris and Jim were there as well as Mark and Lora also. I greeted them and opened a fresh coke, lit a cigarette and relaxed as I contemplated the next move with Desiree.

Boris, Jim and Mark were having a conversation concerning the activities while Lora listened in. Jim, as an old hand was explaining what was happening. Mark and Lora were listening closely while Boris was shaking his head.

I finished the cigarette and returned to Desiree as Sybille was still in sub space. I again used the feather, starting on her neck just under her chin and slowly traced a line between her breasts as she began to react. I circled the base of each breast a couple times and she was now squealing. I continued on down to her belly button and circled it a couple times also before moving to her furry mound.

I used the feather to touch her public hair just enough to tickle and she screamed as she twisted and turned to get away from this delightful torture to no avail. I stood back and watched with a slight grin as I thought about that. Why was it called ĎPublic Hairí when mainstream society would never see that area? Maybe the same dyslexic individual that had determined we should drive on ĎParkwaysí and park on ĎDrivewaysí?

I traced a line down the inside of each thigh with that torturous feather and received the same reactions. A few minutes for her to recover and it was time to move to more direct actions.

I rubbed the tips of her nipples with my fingers and received a long sigh in return as she tried to rise up for more substantial contact, a good sign that she was seriously aroused. I gently pinched those inviting little buds and she moaned softly, I pinched a little harder and she again rose to the occasion.

I released her nipples and slowly ran my hands over all the areas the feather had visited including her furry mound. She was now moaning with each breath and the moisture between her legs was obvious.

I place a set of clamps on her nipples just tight enough to stay in place. I then cupped my hand slightly and lightly slapped her directly on her clitty and lips; she jumped and screamed so I did it again for good measure. She exploded into the first real orgasm of her life.

I continued to lightly slap her pussy every minute or so until she began to have trouble breathing.

I returned to Sybille and walked up behind her. She was still a little out of it but had been able to get her legs working enough to take some of the weight off of her arms. I reached around her and pinched her nipples and was glad to see her head snap up; she was awake enough to continue.

I removed the clamps from her pussy lips which created a minor orgasm but not enough to send her back to sub space. I selected a small, light flogger and applied five medium stokes to the top of each breast as she moaned her approval. I continued to flog her breasts with sets of five strokes to the top, bottom and both sides.

I switched from the flogger to a small strap as she recovered to some extent; her vision was unfocused but she was standing up straight by now. I applied five stokes to her left nipple being very careful to avoid snagging her piecing jewelry. She pushed her breasts further and further forward with each stroke. I moved to the other side and repeated the process there.

I had every intention of applying several stokes to her inner thighs but decided against it; they were wet with her juices so I applied five very quick and very hard stokes directly between her legs and quickly stepped back.

She raised her feet off the floor and twisted and turned in all directions as a tremendous orgasm began. As soon as she settled into a reasonable stable position I applied five more quick strokes; she screamed her delight and passed out completely.

I rolled a low, knee-high padded table under her and slowly lowered the cable until she was lying on the padded surface. I removed the spreader bars, secured her cuffs to the four corners of the table and left her to recover.

I returned to Desiree and began to remove the hair on her mound with a set of battery powered clippers that would leave them about a quarter of an inch long. I adjusted the table to further separate and raise her legs so that I could do a complete job. She wasnít really in sub space but she was too groggy to object or even realize what I was doing.

I ran my hand over the area to remove the loose hair and she moaned. I pulled her hood back to expose her clitty and again she moaned. I bent over and tickled that protruding bud of flesh with my tongue; she jumped but didnít try to avoid the contact. I continued to tease her with just slight touching until she began to thrust her mound upward. I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked it with my tongue as she moaned and then screamed as she passed out completely.

I removed the nipple clamps, lowered her legs and returned to the lounge area.

Boris was still sitting there but the other three had left. I glanced around the room and located them by at the treadmills. Lora was being prepared for a nice little stroll with the walking dildo. As I watched from a distance she was ready to start and Jim was instructing Mark on the use of the remote controls.

Boris seemed preoccupied so I lit a cigarette and sat back to wait for his comments as Lora was beginning to discover the full purpose of the treadmill. Just six steps and she already was having a problem walking.

Jim suggested that her nipples be attached to the front of the machine with a string that was weighted so that they would be pulled harder and harder as she failed to keep up. Mark managed to get her nipples secured and restarted the treadmill. When she began to fall behind they were tugged and she took an extra step to catch up only to fall behind again. A couple more extra steps and she reached an orgasm and stopped walking altogether but the harness took her weight and kept her from falling.

Boris final spoke, "Desiree is not injured?"

"No, not at all, just tired right now." He nodded but didnít say anymore.

Jim continued to instruct Mark as Lora was removed from the machine and placed on the same type table that Desiree was occupying. Mark secured her ankles to the bottom corners then spread and raised her legs. Jim left them there and returned to the lounge area with a smile on his face.

Sybille was beginning to stir so I returned to her and released her ankles, spread her legs and climbed on the table between them. I slowly began to penetrate her as she continued to be more aware. Soon I was fully embedded in her and began to move in and out slowly as her arousal returned in full force. As she wrapped her legs around me one of the ankle cuffs dug into my back and I jumped forward which caused a quick and full penetration and she exploded into another orgasm which in turn cause me to follow her lead.

I removed all of her cuffs and helped her to the lounge area. I opened a coke for her and she quickly took a big gulp of it before falling back into the chair to recover.

Desiree was now waking up so I removed her cuffs and helped her to the lounge area also. These were two very exhausted girls and it would be several minutes before they would be able to go to the showers.

Boris was watching Desiree closely and finally commented, "There arenít any marks on her." He pointed at Sybille, "She has marks everywhere. Why is there such a difference?"

It was a fair question, "I know what works for Sybille as we have played before however Desireeís needs are still unknown so itís best to start slowly."

"But you did not penetrate her at all."

"That is correct; there will very likely be other times for that, if not with me then with someone else of her choice."

Boris just shook his head as Jim laughed. The girls were still a little groggy and didnít seem to realize they were the topic of the conversation.

Slowly the girls began to show more signs of life as they sat up in the chairs instead of slouching. I asked if they were ready for a shower and Sybille nodded, Desiree looked down at the table.

I stood up and took the girls by the hand and helped them out of the chairs. We walked toward the shower area slowly as they continued to recover. Sybille was almost back to her normal self and soon released my hand as she walked on ahead of Desiree and me which provided a nice view of her bright pink butt.

The shower area, the same as the one in the Manor back in Hopeful was open and capable of handling a couple dozen people at the same time. As we entered I noticed there was another couple there; Sybille said, "Hi"; picked out a shower head and turned the water on.

Desiree held back as we entered but I more or less pulled her into the area. She exclaimed, "I have never showered with anyone else before."

"There has to be a first time for everything," was my snappy reply. I led her to a location several feet away from the other couple and moved away to take my shower.

With the washing complete Desiree turned off the water and looked around for a towel; when she was unable to locate any she asked me, "Where are the towels?"

I took her hand and led her to a different part of the area where there were several air vents in the wall. I stood her in front of them and pushed a switch that turned on the fans, warm air streamed out of the vents and we were dry in a couple minutes. Sybille had joined us and we were now ready to meet the world again, well, at least ready to go back to the lounge area.

Jim and Boris were in a deep conversation about the foundations that would be constructed for the drilling rigs; Mark and Lora were still at the treadmill.

This old man was getting tired and it was time to bring the festivities to an end. I said goodnight to everyone and started to leave. Sybille remained at the table but Desiree stated that it was her bedtime also; we left the playroom together.

As we walked down the long hallway to the elevator she was silent and seemed to be deep in thought. When we got off of the elevator my room was to the left and hers was to the right, I turned to tell her goodnight also when she whispered, "I donít want to be alone, not after tonight." I took her hand and we walked to the left.

In the apartment she was hesitant to get on the bed so I told her the couch was a hide-a-bed and she was welcome to put it to use. She shook her head and hesitantly sat on the edge of the bed.

I took her hand and gentle tugged on her arm just enough to give her the idea that lying down was the preferred position on this piece of furniture, she slowly complied.

As we lay side by side she asked, "What have I done? I have never been in bed with anyone but my husband."

I pulled the sheet up over her, patted her hand and said, "There will be plenty of time for talking tomorrow, right now we both need to rest."

I realized there had been a major change of direction in her life and she would probably be wide awake most of the night thinking about it.

I turned out the lights, put an arm across her stomach, told her goodnight, gave her a peck on the cheek and left her to sort out her feelings.

I was soon sound asleep.