The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Nine

I stood up from the lounge chair as Boris looked at me with astonishment and probably with a degree of disbelief while Desiree was studying her folded hands in her lap but with frequent glances to be sure she didnít miss anything. Jim helped Sybille sit down on my lounge and we walked toward the Marina to determine who was operating such a large craft at night in these rather shallow waters.

The marina was about three hundred yards from the party beach and by the time Jim and I got close enough to read the name on the craft it had been secured to the dock and the gangplank was being lowered.

I was a little concerned about the visitors but Jim seemed at ease with it so I let it go until I was close enough to the boat to make out the name on the bow. The ĎTammy IIí was the luxurious yacht of Paul and Tammy Norton who were staying on the North Island as Paul worked with the French Ambassador in an effort to write a new constitution for The Islands.

Jim suggested that we wait for the passengers at the end of the dock to let everyone get off the boat. Hmm, sounded like something was afoot here.

Soon there was some commotion and voices from the top of the gangplank and soon a few people walked onto the dock. They were soon followed by a hoard of people who looked to be predominantly male and were running down the dock. I stepped back a little further as they rushed by.

Jim was laughing, "I think theyíre in a hurry."

"It seems that way alright," I observed.

"They are most of the men from the construction sites on the North Island. They have been working there for over two months with only one weekend off, they needed this."† I nodded my agreement.

Soon Paul and Tammy came down the gangplank followed by Pierre and Florence as well as Raul and Sophia. By the time theyíd reached the end of the dock the men had arrived at the party; shrieks and screams were coming from the party area; a happy homecoming was underway.

Since this was the first time Raul and Sophia had ever been on the center island due to local superstitions; I gladly welcomed them ashore.

As we strolled toward the bonfire the conversation was all about the lack of damage from the storm. Raul recalled such a storm devastating the islands a few years ago, "But this time it did nothing more than a normal thunder storm."

Jim didnít say anything but I could see him grinning; the locals had told him repeatedly that it wasnít possible to build big buildings that the severe storms wouldnít destroy.

As we approached the beach couples could be seen still hugging and kissing in the firelight as the men were welcomed home. Soon they began to move to the pickup trucks for hotdogs and drinks and everything began to settle down again.

I directed the Ambassador to take my lounge while Florence took Sandyís chair as Sandy was nowhere to be seen. After making the introductions I left them to scrounge for any more empty chairs that I could find.† When I returned loaded down with half a dozen Ďliberatedí chairs, Raul and Sophia were talking to their daughter Sybille and were subsequently being introduced to Jack.

Klaus was being unusually quiet as he took in all the activities. Kathy, Florence and Desiree were also missing and were most likely with Sandy getting acquainted with some of the other women here.

I set the chairs in a semicircle so that everyone would have a view of the beach and the shore. I sat down between Klaus and Boris to relax for a couple minutes as I watched the collage kids acting like, well, acting like kids. They had an American style touch football game going that included the girls and there was a whole lot of touching going on.

I noticed that Boris was trying to look interested in the activities also but he kept glancing at Klaus, Pierre and me; not just glancing at us in a general way but at a specific area. I smiled to myself and decided to wait for him to say something. I glanced past Boris to Pierre and he was smiling also; he knew what was about to happen.

It took fifteen minutes for him to work up his courage, "Didnít that hurt something terrible?" he commented to no one in particular. Klaus was watching the football game and didnít have a clue what Boris was talking about; I decided to play dumb too but Pierre burst out laughing.

Boris abruptly sat straight up, "What is the funny?"

I couldnít keep a straight face any longer and laughed also as Pierre explained we had been waiting for him to say something.†

Boris looked at Klaus and said something in German, Klaus answered in English, "You will never know what you are missing without one."

"I never knew it could be done, I didnít see it in the Motherland."

Klaus laughed, "You were with the wrong crowd."

Boris shook his head, "And the women, they too have this thing; I have seen. They look strange to me, and painful."

Klaus turned to me, "We need to get Frank and Cora down here for a couple weeks to give some demonstrations." I agreed and said I would arrange it but suggested that we needed to invite Bill also; he had been on the job from the start of "The Project" and had never taken any time off. Of course Jeff would be included also since he would supply the wide selection of Jewelry that would be needed from his store in "The City".

Boris was amazed, "You will have instructions for this?"

I nodded, "Sure, and anyone wishing to receive a modification can learn all about it before hand from a real professional."

"Frank is a profession at; how you say... piercing?"

"Actually Frank is a Doctor."

While we were discussing piercing the girls returned loaded down with eats and drinks; Sandy even had a cup of coffee for me. As she handed me the coffee cup I pulled her close and suggested that it would be nice if she could pay some attention to Klaus and to also to ask Kathy to tease the Russian into some action. She giggled and nodded her head. I watched as Sandy passed the request to Kathy; she grinned and nodded.

Kathy, always the instigator walked behind the circle of chairs and quietly moved up behind Boris. She reached around him and placed her open hands on his chest and said, "Nice," in a stage whisper we all heard. She began to rub her hands around in circles as Boris tried to get out of the chair without success.

It wasnít at all difficult for Sandy to convince Klaus to stay seated as she kissed the tip of his cock. He leaned back and closed his eyes.

It looked like Boris was going to be able to get out of the chair until Florence went over to help Kathy: she sat in his lap and began to run her fingers through his hair. Kathy began to unbutton his shirt as Florence began to unzip the fly on his shorts. Boris yelled something in a panicky voice that I didnít understand but Klaus laughed and said, "Relax and enjoy".

I watched as the activities at the nearest bonfire halted and everyone looked in the direction of the Russian. Within seconds several of the girls there began to walk toward us. As they got closer I was able to identify several of them as the collage age cafeteria crew. They walked up to Boris and asked the girls there is they needed any help with their project, they giggled and nodded.

The girls swarmed around Boris as he yelled for help to no avail. Soon he was lying on the sand naked with a girl sitting on each of his legs and arms as well as a girl kneeling on each side of him.

The two kneeling girl began to examine his now exposed equipment and discuss it openly which soon had the desired effect at it came to attention quickly and was of a quite impressive size.

A couple kisses to the tip and he quit requesting help and stopped struggling also. The girls took turns stroking and kissing his erection, always stopping just a little short of completion again and again.

As more and more of the people wandered over to us a couple girls decided to pay some attention to the Ambassador who welcomed them with open arms.

Suddenly a pair of arms circled my neck from the rear; I couldnít see who it was but when she said, "Hi," I was sure it was Sue. She kissed my cheek and walk around the chair to sit in my lap.

"You deserve a reward for letting me close my shift early," she said as she gently toyed with my jewelry.

I leaned forward and kissed her closest nipple; she put her hand behind my head and pushed her breast against my face. My equipment was soon ready for action as she slipped to a kneeling position between my legs and began to kiss the head of my cock.

She giggled. "I have never been this close to a decorated cock before, but I like it," as she opened her mouth to slide her lips around the shaft. Little by little she accepted my cock completely and held that position for a full two minutes as she worked her throat muscles in a pulsing tempo. This was almost too much and I pressed down on her head to stop the movements.

She rose up, looked me in the eye and grinned as she stood and straddled me. She slowly impaled herself on my cock as I reached up to her nipples and began to slowly pinch and twist them as she began to move up and then down. She was softly moaning as she placed her hands over mine and pulled them hard against her breasts and I continued to apply more and more pressure to her nipples.

Without warning she suddenly dropped her full weight on me and screamed as an orgasm overtook her. I moved one hand from a nipple to her clitty and began to rub that super sensitive little bud; she screamed again and collapsed against my chest as I also experienced a very satisfying orgasm.

I glanced around, Boris was still being delightfully tortured, Pierre was enjoying the attentions of a couple cute girls and Klaus was now lying back on his lounge with his spent cock standing straight up as Sandy kissed it one last time before it began to deflate.

Sandy walked over to her chair and sat down. Desiree, who had been left all alone as the other girls had taken part in the activities, was looking totally embarrassed and refused to glance up to see what was happening.

When Sue was able to sit up, I kissed her nipples; she moaned softly and thanked me for giving her the opportunity to try a decorated cock and declared that her steady guy would have to get some decorations too.

As Sue walked away I watched her nice ass until it was lost from view. I move to an empty chair beside Sandy, reached over and took her hand. As she looked at me I nodded toward Desiree and said, "I think I will walk into the cafeteria for a cup of coffee, would you like to join me?"

She responded, "Sure," and reached over and touched Desiree on the arm, "Would you like to join us?"

She jumped a little bit from the unexpected contact then nodded. We walked across the beach toward the hotel side by side. I took Sandyís hand and offered to take Desiree by the hand also; she was a little reluctant but finally complied.

There were a couple dozen people in the cafeteria scattered around the room in couples and small groups. There was a minimal staff on duty and the full kitchen was shut down with only a grille in operation.

I got a cup of coffee and a chocolate donut as we worked our way down the serving line. As we approached the grill I saw the cook was frying hamburgers; now that was more to my taste than a hotdog. I ordered a double cheeseburger and French Fries; Desiree said she had never had an American cheeseburger so the girls ordered the same meal.

At the end of the line a girl with pierced nipples was keeping track of the food. Desiree gasped, "I donít have any money with me."

I grinned, "Thatís Okay, Iím buying."

She looked at me like I was crazy, "You donít have any money either."

I patted all the places pockets would normally be, you know, thighs, ass cheeks and chest and said, "Oops, Youíre right, maybe they will let us wash dishes."

Sandy giggled as Desiree looked puzzled.

I gave the girl my number and we moved to a table to wait for the hamburgers. As we sat down Desiree asked, "How did you do that?"

"Itís all computer controlled and billed to the individual when appropriate but this weekend is a freebie as a little reward for the wonderful cleanup job that was done. The computer also tracked what supplies are used and what needs to be ordered."

"No one uses money here?"

"Nope, donít need it. The government supplies everything and bills it accordingly."

"Can you trust the government to be honest?"

"I think so, at least for now."

Sandy giggled, "Right now, he and Klaus are the Government."†††

The hamburgers arrived and the conversation slowed but Desire picked up where she had left off, "Then no one gets paid here?"

"Everyone gets paid and they have the same options as anyone else; they can save it or spend it on items the government does not supply such as boats and cars and well as TVs and computers."

"Where does all this money come from?"

It was time to inject a little misdirection. "There are several factories that manufacture everything from furniture to solar panels that are rather profitable as well as some stocks that are doing very well."†

It was time for me to control the conversation, "How did a French girl end up in Russia?"

Desireeís whole demeanor changed, "My husband was there. We met during my last term in collage when he was visiting Paris. We fell in love and were married within two weeks. He returned to Russia and I finished most of my last term before the accident."

"There was an accident?"

"I will never forget that day. It happened on the 26th of April, 1986, just a month after we were married."

Oh boy, now I had opened up another can of worms; I hadnít known she was a widow. She continued, "He was one of the managers of the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl; he was just going on duty when everything exploded. His body was never found."

Sandy reached over and hugged her and expressed her sympathies. Desiree burst into tears but continued, "When I attended his memorial I was approached by a government official with an offer of a job as a secretary and interpreter since I was fluent in Russian and English as well as French. I accepted the offer to be near my beloved husband."

As Sandy continued to comfort the sobbing girl I decided to let it be a girl/girl thing and went to the apartment. I fired up the computer and entered the private and confidential files of the psychology department in Hopeful and moved to the visitors files; Desireeís file was there as I expected it to be.

I found that she was considered ĎMarginalí as a potential member due to her narrow view of all sexual activity which was attributed to her parentsí restricting attitudes and beliefs. As an only child they were able to totally control her until she managed to earn a scholarship at a university in Paris which was away from her home town.

Her marriage to a Russian totally devastated her parents and there was a serious breach in their relationship from that point forward. She had not seen or spoken to them since shortly after the accident.

She avoided any contact that could lead to a relationship in memory of her dead husband but at the same time felt that she was tainted and considered by others as an easy marked as a widow.

Well, that answered several questions but didnít supply any solutions as far as I could tell; I would have to talk to Jerry about this. I gave it up, took a shower and went to bed.

When I woke up Sandy was asleep beside me and Russell was sitting in the chair as usual. I passed up the coffee maker and headed to the cafeteria. I settled in the private room and began making phone calls; first to Klaus, then Jim and finally, Boris.

As they straggled into the room I noticed that Boris seemed the most awake of the three. After they had consumed a couple cups of coffee each I got this little meeting going.

"Okay Klaus, I need a lot more detail on you plans for Boris."

This seemed to wake him up some, "I want to drill three deep oil wells on South Island," He stated without disclosing anymore information than I already had.

Boris picked it up, "In Russia we have discover that oil is plentiful if the wells are deep enough. Russia is now producing more oil than Saudi Arabia and all of it from deep wells."

"How deep are these wells?"††

"They are nearly eight miles deep."

"How many men will be needed to complete the drilling?"

"At least two hundred, three twenty man crews for each well so that they can continue operations around the clock and be able to give them a day off from time to time."

I turned to Jim, "How long will it take to provide housing for two hundred couples on South Island?"

"With an all out crash program, at least a month to six weeks will be needed just for the basics. The first hotel has been completed on North Island so I have men available right now."

I turned back to Boris, "Do you have any men available?"

He smiled, "There are several full crews working in France that can become available quickly but I would not recommend having them on this island." I had to agree with that.

Back to Klaus, "Have you checked on the availability of drilling equipment?"

He nodded, "Bill has located three rigs capable of doing the job with a few modifications such as heavier gear boxes and more powerful engines."

"Good, have him get them ready for shipment in about two months. If you can find time I would like for you to take Boris to South Island so that he can see what he will have to work with there." Jim nodded his approval and Klaus decided he would like to tag along also.

That left me free to take Mark and Russell to the North Island to check on the manufacturing facilities there. I called Mark on my cell phone and ask that he go to my apartment and bring Russell to the cafeteria. While I was waiting for them to arrive I noticed Jerry in the serving line; I managed to get his attention and motioned for him to join me.

As he ate I asked how Betty was doing; he shook his head as he swallowed a mouth full of pancakes, "Not too well. She is beginning to overcome the hypnotic block and is remembering bits and pieces of the activities that have been hidden from her; however she believes she was the cause of abuse. She has a deep conviction that she needs to be severely punished for her past discretions."

I was glad it was his task to find a solution; this was way over my head.

Mark and Russell arrived and I explained what I had in mind for the day; they were more than interested. Mark commented that he had a few items he wished to take along so I suggested that he get them and meet Russell and me at the marina.

I checked with Sue to see if there was a thermos that I could borrow for the trip; she suggested I take the two gallon one that was used when the private room was hosting a major meeting. That sounded good to me.

Jim, Boris and Klaus were at the marina when Russell and I arrived. I suggested the Jim take the twin engine speed boat so that I could use the cabin cruiser which would be a much smoother riding craft for Russellís sore ribs.

Mark arrived lugging a double sized briefcase that must have weighed fifty pounds. Soon we were pulling out of the cove.

We cruised along at a moderate speed to minimize unneeded bouncing around and arrived at the main dock at North Island in a couple hours.

Since the furniture factory was on the way to the more inland factories I led them on a tour of that operation. Mark was impressed by the quality products he saw; Russell didnít have much to say, I think his ribs were giving him some discomfort.

We walked the mile or so to the main factory to discover that the rear part of the building that was still under construction had been severally damaged by the storm although the completed sections were untouched.

As soon as we entered the front office of Solar, Inc we were met by the plant manager, Brent Matheson. He went over the normal "Gee, Iím Good at My Job" speech most managers would make about the products and manufacturing capabilities. Mark soon became impatient with this and wanted to see the actual production areas.

Brent began the tour in the area where the support framework was manufactured and slowly proceeded down the various production lines. When we reached the testing area, Markís interest was obvious; he checked the instrumentation several times before turning to Brent; "How would you like to increase the output of a panel by a factor of four?"

Brent laughed, "That would be wonderful but what you are seeing here is the maximum output of any solar panel available anywhere."

Mark nodded, "Yes, actually it is more than many other panels can produce but it can be improved."

Brentís body language spoke loader than words as he crossed his arms over his chest and said, "Show me."

Mark opened that oversized briefcase he had been lugging all the way there and began to remove several items. He asked if he could work with one of the panels that were on the test stand, Brent nodded.

Mark attached the end of a bare wire several time bigger than was needed for the standard panels to the panelís framework with a couple drops of glue. Next he removed an aerosol spay can the size of a ten pound fire extinguisher and began spraying the entire face of the panel with what appeared to be a clear liquid, after two coats he waited about tem minutes before repeating the process from a different aerosol bottle.

Again he waited ten minute before asking Brent to check the meters on the solar panel. Brent glanced at them and shrugged, "They havenít changed."

Mark nodded, "Now hook up the wire I installed to a different set of meters." When the connection was made Brent commented, "I think this set of meters is defective."

Mark looked at them then changed the calibration on the amp meter, "That is the correct reading now."

Brent shook his head, "This canít be right, it is indicating four times the normal reading."

Mark laughed, "Yes, it is four times what the original panel is capable of producing." He motioned toward the assembly line, "Every solar panel here can produce five times as much power as expected now."

Russell spoke up, "Itís a major technological breakthrough that will multiply the effectiveness of any solar panel. When coupled with high capacity Nickel Cadmium batteries it makes the twenty four hour operation of vehicles and equipment practical."

I would have to have a conversation with Jim and Brent about the size of the vehicles and the width of the roads now.

The conversation became technical and continued between the three of them for over an hour before I suggested that it was time to leave. We stopped at the cafeteria at the furniture factory for a nice, leisurely lunch before starting back.

The trip back to the center island was uneventful as I began to think of the possibilities the new panels provided. Visions of a factory to produce the needed batteries quickly came to mind closely followed by the thought that electrically powered city delivery type vehicles would soon become a common item.

Apparently Mark was thinking along the same lines as he said, "Have you thought about the increased productivity the hundreds of acres of solar panel in Hopeful could produce?" I tried to calculate the additional revenue that would be forthcoming but got lost in the numbers; just too many zeros and comas.

I came back to the current reality, "What will it cost to upgrade a panel?" This was Russellís area of expertise, "Not much, about fifty dollars a panel for material.† The major cost will be in the labor and materials needed to upgraded all the wiring and cables plus the additional batteries that will be needed for a stable system."

We continued to play ĎWhat Ifí the rest of the way to the center island. I secured the boat to the dock and we all went to out respective apartments.

Sandy wasnít there so I went to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee. As I sat at a table thinking of the possibilities I remembered that I had promised to arrange some piercing classes.

I called Jeff to determine is there was enough jewelry on hand; he said there was plenty of it in the smaller ĎStarter Sizeí stuff.

I turned the conversation to the possibility of extracting the oil rig teams from France, He though a few moments, "Iíll have to get back to you on that." I told him to be ready to come to The Islands within the next few days.

The next call was to Frank to see if he would be interested in spending a couple weeks in The Islands, he jumped at the chance.

The last call was to Bill who said he was too busy to take a vacation. I asked if he had been able to develop a back up person that could handle his job for a couple weeks without making too much of a mess."

"Yes, but she isnít available right now."

"Who do you have in mind?"


I replied, "I will see what I can do about that. By the way, I want you to bring Cora along with you."

I refilled my coffee cup and watched as the serving line began to grow and the tables starting to fill up. Mark. Lora, Russell and Sybille entered the room and joined the line closely followed by Klaus, Boris, Kathy, Sandy and Desiree. I quickly returned to the line to fill a tray now that I would have some interesting company.

I was the last person to get to the table and found it interesting that the chair I had been using was empty, probably because my coffee cup and cell phone were lying on the table. Klaus was to my right, Sandy to my left and Desiree directly across the table from me with Boris on her right side and Mark on the left.

Desiree was the only one wearing any clothing, a pullover top and shorts that covered her from her neck to mid thigh while everyone else was nude. The lack of a sun tans marked Russell and Boris as newly converted nudists.

During the meal there was some small talk about the dayís activities, the most interesting tidbit was that Desiree, Kathy and Sandy had been sun bathing on the roof of the hotel. Sandy said she was proud of Desiree for being nude during that time. I smiled at that. I felt this was a move in the right direction and hopefully she would soon become comfortable without the clothes.

As we were enjoying a final cup of coffee I asked Sandy if she would be interested in standing in for Bill back in the city for a few weeks, she thought for several minutes before agreeing.

We moved to the beach to relax and watch the last hours of a beautiful sunset. The customary bonfire was just starting and several couples were playing in the shallow water. Sybille decided she wanted to go swimming and teased Sandy and Kathy unmercifully until they agreed to go with her. She then turned her attention to Desiree and after several minutes of good natured cajoling convinced her that a swim would be fun.

I was watching the situation to see if Desiree would get naked or go in the water with her clothes on. I had to smile as she slowly removed her pullover and dropped her shorts to her ankles and stepped out of them and walked away without a backward glance. I watched those four nice butts as the girls moved to the waterís edge. Did I mention that I like butts? Yeah, I think I did.

The girls splashed and giggled for a half an hour before leaving the water. I watched as one set of titties, Sybilleís, jiggled a little bit as she walked. The other three larger sets swayed and bounced nicely. When there arenít any nice butts in sight a few sets of titties are nice to watch also.

Sandy and I decided to make a short evening of it and soon headed for the hotel; we had decided that she would be leaving for Hopeful early in the morning and we hadnít had a chance for any serious play for some time.

We went directly to the shower to wash the salt off of her as well as to shampoo her hair. While her hair was drying I gave her a good internal cleaning and removed her nipple stretchers but left the double barbells in place.

I fastened padded wrist and ankle cuffs on her and placed her face up on the bed. I secured the wrist cuffs to the posts at the head of the bed as widely spaced as possible. I then folded her legs up over her head and secured her ankles to her wrists.

What a pretty sight; well secured and all interesting areas available for attention. Her two lovely holes were fully exposed and totally vulnerable. Her breasts were also fully available with her legs spread so wide. The final touches were a blindfold and ear plugs; now she was ready.

I retrieved a two and a half inch tapered butt plug from the cabinet, lubed her butt hole and began to ease it into her. A slow process of in a little and then out followed by in a little more in for ten minutes before it finally popped all the way in to the retaining groove. I let her rest and absorb the new sensations for a couple minutes before removing it only to slowly reinstall it several more times until her butt hole retained an open position when the plug was finally removed.

The next step was to insert a ĎBulldogí type plug that was two and three quarters of an inch in diameter for the full four inches of its length with a rounded top. Several more minutes were needed to get it properly seated as she moaned and wiggled from the effects of this new intruder.

She soon adjusted to the additional stretching as I removed several ice cubes from the refrigerator and put them in a bowl. Her first indication or what was coming next was when I pressed an ice cube against nipple. She screamed from surprise as I held them in place for a full two minutes. As her scream faded into moans I removed them only to place them on her clitty which started the scream again. She was trying to move to get away from the ice but was only able to squirm and wiggle a tiny amount.

When the scream stopped I removed the ice and picked up a leather strap that was two feet long with a nice handle on one end; now that I had chilled her titties and clit it was time to warm her ass.

I started with five medium strokes to each ass cheek from the left side, then changed to the right side and repeated with five more to each cheek. By the time the first sets were applied she was grunting with each stroke.

I applied some lotion to those now pink cheeks and fully rubbed it in before applying another full set of five strokes to each cheek from each side. She had been emitting short little screams and squeaks during the last ten strokes. With a total of twenty strokes to each ass cheek they were now a bright red and radiating some noticeable heat.

I applied the ice cubes to her red ass and was rewarded with a really good scream and more wiggling than I thought was possible. I laid a partially melted ice cube in her belly button and she squealed again. She could wiggle some but no way near enough to dislodge that little bit of torment.

With two more ice cubes in my hands I applied them to her nipples again. I was rewarded with a squeal of surprise followed by a couple minutes of silence and heavy breathing as the melting ice produced little streams of cold water running across her chest. When those ice cubes had melted I reached for another one and held it over her in a position so that the ice cold water would drip on her pierced clitty drop by drop.

The first drop was rewarded by a scream of surprise, the second by a real scream as the barbell in her piercing absorbed the cold so that her clitty was being tormented both inside and out. Just as she was about to go into sub space I stopped and quickly sucked that ice cold bud into my mouth and flicked it back and forth with my tongue until she relaxed and began to build towards an orgasm. I reached up to her nipples and pinched both of them as she exploded and passed out.

Time to let her recover and have a cup of coffee as I watched her breathing return to normal. As she recovered she tugged on her restraints before she realized where she was. With the blindfold in place I wasnít able to tell if her eyes were open and continued to wait until she said something; I didnít have to wait very long before she said, "Wow".

Time to continue; I picked a strap that was a miniature of the one I had used on her ass cheeks. This one was only six inches long but also had a nice handle attached. It was time to stimulate her nice titties.

Since her legs were widely spread and secured to the head board of the bed her breasts were very inviting targets. I was standing on her left side I was able to apply a series of five medium strokes to the left side of her right breast followed by five more stokes to the bottom of it and those were followed by five more to the top.

I was able to reach across her and also apply five strokes to the left side of her right breast. I moved to her left side and applied five strokes to the right side of her left breast, then continued until five strokes had been applied to the top and bottom of that breast also. I reached across her and applied five strokes to the right side of her right breast also.

Both breasts had received twenty nicely space strokes and were turning a beautiful pink. Just five more strokes to each nipple would complete the set.

From her left side I applied five good strokes to her right nipple; she screamed with each one. I let her recover as I took a couple sips of my coffee before moving to her right side in order to have a clear path to her left nipple. Again each stroke generated a scream but to her credit she never asked me to stop.

I finished my cup of coffee and applied a generous amount of body lotion to her tits. Her breathing returned to normal as I massage her glowing breasts for several minutes before repeating the whole procedure again; five medium heavy strokes to the four sides of each tit with five heavy strokes to her nipples; She passed out again.

Her tits were now bright red but there wasnít a serious mark to be seen and a total lack of abrasions also. I was proud of the perfect job I had accomplished as I refilled my coffee cup.

It took several minutes, two cups of coffee and a cigarette before she woke up this time.

I tapped her butt plug a couple times and was rewarded by a grunt; she was awake finally.

I kneeled on the bed just below her ass where I had a perfect shot at my next target; her inner thighs. I began with a series of five light stokes to each thigh starting just above her knees. Since this little strap was only a half an inch wide it took six sets of five strokes to cover her inner thighs from her knees to her pierced lips.

She was moaning and squirming as much as possible but she hadnít screamed, yet. A lot of lotion was applied and massaged into her now pink thighs before I began again with medium strokes. The first set evoked a weak scream, the second set produced a little louder scream; from that point on there was a full scream for every stoke. When the second set of sixty strokes to each thigh was completed I rewarded her with two heavy strokes to her pierced clitty; she had a monstrous orgasm that lasted for a good five minutes and I encouraged it to continue by tapping the butt plug several times.

I remover the ear plugs and blindfold; I wanted her to see what I was going to do next, and then got another cup of coffee to let her recover before continuing.

When she looked at me and smiled I knew it was time to continue. I stood on her right side which gave me perfect access to her pussy; yeah, Iím left handed, so what.

She gave a half hearted scream with the first medium stroke which contacted her multiply pierced lips as well as her clitty. The second stroke in the same place triggered an orgasm that lasted a couple minutes. Another stroke and another orgasm but this time I didnít let it die but added another stroke as it peaked; then another stroke and another. Soon she was in a sort of sub space where her eyes were unfocused and her screams stopped but she reacted to each stroke as she tried to raise her pussy for more contact.

That rolling orgasm lasted for over a half an hour before I dropped the strap and again knelt on the bed. I sucked her clitty into my mouth and teased it with my tongue as a new set of orgasms began. She was still unfocused but trying to get heavier contact at the same time.

When my tongue got too tired to continue I repositioned myself to enter her. My cock had been up and down like a yoyo as the session had progress and was telling me it was time to get serious now.

I was careful in entering her as I had replaced the balls on the barbell in my apadravya piercing with a pair of seven sixteenth balls to make better contact with her "G" spot. Since the butt plug was occupying some of the space available the contact was multiplied and she was soon having another rolling orgasm.

It didnít take long for the "Little Man" to decide he had waited long enough. I came with the force of a volcano but continued to rub those big balls over her "G" spot for several minutes until I came again.

I released her ankles from her wrists and her wrists from the headboard of the bed before getting a damp wash cloth to wipe all the juices off of her pussy and my cock. I pulled the sheet over her, lay down beside her and was out like a light.