The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Eight

While Sybille was leading me the length of the room I could smell the fragrance of soap and shampoo from her still damp shoulders and hair. As we approached the rumpled bed I quickly stepped in front of her and sat down on the side of it directly in front of her.

Without any hesitation she dropped to her knees and kissed the tip of my rising equipment which only served to make it rise faster. Another slobbery kiss and she slid her lips over all the jewelry and halfway down the shaft as she looked up at me and winked. She was probably grinning also but it was hard to tell with her mouth full.

She was doing a good job, much better than I would have expected for so young a girl, but she was a fast learner. I let her continued for several minutes before stopping her.

As I helped her to her feet I moved her to the edge of the bed and bent her over. What a sight: two nice plump ass cheeks sticking up in the air. I expressed my appreciation of them as I smacked each of them with an open handed slap as I began to enter her from the rear.

She jumped a little with each slap but continued to push toward me to help with her impalement. I was soon as deep as my equipment would permit and she was wiggling her butt from side to side and squealing with the sensations.†

With my jewelry constantly rubbing her "G" spot it didnít take long for her to reach an orgasm as her wild motions continued. I held her hips against me and enjoyed her gyrations until I reached a climax also.

She collapsed across the bed as I went to the bathroom to do a quick wash. When I returned I was amused to find Sybille kneeling in front of Russell and doing an admirable job of sucking his cock. The girl was really into sex.

Even though I had been up early it was now a little past ten and I began to wonder how Ron and the ARM people were doing. I called him on his cell phone but didnít get an answer so I suspected he was already up and around. A couple minutes later my phone rang; it was Ron, my call had wakened him up. He apologized and immediately asked where the ARM people were; he had arranged to meet them in the cafeteria at eight.

I told him they had not been in the cafeteria at eight so he might want to go knocking on some doors. "Incidentally, how long did all of you stay at the party?"

"Too long, the sun was beginning to rise when it finally broke up."

"Well, try to get everyone moving and Iíll see you in the cafeteria in about a half hour." I ambled to the cafeteria, got a cup of coffee and sat down to wait.

Before long they came shuffling in, that is all of them were shuffling except ninety year old Jack, who walked past the others as they were waiting for coffee. He filled his tray with a carton of milk, a bowl of cereal and a good sized helping of fruit.

Jack sat down at the table across from me, looked directly at me and said, "I like this place. I like it a lot. What do I have to do to become a permanent resident here?"

I smiled a little, "You just did it."

He looked confused, "What did I do?"

"You asked to be a permanent resident here."

Now he looked surprised, "That is all it takes?"

"Actually there is more to it than that but you have been cleared by the staff or you would not be here now. Do you have any close family that will want to come also?"

"I have two sons that might be interested; other than that I donít have any ties to the States."

Ron and the four men from ARM managed to shuffle over to the table also. I laughed at them, "What a motley looking crew."

Ron hung his head, "Be easy on us, Boss; we had a rough night and only a couple hours of sleep."

I laughed again, "You should know better than to try to keep up with the younger crowd. I guess youíre not in as good a shape as Jack."

John finally found his voice, "Heís not in better shape, just smarter. He slept most of the night on the beach."

I glanced at Jack, he had a mouth full of cereal so he just nodded and grinned.

After a couple more cups of coffee for each of them I finally popped the question, "Are you ready to take a little trip or would you rather postpone the excursion until tomorrow?"

Jack said, "Letís get moving." John looked at the other three men from his company; all of them were shaking their heads. Ron seemed undecided so I helped him reach a decision.

"Okay, you fellows go on back to bed." As Ron started to get up I pointed at him and continued, "But you are going with Jack and me to see the plane." He groaned but didnít say anything.

We walked slowly to the marina where Iíd parked my old van. I drove slowly to the little cove where the plane was setting. As it came into view Jack exclaimed, "Yep, thatís a Clipper all right."

As we got closer to the plane Ron seemed to come back to life. When I stopped beside the plane he was the first one to get out closely followed by Jack.

Jack walked over to the cabin door and studied it with great interest, "Yep, just as I thought -- I helped build this plane."

I had to smile, "How can you tell from the outside of it?"

"There was a small difference in the hardware on the cabin door on the plane I worked on."

I had seen the inside of the plane before so I returned to the van and listened to the radio for what seemed to be forever; I even napped a little bit. Ron came back to the car and excitedly exclaimed, "You have got to see this."

I followed him inside the plane where Jack was standing by the cabin door. He pointed at the door, "One of my final assignments was to assemble and install this door and door frame."

He pulled back a section of the interior trim beside the door to reveal a neatly lettered name on the outer skin "Jack Reilly October 10, 1935". There was no doubt Jack had helped build this plane.

On the way back to the hotel Jack mentioned several areas of the plane that would need extensive repairs and that he would cover them in great detail with the ARM people in the morning. I tentatively set a meeting for the next day at about eight and expected to be making another trip to the plane after the meeting.

It was nearly five in the afternoon when we walked into the cafeteria with the intention of getting some coffee but discovered the evening menu was already in effect. I loaded a tray; the donuts from early in the morning had long since given up the fight with the hunger pangs. Ron and Jack did the same.

I picked out a table at the back of the room where I could watch the flow of people as they entered and soon saw Sandy, Sybille and Russell enter. I waved at them and they joined us. Jack immediately forgot all about the plane as the two sets of pierced nipples came into view.

Russell was moving very slowly but didnít appear to be having much pain from his cracked ribs.

As we were just finishing the meal an announcement came over the PA system that the tropical hurricane that has been forecast to go north of the islands had changed course and would hit us directly. The storm surge was beginning and the front of the main force would arrive in about three hours. The message continued for a couple more minutes stating that it was a Force Two storm one hundred fifty miles across and moving at about ten miles per hour.

I wasnít really concerned about the permanent buildings but the temporary housing and the construction projects would undoubtedly receive some damage.

I decided to stay in the cafeteria for a while to see if the people were actually going to pay attention to the storm warnings that had surely been broadcast over the radio and TV also.

Within a half an hour the longest line I had ever seen here had formed. I walked behind the counter to locate Sue and see if there were adequate supplies to handle all the addition people who normally prepared their meals at home. She nodded, "Yes I think we are okay on that as long as the power stays on for refrigeration and cooking. I received a weekís supply of groceries yesterday."

I felt the power should be fine; everyone assured me the solar panels were designed to withstand a Force Four hurricane and Jim said the mountings were beyond the ability of any wind to damage them. The cables are all underground and safe also.

Sandy, Russell and I returned to the apartment while Sybille decided to spend the evening with Jack as he reminded her of her grandfather.

I contacted Jim just in case he wasnít aware of the coming storm. As usual he was on top of it and had moved all the planes and many of the vehicles into the hangers.

The tug boat and all the barges available were already behind the breakwater on the east side of the island as well as most of the other boats. The smaller boats were just pulled up on the shore.

Basically all that could be done had been done.

I turned on the TV to see a view of the storm, yep; it was heading our way and seemed to be growing. I switched it off and decided to use the time to get on the computer to check some of the costs we were running up. Construction costs, including labor and all the fringe benefits was holding pretty steady at about fifty million dollars a month. Grocery items were slowly increasing as the population increased also. Furniture and solar panel sales were slowly increasing and were marginally profitable. The one area that was rising faster than anticipated was the fuel cost. It was climbing at a little over fifteen percent per month.

With a little digging into the files I discovered the fuel quantity had increased slightly but the cost per gallon was way up. Why?

Another call to Jim; he sounded annoyed this time, "Hell man, the cost of crude has gone through the roof, nearly sixty bucks a barrel now. Where have you been?"†

Okay, so I hadnít been paying a lot of attention to the news; Iíd had other things to do however now that I am aware of it I decided to see if Klaus had any ideas what could be done about it; maybe a fuel additive or some such thing to reduce the usage.

Nope, nothing that simple from Klaus; he went into a ten minute explanation of Peak Oil, a term used by the oil companies to say that maximum oil production was fast approaching and the discovery of new oil fields was very unlikely. A polite way for the oil companies to say, "We are going to raise the price".

Klaus was completely convinced it was nonsense and that oil was not the last remains of dinosaurs at all but was the result of some internal processes deep in the earth. As proof of this he cited the oil wells in Russia that were in an area that all the so-called experts said would not produce oil but none the less they were producing many millions of barrels a month.

I replied when he stopped for breath, "All of that was interesting but it doesnít seem to do much for cutting cost."

He laughed, "I have been in contact with a gentleman from Russia that would love to get out of there. He was an important part of the Russian Project. In fact, he is here in the city now."

Oh boy, if Klaus was thinking what I think he was thinking ... He was. Now he wanted to drill oil wells on the southern island and off shore also as soon as possible. His reasoning for drilling on the island was that as an independent country it was relatively unhampered by any old treaties or agreements.

We discussed the possibilities for several hours before I finally lost the connection; the dish was probably knocked off target, it was past my bedtime anyway and we would talk again tomorrow when the phones were working again.

The storm was hitting in full force. It wasnít having any effect on the hotel but I could see the rain going past the windows horizontally. The lights were staying on and not even flickering; the building was a strong as Jim had stated. I went to bed.

I was up early and decided I wasnít going to wait on that slow motion coffee maker and went directly to the cafeteria. Apparently there were a lot more concerned people than I had expected; the cafeteria was completely full.

For once I filled a tray because it looked like it was going to be a long day. Fried eggs, pancakes, bacon, ham and a big mug of coffee. Sue was running the checkout and looked like she had been up all night which she said was the case.

She also pointed out a small private room that would seat about twenty people that she had kept empty; for once being the boss had a benefit. I told her I was expecting several other people and if anyone asked for me to send them on over.

I had the room all to myself for almost fifteen minutes before Sandy and Russell entered closely followed by Jack and Sybille. Jack managed to sit across the table from Sandy so that he could stare at her pierced and stretched nipples. A few minutes later Ron appeared with the ARM men in tow. To my amazement everyone was nude.

During the meal there was some chatter about the storm from the ARM men; they had all experienced tornadoes at their plant in Georgia and expressed doubt about the force of this storm since it was undetectable from inside the hotel. I just smiled to myself and let it pass for the moment.

Jack finally managed to pull his attention away from Sandyís nipples and mentioned that he had proof that he had helped assemble the Clipper.

John Bates asked, "What condition is the old plane in?"†

Jack kind of shook his head, "It is bad, not just from normal aging but from a major manufacturing oversight."

John thought about this for several minutes before stating, "I canít think of an error that could be that devastating."

"At the time the plane was built aluminum was quickly replacing steel in the aircraft industry however all of aluminumís characteristics were not known back then. All the aluminum parts were well coated with Zink Chromate Primer, about the only paint that would adhere to it. The steel parts were also painted so that direct contact between the two different metals was avoided."

"Yes, that is a standard procedure."

"Yes, but back then there werenít any computer controlled machines to properly drill for compatibility of connecting parts so in many situations the heavier part would be pre-drilled and the lighter part drilled at the time of assembly. The end result was that the inside of the holes were bare metal and it made no difference if the bolts and rivets were steel or aluminum there was going to be electrolysis. The result is that many of the fasteners are completely corroded away."

All John said was, "Damn!"

"The plane will have to be completely dismantled and all damaged parts either repaired or replaced," Jack concluded.

Jerome Black entered the discussion, "I suggest that newer engines be installed also. Parts for those old fourteen cylinder engines are nonexistent."

"Remember, "Ron said, "We want to keep the appearance as near the original as possible."

Jerome replied, "Iím thinking in terms of some modern turboprop configurations that will only require some rather slight modifications to the engine pods."

Ron nodded his agreement, "That will change the sound of the engines but will look good and provide much better performance."

"Yes, I anticipate a cruising speed over three hundred miles per hour."

Jim suddenly entered the room with a full tray and a smile. He sat down nodded to everyone and began eating.

The conversation returned to the Clipper and the best way to dismantle it was discussed and it was decided that we needed to determine where the plane was going to be rebuilt before a good answer would be possible.

Jim spoke up in a half way serious tone, "Take it apart in little bitty pieces and ship it to Georgia."

Everyone got a good laugh out of that as Jimís opinion of the whole project was well known. When the laughter stopped Randall said, "Good idea." Jim nearly choked.

I looked at John and he just shrugged his shoulders, "We have all the facilities to handle the job where you would have to build and fully equip a facility to handle it."

I agreed. "Then what is you best guess as to the total cost?"

"I think it will probably be somewhere in the range of five million dollars with spare parts."

"Could you start from scratch and build a second one?"

"Certainly, we would have all the specifications by then."

"And that cost would be?"

"About the same; there would be less labor but more material."

This sounded too cheap to me and I mentally tagged the cost at double or triple that amount. "Okay, letís do it; three Clippers are now ordered."††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

"John, ever the business man, "We will require a fifty percent deposit toward the total cost."

"Not a problem, get the banking information to me and I will transfer the funds as soon as the storm passes.

Jim spoke up again, "It may take a day or so to get all the communications back online. Most if not all of the satellite dishes have been knocked off target."

Oops, "What other damage has been reported so far?"

Jim smiled, "None other than a few trees down and we have had wind gusts up to one hundred sixty miles per hour. Iím sure there will be damage to some of the buildings that are under construction though."

Ron brought the discussion back to the Clipper, "John, do you need to have one of your people here to see that the disassembling is done with minimal damage?"

Jack, who had been staring at Sandyís nipples again spoke up, "I can stay indefinitely."

John nodded and said he would put him on the payroll as a consultant so that matter was quickly settled and I was sure Jack would take good care of the Clipper. Jack was smiling and patting Sybille on the leg. I hope Iím still as horny as he is if I ever get to that age.

Jim finished eating and stood up to leave, "Iím going back to the main office. The land lines are still working and the CBís and walkie-talkies have a lot of static but are understandable for the most part."

This seemed to be a signal for the meeting to break up as everyone decided to leave. I was the last to reach the door and found Jerry waiting for the doorway to clear so that he could enter. I decided to stay and see what he might have discovered about Bettyís condition.

I got a cup of coffee and waited until he had finished eating before bringing up the subject.

He was reluctant to discuss it in any detain sighting patient confidentiality reasons. I pointed out that those restrictions were not in effect here in the Islands. This seemed to relieve his discomfort and he began to talk freely.

"My examination is just starting but some interesting history has been uncovered. She had been abused from her preteen years until shortly before she married Russell. As near as I can tell it started with her Uncle; her fatherís older brother, and progressed to include the father as well. It is very possible her mother, if not involved at least was aware of the abuse. The Uncle was a professional hypnotist and was able to keep the fact buried in her subconscious for years. As a child she was slim but as her father always belittled her mother for being overweight she subconsciously began to put on weight to become less desirable to him."†

"How did you discover all of this, from talking to her?"

"I had suspected something like a hypnotic block from the start so I used hypnosis also to bring the problem to the surface. Unfortunately I had to leave it hidden when she awoke; she isnít ready to cope with it now, she still thinks her parents were saints. You have seen the type, church every Sunday, never let anyone see you nude, always close the bathroom door and body functions are never mentioned. Both of them died just before she was married, the mother from cancer and the father three months later from a long term heart condition. I donít know what has happened to the uncle yet."

"Do you think you can help her?"

"Certainly but it is going to be a long slow process. Right now she hates everything and everyone including Russell and herself."

"Sounds like you have a big job ahead of you."

"I will rush it as much as I can but her wellbeing is my first consideration here."

I nodded my agreement, "Will she ever be able to be comfortable here in the islands?"

"I think so, eventually."

He thought for a minute, "I also need to talk to Russell in depth; I think he may be more aware of this problem than he is letting on."

"He is in my apartment so just go by there and let him know where and when you wish to see him."

I stood up to leave for the second time and made it out of the room finally. With eating and the meetings the day going fast, it was after two in the afternoon; the worst of the storm was past if the forecast was right.†

I walked to the front entrance of the hotel to look out. The wind had died down to perhaps thirty miles per hour now, slow enough to permit a little trip outside.

There were several trees down but no structural damage that I could see. A few small boats had been blown off of the beach and smashed against the concrete dock. There was a considerable amount of debris at the high water mark, mostly tree limbs and such added to the normal flotsam and jetsam found there regularly.

As I was walking back toward the hotel a flat bed truck equipped with wide floatation type tires pulled up and a half a dozen men jumped off of it. A couple of them had chain saws and headed toward the fallen trees. The rest of them began picking up the debris on the beach. It looked like Jim was already dispatching clean up crews.

Well, if that truck could get through then the road must be clear. I walked over beside the marina to my old van; it didnít seem any worse for the storm, just a few palm fronds laying on it. However I soon discovered that the windows had been left down and the seat was just a big wet sponge; that isnít much of a problem when youíre naked so I got in and proceeded to drive to the airfield.

I slowly drove past a group of new cottages that were under construction and there was considerable damage to be seen there. A couple of the foundations had been wiped clean and roofs were gone on several others. By the time I arrived at the airfield I hadnít seen any damage to completed structures though.

There was a lot of activity at the main hanger so I drove over there to investigate; it was just several more clean up crews getting ready to go to work. Jim was directing them as to which areas to start on.

When the last group pulled out he turned to me, "We came through that storm in good shape."

I had to agree, it looked like it would only take a couple days for the cleanup and a couple more to repair the damage. None the less I was glad the hurricane season was over for this year.

Jim reported that the communications dishes were undamaged, just off target and would be operational in an hour or so but he cautioned, "That damn storm has turned north and will creating a lot of static for a while when contacting the States by radio or cell phone."

I asked if the boats had survived, he grinned, "Yep, that breakwater worked like a charm, not a bit of damage."

I suggested that he concentrate on cleaning the shore near the hotel and to not work the men too long as I expected a sizable Survivorís Party tonight to relieve the tension from the storm. He agreed and said he would be there too.

I headed back to the hotel, parked the van in the rear of the building and went to the apartment. Russell and Sandy were both sleeping so I picked up my cell phone and decided to return to the cafeteria to avoid waking them up while trying to get a cup of coffee out of that useless coffee maker.

Many of the people had left to return to their apartments and cottages so that nearly half of the tables were now empty. There was a considerable amount of clutter left to be cleaned up and a couple girls were working on it. Sue was still at the serving counter looking rather bedraggled. I asked if she had taken a break or eaten yet.

"Not yet; I havenít had time for that."

"Call the second shift in early and give your crew the rest of the day off, they have earned it."

"The night crew was here until early this morning."

"I know but theyíve had time for some rest, call them in and then fix yourself a tray. We are going to have dinner in that private room and then you are going to go to bed. I canít have one of the best managers we have totally exhausted."

She grinned sheepishly and began dialing her cell phone; I crossed my fingers that they were back in operation, thankfully they were.

I selected a piece of fish, some French Fries and, of course a cup of coffee and told her I would be waiting.

Sue arrived in the private room a few minutes later, sat down with a sound that could have been either a sigh or a moan, picked up her fork and ate like she was starving.

She soon finished, pushed the tray away and leaned her head in her hands for a few moments before standing up. As she reached for the tray I told her to leave it, I would take it back. She bent over and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Thank you and good night," before walking slowly toward the door. I made a mental note to give that little gal a hundred dollar a week raise as a reward for a job well done.

I finished my meal and ambled out the front of the hotel to see how the beach cleanup was going. Many of the people who had left the cafeteria didnít go home; they were helping the cleanup crew. The fallen trees had been cut into firewood and stacked in three separate locations along the beach to fuel the usual evening bonfires.

It was a great feeling to see the people taking a serious interest in their new home. I actually spent about three hours helping also even though I knew I would be stiff and sore from the unwanted exercise.

Finally the beach was clear, the truck and cleanup crew left and everything was ready for the evening festivities.

As I was walking back to the hotel with mixed feelings; I had accomplished something useful and also felt like I had worked a full day, I heard a small plane approaching. I stopped and waited to see if it would come into sight for a couple minutes before I saw it flying about a hundred feet above the water and about as slowly as possible. It looked very much like one of the twin engine Beachcraftís that had been purchased.

The plane flew by, turned around and flew back again but this time it was going faster and climbing toward the airfield. I began to walk a little faster toward the hotel. Rather that go around the building I went in the front door and out the rear door to get to the van a little sooner;

I wanted to see what kind of nut was out flying around in a small plane this soon after a major storm when the air turbulence would still be capable of throwing it all over the sky.

I arrived at the airfield while the plane was making the final approach. The air turbulence was having a noticeable effect and the pilot was doing a heroic job of staying on course. The little plane bounced a couple times as it came in contact with the runway but as it lost speed it settled down to a normal taxi mode and turned toward the main terminal and the office.

Jim was standing outside the terminal dressed in shorts and a shirt waiting for the plane to come to a halt; if Jim was dressed it must be some new arrivals and here I was buck naked. Oh well, if they stayed on the islands more than a couple hours they were going to see a lot of that.

I parked near the front of the terminal and waited to see what was going to happen.† A big man and I mean big, dressed in a full business suit got out of the plane trying very hard to hide the effects of motion sickness. He stopped and helped a blonde woman out of the plane and they walked together toward Jim.

I should have guessed that the next couple out of the plane would be Klaus and Kathy. Klaus seemed jubilant and unaffected by the rough plane ride while Kathy was a little green around the gills but would soon overcome it now that the plane had landed.

The pilot, Will Stewart, was the last to disembark and he nonchalantly walked over to the van, opened the passengerís door and sat down. "Damn," was all he said as I laughed at his discovery of the water-soaked seats.

I asked who the two passengers were, "Some Russian guy with his secretary as near as I can determine. I think he has something to do with oil wells from what conversation I over heard."

Soon the four people walked to the van as Will jumped out, trying to keep his wet ass out of sight when he opened the sliding side door and said, "Your carriage awaits, Suh," in an obviously fake British accent. Klaus laughed, the big guy said something to the blonde woman in Russian and her face turned red; Klaus laughed again as he and Kathy climbed in and took the rear most seats which were dry.

The blonde and the big guy occupied the center seat and both of them soon made a comment about the wet seat. Klaus was still laughing and said, "To the Beach Hotel, Driver," using his almost unintelligible German accent. Since Klaus had not seen fit to introduce the new couple to me or me to them I assumed he was up to some kind of trick so I just went along with it. I answered in my best Texas drawl, "Yes Sir, Boss."

Will interrupted to ask that I pull up beside the plane so that the luggage could be unloaded. As he was loading the bags in the rear of the van Klaus ask why the seats were wet. I answered with the Texas drawl, "Well, you see Sir, we all had a gulley washer here and the windows were left down so the rain came in, Sir."

The Russian said something to the secretary and she translated it to Klaus, "That is gross incompetence." She then added, "Why is your driver not wearing a shirt?" Apparently they hadnít notice the lack of pants... yet.

Klaus was still playing his game, "Driver, why are you not wearing a shirt?"

"Well Sir, I am more comfortable without a shirt, Sir."

Again the woman translated a comment from the Russian, "Your driver is insubordinate, you need to replace him."

"Yep he sure is; we will probably have a different driver tomorrow."

Oh Yeah? In that case it was my turn for a little fun. I decided to take the long way to the hotel. I drove to the northern tip of the island and followed the road along the shore past all the big fancy houses there. All the fallen trees and trash had been cleaned up but there were a few people still checking the beaches, most of them nude.

The blonde woman was totally uncomfortable with this while the Russian wanted to know why. I answered him, "Because they are more comfortable, Sir," He just grunted and became silent.

I parked the van right in front of the hotel where they would have a full view of the beach which was beginning to fill up. The bonfires had been lit and music was playing. They seemed to view this scene with mixed emotions, it was a beautiful beach but the people were almost all nude. The Blonde was still red faced but the Russian was beginning to examine some of the people with more interest, particularly the females.

Will jumped out, opened the sliding door and then moved to the rear and began to unload the luggage. Klaus, still half laughing said, "Hey there Driver, give us a hand with these bags."

I decided to continue to play along, "Iím a Driver not a Porter."

"You could also be unemployed," Klaus answered jokingly.

I got out of the van and I thought the blonde was going to faint when she saw my lack of clothes; her attention was concentrated on my decorations. I nonchalantly walked to the rear of the van and picked up two of the lightest looking bags and started toward the hotel entrance yelling over my shoulder, "Follow me to the hotel registration counter."

A naked girl behind the counter looked up and smiled, "Welcome, we have your reservations ready for you."

Jim must have called the reservations in while I was driving around. She handed a slip of paper to the big Russian and another to the Blonde, "Mister Boris Havel, welcome, and Miss Desiree Dubois. Please memorize you room numbers and the key code to the electronic locks."

She then turned to Klaus and Kathy, "Itís nice to see you again, welcome to the Islands."

Klaus looked surprised, "Have we met?

"Oh yes, I was a waitress at Jacobís in the city before coming here with my husband."

Will was also given a paper. I led them down the hall to the elevators and took them to the second floor and pointed out each of their rooms to them. I set the two bags I was carrying down and walked on down the hall to my apartment.

Sandy was watching the TV while Russell was dozing in the chair. I no sooner enter the room than the phone rang; as expected it was Klaus still having a good time. He thought I had done very well with his little gag. I suggested that it would have been better if I had known about it beforehand.

I also suggested that he get his two guests out of all their cumbersome clothes and into shorts or bathing suits and I would be by in a few minutes to take them to dinner.

Somehow he got them into shorts and shirts while he and Kathy were nude. I led them to the cafeteria where they again were confronted with naked people. I managed to get them into the private room and we had a rather interesting meal with Boris trying to watch both Sandyís and Kathyís pierced nipples without being noticed while Desiree was desperately trying to ignore it all.

Very soon we were all on the beach watching as the sun sank lower and lower in the west and the bonfires and the full moon became the only sources of light.

People were grouped around the bonfires singing and dancing or just talking. A few couples were beginning to pair up and move away from the main groups but the crowd was overwhelmingly female as many of the men were assigned to construction jobs on the North Island.

I noticed there must have been a couple hundred folding chairs and lounges chairs scattered around; I would have to ask Jim where they came from, but in the meantime I grabbed one of them and watched as the rest of my little group did the same.

We settled on a spot about forty feet away from the bonfire, close enough for some light but away from the heat. Something new was added for this occasion; there were several pickup trucks parked along the high tide mark on the beach that were loaded with hotdogs, cold drinks and for this special occasion, cold beer.

It wasnít long before Sandy and Kathy decided to roast a few hotdogs and invited Desiree to come also. She looked questioningly at Boris who nodded his approval.

Klaus began a conversation with Boris in German and I was only able to catch a couple words now and then. When Klaus noticed I wasnít paying any attention to them he switched to English and Boris was able to continue; the need for a secretary/translator was a sham.

Boris continued as if nothing had happened, "I donít know why it matters if your driver understands us or not."

Klaus finally decided to end his little game, "Oh, he likes to know what is happening because he is also the partner I told you about."

Boris was speechless, "And I have insulted him repeatedly." He dropped his head in his hands.

Klaus and I were laughing and he looked up to see what was going on. Klaus slapped him on the shoulder, "Boris, shake hands with my partner."

Boris began to apologize profusely; I cut him off, "Klaus was just having a little fun at our expense, a little joke. Forget it."

He sighed with relief, "I am so glad it was a joke, I do not wish to return to Russia. Iím not, how do you say, ĎOn the good guy listí there anymore. My wife is waiting in London for me to tell her it is okay to come here."

Klaus spoke up," She can come here anytime but we will discuss that later right now it is party time."

The girls returned loaded down with hotdogs and cold drinks, Desiree was smiling and told Boris, "This is fun."

We sat and ate hotdogs and watched the younger crowd clown and dance for a while. A few adventurous souls actually went swimming after a few wild dances.

I noticed Jack walking toward us and quickly grabbed one of the few remaining lounge chairs for him. Sybille was holding his hand as they slowly made their way though the crowd.

When Jack was comfortably seated I made the introductions all around adding that Jack was one of the original engineers who built the China Clipper and† Sybille was the daughter of a local dignitary on the North Island.

When the social amenities were completed Sybille walked up beside my lounge chair, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, "I see all your decorations are still there; Can I test them and make sure they still work?"

I grinned, "Do you really think they need testing?"

She giggled, "Oh, Yes."

She knelt beside the lounge and quickly kissed the head of my cock; I thought Boris was going to have a heart attack. Desiree turned her head but I noticed she would glance in my direction every few seconds as Sybille really got into her self-appointed task.

I motioned for Sandy to come over and give Jack a little attention also. She followed Sybilleís pattern for a few minutes, then straddled him and slowly slid his now ridged equipment deep within her pussy. Jack looked like he was in heaven; his cock well embedded in a pretty girl and a set of pierced and stretched nipples were right in front of his face. He soon had both nipples in his hands and was gently turning them every way possible as Sandy was becoming seriously aroused and began to moan as she moved up and down on the old manís sizable cock.

Sybille soon tired of just sucking and kissing my cock and straddled me also. As my heavily decorated cock slowly penetrated her she had a small orgasm. I let her sit there and settle down a little before starting any rhythmic motions. She leaned back and caught her breath, "Wonderful. Is Jack too old to get some of this type jewelry?"

I smiled, "I donít think you can get too old for them." She giggled, "Then I want him to get some."

Desiree was talking to Kathy and I managed to catch a few words such as "Indecent Display" and "Pregnant" as well as "Socially Transmitted Disease".

Kathy explained, "I donít see anything indecent at all just some people having a good time. As far as pregnancy goes, every woman here is either on the shots or wants to get pregnant. There arenít any STDs here or any other communicable diseases either for that matter. Everyone here has been tested and retested the same way you were in The City before you were permitted to come here. This group of people is as clear of physical problems as Adam and Eve."

Kathy was still talking but I had other things on my mind than listening to her preaching the ĎGospel of the Islandsí. Sybille was beginning to move around some and Sandy was challenging her to a contest to see who would cum first. I felt Sybille had the edge there but we would see how it ended. Sure enough Sybille was soon moaning as I reached down and rubbed her clit with a finger. With a muffled scream she collapsed forward on to my chest. I let her lay there for a couple minutes as she recovered.

I didnít see Jim walk up to me until I noticed him standing there with his hands on his hips and grinning, "Now look what you have done to that poor girl."

I eased her into a sitting position and managed to say, "Hi."

He helped her stand, "Come on, we have visitors to greet."

"Huh? What visitors?"

"The ones on that boat," He said as he motioned behind me toward the marina.

I looked in that direction and in the moon light I was able to make out a very large boat with only a few lights showing as it glided silently to the dock.