The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Seven

We arrived at the cafeteria at about seven so the evening rush was mostly over. There were still a couple hundred people there but nothing like the crowd that always seemed to appear at six. It was hard to tell for sure but it looked like there were only a couple dozen people wearing any clothes so we fit in pretty well except for Betty who was standing in the serving line with her arms crossed as she tried to hide her breasts.

Mark, Lora and I didnít draw any attention but Mark and Betty sure did because of their exceedingly pale skin coloration. It was obvious they were new nudists in every way. A group of four couples were walking by on their way out and I overheard a comment about ĎNewbiesí and watched Betty cringe.

Mark and Lora had reached the stack of trays and silverware packages and each selected one of each and moved ahead. Russell and Betty were next and he did the same but Betty tried to persuade him to carry her tray also; she didnít want to uncover her breasts.

He didnít even answer her, just shook his head and moved on down the counter. She looked around and discovered I was behind her and she knew better than to ask me. The two girls were chatting between themselves and not paying any attention to her. Reluctantly she picked up a tray and moved ahead. Some smart-aleck at a nearby table began to clap and several others picked it up; Betty turned bright red clear down to her nips.

I took a tray and two sets of silverware; Betty was so distracted she had missed them. It didnít take long to see why Bettyís weight was out of control; she loaded that tray as if she was a lumberjack. I really think both of the girls, and even if I were included, could have had more than we wanted to eat just from her tray alone.†

As Mark reached the end of the counter the girl punching the computer, it was used to keep track of how much food was actually consumed, asked for his account number and he just shrugged. I left my tray sitting and walked up to him as told him it was his six digit birth date plus the last four numbers of his US social Security number which worked for people from the States. (People from other countries were assigned an identification code by Project Central back in The City.) He quickly rattled it off and then supplied Loraís number also. Russell was able to do the same.

When I gave her my number which was only one digit, she questioned that but entered it then asked me to repeat it which I did. She re-entered it and still looked puzzled.† I saw her push a small button and soon the cafeteria manager, Sue, walked directly to the girl. They had a whispered conversation but I picked up a word here and there; she thought I was an imposter.

The cafeteria manager finally turned around and looked at me; recognition quickly flashed across her face and she smiled, "Hello, Sir, Iím glad to see youíve returned to The Islands."†

"I smiled, "Hi Sue, how is the new job going?"

She turned to tell the girl I wasnít a trying to bamboozle her and replied to me, "Wonderful, I get compliments on the service every day."

"Keep up the good work."

As we moved away from the counter I began to look for an empty table and noticed several near the back wall of the room and started in that direction with the other 6 people following me.

As we moved through the room a young man, probably one of Jerryís collage kids, waved at Sybille and she tried to wave back but kinda had her hands full so she just said, "Hi", but he pressed the issue and asked her to join him.

She hesitated momentarily and looked to me for a hint as to what to do; I really looked at that kid, then nodded to her that it was okay with me, as if she thought she needed permission. She would be fine, I knew how to find the young man; he fueled the boats at the dock. Sandy told her to have fun. I watched as he stood up while she sat her tray on the table. I think he had formulated some plans for the two of them in his mind but his thoughts were showing much lower than that.† Sybille giggled and he quickly sat back down.

As we neared the empty table I noticed Ron and the five men he had met at the plane. I didnít think much of it until I remembered that he had booked them into the little hotel on the east side of the island.

I hadnít expected to meet them until morning, and certainly hadnít expected to meet them while naked and with a group of other naked people. None the less, Ron motioned for me to join them so Mark and I moved the empty table over to make a larger table from the two.

Ron excitedly introduced the old gentleman as Jack Reilly, a retiree from Lockheed Martin that had actually helped build the planes that had become known as Clippers; Mr. Reilly had to be in his nineties.

Mr. Reilly, regardless of his age, stood and shook my hand and introduced the other four men as engineers from a company named Aircraft Reconstruction and Modification, ARM for short, based near Atlanta.

The president and CEO of the company was John Bates, the smallest man of the group who was actually about my size. The other three were Randall Roads, Derrick Smithson and Jerome Black.

I in turn introduced the people with me.† When I mentioned the names of the Epson brothers and their company, Track It, there was an unexpected response from Derrick; "Yes Iím familiar with that company. I have talked with Mark a couple times in the past."†

There was a quick shuffling of the seating arrangements that permitted Derrick and Mark to be seated together while the rest of us began to eat.

I was close enough to Derrick and Mark to be able to catch a few words of their conversation. Derrick was asking about the progress that was being made on the proposed satellite.

I managed to ask Ron why there had been a change in plans, he smiled and nodded toward Mr. Reilly,† "One of the porters at the hotel let the cat out of the bag and Jack became the spokesman and insisted that they be brought over here."

I glanced at Jack to find that he was openly staring at Sandyís pierced and stretched nipples, I just smiled, if he was still interested in nipples at his age it wasnít going to interfere and Sandy was blushing just a little as she continued to be the recipient of his undivided attention.

There was a considerable amount of idle conversation as the meal progressed and everyone made little discoveries about each other. Surprisingly, nudity did not come up at all although it was clearly evident the naked breasts were being well examined, at least visually.

Everyone seemed to be more or less at ease, except Betty; she sat at the farthest end of the table with a permanent scowl on her face and was eating enough for three people while Russell ignored her quiet temper tantrum and joined the conversation with Mark and Derrick.

As I drained my third cup of coffee Sandy suggested we all move to the beach to relax and watch the sun slowly disappear beyond the waves.

The usual bonfire was just getting started as we made our way to the shore. A radio was playing and a few couples were dancing in the sand while most were just laying back and enjoying the end of a beautiful day.

As I glanced along the shore the only clothes to be seen were right here beside me and looking very much out of place; a business suit just did not belong on a tropical beach. I managed to get Ronís attention and motioned for him to get undressed so that the others would feel free to do the same.

He removed his necktie, folded it up and put it in his pocket and then removed his shirt with a loud sigh of relief. He spread the shirt on the sand, removed his shoes and sock and placed them in the middle of the shirt. Without hesitation he dropped his pants around his ankles and stepped out of them, adding them to the shoes and socks. He stood up completely naked, looked around at the rest of his group and said, "Now this is much better."

Sandy began applauding and Lora picked up on that and joined in as did Mark and Russell, even Jack was clapping. The four men from ARM were smiling but were also looking very much out of place and uncertain of what to do.

Derrick was standing beside Mark and Lora when Mark leaned over and whispered something in Loraís ear. She looked surprised and then grinned as she began to move to the music from the radio. A few small dance steps and she had moved in front of Derrick and slowly reached for his tie.

Derrick started to put his hands up but thought better of it and let them drop back to his side. Lora soon had the tie off and dropped it to the sand as she began to unbutton his shirt, all the while still swaying to the music.

The rest of the group was clapping to the music now and with each button that was released there was an, "Ooooo," from them. I whispered to Sandy that it would be nice if she could do the same for Jack. She smiled and nodded as she slowly began to dance also which made her breasts swing nicely, a situation that Jack was watching closely.

As she approached Jack he didnít hesitate to reach for a nipple but Sandy laughed and moved away just far enough that he couldnít reach her as she gently pushed his hand back down to his side. She moved closer as she began to remove his tie, as she turned to drop it to the sand she manage to brush one of her nipples across the front of his shirt and his hands start upward again. She nimbly move away and told him, "No, no," with a giggle in her voice.

About twenty feet away there was a group of six girls that worked in the main office while there husbands and boy friends were working on the northern island.† I motioned for them to join us and help get the other three ARM men in the proper mood. They giggled and walked over and positioned them selves so that there was a girl in front and in back of each of the three. The girls in the front reached for the neckties as the girls in the rear pulled their suit jackets down over their shoulders effectively trapping their arms as the shirt buttons were released one by one.

Lora had slipped behind Derrick and removed his coat and shirt then reached around from the rear and pinched both of his nipples. His hands immediately came up to cover hers. She slowly let her hands drift lower as she searched for the buckle to his belt.

Sandy had Jackís coat and shirt off also and actually had his belt unbuckled and was slowly easing his pants down over his hips. Soon they became a puddle of cloth around his ankles and Sandy hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and began to slowly remove them also. Oops, a problem, something was creating a little resistance now. This old man in his nineties had an erection!

Sandy glanced at me and I could tell she was going to have some fun with this situation as she began to fondle his equipment. She was rubbing her hand up and down the front of his briefs as she whispered in his ear, he nodded vigorously. Sandy move back in front of him and slowly, very slowly removed the briefs.

She dropped to her knees and asked him to raise his left foot as she removed his shoe and sock before sliding the pants and briefs over his foot. Then she had him raise his right foot and did the same. As she rose up his cock was right at the end of her nose.

She gave a little squeal as she realized that Jack had a Prince Albert piercing. Jack grinned and with both hands behind her head guided her into position to kiss the bulging and decorated tip.

She kissed it, she licked it and finally she took about half of his throbbing member in her mouth and began to slowly slide it in and out. Jackís legs began to shake and he quickly sat down on the sand. Sandy never missed a beat and continued to stimulate him as he lay back on the ground.

Lora now had Derrick completely nude except for stepping out of the clothes around his ankles. She looked toward Mark and he nodded his head as she knelt in front of his now prominent erection. One little butterfly kiss to the tip and he couldnít wait any longer as he thrust forward. Lora accepted his offering and wrapped her arms around his waist to keep him from withdrawing. Slowly they dropped to the sand as he moaned with satisfaction.

The other three ARM men were still being double timed by the office girls. One after another they were eased into a horizontal position as the front girls continued to suck and kiss the erections. The girls that had been behind them were not about to be left out of the action and soon found a nice position kneeling with their protruding clits over the waiting lips and tongues.

By now all of the other people on the beach had abandoned the bonfires and dancing to form a circle around us to watch the action. It wasnít long before several couples got into the mood also. There were several more threesomes forming up as many of the men were working on the other island.

Jack had convinced Sandy to change to the classic sixty-nine position and was doing an admirable job of entertaining her as she continued to kiss and caress his still stiff member.

A group of six young women, all in their early twenties, had been standing at the edge of the growing crowd whispering among themselves for several minutes before one of them inadvertently pointed in my direction. After a few more whispers and some giggles she was pushed out ahead of the others as they walked toward me.

She started to say something several times but never got a full word out so finally one of the other girls blurted, "She wants to play with your pretty decorations."

Hmm. Sandy was seriously occupied at the moment and this was the best offer I had received for some time; why not, but six at a time was a little much. I glanced around and noticed that Mark and Russell were standing together a couple feet away watching Lora and Derrick.†

I suggested that the girls split in to pairs and each pair could have a turn with each of us. The girls agreed and Mark said it sound good to him however Russell said he would have to ask Betty who had withdrawn several feet away and was just sitting on the sand trying to hide her big tits from view. After a quick conversation which left Betty pouting, as usual, he returned and said, "Letís do it."

As he returned to the girls a heavy-set man approached Betty and said something to her; she shook her head and he shrugged and walked away. This was the second time I had seen her refuse to join the activities.

Two pairs of the girls went to the brothers which left the little gal that had wanted to play and the one that actual stated the purpose of their visit standing if front of me.

I took a hand of each of them and moved to an open area where we would have room for some activities and asked how they would like to proceed. The talkative one decided I should just lay back and let them do all the work; that was fine with me.

Soon there was a girl kneeling on either side of me as they took turns touching and moving the jewelry that protruded from my member. The little girl was the first to actually kiss the tip and begin to lick the shaft. I cautioned her to be careful not to chip her teeth; she just nodded as she began to slide her lips over the decorations.

She managed to get about half way down the shaft before she had a gag reflex and pulled back. She grinned and tried again. This time she got a little further but again wasnít able to complete her self-appointed mission but she continued to try and little by little she finally managed to accept the full length.

She held that position for a full two minutes as I felt her throat muscles trying to expel the intruder; it was a wild sensation and almost enough to cause an ejaculation.†

Thankfully she pulled back to just licking the tip, then straddled my hips and began to settle her waiting pussy over the tip. As she began to be penetrated she uttered a series of "Ohs." The further she lowered herself the loader they became until she was almost screaming.

She began to move her ass in a circular motion as she settled her weight on me. Her first orgasm exploded as a shrieking scream and immediately rolled into a second and then a third orgasm.

Her fourth orgasm was overpowering as she slowly leaned to one side and rolled off of me to lay on the sand panting with her eyes wide open but unfocused.

The second girl giggled, "Wow, I want some of that too."

No sooner said than done, she wrapped her lips over my now bulging member and buried her face against my crotch as her throat muscle worked to try to swallow.

I reached down to the back of her head and forced her to hold still for a few minutes to prevent my cumming before she had been satisfied.

When I permitted her to move her head she withdrew and straddled me quickly and immediately dropped her weight on me as she was completely penetrated. She began to move up and down rapidly with her eyes closed and her head leaned back.

I reached up and took a nipple with each hand and began to slowly squeeze them between my thumbs and forefingers, slowly increasing the pressure until she began to moan. I moved my left hand to clit and began to tease it gently.

Her orgasm began unexpected as she screamed from the sensations that were being generated through out her body. I twisted her nipple hard and rubbed her clit frantically which only fueled the fire. The up and down motions slowed considerably but her scream continued until she was out of breath.

I moved both hands to her waist and held her down against my groin as I came also. As all movement stopped she opened her eyes and looked around at the crowd as if she hadnít known they were there. She giggled and tried to stand up but her legs were too weak to hold her up and she ended up sitting down beside me.

I sat up and put an arm around her shoulder and asked if she was okay; she just nodded and leaned against me.

I noticed the two girls that were working on Russell, or was Russell working on the two girls? In any case he was well engaged. A cute little brunette was sitting on his cock while a blonde was sitting on his face.

Suddenly I saw Betty running towards him. She pushed the blonde off of him and began to kick him in the ribs. Russell caught her foot and she was off balance enough that she fell on him. She quickly scrambled up and ran to the hotel, knocking another couple to the ground as she ran.

Russell was holding his side and I suspected that he had a couple broken ribs from Betty falling on him. I rushed over to him to try to help. He was in a lot of pain and it took several minutes to get him to stand and slowly walk to the hotel.

As I helped him along I could hear that the party was continuing.

What should have been a two or three minute walk to the hotel took almost fifteen minutes. When we finally arrived at his apartment we discovered that Betty was completely out of control and had trashed the place throwing anything and everything around that was light enough for her to pick up.

I took Russell to my apartment and helped him sit down in a chair before calling the dispensary and asking the nurse to get a couple big men with handcuffs to control Betty and for her to come examine Russell.

The nurse soon arrived to determine that Russell did indeed have some cracked ribs but the cracks had not separated and there was little she could do except give him some muscle relaxers and pain pills.

There was a lot screaming coming from Russellís apartment as two big burly construction workers entered. I stepped next door to see that Betty didnít get hurt and watched from the open door as handcuffs were placed on her wrists behind her back. She was kicking and screaming obscenities at them as they also handcuffed her ankles together and then fastened the two sets of handcuffs together effectively hog tying her.

The men turned to me, "What do you want to do with her now?"

I remembered that there were a couple small storage rooms in the basement that were empty and suggested that they take her there for the time being. The bigger of the two men picked her up, all two hundred and fifty pounds of her, as is she was light as a feather and started down the hall. I followed along so that I could open the electronic lock on the door with my master code.

The room was still empty so I asked the smaller of the two men to go to another storeroom and get a mattress and two pairs of leather cuffs. He soon returned and the handcuffs were replaced with the leather cuffs. The hogtie position was not repeated as she was laid on the mattress.

That was the best we could do for the moment and we left, locking the door.

I called Jerry as soon as I got back to the apartment and explained what had happened and what we had done so far. I asked that he come to the hotel from the north island as soon as possible and he agreed to meet me in the morning.

Russell asked if she was going to be okay, I couldnít answer him but told him Jerry would be able to determine that when he arrived.

Sandy came in to see what had happened also and I did another quick recap for her.

I managed to get Russell into the shower to wash the sand off and then took a shower myself with Sandyís help. Russell decided to spend the night in the chair which was much more comfortable for him than lying down. Sandy and I went to bed.

I was awake early to find Russell also awake; I gave him a couple pain pills and turned my attention to getting some coffee out of that dead dog slow coffee maker. After what seemed like an hour the coffee was ready; I poured two cups, took one of them to Russell and sat down to finish my waking up process.

By the time I was working on my second cup of coffee the pain pills were beginning to have an effect on Russell as he relaxed a little bit and wanted to talk. "I donít know what got in to Betty, she was fully aware of the activities here. Jerry spent a good deal of time explaining it to us in detail."

I thought back to the report Jerry had sent that indicated that she might be a problem, "It is hard to say but I suspect that something in her background was triggered. We will know more about it when Jerry arrives and examines her today."

He continued, "She was always curious about swinging but would never consent to actually participating until last night. I thought she was going to join in."

I didnít have anything to add so I just sat back and listened. He proceeded to go over their relationship almost day by day for about a half hour before falling asleep from the pain medication.

I left the apartment and went to the basement to check on her. When I opened the door to the room she began to scream at me to let her go.

I leaned against the doorframe and waited until she ran out of breath, "Are you ready to listen now?"

More screaming as she was twisting and turning trying to get out of the cuffs so I took a sip of my coffee and waited. After a few minutes her voice became hoarse and she settled down some.

"Now are you ready to listen?"

She just glared at me as she continued to fight the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. The usual little trick of sliding cuffed hands under the butt to get them in front wouldnít work for her; her caboose was just too big but that didnít keep her from trying.

I asked, "Would you like a drink of my coffee?"

She nodded and I walked into the room and stood beside her. She rose up enough to take a swallow of the coffee then lay back down.

"Let me go."

"If I do that you will be able to injure someone else."

"I didnít injure anyone."

"Yes you did, Russell has several broken ribs."

"He deserved it!"

"You also broke the law."

"So what?"

"There is a rather heavy penalty for intentionally causing a serious physical injuring to someone."

She began to scream at me again, I waited until she stopped to breathe, "You will be kept in this little room until you begin to act sensibly. How long that will be is up to you."

She became silent again.

"I will be back later and move you to another area as long as you behave. If you start that screaming again you will be returned here." I shut the door and went to the main office.

At the office I called Jim, explained what I wanted and ask that he set up one of the apartments to be used to house Betty for a few days; he agreed and said it would be ready in about an hour. Next I called Jerry to discover he was just pulling into the marina so I walked down to the docks to meet him.

As we walked to the hotel he expressed his regrets that he had permitted Betty to visit the islands, "I was very concerned that she was hiding a lot of mental baggage that she somehow managed to hide from the questioner; but I couldnít be sure enough to ban her."

"I think your track record is excellent; we have experienced very few problems from new members. In fact your entire staff has been outstanding."

He just nodded as we entered the building. I led the way to the basement storage room. As we entered she began to scream obscenities at us; Jerry asked me to leave them alone for about an hour.

I went to the apartment that was being prepared for her on the second floor. The furniture had been rearranged much as Jim and I had discussed; the foot of the bed was now only three feet from the bathroom.

A construction worker was busily installing a small chain about eight feet long to the concrete floor beside the bed. When it was secure he slid a flexible plastic tube over it. Another workman was securing a small table to the floor as well as a chair.

I walked down the hall to my apartment and got another cup of coffee. Russell and Sandy were still asleep so I quietly left again to go to the cafeteria to see if there were any chocolate donuts. Two donuts and another cup of coffee and I felt it was time to see if Jerry was having any luck with Betty.

I found Jerry sitting on the floor leaning back against the wall; Betty was lying quietly on the mattress. He looked up at me, "She needs to use the bathroom."

No surprise there, it had been about eight hours since she had been out in this room. "Is she going to stay quiet long enough to move her to another location?"

"Yes, she should be fine for a while now."

I nodded, removed the lock that secured her ankles together so that she could walk but left the cuffs on her ankles. I helped her stand and with Jerry and me on either side of her we slowly made out way to her new room.

When we entered the detention room I immediately locked the chain to her ankle before removing the lock holding her wrists behind her back; she moaned as she moved her arms in front of her.

She quickly went to the bathroom, stopped and looked at the doorway for a full minute, "Why isnít there a door on the bathroom and why is the toilet made out of metal?"

"It was removed because it couldnít be shut with the chain in the way," I told her. Actually it had been removed to prevent her from being able to be out of sight at any time. "I kind of like stainless steel toilets." The toilet was the type used in prisons and was nearly indestructible with sensors that would prevent overflowing.

"I canít use the bathroom with you watching."

Jerry grinned, "Just sit down then; we can wait."

She sat down and within a minute I could hear some dribbles which soon became a steady stream. Her face turned red but the flow continued for over a minute.

Jerry grinned, "Very good; we are going to give you a chance to get acquainted with your new home and take a nap. I will be back in couple hours."

We went to the apartment to find that Sandy had left. Russell was able to stand and although walking was uncomfortable for him he insisted and going to the cafeteria with us.

The cafeteria was beginning to fill up but there were only about ten people in line. I noticed Sandy was walking to a table with her tray.

I was able to get one of the cafeteria people to carry Russellís tray to the table Sandy had chosen. Trying to carry two loaded trays is nearly impossible, try it some time.

As soon as we were seated Jerry began to question Russell about his relationship with his wife. Russell freely answered each and every one of them and Jerry soon turned his attention to eating.

As the meal concluded Russell asked Jerry what he had determined so far. He reluctantly replied, "I donít have anything solid so far but my suspicions are that she was seriously abused at some point in her life; probably starting as a preteen."

Russell thought for a few moments, "She has never said anything about it if she was."

Jerry just nodded his head and let the subject drop.

As Sandy, Russell and I started back towards the apartment; Jerry ordered a full breakfast tray, with all disposable dishes and silverware to be delivered to Betty and then he proceeded to the dispensary.

When Russell was as comfortable as possible I called Pierre to see what the current laws provided as a means of forcing Betty into the therapy she needed. He said he would call me back as soon as he had determined what could be done.

Pierre called back a half hour later and read a couple paragraphs from the penal code to me. Since they were written in French and he was translating them to English as he was reading it sounded like a bunch of gibberish to me; I asked him to just tell me what was available.††

"There is a provision for two to five years incarceration for causing bodily injury. There is also a provision for segregated therapy in the case of spousal abuse."

"Just what does ĎSegregated Therapyí mean?"

"It means confinement in a proper institution or location."

"How soon can we set up a proper court to hear the case?"

"Since the change over of the constitution has not taken place I am the highest ranking official on the island and can hear the case at any time you wish to present it. Is the woman in question capable of testifying?"

"No, I donít think so at this time."

"In that case I can make a ruling right now."

"You can do that without a hearing?"

"This conversation is the hearing as she is not competent to appear. I rule that she be housed in a secure location and receive intense counseling and therapy until the problem is resolved. I will file the proper papers as needed."

Wow! That was quick and easy.

My next call was to Jim to see how soon a ĎSecure Locationí could be built. I wasnít surprised when he asked a bunch of questions I couldnít answer such as how large a location I needed. I decided to set up a meeting with Jim and Jerry to work out the details.

Sandy decided to go to the office while I was arranging the meeting to take place in Russellís apartment in half an hour; I wanted to be nearby in case Russell had a problem.

Jerry quickly outlined what was needed; a secure cell, ten feet square much as could be seen in any modern jail. All the support systems would be needed also such as food and laundry facilities.

Jim was skeptical, "All of this for one person?"

I though about that; it did seem a little much but then again I did expect to have other Ďdetaineesí as the tourist operations began. "I think we need to set up a complete system to house fifty people plus housing for the staff that will be needed for security and training."

Jim nodded, "In that case you are looking at a ten acre complex. This is not going to be a two day project; it will be more like two months to completion."

"How soon could it be available for the one person?"† I asked.

"Probably about two weeks."

Jerry nodded, "That will work out just about right as it will take that long to determine the basis for her current problems."

I asked Jim, "Do you have an area available for something like this that will not interfere with the rest of the island activities and be out of sight?"

Jim smiled, "I sure do; the southern island."

When I returned to my apartment I discovered Sybille had returned from her overnight adventure and was quietly talking to Russell. When she saw me she jumped up out of her chair and ran over to me and gave me a hug, "Boy am I glad to see you; those young guys just donít know how to please me after spending so much time with you."

She took my hand and pulled me toward the bed.