The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Six

I was up, had taken a shower and shaved my face; the other areas were on their own, and in my office with my first cup of coffee for the day in hand before five. I checked my e-mail and discover two messages from yesterday.

The first message was from Ron, the pilot whoíd discovered the Hawaii Clipper. He wanted an evaluation team from the original manufacturer of the plane to come to the islands and evaluate the possibilities of a complete restoration. He had attached several pictures of the plane now that it was somewhat cleaned up and the extent of deterioration could more easily be determined. Apparently Bill didnít have this at the top of his priority list and Ron was getting aggravated.

The second message was from Bill; he wanted a clarification as to how far I wanted to go with the restoration of the plane. He also had a few choice descriptions of Ronís persistent attempts to get something done about it.

I had to chuckle about this for a while as I tried to determine just how to handle it. They were both right but also both wrong. Ron wanted something done immediately while Bill wanted to do the ploddingly slow evaluation. I needed to slow Ron down and speed Bill up; neither one of them would be happy.

I activated the surveillance system to see if there were any other early risers. Yep, Pierre was in the kitchen going through all the cabinets apparently looking for some coffee.

I opened the hidden door to my office and walked to the kitchen just as he found the coffee. I suggested that I already had coffee made in my office so he stopped what he was doing and said, "Letís go to your office then," as he set the can of coffee on the counter.

We had just settled in when the phone rang; Klaus wanted to know if I had any coffee ready. I told him to come on to my office and hung up. I pushed the button that opened the concealed office door and waited for him to arrive.

This was going to be interesting; Klaus was never up before eight or nine without a darn good reason. I wasnít sure of Pierreís habits but suspected he was also a late riser so the two of them must be up to something.

After Klaus arrived it didnít take long to determine what they had been up to. The conversation quickly was changed from, "Good Morning," to a discussion of various criminal penalties.

It was fun to listen to the two of them as their imaginations ran wild but in this day and age the slavery scenarios they were discussing were no longer possible; it would be considered cruel and unusual punishment by the international community.

Pierre didnít see a problem with that; "We will not tell them about it." Klaus thought it would be possible to get the subjects to agree to the terms. It finally occurred to me that they were dead serious about this.

Klaus had spent a considerable amount of time in various resort areas around the world and the one common circumstance he had encountered was the ever present petty thief not to mention the major players that went after the jewelry and such. He was convinced we would have an invasion of these culprits soon after the operations were begun.

Pierre thought a few vague sentences in the proposed Constitution could be used as a justification for just about anything. It would be considered a sovereign right by the rest of the world.

This was getting much too deep for us to handle; we were going to need a topnotch lawyer with international experience for this. In fact I was beginning to think we would need a lot of them.

Pierre suggested a Swiss law firm that specialized in international law that had worked with him in the past; Klaus and I agreed.

Before I could bring up another subject Klaus decided it was time for breakfast; actually it was nearly nine so we broke up to meet in the kitchen a little later.

I slipped back into the bedroom and discovered that Sybille was up and in the shower so I joined her. As usual, some parts of both of us got washed many times.

When I finally got to the kitchen all the food was gone but luckily there was still a pot of coffee available. Before I had finished the first cup the phone began to ring. First it was Bill wanting to fuss about the plane Ron wanted to rebuild. Then it was Carl wanting to know when his new equipment was going to arrive and it just got worse from there.

One thing lead to another and day after day my return to the islands had to be postponed. It was almost a full month before I was able to arrange enough free time to get back to the islands. The trip to the islands for the California group had to be postponed because of some intricate negotiations with some of their creditors also.

In the meantime Sybille had managed to get her nipples pierced and was really enjoying the play room. Sandy thought she had been abandoned. Paul was asking for help with all the documents that were needed; the Swiss firm was moving much too slowly to suit him. It seemed that Jim was the only person on the islands who wasnít having a problem of some sort.

Pierre was having a ball running all over the place poking his nose into everything. Since he was the official representative of the islands it seemed appropriate that he know what was really going on.

Finally I just said, "Today is the day," arranged for a plane, loaded Sybille, Pierre and Florence on it and away we went. Klaus was going to have to handle things in the City for a while without me.

It was early evening when the plane landed on the road near the beach and cove of the center island. I noticed that the mountain in the center of the island was now completely leveled off; Jim had made some serious progress there.

We went directly to the cafeteria for something to eat. There must have been a hundred people there in various degrees of dress or undress so that we didnít attract any unusual attention since we were still dressed from our trip.

With full trays we found a table near the rear of the room and sat down. The food wasnít nearly as fancy as the stuff Jacob served but it tasted every bit as good to me and I could actually pronounce all of the names.

I saw several people I recognized scattered around the room but I didnít see Sandy anywhere until I noticed a group of women at a table near the far side of the room. They were nude and seemed to be very comfortable with it so I assumed they were all from the accounting department. I decided to wait and see where they went when they were done eating before letting them know I had returned; if they had made plans for the evening I didnít want to interfere.

The sun was setting as we left the cafeteria and walked to the registration desk to arrange an apartment for Pierre and Florence. Sybille would be staying with Sandy and me for the night. We all made our way to the rooms and discarded the now unneeded clothes before venturing onto the beach.

As usual there was a bonfire blazing brightly on the beach and a boom box was tuned to a Caribbean station when we stepped outside. We settled on the sand near a group of people who were dancing to the music.

Soon a young man, one of the collage students, stopped by to ask Sybille to dance; she glanced at me for approval and I nodded that it was alright with me. He took her hand and helped her to her feet.

While they were dancing I strolled around the beach looking for the group of office girls I had seen in the cafeteria. I found them at a second bonfire some distance away from the main group. They had their own radio and were sitting in a semi-circle listening to a different station that was playing "Oldies but Goodies" type tunes from the States.

As I walked up behind Sandy the radio was playing an oldie called "Love Letters in the Sand" and no one noticed me. I bent down and whispered in her ear, "Hi."

She jumped and squealed which caused the other girls to do the same. A couple girls in the main group that was a couple hundred feet away squealed also; then they all giggled about it.

Sandy turned to see who it was and then squealed again as she jumped to her feet and hugged me. I gave her a big smooch, took her hand and we walked back to the main group to join Pierre and Florence.

I made the introductions and we watched the younger people dance for a while. When Sybille returned I introduced her also and told Sandy she would be staying with us for the night before she returned to the North Island in the morning.

Sandy looked at her and then at me, "So this is your playmate from the City?" I nodded as she hugged Sybille, "You have good taste; she is a pretty girl."

Sybille was embarrassed and wasnít sure just how to take this new-found attention as she stared at her feet. Sandy put a finger under her chin and raised her head up then kissed her on the cheek.† Sybille blushed enough to be noticeable even in the dim light from the bonfire.

I suggested that it was time to return to the apartment as it had been a long and tiring day. The three of us walked, hand in hand, the short distance to the hotel.

I went directly to the shower; it is impossible to get all the sand off without a lot of water.

I was delighted to have the two girls join me without hesitation. I was soon washing Sandyís back as Sybille washed my back. I decided her back was clean enough and reached around her to cup both breasts with my hands and fondle her pierced and stretched nipple as the little man found a wonderfully† nice place to nestle† between her butt cheeks.

Sybille reached between my legs and began to gently massage my balls. That created enough sensation to cause the little man to try to come to attention rapidly. I was going to have to do something about all of this or it was all going to be over much too quickly.

I managed to slip out from between the two gals and move behind Sybille. I reached around her also and cupped her breasts very softly as I ran my fingertips over her still somewhat tender nips.

Sandy turned around to see what I was doing and managed to rub her pierced and stretched nips against my hands. She jumped back from the unexpected contact, and then giggled as Sybille hesitantly reached out to touch one of her nipples.

Sandy took both of Sybilleís hands and pressed them to her breasts. I watched as the back of Sybilleís neck began to change colors. She was blushing and the color was getting deeper by the second. Sandy leaned toward her and kissed her on the cheek again as I continued to rub the tips of her nipples. When Sandy removed my hand from Sybilleís nipple so that she could suck it I decided that I was in the way.

I left the shower and made a pot of coffee; that is, I did everything needed to brew a pot of coffee and now I would have to wait forever for that slow motion thing to do the job.

Ten minutes later with a cup of coffee in hand I strolled to the front window and looked out on the beach below. One bonfire was still going good and there were two couples slow dancing in its flickering yellow light. I could see a few more people lying on blankets near the edge of the bonfireís glow. It was now too dark to make out any detail but somehow I got the feeling there were some sexual activities taking place there as the shapes all seemed to blend together.

I heard the water shut off and a lot of giggling as they dried each other repeatedly. Soon Sandy was leading Sybille by the hand toward the bed. Sybille was now fully in the mood for some fun and willingly lay across the bed beside Sandy and they cuddled and did a far amount of groping as well.

They spent several minutes exploring each others pierced nipples and finally settled in a position where they could each suck on the nips of the other.

I sat back and watched as the play became more and more arousing for them and soon Sandy had Sybille sitting on her chest with her nice pink pussy only inches away from her tongue. Slowly Sybille inched forward until contact was made; she leaned back and moaned with the first touches.

As she leaned forward again I managed to get in position so that she was able to lick my much neglected cock. Soon it was at the ready and she was swallowing most of it in slow sensuous strokes. Again, this was moving much too fast. When she leaned back again to get better tongue contact on her clitty I withdrew and went to the other side of the bed. Yep, Sandyís nicely pierced lips were parted and waiting.

I slipped my tongue into the waiting opening and she began to buck. Apparently she was doing some wonderful tongue work also as Sybille let out a long low scream and collapsed forward.

I continued to tease Sandyís lips for several minutes always getting just a little bit closed to that special little bud. When I closed my lips around it she exploded in a major orgasm that lasted for several minutes.

Sybille recovered some and had now turned around so that Sandy could continue to lick her clitty while she was able to take over between Sandyís legs.

Darn, out of a job again; well, not for long. In this position Sybilleís nice pink lips were open and inviting even while Sandy teased her clitty. Looked like an invitation to me.

I got on the bed and in a position to enter one of Sybilleís inviting openings, but which one? Hmm, without some serious lube her brown eye would present a challenge so I decided that it would have to wait until later.

She helpfully pushed back against me as I began to enter her and I was soon buried to the hilt.† With the movement of Sandyís head as she serviced Sybille and Sybilleís movements as she returned the favor all I had to do was stay plugged in and enjoy.

The girls experienced several orgasms each but finally were too exhausted for more. I was so close that just a couple strokes and I flooded Sybilleís pussy and Sandyís face. We all just lay on the bed relaxing as the girls continued to sigh and moan quietly.

I was the first to move as I left the bed for a quick trip to the bathroom and returned with towels to absorb the extra fluids. I patted both of their pussies dry and let them continued to recover as I poured a cup of coffee and sat down to wait for them to continue.

I didnít have long to wait as they both wanted to visit the bathroom and get a quick shower, of course I had to join in also.

We dried each other off, gathered around the kitchen table and relaxed with cups of fresh brewed coffee. The girls were holding hands and it was obvious that Sybille was happy with her newly discovered bisexuality. Sandy seemed very happy with her new playmate also.

This was really a surprise to me as Sybille hadnít given any indications that she was at all interesting in other girls and had tended to stay away for the normal girl coffee clutches and such.

Sybilleís attention seemed to center on Sandyís pierced and stretched nipples for the most part and her eyes were focused on them much of the time.

No one was saying anything and the silence was becoming too loud so I tried to start a conversation.

"Now that you have tried a little of the life style you have entered, what do you think of it?"

She hesitated a little bit, "I had no idea this was going to happen but it was fun."

Sandy patted her hand, "Yes it was. You are a little sweetheart."

I asked if she had ever felt any desire to be with another female and she nodded, "Yes but I had always been told that it was wrong."

I laughed; "Itís not wrong here. In fact I have a feeling you are going to be a very popular girl from now on."

She blushed nicely but smiled also. "Do you think so, really?"

She thought for a few seconds, "Does that mean that I can get some more piercings like Sandy has?"

"Sure if you are certain that is what you want."

"I want a piercing in my clitty just like hers." Apparently the reaction Sandy has when her piercings are moved around was very erotic for her.

I reminded her that Sandy had many more piercings than just her clit. "I know and I want them all but I want the clitty first. I want the nipple stretchers too."

The coffee cups were empty and it was getting late so I went to the bed and lay down in the center hoping to have a girl on each side. It worked out a little differently than I expected. Sandy climbed on the bed and began to lick my decorated cock while Sybille offered me a nice pierced nipple to suck.

Here we go again, this is hard on an old man like me but I will try to be strong even if it kills me.

Soon my equipment was standing tall, well, as tall as possible that is. Sybille had changed position and was now kneeling over my face with her pretty pink pussy within my tongueís reach. I tickled her clitty as she settled down for more, much more.

Sandy was doing a good job and it was soon time for a major change of position.† I put Sybille on her back and Sandy kneeling over her so that I was able to enter Sandy from the rear.

As Sybille teased and licked Sandyís pierced clit I began making long, slow strokes into her waiting pussy. She was moaning within a minute and her low scream started soon after. We both continued to stimulate her through several orgasms before she passed out. I rolled Sandy off of Sybille and lay down on my back with my well-lubricated equipment standing straight up. Sybille took the hint and straddled me. To my surprise she began to settle down with my cock against her back door.

She slowly worked it in a little bit at a time until it was completely buried in her. As she settled her full weight on me I reached for her nipples and began to pinch them, slowly increasing the pressure on her recently pierced nips. She gasped as the pressure was increased and leaned forward for more.

I moved one hand to her clitty and gently teased it with a finger as her first orgasm began. She was still sitting down hard for all the penetration she could get and moving her ass in a circular motion that became more frantic as her orgasm continued to build.

When her orgasm had peaked I pinched her clitty just enough to start it all over again. I was able to keep her constantly moving from one orgasm to another for almost twenty minutes before she collapsed on my chest, unable to continue, just as I was no longer able to postpone the flood I deposited deep within her.

I gently rolled her over onto her side and reentered her back door from the rear and was soon asleep. Showers would have to wait until morning.

Bright sunshine was streaming in the window when I awoke. The girls were still asleep as I slid to the foot of the bed to prevent waking them. I got the coffee started as quietly as possible and took a shower while it was brewing.

As I sat at the kitchen table sipping the coffee and contemplated the unexpected turn of events my cell phone rang. I manage to locate it before it woke the girls to hear Billís voice from the city.

Business as usual he got right to the point, "Mark and Russell Epson and their wives are on the way there, and will arrive this afternoon."

Oops, I had forgotten about that, "Did Jerry clear them?"

"Yes, but it is a little iffy right now. One of the wives just barely made it, so tread softly."

The girls hadnít moved so I got dressed and went to the office in the building to see what else was going on. I had forgotten that it was Saturday and there was only one young girl there to answer the phones. I picked out an empty desk and called Jim for a more comprehensive update.

He seemed glad to hear from me and offered to pick me up in a few minutes. I told him I would be in the cafeteria. His only reply was, "Yeah, and with a cup of coffee in hand," before he hung up.

He was almost right but when I got to the cafeteria there was still a plate full of chocolate donuts there so I had a couple of them also.

Jim was in a good mood and very talkative for a change. As we got in his car he headed toward the mountain and we were soon at the airfield. The roadway up the mountain had been widened and smoothed and even some of the hairpin curves had been widened.

It was absolutely fantastic; a flat expanse of solid rock as smooth as silk. A control tower had been constructed high on the windward side of the island with a perfect view of the entire area.

We took the new elevator to descend directly to the dock area and a small hotel to house visitors away from the rest of the island until they had been cleared. It would also be used as a waiting area for the small boats used to transport them to the north island. Everything was well laid out and functional as well as astatically pleasing.

When we returned to the airfield he drove to one of the hangers and I could see several light planes through the open hanger doors. I asked when some of the larger aircraft were expected to be transferred from the city and he replied, "There will be a 737 here later today."

We returned to the beach area and walked to the docks to find the same young man tending the fueling station. Apparently he had been expecting us as he smiled and said, "Your craft is ready, Sir."

I was expecting the cabin cruiser we had used before but he motioned toward an open speedboat. Jim just nodded and we continued along the dock to the boat.

When Jim started the engines I knew something was up; there were two of them. It sounded like a dragster and the engines shook the entire boat with their rough idle. As soon as he gave it a little bit of throttle the engines smoothed out and they began to purr like a big cat.

As soon as we were a reasonable distance from the shore he eased the throttle forward and we began to pick up speed. The boat was soon skipping along the surface and I do mean skipping. We must have been going about fifty miles an hour when Jim pushed the throttle full forward. I was going to ask him how fast we were going but the engine and wind noise had increased too much for any conversation.

We arrived at the northern island in less than ten minutes. As we idled along the coastline everything looked different; there werenít any buildings except the large stone structure that housed the French diplomats. Heavy equipment was everywhere, bulldozing, leveling and contouring the land.

I asked, "What happened?"

Jim smiled, "We moved all the people to their new homes, sprayed and then cleared the island. We are getting ready to put in the foundations for the big hotels right now. They should be completed in time for the winter season."

We tied up to the dock in front of the factory that had been used to build all the prefab housing and walked into the building. Everything was different here also. The space was now being used to build cabinets and expensive wooden furniture for the European markets.

A new road had been built that disappeared over a slight rise in the ground and ran beside the factory. He told me it led to another bigger factory building that was out of sight in the interior of the island where it would not interfere with the tourist business. I wanted to see it so we hiked the mile or so toward the island interior. It was huge; Jim said the building covered 100 acres. Large sections of it were still under construction but even so, the overall impression was almost too much to be on a remote island.†

We toured the finished section that was being used to construct the solar panels and discovered they were in full production. The area designed for Track was also complete and waiting for the equipment to arrive,

Back at the furniture factory, where Jim had established a field office, we went over the plans for the island.† Due to some unexpected geological problems some changes had been made to the master plan. When everything was competed it would make every other resort I knew of seem to be second-class.

The arrival area was under heavy construction also and would include everything anyone could want from a five star restaurant to a one hundred suite hotel, boutiques, night clubs, tennis courts, a nine hole golf course and, of course, a casino.

The general idea was to keep the visitors restricted but entertained and spending money for the three days it would take to properly test and clear them for entrance into the rest of the northern island and even perhaps to the center island. For the time being the southern island would be off limits.

I had expected to see Paul but discovered that he was up to his neck in paper trying to get everything as much in order as possible in anticipation of the official change of ownership of the island. I decided that I would see him another time when he would be more relaxed.

We had a leisurely lunch in the cafeteria and began the trip back to the center island. This time we ran at a more conservative twenty miles per hour as Jim circled the southern island before heading south.

There seemed to be construction in progress everywhere but very little of it was at the waterís edge. A few docks and beach houses had been constructed and there seemed to be some private cottages hidden in the dense foliage further inland; however the beach was mostly open for at least five hundred feet inland which preserved the tropical beauty that was so attractive to tourists.

Jim aimed the boat south at a reasonable speed this time and we discussed many aspects of the construction. I mention that the roadways that were being constructed seemed too narrow for normal traffic unless a lot of one-way roads were planned; two cars would have a hard time passing each other.

He smiled, "That Island is not going to have any Ďnormal trafficí to speak of. Solar, Inc. is currently designing some carts capable of carrying four adults, they will be solar powered and pollution free. Later they will design a small bus that can carry more people for tours and such as well as a utility type vehicle for all the supply and distribution needs around the island."

Good idea, why didnít I think of something like that? I wasnít so sure Pierre and his group would agree though; what were they going to do with all the Citroens and Mercedes they had?

I began to wonder if heavier vehicles could also be solar powered so that the heavy trucks used to move freight on the center island could be replaced also.

Jim thought so but it would be necessary to tunnel through the mountain to get access to the docks on the east side of the island; just another something to consider.

We arrived at the bay just as a plane began circling the airfield for a landing; the first jet to arrive. We quickly docked and drove up the mountain road to watch it happen.

It was a perfect landing that required less than a third of the runway. When the plane rolled to a stop in front of the main hanger the rear stairway was deployed from the 737 and two couples exited the plane; I waved at them and they began walking toward me. To my surprise five more men got off of the plane, each of them dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase; they also began to walk toward me.

I greeted the Epsom brothers and their wives and suggested they make themselves comfortable in the van while their luggage was collected.

I turned my attention to the five suits that were now in front of me. They all appeared to be my age, well over sixty and one of them looked like he was a hundred and had required help getting down the stairs. I had no idea who they were or why they were here.

"Gentlemen, welcome to the Islands. What is your destination if I may ask?"

They all looked at me as if I should have known them, "We were expecting Mr. Bradford to meet us. Perhaps he has been delayed." Hmm, if Ron was involved I would bet it had something to do with that old plane.

I look around but didnít see anyone else, "Iím sure he will arrive momentarily, gentlemen." Right on cue I saw him step out of the hanger and run towards me and the five men.

He arrived out of breath but somehow managed to say, "Welcome," and shook hands with each of them while telling them how glad he was to see them. He finally had enough breath to ask them to come with him and he would get them settled into their rooms in the hotel near the commercial docks on the east side of the island and then they would have dinner.

I had to smile; he was so excited to see them that he didnít even think to introduce me, so much for being a big shot.

I got in the van with Jim and the Epsom couples and gave them a quick recap of what they should expect in a clothing optional society. The brothers both were trying to keep grins off of their faces while Markís wife, Lora was smiling openly. She was a pretty brunette who seemed to have a somewhat adventurous nature and was happy to be a girl.†

Russellís wife, Betty was totally different; she was considerable overweight with deeply etched frown lines and a little gray showing in her unruly red hair. She impressed me as the type of person that was always critical about everything. She was frowning and commented, "I can tolerate the situation for a couple days if I have too but I am not going to be seen in the Ďaltogetherí by anyone so all of you can forget about that."

Obviously there was some discord between the two couples; Jerry had really stretched the rules to permit her to come here at all. I would have a talk with him and see if he felt some therapy would help her adjust to this life style.

During the short trip to the cove hotel I outlined the program for the next day; the trip to the northern island and an inspection of the facilities there.

When I parked near the hotel at the cove it was necessary to walk a couple hundred feet to the nearest entrance. As luck would have it a couple was just leaving the building as we approached and they were both nude and holding hands as they walked past us chatting and laughing. I thought Betty was going to have a heart attack as she pointed at them and said, "Oh my God, they are naked, and they donít have any clothes on at all!"

For the first time Russell smiled, "I think that is rather obvious." Bettyís face turned bright red and then white as a sheet and she began to stumble in the sand. Russell, to his credit held her by the arm as we entered the building. We managed to get her to the rooms assigned to them, which were next door to my rooms. Mark and Loraís rooms were just down the hall also.

I gave them my phone number which was the same as the room number and suggested that they freshen up a bit and we would go to dinner in an hour or so and the dress code was definitely optional.

Sandy and Sybille were not in the room so I took a long hot shower and made a pot of coffee. I called Jerry to discuss the situation with Betty. His opinion was that she had experienced a very strict childhood by prudish parents. It is just a passing thought but I always wondered how it was possible if the parents were as prudish as they pretended to be how in the world did they manage to have a child?"

Back to Jerry; he also felt that her weight was a major factor. At five foot three inches her two hundred plus pounds werenít much to look at or rather too much to look at. His main suggestion was to get her into a good exercise class and on a diet as soon as possible. He felt her attitude would change as the weight came off. I asked him to check her medical records for any physical cause for the weight problem.

Well, if all that was needed the small exercise room in the basement would be put to good use as soon as it could be arranged. This caused me to speculate on the possibility of providing that service for visitors also, you know, a fat farm with restricted access that would be able to guarantee results; something to think about as they charge a bloody fortune for that in the States.

While I was pondering that possibility, Sandy and Sybille came in, said, "Hi," and went straight in to the shower together. When they came out, I told them we would be going to dinner with two other couples they agreed without hesitation and decided to stay nude. I had to grin just a little as I envisioned the response that would generate from Betty. I told them briefly what to expect but they just shrugged it off.

Mark and Lora were the first to arrive in my apartment; they were somewhat surprised to see the two girls there but they quickly recovered. The girlsí pierced nipples got the attention of both of them right away; Mark said, "Wow," and Lora said, "Ouch."† Any further comments were drowned out by a scream of, "Oh my God," from the open doorway as Betty looked into the room.

Mark laughed; Russell frowned as Bettyís legs folded up and she plopped to the floor as they both just stood there and watched. To my surprise Russell grabbed her by the arms and actually dragged her far enough into the room for the door to close.

I ask if we needed to put her on the bed but he replied, "Nope, just let her lay where she is and letís go to dinner."

I had to ask, "Are you sure that is what you want to do?"

He nodded, "Yep, if she wants anything to eat she can get her ass up off the floor and follow us to the cafeteria."

Okay, it was his call. Iím sure he has had to put up with this sort of thing before. Sandy and Sybille were giggling, Lora was still staring at their pierced nipples and Mark was giving Russell the ĎThumbs Upí.

Mark was the first to speak and again he surprised me, "Lora, you are overdressed."

Loraís mouth dropped open as she turned toward him. Then she glanced at Russell and me, "So are all three of you men; I will if you will."

I waited to see who would give in first; it was Mark. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his short pants to his ankles; another surprise, no briefs and no tan lines. I was beginning to get the picture now so I quickly got out of my clothes also.

Russell hesitated as Lora stood watching with her hands on her hips. He finally relented and removed his shirt and undershirt as well as his pants and briefs; he was wearing all of that on a tropical island at eighty five degrees. I was almost speechless.

Now all eyes were on Lora; she began to unbutton her blouse slowly one button at a time as Mark began to hum the melody of ĎThe Stripperí. When all the buttons were undone she slipped it off her shoulders and twirled it over her head just like a stripper would do.††

No bra and no tan lines; the picture was getting clearer all the time. I was betting there wouldnít be any tan lines when her shorts came off too.

I was right but hadnít gone far enough, not only were the tan lines missing but so was all her public hair. As she stepped out of her shorts she did a little spin so we could all see her tattoo and shaved pubes. She was a smooth as a babyís butt. She also had a small butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

The girls both commented on her nice little tat while she was laughing and pointing at Russellís shining white ass. He took it good-naturedly and turned around and swished his butt at all the girls as they giggled.

I finally had to stop the fun by saying, "Iím getting hungry." There was a slight moan from Betty but Russell ignored it and leaned over close to my ear and whispered, "Whenever there is something happening that she doesnít approve of she pulls this little stunt. She will be along right after we leave the room, as you can tell she donít miss many meals." I nodded and we all filed out of the room and started down the hall.

We had just reached the doorway to the next room when she came into the hall and screamed, "Russell, how dare you leave me like that?"

To his credit he finally did what I would have done years earlier, "If you are going with us get over here, if not go back to the room a pout, in either case shut up."

Her face got red as a beat but she walked, well rather she stalked stiff legged, up to us as if she was ready for a fight. Russell cut her off before she could say anything and told her, "This is the door to our room so take the blouse and bra off and toss them in there." When she hesitated he said, "NOW!"

It was obvious she wasnít used to this type of treatment as she slowly did as he said. She was lily-white from her neck to the waistband of her skirt. She did have nice titties but her bulging belly kind of ruined the effect.

Russell took her arm and we continued toward the cafeteria as I heard him tell her in a too load whisper, "If you ever try that passing out stunt again Iím going to leave you wherever you land."