The Islands
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter Five

I was awake by five and slipped out of the bed without waking Sybille, went to my office and made a pot of coffee.

I soon discovered a long e-mail from Jeff that had been sent late last night. It took nearly thirty minutes to read it from end to end. He covered everything I could have imagined, much of it too technical to mean anything to me.

The part that interested me was that the two brothers who had started the business had invested everything they had in the new company and were now broke and seriously in debt. It should be a simple matter to buy the company and put them on the payroll.

During the meeting Bill had determined that everything the company owned could be shipped in one truck. He had also analyzed the cost factors and determined that without the high overhead of a California location the units could be sold for about a third of the advertised cost.

I sent him a quick e-mail asking that he set up a meeting for later in the day so that Klaus and I could meet them and discuss the purchase arrangements.

I spent a couple hours going over all the financial statements to see how much was being spent in relationship to the income from the stocks. The basic project was marginally profitable; the businesses in the balance of the city were doing well also.

As all the aircraft were being charged off to the islands as well as all the ongoing construction there was a considerable loss showing. It wasnít enough to be a real concern but it was more than I wanted to see. Some income was badly needed there as soon as possible.

For some unknown reason the overall totals were about one percent short of balancing. Now one percent is pretty good in most situations but that amounted to almost a billion dollars which was more than enough to raise a question. I would have to research this matter a lot further but now it was a little past eight so I refilled my coffee cup and filled another for Sybille. I wasnít sure if she drank coffee; it was considered to be a luxury item in the islands.

I set her cup on the nightstand and gently pulled the sheet off of her to discover she was sleeping on her stomach; her nice, well rounded butt presented a nice view. Such a target was very tempting but common sense prevailed and I gently patted her butt to wake her; the plane would be here to take the islanders home in a couple hours.

As she rolled over and set up I handed her the cup of coffee and sat down on the edge of the bed beside her. She raised the cup to her face and breathed in the aroma, "I love coffee; we only have it on special occasions at home."

She sipped at the coffee for a couple minutes before setting it down and going to the bathroom. As she walked across the room I was treated to that lovely backside in motion and it took considerable effort to not follow her.

There was a muffled scream from the bathroom; I rushed to see what was the matter. As I entered she was standing in front of the full length mirror with both of her hands over her crotch area and her eyes as big as saucers.

I looked around but didnít see anything that would cause a scream, perhaps she was a little sore in that area from last nightís activities but that shouldnít cause a scream either. I finally had to asked, "Whatís wrong?"

"All my hair is gone!"

I reached out and touched the back of her head. She said, "Not there, down here." Finally it dawned on me what she was upset about.

I stepped close behind her and reached around taking her wrists in my hands and gently moving them up over her belly button. The view in the mirror was delightful.

She was almost in tears as she looked again at her cleanly shaven pubs, "Where did it all go? This has never happen with my boyfriend."

I had to laugh which didnít help much, "I donít think you boyfriend ever shaved you."

"You did this?"

"Yep, sure did, it makes that area look much neater."

She looked again, "Oh."

I pulled her close, "Do you like it?"

"The other kids will laugh at me."

"I donít think so, a couple of them were watching as I did it and they said they liked the look of it so I suspect there will be a few more cleanly shaven girls and maybe even a boy or two."

She looked again, "Really? Do you like it?"

I grinned, "I sure do."

She nodded, "Then it is okay."

I released her wrists and we walked to the bedroom with my arm around her waist. She sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up her coffee cup as I reached past her to retrieve my coffee also. I noticed she was looking; no she was staring, at my crotch. As I sat down beside her she continued to stare and timidly reach her hand over to run her fingers through the hair at the base of my cock.

I waited to see where this was going to lead. After a couple minutes she began to giggle. Now Iím fully aware that my equipment will never win any prizes for size but I had never had anyone laugh at it either. She removed her hand but continued to giggle.

I glanced down to see if there was something noticeably wrong; nope everything looked the same as usual to me, "Would you like to tell me what is so funny?"

I noticed her face was beginning to flush a little, "I was just thinking that you should be shaved too."

I instinctively reached up and ran a hand over my jaw; yep I could use a shave. She saw my reaction and giggled some more before it occurred to me that she had to be referring to my crotch as I have very little body hair anywhere else.

I was completely at a loss for words for the first time in years. No one had ever mentioned such a thing before. When I didnít reply she asked where I kept my razor and I motioned toward the bathroom without thinking. She quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom with her buns bouncing nicely.

She rummaged around in there for several minute then began bringing several items to the night stand and returned for more. When she finally sat back down she turned to me, "Whenever you are ready."

She spread a couple large towels in the middle of the bed and asked me to lay down on them. What the hell, I figured that poor little fella might get a kiss or two out of this so why not.

Apparently she had watched her father shave as she seemed to know what to do. First she used a pair of scissors to cut the hair as short as possible. The she used Sandyís shaving mug and brush to lather the entire area then she cut a hole in the middle of a hot towel and put it over the area with my cock sticking through.

While she was waiting for the stubble to soften up she teased my cock by moving the jewelry back and forth so that it was soon at attention.

She removed the towel, picked up Sandyís safety razor and made the first pass. It pulled a little but nothing to get excited about. When she saw the results she giggled some more and continued with her little project for several minutes. Finally she wiped the area with a damp cloth and applied some lotion which for some reason was also applied to my cock and she proceeded to rub it in. This was much better than that razor.

She sat back on her haunches and said, "All done on this side."

This side? What was she talking about now?

"There are some hairs I canít get from the front."

Now this was getting out of hand, that is a private and off limits area for me. So Iím a prude, I shook my head, "You have had enough fun for today."

"You shaved me there and it is only fair that I shave you too."

I wonder whoever gave her the idea life was fair but her logic was hard to dispute at the moment. I turned over with the same feeling I always get when the doctor does a prostrate exam, totally exposed.

She wasnít satisfied with me just lying on my stomach; she wanted me on my knees with my head on the bed. This was even worse. I had never, ever been in that position with someone behind me.

First there was the scissors, then the lather, then the hot towel. I think it was the same towel with the hole in it; I was sure I could feel the breeze.†

She didnít wait as long before removing the towel this time, thank goodness. The first pass of the razor didnít pull at all; apparently the skin is a lot tougher there. After pass after pass she wiped the area with a damp cloth and applied lotion also. Now that is where the problem came from.

While rubbing the lotion in she accidentally, she later said it was an accident anyway, hit the brown spot. I jumped like I had been shot and she laughed.

I rolled over onto my back and grabbed her and pulled her up beside me and gave her a good smack on the ass with my hand. She squealed a little but continued to laugh.

She got up on her knees and straddled me and began to lower herself towards my cock. I noticed that her juices had dampened the inside of her thighs; she had enjoyed this little scene. Apparently I had enjoyed it also as I was ready for action.

As she began to impale herself on my cock I reached up and took both of her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and began to squeeze them gently. The more of my cock she accepted the harder I squeezed those sweet little buds until I was fully inside her. She was moaning and began to move from side to side.

I reluctantly released one nipple and moved that hand to gently rub her clitty. Within minutes she came and collapsed forward onto my chest. I let her rest for a few minutes before rolling us over into the missionary position. I began to take long slow strokes as she again reached an orgasm which continued until I came hard.

We stayed in that position for a while as she recovered again before moving to the shower. We washed and teased each other as we played in the warm water.†

As we were drying each other I glanced in the mirror; yep, the hair was all gone and it looked a little weird at first until I realized that with the hair removed my poor little cock appeared larger somehow. I could live with that.

All good things must end; it was time to get all the Islanders together, on the bus and to the airport. I told Sybille she needed to go next door and get all of her things ready to go.

I gave her a hug and noticed there were tears running down her face, "Whatís wrong; did I hurt you somehow?"

"I donít want to go; I want to stay here with you."

We sat down on the side of the bed again as I held her close. I was going to have to think about this for a while. What was Raulís reaction going to be? What was Sandy going to say? What did I want to do?

Finally I said, "Okay, but you still have to get your things while I get dressed."

She jumped up and started toward the door, turned around and came back. She kissed me and quickly kissed the tip of my cock before running toward the door again. Her lovely butt was jiggling in all the right directions. Did I ever mention... yeah, I think I did...

I got dressed, went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and out to the patio to find the bus had arrived and most of the Islanders were there also. Everyone was dressed and ready to go.

I saw Raul and Sophia looking around for Sybille. This was going to be interesting to say the least. The only encounter with a girlís father that had involved me had taken place many, many years ago when I was Sybilleís age.†

Raul was walking towards me; time to be a diplomat for once.

"Have you seen Sybille this morning?"

"Yes, she went to get her things next door."

"I didnít see her when we all had breakfast."

Just them Sybille came onto the patio, still nude, and walked over to us, "Hi, Daddy."

He looked at her critically, "Why arenít you dressed?"

She eased over beside me, "My friend said I can stay for a few more days."

He didnít catch on right away, "Which friend was this?"

She giggled and looked at me, "This one."

Raul looked at me and then back at her, "Your friend and I need to talk, please excuse us for a moment."

As she walked away he turned to me, "Apparently you have made a great impression on her. Please do not mistreat her, she is my only daughter."

Of all the responses I had imagined this wasnít quite what I had expected, "She will not be harmed in any way, I give you my word." He just nodded and walked back to his wife.

As I turned to follow her into the house I noticed Pierre had been close enough to have overheard and he was grinning as he ambled away. What did he know that I didnít? We were going to have a serious conversation as soon as we go into my van to follow the bus to the airport.

Sybille was delighted with her fatherís decision but didnít seem at all surprised by it. She returned to the patio to say her goodbyes.

Soon the bus was loaded and ready to go. I asked Pierre to ride to the airport with me in the van. He nodded but had a small, sly grin on his face, again.

As soon as the van doors were closed I asked, "What the hell is going on here?"

He laughed, "You need a little history lesson about the islands."

"Okay, letís hear it."

"Black slaves were first introduced in the 1500s to tend the crops and perform all the tasks that the white slave owners didnít wish to do. In that type of environment it was only months before mixed race babies were appearing. At first they were killed outright but the Masters soon decided that they would just be additional slaves."

"The slaves soon determined that color was important and devised a system whereby all the lighter skinned slaves should only couple among themselves in an effort to produce light colored children. Of course the Masters preferred to have their fun with the pale slave girls and more and more bastards were born."

"Slowly, over centuries the color discrimination developed a dominant class of people with very light complexions. Perhaps you noticed that all the collage-educated natives fall in that category?"

I really hadnít noticed but now that he mentioned it, yes it was true.

"The end result is that a pure African blood line no longer exists in the islands; the old ways die hard and there is still an unspoken tendency for them to be followed to this day."

So Sybille was still following the unwritten laws and Raul had agreed with it. This also explained why Sybille and her parents appeared to be Europeans with a good suntan.

The plane arrived almost an hour late and by the time it took off I had to rush to get Pierre back to the house and get to the meeting Jeff had set up at Jacquesí with the people from California. Klaus was waiting for me with his briefcase and we soon were on our way.

This was as good a time as any to find out what he knew about the missing funds, "Do you know that the books donít balance?"

"Yes, at least they donít balance yet."

Here we go again, "Why is that?"

"I havenít had enough time to replace it yet."

"Where is it then?"

"I moved two billion dollars into a special account several months ago when I was unable to get around and had to stay out of sight. I needed something to do so I began to invest in currency trading. So far I have replaced half of it with the profits."

"And you still have the full amount in the account?"

"Yes, so there is nothing missing and there has been a good profit."

I breathed a sigh of relief; I had suspected there had been some embezzlement involved but it was just Klaus being secretive and making money at the same time.

We arrived at Jacquesí right at noon to find Jeff, Bill and the two gentlemen waiting for us.†††

Willie soon had us seated in a small conference room and a waitress taking our orders for lunch. There was some small talk about the weather and how nice the city was during the meal. When the after dinner coffee was served Klaus go down to business.

"Gentlemen, we have studied your product and would like to propose a few changes. Currently it is far too expensive to be of interest to the trucking industry and there are workable units already in use there. We propose that your units be adapted to other areas."

The two brothers, Mark and Russell, were taken aback, "What other areas do you have in mind?"

"It would be of great value in tracking ships and planes."

They looked at each other, "Planes already have what is called a transponder."

Klaus nodded, "We want something a lot more sophisticated than that."

I could see that they were disappointed but not ready to give up, "The units we have designed are using all the abilities of the satellites already."

Klaus was undeterred by this, ĎThen you need to design the next generation of satellites also."

Again they looked at each other, "The plans are already complete for that but the cost is beyond our abilities."

Klaus nodded, "Time to put all the cards on the table. We are aware of your financial difficulties. We would like to purchase your company and all you equipment and patent rights."

They were stunned, "We didnít expect this."

Klaus grinned, "None the less we are interested. We will pay all your acquired debts and purchase your company for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. In addition we are offering you a salary of one hundred thousand dollars a year to continue with the company."

They had a hurried and whispered conversation between each other before stating, "What is the downside?"

"You will be required to relocate at our expense."†

"Here to Texas?"

"No, not here; to a Caribbean Island."

They looked at each other again before Kevin said, "Can you excuse us for a few minutes while we discuss this?"

Jeff, Bill, Klaus and I left the room and stepped outside for a smoke. Klaus was certain they were going to agree and we discussed the time frame for the move; it would take a month or so to get a suitable building constructed for them.

We returned after a few minutes to find them both on their cell phones. They quickly ended their conversations with, "Bye Honey." Now their wives were also informed.

Their questions were now centered on the availability of medical services and education at the island.

I picked it up, "There will be a fully accredited hospital there as well as excellent schools. Your health care will be completely covered."

"We would prefer to retain some ownership in the company also."

Klaus replied, "Your Company will be merged with another company we own so that is not possible but I can offer each of you five percent of the net profits from your operations."

They agreed and the discussion turned to the timing of the move. "Please draw up a rough set of plans for the facility you will need taking into account that we expect to expand production rapidly. The move will take place thirty days from the day all papers are signed. We will give you an advance of one hundred thousand dollars today to keep the wolf away from the door. Also be prepared to fly to the islands within the next week."

The meeting broke up and I drove them to the airport where one of our light planes would deliver them to Love field for their flight home.

Klaus and I returned to the house and from my office I transferred the money directly into their account. Klaus was concerned that we might be just giving them the funds but I pointed out that they needed at least twice that amount within ninety days to forestall all the bad things that they were facing; they would have to complete the transaction or lose everything.

We continued to discuss the progress in the islands for a couple of hours and invited Pierre to join us as we got into some of the various diplomatic problems.

We needed a free trade situation with the U.S. and also a means to dispense with the need for passports and visas and we needed them quickly. Pierre felt it could be arranged in a few weeks.

We had been lucky here in the city; there hadnít been any criminal activity at all among the members. The islands would be entirely different as a tourist attraction. There would be the usual conmen, pickpockets and other riffraff that prayed on such areas; we were going to need some means of controlling this.

The minor stuff could be easily handled with some time in a very uncomfortable jail and deportation, but the serious crimes were a different matter entirely. We couldnít just send a bank robber or assassin somewhere else to strike again. We discussed this future problem for some time before I decided we werenít getting any closer to a solution and dumped the whole thing in Pierreís lap. He would draw up several different proposals with the help of his staff and we would look them over in the next couple weeks and try to make a decision then.

There had been enough discussion for one day and it was getting close to dinnertime now. I asked Klaus and Pierre if they would prefer to eat in or go out to Jacobís.

Klaus didnít care one way or the other but Pierre insisted on going out with a grin on his face. I got the impression that the food was not the main attraction for him.

We agreed to be ready to leave in an hour as the meeting broke up. I shut my office down and returned to the bedroom to find Sybille missing. I quickly checked the patio area and she was there lying on a lounge with her butt in the air as she let the sun dry her hair; apparently she had been in the pool.

This was more temptation than I was prepared to control and I smacked her on the butt. She jumped and screamed as she turned over to see what had hit her. I laughed at her and she grinned. "Itís time to get ready for dinner at Jacobís."

We returned to the bedroom and I introduced her to some of the ĎOtherí activities I had mentioned last night. Yep, I gave her a good enema, not once but three times until the water ran clear. She wasnít very impressed with this calling it "just an aggravation".

I didnít say anything about it as we got in the shower together. Soon we were drying each other; as she dried her hair I gathered up a few items and put them on the night stand.

When she joined me in the bedroom she looked at the collection on the nightstand and shook her head. I grinned, "Time to continue your education."

"Are you thinking of putting those monstrous things in my backside?"

"Sure, I want to find all your hot spots."

"That is not a hot spot."

"Hmm, we shall see."

I positioned her on the bed with her knees wide apart and her head against the bed. What a sight that made. I added a lot of lube to the target area and picked up a small vibrating dildo that was only about an inch in diameter. As I played it all around the target she began to react with sighs and low moans.

Slowly I got closer and closer to the main target. Finally I put the tip of the vibrator right on her puckered brown spot. She jumped away from it but quickly returned to her position and actually pushed against it gently.

Progress was being made now. A little more lube just to be sure and I held the tip steady as she pushed against it. Slowly it began to penetrate as she moaned again and again. When the widest part of the vibrator had entered I turned it to high speed and she was soon reacting with low screams as well as moans.

I shut the vibrations off but left the dildo in place, moving it in and out very slowly to let her get accustomed to these new sensations. After several minutes I remove it entirely and was rewarded by the site of her open butt hole pulsing as it slowly started to close.

I quickly picked up another dildo that was slightly larger that the first one and inserted the tip before the opportunity passed. With the vibration on I again held it in position as she pushed back against it. Soon it was fully inserted and again I left it in place for a few minutes.

Time for the final insertion; I quickly replaced the dildo with a slightly larger butt plug and eased it in as far as it would go easily and began to slowly move it in and out going just a little deeper each time. Soon patience paid off and the wide part of it popped into place. She gave a slight moan and it was obvious that she was making a heroic effort to retain it but her untrained anal muscles were losing the battle.

I kept enough pressure on it to prevent its expulsion as I began to arrange the various straps that were attached to it. There were a total of three narrow straps, two towards the front and one to the rear, that were designed to attach to a waist strap and keep the plug securely in place. After several minutes of one handed fumbling I had all of them in position and ready for a few final adjustments.

I asked her to stand up and then I tighten a little here and loosened a little there until I was satisfied with it. I stepped back to see if I had it right. There was a two inch wide belt around her waist pulled very snug. The single strap from the rear of the plug ran between her ass cheeks and attached to the belt.

The two straps on the front of the plug served multiple purposes; they held the plug in place but also were positioned to either side of her clit in such a manner that her pussy lips were pulled to either side leaving her cute little clitty standing all alone and unprotected.

Now a clitty is a terrible thing to neglect so I attached a nice little device to the two front straps so that a soft rubber ball was in contact with the clitty and then added a small weight in a manner that would keep it in constant contact. That little weight was supported by a swivel joint so that any body movement at all would cause the little rubber ball to rub her clitty just enough to keep her attention focused.

I checked it all over again; the butt plug could not get out regardless of what she did. Her clitty could not get away from that devilish little ball either. The best part was that her movements went not restricted in any way. I finished this arrangement with a few drops of a long lasting silicone lubricant on her clitty and the little ball to prevent any chaffing.

She was as ready for dinner at Jacobís as I could get her. I asked her to walk to the other side of the room and back to see what effect it was going to have on her.

It was quickly obvious that the little ball was working; she was making extra little movements with each step in an effort to relieve the sensations it was generating.††

Before she had returned to her starting point I had to tell her not to touch the source of her agitation as her hands started to move in that direction. By the time she returned her hands were tightly clenched and her legs were trembling. She sat on the side of the bed but quickly stood up again as her weight had forced the plug a little deeper. Standing up again caused the little ball to move and she instinctively moved her hands toward it.

I laughed, "It looks like your hands are going to get you in trouble tonight." She stood there as perfectly still as possible, not knowing what to do.

I retrieved the last item from the night stand; a beautiful silver collar with many jewels imbedded in the floral design. There were three silver chains attached to it; two of them terminated in silver cuffs that matched the collar. The third chain would serve as a leash.

I snapped the collar around her neck, then closed the cuffs around her wrists. The chains were just long enough to reach the belt around her waist but she would be unable to reach her clitty without doubling over which would be very noticeable.

She inspected her new adornments for a few seconds before looking at me with amusement, "Am I a slave now?"

"Yes, at least for the next couple of hours."

She watched me as I took the third chain in my hand and gently tugged on it; she took a step forward. "Oh, this might be interesting after all; now I will know how my ancestors felt."

I really didnít think there was much of a similarity but if she felt there was it was fine with me. I checked the clock on the night stand, we had five minutes to meet Klaus, Pierre and their playmates; time to go.

As we walked slowly toward the bedroom door she began to sigh with each little movement. By the time we reached the door she was openly moaning so I let her stop for a full minute before continuing but even then she was very unsteady.

Halfway down the hall it happened; she had an orgasm that caused her knees to buckle as she settled to the floor panting. I waited another minute before lifting her to her feet and continuing to walk down the hall. This time I was ready and had a good grip on her waist strap when her legs gave up again in only four steps.

I was able to keep her from falling and we continued down the hall one slow step at a time as her orgasm continued to build. We made it to the front entrance and I was able to get her into a chair in what was known as the reception vestibule.

Pierre and Florence soon arrived and while Florence was worried about Sybilleís condition Pierre commented on the workmanship of the collar and cuffs.

By the time Sybille was able to stand Klaus and Kathy had arrived also. Klaus just nodded when he saw her condition but Kathy rushed to her and put an arm around her shoulders and stared at me, "You are torturing this poor girl."

I grinned at her, "Well, just a little bit."

Kathy saw the little ball that was causing all the sensations and held it away from Sybilleís clit. Sybille noticeably relaxed and said, "Oh, thank you. That thing is so wonderful and so terrible that I love it and hate it at the same time."

Kathy grinned, "I know, I have been where you are," as she continued to hold the ball so that Sybille was able to walk out to the van. When Kathy had to release it to get in Sybille jumped and took a deep breath. By the time she had managed to get in and sit down she was breathing hard again.

The drive to the restaurant was uneventful but Sybille had an orgasm while getting out of the van. Luckily Pierre was close at hand and prevented her from falling. Sandy took up her position holding the little ball and we were able to slowly enter the restaurant. Several people snickered when they saw her hand on Sybilleís pussy.

I ordered for Sybille and unsnapped her wrist cuffs. By the time the food arrived she was able to talk normally and seemed none the worse for her first experience with the little device.

Pierre was preoccupied all during the meal as he was watching every girl in sight. Florence poked him in the ribs and told him to get busy as everyone else was almost finished and he hadnít started yet. He grinned sheepishly and attacked his steak.

As soon as Sybille stood up when we were ready to leave I snapped her cuffs back in place and she had a minor orgasm; her clit was super sensitive now. Kathy again came to her rescue and we were able to get to the van before it happened again.††

I relented and unfastened the cuffs and permitted her to hold the ball herself. Klaus and Pierre wanted to use the playroom which was fine with me. As they started toward the basement I followed Sybille down the long hall to the bedroom watching her cute butt all the way.

When we entered the room I removed the collar and cuffs first, then the ball device and last the waist belt and butt plug. As the straps released her lips and her hood was able to again cover her clit she moaned, "Oh, Iím so sensitive even that is causing sensations."

She was exhausted and walked to the bed and literally fell onto it. I lay down beside her and gently turned her on her side so that I could enter her back door. The plug had done its job and there was enough lube still in place that entrance was smooth and easy.

I started a slow in and out motion intending to create another new set of sensations for her but the movement was enough to set her off again. I reached around her and gently rubbed her hood directly over her clit which increased her orgasm.

I continued this action with a needed pause every couple of minutes to prevent a premature ending. After almost a half hour of keeping her orgasm alive it was time to bring it to an end. I pulled her hood back and rubbed her clit directly as I came, she screamed and passed out. I pulled the sheet over us and was instantly asleep.