The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 15

I was in my office long before the sun was up; sleeping was difficult with all the pending activities looming in the very near future.

First things first; establish new accounts to absorb the excess amounts of cash in the dozen overlooked and neglected accounts until the total in any account was less than fifty million dollars. It was no longer practical to try to hold to the earlier total of ten million, there were just too many accounts.

I checked the news; the unrest was increasing in all the industrialized countries and even in some that were less developed. It was still too early in the day to determine what was happening in Europe but Asia was experiencing riots in several major cities.

As near as I could determine the problem was the bankís refusal to issue new loans and a drastic increase in the loans that were being called early. In other words the banks were out of funds for normal business as everything was tied up in the stocks I was manipulating. The next thing I expected to see was a panic sell-off as they realized they were in an untenable position.

Based on that I sent sell orders for all the "Miracle" stocks, as the market was now calling them; maybe I could beat the rush. On the flip side I sent buy orders for all the major blue chips that were in the portfolio.

My e-mail was empty for the first time in weeks.

I heard the shower running and checked the surveillance cameras in the kitchen to discover Jack was busily preparing breakfast and from the quantity he was cooking he was expecting a bunch of people there.

Soon after the shower was shut off Sandy looked in on me, "Want to give me a hand?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

She held up her nice shiny butt plug, "I would like for you to put this in for me."†

Now I donít get many offers like that. I took the plug from her to discover it had already been lubed and was ready for insertion. As she leaned over the back of a chair I slowly began the entrance process.

First I inserted a finger and as the pressure relaxed on that finger I inserted a second one. In a few seconds I was able to start the small end of the plug into the opening. I pushed it in a short distance and held it there for a few seconds then slowly pulled it back just a little before inserting it a tiny bit further than it had been before. I repeated this process several times over the next five minutes before the plug was well seated and the emerald colored inset was flashing brightly. I patted her on the ass and said, "All done."

She replied, "I hope so, that took forever."

I smiled a little. "I like to do a good job." Did I mention that I like... Iím sure I did.

As she stood up she sighed and took a couple steps before stopping. "This is going to be torture today."

I laughed, "You can handle it."

"Iím not so sure of that, the butt plug is pressing on my "G Spot" and the coil moves a little bit with every step which causes movement at my clit. Between the two items Iím about ready to explode right now."

"Then the soreness is mostly gone?"

"Yes, but the sensations are increasing dramatically. I donít think panties are going to help either as the whole coil moves with every step I take."

"It will take some time for you to adjust to it."

She put her hand on the coil and pressed it tight against her pussy and took a step, then another. "I can hold it like this and it reduces the effect but I think a dozen steps would still cause a problem."

"Jack has breakfast ready so we will find out on the way to the kitchen."

As we started down the hall she was taking very short steps and sighing with each one. It finally occurred to her that a long step would only create the same sensations as the short ones. A couple long steps proved to be doable and covered a lot more distance but the sighs were still the same.

By the time she reached the end of the hallway she had to lean against the wall and moan as an orgasm overcame her. Slowly she was able to stand away from the wall and take a few more steps.

We had to stop twice more before we made it all the way to the kitchen. She sat down in the very first chair she came to.

Breakfast was quickly over and we were on the way back to the bedroom to get her pullover peasant dress to wear to work. She stopped near the main entrance and asked me to go get her dress for her. She was having enough difficulties as it were so I did that little favor for her.

I walked with her to her little red car, "Iíll call Bill and ask him to take it easy on you today."

"Donít you dare, he would have me going up and down the stairs all day." I bent over and kissed her ĎGood Byeí as I envisioned the nice wiggle her cute butt would have going up and down the stairs.

My first stop of the day was at the dispensary. The bus from the migrant encampment was already there as well as the little stand supplied by Hamburger Heaven that offered free coffee, cokes and snacks to anyone who wanted them.

I waved to Monica at the enrollment desk; she had that beaming look of a woman that had spent a nice time with a close friend.

I managed to locate Frank and Jack for a little conference about the pending plastic surgery Klaus needed. Jack felt he could find a friend who could do the job; he would check and let me know but he added that the dispensary, good as it was, wasnít really equipped for that type of surgery.

I countered that by asking if he would be interested in supervising the operations of a real hospital if I would have it built; this got his attention however he seemed to have some very specific ideas about what he would want. I asked him to give me a list of specifications he would like to see incorporated into it.

Jim was also there with several men from his construction crews as they were given the required physicals three at a time in the temporary trailer. We discussed the progress that was being made on the various construction projects throughout the city.

The new restaurant, Jacqueís, was nearing completion and would be open by the end of the week. Several other restaurants and diners were under construction, everything from a Waffle House type dinner to an upscale steak house with pizza and taco restaurants also in the mix.

I asked if he felt he could build a small airport without interfering with the regular projects. "What are you calling Ďsmallí?"

"A couple sections that are being purchased on the north side of the city will do fine."

"So ten thousand feet of main runway then. Is this for light planes only or are you thinking of having heavies here also?"

"Now that you mention it, maybe there would be an advantage to a few heavies for shipping equipment in for some of the rush projects."

He laughed, "Then you will need a longer runway to be on the safe side, at least another mile. By the way, which projects arenít on the rush list?"

I had to laugh too, everything was a priority, "Can you get me a set of plans drawn up for approval?"

"I think there are plans in the company data base, Iíll have something for you in the morning."

"Okay, also check to see if there is a set or two for a one hundred bed hospital."

"What will be done with the dispensary building?"

"It will probably be used as an outpatient clinic and minor emergency center, as well as a supply point for prescription medications to reduce the traffic at the hospital."

"One more thing, I need about five acres fenced in with an eight foot chain link fence with a three strand barbwire top."

"What for?"

"A police impound yard."

I watched as the lines shrank to just a couple people before another bus arrived. There was amazingly little confusion or resistance as the processing continued at about fifteen migrant workers per hour. The construction people were processed a little faster as their physical examinations were mostly just for show however the blood tests were taken just in case something might show up as well as the drug scans.

I wasnít accomplishing much by just standing around so I drove over to Jeffís little store to see if he had any new information. His office door was open so I knocked on the door frame and stepped in to say, "Hi."

He looked up, "Glad you are here, saves me the bother of trying to track you down."

I poured a cup of coffee and got the feeling I was in some kind of trouble. "I just stopped to see if you had anything further on the situation in Europe."

"I will get to that later; right now I need to know what in the world happened when you picked up Monica at Love Field. Iím catching eleven kinds of hell over that."

Darn, I thought Iíd gotten away with that, "Those two were a couple of assholes. They were literally dragging her around like a high security prisoner, they pissed me off."

"You might like to know that one of them has had total reconstructive surgery on a knee and the other has a skull fracture."

"That sounds about right to me."

"You canít go around damaging federal officers like that; besides how did you manage to take out to armed men with out a scratch?"

"They were so self-important that they totally ignored me until it was too late."

"Iím not going to asked about the details of that but how did you manage to get off the airport property with the total security that was in place in just a few minutes?"

"That was easy, we had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants and then I just drove out. All they wanted to see was the parking receipt."

"They would have caught that."

"They wouldnít bother an old man with his daughter, besides the receipt showed that the car had been there for a couple weeks."

"Iím not even going to ask how you managed that. Luckily their supervisor is a good friend and was glad to get rid of them but he is taking some heat over it also. He asked me what kind of a hit man I sent there."

I changed the subject, "What is happening on the world scene?"

"For the last hour the so called ĎMiracle Stocksí have been dropping. At first it was just a buck or two but it seems to be picking up steam now. Some of them are off as much as fifty bucks and still falling."

"I expected that but not this soon. I suspect the big time players are trying to bailout to cover their losses but itís not going to happen. They will have to sell the other stocks they are holding to raise capital. Many of them will go broke in the next few days. I expect some of the stock exchanges will close early and may stay closed for some time to let the dust settle."

He grinned, "The big shots in DC are finally beginning to believe you caused all of this and now are worried that the unrest could become worldwide. Their biggest concern is the lack of top people in many countries; there just isnít anyone to contact that has any authority right now."

"The unrest will be short lived as the blue chips pick up value to their previous levels. The honest officials will come out on top and control the situation in a few weeks."

He thought about that for a few moments, "I sure hope you are right, this could get totally out of hand."

I asked to use his computer for a few minutes, he cleared whatever it was he was looking at and agreed. I typed in the twenty character access code to my computer and ran a quick check on the stocks. All the ĎMiracle Stocksí had been sold early in the day at whatever price they would bring, the blue chip portfolio had grown tremendously as a result of the buy orders.

I erased all record of my entry and stood up. "All is well with us though. All the manipulated stocks are sold; all the money is as secure as possible. We are out of the ĎMiracle Stockí business."

He sighed with relief, "Wonderful, now all we have to do is prevent a major conflict from occurring."

"That is in someone elseís court. They were told what to expect."

I changed the subject again, "Have you been able to schedule a nice funeral for Klaus?"

"It is all set for Wednesday."

It was past lunch time so I drove to the County Seat to have a serious chat with the dealer where Sandy had bought her little car.

The girl at the front desk asked all kinds of questions about why I wanted to see him. I finally told her I was going to fire him. He came out to see who the hell I was in less than twenty seconds.

I introduced myself and apologized for the manner I had found necessary to meet him; he was not impressed but offered his hand anyway.

As we entered his office the girl asked if she should call security, he shook his head.

The name plate sitting on his desk said "Harold Iverson".

I reminded him we had purchased a car from this dealership and that I now wanted to discuss a business deal with him. He still wasnít impressed.

I explained where I was from, now that got his interest, twenty thousand potential customers would get any small businessmanís attention.

I made the initial offer, "I will build a complete new dealership for you in the city of Hopeful and rent it to you at a rate of one percent of the construction cost per month."

He sat up, "And what do you get from this?"

Good boy, asking the correct questions. "I will get many things from it but first I need to lay out the full program."

"Any vehicles sold to residents of Hopeful will be risk free as I will guarantee all loans that are approved by my people. If cash flow becomes a problem I will buy the notes from you at a three prevent discount. You will continue to service the notes however."

"You need to be aware of the fact that there is a large group of migrant workers in the city and they will all be customers that are in need of just about everything you will be able to supply such as body work and painting as well as parts, service and sales. They will fall under the same financial policy as I have outlined. I expect reasonable prices and costs to all city residents."

He smiled finally, "Sounds good so far, particularly the note guarantees but how do I know you are capable of doing all that you say?"

I expected that; I checked the time, 2:30. A trip to the city would be within the curfew so I suggested we go for a little drive.

As we walked out of the office the girl got all bent out of shape when he told her he was going for a drive. I told her to call Sheriff Wise to verify who I was and walked on out to my van. Harold explained that she was his daughter and thought everyone was a potential problem as he had been robbed a couple times. The police force would be another reason he would like the city.

Harold was a salesman at heart; as soon as he saw my van he said I needed a new one. I laughed and told him, "Someday."

I drove him around the outer sections of the city making sure to show him most of the construction projects. He was duly impressed with the scope of the cityís expansion. He pointed out several locations that would work for a car dealership.

I pulled into Jacobís parking lot and suggested that we could use a cup of coffee. This really put the icing on the cake for him.

I called Paul on my cell phone to discover he was in his office at Project Central. I told him I was at Jacobís and ask that he join us. I didnít tell him who ĎUsí was.

As he walked to the table he came up behind Harold and didnít realize who he was until he had sat down beside him. When he glanced over at him he did a double take, then looked at me, "You donít care who you chum around with do you, having coffee with a used car salesman."

Harold laughed, "It seems he does have poor taste when he invites an ambulance chaser to join us."

I laughed, these two not only new each other but obviously were friends of long standing.

I quickly told Paul what I had proposed; he thought it was a great idea. He quickly put Harold at ease about the ability to do all that was proposed, "He could buy the whole county out of the petty cash."

I asked Paul to put it all in legalese and included electric cost at the rate the electric company was paying for our excess power which was about a half of the normal rate.

While he was handy I asked Paul how the new land purchases were going, he had closed on nine sections and had another five working.

Paul took Harold to his office to get the basic details of the transaction down on paper as I made my way to see Bill.†

Billís temperament was much better than usual. After a full week of total turmoil his office was beginning to look like an office. We discussed the purchasing of all the furnishings needed for the migrant people plus the equipment for the new restaurants and dinners. Everything was on track so far.

We sat back and had a couple cups of coffee and chatted about all the progress that was being made. He had to admit that his job was much easier now that the girls were there. Everything was much easier to find and the file system actually made sense.

He finally got around to mentioning Sandyís new decorations, "I have never seen anything like that before. She will do anything to keep from walking. Watch this."

He called her on the intercom, "Bring me the furnishings folder for the Acapulco Addition."

I laughed, "Who gave it that name?"

"It sounds a lot better than some of the others I have heard." I had to agree with that.

Sandy made an entrance in all her naked glory, moving very slowly and laid the folder on his desk. She was distracted enough she didnít even notice me until she turned around to leave. She stuck her tongue out at me and slowly walked out of the office. As soon as the door closed we both laughed.

"She seems to be somewhat disorientated for some reason," he said.

"I think it is working just fine for only the third day." He had to agree and speculated that it would be a long time before the sensations peaked.

I drove back to the Manor to await her arrival. In the meantime I called Klaus with the news about his funeral. He thought it was a great idea and suggested that it should be announced in a manner that would make the six oíclock news as well as posting it to the internet to make sure all the right people knew about it.

I also mentioned that all the ĎMiracle Stocksí were now sold and the value of them was falling like a rock. He laughed, "Be ready to buy them back when it falls far enough."

What? Buy them back? "Why would we want to do that?"

"As the major players try to save themselves from bankruptcy there will be some really good deals in those stocks. I never explained the total structure we are dealing with; they are mainly secret holding companies that own controlling interest in some major corporations all over the world. The rumor mill has convinced most people that they are worthless because they havenít discovered what they really are. When the truth comes out the stocks will rebound and the dividends from the companies involved will provide a nice income stream for a long time. Actually we have a considerable amount of stock in the major companies already as most of them are included in the ĎBlue Chipí stocks we have. In some cases we might even be in a controlling position."

Wow, this was getting better all the time from a financial viewpoint but also much more complicated and the risks were being magnified as well. With Klaus Ďburiedí the Mafia search would now turn to other avenues. Although I felt I had done a respectable job of covering my tracks a certain degree of vulnerability would always exist. It was damn difficult to hide billions of dollars; some computer whiz kid would sooner or later stumble onto something.

I voiced my concerns to Klaus but he didnít think it was anything to be worried about right now, I could worry about it some other time. Considering all of his experience and taking into account the plane crash I surely hoped he was right this time.

He thought I should place buy orders for all of the ĎMiracle Stockís at one dollar a share. He said it would probably take a couple weeks for them to drop that low.

I decided to wait and see; I just might be able to get them even cheaper than that.

I ran a total on all the accounts; it was up by several million dollars, mostly from the sale of the last of the ĎMiracle Stocksí just before they started to drop in value. The timing couldnít have been better.

The news around the world was starting to change; there were now open rumors that organized crime had been the big loser so far and this was met with cheers.† It was becoming evident that many of the politicians who were hiding from the press had been a part of it.

An organization that had taken the crime bosses decades to assemble had been completely destroyed in less than two months.

Dead bodies were still being discovered, most were described as gangland killings however any dead politicians were listed as accidental deaths, natural causes or suicides.

As I left my office I discovered Sandy was lying flat on her back on the bed with her legs wide spread and she was softly moaning. I stood in the doorway and watched as she attempted to stay perfectly still. After a couple minutes the moans became loader and she raised her ass up off of the bed as if she was asking for attention on her clit. The moans were now almost a scream and lasted until she ran out of breath. She slowly relaxed but a couple minutes later it happened again. I sat down to see just how long this was going to continue.

A half hour later the same thing was happening and there didnít seem to be an end in sight. I moved over to the bed and examined her pretty coil jewelry to find it still in the proper position. I watched as another orgasm swept over her, her clit was noticeably throbbing. As her orgasm peaked the throbbing subsided and she relaxed.† Soon her clit began to throb again and another orgasm started to build.

This reaction was well beyond anything I had envisioned for her, I expected the coil to have the effect of keeping her somewhat aroused but not to this extent.

I slipped into the bathroom and got a wet cold wash cloth and applied it to her clitty after her next orgasm. That little bud almost disappeared instantly and her moaning stopped. I decided to let her rest for an hour or so before waking her for dinner.

I went back to my computer and read several stock market reports and a lot of wild speculation about what was really happening.† Nobody was even close to the actual facts. Every new analysis I read placed the blame in a different country with some very imaginative logic to back it up. There were going to be a lot of red faces when this was all over.

I jumped when my cell phone started playing the William Tell Overture. Yeah, I know, childish but I always like the Lone Ranger, even before he was on television. For all you young pups, it was a radio program long before it was on TV. So were Sky King and Superman as well as Jack Armstrong All American Boy and dozens of others too.

Enough digressing, I answered that noisy thing to find Jonathon Berkley on the other end: there was a sense of panic in his voice. "I need to see you as soon as possible."

"Sure, is nine in the morning soon enough?"

"Right now would be preferable."

I began to wonder what had happened to cause such an emergency situation, "I see; have you had lunch yet?"

"No, I havenít had time for that."

"Then why donít we meet for dinner at Jacobís?"

"I donít think that is a good idea as I will be bringing some other people with me that are not members."

"Then why not come here to my house and I will have dinner ready in about an hour? How many people will be coming with you?"

"About a dozen; by the way, what is the address?"

"The security guard at the main gate will give you a map but actually it is in the woods at what was the Jenkinsí place."

"I know where that is; Iíll see you in about an hour."

"Be sure to take the back roads; the curfew is not in effect this late in the day."

I called Jack on the intercom and instructed him to have dinner ready for eighteen people in the dining room and to take a tray to Sandy in the bedroom. I also set the dress code to ĎRedí.

I made a call to Klaus to inform him that Sandy and I would not be going out for dinner. To his displeasure I also had to inform him to not come over to join us as the people that were coming had no knowledge of him and it would be best if they didnít see him until after the plastic surgery was competed and healed. He grumbled but agreed.

My cell phone rang again, it was Paul this time. "Jonathon just called me; he is in a panic."

I laughed, "I know I just got off the phone with him. What is the problem?"

"He wouldnít say but insisted that he had to talk to you directly. I gave him your number."

"He is coming over here in a little less than an hour. Why donít you come over also and bring you appetite? You know him better than I."

"Iíll be there."

I decided that I wasnít even going to guess at what was causing all this activity.

I played a few games of Canasta on the computer as I waited for the dinner guests to arrive. After a half hour I turned on the monitor for the front gate and as I saw a car turn in I shut everything down, spread a sheet over Sandy and went† to meet them at the front door; I was surprised to see four cars pull up. Jonathan was driving the lead car and was the first to reach the door. I suggested we postpone introductions until we were in the dining room. To my amazement there werenít any women in the group.

The table was set in elegant style with all the niceties that would be expected at any four star restaurant. I hope they were impressed; I was.

The introductions were soon completed and it was evident this was a gathering of most of the county officials. Everyone who was at the meeting we had at the Police Station when Juan was arrested was here plus several other dignitaries. I began to wonder if there was a connection.

Paul arrived with Harold Iverson in tow just as the salad was being served by Art and John from the maintenance crew dressed in tuxedoes; it took a few seconds to recognize them. He sat down beside me and across from Raymond Tompkins, a count court judge.

There was some small talk during the meal but nothing of any importance. During the after dinner coffee Jonathan finally brought up the reason for the meeting.

"The county has a problem."

"What is the nature of the problem?"

"As of today we are bankrupt."

Now that was a surprise with all the money were had been sending to them which included all the back taxes that were paid on the property that had been purchased. "How did that happen?"

"It is a rather short and embarrassing story. All the countyís funds were in top quality stocks which have fallen dramatically in the last couple of weeks for some reason. To compensate the investment strategy was reevaluated and most of the money was moved to fast rising stocks which have since dropped like a rock. We have lost about sixty million dollars so far in real money to say nothing of the potential that was lost."

"I see..." I turned to Wade, "Didnít I say something about getting out of the fast rising stocks the last time we met?"

"Yes you did but we waited too long to take action. It was hard to sell a stock that continued to rise in value."

"I can understand that. What would you like for me to do?"

The County Comptroller, Fred Berkley, answered. "Would it be possible for you to pay the fall taxes early?"

"Yes, I can do that but it will not be anywhere near that amount."

"We know that but it will tide things over until after the elections."

"Listen carefully to what I am going to propose. I will loan you the sixty million dollars you have lost so far on the condition that you do exactly as I say for the next couple of months."

"What will the interest rate be?" Harold asked; not surprisingly he was one of the county commissioners as well as a car dealer.

"No interest, but you must use it as I direct and more important this transaction is to remain confidential."

"What do you want us to do?" was Fredís only comment.

†First I need to know what stocks you have."

Fred removed some papers from his inside coat pocket and handed them to me. I glanced over the list and handed it back to him. "You still have a considerable amount of the stocks you should have sold but it is too late to get anything for them so keep them for now. The premium stocks are good."

"What I want you to do is buy premium stocks such as the ones on the list with ninety percent of the money. Hold the other ten percent in reserve until I tell you what to buy. That will happen in the next month or so. I will handle all the transactions but you must tell me which stocks you want and I will have to approve them. I will pick the stocks for the last ten percent of the money."

"But the premium stocks have dropped to half of their value in the last couple of weeks."

"Yes they have but they will probably rebound before the election and certainly will by the end of the year."

Fred was shaking his head, "How long do we have to repay the loan?"

I grinned, "We can discuss that in a few months when you see the total results. For now just follow my instructions and donít panic."

It took almost an hour of what would seem to be idle chatter about stocks to determine that every one of them had personally lost a fair amount of money playing the stock market.

This looked like the perfect time to put these people in my pocket. "I will cover all the losses with the same terms as the countyís loan."

By the time they had finished adding aunts, uncles and in-laws there would be an additional eight million dollars needed.

I requested a list of their bank account numbers to be delivered to Paul with the amount that needed to be transferred to each account and I would make the arrangements for all of them in the morning.

The meeting broke up with a very relieved group of politicians saying "Thank you" one right after the other.

Paul was the only one remaining; he just looked at me and shook his head.

Something was bothering him, "Did I make a mistake by bailing them out?"

"You didnít say anything about them signing a loan agreement; besides this almost smells like an inside trader deal to me."

"I guess it could be viewed that way however I donít have any connection to any stock exchange anywhere in the world except as an investor so that doesnít really apply. I just gave them a few tips from my experiences but keep that thought, it might become useful in the future. I donít want any signed agreements either. If there is ever a fuss over this they will not be able to document what happened other than with bank records."

"That is a lot of money to pass out like that; you may never get it back."

"Even then it would be considered money well spent. Remember as our attorney this is all confidential so I will tell you what I just purchased; total behind the scenes control of the county. Every politician here now owes us. From this point forward every decision concerning the city will be in our favor."

He just looked at me for several seconds before the corners of his mouth began to move as a broad smile spread across his face, He nodded his head and said, "See you tomorrow," and left.

I was finally able to get back to the bedroom and see how Sandy was doing. She was sitting up in the bed watching a TV program. She seemed preoccupied but awake. I noticed the ceiling fan was off which was unusual for her.

"Feeling better after a good meal?" She jumped a little bit when I spoke to her.

"Hi, I wondered when you would get here. Yes, I am feeling better now."

"What happened to cause that chain reaction earlier?"

"I was pretty wound up when I got home so I just laid down on the bed. I think the air from the ceiling fan was the cause -- the air flow over my nipples caused a slight reaction that soon was creating a throbbing sensation in my clit. That tiny movement in the coil just magnified everything and was soon cumming. It just went from one orgasm to another with out a break and I went into sub space but it still continued."

I laughed, "Itís working pretty good then?"

"I donít know how to accurately describe it. The piercings are still a little sore but that only seems to make me horny. Every movement affects my clit and it begins to throb and then it is almost impossible to get it to stop before I cum. Walking is nearly impossible without stopping every few steps to press my legs together to try to get control again. It is totally horrible and absolutely wonderful at the same time."

My evil grin was taking over and she said, "Oh no."

"I think we need to find out how to control it."

"You are not going to get it started again are you?"

I just grinned as I removed a set of cuffs from the dresser and proceeded to put them on her wrists and ankles. I secured her wrists to the posts at the head of the bed then attached her ankles to the same posts. I stepped back to examine my handy work; she way lying on her back with her legs very wide spread and her feet actually above her head which aimed her ass and pussy almost straight up. I love that position; every interesting part of her is available for my entertainment and her arousal.

Just the movements needed to get her in position for some fun had caused her clit to become erect. I watched her clit closely as it moved slightly with her every heart beat.

She closed her eyes and was sighing softly as the movements became more noticeable, she was building toward an orgasm and there was nothing she could do to stop it or even slow it down now that she couldnít press her legs together. I sat down to watch the show as her sighs turned into moans. In less than three minutes she reached an orgasm without being touched in any way. The orgasm peaked quickly and she began to relax but her clit was still throbbing and she began the climb to the next peak.

This continued for a half hour as the orgasms began to overlap and become a major set of never ending sensations as she pleaded for it to stop. I put my hand over her clit to prevent it from moving; this slowed the reactions but didnít seem to stop them. I pressed down a little harder which forced a moan from her and the throbbing slowly subsided to a barely noticeable level.

When I removed my hand the throbbing became more evident and her sighs indicated that the sensations were again on the rise. By the time I had retrieved a cold wet washcloth from the bathroom she had experienced another orgasm.

As she was nearing the peak again I applied that cold wet cloth directly to her clit. She jumped and let out a little scream as her climb to ecstasy was brutally interrupted.

She opened her eyes, "That was horrible."

"What was horrible?"

"The whole set of circumstances. The never-ending orgasms until I think Iím going to lose my mind and then the attack on my clitty with the cold cloth just as Iím about to cum."

I laughed; it seemed my sadistic tendencies were working overtime. "I want to determine if there are other ways to control the degree of sensation that is being developed by that pretty coil."

"Can we do it some other time? I have experienced at least a hundred orgasms today, I need some rest."

"You can rest later; right now I am having a great time just watching you have a great time. I wonder if removing your butt plug will have an effect."

She sighed, "I sure hope not; you just want an excuse to use that cold, cold cloth again."

This was starting to be fun, "Iím not going to use the cloth again, at least not now. While you are experiencing the aftereffects of removing your plug I will go to my office and get some ice cubes."

She moaned her reply as I slowly began to twist and turn her butt plug gently. She was well stretched in that area and there was very little effort needed to remove it. As the plug came free her rectum remained partially open and a slight pulse could be seen in her clit.

The pulse became more prominent and a slight movement was noticeable in the coil. I could see a pulse in her rectum as well; it began to slowly close as little muscle contractions that corresponded to the pulse in her clit began.

She reached an orgasm in record time as I went to my office refrigerator for a bucket of ice cubes.

She was in the middle of another orgasm and straining on her bonds as I returned. I watched as the peak passed and she was semi-relaxed.

Her rectum was still partially open, with an invitation like that I pushed an ice cube into it.

She screamed but the pulse in her clit was as strong as ever.

As she was reaching another orgasm I pressed an ice cube on to each nipple. She moaned but the climb continued until she screamed with the sensations.

I had one more thing I wanted to try with the ice. As she reached another orgasm I used both hands to apply ice to the coil itself.

As the coil began to absorb the lower temperature of the ice the throbbing in her clit began to subside and slowly became undetectable.

She opened her eyes, "Please no more, I donít think I can stand another orgasm tonight."

"Sure you can, in fact you are going to have many more tonight. I want to find out just how effective that coil is."

She moaned and shook her head. For the time being she was able to relax as I got a cup of coffee and rummaged around in the dresser drawers to see if there was anything useful there. I found a few things I felt would be interesting.

I thought back to the first time we had played so many months ago. A feather had been a major item then so I thought it should work even better now.

I started by teasing the base of her breasts with the feather, round and round I went as I watched her clit for any sign of a reaction. There wasnít a reaction until she began to wiggle from the tickling. As she moved her clit began to throb, the coil which was through her outer lips was able to move more freely than her clit. Any time the coil moved the top end of it would move in her clit piercing which would start the throbbing. The throbbing would continue to stimulate her clit which increased the throbbing.

I was beginning to think of that coil as a torture device rather than a piece of jewelry, but what a delightful type of torture.

I applied some ice to her clit which caused a short scream of surprise but the throbbing stopped.

I began to tickle the tips of her nips with the feather. Her clit instantly began to throb. I watched the progression until she was ready to cum and then applied the ice to her nips. She screamed but the throbbing continued until she reached an orgasm. I applied the ice to her clitty and received another scream but the throbbing stopped.

I moved the feather to her belly button and was rewarded with many wiggles and clit throbbing. I let it build almost to an orgasm then dropped a small piece of ice into that little hole. She screamed again but the orgasm continued to approach. At the critical moment I moved the ice to her clit. She screamed again as the throbbing stopped and she moaned her disappointment and/or relief.

So, just her movements could get the reaction started and so far all that I had found that would stop it was applying ice to her clit which she didnít seem to enjoy very much judging from the screams. I couldnít question her about it; she was too incoherent to give any useful answers beyond, "No more," and "Please stop."

I decided to change my approach, since just about everything I could think of was going to get her going again I might as well make the most of it. I ran the feather lightly across the tip of her clit and a slight throbbing began. I watched as it continued to build on its own movements for a few seconds before applying the ice to reduce the pulsations momentarily.

I took a sip of my now cold coffee and waited to see if the slight movements in her clit were going to start again. I waited several minutes and nothing happened so I stepped into my office and got a cup of hot coffee.

She was now relaxed and exhausted enough to be able to sleep even in this uncomfortable position. Her breathing had returned to normal and her clit was no longer throbbing.

I ran the feather across the four coils a few times to see if such a slight movement would have an effect. To my amazement it did; her clit became erect and the throbbing began and started to build. I just stood there in amazement and watched as her arousal continued.

She soon moaned and tried to lower her legs as she began to wake up. The first orgasm overcame her in just three minutes with each succeeding orgasm coming a little bit sooner. My coffee was still hot when they became continuous.

As I watched I noticed her rectum was also pulsating with contractions; that entire area of her body was responding to the throbbing of her clit. Her every breath was now a moan with short screams punctuating the sound as each orgasm peaked.

This was just too much for my erect equipment to stand any longer. I climbed up on that big four poster bed and positioned myself to make an entry in the only available hole in that area. As I pressed forward I could feel the pulsations on the head of my cock. I was able to make a little progress with my entrance with each pulse and soon was buried up to the hilt.

At this point I apparently touched the coil as she screamed as a major orgasm swept through her. The pulsations in her genital area continued to get stronger so I just held my position and enjoyed the sensations as she reached one major peak right after another. The sensations were exquisite without any movement or effort on my part; just the continuing contractions were more than enough to soon bring me to the point of no return.

There wasnít any way for me to postpone my ejaculation without withdrawing and I wasnít about to do that. My orgasm seemed to last forever as the contraction continued unabated. The sensation was almost too much for my now super sensitive cock but I remained imbedded in her until I reached a second orgasm before withdrawing.

She was now producing short little screams with each pulsation and louder responses to the orgasm peaks. I felt sure that she had entered sub space long before I entered her so such vocalization was something new also.

I almost hated to bring this to an end but it didnít seem that it would ever stop on its own until she was totally unconscious and I wasnít even sure of that.

I watched her for a few more minutes before I applied a piece of ice to her clit. She bucked as much as possible considering the way she was secured, let out a major scream and totally passed out.

I released her wrists and ankles from the bed posts but didnít bother to remove the cuffs; I would do that in the morning. I laid down beside her pulled the sheet over both of us and tried to think of some way to reduce the effect that pretty coil was having on her. I didnít get past the fact that it worked much better than I had hoped before I fell asleep.