The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 14

The party seemed to be in somewhat of an intermission so I retrieved several cokes from the refrigerator, returned to the lounge and lit a cigarette. ĎOld One Eyeí began to descend a little.

As I looked around there was still a little action taking place. Klaus was still busily flogging Kathyís ass cheeks and they were showing a nice bright pink color by now as she was squirming around as much as her bonds would permit.

Apparently Paul had moved Tammy to one of the bedrooms to continue in private.

Nancy was in deep subspace on the Sybian horse and Doug had shut it off. There were several of the young men clustered around him in what seemed to be a discussion taking place.

I set a coke in front of each of the three girls that were in various stages of recovery before I noticed that all of the other girls were also having a conference.††

Sandy was beginning to move a little so I ambled over to check on her. She was beginning to come around so I set the vibrator on low and ran it around the base of her breast which produced a small sigh.

After a few minutes of this she began to wake up, time for something a little more dramatic.† I touched it to the tips of her pierced and stretched nipples and was rewarded with a soft moan.

I could see her clitty throbbing enough to slightly move the coil which was adding to the overall effectiveness.

I moved the vibrator to her butt plug and she produced the low scream I loved to hear as she descended into deep subspace again. I continued to stimulate that area fro several minutes until she was no longer responding.

As I began to amble back towards the lounge area I noticed that the girls were all watching me and a few of them were giggling. I didnít think I had done anything that was comical so what was going on?

Aha, my equipment was back to full attention and the PA ring was swinging with every step I took. Well, if that was what they were giggling about I would give them a real show. As I reached my chair I stopped and turned towards them and shook my hips which seemed to have the desired effect as they burst out laughing.

There was a chorus of groans in the background as the guys gave their opinion of my performance. Oh well, you canít please everyone all the time, besides I was playing to the girls.

I made a big show of washing my cock with the pan of water the second girl had brought to the table before I sat down and reached for my coke.

The first three girls were pretty much back to normal by now and were encouraging the other girls to try my little toy out also. Soon two more girls were slowly making their way towards me.

It was becoming obvious that there was a definite need for a means of identifying all the new players; maybe they could wear their ID cards on a chain around their neck or on their collar if they were wearing one. For the time being numbering them seemed to be the only answer.

I quickly went to a cabinet and removed a felt tipped marker, walked over to the first three girls and put the number Ď1í with a check mark between the breasts of the first girl.

She looked questioningly at me. "I want to keep track of anyone that comes back for seconds."

Another set of groans from the masculine crowd.

The second girl received a Ď2í and a check mark, the third received a Ď3í and a check mark, gee I can count.

The next two girls were standing by my chair by the time I got back to it. I marked them as Ď4í and Ď5í.

Number Four looked at the mark I had made, "Why didnít I get a check mark also?"

"You have to earn that."

She soon figured out what I meant and bent over to inspect the ring. Apparently she didnít believe it actually went through as she tugged on it gently as she turned it back and forth. When she was satisfied that it wasnít going to come out she licked the tip of the head and tickled the pee hole before accepting the head in her mouth, she moved the ring with her tongue as it clicked against her teeth. She didnít try to swallow it but continued to tease the tip.

She stood up and asked, "Now do I get a check mark?"

"Nope, not yet."

She straddled my legs and began to accept the offered entertainment slowly. The farther she descended the wider her eyes became; by the time she was sitting on me her mouth was open also.

A couple muscle contractions and I could feel her whole body stiffen. She sat there, breathing heavily for a full five minutes before she rose up a couple inches and again lowered her pussy over my now totally hard cock. I pinched both of her nipples hard as she rolled her head from side to side. A couple more muscle contractions and she collapsed against me.

I waited for her to say or do something but she was out of it completely; she was one of the silent types and had never made a sound. I leaned her back enough to put a check mark beside the number 4 as Doug lifted her off of my cock and set her in a chair.

The next girl proceeded to wash my cock with the now cool water which had the effect of causing a slight collapse. She giggled as she finished, "I think he needs a kiss or two to get back in the mood."

She was right and administered the needed attention before sliding her pussy around my now stiff and ready tool. As she surrounded all that there was available she looked at me, "Wow, I love it. Does it feel as good the other way too?"

I laughed, "It does to me."

She giggled and rose up off of me and turned around to again become impaled. She sighed, "Oh yeah, this is even better."

As she leaned back towards me I reached around her and cupped both of her breasts as I did a couple muscle contractions. She put her hands over mine and began to rise and fall at a steady but slow pace. I started to roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers while her hands were still over mine. She squeezed my hands increasing the pressure on her nips as she began to moan.

Each time she lowered herself completely I would do a couple quick muscle contractions and increase the pressure on her nips. She was panting by now and without further warning gave a shrill scream and collapsed limply against me as she exclaimed, "I love it."

She had certainly earned a check mark. I reached around her and made what I hoped was a nice Ď5í between her titties; I even underlined her number because she had been adventurous enough to experiment.

She continued to sit there for a few minutes before she was able to rise up. She turned to face me as she looked to see if she had received a check mark. She grinned and bent over and kissed the little man for a job well done.

Sandy was still in sub space but her silver coil was the center of attention for the two couples that were inspecting it closely. There was a discussion in progress as one of the girls was shaking her head while the other had both hands covering her pussy. There was another couple there were examining her nipple piercings.

Doug has removed Nancy from the Sybian horse and was carrying her toward a bedroom as Paul and Tammy returned to the lounge area.

Klaus now had Kathy strapped to a table and was busily teasing her clit with his tongue, she was moaning as waves of pleasure ran through her body causing her to pull on the restraints. A major orgasm erupted and she became silent.

Klaus walked over to the lounge area and sat down beside me as he lit a smoke. I turned to him, "Would you like to give me a hand?"

He laughed, "I was wondering how soon you were going to give up."

I grinned, "There has to be a limit somewhere."

I stood up, ambled over to the group at the next table to see who else was interested in a ride on a PA. I did a quick head count and all the young girls were in sight except Nancy but I couldnít see the numbers Ď1í and Ď3í; they must be the two girls examining Sandyís new adornment. There was a lively discussion going on, the three girls that had tried it out were extolling the virtues of a nice PA. The guys were less than convinced; a couple of them said it was not going to happen to them. Where had I heard that before?

A good looking kid of about twenty who seemed to be the partner of #5 began to ask the series of questions I had come to expect from new people.

Yes, it hurt but not all that much. I have had it for about a year. I got it because I wanted to. Yes I would do it again. Yes. I will probably add something else in the future.† Yes, all the girls that have tried it like it.

#5 asked where I had it done, "Actually it was done in Dallas but we now have the facilities to do all types of piercings here." I continued with a description of the Friday night classes, I didnít mention the possibility of private piercing as the dispensary was going to be a busy place for the foreseeable future.

The couple that had been examining Sandyís nipple jewelry returned to the lounge area to join the discussion with a few questions about nipple piercings so I quickly covered that also.

When the comments and questions paused I mentioned that Klaus also had a PA and asked if there were anymore girls that would like to try it. As each one nodded I gave them a number. When I came to Cindy she said she wanted to try it, again. Well, Okay.

I took the hands of #6 and #7 who willingly followed me to the other table. #6 wanted to try Klaus so I sat down and waited for #7 to decide what she wanted to do. I expected her to wash my equipment but she dropped to her knees and kissed it right on the head. She looked up at me to explain, "Lisa and I are Ďcloseí friends." Aha, so #5 was Lisa.

I was in favor of that, no cold water rinse this time.

She continued to lick and suck for several minutes until a solid state of attention was achieved. She was able to swallow my entire cock and retain it for several minutes. Even a couple muscle contractions didnít cause her to pull back. I liked this gal.

When she stood up to straddle me I noticed she had a hood piercing that was well positioned to tease her clit. Slowly she began to sink onto my waiting cock. When she was about halfway home she stopped and wiggled her hips to get the full sensation my ring could provide.

She sighed as she settled down the rest of the way. She looked me straight in the eye, "I have seen pictures of PAís but this is the first time I have ever been able to feel one. Rick is going to have to get one of these." I wasnít sure who Rick was but out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the guys grimace.

Her unpierced nipples were only inches from my face, "Why did you have your hood pierced but not your nipples?"

"When I go to my parents for vacations and holidays I sun bathe topless by the pool. I donít think they would approve of it but I can keep the hood piercing hidden."

Good answer.

I leaned forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth and teased it with my teeth. She moaned softly and began to slide back and forth a short distance which gave just enough movement to create a new set of sensations for her.

I performed a few muscle contractions to add to the mix. She responded with, "Oh, I like that," as she increased her movements as well.

I moved my left hand to her hood piercing and began to move it in a circular motion as I increased the pressure on her nipple with my teeth. With a mighty sigh she began to tremble and leaned up against me.

We sat that way for several minutes as she regained her composure. As she sat up straight I applied a check mark beside her number. She leaned forward and kissed me as she stood up leaving my cock standing tall. She dropped to her knees and in a single movement swallowed the whole thing.

I could feel her tongue sliding all around as she slowly pulled away. As I slipped out of her mouth she stood up, wrapped a hand around my cock and squeezed it a couple times, "Thank you; that was wonderful."

Klaus apparently had satisfied #6 and was now inviting #8 to come over to him.

I motioned for #9 to come to me but she wanted to try Klaus. Before I was able to catch the eye of #10 Cindy came over.

"If you donít mind I would like to be here with you for a little bit."

I wasnít going to object, she was a cute little red head with almost transparent skin without a freckle in sight. I vaguely remembered her form a party some weeks ago.

Her nipples seemed to be bigger than I remembered and I would remember a nice set of big nipples. I commented on them and she giggled, "Tom has been using vacuum on them."

She turned her back to me. "How do you like this?" she asked as a Celtic design came into view on her lower back.

"Very nice, are you going to continue it as a belt?"

"Yes, all the way around me."

She turned back around and bent over to kiss the little man before unceremoniously descending on him with a mighty sigh. She sat there for a full minute without moving.

"It is just as good as I remembered. Tom is in for a little piercing for sure."

She rose off of the little man, repositioned herself slightly and began a slow descent this time. She met a fair degree of resistance as she was trying to accept my cock in her ass hole. A lot of wiggling and a little pushing and it finally started to penetrate her.

She eased it in and out slowly gaining a little more depth with each successive try. As the penetration increased so did her sighs of satisfaction.

She began to rise as far as possible without loosing penetration then descend again. This time I didnít do anything to increase her arousal but left it entirely up to her.

With each full stroke the sound of her sighs became louder and longer until it was almost continuous. She suddenly dropped onto me like a ton of bricks and fell against my chest, I did a series of muscle contraction that continued her orgasm for several minutes. The muscle contractions in her pussy finally got to me and I came also.

We stayed that way for a long time before she was able to stand unassisted. I gave her two checkmarks, one for the first time several weeks ago and the second one for tonight. I helped her to the bathroom and we washed each other. She was delighted with the sensations I had been able to provide and was more determined than ever that Tom was going to get a PA.

When we returned to the lounge area Klaus was entertaining the last girl, #10. The other people were pairing off and moving to various parts of the room.

Sandy was beginning to come around so I released her and helped her to stand enough to be able to half carry her to the lounge area. After a coke she seemed to be almost back to her normal self.

Two couples, the same ones that had inspected the coils so closely, joined us and began plying me with questions. It was apparent the guys wanted the coils for the girls and the girls didnít want any part of it.

Girl #1 asked, "Why would you do such a horrible thing to her?"

I grinned at that, "Well, for starters she wanted some genital piercing."

"But why so many all at once?"

"To reduce the healing time; piercings generally take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months to heal. There are nine piercings; that could be as much as eighteen months healing time."

"You mean to say that that thing is going to stay there for months?"

"It needs to stay in place until the healing process is completed."

"Then you will remove it so the poor woman can walk properly."

"I will have to put something in the piercings to keep them open, maybe a larger coil."

Girl #3 joined the discussion, "That would be mean."

Sandy finally decided to join the conversation, "No, that is what I want, big piercings."

The girl looked surprised, "You wanted all of this?"

"I wasnít expecting this many but now that I have them I want to keep them."

"Donít they hurt?"

"Yes, they are still very sensitive to any movement; just walking is somewhat painful. At the same time the movement is also felt in the piercing under my clit and although that is also painful it is wonderful at the same time."

I noticed Paul and Tammy were listening to all of this with interest and Cindy was looking at Tom with a gleam in her eye.

Girl #1, I guess I should have written their names between their titties instead of just a number, said, "If he," as she pointed at the guy sitting beside her, "even thinks about doing something like that to me he better have several holes in his cock first."

He looked her straight in the eye, "Iím ready for that."† She covered her face with her hands and replied, "Oh, no. What have I gotten myself into now?"

I reached for Sandyís hand, "Itís time us old folks retired. You kids have fun." Sandy stood up with a slight groan.

One of the guys commented, "What fun, the girls are all worn out?"

Paul spoke up, "I think there is something that can be done."

He arranged all the girls except Nancy in a row, blindfolded and on their knees. Nancy and Doug were to be the referees as each guy stood in front of a girl. The object was for the girls to give a one minute blow job and determine which cock belonged to their partner, poor Doug had to be left out because his monster cock would be identified immediately.

Any girl that didnít identify the right cock had to do another one minute blow job to the next guy as they all shifted one position.

If the girl correctly identified the cock she then had to continue the blow job to completion.

The girls were hesitant but the guys were all for it and the first round started as we walked very slowly, toward the playroom exit.

Sandy was moaning and sighing almost at the same time when we reached the elevator. As soon as we entered she leaned against the wall with her eyes closed and sighed deeply.

The walk to the bedroom was a little more than she could handle and we had to stop twice on the way down the hall.

She immediately went to the bathroom to pee before taking a long, hot shower and doing her fifteen minute salt soak. She removed her butt plug and slowly waked to the bed.

She lay down on her back and gave a long sigh that ended in a slight moan as the sensations from her movement began to subside.

I teased the tips of her nipples and she sighed again before turning onto her side with her back to me. A little finger exploration determined her butt hole had not completely closed from the long period with the butt plug holding it open so I gently pushed my cock against it and it easily accepted the intrusion.

She moaned as I continued to penetrate her as far as possible. I put my arm around her just below her decorated titties, pulled her close and we drifted into dreamland in this wonderful position.

Without that aggravating phone message that Klaus had sent for a couple days I was able to sleep until a little after nine. The room was bright with sunshine and Sandy and I were still in the same position. As I tried to sit up I discovered my right arm would not move; Sandy had her pillow and head lying on it.

I gently pulled my arm free to discover it was numb clear to the shoulder. Soon the circulation returned and it hurt to beat hell. I massaged it as I went to the bathroom for the three Sís.

Making coffee one handed is not much fun but I managed with only a minor mess to clean up.

I checked the e-mail and voice mail, the only message was from Robert. Ricardo had asked him if he knew where Juan was. He had told him I would be by to see him about it today. Nice of him to set my schedule but it was something that needed attention.

Just for kicks I ran a total of the balances in all the accounts. The total was impressive, over three billion dollars. I scrolled down the list of accounts and noticed there were several that had been inadvertently missed when I was juggling the balances and just those dozen or so seemed to total more than the entire list.

I double checked the figures in my head; the total the computer was showing was not anywhere near what the column showed. I made a fresh pot of coffee and drank two cups as I pondered what was wrong.

I ran the report again with the same results. Something literally wasnít adding up. There was an electronic ten key calculator sitting on the desk that would also print a tape so I spent almost an hour punching numbers into it and came up with a total relatively close to the one on the computer. I still wasnít satisfied though so I began to add the columns by hand for the next hour.

This total was a little over seven hundred billion dollars. Something wasnít right here. More coffee and I went over everything that I could think of that could cause this much of a discrepancy. I checked the ten key calculator; it would print a total of ten characters to the left of the decimal point.

When I looked at my laboriously hand added total there were twelve characters left of the decimal and the first ten characters matched the total on the computer and the little adding machine pretty closely, allowing for a few key punch errors on my part. I checked the computer again, got the same answer again. I then went into the program itself to see if I could find the problem.††

I found it! It was such a simple thing I had never given it any thought. The program was not set to handle numbers that big. The field was set for thirteen characters; ten to the left of the decimal, the decimal and two more to the right. Okay, that was easy enough but were there any more fields in the program like that?

Just to be safe I set all the fields except the total to display fourteen characters and the total field to display eighteen characters.

I ran the report again. I still didnít believe the total; now it was too big; Eight hundred sixty three billion dollars. I poured another cup of coffee; my nerves were so wound up that I missed the cup with most of it. My hands were shaking and my knees were weak as I sat back down at my desk; it took both hands to be able to sip the coffee without spilling it all over.

This was beyond my wildest dreams but it also raised a plethora of red flags.

Financially there was nothing I could think of that would harm the Project. Physically there were many possibilities and most of them centered around the Mafia in Europe.

I was beginning to understand just how desperate they were getting and why people were turning up dead. There was going to be a lot more of it in the near future.

Jeff needed to be advised immediately.

Sandy poked her head in the door, "Are you going to play with that computer all day? Iím hungry."

Apparently I must have been white as ghost. "What is the matter? Are you all right?"

"Yes Iím fine, "I replied in a squeaky voice. "Letís go down to the kitchen and have a late breakfast."

"Breakfast? Itís after one."

"Okay, then lunch." I did need to eat something and wait until my nerves had settled down some before confronting Jeff and Ricardo.

Sandy was still walking slowly but the moans were all sighs today. I opened a large can of soup and found some cold cuts to make sandwiches while the soup was warming. Amazingly there was no traffic through the kitchen for a change.

Sandy was watching me very closely but didnít say anything.

I set the pan of soup on the table and brought the sandwich as well as the silverware and bowls before I sat down.

Finally she asked what was bothering me.

"I found a problem in the program that keeps track of the Project money."

"Do you mean the money is gone? Perhaps I can help; I still have nearly all of the money you got for me."

"No, just the opposite, there is more money there than the annual budget of half the countries in the world."

She just looked at me and never said a word.

When we had finished eating I told her I was going to be out for a few hours and to just relax and enjoy the day.

Jeff was behind the counter at his store when I arrived. He motioned for Jan to take over and we went into his office and for the first time I closed it behind us. He looked at me but didnít say anything as I got a cup of coffee.

"We have a major problem. I afraid we are going to be under attack in the very near future."

"What makes you think so?"

I told him about the error I had corrected. "Those people are going to want revenge in a big way even if they canít recover the stocks; if for no other reason than to prevent anyone ever doing anything like this again. Our security is almost nonexistent when it comes to these circumstances. We could have dozens of them here already for all we know."

"Perhaps but I wouldnít think they would be in the membership, their applications are too closely checked."

"We donít do full criminal back ground checks at the federal level though. There are also hundreds of construction workers here as well as the migrant group. We also need to consider all the various suppliers. None of the construction crews have been checked out and how about the locals that patronize the supermarket? "

He thought about the problem for several minutes while I got another cup of coffee and began to pace the floor.

†"I see your point, call Jim and give him some kind of story that will get all the workers into the dispensary for a physical."

That would be easy enough to handle, a story about a new insurance company or additional life insurance coverage would fit with the need for a physical examination. I made the call and he surprised me by not asking why it was being done. I also asked him to move one of his mobile office trailers to the dispensary so that it could utilized for the screening process and physical examinations for the constructions crews.†

Jeff was still considering the problem, "We have to do this quietly of we will have Feds all over the place like flies on a cow pie. Itís also going to be difficult to get that much information through my normal contacts."

"Is there someone we can buy, perhaps with a political contribution or just clean untraceable money?"

"Of course there is, many of them but very few that can be trusted or happen to be in the right position to be useful to us." He leaned back in his chair, took a couple sips of him coffee and said, "However there is one regional director in the CIA that has a deeply hidden history of BDSM activities. I will see if that can be developed to our mutual advantage."

He continued to study the problem before saying, "We may want to buy some time on the satellite in synchronous orbit over this part of the country to provide coverage of the entire area. It can provide real time information with a picture every 30 seconds, infrared pictures at night with actual pictures during the day. It would require a major computer system to handle it but it would give a complete picture of all activities and could be saved indefinitely."

Sounded good to me, "See what you can set up and let me know what equipment will be needed."

"It will be necessary to have someone monitor the pictures twenty four hours a day and seven days a week in order to spot potential problem before they happen."

I agreed; full coverage at all times. It might not stop an attack but it could certainly give an early warning.

"Is it going to be possible to divert their attention away from Klaus?"

"Sure; how about a nice big, well-publicized funeral?"

"As long as itís not fatal, but wonít that provide too much information to the bad guys?"

He smiles, "Not if it is performed in his home town of Hamburg, Germany." Good idea.

"Can you set him up with another ID complete with natural citizenship?"

"I have everything ready when ever you say the word. I even managed to find an individual who was killed in a traffic accident a few years ago that was born in this country that doesnít have any surviving relatives. A few modifications to change it to seriously injured rather than fatal will do the trick. The name is almost the same, just the first and middle names are reversed."

"Put it into effect and I will work on getting the scars removed and a little plastic surgery to change his appearance. Are there any photos of the other guy?"

"As far as I can find out just a driverís license photo in the files in the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles."

I called the Police Station; Mac answered the phone as Robert was taking a well deserved day off. I arranged to have a small conference room available for a meeting and a copy of Juanís file ready for me.

I drove to the migrant encampment to discover that the heavy equipment was working today, concrete pavement was being poured and new roadways were being prepared. There were at least a hundred people watching the progress in a picnic atmosphere.†

As I parked the van Ricardo waved and walked over to me. I asked him to get the other three leading members of their group and we were going to have a serious meeting.

They soon arrived and I drove them to the Police Station; Mac greeted them with a friendly handshake, handed me a manila folder and we proceeded to the conference room.

They seemed nervous about being here so I began by covering what we intended to do for them and their people as far a construction was concerned. Ricardo expressed his satisfaction and surprise at the scope of the undertakings.

It was time to get down to the business at hand. Ricardo is the only one who had any idea what this meeting was about so I started with what he already new and brought the others up to date.

"As you know by now Juan Garcia is no long in your group. He has been arrested for fighting and a subsequent check determined he is a hardened criminal with several warrants out for his arrest. He will not be back for a long, long time."

Carlos became almost indignant. "Why were we not notified at the time?"

I handed him the folder but he passed it to Ricardo with the explanation that he couldnít read English that well. I waited as Ricardo read it out loud translating it to Spanish as he went so that all could understand what it said.

"As you can see, this was not a man to have running around the area. We have a woman in the hospital recovering for the surgery that was required to set the broken ribs he has caused."

"I never had an opportunity to explain how we are going to handle such situations to you or to Jessie or Arturo either for that matter. So here it is; we donít really care about the minor stuff such as traffic arrests or minor thefts to survive or even prostitution charges. None of theses are serious but armed robbery is."

"There is a total ban within the city on hard liquor, theft, wife beating, fighting, concealed weapons or anything else that is a disruption to a smooth and peaceful life. Anyone discovered to have outstanding warrants for serious crimes will certainly be arrested."

"I want you to understand that this is not a witch hunt but rather an effort to help you in your efforts to provide a decent life for you and all your people. I expect you to treat this information as strictly confidential and to keep it between yourselves. Any further arrests that are pending will be reported to you before they take place whenever possible and we will all decide on the course of action together. I am fully aware there are probably some fraudulent charges involved and we need your input to be sure we follow the best course of action for all concerned. Any infractions that take place here will be handled in the same manner."

There was a short meeting between the four of them in Spanish before Ricardo spoke. "We do not have a problem with the program; in fact we are very grateful for the groceries you have provided. However we have many other problems to overcome."

"Iím sure you do, if you care to tell me what they are perhaps I can help there also."

"I hesitate to ask, you are doing so much already. We have food and excellent health care now. Soon we will have nice houses to live in and a school for our children."

Carlos decided to also thank me for all that had been done but added, "Many of the people are several payments behind on their vehicle and campers. The repo people will soon discover where we are."

"I hadnít thought about that aspect of the situation but it made sense. Have everyone give you a statement of the make, model and value of the equipment plus the amount that is owed on it. I will have someone inspect them and determine what to do from there. I suspect that the costs and interest were greatly inflated when they were purchased. If the value is greater than the amount owed I will pay them off and deduct it from future paychecks at a reasonable rate without interest. All the others will be taken to the Police impound yard and the lien holders notified and if they do not retrieve them in a reasonable period of time they will be sold at action where you can buy them back on a check deduction basis also. I will arrange for other vehicles to be available in a couple weeks."

Carlos was dumbfounded, "But you will lose money that way."

"Not really, I will have a friendly work crew in the fields and happy families at home. That is worth many dollars."

Jessie brought up another good point, "The people donít have furniture for the houses."

"I will furnish that also."

Arturo had a different concern, "Who is going to pay for all the physical examinations and hospital care?"

"The examination is just a cost of doing business and will not be billed. Medication and such will be billed at cost plus a small percentage to cover the personnel expenses. Hospital expenses will also be billed. Both of these will be charged against the bonus of $10.00 for each full day that is worked that will be paid at the end of the year."

"I wasnít aware of a bonus."

I grinned, "There are many things you are not aware of my friend but I think you will be overjoyed with most of them."

"What other surprises do you have in store for us?"

I was still grinning, "The biggest one is that I want you to become permanent residents of the city,"

"But there isnít enough work for us here."

"Sure there is. We have about a thousand acres of tomatoes about ready for harvesting which will continue throughout the summer and into the fall and that is only one crop. Besides there is always construction work as well as grounds keeping that will need attention. We can absorb your group with ease and be glad to have you here."

"I did not see any tomato fields."

I had to laugh now, "They are under the solar panels."

This was enough for them to digest at one time so I gave a quick tour of the jail and drove them back to the encampment.

It was beginning to get dark by the time I arrived at the Manor and it felt like I had put in a long hard day. Sandy and Kathy were by the pool asleep in a lounge chairs so I sat down beside them and relaxed for a while.

Klaus soon appeared and wanted to go to dinner; so much for relaxation. He created enough commotion to wake the girls who thought dinner was a great idea.

I was surprised to see Sandy walking to the house almost normally. Her piercings were healing nicely.

Jacobís was busy as usual and new waitresses seemed to be everywhere. The scenery was always good there.

The group that had been at the Manor the night before were all at the same large table as yesterday. The main difference was that all the girls were now topless and seemed to be comfortable with it.

As usual Doug spotted me and waved, I nodded in return. Apparently this was taken as an invitation as Tom and Cindy stood up and began to make their way to our table. I noticed Cindy still had two check marks between her nice titties.

Tom wanted to thank me for a wonderful evening of play but Cindy wanted to know how to remove the check marks; soap and water would not remove them. I suggested trying pain old rubbing alcohol.

†Went the girls went to ĎPowder their nosesí I told Klaus what I had discovered with the computer program. At first he was skeptical but soon realized the tremendous success of the stock manipulations but he also could see problems. The biggest was that the mafia would be coming after him. He had to disappear in a manner that would end the search.

I explained that Jeff had everything ready and waiting to set up a funeral in Germany and to provide a new identity that would be almost unbreakable and that I was going to ask Jack Somers to recommend a plastic surgeon to correct the scaring from the plane crash as well as to make minor modification to change his appearance.

When we arrived at the Manor Klaus and Kathy continued on to their home next door, Sandy and I watched the boob tube for an hour or so before giving up for the day.

She took a shower and did her salt soak routine before joining me in bed. She was delighted that most of the soreness had disappeared and the good sensations were beginning to be prevalent.

Neither one of us was really up to any serious play after all the activity last night so we just cuddled as we went to sleep.