The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 13

I was enjoying a quiet drive around the property marveling at the degree of progress that had been achieved is such a short time when a sound distracted me. I heard the sound for a second time, like someone moaning; I looked around but didnít see anyone. Once more the same sound but much closer and more distinct this time.

Slowly I became aware of my surroundings; I was in my bed experiencing a dream so real that I heard that sound again.

I wasnít dreaming now, the sound was real; Sandy was trying to find a way to sit up without irritating her fresh piercings. She was lying flat on her back and every time she tried to scoot her butt to the edge of the bed she moaned and lay back down.

This wasnít like her at all, "Whatís wrong?"

"Every time I try to move it feels like something is tugging on all the piercings at the same time."

I quickly got up and walked around to her side of the bed to see if I could determine the cause of the problem. I expected the area to be very sensitive but not like this.

Aha, problem discovered; the sanitary napkin she had taped over the area to protect the bed linens from any bleeding was no longer in place.† Somehow the tape had not adhered to her skin properly and during the night the pad had slipped and the tape had inadvertently become attached to the jewelry while the sanitary napkin was caught under her butt. Any movement produced a slight tug on the pretty coil.

I gently removed the tape and asked her to try to sit up again. She sighed with relief as she was now able to scoot her butt to the edge of the bed and swing her feet toward the floor. I took her hand and helped her achieve a sitting position.

She grinned at me, "I thought I was never going to be able to get out of bed again."

She was able to walk somewhat normally to the bathroom so I slipped into my office to get the coffee started and heard the shower running as I turned on the computer.

A quick check of the stocks determined there were still about two million shares of the biggest and final deal still in the portfolio; not too shabby as the total at one time was almost a hundred times that amount. If I had to write them off it was no big deal as they had been purchased for pennies each.

There was also a nice collection of blue chips there that would produce major profits when they returned to their previous values in a few months.

All in all the future of The Project and The City were financially assured for the foreseeable future and beyond.

There were two messages in my e-mail that were of interest, one from Robert and another from Jeff; both of them wanted to see me personally about a matter of great importance.

I called Jeff to see what he had discovered that warranted this degree of confidentiality but he wouldnít say over the phone. I suggested that he meet me in Robertís office in half an hour. I also called Robertís cell phone and left a message about the meeting.

I heard the shower shut off, poured another cup of coffee and returned to the bedroom with them. Sandy was taping a pad soaked in salt water over her very tender piercings as I entered. She sat on the seat ledge in the shower to wait the appropriate time as I handed her a cup of the coffee. I promised to get her a sanitary belt while I was out so that the tape would not pose any future problems, kissed her on the forehead and headed out the door.

Jeff and Robert were waiting for me when I arrived, both of them with grim expressions on their faces; this must be something serious.

Robert got right to the point, "The information you gave me yesterday has brought out a lot of stuff. That guy is wanted all over the southwest for everything from drunk and disorderly to attempted murder and armed robbery. He has a rap sheet as long as my arm and at least 10 aliases he has used. Iím sure there will be more come to light in the next few days."

Jeff laughed, "I have found a couple federal warrants out for him right now and I suspect Robert is correct that more will pop up before the search is completed. So far surveillance tapes have shown him involved in some bank robberies in California and the armed robbery of a convenience store on an Indian reservation in New Mexico. He is considered armed and dangerous."

Yep, he was a real winner, why was I not surprised? Now the problem was how to remove him without creating a major incident.

I called Jim to determine if Juan was working today. He was. I quickly explained what we had and I asked that he take him and three or four of his biggest and most trusted men to lunch at Hamburger Heaven at precisely 11:30 and get him involved in some kind of fight, but do it outside, no more damage to that building.

Jim laughed, "I have several men who would love to help in his education including me. He has become a royal pain in the ass."

Robert and a couple of his officers would be at the supermarket near the hamburger joint and would make an arrest on the spot. This would fit in with his reputation and shouldnít raise any eyebrows.

We discussed whether to have Jeffís two FBI shadows take custody or to let the sheriff have him. We decided to call the sheriff and have him waiting at the jail when he was brought in; we donít need anyone like that in our little lockup. The county was better equipped to handle hardened desperadoes like him.

I called Ronald Wise, the county Sheriff and told him we would have a prisoner for him about noon; he began to ask a whole series of questions that I side-stepped. He agreed to meet me at the police station a little after eleven.

Jeff returned to his store and I drove over to Project Central on the off chance someone would be working on Saturday. I was in luck; Paul was in his office going through a stack of papers almost a foot high. When I entered he leaned back in his chair. "Glad you are here; I need a break."

I sat down as he got up to make another pot of coffee. We chatted about generalities for a few minutes before he brought up the subject of the little airline. He had determined there werenít any real problems, just a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense to wade through. He had located a fleet of five twin engine Beach Craft that were available on a lease or outright purchase and he was in the process of negotiating the price.

"Is there anything more happening with the people wanting to sell?"

"Yes, that is what this stack of paper is all about. I have requests from all the sections on the north and west sides and a few from the south side. Nothing from the east yet but there have been a few feelers. Iím going over all the deeds and abstracts to determine the standing of each property just in case a purchase is made"

"Okay, go ahead and make all the purchases that adjoin the present properties. The others will probably fall in place in a few weeks."

The discussion soon changed to politics, all of the county officials were up for election in November and there were rumors that they were worried. The population of the county had nearly doubled since the last election and for the first time in over a century there was a real possibility they could be voted out of office.

We continued along that line for several minutes. The county government had not interfered in our plans and a couple county officials were actually members so we came to the conclusion our best interests would be served if they were to continue in office.†

Paul had determined that they were right; we did have the votes to determine the outcome of any and all local elections.

I told Paul about the situation with Juan and he agreed that the sheriff should be the one to take charge. In fact he thought it would be a good idea to have the local Justice of the Peace and a county judge or two present when the custody change took place. He said He would call them and make the arrangements.

Paul hitched a ride with me back to the Police Station and on the way there called the JP and a couple judges. When we arrived at Robertís office he was beginning to brief the four officers he had called in dressed in plain clothes, about the coming operation. We sat in to listen and felt there was very little we could add to his presentation.

I hated to do it, particularly on a Saturday, but I had to suggest that the curfew be activated immediately as it was going to be difficult to prevent the expected county officials from having access to the inner section of the project. Paul agreed and sent out an e-mail to that effect to all residents who would be affected. He also activated the phone warning system to call and to leave a recorded message if there was no answer.

Robert contacted the two officers on patrol and instructed them to check the central district and inform anyone who was outside of the curfew.

The sheriff arrived closely followed by Jonathan Berkley, the Justice of the Peace. Robert greeted his old boss warmly and quickly excused himself as he made the final preparations to get in position for the bust.

As I was preparing to describe what was happening a County Commissioner and two judges arrived. Paul made introductions all around and turned the floor over to me.

I quickly covered the migrant situation and gave a brief outline of what was being done for them. I watched as the County Commissioner, Wade Berkley, began to smile. I looked directly at him, "I sure hope you donít play poker very often."

I caught him completely off guard, "What do you mean?"

I laughed, "Your facial expressions are a dead give away to your thoughts and Iíll bet you were calculating the additional tax revenue that will be forthcoming."

His face turned red with a sheepish grin as everyone else laughed too. Jonathon said, "Thatís my Uncle Wade alright."

I got back on track and explained that we had determined a man in the migrant group was a wanted criminal and that we were in the process of arresting him on a minor charge at this very moment.

Sheriff Wise asked his name, I responded with, "Juan Garcia." He shook his head, "I donít know that name."

"Probably not, he has used about a dozen aliases that we know of so far."† I handed him a set of copies of all the information we had on the man.

He went through the documents page by page and studied the photos very closely. "Two of the aliases look familiar and I have seen a photo of him before, but how in the world did you get this much information on him so quickly?"

Paul had to brag a little, "It is a matter of knowing where to look and a little help from some friends."

Oops, now there would be questions about who the friends were. To my surprise the Sheriff jumped past the obvious to ask if we were going to screen all the migrants this closely.

"We certainly will and just as fast and completely as possible. I suspect we will find a few more but we only intend to pursue those who have committed serious crimes. The minor misdemeanor stuff such as traffic violations or even prostitution charges will not be pursued."

One of the judges wanted to know why not. "We all know that these people are a target for harassment and many such charges are spurious and I donít wish to continue in that vain. However we will pursue any crimes that take place here"†

There was a commotion coming from the back of the building, a lot of yelling, most of it in Spanish and a few thumps and bangs.

I turned to Jonathon, "I think it is about time for you to hold a short court session. He nodded his agreement as he moved behind Robertís desk.

The commotion was getting closer and soon was at the office door. As it burst open Juan made his undignified appearance. There was a chain around his waist and his handcuffs were attached to it behind his back. His boots had been removed to permit shackles to be fastened on his ankles with only a foot of chain between them.

He was still trying to fight and was screaming what seemed to be all sorts of profanity in Spanish. From the look on his face Jonathon could understand every word of it.

As two officers sat him in a chair Robert stood behind him with his hands on his shoulders to prevent him getting up.

Jonathon said something in Spanish, which Paul translated to me as, "Shut up or we will gag you."

As silence filled the room Jonathon asked what the charges were. Robert listed them, "Public disturbance, carrying concealed weapons, attacking an officer of the law, resisting arrest." He also handed the JP a list of the offences.

"Has the prisoner been advised of his rights?"

"Yes sir, he has. He has requested an attorney be appointed for him as he is unable to afford legal counsel."

"An attorney will be dully appointed Monday."

Jonathon read the list of charges Robert had supplied then looked at Juan, "Itís a shame we canít charge him with being ugly and nasty too."

This led to more yelling from Juan which stopped when Jonathon held up his hand, "How do you plead to these charges?"

He actually answered in English, "Those other hombres started the fight."

"I see there were two cancelled weapons, an illegal knife and a 38 caliber revolver, both removed from you boots. Is that correct?"†

No answer.

"And attacking an officer?"

Again there was no answer.

"Juan Garcia, if that is actually your name, I will enter a plea of ĎNot guiltyí into the record. Bail is set at one million dollars and your custody is remanded to the county. Sheriff Wise, please take custody of the prisoner."

This produced another series of outbursts while the Sheriff arranged to have Robert transport the prisoner to the county jail.

The Sheriff called his office and advised them that a prisoner was being delivered.† As the officers half carried him out of the room I suggested that we all go to lunch. I called Jacobís and advised him we were on the way there while Paul called the dispensary to invite anyone who could get free to join us also.

Out of the group of five county officials Jonathon was the only one to have been to Jacobís before. The others were duly impressed that there was a restaurant of this caliber in our small community so far from a major city.

Jacob reserved a large private room for the group and Willie greeted us as we entered. Before he finished taking the drink orders the others arrived also. Introductions were made all around and the politicians were dully impressed that we had four doctors on the premises as well as two registered nurses and several other health care professionals.

Kathy and Monica walked in unexpectedly and Kathy asked if they could join us adding, "This group looks like more fun than that bunch in the main dinning room."

They soon were seated between Cora and one of the interns from Parkland Hospital. If I remembered his name correctly he was Lester Banks MD.

As the meal progressed there was agreement among the County officials that they would have to bring their wives here for dinner soon. I ask that they let me know when they would be coming and I would make arrangements for them as guests of The Project; I had to make sure they would not see the real community for the time being. Jonathon nodded his agreement.

As with all politicians the topic of conversation turned to the upcoming elections, Judge Raymond Tompkins asked if we were going to have any candidates running.

I expressed my opinion that the county was well managed and saw no reason to make any changes. I offered to arrange for the auditorium in the New City Hall to be available for meetings and also as a voting location for the election as well.

There was a noticeable sense of relaxation in the atmosphere as a large degree of tension was removed and the conversation turned to The Project its self.

Wade was the first to ask the expected question, "From what little I have seen there have been millions of dollars invested here, how are you funded?"

"A large corporation is developing it in the long range expectation of being able to develop programs that will produce profitable crops even with the reduced rainfall and higher temperatures that are expected." I wasnít about to tell them anything they could check.

Wade persisted, "Would it be possible to invest in that Corporation? My portfolio had taken a beating this week."

"Iím sorry but that isnít possible, it is a closed Corporation with only two stockholders. I know the stock market has gone crazy the last several days but I would advise you to hold your blue chips, even invest in more of them as soon as possible and get out of everything else particularly those stocks that have gone from pennies to hundreds of dollars in a few days."

Wade was hard to convince, "How do you know this?"

By now the Doctors were listening closely also.

Paul laughed as he decided to smooth this over, "He wonít even tell me that but I would advise that you listen closely when he talks about stocks."

Paul fielded several more probing questions in the same manner as the Dispensary people began to leave. I noticed Kathy and Monica left also with Monica walking out with Lester.

As the meal concluded a tour of the area was suggested by Judge Tompkins while Jonathon and Paul declined. I loaded them all in the van and began with the inner residential area and then circled around past the new houses under construction for families.

The herd of beef cattle was rather impressive as was the hog farm in the far northeast corner of the property. As I drove past the acres and acres of solar panels I was asked to stop as Wade got out and walked over to a section of them near the roadway. I lost sight of him as he moved to the side and slightly to the rear of the van.

While he was exploring I explained that we were now selling over $100,000.00 worth of electricity to the utility company every month.

Wade soon returned with a couple almost ripe tomatoes, "I have never seen anything like this before. This area is not suited for tomatoes, but here they are. How many acres are planted with them?"

I thought for a moment, "I believe the total is approaching a thousand acres. That is why we need the migrant workers, those fields will keep them busy all summer."

I concluded the tour at the Police Station without going past my house; that would generate too many questions.

When they had all expressed there thanks for a fine meal and the tour I dropped Paul off at his office and headed for Jeffís store to get a sanitary belt for Sandy.

Jeff had some addition information on our favorite prisoner; there were a couple warrants out for him in Mexico also. That guy was going to be out of circulation for a long time, maybe forever. He suggested that we should let the Feds have him and save the county and state the cost of a trial and long term incarceration as robbing a National Bank and crimes committed on a federal reservation carried nice long sentences and there was no early release program at the Federal level.

He also had information about the political situation in Europe and Russia.† Heads were rolling, literally, in Moscow. Bodies were turning up all over the country; many mutilated enough that identifying them would be difficult. There was speculation that over fifty percent of the upper echelon of the government was affected, it was possible it could reach the very top people.†

Every union in France was on strike effectively shutting the country down. Germany was also affected but to a lesser degree. Spain was experiencing riots and multiple protest marches. All three of the countries seemed to have many political figures that had effectively disappeared.

The big surprise of the day was the heavy involvement of the African countries. Riots and what appeared to be the start of several civil wars were scattered all over the continent. A couple dictators had been assassinated and several others had left their countries.

There were a few hot spots in South America but nothing that looked serious.

There was some unrest in Australia also but it was under control for the moment.

There was a different reaction in Asia; the investment groups were riding high at the moment. Most of the general population was not involved enough in the stock market to have a voice or any real concerns.

Jeffís inside sources in DC were still speculating on what to expect in each country. None of those so-called experts were crediting me for all the stock activities; they just couldnít believe the market could be manipulated that completely. Jeff didnít argue with them; let them believe whatever they wanted as long as it was working.

Again the rumor that there were going to be many personnel changes in Washington surfaced, we would have to wait and see on this one.

I found Sandy and Kathy lounging in the sun by the pool. Sandy was lying with her legs wide spread and the sun directly on her new piercings while Kathy was on her stomach with her pretty butt in the air.

I asked Sandy how she was feeling, "Iím fine as long as Iím not moving."

Kathy giggled, "You should have seen her trying to get down the two steps from the house to the patio."

Sandy grinned a little, "It was difficult, everything there is still very sore but at the same time I was aroused enough to cause my little bud to enlarge which added to both sensations."

"Sounds to me like it is working then."

"Better than you will ever know."

I glanced at my watch, it was after seven. "I donít think you are up to going to Jacobís are you?"

"I would like to but walking is an exercise in frustration."

I held up the sanitary belt I had bought for her, "Oh thank you, you are a life saver. Now I think I can manage going out to dinner."

I looked around the pool area and saw several more people but not Monica. I asked Kathy if she had seen her.

She giggled, "Yep, she borrowed Sandyís car and drove away with that young doctor she was talking to at lunch. She said something about being back in a few days."

"In that case you better call Klaus and see if he wants to go to dinner with us."

Kathy went home to get dressed for dinner as Sandy and I made our way, very slowly, to the master bedroom for the same reason.

While I shaved and showered Sandy was trying to decide what to wear. She had a half a dozen cocktail dresses and evening gowns lying on the bed.

She finally decided on a very low cut but elegant floor length black gown. As she wiggled into it and adjusted it to properly display her pierced nipples she stopped and looked at them. "Where are my nipple stretchers?" She asked.

I reached in my pocket and removed them for her to see. "When were they removed?" She wanted to know.

"I had to snicker just a little, "Last night when your new piercings were done."

She looked surprised, "I hadnít really missed them but for some reason my nipples are very sensitive today."

"They should be; they were stretched to the next size."

She really examined them closely now, "Yes the bars are bigger but the balls on the ends seem to be the same size as before."

I began to install the stretchers as I replied, "They are the same balls; only the bars were changed."† As I adjusted the tension she moaned softly as the previous settings were applied.

"Wow, they really are a lot more sensitive. I can feel my clitty expanding from the tension."

It was going to be an interesting evening.

Klaus and Kathy arrived as we were walking out of the house. Klaus watched her closely for several steps, "She is doing much better than Kathy did on her second day after her piercings."

Kathy made a face at him, "She is wearing a pad to keep the sensations down. I had to plead with you just to get a pair of panties."

Klaus laughed, "But you loved it just the same."

The ride to Jacobís was much less irritating for her than the ride home yesterday but a couple of rough spots in the road still caused a sigh or two to escape from her.

When I parked the van I told her she had to remove the pad before entering the restaurant. As she stood up she discreetly unfastened the sanitary belt and laid it on the seat. She tied the split gown back in a manner that not only displayed her new piercings but her butt plug as well.

We walked slowly toward the entrance as she sighed with each step she took. The low step-up into the foyer produced a slight moan.

She managed to walk to our table slowly which drew some attention; anyone moving that slowly usually had a new mod.

She sat down on the front edge of her chair and leaned back with her eyes closed for several minutes. Finally she said, "That was horrible. Every little movement I make moves the coil in the piercings which are still very sore, but it creates enough sensation to cause my clitty to become enlarged which enhances the sensations there as the end of the coil moves through it. There is enough sensation to keep my clitty throbbing but also enough pain to prevent cumming. This is torture."

Everyone laughed as I said, "Just imagine how it will feel in a couple months when all the piercings are healed."

Sandy groaned, "How long are you going to leave that God awful coil in there?"

"Well, let me think about that. It will take a couple months for the piercings to heal and probably another couple months for you to adjust to it. Finally we will need to play with it for another couple months before a decision can be made and by that time you will be ready for the next size."

She just stared at me with her mouth open. Finally she responded, "I donít think you can wait that long."

I grinned, "You seem to have forgotten there are two other options."

The waitress had been waiting to take our drink order and was enjoying the comments. She was giggling as she tried to get the orders right.

It was Saturday night and the dinning room was filling up fast. I saw many people I recognized and just as many new faces. The table that really got my attention was almost in the center of the room and was surrounded by young people. Doug and Nancy were there as were Paul and Tammy. Doug saw that I was looking in his direction and waved to me, I nodded in return.

The meal was delicious but repetitive; we had tried everything on the menu multiple times by now. As we were having a final cup of coffee Doug came by to ask if he and his friends could use the playroom.

I really hadnít planned anything unusual for tonight as it had been a long and nerve-wracking week; l had figured on watch a little TV and hitting the sack early. Sandy, understandably, wasnít much interested in any play either. It seemed our evening was now going to extend into tomorrow.

I couldnít say no, there is nothing like a few nice young gals to brighten up the place. I could almost see those cute little butts wiggling as they would walk across the playroom.

Five cars and a couple vans followed us to The Manor. Paul and Tammy decided to tag along more as chaperons than as players.

There were a total of twelve young couples including Doug and Nancy and Tom and Cindy, the young couple they had brought once before.

Doug bypassed the kitchen and headed directly to the playroom with the entire group following close behind. As soon as he got to the lounge area he began removing his clothes. As expected his over-sized equipment plus the PA barbell were the center of attention for several minutes.

A couple of the new girls were a little slow but soon they were all nude and wondering around the room looking at the equipment.

When Sandy removed her gown Cindy noticed her fresh piercings and commented, "Oh; that is lovely," which drew enough attention that several of the girls come over to see what was so interesting.

Now, this wasnít going to work; wherever the girls are the guys were going to be also in short order.

I took Sandyís hand and moved her to an examination table. I soon had her wrists secured to the head of the table, a strap over her lower stomach and he legs pulled up and far apart.† Her new piercings were now on full display as well as her butt plug for all to see. I made an announcement that everyone could now look, examine the new jewelry but no touching.

I patted her gently on the stomach and told her to enjoy her moment of fame as she turned red and I returned to the lounge area and a coke.

There were cute little butts moving all over the room as the couples wondered around trying to decide what to do first. The scenery was outstanding. Paul soon had Tammy on a treadmill and was teasing her toward and orgasm. Doug had strapped Nancy onto a Sybian horse and was playing with the controller as she moaned and gasped.

I watched the fun for a few minutes before returning to Sandy with a massage-type vibrator. As I touched the vibrating head to her nipples she screamed, more from surprise than anything.

I soon moved it to her butt plug which produced a scream at least two octaves above the first. I stopped to ask, "What was that for?"

I took a couple minutes for her to respond, "That felt like the vibrator was on the inside of my clit. I have been on the edge of cumming all night and I felt it all over my body."

Good, that was what I wanted so I did it again and held it there this time. She produced another scream which slowly faded as she ran out of breath. It was followed by the low scream that signaled her entrance into subspace. I continued to hold the vibrator against the butt plug as she went deeper into this new sensation. She had a couple good orgasms back to back and I returned to the lounge area to wait for her revival.

Klaus was using a flogger on Kathyís ass cheeks and was receiving a squeal every now and then for his efforts. Paul had Tammy hanging limply in the harness from a major orgasm; he was waiting for her to revive so he could do it to her again.

Doug had settled down with the Symbian controller and now had it on low and was watching as Nancy had an orgasm about every three minutes. Each one seemed to be a little stronger than the one before.

Three other couples approached him and the guys had a little chat with him. I noticed they all looked in my direction for some reason and then started walking towards me. I began to hope thy just wanted some instructions. Nope nothing that simple, the girls wanted to try a PA but were afraid of Dougís monster cock. Doug had referred them to me as a potential solution to the problem.

I should have known and I should have been used to this type of thing by now. I still wasnít sure why they always picked me, I have a nice cock, but it isnít anything unusual. Iím much too old to be considered a "hunk". Perhaps that was the answer, I wasnít considered as competition by their lovers, boy friends or husbands.

In any event it looked like there was a potential of at least ten new girls wanting to try something different. Maybe eleven, I couldnít remember if Cindy had tried it before or not and Nancy wouldnít be interested when she had that monster of Dougís always available.

Doug introduced the three girls but Iíll be darned if I can remember their names. Anyway, we chatted for a few minutes as I finished my coke. When I asked who wanted to go first they all got bashful so I did the eeny, meany, miny, moe bit and finally pointed at the one in the middle. I did make a slight concession to political correctness; I changed the "N" word to girly.

She blushed nicely as I scooted my ass to the front of the chair. She didnít seem to know what to do so I motioned for her to come to me. As she did I ask if she wanted to touch it, she nodded shyly and hesitantly reach a hand toward the ring.

Just as she made contact I yelled, "Boo," She jumped a foot in the air and giggled, the other girls laughed.

She soon gathered up her courage and tried again. This time I behaved myself and she soon was flipping it back and forth as she watched it flash in the low light.

With a little encouragement from the group that was now watching she soon bent over enough to kiss the head before she straddled my now stiff cock and began to descend toward her impalement.†

She didnít hesitate but went as far as possible in one single movement. She put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as she moaned her delight. She just sat there with her eyes closed so I did a couple muscle contractions which were enough to set her off on a wild orgasm that seemed to build forever. She was soon collapsed against my chest and totally incoherent. I kissed her on the forehead just for the hell of it.

I asked Doug if he could move her to a lounge chair and he complied as if she didnít weigh ten pounds.

The next gal was apparently a clean freak as she came toward me with a small pan of water and a wash cloth. I cocked my head a little to one side and she said, "If Iím going to kiss it I want it clean."

"Okay, clean it then," I replied and she did then without hesitation she dropped to her knees and did her best to swallow it. She came close too. She continued to slide her lips up and down the shaft as the ring clicked against her teeth for several minutes. I was becoming difficult to hold off a good cum when she finally stood up and slowly slide her tight pussy around it.

She wasnít nearly as ready as the first girl and it took several full strokes and a bunch of muscle contractions to get her off but apparently it was worth it to her as she screamed her delight. She was able to stand, but just barely, as Doug helped her to a chair.

The third girl didnít bother with the washing routine and unceremoniously swallowed the whole thing, ring and all and held it there for a full minute. This gal had obviously been practicing.

When she raised her lips away from my balls she looked up at me and winked, then again proceeded to take it all in. I did a muscle contraction, her eyes got big and she quickly rose up. I laughed as she straddled my cock and began her descent.

Her pierced nipples with one inch rings were right in front of me so I hooked a finger in each of them and began to shake them side to side. She dropped onto me like a ton of bricks as I twisted the rings a little also.

I released the nipple ring in my left hand and reached down to tickle her clit to discover it was pierced also. A few strokes against the piercing and she exploded. A couple muscle contractions and she was lost in sensory heaven.

Tom helped her to a chair as I begged off claiming I needed a coke and a smoke before continuing. Actually I was so close to cumming I had to stall to let everything die down a little bit.