The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 12

As Monica and I drove to the dispensary she asked me about all the equipment in the playroom, "That place looks like a torture chamber."

"Yes, it could be used in that manner but it is also possible to use it for teasing and play. It is up to each individual how it will be used. When you feel you are ready I will show you some of the ways it can be used to enhance sensations. Iím sure you will find it interesting"

She became silent as she envisioned the possibilities, "If you donít mind I think I would rather be a spectator."

I glanced at her to find she was blushing. "Thatís fine. There are usually some people playing there every night. You are welcome to observe the fun."

We arrived at the little hospital and I introduced her to Cora who greeted her warmly. I asked Cora to call me on my cell phone when they were done; she nodded as the two of them disappeared into an examination room.

I walked over to the Police Station to discuss any problems with the migrant group that Robert was aware of. He had three other officers in his office when I arrived and I waited until they left before entering.

We got right to the point, he had been briefing the other officers on how to handle problem in that area. For the time being he was going to let the group leaders handle everything possible in their own system.

I asked if there had been any incidents so far, "Only a couple of fist fights that were quickly broken up. My officers didnít have to get involved."

"Good. Later today Iím going to schedule a meeting with all of the leaders and a little later expand it to include all of people. I would like for you to attend so that they will understand that we will enforce our rules."

"Good idea, I will be there."

My phone began to play the William Tell Overture; Robert said, "Hi ho Silver, away." I laughed and shook my finger at him as I answered it and heard Cora say she was finished.

I returned to the dispensary and drew Cora to the side and had a little discussion with her about the piercing class that was going to be held the next night. I also warned her that starting in the morning there would be a line of people for complete physicals.

As we got into the van to drive to Project Central Monica asked me why I had talked to Cora privately, had she done something wrong. I explained it didnít have anything to do with her but involved other matters.

Jerry was glad to see us, or at least me, as he wanted to talk to me privately also. He turned Monica over to Connie to get all the forms and tests completed as we went to his private office.

"I am having limited success in recruiting people for all the programs you want to set up. I have had to resort to a Mexican sponsored group in Dallas for most of them. Teachers are available but some of them have questionable credentials. Counselors are in short supply."

I thought about this for a few minutes then suggested that certified teachers were not really needed for the adult classes, just people who were able to guide them through a GED course after their English became reasonable fluent. The long-term goal was to qualify the people as high school graduates.

"As we process them I suspect we may find qualified people there that can be a service. We will need good teachers for the kids though. I want the school to be equal to the best in the state."

"Perhaps graduate students from the collages would be a place to start."

We discussed how to process so many people that had a limited knowledge of English; print the tests in Spanish and have people there who could read the question for those who were basically illiterate. I suggested that he might like to attend the meeting also as he was fluent in Spanish and could translate for me.

We chatted about some other programs and he was making progress in several areas.

I called Jim and ask that he provide a flat bed truck and a sound system for the meeting. Then I called Ricardo and ask him to have all the groupís leaders ready by two oíclock and to notify everyone to be at the meeting scheduled at three.

Lunchtime soon interrupted us; I suggested that he and I take Monica and Connie to lunch. Of course he agreed knowing full well that I would buy.

As we walked across the street to Jacobís Monica commented, "You sure have some interesting questions on those tests."

Connie laughed, "Yep and you havenít got to the really good ones yet."

As we were shown to our table Monica was looking all around the dining room. Soon our waiter, Willie, arrived and efficiently took our order.

Jerry and I continued to discuss the upcoming meeting and we worked out a somewhat coherent agenda.

The girls were still discussing the test; Monica was questioning the reason for it and Connie was doing a good job of dodging direct answers.

Jacob ambled by and stopped to comment, "I see a pretty new face." I introduced him to Monica and he kissed her hand in the best French tradition. She spoke to him in French and discovered he didnít understand a word she had spoken. He laughed and moved on to another table.

We lingered over coffee until I had to leave for the meeting. Jerry and I went to the van as the girls returned to the office to complete the testing.

Ricardo and three other men met us as we pulled into that squalid encampment area that was being used as a parking lot. We shook hands and he introduced us to Jesus Ramirez, commonly know by the nickname, Jessie. We also met Carlos Pacheco and Arturo Hernandez. He explained that between them they comprised the top authority in the group.

The sound of heavy equipment could be heard in the distance but they were far enough away that it would not be a problem.

Jim was there with the truck and a couple men who were setting the sound system up and installing a large bulletin board that was to be used to post notices of various types.

Ricardo had arranged several chairs in a grassy area a couple hundred feet from the vehicles.

I opened the meeting by asking Ricardo what he thought of his physical.

"That was the first physical I have endured in many years. They were very complete. This morning I checked with the nurse, I think her name is Cora and discovered that the minor hernia I have had for years can be easily repaired and she wanted to schedule a time to do it. I also was told my wife has diabetes and they gave me some pills for her and want to see her again in a week."

"Do you think the rest of the people can benefit form this type of program?"

"Oh yes, and it is seriously needed. Many have not seen a doctor for a long time."

I asked the other three gentlemen what there impression of the program was so far.

There was general agreement that it was needed.

I proceeded to explain everything I had told Ricardo that we intended to do. I left out the part about the criminals until we could have a more secure meeting as there were a couple dozen people gathered around listening by now.

I suggested that they needed to send all of the people who were obviously in need of medical attention to the dispensary in the morning.

I asked Ricardo how it had went with the testing, "I completed all of it but Iím not sure all of the people will be willing to do that. It asks some very personal questions."

"I know it does and it is not intended to embarrass anyone but we need the information to be able to determine what programs we need to establish in order to provide as much assistance as possible. To be very blunt about it, everyone who works for us will, and I repeat, will complete the tests, no exceptions."

This drew a couple negative comments that centered on privacy issues and the possibility of the INS becoming involved.

"The INS will not interfere in any way. We will do all that is possible to get everyone a green card and perhaps even citizenship."

I further settled that by stating, "Anyone who doesnít wish to improve their education, earning capacity and ability to better their living conditions is free to leave."

Before anyone could reply I turned their attention to the sounds of the heavy equipment, "As you can hear, the construction I promised yesterday has already started. There will be new houses available in a few days. A community center, school and some park areas are already in the plans."

I went over the ground rules about fighting and abuse as well as any damage to the property and suggested they might be well advised to form a self-policing agency within the group.

This raised several questions that were discussed at some length and I offered to have the people they designated be paid by the Project.

It was now time for the general meeting as a crowd had gathered around the truck.

Most of what had been said in the semi-private meeting was repeated in Spanish. There was a general acceptance of all the conditions for the time being. A general question and answer period followed that lasted for almost two hours. The one over-riding point that really reached them was the ability to purchase groceries without money.

Ricardo asked that anyone with a medical problem come up and be scheduled to see the doctor in the morning. By the time the meeting had broken up he had over fifty people on the list.

Jim had a list of almost two hundred men who wanted to work on the construction projects plus many women who wanted work also.

The dispensary was going to be a busy place for a few days.

Jerry and I returned to Project Central to discover that Monica had completed all the paperwork and was waiting for us. Jerry quickly checked everything over and handed her one last set of papers to read and sign. She read them, signed where indicated and handed them back to him. He said, "Congratulations, you are now a full member of our little community."

Jerry began the standard orientation speech but I waved him off, "I can handle that on the way to the house. I need for you to find any and all members with any medical experience and arrange for them to be at the dispensary early in the morning; they are going to need all the help they can find."

I covered all the basic rules that were in effect on the way to The Manor. She understood them but was still somewhat apprehensive about the playroom.

I went directly to my office to check the stock market. The stocks I was most interested in were still going up at an unbelievable rate. Everything else was creeping downward with a couple of exceptions that were in freefall.

The rearrangement of the portfolios was progressing nicely and more and more of the manipulated stocks were being sold off at a fantastic profit. Good solid blue chips were being purchased while their value was down which would provide an income steam in the future.

Sandy arrived home as I was shutting the computer down and went directly to the shower. I poured another cup of coffee and waited until she came back into the bedroom.

She was still drying her hair with a towel as she said, "Hi." She came over and sat on my lap and kissed me on the forehead. "Can we go to Jacobís tonight?"

"Sounds good to me. Do you want Klaus and Kathy to join us?"

"Sure, and Monica too. She hasnít been there after curfew yet."

I called Klaus and he was glad to go. I also called Monica and invited her. Her first question was how to dress. I suggested she come to my room and Sandy would help her. She arrived in less than a minute.

Sandy laid out two dresses for them and Monica began to put one on before she realized it was basically topless. She stopped and looked at the dress and then at Sandy.

I laughed, "You girls have fun, and Iíll be in the kitchen when you are ready."

Before I could finish a cup of coffee they arrived looking wonderful. I drove over to pick up Klaus and Kathy and discovered Klaus was able to walk almost normally to the van.

We soon arrived at Jacobís and were shown to a large table in my favorite alcove. The waitress was a new girl, as usual, with pierced nipples and a nice belt tattoo around her waist. Monica was totally silent as she watched her take the orders. As she walked away she followed her with her eyes until another waitress came into view coming toward us.

"You really do have a lot of people here that donít like clothes."

I had to laugh at that. "Yes, and a lot of people that like other things."

The dinning room was filling up and her attention was all on the people as they came and went. I noticed that there were a couple of well-paddled butts on display as well as several nice sets of breasts in sight.

As the meal progressed there were more displays of pink butts and titties. To my surprise Monica didnít make any further comments.

Several couples stopped by the table just to say "Hello." When Michael and Connie came by Monica couldnít hold out any longer. Connie was nearly naked with only a sash tied around her waist. Fresh pink marks were very evident on her butt cheeks.

"Who did that to you?"

Connie giggled. "He did," as she pointed at Michael.

Michael laughed, "Yep and I might do it again when we get home."

Connie stuck her tongue out at him and he slapped her butt with his open hand. She giggled again and stuck her butt out so he slapped the other cheek.

As they moved onto a different table Bob and Brenda followed them with a wave of the hand toward us as a greeting. Apparently they had changed roles again as Bob was wearing his cock cage and ball stretchers.

Monica was speechless at this point but began to pay more attention to the male genital areas as people moved around in the dining room.

We lingered longer over coffee than usual to permit her to see as much as possible of the various life styles that were being displayed so openly now that the day time curfew was no longer in effect.

Sandy and Kathy were involved in a deep discussion of genital piercings, particularly the time that would be required for complete healing. Sandy was insisting that two months was about the minimum required while Kathy was trying to convince her that play would be possible in a couple weeks.

They both giggled as they reminisced about Kathyís difficulties with the stairs in the old farmhouse and her need to wear panties to reduce the sensations to the point that she could walk across a room without stopping.

Monica began to listen to their comments and finally ask, "Donít all those piercing hurt?"

As usual Kathy had something to say, "Sure it hurts at first but the sensations are unbelievable when they are healed."

Sandy added, "I love my nipple piercings also."

Monica admitted that she was fascinated by the nipple piercings but wasnít sure why the stretchers were used.

"The guys like them," Was Kathyís answer. "And besides they provide just enough tension to keep them sensitive all the time."

There were several more comments that seemed to indicate there was a degree of interest on Monicaís part.†

Klaus and I were half-heartedly discussing the prospects of our own little airline and what type of planes would be best. He was in favor of small jets while I was more interested in twin engine propeller driven planes, mostly because they were much less expensive to buy and didnít require as much runway for taking off and landing.

The girls seemed to have exhausted the subject of piercing and we decided to return to the house. Klaus and Kathy decided to spend the night and I reminded Sandy that this was her last night for serious play for what could be several weeks if she followed through with her intentions of being pierced the next night.

When we reached the house everyone went to their rooms and removed all the clothing before making their way to the playroom. Monica entered with Sandy and me to find three couples there.

Clyde had Betty on a treadmill; Jack was in the process of putting Marie on a Symbian horse. Art and June were sitting in the lounge area.

We went to the lounge area to give Monica a chance to adjust to this new type of activity. I quickly noticed that June had been whipped lightly, just enough to produce a nice pink glow on her breasts. I suspected that there had been more activity than just a light whipping as she seemed rather groggy.

Before I had a chance to ask Art anything there was a scream that could be heard throughout the room. Betty had reached her limit and was voicing her surrender to sensations as she sagged in the harness.

Monica jumped and squealed in surprise, we all laughed at her, even June. It took her a few moments to determine where the scream had come from and by then Clyde had stopped the treadmill and moved behind her, reaching around her to pinch and pull her nipples as she continued to moan.

Art commented, "I see Betty is having a good time." June giggled, "I can relate to that."

Monica just sat there with her mouth open as Clyde started the treadmill again. Within two minutes there was another scream. This time Clyde began removing the equipment and half carried her to an examination table. He secured her wrists and ankles to prevent her falling and patted her on the puss, which caused another moan, before walking to the lounge area to join us.

As he sat down I noticed Jack had completed the attachment of Marie to the horse and was setting the speed with the remote control. As she closed her eyes and leaned her head back Jack attached weighted clamps to her nipples, which produced a low moan. He stepped back and watched her for a few moments before coming to the lounge area also.

Art stood up and took Juneís hand, "Time for Act Two." She willingly followed him to an examination table and he soon had her secured to it with her legs spread wide and lifted straight in the air. He moved between her uplifted legs, picked up a light flogger and tapped each breast a couple times before bending over to slowly lick her pussy lips.

She began to squirm around on the table as he became more aggressive with his tongue. He stopped long enough to add a strap across her lower stomach to restrict her movements even more before returning to the task at hand. As he attacked her clit she screamed. He continued to stimulate that little bud for several minutes as she screamed and moaned her enjoyment.

By now Marie was approaching overload from the horse. Art shut it off for a couple minutes but as she began to relax he started it again but this time he moved over to her and at the critical moment he moved the setting to maximum as he removed the weighted clamps from her nipples. A major orgasm swept over her as she moaned her satisfaction over and over before finally passing out completely.

Jack removed her from the horse and effortlessly carried her to one of the bedrooms.

Art continued to torment Junes as I took Sandyís hand and guided her to a treadmill. I soon had her ready for a nice slow stroll. I set the machine on dead slow and returned to the lounge area. I offered my hand to Monica and she somewhat reluctantly took it. I led her to a treadmill also.

She was apprehensive as I installed the harness and secured her hands behind her back. She had watched as I prepared Sandy so she knew what to expect but she hesitated before spreading her legs to accept the walking dildo.

When all was in place I started the treadmill, she gasped with the first step and tried to avoid taking another step as the harness pulled her forward. I stopped the machine and added a pair of clamps to her nipples and attached them to the front of the machine. She moaned as they made their presence known.

I started the machine again and just a slight tug on her now captive nipples caused her to take a step and then another and another. Soon she was staggering so I stopped the machine again to give her time to absorb the new sensations.

Sandy was moaning with each step and I helped her along with a couple good strokes of a flogger across her nice ass cheeks. She screamed and hung limply in the harness as a major orgasm occurred. I stopped the machine, removed the equipment and slowly lowered her to the floor.

Klaus and Kathy entered the playroom and went directly to a whipping bench as I waited for Sandy to revive enough to stagger to the lounge area.

Art had driven June into sub space and had returned to the lounge area also. I asked him to continue Monicaís education; which he readily agreed to do.

I got a coke for Sandy as she slowly returned to full attentiveness.

It was only a few minutes before Monica had achieved a major orgasm and was limply hanging in her harness. Art removed her from the machine and carried her to an examination table beside June and Betty. As he began to lick her lower lips she moaned faintly but began to raise her pussy up for more attention.

Jack and Marie had left the bedroom and entered the shower by now and Klaus had Kathy moaning with each stroke of a paddle on her now pink ass.

Monica soon was moaning loudly as Art continued to attack her most sensitive parts with his educated tongue. He managed to keep her on the edge of an orgasm for several minutes.

Jack and Marie returned to the lounge area freshly scrubbed and looking very relaxed. As they opened a couple cokes Jack commented that Art seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. Marie agreed but said it looked like he had more going on than he was going to be able to handle as June was beginning to move around a little bit.

Jack agreed, "It sure looks that way. It would be a shame to disappoint either one of them. I suppose I should give him a little assistance." He went over to June and released her from the table and they walked arm in arm to a bedroom.

Clyde decided that Betty had rested long enough also as he released her and they disappeared too.

I stood up, took Sandyís hand and said good night to the room in general as I led her up the stairs and to our bedroom. She made a quick trip to the bathroom to remove her butt plug then came to bed. We cuddled for a short time before she turned her back to me to present her nice butt for attention, as her clit was still much too sensitive for further action in that area.

I lubed her little brown spot and slowly entered her to the accompaniment of her moans of delight. As I began to slowly stroke in and out she began the climb to another orgasm. I let it build slowly by periodically halting all my movements. Soon she reached the peak and moaned her delight as I came also.

I held her close and we drifted off to sleep while I was still imbedded in her.†

I awoke to the same recorded message but this time I put it on voice mail and played back over the intercom system in the room Klaus and Kathy were using.

By the time I roused Sandy and completed the three Sís and had a cup of coffee in my hand Klaus made an appearance, went straight to the coffee pot, filled a cup and then said, "That was a dirty trick."

I laughed, "It worked. Besides you need to see what is going on today."

I checked the stock market, no real change there. The targeted stocks were still climbing but the rate of increase had slowed. Several blue chip stocks had tumbled badly so I sent a buy order at fifty percent of there recent high: that should absorb most of the profit from the sale of the last of the manipulated stocks.

The news was another story entirely. There were dozens of high-level resignation from countries all over the world; some that I would have bet were not involved with the target groups. Klaus however just nodded his head and grinned, as he said, "Watch for a few resignations in Washington later today also."

"Why today?"

"Itís the end of the week and most people donít pay that much attention to the news until Monday by then they will be impossible to find."

I never followed the political stuff that closely so I had to take his word for it but I could see a disaster was coming, at least for those corrupt politicians. There were too many high-level people leaving for some governments to be able to survive.

Sandy poked her head in the doorway, "Anyone hungry?" Klaus was ready and called Kathy on the intercom and we headed for the kitchen.

For a change Jack was already there and had a platter of biscuits ready and waiting as he put the final touches on a bowl of gravy while eggs and bacon were frying; now this was more to my taste than for me to be the cook.

People seemed to appear out of nowhere and that big kitchen was soon full. Several people were dressed and a couple others were carrying clothes with them. I listened to the small talk for a few minutes before I realized they had been recruited to work in the dispensary.†

Klaus and I returned to our rooms to get dressed before heading to the dispensary to see how well they were organized.

I was surprised to find Jack Somers; the surgeon who had operated on Klaus was there along with two graduate medical students. Frank had done an admirable job of putting together a staff that could do assembly line type physicals. Of course Cora and Barbara were there as well.

Frank was concerned that there werenít enough bilingual people to help complete all the medical questions and forms. I called Monica and asked if she would like to help; she agreed quickly and I arranged for Art to drive her over right away.

A bus that Jim used to move his construction men around arrived full of people with problems, a couple were even on crutches. The people were called from the bus according to the list Ricardo had made to prevent a bottleneck at the registration table. Ricardo was doing what he could to help with the paperwork also but his limited medical knowledge was obvious. Soon one of the medical students by the name of Bryan White took over and Ricardo became another interpreter.

The people with the most obvious problems were interviewed first; a damaged knee and a sprained ankle were at the front of the line.†

Within an hour a few people were returning to the bus with their examinations competed. Two people were admitted to the little hospital for surgery: the man with the damaged knee and a woman with some recently broken ribs.

There were several cases of skin problems that were diagnosed as well as a couple cases of skin cancer. The blood tests were sure to indicate other problems.

Soon the waiting people were asking for something to drink and many of them indicated they had not had breakfast. I called the manager of Hamburger Heaven and asked if he could set up to supply drinks and snacks; he was overjoyed as soon as I told him I was buying and he was there within a half hour.

By noon the busload of people were all processed and returned to their campers and trailers. Now the work would shift to data entry and background checks as well as making identification cards. Robert and Jeff were going to be very busy for a few days.

I told Frank to shut the place down as much as possible and we would all go to Jacobís for lunch.

During lunch Frank voiced his opinion that the woman with the broken ribs had been beaten rather severally although she would not say so. Ricardo agreed saying, "It is not the first time it has happened."

Monica had helped her complete the registration and agreed with Frankís assessment adding, "She was afraid to say what really happened as he would beat her again." She was also able to tell me what name he was using (Juan Garcia) and that they were not married. She stayed with him to have a home for her three young children.

I called Jim on my cell phone, told him what we had determined and verified that Juan was working on one of the construction crews. I asked Jim to round up a couple dozen of the migrant men, including the culprit and send them to the dispensary for registration after lunch.

Jim apparently selected the scruffiest looking men he could find and they were waiting when we returned; the biggest and nastiest of the bunch was Juan.† He was over six feet tall and about two hundred fifty pounds with an attitude that was begging for a serious adjustment.

He began to give Monica a rough time before Ricardo stepped in and told him to straighten up or leave the encampment immediately. He grudgingly complied, just enough to get by as he stared daggers at all of us.

He was sweaty and stinky and I suspected it had been several days since he had showered. He was led to a shower area, given a plastic bag to put his clothes in and a paper gown with instructions to put it on when he was finished. Although this slowed the process considerably it became the standard procedure for all of the men and would be employed for the women in the future.

As soon as the last man was back on the bus I collected all the information on Juan, made two copies of everything and hand carried one set of copies and photos to Robert. I delivered the second set of documents and pictures to Jeff. I asked both of them to find out everything possible on the man by Monday morning. If he was as bad as I suspected we did not want him here under any circumstances.

It was after five before I was able to get to the house. A quick shower felt good after being involved with all the unwashed people most of the day.

Sandy was dressed for dinner and ready to go; I was really beginning to want an alternative to Jacobís. Klaus and Kathy arrived as well as Monica and we headed out, yep, to Jacobís.

Dinner was uneventful and the conversation centered on the piercing class. Sandy was a little nervous and tried to get me to tell her what to expect but I wasnít talking, she would just have to wait and see.

We arrived at the class a few minutes before seven. I saw Frank and Cora but Jack Somers was missing; Frank said he was operating on the woman with the broken ribs and the two students were assisting.

Jeff walked over and handed me the jewelry I had ordered in a small plastic bag. Sandy glanced at it and said, "Oh my." I just grinned.

The preliminaries were pretty much the same as all the other classes with the exception that I was not called up as part of the show and tell demonstration. Willie was there though and was obviously delighted with the many close examinations he received.

While Frank was lecturing I ask Cora if she would be able to do the piercings I wanted for Sandy. She thought a few moments and agreed but commented, "But that is pretty serious for a first genital piercing." I handed her the plastic bag.

A couple sets of nipples were pierced and then it was Sandyís turn. I walked with her to the stage and watched as she raised her dress up to her waist and got on the table. Cora helped her get her feet in the stirrups and made adjustments that held her legs as wide as possible.

As she opened the plastic sack Sandy got a good look at the jewelry and exclaimed, "Oh my God," as she squeezed my hand.

The jewelry was what appeared to be a continuous series of coils a little less than one inch in diameter. There were a total of four and a half full loops. It measured four inches from end to end and was made of eight gauge surgical stainless steel.

Cora just laughed at her as she marked the intended targets then said, "Are you ready to start?"

Sandy nodded almost imperceptivity. Cora placed two clamps in place and proceeded to pierce her low on both outer labia at the same time.

Sandy moaned and her legs muscles contracted with her effort to close them as she squeezed my hand, Cora slid the end of the coils through both piercings effortlessly. She repositioned the clamps three quarters of an inch upward and again pierced both labia at the same time.

Sandy screamed this time and it felt like she had seriously damaged my hand. She moaned as the coil was rotated enough to fill the new piercing also. The third set of piercings was too much and she passed out.

Cora continued as if nothing had happened. A third pair of piercings were completed and again the coil was rotated enough to fill the new piercings.

The final pair of piercings were completed and as the coil was rotated the top end of it came in contact with her clit. Cora put a clamp there also and proceeded to pierce it very deep, going under the nerve bundle that lay below it. With a final rotation of the coil the top end was through her clit and the silver ball was screwed in place.

Cora stepped back and examined her handy work. "Very nice, I like it."

From where I was standing I couldnít even see what had been accomplished so I moved to the bottom of the table and was greeted by a wonderful sight. Her labia were drawn together effectively sealing her pussy closed with the four continuous coils. Any movement at all would be transferred directly to her clit for constant stimulation. She was going to be a very sensitive girl for a while as she got used to her new decorations.

Cora handed me a small pill bottle and said, "I think she may need these for a few days, "As she moved up beside her and removed her nipple stretchers, handing them to me also. Then one by one she removed each of her eight gauge barbells and replaced it with a six gauge barbell.

As the last of the four barbells was inserted Sandyís eyelids began to flutter as she slowly revived. I offered her a glass of water with a straw as Cora lowered the stirrups.

After a long drink she asked if it was over, I nodded and she wanted to see it. Cora handed her a mirror but she was too shaky to hold it steady enough to see so I held it for her.

She looked at her new decorations for several minutes as Cora wiped a few drops of blood away and then taped a sanitary napkin in place.

Soon she thought she was ready to get off the table however her efforts to sit up caused a wave of dizziness and she lay back down. A couple minutes later she tried again and managed to sit up on the edge of the table with a moan. As she stood up she moaned again and began to collapse but between Cora and me we were able to stabilize her and Kathy came up on the stage help me get her into a chair.

The three steps down from the stage were a real obstacle and took several minutes to negotiate. As we reached the main floor she was able to take short steps more easily. As she sat down she moaned again and slumped in the chair with her eyes closed.

As we waited for her to collect herself several more piercings were completed but none as complex as Sandyís.

Monica was watching the nipple piercings very closely, she actually winched as each nipple was pierced.

Finally Sandy was able to stand unassisted and we slowly made our way to the van. I took a long time to get her into a seat and she had a problem finding a comfortable position. Every little imperfection in the road caused a moan to escape from her.

She was able to get in the house with a little help and wanted to go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.†

I removed the pill bottle from my pocket and read the instructions; "Take two every four hours as needed." When the coffee was ready I gave her two of them, which she immediately swallowed.

Kathy just couldnít wait any longer, "How many piercings did she get?"

I grinned, "Only nine."

"Now wonder she passed out. I want to see them."

Sandy thought about that for a couple minutes before she stood up and removed her dress displaying the sanitary napkin. As she removed that also there were a few spots of blood on it but nothing serious.

Kathy examined the new jewelry closely, "Wow, it even goes through her clit too!"

Sandy said, "Huh?"

"That coil goes through your clit too."

Sandy looked surprised, "I want to see."

The kitchen is not the best place in the house to find a mirror but Kathy made do with a silver platter and we all watched as Sandy discovered her new decorations now that she was able to concentrate a little more.

To her credit she didnít touch it but looked at it from every angle possible. She put the platter on the table. Replaced the napkin and sat back down carefully before saying, "I have never seen anything like that before, itís lovely."

I didnít explain all that could be done when the piercings had healed in a couple months; there would be plenty of time for that later.

Klaus and Kathy decided to visit the playroom as Sandy and I started toward our bedroom. She was walking a little better as the medication began to take effect. Monica decided to go with Klaus and Kathy; I suspected her apprehension of the playroom was nearly gone.

I suggested that now would be a good time to start her soaking routine and she agreed. As I got the supplies together she removed the napkin and washed the area with antibacterial soap then applied the salt water to another sanitary napkin and held it in place over the fresh piercings. Good girl.

After about fifteen minute she dried the area and proclaimed that the bleeding had all but stopped. Even so she taped a fresh napkin in place for protection and slowly walked to the bed. She carefully lay down on her back and I moved close beside her to kiss her cheek as she drifted into a sleep. I held her gently and thought about all the possibilities her new piercings provided as I too entered dreamland.