The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 11

I jumped out of bed ready to fight; there were people talking in my bedroom. The clock on the nightstand was flashing 6:01 AM but a quick scan of the room didnít find anyone.

I hate clock radios!

My first inclination was to beat it into little bitty pieces but rationality returned in time to save it from that well deserved fate; I unplugged it instead and somehow overcame a powerful urge to throw it across the room while deciding on a suitable demise for that aggravated gadget.

Sandy was still sound asleep lying on her stomach with her cute butt in plain sight, which turned my thoughts to more civilized activities than destroying that damned radio.

However, first things first: make a pot of coffee. While it was brewing I brought the computer to life. A quick glance at the new and my first cup of coffee for the day was ready. I filled two cups and returned to the bedroom.

I sat on the edge of the bed and began to massage her back with long gentle stokes as she sighed and began to stir. When she opened her eyes and said, "Hi." I patted her on the butt.

"Time to get up sleepy head."

She propped herself up on one elbow and reached for the cup of coffee I had set on her nightstand. A couple sips and she asked, "What times is it?"

"A few minutes after six, time to get ready for another day."

She sat up and took a larger sip of the coffee. "How did I get here?"

I grinned, "Very slowly. I had to almost carry you."

She nodded, took another sip of coffee and lay back down, on her back this time with her hands behind her head. "Iím still tingling, what all did you do to me last night?"

"Just a little ride on the nice horse," I replied, "nothing else."

"I remember the horse to start with, but thatís all."

I grinned, "You had a good time."

She stood up and examined herself in the mirror turning every which way possible. "No marks?"

"Nope, not a single mark." I offered a hand, "Time for a shower now."

She took my hand and we went to play in the water for a while. She was still sensitive enough that the spray on her nipples caused her to moan. A little friendly exploration and she soon reached a small orgasm.

As I shampooed her hair she returned the favor.

As she began preparations for her plug I returned to my office to see what havoc had taken place in the stock markets around the world.

It was unbelievable. The stocks, and I mean all of the different deals, were still increasing in value. The buy and sell orders I had set in motion were being activated as fast as they could be sent.

A total count of the profits so far was so out of sight that I gave up even trying to track it and concentrated on opening new accounts to keep the totals in each under ten million dollars and that was even getting difficult.

Sandy came into the office to say she was hungry and pecked me on the cheek. I wasnít really hungry but, why not?

We went to the kitchen and the same thing happened again, everyone showed up including Klaus and Kathy. There must have been two-dozen naked people there in less than twenty minutes including all the people that had been in the playroom last night.

Everyone was in a good mood; jokes and innuendo about the eveningís activities were soon flying in all directions. It was more like a party than a simple meal.

Soon it was time for Sandy to leave as she slipped the simple dress she had carried with her over her head and waved goodbye to everyone. This seemed to signal a breakup of the group as they began to leave two or three at a time.

Kathy still had a dreamy look about her as she toyed with her food. Klaus was teasing her unmercifully but she wasnít paying any attention to him. He finally gave it up and said, "We might as well go to your office; she is still reliving last night." We left her sitting at the table staring at her plate as we left the room.

I checked the e-mail to discover several messages from Jeff concerning Monica. A couple more goons had been apprehended at the airport in South America without serious problems. Monica was safe in a hotel in Phoenix and would be flown to Dallas, Love Field, later in the day.

He also wanted to meet with me about how I intended to move her to the city.

I brought Klaus up to date on all of this and also mentioned the migrant worker situation.

As long as I already had a meeting scheduled for ten this morning I figured that might as well go all the way with it and get several things out of the way at the same time. In addition to Bill and Jim I also notified Jerry and Robert. As an afterthought I also included Paul.

Klaus soon took over my computer and began to work on the stocks he had been manipulating while I began to devise a plan for the migrant workers.

Soon it was after nine and time to head for the meeting that was going to take place in one of the secure rooms under Project Central.

Everyone was there when we arrived. Although Jeff wanted to cover his situation first I decided the migrant situation needed the most attention at the moment.

Robert was the first to comment on it. "There are often serious criminals hiding in theses groups and they are difficult to weed out."

Jeff agreed but didnít have any useful suggestions so I proposed a rather simple plan to find out who was who in the group. We would provide a degree of health care for them. Of course they would have to sign a release form that they would be handed. It didnít matter what name they used as that form would provide us with fingerprints that could be identified along with a photo ID that would be made for each of them as identification in the future.

Both Jeff and Robert liked that idea although Paul was somewhat concerned about the hidden cameras that would also be in use. I didnít see a problem; we have the right to have security on our property.

Now, on to the housing needed. I proposed that we set aside two hundred acres on North Boundary Road to be divided into half acre plots and prefab housing be assembled. I sketched out a simple layout for the housing arrangement and handed it to Jim. He looked at it and nodded his head. "I can have a few houses ready in a couple weeks."

I asked Robert to go get the leader of that group and bring him here so that we could explain what we would do for them and what we expected from them.

Jeff again brought up the subject of Monica. Okay, we would get that settled. She would arrive at Dallas, Love Field, at four this afternoon. I would simply drive to Dallas and pick her up. This was too simple for his tastes; he wanted to make it complicated. I really didnít see any reason for that. If his people had done their job she was just another woman that flew into town in a private jet, no big deal.

Bill moved the discussion back to the migrant worker situation. "If there is going to be a crash program to build a community for them some of the other projects will have to be postponed."

Jim decided that was his area. "I have a couple good foremen that are fluent in Spanish. Iíll bet we could put a lot of those people to work building their own community if we can supply the materials. The heavy equipment that will be needed for streets and utilities is available right now as all of that is already in place on the other projects."

Bill grumbled about the additional purchases that were going to be needed. I laughed at him, "Just think of it as job security. You need to train those girls you hired to do more of the purchases."

Paul brought up the subject of illegal aliens. "We need to be careful not to get crosswise with immigration on this."

I turned to Jeff, "How hard would it be to get green cards for all the approved workers and their families?"

"It can be done but it is a real pain in the ass to work with those self-important bastards," Sounded like he had experienced some problem in that area.

"Can we expect any help from Washington?"

"Maybe, particularly if we can get the criminals out of the group."

Robert returned with an apprehensive-looking man in tow. He introduced him as Ricardo Gomez, the leader of the migrant worker group. He was a dignified appearing man of about fifty,†

I stood up and shook hands with him; introduced myself and welcomed him to the meeting. I asked him to have a seat beside me.

He looked around at all the men at the table before saying, "Why am I here, am I being arrested for some reason?" His English was perfect.

I patted him on the shoulder. "You are here because you are a leader in your community. We want you to understand what we are doing here and how you can be a part of it. Let me introduce the rest of this group."

"Klaus in the President and CEO of the corporation we refer to as The Project."

"Bill is in charge of purchasing and distribution. He has purchased every piece of lumber and every brick you have seen here."

"Jim manages all of our construction projects, from a simple fence to office buildings and shopping centers."

"Paul is our legal counsel in all matters of importance."

"You have met Robert; he is our Chief of Police."

"Jerry is basically in charge of personnel. He must approve all residents."

"And last but not least, Jeff is a member of our City Council."

"Now, to the point; when I discovered your group yesterday it was obviously a terrible situation. What we are proposing is to correct that as quickly as possible. I am going to describe what we will do first. Then I will explain the rules and guidelines we are going to propose."

"First and foremost, anyone with a serious criminal background will be removed from the group. A committee will be formed to make the decisions in this matter and your group will be well represented on the committee.

"Everyone will receive a complete physical examination. Any problem areas will be address immediately whether it is a socially-transmitted disease or a simple hernia repair or perhaps just some dental attention. Glasses will be provided for those who need them.

"Prenatal and postnatal care will be available as well as family planning and birth control.

"Housing and transportation will be provided.

"Adult education classes will be required for anyone who does not speak English or that has less than a high school education."

Ricardo was just staring at me with his mouth open. He finally found his voice, "We are a poor group; we can not pay you for all you have proposed."

"I fully realize that therefore there will be a reduction in the general pay rate of 10% that will cover all of the above items. Call it a group insurance plan if you like. Those who can not work in the fields will be placed in other positions that benefit the group such as child care or teaching."

He nodded, "There are several people in our group who are seriously ill and canít work."

"They will be cared for."

"Where is the housing you are offering?"

I had to smile at this question, "There isnít any right now but Jim assures me that he will have several new homes built within two weeks. If your people would like to help they will be paid for their efforts and it will progress much faster."

"There are many children in our group that need guidance and education, many orphans also."

"A school will be built for them, instructors and counselors will be provided."

"Some of my people are in this country illegally."

"We will make every effort to correct that also."

He thought about all of this for several minutes. "At the present time our biggest problem is a lack of funds. Food is in very short supply."

"We can help with that also. A credit account will be established at the supermarket for everyone as soon as Jerry approves them. The prices you will be charged will be the same as if it were a cash transaction. It will be deducted directly from the pay on a weekly basis provided there is more than adequate pay to cover the charges. Also any items you wish to have available will be stocked if you request them."

"Now, some simple rules that will be enforced. First of all; no hard liquor. Second, no fighting or spousal abuse will be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be removed."

"The properties will not be damaged."

"The means of punishment for offences will be worked out with you. Fines will not be used as they deprive the innocent of essentials but jail time or other punishments will be established with your help."

I realized I had covered a lot of territory very quickly and made promises that were going to require some extensive recruiting but much of it was going to be needed sooner or later anyway; I had just moved the schedule up.

Ricardo turned to me. "Perhaps it would be best if my wife and I were the first to be approved so that I can provide an accurate report to my people."

I patted him on the shoulder, "Good idea." I turned to Jerry, "Can you guide him through the process?"

"Sure, we can start with the physicals and have everything done today. The blood test results will be available in the morning."

"Good, Robert can show them to the dispensary; Cora and Frank can take it from there until you are ready for the paperwork."

As Robert and Ricardo left I brought up the subject of all the young people who were commuting from the Dallas area as well as those from the school in Oklahoma.

Jerry took over the discussion for a few minutes to explain that he was helping the students who would fit into our program and be an asset to the community after their graduation. Part-times jobs that were compatible with their classes were in short supply in the cities; however the travel time was having a detrimental effect on their grades.

We discussed various means of providing more time for study and sleep. The idea of chartering busses was mentioned as well as perhaps providing travel by air; I kind of liked the air travel idea myself.

We had plenty of room to put in an airstrip capable of handling small commuter planes and Klaus thought that was the way to go so we assigned Paul the task of checking into the possibility of establishing a small commuter airline.

Jerry asked if it would be possible to establish a fund to help the kids financially, some type of student loan that would be offset if they spent a couple years working on the Project. Klaus approved of it immediately and said we could provide two million dollars to get it started.

I was down to my last item, restaurants. I explained that there were many people in the area that would patronize a variety of establishments if we provided them. A couple small diners that were open 24/7 would be nice also. Bill mentioned that there would now be a large clientele for a Mexican style restaurant also. Jerry would like to see a nice steak house and Paul would like an occasional pizza. Jim wanted someplace to get a decent breakfast for his crews.

The population of the immediate area, including construction workers and the migrant group was now approaching twenty thousand and we needed to begin thinking more like a city than an isolated community.

I assigned Jim the project of getting surveys completed to determine the best place for the new establishments. I assigned Jerry the task of finding someone capable of establishing a health department and to begin a search for the other people who were going to be needed.

I ended the meeting with an invitation to join me at Jacobís for lunch; everyone accepted. During the short walk across the street I handed Jeff a drawing I had made of a piece of jewelry I wanted made.

During lunch there was a lively discussion over just how to present handling the student funding to the various schools; nothing was decided and we left the problem in Jerryís capable hands.

Paul wanted to know just how big an airline did we want; Simple, start with one and add more as the need arises. He also mentioned that several landowners who were outside the present boundaries of the city who were considering selling had approached him. He had told them that we would only be interested if complete adjoining sections were available. He would keep us posted as this situation developed.

Jim wanted to discuss the new community for the migrant workers but I had to put him off; it was now well past noon and I needed to get to Dallas to meet Monica.

The drive to Dallas Love Field was aggravating but uneventful; I found the correct terminal and parked the van as near the entrance as possible.

The girl behind the counter was less than helpful; she didnít even know there was an incoming flight. I sat down in a chair that was partially hidden in a corner area and began to leaf through an aviation magazine that proved to be nothing more than a series of ads for small planes. The classified section was interesting as it offered used planes for sale; I decided that I would take it with me when I left.

The plane arrived right on time. When the door was opened and the steps lowered two men in cheap suits filled the opening. The one in front appeared small compared to the big bruiser standing behind him. They made a big show of looking all around before the little one decided to descend to the pavement.

The big one stepped back into the plane and then reappeared with a woman in tow. He had a solid grip on her arm and she was obviously protesting. He said something to her and proceeded down the steps virtually dragging her with him.

A terminal worker removed two suitcases from the cargo door and set them on the runway as the three people walked to the terminal. The woman was still protesting as they entered the terminal and she finally slapped the big guy right in the face; hard. He just grinned as if it were nothing more than a fly buzzing around.

They stood in the middle of the room and looked around. Their glance passed over me as if I wasnít there. By this time I was beginning to think in terms of doing some physical damage but both of them had that defining bulge under their left arm pit and I decided on a different approach.

I stood up and started to amble towards the counter as if I was a hundred years old, which would bring me very close to them. As I approached I caught Monicaís eye and winked at her to let her know something was about to happen. She looked surprised but didnít say anything.

The big gorilla turned around dragging Monica with him as he looked back toward the plane. The little one, actually he was about six foot, said, "Move away, Gramps."

Gramps huh, he was asking for it now. I continued to play the part by cupping may hand around my ear and said, "What was that, Sonny?"

He motioned for me to leave as he turned to see what the gorilla was looking at and I kicked him directly on his left knee cap, I heard something pop and he hit the floor like a ton of bricks while screaming bloody murder.

By the time the little one hit the floor I had reached up and grabbed the gorillaís coat collar with both hands and pulled him backwards enough to cause him to fall over the screamer. In an effort to regain his balance he released his grip on Monica and his head made a very satisfying sound as it hit the floor. He was out cold.

I relieved the gorilla of his hardware, grabbed it by the barrel and thumped the screamer with the butt. He got very quiet also. By now the girl behind the counter was just standing there with her mouth open.

I removed the screamerís gun also, popped the clips out of both of them, making sure there werenít any cartilages chambered. I pulled the gorillaís shirt tail out tearing off a large piece of cloth and wiped both guns clear of fingerprints before throwing them into the corner where I had been sitting. I dropped the clips in my pocket.

I told the girl at the counter to call an ambulance but she just stood there; I decided that sooner or later she would figure it out. I went to the chair I had been sitting in and wiped it down also, grabbed the magazine I had been reading and ask Monica if she was ready to leave.

She nodded and I took her hand as we walked to the van. I drove around to the plane and threw the two suitcases in the van and drove away.

Apparently the girl at the counter had become rational enough to call for help as several sirens could be heard in the distance. I turned toward the main part of the terminal rather than the exit; put the van in long term parking and we walked into the crowd of travelers. I found a nice but overpriced restaurant and we had a halfway decent meal ordered before she finally had anything to say.

She looked at me and her first words were, "How did you manage that?"

I laughed, "They werenít expecting it."

"Well, Iím glad you did it. They were a couple of complete asses. Both of them made multiple passes at me on the flight here and that big one acted like he owned me."

We ate leisurely and started to get acquainted for about an hour before we strolled back toward the van. I took the long was around the parking area and looked in several of the parked vehicles. Finally I found what I was looking for, an unlocked car with the parking stub lying on the dash. I opened the door, retrieved the stub and left my stub in its place. Whoever owned that car was going to love me when he paid the tab.

I checked the date and time on the stub, that car had been there for two weeks. It cost me almost a hundred bucks to pay the tab, a cheap price for a perfect alibi.

As I expected there were police all over the place and they were checking all vehicles leaving the terminals. I simple showed them the parking receipt and they passed us through.

Monica was dumbfounded how easily it was accomplished.

We chatted about inconsequential topics for almost an hour before she began to ask questions.

Traffic was heavy and progress slow but I wasnít in any hurry so I answered as many of her questions as I could without her being cleared by Jerry. I described the City and what we were building. She seemed satisfied with the answers.

I saved the best for last. It was eight as we entered the main gate and on the drive to The Manor we passed several couples that were out for an evening stroll.

When she saw the first nude couple she gasped, "They arenít wearing any clothes."

I had to tease a little, "Oh, I didnít notice."

"How could you miss something like that?"

"I guess Iím just used to it."

She looked at me as if I was crazy, "You mean that happens a lot?"

"Yep, some people just donít like clothes."

She had to think about that for a while, "The police donít arrest them?"

"Only if it is during the curfew," I then explained the curfew requirements.

She was silent as we arrived at The Manor. Art met us at the front entrance and he was nude also. She glanced at me, "You are serious about this arenít you."

I nodded as I asked Art to take the suitcases to the spare bedroom on the main floor.

Klaus, Kathy and Sandy met us in the entranceway, I made the introductions as Monica tried to get adjusted to all the naked people she was meeting.

Kathy broke the ice by taking her hand and telling her how glad she was that she was safe and led her down the hall to her room. I quickly ducked into my bedroom to shed my clothes then Sandy and I followed Klaus and his scooter to the kitchen.

I told Klaus what had happened and he laughed until his still sore ribs demanded that he stop. By then Kathy entered with Monica still in tow. She had changed clothes from the blouse and slacks she had worn to a haltertop and shorts.

Kathy was giggling as she explained that she had warned Monica she was overdressed. Monica was handling it much better than I had expected but there was a lot more color in her face than normal.

She poured a cup of coffee and sat down beside me for some reason. As everyone began to get acquainted with her several more nude people wondered in and out of the kitchen for snacks and drinks.

The initial shock seemed to be over and she was beginning to notice some of the decorations although she didnít comment on them. Her attention seemed to center on Sandyís nipple stretchers and I could tell it was going to be just a matter of time before she said something about them.

I scooted my chair back from the table and proclaimed, "I was going to go jump in the pool." This seemed to be a signal for everyone, including Art and June who had wondered into the kitchen, to decide that was a good idea. Even Klaus said he was going to try it for the first time since the plane crash.

There were two couples in the pool when we arrived and they waved and said, "Come on in."

Kathy was the first to dive in closely followed by June and Sandy. Klaus ran his scooter up to the edge of the pool and more or less fell into the water and came up sputtering.

Monica wasnít sure what to do. I told her the clothes would dry if she wanted to jump in.

She gave a nervous laugh and continued to look at the water. She nodded her head as is answering a question and removed her halter top. Her shorts soon followed to display her tan lines as she made a quick jump into the pools. A cheer went up from everyone as she surfaced. She swam the length of the pool and back then rested her arms on the side of the pool right in front of me. She smiled, "It has been years since I went skinny dipping, I had forgot how nice and free it feels."

I quietly slipped into the water near Klaus just in case he had a problem and we discussed what had happened in the stock market during the day. He was becoming concerned that the whole situation could implode at any minute. We guesstimated how much stock we still owned and decided that we should begin to sell it off hoping to be free of it in a few days.

The two other couples who were in the pool were not doing a lot of swimming but they were have a great time with each other. They soon climbed out and walked hand in hand over to the tree line and disappeared from view.

Art and June decided to call it a day and returned to the house. I helped Klaus out of the pool and we sat on the edge with our legs still in the water as we continued to discuss Project business.

Klaus was deep in thought as Kathy silently drifted over to him and kissed the head of his cock. He jumped like he had been shot; Kathy laughed at him and did it again.

Sandy thought that looked like fun and decided to try it on me but I saw her coming and put my hands behind her head and wouldnít let her pull away. She decided the best course of action at that point was to do a good job and hope for the best. I let her come up for air after a couple minutes.

She looked up at me, "That was a dirty trick."

I had to agree, but a fun dirty trick. By now I was standing proud and Monica was on the other side of the pool and watching all of this closely.

She began to slowly swim in our direction with her gaze riveted on my jewelry. She stopped about three feet away and just stared at my cock as Sandy played with the jewelry.

I saw it coming. She exclaimed, "What is that?"

Sandy giggled, "Oh, just something for me to play with."

Monica surprised me, "Now that is not fair, I donít have one of those things to play with. Are you going to share?"

Sandy giggled again as she looked up at me, "Should I share with her?"

"That is up to you but Iím going to tickle your clitty first if you do."

"Oh, that sounds delicious."

She jumped up on the edge of the pool as I dropped back in the water. As I licked her puffy lips she lay back and sighed as her clitty peaked out from under its hood. As I began to slowly suck on it she moaned her approval.

Kathy was busily teasing Klaus into a full arousal also as Monica watched in amazement.

Klaus soon dropped back into the water as Kathy took up a position on the edge of the pool. Now both girls were receiving the same attention and the moans were growing louder and closer together.

Sandy was the first to explode. I continued to stimulate her as one orgasm after another swept over her until she became totally relaxed and quiet.† Kathy picked up where Sandy had stop and produced a scream that could be heard for a mile as she too reached a deep orgasm. Klaus also continued the stimulation her until she was unable to respond.

He again managed to sit on the edge of the pool looking very satisfied with his performance. His cock was at full attention and it was only a matter of time before he would decide Kathy had rested long enough.

Monica hadnít shown any interest in Klaus, perhaps because of the scars on his face but it was obvious to me that she was ready for some action also.

I spread some towels on the pool deck and invited her to come out of the water as I lay back with my cock standing straight in the air. As she approached her attention was focused there. She reached out and gently touched the ring in my cock before she kissed the tip. I asked her to turn around so that her nice pink pussy was over my face. As I ran my tongue over her lips she moaned and had a minor orgasm as she returned the favor by trying to swallow all of my cock. She quickly gave up on that approach as the jewelry was causing her to gag.

I continued to lick and suck on her lips, avoiding her clit for the time being; she was just too sensitive and I wanted this to last. As she began to have another minor orgasm I stopped and let her settle down some.

She was doing a fine job on me though and I soon had to ask her to slow down. I kept her on the brink for several minutes before suggesting that she turn around and sit on my cock.

She was ready for that and soon was astraddle me with her pussy slowly coming in contact with the jewelry. She slid the ring back and forth along her kips several times and finally let it touch her clit as she moaned.

She couldnít wait any longer and lowered her pussy over the ring and slowly accepted it as deeply as possible. She sat there absorbing the sensations as I softly pinched and pulled her nipples. This was too much for her as she came with a long low moan and collapsed on me.

I let her lay there as I massaged her back as best I could in that position. I flexed my groin muscles a few times, which produced another orgasm. I continued this every few minutes until she was moaning constantly before letting her relax.

She soon sat back up and I could feel her squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles. She was ready to go again.

This time I raised her up a couple inches with my hands on her rib cage and began slow in and out movements I hoped I could produce a long lasting orgasm. As she approached the point of no return I stopped and sucked her nipples for a couple minutes before continuing. She was soon begging to be able to cum but I continued to delay until she just couldnít wait any longer.

We came together and she collapsed onto me again. This time I flexed my groin muscles continuously as her orgasm continued to build for several minutes. With a final scream she became silent.

I gently rolled her off of me, kissed her on the forehead and slipped back into the pool to wait for her system to stabilize.

As I looked around Kathy was doing a wonderful job of swallowing Klausí cock as he moaned his delight. Sandy was beginning to stir and the two couples were returning from the wooded area to jump in the pools to wash the grass off.

Monica soon sat up, looked around and said, "Wow. Does this sort of thing happen often here?"††

I laughed, "Only as often as you want it to."

"Iím going to love this place."

I grinned, "Jump back in here and rinse off and we will get a snack in the kitchen and then a good nightís sleep."

In the kitchen I decided I really was hungry and proceeded to fix pancakes and eggs for the group. More people drifted in and decided to stay as I began to question the advisability of midnight snacks. Thankfully Jack and Marie came by and I turned the cooking over to them.

I loaded a plate just for me and as I turned toward that giant kitchen table Monicaís pale white breasts stood out like beacons among all the other well tanned girls.

I sat down beside Sandy as we ate and chatted, and I teased Monica about her tan lines. She was good natured about it and was no longer displaying any indication that she was self conscious. She had made a wonderful adjustment to the circumstances.

It was getting late as I stood up and announced, "I have enjoyed the company of all you fine people but now I must leave you as it is time for this old man to get some sleep." This was greeted by catcalls and groans as I took Sandyís hand. Monica stood up also so I took her hand too and we strolled toward the bedrooms.

As we reached my bedroom Monica kissed me on the cheek, "Thank you for bringing me here and also thank you for a very memorable evening."

I patted her on the butt as Sandy opened the door. Did I mention Ö Never mind.

The phone was ringing and when I answered it there was only a recorded message saying, "Get your lazy ass up." I recognized the voice and the accent.

Real funny! This would teach me to tell Klaus about my dislike for clock radios or to let him use my computer. At least the phone was safe from destruction.

Sandy was stirring so I headed to the office and a couple cups of coffee. When I returned she was sitting on the edge of the bed and eagerly took the cup I offered. We showered rather quickly and I returned to the office to check the new and stocks.

The news was mixed; there still werenít any statements from an official much above an office boy from several of the European governments. The Palestinians were still trying to blow the Israelis into the Mediterranean with car bombs. Iraq was still in turmoil and India was accusing Pakistan of invading some useless territory along the border. Same old stuff as usual.

The market reports were still all over the board. Many good long term stocks were falling like a rock as the investment groups continued to sell them off in order to raise capital to pursue the fast rising stocks I was manipulating. Some of those stocks were off more than fifty percent in the last couple of days.

This looked like a golden opportunity to acquire some solid investments for the long term. I needed the advice of an expert now. Yep, I called Klaus and repeated the message he had left for me; he soon came rolling into the office on his scooter.

We spent several hours deciding which stocks were the best investments, compiling a list of the fifty most attractive. As we finished sending buy orders out all of the panels suddenly dropped over the surveillance monitors and the computer went dead.

Klaus exclaimed, "Whatís going on?"

I laughed, it was ten oíclock, Marie had activated her keypad and was about to enter the room to clean it. We had accomplished everything we intended to do and now it was time to take Monica to the dispensary for her physical anyway.

Klaus went in search of Kathy while I ambled into the kitchen to find Jack had several fresh baked loaves of bread cooling on the counters. He yelled at me as I cut off a big slice and headed out towards the pool to discover Kathy and Monica were lying in the sun.

As I approached I overheard a few words about the playroom, apparently Kathy had given her a tour of the house this morning while Klaus and I were working in the office.