The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 10

The sun was just beginning to chase the night away when I awoke with a start. The clock on the nightstand indicated it was already six in the morning. I should have been at my computer for a couple hours by now if I was going to stay on top of all that was happening in the stock market.

Sandy was still asleep and apparently hadnít moved since last night. She had to be up early also to get ready for her new job. Aside from the normal female things women do to get ready for a new day she was going to have to do a good cleaning also to meet the new dress code.

I patted her on the butt until she began to stir, got up and made a pot of coffee. By the time the coffee was ready she was in the shower so I joined her and we scrubbed each other.

Her cleaning went well and she selected a nice Rosebud with an emerald setting in the head of it. Very nice, it accented the pink stripes that were still showing on her ass cheeks.

As I installed her nipple stretchers she winched a little, "Those sure are tender today. What did you do to them last night?"

I bent over and kissed them in turn, "Many things and I may do them all again tonight too."

She giggled, "I donít think so, I expect I will be too worn out from the new job to play tonight."

"Thatís alright," I teased, "Iíll just tie you up and have my way with you even if you are tired. You wonít have to do a thing but lay there."

"Sure, while you drive me crazy," she replied as she began to brush her hair and apply a little makeup before slipping into a peasant dress that would be easy to remove once she was inside her office.

She continued to fuss with her makeup for a few minutes as I clicked the computer on to see what was developing around the world. There was just too much news to cover that quickly so, as long as I was way behind anyway I decided that the whole thing could wait a few minutes longer.

She was redoing her makeup for the umpteenth time so I went to the kitchen and began to fix a light breakfast of bacon and eggs, sunny side up.

The smell must have made its way through the whole house as Art and June soon arrived. I added more eggs and bacon for them too. By that time Mark and Christy made an appearance also.

I gave up, grabbed two plates and fixed them for Sandy and me, told the girls they had been promoted to cooks and sat down at the table as Sandy arrived.

She created quite a stir, not that her being there was unusual but because she was fully dressed. Everyone began to tease her for being a prude as she was the only one with a stitch of clothes on. She took it all in a good natured way before explaining that she was going to work and had to be dressed because of the curfew.

As the meal continued everyone in the house showed up. I guess that will teach me to try sneaking a quick and private breakfast in without everyone knowing about it.

Jack took over the cooking while Marie made some more coffee. All in all it was a nice way to start what was shaping up to be a good day.

Sandy soon had to leave to be at her office by eight and I needed to get back to my office also. I waved good-bye to the group and headed down the hall as they began to break up into work crews.

I check the e-mail, Jeff had left several messages starting about midnight and the last one was only about ten minutes old, he must have been up all night.

I read them in the order they were sent. The body of the broker in Berlin had been found. Apparently he had been forced to tell what he knew from the description Jeff gave of the body.

A report had also filtered in that another broker was missing in Argentina. Jeff was able to put a name on him and yes, he had handled an important part of the biggest deal. I felt there was little hope of him being alive either.

On the political side there was absolute confusion in several national capitals in Europe, particularly France and Germany and to a lesser extent, Spain. There was a complete news blackout in the Kremlin with only a small number of leaks getting out.

It was still much too early for any meaningful news from the Americas so I would still have to wait a couple hours for that.

I checked the Australian and Asian markets and all was well with my plan. The money was stacking up nicely and I would have to divide it soon; too much in any one place would draw too much attention. I began setting up new accounts in anticipation of the coming cash flood.

The phone rang, it was Jeff with an update on the broker in Argentina, he had the unlikely name of Carlos Steel; a combination of Spanish and German I suspected. In any event he was dead also but the culprits had been apprehended. As expected they were Russian and both of them had been "interrogated" all night. They had retrieved some important information from Carlos but had been caught before they could report in to their handlers.

Now they would never be able report as both of them had been killed "While trying to escape".† What a shame.

I knew Carlos was a young man, in his early thirties but I didnít know if he was married or had a family. I asked Jeff to check it out for me.

Jeff wanted to know why all the interest in this guy when the one in German was ignored.

That was an easy one to answer, "The one in Germany was trying to pad his pockets with the results of my efforts. Carlos was playing it straight."

He grunted, "Okay, Iíll check on it and let you know."

I poured a cup of coffee and took another look at the news. Aside from what I had already seen there wasnít much to add that was of interest to me at the moment.

I did run across an article that had been submitted by the solar panel company in which they were blowing their own horn about how good they were and using "The Project" as an example. Now we could expect a million phone calls and a ton of visitors starting at any time.

I called Klaus and brought him up to date and gave him the address of the news release about the solar panels. He called me back in a few minutes, "I just talked to the president of that company. He has agreed to have people here permanently now that everything is operational and growing. Their area of activity is outside the central district so there should not be any conflict."

Back to setting up new accounts, it looked like it was going to take hundreds of them to keep the total in any one account under three million dollars. At least the money was coming in faster now. It looked like the whole thing was going to wash out in less than a month.

By noon I had done all I could to cover my tracks and decided to go see Bill and take Sandy to lunch.

Bill was not in a good mood. There was a semi truckload of office furniture being set up in the offices. The girls were running around trying to get things organized while the workmen were just trying to get the stuff off of the truck. To make matters worse, the girls had to be dressed while the movers were there. Confusion reigned supreme.

Bill finally had enough, "Stop! Everybody stop! Gentlemen, there is a hamburger joint right outside the main gate. Go take a lunch break for an hour. Iím going to lock the office up and go to lunch also. Come on girls, letís go."

How about that, he didnít even ask me to go but I tagged along anyway knowing full well he would give me the honor of signing the check for lunch.

At Jacobís I got acquainted with all the girls he had hired, I had met one of them, I knew, the others were recent members.

I knew Mac and Debbie Bright as one of the first few couples to join. Mac was now on the police force. The three other girls all seemed to look familiar but I wasnít having much luck placing them at the moment. They were all in their late twenties and cute, it remained to be seen if they were educated enough for the type of job Bill had chosen them for.

The meal went well, the girls chatted about how to arrange the furniture and file cabinets while Bill and I discussed the progress on several of the projects that were underway.

Bill reported he had received some complaints from the New City Hall that the construction there was causing a problem. It seemed a few of the city employees had to walk almost a block to get to work because construction material was stacked in the parking lot. As I expected Bill told them, "The exercise will do your fat asses good."

I had to laugh as I remembered the times I had done something similar but that didnít help much in trying to build a smooth working city. I told him I would handle it after lunch.

At least the new restaurant was well underway and the building would be completed by the time the equipment arrived. Jack was going to be very pleased with his new business.

The girls were now discussing the merits of working for Bill rather than Jacob. Surprisingly the dress codes didnít enter the discussion; it was all about carrying the heavy trays and cooks that couldnít get the orders right.

The furniture deliverymen were waiting when we returned and seemed to be in a better mood. The girls had worked out where they wanted the furniture and the work progressed smoothly.

I slipped out and made my way to Jeffís store in the basement of the building to see if he had any more news. I discovered Jan at the counter looking bored as a couple was trying to pick out a new dress that would display her breasts to advantage.††

Jeff saw me enter and waved me on into his office. He motioned for me to close the door as I entered.

"I have a little information for you. It seems Carlos was married but there arenít any kids. His wifeís name is Monica and they had been together for about two years. The rumor was that they were not getting along."

"She doesnít have any family there and his family is in Austria. She is kind of an orphan right now."

I thought about that for a couple minutes, "Can you provide some protection for her? I donít want another set of goons bothering her."

He agreed and though it was a good idea. If they should try to abduct her we might be able to apprehend them in time to be able to get some useful information out of them before they were "Shot while trying to escape" also.

We chatted about various possible scenarios for a while as we watched Jan become embarrassed by the questions some of the customers were asking her. Even her ass cheeks seemed to blush.

I stopped by to see Robert just for kicks and discovered he still had an empty flagpole beside his desk. I had forgotten to get something going on a city flag. Thankfully he was more interested in telling me about his latest adventure.

There had been a considerable number of reports of materials missing from the new houses that were under construction. Everything from wiring to furnaces had been disappearing on a rather regular basis.

Extra patrols were set up but didnít seem to be having any effect so Robert decided to patrol that area himself for a few days. The first thing he noticed was a couple of the contractorís trucks parked there for the night. If the truck was there, where was the man that drove it?

He inspected the two trucks closely to discover they were not authorized to be there; they did not belong to any crew that was assigned in that area. He decided to watch them and see what developed.

Sure enough, about two in the morning a third truck drove up without any lights on. Two men got out and it drove away. The men quickly picked the lock on the front door of the new house and soon began removing what looked like boxes of plumbing and electrical fixtures.

I was amazing how quietly they were working, not a sound could be heard. Soon the trucks were loaded and driven away. Again the silence was unusual; most contractors seem to like an open sounding exhaust on their truck but these were quiet as a ghost.

Robert followed them from a good distance away as they proceeded to North Boundary Road and turned into a rather dilapidated old farm house that was boarded up and scheduled for demolition. They put the trucks in the old barn and went into the house.

Now three to one odds are not real good so Robert called the sheriff for assistance. The sheriff had received several reports of similar thefts in his territory so he was more than willing to assist, in fact he lead a full SWAT team there.

When it was all over there were five Mexicans in custody and a barn full of stolen property. A ledger was found that looked like it detailed what had been stolen and where it had been sold but it was in Spanish so someone else would have to translate it.

All in all it was a very good nightís work.

I suggested that he call Ralph and give him permission to burn the place down as a training exercise for the Fire Department as soon as all evidence had been removed.

He agreed but said, "There is still one thing that is bothering me. Bill made a whale of a buy on a truck load of dining room furniture and it was being placed in the new homes as an incentive to move in but several sets have been removed and no one seems to know why or where they went."

"How many are missing so far?"

"Six that I know of. The tables and chairs are gone but the hutches are still there, donít make any sense to me."

Now let me see, didnít I see some rather fancy tables and chairs somewhere in the last couple of days? Yep, I sure did, at Hamburger Heaven.

"Have you talked to Jim about this?"

"No, all he wanted to talk about was the materials that were missing."

"The next time you see him ask about the tables," I suggested.

I drove back to the house to check the computer again and discovered the first two small deals had played out and had made a profit of just over seventy-five million dollars. I quickly set up another buy/sell arrangement to keep them alive as long as I could. When I have reaped all the profits I want everything to crash at the same time if possible.

This was moving much faster than I had anticipated. It was beginning to look like I wasnít going to be able to keep the level in the accounts below the three million dollar target; there was so much activity now that it was going to take several days for anyone to make sense of it all so why bother. The big investor banks were amassing huge amounts of stocks as I slowly sold off all that I had in a manner to consistently increase the apparent value.

As long as the market was in a buying frenzy I began to sell off some of the stocks that I had held from my first couple of deals. They began to rise within minutes also. Was everybody going crazy but me?

By the time Sandyís little red car appeared in the monitor for the front gate I had sold over a billion dollars worth of stocks and there didnít seem to be an end in sight.

I watched her walk down the front hall toward the bedroom as she pulled her simple dress over her head. She looked like she had been through a rough day. By the time she reached the bedroom I was there to meet her.

As she entered the room she dropped the dress in a chair, gave me a peck on the cheek and went straight to the shower. As I watched her cute rear end wiggle I noticed it was almost a solid black from sitting on the floor.

I grinned; this was going to need some serious attention, as I followed her into the spraying water. She leaned back against me and just let the water run over her.

I clasped my hands over her stomach and nuzzled the back of her neck as she relaxed against me. After a few minutes she giggled, "You have a major cleaning job to do if my butt is a dirty as the other girls."

I had to agree although I suggested I needed to see their butts also to determine that. She giggled again as I began the cleaning process in a most interesting area. Did I mention that I like... yeah I think I did.

We spent a half hour playing in the water during which time she somehow got scrubbed all over and some areas were washed many times. As I shampooed her hair she eased down on her now shinny clean knees to thank me for a job well done. For some reason it took a long, long time to shampoo her hair.

Finally we were water logged. I dried her back as she wrapped a towel around her hair and we went to the bed. As she lay down on her stomach I applied an ample amount of lotion to her back and began a long slow massage while being sure to include those nice plump cheeks.†

She was soon starting to drift off to sleep as I lay down beside her, rolled her onto her side and began to tickle the tips of her nipples. She moaned a little as I told her she needed to get up and dry her hair so we could go to Jacobís for dinner. She grunted but didnít move so I had to tickle her clitty a little also.

I finally lightly slapped her nice pink ass a couple times but that didnít work either. I pulled the towel off of her head and said, "I guess you will just have to go looking like this."

That did it; she sat up and stuck her tongue out at me.

As she dried her hair and painted her face I decided what we were going to wear. I picked out a nice light blue see-through dress that had nice cutouts for her decorated breasts and was split from the waist down in both the front and the rear so that the side panels could be tied off exposing her nice butt with the pretty rosebud plug still in place. I decided to leave the crotch strap off but to display her clean-shaven pussy anyway.

When she returned from the bathroom and saw what I had selected she grinned and began to dress. As for me, I just wore the usual business causal stuff I always wear.

It was after seven by the time we arrived and the dinning room was filling up fast. We managed to get a large table in a nice alcove all to ourselves but that didnít last long as Mac and Debby soon walked by and Sandy asked them to join us; which they did.

Debby was in strict bondage much the same as the first time I had seen her. She was gagged with a large posture collar around her neck. Mac was leading her with a leash attached to the collar. Her arms were in a single sleeve with a strap running from the tip of the sleeve through her pussy lips and secured to a very tight waist belt. There appeared to be a butt plug under the crotch strap.

As soon as they were seated Mac removed her gag, she licked her lips and said, "Wow, what a day." She appeared completely at ease and comfortable as she began to chatter about the dayís events.

Within minutes the other three girls that Bill had hired along with their husbands also arrived; I was beginning to see a conspiracy here.

Mark and Christy had arrived with Clyde and Betty from Atlanta and I now remembered seeing Christy working as a waitress for Jacob on a part-time basis. Mark was in charge of one of the maintenance crews but Christy preferred a different type of activity. Christyís pierced nipples were evident as was her butt plug.

Ron and Sarah Brown had been one of the early members from the local area and he was the chief cabinetmaker that built almost all of the nice toys. Sarah was a quiet girl that didnít have much to say but she was displaying a well-warmed set of ass cheeks and seemed in a pleasant mood.

Jim and Sue Ruben were also early members. He ran the local machine shop while Sue stayed at home and was seldom seen in public. Sue had steel bands wrapped tightly around the base of each breast which caused them to point straight ahead. She also had several genital piercings that supported many really heavy weights. Her outer lips were stretched about six inches beyond what I would consider normal.

I noticed Sandy glance at her piercings and weights several times as they were getting seated. Apparently she had not worn them at work during the day.

The conversation immediately turned to Billís office and it seemed each of the girls had something unusual happen to them.

Debby was the most talkative and related how one of the men moving the furniture came bursting into the room without knocking and caught all four girls naked and down on their hands and knees sorting papers.† "I had my butt and my butt plug up in the air and aimed right at him," she giggled, "I could almost feel his stare."

Sandy laughed, "I thought he was looking at my nipple stretchers."

Each girl felt she was the only one he was staring at.

The poor man nearly killed himself trying to get back out of the room before he had the door completely open and banged his head on it pretty hard.

We all laughed as dinner was served. Mac released Debby from the single sleeve so that she could feed herself.

I began to look around the room and noticed there were several waitresses working that I had not seen before. They all seemed to be about twenty or twenty-one years old. All of them seemed to have some kind of modification also. Where was he finding all of these girls?

As a waitress passed by our table I made a complimentary comment about the lovely belt tattoo she had. She smiled and said, "Thank you."

I began to ask innocent sounding questions that she readily answered with a smile. She was a student at a junior college in the Dallas area and rode a bus here to be able to work three nights a week plus the weekends to pay her way through school. Her grades were fair but not what they should have been. She seemed to be happy with her life.

So, somehow he was recruiting people from the colleges; this could be a potential goldmine of talent for the future. Perhaps a generous program of grants could be established in a manner that would benefit everyone. I would have to think about this.

Dinner broke up without anything further happening and the girls all seemed ready to call it a night. There were several comments about a party on the weekend but nothing solid was determined.

When we returned to The Manor Sandy was ready for bed, it had been a long day for her. I didnít even bother to check the stock, as she lay on her side I gently entered her from the rear, pulled her close and we went to sleep.

I was awake by five and in my office working on the first pot of coffee when Sandy poked her head through the doorway to say, "Hi," as she headed for the shower. I decided the stock market would survive without me for a little longer and joined her to play in the water as we woke up.

These morning showers were becoming a bright spot in the day. A nice close feeling to set a good mood that would last for hours, especially if there was a little additional play involved... and there always was.

When we were dry I led her to the bed and we enjoyed a nice time of teasing and play that ended in a wonderful sixty-nine encounter that was quite interesting because she didnít want to stop.

As she got ready to go, a pullover dress, a little makeup and a brush to her hair, I returned to my office wide awake and fully relaxed.

I was beginning to wonder where this was going to end. The targeted stocks were at an astronomical level and still climbing. The big investment banks and growth funds were driving the price ever upward in a self-defeating spiral that would have to collapse sooner or later. I was hoping for later.

The political news was a mixture of little tidbits as there didnít seem to be a high official anywhere in the world that was available.

The Russians were lying low and had a security blanket over everything. Even so, a few leaks did happen and it seemed there were many missing persons.

The French were squealing like a pig caught under the gate and firing verbal shots at everyone and as usual, without any of them having the courage to take credit for the statements.

A Spanish news commentator suggested that the market was being manipulated but didnít have a clue how something this big could be accomplished. Actually he was right on target but didnít have enough information to show how it was being done.

Sandy stepped into the office and said she was leaving so I gave her a hug and told her to have a nice day. Time was flying this morning, it was seven thirty already.

I checked my e-mail to find a rather long report from Jeff concerning Monica. It was a complete history of the girl. She was actually Canadian and had met Carlos in Barcelona during a vacation she had taken after completing collage. They had been attracted to each other from the start even though there was a slight language barrier but they settled that by using French rather than Spanish or English for the first few months of their marriage.

Their marriage produced a serious problem within Monicaís family as they didnít want her to marry a foreigner. They disowned her because of it. Carlos was an established stockbroker so he was more than able to support her in a rather elaborate life style and took little notice of the situation.

It turned out that Carlos was a control freak and by the second year of the marriage it was beginning to take a toll as he would seldom let her leave the house. A divorce was looming on the horizon when he was killed.

The end result was that she was in a strange country without friends or family and scared to death.

I saved the whole report including her phone number and address and sent a reply requesting information as to how soon transportation for her to the U.S. could be arranged. The phone rang within minutes.

"Why do you want her here?" were the first words he spoke.

Good question; I thought about that for a moment finally deciding that it was because I had been instrumental in putting her in this undesirable situation. I told Jeff, "Because she needs help and protection."

"A diplomatic jet will be leaving there later today."

That sounded good, "Plan on her being on it and, by the way, she will need U.S. citizenship when she arrives."

We discussed the finer points of getting her to the airport unnoticed as well as into this country.

I decided to call her and see how she felt about leaving. This would be a little tricky as she didnít know me.

She answered the phone in Spanish but switched to English as soon as I spoke. I introduced myself as an investor that had used Carlos as a broker many times before and wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help at this time.

She was hesitant to say anything for several minutes as I continued to slowly build a picture for her of what could be done. After almost an hour of what sounded like small talk but gave her a partial overview of what I had to offer her, she decided that she would love to leave and the sooner the better.

I explained that the two men that were watching her home were there for her protection and that she should consider them as friends. I guess I have an honest sounding voice as she readily agreed.

I suggested that she pack anything she considered important in one suitcase and be ready to leave in a few hours.

All she said was, "Hurry".

I decided to drive over to Jeffís to arrange the final details in person. He was not happy about the arrangements, too many loose ends. I suggested that he just send a woman to see her that was of the same general appearance so that they could switch clothes and Monica could walk out of the house unobserved.

The suitcase would be a minor problem but could be removed when the two-man protection team made a phony raid on the house and dragged the female operative out.

He still didnít like it but said it would probably work.

I returned to my office just in time to see Marie leaving after her ten oíclock cleaning. I waved to her, went in and shut the door behind me.

The stocks were still doing weird things. The deals I had working were still increasing in value but the rest of the market was in chaos. It was impossible to tell what was going on, blue chips were down a bunch, utilities were all over the board and bonds were at a rock bottom.

It seemed all the Ďsmart moneyí was moving into my territory. I ran a quick tally of where I was and discovered that all the deals, including the big one would be played out by the end of the week the way things were going.

The profits so far were over twenty billion dollars and looked like it could hit well over seventy.

Time for me to just sit back and keep my ass covered.

I called Klaus to discuss the progress to discover he was helping by also buying and selling; I should have known he couldnít leave it alone. He had amassed another fortune as well.

We discussed an exit strategy but decided that the best strategy was no strategy, just sell off everything we didnít want to keep and drop out of sight. Since I hadnít seen him in a few days I invited him and Kathy to dinner.

I ambled into the kitchen to find Jack was relaxing with a cup of coffee so I joined him. He was excited about the new restaurant even though it would be a couple weeks before it would be ready.

I asked what he thought of the idea of an all-night diner type situation as there was absolutely nowhere for anyone to get something to eat or even a cup of coffee after midnight.

No surprisingly he was not in favor of it, "It will attract all the working class and that is not what I want."

My, my, were we class sensitive here? Okay, I could see his point but I could also see opportunities for a few more thriving business, something along the lines of Waffle House or even IHOP. A pizza shop would even be a nice addition in my opinion. Two upscale restaurants and a hamburger joint do not make for a lot of gastronomical variety.

Anyway, my reason for going to the kitchen to begin with was to let Jack know that I wished to dine in tonight and to have dinner ready for four at seven thirty. Nothing fancy, just one of my favorite meals: a nice thick steak cooked medium, a big baked potato and a nice salad.

I drove around the property for several hours, stopping to chat with people from time to time. The open fields were turning green, mowing crews were working on the sides of the roads. More solar panels were being installed; new houses were under construction both in the central community and the outer edges. All seemed right with the world.

That feeling didnít last very long as I drove down the North Boundary Road to discover a make-shift shanty town had sprung up almost overnight. The area was filled with old pick up trucks and shabby travel trailers that had seen better days. The smell of raw sewage was everywhere.

I called Robert on my cell phone to find out what was going on. It turned out that it was a group of migrant workers who were waiting for the tomato crop to ripen.

I called Jim next and asked him to meet me right away. He was caught off guard by the squalid conditions also. I told him I wanted that area cleaned up, a hundred small four and five room houses build and a septic system in place by yesterday. I scheduled a meeting for ten in the morning and notified Bill and Robert I wanted them there also.

It was past six by the time I got back to the Manor to find Klaus and Kathy already there and quizzing Sandy about her new job. There was a lot of giggling going on so I assumed there had been at least one more interesting incident in Billís office.

Klaus was looking better every time I saw him. He wasnít able to walk much but he was getting better. Kathy was as chatty as ever and doing well also.

The conversation soon turned to the stock market and the girls decided to powder their noses as we discussed high finance; actually they removed their butt plugs in anticipation of further activities after dinner. Klaus brought me up to date for the afternoon and all was going pretty much as planned.

Jack announced that dinner would be served in the dinning room in fifteen minutes; he made it sound like it was a black tie and tails type of dinner.

Actually it came pretty close to that. I think he was trying out a few routines for his new restaurant on us. The girls were delighted with all the attention and little niceties; I just wanted to get on with it. It took the better part of an hour to conclude the meal with all the formalities and protocols that took place.

Finally we were able to escape to the playroom where I could open a cola and drink it from the can without being met by disapproving stares from the chef.

I was somewhat surprised to find a dozen young couples there already; when I say young I mean they looked like they belonged in high school. The only people I recognized were Art and June who seemed to be the organizers of the group.

I got Art over to the side and began to interrogate him about the ages; he assured me they were all at least eighteen and approved for membership. Furthermore they were all married couples from the Dallas area that were students at the junior collages there. It seemed Jerry was trying to help them with their tuition costs by signing them up to work at Jacobís and also at the soon to be opened Jacquesí.

This was a subject that Klaus and I needed to discuss in depth.

I didnít bother to try to remember names, just faces and cute little butts, well a few cute big butts too for that matter. Did I mention I like... yeah, I think I did.

As the four of us old folks sat back and relaxed after a very delicious but overly detailed dinner to watch some of the action it was obvious some of those kids were not at all sure what to do next. Occasionally someone would instinctively try to cover up before realizing what they were doing. Sandy and Kathy began to giggle as they watched the situation develop.

Art managed to get one of the new girls on a treadmill with all the nice little attachments in place as the others watched. It didnít take long before she was moaning and having trouble keeping up. The guys thought that was wonderful and soon all the treadmills were in operation. Art was doing a fair job as an instructor.

After a full dayís work Sandy really wasnít up to anything strenuous so I decided to put her on a comfortable horse that incorporated a Sybian machine. I soon had her sitting on a nice sized dildo and a harness around her shoulders that would prevent her falling. I set the machine for a very low level of stimulation and let it run as I returned to the table to let her relax and begin to experience a slow rise in sensations.

Klaus liked that approach and soon had Kathy in the same circumstances as she was still recovering from the plane crash and not yet ready for anything more demanding. As we watched both girls soon relaxed and almost seemed to be dozing off from time to time even though there was an occasional sigh that could be heard.

By now the girls on the treadmills were beginning to collapse one by one and the guys were helping them to the lounge area to recover. They were young and resilient and soon were discussing what they had experienced among themselves while the guys were having their own discussion group.

I brought a dozen or so cokes to the table as the conversation progressed which was probably a mistake. One of the more alert girls noticed my PA and said, "What is that?" as she pointed at it which brought it to everyoneís attention.

This, of course, led to the inevitable questions and answers that, as usual, ended with, "May I touch it?"

About that time someone noticed that Klaus had a PA also. Since all the questioned had been asked there was only one more for Klaus to answer, "May I touch it?"

Klaus and I looked at each other and decided to dodge the issue, "You will have to ask the girls on the horses about that."

I was surprised when one of the girls actually went over and asked them. By now they were both pretty well out of it after almost half an hour of Symbian sensations but they both managed to nod their approval.

I knew from experience that touching was only the beginning and prepared to sit back and see which of the girls was going to be brave enough to get things started; I didnít have long to wait.

The girl that first saw my PA was also the first to want to touch it. I had to tease her a little, as usual. As she touched it for the first time I said, "Boo," and she jumped a foot in the air. As I laughed at her she made a face and tried again. As she ran her fingers over it and turned it back and forth several times I could see her trying to decide what to do next. She continued to hold the jewelry as my cock began to rise. Slowly more and more of the jewelry became imbedded. She giggled, leaned over and kissed the top of the head, then looked up at me.

I grinned, "Is that the best you can do?" The other girls giggled and she made a big show of taking it all in her mouth which didnít work out to well for her as she gagged and had to quickly retreat.

She settled down then and slowly tried again which worked out much better for both of us. She soon looked up at me again, "Can I please try it for real?"

Now how could I reject a heartfelt plea like that? I slid to the front of the chair and leaned back as she straddled me and slowly guided her nice pink pussy towards my waiting equipment. Contact was soon made and a slow entrance followed that was punctuated with soft sighs and moans.

As total penetration was achieved I flexed my groin muscles a couple times and unbelievably she came. I continued to flex until it became a full-blown orgasm and she collapsed against my chest.

I let her stay there and recover as I noticed Klaus was also being attacked. He had moved off of his scooter and was sitting in a chair much the same as I was. A girl was doing a respectable job of swallowing his decorated cock and he leaned back and enjoyed the sensations.

She soon changed positions and was completely impaled in a matter of seconds and began a slow up and down motion that ended with her screaming her delight as she orgasmed also.

A pretty red-headed girl with a peaches and cream completion seemed to be totally intrigued with the reactions the two girls had displayed and as soon as the girl on my lap was able to move she wanted to replace her.

To my surprise she also kissed the head and began to slowly take it into her mouth. Apparently these girls were more experienced that I realized as most would have objected to sucking a cock that was wet from another girlís fluids. She was able to actually accept my full cock, decorations and all for a full minute before moving to my lap to experience the feeling of penetration by a metal impregnated cock. She lasted a little longer than the first girl, but not by much although her orgasm didnít seem as deep. I decided to help her a little more and began to nibble on a pretty pink nipple as I slowly teased her clit with a finger.

That was all it took for her to explode and pass out completely. I had to hold her to keep her from falling but she quickly came around and grinned at me. She kissed me on the cheek and said, "thank you." I love it -- she was thanking me.

As she shakily move to a chair I saw one of the guys move over to her as she said something to him. He shook his head. Somehow I suspected she had said he needed some decoration also.

Klaus was taking a lot of time with his second girl and was enjoying himself immensely as she was moaning continuously as she was experiencing one small orgasm after another. As I watched them she reached the threshold, became totally quiet then collapsed against him. He laughed as he held her tightly to prevent her falling.

Only two girls left that had not tried one of us so far, a blonde and a somewhat dark-complexioned brunette. The brunette made a move first. She come over to me and looked at my cock very closely. She didnít touch it or kiss it, just looked. Apparently she wasnít interested in tasting it.

Without any further delay she sat down on it completely in one swift motion and immediately collapsed against my chest. I flexed my groin muscles a couple times and she moaned but didnít move. I rubbed her back for a few minutes until she was able to support herself enough for me to reach her nipples. I pinched them, gently at first and slowly added pressure as she continued to sigh and moan.

I twisted both nipples hard; she screamed and began the classic up and down motion. After a half dozen strokes she screamed again but continued the motion. I released one nipple and moved that hand to her clit and squeezed it hard. She threw her head back and screamed again as she passed out. I had to quickly put an arm around her for support as she became limp. I pulled her to my chest as I finally let my orgasm take place. We stayed that way for almost ten minutes before she was able to raise her head and say, "Wow!"

Klaus was entertaining the blonde girl as I reached for a coke and glanced at Sandy. She was hanging in the harness and sighing with each breath. As I watched she reached a peak and moaned but soon returned to her former state. I watched her reach a peak about every dozen breaths.

After a few more minutes she was reaching the peak in fewer breaths, she was soon going to be able to stay at the top.

The guys decided that since the girls had enjoyed all the fun so far that it was their turn. They had the girls all get on their knees, blindfolded them and told them they were going to see how well they remembered their partners.

Each girl was going to have two minutes with each of the six ready cocks and had to tell which cock was their partnerís. They asked me to be the timekeeper.

I could see this wasnít going to work out the way they though. I knew that six energetic blow jobs of two minutes each was going to be more than any of them could handle without cumming.

Well, they all lined up, one guy in front of each girl. I said, "Go," and the girls all began. Two minutes later I told them to move over one position and the time began again.

Three of them came during the second round; two more during the third round and one fellow manage to make it to round four. At this point I felt my job as a timekeeper was over. How ever I judged the dark-complexioned little gal as the best blow job artist as she had caused three of the ejaculations. She came over to me and kissed the little man just for the fun of it. I guess I was wrong about her; she sure did like the taste of a nice cock.

At this point all of them headed for the bedrooms, even Art and June who had basically been spectators so far.

I began watching Sandy again and she was reaching a peak on every other breath now. She would soon be over the top. Kathy was very close to the same position and it was going to be interesting to see who got there first.

It took another ten minutes before they both were totally involved in a steadily building orgasm. Their screams were almost continuous now and the others came running out of the bedrooms to see what was causing so much noise.

Soon the two horses were encircled with the young couples as they watched in awe as the two women continued to experience sensations beyond their capacity. Both of them passed out but soon revived to continue the experience. Apparently Sandy went into sub space as she became quiet but her body was still reacting with spasms every few seconds.

Kathy soon was unable to scream either as spasms overcame her also. It was time to end it for them. I shut the machine down and watched as each of them returned to consciousness slowly. Kathy was the first to open her eyes and look around with a blank stare.

The spectators began to drift back to the bedrooms as the girls continued to become aware of their surroundings. I lowered the horsed and removed the harness from Kathy first as Klaus ran his electric scooter up to her. She sat on his lap and leaned against him.

I released Sandy next and she was not able to stand without me holding her up. I managed to get her to the elevator and into our bedroom as Klaus silently rode his little scooter to the guest bedroom.

I helped Sandy into bed and lay down beside her. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand. We had only been in the playroom for a couple of hours but what a couple of hours it had been.