The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 9

I was awake long before the sun decided to make an appearance. The clock on the night stand was flashing 4:00 AM. A quick trip to the bathroom and I headed to my office. While the computer was coming to life I got a pot of coffee started.

I checked the world new to find nothing unusual. The Asian stock market was showing a couple blips but not enough to attract any attention, yet.

The Australian market, however, was up considerably, all of it due to the buys I was making. I wouldnít be long before the French and Russians discovered what was happening. I smiled as I thought of the confusion that was ahead for them as I got my first cup of coffee for the day.

Nothing to do now but wait for the scenario to unfold as the day progressed.

I leaned back in my chair and took a sip of the coffee as I looked around at the monitor screens. No one else was up yet, at least they werenít out of their rooms. There was some activity in a couple of the rooms on the third floor and I suspected the showers would be in use shortly.

As I sat the coffee cup down I noticed something gritty on the desk top. I ran my hand over it and it came away with a fine powder on it. Damn, all the people that had been here over the weekend had caused the air conditioning blower to run at absolute maximum for hours and had blown a lot of the construction dust and dirt out of the air ducts. The whole house would be covered in it.

I found a feather duster and began to clean all the monitor and VCRs; there sure were a lot of them. When that was done I remembered that Jim had said all the electrics could be hidden. I got out the plans and began to check all the penciled in notations again.

After what seemed like hours I finally found what I was looking for: the location of a computer program that controlled all the gadgets. A few more minutes and I was able to have hidden panels slide out of the ceiling and cover the monitors and VCRs completely. The wall now looked like a solid wall paneled in oak with walnut trim. It looked a little bare but elegant.

Now I could have the cleaning crew come in at appropriate times to take care of the dust. I set Marieís handheld key pad to open my office door from the bedroom at 10 AM every weekday; the same time she cleaned the bedroom. Now all the empty coffee cups and full wastebaskets could be tended to also.

I poured another cup of coffee and checked the Australian market again. It was continuing to climb much faster than I expected; someone else must be buying also. My original purchase was at thirty cents a share, it was now at the equivalent of ten bucks and this was one of the minor deals.

A little research and I discovered the other player was a major investment bank in Germany. The broker I was using there was obviously playing both sides of the street.

I thought about this turn of events for a few minutes and decided that I liked it. Another diversion that would be hard to overcome, however if they went too far they would likely be tagged as the main player and that could be trouble... for them. The Russians and French were much closer to Germany than they were to me.

I watched the price steadily climb past twenty bucks as a second stock began to climb and then a third stock began to move also. There was certainly enough activity to raise some eyebrows. The Asian market was also moving but more slowly.

I phoned Klaus to report what was happening but he was already following it with his computer. When I mentioned the broker in Germany he laughed, "He has done enough deals for me that he knows what to expect. This time he is unwittingly helping us cover our tracks."

The largest deal was being handled only by brokers in the U.S. so that it would be easier to protect them when the fireworks started. It was now 8 AM local time and Wall Street was open. The fun was about to start. I filled my coffee cup and leaned back to watch the confusion begin.

As I waited for something to happen I began to formulate a plan to maximize the profits by coaxing the value up while at the same time persuading other large investors to buy me out. I ran a few projections on the computer. It would work, at least on paper. I sent directions to several brokers to put it into effect on a small scale.

I checked the monitors to find that there was activity all over the house. Groceries were being delivered; the tables and chairs on the lawn were being loaded up and removed. Art was sweeping the pool and the patio was being scrubbed.

Jack was preparing pancakes and eggs now that there were some supplies back in the house. Sandy was helping Christy set the huge table. Marie and Lisa were systematically replacing all the linens and towels on the third floor.

I slid all the panels into place to hide the surveillance equipment and ambled toward the kitchen; pancakes sounded pretty good since I had already been up for almost five hours.†

Everyone seemed to have the same idea as people poured into the kitchen from every direction; Clyde and Betty plus their whole group of employees were there. Just as the platters of pancakes and eggs began to be passed around Jeff entered followed by Jan and Ralph.

Christy quickly got up from the table and set three more places for them as Jan and Ralph scanned the room. Jeff began to unbutton his shirt as he stared at Jan and Ralph. They soon got the message and began to undress also. Soon there were eighteen naked people sitting at the table.

Jeff looked over at me, "Good morning." I had a mouth full of pancakes by then and I just nodded.

Christy set two full coffee pots on the table as everyone began to dig in. Fifteen minutes later the platters were empty and people were beginning to leave for their various job assignments.

Jeff said he wanted to talk to me so I led him out to the patio where we sat down in two nice lounge chairs. Jan and Ralph took up positions at opposite ends of the house.

I began to laugh and Jeff wanted to know what was so funny. "Those two are white as ghosts and look kind of silly peaking around the corners of the house."

Jeff grinned, "I know, it is almost impossible to get them out of their clothes much less get them nude outside. We will have to visit here more often."

"Whatís on your mind? It wouldnít have anything to do with the stock market would it?"

"The fun has started apparently. There is panic in parts of Russia and France. The CIA reports that several large banks are starting to buy and for some reason there seems to be an unlimited supply of stock on two of the companies. News broadcasts in Europe are suggesting that small time investors should get in on it also."

"Good, that is what I wanted."

"How did you manage to have so much stock available?"

I grinned, "Itís a little thing that I tried. I have two brokers, one with sell orders and the other with buy orders. Each time I resell the price goes up because the sell order is always set above the current market. Some other players are going to get in and if they arenít careful they are going to get burnt. This little game will take weeks to play out and should provide ample time to track down the other major players."

"Eventually the buy orders will be cancelled and I will have a major profit and none of the stock. At that point it will probably float for a few days then drop like a rock. Right now a few of the Mafia-owned banks are trying to buy all the stock back. Within a day or two they will be forced to borrow heavily against the stock values and as the value drops many of them will go bankrupt; the ones that manage to survive will no longer be of any importance.

"Of course there is much more to it than that such as the constant juggling of portfolios to insure that there is an adequate supply of the various stocks available at the correct location and time. Also it is possible for some other players to try the same thing but I will have the advantage because I will have the bulk of the stock by then and when the balance shifts I will sell all of that stock and just drop out with my profit."

Jeff just shook his head, "All of that stuff is beyond me but I can say for sure that there will be fireworks before the day is over. The intelligence reports I have received indicate a major situation developing in Berlin. The CIA has notified the locals to be on the alert."

"I know which broker that is and I will have Klaus notify him directly to take precautions."

As we started toward the patio door Jan and Ralph left their positions at the corners of the house to join us. Jeff told them to stay outside and get some sun so that they would blend in with the other people rather than being so pale as to draw attention.

I invited Jeff to stay as long as he wished but I had to get back to the computer and try to keep ahead of the game. I arrived at my bedroom just as Marie was coming down the hall. I instructed her how to enter my office from the bedroom. She was totally surprised that the office was even there.

I checked the progress of the market as she ran the vacuum and grumbled about all the coffee cups. All the various little programs were now starting to have an effect and the market was going crazy. I added a couple more of the buy/sell situations including the major deal just to keep it interesting.

It seemed I had done all I could do for the moment so I returned to the kitchen to find Jeff was still there having coffee with Jack. The conversation was all about the new restaurant and what kind of menu was going to be offered.

Jack wanted to go with the French theme but Jeff was suggesting he stick with the American standards and reserve the fancy stuff for special occasions such as major meetings and high profile guests where the quantity needed would be known. Neither one was convincing the other of anything.

The pile of clothes in the chair began to make a noise so Jeff dug through them unit he came up with his cell phone. It was a quick conversation, all he said was "Hello... OK."

He started getting dressed and asked Jack to duck out to the patio and tell Jan and Ralph it was time to go. When they entered the kitchen they both looked relieved that they could now get dressed.

Jeff glanced at me, "Something is going down, Iíll get back with you as soon as I can," As he pulled up his pants and headed toward the front door Ralph was hopping along on one leg trying to get his pants up and carrying his shoes in his hand. Jan had worn a wrap around skirt so that was OK but she also was carrying her shoes.

I had to laugh as they struggled trying to keep up with Jeff down the front hall.

From what Jeff said it sounded like things were happening so I went to the bedroom and got dressed. I thought I could probably be more useful at Jeffís than I was here. I poured yet another cup of coffee, and gave Klaus a call about the broker in Berlin. He said he would contact him about the position he had put himself in.

I activated the computer and began checking the news stories world wide as I waited for Jeffís call.

I started in Australia and worked my around the world to New York and Wall Street. The stock market was the center of attention everywhere I checked. Speculation was running out of control. The sudden rise in value was blamed on everything from inside trading to the weather.

The French were blaming the English who were blaming the Germans who were blaming the Spanish. The Russians were blaming everyone for participating in a vicious capitalistic plot in an effort to destabilize the whole industrialized world.

Little by little the news was beginning to leak out about some resignations in high places and officials that were suddenly totally unavailable. A few underlings were making feel good announcements that would ruin their reputations and careers for years to come.

Finally the phone rang; it was a confused-sounding Jeff that had some new information.† "A lot of scattered info right now but the shit is starting to hit the fan. There are many big shots disappearing, mostly in Russia and France. Also reports of a few assassinations."

The CIA is at a loss to understand what is happening as I havenít told them the game was started. I want to see how long it takes them to discover the big deal is for real."

"A well-connected stockbroker in Berlin is missing, reportedly kidnapped right off the street when he was returning to his office from lunch."

"There is also some kind of fuss going on in the Asian markets but itís hard to tell just what it is. Iíll keep you posted," and he hung up.

Well, there didnít seem to be much of a reason to go to Jeffís except perhaps to keep his shadows naked. As long as I was dressed I decided to go see how Bill was doing at Project Central.

As usual he had papers scattered everywhere and the phone in his hand as he searched for something in the piles on his desk. It was almost comical.

He finally said, "Iíll get back to you with it as soon as I can," and slammed the phone down.

He looked at me, "I suppose you want something I canít find also?"

I laughed, "Nope just came by to say ĎHií."

He grunted, stood up and walked over to the coffee pot, "I guess Iím letting this place get to me today."

"You need to learn to delegate a little more."

"Itís not the responsibility, it all the damn paper. I have a room full of boxes of the stuff."

"Why donít you get some help with it?"

"Then I really would be in a mess, I wouldnít know where anything was."

"Thatís OK; as long as your helpers know then you can just ask for it and let them find it for you."

"I suppose Iím going to have to do something like that pretty soon."

"Good, Iíll have Connie send some girls over for you to interview this afternoon."

"As if I didnít have enough to do."

"You can interview them nude, and set up the office dress or undress code."

He grinned at that, "Ok, youíve made your point."

I walked down the hall to Jerryís office to find Connie at the front desk, "Hi", great opening line.

"And what can I do for you Oh Mighty Leader?"

I had to laugh at that, "I can think of many things but right now I would like for you to select a half dozen girls that have some office experience and would like to work and send them to Bill after lunch. He is getting covered up with paper."

"No problem there. I have a list as long as your arm of girls like that. What will the dress code be?"

"Knowing Bill, I think it will be an undress code."

"That sounds about right for Bill; he and Jerry have about the same ideas," She said as she wiggled her naked titties for me.

I called Jeff on my cell phone, since I was in the building I decided to tease his watchdogs a little. I told him I was on my way there and sure would like to see some bare skin. He laughed and said, "Iíll tell them and the best part is that the store is full of lunchtime shoppers."

As soon as I broke the connection it rang; it was Klaus reporting that the broker had not returned from lunch yet. I explained that there was a report of a so far unidentified broker kidnapped there and there was a very real possibility it was him.

I entered Jeffís Life Style Shop to find about twenty people there, about half of them at the counter asking questions and paying for merchandise. Ralph was behind the counter standing very close to it to try to hide as much as possible. A customer (male of course) had asked Jan to look at a particular item hanging on the back wall. All the customers turned to watch her nice bare butt wiggle as she walked there. Her face was red clear to her naval it seemed.

I could see Jeff sitting at his desk and grinning at the consternation he was causing. I slipped behind the counter and into his office and pushed the door almost closed.

"This is the first time I have been able to get both of them undressed and to do anything useful. You need to come by more often."

The information he had was beginning to make a little more sense but it would be a couple days before the information would become solid.

I really wasnít hungry but accepted Jeffís invitation to lunch at Hamburger Heaven. We were going to try to slip away from the watchdogs for a few minutes.

He wrote a note and left it in the middle of his desk telling them to stay there and take care of the store. We slipped out the back way.

We had to wait almost a half an hour to get in the place; the construction crews were on lunch break.

We discussed the progress that was taking place in the effort to finance the operations and to punish the groups and organizations that had sabotaged Klausís little plane. All seemed to be working well and the money should soon be piling up. My biggest worry was for the welfare of the frontline people, the brokers and bankers that could not be hidden. Jeff was trying to keep them covered but it was difficult because there were so many countries involved.

Finally we made it through the front door to discover the entire dťcor had changed. There were beautiful wooden tables and chairs, all the chrome and Formica were gone. I saw two waitresses actually taking orders at the tables. This was looking like a restaurant rather than a hamburger joint and it was full to overflowing.

We found a couple empty chairs at one of the large tables and a girl soon took our order. Within five minutes from the time we entered, we were eating.

The manager recognized me from the hundred hamburger order I had placed and come over to say "Hello".

I felt I had to tease him about the fancy furniture but soon discovered that Jim had provided it along with the complete rebuilding of the place since his men had destroyed it.

I liked the change and suggested that it might be worthwhile to expand and add soup and salads to entice some of the people from the New City Hall. He was way ahead of me and had requested more space from Bill but there just wasnít any more space to be had at the moment.

We returned to Jeffís store to find Jan and Ralph in a complete panic. Jeff laughed at them and we retreated to his office for coffee. There were several messages on his voice mail and as he started to return calls I decided to go home and check the progress on the computer. I noticed Sandyís little red car in the parking lot but didnít think anything of it.

I checked the world news yet again to discover everything was continuing as expected and the values of the stocks continued to spiral out of sight. There was nothing more I could do at this point so I decided to take a nap.

Sandy woke me about six and excitedly began to tell me about her day. "I got a job! Iím an Office Manager now."

I was still half asleep, "Thatís nice."

Oops, wrong answer. She immediately assumed that ĎYou better pay attention to meí position. You know the one; both hands on her hips, feet firmly planed about a foot apart.

I motioned her over to the side of the bed and had her sit down beside me. I hugged her and told her how proud I was of her efforts before I figured out that this just might have something to do with Billís office.

I asked if she wanted to celebrate her new position at Jacobís and of course the answer was yes.

As we showered together she couldnít stop talking about the job. It really was Billís office. I discovered that although she had never had a serious long-term job she did have a degree in Business Administration. Bill certainly needed all the expertise he could get.

As she considered herself a profession businesswoman now I permitted her to dress conservatory for the evening with just her breast and nipple stretchers displayed.

As our dinner progressed she pointed out several other women in the restaurant that she identified as her helpers. Bill has good taste as they were all well built with many different types of modifications.

Just for grins I asked about the dress code to discover he required them to be nude at all times, which I expected but I didnít expect him to also require butt plugs. She pointed out that all the other girls had genital piercings and were expected to have them well decorated.

Now Sandy had never shown any interest in genital piercings before so I was surprised when she said she was considering a hood piercing and maybe a few channels also.

I suggested that a serious discussion with Cora might be in order.

When we returned home we found that the place seemed empty until I checked the monitors; everyone was either in the basement play room or the third floor shower area. I really didnít feel like getting into a group tonight so I told Sandy we would just play in the bedroom tonight.

That was okay with her but first she wanted to know what all types of piercings were available. I took her into my office and brought up a site that was full of piercings in every category imaginable. As I scrolled down through them she would exclaim about some of them. After a half hour I shut the computer off and turned to her, "If you were to get everything you like the jewelry would weigh a hundred pounds."

She giggled, "Well, I donít have to wear all of it all the same time, do I?"

Good point, I decided to leave it alone and let her make her own decisions on that. This was only Monday; she had several days before the piercing class would be held again.

I set several of the VCRs to record before leaving the office.

As I followed her back to the bedroom I noticed her nice white butt and decided it would look very nice with a little more color for her first day on a new job. Pink titties would be nice also and while I was at it I might as well work on her pussy too.

I told her what I had in mind; she just grinned and stepped to an open area of the room, spread her legs about two feet apart and locked her fingers together with her hands behind her head.

I opened a dresser drawer and removed several items laying them on the top. I selected a light flogger to start with and swung it a couple times in the air to get the feel of it. I put a blindfold over her eyes and said, "Ready?"

She nodded as I slowly walked around her trying to decide where to start. The first stroke was across both ass cheeks and she jumped from the surprise of it but held position well.

The second stroke was across the top of both breasts, she just gasped a little and leaned her head back. She was definitely in the mood for a good whipping.

I returned to her ass and began a slow but steady flogging of her ample cheeks. After ten strokes to each cheek she was moaning softly but still holding her position well.

I began to work my way down her thighs to her knees and back up again. A lovely shade of pink was beginning to make an appearance as I moved my attention to the front of her thighs and began another series of strokes that included her inner thighs as well.

She was making small mewing sounds and her legs were beginning to tremble as I ran a hand over her ass and legs, measuring the degree of heat I had generated so far.

A closer inspection indicated that the areas were well covered but there was no sign of bruising. Nice, just the right touch for tonight.

I moved up behind her reaching around to her lovely pierced nipples and slowly twisted the stretchers until a faint moan escaped her lips.

I kissed the back of her neck and released her nipples as she leaned back into me. I asked if she was doing alright, she rubbed her ass cheeks against my rising cock in reply.

I moved to her side and began a slow, gentle series of strokes to the top of her breasts, five to each. Her head was tilted back and her tits were standing up in anticipation of more to come.

I continued the attack with five strokes to each side of each breast. Her breath was now coming in short gasps that were punctuated with gasps and moans. Iíd now applied thirty strokes to her titties, I had decided on a total of fifty.

The bottoms of her breasts were still untouched so I applied five to the bottom of each. Apparently that is a very sensitive area as this drew a real moan and several gasps.

I paused for a couple minutes to permit her to regain some degree of control before I removed the stretchers. Now that the stretchers were removed I could flog her nipples directly without fear of damage.

The strokes on her nipples started very gently but increased in force with each stroke. One stroke to each nipple, increase the force and again one stroke to each nipple. By the third stroke the force was at medium and each stroke produced a squeal, I wasnít able to determine if it was from the pain of the pleasure but I was sure that I was producing some of each. As the fourth set of strokes was completed her knees started to buckle. I caught her before she fell and held her up until she was again able to stand.

She was breathing heavily and moisture could be seen running down the inside of her thighs in little streams. As she regained her position I told her there were more strokes due on her nipples, she just nodded her head and stuck her breasts out as far as possible.

As the last set of strokes was applied she finally lost her control and slowly sank to her knees as she began an orgasm that lasted for almost five minutes.

I moved to the side of the bed and sat down to await her return to reality; I had not completed all that I had planned, yet.

As she finally raised her head and looked in my direction she smiled and offered a hand so that I could help her back to her feet. I lifted her up and led her to the bed and as she stretched out on her back I began to apply an ample amount of lotion to her breasts.

I massaged her nice pink titties for several minutes as she relaxed. I moved my attention to her thighs and massaged them also being careful not to touch her pussy. I had special plans for that area.†

I put cuffs on her wrists and secured them to the top post on that big four poster bed. Next I cuffed her ankles and secured them to the bottom post. She was now totally spread and vulnerable, just the way I wanted her.

Now it was time to touch her pussy, right, with a feather. The change of pace from a flogger to a feather produced a squeal of surprise from her as I ran it over her clitty several times in quick succession.† She was still sensitive and tried to rise up to produce heavier contact but all I would permit was light tickling as she squirmed and twisted.

After several minutes of bringing her near an orgasm then letting it fade I finally permitted her to cum. As she exploded I slapped her pussy with the flogger.

She screamed and thrashed about as far as her bindings would permit as I slapped her pussy many more times which kept her orgasm alive and growing until she passed out completely.

I went back into the office and made a pot of coffee; I felt it might be a while before she woke up. I checked the VCRs and they were working just fine.

I began to edit what had been recorded, cutting and pasting to produce an interesting tape of the evenings activities that we could watch together at some future date.

It had been almost an hour and she was still unconscious. I got a glass full of crushed ice and a small towel and returned to the bedroom.

I put some of the ice in the center of the towel and folded it up and gently laid it on her forehead. No reaction. I picked out a larger piece of ice and began to rub it over her pretty pierced nipples, still no response.

Another piece of ice and I rubbed it gentle over her clit. Now that got a response as she came alive screaming and bucking just as she had been doing when she passed out.

Before she could realize where she was and what had happened I climbed onto the bed and closed my lips over her clit and began to flick it with my tongue. Her bucking and screaming continued for several minute before she was exhausted.

I continued to torture her clit even though she was too exhausted to do anything more than moan as one orgasm after another continued to roll through her.

Finally I had to quit, my tongue and lips were just too tired to continue any more, however I had other parts that were still in good shape.

I slid up onto her and entered gently as she continued to moan. In just a couple minutes I came, this had been a very stimulating evening.

I reached up and released her wrists and ankles, removed the blindfold and kissed her.†

She was only semiconscious now and rolled over on her side so I entered her again from the rear. The little man didnít want to stop yet.

I began a slow and steady pace of strokes as I held her close. A few minutes later I came again and drifted off to sleep.