The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 8

Saturday dawned bright and clear with the temperature in the mid 60s and a high of 79 expected. I had slept very well and it was almost nine before I entered the kitchen for a cup of coffee to find the place looked like a beehive. There were six people helping Jack prepare for the crowd that was expected. There were people decorating the cakes, cutting the pies and putting the pieces on paper plates. The ovens were full of bread and rolls while the corn on the cob was being cleaned and the potatoes were scrubbed. Four giant cauldrons on the stove were full of beans and at least two hundred pounds of bacon was being fried.

I got a cup of coffee and got out of there before they found something for me to do. I stepped out onto the patio to find four big trucks unloading tables and chairs. The giant Bar B Q was being fired up with full logs of Mesquite.

I ambled around to the front of the house to find little signs attached to small posts stuck in the ground to guide the cars to a proper parking area. There were uniformed police officers ready and waiting for the rush to begin. I walked down the driveway far enough to see more officers at the front gate.

I retreated to my office to watch the activities on the monitors; everyone seemed to have a job. Three rows of tables were set end to end; the first one was covered with salads, the second was loaded with food warmers cafeteria style for the hot foods. The third row held the deserts. Several big horse troughs were filled with ice and canned drinks.

A few minutes before eleven everything was ready and people began to arrive. I made a quick connection with the security system in Klausís office so that he would be able to follow the activities from his bed.

Time for me to make an appearance. As I scanned the monitors to find Sandy, I located her in the playroom stocking the cabinets with towels, lotions and other miscellaneous supplies. I used the intercom to ask her to join me on the patio.

Sandy and I were fully dressed for this part of the party however some of the guests were arriving nude, particularly the subs, following the dress code used at Jacobís. The early arrivals were all people we both knew and soon there was a group of about twenty gathered together. Art made an appearance with one of the new girls and suggested that she would lead a tour of the house for them. I noticed she was wearing only a cute little red hat; Art explained that the red hats would indicate guides; other colors had different job assignments.†

Jacob arrived with his entire crew from the restaurant and turned them over to Art for job assignments; they were going to handle the serving lines and try to keep the tables cleared of trash.

At noon the food was brought out to the table and serving lines formed. By two in the afternoon the tables were cleared and Art took over, as the fun was about to begin. He climbed up on a table with a microphone and announced that clothes were no longer required. This was met with a cheer and clothes began to be piled on the tables.

He then announced there were going to be a few contests starting with determining which girl had the best all-over tan. This announcement was greeted with enthusiasm. There were fifty girls that qualified and it was soon apparent that there was one girl who was going to win. Voting was completed by applause for each girl. The winner was awarded a gift certificate to Jacobís.

The contests continued: girl with the most tattoos, best nipple decorations, best pussy decorations, and the most piercings. Sandy won for best nipple decorations with her stretchers. Joan won for the most piercings and a girl I had never met won the best pussy decorations. The prizes for these awards were gift certificates to Jeffís Life Style store.

The next group of contests was for the guys. The first contest was to determine who had the biggest cock. No one stood up. Art said, "Donít be bashful now and ladies, if the guy next to you has a good-sized tool hold up your hand and I will send one of the lovely tour guides to guide him up here." A round of laughter and many raised hands met this announcement. The guides quickly assembled twenty men at the front of the group and there were twenty good-sized cocks on display but someone was missing. I got the attention of a guide and pointed out a guy for her to escort to the front. He didnít want to go but she coaxed him a little bit and he stood up. By the time he reached the front all the other guys went back to their tables; Doug was in a class by himself; the girls were going crazy with cat calls and cheers while Doug was turning bright red.

Art looked at Doug and shook his head, "This deserves more that a gift certificate to Jacobís, how about if we give him a gift certificate to Jeffís also?"† There was a big round of applause and Doug was permitted to return to his table.

The contests continued as the guy with the most tattoos was selected; then the most piercings and so on. By four in the afternoon the formal program was over and people were beginning to drift in different directions, some to take a tour of the house, some to the pool and hot tub, some just relaxed and dozed in the sun. Several couples, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes disappeared into the trees.

I located Robert and suggested that he leave one man on the main gate and let the rest of his men get in on the action. I instructed Art to have his crew do a quick clean up and then let them join the party also. Clyde was rotating the people from next door to give them all a chance to play also.

I stayed on the patio and watched the crowd as they began to loosen up. There seemed to be a considerable amount of swinging as partners changed every so often. I caught a glimpse of Doug surrounded by young women who all seemed to want to touch the PA bar in his monstrous cock. I look around but didnít see Nancy anywhere until I noticed Robert sitting at the other end of the patio with a girl kneeling between his legs.

Connie drifted by and stopped to give my cock a handshake and flip the ring back and forth a couple times, "Nice party, when are you going to get in on the action?"

I grinned at her, "Maybe later when the crowd thins out a little bit. I thought you would be in the playroom with Michael by now."

"I was but one of the new girls liked his cock decorations and wanted to play with them for a while and her hubby was playing with another girl so I thought I would find a playmate. Donít wait too long or everyone will be worn out," she said as she bent over; licked the head of my cock then walked away blowing me a kiss.

I noticed a girl that had been handcuffed and blindfolded kneeling in the grass with a dozen men lined up if front of her. As I watched each man advanced and she gave him about a thirty second blowjob. None of the men came but each went to the end of the line. The girl was released after servicing all twelve men and replaced with a different girl who again gave each man a very short blowjob. This pattern was repeated twelve times. I finally figured out that they were playing a game. The girls had to decide which man was their hubby with only his cock to recognize. Apparently none of them got it right.

They then changed the rules and one of the men was handcuffed and blindfolded and each girl put her pussy in his face for a few seconds as he busily licked her clit. All twelve girls had their pussies tickled in turn twelve times as each man had a chance to taste them. Apparently there couldnít tell which pussy was which either. The game ended when on couple began to do a 69 and the rest followed the example. By this time there was a pretty large crowd watching and I was unable to see what happened next.

My attention was drawn to a girl that was walking very slowly towards me. As I watched I discovered that it was Kathy with all of her pussy jewelry in place so that she had to walk very carefully to prevent an orgasm.

She slowly approached and sat down in a chair beside me, "It took me half an hour to get here with all the stops I had to make."

I laughed at her, "Serves you right for wearing all of that stuff today." I noticed that the cast was off of her arm and leg and the stitches had been removed for the incision over her ribs. "You seem to be recovering nicely."

"Yes, almost back to normal but I am so horny I feel like Iím going to explode any minute now. Klaus wants a blowjob a couple times a day but he isnít able to do anything for me yet."

I grinned, "That is a problem all right. Would you like to sit on my lap for a while?"

"Sure, but I need to relax a little first."

We chatted about how well Klaus was doing and how she liked the new house and several other inconsequential things. She said that Klaus was very impressed with the pictures I had provided for him and decided to name his new home ĎThe Ch‚teauí which sounded fine to me.

She stood up, "Are you sure you donít mind out here in the open like this."

I grinned, "Not at all but you need to give that poor little thing a kiss to wake him up." She dropped to her knees and was doing a superb job but I had to stop her before I went off. I raised her head and looked at her as she grinned at me in her self satisfaction. She stood up and straddled me putting her hands on my shoulders and lowered herself until she was completely impaled.

She grinned, "Wow, that feels wonderful, it has been so long I almost forgot how nice it is." She just sat there enjoying the feeling for several minutes before she moved. My ego was stroked big time but I really think she would have been happy with any cock.

Slowly she rose up and slid back down a couple times moaning from the sensations. I reached down to her clit ring and gave it a little tug, not hard, just enough to create an additional sensation for her. She closed her eyes and moaned again so I flexed my muscle a few time as she orgasmed. A few more muscle flexes and a couple of tugs on her clit ring and she screamed as she passed out.

I let her lean against my chest until she recovered enough to move to a chair. She was still breathing erratically and unsteady on her feet. "I donít know how you do it but every time we play together I end up passing out. Please tell Klaus your secret."

I gave her my evil grin, "There are some things even us men donít discuss but you are welcome to come by as often as you like and experience it so that you can tell him what you like the best and maybe he will do it that way also." I wasnít about to let the cat out of the bag; I was just good at judging her moods and following her desires.

She started chatting about the new house again; she was really concerned about how she was going to keep it clean; it was so big. "Now three other couples have moved in which will make it even more work."

Oops, I guess I forgot to tell her why the three couples were there, "I know about that, I sent them over there, they are you cleaning crew. They will take care of everything for you, even the cooking and laundry, and if the place is too big for them to keep up I will send more people to help."

The relief she felt was reflected in her face, "That is wonderful, does Klaus know?"

"I donít think so, I told Barbara though and she will be ordering them around like a drill sergeant. How is Klaus doing with the electric scooter?"

She laughed, "Not too good, he doesnít have enough movement in his hand to properly control it yet. He ran it into the wall twice before Barbara told him she was going to put him back in bed until he learned how to drive that thing. He was furious and refused so she hit the kill switch on the back of it and told him he could sit on it the rest of the day or get back in bed."

I laughed, "Did he get back in bed?"

"No, he was still sitting on it when I left."

That was not good; "I think I had better go see him before he does something rash."

I walked through the gate in the wall that divided the two properties and nearly bumped into Barbara and Jeff as they were heading to the party. Jeff was in a good mood but Barbara was still upset, apparently with Klaus.

She said, "Go see if you can make that stubborn German listen to reason. He is still sitting on that scooter refusing to be put back in bed."

I laughed, "Iíll see what I can do."

Yep, he was still on the scooter trying to reach the kill switch but it was out of his reach. One of the new girls was in the room with him trying to get him to be reasonable without success; he refused to talk to her.

I didnít say anything, just walked around the scooter examining it. The problem was obvious to me; the adjustable armrest was positioned too high to permit proper contact with the controls. I lowered it until his hand was on the joystick, "Does that feel better?" He nodded. "Okay, I will turn it back on so be ready."

The control panel lit up as I moved the switch. He was able to push the switch forward a little bit and the scooter began to move. He stopped it and turned it to the left and then to the right. He grinned for the first time since I arrived. "Got it now, letís go to the party," and aimed the scooter towards the door.

I opened the doors for him and he did a passable job of steering only rubbing a couple door jams. It was over a quarter of a mile to my patio and he kept trying to get it to go faster but the speed was set at a walking pace, which was just as well; I wasnít going to run to keep up with it.

We attracted a lot of attention from the original members; the newer members had no idea who he was or who I was either for that matter. After all of the greeting Klaus wanted a tour of my house so I guided him through the main floor and even showed him my office. He was impressed and asked if there was a similar room in his house, I assured him there was.

He thought the second floor was nice with the large bedroom suites but was most impressed with the large shower area on the third floor. "You need a camera covering this area, there will be a lot of play in here." I assured him there was a camera, in fact there were six of them; he grinned at that.

We made our way to the playroom to find it was standing room only; every play position was in use. The lounge area was also full so he parked the scooter where he had a good view of the activities and I stood beside him as he scanned the room.

Soon a couple finished with the treadmill and started toward the bedrooms. A couple in the lounge area hurried to the treadmill and I quickly sat down in one of the empty chairs.

There were so many people in the room it was hard to determine what was happening in any one area. There was the sound of conversation punctuated with a few screams that emanated from various play areas, some from pain but most from pleasure. My attention was drawn to the Spanish Wheel, not just because it was the largest pieces of equipment but rather the way it was being utilized. Two girls were secured to it with their bodies forming a cross and tied together stomach to stomach with their arms and legs spread wide. As the wheel slowly turned the man on each side of it was presented with targets for his flogger. Tits, ass, pussy and back in that order. Both girls were receiving a full body flogging in a manner that presented each target from all angles.

The men were working together; when a girlís back became the best target her tits were also the best targets from the other side of the wheel. Of course her ass and pussy became targets at the same time also. As the play continued the pattern would change from time to time as both men would flog the same areas on each girl. It was easy to determine when both pussies were being flogged at the same time as the double screams filled the room.

There were four couples standing in line waiting to use the wheel. Connie, Michael, Brenda and Bob were next in line. I didnít recognize the other two couples, which was not unusual as the population was growing rapidly.

When the girls on the wheel passed out or went into sub space, hard to tell the difference some times, Michael and Bob helped the two men remove their limp bodies from the restraints.

Connie and Brenda were waiting for them to finish with wide fur lined cuffs for their wrists and ankles. Soon the two men were ready to be secured to the rim of the wheel, which they accepted meekly. Michael was the first to be secured, he bent over and his wrists were fastened to short chains attached to the rim. As the wheel turned he found himself suspended from the top of the wheel as his legs were spread wide and also attached to the rim. Bob was next and when he was secured a wide strap was tightly fastened around both he and Michael to hold them back to back.

The men were wearing ball stretchers and large butt plugs, which became obvious as the wheel began to turn. Bob was also wearing a very tight cock cage with only the head of his cock visible. Michael was a different story; his cock head was double pierced with two horizontal ampallangs and a vertical apadravya. There was a shiny tube protruding from the tip of his cock, which indicated to me that he was also wearing a Princeís wand. His nipple piercings each supported a small weight.

As the wheel turned the ball stretchers caused their balls to flop in all directions as gravity did its job. As they each had over two pounds of weight in the ball stretcher this presented an interesting picture. When they were standing up their balls hung straight down but as the wheel turned to invert them their ball were hanging on their stomachs. About a quarter of the way down they would slide past the cocks and fall toward the floor putting a considerable strain on the sack as the slack was suddenly taken up. The girls let the wheel make a couple revolutions as they watched this.

Each girl decided to use a crop and Bob was the first guy to become vertical when they started to put them to use. Brenda slapped his balls several times as Connie whipped his ass. As Michael come into target range Connie concentrated on the shaft of his pierced cock and Brenda whipped his ass.

On the next round Brenda whipped the head of Bobís cock and he screamed. She stopped the wheel and inserted a large ball gag in his mouth then whipped his cock head again before starting the wheel. His scream was little more than a whisper now.

Connie stopped the wheel again as Michael came into range and fitted him with a gag also, "I donít want any sissy noises from you either." She then proceeded to use a flogger on his cock and balls. Brenda was nosily striping his ass.

Round and round it went with no end in sight. Occasionally the wheel would be stopped, as the girls would give them a quick blowjob. Brenda would tease Bobís cock head with her lips and tongue but he was unable to become erect due to the restrictions on the cock cage but he moaned as his cocked became more and more cramped. She then whipped his balls until he lost all indications of arousal then teased his cock head again; she repeated this several times.

While Brenda was working on Bob, Connie was busy with the upside down Michael. By standing on her toes she was able to tease his cock with her mouth also then would whip his erection into submission time and time again. When he was close to passing out she fastened a weight to the end of his Princeís Wand and whipped his balls. As the wheel started his cock began to fall and was no longer supported by his stomach, the full weight was now pulling on his cock head piercings and he passed out. The two men that were waiting to use the wheel got Michael and Bob released; they carried Michael to a bedroom while the girls helped Bob walk there on his own.

I saw Sandy and Kathy entering the room walking slowly as they tried to see everything that was happening. I noticed that Kathy had one hand on her crotch area presumably to prevent her clit piercing from having its designed effect. They ambled around the room for several minutes before they noticed Klaus.

Kathy rushed over to him; "I didnít think they were going to let you come over here to the party?"

"There werenít but the Big Boss here," he nodded toward me, "fixed the scooter so that I can drive it now." His speech was almost back to normal.

Kathy grinned, "Any pedestrian casualties yet?"

I chuckled at that, "Not yet but it donít go fast enough to suit him."

She frowned, "That figures, nothing ever does."

Klaus replied, "I will get a faster one, just you wait and see."

We all laughed at that, he was feeling noticeably better than any time since the plane crash. I noticed that he moved his right foot slightly; a couple more months and he would likely be walking a little bit as the swelling in his neck continued to recede.

Kathy noticed that he had a full erection from watching all the activities; I glanced down to find I was in the same condition, the little man was standing tall and proud, well at least proud.

At some point Klaus had talked someone into replacing his PA ring which had been removed while he was in the hospital in Paris; I found this rather interesting considering all the fuss he made before the originally piercing was done.

Kathy asked, "Do you need some attention for that?"

"Definitely, and soon before it goes off unexpectedly from all the wonderful sights here."

She giggled, "Well, I might be able to handle that for you," as she wrapped her fingers around his cock and bent over to kiss the tip. All he was able to do was sigh as she continued to tease with her tongue and lips never moving below the head of his cock.

Sandy though I was due for some attention also and began to tease the head of my cock with her tongue also. After a couple minutes of that I lifted her up to straddle me as I sat on the edge of the chair. She took the hint and slowly settled onto my now throbbing cock. She put her hands on my shoulders and just sat there for a few minutes as I settled down enough to be able to give me her a good, long ride.

I leaned forward enough to be able to lick the tip of her right nipple as she pushed her breast against my lips. The nipple stretcher would permit direct contact with just the tip of her nipples so I licked and sucked that tip with a little nibbling thrown in for good measure. As her nipple became erect the stretcher began to loosen and sag so I adjusted it to provide a small amount of tension and turned my attention to the left nipple. Soon both stretchers were adjusted and her arousal was nearing a peak.

I reached to her clit, stroking it as she began to move on my cock. As she moved faster I stroked her clit faster and harder. She was moaning with her head thrown back and her eyes closed as her first orgasm in a couple days began. I continued to stimulate her clit as her orgasm built to a crescendo. My cock exploded as she collapsed against my chest.

Klaus was still moaning as Kathy continued to tease him to a throbbing peak and then retreated to licking his balls until the throbbing diminished. Time and time again she brought him to the peak only to change her activity; his moans were becoming louder with each cycle of stimulation. Iím sure that if he had full use of his arms and hands he would have pushed her head down on his cock until it was completely buried but as it were he could only moan and enjoy as the teasing continued for almost a half hour.

His right arm was beginning to tremble from the effort he was making to move it, amazingly he was able to raise it almost a foot above the scooter controller and very near the back of her head. She noticed the movement and swallowed his cock completely, working her throat muscles as he came with a mighty roar.

She continued to suck on his supersensitive cock until he came again before she stood up and smiled at him. "How was that?"

"Wonderful but I will get even for all the teasing someday."

"Iím sure you will but for now I can have all the fun I want and you canít stop me," She bent over and again kissed the head of his cock.

He grinned, "I will put you on the treadmill and keep you there all day with a weight attached to your clit ring."

"Promises, promises, you will have to catch me first."

"That day will come, and I will have so much fun watching you as I spank your titties also."

Speaking of titties, there were many pairs of them in sight that were a pretty pink from spankings, lots of pink butts too for that matter and there were more butt plugs in place than I had ever seen in my life and they werenít all in the girls. There were several cock cages and many ball stretchers also. Amazingly, there wasnít a drop of blood to be seen anywhere except for a few people that were doing play piercings; the screening process that was in place was working beautifully.

Klaus finally realized that his right hand was lying in his lap, "Who moved my hand down there?" he wanted to know.

I looked at him in surprise, "you moved it."

"Really," He tried to raise it back up to the armrest but only managed a couple of inches. "Damn, I canít pick it up."

"Keep trying, we now know it can be done." I could see the strain on his face as he continued to try for several minute and finally succeeded.

"Now if I can get my legs to move?" He said as he moved his right foot slightly.

He finally gave it up; "It feels like all the muscles are gone, donít have any strength any more"

"The muscles are there but the message isnít getting to them properly." I replied. "There will be some minor muscle loss from the inactivity but that can be repaired as soon as you are able to exercise."

"I hope so. I donít want to stay like this."

It was now nearly eight in the evening and the group was thinning out some but there were a couple hundred diehards still going strong. I located Art and instructed him to have half the crew stay up and kind of watch the place a little bit while the other half got some sack time to be ready for the clean up that was going to be needed.

With that situation handled I helped Klaus back to his house and put him to bed. It had been a very long day for someone in his condition. Barbara had also returned to the house so I relieved the three young couples that were assigned there to go and join the party.

When returning to The Manor I circled the house to discover the heated pool was still full of people but the unheated patio was nearly empty. There were paper plates and cups everywhere including the front lawn; the crew was going to be busy tomorrow.

The kitchen was full as people came and went with snacks of all kinds. It was now nine so I told the crew to stop making snacks and as soon as the room cleared out just lock the doors and join the party.

Jack nodded, "We were just about done anyway; we are out of supplies."

I returned to the playroom and joined Kathy and Sandy in the lounge area. A quick scan of the room determined that all play positions were still occupied and some even had a waiting line. I leaned back and relaxed with a smoke and a coke while the girls continued to chat. By ten the situation hadnít changed so I decided that enough is enough and told the girls I was going to bed.

They looked at each other for a moment before Kathy spoke, "Would you like some company?"

Now that got my attention; I looked at Sandy and she nodded slightly. So the girls wanted to play some more, why not? "Sure, Iíll bet we can find something interesting to do."

We left the playroom and went to the master bedroom. I opened a cabinet and removed two full sets of cuffs as well as several short ropes. I had Sandy lie on the bed and secured her in a wide spread eagle.†

Kathy was watching but seemed to feel neglected; I was going to change that. I directed her to bend over the back of a chair while I retrieved a large butt plug from the cabinet. It had been several weeks since she had worn one so it took some time to get this one in place but after a lot of twisting and pushing it popped into place.

She stood up and I instructed her to walk around the room for a while as I retrieved some other items from the cabinet. When I had everything ready I told her to sit down in the chair; she did, very gently.

I ran a wide leather strap around her waist and the back of the straight backed chair so that she could not get up. I secured her ankles to the chair legs and fastened her wrist cuffs together behind the chair back. I then blindfolded her.

Now the fun could begin. I mounted a vibrator to the seat of the chair so that it just touched her clit ring only. When I turned it on she jumped and soon began to moan.

I put a blindfold on Sandy also and began to lightly flog her tits being careful not to hit the nipple stretchers. I worked my way around both breasts several times before moving down to her stomach and mound.

Kathy was having one orgasm right after another and her screams were exquisite. I decided she needed some further attention so I began to flog her pierced titties. The first stroke caused a monster orgasm that grew with each successive stroke. After a dozen good strokes she passed out.

It isnít any fun to torture an unconscious girl so I turned the vibrator off and returned to Sandy. My first stroke was directly on her pussy; she screamed beautifully more from surprise than pain. The second stroke only received a faint moan; the third was rewarded by her efforts to raise her pussy for better contact. I continued with light to medium strokes to her pussy until her low scream began. One heavy stroke and she was in sub space.

Now I had two unresponsive girls on my hands and it might be some time before they would be in condition to continue the activities.

I sat down on the edge of the bed beside Sandy and noticed that her nipple stretcher looked a little slack. I tugged a little on one of them, yep pretty loose. That would give me something to do until she woke up.

While I was deciding how much to adjust the stretchers I slipped through the hidden door and into my office to make a pot of coffee. While the coffee was brewing I flipped the monitors on. The playroom was still full, the patio was empty but there were still a dozen people in the pool. All the hallways were clear but the third floor shower room was in use by four of the new couples that were having a ball washing each other without regard to whoís wife or husband was the target of the moment.

The coffee was ready so I shut the Super Dooper Pooper Scooper off, filled a cup and slipped back into the bedroom. The girls hadnít move, rather they werenít conscious, the way they were secured they couldnít move.

I took a sip of my coffee, set the cup aside and began the task of adjusting the nipple stretchers. I started with the left nipple simple because it was the closest. Little by little I turned each of the four screws four full turns which was 1/10 of an inch as the screws had 40 threads to the inch. Now the stretcher was snugly seated and the nipple looked wonderful. I followed the same procedure with the right nipple. In all I spent about twenty minutes making the adjustment; those little #4 screws were hard to work with.

Sandy hadnít even wiggled during that time and Kathy was still out also. I swallowed a little more of the coffee and made a decision; Kathy was going to get her nipples stretched also. I located a spare set of stretchers and wondered how I was going to get them in place with her sitting up. Problem solved; move the chair closer to the bed and tilt it over backwards onto the bed. She wouldnít be completely flat but as they say in Texas, close enough for government work; actually they say that just about everywhere.

After fumbling around for over half an hour I finally got them in place and adjusted to provide a reasonable amount of nipple tension. I sat the chair back up, finished my coffee and went back for a refill. When I returned they were both still as I had left them.††

I soaked a washcloth in cold water and put it on Kathyís forehead, she soon began to stir. I tilted her head back and left the washcloth in place as I retrieved another one for Sandy. Soon both girls were semi conscious. I finished my coffee as they continued to come around.

Kathy was the first to speak, "Wow, that was great but my nipples feel like something is pulling on them."

Gee, I wonder why, with the blindfold in place she couldnít see the stretchers, "Do they hurt?"

"No, just feel tight."

I began to release her from the chair and the blindfold was the last item I removed. She blinked a couple times then looked down at her nipples, "When did you put these on me?"

"A few minutes ago, do I need to tighten them?"

"Oh, no they are plenty tight enough," She explored them with her fingers, tugging on them a little, "I like them."

I helped her stand and slowly moved her toward the bed. "Time for you to give Sandy a little incentive to wake up." She knew exactly what I meant and slowly got in position to lick her pussy. She hesitated a moment so I picked up the flogger and smacked her on the ass. She became very busy very quickly.

Sandy began to moan as Kathy sucked on her clit, soon she was moaning with each breath. I began to lightly flog her breasts as she began the climb to an orgasm. When she was very close to exploding I switched my attention to Kathyís ass being sure to thump her butt plug now and then. Finally I told Kathy to stop which left Sandy moaning and twisting. I instructed Kathy to turn around and get in the classic sixty-nine position.

Sandy immediately began to attack Kathyís pussy while Kathy did the same for her. I began to flog Kathyís back and ass, moving from one side of the bed to the other to provide a nice criss cross pattern of stripes. I eventually released Sandyís restraints and she was free to move as her passion dictated.

This provided several new targets for the attention of the flogger as Sandy assumed the top position. I put a nice pattern on her ass and back as Kathy reached an orgasm that put her in sub space.

I rolled Sandy over on her back and got on the bed between her legs. As my cock entered her she exploded. Just a few stokes and she was in sub space also. I continued to slowly thrust into her until she began to respond again. A second orgasm overtook her and she again became silent.

Kathy was beginning to moan so I switched my attention to her. As I entered her she raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist drawing me into her as far as possible. I began to thrust into her with short, steady strokes intended to stimulate her clit ring. She was soon screaming as her orgasm continued to build.

I climaxed as she gave one final ear splitting scream and passed out. I moved between the two of them and went to sleep. Two at a time is hard on this old man.

I woke up to discover I was alone, the girls were already up and gone. I stumbled to the bathroom, did the three "S" bit and started to search for a cup of coffee. I guess I still wasnít awake of I would just have stepped into my office and checked the SDPS to see where everyone was. Anyway, I wondered into the kitchen to discover the girls were there, chatting away like a couple magpies with two of the new girls. I ignored them and headed for the coffee pot.

With a full cup of coffee finally in my hand and my survival assured I turned around and said. "Good morning ladies." They looked at me as if I was interrupting something important. "Did you sleep well?" silly question but I felt I had to say something. Still no response, they were hiding something. "Okay, what is going on here?"

Sandy was the first to speak, "Marie canít find Jack and she is worried sick about it."

"Oh, is that all, I thought it was something serious. Where have you looked for him?"

Marie exclaimed, "Everywhere, he just isnít here," She was nearly in tears.

"Take it easy, just give me a few minutes and Iíll locate him." I went to my office and flipped on the SDPS and scanned the entire property without finding him.

I rewound the tape of the kitchen and checked to see when he had left and which way he went. I continued to rewind and play various tapes as I followed his movements from the kitchen to the third floor shower to the playroom. He was in the playroom about two hours before he left with a man. I selected a good shot of the two of them and blew it up. Jack left the playroom with Jacob.

It took several minutes to follow them as they made their way outside, around the house and into a car and drove away. Interesting. I called Jacobís, a girl answered the phone and said Jacob was unavailable. I identified myself and suggested he had better become available very quickly. He was on the phone in less than a minute.

I got right to the point, "Where is Jack?"

"He is right here; we have been discussing some business."

"All night?"

"Yes, all night. He is a most stubborn man. He refuses to negotiate."

"May I ask what is being negotiated?"

"I suppose but you will be mad at me. I want him to be the manager of a second restaurant in the public part of the city."

"Yes I will be mad at you for steeling my cook. Have you tried offering him a good salary?"

"Yes, I have done that but he wants to own half of the place and he wonít negotiate. In fact he threatened to open a restaurant of his own if I donít agree."

I had to laugh, "Sounds like you have a decision to make," and hung up. I wasnít mad about this at all; in fact another restaurant was needed that would be family orientated and open to the general public. I could always find another cook as long as he or she could make good coffee.

Back in the kitchen I broke the news to the girls and Marie broke down in tears of relief. It finally came out that she was concerned that he had spent the night with some other girl.

With that little problem solved I turned to Kathy, "How do you like those little decorations?í†

Her hands automatically went to her nipples, "I love them. My nips are so sensitive right now that I can feel the air moving when someone walks by."

I finished my coffee and decided to make a tour of the grounds to see how bad the party damage was. The patio and pool area had been cleaned up already and there was a line of about a dozen people with trash bags picking up anything that didnít move. There were a few ruts in the grass from the cars but nothing serious. There were a couple dozen cars still parked on the front lawn so I made a mental note to have Robert check them out and notify the owners to come and get them if they were still there tonight.

The playroom was another story. There were all types of equipment laying everywhere I looked. Paper plates and cups were scattered all over the room, soiled towels and pop cans littered the floor and equipment. I didnít bother to check the shower area or the separate rooms. It would take a couple days to get everything back to normal and determine what equipment was missing.

I decided not to worry about it and went back to the kitchen for a coffee refill. The girls were still chatting but now the subject was nipple piercings, which changed to cock piercings as soon as I entered. This almost looked like a planned discussion to me.

Robin, the fourth girl at the table, asked Sandy how she felt about it.

"I love it but it felt strange at first and it takes a while to get used to it."

Kathy was returning to her normal self and had to jump in, "I loved it from the first time I saw it. Klaus has a ring also and it is wonderful."

Robin was unconvinced, "Iím not sure I would like that. Doesnít it cause some irritation after a while?"

"I guess it could but I donít last that long," Kathy giggled.

From the tone of the conversation I knew where this was going so I excused myself and went to my office before she could ask the big question; her hubby needed to be aware and approve before I would get involved with that. Connie, Brenda and Kathy had all tried it but they all had prior approval, sort of.

I flipped the SDPS on and ran a full check on the house. All of the third floor bedrooms were occupied, most with strangers. The second floor bedrooms were also occupied, as were the playroom bedrooms, a couple of them with several people. Now I knew why there were cars still parked on the lawn.

A nude girl was changing the linen on my bed right next door to my office. Two people were cleaning the kitchen while a third person was making a list of the supplies that would be needed to restock. I checked for E-mail messages and such but didnít find anything of interest; voice mail was empty for the first time in months. I went on line to the private community site and checked the P&L for last year.

Damn we had spent a lot of money and there was a lot more to go. The cumulative total was nearing half a billion dollars. The out go far exceeded the income so far.

I ran a total of the balances in the various accounts that were scattered all over the world, a little over one billion but that would change in the coming week as the major hit unfolded. At the moment all was well.

Some movement on the monitor covering the front gate drew my attention as a car entered. I switched to a different camera and followed it as it drove towards the house. Then I switched to a different camera again to see where it went and lost it. It was going to take some practice to use this stuff properly. After fumbling with the switches I finally got a good view of the car sitting under the front portico but it was empty by that time.

I switched to the main entrance hall camera to discover Jack and Jacob walking toward the kitchen.

I checked to see if the hall was clear outside my office, shut everything down and went to the kitchen, I wanted to know what was decided.

Marie was hugging Jack when I walked in, supposedly to get a cup of coffee. When everyone was seated I asked Jacob, "Did you arrive at a decision?"

"Yes I decided Jack is the most stubborn man I have ever met."

I laughed, "Anything besides that?"

He groaned, "He will operate the new restaurant and he will be half owner."

"And where is this restaurant going to be located?"

"I would like for it to be in the little mall with the supermarket."

I though for a moment, "Wonít that interfere with the little hamburger restaurant that is already there?"

"Hamburgers donít count as real food. I want to raise the standards of these people."

Again I had to laugh, I happen to like hamburgers, "Donít you thing it would be better to put the new restaurant much nearer the new City Hall?" That would be another step toward making the central district clothing optional all the time not just evenings and weekends.

He thought for a moment, "You are right, a good noon crowd and the only family restaurant within miles with plenty of parking. Iíll do it!"

"Good. Talk to Jim about the size and design and we will get started on it. Are you going to use the same name there?"

"No! That stubborn man insisted that it be called Jackís."

With all the concessions he had made Jacob seemed please with the arrangements. I was beginning to feel there was a little more going on here than just a business deal. There were many people that would be willing to operate a restaurant for a good salary without demanding fifty percent ownership. Jacob was openly gay, perhaps Jack was bi or was he taking advantage of an opportunity? I would have to look up his membership profile. In the meantime I would locate another chef for the house that could take over the restaurant if it became necessary. A gay loverís quarrel was not going to disrupt the operation if I could avoid it.

We discussed the various options for the new enterprise for a few minute before Jack said, "I have to get some sleep, see you later." Jacob also soon fell victim of the all-night negotiations and left.

It was a little past noon and my hungry was beginning to hurt, "Is there anything left to eat around here?"

There was a resounding, "No," from the girls. I called the little hamburger restaurant, called Hamburger Heaven and asked how long it would take them to make up a hundred double cheeseburgers and a hundred orders of French fries. He thought I was pulling his leg so I told him to call me back on my cell phone, which was listed in the little community directory. When I answered his return call he took me seriously and said about half an hour. Good enough that would leave me time to get some drinks from the Supermarket.

Bob was operating the cash register in the community side of the store. The place was nearly empty with only three or four shoppers in sight.

"Where is all the business today?" I asked.

He grinned, "It seems someone held an all night party and they havenít woken up yet."

I loaded up all the soft drinks I could on a cart and pushed it to the checkout counter then went back and loaded another one adding a couple big cans of coffee, some creamer and a ten pound bag of sugar.

Bob didnít say anything about the soda pop but laughed at the coffee.

I looked him straight in the eye, "You didnít think I would forget about me did you?"

He chuckled as he paged a stock boy to help me get all of it in the van.

The manager of Hamburger Heaven was frantically flipping burgers when I walked in; this place was nearly empty also with only half a dozen people at the tables. He looked up and smiled, "Glad to see you, I though today was going to be a loser but it is going to be one of the best Sundays I have seen."

"Glad to help since Iím probably to blame for the lack of business."

In all there were ten bags of food ready and he helped me get them all in the van. He stepped back and looked at all the stuff in there already, "Are you having another party?"

"Nope, just feeding the cleanup crews today."

Back at The Manor there wasnít any shortage of help carrying everything in. I made an announcement over the intercom that burgers, fries and sodas were available in the kitchen. Within two minute the room was full and some of the people were moving to the patio. I guess I called it pretty close, there were two burger and some sodas left when everyone had eaten.

My cell phone was making a lot of noise so I answered it to find Clyde on the other end of the call. He was working in the old dispensary getting it set up as his warehouse for cleaning equipment and supplies. He wanted to know where to get something to eat as Jacobís was closed until six in the evening; I told him about Hamburger Heaven.

With all the help with the cleanup there was thankfully very little for me to do. So I returned to my office and gave Jim a call. I was too late; Jacob had already contacted him.

"That nut wants a copy of some fancy restaurant in Paris, Chez Paree or some such thing. I have no idea even what it looks like."

"Iím sure there is something about it on the Internet but donít let him get too wild. Just a nice elegant looking restaurant that can serve about two hundred, we are not trying for a four star rating."

He groaned, "He wants a four hundred capacity."

I laughed, "When he gets the two hundred full we will expand. By the way, put a full basement under it so that there will be room for a few private party rooms there." He agreed and hung up.

He called back a few minutes later, "That French restaurant is ugly, he needs to figure out something else."

"Iíll talk to Jacob about it, in the mean time figure on the specs we discussed."

I slipped into my bedroom and took a nap, all this activity was wearing this old man out. Before I could doze off Sandy came in with the same idea. She lay down beside me, I pulled her close and we went to sleep.

I woke up about eight to make a trip to the bathroom and this woke Sandy. This was really the first we had been alone all weekend so we chatted about the party for several minutes. For some reason I was hungry again.

We arrived at Jacobís to find the place was full to overflowing and had to wait for a table. Jacob was going crazy trying to find someplace for everyone at the same time. I noticed Paul at a table motioning for us to join him, which we did. Of course Tammy was with him and also Doug and Nancy, There were three nice pairs of pierced nipples at the table; Nancyís were the newest addition.

Sandy asked her about them, as she didnít have them at the party the night before, "There were so many pretty piercings at the party I just had to have some also. I talked Cora in to doing it this morning for me and a girl friend from school. They are still sore but I love them just the same."

It seemed that piercing was getting to be an epidemic but they sure were nice to look at and to play with too.

The meal concluded uneventfully and we returned home for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow promised to be an interesting day.