The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 6

The next two weeks were busy and considerable progress was made in all areas. The solar panels were online and working beautifully. Three sections were active and our draw from the power company had been reduced by fifty percent.

Many of the crops had been planted following Carlís prediction and advice even though it was just the first week of March.

The Fire House and Police Station were complete enough to be occupied and the move was in progress. The dispensary, which was really a small hospital, was nearing completion also.

The new City Hall was progressing nicely and several offices on the ground floor were now occupied making room for Project people in the old City Hall that was now known as Project Central.

The entire area had been surveyed and a new master plan was being drafted. Fifty new homes were being started in the main section and another one hundred were on the drawing board for the outer areas.

Detection equipment had been purchased to detect and block all stray electronic signals coming from the community including cell phones and dish technology.

Of Jeffís two watchdogs, Patrick was reassigned and would not be replaced because if the CIA couldnít find Klaus there wasnít much chance of anyone finding Jeff. Jan had brought her husband Ralph to stay with her. Jeff and Barbara were becoming an item and had been talking to Jim about a new house.

Kathy was able to get around much better and was able to drive that big Mercedes now.

Klaus was showing slow but definite progress. He was still unable to talk but this seemed to be from the feeding tube that was in his throat. He was able to move his fingers and toes a small amount now. Although he was able to see out of his right eye the left eye was still covered. He still looked like hell. I told him he was going to look like a WW I German general with the scar across his cheek and an eye patch.

Finally, the new house was ready. Jim invited us over for a show and tell session. He led us through what seemed to be the entire house room by room. It was fantastic; I counted eight bedrooms and ten full bathrooms. A separate room for my organ that was equipped with multiple sound systems. The kitchen was equipped to feed an army with all stainless steel commercial equipment.

We made our way to the third floor attic to find that it was completely finished also. There were twenty separate rooms about twelve by fourteen feet set up as small efficiency apartments but without bath facilities. The shower and bath area was big enough for a football team. I asked, "What is all of this for?"

"With a house of this size you are going to need a crew to maintain it, this will be their quarters."

He surprised me again by opening what looked to be a set of French doors at the end of the hall to display an elevator. We got in, felt it lower and stepped out into the largest playroom I had ever seen. I guessed I was in the basement. It would take days to check over all of the equipment there.

The plans I gave him didnít even resemble what he had built. The general appearance was the same but the size was much greater. He did admit that he had increased the plans by fifty percent. It looked more like a hundred and fifty percent to me.

There was another large shower area complete with a huge hot tub and massage tables. He showed me a two hundred gallon water heater just for that area. He explained that it would be possible to leave the showers on for days and never run out of hot water.

He showed us an apartment that was almost elegant that would house the staff manager(s). There was also a hidden room that was equipped to monitor all activities on that floor. He said it was also tied into the main surveillance system.

We made our way back to the main floor through a door with an electronic keypad and up a flight of stairs. On the main floor I looked for the elevator door but couldnít find it in the area where it had to be.

Jim pulled a keypad out of his pocket and punched a few buttons. I heard the sounds of something mechanical moving. As the sound stopped a section of the wall receded a few inches and glided to the side to reveal the elevator that was waiting.

He pointed out several video cams in various locations and said there wasnít an open area of the house that was not covered. I asked what he meant by ĎOpen Areaí.

"There are places in this house that are totally private and unknown to everyone else such as your office." He led us down the main hall to a section of wall that didnít look any different than any other section. Again he used the handheld keypad to open a panel in the wall to revel a room as big as many homes. From about three feet above the floor one wall was covered completely with computer screens. Below the screens were many VCRs. There was a large, flat screen on the wall in front of my desk if I wanted to see a particular view. As I looked at all of this there was only one monitor in operation and it was displaying a picture of us in the office. Suddenly a second screen came to life showing a view of the main entrance gate. A delivery truck had pulled up to it.

He explained that the cameras were triggered by motion detectors or could be switched on or off from the control consol. There was also complete sound associated with each camera.

He continued to explain that each room had a computer connection as well as phone and intercom. There were several secret passageways built in on all floors including the third floor for the staff people. If I wanted to I could view every room in the house from a secure position.

"There are several keypads in the desk drawers and a full set of plans with all the special stuff penciled in, even the entrance code numbers for the keypads. I would suggest you study the plans for a few days before you move in."

He handed me the keys and I asked, "You have covered everything except the total cost."

"Do you really want to know?"

"You are going to have to tell me sooner or later."

"Alright, the total was 2.75 million but since you bought the construction company and it has to be billed at cost itís only 2 million."

"100% cost overrun."

He laughed, "Just like a government contract."

I didnít object. I had figured something close to that number before he added all the extras. I should expect about twice that amount for Klausí new place then?"

"Probably, I donít have it all figured up yet."

Sandy was ecstatic, a new house and a staff to take care of it; even all the furniture was new. I picked up the plans and glanced at them, there sure was a lot of stuff penciled in.

I thanked Jim for a fantastic job and we went back to the old house where I began to study the plans until I knew every little thing about that place. The controls for the play equipment were actually the hardest to figure out.

I contacted Connie to see if there were any people wanting to join but didnít have means of covering the cost. She sent me a list that was a mile long. I found a poly situation that involved an older dominant married couple and five submissive young couples in their twenties. I asked Connie to have them come in for testing and interviews as soon as possible. I didnít want to move to the new house before everything was ready.

I spent all my spare time for a couple days making sure I knew what I was doing with all the new play equipment; I didnít want to punch a wrong button and hurt someone. By Thursday night I felt I had it all figured out. Sandy ordered all the supplies and groceries she felt would be needed and began to pack everything up.

The group that was being considered for the staffing positions in the new house came in the next day. By late afternoon Connie reported that the testing was complete and all of them would qualify for membership.

I drove to Project Central, which was the old City Hall, to meet them and explain what would be expected. I was surprised to see the entire group was dressed in what is known a Ďbusiness casualí style; not a single fetish item was in sight.

The older couple, in their early fifties, was Clyde and Betty Parker. Both of them were well built; he was about six feet tall and she was about five foot, six inches. They were a good looking couple. I invited them into a small conference room where I could explain the full program and what I needed from them.

They operated a janitorial service in Atlanta and explained that the other couples were their employees as well as subs. This fit well with what I had to offer and we soon reached an agreement on salaries and living arrangements with them having the option to establish a business here as long as my place came first.

I interviewed the younger couples as a group and discovered several skills I didnít expect. A cook from a four star restaurant and a pool expert were gladly accepted as well as a landscape technician.††

I explained that nudity would be required most of the time while performing their assigned tasks. There would be parties that would require services after normal hours but only two or three people to attend to the guests, all others would be free to do as they wished and at times could even join the parties.

I made a point of the fact that they were not second-class members but as with most people here, they were members with jobs to do. This was well received and they related a few stories about snobs they had encountered in the past.†

They all wanted to see the living quarters so I led them to the new house for a quick tour. Needless to say, they were impressed. Clyde and Betty were overjoyed with the large apartment.

Jason and Robin, one of the sub couples, thought the large communal shower area was great in fact the whole group was impressed and thought it would be wonderful to try it out after a long day of travel.

Why not? This was as good a time as any to determine how many of the group would be happy discarding their clothes. I suggested that each couple pick out a room to use so that clothes didnít clutter up the place.

Soon there were a dozen naked bodies playing in the showers, yes twelve, Ralph and Betty joined in also. A half hour later a freshly scrubbed group were drying each other off with the large fluffy bath towels from a cabinet. The damp towels were dropped into a chute that delivered them to the laundry room in the basement.

The guys all made a trip down to the cars and returned with suitcases for fresh clothes. Before they dressed I got them all together and explained the dress code for Jacobís. They were somewhat dumbfounded that such a situation could exist and I had to reassure them it was true.

There were surprisingly few piercings or tattoos in evidence. Clyde explained that most of the piercing jewelry had been removed, as they werenít sure how they would be accepted here.

"Piercings and tattoos are fine, however we discourage facial modifications. There are always some Vanilla people in the community during working hours and we donít want to scare them too badly." This was received with a few giggles. "I have explained the curfew, six to six weekdays and there will be a few special curfews when outsiders have to be here during other times."

"Feel free to put all your special jewelry back in place and dress to display it if you want. Tonight will demonstrate what I have said but no one will be shot for not following the guidelines."

The group got dressed and we headed for Jacobís as I called Sandy and asked her to meet us there.

Sandy was there and waiting at the front desk when we arrived. Jacob led us to a large table in the center of the dining room. I made the introductions as we waited for a waitress to take our drink order. The other four couples were Mark and Christy, Jack and Marie, John and Lisa, Art and June.

It was fun to watch them as they looked around and discovered how many people were displaying modifications. Mark and Jack were discussing the nipple stretchers with Sandy as Christy and Marie listened. It was evident from the conversation that the two girls had pierced nipples. With Markís urging they removed their blouses. Yep those cute little buds were pierced.

The waitress finally arrived and took our orders. The conversation around the table became the decorations she had. This was another new girl; I began to wonder where Jacob was finding all of them. She had several navel piercing that gave the appearance of the navel being completely encircled by shiny silver balls. Her vertical hood piercing was evident as was her butt plug as she left our table.

Clyde said, "I told you that what we did was mild compared to what you would find here. Now quit being such prudes and show off a little bit."

The girls all removed their tops and every one of them had something to show even if it was nothing more than a small tattoo. Surprisingly every one of the guys unzipped their flies and let it all hang out also but being seated at the table this really didnít compare. Clyde made sure that they would be seen by directing them to stand up and change places with the girls.

There were a couple sets of ball stretchers and a couple piercings; one cock was totally tattooed as a colorful snake, even the head was tattooed.

There was some applause from the next table; Connie, Michael, Brenda and Bob had slipped in unnoticed. I waved to them and invited Connie to come over for a little chat. I explained the circumstances and suggested that they might want to take advantage of the cleaning service since all four of them were working. She was delighted.

I gave Clyde a list of people who might be interested in his service and that surprised him. I also mentioned that the new City Hall and Project Central were in need of a cleaning crew also. "I will need to get more people to cover all of this. There are several single people that work for me in Atlanta and some of them would be more than willing to come here."

I felt that this would be the beginning of another local business and could grow to a considerable size. In the back of my mind I was thinking that the old manufacturing building that has served as the Security Office and dispensary could be put to good use as a location for the cleaning service and also the cabinet maker and his crew of toy builders. I was also thinking we needed a procurement office to coordinate all the stuff that was being purchased.

The meal was served with the usual efficiency and the chat turned to the logistics of moving from Atlanta. Clyde seemed to give up on the idea of keeping the business there running also and was sounding like he wanted to move all of his equipment here as soon as possible. There definitely would have to be a separate location for them; I wasnít about to have eight or ten service trucks parked at my new house.

Slowly the conversation turned to the possibility of the couples being able to get homes of their own. I explained the arrangements and costs, which they thought were more than reasonable.†

Before we left Jacobís it was decided that Jack and Marie would stay here when the rest of the group returned to Atlanta. Jack was the cook I mentioned earlier and Marie was an experienced full service housekeeper, a good combination for my needs at the moment.

I gave Clyde a keypad that was set for the main entrance and third floor access only and promised to be there early in the morning to give them a complete tour of the place.

The group went to the new house while Sandy and I went to the old one.

I arrived at the new house about seven in the morning to find everyone was up and most of them were in the shower playing like a bunch of teenagers. There didnít seem to be any restriction on who grabbed who as it was a free for all.

When they saw me a couple of the girls tried to cover up but soon gave up on that idea. I waved to them and knocked on the door to the main apartment. Clyde was nude when he answered and invited me in. Betty was also nude and busily preparing breakfast for the group from the supplies she found in the cabinets and refrigerator.

We chatted a little about the move from Atlanta and he said he felt one couple would not be adequate and suggested that a second couple would stay to set up an office in the old dispensary which was fine with me.

Betty set the pancakes, bacon, eggs and a pitcher of orange juice on the table and used the intercom to call the kids in. They ate from paper plates while standing; there just wasnít room for all of them to sit at the small table.

I started the tour with the entire naked group following. I led them down the stairs to the second floor where a hidden door was opened with the keypad. There were a bunch of "Ooooos and Ahhhs" as the full scope of the building began to take shape. The giant bath and shower areas drew the most attention.

The main floor was of great interest as the main entrance could only be described as opulent.† When we reached the kitchen Jack was amazed, "I have working in fancy restaurants that were not this well equipped." He ogled the shiny new equipment but then said, "I donít seem to find a freezer here."

I pointed to an ordinary looking door. He opened it to find a walk in freezer that was fully stocked. I think he was in love.

I led them back to the stairway and a couple of them started up, "You donít want to see the rest of the place?"

"There is more?"

I opened another hidden door that led to the basement stairway. I let Clyde go down the stairs first to discover a hallway with several doors that were marked for various items such as linens, kitchen, cleaning supplies, laundry and mechanical. At the end of the hall was another secured door.

I opened the door with my keypad to display the playroom. No one made a sound as they all lined up side by side to gaze at the equipment. Clyde was the first to comment, "I could spend a week down here and still not use all of this stuff."

Betty giggled and that set the kids off as they scattered to look at everything. Clyde noticed some doors at the far end of the room and started in that direction with Betty following. He opened each door to discover they were well appointed bedrooms with the final door opening onto a large shower area that could accommodate a dozen or more people at the same time.

Marie was the first to question anything but as the housekeeper it was understandable, "There sure are a lot of stairs to climb to take fresh linen to the third floor."

†I laughed, "Good exercise to keep you in shape." I led her to a plain-looking wall near the laundry room. I used the keypad to open a hidden door to reveal a service elevator. "Do you think this would make it a little easier?"

She giggled and asked if it stopped at all the floors. "Yes, but the doors will not open if anyone is moving around on that floor. I donít want everyone to know this elevator is here. It is intended to be used when the house is empty or late at night when everyone is asleep." She nodded and seemed to understand.

Clyde called the group together to announce that it was time to get ready for the trip back to Atlanta. Mark said, "You mean we have to leave here without even trying any of these toys?"

I laughed, "There will be many opportunities to play with them. In fact there will be a house warming party here Saturday night so try to be back in time for it."

We used the service elevator to return to the third floor where all those that were leaving could get dressed. They were soon dressed and ready to go; I used the service elevator to return them to the first floor in the kitchen area and soon they were pulling out of the driveway.

Art and June were the second couple that was going to stay here with Jack and Marie. I asked Jack to make a pot of coffee and I had the four of them join me at the big dinning room table for a little orientation.

I first explained that everyone would be nude as much of the time as was practical. Art and Marie pointed at me, indicating that I wasnít nude.

"Sorry kids, but it is a little chilly outside and I had to drive over here this morning however if you find the clothes intimidating I will remove them." Both girls nodded so I undressed right in front of them and sat back down.

"Now that I am more comfortable letís get on to other things. Jack will be in charge of the kitchen and at times will need an assistant, which will be June for now. Marie will be in charge of housekeeping and June will assist her when she is not needed in the kitchen. Art will be in charge of the pool and hot tubs as well as maintaining most of the plumbing and drains."

"All of you will be expected to help each other whenever it is needed as none of the assignments will require your full time attention. There will be a lot of free time most days, which you may spend as you choose so long as it doesnít interfere with any activities I have planned."

"Right now all free time will be spent getting the old security office and dispensary ready for all the equipment Clyde will be bringing back."

"Occasionally there will be visitors from the Nilla World and you will be expected to be properly clothed at those times. You will be notified when clothes are needed by the little red lights on all the intercom panels and also on the elevator control panels. The yellow lights indicate that activities that do not require you to be dressed are planned and you need to check the house computer to be sure those areas are clear. A green light will indicate there are no restrictions. Any questions?"

Jack asked, "Does that mean the play area is available also?"

"All areas will be available if work assignments are complete." There was a minor cheer from all of them.

"Now, the party this weekend will have at least a couple hundred guests. I think a buffet style dinner will work best. If the weather forecast is correct the afternoon temperature will be in the mid seventies so it can be set up outside on the patio by the pool. For this party the code will be green, no clothes."

"Does that mean the guests will be naked also?"

"Not necessarily, it will be their choice."

Jack was now concerned, "What type of menu will be needed?"

"Something simple, how about a Texas theme, Bar-B-Q and such?"

"That will be easy."

I stood to dress and noticed June looking at my PA, I waited for her to say something about it but she didnít say a word.

I stopped by the house to pick up Sandy and we went to see Klaus and Kathy.

Kathy was in a good mood and took Sandy to the kitchen for coffee and chat. I went to see how Klaus was doing; he saw me enter the room and managed to lift a couple fingers on his right hand.† I brought him up to date on the cleaning group and described the new house to him.

He grunted. I asked if everything was okay and got a ĎNoí answer. I asked a series of questions about everything I could think of that might be causing a problem but received all ĎNoí answers.

Finally I just went thru the alphabet until he indicated a letter. Finally I got the message, "Tube out."

I found Barbara in the living room reading and asked her about removing the tube. She referred me to the doctor so I called Frank. He said I could try it but was a little concerned about the major cut in his cheek. I had him tell Barbara to remove the tube.

Barbara removed the tube and gave him a drink of water from a glass with a straw. He choked a little bit but managed to swallow.

After several grunts and other assorted noises he managed to say, "Thanks."

I talked to him for several more minutes and he was able to give single word answers. I told him I would be back tomorrow and collected the two girls and took them to Jacobís for lunch.

Kathy was feeling much better, her stitches had been removed and the pain in her ribs was slowly diminishing. The cast on her arm had been removed also. With the reduction in pain medication her piercings were beginning to have the same effect as they did before the crash. She was very careful of how she walked and sat down. The improvements Klaus was displaying had also helped her attitude and she was acting as if she was a teenager again.

I dropped her off at the house she was using and continued to my new house to pick up the two couples I had left there. I found them in the kitchen just finishing lunch.

"Sorry kids but you have to get dressed for the afternoon, remember the curfew," I teased. To my surprise they actually grumbled about it. I drove them to the old security office and we walked right in; the door was unlocked. I yelled, "Hello," and heard a faint answer from the dispensary.

Cora was finishing her packing for the move to the new building. When she saw the kids she said, "Finally I get some help now that Iím almost done."

"Better late than never," was my snappy reply. I told the kids to do what ever she wanted and I would be back about five.

I drove to the new Police Station to look around; I hadnít been in the new building yet. Robert was sitting behind a desk as big as an aircraft carrier with an American flag standing in a support behind him. There was also an empty flagstaff standing there.

"Couldnít find another flag," I teased as I pointed to the bare pole.

"I wanted a City flag but there isnít such a thing, I will probably have to settle for a Texas flag instead."

I thought for a moment, "Iíll have a flag made but it may take a few days with City Council approval and all that sort of stuff."

I heard a noise from the rear of the building that sounded a lot like some heavy profanity, "What have you got back there?" I asked.

"Half a dozen of Jimís workers that were fighting over some bimbo at the hamburger joint beside the supermarket. I called Jim and he is on his way over now and he is pissed. The JP said to keep them overnight and he would see them in the morning to set bail. The restaurant manager is working up an estimate of the cost for the things they busted up also. I told the bimbo that if she ever sets foot in the city again I would lock her up and throw away the key. She followed some of the construction men here. "

"At least you have enough cells to put them in."

He laughed, "It was tempting to just put them all in the same cell and forget they were there for a of couple hours. They would sure be a lot easier to handle then."

We walked back to the cells to find a rather well beaten bunch of men. There were several puffy eyes and a couple of them were still nursing bloody noses but there didnít seem to be any serious damage. They were still throwing insults at each other in very vulgar language.

In a loud voice I asked Robert where the fire hose was; they got the message and they shut up. Just as it got real quiet Jim walked in and began to read their pedigrees. He was able to politely call them names I had never heard before and he got his point across.

He turned to Robert, "Throw them in the shower and put those pretty orange jump suits on them for court tomorrow and have every one of them shave, Any of them that argue about it, shave their heads also." Not one of the men made any objection.

We returned to the office and as Robert shut the door Jim began to laugh, "That is about as beat up a bunch as I have seen for a while. Can we get the JP, whatís his name, Jonathan, to really lay it on them?"

"I suppose we could but for what purpose?"

"There has been a lot of petty bickering and a couple fist fights on the jobs also. Something like this will settle things down for a few months."

"Can you afford to have them locked up for as long as it would take to sit out their fines?"

"The fines will be paid, I hold back a weekís pay plus there are some fair-sized bonuses due."

Robert said, "You know, we need to set up our own court system; no sense in giving the county all that loot."

"Jonathan will appreciate it though," I commented, "And we need him on our side as much as possible."

I invited both of them to the house warming party and asked Robert to have a couple officers monitor the front gate.

Sandy and I returned to the old house and began sorting the items we wanted to take to the new house. The amount of stuff that had accumulated in just a few months was unbelievable. The living room was soon piled full of everything imaginable; it was going to take several trips with the van to move it all.

I called Jim to see if he could have a big truck come by to get the stuff in the morning. He replied, "Sure but I donít have any extra men to load it." At least he had a truck.

I drove over to the old security building to pick up the four kids who were sitting on the floor looking pleased with them selves. The room was completely empty and spotless; I checked the other rooms; all empty and cleaned. The old dispensary was also empty but not cleaned yet; pretty good job for just four of them.

I asked Jack if he felt like cooking or if he would prefer a sack full of hamburgers; everyone voted for hamburgers. I called the hamburger joint and ordered a dozen double cheeseburgers and a dozen French fries. The order was ready by the time I drove there.

The place looked like a war zone; plywood was nailed up over a broken window and the glass was shattered in the entrance door and looked like all that was keeping it together was multiple strips of tape. Inside was about the same; half of the tables and chairs were missing, the antique jukebox that was a major drawing card for the place was badly damaged and there were several holes in the walls.

The owner was behind the cash register and was sporting a beautiful black eye. I stood in the middle of the room, looked around and asked, "Who won?" He laughed, "They did but I had three of then out cold before they got me." I paid him and headed for the old house to get Sandy before going to the new house.