The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 5

I was amazed at the progress that had been made; the exterior was absolutely beautiful. The lower floor was in a medium tan brick and the second floor was in the English Tudor style with the semi-open beams and white stucco. The roof was a medium tan to match the brick.

The grounds were also completed with several of the original large trees still in place along the driveway. All the underbrush had been cleared away and sod laid over the entire property, even through the woods that covered the front half. Only a little of the roof peak could be seen from the road.

The interior was fabulous also as I wondered through the various rooms on the plush carpet. There werenít any workmen in sight but there was something being done as the sound of hammers and saws could be heard faintly.

Suddenly Jim came running into the room, "Get out of here, you are going to ruin the surprises."

I just looked at him, ĎWhat the hell, this was my house.í He took me by the shoulder and pulled me toward the front entrance, I was so surprised I let him get away with it.

When we were outside and he turned enough for me to see his face; he was grinning. Okay, he had had his little joke, but no, he was telling me to leave and come back in a couple weeks when everything would be completed.

I could see his point but I was still a little disgruntled about it but I left. As I approached the entrance gates they swung open automatically, nice touch.

Well, if I couldnít look at my house I would just go next door and see what was happening there. The gate was open so I drove in to find much the same condition in the woods and down the driveway. As I rounded the last curve in the drive I stopped and stared; there was a complete chateau in front of me that was at least twice the size of the house I had just been thrown out of.

As I pulled up to the entrance Jim came running around the end of the building. He motioned for me to just keep going. Caught again. I gave up and went home.

I called Frank to confirm that the surgeon would meet the helicopter on time and then called Jeff to make sure everything was set on his end.

Sandy appeared carrying several boxes that appeared to be very lightweight. I just said, "Hi," and continued checking my e-mail.

She soon returned wearing a full body harness made of soft leather, "How do you like it?"

"Looks good, come over here so I can see it better."

She walked over to me at my desk and turned around, "You have to fasten the back strap; I canít reach it."

I examined it closely; there was an "H shaped section that supported the two metal rings that encircled the base of each breast and continued over her shoulders. The back section of this piece was a "Y" shaped piece that continued from her shoulders to a buckle slightly below her shoulder blades. A crotch strap was designed to connect to this buckle and this was where she had a problem. She could not reach it to make the connection.

The crotch strap continued between her legs and connected to another "Y" shaped section of leather that was attached to the lower side of the steel rings around her breasts with a buckle also.

I saw what had happened -- she slipped the top section over her head and onto her shoulders before fastening the crotch strap to the rear of it.

I fastened the strap, pulling it tightly into the crack of her ass. She grunted but didnít say anything. I asked her to bend over and touch her toes and discovered some metal rivets in the crotch strap. I asked her what they were for.

"They attach to two studs that are on the inside of the crotch strap."

I had her stand up and I unbuckled the front of the crotch strap to discover two steel rods about a half inch in diameter and two inches long securely riveted to the strap. They were too small to have any real effect but I remembered seeing something like this at Jeffís shop. There were several different sized dildos and butt plugs that would slide over the rods and be held in place by the strap when it was buckled.

"Did you get the accessories for it also?"

"Yes, a few, do you want me to get them?"

Silly question. I unbuckled the rear side of the crotch strap and removed it so that she could get the plugs. That strap was unusual in another way. It was much wider over the clit and mounds area. On closer examination I discovered a flap that could be locked in place to prevent any touching of that sensitive little bud or it could be removed to provide full access. Nice idea.

She returned with a box full of plugs of various sizes. I looked them all over and decided on a two inch by five inch butt plug and a one and a half inch dildo. Her eyes got as big as saucers when she saw both of them installed on the crotch strap. She had been expecting this turn of events; there was a tube of lube in the box also.

With my evil grin in place I lubed the plugs and told her to bend over again. It took a few minutes to get that butt plug in place with the dildo already penetrating her pussy but I managed it as I listened to the sound of her grunts and moans.

With the plugs in place I buckled the rear of the strap to the shoulder section and the front to the buckle below her breasts. I readjusted the buckles a couple time until I had it as tight and well positioned as possible.

I asked her to stand up very straight as she was sort of crunched forward to relieve the pressure on her crotch. She complied with a groan.

I looked at her: very nice and the nipple stretchers added something also.

I checked the box again and found a wide waist strap that was designed to prevent the slouching she had been doing but it would require redoing the crotch strap to install it properly. She had enough to contend with for the moment.

I patted her on the butt and said, "Frank is going to set that broken ankle this afternoon so Iím going over to see Klaus and maybe help if I can, do you want to go along?"

"I better stay here and clean up the mess in the play room."

"Good, it needs to be done." I reached in the box and removed three little padlocks. I placed one at each end of the crotch strap and the third one in the flap over her clit. "See you later." For some reason she didnít seem too happy.

When I arrived Frank was going over the anesthetic requirements with Barbara and Cora was gently scrubbing the ankle. It was swelled up to three times the size of the other one.

Frank said, "Glad to see you, the way the bones are twisted it is going to take some serious pulling to get them back in place."

When Barbara said that he was under, Cora raised the leg and propped it up with a couple rolled up blankets to be able to completely clean and disinfect the entire foot and the leg half-way to his knee.

Frank sent me to the bathroom to scrub my hands and put on some sterile gloves as he rolled the x-ray machine in place to get another look at the breaks. When I returned there was a live picture on the screen on the top of the machine. The picture showed two separate breaks, both of them were out of alignment but there werenít any stray bone chips.

He got a good grip on the foot and pulled, there was some resistance as the bones were beginning to knit together. This was soon overcome and a small gap could be seen between the broken bones. As he slowly permitted the gap to close it was obvious they were not going to align without some help.

Frank directed me to a position where I could pull and also twist the foot. On his signal I pulled; it took a lot more force than I expected to separate the broken bones. He then directed me to twist the foot slowly in a counter clockwise direction. I was watching the screen and slowly twisted the foot as I watched the broken ends line up.

"Good, now slowly let them come together." As I eased up on the pull they settled into position very nicely. "Good, now hold that position as I make the cast."

He began smearing some kind of cream all over the foot, ankle and lower leg except where I was holding it. Soon he was wrapping the entire area in strips of gauze very tightly as preliminary support and to reduce the swelling as the wrapping forced the excess fluid out of the bruised tissue.

He began applying more strips that were covered with the plaster Cora had prepared. Soon the cast was complete. "Just hold everything still until the cast sets and we will be all done," he ordered as he removed his gloves.

"How long will that take?"

"About thirty minutes or so." I was going to be a statue for a half hour, wonderful.

Frank checked all the instruments and gauges that were hooked up to Klaus and directed Barbara that she should discontinue the anesthesia.

I think it was all in my head but since I was prohibited from moving my nose began to itch; then it felt like something was crawling in to my ear; I had to pee and my balls began to itch too. All I could do was stand there and take it.

I felt something in my heart area and began to get worried before I remembered I had put my cell phone in my shirt pocket. I asked Frank to answer it for me. He soon held it up to my ear so that I could hear. It was Jeff; the helicopter had just taken off and would be landing at the front of the house in about forty-five minutes. At least I would be able to move by then.

At last my forced immobility ended after what felt like five hours. I checked the clock on the stand beside the bed and it had only been thirty-five minutes. I removed the gloves and found a cup of coffee as Frank made another check of the alignment and the instrument readings before joining me in the kitchen.

"That went rather well and should heal quickly without any permanent damage. I hope we are as lucky with everything else," was Frankís assessment of the situation.

As I was starting on my second cup of coffee I heard the faint sounds of a helicopter. I put the coffee cup down and told Frank we were about to have a visitor. We went outside as the sounds became much louder and soon were coming from directly overhead.

Suddenly the street was as brightly lit as if it was high noon from a floodlight mounted on the chopper. It settled to the pavement and a man jumped out as it began to rise again and the light went out.

Frank walked forward to meet him; they shook hands and walked toward the house. Frank introduced him as Doctor Jack Somers.

We went directly to the kitchen and the coffee pot. Frank and Jack discussed some previous situations before getting to the point of all of this.

Jack asked, "How is the patient doing?"

"He is doing fine. I just set his ankle without a problem. I do want to discuss the situation with his ribs. I feel they need to be repaired before he can be safely laid on his stomach, let me get the pictures." Frank quickly returned with several of the x-ray transparencies.

Jack spent several minute examining them, "I agree. Is he strong enough to tolerate the multiple procedures at the same time?"

"Yes, all the readings are good, he will be fine from that standpoint."

"Then we need to get started. By the way, who is paying for this?"

Frank pointed at me, "He is."

I spoke for the first time since we had entered the house, "Would you prefer a check, cash, registered check or wire transfer directly to your account?"

"I would prefer a wire transfer directly to my account in the Bahamas," he replied with a grin.

"Not a problem just let me know the amount and it will be done."

Jack turned to Frank, "I like this guy, didnít even ask the price." They both laughed. "Do you have an assistant here?"

"There are two highly qualified nurses here and they are prepping the patient right now."

"Good, where can I scrub?"

I interrupted to ask, "Is there anything I can do except worry?"

"Nope, but I hope you can do enough of that for all of us," Frank replied.

"In that case Iím going to run home for a few minutes but I will be back."

At the house I couldnít find Sandy until I looked in the playroom. She was there just finishing up the cleaning and had a bag full of pop cans and other discards. She was not at all happy. "Why did you leave me like this for so long?"

"Iím sorry, Frank needed me to help him set the broken ankle. Come here and I will take that harness off."

"You donít need to take it off, just open the flap so I can get some relief from those plugs." I had to grin at that.

I reached in my pocket, found the keys and opened the little padlock that was holding the flap tight over her clit. As soon as it was available I rubbed my finger over it lightly. She moaned her approval. I led her to a table and sat her on the edge of it as I dropped to my knees to get a better aim at her clit with my tongue.

Within a minute she exploded but I continued until she was almost in sub space before stopping. I helped her off of the table and lowered her to her knees and I sat on the edge of the table and offered my cock for her attention.

She wrapped her lips around the head and began to lick all around it. I noticed that she was repeatedly straightening and arching her back, which moved the two plugs in her holes. She had another orgasm before I realized it was even close. She continued one by swallowing all of my cock and then working her throat muscles until I squirted deep in her willing throat, which caused her to have another orgasm.

I rubbed the back of her neck as she slowly withdrew and grinned up at me.

"Feel better now?"

"Much better. How is Klaus doing?"

"So far so good but the serious stuff is just starting. Do you want to go over there to wait with Kathy?"

"Yes, even if it takes all night."

"Then weíll go but get dressed first; I donít have a good read on the surgeon yet."

When we arrived they were just starting to repair the broken ribs. Someone had put up a hand written sigh on the door that said "KEEP OUT" so I didnít even bother to knock.

Kathy was sitting in a wheel chair so I pushed her out to the kitchen where we could all be together. A fresh pot of coffee and we began our wait.

Two hours later the doctors entered the room looking for some coffee. They looked tired, especially Frank.

Jack gave us a quick update, "The ribs are set and pinned, Cora is doing the final closing and we will be able to turn him over when she is finished."

They talked in medical terms to each other and I didnít catch much of what was said except for, "A high probability of complications and irreversible damage" which I translated to mean the neck could be a major problem.

I noticed Jack spent a lot of time looking at Kathy and Sandy, particularly in the chest area. Kathy was wearing a light nightgown, which didnít conceal her double pierced nipples very well. Sandy was wearing a western style shirt but the nipple stretchers made a bulge that was plain to see. I waited to see if he was going to say something about it but he didnít although he seemed distracted which could be in preparation for the next procedure.

It was almost an hour before the nurses came and reported that the incision was closed and bandaged. They dropped into chairs for a cup of coffee and a break. They had actually spent more time in the operating room than the doctors.

Frank said, "Good job girls, the next session is going to be a long one so rest up a little bit and you might want to grab something to eat."

I offered to call Jacobís and have him deliver a good meal. Jack wanted to know who Jacob was.

"He operates a local restaurant that would likely rate as 4-Star in a large city, you will enjoy whatever you order."

"We have about an hour before we will start again, can he get it here in time?"

"He will, what would you like?"

Everyone gave me their order; I called it in to Jacob personally and requested that it be delivered and a couple good waitresses be sent also and added that they should be attired for a noon lunch.

Fifteen minute later I answered the door to find Willie standing there with a large platter balanced on one hand. Two waitresses were standing behind him with additional platters. They went directly to the dinning room and began to set the table beginning with a white tablecloth and napkins. Barbara brought plates and silverware from the kitchen and soon there was a full dinner for five ready and waiting.

Willie announced that dinner was served and we all moved to the dining room.† Jack was totally surprised -- the table looked as if it was lifted directly from the best restaurant in Paris complete with lighted candles and wine. "I have never seen service such as this and I have been all over the world. How can you simply make a phone call and on such short notice be able to receive such service?"

Frank grinned at him, "It helps if you own the place."

Jack looked at me, "You mean he owns the restaurant?"

"No, I mean that the man on the operating table and this guy own the whole area."

"Area, what area? It was dark when I arrived and from what little I saw it looked like a small suburban community."

"It is much more than that," was Frankís reply.

"Careful Doc, donít say too much," I cautioned him.

Jack looked at me, "Why not, what are you trying to hide?"

"I will tell you anything you want to know but first I must have your iron clad promises to never divulge what you see or hear while you are here."

He shrugged his shoulders, "Okay, I will keep my mouth shut. Now what is going on?"

Frank picked it up, "The area consists of sixteen square miles. Membership is severely restricted and applicants are screened from every direction, blood tests, physical examinations, even psychological profiles are a part of the program. This actually is a complete city with all the services you would expect. The social rules are completely different however. People are free to live as they choose within the bounds of common sense."

"I donít get it."

"You will tomorrow when you are able to see the full program."

"Interesting but now it is time to continue," he said as he stood up.

I wasnít allowed in the operating room so I donít know exactly what they did but it took until nine oíclock the next morning. Kathy had long since been put in bed and Sandy was asleep on the couch in the living room. I was dozing in a big overstuffed chair when they all reappeared.

Jack gave a quick report, "We have done all that we can for the time being. I think we have corrected the problems but only time will tell. He is recovering nicely and should be awake by tonight. Now where can I crash?"

Sandy was awake by now and showed him to the spare bedroom. When she returned Cora explained what to watch for on the monitors and emphasized that if any of them changed to wake Jack immediately.

Frank and Cora were dead tired and left to get some sleep. Barbara said, "Good Night or is it Good Morning?"† And then she slipped into her room and shut the door.

Sandy made a pot of coffee and we sat at the dinning room table and tried to get awake. I stayed with her for a couple hours to make sure she was really awake before heading to the house for a few hours sleep leaving her with instructions to call me if anything at all happened.

The phone was ringing and no matter how hard I tried to ignore it the noise continued. I finally was conscious enough to pick it up and growl something at it. It was Jack, he was hungry and waiting for the tour he had been promised. I asked how Klaus was doing. He just said, "Fine."

I showered and dressed quickly and was there in twenty minutes. He met me as I pulled up and he hopped into the van.

I asked what he would like to eat, "After that meal last night I think I would just like a hamburger." I drove through the central plaza slowly to give him an opportunity to look around. I pointed out Jacobís to him and continued to the main gate and the little hamburger shop on the Nilla side of the wall.

A quick meal and he wanted to see everything. I checked the clock on the dash; it was four thirty, an hour and a half before the curfew ended. I drove around the outer perimeter slowly and then the inner perimeter where all the major construction was going on. The new City Hall was taking shape and the field of solar panels caught his interest. Several buildings were under construction that were destined to be fabrication and repair shops.

We passed what appeared to be a lumberyard but I explained it was just material that was being acquired for the construction of more homes. We finally were on the east side and driving by my new home that was nearly finished. The security wall got his attention and he wondered what was inside. I drove through the gate fully expecting Jim to come running.

As I drove around the last sweeping curve in the driveway the house was in full view. Jack whistled and said; "Now that is a house!" I didnít say anything but expected his next question. "I wonder who owns it?"

As I completed the turn around the circular driveway and was leaving the house behind I simply said, "Me."

As I returned to the road he wanted to see the next house also. I entered that driveway and waited to see what he had to say about this house. I stopped the van as we made the last turn and had a full view of the front of the building. He just stared and never said a work for a full two minutes.

"I suppose this one belongs to Klaus?"

"Yep, him and Kathy."

I drove by the farmhouse where Sandy and I were staying and pointed it out to him. A little further down that road there were tractors plowing the fields for spring planting. I continued to drive through one area after another and finally ended up back where we started.

Sandy and Barbara were both up and chatting with Kathy. Jack checked on Klaus and joined us to report that all was well so far.

Sandy was making noises that indicated she thought it was time to eat. I ignored her for a few minutes as I asked Kathy how she was doing. Her spirits were higher than they had been since she had returned from Paris and started asking about something to eat also.

I asked Jack if she was strong enough yet to go out to dinner. He shrugged, "I donít see why not."

This was going to be interesting; Jack had no idea what was coming but it was now eight oíclock and Jacobís would be full of people.

Sandy helped Kathy put on a skirt and used one of Klausís shirts as a top to cover her arm cast. Jack looked suspiciously at this arrangement but didnít say anything.

I helped Kathy into the front passenger seat of the van, as it was easier to get to than the center seats, Jack and Sandy sat in the center seats as I drove slowly as I knew from experience how sensitive broken ribs could be.

I called ahead to warn Jacob that we were bringing Kathy with us and gave him an ETA.

When I pulled into the handicapped parking space Jack looked surprised but again kept quiet; I felt that would soon change. I helped Kathy get out and then said, "Girls, itís time."

Without hesitation Kathy slipped the shirt off of her shoulders and put it on the seat of the van. Sandy was wearing a shirt with snaps so just one quick pull and it was open, she laid it on the seat also. Jack was standing there with his mouth open.

I finally asked, "Are you coming?"

A chorus of cheers and applause that surprised even me met her. Jack stopped dead in his tracks and just looked around. There were over a hundred people all standing and applauding, and right in the front were Connie, Michael, Brenda, and Bob. Connie rushed over to give Kathy a hug and said, "Welcome back."

Jack couldnít take his eyes off of her, as she stood there totally naked with her tattoos and jewelry in plain sight. Thankfully Jacob cleared a path for us to go to a table in one of the alcoves.

Jack just couldnít hold out any longer, "What the hell kind of a place is this?"

"Just the kind of place that was described to you where people can live their lives as they want as long as they donít harm anyone."

The waiter, Willie arrived and took our drinks order; Jack couldnít take his eyes off his decorated cock. Jacob stopped by to say he was glad to see her and again. Jack had a problem with the cock cage he was wearing.

The waitress that was serving the table across the aisle from us was naked and was displaying her pierced nipples and vertical hood piercing plus her butt plug was highly visible as she leaned over to position some of the plates.

Paul and Tammy stopped by also. Tammy was wearing an evening gown with cutouts for her pierced nipples and her bare butt was a bright pink from a recent spanking.

Our meal was delivered and expertly served by Willie.

Jack spent much of his time looking at all the different people in the room instead of eating so that it was a long time before Willie was able to clear the table and bring the coffee.

Bill and Cora stopped by also; she was topless which seemed to surprise Jack; I thought he had noticed this shortly after arriving. Bill made a point of thanking me for the bonus. I introduced him to Jack and brought him up to date on Klausí condition.

Jack wanted to know, "Do all the women have pierced nipples?"

"No, but most of them have some type of decoration so that they can show them if itís nothing more than a loop to support a small chain."

He thought about that for a few seconds. "Some of them are completely nude, is there some kind of requirement for that?"

"No, that is their choice; the only requirement is that all submissives display any modifications whether that is a piercing or a tattoo or something else and then only when the curfew is not in effect."

"I thought you said this was a free society? Why is there a curfew?"

"There are many contractors and workmen who are needed for various projects so there is a curfew from six in the morning to six at night during the week to prevent them from knowing what this place is really for. Hopefully we will be able to lift it before summer."

He laughed, "I can just see a naked cop pulling me over for wearing clothes."

"That wonít happen but I like the thought," I replied.

Everyone laughed at that and Kathy had to hold her sore ribs.

"We need to get out of here as we are taking up space. As you can see there are people waiting to be seated."

I wrote in a tip for Willie on the tab before we made our way slowly to the exit. Kathy was feeling the effects of her injuries and was tiring quickly.

We got Kathy in bed as soon as possible and Barbara gave her a pain pill that would also help her sleep.

I asked Jack, "When will you be leaving?"

"In a few days; I need to be close by in case there is a problem with Klaus."

I stopped in to see how Klaus was doing; it wasnít a pretty sight. There was a cast on his ankle, a large bandaged area on his ribs, his head had been shaved and there was a bandage covering most of the left side of it. His neck was in a metal support to prevent movement and traction was applied also. Barbara was sitting in a chair reading a book and reported that he was doing fine so far as recovering from the surgeries was concerned.

When I spoke to him I saw the right eyelid flutter. I asked if the pain meds were adequate and received another flutter. Just to cross check I asked if he needed more, two flutters and what sounded like a grunt.

I told Jack what I had learned but he said it was just a reaction to the sound of a voice. I explained that it was answers to questions and he had said he was hurting.

Jack had to see for himself and after determining the pain was from the ribs he told Barbara to start the pain meds again.

Sandy and I returned home and didnít waste any time getting to bed.