The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 4

Thursday was another gloomy day but my attitude was much better than it had been, a lot of pressure had been relieved.

I had my normal cup of coffee in hand as I went to my office to check for any messages. The U.S. Consul in Paris wanted to know where Klaus and Kathy were. I replied, "In a secure location," and refused to go into detail.

A message from Paul stated that we now had controlling interest in the construction company.

A message from Carl stated that he had given notice at the collage and wanted to know if there was a vacant house available.

Jeff wanted to talk to me also; I gave him a call and set up a meeting for ten.

I spent some time putting together several groups of documents that I segregated and enclosed in manila envelopes and scribbled names on each of them.

I got dressed and headed for the meeting with Jeff at his store. I discovered Jan and Patrick (normally know as Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb) were there also. As Jeff was in the witness protection program they were his government-supplied bodyguards.

Jeff was in his office doing some kind of paperwork when I knocked and entered. He offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted.

He grinned, "The FBI is still tracking what they think is the ambulance. It is in the middle of Tennessee right now and still headed east. They donít have a good visual, as that motor home is about the same size as the ambulance and hard to distinguish the difference from the satellite photos. They are beginning to suspect something though as those two people were not in a condition that would permit this much time in an ambulance."

"They were trying to do this on the cheap and only had two chase cars at the hospital and you effectively took them out of the picture when you slugged the two Russians. There will be some personnel reassigned over this. They are absolutely furious that a group of amateurs have made fools out of them."

He continued, "The main reason I wanted to talk to you is about security. Sooner or later something will leak and we will have visitors. What sort of security do you have on your phone lines?"

"Iím not sure as Klaus set it up. I think they pass through six relays that cover the entire country. Each relay has a scrambler and changes the code as it is sent to the next one. He said it is untraceable."

"If that is the system then he is right. I have four relays on mine and it is secure. Now what about the computers?"

"All computers in the compound are supplied by the same master cable and it is also scrambled with several firewalls and relays through out the world, it cannot be traced either. The only weak link is if someone from here sets up an independent satellite system and I am watching for that."

He seemed satisfied as far as it went; "We need to get a detection system in place for any stray signals that may show up." I agreed and made a note to see what was available.

I also had a couple things to talk about, "When are your two shadows going to comply with the theme of this place or are they going to be leaving?"

"They keep stalling. Jan has decided she wants to stay but Patrick is wishy-washy about it, hot one day and cold the next, I feel he needs to go."

"Jeff, we need you as a part of our management team, how about joining us for real?"

"I would like that but I need this store to make a living which would limit my available time. I wasnít able to recover any of my assets before this protection program took effect"

"I will find someone to operate the store plus there will be a salary involved."

"Sounds good but I still need to keep a very low profile."

I welcomed him aboard and told him to attend the management meeting Friday evening in the small auditorium under the City Hall.

I returned home to find a message from Frank, he had met Barbara and they had discussed old times for a couple hours. He had filled her in on the main theme of the city and although she was surprised she didnít object. He was going to take her to dinner tonight and asked me to join them.

Sandy was busily typing on her computer; she had been doing a lot of typing lately. I asked what she was doing, writing a book?

"As a matter of fact, I am. All about what has happened to me since I sent that first e-mail to you."

"Do I get to read it sometime?"

"Maybe, but not right now," she said as she shut her computer off.

I decided that I would take a look at it any way when she was out of the house.

I made out another set of documents and put them with the others. Nothing else was important enough to worry about right now so I took a nap for a couple hours.

When I woke up I found Sandy typing at her computer again and she shut it off as I entered the room.

"Keeping secrets from me?"

"Yep, and donít you dare peek either."

I grinned and she said, "I mean it, donít you dare peek." I knew I would have to see what she was up to.

We got dressed and made a visit to Kathy. She was wide awake and had the head of the bed raised enough to sit up.

"How are you feeling?"

"Much better now that I am home. The nurse cut back on the pain killers enough that I am able to think now."

I left Sandy with her and walked into the next room to see Klaus. He looked terrible. I spoke to him just in case he could hear me. I saw an eyelid move and tried it again and it moved again. This was something that had not been reported. I called Barbara in and asked her about it; it was new to her also.

I talked to him for a couple minutes in generalities explaining that he was home. I suggested that he could answer questions with I eyelid movements with one meaning No and two meaning Yes.

The first question I asked was, "Are you hurting." He wiggled his right eyelid twice. I called Barbara back into the room, "Are you administering any painkillers to him?"

"No, in his condition it wonít have any effect."

"I think it will; he just told me he was hurting. Give him something and letís see if it makes a difference in the answer."

"You didnít get an answer just a nerve spasm."

"Just do it anyway, it canít hurt and may help."

She grumbled and growled but did it.

I talked to him about the progress that was being made for almost twenty minute before I asked, "Did the medication help?" I received a Yes answer.

"Would more be better?" A No answer followed.

He was able to think, just couldnít move yet, I promised the meds would continue and I would check on him every day.

Sandy and Kathy were still chatting as I told Barbara to continue the drugs at the present level and I would check back with her later.

I didnít realize how late it was until Frank and Cora entered. Barbara gave Cora an update on both patients including the eyelid flutter from Klaus and my instructions about his medications. Frank thought for a moment and then agreed with me.

I pulled Sandy away from Kathy and we left for Jacobís. Sandy removed her shirt to meet the evening dress code; I wondered how Barbara would be dressed.

I soon found out. We had hardly sat down when Frank and Barbara joined us. To by surprise she was also topless and displaying a couple O gauge rings through her nipples. She seemed a little uncomfortable about it but didnít blush.

We ordered dinner and enjoyed a cup of coffee until it was delivered. Jeff came in with his two shadows and I invited him to join us. The shadows sat at a nearby table.

Jeff and Barbara seemed to enjoy each otherís conversation and company much more than would be expected. As she was more or less ignoring Frank I kept a conversation going with him and Sandy.

He approved of Kathyís desire to have her piercing redone and said he would talk to Cora about it. Barbara switched her attention to Frank, "Are you sure that is a good idea right now?"

"Sure if that is what she wants. With all the antibiotics and painkillers she is on I donít see a problem."

"What piercings did she have?"

"You need to ask her and Cora as Cora did all of them at one time. Iím sure she will remember."

Barbara was interested in all of the various people and their modifications as the came and went from the restaurant. She commented on a couple of them but soon seemed to accept them as normal. When the meal was completed Frank asked Barbara if she was ready to go.

"I have been out of the social stream for so long that I am enjoying myself. Can we stay a bit longer?"

Frank asked Jeff if he would see her home and he agreed. Frank excused himself with the comment that he was too old for this late night stuff and left.

We continued to chat for a half hour before I ask Sandy if she was ready to go. She agreed and we left Jeff and Barbara to decide their own activities.

I called Cora and told her that we would be parked down the street and she just needed to tell Barbara that she would walk home. When she entered the van she was all giggles, the shadows wanted to stay but Jeff told them to do their job properly and watch the outside of the house.

Frank had also called her and was happy that she had found someone she was interested in; his affair with Barbara had been over for too long.

We dropped Cora at the Dispensary and went home to a soft bed and a good nightís sleep.

I awoke to a room flooded with sunshine; the weather had finally cleared. Sandy was not to be seen so I hit the bathroom and headed for the kitchen and a cup of coffee. She was busily humming as she took a tray of breakfast rolls out of the oven, transferred then to a plate and set them on the table. I poured a cup of coffee and sat down to examine the rolls, they looked good.

"What is the occasion?"

"Today is exactly one year from the first e-mail I sent you." How do females remember all of this trivial stuff?

I grunted, it sounded about right. I tried one of the rolls, pretty good, as I tried to ignore her stare.

"Is that all you have to say about it?"

I pointed at my mouth to indicate it was full and I couldnít talk so she stood there and waited. I stalled as long as I could but finally had to swallow. "What was it you wanted," I asked with an innocent look on my face.

"I asked if that was all you had to say about it."

"Yep, thatís about all. It was just a message from a bored housewife that didnít know what she was starting."

She threw the towel she was holding at me. I grabbed her arm and pulled her down onto my lap and gave her a long kiss. "Is that better?"

"Much, but what do you mean with that Ďdidnít knowí stuff."

"Well, is this what you expected?"

She picked up a roll and stuffed it in my mouth managing to get the icing all over my face, "Men!"

I used the towel to wipe my face and laughed at her. "Letís get dressed and see how Kathy is doing." She nodded and I chased her upstairs watching those nice buns bounce. Did I mention that ... never mind.

Kathy was actually sitting in a chair beside Klaus with tears in her eyes when we arrived. Sandy helped her up and led her back to her bed. Klaus looked the same to me, still a mess but alive. I said hello and his eyelid fluttered. I talked to him about generalities, the weather, dinner at Jacobís, just anything I could think of. Finally I asked if he was up to answering a few questions.

The eyelid fluttered again. I added a third answer to our little program; three flutters meant "I donít know".

I started with simple questions, "Do you know where you are? Do you know who I am?"

After a couple minutes I got down to business, "Do you know who sabotaged your plane?" Two flutters. Was it the French?" Two flutter again.

"Were the Russians involved?" Again the answer was "Yes". "Were they working together?" Another Yes. "Was anyone else involved?" One flutter and then three flutters. I took that as, "I donít think so."

I recounted the events that had brought him home. When I told him we had two Russians in custody he gave a series of yes answers. When I mention they were both in the hospital he gave another series of yeses and there was a gasping sound.

I checked the monitors and all the readings were good. I called Barbara into the room. I quizzed her about the breathing tube and if it was really needed.

"It was there when they brought him in and no one indicated it should be removed."

I asked Klaus, "Do you think you could breathe without the tube?" He blinked a yes answer.

I asked Barbara, "If you remove the tube would you be able to put it back if needed?"

"Of course."

"Then remove it and letís see what happens."

She slowly removed the tube and there was no change in his breathing.

I asked if that was better, a quick yes was answered.

For someone who was supposed to be in a coma he sure was giving some accurate answers.

I asked if the pain medication was working and I got a yes from the eye and a grunt; the first sound he had made since the crash.

I had to tease a little bit, "We are going to teach you to talk again but without the accent this time." Another grunt. At least he heard me.

I interrupted Sandyís conversation with Kathy and we left. As soon as we were in the van I called Frank to discuss what I had discovered. He was interested but not surprised. I asked him to give Klaus a full examination including x-rays. If there was something the other doctors had missed I wanted it found.

We returned to the house and I downloaded all the month-end reports the managers had sent.

I studied them word by word; I didnít want to be caught in an error at the meeting tonight. I made a list of items that I felt needed clarification and a second list of problems that needed attention.

Sandy brought me a sandwich at lunchtime and I continued to study the reports until it was time for dinner.

A quick meal at Jacobís and we moved on to the auditorium for the management meeting. The room had been set up for a conference with a large table in the center.

Jeff and his two shadows were already there as his shop was only a few steps away. I quickly told him to have them guard the doors, from the outside; what we were going to discuss was none of their business. He grinned at that but complied.

He gave me a quick update on the search that was in progress to locate Klaus. The FBI had finally determined the vehicle they had been tracking was a decoy. They were now frantically searching every hospital and nursing home within five hundred miles of Dallas. He was almost chuckling as he detailed the panicky phone calls he had received.

The room was filling as the time for the meeting to start drew closer. The last to arrive were Carl, Joan and Jerry who had to drive from the collage.

I opened the meeting with a recap of all the reports that had been submitted, and then asked for comments and questions.

The most interesting subject was the electrical power situation, the first section of solar panels were due to go on line Monday with additional sections to become operational every week or so. As the discussions ended I picked up one of the manila envelopes, "I have one of these for almost everyone in the room. As I pass them out please do not open them until I tell you to. As the first member of our team I wish to present this first envelope to Paul."

I handed the envelope to Sandy and she dutifully delivered it.

"As the second member to join out group Bill will receive the second envelope."

I continued until all the envelopes were distributed. "Gentlemen and Ladies you may now open them. Please read the cover letter first"

As they read I got ready for a barrage of questions. "Each of you who has received an envelope is now financially independent. I donít want my managers worrying about personal finances. Arrangements have been made to provide each of you with a substantial income that will not appear on any documents."

Joan was the first to comment, "How can this be?"

"The funds are scattered all over the world, none of them are within this country. You will receive the interest on these investments as a cash disbursement each month from the Accounting Office that you are going to set up. Should a larger amount be needed for any purpose it will arrive with the next disbursement. Incidentally, all management salaries will stop with the first disbursement which will be on April first."

Robert asked, "What is the total value of the investments?"

"The totals are shown on the last page and vary by a few thousand dollars. This is not an indication of worth to the group but rather a reflection of the timing when the accounts were set up."

There was a lot of paper shuffling and total silence as the amounts were read. Then everyone tried to talk all at once.

It took a long time to reassure everyone that the numbers were real and the money was theirs to do with as they saw fit as long as they remained in the group.

As a final caution I asked that they be frugal for a few months so as not to draw attention to the area.

"Jim has several hundred house plans available, pick out the one you want during the next few months and we will build it for you. The rent will be the same as before, one percent of the total value per month."

I closed the meeting before any further questions could be asked. As Sandy and I were attempting to leave Robert asked, "With all this money floating around are you going to buy a new van?" It was a good thing he was a cop; he would never make it as a comedian.

Jim, Robert and Paul asked if a party was in order, sure. They hurried out to find their wives and we would all meet at the house.

Sandy set out some chips and dip; and made a fresh pot of coffee before Robert and Susan arrived closely followed by Jim and Lucy. The girls decided to fix a few snacks as the meeting had lasted far longer that expected.

Jim, Robert and I went to the living room to relax for a few minutes. Jim was full of questions about the construction company, as I had mentioned it only in passing.

I filled him in, "We now own controlling interest in it. A board meeting is scheduled for Monday where you will be voted in as President and the current president will become the vice president and CEO. The company will continue to operate as usual with the exception that you will have the ability to pull any people you need away from the general operation. All billing to us will be at cost while the rest of the companyís activities will continue to be profitable. Incidentally, your pay from the company will stop at the end of the month."

Jim nodded, "Sounds good to me. Iíll have a survey crew here by Monday afternoon. I will also hire as many new men as I can get to rush some of the projects."

My cell phone rang and I checked the caller ID to discover it was Paul. He asked if it would be possible to bring Doug and Nancy along. Sure, no problem. Then he asked if another couple could also attend.

"Who are they," I asked.

"A couple Doug invited here. Jerry has cleared them for membership but they havenít signed the papers yet."

I thought about it for a couple seconds, "Have them sign up and bring them along."

A few young people would improve the scenery and help to diversify the interests. I was also curious about what Doug may have done about a PA since our last little chat.

They arrived about ten minutes later. The new couple was Tom and Cindy. Tom was a pleasant kid about five feet eight inches tall and well built. Cindy was a pretty red head about the same size as Nancy with a cute smile and smooth clear skin and none of the freckles so common with her coloration.

We chatted for a couple minutes and I discovered they were interested in the life style but had never played in the open before. I always enjoyed the different reactions people had when it came time to remove the clothing and this was no exception.

I called Sandy in and asked if they were about done fussing around in the kitchen. She answered that they were done for now, but would have to check on things later.

"Then it must be party time."

She grinned knowing what I wanted; she removed her shirt and folded it neatly putting it on the coffee table; her pants soon followed. Nancy did the same and looked at Cindy who was trying to look disinterested.

I stood up and removed my shirt and pants also. The rest of the guys did the same including Tom. By now everyone was naked except Cindy; Tom walked over to her and asked is she needed some help. Her face turned red as he reached for the buttons on her blouse. He kissed her and whispered something in her ear; she nodded and began to remove the blouse. He kissed her again as she unfastened her skirt and let it drop. Nancy moved over to her and said, "Good for you, now lets go to the playroom," as she took her hand and led her to the basement.

Paul and I decided to sit out the first round, as there was not enough equipment for everyone to play at the same time. Tom and Doug decided to wait and see also.

Jim led Lucy to the treadmill right away. Robert had Susan lay on her stomach on the padded table and tied her to the four corners with her head over the top end. Tom was trying to watch both areas at the same time and still help Cindy get used to being naked.

Doug managed to sit next to me and soon wanted to talk about my PA. "It looks bigger than I remembered." I told him I had changed to a four gauge.

He looked a little sheepish, "I got mine done also." I honestly hadnít noticed but this was a good excuse to look. Yep he had a PA but it was a curved barbell instead of a ring. "Nancy thought a ring would be too much to handle."

With the size of his cock I could understand her feelings, that thing was a real monster. The barbell had half inch balls on it and it still looked undersized for his cock.

"What does Nancy think of it?"

"She loves it, especially doggy style."

Jim had Lucy strapped in the safety harness and the walking dildo installed so he started the treadmill as he popped her on the ass cheeks with a crop. She jumped with the first stroke of the crop but settled down to a slow walk as the treadmill came to life. In just three minute she began to stumble.

Robert was methodically flogging Susanís back and ass with her ass receiving most of the attention. He would stop after every ten strokes to massage the target areas then pick a new target and begin again. He moved to the top of the table and tapped her lips with the PA ring in his cock. She opened wide as he slowly inserted his cock in her mouth.

Lucy was now hanging limp in the safety harness. Jim popped both of her nipples repeatedly with the crop, which only seemed to increase her inability to stand. Her first orgasm was multiplying from the nipple whipping.

The examination table was not in use so I led Sandy over to it and secured her with her legs held high and widely separated. Her pussy and ass hole were well displayed and available. I started slowly to awaken her sensitivity with a feather I used to tickle her pierced and stretched nipples. She was soon moaning and trying to arch up in an effort to increase the sensations. I moved to her belly button and she was soon squealing and squirming.

I began to run the feather up and down her inner thighs as she twitched and moaned. A light touch to her pussy lips elicited another squeal. As I moved the feather over her clit she screamed so I did it again, several times and she exploded into her first orgasm. I continued to tease her clit as her orgasm built to intolerable levels and she passed out.

Lucy was now unable to even speak as Jim removed her from the harness and the walking dildo.

Robert noticed this and unfastened Susan to provide the table for Jim to lay her on. He led Susan to the treadmill as Jim carried Lucy to the table.

I returned to my chair at the table to be bombarded with questions from Tom. "I donít know what to do."

"What do you normally do?"

"I just lay her on the bed and spank her ass until it is a nice pink."

I pointed at the whipping bench, "Why donít you try that?"

"What if she doesnít like it?"

I explained the safe word color code to both of them and she agreed to try it, anything was better than just sitting there.

He soon had her properly bent over and tied with her cute butt ready for attention. He picked up a light flogger and examined it then put it down and began spanking her ass with his bare hand. A dozen smacks and she was squealing with each one. He again picked up the flogger and gave her several light strokes with no response. He increased the force until she squealed again. He continued at that level for at least thirty strokes before he moved to the front of the bench and offered his cock to her mouth. She eagerly wrapped her lips around it as he began to pump. She soon had the whole cock in her mouth as he continued to flog her ass cheeks. She soon became frantic in her efforts to suck him dry as they both reach an orgasm at the same time.

Susan was staggering as Robert continued his attack on her ass with the crop. She soon was hanging limply in the harness. He gave her several minutes to recover before restarting the treadmill and switching his attack to her pierced nipples.

Sandy was beginning to move a little so I returned to her and sucked the tips of her nipples until she was able to moan a little. I moved to the end of the table and ran my tongue over her pussy lips until she started to respond properly. I used the feather to tickle her ass hole as I circled it several time as she frantically tried to avoid it. She was squealing now and saying "No, no, no," which was not the correct word to get me to stop.

I bent over and sucked her clit into my mouth and began to flick it as fast as my tongue would go. She had one orgasm after another until she finally became silent as she entered sub space. I picked up a rubber band from the tool tray at the side of the table and snapped it against her ass hole; she jumped, the third snap resulted in a gigantic orgasm overtaking her.

I entered her and began to slowly pump in and out of her pussy as she moaned in her continuing orgasm. Her pussy was pulsing on my cock and I soon came also.

I lowered her legs and left her to rest and recover as I returned to the table to join Doug and Nancy. Doug was watching the treadmill and decided that Nancy needed some time on it also and was waiting until Robert had finished with Susan.

Within ten minutes Susan collapsed and Robert carried her to an empty table and secured her wrists and ankles in as much of a spread eagle position as possible. Doug quickly reached for Nancyís hand and led her to the treadmill. Soon he had her ready for a little walking.

This was new to Nancy and she showed surprise as she took her first couple of steps. The treadmill was set a little too fast so I ambled over to Doug and suggested he might want to slow it down a little bit. He changed it to the slowest setting at one mile per hour. She began to stagger and I asked Doug if he wanted her to cum of if he wanted to tease her a little first. He decided teasing would be more fun.

"Then you need to stop the machine and do something different for a few minutes."

"What should I do?"

"You know what she likes and dislikes, pick something that she likes and do it; such as pat her on the ass or suck her nipples, anything to break her concentration."

He began to suck her nipples and rub her ass at the same time. I motioned for him to smack her ass cheeks a couple times and then continue to rub them. He did it and she soon was pressing her breasts against his face. He grinned and turned the machine on again. Now he realized the potential that could be achieved.

I returned to Sandy and helped her off of the table and to the bathroom for a shower. When we returned Doug was still teasing Nancy on the treadmill. Paul and Tammy were sitting at the table chatting with each other. Jim was still bringing Lucy up to the threshold of an orgasm then letting it die down. Tom and Cindy went to the bathroom as soon as I came out. Robert was still working on Susan as she achieved one orgasm after another.

Paul was watching Doug and Nancy with almost parental concern; after all she was his niece. Tammy was a little nervous about the treadmill but had agreed to try it if Paul insisted. Sandy told her it was nothing to be afraid of and to relax and enjoy it.

There was an ear piercing scream that filled the entire basement area. I looked around to see where it came from and discovered it had come from Nancy. Doug had teased her to the point of no return and she had experienced an earth shattering orgasm. She now hung limp in the safety harness as Doug frantically tried to wake her up.

I ambled over to him and suggested that he should remove all the equipment and let her lie down for a few minutes. He quickly unhooked everything and carried her to the bedroom.

As I walked back to the table Tom and Cindy left the bathroom and walked toward to the table also. They were slightly ahead of me so I watched her cute, bright pink butt as she walked. Did I mention... yea I think I did.

She sat down slowly then discovered she wasnít really injured and relaxed. Tom sat next to her and held her hand.

Paul took Tammyís hand and asked, "Ready?"

She giggled nervously, "No, but you are going to do it to me anyway," as she stood up and followed him. As he was securing the walking dildo in the proper position Doug and Nancy left the bedroom to enter the shower.

Robert saw them leave the bedroom, picked Susan up and carried her there.

Jim was done teasing Lucy and had slid her to the foot of the table where he could enter her from a standing position. He made long slow strokes for several minutes until she moaned again and he increased the pace as he came also. He used a handy towel to wipe himself dry and came to the table and opened a coke. "I love that treadmill almost as much as she does," he proclaimed.

"What is so great about the treadmill," Tom asked.

Jim laughed, "You need to try it and then you will know."

Cindy was shaking her head so Tom nodded his; this went on and on but apparently Tom won as he led her away from the table. Jim and I both watched her cute butt as they walked away.

Paul was removing the equipment from Tammy, as she was no longer able to stand on her own. He half carried her to the examination table with one arm over his shoulders. He helped her into position on the table and secured her with her legs wide and high then joined us at the table as he gave her a few minutes to recover.

Tom soon had Cindy ready for a little walking exercise. As the treadmill started she began saying, "No, no, no, no." After a couple minutes it changed to "oh, oh, oh," with an ever increasing volume and ended in a scream as she orgasmed. Tom stopped the machine and hugged her as he pinched her nipples. He started the machine again as soon as she was able to say "Wow".

I excused myself and went up to the kitchen to make another pot of coffee. When I returned I found everyone sitting at the table. The guys were all in a good mood, cracking jokes and laughing while the girls all looked a little dopey. I poured coffee for everyone but me before the pot went empty again. Back up to the kitchen to make more coffee.

When I returned this time I brought two pots with me expecting the cups to be empty again, they were. Robert just couldnít help himself, "You make a fine waitress, Iíll put in a good word with Jacob and maybe he will put you to work full time." I was very tempted to "accidentally" spill some hot coffee on his now soft cock. He suspected what I was thinking and quickly decided he had to go to the john.

Jim and Paul were enjoying a good laugh about it while Doug and Tom didnít know whether it was safe to laugh or not. The girls were all giggling by now and Sandy said she thought that might be a good idea just to give me something to do. Susan thought I would look cute with a nice pink ribbon tied in a bow on my cock, very funny; a whole table full of comedians.

By the time Robert returned to the table the joke had died a well deserved death. Sandy broke the silence by asking Doug when he received his piercing. He blushed a little but was able to answer with out stuttering, "Right after the last football game, a couple months ago." Susan added that it looked nice and asked Nancy what she thought of it.

"I love it so far but we havenít been able to use it much until just the last week or so."

I noticed Cindy was trying to get a good look at it without being obvious about it. Nancy noticed this, of course and asked if she wanted a close look. Cindy became embarrassed and shook her head.

Tom came to her defense, "This is the first time we have played with anyone else and neither of us have ever seen a PA before. This is all new to us."

"I love the appearance of Robertís PA and it feels good too." Nancy said she liked it also which caused Cindy and Tom to look surprised.

Tom asked Nancy, "You mean you like the way it looks?"

"Sure, and the way it feels too."

Tom was almost speechless for a moment, "You have tried it?"

"Yes, and it was fun, of course it was a lot different than Doug," Nancy answered with a giggle.

Cindy was following the exchange very closely and without thinking blurted out, "I donít know how anyone could handle Doug, that thing is even bigger that the rumors at school say it is." She turned bright red and gasped as she realized what she had said.

Now there were two guys upset, Robert because his cock wasnít as big as Dougís monster and Doug because his was too big. Both of them were too sensitive about size as far as I was concerned.

To relieve the situation I said, "Letís change the subject, this poor little thing of mine if getting an inferiority complex and trying to hide."

This got a laugh from everyone and Sandy just had to say, "Thatís okay, Iíll blow him back up for you."

Nancy came to Dougís defense. "It may be big but he is so nice and gentle it does just fine. In fact I have decided to make it mine forever."

Doug smiled at this statement, "Itís about time you made a decision."

I looked at Doug and he was beaming, "Do I here the sound of wedding bells in this conversation?"

"You sure do," was Dougís quick reply.

I stood up and offered him my hand, which was probably a mistake as it felt like he broke several bones with his grip. The other guys all congratulated him while the girls were all trying to hug Nancy at the same time.

Sandy finally asked the big question, "Have you set a date yet?"

"Nothing solid yet. It will be after he graduates and finds a job."

I smiled, "I think I can find a job for him working with Carl if he wants it."

Nancy ran over and hugged me, "Do we get a new house too?"

"Sure but it may have to be in the newer section if you are planning on any little Dougs or Nancys."

"Well, we are but it will be a few years before we do."

I turned to Jim, "Looks like you are going to be busy this spring."

My mind began to look for problems with this. Newlywed kids would not have the money to furnish a new home and I didnít want to see them loaded down with payments for appliances and furniture. I would have to figure a way to ease this situation, as we needed the young couples to help us grow. I would see what could be done.

Somehow the conversation came back to Dougís equipment and all the PAs.† Cindy was finally talking more or less freely which was a big improvement for the shy little girl that had arrived just a few hours ago. She was asking Susan all kinds of questions about piercings and she was passing all of them to me.

She finally asked what it looked like up close. Doug slumped down in his chair and Robert became very busy stirring his coffee even though he hadnít added anything to it. As usual that left me holding the bag.

"Since these other two are being bashful I guess you can examine this little thing of mine if you can find it," I offered.

I stood up and walked over to her, she looked as closely as possible then asked if she could touch it. I wasnít going to turn down any offers like that.

She turned it every way possible then looked up at me, "I like it," then surprised me by kissing the tip. With all the handling and the kiss it was not hard to find now.

I knew what was coming next; any girl that had ever kissed it wanted to try it also. I never quite figured out why that was, maybe the general atmosphere and attitude at the time or the size of my cock. All the books and such say the average size of a cock in the U.S. is between four and a half inches and six and a half inches for someone with my ancestry. Iím really at the top end of that scale but it sure looks little compared to Doug or even Robert. I sometimes wonder how many short wienies there must be to compensate for the ten and twelve inch ones.

Anyway I knew what she was going to ask next; and she didnít disappoint me either.

"May I try it?" was her request.

"I donít mind but you need to check with Sandy and Tom first."

She asked Sandy, "I want to know how that ring feels, do you mind if I try it just once?"

Sandy grinned; she had seen this show before, "No problem, just take it easy on the old man." She was going to pay for that.

Tom was a little more hesitant, "Are you sure you want to do this with all the people that are here?"

Sandy had to speak up, she was acting more like Kathy everyday, "Tom, you realize that if she is going to try his thing out then I get to try yours."

He didnít hesitate after that as his cock began to rise and he told Cindy to go ahead.

She dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck the head taking the ring in her mouth and slowly easing more and more of my cock between her lips. She made it most of the way before she gagged and had to come up for breath for a few moments before mounting another attack. She got a little farther this time, three more tries and she had captured all there was. This gal had a lot more experience that I would have thought.

After a few more head bobs I told her that if she wanted a ride she better stopped soon or it would be a couple hours before I would be ready again. She stood up and I slid my ass to the edge of the chair and leaned back just as I had with Connie and Brenda.

Cindy didnít hesitate; she straddled my leg and moved into position to lower her pussy over my cock. The first contact was uneventful as she accepted the ring and the head without comment. As she continued to descend her eyes got bigger the further she was penetrated. Soon she had her full weight sitting on me and there just wasnít any more cock to be had. I tightened my muscles a couple times and she moaned each time my cock moved.

She slowly rose a few inches and again lowered herself. I reach up to her nice pink nipples and rubbed a finger across the tips a few times before pinching them lightly. She moaned from the sensation so I pinched a little harder. She began to make short up and down movements as I shifted one hand to her clit capturing the free nipple with my lips and teeth. She moaned even louder and dropped back down on me as her orgasm took over.

I tighten and released my muscles several times to keep her orgasm building and it worked, too well. She collapsed and I had to hold her to prevent her falling as I finished the job at hand.

As she lay against my chest I glanced at Sandy and Tom. Sandy was just standing up from giving Tom what must have been a wonderful blowjob as he was still trying to hump as she stood up. She straddled him and quickly sank as far as possible on his cock. She seemed to be just sitting there but from experience I was sure she was doing the muscle thing also. Tom was moaning and trying to hump but Sandyís weight was preventing all but a small amount of movement. She rose up a couple inches and he really got after it then. Sandy was beginning to breathe a little faster and soon had a nice orgasm as Tom moaned and shot his load.

Cindy was coming around and sat back and looked at me with a big grin on her face, "That was nice but she should have warned me what was coming instead of wanting me to be easy on you." She stood up and headed for the shower again.

Sandy was still impaled on Tomís cock as they both came down from a sexual high. They stayed that way until Cindy returned from the shower. Sandy stood up and went to wash up.

Doug had been fascinated by the blowjobs and stated, "I wish they could do that to me." The girls looked at him and then his monster cock and all said, "No way," In unison as if they had practiced it. Well, all the girls but one. Lucy looked at it for a few seconds,

"Iíll give it a try but Iím sure I canít handle all of it."

Doug looked at her in surprise, "Do you mean it, honest?"

She nodded and motioned for him to come over to her. He quickly walked over to her and she reached out and took his limp cock in her hands. Her fingers, although long and slender, could not reach around it completely.

She leaned forward and kissed the tip right on the pee hole and it began to grow at a fantastic rate. It was soon nearly three inches in diameter. Lucy opened her mouth and it was quickly obvious it was not going to fit.

She ducked her head for a second and tried again; this time she managed to get the whole head in her mouth. Apparently she was doing some tongue work because Doug began to breathe like he was running a race. She worked up and down and managed to accept about six inches of that huge cock before she had to stop. She began to bob up and down with her head and Doug soon exploded in her mouth. She just pulled back enough to still have the head between her lips and swallowed all he had to offer.

Doug leaned over and hugged her tight. "You are the first woman to ever be able to do that."

She looked a little different when she smiled for some reason. She ducked her head for a second and when she looked up I saw the same Lucy I expected. "Itís not too hard to do without teeth in the way," She said as she grinned. She explained that she had suffered from a fever as a small child and it had ruined the enamel on her teeth.

Jim was sitting back grinning as he watched her explain. "I donít have to worry about getting bit thatís for sure."

The party was over and people began to leave. The last to go were Paul and the kids he had brought. Doug asked me if I was serious about a job with the community and was overjoyed when I told him it would be waiting for him.

Tom and Cindy thanked me for letting them attend and promised to come again whenever they were invited. I assured them there would be many more parties when I moved into the new house.

As I closed the door behind them I felt the party had been a success although I was a little surprised there hadnít been any comments about the girls that had pierced nipples. I turned to Sandy, "Itís time for this old man to go to bed."

She giggled and ran ahead of me to the stairs; I watched her cute butt as she went up those thirteen steps and wished there were thirty instead, not that I like climbing stairs that well but itís a penalty I would gladly pay to watch a cute butt wiggle for that long.

I woke up to find Sandy had already got up. I made it to the bathroom and a shower before my first cup of coffee, which was unusual. In the kitchen I found the coffee was ready but Sandy wasnít there. There was a note taped to the handle of the coffee pot, I wondered why she would put it there.

Sheíd left to do a little shopping. I glanced at the clock in the microwave, no wonder she was gone, it was after ten.

I poured a cup of coffee and checked for e-mail and voice mail; nothing worthwhile on either of them. I checked the weather; it was currently fifty-five degrees with a high of seventy-nine. Too cool to let my butt hang out until afternoon.

I got dressed and headed over to see Klaus. I wasnít surprised to see Sandyís little red car parked there along with an old Buick I hadnít noticed before but Barbaraís car was missing. As I walked into Kathyís room the first thing I noticed was her double pierced nipple.

I see Cora has been over to see you."

"Yes, arenít they pretty? I got all the others back too." She threw back the sheet that had been covering her. Yep there were back.

I walked into the next room to discover who was driving that old Buick. Frank was busily checking Klaus from head to toe. There was a portable x-ray machine setting in a corner and several pictures beside it on a table.

I just nodded as Frank glanced my way and sat down to watch a real pro at work.

I looked at a couple of the pictures but they didnít tell me anything, just some black and white stuff that didnít seem to mean anything, at least not to me.

Frank finished and wrote some notes on a pad. He motioned me to follow him as he left the room. He led me to the dinning room on the other side of the house from his two patients.

"Okay doc, how bad is it?"

"Itís bad. The reports from Paris are just so much trash. The only thing they show is the obvious stuff such as cuts and bruises, nothing internal. Iíll start from the bottom and work my way up. His left ankle is broken in two places. His right femur is cracked as well as his pelvis. There are seven broken ribs; two of them will require surgery and pining on the right side. There is a skull fracture and concussion but the worst part is the two cracked vertebrae in his neck that are pinching the nerves and causing the paralysis." He continued with the procedures he thought were required.

"Damn, he is really banged up. Can his neck be repaired?"

"I think so but it has been years since I have done anything like that. I donít think I should even try; you need a real expert for this. Any little mistake and he will never improve."

"Who would you recommend?"

"There is a young fellow at Parkland, he canít be over forty but he is very good by the name of Jack Somers."

"Can it be done here"?

"Not an ideal place for it however with the proper equipment it could be done. I would much rather see him in the hospital."

"Frank, I canít tell you why but a hospital is out of the question."

"You donít have to tell me, that report from Paris said it all, someone didnít want him to survive." I just nodded. "Iíll call Jack and get him here today."

As I returned to see Klaus, Cora came in and Frank began giving her a list of equipment and supplies he wanted delivered before dark.

Klaus hadnít really improved from all appearances but I saw that eyelid move when I said hello to him. I asked how the pain meds were holding up and he indicated they were fine.

I went over the list of injuries with him being careful to detail what lay ahead for him. The ankle was rather minor and a realignment of the breaks would be done later in the day with the resulting cast. The cracked bone in his leg would be left to heal, as would the crack in the pelvis.

The ribs were another story, although they had not punctured a lung they were drastically misaligned and had to be corrected.

The skull fracture was slightly indented and would need to be corrected. The brain concussion would most likely subside and the effect would diminish over the next few months.

The neck was the big problem and most likely the cause of the paralysis he was experiencing although the skull fracture was probably contributing also.

I finished with, "That is the whole story, nothing held back. There is a fifty-fifty chance of a complete recovery for you; the same odds apply to your survival. What we do is up to you. Do you wish for us to continue?"

I saw the most determined eyelid flutter I had seen so far. I rephrased the question so that a negative answer was required. Again the answer was to continue.

I explained that there would be two separate procedures probably several days apart depending on his condition. The ankle was not included in the two procedures and would be done as soon as Cora had all the needed supplies ready.

Frank was just leaving as I entered the living room. I walked out with him and asked that he not call the surgeon until I had made arrangements for his transportation. He agreed without asking any questions. As he left Barbara pulled into the driveway.

She motioned for me to come over to her car; she had been grocery shopping and wanted me to carry the stuff inside. I carried three big bags of groceries into the kitchen, told Kathy goodbye and headed over to see Jeff.

He was in his shop and seemed glad to see me. He had news about the two Russians that had been captured. The both wanted to stay in the States, as they would be killed if they returned to Russia after failing in their mission. They were talking and supplying a considerable amount of information about the structure of their organizations.

The FBI was still trying to locate Klaus without success.

I told him about the discoveries Frank had made as he wrote little notes on a tablet. I soon got to the reason for my visit, "I need a helicopter to meet the surgeon at Love Field and bring him here. Preferable a civilian aircraft with a pilot that can keep his mouth shut."

Jeff grinned, "I know just the man for the job; just let me know when."

I called Frank to give him the okay to call the surgeon and set a time for the pick up. He called back five minutes later to report the surgeon would be at the airfield at eight in the evening. I relayed this to Jeff as I kept Frank on the line. Jeff called his man and arranged the time and exact place; I quickly relayed this to Frank.

I didnít feel like dealing with all the people at Jacobís so I drove to a little hamburger joint that had opened on the nilla side near the super market. A double cheeseburger and an order of French fries chased by a coke and I decided to check on the new house.