The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 3

It was nearly noon and everyone decided to leave with a halfhearted suggestion that we all get together at Jacobís for dinner at seven.

I called Robert at home but didnít get an answer so I called the Security Office. Bill answered the phone and we chatted about the arrangements to move Kathy and Klaus home. He was more than willing and would attend the meeting also. I asked him to have Robert call me whenever he saw him.

We had another cup of coffee. I went over the plans with Sandy just to see if she could find a weak link anywhere; she didnít.

Robert called and we discussed the need for two more men. He suggested a couple of his people from the community police force. I asked him to bring them along to the meeting.

We got dressed; it was chilly outside as we headed for Jacobís. Bill and Jeff were already there; Jim arrived as I parked the van. Robert and two other officers entered the conference room before our lunch was on the table. Jeff questioned whether or not Sandy should be there. "She is going to be the extra driver we will need to keep my vehicle from being identified." He shrugged, "That is your part of the plan; handle it any way you wish."

Robert introduced the two officers, Mac Bright and Ron Fullerton. I had noticed Mac and his wife Debby many weeks ago when Sandy and I were just riding around.

Jeff began to give us the background and the details of the plan. An ambulance would move Kathy and Klaus to the military air base outside of Paris where they would be loaded onto a C-130 equipped as a complete trauma center that was supplied by the CIA. It seemed they were very interested in the situation since Russia and to a lesser degree, France were involved.

The plane would be refueled in the air well before it crossed the U.S. coastline. It would be joined by four other similar planes about one hundred miles off shore. They would fly in a "stack" formation. That is, one above the other so as to present only one radar signal. All the transponders would then be changed to broadcast the exact same code.

As the planes separated and went in different directions it would be impossible to determine which one was the original plane. One plane would head towards Florida, another toward D.C., a third towards Nebraska, a forth would land in Arizona. The primary plane would land at an Air National Guard base near Fort Worth.

An ambulance would meet the plane and transport Kathy and Klaus to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. At the hospital they would not be removed from the ambulance but would stay on board as the ambulance left and proceeded East on I-30.

This is where I came into the plan. I would take the five men and Sandy to a car rental agency and rent a van. Sandy would drive that van. My van would be parked in a downtown garage and all of us would join Sandy and proceed to a different rental agency and rent six cars using a credit card for a bogus company in Germany. The card would be good but the company nonexistent. All the drivers would wear transparent latex gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on or in the cars.

Sandy would check into a local motel and wait for us to notify her of the next move. The six cars would be driven to an area near Parkland Hospital with one of them in a position to actually see the ambulances and report anything unusual. This would be Robertís position.

All six cars would play tag with the ambulance and if necessary disable any other vehicles following it. The ambulance would meet up with the ambulance from Memphis under the canopy at the truck stop in Rockwall.

Kathy and Klaus would be moved to the Memphis unit and the original ambulance would continue on to Little Rock, Arkansas before turning around and returning to Fort Worth.

The Memphis ambulance would wait a few minutes and start for Hopeful. The cars would again play tag with it all the way to the compound.†

Jeff felt that was a little much but approved it anyway. He explained that his contacts with the FBI would also be watching the whole thing and to be careful not to take any of them out of the action. He also suggested that we all take walky talky-type cell phones for easier communications.

I asked Bill to make sure Cora had everything in place for their arrival.

There was nothing else we could do at the moment so we split up and went our separate ways.

Sandy and I returned to the house where I contact the ambulance company in Memphis and instructed him on the plan and told him we were a go for sometime Wednesday and gave him very explicit instructions.

I sent a long and involved e-mail to a broker in Hamburg that Klaus had used in the past.††

I then called Barbara Banks, the private nurse who had cared for my wife. She was not pleased at the sudden need for her services. She had been planning on two weeksí notice. When I offered her $1,000.00 a week her attitude mellowed considerable. She would be packed and ready Wednesday afternoon.

Everything was done that could be done. We had time to relax a little bit.

I took Sandy by the hand and led her to the bedroom and asked her to undress. She gave me a questioning look but did as I asked. I took her into the bathroom, removed her butt plug and did a rather complete internal cleaning followed by a shower where we groped and washed each other.

I pulled a nice gown out of her closet and laid it on the bed. As I located her crotch strap she shook her head. I nodded mine and proceeded to get the waist belt.

"Please, not tonight. Iím still a little sore from last night."

"I have to do something for you as I was going to leave the butt plug out. How about if I adjust the nipple stretchers a little bit?"

"I should have known you would come up with something."

I used my evil grin as I began to extend the pretty little gold gadgets; her nipples were responding well to them. There had stretched almost a quarter of an inch since they had been installed. I added a sixteenth of an inch more, which forced them out nice and straight.

She dressed in the gown and shoes only, which had cutouts that displayed her pretty nipples and all the nipple jewelry very nicely.

We arrived at Jacobís to find the place only half full. We selected a large table just in case the others did show up. Soon there were other people arriving and being seated at empty tables as the room began to fill.

Robert and Susan arrived; I waved them over to the table and invited them to join us. By that time Jim and Lucy entered closely followed by Paul and Tammy. Susan was displaying her lovely double pierced nipples and Lucy was showing her nipples for the first time in public. Tammy was proudly displaying her double pierced nipples also.

We had just given our order to a cute little new waitress new; Paul had done his best to confuse her but to no avail, as Connie, Brenda, Michael and Bob arrived. Obviously something had change as both of the guys were wearing ball stretchers as usual but Bobís butt plug was missing, as was the aluminum plate Michael usually wore. The biggest surprise was the way the girls were dressed.

Connie was almost naked because of the major sections of her gown that had been removed to display her nipples with tiny golden figurines tightly clasping them. The entire front of the gown was missing and held in place by a single waistband. Her clean shaven pussy was openly displayed with her clit piercing and a small weight attached. Her large tattoos were also on display.

Brenda was similarly attired displaying her nipple rings connected with a gold chain. Her multiple navel piercings were almost unnoticed as my attention was drawn a little further down. The two flesh tunnels in her labia were filled with small marine-type clevises that were locked together with a monster padlock that must have weighed two pounds.

I gave Bob and Michael a discrete thumbs up as they pulled they chairs back for the girls. This was an almost total switch of positions for them and the girls seemed to be enjoying the change.

Lucy seemed to be the most surprised, "How did this happen, both of you were in total control last night?"

Connie took up the challenge, "After that treadmill thing we thought we might be missing something so we decided to try the other side of the street for a couple weeks just to see what it is like."

Michael grinned. "I kinda like it this way and have been thinking about making it permanent." Connie gasped and Bob said, "Right on!" For once Brenda didnít have anything to say, she was busy trying to find a comfortable, or at least less irritating, position on the chair.

There was a chorus of giggles and laughs punctuated with an "I donít think so," from Brenda who was still squirming around on the chair.

The meal was completed with a lot of small talk and innuendo about the impromptu use of the treadmill earlier in the day. Connie and Brenda didnít have much to say about it except that they were going to get one for their playroom also, which was greeted with more laughter. I suggested that it was even more effective if a butt plug was installed also. Everyone agreed except two very red-faced girls.

The waitress brought the check and as I signed it I asked her to stand up straight so we could see her lovely tattoos. Her stomach was covered with a lovely picture of a girl drawing water from a well; her navel was artfully displayed as the well. A small heart outline was on her freshly shaven mound with two set of initials enclosed. The lower tip of the heart terminated at the upper ball of her vertical hood piercing.

As she turned around I saw that her back was an ocean panorama with two dolphins leaping out of the water in the foreground and a small island in the distance.

As she turned back to face me I looked at her breasts. Both were heavily tattooed, the left with a picture of Aquarius that was beautifully done so that her nipple became the spout for the water pitcher that she carried. The right breast was still a little red-looking from the fresh work that had Scorpio clamping a claw around the nipple.

When she notice where my gaze was focused she explained, "My sign is Aquarius and my Master is a Scorpio."† I asked her what she was going to have done on her nice smooth ass cheeks but she wasnít sure what to do there yet but was thinking about it.

I noticed Connie was looking at her very closely also. I added a twenty dollar extra tip to the tab just because she was so beautifully decorated.

We said our good byes and headed home; it had been a good day with much accomplished but there was one more item that needed attention.

As we were undressing I slipped behind her reaching around to her nipples. I gentle rubbed the tips for a couple minutes as she leaned back against me. Her bare ass was pressing against my cock and soon it was looking for a place to enter. We moved to the bed as I began to suck on a nipple tip, teasing it with my tongue. I ran a hand over her pussy which was soaking wet but she flinched a little, "You did too good a job last night; Iím still a little sore."

"Thatís okay, there are still a couple places I can put it," I replied as I rolled over onto my back with my cock standing straight up. She took the hint moving into position for a long slow blowjob.

She played with my four gauge horseshoe PA with her tongue moving it from side to side as she licked up the pre cum that was appearing. Slowly, little by little she worked farther down the shaft until she had accepted the full length. She slowly began to withdraw only to swallow it again. After a few of these strokes I was trying very hard, no pun intended, to hold back my ejaculation but my control was beginning to slip. As she again reached the bottom of my shaft I held her head tight against my groin for a full two minutes to let the sensations subside a little.

I rolled her onto her stomach, gave her ass hole a good squirt of KY massaging it into the hole with a finger as she pushed up to meet the small intruder. I smacked her ass cheeks with my open hand as I wiggled a second finger into her now slippery opening.

I withdrew the fingers and moved between her wide-spread legs slowly applying pressure to her rear opening with the head of my cock. It opened slowly accepting my cock and the PA. I continued to press and my cock was soon totally inserted. I asked her to close her legs, one at a time as I raised my legs. Now I was imbedded in her ass, her legs were tight together with my legs on the outer sides of hers.

Her ass cheeks were pressed together and her ass hole was unable to expand, a nice tight fit. I began to slowly stroke in and out as I reached her nipples and began to move the nipple stretchers as she moaned from the sensations. She raised her chest up enough to permit more movement of the stretchers so I twisted them slightly. She gasped and shoved her ass up as much as she could as I pushed against her.

I would stop for a couple minutes as I manipulated the nipple stretchers and listened to her moans and sighs, then continued for a few more strokes. Finally my control was all but gone and I exploded in her ass as I twisted the stretchers hard. She screamed and suddenly became silent as she entered sub space. I rolled her onto her side keeping my cock in her ass, I kissed the back of her neck and we drifted into a deep sleep.

Monday dawned as a gray, overcast day. By the time I had made a pot of coffee and went to my office it was raining lightly and the temperature was dropping like a rock. By ten it was below freezing and the rain was becoming sleet. I check the weather forecast on the net; the high for the day had been established at one A. M. and the low was predicted to be twenty degrees with winds up to thirty miles per hour from the north. Just a wonderful start for the week; the locals had a name for it; a Blue Norther.

Regardless of the weather I had things to do. I called Jeff and set up a meeting here at the house for one oíclock, this was the most secure place I could think of to discuss the plans. The next call was to Bill telling him of the meeting and asking him to contact the others.

The broker in Germany was contacted and all instructions were clarified as needed without a problem; I was sure glad that English was the preferred language for business.

Another cup of coffee and I made a trip to the dispensary to see Cora. She was grumbling about the weather and the failure of the heating system to keep up with the plummeting temperature. She was also on the phone arranging for additional supplies for the house Kathy and Klaus would be staying in; everything from groceries to painkillers.

As she hung up the phone she said, "Hi, I suppose you want something also," which was more of a statement than a question,

"Sure do. I want you to tell me that the house is ready and there will not be any problems."

"Wish I could, itís going to be the end of the week before some of the special equipment can be delivered. There is a blizzard in the northeast and transportation is at a standstill; nothing is moving."

"What equipment is that?"

"The biggest item is the special bed needed for Klaus. Itís coming out of Connecticut."

"Have you tried to borrow one from the local hospitals or even from Dallas?"

"Yes, no luck there. All I can do is to move the one that is here to the house but that will leave me in bad shape if there is a serious accident in the next few days."

"Wait until Wednesday morning to move it; that will minimize the exposure as much as possible. Borrow anything else you think will be needed from the paramedics, I know they will scream bloody murder but we have to have it."

She nodded and knowing Cora she would get it done.

As I was leaving I check in at the security office, Bill was on the phone and Jim was there having a cup of coffee. I suggested it would be a good idea to send a man around to all the vacant houses to be sure the heat was turned on and set high enough to prevent frozen pipes.

"Already done, Boss."

"Stop that Boss shit."

"All right you old fart."

"Mister Old Fart to you." We both laughed as Bill hung up the phone.

He had some bad news. "Robert was called in to the sheriffís department as a reserve and is working an accident on the other side of the county. There is a big pile up involving a couple dozen vehicles including 18 wheelers and a tour bus full of old women. Itís going to be hours before he can get here."

"We will just have to live with it. I feel itís important for him to stay in close contact with the sheriff."

Back to the house to find Sandy had prepared a roast for dinner. I wanted to know what the occasion was as she seldom cooked anything if she could avoid it.

"The weather is too nasty to go to Jacobís and I was hungry for a nice pot roast, itís not on the menu at the restaurant."

I hugged her, got a cup of coffee and went to my office to check the e-mail: nothing new, just a bunch of Spam. The latest weather reports and forecasts were not good; this stuff was going to be with us until the end of the week although the high would be in the lower forties the nighttime lows would refreeze everything. At least the roads should be clear during the critical time of the transport.

Sandy announced dinner was served as though she was calling a hundred people. I laughed at her and she stuck her tongue out at me. The meal was delicious; the roast had been prepared with carrots and potatoes and brown gravy. I knew I was going to eat too much and be miserable during the meeting; some things have a higher priority than others.

Jeff was the first to arrive closely followed by Jim, Ron, Mac and Bill. Jeff started in as soon as he heard that Robert wasnít going to make it in time.

"Gentlemen, we have stirred up a real hornetís nest. I called in all the favors I could to get this thing arranged but now there are so many people involved it is unreal and they are thanking me for leading them to a couple groups they have been trying to penetrate for years. There are agencies I have never heard of that are following this situation very closely."†††

"The end result of all of this is that they donít know where Klaus will end up. They know where I am but do not know that Klaus is coming here. We need to be exceptionally careful to shield this information as well as possible. There are sure to be some leaks as many people as know a part of this plan."

"Luckily they are not aware of the plans to immediately move Klaus out of Dallas so we are a few steps ahead of them.† We need to keep it that way."

"Now, the weather will not interfere with the planes and it should have a minimal effect on the ground transportation as the roads will be clear by then."

"I have insisted that any agency covering this must use white cars from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the INS, so that they can more easily be identified. It is well known that most high level federal agencies use Chevy Suburbans, so they will not be used here. Any Suburban showing an interest in this operation must be detained, those will be the bad guys."†

"Expect to see several arrests being made but do not interfere, this is now a major international situation."

He removed several zip lock bags from his briefcase and handed one of them to each of us. "These are sterile clear vinyl gloves to be used before you touch anything that could possible be investigated. They are to be worn at all times until you turn in the rental cars. Sandy is exempt from this but only in the motel room."

I was my turn now, "In view of the escalating importance of this operation I must also stress the need for anonymity. We donít want to do anything that could possibly attract attention how ever it is imperative that we protect Klaus and Kathy in any manner possible."

"Any strange vehicles that are making a point of following the ambulance must be disabled in some manner, run them off the road, crash into them, shoot out the tires, whatever it takes but they must be stopped. Should you disable your car just get out of it and walk away. Hail a cab and go to a large mall and mingle with the crowd for an hour. If you are sure you are not followed take a cab to the hotel next to where Sandy will be staying. Walk in the front and out the back of that building before joining up with Sandy. Also, wear two shirts of different colors, one over the other so that you can change you clothing description quickly."

"Any questions so far?"

Jim asked. "What should we do if a Dallas Police car takes an interest?"

"Do nothing unless the Police car leaves his jurisdiction. If he follows you outside the Dallas city limits, disable him."

"I donít need an arrest on my record," was Billís comment.

"There wonít be. Jeff has new ID and driverís license for each of you. They will pass a quick inspection and even a radio check thanks to the FBI. I repeat, this is a very serious situation and we need to get our part of it right."

I continued through the entire plan again to make sure everyone knew his or her part.

"To be in position on time we need to leave here no later than 05:00 hours. The ETA for the plane is 10:45 hours Wednesday in Fort Worth; it will require an hour for the transfer from the plane to the ambulance and the drive to the center of Dallas. We must be in position by 11:15 hours to avert suspicion from their arrival. Robert will be the close in observer and report back from his cell phone."

"We expect to be able to make the transfer in Rockwell by 12:30 hours and arrive at the compound no later than 14:30 hours. Anyone who has a disabled vehicle will make their way to the motel and wait for us to contact them."

I then handed out maps and described the route that would be used which was marked in green. In the event of some unforeseen problem there were other routes also shown in different colors.

Jeff passed out new ID to everyone and 38 caliber revolvers to everyone but Sandy. The revolvers were supplied by the CIA and were untraceable, as they had never received a serial number. Finally he passed out cell phones that didnít even have so much as a brand name on them.

Jeff made a final plea, "Spend the rest of today thinking about this operation. Spend tomorrow studying the maps and your call recognition sign that is on the back of your new driverís license. You must know the areas you will be traveling in as well as the back of your hand. Good luck."

Jeff closed his now empty briefcase and left.

Jim was the first to say anything, "This sounds like a James Bond movie."

Mac came back with, "Except that was for entertainment, this is real."

Ron followed up with his concern, "There could be fifty bad guys involved in this."

I felt he was overstating it a little bit, "Not likely, remember they will not know which plane they want to follow until it is on the ground and then they wonít know which hospital is the destination. There will be an ambulance meet each of the planes just to add confusion. It will take them some time to get moving in any kind of force. Remember there will be federal agents all over the place also so try not to take any of them out."

They all stood in unison as if trained to do so, said their good byes.

It was past four and Wall Street was shut down for the day so I checked my e-mail for anything new. The U.S. consul in Paris report all was ready for the transfer. The broker in Germany sent a report stating the balances in the several accounts I had established for the stocks I had ordered. I printed out the two sets of the information and locked it in the safe.

Sandy had a couple movies she wanted to watch so we sat on the couch eating popcorn and watching the boob tube until bedtime. It had been a nasty day all around. I gave her a kiss, snuggled up to her and was out like a light.

Tuesday was totally uneventful. I went over and over the plan but didnít see anything that could be done better. I reentered the information from the broker and made out separate statement for each of the smaller accounts. The amounts varied a few hundred dollars depending on the timing of the purchase and sale but they were all well over three million dollars.

I went back over the plan. Still couldnít find any problems. I studied the maps and the timetable until I knew them inside out and backwards.

It was dark by the time I gave up and went to the kitchen for one more cup of coffee to find that Sandy had been studying the maps also. She was asleep with her head lying on her arms like a school kid asleep at her desk.

I tried to be quiet getting the coffee but managed to bump the coffee pot against the counter which made enough noise to wake her up. "Want some coffee or should we just go to bed," I asked.

"I think I will just go to bed, four oíclock is going to come awfully early."

I drank about half of that cup of coffee and followed her upstairs. Her butt wiggled so nicely as I watched her take each step. Did I mention I like butts even when Iím too preoccupied to do anything about it?

The alarm turned on the radio on the dresser, which was giving a weather forecast. My first thoughts were to throw that thing out the window and then I was going to do grievous bodily harm to whoever was doing all the talking in the middle of the night in my bedroom. I hate clock radios.

Slowly I became rational enough to just shut it off. Sandy hadnít moved, she was sleeping on her stomach with her lovely butt in plain sight. It was amazing that she could sleep in that position with the nipple stretchers in place. I was tempted to wake her with a few smacks on the ass but thought better of it and rubbed her back instead. She moaned and stretched, rolling over in the process. She opened her eyes, blinked a couple times and said, "Hi."

As she headed for the bathroom I went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, then went to the bathroom; this early in the morning my priorities change. Sandy joined me for a cup of coffee and we discussed the clothes we were to wear. She had decided on blue jeans and a white blouse with a western type shirt over the blouse. I would wear what is known as business causal; brown dress slacks and a long sleeved white shirt over a brown sports shirt.

Robert arrived first and joined us for coffee. I quickly went over the roll he was to play. We did a question and answer scenario for about ten minutes in which he had all the right answers.

The rest of the group arrived at almost the same time; each dressed appropriately for the parts they were to play: salesmen from out of town. I gave each a briefcase and instructed them to wipe all fingerprints off of the gun and the cartridges, the cell phones, the new ID, and the briefcases.

Robert used a set of vinyl gloves to put all the stuff in the back of the van. I cautioned everyone not to touch any of the equipment without gloves from now on. Sandy and I got dressed and we all piled into the van. I had Robert ride shotgun so we could go over the entire plan just in case he had missed something. We drove away from the house at 04:55 hours.

The trip to Dallas was uneventful as the roads were clear except for a few icy spots on the secondary roads. I drove just under the speed limit, as I didnít need some ambitious cop sticking his nose into our business. There was a little congestion on I-635 but traffic was still moving pretty good as we approached the I-35 interchange when everything came to a stop as traffic backed up. It took half an hour to move less than a mile to discover a motor home and a city bus had collided and were blocking all five lanes. The traffic was forced to use the shoulder to get past the mess.

I stopped at a Waffle House where we had coffee and relaxed a little bit as we waited for 08:00 hours to roll around when the first car rental office would open. Sandy rented a passenger van without a problem. I proceeded to a parking garage and we transferred all the equipment to the rental van before I turned it over to the attendant.

Next was the second car rental agency where I was also successful in renting the six cars we needed. The rental agent was delighted to have that many cars under lease. I passed out the keys as everyone put on the gloves. It was now nearly 10:00 hours.

Sandy left in the van to rent a motel room near the Trademart.

We had an hour to kill. Robert drove to the hospital to check access to the emergency room as the rest of us went to a different Waffle House to wait for his return. He reported that there wasnít anyplace where he could watch the ambulance entrance from the car; he would have to be on foot and at least two hundred yards away from it.

It was time to get into position. Each of us took up a post around the hospital as Jeff came over the cell phone to say the ambulance was running a little ahead of schedule and would arrive within ten minutes. He gave the name of the ambulance service and the number on the ambulance. I relayed the information to the rest of the group.

A few minutes later Mac announced that the ambulance had just passed by his position on Harry Hines Boulevard and was entering the hospital property. Robert soon reported the ambulance was backing into the emergency room bay between two other ambulances. He called back a minute later to report that someone not associated with the ambulance had looked under it on the passenger side; he suspected that a tracking device had been planted.

Robert quickly moved to inform the driver of what had happened and instructed him to follow the planned route but to drop off the interstate and reenter a couple times on the way to Rockwall. The driver had received his instructions from the FBI and understood the importance attached to this seemingly unusual request.

Three ambulances pulled out of the bay and proceeded toward I-35 then split up and headed in different directions with the primary ambulance headed south to I-30 east, which was a direct route to Rockwall. Mac was right behind the ambulance then a couple white cars and Bill.

As soon as the change to I-30 was accomplished the ambulance moved to the far right lane and held a steady speed of forty five miles per hour. The normal traffic was whizzing by at sixty or more. At every exit that I had marked on the maps the lead car from our group would leave the interstate and reenter at the rear of the group.

I soon noticed a couple cars that were pacing the ambulance. I asked Bill to pull up beside the rear car of the two and see if he could detect anything unusual about the driver. He reported that the driverís appearance was normal but he was talking on a cell phone and he couldnít catch a word of it by reading his lips and Bill was good at that.

Bill managed to get in front of the car and on my signal he stood on the brakes. The car rammed Billís car and they both moved to the shoulder. I pulled over behind them. The driver got out waving his arms and screaming at Bill as Bill tried to explain that a dog had run out in front of him.

I quietly walked up behind him and hit him as hard as I could with the butt of the thirty-eight. He slumped to the ground out cold. I grabbed the cell phone out of his car, threw it on the ground and stomped on it. There was also a tracking device plugged into the cigarette lighter; I cut the cord off of it. Bill got back in his car and drove away; I followed him as I saw a white car stop where the driver was lying.

We drove like a bat out of hell to catch up with the ambulance to discover the second car was still following after an exit and reentrance by the ambulance. We did the same maneuver with this car with me taking the hit and it worked beautifully except the gas tank was ruptured so it was no longer drivable. While Bill was telling the driver, "I saw the whole thing". I managed to get behind him and thumped him with the butt of the thirty-eight also. I got all the equipment out of my damaged cat and got in the car with Bill. Again a white car pulled up just as we were leaving.

The rest of the trip to Rockwall was uneventful. Jeff called on the cell phone to report both of the drivers were in custody.

At the truck stop the second ambulance was in position under the canopy. Robert quickly detected the tracking device and removed it. He walked over to a small motor home with New York plates and put it inside the rear bumper.

In the meantime Klaus and Kathy were moved to the second ambulance. I was able to say, "Hi, welcome back," to Kathy but she was dopey enough that I donít think you knew who I was. Klaus never moved or gave any sign he was even there.

The original ambulance pulled out and continued toward Little Rock, the second ambulance that now contained the two injured people waited twenty minutes and also pulled out but headed back toward Dallas. As we approached Dallas I had Bill drive me to my van; I had to pick up Barbara Banks. I called Robert and turned over control to him, as I didnít expect any more problems now.

She was glad to see me but wasnít at all happy about leaving what was now her house. She insisted that she would need her car wherever we were going. I gave in and told her to just follow me.

We set out running the speed limit and within two hours even with all the half completed construction arrived at the main gate to the compound. Robert had sent Ron on ahead to put a temporary curfew in place in time to clear the way for the ambulance and it was still in effect so Barbara didnít get any surprises.

We arrived at the house that was set up for Klaus and Kathy just as the ambulance was leaving. Barbara parked her car in the driveway and entered with me to meet Cora. The two of them seemed to hit it off right away; their attitudes were much the same.

I slipped in to see Kathy, she was much more aware now. She mumbled a greeting that sounded more like a grunt. I asked how she was feeling but all she wanted to talk about was that all her piercings had been removed. I assured her that Cora would put them back as soon as possible which seemed to satisfy her as she dozed off.

The nurses entered the room and Cora gave Barbara a run down on Kathyís condition, broken arm, broken ribs and recent surgery for a punctured lung plus a cracked femur.

They moved in to the other room to check on Klaus. This was the first time I got a good look at him. He was a mess. His head had been shaven and there were rows of stitches evident. His face was almost unrecognizable due to the heavy bruising and splint in his nose. There was a row of stitches running from the side of his nose to his left ear. The bottom half of the ear had been reattached with more stitches. Like I said, he was a mess. He was breathing on his own and had an IV stuck in both arms. There was what looked to be a hundred wires and tube attached to him.

Barbara just shook her head, "He belongs in a hospital."

"Thatís where he is right now and you are in charge of his care as well as the girlís."

"He needs to be monitored 24/7 and I have to sleep some time."

"For the time being Cora can cover for you or even her father will be glad to help."

"And who is her father?"

"Frank Campbell, MD."

She looked surprised but only said, "Interesting, perhaps I will meet him soon."

"Iím sure you will, probably yet today."

I left the girls to get acquainted and drove to the Security office where the other five guys were waiting.

I walked in to a round of applause, "What is that all about?"

"A damned good job of planning and execution," was Jeffís reply as I noticed him sitting in a corner with a cup of coffee and decided that was a good idea and got a cup myself.

"I didnít think you would be able to bum fuse the FBI and CIA but you did. They are frantic wondering where Klaus and Kathy are. Iíve received twenty calls so far about it. Incidentally the two chaps you cold-cocked are both Russian and in the country illegally so they can be held indefinitely. However the next time donít hit them so hard, one of them is still unconscious and the other has a brain concussion."

I laughed, "I didnít want those big SOBs getting up."

I asked Bill to have one of the office girls take the psychological tests to Nurse Banks and get them scored on the computer as soon as possible; I needed something solid for her before she discovered what this place was really all about.

"Well Fellas," I said, "Itís time to head back, pick up Sandy and get rid of these cars." Everything went smooth as silk even the rental agent was happy when I told him to repair the cars and bill it on the same credit card. We made it back to the compound by 20:00 hours, that is eight P.M. to the non-military people.

I dropped the men off at their cars and we went straight to Jacobís for dinner, we hadnít eaten all day. Sandy looked top heavy with the heavily padded bra that was needed to conceal her nipple stretchers when in the Ďnilla world, she removed her blouse and bra before we entered and gave a huge sigh of relief.

Frank and Cora were at a table and motioned me over to join them. The waitress arrived as we sat down and without preliminaries I ordered my usual, large steak, baked potato and a cola and the same for Sandy.

Frank was in a jolly mood for a change and was having a conversation with Cora that seemed to contain a lot of innuendo and unstated suggestions. I listened for a bit to see if I could figure out what it was they trying not to say. They were talking all around the main subject and it took a couple minutes for me to realize I was the main subject; then it made some sense. I was being accused of trying to set Frank up with a girlfriend.

I finally had to say something, "I donít know what you are talking about."

"Really? It was just dumb luck that you chose that nurse to come here?"

So that was it. "She cared for my wife for several months while I was getting this place put together and did a wonderful job. I gave her the house I had in the Dallas suburbs as a bonus. I didnít even know Frank at that time."

"You couldnít have chosen a better person," Frank stated. "I have known her for many years; in fact she was my main assistant when I was doing surgery some years ago. We had an affair before I met my wife."

"Honestly I didnít know," I said. "Did I make a mistake bringing her here?"

"Not at all, in fact I am glad to see her and she is a lot more liberal than she appears. I pierced her nipples almost forty years ago."