The City of Hopeful:
The Project Continued
by Sexy Senior Citizen

Chapter 2

I agreed to host the party but asked Bob to stop by his store and pick up all the supplies that would be need.

As we entered the house Sandy went straight to the kitchen to make coffee and to set out soft drinks and chips and dip for the group.

Joan was the first to remove all clothing except her corset; Carl then secured her arms behind her with her elbows secured together and her wrists fastened to the rear of her collar. She smiled and said, "Thank you."

Connie and Brenda arrived with Michael shortly and Connie required Michael to strip as soon as he was in the door. Joan examined his restrictions and jewelry very closely as he folded his clothes neatly and put them on the coffee table.††

Jim and Paul asked their wives to undress also. Tammy didnít hesitate and was soon nude displaying her pierced nipples and an ass that showed signs of a recent spanking. Lucy hesitated some but soon she was also naked. She didnít seem to have any jewelry or evidence of recent play.

Connie and Brenda were next. Connieís tattoos drew a lot of attention as did her genital piercings. Brendaís nipple rings with the gold chain and her multiple naval piercings had been on display at the restaurant.

Sandy came back to the living room to announce that coffee and snacks were available in the kitchen. She then removed her gown also.

Bob arrived carrying two bags full of supplies and announced there were several more still in his car. Connie ordered Michael to get them, as he was the only male sub that was nude. While Michael struggled with the supplies Bob was ordered to strip and help.

As the girls put everything away all of the men headed to the basement. Paul and Jim were intrigued with the various devices that were available for play. They made a tour trying to determine the use of each item. I opened several of the cabinet doors to show were the smaller instruments were kept along with lube and towels.

The girls arrived and clustered together at a picnic type table that was surrounded by chairs. Paul said, "As this is the first party of this type I have ever attended I feel the host should start the festivities with a little information about what is expected."

Iíd felt this was going to happen; I was right in the middle of the situation, again. "We call it BDMS Lite. To start with we follow the simple rule that all play is consensual; there arenít any slaves here just people doing what they enjoy. Safe words or signs are a good idea but keep them simple enough that the sub can remember them if he or she is in distress. Edge play will not be tolerated, as you know from your initial indoctrinations. Any activity that will draw blood or cause deep bruising is out. Remember this is for enjoyment regardless of you orientation."

My little speech got a round of applause from all of the subs with Michael leading.† Connie noticed and shook a finger at him, which he managed to overlook.

I asked Sandy to be the first Ďvictimí as I led her to the treadmill and put the safety harness on her. Paul and Jim watched closely and finally Jim asked, "Why?"

"Because I donít want her to be injured by a misstep or fall." I picked up the gadget I had designed which I call a walking dildo for lack of a better imagination. It was about eighteen inches long and consisted of two rods with a pivot six inches from the end. The short end was shaped like a cock that was split down the middle and covered with flexible foam padding which in turn was covered with a condom.

I removed her crotch chain and inserted the short end into Sandyís pussy and strapped the long ends to her thighs. With each step the upper parts of the bars would move past each other creating a very interesting sensation.

I asked her, "Are you ready?"

She replied with a nod of her head. I picked up a light flogger and began to use it on her ass with very light strokes. After ten light strokes to each cheek I increased the intensity until she began to moan faintly. I picked up the remote control for the treadmill and set it on slow, about ten steps per minute and sat down in a convenient chair. Paul and Jim were still watching. And Paul asked, "What is the point of the treadmill?"

I just grinned, "Wait and see." In less than three minute her steps became erratic and her knees began to buckle, soon she stopped altogether and the harness took her weight. I stopped the treadmill to give her a few minutes to recover. As soon as she was able to stand I started the treadmill again but set at dead slow, about three steps per minute.

Paul wanted to know what caused her to stop. "That was her first orgasm and I will keep her on this thing for at least a half hour and she will have several more orgasms. Her butt plug is magnifying the normal effects tonight."

Paul finally understood, "I want to put Tammy on this if you will help me get the harness on correctly." Jim expressed the same thoughts. Looked like the treadmill was going to be busy tonight.

I looked around to see if anyone else had started. Connie had Michael on a table with his wrists and ankles tied to the four corners and was slapping his cock with a crop. He still had the aluminum plate in place and each slap caused the head of his cock to move a little. The rubber bands continued to pull the head further on the plastic wedge in his pee hole. He was moaning with every breath.

Connie bent over his cock and licked the head, which caused it to grow forcing the wedge ever deeper. The intensity of his moans increased as she played her tongue around the piercing and rubber bands. She soon tired of this and began to slap his cock again as his moans continued. She tied an overhead rope to his ball stretcher and began to pull it toward the ceiling. When his ass was a foot off the table she stopped. Michael was having a hard time keeping his ass high enough to reduce the pull on his balls; Connie wasnít helping him much either as she continued to slap his cock with the crop.

Brenda had tied Bob bent over a whipping bench with his ass as the intended target. She was using a flogger on his ass as he silently absorbed each blow. His ball stretcher now had a large weight attached, which she kept in constant motion swinging back and forth. His putt plug was still in place and she would occasionally strike it with the handle of the flogger. His ass was a bright pink by the time she stopped.

She removed the ball stretcher and weights then began to pull the plug out of his ass, which caused more of a reaction from him than all of the other punishments he had received. The plug finally came free leaving his rectum wide open. She lubed that gapping hole and began to stuff his balls in his ass, which caused several loud moans. She then proceeded to put the butt plug back in also. He screamed as she pushed with all her weight to expand his ass hole enough to accommodate the additional intruder. As it finally sipped into place he passed out.

She said, "Sissy," as she untied his wrists and managed to get him on the floor. She then tied his wrist cuffs together and attached an overhead rope to them. She then freed his ankles and left him lying on the floor as she went to the table and sat down to wait.

While I continued to entertain Sandy, Paul and Jim plied me with questions. Neither of them had seen this type of play, actually neither of them had played in a group before and were curious about how far to go with it. All I could tell them was to do what ever they would normally do in private. Safe words seemed to be a new concept to them as they both admitted that they just stopped whenever they were asked.

I explained the four-color system of safe words; Green meant all is well but a little more would be nice. Yellow indicated that a satisfactory level had been reached. Orange meant the limit had been reached and it was time to ease up or do something different. Red meant stop. Anything other than those four words didnít count. I also told them again that this type of play was consensual and just sexual teasing and play was all right also.††

Sandy was reaching the end of her endurance as I stopped the treadmill for the last time. I removed the dildo as she hung limply and her legs folded as I lowered the rope attached to the harness. I carefully lowered her into a sitting position and removed the harness. I carried her to the examination table and secured her with her legs widely spread and raised.

I returned to the treadmill as Paul led Tammy into position for the harness. I helped him get it properly installed but only instructed him in the application of the walking dildo.

He asked her if she was ready to try it. "Yes, Iíll try it but I donít like it already." He turned the treadmill on to dead slow. She took one step and looked surprised. She lifted her other foot rather than take another step letting the harness support her. She put her feet back down for a couple seconds and as the treadmill continued she waited as long as possible then spread her feet wide and let the harness swing her forward.

I told Paul that it wasnít going to have the proper effect if she continued to do that. He was stumped as to how to prevent it.

I suggested a simple but effective method. As her nipples were double pierced with nice barbells I showed him how to wrap a thread around her nipples behind the barbells and attach it to the front of the machine through small pulleys. The thread then was fastened to a small weight sitting in a tray; when ever she failed to hold position the thread would pull on her nipples.

She wasnít very happy about this arrangement but didnít say to stop. Paul explained the four-color code to her and started the treadmill again. This time she lagged a little and the thread tighten. She quickly took a step and then another; the surprised look on her face was amazing to see. With each step she proclaimed, "Oh, oh, oh," which Paul translated as a good sign. He seemed to be able to control the machine so I went to the table to sit down, as Sandy would take several minutes to be coherent.

Connie had released the rope to Michaelís balls and left him secured to the table as she gave him a break.† I noticed both of them watching me as I approached.

Connie finally asked, "Did you get a bigger ring?"

ĎYes, the same night Michael got his piercings."

"I didnít see that and we stayed until it was over."

"The girls decided they wanted some piercing and we came back just as Frank was finished with the last one; he and Cora stayed to do us."

"It looks delicious. May I?"


She knelt in front of me and carefully touched my horseshoe ring. She moved it from side to side and slid it back and forth through the piercing. With out warning she kissed the tip of my cock and quickly closed her lips around the head as she wiggled the ring with her tongue. She tried to swallow it but the ring made her gag. She looked up at me and grinned as she rose up and straddled me as I sat on the chair. She slowly lowered her pussy until my cock began to penetrate her. She continued to descend until I was completely buried in her. She sighed and began to slowly raise and lower herself on my shaft. In only a half dozen strokes she came. As she began to relax I tighten my muscles enough to make my cock move in her and gently moved her clit piercing as she came again. She climaxed four times in all before I stopped stimulating her.

She stood up on shaky legs, "Wow, Itís even better than before. How big are you going to go with it?"

"I havenít decided yet but at least one more gauge."

"Oh, that will be wonderful. Can I try it again when you do?"

If nothing else I am a gentleman, "Sure."

Brenda had been watching and slowly walked over to me to inspect my new doodad a little closer. She looked at it, turned it then looked me in the eyes, "May I?"

Being a gentleman I couldnít refuse her kind request.

She also straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my waiting cock. Her pretty pierced nipples were right in front of me and I automatically sucked one of them into my mouth, ring and all. As I teased the tip with my tongue I twisted the other nipple ring gently. She moaned and dropped her full weight on me driving my cock into her. Her punishment of Bob must have really aroused her as she came immediately. I twisted the nipple ring a little harder as I nipped the end of the nipple in my mouth. As I tightened and relaxed my groin muscles her orgasm continued to grow. I stopped stimulating her after a couple minutes; I didnít want her to pass out while sitting on me as she was a big girl and I would have trouble holding her up.

She slowly recovered, put her hands on my shoulders and leaned back with a long sigh. "That was wonderful, even better than I remembered."

I grinned, "Now you have a new memory you can refer to."

She dropped to her knees and licked my cock clean.

Carl had repositioned Joanís arms so that her elbows were tightly secured together over her head and her wrist attached to the back of her posture collar leaving every part of her body available. He positioned her on the horse with a huge dildo imbedded in her and her elbows attached to an overhead rope. The horse had been raised so that only her toes touched the floor.

He was busily flogging her from her knees to her neck, both front and back. She had a look of contentment on her face as he continued his energetic whipping.

Paul was waiting for Tammy to recover from a major orgasm as I joined him by the treadmill. For the first time he openly looked at my cock ring and as expected began to ply me with questions about it. Jim quickly joined us to hear the answers.

I began to think of writing a thesis on the subject; this must have been the twentieth time I had answered the same questions. Yes it hurt, but not much, it takes about two months before it can be used properly, I had up sized at four months, yes it feels good, no, it donít get in the way, yes, the girls seem to like it, yes Iím going to keep it, yes, I will probably up size again, and finally, yes, I would do it again.

Tammy began to revive as Paul decided that she had received enough orgasms. He released her from the harness, unfastened the thread to her nipples. As she leaned against him with shaky legs he looked at me questioningly.

"You can put her on one or the padded tables for more fun or take her to the bedroom to relax and recuperate." He chose the bedroom.†

Jim began putting the harness on Lucy who was not at all enthused with it. "If people see me as out of it as Tammy is it will destroy my authority on the job."

I explained that every member of the community was subject to the same reactions and it was expected. I also pointed out that Bob and Michael were managers and it didnít interfere with their jobs.

She reluctantly agreed to try it, "But donít expect me to react the same way she did."

I just grinned at Jim; he nodded his agreement with me.

He started the treadmill at dead slow and her eyes flew wide open as she took her first step. She then set her resolve to ignore it, which lasted almost a minute before she was moaning.

Sandy was awake now and ready for the next move. I picked up a feather and began to circle her lovely pierced nipples, occasionally tickling the tips as I slowly increased the range of stimulation. I began to move down her chest to her stomach and ended up tickling her belly button for several minutes as she squirmed and moaned. I moved on to her pussy lips to extract more reactions. A move to her ass hole extracted more moans as I circled her butt plug time after time. Finally I tickled her clit hood until her clit poked out from under it. Now the real fun began.

I ran the feather lightly over her clit as she frantically tried to get away from it without success; the third time she exploded. I continued to torment that little bud until she began her low scream and passed out.

Carl was sitting at the table resting from his strenuous whipping of Joan. Joan was still on the horse and swinging her legs to generate a little sensation, apparently it was working from the expression on her face.

Brenda was working on Bob again. She had him tied spread eagled on the floor. She was sucking on his cock until it became hard and then slapping it with a crop until it wilted.

Connie had released Michaelís cock from the Aluminum plate and fitted a shorter wedge into his pee hole, which she again secured with rubber bands to his piercings. Apparently this was creating a rather intense sensation from the moans he was producing. She also would suck his cock until it became erect then slapping his balls until it receded.†

Jim was entertaining Lucy with a light weight paddle on her ass as she walked slowly on the treadmill. Every few steps she would stop and tremble as an orgasm would overtake her. Jim would stop the treadmill until she recovered then do it all again. Lucy was no longer the take-charge person she appeared to be earlier in the evening.

Paul and Tammy left the bedroom and entered the bath for a quick shower. Carl saw the expression on Joanís face begin to lose its satisfied appearance, "Duty calls," he said as he stood up and walked back to her and picked up a flogger. He gave her one hard stroke to each breast as she sighed in contentment. That woman was a real pain slut.

Brenda finally decided to do something different. She sucked Bobís cock to attention, straddled him and sank onto it. As she moved she would slap his nipples with a crop every now and then to prevent him cuming too soon. After her third orgasm she permitted him to cum also but she didnít untie him.

Connie had somehow managed to slide her pussy over all the hardware in Michaelís cock and was busily bouncing up and down. As she was facing his feet she would smack his balls every so often just to keep it interesting. She continued this for almost half an hour and a dozen orgasms before she finally had enough. She stood up on the table and smacked the wedge with her hand driving the device ever deeper in his still hard cock. He screamed and passed out.

Sandy was beginning to stir so I returned to her and sucked on her pretty nipples to finish her return to awareness. As she began to respond I moved to the foot of the table and began to lick her clit. She arched up from the table as far as possible and began to moan.

I entered her slowly and began a slow teasing rhythm that increased the sensation but not enough for her to reach an orgasm. I used a rubber band Connie had left to snap each nipple in turn. She screamed as her orgasm came to life and I increased my tempo to a fine climax, which started her low scream, and she passed out again. I lowered her legs but left her wrists secured to prevent her falling off of the table.

Lucy had finally succumbed to the ministrations of Jim and the walking dildo; she was hanging limply in the harness. Jim slowly lowered her and removed the harness. He picked her up and headed for the bedroom.

Carl was removing Joan from the horse and asked if I would help him put her on the treadmill. No problem. As her elbows were secured above her head it was a simple matter to just secure them to the overhead rope. When it came to the walking dildo that was a different matter entirely; her pussy was so stretched from years of extra large dildos that the top of the walking dildo was much too small to have the desired effect. I thought for a moment and came up with an idea.

There were several Styrofoam holders for pop cans lying around. I slid one of them over the business end of the gadget and pulled a condom over it. Now it was almost three inches in diameter and would still fit nicely. I helped Carl get it properly installed and secured then he hung a fairly heavy weight on her vertical hood and clit piercing. There was only one bar but it went through both areas. He clipped the weight to the bar between her hood and clit. Every step would tug on that bar.

He started the treadmill on dead slow to see if everything was going to work properly; after several steps he was satisfied.

Paul and Tammy left the bathroom and returned to the table with Brenda and Connie. Michael was still passed out and Bob was too exhausted to even test his restraints. Sandy was beginning to stir as I returned from helping Carl.

I asked her, "How are you feeling?" She looked at me with unfocused eyes, "Fine."

I helped her up and supported her as we went to the bathroom. A nice hot shower soon helped her wake up enough to stand on her own. I dried her and gave her a big kiss just for being her; she was wide awake now and responded nicely.

"Time to remove that butt plug."

"Okay, but it is still early."

"I know, but I think you are ready for a bigger one."

She made a face at me but didnít object as we returned to the play area. I led her to the horse and selected a suitably large butt plug to attach to the bar. It was a five by two and a half inch and a pretty pink. She frowned when she saw it but still didnít say anything. I asked her to bend over and lubed her butt hole; I even put a good amount in her still partially open hole. I positioned her to permit the plug to enter as I raised the horse just enough to start penetration when she was up on her toes.

I pulled her arms behind her and secured her cuffs together then stepped back to watch her progress. After a few minutes her feet began to tire and she attempted to lower herself in an effort to relieve the strain. She continued to slowly descend a couple of inches before the additional size of this plug began to have an effect. She would raise and lower her ass a small distance as she worked to expand her ass hole to accept this larger intruder but it wasnít working very well.††††

I picked up a crop and began to lightly pat her ass cheeks, which broke her concentration momentarily as she descended another additional inch only to quickly rise up again with a low moan. I switched my attention to her pretty double pierced and stretched nipples. I teased the tips with my fingers for a couple minutes before tapping them with the crop. She gasped with this new sensation and slowly descended as I continued my attack.

Her feet were no longer able to keep her from settling down to the bar as she moaned and slowly accepted her fate. As her heels touched the floor the plug slipped in the last fraction of an inch and she sighed with relief and the new full feeling.

I lowered the horse and hugged her as I released her wrist cuffs. I held her hand as we walked to the table to join the others.

Carl was still entertaining Joan on the treadmill. He was whipping her ass with a medium flogger as she continued to take step after step. The effect seemed to be cumulative as her steps were becoming halting and shaky now. Finally she stopped walking and screamed as a giant orgasm overtook her. Carl never even slowed down but continued to whip her ass as she struggled to move her legs. One wobbly step after another she managed to continue even as her already major orgasm continued to build. After several minutes she couldnít move any more and hung limply from the overhead rope.

Carl gently lowered her to the floor and sat down beside her as he waited for her to revive.

Connie said, "He was really hard on her."

"Not really, I answered, "I have seen them play before but this is the first time I have seen her have an orgasm. She wants the play to be hard. You might want to ask her when she is recovered enough to talk."

Connie decided to torment Michael a little more as he was now awake. She began by sucking his cock to an erection then tapping the wedge until it deflated. He screamed with each tap of the wedge and Connie decided to gag him to keep the noise down. She then continued as before.

Brenda untied Bob and led him to the empty table and told him to get down on his knees as she sat on the edge. She pulled his head into her pussy and told his to get started. She moaned as he began to clean her with his tongue.

Jim and Lucy had left the bedroom and shower and were now walking toward the table. As they sat down Jim asked her, "What do you think of this party now?"

"I love it, especially the treadmill -- that was awesome. You will have to get one of those for our new home."

"I sure will but right now it is time for Act Two."

"What is Act Two"?

"Come with me and Iíll show you," He replied as he led her to the examination table and secured her on her back with her legs wide spread and raised. "I have often told you that someday I was going to spank your titties and puss; this is the day. Do you remember the color codes?"

"Yes but I donít think this is a good idea: Iím too tired."

He grinned, "Thatís okay, all you have to do is lay there; Iíll do all the work," He kissed her and picked up a crop.

He leaned over her and kissed both of her nipples then lightly slapped her left breast above the nipple with the crop, then the top of the right breast. She moaned a little but didnít seem too upset. He then slapped the outside of each tit, then the inside. He took careful aim and slapped her left nipple much harder than the previous strokes. She screamed but before she could draw enough breath to scream again he slapped the right nipple.

She bucked as far as the restraint would permit and screamed again but with a different tone, she was having an orgasm. Apparently Jim knew what was happening as he slapped her pussy several times in quick succession. One final stroke directly on her clit and she became silent as she entered sub space.

Jim became concerned, "She has never done this before, what should I do?"

I quickly walked to him and looked at her closely, her eyes were open but unfocused; she was breathing normally and seemed to be totally relaxed. "She is in sub space, she can still hear and feel but probably not talk. She is fine and you can continue if you want but it will have a minor effect."

He dropped the crop and moved between her legs and began to lick her pussy lips, she moaned softly but gave no other sign that she even knew he was there. After ten minutes of constant stimulation she began to react just a tiny bit. He stood up and slowly entered her as he reached her nipples and began to pinch and twist them. She slowly began to react more forcefully as he slowly stroked in and out. Her moans increased in volume until they became a scream as her orgasm began again. Jim continued his slow and steady pace until he also achieved a climax.

Carl was helping Joan to her feet as she was becoming more alert. They came to the table and he helped her sit down as her elbows were still secured above her head and her wrists to the back of her neck. She looked around to see who else was there.

"That is the first time I have experienced a vaginal orgasm in years. I had forgotten how wonderful they are."

Carl smiled at her, "Iím glad you enjoyed it. We will have to get one of those things for our playroom."

Brenda had finally let Bob stop licking her and both of them came to the table. Bobís cock looked red and sore but didnít seem to have received any lasting injuries.

Connie finally permitted Michael to cum and it squirted in all directions due to the wedge jammed into his pee hole. She clamped his cock back to the aluminum plate and added several rubber bands for good measure as he squirmed and moaned. She released him and they joined us at the table.

Jim was holding Lucy up as they also joined us. It looked like the party was about over for the night but I had forgotten about Carl.

He slid his chair away from the table and pointed toward the floor between his knees. Joan quickly knelt where he had pointed and began to lick his limp cock. I slid my chair back and saw Paul and Jim do the same. Soon there were four girls sucking four cocks.

Connie and Brenda decided they were not going to be left out and demanded that Michael and Bob suck their pussies.

As soon as his cock was hard Carl pulled Joanís elbows downward forcing her to accept the entire shaft. He held her in that position for over five minutes until he had ejaculate into her throat before letting her up. She grinned up at him and licked her lips.

All of the girls were good at this and had accomplished their tasks in record time however Michael and Bob were still going strong as the girls had one orgasm right after another.

I stood up and announced that I was going to get something to drink, which acted as a trigger for everyone else to rise also. We raided the refrigerator in the basement and relaxed knowing the fun and games were over for the night.

Again it was up to me to announce that it was time for this old man to go to bed. "You are certainly welcome to stay the night if you wish as there is adequate space."

Carl and Joan decided to leave as they were expecting visitors early in the morning; all the others decided to stay. Connie and Brenda decided to stay in the basement playroom and take advantage of the king sized bed there; the others followed me up to the second floor.

Sandy and I settled in bed and cuddled as we slowly dozed off for the night.

I must have been more worn out than I had thought, as I didnít wake up until almost nine. All of this late night activity was hard on this old man. I stumbled into the shower to find that the hot water was almost gone and had to settle for a lukewarm shower. I decided that I would have a big water heater for each bathroom in my new house.

I managed to make it to the kitchen and heard the girls rehashing the previous evening. I stayed out of sight and listened for a few minutes.

Connie was explaining that Michael really wanted the treatment he had received and Brenda said the same about Bob.

"Itís all new to me," was Tammyís comment. "A little spanking and nipple pinching was as far as Paul and I had gone."

Lucy seemed to be deep in thought, "I have never seen anything like it and that treadmill was something else. I didnít think I would be able to reach an orgasm with other people around but that thing was so intense I forgot all about everybody else."

Connie said, "I was disappointed that I didnít get to try it also."

Sandy giggled, "Only us subbies get that treat."

"Thatís not fair we should have a turn also," was Brendaís reply.

I stuck my head in the doorway, "Perhaps that could be arranged."

They all jumped and giggled as we watched Brendaís face turn red. Connie looked at me and asked, "When?"

"Not right now, I have to have a cup of coffee."

Sandy jumped up and poured a cup and handed it to me. I noticed her butt plug was still in place and that there was a nice collection of bare titties in sight. The only clothing was the panties Tammy and Lucy were wearing. I teased them about trying to cover up what everyone had already seen.

"Thatís not quite accurate," Lucy said. "I think Paul and Jim dared each other to shave us last night after everyone went to bed. I feel positively naked even with the panties." Tammy nodded in agreement. Sandy said, "You will get used to it in a couple days," as she giggled.

Michael entered the kitchen still wearing the aluminum crotch plate and ball stretchers, poured a cup of coffee and sat down not knowing what had been said about the treadmill. "Good morning ladies, and you too," as he glanced at me.

Connie became very quiet suddenly as if she knew that he would find out about her comments. There was total silence for several seconds before he realized he had interrupted something, "It seems everyone ran out of things to say when I came in. could it be I was the subject of the previous conversation?"

Sandy giggled, "I guess so, but not in the manner you are thinking. Connie wants to try the treadmill."

He looked at her as she opened her mouth to speak, thought better of it and closed it and looked at her hands in her lap. "Really?"

Everyone at the table nodded except Connie. "In that case there is no time like the present." He stood up, captured one of her wrists and started for the basement. "Whatever you want, My Dear." She began to try talking her way out of it but Michael wasnít buying it as they disappeared down the stairs.

Sandy was the first to break the stunned silence, "I think she is going to get a lot more than she wanted." Everyone agreed she was in for an extended session with the walking dildo. Lucy said she almost wished it were her.

The other men arrived as Sandy was making a fresh pot of coffee. Bob was the first to comment, "All accounted for except Connie and Michael I see."

"They are down in the playroom right now," Brenda told him. He looked surprised but didnít say anything.

After a few minute of general conversation a muffled scream was heard from the playroom. Bob cocked his head and listened, "That didnít sound like Michael," as he headed for the stairs.

Sandy grinned, "I wonder what he will think about what he is about to see?"

He soon returned with a broad grin on his face, "He has her on the treadmill and she is getting off every minute or so and he just keeps going. She is to the point she canít even stand up."

Lucy said, "I know that feeling well."

There were several chuckles from the other girls. Paul and Jim were having a whispered conversation and looking at their wives. They both stood up and pointed at their respective wives, "Stand up," was ordered in unison.

Tammy and Lucy looked at each other and slowly stood.

Again in unison they said, "Take them off."

Slowly the panties were removed. Tammy stood with her head down and hands at her side turning bright red down to her breasts but Lucy was a different matter entirely. She stood with her feet about eighteen inches apart put her hands on her hips and said, "Satisfied?"

Paul turned to Jim, "Nice clean job."

"Yeah, got it all. Looks like you did okay also."

We laughed and teased each other and just had fun for almost an hour before Michael brought Connie up to the kitchen. She was hardly able to walk as her knees kept trying to fold up. He sat her in a chair and brought her a cup of coffee. I noticed the aluminum plate was gone as was the wedge and rubber bands although the ball stretchers were still in place.

Bob stood up, pulled Brenda to her feet and said, "Itís her turn now." She began to object and struggle but Bob apparently was a lot stronger than he appeared to be as he put her over his shoulder and carried her down the stairs.

We waited a few minutes but didnít hear anything from the playroom. I got a fresh cup of coffee and asked Paul and Jim to come to my office.

First I went over the plans for my house to see how many bathrooms were in the plans. Not enough. I asked Jim if he could add a few so that there was a private bath for each bedroom.

He grinned at me, "I have already done that. No sense being cheap in a house like this is going to be. There is also a Jacuzzi in the basement and another one at the pool."

"What else have you changed?"

"There are a few things that you will discover when I give you the final tour before you move in."

We discussed the growth rate of the group and what we were going to do for additional housing. I suggested that we needed a new Master Plan and asked if we had anyone in the group that could do a complete survey of the properties.

Jim quickly replied, "If you buy the construction company they have survey crews and people that specialize in plot layouts."

"Good, Iíll leave it to you then. Can you get several sets of plans for homes in the $500.000.00 range?"

"Sure, there are several hundred on file, but what do you need with plans in that price range?"

"I want to set up an exclusive area for all of the managers. The rent will be in proportion to the value of the houses."

"Then the rent would be about $5,000.00 per month. That is more than I could afford."

I laughed, "Check back with me in a couple weeks."

Paul was looking interested but didnít said anything, he knew what I was doing -- tying all the management people to the project forever.

Paul did voice his concern that the costs were much greater than expected and that we were still losing about five million dollars a month. He asked how much longer we would be able to sustain that level of cost.

"Right now, I think we are covered for the next two years. By that time we should be at a breakeven or even a small profit. Joan and Lucy will be able to verify this in a couple months. Think in terms of the tax write-off we will have."

Paul gave me a quick run down on our legal situation. There were a couple areas that needed attention but nothing serious so far.

I checked my e-mail and found a message from the U.S. consul in Paris. Kathy was stable enough to be moved although the doctors didnít want it done. Klaus was unchanged but stable, which was presented as good news. He had been expected to lose some bodily functions.

I passed the good new on to Jim and Paul and then called Jeff. I asked him how soon the moving project could be put in place.

"It can be ready in forty-eight hours. I will handle it from here just be ready with about six good people to drive the cars. Meet me in the conference room at Jacobís at one today."

I asked Jim and Paul if they would be interested. Jim said, "Sure," but Paul thought it would be better if he didnít know anything about it from a legal standpoint.

I knew Robert and Bill would be going but that meant I still needed two more good men.

There was a commotion in the kitchen and we all rushed there to see what was happening. Bob had carried Brenda upstairs from the playroom and put her in a chair at the table. She was only semi-conscious and her eyes were unfocused.

While Bob was getting a cup of coffee I noticed his balls were now hanging free. He took the coffee to Brenda and helped her drink a little bit of it. Connie moved over beside her and continued to give her sips of the coffee. Lucy had a slight grin on her face as she watched Brenda slowly revive. Sandy and Tammy were giggling to each other about how much fun she must have had.