A Little Stroll

Tracy went through her checklist yet again.

This particular adventure was far more complicated than any she’d performed in the past, and she wanted to leave no room for error that she could easily avoid with proper planning. The consequences of a mistake were too embarrassing for her to contemplate.

Coasting the rolling chair to the opposite side of the room, she checked her computers for the tenth time, ensuring that all remote feed video cameras were operating perfectly. Clicking through each camera icon, she made sure the cameras were working properly, had a full battery charge, and were focused where she intended them to be.

Her website, complete with live view feed to her paying audience, was functioning exactly as planned. She already had a large number of her regular customers clamoring for her to begin her adventure, and she expected a huge windfall from the next day’s activities when they logged on again to watch her perform live - for a fee of course.

Rolling the chair yet again, she checked her bag to make sure it was packed with everything she needed. The only thing missing was a bottle of water, but she would pick that up on her way out in the morning so it would remain cold until she needed it. The rest of the bag consisted of the most creative suggestions her website’s members could come up with - and most of those had been provided to her as “gifts” to assist her in the upcoming show.

Glancing at the clock and realizing it was already very late and that she would need her rest for the next day, she returned to the first computer and wished her customers a good evening, reminded them of the start time the following day for her show, logged off, and shut down her computer for the night.

Rubbing her eyes as she left the room and walked down the hallway, Tracy went through her mental checklist yet again on her way to her bedroom - everything had to be perfect!

Stripping her t-shirt and shorts off at the bedroom door, she stretched out the muscle aches from sitting at the computer for far too long that evening and collapsed onto the bed. Writhing about in the red satin sheets, she buried her face into her pillow and forced her mind to slow down and think of nothing in particular. She felt her tense muscles begin to relax, and in no time she had drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, twenty-three miles away, another computer screen spent a few more minutes browsing through Tracy’s on-line photo galleries before noting the start time for her show, then the monitor winked out to a dark screen before going completely out.

The following morning, promptly at 6:00 AM, Tracy’s alarm clock sounded off. Rousing herself out of a deep slumber, she sat up in bed and paused as circulation returned to her still sleepy body. Reaching clumsily over to the alarm clock, she shut it off and forced herself to get up and moving before she rolled over and went back to sleep. A nice hot shower followed, wherein Tracy made sure to shave her legs and armpits thoroughly. She took an extra few minutes to meticulously trim her pubic hair into a small inverted triangular shape. She had paying customers today, and she felt she owed them a little something extra for their money.

Toweling off her now steaming body, she moistened her skin with copious amounts of a combined suntan and aloe lotion, then dressed in a pair of jogging shorts, tank top, and pair of running shoes. She dispensed with bra and panties, as she would just have to take them off again in a little while anyway. The usual morning hygiene routine followed; brushing her teeth, applying makeup, and fixing her hair. The only unusual aspect of her routine was that her makeup was the “waterproof” variety, and her hair was now coifed into a long pony tail on the crown of her head. Her long wavy dark hair still reached to the middle of her back, even when bound at the very top of her head.

A short breakfast of toast and juice followed, a few more items were double-checked yet again, and finally Tracy was heading into the garage with a gym bag over her shoulder. She was in a hurry, so she only glanced briefly at the convoluted looking metal stand positioned in the middle of her living room, and she made sure a shiny brass key was positioned exactly where it was supposed to be on the counter in her kitchen. A few minutes later, the garage door was opening and she was backing her car out and leaving.

The alarm clock in her bedroom displayed a time of exactly 7:00 AM.

Tracy’s drive was not really that long. Just a few miles actually. Tracy lived in a rural area, with a large pasture and hay field behind her home, and trees just beyond that. There was a drainage ditch that bisected the pasture, traveling from the edge of the forest to within some thirty yards behind her home.

The trees constituted part of a larger forest that continued on for at least another mile before reaching the edge of a small lake. The lake was an out of the way destination that few bothered with, as a much larger lake was only a few more miles away, and that larger lake was equipped with life guard towers, fast food stands, and artificial sand beaches. There was even less concern about fishermen, as it was no secret that the lake was a poor fishing spot.

Since it was shortly after 7:30 AM by this time, on a Sunday morning no less, Tracy was fairly certain she would have the lake completely to herself for the required time. Of course, the later in the day it became, the less likely her assumptions would remain valid. This was why she had been so specific to her clientele about her planned exhibition. She would eventually put the footage up in her archive section, of course, but she would hold it back for a while to drum up consternation on the part of her customers who had elected not to log on this morning. That way, the next time she announced she was performing such a show, she should get better participation from her membership.

Turning left onto a roughly paved two lane road, Tracy continued on towards the lake. She couldn’t take a direct route to the lake, as none existed. Geographically, the lake was not more than three or four miles from her home, but she would have to drive at least three times that far to get to it via the roundabout route that was required. Eventually, she saw the rustic looking wooden sign announcing the entrance to the park itself.

The gates were always opened promptly at sunrise all the way around the park, and this morning was no exception. There were numerous entrances, but this was not the main entrance. That entrance was another five miles away, closer to the main lake she was avoiding. This entrance was one of the smaller side entrances, and consisted of only a single dirt lane that was almost choked with weeds. If one didn’t realize it was there, the casual driver would pass it right by without a second thought.

The trees on either side met and rose to form a shadowy green tunnel that blocked out the early morning sunlight as she turned down it. Tracy considered herself lucky that she wasn’t driving an expensive car as the weeds were swept down underneath the front bumper of her older model SUV, and branches scratched at the sides of her doors. A few turns of the lane into the forest, and her vehicle was completely lost from sight from the main road.

Negotiating the rough road, Tracy winced more than once as the tires dropped into massive holes hidden in the weeds. Muddy water splashed up onto the hood and windshield, only to be scraped away by her windshield wiper blades. A front end alignment was definitely going to have to come out of the profits of this little escapade!

Finally, Tracy turned the last bend and saw the deep blue waters of the lake ahead of her. Pulling into a rough clearing covered in gravel, Tracy selected a spot off to one side under the trees and parked. While the odds of someone surprising her were small, she still wanted to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

Stepping out of the SUV, she placed a handwritten note on the windshield and closed the driver’s side door, walked around to the passenger’s side, and opened the rear door. The note was a simple message to any potential investigators, that her vehicle had broken down, and that she would return within a day or so to retrieve it.

Glancing over her shoulder, she looked directly at the discreet blinking red light hidden deep in the foliage behind her. It was one of the video cameras she had set up two days earlier, and it was hooked up to a small black box full of dedicated electronics. Among the black box’s functions was a motion sensor, and the blinking red light informed her that it was operating as planned.

Taking one last look around to make sure there were no other visitors in the area, she casually dropped her shorts while smiling at the camera. She imagined the huge audience that was staring back at her in real time, at home on their computers in the safety of their homes, and smiled even larger as she lightly brushed her fingertips up and down her abdomen, grazing her now erect nipples, then lingering downward to casually brush through the dark thatch of her carefully trimmed pubic hair.

She purposefully turned her back towards the camera as she languidly pulled the tank top up and over her head. Shaking her hair free of the garment, she bent over to pick up her shorts. This of course provided her viewers at home with a great view of her bare ass, so she took her own sweet time while doing this.

Tossing the clothing into the backseat, Tracy withdrew the gym bag and unzipped it. The first thing she pulled out was a pair of boots. Toeing her way out of her shoes, she tossed them into the floor of the vehicle. Turning to lean her ass against the car seat, she brought her right foot up and brushed the small trace of dirt from the balls of her feet before pulling the black leather boot on.

Made of smooth shiny red leather, the boot reached up to just above her knee. The heel was a full five inches, but was amazingly comfortable. The toe was completely concealed within a blackened steel hoof, and a real horse shoe was nailed to the bottom of the boot. Bells were attached to the leather lacings at the top eyelets.

The left boot was just as quickly slipped on, and then Tracy turned to face the SUV again. Bringing first one, then the other, boot up, she tightly laced up each boot. The black lacings were on the back of the boot, from heel to the back of her calf, and Tracy made sure to lace them up tightly and double knot them at the top.

Ever mindful of her viewers, she made sure to wiggle her ass constantly, confident the video camera was catching every wiggle and jiggle of her ass cheeks.

Finishing her lacing, she stood and stomped her feet a few times experimentally. The boots remained comfortable, and jingled merrily. Tracy was most satisfied.

Returning to the gym bag, she pulled out a metal contraption that looked for all the world like a clothing hanger, and hooked it into the SUV’s integral garment hanger hook just inside the door. Draped from the hanger was a leather arm binder that matched her boots.

She next withdrew two leather buckled straps from the bag, each with it’s own heart shaped brass lock and with a short length of chain between them, along with a pair of leather cuffs and another padlock. After getting those items out of the way, she could then pull out a red leather bridle. This was set with nickel silver conchos at the temples, with matching nickel silver bit. The final item she withdrew from the gym bag was a pony tail attached to a butt plug, and a well used and half empty tube of personal lubricant.

Glancing casually around again, Tracy checked to make sure she was still alone beside the lake before proceeding with the next step. Applying a generous amount of lubricant to the business end of the butt plug, she closed the tube up and returned it to the bag before squatting with her knees wide.

Ever mindful of her customers, Tracy spent the next ten minutes toying with her sphincter, alternately turning this way and that, always with the idea of giving the unblinking video camera the best view possible of the butt plug being inserted.

Finally, she felt the plug slip inside, stretching her sphincter muscle to an almost painful degree until the widest portion of the butt plug was finally inside her and the narrowed portion was stationary through her sphincter muscle, with the wide flared base at a comfortable rest on the inside of her butt cheeks and pressing against her taint. Spending a few more minutes working it around, she felt herself becoming quite horny! She always enjoyed the full feeling she had when using this particular toy, and today would be no different.

Mindful of the home audience, Tracy pranced just a bit, swishing the tail about. She loved the feeling of the fine hairs of the pony tail brushing lightly against the back of her knees, even as the plug itself kept her body orifice stretched un-naturally wide and prevented it from fully closing back as it would naturally. It was a very odd feeling.

The butt plug had two special features built into it, and one of those features was a hollow cavity inside it. Inside of the cavity was a heavy steel ball, and as she moved around the steel ball rolled and chimed about, causing vibrations that sent a chill through her body.

She considered getting herself off right then and there, but decided against it. First of all, she was on a schedule. If she waited too late to start the next phase of her journey, she could find herself in trouble.

Second, even as exposed as she was at the moment, should someone drive up she could still leap into the SUV before they really saw her, and be dressed somewhat before prying eyes could discern what she was up to. Last but not least, Tracy felt her audience would enjoy the idea of her denying herself pleasure until she had gone through with her self appointed task. They were a perverted bunch, of course, and that was one of the things Tracy especially liked about her customers.

Next was her bottled water. She’d decided to bring two bottles, figuring it would get really hot before too long, and she didn’t want to get dehydrated. She drank both down rapidly, as it was already feeling humid even with her lack of clothing. Had she still been dressed, she would already have been drenched with perspiration. Even nude, she felt as if she were about to begin sweating, and she hadn’t even completed her preparations yet.!

Continuing, she slipped the bridle over her head and spent a few minutes adjusting the straps and getting used to the steel bit in her mouth. An iridescent feather sprouted from the front of the bridle strap that went across her forehead, and it tended to wave in the warm breeze coming off of the lake.

Turning to face the camera again, Tracy struck a pose for the camera, one hand on her hip with the other gently stroking her pussy, smiling as much as possible around the bit, before turning one last time to the goodies in her bag.

The next item was a matching red leather chastity harness. Slipping the waist belt low around her hips, she had to pull it tightly to meet the lock in the front. The lock was shaped like a heart, with three attachment plug in points. Two of these points were intended for the waist belt. the third was for the crotch strap. The back of the strap, which was quite thin, slipped through a slot in the flared base of the butt plug before passing underneath her body.

Tracy, becoming more mindful of the time, pulled out a vibrating dildo. It was only about five inches long, and was battery operated. Both the vibrator as well as the butt plug had been modified to operate via remote control. With the steel ball inside the butt plug, the vibrating capacity of the toys brought the sensation potential of the toys to stratospheric levels. Tracy personally didn’t have the remote with her, but she did stare intently at the black box with the blinking red light as she carefully lubricated the toy.

This had been one of the aspects of her performance that she had been less than enthusiastic about, but her customers had been vociferous in their demands on her forums that she utilize this particular item into her routine this day - and the customer was always right, of course.

The thing that made Tracy nervous was that the butt plug and dildo were operated, in a round-about way, through her website. A timer had been set up on the website, and a token program had been created. For the price of a token, the home viewer could pay to control either the dildo or the butt plug - both of which were of the vibrating variety.

Tracy had exercised her own authority in the matter, and insisted on a time limit for how long the viewer could control the devices, and even set a limit so she would have a few minutes respite between her viewers turning the devices on during the day’s activities.

The website had a link back through her computer, and her computer had wireless access to the black boxes at each video camera. The cameras themselves were set up so that their individual wireless limits were well within range of each other, so there were no “dead spots” on her journey.

If the camera could see her, her viewers could manipulate the toys inserted inside her body.

Figuring she had stalled long enough, Tracy slipped the leather crotch strap through the ring in the end of the dildo and eased it into her already excited cunt. Slipping it in and out, slowly at first, then faster, Tracy finally had the entire length of the device inside her. Once more she considered giving herself a release, but once more she resisted the urge. Holding the dildo in place, she pulled the leather strap all the way up and snapped it into the heart shaped lock at the front of the belt.

It was really a stretch to lock it, as the belt barely fit her. It was a gift from a customer, and she had sent him her exact measurements. Apparently, he had felt the need to make it just ever so slightly smaller, and she felt the straps biting into her flesh now, even as the dildo and butt plug felt as if they were being forced up even further into her cunt and ass. She knew it was going to leave a bright red mark on her flesh when she finally took it off.

The heart shaped lock at the top of the crotch strap pulled downward as she straightened up, until her pubic hair was barely visible just above the nickel silver lock.

The next item were thin straps to go about her thighs, just above the knee. A short chain was now stretched between her calves, restricting her steps and ensuring that she would not be able to move quickly. Without the key, it wasn’t coming off. She took a few experimental steps, high stepping as far as she could, before turning back and putting everything that remained loose back into her bag. This did not include the arm binder or the other cuffs, but it did include her car keys and cell phone. Tracy made sure to hit the lock button on her remote keyless entry fob before putting the keys away in the gym bag.

The cuffs quickly found their way to her wrists, and were locked together by another one of the heart shaped padlocks behind her back. As the keys to the padlocks were safely awaiting her on the counter of her kitchen at home, there was no turning back now.

The last item she could possibly forego, especially as it really was getting late, but she knew her fans were expecting certain things of her today, and so she bit down unconsciously on the bit and continued. Fortunately, the bit was covered with a layer of vinyl, so her teeth weren’t damaged.

Turning around, she grimaced for real as she turned to face the direction of the camera again. One of her customers had come up with this particular move, and it obviously showed a lot of imagination - albeit a dark and twisted imagination.

Raising her arms as far as she could, she fumbled until she found the opening in the top of the arm binder, then pushed her arms down inside. She almost hoped it would fall off of the hook and not work as planned, as that would give her an excuse to dispense with this particular step and she could rightfully say she couldn’t get it on once it slipped off of the metal hanger.

Alas, this was not the case. It worked perfectly, and Tracy felt the extremely strong elastic straps snap painfully off of the rack and onto her shoulders as her hands met the bottom of the arm binder. As with the crotch strap, the arm binder felt as if it were just ever so slightly too small for her, and it held her so tightly within it’s elasticized embrace that she couldn’t even flex her elbows now. The only way to get it off was the metal stand awaiting her in her living room, with which she could slip metal hooks underneath the elasticized straps and peel the arm binder off.

All of which depended upon her getting home now.

Turning, she backed into the door until she heard it thump closed, knowing as it did that her keys were locked inside the vehicle now.

There was absolutely no turning back!

Smiling once more at the camera, Tracy started to move along the trail near the lake when she heard something that sent a chill down her spine. A car was coming through the forest and down the weed filled lane, heading towards the very lake she was standing beside! She could actually hear the radio playing, and the youthful laughter of a woman.

Glancing at the long expanse of trail ahead of her, Tracy realized that she didn’t have time to go down the trail. Given the thickness of the forest in this area, completely clogged with thick vines and briars, she knew she couldn’t cut through the forest, so there was only one option for her. She would have to duck backwards into the trees and boulders nearby and hide until the interlopers left.

As luck would have it, the nearest hiding spot was behind a tree - directly in line with the first of her hidden cameras!

Tracy backed up to the tree trunk hurriedly, even as she heard the vehicle pulling to a crunching stop on the gravel in the parking area next to the lake. Her ankle bells stopped ringing at about the same time the vehicle’s engine was turned off. It couldn’t have been parked more than ten feet from her own vehicle! She heard the doors open and carefree conversations taking place, but was still too far away to understand what was actually being said.

Tracy considered peeking around the tree trunk, but was worried the feather plumes at the top of her bridle would project too far, and give her away to whoever was now frolicking in the lake. No, the only thing for her to do was wait it out, and so Tracy leaned back against the harsh bark of the tree trunk and silently prayed that the new visitors would get bored quickly.

After an initial twenty minutes in the lake, the young man and woman left the water and returned to their vehicle for a packed lunch. Tracy could tell the conversation was turning serious and low, and then heard the unmistakable sound of kissing and moaning.

Deciding to risk it, Tracy eased around and carefully took a peek, and if she had not had a bit in her mouth she would have dropped it open as she stared at the two young lovers on the hood of her SUV fucking like rabbits!

Quickly backing around the tree again, Tracy felt her panic rising a little, then she reasoned that if they were so involved with each other, they weren’t likely to see her. She could still wait it out.

That’s when the timer on her computer allowed the tokens to be made available. Tracy’s first clue that she had an even bigger problem came when both her butt plug as well as her dildo kicked into vibrating action with a low steady humming sound - at the same time!

Tracy practically backed up the tree trunk with her toes as she scrambled to get a grip! The rough tree bark scraped against her naked buttocks - well, at least the portion of her backside that wasn’t covered by the long pony tail swaying about behind her.

Staring intently at the camera, Tracy pleaded with her eyes and shook her head, hoping that her viewers would stop tormenting her. She was suddenly terrified that one of the two interlopers would hear the humming emanating from between her thighs! It seemed so loud to her own ears, and she was certain the young man or woman would hear it and come investigate. Unfortunately for Tracy, her viewers were especially devious and unmerciful, and the buzzing continued unabated.

On the other hand, the two lovers were now butt naked on the hood of her vehicle, going at it doggy style - there was no way they would even notice her if she kept quiet.

Finally, after a full ten minutes, the vibrators abruptly stopped. By that time, Tracy was on the verge of a nervous orgasm, writhing her body against the rough tree, doing everything she could to keep from screaming out in frustration as she rubbed her thighs together in a vain attempt to gain relief. With every move she made, she was terrified that the ankle bells would ring a little too loud and give away her position.

Breathing heavily, covered in perspiration, and exhausted already, Tracy forced herself to calm down after the vibrations finally stopped. She could still hear the young man plumbing the depths of his girlfriend’s body, so she knew she was still trapped for the duration. In the meantime, she was really soaking wet - for a variety of reasons - and noticed it had become extremely hot and humid already. Where she was standing, a splash of sunlight bore down through the trees onto her position, and she could feel herself beginning to slowly cook in her own sweat as she stood trapped in this one location. With the heavy brush and trees around, there was absolutely no breeze, and Tracy wondered if she would actually be in danger of passing out from the heat. That would be all that she needed today!

About the time that Tracy was wondering if they would actually be able to smell her now sweat soaked body, she heard the amorous young man beginning to grunt louder, and fumble faster, on top of his girlfriend who likewise was moaning in a higher pitch now. They sounded like they were almost finished.

Of course, that’s when the timer on Tracy’s computer made the token system available again, and a fraction of a second after that both butt plug and dildo roared to life once more! This time, Tracy actually did release a strained squeal, accompanied by the small tinkle of bells, but fortunately it was drowned out by the two lovers on the hood of her SUV as they climaxed.

A Little
Tracy regained composure shortly thereafter, carefully controlling her breathing and trying hard not to pass out. She shook her head carefully, attempting to fling the sweat away from her eyes where it was beginning to obscure her vision, and leaving a salty taste where it cascaded down her cheeks and dripped onto her stretched lips.

After a few more minutes of soft whispering, the two lovers climbed down from the hood of her car and headed back towards the lake. Tracy took this opportunity to slide down into a more comfortable position at the base of the tree, knees tightly held together as the low vibrations coursed through her body.

Coming to an abrupt stop at the tree roots, Tracy grimaced and hastily shifted to one buttock as she felt the agitated butt plug shift deeper into her body as her weight came down on it when she tried to sit. All she could do was look miserably at the video camera, hoping against hope that the viewers would take pity on her at some point and give her relief. The only respite she could hope for was the fact that she had set a time limit on the controls, and once it finished she would have a few minutes respite before they started again.

In the meantime, with the young lovers busy in the lake, Tracy decided to just let herself enjoy it as much as possible, and gave the viewers a great show as she twisted about, much like a lab experiment under the control of a mad man. She was yet again practically on the edge of a massive orgasm when the vibrator stopped once more.

Now her look at the video camera was one of bitter disappointment.

Meanwhile, only a few miles away, a shadow crossed the threshold of Tracy’s home. The shadow stood before her computer, watching the token program in action, noting the various settings of the cameras, the butt plug, and the dildo, as well as the timer for each.

A low chuckle filled Tracy’s small office as the figure adjusted the settings. Now, each purchase of a token allowed up to 15 minutes of vibration time, with only an 8 minute time frame for Tracy to recover within. As the time went on, the stranger adjusted each device to higher and higher settings, before abruptly shortening the lag times and lowering the settings. The stranger began to play Tracy’s aching cunt like a violin.

After most of the afternoon was gone, Tracy had endured being brought to the brink of release more than a dozen times - but not once had she been allowed to go over the edge since her orgasmic spasm that coincided with the young lovers on the hood of her SUV. Her thoughts concerned nothing else but the relief of the yearning need for explosive orgasm that dwelt within her cunt. Hunger, heat, numb arms and legs, sore feet - almost even the fear of discovery - all secondary concerns now to the ravenous hunger roaring for release between her twitching thighs.

Tracy was so focused on her overwhelming need that she almost didn’t notice the doors of the second vehicle shutting now. The lovers had finally had their fill of the lake. They’d packed up their picnic and blanket, and were leaving now.

As the vehicle disappeared down the lane twisting through the forest, Tracy painfully struggled back to her feet. It had already been a long day for her, much longer than she had planned, and most of it had been spent under constant torment from her most faithful customers!

Staggering now, the exhausted young woman finally began the three mile trek home. Her vehicle was right there, but she had no way to access it, and even if she did, there were no keys inside. Regardless of how painful it was, and regardless of how tired she was, she would have to go forward with the original plan.

Trudging down the path finally, she glanced over her shoulder at the late afternoon sun. She still had a few hours of daylight, and felt she could make it before sundown if she hurried.

The problem was, her customers felt the need to constantly remind her of their view, as the toys burrowed deeply within her soaked nether regions were constantly running.. It was amazing how long the batteries lasted, but Tracy consoled herself with the fact that they were finally starting to run down, and the vibrations seemed to be becoming less and less intense - though this was little consolation considering how tender she now was.

Said tenderness definitely affected her pace, as she would occasionally stop to rest, the throbbing pain and tenderness she now suffered slowing her down, only to have the toys roar to life yet again, spurring her onward with little pause.

Picking her way down the trail, Tracy noticed the looming shadows and picked up the pace a bit. She felt a slight panic, knowing she would have to travel through the forest in deep shadow, terrified of falling down and twisting an ankle or breaking a bone.

This day had definitely not gone as she’d planned!

She originally had intended to pause at each video camera to pose for the live audience, but it was far too late for such considerations now, as she brushed aside thoughts of dragging the escapade out any longer than was absolutely necessary.

This still didn’t stop the viewers from triggering her toys as soon as the timer allowed. And Tracy wondered what had gone wrong with that as well, as she was certain the rest periods were shorter and the vibrating periods were much longer now. She even became convinced that the batteries seemed to have regained life somehow! She’d have to figure it out as soon as she could get home and get out of her present predicament!

The trip through the forest was easily another two hours, and when Tracy reached the fence that bordered the edge of the pasture she had passed more than twenty cameras, each capturing in vivid high definition her unfortunate situation. She’d had more than one panic attack along the way, as she had stumbled or fallen, become lost on a few occasions, or strode through spider webs - and on at least one instance had almost stepped on a snake!

She never paused, though, the toys gyrating away ceaselessly preventing her from gaining any measure of rest, the actions of the toys within her exacerbated by every stride of her rapidly tiring legs.

Now, she had a much larger problem to address though. The trip across the pasture had to be postponed, as a farm crew worked on a tractor midway across the open expanse of pasture.

She would have to wait it out once more, and just as before, the video cameras captured her every torment. A torment exacerbated by the viewers helpfully keeping her company via the token controls. As the shadows deepened, a new hazard emerged as Tracy began to hear the errant buzz of mosquitoes.

With her arms bound behind her back, she could no more fend off the flying pests than she could spread her arms and fly herself. She had to resign herself to twisting and turning, shaking her head about, trying to keep them off of her body.

Unfortunately, she had quite a bit of exposed body for the bloodthirsty little fuckers to feast on.

When the sun was finally at it’s lowest point, just above the tree line, the farm hands called it a day. Packing up their tools, they piled into a single pick up truck and took their time leaving the pasture.

Tracy could finally leave the forest.

Waiting till the truck was on the main road and well on its way, Tracy quickly ran for the drainage ditch bisecting the field - and separating her from her destination. Sliding downward into the ditch on her knees, calves and thighs, while being particularly careful of snagging her butt plug, she made it to the bottom of the ditch and started on the final leg of her trip. Fortunately, it had been a dry season and the ditch was bone dry.

Crossing the pasture via the dry ditch, Tracy made good time until she was directly behind her home. Standing at the bottom of the ditch, the pasture itself was a good 2 feet higher than her head. Tracy now had to make it up the ditch bank with her hands restrained behind her back.

She had scouted it out before, weeks earlier, and had felt confident that she could make it up the ditch bank, but she had been fully rested and hydrated then. Now she was exhausted, and the path up seemed twice as high as it did before, but the small gully that had eroded into the ditch, creating a slightly less steep incline, was still there and was the only path for Tracy out of the ditch.

Biting down yet again on the bit in her mouth, Tracy dug her hoofed boots into the soft eroded sand of the gully and tried to lift up, only to fall face forward onto the gully before tumbling clumsily back down the ditch bank.

Laying on her side, gasping to catch her breath which had been knocked out of her, looking up at the edge of the ditch so high above her, Tracy knew a new level of panic now. If she couldn’t get out of the ditch, she was in for a long night! Feeling herself sinking into despair, Tracy forced herself back to her feet once again and attacked the gully with a fury.

Digging her feet in, allowing her body to fall flat and face down on the grade in front of her, desperate to maintain every bit of ground she gained, Tracy, made progress in spite of her restricted legs.

Inch by painful inch she forced her way up the grade until she found her chin resting on the ground, and she was staring at the back of the privacy fence that enclosed her back yard - then fell backwards down the ditch bank once more.

The shock of hitting the bottom of the ditch was extreme this time, and Tracy’s legs flailed about for several moments before she realized that the fall had snapped the chain between her thighs.

Grinning crazily around the bit, she returned to the ditch bank once more and continued to force her way up until her upper body was laying on the ground, her breasts crushed painfully into the grass, stones and nettles of the pasture, and her legs dangling into the ditch.

This was about the time one of her viewers must have realized she was visible once more on the video feed, and the toys once more woke up with a vengeance. Tracy could only lay there for a few minutes, enduring meekly the punishment she was again forced to endure, deciding she would simply ride it out and move once more when the timer cut out the control feed.

And so, Tracy lay there, moaning and grinding uncontrollably, allowing her body to react with complete abandon, as her customers tormented her once more. She finally rolled over onto her back, ignoring the pain of the butt plug vibrating away, and spreading her legs wide to allow as much room as possible between her thighs to try to attain some relief. If she clenched her legs together, she would only exacerbate the sensations of the vibrator humming away in her cunt.

Once more, just as she was about to orgasm, the vibrators froze to a stop. Screaming past her bit, Tracy pounded the back of her head into the ground in frustration before rolling over and continuing her climb out of the ditch.

Staggering now, Tracy drunkenly walked toward her back yard under the early moonlight, and squeezed between the loose board she’d left open specifically for this event. It was a tight squeeze, and she was sure she had a splinter or two in her breasts and buttocks now from where they had pressed past the rough lumber, but finally she was in her own back yard again.

Walking tiredly across her own property at last, she stared haggardly at the open hatch to her basement. She’d left it open so she wouldn’t have to go through the door, and her footfalls echoed strangely off the concrete steps as she descended into her basement, the glow of a single bare overhead light bulb her only guide.

Walking across her basement, the toys sprang to life again, startling Tracy with the shortness of her respite. Now she was certain something had gone wrong with her program. Climbing the stairs to her home, she shouldered her way through the partially closed door and into her kitchen.

Standing there, she glanced at the rack waiting for her in the living room, and eagerly, though tiredly, trudged into the next room.

Dropping tiredly to her knees, she backed up to the contraption and spent many long tired and frustrating minutes working the metal hooks into the straps at her shoulders. Finally satisfied with her efforts, she pulled forward and was rewarded with the feel of the tight elastic straps pulling free from her shoulders.

Standing, she slid her sweat covered arms from the arm binder, and finally flexed her elbows for the first time since early that morning. It felt so good, but was going to feel so much better without the cuffs behind her back.

Walking into her kitchen, she froze at the sight on her kitchen counter. Or rather, she froze at what she didn’t see.

The key was missing.

Gathering her rising panic, she found control at great effort. She had a spare set of keys in her office. All she had to do was get her spare key. She must have forgotten to place it on the counter. As exhausted as she was, that had to have been what had happened.

Walking down the hallway, she made it to her office and awkwardly opened the drawer of her desk.

No keys.

Panicking now, Tracy hurried into her bedroom. Of course she had video cameras here as well, and once more the toys came to life and Tracy doubled over before falling onto the bed in agony. Twisting and squirming, she rolled about on the bed uncontrollably. Finally, the vibrations ceased and Tracy rushed back into her office. Turning, she backed up until her ass cheeks were against the edge of her desk and tapped a few keys on her keyboard. Glancing over her shoulders, she reviewed the settings on her computer, gaping at how they had changed somehow.

Tracy decided she must have a rather talented hacker in her customer base.

Entering the program, Tracy stopped the program finally, retaking control of the toys inside her and shutting them off.

The forums immediately came to life in protest as customers expressed their dismay. Tracy tiredly typed in a few short, and misspelled responses before informing her audience that she was just too exhausted for further games, and logged off.

Standing still now, Tracy took another heavy breath and walked back into her bedroom. The cameras were silent now, and she had her home to herself. Laying on her side, she reached backwards with her bound hands, and found the small trunk under her bed. It was her last fallback, and contained sundry items, including spare keys. Opening the trunk, Tracy turned her head and looked backwards over her shoulder as she rummaged through it, only to pause as she reached the bottom of the trunk with no keys in sight.

Now truly panicked, Tracy tore her bedroom apart, looking for the keys that had to be there.

Unknown to her, through a partially opened closet door, silent eyes stared down the hallway, and unseen ears listened to Tracy’s rising panic.

Another hour or so of frantic searching didn’t change the results as Tracy continued to have no luck in finding any keys. The matter both perplexed and terrified her as she continued to struggle with pinned arms, but there was nothing she could do.

Exhaustion finally got the better of her, and spent from the days activities, she fell tiredly onto the bed. Moments later, she had passed into a fitful but deep sleep as the toll of the days exertions finally exceeded her body and willpower to overcome.

A full half hour later, when Tracy’s exhaustion induced slumber was that of someone in a borderline coma, a furtive figure emerged from the closet and crept down the hallway into her bedroom. A set of ankle cuffs from Tracy’s own toy stash were held firmly in the figures hands as they approached.

Moments later, those same ankle cuffs were locked around Tracy’s ankles, once more restricting her movement. Before she could move her feet relatively freely with her knees restricted. Now, she would not be able to take a stride of more than six inches!

Satisfied with these efforts, the interloper returned to the computers in the next room and reactivated the website controls.

Tracy had never awakened to an orgasm before, despite her extremely varied sex life. However, after the previous days activities, another orgasm - for once - was the last thing Tracy wanted.

Screaming into the bit gag as she sat up straight in the bed, her eyes wide, she gasped at the person standing before her.

Julie laughed at Tracy, the remotes in her hands switched to their highest settings, and stepped closer to Tracy as the bound girl writhed in torment.

“Glad to see you are awake, sleepy head! Bet you really got off on duping my idiot husband into spending every spare penny on your tawdry little website, but I guess it isn’t so funny now, is it?” Julie leaned forward at this last statement, her expression one of quiet fury and hatred behind a calm and cold smile frozen in place upon her lips.

Julie wasn’t an unattractive woman by any means, but that didn’t mean she was stupid either. She was quite intelligent in fact, and was a highly paid computer specialist. When her bank account had mysteriously emptied, it had not taken a rocket scientist to figure out what her husband had done. She had dealt with him handily, and now he was going to have to pay huge alimony payments for decades.

Still, it had not been enough. She had entered into this plan with the idea of getting back at least a bit of the money she had lost, but now the idea of exacting vengeance on the little strumpet that had duped her husband was too much to resist. She didn’t want her husband back, and the money was actually already replaced at this point, but there was a principle at stake in her mind.

She now had Tracy exactly where she wanted her. She had access through Tracy’s computers to the woman’s bank accounts, and now figured a little extra “interest” payment for her trouble was not out of the question. She would use this bitch to set herself up for years of leisure, and there wasn’t a damn thing Tracy could do about it. The only witnesses to what was going to happen were paying handsomely for the privilege of being spectators, and even if they did suspect what was going one not a one of them would bother to lift a finger to help her.

Her clientele, after all, were world class perverts!

All of this would be considered later in Tracy’s thoughts however, when she was allowed to crawl onto a thin rug to sleep on in the closet before it was locked each day as Julie took over control of her life.

For now, Tracy’s eyes simply widened in panic as she saw this complete stranger enter a final command into a laptop and the red lights on all of the cameras the woman had moved into her bedroom came to life simultaneously.

Julie figured the buzzing of the vibrators complimented the grunting and screaming of the bound woman beautifully…..

The End

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