Kathrine's Afternoon in Bondage

Katherine stood in her closet, carefully considering her clothing options. She was currently wearing nothing but a thin silk robe and her already aroused nipples were standing out proudly underneath the thin filmy material.

She could hear Carl moving about downstairs, getting his own breakfast, and grinned maliciously. If he only knew what was on her agenda today he’d flip!

Katherine and Carl had been married only a few short years when she first discovered his secret life. He’d always been putting off various things she wanted to do, always with the excuse that he had to work late.

Well, one day, she had discovered exactly what he had been up to when she stumbled upon his secret stash of porn.

Invariably, every feature had been based upon some female bound in tight bondage. Katherine had inserted the DVD into the player originally out of curiosity, after the initial shock of finding her husband’s porn stash that is.

Her next shock had been to see some guy fucking some skank tied up in ropes.

Her final shock had been to realize that the guy was her husband!

Confronting him with the evidence had been easy enough. Terminating their marriage was more difficult. Carl was very well paid as an executive with his firm, and Katherine reasoned that an 'arrangement' was more lucrative in the long run than an embarrassing and public divorce that would perhaps attain her some financial reward in the short term - but leave her without long term income if Carl were fired as a result.

Katherine’s lawyer had suggested a mutually agreeable solution, with Carl agreeing to give up his lifestyle and forego future contact with any of the people involved in his home movie 'hobby', he would agree to hand over all copies of the videos he had made already to Katherine, and he would provide her with at least 60% of his income as well as pay the mortgage and the bills out of what he had left of his salary.

Katherine, in turn, would remain silent about his indiscretions, and remain the outward appearance of the faithful wife.

Oh, and Katherine refused to have sex with him ever again - but forbade him to have sex with anyone else either! Her reasoning being that, based upon the video library alone, he had already had enough sex for a lifetime with a multitude of partners. She argued successfully that she did not want to be exposed to any potential STD’s.

Carl, grudgingly, had complied. Even when he realized that she kept the videos in a safe place for blackmail purposes instead of destroying them as he assumed that she would. His one condition in return was that Katherine was to abstain from sex with others as well.

If he had to be celibate, so did she!

Within the first month of the agreement, however, Katherine was already a horny wreck.

She and Carl had always had a healthy sex life, but she couldn’t give in on this matter now that she had made such a deal out of it. If she returned to Carl, she would have to renegotiate the deal - or at worst give up entirely.

She just couldn’t do that.

As a result, she had to find alternative means of satisfaction.

At first, she had simply masturbated.

A lot.

Eventually, she found herself still painfully horny - and quite raw - even after extended self pleasuring sessions. As a result, she had expanded her horizons, and for the first time in her life she had purchased sex toys.

That lasted about a month.

Still not satisfied, she one day retrieved some of the DVD’s her husband had made and watched them.

The orgasm she had achieved that day had been mind blowing!

She imagined herself in the place of those women. Not that she really wanted to be tied up and spanked until she was a mass of red welts, but rather she was entranced at the idea of being completely vulnerable to the whims of a sadistic bastard who would then take her regardless of her wishes, and use her and any of her body orifices as she used one of her sex toys - and for exactly the same purpose!

One thing led to another, and eventually her toy purchases began to extend to the purchase of restraining devices.

She started off simple enough, looping a short belt around her wrists as she humped her bed post. This was soon replaced by a leather and spike collar with a leash attached to the headboard. She discovered ice cubes and the trick of freezing the key inside, and spent many long afternoons trapped on her bed waiting for the cube to melt so she could be free, and thoroughly satisfying herself in the process over and over in the meantime.

Next, she stepped up to ball gags, trying various shapes and sizes, and combined that with handcuffs secured in front of her body. The effects had been electrifying, especially when she combined that with the leash and collar on the bed!

With her ability to scream now thoroughly silenced behind a gag, Katherine felt the urge to increase the danger and jeopardy a bit by writing out an invitation to her husband. She wrote it in lipstick, and perfumed it with his favorite perfume - which she deliberately no longer wore herself - and left it on the side table at the front door where they both dropped their car and house keys off every afternoon.

The note was simple enough, and said:

Carl dearest,
Please come find me and use me to your heart’s content.

Use me as you used your sluts, and keep me in bondage for as long as you desire. I can no longer stand to be without you and need your touch, no matter how painful it will be.

I renounce the agreement, and want to be your sex slave to do with as you wish.

Your wife, and Fuck Toy, Katherine”

The risky part of leaving out the letter was she had to always be mindful on her play days of exactly what Carl’s schedule was in order to free herself and make it downstairs to retrieve the note, then hide everything away again before Carl returned home.

Becoming even more adventurous, she finally began securing the handcuffs behind her back. The good news was she was more aroused than ever. The bad news was she couldn’t get off until the key was free of the ice!

That had been a most exasperating afternoon for Katherine. When the ice finally did melt, she only then realized just how difficult it was to work the key into the handcuffs while they were behind her back and out of sight. She finally was free after an hour‘s worth of effort, and she had promptly masturbated herself into oblivion before she came.

Oddly enough, in her mind, she had been so aroused at the idea of not being able to satisfy herself that she had begun to perform that particular act repeatedly, coming to love the sensation of delayed satisfaction and the extended period of arousal wherein she could do nothing to climax until the ice had melted on the keys.

By the way, she had become quite adept at working the key by feel alone now. What before had been an agonizing effort had become a task she could perform in only a few seconds - all due to extensive practice!

As before, however, she had grown bored with this scenario and needed more.

A plan formed in her mind, and she had slowly collected all of the pieces until she had everything. It became just a matter of implementing her plan.

Now she stood standing in her closet and considering her afternoon plans for today. Carl would be leaving soon, and she knew she didn’t want to waste a minute of his absence. However, she did have a few errands she had to run before her pleasure could begin, and there was a way she could include those short trips into her afternoon of pleasure.

Deciding on a far less conservative approach today, she pulled out a dark gray woolen skirt and matching jacket. It was a warm summer day, so this selection was completely out of season, and would be quite warm as she went about her business.

To balance out how hot the skirt and jacket would be, she selected a sheer white silk chemise blouse with spaghetti straps. She combined this with her very expensive black Italian leather stilettos with the 4 inch heels. The shoes were a half size too small, but this only increased Katherine’s arousal further in the thought that no matter how painful the shoes became, she would not be able to take them off until she was completely finished.

Laying her selections out on the bed, she entered the shower just as she heard Carl leaving. They rarely spoke to each other anymore, and this was normal now. She knew it would be at least 8 or 9 hours before he returned home. Plenty of time for her to enjoy herself.

After showering thoroughly and shampooing her short curly hair, she began to shave her legs. She usually left a very well trimmed thatch of blonde pubic hair - but today she decided to remove even that.

Toweling herself dry, she stood nude in the bathroom as she applied her makeup and fixed her hair. She was fascinated by the appearance of her shaven pussy in the mirror, and occasionally fondled herself, just enough to arouse but not enough to cum. Satisfied with her appearance, she returned to the bedroom and began to dress.

She normally wore stockings with her shoes, but today decided not to. The thought of thigh high stockings was enticing, but she really didn’t want to get too hot as warm as the weather was, so she slipped the shoes on first. Next was the chemise top, and it slinked down over her hips.

At the age of 31, she had a generous figure, not fat but rather extremely curvy. She had DDD breasts, and firm wide hips, but a waspishly trim waist accented by extremely well toned legs. Now the chemise top bulged with her hardly contained breasts. Katherine was forgoing underwear entirely, and noticed how she could actually see the very faintest of impressions of the darker flesh of her aureoles outlining where her nipples were protruding like miniature volcanoes. If she took too deep of a breath, she was certain her nipples would pop out of the top of the chemise! The spaghetti straps pulled tightly into her shoulders, doing their best to contain the voluptuousness of her figure.

Next up was the skirt.

Katherine smiled in memory of when she had first gotten this outfit. She had wanted some way of feeling restricted during the day, but without any actual restraints. Seeing this skirt, closely fitted at the waist with a sharply tapering hem that ended just below her knees had given her an idea.

Slipping the skirt on, she had pulled and tugged the lower hem until she could feel it restricting her knees. Marking it, she had taken it to a seamstress downtown. The old Asian woman had listened intently, asking her repeatedly if she really wanted it taken in as much as she indicated. At some point, Katherine was certain the old woman became suspicious as she suddenly began to grin a toothless grin and nod her head enthusiastically.

Twenty-four hours later, Katherine was trying on the skirt in the back of the seamstress’ shop, and realized the woman had taken it up at least another inch or so beyond what she had requested.

She could barely move her legs back and forth at the knee!

The old woman only looked at her knowingly, laughing softly, as Katherine wriggled out and dressed once more, paying the woman extra in the process.

Now Katherine was slipping back into that same skirt, feeling tingly at the idea of what it did for her figure. It drew her legs together quite closely, and exaggerated her ass, which exaggerated her waist line, which in turn brought attention to her well endowed bosom.

Katherine was quite happy as she turned off the air conditioning upstairs and left to perform her errands for the day, and noticed she was perspiring before she arrived even at the first destination. She received a lot of strange looks, but eventually got through the trip without giving in to the urge to remove her coat until she was back in her Mercedes and on her way home.

The entire time, she was constantly reminded of her state of dress by the way her now sweaty thighs rubbed back and forth with every step she took, and how she had to balance carefully as she was not able to really move her legs at the knees more than a few inches at a time. All of which was further complicated by her choice of shoes today.

Stopping for gas, she forgot she had taken her coat off until she noticed the stares of numerous men - and several women - at the gas pumps. She had done her best to finish nonchalantly as possible, and left in a hurry immediately after getting just enough gas to get home on.

Once back in her car, she realized her top was practically transparent now!

Still sweating when she returned home, she stripped off her clothing in a long trail through the house, up the stairs, and up to the walk up attic. By the time she was in the attic, the only thing she was wearing were her stilettos, which she left on.

Unlocking her special box, she dug out the now well used letter to Carl, as well as a few other things she had been working on, and shut the box back. The heat upstairs was oppressive, and sweat poured out of her toned and fit body, making small tiny splashes as sweat droplets hit the hardwood floor.

After depositing the letter in it’s usual place on the side table, and retrieving the ice cube with key from the freezer, Katherine returned to the attic and began. This time, she had added another twist to the letter, leaving a brand new cat-o-nine tails she had just purchased laying beside the note. If Carl ever found her out, she was so fucked!

So the best thing for her to do was to be finished with her little adventure long before he came home!

The first thing she did was attach a chain to a hook discretely fastened to one of the exposed overhead roof beams. This chain hung down and was finished off with a steel ring. Next to this, she hung the keys on a string from a similar, though smaller hook.

The controls for her personal bit of erotic torment were a trio of modified remote control devices. She’d paid some wiz kid at the local Radio Shack to modify three remote control units so they would run off of household current. She hadn’t told him what the remotes were for, but she figured the way he was grinning he had come up with a few creative ideas on his own.

Two of these remotes were plugged into a power strip, which in turn was plugged into a timer device, which itself was plugged into an electrical wall outlet. Noticing the time, she set it to start in 30 minutes.

Next, Katherine clamped the restraint around her ankles. It was originally a pair of car theft devices, and she had modified it into a combination leg spreader bar and shackle. A pair of nylon covered cables were already looped around it’s center.

Walking more awkwardly now, Katherine scattered a few handfuls of rice about the room, directly underneath the swinging chain.

Not pausing in case she lost her nerve, Katherine bent over and picked up a pair of clamps. These were connected by a length of heavy cord, and slipped loosely around the cord was a longer length of cord, and on the other end of that was a steel sphere.

The steel sphere she had found at an antique shop, and apparently it had once been some sort of decorative device on a building. Now, it was modified for her needs.

Within the sphere was a child’s remote control car. It was one of those dune buggy types that could flip over and reverse direction without stopping. As it churned away inside the steel sphere, it would cause the sphere to begin rolling about on the floor in a random manner.

Biting her lower lip, Katherine released the clamps onto each nipple simultaneously. The suppressed scream ripped from her throat was still loud, and Katherine forced herself to bend over once more and plug the third remote directly into the electrical outlet.

The sphere immediately began a slow lazy roll across the floor until it bumped into a wall, where upon it reversed and continued in the opposite direction.

Aside from the slight tugging on the string, Katherine felt no additional pain as yet, as the sphere was well within the length of the strings distance and no strain had been applied as yet.

Hobbling back to the center of the room, Katherine gazed down at the rice on the floor, an additional short nylon covered cable, a pair of plugs, contact lens case, and handcuffs in hand.

Squatting, Katherine cleared two small patches of floor of all rice. Kneeling down further, she placed her carefully spread knees in these areas, and slipped the short cable around her waist.

The contact lenses belonged to her husband. He was almost as blind as a bat, and Katherine had already experimented days earlier and found that if she placed a new pair of his contacts in her eyes, she couldn’t see anything other than vague shifting shapes. She couldn’t even count her fingers in front of her face it was so bad!

Slipping them into her eyes one at a time, and blinking away the tears that followed, Katherine adjusted slowly to a world without sight as everything became a blur. For all practical purposes, she was now blind.

Working from touch and memory while reaching between her knees, she pulled the longest cable up, slipped it between the loops on the end of the cable around her waist, took the slack out, then passed the cable back down between her legs, and loosely up between her ass cheeks, before slipping the free end through the steel ring in the chain suspended from the ceiling.

Next up were the plugs.

Vigorously, Katherine began to deep throat the butt plug. She had never experimented with anal before, so she was careful to lube it generously with her saliva before inserting it. Playing with her ass gently at first, she began to work it in, turning it slowly, working it in and out, until she felt she was going to split it was so big!

At that exact moment, when she was considering not performing this particular part of her plan at all, it slipped into place both sealing her rear while keeping her sphincter pulled painfully open. After several minutes, Katherine realized she was still holding her breath in agony and forced herself to breathe deeply. It was an incredibly odd feeling sensing the base of the dildo wedged between her ass cheeks.

Next up was a dildo. This she inserted without any lubricant at all, as she knew she was already soaking wet - and not just from the sweat pouring off her tanned body! Still, there was a slight coarseness to the feel of it sliding into her body past her shaven cunt.

The combination of these two toys left her feeling completely full, and incredibly aroused.

Next, Katherine slipped a ball gag into her mouth. It was a homemade job, and consisted of a hard black rubber ball purchased from a pet shop that Katherine had drilled out through the center. The idea of having a real pet’s toy gagging her was simply more arousing.

Through this hole in the ball, Katherine had slipped a rubber tube. The very flexible black rubber tube was filled with a nylon coated steel cable, and the entire arrangement had a loop on each end that met at the back of her head. Through these loops Katherine slipped a padlock and snapped it closed. Of course the lock was a formality, as the ball was wedged so firmly just behind her teeth that it wasn’t going anywhere if her hands were not free.

But there was more than simple restraint at work in the ball gag cable.

From the back of the straps of the gag descended an additional black elastic strap, and at the end was a loop of the same material. The loop on the end likewise contained a steel cable, but the elastic loop between did not.

Carefully, Katherine hooked a padlock onto the free end of the first cable, then hung her handcuffs from the padlock, locking everything together. Next, she slipped her arms behind her and through the loop hanging from the back of her ball gag.

It was difficult, but the elastic stretched at first and allowed her to slip her arms through much as one would a coat that was too small. She made sure the steel cable hanging from the chain was between her body and the loop around her arms. After her arms were through, she awkwardly reached back and pulled the cable snug, feeling it rest against the plugs between her cheeks, and forcing both of them inside her even further.

She had measured very carefully, and this last part was the most difficult. She had to force the cable as tight as possible in order to place the handcuffs where her wrists would pass through. This she finally managed, and was rewarded with a satisfying click as they locked in place. Katherine liked to cuffs to be very snug, and so she had forced them a bit tight with the idea that it was only for an hour or so.

Pausing to catch her breath, she tugged experimentally, and found herself completely restrained. She could move about on her knees, but the elastic band between her gag and elbows forced her head back sharply, and already her neck and back were complaining.

Rising onto her knees to take the strain off of her arms was out of the question, as this forced the cable between her labia to tighten to an incredibly painful degree very quickly, forcing the dildo in her pussy to go even deeper - something she had not thought possible before.

The string tickled her breasts a little as the steel sphere continued to roll about nearby, occasionally bumping as the sphere passed back over the cord or bouncing off of a wall, but it had not really pulled on her nipple clamps yet.

Katherine's afternoon in bondage

Then the dildos came alive simultaneously!

Katherine let out a squeal of shock a she jumped a bit. Both plugs were working away furiously at her body cavities, and Katherine realized she had left them set too high. Instead of pleasure, she could find herself in a lot of pain before it was over with.

Somehow, the threat of being stuck with these devices impaling her without being able to save herself only made her hornier all of a sudden!

She began to rock her hips back and forth, feeling the strain on her arms and shoulders, enjoying the sensations rippling through her in her helpless state, then climaxed quickly.

She had set the timer to go on and off at extended intervals, figuring a few minutes of pleasure interspersed with longer periods of inactivity would be enough to drive her over the edge. She was puzzled as they plugs kept going.

And going.

And going...

Finally, it dawned on her that she may have gotten the trip levers on the timer backwards!

Instead of brief intervals with long periods of inactivity, she had set it for long periods of activity with short down times!

Bucking against her restraints at the realization, but always careful to stay within the area cleared of the uncooked rice grains on the floor, Katherine instinctively tried to free herself. Finally she had to force herself to calm down once more in the knowledge that until the key dropped she wasn’t going anywhere.

She had started at about 1:00 PM, so she had a good 4 or 5 hours at least before Carl returned home.

She could do this.

What Katherine had not counted on was her arms and hands becoming numb so quickly. She flexed them repeatedly, trying to keep feeling in them, occasionally trying to stretch her arms straight even more to regain circulation, when her thoughts were interrupted by the steel sphere finally finding the end of the cord.

The sharp tug on her nipples almost caused her to black out! She had not imagined it could be so painful as she instinctively lurched forward to take the strain off of her nipples.

This of course led her onto the grains of rice and scattered more grains which eliminated the cleared areas her knees had been resting within. The rice dug viciously into her knees now. No matter how she turned or twisted, she couldn’t get back to an area of floor clear of rice, and her agony only increased.

Unknown to Katherine, she had an even bigger problem about to present itself. As she shifted forward to take the strain off of her nipples, the steel sphere had rolled onto the top of the toy car remote control, forcing the accelerator into the full power position!

Immediately, the toy car inside flipped, sending the steel sphere back towards Katherine, who was unaware of anything other than the fact the ripping pressure had been relieved slightly on her nipples and who was now breathing a sigh of relief as she tried to shift backwards again.

The cold steel of the sphere brushing against her leg caused her to jerk involuntarily, accidentally bumping the device off into another direction. Katherine ignored the movement of the sphere an instant later, realizing it was just her own machinations at work.

At least she ignored it for the 3 seconds it took to reach the stairs and tumble over the top step.

Screaming, Katherine twisted her body about unimaginably to face the direction the device had rolled now. As she turned, she provided slack which allowed the sphere to tumble down yet another step, ripping yet another scream from the woman as it hung now, just over the step’s edge, it’s weight unsupported by anything but Katherine’s nipples and the long tense cord the steel sphere was hanging from.

The taut cord stood out in a straight line, vibrating painfully to the tune of the small toy inside the sphere running wide open now and bouncing the sphere occasionally. Each bounce accompanied by Katherine’s screams.

It was now 2:15 PM, and blinded Katherine was stretched out as far as she could, her tortured breasts captive and extending out in front of her and supported only by the clamps on her nipples and her own anatomy, her arms pinned back behind her and suspended from the chain in the ceiling, rapidly going numb, her knees finding every possible grain of hard dry rice on the floor as she shifted almost imperceptibly about trying to gain relief, the plugs humming away now for 10 to 15 minutes at a time as they were forced ever deeper into her body by the steel cable, interrupted occasionally by 3 minute off periods on the timer, and the drool that was now spilling out around the gag.

This was not what she had in mind when she started!

Finally, at about 4:30, Katherine felt the keys drop onto her forearms. Fumbling about clumsily, she tried to grab them but it was too awkward.

Desperately, she reached and strained, tried to consciously think her fingers to move in some sensible fashion, force her shoulders together even more to gain some slack in the cable, but it was no use.

Almost insane now from pain and pleasure, Katherine began to thrash about in spite of her predicament, and sanity only returned momentarily when she felt the keys tangle with her chains.

She thought she was moving carefully when she next shifted position, but then she felt the string snap.

She felt the keys bounce off of her sweat slick back and heard them click as they hit the floor.

In spite of her pain, in spite of her torments, Katherine froze as her every conscious thought arrived at a single conclusion.

There was no escape now, and Katherine lost sanity for some indeterminable period of time as she thrashed mindlessly about and instinctively tried to free herself.

The more she struggled, the deeper into her body crevice the cord worked.

The more she struggled, the deeper into her cunt and ass the dildos worked.

The more she struggled, the farther the steel sphere on the steps dangled and swung.

The more she struggled, the harsher the pain in her knees, arms, back, nipples - well, her entire body - became.

The more she struggled, the less feeling she had in her numb and practically useless hands.

Katherine was moaning, utterly exhausted now both physically and mentally, time having lost all meaning to her. Her only thoughts focused on the intense sensations forced upon her body. Incredibly, she’d experienced numerous orgasms before her pain overcame her pleasure.

She just couldn’t help but grind her ass constantly onto the steel cord, eliciting further sensations in her most delicate of body orifices.

The periods of time when the dildos were operating were bliss combined with pain, yet when they turned off she was almost disappointed and on the verge of wishing them to simply go on non-stop.

It seemed like she had been trapped like this forever now, and any other thoughts or memories were impossible to focus on.

It was then that she heard the front down open, heard the car keys rattle in the bowl on the side table, and heard Carl’s gasp as he read the note.

The only thoughts flashing through her mind after that point, were memories of how the women on Carl’s movies looked when he was finished with them and how she had invited him to keep her a virtual slave forever.

She remembered the whip she had conveniently left next to the note.

She didn’t have the energy to even moan in despair anymore...

The End

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